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Monday 23rd November 2020 - Virtual Track

Although actual track sessions are cancelled due to the lockdown, you can still get out and do a workout to improve your speed and endurance. Each week, we will publish the track session that Grant had planned, adapted where necessary to make it time-based rather than distance-based. We encourage members to run it on Monday, either on their own or with one other person.

Session for this week: 200 metre repeats.

1. First, do a good warmup. You're going to be sprinting, so make sure you start with at least 10 minutes of easy running, followed by some faster sections, high-knees, etc.
2. Find yourself a stretch that's roughly 200m long, ideally flat and with no obstructions. An open space or quiet path in a park is ideal.
3. Run the 200m as fast as you can.
4. Jog or walk back to the start.
5. Repeat for 20-30 minutes. Aim for quality rather than quantity.
6. Finish with some easy jogging and stretching.

Please remember to keep at least 2 metres distance from members of the public, and of course, if you decide to run this on pavements rather than in a park, look out for traffic.

Wednesday 18th November - Our Club, Your Way!

Lockdown 2.0 continues and so this Wednesday don’t forget to log our club, your way! #ELR
What are you going to do? The paper chase led by Gaz? Cross Country in Wanstead Park laid by Jacob Stevens? 100m reps laid by Mark Wyatt? or your own alternative run? Together it is our club, but Lockdown Wednesday is your way! You choose!

Join me via zoom at 7 for a quick hello and any announcements. You can run before, or after, that is OK, because it is your way!

Zoom Meeting ID: 828 6313 1213
Password: ELR


14-30 November - Virtual Cross-Country Race 1

The first race in the ELR Virtual Cross-Country Competition, in Wanstead Park, starts on Saturday 14th November. You can run it any time until the end of the month.

Click here for full details of the course, including a map, step-by-step instructions and photos. Let me know if anything is unclear. Some parts are quite muddy and slippery, so wear studs or trail shoes. It's not too hilly, but don't worry - we'll have some bigger hills for you later in the season!

As a reminder, this race will count towards the individual competition, and will be used to assemble teams for the remaining races (details). So only submit a time for this race if you want to take part in the full competition.

Submit your time here. There is a Strava segment, but you should time your race from the official start/finish line (the junction between Warren Road and Raynes Avenue). Remember to disable auto-pause on your watch.

This is going to be a fun competition - we have some great ideas for courses in other local locations later in the series. All members are welcome to take part, no matter your speed or XC experience. Just make sure you have some suitable shoes and don't mind getting muddy!

Monday 9 November - Gaz's Paper Chase - Week 2

In order to keep you amused over the coming weeks of lock down 2.0 Gaz is going to lay a series of paper chase trails to follow. We owe thanks to the Walthamstow Hare for the idea and initiative set earlier this year. Any similarities are purely intentional.

The trail is a Strava segment in its entirety and can be incorporated into a longer run at any point. You just need to make sure that you run though the start and the end points of the segment and take note of its direction! (running it the opposite way doesn't record it).

You can check the leader board by filtering the Strava segment by club (East London Runners) and then by 'This Week'

You have from Monday to Sunday each week to run the route, and to see if you can catch me. Have fun trying, and stay safe out there.

This week's trail: https://www.strava.com/clubs/88566/posts/1255561612465057

If you are not a member of the ELR strava group, just request to join and you'll be added straight away (work permitting).

Covid update 04th November 2020

England Athletics have confirmed that our physical club activities are restricted by the new lockdown restrictions.

Statement from England Athletics reads as follows:

From this Thursday [5 November 2020], the UK Government is requiring everyone in England to stay at home, except for specific purposes, and not gather with other people who do not live in the same household, again except for specific purposes. As a result, the impact on athletics and running will include suspension of the following:

All indoor club group coaching activity
All outdoor club group coaching activity
All indoor track and field competitions
All outdoor competition (track and field, cross country, road, trail, fell and multiterrain)
All face-to-face coach and officials education.

As we enter lockdown 2.0, I do with a heavy heart, but I hope this will be a shorter circuit break that will have the desired effect in reducing the re-transmission rate of the covid virus by December. While we have suspended our physical club activities, we are launching much to keep you occupied from Monday through Sunday over the next 4 weeks. As noted in my newsletter article at the weekend, the committee are working tirelessly to keep ELR energised and active. Please stay up to date with the latest news on the ELR website and social media as we switch to virtual activities once again.

A as soon as the restrictions begin to ease once more, we have the tools that we have developed since March which will enable us to react the the developments much quicker as and when lockdown 2.0 eases.

For now, take care, and may you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. I look forward to running with you all again real soon.

Much love.

Ciaran Canavan
Covid Responder and Vice Chair.

East London Runners. Weekly Challenge - Week 6

East London Runners Weekly Challenge. Week 6!
Did you try Mark Wyatt fully body workout last week ?
This week, Mark shared a library of exercise to try at home! How many can you do in a week ?
We want you all to get involved... Incorporate this into your weekend and throughout next week. Share your thoughts and progress here and don’t forget to email info@eastlondonrunners.org.uk with your pictures and videos.
Over to Mark on his YouTube channel:

East London Runners. Weekly Challenge - Week 5

This week, his session is a full body workout !

Over to Mark on his YouTube channel.


East London Runners. Weekly Challenge - Week 4

This week, it's all about flexibility: this stretch flow to bring some flexibility back into your body.

Over to Mark on his YouTube channel.


East London Runners. Weekly Challenge - Week 3

This week he is helping us to fire our core through 6 different exercises...

