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Results 2005-2008

Hvalsolobet, Denmark - 31st December 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jan Soegaard Hansen47.41

Cross Country - Ilford AC 10 miles - Hainault Forest - Saturday 20th December 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh1.17.2338
Jamie Coombs1.25.5358

Cross Country - Grovelands Park, Southgate - Sunday 14th December 2009

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt32.1568
Derek Wright33.3295
Michael Wilson34.13109
Edward Barnard35.18128
Jan Soegaard Hansen37.09148
John Atkinson40.59183
Clive Jackson42.33192
Don Bennett43.02193
Ann Rayfield48.26214
Carol Plaskowski51.26219
Men: 220 finishers in the combined race, 157 finishers in the individual

Women: 220 finishers in the combined race, 63 finishers in the
individual race.

Grovelands Park was a muddy affair following plenty of
rain the day before. The course was changed slightly from last year to prevent
any lapping in the enclosed forest section, so consisting of 2 small laps in
the open park and 1 lap in the forest. The men fielded a complete team with a
few people missing meaning that even the backmarkers were needed to score. The
finishing order stayed pretty much the same as previous races with Clive taking
part in his 1st fixture this year helping us to a full team. The ladies were
again short of a full team but Ann making her debut on the cross country scene
for us and Carol both struggled through the quagmire to finish. The next race
will be on January 4th at the hills of Royston right after the new year. More
details to follow shortly.

Bedford Half Marathon - 14th December 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.31.24
Bernie Hill1.53.43
John May2.06.10
Ian Wheeler2.12.26
Belinda Greenard2.17.25

Cross Country - Essex Vets - Claybury - 6th December 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karen Levison14
Well done to Karen for being the only East London Runner to compete in the
Essex Vets at Claybury and finishing in an excellent 14th position.

Lisbon Marathon - 30th November 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
David daSilva Pereira3.12.00 (PB)
This is a great time for Dave who had to overcome a recent injury to run - and
a new personal best as well. As far as I am aware, the best Marathon time by
an ELR member since 2001!

Cross Country - Tewin/Digswell - Sunday 16th November 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt41.2093
Alex Mortimer42.18101
Derek Wright42.28103
Michael Wilson44.17128
Edward Barnard44.59139
Steve Ward45.00140
Kirsty Weston45.19149
Jan Soegaard-Hansen47.42179
Dave Knight49.48205
John Atkinson51.44217
Don Bennett53.57234
267 finishers in the combined race, 181 finishers in the individual

Men: Team 11th of 15.

Masters 13th of 15

Women: 86

The Chairman failed to return, so you can ignore the blurb
above. A new start for Digswell as work on the field where the race usually
starts meant the race was started nearer Tewin. The rain came down, not heavy
but a steady drizzle making it muddy underfoot and of course there was
always "Heartbreak Hill" to contend with. But we had a good team out as 10 men
battled to be the 8 scorers and Kirsty was there as the only lady present.
Great runs from Ian & Derek again and first time runs from Alex & Steve on
their first league outings.

Cross Country - Broxbourne Pk, Cheshunt - Sunday 26th October 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt37.5067
Derek Wright39.0478
Michael Wilson39.5288
Edward Barnard41.24104
Kirsty Weston43.18129
Jan Soegaard-Hansen43.48133
Jimmy Hartwell46.06160
Kirk Johnson50.55200
John Atkinson47.30174
Don Bennett52.51217
Claire Barrand58.33229
Carol Plaskowski58.42230
Men: 232 finishers in combined race, 154 finishers in individual

Team 10th of 15, 6pts finishers

Masters 12th of 15, 4pts

Female: Team 13th of 15, 3pts

The first race of the
season got off to a very good start. The men fielded a team of 9 and at the
same time it was great to see the women club members starting to put a team
together. This being thanks to Kirsty volunteering to captain for the womens
team. So ladies, no excuses of not having a captain this year!! The day started
with rain which persisted to the start of the race, during and after. The
conditions underfoot were good despite the rain, apart from the last lap when
some areas were starting to get a little bit muddy. Hope to see you at the next

Hemlock Way, Virginia 10M Trail - 26th October 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirsty Weston1.37.00(3rd in Age Group)
A week's holiday for Kirsty in America, she brought her running shoes to a
trail race in Virginia and finished 3rd lady in her Age Group.

