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London Marathon 2016

A BIG Thank you!

East London Runners would like to thank all of our Members, Families and Friends who helped and supporeted the Club and it's Runners prepare and run in the London Marathon 2016.

On Saturday 23rd April Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea and Danny Lee together with Chairman Frank attended the 20 mile Water Station location to assist Peter Cowup and Narinder (London Fire Brigade), Paul and Barry prepare the site for the following day.

Jaime Towns and Gareth Jones for many weeks had been planning and preparing the logistics of catering for 80 Marshalls ariving at St Mathias Church around 7.15am on Marathon morning for "breakfast" and then all day providing tea, coffee and food for all the helpers from ELR and the LFB who had ben manning the 20 mile Water Feed Station on Poplar High Street. They were ably supported by their partners Nathalie and Ali Jones. A big thanks too to Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea who provided the Halal food and for the time and effort taking to prepare and supply this food.

Jaime, Ali, Gareth and Nathalie in St Mathias Church!

At the 20 Mile water Feed Station on Poplar High Street, manned by Volunteers from both ELR and LFB Roger Dixon and John White of ELR were tasked with looking after the ELR side of the station. They were helped by many members of ELR, their families and friends plus many others who have helped over many years at our Water Station location. In addition to handing out much needed water to the marathon runners they were also very vocal in their support of the many ELR members and other runners known to them as they passed through the 20 mile'sh distance.

Also to Jean and Tom Atkinson and their friends for manning the ELR Special Drinks Station on the Isle of Dogs once again this year..

Last but by no means least to Peter Cowup, family and friends, Narinder and all at London Fire Brigade for all that they continue to do to make the 20 Mile point one of the highlights of Marathon day for the runners, spectators and helpers.

Sunday 24th April 2016 - Results from London and Blackpool Marathons

Congratulations to all our runners today in completing the London and Blackpool Marathons!

Virgin Money London Marathon.

Paul Quinton and Mark Boulton looking cool on their way to sub 3 hour finishes!

Antonio Mart�n Romero 2.42.37 pb & championship
Mark Boulton 2.45.51 pb & gfa
Paul Quinton 2.54.35 gfa
Dan Slipper 2.59.07 pb & gfa
Manjit Bedi 2.59.25 gfa
Ciaran Canavan 3.09.05 gfa
Spencer Evans 3.20.58 debut
Saheb Yousefi 3.21.04 pb?
Jonathan Wooldridge 3.21.52 pb
Peter Hatley 3.23.05
David Baldwin 3.25.30
Diccon Loy 3.27.44
Mark Wyatt 3.30.29
Natasha Tweedie 3.30.33 pb & gfa
Ramesh Pala 3.34.45 pb?
Neil Gage 3.37.39 debut
Ellie Wilkinson 3.37.40 debut & gfa
Craig Livermore 3.54.26
Manjit Singh 4.13.22
Dave Knight 4.24.00
Bernadett Kalmar 4.28.03 debut
Adrian Buckley 4.33.28
Tanbir Jasimuddin 4.34.16
Caroline McGirr 5.02.21
Emma 'Murphy' Hobbs 5.13.28 debut
Wayne Kelly 5.40.00
Natalie A J Powell 6.44.06 debut?

A happy Bernadett passing through the 20 mile Water Station!

Two Super Heroes on Poplar High Street about to pass the 20 mile Balloon Arch but only one is a Member of East London Runners!

Blackpool Marathon.
Katherine Harris 3.55.20 pb by 41 mins

Katherine in action during an ELVIS Race last year.

After the Marathon meet at the Ship and Shovel Pub, 1-3, Craven Passage, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 5PH.

Running or Helping? - Afterwards you have to make your own way home. However, if you have the energy you can meet some of the Club Members/Marathon Runners for a post race drink at the Ship and Shovel Pub, 1-3, Craven Passage, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 5PH. Click here for the pub's website and map.