East London Runners. Weekly Challenge - Week 2

Protect your Posture routine.

Over to Mark on his YouTube channel.


Saturday 21st March 2020 - 9.00 am - *** ALL PARKRUNS CANCELLED*** - Parkrun across the UK, including Wanstead Flats and Valentines Park

Parkruns are FREE across the UK, including Wanstead Flats, Valentines Park, Walthamstow, Roding Valley.
9.00am start.


Please check for cancellations before you travel:

What has happened so far in 2020?

Virtual Virgin Money London Marathon 2020 - Sunday 4th October 2020

Name -Time - Position
Robert Spread - 2.52.08 - 279th
Tom Howourth - 2.53.47
Patrick Brown - 2.58.48 - 573rd - SITC
Jose Rodriguez - 3.00.48 - Nearly Not Quite 1st place
Mark Moir - 3.23.25
Carlton DSouza - 3.25.25 - 1892nd
Mark Boulton - 3.27.11 - 2031st
Manjit Bedi - 3.29.23 - 2242nd SITC
Warren Ibrahim - 3.30.27 - 2326th
Shahib Miah Ali- 3.32.17 - 2447th
James Nichols - 3.36.28 - 2820th
Jonathan Wooldridge - 3.40.16 - 3178th Isle of Wight
Nick Hoult - 4.08.18 -6717th
Peter Hatley - 4.12.11 - 7214th
Michael Wilson - 4.15.49 - 7768th SITC
Ciaran Canavan 4.21.49 8573rd
Mark Durrant 4.27.49 9516th
Kasia Stachowiak 4.32.40 10277th
Jimmy Dale 4.40.29 11352nd
Joanna Neville 4.41.28 11479th
Stuart Norris 4.54.13 13375th
Jakub Czeczotka 4.53.23 13234th
Anne-Marie Kennedy 5.11.00 15603rd
Daniel Peters 5.11.28 15669th
Jason Levy 5.18.00
Gail Edwards 5.32.16 18412th
Sergio Chaves 5.34.32 18682nd
Shanavaz Malayodu 5.58.26 21522nd
Veronica Carrasco 5.58.35 19025th
Ford Cadiogan 6.21.19 23586th
Imran Mustak 7.40.35 28899th

The Dave Knight Memorial Run - Sunday 23rd August 2020

Over 30 East London Runners met up in groups of six to run in fond memory of Dave who passed away on 24th August 2019.

The meeting place was the Lakeside Diner on Whips Cross Road, a favourite part of Epping Forest where Dave led many of the Sunday Social runs in previous years.

Monday 16th March 2020 - All races & events cancelled till further notice - CORONAVIRUS - COVID 19

It started mainly in China, by mid February the Tokyo Marathon mass race was cancelled with only the elite able to compete. After that races around the world were cancelled or postponed, Rotterdam & Paris marathons amongst those to be affected. parkun started closing it's runs around the world with all closed by this weekend except Australia , New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Italy & Spain were put into lockdown and calls were put out to cancel events in the UK. Fleet half cancelled but the large Bath half went ahead. The large marathon's planned for April including London, Brighton and Manchester were postponed and moved to September & October. On the 16th March England Athletics called for all events & club activities to be cancelled or postponed. Tuesday 17th, Australia & New Zealand parkruns were closed with the UK 18th following next morning.

All mass events were affected, Ideal Home Exhibition , Chelsea Flower Show, 50th Glastonbury Festival and all CAMRA beer festivals. Some events are trying to hold out till later, Hackney Half Marathon, Vitality 10km & Comrades Marathon were all postponed in the end.

24th March - Olympics postponed to 2021, parkrun cancelled to at least end of May, England Athletics cancel to end of June.
30th March - Olympics scheduled for 23rd July to 8th August, Athletics World Championship moved to 2022 same year Birmingham have Commonwealth games.
1st April - Wimbledon cancelled.
15th April - Tour de France moved to Aug 29th to Sept 20th.
21st April - German government cancel all events above 5000 people until 26th October, meaning Berlin Marathon is cancelled.


Sunday 23rd February 2020 - ELKR Club Marathon record broken again

Antonio Martin Romero has broken the Club record for a third time in under 18 months. He completed the Seville Marathon in 2:25:24, securing 74th place. His average pace 3:26 min/km, 5:32 min/mi is the fastest record for the club beating his own record of 2:27:26 which he set in Manchester last April.

Results of Annual General Meeting held Tuesday 18 February 2020

Thank you to all the members that attended the clubs AGM. The following have been elected to the club management committee for the year 2020/21.

Chair - Jonathan Wooldridge
Vice Chair - Ciaran Canavan
Club Secretary - Michael Wilson
Treasurer - James Nichols
Wednesday Night coordinator - Jo Wood
Social Secretary - Sonia Cheadle
Race Secretary - Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
Webmaster - Derek Wright
Website and Newsletter Lead - Jason Levy
Volunteer Co-ordinator - Michael Bamford
Assistant Volunteer Coordinators - Rachel Le Roux, Becky Evans
Media and PR Lead - Maya Goodwin
Welfare Officer and Newsletter Editor - Sheetal Dandgey
Additional members - with roles to be defined, are
Stuart Barton
Bernadette Kalmar
Regis Martin
Tricia ONeill
Jacob Stevens

Further details to be advised in the February edition of the club newsletter.

