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Cross Country 2014-2015

Orion Mercury 10 Mile - Saturday 14th March 2015

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown1.03.321st1st
Euan Brown1.07.194th4th
Thomas Grimes1.07.305th5th
Ramesh Pala1.26.3932nd32nd
also Simon Morgan 31st 1.25.47.

Chingford League Relays , Wanstead Flats - 2 miles - Saturday 7th March 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Euan Brown10.061st1st10.06
Thomas Grimes11.082nd2nd21.14
Alex Bee11.082nd2nd32.22
Patrick Brown10.412nd2nd43.30
Alex Day11.2811th11th11.28
Dan Gritton11.4410th10th23.12
Russell Price11.146th6th33.06
Don Bennett17.5418th18th52.20
Maud Hodson15.5433rd33rd15.54
Sarah Burns15.2233rd33rd31.16
Fiona Day16.1232nd32nd45.48
Maud Hodson15.4532nd32nd63.13

National Cross Country Championships, Hampstead Heath - Saturday 21st February 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Claire Emery46.47576th*576th*
Diana Rexhepaj55.36796th796th
Caroline Moore57.24818th*818th*
Thomas Grimes48.07395th395th
Russell Price48.34435th435th
Carlton D'Souza1.03.021619th1619th
Grant Conway1.05.001717th1717th
Spencer Evans1.11.211883rd1883rd

Ladies : 865 finishers, Men: 2005 finishers. * Due to a mix up collecting the Ladies numbers some times are not official times but estimated.

Sunday Cross Country League - Event 5 - Royston - Sunday 15th February 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Russell Price35.4015th15th
Dan Gritton36.4129th29th
Scott McMillan38.5862nd60th
Peter Craik43.24109th96th
Maud Hodson48.28187th42nd

Chingford League Fixture 5 - Victoria Park 5m - Saturday 14th February 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Euan Brown25.124th4th
Patrick Brown27.0116th16th
Thomas Grimes27.3726th26th
Ciaran Canavan27.3827th27th
Alex Bee28.0743rd43rd
Dan Gritton28.3561st59th
Spencer Evans31.50119th108th
Aaron Browne32.14125th113th
Peter Hatley32.26128th116th
James Nichols33.21146th130th
Grant Conway33.33147th131st
Craig Livermore35.01168th146th
Kieran Brown36.27189th158th
Fiona Day37.42205th36th
Sarah Burns37.43206th37th
Sheila Kennedy41.32230th50th

SEAA Cross Country , Brighton - Saturday 24th January 2015

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Rebecca Young41.10209th209th
Celia Payaneeandee42.58245th245th
Fiona Day45.22284th284th
Catherine Kaar46.01293rd293rd
Patrick Brown58.44165th165th
Thomas Grimes62.46302nd302nd
Russell Price63.55340th340th
Dan Gritton65.53413th413th
James Wilson71.09571st571st
Paul Thompson73.03629th629th
Spencer Evans77.21713th713th
Grant Conway77.32718th718th
Carlton D'Souza79.33742nd742nd
Ramesh Pala89.00830th830th
Muhammad Iqbal1.55.06900th900th

Chingford League Fixture 4 - Chingford Orion XC - Saturday 17th January 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown30.536th6th
Thomas Grimes33.0221st21st
Andrew Baxter35.2453rd51st
Ciaran Canavan37.1971st67th
Grant Conway40.1196th88th
Peter Hatley45.38153rd112th
182 finishers.

Some photos courtesy of Orion Running Club.

Sunday Cross Country League - Event 4 - Trent Park - Sunday 11th January 2015

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes31.5227th27th
Russell Price32.1131st31st
Dan Gritton32.5846th45th
Spencer Evans37.16128th117th
Peter Craik38.56154th140th
Maud Hodson43.07239th52nd
James Nichols44.57269th204th
134 ladies/ 236 men.

Essex County XC Championships, Claybury Park - Saturday 3rd January 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Sarah Burns43.0262nd62nd
Catherine Kaar43.5168th68th
Maud Hodson44.4473rd73rd
Bozena Mysilinska45.1076th76th
Rebecca Young45.2479th79th
Caroline Moore52.55107th107th
Patrick Brown49.5037th37th
Russell Price47.4169th69th
Thomas Grimes48.2981st81st
Ciaran Canavan48.3483rd83rd
Dan Gritton49.5394th94th
Andrew Baxter50.58102nd102nd
Emmet Fitzgibbon55.41147th147th
Grant Conway56.48155th155th
Peter Hatley58.04163rd163rd
Muhammad Iqbal65.37190th190th
Jason Levy72.28196th196th
Ladies 107 finishers. Team 15th of 23 279pts.
Men 200 finishers. Team 10th ELR A team 466pts,20th ELR B team 965pts.
Simon Morgan (life member)139th 54.38.