Leicester City Half Marathon - 19th October 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirsty Weston1:43.16

St John's Santa Monica 5K - 19th October 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Coombs21.4681 (12th in Age Group)
Rachel Coombs23.10 (PB)110 (2nd in Age Group)
Two of our regular race goers Jamie and Rachel Coombs, recently took part in
the Santa Monica 5K whilst they were over in America for a weeks holiday. Both
can be pleased with their times, with Rachel recording a personal best and
finishing 2nd lady in her age group.

Royal Parks Half Marathon - 12th October 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh1:30
Jamie Coombs1:42.53
Rachel Coombs1:52.06
Stephen Ward1:53.56

Tiptree 10 mile Road Race - 12th October 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Needham (The Whippet)1:08.09
Michael Wilson1:08.44
Paul started very well, going through the first mile in 6.30. Mike overtook at
2 miles as Paul slowed his pace, feeling he had started too fast. However, the
Whippet drew level on Mile 6 and the pair ran together for the next couple of
miles. The Whippet then pulled ahead of Mike at Mile 8 with an up hill section
looming. Both runners finished strongly and can be satisfied with their times.
This was a well organised race with a long sleeved tee-shirt at the finish.

Guardian Copped Hall 5 miles - 28th September 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carrine Jay38.1949
Edward Barnard39.0860
Stephen Jay39.4568
John Atkinson43.33109

Saffron Waldon 10k - 28th September 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt42.1848

Berlin Marathon - 28th September 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alan Lee3.54.52
John May4.39.05

Eridge Park 10 Mile Trail Challenge - 14th September 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirsty Weston1.32.04

Dagenham 88 - 5 mile'sh - 7th September 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roger Dixon47.01

Essex Way Relay - 7th September 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Team 1
Leg 1: Aaron Williams7th
Leg 2: Ian Horritt9th
Leg 3: Edward Barnard29th
Leg 4: Dave Knight25th
Leg 5: Stephen WardDNS 44th
Leg 6: Michael Wilson31st
Leg 7: Miguel Diez29th
Leg 8: John White18th
Leg 9: John Atkinson32nd
Leg 10: Don Bennett34th
Mixed Team
Leg 1: Clive Jackson40th
Leg 2: Tom Greenard12th
Leg 3: Belinda Greenard31st
Leg 4: Kirsty Weston25th
Leg 5: Suzanne BenchDNS 44th
Leg 8: Andrea Middleton32nd
Leg 7: No Runner43rd
Leg 8: Roger Dixon41st
Leg 9: Farrah Brown33rd
Leg 10: Juliet Perry33rd
Team 1: 27th place 258 pts

Mixed Team: 41st place 344 pts

Every Womans Duathlon, Bushey Park - 7th September 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Coombs49.06 3rd in Age Group
This was a Ladies only Duathlon event consisting of a run/bike/run

Barking Park 5k - 25th August 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams18.45

Basildon 5k Summer Series - 19th August 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson22.51

Everton 10k - 17th August 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirsty Weston47.54

Harlow 10 - 27th July 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carrine Jay1.19.21
Stephen Jay1.22.32
Ruth Mercer1.27.37
Amanda Lovegrove1.29.01

Havering 90 Midweek 5 mile - 15th July 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams32.27
Karen Levison33.33
Jamie Coombs39.04
Mary Connolly39.11
Frank Brownlie40.08 pb
Pat Charalambous41.31
Mary OBrien43.27

Newman Hilly Off Road 5 - 1st July 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams33.4031
Karen Levison34.3641
Michael Wilson36.0854
Edward Barnard37.32 pb72
Kirsty Weston38.0477
Stephen Ward38.0578
Dave Knight39.5098
Jan Soegard-Hansen40.16105
Kayren White40.24109
Mary Connolly40.51114
Jamie Coombs41.31120
Frank Brownlie41.48122
Doug Mansell42.38130
Rachel Coombs43.45138
Kate Brett43.47139
Kirk Johnson45.35153
Don Bennett45.37154
Bernie Hill45.39155
Caroline Moore45.41156
Mary OBrien46.25164
Ian Wheeler48.26180
David daSilva PereiraTBC
213 Finishers

Springfield Striders Friday Night 5Mile - 13th June 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Morgan31.10
Michael Wilson33.20 pb
Steve Kerns42.14
Kirk Johnson42.31
This event was held in the wilds of Essex. The course was a two lap curcuit
starting from the Little Hamlet of Howe Street and following country lanes and
farm roads. A great time set by Simon, who is going from strength to strength
as of late. He was running on the day under the name of is second club Tiptree
Runners. He was following by Mike who was also very pleased, coming a couple
of minutes faster that what he thought. Great to see Steve running again.
(Steve is a long standing member of ELR, for the newer members of the club
that do not know him) Then came Kirk. The night was finished in Chelmsford
with a Chinese meal washed down by a pint or two.