What happened in 2019

Thursday 19th December 2019 - ANNUAL AWARDS 2019

The ELR Running Awards 2019 winners were announced at the ANNUAL AWARDS FESTIVE DINNER - Red Lion, Leytonstone - Thursday 19th December 2019 -

The Roger Dixon Shield - Club Person of the Year 2019 - Frank Brownlie

New Award - The Dave Knight Trophy - Newcomer of the Year 2019 - Warren Ibrahim.

The Winners of our annual awards are listed below. Congratulations to all winners and nominees.

Female Marathon Runner of the Year 2019 - Roselin Boramakot

also nominated:
Paula Bedford
Samia Choudhury
Fiona Day
Maud Hodson
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera

Male Marathon Runner of the Year 2019 - Jose Rodriguez

also nominated:
Ciaran Canavan
Arthur Diaz
Antonio Martin-Romero
James Nichols
Jonathan Wooldridge

Female Most Improved Runner of the Year 2019 - Alice Barrett

also nominated:
Becky Evans
Maya Goodwin
Catriona Hoult
Helen McGuinness
Kasia Stachowiak

Male Most Improved Runner of the Year 2019 - Karan Gadhia

also nominated:
Peter Craik
Arthur Diaz
John Henry
Scott McMillan
Mark Moir

Female Runner of the Year 2019 - Becky Evans

also nominated:
Caroline Frith
Maud Hodson
Catriona Hoult
Karen Levison
Alexandra Rutishauser- Perera
Kasia Stachowiak

Male Runner of the Year 2019 - Scott McMillan

also nominated:
Euan Brown
Arthur Diaz
Nathaniel Dye
Jose Rodriguez
Rak Sandhu
Jacob Stevens

Sunday 7th December 2019 - Dave Knight Commerative Plaque

Anne Knight and Frank Brownlie unveiling the Dave Knight Memorial Plaque at the Lakeside Diner. His friends from the Club and family attended to remember our friend who passed this year. In tribute, like every Sunday, club members ran through the forest on our Sunday Social run.

Sunday 1st December 2019 - Jerez Half Marathon - NEW CLUB RECORD - Antonio Martin Romero - 1:10:58

Congratulations to Antonio Martin Romero (No 465) of ELR, 1st place in the Jerez Half Marathon today in a NEW Club record time of 1:10:58!

Sunday 13th October 2019 - Ciaran Canavan completes the 6 Marathon Majors!

Ciaran completed the 6 Marathon Majors in Chicago on Sunday 13th October 2019

Completing the Abbott World Marathon Majors

So what are the Abbot World Marathon Majors?

The World Marathon Majors is a series of the most prestigious and renowned marathons across the globe. Formed in 2006, initially 5 events being Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York, these were joined by Tokyo in 2013 to become the 6 World Marathon Majors. Although a series for the elite, the headline sponsor, Abbott, also applauds and celebrates the achievements of "everyday champions from around the world" through their Six Star System.

They now have an online results system where amateur runners can claim a "Star" for each of the geographic Majors they've run. When all Six Stars are achieved, Abbott reward runners for their achievement with a certificate and with the Prestigious 6 Star Finishers medal too.

When I ran the London Marathon in 2009, unbeknown to me at the time, I was beginning on my journey of the the Six Marathon Majors, and I spent the next 10 years on this Journey. My 2nd Major was New York in 2013, and Berlin my 3rd in 2014. Thereafter I knew I wanted to complete the series as quickly as I possibly could, but the introduction of Tokyo into the series in 2013 had made this a much more difficult task. Luckily I managed to combine a hop to Tokyo for the marathon weekend as a stopover on return from visiting New Zealand in 2017!

Once I had achieved this, I realised that the end game was within my grasp. Just Boston and Chicago to go, which I completed in 2018 and 2019.

Ciaran with Majors and Chicago Medals!

Now a Six Star finisher, I can look back with fondness on my journey.

My Six Star Challenge has taken me on a personal journey, across the globe, from the UK, to the EU, to the US and Japan. With the benefit of hindsight I can see how my journey has been a physical, mental, emotional and financial challenge.

It's been tough, yet easy. Demanding and rewarding. It's been painful, yet joyful, thought provoking and memory making. Joining the Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star Finishers Club goes beyond the physical form of just running 6 marathons, and so this makes joining this Club an ever so special and prestigious accomplishment.

Since completing my Sixth Star on Sunday 13th October 2019, the most common question that I have been asked is which Star has been my favourite? Her is my answer.

London: Because it was my first, and my hometown. ELR's Water station, and lots of support.

New York: Because I ran it for my 40th Birthday, and I then got to spend a couple of days in the Big Apple and the US for the first time.

Berlin: Because it is my PB, the (alcohol free) free beer, and the Eurotrash party at the finish line.

Tokyo: Because everything is just so polite. Polite bowing and polite clapping and everyone is made to feel like a king.

Boston: Because I finished in the face of adversity. The weather was horrendous. Torrential downpours and 45 mph headwinds.

Chicago: Because of the drag performers in boys town, and because I'm now a Six Star Finisher!

They are all unique, and I have a favourite memory from each.

Got the Six Star Marathon Majors big marathon bug? On your own Six Star Finishers Journey? Then check out the Abbott World Marathon Majors website here: www.worldmarathonmajors.com

Ciaran's 6 Star medal plus individual medals from the 6 Major Marathons!

Monday 16th September 2019 - 3.30 pm - Dave Knight's Funeral

Dave's funeral took place at the City of London Cemetery & Cremetorium, Aldersbrook Road, London, E12 5DQ at 3.30pm on Monday 16th September 2019.

Dave's wife Anne and family wishes to thank everyone for their tributes and messages of condolence.

