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Please see here the local parkrun events attended by ELR and best times achieved by current members:

parkrun cancellations

For all you tourists, please check before you travel. A lot of events and festivals around this time of the year.


ELR - most different parkruns venues. (16/02/2020)

Andrew Howard 216 venues at 421 runs.
Stuart Barton 119 venues at 225 runs
Shaun DeSena 85 venues in 140 runs
Martin Quinlan 81 venues at 333 runs.
Fiona Critchley 80 venues at 192 runs.
James Nichols 63 venues at 181 runs.
Steve Swan 58 venues at 115 runs.
Jonathan Wooldridge 55 venues at 153 runs.
Katherine Harris 53 venues at 269 runs.
Chris Green 53 venues at 82 runs.
Shahib Ali 51 venues at 149 runs.
Paul Marshall 49 venues at 174 runs.
Steve Bywater 44 venues at 262 runs.
Andy Bolderstone 37 venues at 101 runs
Jakub Czeczotka 38 runs at 99 runs
Janet Bywater 33 runs at 145 runs.

ELR at parkrun 2009 - 2012

2009 Former member Diccon Loy ran occasionally at Bushy.
31/10/2009 - Finsbury Park parkrun starts with Scott McMillan in 22.22.

Scott at Finsbury, joined a few times by Aaron Williams.
29/05/10 Hackney Marshes parkrun starts.
Former member Peter Rains regular at Hackney.

19/02/11 - Valentine Park parkrun begins
21/05/11 - Wanstead Flats parkrun begins.
Current members yet to join us were doing parkrun around the country.
Mark Moir at Hull & Sunderland, Caroline Frith at Valentine, Nick Clarke (Norwich) and Peter Martin (Cambridge).

04/02/12 - Mile End parkrun begins.
02/06/12 - Beckton parkrun begins.
12/07/12 - Barking parkrun begins.
Current members yet to join us were running, Claire Emery (Bramhall), Billy Rayner (Bexley), Rich Kimmens (Richmond) and Salvatore Passerini (Wimbledon Common).
Scott McMillan still running at Finsbury Park. His first parkrun at Wanstead Flats was 06/04/2013.

Most popular parkruns run by East London Runners.(30/10/19)

Wanstead Flats 266 ELR
Valentines 225 ELR
Hackney Marshes 147 ELR
Walthamstow 90 ELR
Roding Valley 88 ELR
Barking 82 ELR
Mile End 73 ELR
Gunpowder 41 ELR
Raphael 38 ELR
Bushy Park 38 ELR
Victoria Docks 37 ELR
Finsbury 33 ELR
Beckton 28 ELR
Pymmes 28 ELR
Highbury Fields 28 ELR

The Passionista's - more than 10 parkruns but all at the same venue....03/02/20

All at Wanstead except where indicated...
Sandra Hiller 38
Che Hector 37
Joanna Qui 29 (Valentines)
Abdirahman Adan 26 (Valentines)
Roger Stubbs 24
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy 20 (Valentines)
Geoff Bench 19
Deva Payaniandy 15 (Valentines)

parkrun - East of England region

East of England

Aldenham 10 Patrick Brown 17.47 Fiona Critchley 25.19
Barclay 3 Billy Rayner 18.43 Sarah Burns 24.44
Basildon 5 James Nichols 19.37 Fiona Critchley 25.16
Bedford 5 Rakesh Sandhu 22.33 Juliet Lopez-Real 32.56
Billericay 7 Jenny Ansell 18.53 James Nichols 19.05
Blickling 1 Stuart Barton 26.21
Brandon Country Park 6 Patrick Brown 17.59 Fiona Day 27.25
Brentwood 14 James Nichols 19.55 Fiona Critchley 26.16
Brundall 3 Steve Swan 23.47
Burnham on Crouch 5 Andrew 22.32 Fiona Critchley 25.28
Bury St Edmunds 6 Andrew 23.00 Fiona Critchley 24.51
Cambridge 6 Andrew 22.01 Fiona Critchley 23.57
Cassiobury 7 John Henry 18.00 Kasia Stachowiak 22.16
Castle Park 8 James Nichols 19.49 Fiona Critchley 25.09
Catton 6 Nick Clarke 18.55 Ellie Wilkinson 21.30
Chalkwell Beach 4 James Nichols 21.02 Fiona Critchley 25.09
Chelmsford Central 11 James Nichols 18.55 Fiona Critchley 23.54
Clacton Seafront 5 Andrew Howard 22.51 Fiona Critchley 25.01
Colchester Castle 10 James Nichols 20.14 22.07 Fiona Critchley 24.29
Coldham's Common,Cambridge 3 Andrew Baxter 19.26
Colney Lane 2 Nick Clarke 21.20 Ellie Wilkinson 22.25
Clare Castle 6 Jonathan Wooldridge 22.08 Fiona Critchley 24.21
Dunstable Downs 1 Andrew 24.14
Ellenbrook Fields 6 Andrew 22.50 Fiona Critchley 25.47
Felixstowe 5 Stephen Swan 21.39 Katherine Harris 23.57
Fritton Lake 3 Ciaran Canavan 19.54
Fulbourn Hospital 1 Andrew 32.21
Gadebridge 1 Andrew 25.05 Dan Spinks 22.40
Gorleston Cliffs 8 Paul Quinton 16.53 Rachel leRoux 25.47
Great Cornard 7 Stuart Kelly 19.05 Fiona Critchley 23.41
Great Denham 1 Andrew 22.41
Great Dunmow 5 James Nichols 20.10 Fiona Critchley 24.19
Great Notley 6 James Nichols 19.55 Fiona Critchley 23.52
Great Yarmouth North Beach X
Gunpowder 38 www.parkrun.org.uk/gunpowder/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Hadleigh 6 James Nichols 20.52 Fiona Critchley 26.15
Harlow 10 James Nichols 19.42 Fiona Critchley 25.55
Harwich 4 Andrew 21.54 Fiona Critchley 25.18
Hatfield Forest 5 Thomas Grimes 17.56 Sarah Burns 23.57
Haverhill 2 Andrew 22.20
Heartwood Forest 1 Andrew 23.14
Highwoods 3 Steve Swan 24.39 Fiona Critchley 26.19
Hockley Woods 6 James Nichols 20.22 Alexandra Wilkinson 23.13
Houghton Hall 1 Andrew 23.00
Holkham 2 Andrew Baxter 19.45
Huntingdon 3 Andrew 22.35
Hunstanton Promenade 1 Stuart Barton 23.26
Ipswich 8 Jonathan Wooldridge 22.15 Fiona Critchley 24.57
Jersey Farm 6 Stave Swan 23.46 Fiona Critchley 25.29
Kesgrave 5 Steve Swan 20.55 Fiona Critchley 25.41
Kings Lynn 7 Stuart Kelly 17.27 Jenny Ansell 18.40
The Leas, Minister 1 Andrew Howard 24.16
Letchworth 1 Andrew Howard 23.20
Lingwood 2 Steve Swan 23.11
Littleport 1 Steve Swan 22.18
Loch Neaton 2 Stuart Barton 23.26 Fiona Critchley 26.20
Lowestoft 1 Stuart Barton 25.17
Luton Wardown 2 Andrew 22.57
Maldon Prom 7 Dan Senior 18.39 Fiona Critchley 23.52
Manor Field, Whittlesey 1 Marc Akers 45.23
March. 1 Marc Akers 25.43
Mersea Island 7 Paula Bedford 21.06 Andrew 21.30
Millennium County Forest 1 Andrew 30.46
Mulbarton 1 Nick Clarke 20.41 CLOSED
Norwich 7 Nick Clarke 19.09 Ellie Wilkinson 20.26
Panshanger 5 Andrew 22.40 Fiona Critchley 27.18
Peterborough 2 Chris Green 18.44
Pocket 1 Steve Swan 22.35
Rickmansworth 4 Nathan Jones 20.06 Fiona Critchley 25.29
Roding Valley 76 www.parkrun.org.uk/rodingvalley/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Sheringham 3 Clare Emery 33.24 Tim Aylett 28.05
Sizewell 3 Peter Hatley 22.22
Sloughbottom 1 Stuart Barton 23.37
Soham Village College X
Snowden Fields X
South Oxhey 4 John Henry 19.31 Kasia Stachowiak 23.30
South Woodham Ferrers 5 James Nichols 19.42 Fiona Critchley 25.12
Southend 18 www.parkrun.org.uk/southend/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
St Albans 3 Jonathan Wooldridge 20.43
Stevenage 3 Scott McMillan 18.35 Fiona Critchley 26.37
Swaffham 1 Stuart Barton 24.07
Thetford 5 Patrick Brown 17.08 Fiona Day 25.56
Thomas Mills 2 Steve Swan 23.19
Thurrock 8 Terry Lewsey 20.22 Fiona Critchley 23.53
Tring 7 Patrick Brown 18.16 Claire Emery 29.32 CLOSED
Westmill 7 Jakub Czeczotka 23.02 Fiona Critchley 25.40
Wickford Memorial 1 Mark Moir 20.17
Wimpole Estate 4 Andrew 23.25 Katie Whitton 26.39