Chingford League Fixture 3 - Trent Park, Cockfosters - Saturday 27th December 2014

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown28.525th5th
Fiona Day43.54131st29th
Grant Conway36.4383rd74th
Peter Hatley38.57105th89th
Maud Hodson42.13121st24th
150 finishers.

Essex Vets XC Championships, Chigwell Row - Saturday 29th November 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Ava Lee41.208th8th
Karen Levison42.0812th12th
Maud Hodson49.4043rd43rd
Fiona Day53.2561st61st
Caroline Moore59.0282nd82nd
Diana Rexhepaj61.1088th88th
Sheila Kennedy63.0690th90th
Maya Goodwin63.3791st91st
Ramesh Pala49.5480th Vet 5080th Vet 50
Frank Brownlie 52.3391st91st
Ciaran Canavan36.5624th Vet 4024th Vet 40
Ddfanny Lee37.3228th28th
Dan Gritton38.1432nd32nd
Andrew Baxter38.5637th37th
Paul Thompson41.1445th45th
Richard Guest45.0361st61st
Grant Conway45.4564th64th
Jason Levy56.3767th67th
Simon Morgan42.25 (life member)52nd (now Tiptree)52nd
Team results :Vet Ladies 7th place,B Team 16th & Vet 40 Men 8th place, B Team 11th

It seemed like a balmy spring like morning but in reality it was the last Saturday in November when the old folks of Essex including the ELR teams rolled up for the County's Vets Championships of 2014 in the Woodland Trust area of Hainault Forest.

However despite the calm dry weather conditions underfoot were extremely wet and muddy following the heavy rains of recent weeks.

At 11am the Ladies 35+ and the Male Vets 50+ set off on the 2 lap 5.4 mile challenge and within 200 metres they met their first "obstacle", into the trees, uphill, smelly, muddy, boggy ground that seemed to go on for 200 metres or so. This led to better paths and before long they were cruising down a big hill(also muddy in parts) before heading back uphill to Squires Oak and a short downhill, past the two houses and back into the heart of the forest. A long diagonal drag and a big uphill challenge awaited before more normal and flatter ground could be gained which led to the run back to and on the plain to the start/finish. Just another lap and it was all over, easy? Never, enjoyable? Yes, Great sense of achievement? Definitely!

Then at 12 noon, having had the course softened up for them the young males aged 40 to 50 did the same except faster, allegedly.

Hosted by Ilford AC on behalf of ESSEX AAA the race was expertly organised and marshalled. Thanks to Mike and Jim for their support.

Maya's Race Report
So I've been casually calling it 'The Old Lady Race' since I said I'd run it a few weeks ago. Everyone kept talking about the mud. And the hills. And the mud. And the hills. And oh, did I know it would be muddy? I stoically ignored them and called it The Old Lady Race. That sounded much nicer, I decided.
A balmy sunny November morning. 'Course, we're lucky with the weather. Remember two years ago Frank ? When it was snowing?' You're not all helping you know!
Hmm. Maybe I should have listened more about the mud. A quick trip to the 'ladies' was muddy enough. I was disappointed with the facilities, I have to be honest. No Moulton Brown handwash, and no paper, but at least there was no queue. A few more leaves on the trees would have been appreciated though...
Two numbers this time, one on the back telling the world I'm not 45 yet. Which would normally be great, except when you're one of the youngest, and you're still at the back, racing a 78 year old ex international. Tell you what though, Pam has great support. I'm changing my name to Pam next ELR race I do. And I always knew how close she was on my tail, by judging how loud I could hear people cheering her.
Anyway. The mud. Glory BE, the mud. It was actually incredible. I had a proper Vicar of Dibley moment in one puddle, right upto my knees. But I kept both my shoes, which I think was a result actually. I'm putting that down to Karen and her 'lace up tight ladies' just before the off. And it was just so muddy, and just so hilly, that at some points I just had to walk. The thing with being at the back, is you know you're not the only walker, so while I just never could quite catch my teammate Sheila , I wasn't ever overtaken either.
Halfway round and there are the men, cheering. I love the East East East London chant. It makes me laugh. They're threatening to chase me round again like they did at Parliament Hill, but I know their race starts soon, so they won't have the time. Phew.
Round again. Past all the speedy runners on their way down. Here's a thing, when you are running towards someone, you get splashed in the face a fair bit. That made me laugh too. Past all the marshals again. All the marshals were great. Really happy and encouraging and bouncy. Even the one near the end who had the nerve to be eating a lovely looking ham roll, which I cheerfully could have snatched and eaten on the hoof.
And to the end. A downhill, relatively unmuddy (in comparison) stretch. Maud and Caroline there to run me home, and I knew that Pam probably had a good finish, so I actually managed a sprint with a smile. Not sure which is more of an achievement for me, I'm normally a scowly, staggery finisher...!
And I'm done. I was actually quite stressed about today. More than Parliament Hill. But it was so so pretty, and the mud made me laugh. And Pretending I Was Pam made me laugh too.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a LOT of mud in my toes, and I'd like to be allowed back in the pool at my gym tomorrow.