Anne had also asked that those attending should feel free to wear their running tops, Orient Shirts or band t shirts etc.

Details of the Charity chosen by Dave's Family - To remember Dave Knight we are fundraising for Dogs Trust because Dave loved his dogs and supported this charity.

Saturday 24th August 2019
Today we learned that our great friend and fellow runner Dave Knight had lost his battle with cancer. We offer condolences to his wife Ann, Daughter Ellie, Son Joe and all of his extended family and friends.

Dave joined East London Runners over 20 years ago, after being encouraged to join by John White.He quickly fitted in and began competing for the Club in the Sunday Cross Country League, a tradition he maintained until earlier this year.

Dave also competed for the Club in the ELVIS Races and was a regular in the Benfleet 15, Essex Way Relay and completed the London and other Marathons more than 15 times.

After a London Marathon at the Ship & Shovell drinking pints of Badger, Dave with the late Roger Dixon, Carlton D'Souza and Richard Guest

He introduced many new runners to our Club and was always helpful to all on the Wednesday night Club runs. He often organised and attended the Sunday Social runs, being a great believer in encouraging all abilities to take part. Almost always he was accompanied by his dog Juno and before that his previous dog Jelly.

Dave was delighted to be honoured as a Life Member of ELR at the Annual General Meeting in February 2019.

Dave's wife Ann and family wishes to thank everyone for their tributes and messages of condolence.

Ann has also asked that those attending should feel free to wear their running tops, Orient Shirts or band t shirts etc.

Many ELR Members have already added tributes on our Group Facebook page and we add a few here.

Frank Brownlie Dave had many passions in life. We were lucky that one of these was running. We were even luckier when he chose to join East London Runners over 20 years ago. I had the great privilidge of training for many spring marathons with Dave and other Club Members. We also enjoyed his company, together with his dogs Jelly and Juno on hundreds of Sunday Social runs. In March this year when Dave was attending Barts for his chemotherapy sessions he took time out to visit me in the cardiac recovery ward following my bypass operation. He very kindly gave me two football magazines to read. He always had time for others, enjoyed a pint on our many social functions and we shall miss him greatly.

John White - Such a lovely guy. My running mate for 23+ years. I would feel privileged to be part of any celebration the club organised, of his contribution to the club, and life. No more Sunday and Monday runs....Bye, mate.

Andrea Waller - A true gent. Lucky enough to have run with him for more than 10 years. RIP Dave. X

Grant Conway - RIP my dear friend Dave. At least you won't be suffering any more.

James Nichols - Such sad news. It was Dave who encouraged me to join ELR having known him at Leyton Orient when I was getting into running. He remained a friend and source of encouragement ever since. I will raise a drink or two in his memory this evening. RIP

Anna Dingle - I am sad to hear this. Dave was such a lovely man. I will always remember him for encouraging me round on my first Roding Half. I wasn't part of ELR then, but he ran with me most of the way and made me laugh lots and made me run that bit faster to get me to run my half marathon PB. I am so glad that I was able to thank him for that on social runs.
A true gentleman with a big heart. He will be greatly missed.

Jonathan Wooldridge - RIP Dave. Your support and encouragement were inspirational to me and so many others inside and outside the club. You leave us all so sad, but with such rich and very fond memories.

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 2019 - Spitfire Scramble 24 Hour Race

Nathaniel Dye - 103 miles ,18 laps - Male SOLO(4th of 25)

Richard Butterworth - 12 laps - Men United (2nd of 15)
Gareth Davies - 10 laps - Men United (2nd of 15)

Jason Levy - 4 laps - ELR Legends
Alex Jameson = 5 laps - ELR Legends
Craig Livermore - 5 laps - ELR Legends
Catriona Hoult - 5 laps - ELR Legends
Diana Rexhepaj - 4 laps - ELR Legends

Stuart Barton - 3 laps - ELR Spitters
Abdirahman Adan - 3 laps - ELR Spitters
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera - 3 laps, - ELR Spitters
Joanna Wood - 3 laps - ELR Spitters
Stephen Swan - 3 laps - ELR Spitters
Sandra Hiller - 3 laps - ELR Spitters
Geoff Bench - 3 laps - ELR Spitters
Suzanne Bench - 3 laps - ELR Spitters

Maya Goodwin - 2 laps - EERR 2
Fiona Critchley - 3 laps - EERR 2
Bernadett Kalmar - 3 laps - EERR 2

Rakesh Sandhu - 5 laps - Laurens Ladies
Richard Kimmens - 7 laps - Scrambled legs 1 (1st of 14)

Race Reports on our Results Page

Sunday 14th July 2019 - The Roding Around Marathon

Maud Hodson 4.49.59 6th, 1st Lady

Maud Hodson: Roding Around Marathon race report - See Results Page!

Saturday 13th July 2019 - Essex 30 mile, Felstead (32.8 miles)

Paula Bedford 6.05.40 9th, 1st Lady!

4 laps - lap 1 1.11.52 - lap 2 1.22.26 - lap 3 1.47.07 - lap 4 1.44.14

Friday 28th June 2019 - Finsbury 5000's, Finsbury Park Athletic Track

Euan Brown - 14.55.17 - 1st, race 7
Antonio Martin Romero - 15.53.75 pb - 14th, race 7
Patrick Brown - 16.40.31 - 25th, race 7
Mark Boulton - 16.14.11 - 4th, race 6

Sunday 23rd June 2019 - Colworth Marathon Challenge - Final Results

Thomas Grimes- 2.43.13 - 1st
Patrick Brown - 2.45.54 - 2nd
James Nichols - 3.09.58 - 14th
Michael Bamford - 3.23.37 - 24th
Stephen Swan - 3.46.42 - 43rd
Stuart Barton - 4.26.37 - 84th
Rachel Le Roux - 4.28.20 - 85th
Diana Rexhepaj - 4.48.32 - 104th
Kirk Johnson - 4.57.32 - 112th

Mens Team Overall: 2nd team: East London Runners.