parkrun - Greater London

Greater London

Ally Pally 15 James Nichols 20.41 Jenny Ansell 20.34
Barking 80 www.parkrun.org.uk/barking/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Beckenham Place 3 Shahib Ali 21.03
Beckton 28 www.parkrun.org.uk/beckton/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Bedfont Lakes 3 Shahib Ali 21.02
Bethlem Royal Hospital 5 Shahib Ali 20.15
Bexley 6 Billy Rayner 18.07
Brockwell 14 Dan Gritton 18.44 Kat Maskell 26.45
Bromley 5 Shahib Ali 20.23
Burgess 16 John Booth 17.42 Katherine Harris 23.03
Bushy Park 39 www.parkrun.org.uk/bushy/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Canons Park 5 Thomas Grimes 17.20
Catford 8 John Henry 18.16
Clapham Common 11 John Henry 17.56
Crane Park 8 Shahib Ali 20.48 Katherine Harris 23.54
Crystal Palace 11 James Nichols 20.28 Katherine Harris 26.38
Dulwich 16 John Booth 18.01 Katherine Harris 26.13
Finsbury Park 29 www.parkrun.org.uk/finsbury/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Foots Cray Meadows 5 Shahib Miah Ali 21.12
Fulham Palace 14 Thomas Grimes 16.26 Katherine Harris 24.35
Gladstone 9 Thomas Grimes 17.19 Lucy Barron 26.19
Greenwich 6 Shahib Ali 20.00
Grovelands 25 www.parkrun.org.uk/grovelands/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Gunnersbury 5 James Nichols 19.20 Joanna Neville 26.29
Hackney Marshes 142 www.parkrun.org.uk/hackney-marshes/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Hampstead Heath 22 www.parkrun.org.uk/hampsteadheath/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Hanworth 3 Shahib Ali 20.10
Harrow 8 Thomas Grimes 18.51 Kasia Stachowiak 23.38
Harrow Lodge 29 www.parkrun.org.uk/harrowlodge/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Hazelwood 2 Richard Guest 21.27
Highbury Fields 24 www.parkrun.org.uk/highburyfields/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Hilly Fields 10 John Booth 19.14
Hoblingwell 3 Shahib Ali 20.42
Kingston 10 James Nichols 19.16 Janet Bywater 26.54
Lloyd 10 John Henry 19.41 Katherine Harris 25.33
Mile End 67 www.parkrun.org.uk/mileend/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Northala Fields 12 Patrick Brown 18.04 Katherine Harris 23.38
Oak Hill 19 Thomas Grimes 16.59 Laura Kemp 22.16
Old Deer Park 4 Shahib Ali 19.55
Orpington 8 Shahib Ali 21.02 Fiona Critchley 25.17
Osterley 8 Shahib Ali 20.42 Katherine Harris 25.17
Peckham Rye 7 John Henry 17.55 Jenny Ansell 19.29
Pymmes 27 www.parkrun.org.uk/pymmes/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Raphael 30 www.parkrun.org.uk/raphael/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Richmond Park 7 Shahib Ali 20.24 Tasnia Choudhury 34.14
Riddlesdown 5 Andrew 21.23 Katherine Harris 24.13
Roundshaw Downs 7 James Nichols 19.52 Katherine Harris 27.40
South Norwood 4 Jakub Czeczotka 21.50
Southwark 24 www.parkrun.org.uk/southwark/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Sunny Hill 7 Thomas Grimes 17.21
Tooting Common 12 James Nichols 19.02 Katherine Harris 23.43
Valentines 200 www.parkrun.org.uk/valentines/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Victoria Dock 30 www.parkrun.org.uk/victoriadock/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Walthamstow 85 www.parkrun.org.uk/walthamstow/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Wanstead Flats 260 www.parkrun.org.uk/wansteadflats/results/clubhistory/?clubNUM=1544
Wimbledon Common 11 James Nichols 19.20 Paula Bedford 25.07
Wormwood Scrubs 12 Zoila Gilham-Fernandez 21.12 Paul Marshall 22.04 >