ELR travel to London Marathon

Meet 7.40am on westbound platform of Leytonstone Tube Station. Changing at Straford for DLR to Greenwich. Then a walk up through Greenwich Park to your start colour. You can get to all start areas from Greenwich. Note for debut runners - Your family and friends may enter the park but cannot go into the main start areas at the top of the hill. At our water station a few metres past the 20 mile balloon arch the ELR volunteers will be on the right hand side of the road, probably wearing the white T shirts of the water company.

London Marathon Runner Tracking for Sunday 24th April 2016.

From Virgin Money London Marathon.
London Marathon Runner Tracking for Sunday 24th April 2016.
Running the marathon is never a solitary effort. Friends and family share in the huge effort involved and are poised to deliver sterling support in person on the big day. To help you to track your runner(s) on Race Day at 5km intervals, and predict their future location based on pace, use the official Virgin Money London Marathon app for apple devices, which is now available to download on the App Store. Happy tracking! For those of you who are Android or other device users, please carry on using the VMLM website where the tracking will go live on race day morning (plans are afoot for 2017 to extend the app to all Android, Blackberry And Windows phones.)


VMLM 2016 - Volunteers for 20 Mile water Station

Saturday 23rd April 2016.
Four ELR VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED - 10.00am till 12 noon'sh. Help at the 20 mile Water Station in setting up the fencing etc. Note, there is some heavy lifting involved. Please advise Frank by text, Facebook or e.mail via webmaster@eastlondonrunners.org.uk if you can attend and help.

Sunday 24th April 2016.
1. 7.00am/8.15am - Jaime and Nathalie, Gareth and Ali will be setting up the St Mathias Church Hall for the tea/coffee and food for the Marshalls and Water Station helpers.

2. 7.30am to 9am - 20 mile Water Feed Station jointly with London Fire Brigade - Volunteers required on delivery of the water to set up the tables and move the water bottles to the appropriate places.

3. From 9am to 3pm'sh - We will be handing out the water to the runners, the bulk of whom will be passing us between 11.30am and 3pm. Any time that can be spared will be much appreciated. Please report to John White or Roger Dixon on arrival. Note ELR will be on the right hand side of the road from a runner's point of view.

Security: If you can attend without carrying a bag or backpack it would be very helpful. Otherwise we would ask all volunteers to place all bags in one of the London Fire Brigade support vehicles when they arrive to minimise the risk of 'suspect packages' being reported and ask people to remain especially vigilant for anything they spot at the water station that seems out of place. We always have a police presence at the water station and, as in previous years, we are confident that good communication with them before and during the event will ensure that we have effective arrangements in place on the ground to deal with any reasonably foreseeable eventuality.

Location: For the 12th year we will be located adjacent to Tower Hamlets College, Poplar High Street, London E14 0EF.

Parking is limited, try the roads to the north of Poplar High St, but you may get blocked in by the closed roads. Please use Docklands Light Railway and get off at Poplar. Come down the stairs or lifts and pass between the College and Sports Centre. Location map

Although the roads are closed there will be some traffic, official or local moving through the station. Please be alert and keep the road clear at all times. Competitors will follow the blue line on the road showing the shortest route. Roger and John will be ensuring that the route remains clear, and that water station volunteers stay off the running route. Please follow their instructions.

Please be careful with the sharp knives provided to cut open the packaging and do not overload the tables as they may collapse (2 layers only).

Setting up: we will have between 150-200 people helping out, divided between 12 or more tables. Each table will have an experienced table captain to co-ordinate things. The water station will be set up on both sides of the road, over a distance of 50m.

Clothing: We always hope for good weather, but bring waterproofs in case. All ELR helpers will receive Sponsor t-shirts and hats as usual. Please wear them.

Refreshments/toilets: These are provided in the nearby St Mathias Church Hall, where we will provide a buffet (which is free for all helpers), tea and coffee and access to toilets.

Clearing up: We try our best to clear up at the end, many hands make light work and your help will mean this unpopular job can be completed in the shortest time possible. Bags, bins, brooms and shovels available.

