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Results July-Dec 2020

ELR Virtual XC Race 2 - Hainault Forest 5.5mi - Unofficial - December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith43.081st
Catherine Perry49.262nd
Chloe Millan53.003rd
Catriona Hoult54.454th
Sallyann Eyles62.175th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera63.026th
Sandra Preston64.347th
Karen Atkinson68.518th
Fiona Day69.349th
Susannah House74.0510th
Joseph Gunn 35.471st
Robert Spread36.102nd
Fabrizio Stefanoni36.183rd
Tom Howourth37.044th
Robert Dixon37.565th
Patrick Brown38.256th
John Henry38.427th
Alexander Ward39.408th
Billy Rayner42.259th
Vinesh Sampath Kumar43.4110th
Calvin Bobin43.4711th
Jacob Stevens44.5712th
James Nichols45.4013th
Gareth Davies47.0114th
Shahib Miah Ali47.0315th
Mark Moir47.2716th
Grant Conway48.3517th
Michael Wilson49.0218th
Jonathan Wooldridge53.3219th
Richard Cravitz 54.4320th
Peter Hatley59.3421st
Frank Brownlie63.1922nd
John Atkinson70.3023rd

Run Through Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 12th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Claire Emery56.39

Run Through Olympic Park 5km - Saturday 12th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fabrizio Stefanoni17.26 pb15th, 2nd V45
Diana Rexhepaj30.35
Angela May31.59
Diana Rexhepaj; My first race and bling for this year.

RT Chase The Moon 10km, Olympic Park. - Wednesday 9th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson45.3795th

RT Chase The Moon 5km, Olympic Park. - Wednesday 9th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Howourth16.49 pb15th
Ross Lucas22.2664th

Essex Season Ender Sportive Bike Ride (42 miles) - Sunday 6th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith3.50.13
Susannah House4.17.50
Fiona Day4.17.53
Sonia Cheadle4.22.05
Maya Goodwin4.22.12
Peter Hatley5.52. 06

Chingford League - Event 2 - Hog Hill 5k (Redbridge Cycle Circuit) - Sunday 6th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry17.5724th
Tom Howourth18.12 pb31st
Patrick Brown18.2035th
Robert Spread18.26 pb40th
Fabrizio Stefanoni18.3344th
Joseph Gunn 19.1666th
Mark Moir20.1488th
Alexander Ward20.2089th
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez21.2121st
James Nichols21.22111th
William ODonoghue22.24132nd
Caroline Frith22.5638th
Michael Wilson23.41148th
Stuart Norris24.34160th
Catriona Hoult25.1070th
Isabella Allan28.58106th
Imran Mustak29.55190th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.45117th
200 men / 129 ladies

Tricia ONeil Reports:
It was good to see so many East London Runners out racing following a month of lockdown restrictions. The weather was good, fresh but sunny, almost perfect runny conditions for some. The second race of the Chingford League took place on Sunday, 6 December, with 18 East London Runners competing. A tough and hilly 5K with some saying ‘that hill should be outlawed’. The sea of red club shirts at the start was a refreshing sight given the previous months of mostly virtual racing. First up for East London Runners was John Henry in a spectacular time of 17.57. This was Henry’s first time at Hog Hill and he certainly didn’t disappoint. First lady was Zoila Gilham-Fernandez in 21.21. Gilham-Fernandez who has just returned to running post pregnancy, has been running since she was a teenager and has many years of training at Hog Hill behind her. Fellow female club member, Caroline Frith decided to race having just cycled 45 miles. She finished in a brilliantly bonkers time of 22.56. Not a PB but it is hardly surprising. Then we have Tom Howourth in 18.12, Patrick Brown in 18.20, Robert Spread in 18.26 and Fabrizio Stefanoni in 18.33; this was Stefanoni’s second fastest PB if we are counting virtual races, and his first time at Hog Hill.

Team Results
Race 2 Men A Team 5th Men B Team 6th of 17 Men Vets 7th of 17
Ladies A Team 8th Ladies Vets 11th of 17.

After 2 races:
Men 5th Div 1 B Team 4th of 17, Vets 6th of 17.
Ladies 7th Div 1 Vets 11th of 17.
Ladies are in relegation zone.