1st man overall Thomas Grimes
2nd man overall Patrick Brown

Tuesday 18th June 2019 - ELVIS 3 - East End Road Runners Midsummer 5km, Olympic Park

ELR Results on Results Page

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June 2019 - Last One Standing

Maud Hodson 24.47.57 25 laps of 4.1 miles

Friday 7th June 2019 - Fast Friday

Fast Friday - 5000m
Euan Brown 14.48.45 pb 7th

Fast Friday - 10,000m
Liviu Ionita 34.28.50 20th

Tuesday 4th June 2019 - Elvis 2 - Havering 90 Joggers 5 miles - Raphael Park

Results on Results Page

Wednesday 29th May 2019 - Elvis 1 - Dagenham 88 Runners Off Road 5 mile -

Full Results on Results Page

Sunday 19th May 2019 - Virgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon

Stuart Kelly - 1.19.25 - 68th
John Henry - 1.25.59 - 303rd
Joseph Gunn - 1.26.30 - 335th
Craig Livermore - 1.28.12 pb - 492nd
Spencer Evans - 1.28.20 - 506th
Jacob Stevens - 1.32.11 - 936th
Tom Howourth - 1.32.57 - 1030th
Jamie Xavier - 1.38.45 - 2133rd
Paula Bedford - 1.40.41 - 2605th
David Hallybone - 1.40.57 - 2664th
Selina Vernal - 1.41.30 - 2808th
Jimmy Dale - 1.42.40 - 3142nd
Jakub Czeczotka - 1.44.57 - 3856th
Jonathan Shaw - 1.45.14 - 3947th
Craig Simpson - 1.46.49 - 4411th
Lance Fuller - 1.48.10 - 4812th
Becky Evans - 1.51.01 pb - 5819th
Ged Browne - 1.51.16 - 5909th
Rebecca Pollard - 1.52.34 - 6378th
Lauren Kelly - 1.53.04 - 6566th
Kimberley Burnett - 1.55.28 - 7420th
Stephen Swan - 1.58.43 - 8732nd
Kasia Stachowiak - 1.59.18 - 8970th
Kat Maskell - 1.59.48 - 9157th
Arthur Diaz - 2.00.56 - 9544th
Lee Rand - 2.01.41 pb - 9822nd
Stuart Barton - 2.02.00 pb - 9933rd
Catriona Hoult - 2.04.21 - 10628th
Graham Peacock - 2.04.21 - 10686th
Marcela Vasques - 2.05.24 - 10945th
Jane Scott - 2.15.57 - 13712th
Joanna Wood - 2.16.15 (Course pb by 13 mins)- 13777th
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy - 2.21.06 pb - 14714th
Alice Barrett - 2.28.28 pb - 15685th
Vicky Allen - 2.28.48 - 15737th
Kathy Morrissey - 2.29.25 - 15823rd
Marvin Vernal - 2.31.27 - 16019th
Maya Goodwin - 2.33.00 (Course pb) - 16143rd
Sarah Dale - 2.40.11 - 16660th
Elizabeth ODonnell - 2.59.14 - 17218th

Saturday & Sunday 18th/19th May 2019 - Dobbs Weir Double Marathon

Maud Hodson 4.44.56 13th, 3rd lady, 1st FV40-49 - SUNDAY

Sunday 12th May 2019 - 25th Halstead & Essex Marathon

Patrick Brown - 2.51.40 - 6th
Alex Day - 3.02.32 - 13th
Dan Gritton - 3.14.22 - 29th

Sunday 29th April 2019 - Hamburg Marathon

Michael Wilson 3:44:32

Sunday 28th April 2019 - Virgin Money London Marathon

Well done to all our Members and Friends of ELR who completed the London Marathon yesterday. A great achievment for all.

Also to our Volunteer Teams.

25k Special Drinks- Leader Jonathan Wooldridge, assisted by Miranda and Paul Thompson, Grant Conway and John Paul Healy

20 Mile Water Station - Leaders Michael Bamford, Rachel and Louis Le Roux plus about 100 ELR Members, Family and Friends

St Matthias Church Hall, Food and Drink Leader Maya Goodwin with Jo Wood and Jan Webb and anyone else who helped.

Mark Boulton - 2.44.26 - 682nd
Jose Rodriguez - 2.51.18 pb - 1171st
Billy Rayner - 2.56.36 pb - 1696th
Chris Green - 3.03.01 pb - 2545th
Daniel Slipper - 3.07.40 - 3046th
Roisin Archer - 3.17.00 pb - 4294th
Carlton DSouza - 3.17.41 - 4387th
John Booth -3.19.10 pb - 4632nd
Shahib Miah Ali - 3.29.10 - 6534th
Manjit Bedi - 3.36.32 - 8186th
Stephen Taylor - 3.43.08 - 9767th
Paula Bedford - 3.45.18 pb - 10306th
Ashley Faria - 4.00.14 debut - 14892nd
Katie Whitton - 4.05.02 pb - 16103rd