Running or Helping? - Afterwards you have to make your own way home. However, if you have the energy you can meet some of the Club Members/Marathon Runners for a post race drink at the Ship and Shovel Pub, 1-3, Craven Passage, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 5PH. Click here for the pub's website and map.

VMLM 2016

While it is just one of many marathons for runners our participation in the organisation of the event means a lot to the Club and brings many benefits. Therefore making a success of the Water Station and Marshall feeding station paramount.

This year Jaime and Nathalie will be organising the St Mathias Church Hall feed station, with support from Gareth and Alison. Meanwhile on the Water Station, Roger and John will be leading the ELR team on the day.

Are you running London for charity?.

Are you running London, Manchester, Brighton, Boston or any other marathon for a charity?. Send a link to your chosen charity to our webmaster and we will post it on this page.

Katherine & Saheb are running Paris & London for Get Kids Going.

Katherine say's I have gone from training for no marathons and just running for fun to suddenly in the last couple of days finding myself joining Saheb in two! Next weekend on Sunday 3rd April we will be running the Paris marathon and then 21 days later we'll also be running the London Marathon. We are running to raise money for Get Kids Going, a charity that gives disabled and young people the opportunity of participating in sport, something many of us take for granted.
To collect donations we have set up a joint Virgin Money Giving page and would be very grateful if you can donate any sum great or small by clicking on our link here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/KatherineandSaheb Thanking you in advance. Katherine and Saheb

Diana Rexhepaj is running Brighton 2016 for Get Kids Going.

Get Kids Going! helps disabled children take part in sport by providing specialist sports wheelchairs, sports grants and year round support. They can then compete in marathons, triathlons, tennis, athletics, skiing, rugby, basketball etc. With your help, many could become Paralympic champions and world record holders.

Natasha Tweedie is running London 2016 for Baby Ava's Support Foundation.

I am running for an amazing charity called Baby Ava Support Foundation. I want to help raise funds to supply memory boxes for neonatal units for mothers and fathers who have lost a special little one. We also want to supply neonatal equipment that isn't available through the NHS due to limited funding to units throughout the uk.
Thank you for your donations

Dan Slipper is running London 2016 for Affecting Real Change.

Dan Slipper is running the Virgin London Marathon on 24 April 2016 to raise money for the small charity Affecting Real Change.

My aim is to raise enough money to provide a new roof for desperately needed classroms at Bakau Lower Basic School in The Gambia in West Africa. The original roof was destroyed by poor weather and the classrooms are currently unusable.

To get an idea of the work which needs to be completed please check out my page on Just Giving: https://www.justgiving.com/bakauschool

If you would like to sponsor me I would be very grateful for your support.

Jamee Gould is running London 2016 for MIND.

Old friends Joe and Jamee have teamed up to run the 2016 Virgin London marathon in aid of MIND.
In a nutshell, MIND empower anyone suffering with a mental health problem (which pretty much includes all of us at some point) and campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding to the rest of society.

It would be bloody brilliant if we could reach our �3k target, so if you help us get there, we promise to run the entire way!
...On a serious note, MIND are AWESOME and deserve every penny that you can spare, so please be generous. (and we will, obviously, run the whole way regardless...!)
Thank you for any donations

Gina Radford is running Brighton for MIND

This charity is extremely close to my heart on a personal level and professionally. My company, Blue Sparrow Theatre have already raised awareness for Mind and our last show that was written by myself and two fellow actors was focused around a young family who were living through their teenage daughter's depression. I see this as my next step to fundraising for the charity, it just seems I need to leave the theatre, lose the costume and put on those running shoes!

Mind shows relentless support to each and every one of us. Either they've helped you so far or they will be there for you in the future. That is whether you are the 1 in 4 that has experienced mental illness or if you are a friend/family member seeking advice and support whilst living with a mental illness in the family or your circle of friends.

Mental illness is not necessarily something you can see, there aren't always physical symptoms and this is why the awareness needs to be raised.