Rayne Deer Run, Flitchway, Essex - Sunday 6th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sallyann Eyles2.59.5972nd 21.36km
108 finishers.
4 laps lap 1 36.44 lap 2 44.38 lap 3 45.21 lap 4 51.16.

Couldn’t make the Chingford League, I had been waiting ages for the
Hare & Tortoise half marathon at Layer Marney Tower near Colchester.
So cold and extremely muddy and slippery 4 lap course mostly over
fields. Definitely not fast but very enjoyable.

Springfield Striders Hobble (14 miles) trail - Sunday 6th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Suzanne Bench3.57.2466th
Andrea Waller3.57.2466th
77 finishers.

Tricia ONeil Reports.
Another two East London Runners, Suzanne Bench and Andrea Waller completed the 14 mile Springfield Striders (trail) Hobble in 3.57.24. Good friends and old-timers (some might say) completed the course with only abbreviations to guide the way. No doubt their years of running experience helped them through a tough course. An all-round good weekend of racing for East London Runners.

“Was tough, very muddy but good fun!”

Phoenix Riverside Marathon - Saturday 5th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karan Gadhia3.38.10 pb11th/ 64
Tricia ONeil Reports.
Karan Gadhia joined East London Runners in 2018 and the man has gone from strength to strength. This was his fourth marathon in two years, and his best! His first was in Manchester in April 2019 which he completed in 4.40 hours. Completing his latest marathon, the Phoenix Riverside Marathon, saw Gadhia finish in a superb time of 3.38.10. Having run 1800 miles this year so far has certainly helped with his times

Run Through Clapham Common 10km - Saturday 5th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry37.5712th

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 5th December 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jakub Czeczotka47.5869th

ELR Virtual XC Race 1 - Wanstead Park 4.9mi - Unofficial - November 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith37.471st
Chloe Millan42.312nd
Catherine Perry43.053rd
Rebecca Green44.144th
Catriona Hoult46.345th
Sandra Preston52.416th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera52.587th
Sallyann Eyles53.138th
Fiona Day54.039th
Helen McGuinness57.1810th
Susannah House58.5011th
Sandra Hiller60.0612th
Karen Atkinson62.4513th
Patrick Brown30.421st
Fabrizio Stefanoni30.452nd
John Henry31.053rd
Tom Howourth31.074th
Robert Spread31.305th
Billy Rayner31.346th
Mark Boulton32.107th
Robert Dixon32.178th
Joseph Gunn 32.199th
Alexander Ward35.5010th
James Nichols36.0511th
Calvin Bobin37.4212th
Jacob Stevens38.1913th
Michael Wilson40.2414th
Mark Moir41.1015=
Shahib Miah Ali41.1015=
Vinesh Sampath Kumar41.4617th
Grant Conway42.0618th
Jonathan Wooldridge43.0619=
Peter Hatley43.0619=
Richard Cravitz 44.5321st
David Hallybone45.1322nd
Gareth Davies45.1823rd
Frank Brownlie52.5124th
John Atkinson62.4525th

Run Through Olympic Park 5km - Sunday 1st November 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sallyann Eyles29.312nd V45

Run Through Olympic Park 10km - Sunday 1st November 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Catriona Hoult52.07 pb
Grace Turner54.57 pb
Catriona Hoult; A last chance for a race this morning with a Run Through 10km in the Olympic Park. It was originally supposed to be a half marathon, but we had the choice of postponing the half or switching to 5 or 10km. I took the 10km option because I haven't run many 10km races and thought it might be a chance for a PB. Which it was, by more than a minute and a half (52.07). I was happy with that and even happier just to be out racing while we still can. Fingers crossed it won't be long before we're back to it, but who knows.