Hatfield Broad Oak 10km - 26th May 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams41.06120
Don Bennett55.11711
1017 Finishers

Yes it rained before, during and after - all day in fact
but we got the T-Shirt.

Larkfield 10k - 18th May 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirsty Weston46.55

Soham Half Marathon - 18th May 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul (the Whippet) Needham1.28.59
Contacted by Paul (the Whippet) Needham who recently ran the Soham 1/2
marathon in 1.28.59, his best time for 15 years. As he put it, life in the old
dog yet. Well done Paul.

Halstead Marathon - 11th May 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
David daSilva Pereira3:25
Edward Barnard3:47
Michael Wilson1:50 (half distance)
Great times posted by David and Edward. Even more so considering the
temperatures reached on the day, further compounded by the course itself,
which is noted for its many undulations. Mike was somewhat out of salts on the
day and decided to complete only one lap of the two lap course.

Flora London Marathon - Sunday 22nd April 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Edward Barnard3.23.26 PB
Miquel Martinez3.39.30
Michael Wilson3.41.11
Carrine Jay3.42.18
Stephen Jay3.47.20
Suzanne Bench3.57.46
Dave Knight3.57.56
Paul Charters3.58.03
Pat Charalambous4.11.48
John Atkinson4.18.25
Prabhjot Bajwa4.23.43
Caroline Moore4.25.35
Aaron Williams4.27.53
Dave Foster4.44.35
Ian Wheeler4.56.23

Paris Marathon - 6th April 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen Witt3.57.19
Ruth Mercer4.10.51
Susan Hinds4.29.34
John May4.59.00
This was a PB for John. Well done.

Orion 15 - 30th March 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt1:53:0233
Edward Barnard1:58:4254
Catherine Brett2:25:30163
Great times posted this year by ELR members who ran in the race. Particular
mention has to be made of Ian's performance, who since joining ELR has
represented the club at many events and manages to consistently turn in great
times. The course was reported to be very muddy with strong winds at certain

Kingston 16 Breakfast Run - 30th March 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams1.54.59193
Dave Knight2.14.59770

2 Oceans Half Marathon (Cape Town) - 22nd March 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirsty Weston1.44.50
Kirsty did not put her feet up whilst on holiday in South Africa during the
Easter break. She ran in the Cape Town half marathon and posted a very good
time along the way.

Finchley 20 - 11th March 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson2:38:37
A tough hilly four lap course but ideal preparation for the London Marathon.

Roding Valley Half Marathon - 2nd March 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Miguel Martinez1.30.3137
Karen Levison1.32.3156 2nd Lady, 1st Vet
Aaron Williams1.34.2167
Ben Danquah1.35.0574
Edward Barnard1.36.13 pb78
Manjit Singh1.37.0186

Reading Half Marathon - 2nd March 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt1.28.04513

Hotelympia 10k - 17th February 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Baldev Singh51.01477

Great Bentley Half Marathon - 3rd February 2008

NameTimePositionGender Position
Virginia Burton49.16182

The Grunty Fen Half Marathon - 9th September 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carrine Jay1:37:081st vet 35 and 2nd woman home
THE WIPPET MAKES GOOD. A great race result posted to me by Paul Needham. For
those of you that do not know Paul he is a long standing member who moved to
Ely. He is still a second claim member to us. Of course it was our patience,
training and perservernce with him that made him the runner that he is today.
All joking aside, well done Paul, great stuff!! As you are doing so well, it
will not be long before we are calling upon your services down this end of the

The Essex Way Relay Race - 2nd September 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carinne Jay43:082nd woman
Leg 2: Ian Horritt10th Place
Leg 3: Dave Knight24th Place
Leg 4: Kirk Johnson26th Place
Leg 5: Roger Dixon40th Place
Leg 6: John White13th Place
Leg 7: Richard Mainwaring31st Place
Leg 8: Clive Jackson31st Place
Leg 9: John Atkinson23rd Place
Leg 10: Edward Barnard17th Place
The above places are out of 42 runners per leg.

Please note, the
results above are often being changed slightly because of updates on them.
Thankfully the changes involved are very small.

East London Runners
came 21st out of 42 teams. Great result, we held our own!! Thanks to everybody
that took part and especialy those that were involved with any of the
organising. Can't wait for next years event following those long hot trails!!!!

