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Sunday 6th December 2020 - Chingford League Race 2 ( Hog Hill 5k).

Venue: Redbridge Cycling Centre, (Hog Hill), Forest Road, Hainault, IG6 3HP.

ELR Race Time: 2.20pm.

The Chingford League are going ahead with a COVID secure race at Hog Hill, subject to the UKA race permit being changed from provisional to full. There are 4 separate races and ELR have been allocated a race slot at 2.20pm. (This is the only time slot you will be able to run).

Pre-entry in advance with a total limit of 30 runners from each club (male and female) and should entries exceed this number, a waiting list will operate.

Club colours to be worn.

The race is free and entries are invited to all members of East London Runners.
Could you please send an e-Mail to: info@eastlondonrunners.org.uk
if you wish to be entered for the race and also advise your ESTIMATED 5K TIME,
by deadline of MIDNIGHT, SUNDAY 29th NOVEMBER.

Once again, we will confirm entries when final numbers are received by the league.


* no spectators, no late entries or transfers. (No race day admin).
* no entry to the building (portaloos will be provided).
* wave start as per the letter written on the number bib.
* the warm-up, warm down and the actual races will be clockwise (the other direction to usual - marshals will remind runners of this)
* competitors should arrive in time for their race, but not TOO early. Runners from the previous race need time to vacate the venue first.
* after a quick warm down, runners should vacate the venue asap, to make space in the car park for those in the next race.

We are also asked to provide a volunteer and a first aider. You can assist in an earlier or later race. Please advise if you are able to help out.

Many Thanks,

Michael Wilson and Jacob Stevens
Winter League Captains.

Monday 30th November 2020 - Virtual Track

Although actual track sessions are cancelled due to the lockdown, you can still get out and do a workout to improve your speed and endurance. Each week, we will publish the track session that Grant had planned, adapted where necessary to make it time-based rather than distance-based. We encourage members to run it on Monday, either on their own or with one other person.

Session for this week: 200 metre repeats.

1. First, do a good warmup. You're going to be sprinting, so make sure you start with at least 10 minutes of easy running, followed by some faster sections, high-knees, etc.
2. Find yourself a stretch that's roughly 200m long, ideally flat and with no obstructions. An open space or quiet path in a park is ideal.
3. Run the 200m as fast as you can.
4. Jog or walk back to the start.
5. Repeat for 20-30 minutes. Aim for quality rather than quantity.
6. Finish with some easy jogging and stretching.

Please remember to keep at least 2 metres distance from members of the public, and of course, if you decide to run this on pavements rather than in a park, look out for traffic.

14-30 November - Virtual Cross-Country Race 1

The first race in the ELR Virtual Cross-Country Competition, in Wanstead Park, starts on Saturday 14th November. You can run it any time until the end of the month.

Click here for full details of the course, including a map, step-by-step instructions and photos. Let me know if anything is unclear. Some parts are quite muddy and slippery, so wear studs or trail shoes. It's not too hilly, but don't worry - we'll have some bigger hills for you later in the season!

As a reminder, this race will count towards the individual competition, and will be used to assemble teams for the remaining races (details). So only submit a time for this race if you want to take part in the full competition.

Submit your time here. There is a Strava segment, but you should time your race from the official start/finish line (the junction between Warren Road and Raynes Avenue). Remember to disable auto-pause on your watch.

This is going to be a fun competition - we have some great ideas for courses in other local locations later in the series. All members are welcome to take part, no matter your speed or XC experience. Just make sure you have some suitable shoes and don't mind getting muddy!

Monday 9 November - Gaz's Paper Chase - Week 2

In order to keep you amused over the coming weeks of lock down 2.0 Gaz is going to lay a series of paper chase trails to follow. We owe thanks to the Walthamstow Hare for the idea and initiative set earlier this year. Any similarities are purely intentional.

The trail is a Strava segment in its entirety and can be incorporated into a longer run at any point. You just need to make sure that you run though the start and the end points of the segment and take note of its direction! (running it the opposite way doesn't record it).

You can check the leader board by filtering the Strava segment by club (East London Runners) and then by 'This Week'

You have from Monday to Sunday each week to run the route, and to see if you can catch me. Have fun trying, and stay safe out there.

This week's trail: https://www.strava.com/clubs/88566/posts/1255561612465057

If you are not a member of the ELR strava group, just request to join and you'll be added straight away (work permitting).

Covid update 04th November 2020

England Athletics have confirmed that our physical club activities are restricted by the new lockdown restrictions.

Statement from England Athletics reads as follows:

From this Thursday [5 November 2020], the UK Government is requiring everyone in England to stay at home, except for specific purposes, and not gather with other people who do not live in the same household, again except for specific purposes. As a result, the impact on athletics and running will include suspension of the following:

All indoor club group coaching activity
All outdoor club group coaching activity
All indoor track and field competitions
All outdoor competition (track and field, cross country, road, trail, fell and multiterrain)
All face-to-face coach and officials education.

As we enter lockdown 2.0, I do with a heavy heart, but I hope this will be a shorter circuit break that will have the desired effect in reducing the re-transmission rate of the covid virus by December. While we have suspended our physical club activities, we are launching much to keep you occupied from Monday through Sunday over the next 4 weeks. As noted in my newsletter article at the weekend, the committee are working tirelessly to keep ELR energised and active. Please stay up to date with the latest news on the ELR website and social media as we switch to virtual activities once again.

A as soon as the restrictions begin to ease once more, we have the tools that we have developed since March which will enable us to react the the developments much quicker as and when lockdown 2.0 eases.

For now, take care, and may you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. I look forward to running with you all again real soon.

Much love.

Ciaran Canavan
Covid Responder and Vice Chair.