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 31st October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero33.231st
Antonio Martin Romero
That was cold!!! Raining heavily...too much for someone from Southern Spain! I need to get used to it again
Race Report;
Yesterday, after more than eight months, I returned to compete en route in the Lee Valley 10 K race, around London Velodrome, on a one-mile circuit with steady ups and downs, with hardly any flat areas, where the strong wind and rain were protagonists. I don't remember being more frozen in my life, I think I'm Spanish again. I tried to grab a good starting position and started about 7-8 seconds after the first one, so I had to sprint on the first km to get closer to the head, complicated to know how your body will react after so long and with these conditions, in the second kilometer climbing a slope I made a change of pace and managed to pull out a few meters, miles passed and I was finding better, I dedicated myself to keep up the pace, which was constant in all laps, despite all the folded, doing a time of 33:23 on a hard circuit with good sensations. You can tell that the only thing we've done in the last 6 weeks is training strength and slope. Once the race is over, change fast, taxi home and warm shower haha. A pleasure to wear the East London Runners shirt again, and thank my A clubs. D Marathon Jerez and #Tetrasod for your support always.Antonio

Run Through Velopark 10m - Saturday 31st October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.09.15 pb9th
James Nichols1.11.4312th
10 mile PB two weeks on from my debut 10 mile race at the same venue.
Whilst it felt effortless and comfortable two weeks ago, today was
more about digging in and finding a way through. Great to accumulate
these races before the inevitable lockdown happens.


Chingford League - Event 1 - Chingford Plains - Saturday 24th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero29.3611th - 7th
John Henry30.5719th - 14th
Robert Spread32.4043rd - 30th
Tom Howourth32.5250th - 35th
Patrick Brown32.56virtual
Thomas Burrard-Lucas34.2869th - 47th
Alexander Ward34.5472nd - 50th
Karan Gadhia35.1078th - 53rd
Shahib Miah Ali35.2080th - 55th
Mark Moir35.3982nd - 56th
James Nichols35.4383rd - 57th
Andrew Baxter36.58102nd - 70th
Calvin Bobin37.28112th - 76th
Neil Gage39.37130th - 85th
Nick Hoult39.38131st - 86th
Caroline Frith37.0920th - 17th
Kasia Stachowiak41.2848th - 37th
Michael Wilson42.56virtual
Sheetal Dandgey43.3172nd - 48th
Catriona Hoult44.3673rd - 55th
Sandra Preston44.4681st - 57th
Sarah Burns47.2797th - 65th
Susannah House48.16103rd - 67th
Caroline Moore48.46109th - 71st
Sallyann Eyles54.18126th - 81st
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera53.42127th - 82nd
Men's team ; A team 5th of 8 (Div 1) B team 4th of 7
Ladies team ; A team 6th of 8 (Div 1)
175 men & 130 ladies

Antonio: It's been a long time without racing but keeping the motivation up. Today, finally, I've managed to be able to do it again, and what better place than Epping Forest, my favourite one in London, seeing a a lot of friends and familiar faces again. Happy to help with my team with some points and wear its vest again after a while.

Calvin: The start of the Chingford League race season this morning. We were each allocated to a taped area (wave) based on previous 5k times. Once the first group goes off then everyone moves to the next pen until they are at the front. Each wave separated by 2 minutes. Very well organised.

Mike: Following the success of the test race in September, the first Chingford League fixture took place on Saturday 24th October at Chingford Plain. Hosted by Orion Harriers, the event was held on the same two lap, 5.2 Mile muti-terrain course on trails in Epping Forest, as before. Pre-entry was required and numbers were strictly limited for each club, to comply with COVID security and the conditions of the race licence. The runners lined up for the start on The Plain, socially distanced in taped off pens and were set off in waves at two minute intervals, to avoid crowding and minimise overtaking. The weather was mild and although there had been considerable rainfall in the previous weeks, the trails were still firm with very little mud. The Men's race started at 9.00am with 14 from East London Runners, followed by the Women's race at 10.15am with 10 runners from the club. Some of the Men that could not be entered due to capping of entries, ran the course virtually after the main races and their times submitted for inclusion in the results. For many it was their first proper race since March and the only opportunity to meet up with other club members and runners since the lockdown.

Antonio Martin Romero was the first man to finish for ELR in 11th place (29.36), followed by John Henry in 19th (30.57), Robert Spread 43rd (32.40) and Tom Howourth completing the first 50 runners (32.52). In the Women's race, Caroline Frith was first for ELR in 20th place (37.09), followed by Kasia Stachowiak, 48th (41.28), Sheetal Dandgey, 72nd (43.31) and Catriona Hoult, 73rd (44.36).