Coventry Half Marathon - Sunday 21st October 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Suzanne Bench1:45:15 pb

Newman Hilly Off Road 5 - Hainault - 18th July 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Osborn32.3319
Ian Horritt33.0121
Simon Morgan33.2224
Lip Lai35.2739
John White36.1044
Michael Wilson37.5157
Kayren White38.1062
Jayne Pope38.3365
Edward Barnard39.3973
Kirsty Weston39.5274
Frank Brownlie40.3879
Kirk Johnson41.0786
Roger Dixon41.3590
John Atkinson42.0192
Caroline Moore44.13106
Don Bennett44.25108
122 finishers

50 Mile Challenge - Marshside, Kent - 15th July 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Bharat Bedia9 hours 47 mins
Well done to Bharat, a relatively new member put in a lot of training for this
event. 8 laps of 6.5 miles making 52.4 miles (a double marathon). He has also
written a great report on the event. Clive may use some of it in a future
issue of the next magazine.

Springfield Striders Friday 5 - 8th June 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Morgan32.41
Michael Wilson
Kirk Johnson40.21

Edinburgh Marathon - 27th May 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rita Kingdon4.01
Holly Chabowski4.06
Richard Feder4.26

Flora London Marathon - Sunday 22nd April 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Miguel Martinez3.39.44
Michael Wilson3.53.13
Dave Knight3.57.22
Helen Witt4.00.11
Tricia ONeill4.02.25
Ruth Mercer4.04.27 PB
Frank Brownlie4.12.45 PB
Rachel Coombs4.28.06
Dave Foster4.40.07
Andrew Warne4.41.07
Sara Pearson4.58.47
Kenny Wilson5.05.37
Louise Jones5.46.01
Jim Bird7.10.53

Brentwood 1/2 Marathon - 25th March 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andy Warne1.33.54173
Dave Foster2.05.34
A PB for Andy well done, good running.

Reading 1/2 Marathon - 25th March 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Holly Chabowski1.47.29
Sarah Pearson1.48.44
Rita Kingdon1.48.47
Richard Feder1.49.30

Orion 15, Chingford - 24th March 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt1.57.47
Richard Mainwaring2.08.58
Frank Brownlie2.12.49
Kayren White2.14.05
Edward Barnard2.22.32

Milton Keynes Half Marathon - 11th March 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andy Warne1.37.22388
2037 finishers

Flying the colours for us at Milton Keynes, Brentwood &
Bungay next. Well done Andy keep going.

Roding Valley Half Marathon - 25th February 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Miguel Martinez1.36.43106
Paul Chambers1.40.09153
Ben Danquah1.41.08165
Kayren White1.41.59179
Michael Wilson1.46.00235
Frank Brownlie1.48.24263
Rachel Coombs1.50.30300
Ruth Mercer1.51.05306
Kenny Wilson1.51.13309
Dave Knight1.51.38312
Greg Bonser1.54.44344
Edward Barnard1.56.02366
Helen Witt1.56.36374
Dave Foster2.06.19496
Sara Pearson2.10.00540
660 finishers.

20KM Great East Run, Suffolk - 18th February 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andy Warne1.33.14162nd out of 610 runners
Well done Andy, keep up the good work!!

Brands Hatch Half Marathon - 11th February 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andy Warne1.39.2585th
9th in vets class

Great time posted by Andy, especially as one third of
the course was off road and very muddy underfoot. Andy is also set to go on to
do the Great Eastern Run the weekend coming. As Andy is a new member to East
London Runners, it is great to see that he is flying the colours already. Well
done and thanks from ELR.

Benfleet 15 - 28th January 2007

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt1.53.4983
John White1.56.0298
Michael Wilson2.01.10146
Richard Mainwaring2.07.11184
Jayne Pope2.08.49196
Kayren White2.08.49197
Dave Knight2.14.30247
Frank Brownlie2.15.54263
Kirk Johnson2.29.55361
Some very good times were posted at this years race, with two of our members
obtaining sub 2 hours. Conditions this year under foot were really quiet good,
with only fairly short sections of mud. The usual stiff breeze was there to
make the run that little bit harder, but you cannot have it all your own way!!
Very good turn out for this race also on the same day the usual Epping Forest
run took place. It's good to see so many of our members active.

Stevenage Half Marathon - 5th November 2006

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andy Soar1:42:08
Rachel Coombs1:51:17
This was Rachel's first half marathon and she did really well to post such a fast time. Well done!

