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#ERVolunteers! East London Runners Volunteer Roster 2018!

We have been busy, and we will continue to be busy throughout 2018 as we help support and organise a number of events. Please get the dates in your diary now, if not there already!
As ELR's volunteer coordinator, please get in touch should you wish to lend a hand at any of these events throughout 2018. Myself and Lucy will be calling for your support throughout the year, and we really appreciate any time, expertise and assistance you can offer. Please read further below about the many events we assist and support. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Ciaran Canavan, volunteers@eastlondonrunners.org.uk

April 2018 Club Newsletter - Message from Ciaran Canavan, Volunteer Co-Ordinator ELR


I'm going to begin by stealing a quote from Maran Raju's race report.
"Finally I want to say thanks to each one of the volunteers, and to those members who work so hard for securing these valuable London places for the club."

I couldn't say it better myself. ‘"London Marathon Day", is a massive day for East London Runners, which we support both by running, and by volunteering. We had nearly 40 runners, and up to 100 volunteers, which is really impressive. Our runners race reports have been added to the website, which I've been sneak reading at every opportunity during work today. It's clear from all that having ELR at mile 20 is a massive bonus to the runners. What they don't know is just how much fun we had volunteering, keeping tabs, tracking runners, Oh, and of course handing out lots of water too.

Our volunteer efforts begin on the Saturday, with a dedicated team who turn up to begin the prep and set up of the water station. Then Sunday we had teams on the 25k Elite Drinks Station, the 20 mile Water Station, and in the Volunteer Hub of St Matthias Church Hall. These efforts are rewarded with our Club Places for the following years Marathon, which we ballot to qualifying members come November. You, our members, your family and friends make this possible. Thank you! It was a stunningly beautiful day yesterday, with the sun beaming right from the off, till the very end of the day. The runners were thirsty. Very thirsty, taking on average 4.5 litres of water each along the sun kissed marathon route.

ELR and the committee are fully committed to supporting the London Marathon through volunteering. On behalf of the committee, I'd like to thank all volunteers for your time, energy, commitment, and effort. Through you, our club shines (and shouts) so beautifully. Who will forget Maya’s mic moment, when she stole the microphone from the Fire Brigade? I suspect she may be a little hoarse after. (I think I have tinnitus!)

You were all superb, however my shout out for volunteers of the day go to Fiona Day, Dave Knight, Rachel & Louis Le Roux, Francis Williams, and to James Nichols. Louis for taking control "one BIG man" of the pedestrian crossing. Who would argue with Louis? Dave, Fiona, Rachel and James for going the extra mile, keeping the streets clear of bottles, gathering, emptying and recycling them well past and beyond the confines of our water station. Francis for handing out the most water. If there was to be a shout out for who ate the most cake, I think that must go to myself.

Finally, I want to say thanks to each one of the volunteers, and to those members who worked so hard for securing these valuable London places for the club. (Told you I couldn’t say it better myself. Thank you too Maran).Please pass on thanks to all your family and friends who joined us on the day too.We really can’t do it without them.

Same time, same place next year, and of course congratulations to all who ran the Hottest London Marathon on record!


Sunday 22nd April 2018 - Virgin Money London Marathon - 20 Mile Water Station, Poplar High Street, E1

Volunteers from East London Runners at the 20 Mile Water Station on Poplar High Street.

ELR Volunteering 2018

Start Team Volunteers. Sunday 4th March 2018, Tower Bridge
The first challenge for 2018 is The Big Half. This promises to be an amazing day, as ELR support the event as start team volunteers. Our primary duties are to safely set runners off from Tower Bridge, and to ensure the space is cleared in advance of the Elite runners returning to cross the Tower Bridge. I have a full list of volunteers, but happy to start a reserve list.

Chingford League Relays, organised by ELR. Saturday 10th March 2018, Wanstead Flats
Patrick Brown is our Race Director for this again in 2018, and together we are asking for about 15 volunteers to support on the day with course set up and course Marshalling. Let's not forget the cake stall too.

Water Station set up, Church Hall volunteer centre organisers, 20 Mile Water Station volunteers, Poplar High Street, Elite Runner Rescue Team(s).

Our biggest challenge for 2018 shall be the supporting the Virgin Money London Marathon. For the 2018 Marathon they are introducing new accreditation measures for all course team volunteers. For East London Runners volunteer co-ordination, this means that all volunteers now need to sign up at least 4-6 weeks in advance. as a Club we receive some Guaranteed pentries for the following year's Marathon.

Many of us, including myself, have received one of these guaranteed places over the years. These guaranteed entries are extremely important to the Club, and we are fully committed to continuing to support the Virgin Money London Marathon.

Prudential Ride London, Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th July 2018

We provide Volunteers on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday often we are Crossing Marshals and on Sunday Morning we normally provide one or more of the Start Teams, early start, early finish.

Essex Way Relays - Sunday 02ns September 2018

This race covers the 82 miles of the Essex way from Epping Station to Harwich Old Lighthouse in 10 stages. The route is mostly cross country and can be difficult through crops and across ploughed fields. As well aiming to field 2-3 teams of 10 runners, ELR marshal stage 1 by providing timers. A fun event that ends with fish & chips in Harwich.

Valentines Park Charity 5k - Sunday 30th September 2018

As ever, this event, organised by East London Runners can't take place without the support from ELR members, their friends and family.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with (for example)
-Setting up
-Taking entries on the day
-Marshalling the course
-Assisting with the finish line
-First Aid

This is the final race in the ELVIS Series and we are looking forward to the big day. In addition to the many ELR members competing in the race it would be good if things ran smoothly on the day so all help will be much appreciated.

Volunteering is great fun, and a wonderful way to give something back to support the sport we love. Without volunteers many of these events wouldn't happen, so please support your club, your local events, your fellow runners and our wonderful sport by giving that little something back.

Get in touch with me ASAP via e: volunteers@eastlondonrunners.org.uk, WhatsApp: 07810525659, or Facebook Messenger.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Ciaran Canavan

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