"it's the small moments, the seemingly insignificant ones that are quietly devastating". (Blue Sparrow Theatre Company, Day of the Dog synopsis, 2015)

Please give generously and again, thank you! x

Dave Knight is running London 2016 for Housing Justice

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.
I am running this year for Housing Justice. I am alarmed at the amount of homeless people I see every day on the streets of my local area in Leytonstone. Housing Justice provides aid and support to homeless people by organising night shelters, working with churches to develop housing specifically for homeless people and by mentoring and helping homeless people find their feet again.

Their work helps hundreds of homeless people every year. So please consider sponsoring me to raise money for this important charity work.

Emma Hobbs is running London 2016 for The Addison's Disease Self Help Group.

So the question you should now be asking is why am I taking on the enormous challenge of the 2016 London Marathon?
Some major life changes, a health scare and beginning over at times felt beyond me. But throughout it all I've been lucky to have the love, support and words of wisdom from my mum.
And she no ordinary mum.....for years she has lived with the rare condition Addison's disease. Due to the obscurity of the condition ( less than 9,000 known cases in the UK) it is not something wildly spoken or known about, despite president John F. Kennedy being amongst its sufferers!!
Mum you tell me "your stronger than you know, you'll get through this". Well I guess I get that strength from you. So to show you how much I appreciate your support and to raise awareness of your daily struggle I'm going to attempt all 26.2 miles that the London marathon throws at me.
It's not going to be pretty or quick and I'll need all the help I can get, so please dig deep and cheer loudly!

Craig Livermore is running Manchester and London for St Francis Hospice.

For me there was only one personal and logical choice when choosing a charity, and that charity is Saint Francis Hospice.
This is a charity that is close to my heart, as they took care of my grandad as his health began to deteriorate rapidly. He eventually passed away after 5 days at the Hospice, on the 19th of September 2013. The staff had been extremely helpful and sympathetic towards me and my family, and helped us through a very difficult stage in our lives.
Not long after all that happened, I found myself needing something to help repair what damage had been done. So I took it upon myself to dedicate my grandad's life, and transfer it into a sport that I'm now rather good at, which is running.
The final milestone for me was to reach a marathon, this will mark the final right of passage in name of my grandad. To think I'd get here in the space of 2 and a bit years, it exceeds my expectations. That's not the end of it though, as I'll be competing in two marathons. 1)On the 10th of April, the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon 2)On the 24th of April, the Virgin Money London Marathon. This double whammy is going to hurt, but it will be enjoyable, down to the very last mile.
Thank you for your donations.

Lucy Barron is running Brighton 2016 for Macmillan Cancer Support

So i have signed up to run a Marathon.... Brighton to be precise, and whilst i question my sanity please consider helping me to raise money for a great cause MacMillan Cancer support!

Just over two years ago my family and i lost someone very special to us, although my Aunt is no longer here she was and in many ways still is a huge part of the family, i will be honest and say that i dont know the full exstent of the support provided by Macmillan but i do know that many people would struggle to cope without the assistance made available to them by the charity. It has been a while since i have raised money for charity through my running but i have finally decided to take on the challange of 26.2 miles and feel like it is the perfect opportunity to really raise some money and get back on the fundraising bandwagon!
Thank you for any donations

Ellie Wilkinson is running London 2016 for MS-UK

Taking on The 2016 London Marathon will be a huge challenge for me. Those who know me know I love to run, get people into running and talk/tweet all things running. Those people who know me really well, will know that it's not always as easy as I'd like, due to hip complications. This is something I thought would prevent me from running entirely, however this year, with the help from my friends at the East London Runners, I have proved is not the case. Running a marathon is something I have always wanted to achieve, having been inspired from a young age by my dad, who completed a number of them (very well!). It also became something I was worried I would perhaps not ever be able to do when I was initially diagnosed.
Thank you for your donations

Gemma Foxall is running Brighton 2016 for MIND.