parkrun - South East England

South East England

Abingdon 1 Andrew 21.43
Alice Holt 2 Andrew 23.27
Andover 1 Don Bennett 28.57
Ashford 1 Andrew 23.26
Aylesbury 2 Andrew 23.30.
Banbury X
Banstead Woods 2 Andrew 21.30
Basingstoke 3 Jamie Xavier 20.09
Bedgebury Pinetum 2 Andrew 23.27 Katherine Harris 27.22
Bevendean Down 3 John Henry 20.01
Bicester 1 Andrew 22.24
Black Park 4 Andrew Howard 22.39 Janet Bywater 24.39
Bognor Regis 4 Andrew Baxter 20.08 Anna Dingle 29.45
Bracknell 3 Richard Guest 20.56
Brighton & Hove 6 Jakub Czeczotka 21.22 Katherine Harris 23.57
Brockenhurst 2 Jason Levy 25.26
Brooklands 1 Andrew 23.47
Buckingham 2 Mark Moir 21.43
California Country 3 Richard Guest 22.38 Kathy Morrissey 30.03
Canterbury 4 Jakub Czeczotka 22.11 Katie Whitton 27.20
Chichester 3 James Nichols 19.19
Clair 2 Andrew 23.18 Fiona Day 26.35
Cranleigh 1 Andrew 22.34
Cyclopark 1 Andrew 24.11
Dartford 8 Patrick Brown 17.23 Fiona Critchley 24.51
Dartford Heath 3 Andrew 22.35 Sue Bushnell 37.38
Didcot 3 Andrew 21.58
Dinton Pastures 4 Richard Guest 22.00
East Brighton 4 Jakub Czeczotka 23.47
East Grinstead 4 Andrew 23.56
Eastbourne 4 James Nichols 19.19 Sophie Edwards 27.59
Eastleigh 1 Stuart Barton 27.28 Katherine Harris 26.27
Fareham 2 Thomas Burrard-Lucas 18.43 Sheetal Dandgey 24.05
Folkestone 2 Andrew 23.36 Julie Creffield 42.15
Frimley Lodge 3 Richard Guest 22.22
Great Lines 2 Michael Bamford 22.15
Guildford 3 Richard Guest 22.08
Haldon Forest x
Harcourt Hill 1 Andrew 22.53
Hastings 6 Andrew 21.31 Sophie Edwards 26.06
Havant 1 Katherine Harris 28.02
Henley on Thames 1 Andrew 25.07
Higginson, Marlow 2 Richard Guest 21.27
Hogmoor Inclosure 1 Andrew 23.58
Homewood 1 Andrew 23.24
Horsham 3 Andrew 22.53 Maya Goodwin 35.45
Hove Promenade 11 Paula Bedford 20.56 Andrew 23.06
Ifield Mill Pond 1 Stuart Barton 25.20
Itchen Valley Country X
Kingdom 1 Andrew Howard 24.29
Lancing Beach Green 1 Tim leRasle 21.04
Lee-on-the-Solent 1 Steve Swan 23.24
Linford Wood 3 Mark Moir 19.56
Lullingstone 1 Andrew 24.25
Lymington Woodside x
Maidenhead 2 Richard Guest 21.47
Maidstone 3 Andrew 23.18
Malling 1 Andrew 22.30.
Margate 2 Andrew 23.42 Catriona Hoult 27.39
Medina IOW 13 Patrick Brown 18.03 Fiona Day 25.33
Milton Keynes 7 Dan Senior 18.43 Lucy Barron 26.44
Mole Valley 4 Rich Kimmens 21.32 Fiona Critchley 26.34
Mountbatten School,Romsey x
Netley Abbey 2 Mark Moir 19.54 Maud Hodson 25.05
Newbury 1 Andrew 22.46
Nonsuch 6 James Nichols 18.53 Susannah McLaren 32.28
Oxford 1 Andrew 22.10
Peacehaven 1 Andrew 23.16
Pegwell Bay 1 Andrew 21.41
Portsmouth Lakeside x
Preston Park 4 Andrew Baxter 19.40 Katherine Harris 25.12
Prospect 1 Andrew 23.54
Queen Elizabeth 8 Caroline Frith 23.14 Chris Green 23.35
Reading 3 Patrick Brown 17.11
Reigate Priory 2 Andrew 23.18
Royal Tunbridge Wells 4 Aaron Browne 18.39
Rushmere 1 Andrew 24.25
Rushmoor 3 Richard Guest 21.16
Sandhurst Memorial 1 Richard Guest 22.10
Seaford Beach 1 Andrew 24.00
Shorne Woods 1 Andrew 23.05
Sittingbourne 2 Andrew 22.18
Southampton 2 Craig Simpson 20.23
Southsea 4 Alexandra Wilkinson 23.10 Martin Quinlan 26.31
Squerryes Winery 1 Andrew Howard 26.49
Tilgate 3 Andrew 22.47 Morag Campbell 36.37
Tonbridge 2 Andrew 23.59 Katherine Harris 25.34
Uckfield 3 Stuart Barton 30.55 Sandra Preston 30.38
Upton Court 11 Jonathan Wooldridge 23.16 Fiona Critchley 24.37
Walmer & Deal Seafront 1 Catriona Hoult 25.19
Wendover Woods 1 Andrew 25.09
Whiteley x
Whitstable 4 Paula Bedford 21.58 Andrew 22.46
Winchester x
Witney 1 Shaun DeSena 33.32
Woking 2 Richard Guest 22.46
Woodley 3 Richard Guest 20.39
Worthing 3 Tim le Rasle 19.11 Molly Pinkus 24.47
Wycombe Rye 1 Andrew 22.50

parkrun - South West England

South West England

Ashton Court 6 Chris Green 20.24 Caroline Frith 22.48
Barnstaple 4 Louis leRoux 26.04 Paula Bedford 22.21
Bath Skyline 2 Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 33.20
Berkeley Green X
Bideford 2 Sarah Burns 23.13
Blandford 1 James Nichols 19.37
Bolberry Down X
Bournemouth 1 Martin Quinlan 25.58
Burnham and Highbridge 1 Caroline McGirr 28.35
Cheltenham 3 Richard Kimmens 20.04 Katherine Harris 23.01
Chippenham 2 Michael Wilson 26.28 Caroline Frith 23.31
Chipping Norton School x
Chipping Sodbury 1 Maya Goodwin 30.41
Cirencester 2 Patrick Brown 18.45 Katrina Betteridge 29.32
Clevedon Salthouse Fields X
Eastville 1
Eden Project 1 Stephen Swan 21.29
Exeter Riverside 4 John Booth 18.00 Fiona Critchley 24.48
Exmouth 1 John Booth 17.12
Fire Service College 1 Katherine Harris 28.55 CLOSED
Forest of Dean 1 David Taylor 32.38
Gloucester City X
Gloucester North 1 Lawrence Foster 22.59
Grove X
Haldon Forest
Heartlands X
Henstridge Airfield X
Killerton x
King George V Playing Fields X
Kingsway x
Lands End 1 Andrew Baxter 21.11
Lanhydrock 2 Louis leRoux 28.13 Rachel leRoux 30.06
Longrun Meadow x
Lydiard/Swindon 4 Sinead Ryan 27.13
Lydney x
Mallards Pike x
Marlborough Common,Marlborough 1 Caroline Frith 23.08
Melksham 1 Caroline Frith 22.15
Minehead 1 Maya Goodwin 33.55 (27.27 short course)
Moors Valley 1 Kate Frost 38.03
Mount Edgcumbe x
Newent x
Parke 1 Janet Bywater 27.48
Penrose 3 Calvin Bobin 20.30 Fiona Critchley 23.54
Plymvalley 1 Tom Howourth 20.00
Pomphrey Hill x
Poole 2 Martin Quinlan 25.45
Ross-On-Wye x
Salisbury 1
Seaton 1 Liz ODonnell 40.14
Seven Fields/Swindon X
Shepton Mallet x
Somerdale Pavilion X
Southwick Country Park 2 Caroline Frith 21.56
St Mary's X
Stonehouse 1 Lucy Barron 23.59
Stratford Park, Stroud x
Street X
Tamar Lakes 1 Angela May 29.15
Tamar Trails 1 Calvin Bobin 21.49
Teignmouth Promenade x
Tetbury Goods Shed X
Tewkesbury 1 Patrick Brown 19.18
The Old Showfield X
Thornbury 1 Jason Levy 26.36
Torbay Velopark x
Trelissick 3 Paul Marshall 22.46 Fiona Critchley 27.22
Upton House,Poole 3 Steve Swan 24.20 Lucy Barron 24.51
Weymouth 2 Ashley Faria 20.32
Woolacombe Dunes 1 Sarah Burns 29.52
Wotton x
Yeovil Montacute 6 Chris Green 19.28 Fiona Critchley 26.34

parkrun - East Midlands

East Midlands

Alvaston X
Bakewell 1 Alex Jameson 23.49
Beeston 1
Belton House x
Bestwood Village 1 Andrew 25.11
Boston x
Braunstone 4 Shailesh Patel 21.15
Brixworth Country X
Brierley Forest 1 Andrew 22.11
Clifton 1 Shaun DeSena 30.44
Clumber Park 1 Andrew 21.21
Colwick 3 Nick Hoult 21.11 Jane Clapton 30.46
Conkers 2 Amit Marks 21.06
Corby x
Daventry 1 Shaun DeSena 32.40
Dishley, Loughborough 1 Shaun DeSena 31.33
Doddington Hall X
Forest Rec 2 Andrew 23.32
Gainsborough 1 Andrew 25.07
Gedling 1 Shaun DeSena 30.54
Glossop 3 Andrew Baxter 22.16 Victoria Charlesworth 32.40
Irchester Country 1 Shaun DeSena 35.56 Alice Barrett 31.33
Kettering 2 Stuart Barton 25.44 Selina Vernal 22.09
Leicester Victoria 2 Shailesh Patel 21.22
Lincoln 1 Chris Green 19.02
Long Eaton 2 Shaun DeSena 28.19 Claire Emery 29.24
Mansfield 2 Richard Guest 20.59
Markeaton 1 Andrew 21.38
Market Harborough 3 Tom Howourth 18.56 Katherine Harris 43.33
Market Rasen Racecourse X
Melton Mowbray 4 Joe Gunn 19.28 Kate Brett 27.25
Newark 1 Andrew 22.49
Northampton 9 Robert Rayworth 19.29 Fiona Critchley 25.03
Poolsbrook 1 Andrew 22.32
Rosliston x
Rushcliffe 1 Joe Gunn 18.53 Jane Clapton 30.38
Rutland Water X
Salcey Forest X
Sherwood Pines 2 Richard Guest 21.07
Shipley Country 2 Andrew 23.18
Sixfields, Upton 1 Andrew 23.11
Watermeadows 1 Steve Swan 22.46
Wollaston Hall