Here is a brief outline of the competition structure. There are now 17 clubs, with Ilford AC being the latest addition to the league. From 2020/21 the men's and women's 'A' team competitions have split into two separate divisions. The top eight clubs from last season now form a 'Premiership', with all other clubs in a 'Championship'. There will be promotion and relegation to and from each division. East London Runners are in the 'Premiership' for both their men's and women's teams. All other team and individual senior/vets category competitions will carry on as before. For the season to be valid there has to be at least three races completed, (not including the relays). In the individual category scoring, all races except the relays will count and for team scoring, all races will count including the relays. Those running virtually will have their times included in the results and towards their individual category scoring, but not the team scoring.

The league are now planning to hold further races this season ending with the relays at Wanstead Flats, as long as these fixtures can be organised under the current restrictions. The success of the Saturday morning was due to weeks of careful planning and organisation and hard work involving the Chingford League Committee, Orion Harriers, the group of volunteers and all member clubs. It was certainly an achievement and greatly appreciated by all who took part. Thank you to our runners who all complied with the correct procedures and protocol on the day. We will hopefully see you at more events this season.

We apologise to those that wanted to run, but were unable to get a place due to the limit on entries. The Chingford League races are all inclusive and we try to encourage as many people to run as possible. We will do our best to ensure that everyone will get an opportunity in the future. No further dates have been finalised yet, but we will advise with an update, if and when these become confirmed.

Mike Wilson
Co-Winter Leagues Captain

Beachy Head Marathon - Saturday 24th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown3.26.0922nd
Joseph Gunn 3.30.4931st
Regis Martin4.29.56197th

Beachy Head Half Marathon - Sunday 18th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols1.46.3752nd
Jacob Stevens1.57.36156th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.39.22480th
Denys Vuika2.39.27484th
694 finishers

Mornington Chasers Velopark 10m - Saturday 17th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.10.0634th of 83.
VeloPark 10 Mile by Mornington Chasers - Saturday 17 October 2020

First chip timed race since before the spring lockdown in March 2020 and my first ever 10 mile race. It was really inspiring to be racing again. Even though London has moved to Tier 2 as of today, it felt very covid-19 secure. I've been carrying a leg injury since the virtual London Marathon and been largely swimming to maintain fitness so didn't know whether I would be able to run today. The race was in staggered starts and once I set off I can only say the racing environment and competitiveness took over. Felt great to be racing even if the injury held me back a bit, especially on the downhills. Thank you for popping by Mark to see me at the finish from a distance.Shahib Ali

Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 14th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson45.5893rd
David Hallybone51.30143rd

Chase The Moon 5km, QEOP - Wednesday 14th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton16.333rd, 1st V40
Scott McMillan17.26 pb10th, 1st V45
Scott; Not sure I enjoy running races in the dark, but the photos
look pretty cool. New official 5k PB of 17:26 in the Olympic Park last night
(14 seconds faster than my previous best), and first finisher in my old man
age category.

Moor Park 10km - Sunday 11th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.132nd

Run Through Olympic Park 5km - Saturday 10th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry16.41 pb7th
Katherine Harris22.1042nd, 10th , 1st V40

Run Through Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 10th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton33.30 V40 pb5th, 1st V40 Wave 1
Ross Lucas48.39130th Wave 1
Jamie Xavier43.3284th Wave 2
Paul Quinton; V40 10km best. 5th overall and first old man.
We go for the half marathon next. Thanks coach.

Isle of Wight Marathon - Sunday 4th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jonathan Wooldridge3:40:1942nd
172 finishers

