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Welcome to Track

Track is suitable for all levels of runners, no matter if you are just starting out or a seasoned runner. The aim of track is to improve your running speed and endurance.
We have a number of track leaders each with their individual styles of delivery. They will help you with your running journey and help you towards your running goals.

Track Leaders:
Rakesh (T-Rak) Sandhu - Track coordinator and session planner.
Grant (Godfather) Conway - Secret track sessions.
Karen (Guns of steel) Levison - Core Extreme Circuits.
Gareth (Barefoot) Davies - Endurance and Injury prevention.
Maya (Padawan) Goodwin - Gentle to beginners, tougher on speedsters.

Ashton Playing Fields
598 Chigwell Road
Woodford Bridge

Monday (excluding bank holidays)
6:45pm sharp start (you can arrive earlier and warm up on the track)

£4 - Under 35s
£1.50 - Students and over 35s

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Minimum age for our track sessions is 12, Children must be accompanied by an adult. No maximum age!

Monday 02nd March 2020 @ 18:45 - Track Session with Barefoot & T-Rak

Session Leader:
Barefoot & T-Rak

02nd March 2020

Technical Focus:
Backward Elbow Drive

Phase of training:
Preparation for cross- country

Target of session:
Consistant lap times

Warm Up:
As directed by session leader. To include:
1 lap backward running
1 lap nose breathing

Weekly Challenge - Sit-up "V" and hold
02nd Mar - 12secs
03rd Mar - 13 secs
04th Mar - 14 secs
05th Mar - 15 secs
06th Mar - 16 secs
07th Mar - 17 secs
08th Mar - 18 secs

Set 1: 800s
800M fast pace
60 secs static recovery

Set 2: Timed mile
Run 4 and a bit laps as fast as you can

Cool Down:
800M - slow comfortable pace (walk last 100M)

Strength and Conditioning:
As directed by session leader

10 minutes of general stretching