parkrun - West Midlands

West Midlands

Alderford Lake X
Arrow Valley 1 Steven Bywater 26.26
Babbs Mill X
Beacon X
Bedworth X
Brueton 2 Ramesh Pala 24.22
Cannock Chase x
Cannon Hill 8 Nick Hoult 21.25 Janet Bywater 24.50
Chasewater X
Churchfields Farm X
Coventry 1
Dudley x
East Park, Wolverhampton X
Evesham 2 Jonathan Wooldridge 21.42 Katherine Harris 23.21
Hanley 1 Claire Emery 27.04
Henley Wood X
Hereford x
Isabel Trail 5 Jonathan Wooldridge 22.07 Katherine Harris 24.17
Kingsbury Water 3 Patrick Brown 17.29 Lauren Kelly 23.37
Leamington 1 Siobhan O'Shea 29.48
Ludlow x
Oaklands, Birmingham X
Perry Hall 2 Janet Bywater 26.38
Rugby x
Sandwell Valley 1 Shaun DeSena 33.06
Severn Valley Country Park X
Shrewsbury 2 Dan Senior 18.20.
Stratford-upon-Avon 3 Stephen Taylor 21.52 Katherine Harris 23.22
Sutton Park 3 Nick Clarke 20.24 Ellie Wilkinson 22.50
Telford x
Walsall Arboretum 1 Ellie Wilkinson 20.45
The Wammy x
Warwick Racecourse 2 Janet Bywater 26.18 Steve Bywater 26.18
Wolverhampton x
Worcester 2 Andy Bolderstone 24.21 Katrina Betteridge 31.01
Worcester Pitchcroft 3 Andy Bolderstone 23.21 Katherine Harris 46.22
Wyre Forest 1 Katrina Betteridge 28.49
Wythall X

parkrun - Yorkshire & Humber

Yorkshire and the Humber

Armley 1 Janet Bywater 24.57
Bakewell 1 Alex Jameson 23.49
Barnsley 1 Andrew 22.30
Beverley Westwood x
Bowling Park x
Bradford 3 Scott McMillan 20.13 Janet Bywater 24.42
Bramley x
Brighouse x
Brotton@ Marshall Drive X
Castle Howard X
Catterick 1 Andy Bolderstone 24.22
Centre Vale X
Cleethorpes 2 Peter Hatley 20.27 Katy Taylor 36.02
Cliffe Castle, Keighley 1 Sallyann Eyles 38.55
Concord 4 Peter Hatley 21.31 Fiona Day 26.54
Conyngham Hall X
Cross Flatts 1 Shaun DeSena 31.55
Cusworth Hall/Doncaster 1 Mark Moir 20.28
Dalby Forest 1 Scott McMillan 19.13
Dewsbury x
Fountains Abbey 2 John Henry 18.01
Frickley Country X
Goole 1 Andrew 21.52
Graves 2 Andrew 23.34 Laura Kemp 24.54
Halifax 1 Scott McMillan 18.47
Harrogate 3 John Henry 18.54 Sarah Burns 24.16
Hillsborough 5 Alex Day 17.33 Fiona Day 26.06
Heslington 2 Nick Hoult 23.51 Catriona Hoult 25.38
Horton Park 4 Scott McMillan 19.28 Fiona Critchley 24.49
Huddersfield 2 Robert Rayworth 19.51
Hull 1 Mark Moir 20.24
Humber Bridge 1
Middleton Woods X
Millfield X
Millhouses X
Myrtle x
New Earswick X
Normanby Hall x
Northallerton x
Nostell x
Oakwell Hall x
Penistone X
Peter Pan x
Pontefract 1 Shaun DeSena 30.29
Potternewton x
Rother Valley 3 Andrew 21.21 Morag Campbell 41.08
Rotherham 1 Andrew 22.27
Rothwell x
Roundhay 2 John Henry 19.56
Sands Lane X
Sandall Park 3 Andrew 24.17
Scunthorpe 1 Andrew 22.08
Selby X
Sewerby 2 Scott McMillan 20.34 Kathy Morrissey 31.03
Sheffield Castle 5 Patrick Brown 17.40 Fiona Day 28.14
Sheffield Hallam 10 Euan Brown 16.02 Fiona Day 26.47
Skipton x
Storthes Hall
Temple Newsam x
Wakefield Thornes x
Wetherby 2 Steve Bywater 28.33 Janet Bywater 26.30
Woodhouse Moor 5 Louis LeRoux 19.26 Rachel LeRoux 26.13
York 12 John Henry 19.58 Caroline Frith 21.14

parkrun - North East England

North East England

Albert x
Blackhill x
Blyth Links 1 Grace Turner 27.49
Brotton x
Darlington South Park 2 Liviu Ionita 16.05
Druridge Bay x
Durham 2 Jakub Czeczotka 20.57
Flatts Lane X
Gateshead 2 Mark Moir 20.46
Gibside x
Hackworth x
Hartlepool 1 Muhammed Iqbal 25.34
Herrington Country Park 1 Mark Moir 19.34
Jesmond Dene 1 Shaun DeSena 36.48
Leazes X
Marshall Drive,Brotton X
Newbiggin by the Sea X
Newcastle 6 James Nichols 18.58 Janet Bywater 24.31
The Pastures 1 Andy Bolderstone 26.05
Prudhoe Riverside x
Redcar x
Rising Sun x
Riverside 1 Mark Moir 18.59
Sedgefield x
South Shields 1 Mark Moir 20.17
Stewart x
Sunderland/ Silksworth 1 Mark Moir 19.18
Tees Barrage x
Whitley Bay x
Windy Nook x

parkrun - North West England

North West England

Alderford Lake x
Alexandra, Moss Side X
Barrow 1 Fiona Day 24.42
Birkenhead x
Blackpool 1 Nick Hoult 30.16
Bolton x
Bramhall Park 1 Claire Emery 23.51
Burnage 1 Thomas Burrard-Lucas 21.13
Burnley 1 Euan Brown 16.02
Carlisle 3 Stuart Kelly 18.49 Lauren Kelly 23.41
Centre Vale x
Chadderton Hall 1 Tim Aylett 26.12
Cheadle Hulme 1 Claire Emery 34.08
Chester 3 Colin Dryland 22.45 Angela Morley 26.05
Congleton x
Crewe x
Crosby x
Croxteth Hall x
Cuerden Valley x
Delamere x
Ellesmere Port x
Fell Foot 1 Ashley Faria 20.43 Catriona Hoult 25.42
Fleetwood Promenade X
Fletcher Moss 1 Laura Kemp 22.44
Ford, Ulverston X
Haigh Woodland 1 Alexandra Brown 25.11
Heaton Park 2 David Hallybone 24.51
Hyde x
Keswick 1 Fiona Day 27.04
Kew Woods X
Knowsley x
Lancaster 2 Paul Marshall 22.58
Lyme Park 4 Thomas Grimes 18.44 Claire Emery 31.10
Lytham Hall x
Macclesfield 1
Marple 1 Claire Emery 31.04
Morecambe Prom 3 Paul Marshall 20.59 Annette Clark 31.04
Millom 1
Oldham 1 Scott McMillan 18.43
Ormskirk 1 Tina Bennett 25.55
Pendle x
Pennington Flash 1 Emily Clarke 23.38
Penrith 2 Frank Brownlie 26.57 Victoria Charlesworth 29.45
Phoenix x
Preston 1 Paul Marshall 21.30
Princes 4 Nick Hoult 22.53 Caroline Frith 21.52
Rothay Park, Ambleside X
Sale Water 1 David Hallybone 24.30
South Manchester 8 Thomas Burrard Lucas 18.49 Laura Kemp 23.18
Southport x
St Helens x
Stamford Park x
Stretford 1 Nick Hoult 20.37 Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 30.33
Sutton Manor,St Helens X
Tawd Valley x
Warrington x
Watergrove x
Whinlatter x
Whitehaven x
Widnes x
Wilmslow 2 Lydia Merritt 26.26
Witton x
Woodbank x
Workington x
Worsley Woods x
Wythenshawe 2 Paul Marshall 22.32