Virtual Virgin Money London Marathon 2020 - Sunday 4th October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Spread2.52.08 pb279th
Tom Howourth2.53.47 pb
Patrick Brown2.58.48573rd SITC
Jose Rodriguez3.00.48Nearly Not Quite 1st place
Mark Moir3.23.25
Carlton DSouza3.25.251892nd
Mark Boulton3.27.112031st
Manjit Bedi3.29.232242nd SITC
Warren Ibrahim3.30.272326th
Shahib Miah Ali3.32.172447th
James Nichols3.36.282820th
Jonathan Wooldridge3.40.163178th Isle of Wight
Nick Hoult4.08.186717th
Peter Hatley4.12.117214th
Michael Wilson4.15.497768th SITC
Ciaran Canavan4.21.498573rd
Mark Durrant4.27.499516th
Kasia Stachowiak4.32.4010277th
Jimmy Dale4.40.2911352nd
Joanna Neville4.41.2811479th
Stuart Norris4.54.1313375th
Jakub Czeczotka4.53.2313234th
Anne-Marie Kennedy5.11.0015603rd
Daniel Peters5.11.2815669th
Jason Levy5.18.00
Gail Edwards5.32.1618412th
Sergio Chaves 5.34.3218682nd
Shanavaz Malayodu5.58.2621522nd
Veronica Carrasco5.58.3519025th
Ford Cadiogan6.21.1923586th
Imran Mustak7.40.3528899th
Manjit Singh11.06.52 pb35189th SITC
Michael Wilson; This was my 19th London Marathon and the first one since 2017. When I heard that the Sikhs in the City were holding an organised event around their measured course in Ilford, it was an easy decision for me: 1) The course is less than 5 minutes drive from my house 2) I had unfinished business from December, when I entered the Dawn to Dusk marathon but only managed to complete 11 laps (22k).
The marathon was 21 laps with each lap Approx 1.25 Miles, or just over 2k. I felt good despite the wind and rain and had no niggles on the day, but the hill up Roding Lane South was a struggle eventually and the last few laps were slow! I finished in a time of 4.15.49 which is not very fast for me, but I was quite chuffed because I know I ran the best I could on a very difficult course. My London Marathon App notified me that I had finished exactly at the end of my 21st lap, so that was very impressive.
There were plenty of refreshments by the side of the course and I even had a McDonalds at the end. Thanks to Harmander Singh and his family for their hospitality and Fiona Day for taking the photos. I even received a SITC medal at the finish. Also running from ELR were Patrick Brown, Manjit Bedi and Manjit Singh, who are in a different league altogether! Well done to everyone that ran the Marathon yesterday.

Imran Mustak; Last year when I joined ELR I could hardly run 2 laps around track without needing to take a break. Since joining I have met loads of supportive members who have encouraged me to continue to develop. Some great coaches who are very supportive and have helped to develop my running style and technic. Today I completed the London Marathon. The last 5k or so were really tough.

Tom Houworth; 15 x Laps of Battersea Park - very wet but great to see so many runners also running their virtual marathons! Amazing and unexpected support from people throughout the park made the day so much more enjoyable, even managed to catch Alex and Stuart cheering me on that last mile! I finished in 2:53:47 which is a 25min improvement on New York last year. Thanks to those at the club who've helped me to be a better runner this year but more importantly, made me enjoy running enough to do 15 laps of Battersea.

Jason Levy; Virtual London Marathon finished in 5 hours and 18 minutes. This was my 26th marathon. I only decided to do this yesterday morning, even though I had a place. I followed the zero to marathon training plan, never getting quite off of zero. Not a plan I can really recommend. My chosen route was 30+ laps of Clayhall Park. It was nice seeing other marathon runners out this morning and being able to support each other from a safe distance.

James Nichols Virtual (east) London marathon completed today. My twelfth marathon (does it count? Yeah it counts!). Plotted a local route that took in some of my favourite places but kept the repetition of laps to a minimum, really enjoyed it as a different experience despite the constant rain. Went through 26.2 miles in about 3:36, the official app didn't believe that though so had to run an extra mile for the official time of 3:45 - almost an ultra! Good to be able to get a race in this year, seen some cracking efforts from friends as well.

Mark Moir; This morning I completed my second marathon, albeit a virtual one, around Victoria Park in 3:23:25. Big thanks to east london runners and my family for supporting me through my training and for coming to cheer us on despite the persistent rain.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 3rd October 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry35.14 pb1st

MK 5km PB, Milton Keynes - Sunday 27th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton16.04 pb70th

Bradwell Don't Hit The Wall Trail 14 miles (with Essex Trail Events) - Sunday 27th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter2.04.4014th of 57
Andrew Baxter Return to (semi) competitive running for me today.
Bradwell Don't Hit the Wall self- navigating trail run.
Was hard going: far too windy out by estuary; crossing ploughed fields and;
lots of stop/start, trying to follow and work out the instructions
....but bloomin great fun.
Ended up doing 14.2m rather than the 13.7m 'official distance' going wrong
in 1st mile (!) and tracking back to check route a couple of times when was
actually right in first place.
2.04.14 for 14th place

Run Through Goodwood Half Marathon - Sunday 27th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Howourth1.23.43 pb21st
Debbie Shearing1.54.42104th