Chiltern Marathon - 10 September 2006

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirk Johnson>6:3337
Jim Bird8:45153
I can truthfully say that for me this Marathon was the toughest race that I have done in many a year. Being very warm and humid on the day didn't help matters much, but the main hardship was from the extreme ups and downs that the course entailed. Having said this if you like a run through great scenery this is the race for you. The landscape being a mixture of heavily wooded hills with fields on the less steep folds of the land. For our budding ornothologist this area is very well populated by Red Kites. I was told that this was the result of a very successful reintroduction campaign.

Essex Way Relay - 3rd September 2006

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Jackson7.5 miles27th of 37 teams
Kirsty Weston9.5 miles19th place
Roger Dixon9.5 miles23rd place
Karen White10 miles24th place
Dave Knight9.4 miles29th place
Michael Wilson5.7 miles20th place
John White11.2 miles11th place
Kirk Johnson8 miles27th place
Don Bennett5.3 miles27th place
Miguel Martinez Diez5.5 miles12th place
STAGE 1 Epping to Chipping Ongar. First runner off, Clive went off course slightly, but found his way back after adding to the distance.

STAGE 2 Chipping Ongar to Good Easter. Good run from Kirsty who had recced her leg earlier during August and had no problems.

STAGE 3 Good Easter to Little Leighs

STAGE 4 Little Leighs to Cressing. Karen stepped in at the last minute to run a long distance and done well.

STAGE 5 Cressing to Great Tey.

STAGE 6 Great Tey to West Bergholt. Ran with Simon as they had also recced their leg earlier.

STAGE 7 West Bergholt to Dedham. Highest finisher of the day. John had a great run. Their car was also invaluable in helping us finish.

STAGE 8 Dedham to Bradfield

STAGE 9 Bradfield to Ramsey. Don swapped legs with Miguel due to travel & navigational problems.Plenty of stiles to climb.

STAGE 10 Ramsey to Harwich Lighthouse. Storming last leg from Miguel. Thanks due to a lift from John & Karen

Total: 219pts to finish. 20th of 37 teams

On the whole it was a good day, the weather was good. A bit hot at times but they had water stations on all the stages. What made it difficult was having only 2 support vehicles. Trying to get runners back to their vehicles and get others to their starting points and having cars at the end was hard. Thankfully John & Karen were on hand to get Miguel to leg 10 when Kirk's car was back at leg 8. Next year we will have to plan better. A bit more recceing ahead of the race and hopefully 2 teams.

Flora London Marathon - Sunday 23rd April 2006

NameTimePositionGender Position
Siraj Patel3.27.40328
John White3.28.404508
Michael Wilson3.31.50 pb5088
Kenny Wilson3.43.217269
Tricia ONeill3.49.308682
Dave Knight3.51.309146
Sharon Newell3.53.339704
Mark Hine4.00.1311776
Andy Soar4.05.1212851
Jason Brawn4.07.5813495
Ruth Mercer4.19.0516226
Pauline Cahill4.26.0018107
Dave Foster4.26.09 pb18149
Frances Oakley4.26.2518215
John Hackwell4.28.2218711
David Taylor4.29.0418890
Mark Raza4.29.1918968
Don Bennett4.34.2720178
Daniel Winters4.39.1121316
Richard Weber4.39.1121318
Rauf Karim5.40.4230178
Jim Bird6.48.5332482

Caesar's Camp 50 Miles Endurance Run -

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirk JohnsonAwaiting results
Jim BirdAwaiting results
The race started at 12 o'clock midday Saturday and proved to be somewhat more interesting, because the race for us would go into the early hours of the morning. The conditions for night running, navigation could not be better. Crystal clear skies and a full moon to see by in the areas of the course that were open. The course consisted of 5 laps of 10 miles. The going under foot was very tough, ranging from sand, mud and flint strew tracks. The profile of the course was a mix of short sharp climbs and descents throughout.

Lady Godiva Half Marathon -

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andy Soar1:49:11

BUPA Great South Run -

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Coombs1:22

Burgos 5k (Spain) -

NameTimePositionGender Position
Miguel Martinez14:50
Miguel took our club colours with him on a recent home visit to run in a local race. As well as this he also obtained a brilliant time. Well done Miguel.

Flora London Marathon - Sunday 17th April 2005

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson3.49.167550
Dave Knight3.56.208368
Mary Connolly3.58.218993
Frank Brownlie4.24.088672
Dave Foster4.30.0517345
George Whiter4.35.2018653
Jim Bird5.56.5131480

parkrun 71 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 14th June 2014

71 finishers.

Nuclear Onslaught 12K - Saturday 14th May 2016