Wales, Northern Ireland , Scotland & Channel Islands parkruns

Aberbeeg x
Aberdare x
Aberystwyth x
Barry Island x
Bodelwyddan Castle x
Brynaman x
Bryn Bach 2 Alex Day 17.41
Caldicot x
Cardiff 4 Scott Hemmens 18.46 Jocelyn Summers 29.36
Coed Cefn-pwll-du X
Colby x
Conwy 1 Michael Keefe 30.37
Cosmeston Lakes X
Crathes Castle x
Cwmbran x
Dolgellau 5 Ciaran Canavan 19.30 Janet Bywater 25.35
Erddig x
Gnoll x
Grangemoor 1 Maud Hodson 34.18
Greenfield Valley X
Groe x
Hafan Pwllheli 2 Steve Bywater 35.44 Janet Bywater 29.23
Haverfordwest 2 Andrew Baxter 20.17
Llanelli Coast 1
Llaneschaeron x
Llyn Llech Owain x
Maestag x
Meadowmill x
Merthyr 1 Andrew Howard 23.41
Milford Waterfront X
Nant Y Pandy X
Newport 2 Damon Lerner 25.26
Newborough Forest 3 Peter Craik 20.18 Maud Hodson 27.44
Newtown x
Nova Prestatyn X
Penallta x
Penrhyn 4 James Nichols 21.02 Janet Bywater 24.17
Pont y Bala 2 Stuart Hodson 21.17 Maud Hodson 24.38
Pontypool 5 Euan Brown 16.31
Pontypridd x
Porthcawl x
Riverfront 1 Hayley Collins 25.37
Rogiet 1 Jakub Czeczotka 23.43
Severn Bridge X
Swansea Bay 2 Martin Quinlan 27.26 Alexandra Wilkinson 23.08
Trelai Park X
Tremorfa X
Wepre 1 Michael Keefe 41.33

Northern Ireland
Antrim x
Armagh 1 Suzanne Taylor 25.51
Bangor x
Belfast Victoria 1
Carrickfergus x
Castlewellan X
Citypark x
Colin Glen x
Comber x
Crawfordsburn Country X
Derry City 1 Louise Payaniandy
Dungannon Park X
Ecos x
Enniskillen x
Falls, Belfast 1 Patricia ONeill 24.56
Knockbracken Reservoir X
Larne x
Limavady x
MUSA Cookstown x
Omagh x
Orangefield x
Ormeau 4 Ciaran Canavan 18.09 Kasia Stachowiak 22.14
Portrush x
Queens 1
Rostrevor NI 2 Ciaran Canavan 20.33
Sixmilewater X
Stormont x
Valley x
Wallace x
Waterworks 1

Aberdeen 1 Scott McMillan 18.50
Agnew X
Alness 2 Jakub Czeczotka 23.03
Aviemore 2 Scott McMillan 18.59
Ayr x
Bressay, Shetlands 1 Fiona Day 27.11
Camperdown x
Crichton x
Dean Castle Country Park x
Drumchapel x
Drumpellier Country x
Dunfermline x
Edinburgh x
Eglinton x
Elgin x
Ellon x
Falkirk 3 Peter Craik 26.46 Maud Hodson 29.12
Faskally Forest X
Fort William x
Ganavan Sands x
Girvan Prom x
Greenock x
Hay Lodge x
Hazlehead 1 Rachel le Roux 26.14
Inverness 2 Jakub Czeczotka 24.49 Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 31.34
Kirkcaldy x
Levengrove, Dunbarton X
Lews Castle, Isle of Lewis x
Linwood x
Livingston x
Lochend Woods X
Loch Leven 1 Peter Craik 20.20
Meadowmill X
Montrose x
Nobles,Douglas IOM 1 Thomas Grimes 18.27
Oriam X
Perth 1 Paul Marshall 22.37
Plean x
Polkemmet County X
Pollok 1 Manjit Singh 20.15
Portobello 2 Nick Hoult 21.41 Catriona Hoult 29.10
Ruchill x
Springburn x
St Andrews 2 Peter Craik 22.27 Maud Hodson 24.15
Stonehaven 1 Scott McMillan 20.41
Strathclyde x
Thurso x
Tollcross x
Troon 1 Michael Bamford 21.02
University of Sterling X
Ury Riverside X
Victoria 2 Ava Lee 19.52
Vogrie 3 Jonathan Wooldridge 24.22 Fiona Critchley 24.49
Wallaceneuk, Kelso X

Channel Islands
Guernsey 1 Stuart Barton 25.25
Jersey 5 Jonathan Wooldridge 22.58 Fiona Critchley 24.51

Republic of Ireland parkruns by ELR.

Avondale Forest, ROI 1 Alexandra Rutishauser Perera 28.24
Buncrana, ROI 1 Liam Dempsey 24.19
Bushy Park,Dublin 1 Liesbeth Allart 29.03
Clarisford ROI 1 Thomas Grimes 17.00
Darndale ROI 8 Michael Bamford 20.25 Fiona Critchley 24.04
Erris, ROI 1 Spencer Evans 19.50
Father Collins,Dublin ROI 1 Stuart Barton 24.31
Johnstown ROI 1 Mary OBrien 25.17
Kilkenny ROI 1 Andrew Baxter 20.27
Killarney House ROI 1 Cathal Lynch 23.18
Lees Road ROI 1 Thomas Grimes 18.34 Sarah Burns 23.33
Limerick ROI 1 Thomas Grimes 17.40
Marlay ROI 1 Thomas Grimes 16.53
Malahide ROI 2 Nick Hoult 21.23 Catriona Hoult 27.09
Mungret ROI 1 Thomas Grimes 18.27
Poolbeg, ROI 1 Stuart Norris 22.26
Progression* ROI 1 Cathal Lynch (Tpot) 25.13
Sligo ROI 1 Mary OBrien 25.34
St Anne's ROI 1 Nathan Jones 19.41
Tralee, ROI 1 Cathal Lynch 21.44
Vandeleur, ROI 1 Sarah Burns 25.08
Wexford Racecourse, ROI 1 Mary OBrien 25.17
* denotes a prison parkrun, not open to the public.

Rest of Europe parkruns by ELR.