Hever Castle Triathlon (Olympic Distance) - Sunday 27th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee2.35.5785th
Ava Lee2.39.13110th
Caroline Frith3.11.42372nd
800m swim/ 40km cycle / 10.5km run
475 finishers.
Caroline reports: A real live race report!
Hever Castle Triathlon Olympic distance. Apologies for the photos of my kids but as well as racing this weekend I got to be a proud mummy spectator too.
To say I was dreading it was putting it mildly - I just wanted it over, especially when I saw the weather forecast. I am a warm weather person and would never voluntarily jump into a lake at the best of times, so the swim always takes me far out of my comfort zone. The water temperature was so cold at 12.5c they reduced everyone's swim distances by half, so mine was 800m instead of 1500m - I was not sorry! The start was rolling, 1 competitor every 10 seconds. I took advice from my 8 yr old son who raced yesterday to jump in as far as possible - and my goggles promptly filled up with water. Not a great start. Anna Dingle kindly lent me booties, gloves and a warm hat but the water was so cold it hurt to put your head under. I did the swim in 18 minutes which I was happy with and hauled myself up the hill to transition at which point I realised I hadn't really registered where I'd put my bike. Thankfully the turquoise beast stands out from the crowd, but that is a mistake I won't make again. I was anticipating the bike course to be tough because I had been forewarned how hilly it was, I think I was the only person on the course with a heavy hybrid bike instead of a road bike and I don't clip in. However it wasn't as bad as I was expecting and I completed the 40k in 1.50 which I was perfectly fine with, given the route had almost 2000 feet of ascent.
The run was obviously going to be my thing and I loved it. It was mostly off road on trails and winding woodland paths with no mud, and I was like a kid in a candy shop, tearing past everyone who had zoomed past me on the bike. The course finishes by going through the pretty grounds of Hever Castle and I did the 10.5k in 49 minutes.
So despite saying this morning I was never going to do a September triathlon ever again both kids and I loved it and aim to be back next year.

Run Fest Lee Valley 10km - Sunday 27th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.163rd
Patrick Brown35.438th
John Henry36.34 pb16th
Robert Dixon38.5440th
Amy Martin57.43276th
Sallyann Eyles1.00.33298th
Sallyann reports: It was a great race but bloody tough. The wind was
unbelievable. I was aiming for a PB and didn’t get it good to be racing though.

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 26th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tim Le Rasle41.11 pb21st

Maverick Peak District Trail Marathon - Saturday 26th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ford Cadiogan5.33.5662nd of 74

Cheshire Half Marathon - Sunday 20th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry1.20.17 pb71st

New Forest Trail Half Marathon - Sunday 20th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Nick Hoult2.01.27185th
Catriona Hoult2.01.33187th
First medal of 2020. Nick Hoult and I ran the New Forest Half Marathon.
First trail half and I was pleased with time of 2.01.33 given how traily
(hard!!) it was.
Really pretty route around a private estate (Lord Salisbury's or something)
just outside the New Forest with staggered starts, no spectators but very
enthusiastic marshals to make up for it. Really glad they managed to put it
on in these times.
Thanks to Nick for pacing me (I think he was actually quite pleased of the
excuse to go slowly!)

Run Through Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 19th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Scott McMillan36.11 pb25th, 2nd V45
Robert Spread36.4028th, 2nd V40
Richard Guest48.40184th
Ross Lucas50.08205th
Scott reports: Great to finally be able to put all this
summer’s training to good use in an actual race - new 10k PB of
36:11 (an improvement of nearly 90 seconds!) in the Olympic Park
this morning.

Fox Ultra (62km) , Surrey - Saturday 19th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn 5.40.3513th
Joe Gunn: Thanks all! Much appreciated. Was incredibly tough
- certainly learnt a lot from my debut ultra!

Kew Gardens 10km Races - Sunday 13th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amy Martin57.19 pb1002nd Saturday
Katherine Harris47.31382nd Sunday

Duxford Dash 5km - Sunday 13th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Susan Edwards33.16175th
Susan reports: Duxford Dash today, choice of 5k or 10k( I did the 5k which was
one lap . If you want a run and a day out for the price of a race entry this is great.
The course goes round the runways passing so many interesting planes ,so its flat but
also windy in parts. It was well organised and well marshalled today , lots of parking,
no mass start ,runners let go in twos at 5 second intervals, chip timing, lots of
portaloos, lots of hand sanitisers . And afterwards you could spend the rest of the
day at the Museum.
I loved it .