Janet Bywater - 4.06.18 - 16424th

Alex Jameson - 4.15.26 debut - 18819th
Sarah Dale - 4.23.32 - 20862nd
Stuart Norris - 4.27.51 - 22093rd
Sophie Edwards - 4.41.13 debut - 25549th
Fiona Day - 4.43.17 - 26111th
Ian Cooper - 4.43.41 pb - 26225th

Helen McGuinness - 4.48.58 debut - 27548th

Marc Akers - 4.49.40 - 27739th
Graham Peacock - 4.59.53 debut - 30272nd
Deva Payaniandy - 5.12.07 - 32521st

Stuart Barton - 5.17.18 pb - 33445th

Isabella Allan - 5.36.01 debut - 36282nd
Sandra Hiller - 5.54.16 pb - 38428th
Samia Choudhury - 6.10.06 debut - 39724th
Julie Creffield - 7.10.25 - 41980th

Maonday 15th April 2019 - Boston Marathon

Paul Quinton - 2.55.25 - 1,727th

Sunday 14th April 2019 - Paris and Leipzig Marathons

Jimmy Dale - 3.23.09 pb - 5329th
Arthur Diaz - 4.30.02 pb - 33,161st

Marcela Vasques - 5.23.15 - 43,470th

Dan Gritton - 2.58.14 -29th
Dan's 127th Marathon!

Sunday 14th April 2019 - Brighton Marathon

Nathan Jones - 3.11.58 debut - 327th
Aaron Browne - 3.22.02 - 603rd
Andrew Baxter - 3.29.58 - 879th
Jakub Czeczotka - 3.51.37 pb - 2,281st
Colin Dryland - 3.55.52 - 2,640th
Maran Raju - 4.00.03 - 3,096th
Laura Tapper - 4.11.40 debut - 3,846th
Kathryn Hertzberg - 4.22.04 debut - 4,640th
Sarah Faull - 4.31.18 - 5,353rd
Jason Levy - 5.07.31

Sunday 7th April 2019 - NEW CLUB MARATHON RECORD TIME set in Manchester by Antonio Martin Romero - 2:27:26

Congratulations to Antonio Martin Romero smashing a new ELR club record of 2:27:26 at today's Manchester Marathon - Felicidades Antonio!

Sunday 7th April 2019 - ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon

Antonio Martin Romero - 2.27.26 pb (club record) - 13th
Stuart Kelly - 2.46.58 pb - 166th
Joseph Gunn - 3.00.02 pb - 866th
Robert Rayworth - 3.19.28 pb - 1991st
Jacob Stevens - 3.24.36 pb - 2390th
Eleanor Wilkinson - 3.28.40 gfa - 2421st
Selina Vernal - 3.32.21 pb - 3322nd
Gemma Foxall - 3.36.49 pb - 3664th
Maud Hodson - 3.49.29 pb & gfa - 4764th
Lucy Barron - 3.51.37 pb - 4999th
Lauren Kelly - 3.52.29 debut - 4907th
Suzanne Bench 3.49.12 gfa - 5633rd
Nathaniel Dye - 4.10.47 - 6657th
Robyn Turtle - 4.16.49 pb - 8104th
Ford Cadiogan - 4.32.07 - 8222nd
Karan Gadhia - 4.40.06 - 8436th
Marc Akers - 4.26.26 - 9181st
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera - 4.29.17 pb - 9312th
Roselin Boramakot - 5.06.15 - 11621st
Jason Levy - 5.16.31 - 11925th

Sunday 17th March 2019 - Reading Half Marathon

Antonio Martin Romero :1.11.34 pb and NEW CLUB RECORD TIME - 50th
Spencer Evans 1.26.39 381st
Janet Bywater 1.47.39 2209th

Antonio reports:Last test before the Manchester Marathon today in Reading.

I wasn't expecting to get a PB today, firstly because the course has several inclines and twisty turns and secondly because of the high mileage and workouts I have doing this week and in the previous one.

The wind seemed fine at the beginning of the race, but in some areas I was struggling to run fast as I was running most of time on my own, overtaking runners, and the wind slowed me down from mile 7 to 9, and then I managed to do the last 5k in around 16:25 to finish with a time of 1h11'34". Three weeks to go until thr Manchester Marathon!

Saturday 9th March 2019 - Chingford League Relays

Euan Brown : 10.10 leg1 1st team of 51
Jose Rodriguez : 10.56 leg 2 - 1st team of 51
Patrick Brown : 11.33 leg 3 - 1st team of 51
Thomas Grimes : 11.11 leg 4 - 1st team of 51
Samir Younsi : 15.41 leg 1 - 28 of 51
Warren Ibrahim : 14.56 leg 2 - 28 of 51
Peter Hatley : 14.55 leg 3 - 28 of 51
Terry Lewsey ; 14.45 leg 4 - 28 of 51
Selina Vernal : 13.46 leg 1 - 31 of 51
Becky Evans : 14.32 leg 2 - 31 of 51
Carolyn Edwards : 16.12 leg 3 - 31 of 51
Georgie Hooper : 16.43 leg 4 - 31 of 51
Robert Rayworth : 12.42 leg 1 - 37 of 51
Tricia ONeill :18.05 leg 2 - 37 of 51
Diana Rexhepaj : 18.50 leg 3 - 37 of 51
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera : 17.04 leg 4 - 37 of 51

1st team East London Runners 43.50 (Euan, Jose, Pat & Thomas)
2nd ELR TEAM 28th of 51 60.15
3rd ELR TEAM 31st of 51 61.13
4th ELR TEAM 37th of 51 66.38

