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Welcome to Track

Track is suitable for all levels of runners, no matter if you are just starting out or a seasoned runner. The aim of track is to improve your running speed and endurance.
We have a number of track leaders each with their individual styles of delivery. They will help you with your running journey and help you towards your running goals.

Track Leaders:
Rakesh (T-Rak) Sandhu - Track coordinator and session planner.
Grant (Godfather) Conway - Secret track sessions.
Karen (Guns of steel) Levison - Core Extreme Circuits.
Gareth (Barefoot) Davies - Endurance and Injury prevention.
Maya (Padawan) Goodwin - Gentle to beginners, tougher on speedsters.

Ashton Playing Fields
598 Chigwell Road
Woodford Bridge

Monday (excluding bank holidays)
6:45pm sharp start (you can arrive earlier and warm up on the track)

£4 - Under 35s
£1.50 - Students and over 35s

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Minimum age for our track sessions is 12, Children must be accompanied by an adult. No maximum age!

Monday 27th January 2020 @ 18:45 - Track Session with T-Rak & Barefoot

Session Leader:
Rak Sandhu/Gareth Davies

27th January 2020

Technical Focus:
High Knee's

Phase of training:
Preparation for cross- country

Target of session:
Steady pacing

Warm Up:
As directed by session leader
300M backward running
1 lap nose breathing
Squat Challenge

Set 1: Indian File
10 mins in your paced groups
To be treated as an extended warm-up

Set 2: 600M with 200M jog recovery - non stop session
Fast groups - 8 sets
Slower groups - 5-7 sets

Cool Down:
800M - slow comfortable pace (walk last 100M)

Strength and Conditioning:
As directed by session leader

10 minutes of general stretching

Ashton Playing Fields

Ashton Playing Fields
598 Chigwell Road
Woodford Bridge

How to get there.
Central Line Woodford Station and walk (600m.) down Snakes Lane East.

Bus numbers 275 & W14 pass the gate. Get off at Ashton Playing Fields stop. By car the track is where the M11 crosses over the Chigwell Road. Map