Alstervorland, Hamburg,GER 1 Paul Marshall 22.50
Amager Faelled, DEN 3 Paul Marshall 21.22
Amager Strandpark, DEN 1 Katherine Harris 24.09
Amsterdamse Bos, Holl 1 Sheila Kennedy 29.45
Aniolowski, POL Kasia Stachowiak 22.50
Bois de Boulogne FRAN 4 John Henry 18.28 Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 26.47
Caffarella, ITALY 1 Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 29.41
Dougnes, Cubnezais FRA 1 Fiona Critchley 25.17
Etna, ITALY 1 Shaun DeSena 37.20
Faelledparkrn DEN 1 Cathal Lynch 29.29
Firenze ITALY 4 Stuart Barton 22.20 Kasia Stachowiak 22.36
Fountainbleau FR 5 Jonathan Wooldridge 20.46 Fiona Critchley 23.59
Gadansk POL 1 Caroline Moore 28.25
Gdynia POL 1 Dan Spinks 22.47
Haga SWED 1 Alexandra Rutishauser Perera 27.57
Hasenheide GERM 7 Fabrizio Stefanoni 18.51 Kasia Stachowiak 25.34
Katowice, POL 1 Kasia Stachowiak 23.47
Kolobrzeg, POL 1 Jakub Czeczotka 20.58
Krakow POL 2 Kasia Stachowiak 22.39
Lac de Divonne, FR 1 Elizabeth ODonnell 37.55
Las Aniolowski POL 1 Kasia Stachowiak 22.50
Milanl Nord,ITALY 1 Andy Bolderstone 24.14
Mura di Lucca, ITALY 1 Stuart Barton 23.26
Neckarau, GERM 1 Dan Gritton 23.41
Nidda GERM 1 Dan Gritton 25.36 Liz O'Donnell 37.45
Skatas SWED 2 Paul Marshall 21.55
To'yen, NORW 1 Caroline Frith 22.52
Treviso, ITALY 1 Jayne Browne 29.39
Warzawa, POL 1 John Henry 18.39
Wroclaw, POL 1 Andy Bolderstone 26.59
Zary, Pol 4 Stuart Barton 27.11 Fiona Critchley 26.01
Zielona Gora, POL 3 Stuart Barton 25.52 Fiona Critchley 27.57

South Africa parkruns by ELR.

Blue Lagoon SA 1 Nick Hoult 27.42
Century City SA 2 Paul Quinton 16.49 Susannah McLaren 1.00.00
Constantia Greenbelt SA 1 Frank Brownlie 27.27
Durbanville SA 1 Paul Quinton 19.34
Greenpoint SA 4 Ellie Wilkinson 21.35
Hartbeespoort SA 2 Louis Le Roux 21.50 Rachel Le Roux 27.32
Hout SA 1 Caroline Frith 50.43
Klerksdorp SA 2 Louis leRoux 22.14 Rachel leRoux 27.39
Knysna SA 2 Stuart Kelly 19.11 Lauren Kelly 26.32
Nahoon Point SA 2 Louis leRoux 28.39 Rachel leRoux 30.45
North Beach SA 1 Nick Hoult 24.41
Paarl SA 1 Nick Hoult 22.07
PE Hobie Beach SA 1 Nick Hoult 22.01
Potchefstroom SA 1 Rachel Leroux 28.49
Somerset West SA 2 Louis leRoux 21.52 Rachel leRoux 28.08

USA & Canada parkruns by ELR.

Clemont Waterfront USA 2 Peter Rains
Crissy Field USA 3 Samuel Browne 18.22
Des Moines Creek USA 4 James Nichols 20.03 Caroline Frith 22.21
Downsview,CAN 1 Stuart Barton 24.33
Frederic Back,Mont,CAN 1 Alexandra Rutishauser Perera 26.24
Jamaica Pond, Boston US 1 Tom Woods 24.35
Meadowvale, CAN 1 Robert Spread 19.07
Roosevelt Island DC USA 2 Frank Brownlie 28.32
South Boulder Creek USA 1 Jakub Czeczotka 23.06

Australia & New Zealand parkruns by ELR.

Albert Melbourne,AUS 4 Med Dahbi 20.58 Fiona Critchley 25.08
Airlie Beach, AUS 1 Peter Ballard 23.51
Ballina Coast, AUS 1 Calvin Bobin 21.08
Bellerive, Tasmania 1 Fiona Critchley 24.26
Coburg, AUS 1 Calvin Bobin 21.09
Claisebrook Cove AUS 1 Nick Hoult 21.58
Darebin, AUS 1 Fiona Critchley 24.36
Geeveston, Tasmania 1 Fiona Critchley 25.09
GreenWay, AUS 1 Fiona Critchley 25.51
Hagley,Christchurch 2 Nick Hoult 20.41
Hobart AUS 1 Fiona Critchley 25.25
Lawson AUS 1 Fiona Critchley 24.51
Lower Hutt NZ 1 Don Bennett 31.43
Margaret River AUS 1 Morag Campbell 34.23
Maryborough AUS 1 Arthur Diaz 29.01
Millwater NZ 1 Sarah Burns 23.51
Montrose Foreshore, TAS 1 Fiona Critchley 23.37
Parramatta, AUS 1 Arthur Diaz 29.47
Puarenga, NZ 1 Jakub Czeczotka 22.50
Queens Domain, Tasmania 1 Fiona Critchley 25.43
South Bank AUS 1 Nick Hoult 21.39
St Peters AUS 1 Nick Hoult 22.27 Fiona Critchley 23.43
Studley, AUS 1 Nick Hoult 23.20
Torrens, AUS 1 Nick Hoult 21.57 Alexandra Wilkinson 40.26
Willoughby, AUS 1 Calvin Bobin 21.59
Windsor Precinct, Tasmania 1 Fiona Critchley 27.26

31st December 2018 - My parkrun journey 2018 by Stuart Barton

My parkrun journey 2018

I never went out on New Year's I was in bed just after hearing Big Ben strike Midnight!

So here's my year so far parkrun style.

Monday 1st Jan 2018 at 09:00
Castle Park Bishops Stortford 26:25 mostly grass.
I met a friend form Ware Joggers at the car park, we had not arranged to meet. Always nice to meet a friend at parkrun. She decided to run her second of the day with me as well so off we went to Chelmsford Central 27:59 loads of people a mix of tarmac and grass.

Saturday 6th Jan 2018.
Ally Pally 28:46 Hilly is all I remember they were doing the winter course.

Saturday 13th Jan 2018.
Fritton Lake 27:00 a beautiful run around the lake some mad people were having a morning swim when I arrived, Then off to Southwold for beer tasting.

Saturday 20th Jan 2018.
My home run of Wanstead Flats 26:59 always a favourite of mine.

Saturday 27th Jan 2018.
Walthamstow 27:01 not enough ELR do this come on guys its local and can be fast.

Saturday 3rd Feb 2018
Finsbury Park 25:53 just down the A406 or easy by tube all tarmac a little hilly.

Saturday 10th Feb 2018.
Colchester Castle 26:41 very hilly, the day we did this the paths were frozen so they changed it a little as down by the river was slippery.

Saturday 17th Feb 2018.
Hockley Woods 27:28 truly stunning this morning, the mist was rolling through the woods as we ran around, A steep hill towards the end.

Saturday 24th Feb 2018.
Kesgrave 25:31 my first ever parkrun was here, I drove JW and Fi and we met my nephew. Mostly grass the last 1K is in the woods followed by a sprint (lol) to the finish line.

Saturday 3rd March 2018.
Upton Court 33:04 the day of the snow not many events on today but JH SD and myself made the trip. Nice views of Windsor Castle, mainly grass, can be muddy.

Saturday 10th March 2018.
Burnham-on-Crouch 26:37 a new tourist is born welcome to the club Janet Bywater.

Saturday 17th March 2018.
Queen Elizabeth 30:00 not a great start to the day as someone decided to drive into my car at 06:00 in the morning. No time to hang around so swapped numbers and KH SD and JW and I drove down south, A very hilly run with really sticky mud.

Saturday 24th March 2018.
25:56 Clacton Seafront. I like runs along the prom but this one was 3 loops with a steep hill, will be a good summer one I think.

Saturday 31st March 2018.
Hackney 25:14 my car was in for a service so Maya picked me up and we did Hackney nice flat course. Always meet someone from ELR here.

Saturday 7th April 2018.
Haverhill in 27:19. A very muddy run around football pitches, 3 laps as well, Good thing about this is my best mate lives a couple of miles away so a hot shower and a big breakfast was guaranteed.

Saturday 14th April 2018.
Felixtstowe 24:48 I was staying in Ipswich so I wanted to finish Suffolk off. A very flat run along the sea front this will be a PB course for lots of people. KH did this with me she was going to do Ipswich but a run by the seaside changed her mind.