I have decided to run the Brighton Marathon 2016 because completing a marathon has always been a personal ambition of mine. I'm really excited to take this challenge on and I know it will take a lot of motivation and dedication.

I have chosen to raise money for Mind charity because it is a charity that is close to my heart. 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental health issues each year. Mind not only supports those who suffer from these illnesses but also supports and trains people in ways to cope and help their loved ones.

Mind's vision:

'We won�t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.'
Thank you for any donations

Training for a Spring Marathon 2016

We can recommend the following races/training runs which have been tried and tested by many members of East London Runners in the past. All distances shown are in miles.

1. Monday 28th December 2015 - ILFORD AC 10 mile Cross Country - Start time 11am at Hainault Forest (Lambourne Road). 3 laps of an undulating route comprising tracks and grassland of Hainault Forest. This is an Open race but will also include the Ilford AC Club Championships. http://www.entrycentral.com/event/104114

2. Sunday 17th January 2016 - 10.30am. - Benfleet 15."Mud, water, wind, mud, pain. Great organisation and marshalling". It has a challenging 15 mile, multi-terrain course, incorporating sections of the Canvey Island sea wall, and the undulating Hadleigh Downs.

3. Saturday 23rd January 2015 - Orion Harriers Mercury 10. Off road in Epping Forest. Expect mud and hills.

4. Sunday 28th February 2016 - 9.30am - Gade Valley Harriers 17 mile Marathon Training run.Details and cost as above. http://www.gadevalleyharriers.co.uk/london-marathon-training-runs/

5. Sunday 28th February 2016 - 9.00am - Roding Valley Half Marathon. Very popular local race around the hilly streets of, Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill and Woodford. Starts and finishes on the running track at Ashton Playing Fields, Woodford Bridge.

6. Sunday 6th March 2016 - 10am - Essex 20. Held at Langham, Essex. A Challenging 3 lap course around the quiet country lanes of North East Essex. The race is open to all, but beware the cut off time of 4 hours.

7. Sunday 13th March 2016 - Finchley 20 - 9.00am. - Bury Street, Ruislip, Middlesex. 4 laps of 5 miles, undulating road, town and rural.

8. Sunday 20th March 2016 - 9.30am - Gade Valley Harriers 20 mile Marathon Training run. Details and cost as above. http://www.gadevalleyharriers.co.uk/london-marathon-training-runs/

9. Sunday 29th March 2015 - 10am - The Oakley 20. - The course consists of one 12 mile loop on undulating country roads around Oakley and North Bedfordshire villages followed by a slightly different second loop of 8 miles.

10. Saturday 2nd April 2016 - 10am - Orion 15. A challenging off road local race in Epping Forest. Very hilly and often very muddy. A firm favouraite of ELR!

Wednesday 4th November 2015 - ELR Club Ballot for VMLM 2016 places

The ballot will be held by Don and Mike about 6.50pm on Wednesday 4th Nov. before the Club run. Members in the Ballot do not have to attend. Results will be posted.

Entries are now closed and this year there are 29 qualifying ELR members in the draw. We normally have 10 places. We will draw all 29 entries the first 10 get the places and the other 19 will be on the Reserve list in case any successful member wishes to withdraw before their entry is submitted to LM. The successful entrants will be contacted by Mike or Frank with details of how to apply on line in due course with the appropriate entry fee even though they may have paid in the public ballot! Good luck everyone.

Qualifying Members in the Ballot.
Shahib Ali
Mohammed Aklaqul Ambea
Frank Brownlie
Kate Buranska
Steve Bywater
Helen Cook
Ian Cooper
Sheetal Dandgey
Spencer Evans
Richard Guest
Peter Hatley
John Healy
Katherine Jones
Bernadett Kalmar
Stuart Kelly
Dave Knight
Jason Levy
Craig Livermore
Regis Martin
Susannah McLaren
James Nichols
Ramesh Pala
Shailesh Patel
Celia Payaneeandee
Maran Raju
Manjit Singh
Roger Stubbs
Jaime Towns
Jonathan Wooldridge

London Marathon Ballot results for ELR.