Vets teams

Vet Women 5th of 6 (Becky, lexandra, Tricia and Diana) 1.08.28

Vet Men 6th of 8 (Robert, Terry, Peter & Warren 57.16

Sunday 3rd March 2019 - Essex 20m Road Race (inc Essex 20m Championship)

Antonio Martin Romero :1.52.52 8th
Patrick Brown : 2.09.58 61st
Mark Boulton : 2.17.55 100th
James Nichols : 2.28.09 149th
Carlton DSouza : 2.29.37 156th
Peter Hatley : 2.34.23 174th
Jimmy Dale : 2.41.49 198th
Maud Hodson : 2.48.07 pb 214th
Ramesh Pala : 2.56.59 240th

Sunday 3rd March 2019 - Roding Valley Half Marathon

Paul Quinton : 1.26.40 15th
Richard Kimmens : 1.32.03 35th
Spencer Evans : 1.32.11 38th
Manjit Bedi : 1.35.47 57th
James Creed : 1.37.40 69th
Caroline Frith : 1.37.59 71st, 1st VF40
Andrew Jackson : 1.40.22 84th
Lawrence Foster : 1.42.09 104th
Emmet Fitzgibbon : 1.43.11 113th
Colin Dryland : 1.46.28 130th
Jonathan Shaw : 1.45.27 135th
Maran Raju : 1.47.42 138th
Lauren Kelly : 1.48.47 154th
Ged Browne : 1.49.03 156th
David Hallybone : 1.49.59 166th
Manjit Singh : 1.55.48 214th
Laura Tapper : 1.56.30 pb 225th
Sarah Burns : 2.00.45 248th
Marc Akers : 2.00.48 250th
Catriona Hoult : 2.01.32 256th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera : 2.01.38 259th
Ford Cadiogan : 2.04.02 273rd
Jason Levy : 2.14.05 317th
Helen McGuinness : 2.15.54 325th
Sandra Hiller : 2.30.01 338th
353 finishers.

Team Prize Winners: East London Runners: Paul Quinton, Spencer Evans & Caroline Frith.

Caroline reports: Roding Valley Half Marathon number 8. I first ran it in 2007 so I haven't managed every year but I do feel a strange compulsion drawing me back over and over again. The course doesn't get any more picturesque, the hills dont get easier, the medal and goodie bag arent much to write home about.....and today my chip didnt even work so my official time is actually my garmin time. So why do I go back year after year?

Because I like supporting a local club in their efforts to put on a race which is friendly, relatively inexpensive and close to home. Admittedly I used to train with WGEL - over 10 years ago - so I do feel an affiliation but I think it would be a shame if small races like this die a death as more and more events like the Big Half draw people in. Today's field was the smallest I have ever seen it, partly I suspect due to the weather and Essex 20, but also because people are drawn to big, commercial races instead. It was lovely to see so many ELR today, lets have even more next year.

Saturday 23rd February 2019 - Scottish National XC, Callendar Park, Falkirk

Maud Hodson - 56.35 - 220th, Sen Women
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera - 1.05.03 - 300th Sen Women
Peter Craik - 52.18 - 600th, Sen Men

Maud reports:- Heading home from a brilliant trip to Falkirk with the #runequal crew. The Scottish National Cross Country Champs is the only one in the U.K. where men and women race the same distances. So a group of us went up there to celebrate an event that is getting it right - they allow members of English clubs to take part.

After a classic anxiety dream (late, couldnt find my number, ended up running in sparkly concert trousers and sports bra through the centre of Berlin), we started the day with a leisurely jog around Falkirk parkrun, held in the same park as the XC, but a very different route on lovely woodland trails.

Back to the hotel for a quick change, then back to Callendar Park for the main event. Id arranged to find Nigel Holl (Interim Chief Exec of UK Athletics) after the womens race, but in fact he came and found us beforehand had a quick chat about UKAs future plans. Very much hope he gets the job permanently.
and then we raced.

Conditions under foot were pretty begign, and the course had a few climbs but nothing too scary. Nigel was cheering me on and later tweeted a pic of me. I also got lapped by Steph Twell and nearly put my spikes through a toad.
Between the womens and mens races we also met Ian Beattie and Mark Munro, Chair and Chief Exec of Scottish Athletics.

And we saw the Kelpies and ate our body weight in curry.

Brilliant as it was, I hope we wont be back next year, as I hope well have equal racing at the English champs...

Thursday 21st February 2019 - News from the Annual General Meeting - 7.30pm - Wanstead Leisure Centre/School

At the Meeting the Following Committee was elected by the Members present.

Chair - Frank Brownlie
Vice Chair - Jonathan Wooldridge
Club Secretary - Mike Wilson
Club Treasurer - James Nicholls
Race Secretary - Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
Club Run Co-Ordinator - Jo Wood
Webmaster - Derek Wright
Volunteer Co-Ordinator - Michael Bamford
Assistant Volunteer Co-Ordinator - Rachel Le Roux
Assistant Volunteer Co-Ordinator - Louis le Roux
Welfare Officer - Sheetal Dandgey
Social Secretary - Sonia Cheadle
Media Officer - Maya Goodwin
Newsletter Publisher - Jason Levy
Member without Portfolio - Stuart Barton

In addition the following Club Members were proposed and elected unanimously as LIFE MEMBERS

John Atkinson, Frank Brownlie, Dave Foster and Dave Knight.

Membership Fees 2019/20

The Meeting also agreed the Membership Fees for the coming year 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020.