Saturday 21st April 2018.
South Woodham Ferrers (ferrets) 26:13 FI and myself ran this, this was a nice run along the sea wall. Slight wardrobe malfunction for me and a blister for Fi, also the funniest service in a cafe ever.

Saturday 28th April 2018.
Jersey 26:05. A very early start and a flight from Southend JW FI KH and Bernard had a great day, loads of walking afterwards exploring the island, before heading home to medal night.

Saturday 5th May 2018.
Harwich 27:07 my first camping trip of the year, I met Fi and SS here, another run along the seafront.

Saturday 12th May 2018.
Alness 26:42 the only parkrun I have ever stopped halfway to take photos, truly stunning. Scotland if you get the weather is just amazing.

Saturday 19th May 2018.
Mersea Island 26:39 another one near the sea, JW fi and myself ran this. I would recommend this one as the whole island is worth exploring.

Saturday 26th May 2018.
Vogrie 26:51 what can be said about getting up at 00:00 picking up JW and Fi then driving for 7.5 hours, a quick stop at the Angel of the North, another stop at the border then 30 mins kip in the car park before the run, Then the drive home.

Saturday 2nd June 2018.
Zary, Poland in 27:11 the end of the alphabet challenge JW SD Fi and myself had a great weekend in Poland and Berlin, the highlight must be the David Hasselhoff museum.

Saturday 9th June 2018.
Westmill 59:48 another camping trip, I tail walked this one with a guy who only did one lap and smoked 2 fags as he walked around. Very hilly course a little gem in my opinion with a great breakfast place for afterwards.

Saturday 16th June 2018.
Great Dunmow 26:06 A pretty little park just up past Stansted Essex keeps getting new parkruns will I ever get them all done?

Saturday 30th June 2018.
Victoria Dock 25:10 PB course written all over this one, it had the benefit of its very own cable car as well. Remember to check that it’s on before you go as it seems to be called off a lot because of other events at the dock.

Saturday 7th July 2018.
Colney Lane 26:53 in the ground of Norwich UNI, loved this one I bumped into a guy I have not seen in years.

Saturday 21st July 2018.
Holkham 26:15 another in Norfolk absolutely stunning, set in the grounds of Holkham Hall.

Saturday 28th July 2018.
Southwark 26:16 I picked local as I was off to volunteer on free cycle London, 3 laps in a great park, I have driven past here so many times but never ventured in.

Saturday 4th August 2018
Catton 26:28 another Norfolk on ticked off, 519 people turned up for this one as it was in memory of a guy who loved running but sadly was killed on his bike, We were told to enjoy the run and talk to other runners as he always did, I got talking to a guy from Newcastle who was in Norwich to run the 10k the next day. I cheered on as well as a few ELRs. I am now a pirate.

Saturday 11th August 2018
Eastleigh 27:28 Camping cancelled as waterlogged site, A quick look on google and I booked a hotel, it's a 3 lap run around an old golf course, a hill that goes on for ages. I now have finished the compass, Westmill Northala Southend Eastleigh.

Saturday 18th August 2018
Isle Of Wight 25:28 I was not sure about this one as I have only ever visited the place for work, and it had never gone well. I picked up JW Friday morning and we camped out for the weekend. Along with Bamford Diana and the Le Roux. I don't think I have laughed as much in ages. The parkrun was at hilly with a sting in its tail. Also I came 3rd in a 5k on the Sunday. I now like the place a little more.

Saturday 25th August 2018
Sizewell 25:07 A great parkrun with HN and ST (Ware Joggers) I camped out 5 mins walk from the start, just over 200 people but I think this will drop. A lovely flat run along a path just behind the sand dunes, Only bad part I lost my tent on the last night in a storm. I have now finished Suffolk again they seem to start more than Essex.

Saturday 1st September 2018
Horsham 25:19 A nice little park in the heart of Horsham 3 laps I'm starting to like laps, I camped out the night before at a local pub, a few pints and a lovely pub meal on Friday, Saturday I met Jo Bull as this is her local parkrun. It was awards day and Jo won best female park runner of the year.

Saturday 8th September 2018
Cambridge 24:14 Last camping trip of the year, fastest time in ages well over a year my 4th fastest event. So pleased a massive thanks to Grant Conway for pushing me at track it really does help. The course is three laps 2 large and one small, a very busy run all on paths well worth a visit.

Saturday 15th September 2018
Great Notley 25:04 another Essex, they have loads this is special as my nephew is joining the tourist group, 20 events also his 50th and he becomes a bee gee (3Bs and 3 Gs). I now miss two parkruns because of my holiday. Come on Spain join the parkrun world.

22nd September 2018 - No parkrun

29th September 2018 - No parkrun

Saturday 6th October 2018
23.48 well Friday start to be honest I flew to Inverness from Luton and picked up a hire car, along with a couple of friends we drove down to Aviemore and checked into the B and B, the course meeting is at the gates at the end of an industrial estate, after this you walk under a little bridge into a truly stunning landscape, the course is undulating and all on paths, once again I was blessed with nice sunny weather in Scotland. After the run we had a drive around Loch Ness but Nessie never showed her face.

Saturday 13th October 2018
Darndale 22:53 a new PB in the rain, a great day with some of my mates from ELR, a very early start but worth it, a three lap run in a rundown area of Dublin, it never stopped raining all day but we never stopped laughing.

Saturday 20th October 2018
Raphael, 23:03 I have run here twice at for ELR both ELVIS races this run is all in the park 2 full laps and 1 little lap but the hill 3 times, my second ever fastest time I guess it was going to be slower than last week as it's not as flat and many more people, not to mention that I was out drinking until 1am,

Saturday 27th October 2018
East Grinstaed, 25:41 one of the hardest I have ever done “That Hill 3 times”. I picked SD and JW up about 07:00 we stopped to pick a coffee on the way, I was very confident of a good time after the last few parkruns but pride comes before a fall, I started off too fast and was soon paying the price, first time in trail shoes for ages but they were needed, the grass was slippery and the hills hard. Nice flat one next week I hope.

Saturday 3rd November 2018
Peacehaven 23:30 a last minute change of parkrun due to work, I picked this one as it was close to the job I had to do, 3 laps with a hill was not what I wanted after last week but I loved it, I came 22/142 well pleased with that.

Saturday 10th November 2018
22:42 pilgrimage to Bushy with loads of ELR, so pleased to try and give the tourist bug to a few more, 23 ELR made the trip. 207 out of 1280. Did I say I got a PB BTW.

Saturday 17th November 2018
Billericay 22:58 you can't get a PB every week. Along with HN I went to this 3.8 lap parkrun, we met up with JN beforehand I knew he would be fast and he was. It was pacer week so I stuck with the 23 minute guy and was hoping to pull away in the last 500m, but had nothing left in my little legs. Only 2 more Essex parkruns to go now.

Saturday 24th November 2018
Hadleigh 26:38 wow that was hard, a great start all downhill then some undulation followed by running up what you have just come down. I picked up AD and we met FC in the car park before the run. The weather was a little cold but we soon warmed up. Only one in Essex now.

Saturday 1st December 2018
Bas Vegas 24:02 so that’s it Essex is finished I am Essexcuted and Suffolkcated (unsure of the spelling), A wet and hilly 3 lap run with FC and JN today, I was once told it never rains at parkrun I can tell you today it did, we got a few strange looks having our breakfast in Sainsburys.

Saturday 8th December 2018
Dinton Pastures 23:48, a last minute swap on to do this one as a couple of mates needed the D, a 90 minute drive to Reading for this one but worth the drive, the run is on paths and gravel so after the rain of the last couple of day we had a few puddles, as it comes to the end of the year I am missing my mates at Wanstead more and more.