Sunday Cross Country League - Event 2 - Grovelands Park - Sunday 23rd November 2014

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Russell Price33.1629th29th
Thomas Grimes33.2030th30th
Peter Craik40.16158th142nd
Ramesh Pala43.19238th196th
Maud Hodson43.55249th47th
Doug Mansell45.58276th216th
248 men, 133 ladies. Team : MEN 15TH of 21, Ladies 17th of 21.

London Cross Country Championships , Hampstead Heath - Saturday 15th November 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Rebecca Young33.10121st121st
Celia Payaneeandee33.30128th128th
Maud Hodson34.29139th139th
Maya Goodwin43.07180th of 186180th
Patrick Brown36.4131st31st
Russell Price39.4897th97th
Thomas Grimes40.49132nd132nd
Paul Thompson45.58256th256th
Emmet Fitzgibbon47.26276th276th
Grant Conway48.43295th295th
Spencer Evans52.39324th of 348324th

ELR Ladies and Mens Teams plus No 1 Supporter, Club Treasurer Don Bennett!

Maya's day (some expletives deleted!).

Follow the muddy people from the station. Crikey, some of them are truly filthy. Oh. They have rugby kit on. Ok. Calm down Maya. Right. So I'm bloody SURE that hill didn't look that steep in the photos.

Yep. It feels like I'm a horse at the start of the Grand National. Oh MY. He has a starter gun! No sirens here. Where's Chris Hoy and his horn? And GO.

Start strong, I can hear the boys shouting for us. Don't stop Maya.
WHEN IS THE BLOODY TOP COMING? This hill is just awful. Finally, the top. And a down. Now if I could just stop my lungs from burning, I could think about running properly.

Ok. I'm feeling better now. Keep going. Splosh splosh. You are KIDDING ME. UP AGAIN??? Don't walk Maya. Ooh. Look. I could actually overtake that skinny girl in black wearing headphones! Ok. Stay calm. Just keep going... I'm gaining... I'm gaining... I'm actually OVERTAKING.... YIPPEEE. I'm not last! Just make sure she doesn't catch me.

Holy cow. Another bloody hill. But look, people are walking! You could walk too Maya. No don't walk. Walk. No don't walk. Please walk! NO DONT WALK! Oh. I'm walking... Right. That's enough. Run again.

Look, I could catch another person! She's walking, just don't walk and you'll have her. Ha! Gotcha lady!

Oh. She just over took me again. Dammit. Oh well. I still have skinny headphones girl behind me. Really?? Another UP?? Sod this. I'm walking. Oh, but look, walking girl is walking again. Cmon Maya, RUN. Nope. Can't catch her.

What's that you say Marshall? Downhill to the halfway point? Really? FANBLOODYTASTIC. Watch your step Maya, don't slip. So this is easier. What's that noise? Look! It's the boys team! What a racket they are making! Keep going let them see how you're coping ok.

Right. Halfway. Bloody hell this is tough. And look. That awful hill again. Don't walk Maya. It's no good. I have to walk. Hang ON a cotton pickin minute. The boys are at the top of the hill to cheer already?? How on earth did they get there so fast??

Bugger. Now I can't walk. Yes Grant I'm trying to use my core, but this hill hurts! But there's walking girl again. This time she's MINE. Gotcha. Downhill again. Ignore your lungs Maya, you've done it once, you can do it again. Just find your breath quickly on this down, because.... Yep. There's an up again.