Existing Members - Fee to remain at £22.00 which includes the England Athletics Membership fee (£15.00) for the same period.

New Members - Fee to remain at £25.00 which includes the England Athletics Membership fee (£15.00) for the same period.

Second Claim Members - Fee to reamin at £10.00

Lapsed ELR Members - The Fee will be £25.00 which includes the England Athletics Membership fee (£15.00) for the same period.

Thursday 21st February 2019 - News from the Annual General Meeting - New LIFE MEMBERS ELECTED

At the meeting following a proposal by the Committee which was carried unanimously by the members present, John Atkinson, Dave Foster and Dave Knight were duly elected as Life Members.

All three have been members of the Club for many, many years and have represented the Club in an outstanding manner at many races, events, training runs and socials.

In addition, the meeting proposed that Club Chair, Frank Brownlie also be elected as a Life Member. Again, this motion was carried unanimously.

Frank joined the Club in 2004 to train for the London Marathon. He was elected to the Committee in 2009 and became Chairman the following year in 2010. Frank has overseen the dramatic rise in both the membership numbers and the success of the Club in the many races and events that it participates in.

Frank said "John and the two Dave's thoroughly deserve their recognition and I was very pleased to be included too!"

Saturday 26th January 2019 - South of England Cross Country Championships, Parliament Hill

Filipa Soares - 47.29 -633rd - 8km
Diana Rexhepaj - 52.45 - 681st - 8km
Thomas Grimes - 1.02.16 - 632nd - 15km
Spencer Evans - 1.03.34 - 700th - 15km
Emmet Fitzgibbon - 1.13.18 - 1044th - 15km

Mike Reports.Well done to the runners who represented our club in the main SEAA Cross Country Championships today.

Thanks to our supporters, Mark Moir, Rachel and Louis Le Roux and Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera.

A three lap course for the men (15KM) and two for the women (8KM). The start is a highlight with the spectacle of the runners racing to the top of the hill en-masse! This is a great event and it is always enjoyable supporting the athletes at these races. It turned very cold by the time of the men's race and it was very muddy, but at least the rain held off until the evening.

Sunday 20th January 2019 - Benfleet 15

Mark Boulton - 1.42.01 - 18th
Joseph Browne - 1.52.51 - 74th
James Nichols - 1.52.53 - 75th
Calvin Bobin - 2.00.16 - 135th, 2nd M60
Jacob Stevens - 2.04.03 - 172nd
Regis Martin - 2.04.13 - 174th
Caroline Frith - 2.04.34 - 176th
Jimmy Dale - 2.06.48 - 195th
Robert Rayworth - 2.07.21 - 198th
James Creed - 2.08.27 - 216th
Nathaniel Dye - 2.08.39 - 220th
Nick Hoult - 2.08.50 - 222nd
Stephen Taylor - 2.09.30 - 234th
Peter Hatley - 2.10.22 - 240th
Emmet Fitzgibbon - 2.10.35 - 243rd
Maud Hodson - 2.14.48 - 291st, 42ndF
Karan Gadhia - 2.16.06 - 306th
Kasia Stachowiak - 2.17.09 - - 51stF
Ged Browne - 2.17.30 - 340th
John Healy - 2.23.30 - 405th
Shahib Miah Ali - 2.28.24 - 453rd
Grant Conway - 2.28.24 - 454th
Georgie Hooper - 2.29.38 - 461st
Kathryn Hertzberg - 2.29.01 - 464th
Alex Jameson - 2.31.29 - 494th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera - 2.31.53 - 501st
Catriona Hoult - 2.37.03 - 547th
Hayley Collins - 2.37.03 - 565th
Shanavaz Malayodu - 2.43.34 - 605th
Fiona Day - 2.52.48 - 681st
Roselin Boramakot - 2.56.07 - 715th
Helen McGuinness - 3.00.54 - 736th
Jason Levy - 3.04.57 - 750th
Lee Rand - 3.21.32 -799th

824 finishers.

Saturday 5th January 2019 - Essex Senior Cross Country, Writtle, Chelmsford

Jennifer Ansell - 43.17 - 24th
Sarah Burns - 49.01 - 59th
Maud Hodson - 50.38 - 64th
Fiona Critchley - 51.46 - 70th
Kasia Stachowiak - 54.15 - 86th
Georgie Hooper - 54.28 - 89th
Joanna Neville - 55.29 - 98th
Catriona Hoult - 56.03 - 101st
Fiona Day - 56.19 - 103rd
Tricia ONeill - 56.57 - 108th
Hayley Collins - 56.58 - 109th
Filipa Soares - 57.24 - 111th
Kathryn Hertzberg - 57.40 - 112th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera - 57.48 - 113th
Susan Edwards - 57.50 - 114th(WG&EL)(2nd Claim ELR)
Diana Rexhepaj - 1.03.53 - 137th
Susan Bushnell - 1.21.03 - 149th
Euan Brown - 34.13 - 10th
Dan Gritton - 39.41 - 97th
Spencer Evans - 40.06 - 103rd
James Nichols - 41.00 - 122nd
Dan Senior - 41.53 - 138th
Terry Lewsey - 44.56 - 171st
Emmet Fitzgibbon - 47.07 - 188th
Gareth Davies - 47.18 - 191st
Paul Thompson - 48.18 - 196th
Arthur Diaz - 1.02.24 - 229th

Team results:

Womens teams

11th ELR, 18th ELR B, 22nd ELR C and 25th ELR D of 27 teams.

Team - Men

18th ELR