Saturday 15th December 2018
Panshanger 24:44 A great 1 lapper with a hilly start, I met ST from Ware joggers at the start, Sky TV were filming so might get on TV, the first real cold run of the winter today, Great views across the lake and then off to Westmill to meet up with fellow ELR tourist Fi and Shaun, my first parkrun as ELR male runner of the year.

Saturday 21 December 2018
Harlow 23:34 a vast improvement on my last run here 2 years ago (27:10) this time I met JW and FC 3 of the tourist gang for the last time this year, 2 big and 2 small laps with the hill 4 times. Event 49 of the year done. Two more parkruns to go this year. Ipswich Christmas day unsure about my last one yet.

Christmas Day 25 December 2018
Ipswich 23:25 a new PB for me at this event, it was cold the ground was frozen but I had Big Dave to cheer me on. So that was my 50th different parkrun this year, I have my gold badge on my parkrun profile, only one left this year nice and local I think.

Saturday 29th December
Roding Valley 25:08, a course PB I don’t know how. I had a hangover after a great night with the VC and a few other tourists, well that is it the year of touring is over. The alphabet was completed,a few new badges added to my profile page.

What will next year bring, well I have stupid marathon in April to do but I have booked a few trips away that will be new parkruns.

Saturday 2nd June - Parkrun Tourists complete the alphabet challenge

ELR travellers Stuart Barton, Fiona Critchley, Shaun DeSena and Jonathan Wooldridge have been travelling the globe to compete their parkrun alphabet challenge. Today this has been completed with a final trip to Zary in Poland. Furthermore the challenge has been taken to a whole new level by Fiona who has the ELR club record on each of the events in her alphabet. This is a fantastic and unique achievement.

Travelling to eight countries, spanning three continents the globe trotters have gone to some extreme lengths of endurance, some might say of stupidity, to get to the events eg weekends away, holidays, honeymoon, and 18 hr road trips.

Whilst parkrun tourism is becoming ever more popular, and with Andrew Howard conducting much of his tourism by bike, it wont be long before this pioneering group of four grows; but will he make it all the way to Zary on two wheels?


East London Runners participate in local parkruns, mainly at Wanstead Flats, Valentines Park, Hackney Marshes and Walthamstow. ELR athletes also occasionally report back from some of the dozens of parkrun events elsewhere in London or the UK.

Because parkrun is 5k, the events are ideal for beginner runners wishing to build up to the distance of around 5 miles required to run regularly with ELR. Since parkrun is weekly and takes place early in the day (Saturday at 9am), the events are ideal for maintaining fitness without being a pressure on time. Finally, because parkrun is not tied to any club, the events are a chance to tap into a running community outside of ELR.

The parkrun website provides a wealth of information about the parkrun family and includes weekly results, together with a wealth of statistics derived from them.

Long-term parkrunners are awarded with "50", "100" and "250" t-shirts on completing that number of events. The prestigious "250" t-shirt was claimed in July 2016 by Scott McMillan who completed the majority of his runs at Finsbury Park and Wanstead Flats before joining ELR.

Parkruns by members of East London Runners

NameNumber of parkruns
Katherine Harris270
Patrick Brown269
Steven Bywater262
Fiona Day260
Sophie Edwards237
Scott McMillan232
Claire Emery226
Jason Levy226
Stuart Barton219
Bernadett Kalmar213
Andrew Howard207
Thomas Grimes189
Derek Wright185
Sarah Burns181
Ciaran Canavan180
James Nichols166
Fiona Critchley161
Caroline Moore158
Jonathan Wooldridge153
Richard Guest152
Viktor Szabadi152
Shahib Miah Ali151
Don Bennett144
Mark Moir132
Janet Bywater128
John Booth127
Shaun DeSena126
Tim Aylett122
Maya Goodwin117
Andrew Baxter115
John Henry112
Diana Rexhepaj110
Peter Hatley108
Mary OBrien106
Stephen Swan106
Andy Bolderstone103
Jayne Browne101
Martin Quinlan100
Mark Boulton99
Lance Fuller97
Marc Akers97
Alex Jameson96
David Wyatt96
Suzanne Bench96
Morag Campbell93
Catherine Brett92
Catriona Hoult92
Emmet Fitzgibbon89
John Healy87
Nick Hoult87
Jakub Czeczotka83
Lucy Barron80
Suzanne Taylor77
Kasia Stachowiak75
Mark Wyatt75
Karen Levison72
Spencer Evans72
Frank Brownlie71
George Georgiou71
Lauren Kelly70
Calvin Bobin68
Stuart Kelly67
Elizabeth ODonnell63
Regis Martin63
Caroline Frith59
Andrea Waller58
Samir Younsi58
Paula Bedford56
Rakesh Sandhu56
Samia Choudhury56
Jamie Xavier53
Maran Raju53
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera52
Liam Dempsey52
Michael Bamford51
Alexandra Wilkinson49
Naimah Riaz48
Lawrence Foster46
James Creed44
Tim Le Rasle44
Ijeoma Anozie42
Rachel Le Roux40
Jane Clapton37
Louis Le Roux37
Paul Quinton37
Cathal Lynch36
Grant Conway36
Tricia ONeill35
Daniel Slipper34
David Hallybone34
Ravinder Bassi33
Bilkis Achha32
Arthur Diaz31
Billy Rayner30
Gareth Davies30
Mounir Dahbi30
Sheila Kennedy30
Mark Durrant29
Ramesh Pala29
Jonathan Shaw28
Neil Gage28
Jane Scott27
Karan Gadhia27
Sandra Hiller27
Shanavaz Malayodu27
Tom Howourth27
Abdirahman Adan26
Amit Marks25
Mary Connolly25
Phoebe Bowman25
Anna Dingle24
Roger Stubbs23
Stuart Norris23
Colin Dryland22
Kathryn Hertzberg22
Kathy Morrissey22
Tina Bennett22
William ODonoghue21
Chloe Millan19
Craig Simpson19
Geoff Bench19
Jimmy Dale19
Roselin Boramakot19
Natasha Howard18
Selina Vernal18
Terry Lewsey18
Tom Marshall18
Victoria Charlesworth18
Warren Ibrahim18
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy17
Aaron Williams16
Joseph Gunn 16
Sandra Preston16
Susannah McLaren16
Veronica Carrasco16
Isabella Allan15
Katy Taylor15
Daniel ODonoghue14
Emily Clarke14
Matthew Powell14
Alice Barrett13
Annette Clark13
Carlton DSouza13
Jacob Stevens13
Sallyann Eyles13
Antonio Martin Romero12
Gail Edwards12
Joanna Wood12
Michael Keefe12
Alexander Ward11
Fabrizio Stefanoni11
Nathan Jones11
Becky Evans10
Ford Cadiogan10
Joanna Neville10
Lee Rand10
Mike Brett10
Denys Vuika9
Joanna Qiu9
Robert Spread9
Tom Woods9
Angela Morley8
Ava Lee8
Ged Browne8
Grace Turner8
Joseph Browne8
Anne-Marie Kennedy7
Damon Lerner7
Jess Trayler-Moore7
Katrina Betteridge7
Ross Lucas7
David Taylor6
Graham Peacock6
Helen McGuinness6
Iuliia Vuika6
Michael Wilson6
John Atkinson5
Juliet Lopez-Real5
Melody Nairn5
Molly Pinkus5
Nathaniel Dye5
Paul Thompson5
Richard Cravitz 5
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez5
Carolyn Edwards4
Daniel Lee4
Salvatore Passerini4
Scott Hemmens4
Tasnia Choudhury 4
Christopher Sohail3
Claire Drakeford3
Mark Wiltshire3
David Jordan2
Andrew Ward1
Imran Mustak1
Ivan Gwynn1
Jay Sangha1
Jose Rodriguez1
Kirk Johnson1
Nick Clark1
Peter Ballard1
Sarah Pascal1
Sonia Cheadle1
Vinesh Sampath Kumar1