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East London Runners participate in local parkruns, mainly at Wanstead Flats, Valentines Park, Hackney Marshes and Walthamstow. ELR athletes also occasionally report back from some of the dozens of parkrun events elsewhere in London or the UK.

Because parkrun is 5k, the events are ideal for beginner runners wishing to build up to the distance of around 5 miles required to run regularly with ELR. Since parkrun is weekly and takes place early in the day (Saturday at 9am), the events are ideal for maintaining fitness without being a pressure on time. Finally, because parkrun is not tied to any club, the events are a chance to tap into a running community outside of ELR.

The parkrun website provides a wealth of information about the parkrun family and includes weekly results, together with a wealth of statistics derived from them.

Long-term parkrunners are awarded with "50", "100" and "250" t-shirts on completing that number of events. The prestigious "250" t-shirt was claimed in July 2016 by Scott McMillan who completed the majority of his runs at Finsbury Park and Wanstead Flats before joining ELR.


Please see below the list of number of runs by East London Runners while they have been members of the club.

Parkruns by members of East London Runners

NameNumber of parkruns
Fiona Day188
Maud Hodson179
Patrick Brown177
Derek Wright175
Claire Emery172
Katherine Harris170
Steven Bywater165
Sophie Edwards158
Dan Spinks143
Thomas Grimes142
Shailesh Patel140
Jason Levy138
Bernadett Kalmar137
Ashley Faria135
Scott McMillan135
Ciaran Canavan133
Sarah Burns131
Richard Guest115
Don Bennett113
Jonathan Wooldridge113
Stuart Barton112
James Wilson110
Kieran Brown99
David Wyatt91
Andrew Howard89
Fiona Critchley88
Diana Rexhepaj84
Felicity Price-Thomas82
James Nichols81
Paul Marshall80
Suzanne Bench79
Manjit Singh77
Jayne Browne76
Janet Bywater74
Aaron Browne71
Andrew Baxter71
Maya Goodwin71
Julie Creffield70
Shaun DeSena69
Dan Gritton68
Caroline Moore67
Emmet Fitzgibbon67
Mark Wyatt66
Catherine Brett65
Tim Aylett65
Viktor Szabadi65
John Booth64
Craig Livermore63
Euan Brown63
Mark Boulton59
Regis Martin58
Spencer Evans58
John Healy57
Richard Potter57
Saheed Shabbir57
George Georgiou56
Peter Hatley56
Alex Day54
Lucy Barron51
Robert Rayworth51
Andrea Waller50
Maran Raju49
Lance Fuller48
Jamie Xavier46
Alex Jameson43
David Baldwin43
Shahib Miah Ali42
Morag Campbell41
Paula Bedford41
Stuart Kelly40
Dan Senior38
Karen Levison38
Saheb Yousefi38
Jakub Czeczotka36
Tim Le Rasle35
Daniel Slipper34
Frank Brownlie34
Lauren Aston32
Alexandra Wilkinson31
Mark Moir31
James Creed30
Louis Le Roux29
Nick Hoult29
Ruel Ordonio29
Calvin Bobin28
Katie Whitton28
Andy Bolderstone27
Jonathan Shaw27
Rachel Le Roux27
Sandra Hiller27
Sharon Springfield27
Abdirahman Adan26
Ravinder Bassi26
Sheetal Dandgey26
Marc Akers24
Michael Bamford24
Alex Haward23
Dominic Dragonetti23
Paul Quinton23
Roger Stubbs23
Grant Conway22
Jan Webb20
John Henry20
Peter Craik20
Simon Thomas20
Gareth Davies19
Ramesh Pala19
Roisin Archer19
Suzanne Taylor19
Tricia ONeill18
Caroline Mcgirr17
Catriona Hoult17
Geoff Bench17
Samia Choudhury17
Elizabeth ODonnell16
Laura Woodhouse16
Ellen Jones15
Judith Vonberg15
Robyn Turtle15
Stephen Swan15
Billy Rayner14
Mary Connolly14
Neil Gage14
Paul Drury-Bradey14
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera13
Craig Simpson13
Angus Nicholls12
Eleanor Wilkinson12
Kat Maskell12
David Hallybone11
Roselin Boramakot11
Sheila Kennedy11
Tina Bennett11
Alex Bee10
Antonio Martin Romero10
Emily Clarke10
Katherine Jones10
Kathryn Hertzberg10
Suzanne Cubitt10
Aaron Williams9
Ijeoma Anozie9
Joanna Wood9
Kali Smith9
Lee Rand9
Sally Faulkner9
Colin Dryland8
Joseph Browne8
Liam Dempsey8
Sbita Reandi8
Tom Woods8
Andy Kumar7
Jane Niewczasinski7
Jennifer Ansell7
Katy Taylor7
Mary OBrien7
Alexandra Brown6
Ava Lee6
Caroline Frith6
Clive Mehew6
Graham Peacock6
Lucy Williams6
Muhammad Iqbal6
Angela Morley5
Helen McGuinness5
John Atkinson5
Molly Pinkus5
Paul Thompson5
Roberto Bruni5
Sinead Ryan5
Anna Johnson4
Jess Trayler-Moore4
Julie Campbell4
Michael Keefe4
Nathaniel Dye4
Rotimi Oyegunle4
Susannah McLaren4
Thomas Burrard-Lucas4
Anna Dingle3
Annette Clark3
Carolyn Edwards3
Chloe Millan3
Eunkyung Lee3
Gareth Jones3
Michael Wilson3
Mike Brett3
Alain Fieulaine2
Andrew Fitzgerald2
Anita Lomax2
Charlotte Tuzzio2
Chris Green2
Christopher Sohail2
Daniel Lee2
Holly Simon2
Nathan Jones2
Salvatore Passerini2
Stuart Norris2
Tanbir Jasimuddin2
Victoria Charlesworth2
Ford Cadiogan1
Jay Sangha1
Jon Brombley1
Jose Rodriguez1
Kate Frost1
Louise Thompson1
Robert Spread1
Sarah Pascal1
Sonia Cheadle1
Victoria Want1