The results of the ballot for the London Marathon places were as follows:-
1 Frank Brownlie
2 Shahib Miah Ali
3 Peter Hatley
4 Ramesh Pala
5 Regis Martin
6 Jonathan Wooldridge
7 Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea
8 Spencer Evans
9 Manjit Singh
10 Steve Bywater

Reserve places
11 Craig Livermore
12 James Nichols
13 Celia Payaneeandee
14 Richard Guest
15 Shailesh Patel
16 Kate Buranska
17 Katherine Jones
18 Sheetal Dandgey
19 Roger Stubbs
20 Jason Levy
21 Stuart Kelly
22 Jaime Towns
23 Ian Cooper
24 Bernadett Kalmar
25 Dave Knight
26 Susannah McClaren
27 Helen Cook
28 John Healy
29 Maran Raju

Club Members REJECTED in the Public Ballo for the VMLM 2016?

+++For the attention of Members of East London Runners only.+++
VMLM 2016 Packs are in the post - Congratulations if you have been ACCEPTED. If you are REJECTED and wish to enter the ELR Club Ballot then the following rules will be strictly applied.
Virgin Money London Marathon Sunday 24th April 2016 - Club Ballot for places will be held on Wednesday 4th November 2015.

ELR Ballot rules -

1. Open to Members where East London Runners is their First Claim Club.

2. Fully paid up Member by 1st October 2014 and paid/renewed their membership for 2015/16 on or before 30th June 2015.

3. Applied in the public ballot and was rejected by VMLM for 2016.

4. Can provide proof to the Club of being rejected by VMLM 2016. Proof by way of rejection slip/letter or e.mail from VMLM 2016. Rejection letters can be handed to Don/Frank at the Club. Please forward your rejection e.mail to our webmaster email address. Note a rejection magazine or copy of same is insufficient.

5. Member to advise Don Bennett/Frank Brownlie that they wish to be in the ballot and provide proof of rejection on or before Wednesday 28th October 2015.

6. The draw will take place on Wednesday 4th November 2015 at 6.50pm prior to the normal Club run.

London Marathon 2016

Virgin Money London Marathon 24th April 2016 - Club Ballot for places will be held on Wednesday 4th November 2015.

Virgin Money London Marathon will be sending out their ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION packs around 30th September 2015 and over the following 7 days.

The ballot of the Club places for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 will take place on Wednesday 4th November 2015 at 6.50pm prior to the regular Club run.

ELR Ballot rules -

1. Open to Members where East London Runners is their First Claim Club.

2. Fully paid up Member by 1st October 2014 and paid/renewed their membership for 2015/16 on or before 30th June 2015.

3. Applied in the public ballot and was rejected by VMLM for 2016.

4. Can provide proof to the Club of being rejected by VMLM 2016. Proof by
way of rejection slip/letter or e.mail from VMLM 2015. Rejection letters can be handed to Don/Frank at the Club. Please forward your rejection e.mail to our webmaster email address. Note a rejection magazine or copy of same is insufficient proof.

5. Member to advise Don Bennett/Frank Brownlie that they wish to be in the ballot and provide proof of rejection on or before Wednesday 28th October 2015.

6. The draw will take place on Wednesday 4th November 2015 at 6.50pm prior to the normal Club run.

Monday 4th May 2015 - Online entries OPEN for Virgin Money London Marathon 24th April 2016 - CLOSES 17:00hrs Friday

The 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon ballot
The public ballot entry system for the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon will open to all applicants on bank holiday Monday 4 May 2015. This ballot system will close at 17:00 on Friday 8 May 2015.

London Marathon say " Over recent years the ballot has been closing in a shorter and shorter time span and on current annual growth, it would shut in less than eight hours for the 2016 event.

We are aware that many people were unable to enter last year due to religious holidays, shift work, family commitments to name just a few of the reasons and as a result we have decided to extend the entry window to five days, in order to give everyone who would like to enter a fair chance to do so."