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Easter Monday - 22nd April 2019

May Day - Monday 6th May 2019

Spring Bank Holiday (Whitsun) - Monday 27th May 2019

Exciting News for Track - Summer 2019

Exciting News For Track

Are you a regular track’er or have you thought about coming to track but not quite managed to get to a session? Or you may be someone that comes along occasionally? Well, it really doesn’t matter. ELR have a real treat for you. We have managed to secure the services of Simon Mennall who is an experienced England Athletics (EA) coach with a great deal of knowledge. I have worked with him before and he is very approachable and friendly. He trains the coaches who are going for their Coaching in Running Fitness (CiRF). So in summary, it is fair to say that he knows his stuff!

So, can you tear yourself away from Eastenders on a Monday evening (you can iPlayer it!!) and come to track? Simon will be running the sessions on the following dates:
10th June 2019
8th July 2019
2nd Sept 2019

You may be reading this and thinking "so what?" It’s just another geezer shouting at me to run faster. What’s the big deal? Well, where do I start…….

For the runner:
Firstly, these sessions are absolutely free to ELR members (just the cost of track entry). The sessions will be structured with a warm up, main session and a cool down. This will teach you the correct method of training. You will be observed running, and suggestions may be given to you for improvements. For instance, you may have a lack of elbow or knee drive. You may have a “funky” flick of your leg that you haven’t noticed before. Your head may be in the wrong position. You will be given drills to improve your form.

For potential session leaders/coaches:
Sessions will provide the opportunity to shadow Simon – he is very good at explaining what he is doing and why. It also gives you the opportunity to take a portion of the session and have feedback.

If there is something specific you want to train for, then please let me know and I will ask Simon to incorporate this into one of his sessions. So, it doesn’t matter what level or speed you are. Please come along and I guarantee you will get something out of these sessions.

We will help you achieve your true potential!!!

Rakesh Sandhu

Monday 18th February 2019 at 6.45pm - HILLS Session on Roding Lane North - Meet OUTSIDE, at the Gates of Ashton Playing Fields, Woodford Bridge, Essex, IG8


Meet Grant and others OUTSIDE and at the Gates of 6.45pm at Ashton Playing Fields, Woodford Bridge, Essex, IG8 8AA . Nearest tube Station is Woodford on the Central Line.

Suitable for all levels including Beginners.

Track is ideal for Beginners!

Monday Nights except Bank Holidays and occasional hill training alternative - Track session - 6.45pm at Ashton Playing Fields, Woodford Bridge

Meet Grant and others at 6.45pm at Ashton Playing Fields, Woodford Bridge, Essex, IG8 8AA . Note that there will be a cost of £4 (£1.50 concessions available for students and Over 35s) per person, payable locally. Annual season tickets are also available. See Vision website. It is thhttp://www.eastlondonrunners.org.uk/admin/membership.phpe responsibility of each person attending to make payment and not the responsibility of the Club of East London Runners. Nearest tube Station is Woodford on the Central Line.

Suitable for all levels including Beginners.

Annual Season Tickets for the Track at Ashton Playing Fields 2016/17

Veteran (over 35) Annual Athletics Season Ticket are - £42.00

Adult Annual Athletics Season Ticket are - £104.00

Details on Ashton Playing Fields/Vision Redbridge Website - www.vision-rcl.org.uk/ashtons_athletics.html

Maya taking a recent Track Session

Ashton Playing Fields

Ashton Playing Fields
598 Chigwell Road
Woodford Bridge

How to get there.
Central Line Woodford Station and walk (600m.) down Snakes Lane East.

Bus numbers 275 & W14 pass the gate. Get off at Ashton Playing Fields stop. By car the track is where the M11 crosses over the Chigwell Road. Map


Pyramid session: 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m

6 x 800 metres (200 jog recovery)

8 x 600 metres (200 jog recovery)

5 x 1000 metre (200 jog recovery)

12 x 400 metres (200 jog recovery)

30 min Parlauf (Approx 1 minute recovery, between reps)

4 x 1200 metres (400 metres jog recovery)

3 x 1600 metres (400 metres jog recovery)

The aim of the sessions are to get you running at around 85% of your capacity.

All laps should be run at the same pace, so it might seem easy at first, but will get progressively harder to maintain the same pace over the last few reps.

For example, someone running 8 x 400 metres at 90 seconds a lap should run something like this: 89, 88, 90, 89, 89, 91, 92, 87

If you are able to run an 80 second lap at the end you have run to easy early on, likewise if you start by running flat out you may not be able to complete the session, or end up taking 2 minutes to run you last rep.

The (200m) jog recovery between reps is also very important. It is not a walk, and should be completed in around the same time that it takes you to run 400 metres