Orion Harriers Chingford League Tester Race - 5.2 Miles - Saturday 12th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown30.054th
Michael Wilson40.5062nd
Janet Bywater44.5575th
Catriona Hoult45.5178th
Running for Orion Harriers:
John Henry - 7th (30.47)
Spencer Evans - 18th (33.13)
Stephen Taylor - 38th (36.29)

95 Finishers.

Run Through Battersea Park 5km - Sunday 6th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton16.05 pb
Paul Quinton: I did the 5km (16:05 chip time). Good to see so many
people out racing again. In the 5km we were "let go" 4 runners at a time with
about 5sec gaps and kept 2 meters apart while waiting to start using cones,
all seemed to work relatively well. Its not racing how we knew it pre Covid
but its so good to be able to race again.

Box End Sprint Triathlon, Bedford - Sunday 6th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee1.20.0660th
Caroline Frith1.32.48128th
Anna Dingle1.33.00129th
Maya Goodwin1.59.53 debut177th
Alice Barrett2.01.46 debut178th
750m swim/ t1/18.7km cycle/t2/5km run
Danny 16.27 / 2.45/ 38.16/1.06/ 21.28 = 1.20.06
Caroline 15.14/3.31/49.01/0.48/24.12 = 1.32.48
Anna 15.46 / 2.11/ 42.27/ 1.10 /31.23 = 1.33.00
Maya 21.39/ 4.26/ 53.34/ = 1.59.53
Alice 20.38/3.43/ 58.58/ = 2.01.46

Caroline reports: Box End Sprint Tri - my first triathlon in 2 years, my
first race of any kind in 6 months and my first "socially distanced" race ever.
Really well organised, my fears of becoming hypothermic either waiting for the
swim, during the swim or on the bike whilst still wet from the swim didn't come
to fruition, the company was fantastic and I knocked 5 mins off my time from 2
years ago - well worth getting up at 3.45am for!

Maya reports: My first triathlon was:
lots of rules and equipment to co ordinate and remember. (Or forget - I locked my swim hat in Anna's car. Oops)
waiting in the gloom to get in the water.
Scary: 'the really high weeds and rushes in the lake coming so close to my face made me jump, it's quite an experience, being startled underwater!
thatched cottages, pretty streams, fields of horses and cows on the bike ride.
two roundabouts without a marshal had me concerned I may have gone the wrong way in case Dick Dastardly had been there before me and switched the arrows.
the run. That's all. The run was hard.
And that just leaves fantastic, exciting, brilliant and fun. It was all these too. I loved it, I really did.

Run Through Battersea Park 10km - Sunday 6th September 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Howourth35.58 pb
Chris Green46.21

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 29th August 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Chris Green1.49.1812th

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 29th August 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier44.3032nd
Ross Lucas50.0151st

The Dave Knight Memorial Run - Sunday 23rd August 2020

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

St Albans Summer 10km - Sunday 23rd August 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.3718th , 2nd M40

MK 5km PB, Milton Keynes - Friday 21st August 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton16.16 pb120th of 246
Paul comments: Great to be back racing again. There were 28 races
with up to 10 people in each race going off in 5min waves. Very well
organised. We had a great group of 7/8 guys through 3km together. Hopefully
we will slowly get back to racing, all be it a slightly different Covid 19
compliant form of racing.

Chelmsford AC Miles Of Miles - Sunday 9th August 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rhys Edwards4.58.516th of 90
Thomas Grimes5.03.221st
Fabrizio Stefanoni5.10.425th
Joseph Gunn 5.18.529th
The first EA authorised event since the lockdown began. 52 races with 6 per race ran round a set course.

Vanguard Way Full Marathon - Sunday 2nd August 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ford Cadiogan6.30.0749th of 52

Non Sweet Caroline Aquathlon (750m/5km) - Saturday 25th July 2020

NameTimePositionGender Position
Maya Goodwin1.03.20
750m swim: 24.52 / t1 2.56 / 5km run 35.30 = 1.03.20