Ok. You can walk a little bit. No WAY. How do they do that?? Those bloody boys seem to miraculously appear just as my legs want to give up! Ok ok, I'm running. Did you hear that Maya? They're proud of you! Don't get emotional, just keep MOVING.

Last long up. Look over your shoulder, don't worry, she's way behind. Have a little walk. No flipping WAY. Those boys are stalkers! Every hill they've been there to stop me stopping!

Ok. I'll keep trying and pushing. Occupy your mind Maya, think about your race report. Would you do this race again? No I bloody won't. It's soooo hard.

And now it's the final down. Stretch your legs and go a bit quicker... Don't slip now.. LOOK! It's my girls! They're running to meet me! And now they're running with me!

The finish line is right there! I've done it!

No time to rest though, we have to run to the start to cheer the boys as they start in a minute, hurry hurry, phew, made it.


So there you go. My thoughts as I ran, pretty much verbatim. I wasn't last. I was very muddy. And actually, would I run it again? You betcha.

Maya in action!

Chingford League Fixture 2- Redbridge Cycle Track 5K, Hog Hill, Hainault. - Tuesday 4th November 2014

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown17.196th6th
Euan Brown17.5117th17th
Russell Price18.1730th30th
Dan Gritton19.2448th48th
Manjit Bedi20.1961st61st
Paul Thompson20.3265th65th
Aaron Browne20.3466th66th
Morgan Francis20.5271st71st
James Creed21.3677th77th
Spencer Evans21.5180th80th
Grant Conway22.3391st91st
Michael Wilson22.4293rd93rd
Rebecca Young22.4918th18th
Fiona Day25.3035th35th
Diana Rexhepaj29.1949th49th
Finishers:- 124 men, 52 ladies. Times to be confirmed.

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 1 - Cheshunt - 26th October 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Russell Price31.0031st31st
James Nichols34.50106th104th
Shylesh Aravindan34.54107th105th
David Baldwin35.05110th108th
James Creed36.45149th142nd
Emmet Fitzgibbon36.23143rd136th
Grant Conway39.35212th188th
Maud Hodson42.28262nd55th
Doug Mansell43.19279th216th
Sheila Kennedy46.41311th87th
366 finishers, 243 men & 123 ladies.

SEAA Cross Country Relays, Wormwood Scrubs - Saturday 18th October 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Russell Price17.2621st21st
Grant Conway21.2525th25th
Patrick Brown16.3520th20th
Paul Thompson18.4723rd of 3123rd of 31

Well done to our team at the South of England x country relay champs at Wormwood Scrubs today.

A quick and easy journey across town to White City on the central line to the race venue at the Linford Christie Stadium to register the team.
Russell Price led us off on the first leg, followed by yours truly, then Patrick Brown ran leg 3 and Paul Thompson brought us home. All the team gave it their all and I think we all had fast times over the 5k distance on a relatively flat course in a well organised event that gave us a chance to compete against some international athletes in a strong field.
Thanks to our 3 supporters as well, Julie Brown, her mum and beautiful baby Annalise. Next year we should try and field at least two teams. Grant.

Chingford League Fixture 1- Redbridge Cycle Track 5K, Hog Hill, Hainault. - Tuesday 7th October 2014

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Euan Brown16.22 course pb3rd3rd3rd
Patrick Brown17.03 course PB 7th7th7th
Thomas Grimes17.27 course PB 13th13th13th
Russell Price18.43 course PB 40th40th40th
Aaron Browne18.53 debut43rd43rd43rd
Dan Gritton19.06 debut45th45th45th
Manjit Bedi19.54 debut63rd63rd63rd
Daniel Slipper20.11 debut68th68th68th
Paul Thompson20.20 course PB 71st71st71st
Michael Wilson20.50 course PB 74th74th74th
Spencer Evans20.54 debut75th75th75th
Grant Conway22.0092nd92nd92nd
Kieran Brown22.15 course PB 99th99th99th
Jonathan Wooldridge22.23 course PB 100th100th100th
Claire Parker22.4119th19th19th
Maud Hodson24.22 course pb32nd32nd32nd
Fiona Day24.56 course PB 34th34th34th
Julie Creffield36.45 debut63rd63rd63rd
Men's Senior team 4th and Vets team 5th (out of 11).
Women's Senior Team 7th and Vets team 7th (out of 11).

Total of 130 Men, 58 Women and a number of non-scoring guest runners.