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Results July-Dec 2019

NYE Flitch Way Marathon - Tuesday 31st December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton3.17.155th
Paul: Great way to end the running year, Flitch Way Trail Marathon.
Wheels fell off the last 7km but great fun in the mud and trails, good to
not care about time and km splits etc. Thanks to the coach Rafal Medak for
all his hard work. Looking forward to 2020 and Two Oceans.

Description: The Flitch Way Marathon is an out and back marathon mostly
along an old disused railway line. Starts and finishes in Great Notley
in Essex.

Plain Crazy 2019 (12.5m ish) - Sunday 29th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith1.40.1992nd / 15th
Caroline reports: The last race of 2019 called for something a little different, and Plain Crazy certainly fitted the bill. Part of the Wiltshire Athletics Association off road league, Plain Crazy is a 12.5 ish mile run and has been described as hilly, cold, scenic, desolate, windy and can even be snowy.
With over 1000 ft of elevation gain this race definitely gives Orion 15 a run for its money.
The race starts and finishes in the garrison town of Warminster on the edge of Salisbury Plain and is a fund raiser for the Royal British Legion.
It was a race with three firsts for me - the first time I have been advised in a race briefing to stay on the track to avoid coming into contact with unexploded military debris, the first time I have run through a tank graveyard, and the first time I have ever WALKED up a hill in a race!
The race is mainly run on tank tracks and closed roads on Salisbury Plain. There are only 2 days a year that the road we ran on is open to the public, the rest of the time that part of the Plain is for military use only.
The first 2 miles were solidly up hill onto the Plain, a fair bit of mud and lots of clay underfoot, followed by a steep downhill section where you really had to watch your step - lots of loose gravel and slippery surfaces. This was followed by the hill from hell - a very steep grass slope that everyone walked up, including me. So not only was I walking during a race, I was walking in the first 20 minutes of a race!
After this we were up on the Plain proper and it was mostly rolling until 9 miles, on tank tracks that were full of enormous pot holes and giant puddles. Lots of loose gravel meant I was always watching my step, but I felt pretty good once I realised there weren't going to be anymore hills as steep as the one I walked up.
The last uphill bit was a fairly gentle incline from about 9 miles, but it stretched on and on into the distance as far as the eye could see, which when combined with a cold headwind meant it felt like it went on forever.
Thankfully at 10.5 miles we crested a hill by some lookout towers and I could see Warminster again down in the distance. The last 2 miles were mostly downhill which made for a fast finish, and I came in at 1.40.19 in 92nd place (15th female) out of a field of 500 which I was pleased with. My aim was sub 8 min miling and my pace averaged 7.50 which I was very happy with given the whole walking episode (can you tell how much that grates me?!)
I feel like I've ended 2019 on good form - bring on 2020.

End of the Year 10m, Staplehurst - Sunday 29th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.06.0525th

Ilford AC Cross Country Relay (3.3m) - Saturday 28th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Becky Evans25.28leg 1, 2nd team
Warren Ibrahim24.57leg 2, 2nd team
James Nichols23.19leg 3, 2nd team
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera35.32leg 2
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera42.12leg 3
ELR 2nd team 1.13.26

Ilford AC 10m Cross Country - Saturday 28th December 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1.14.4416th
Peter Craik1.14.4817th
Karan Gadhia1.15.2818th
Jacob Stevens1.15.3319th
Paul Thompson1.16.01 pb20th
Calvin Bobin1.16.3322nd
Andrew Jackson1.16.3923rd
Vinesh Sampath Kumar1.23.25 pb36th
James Creed1.27.4644th
Sarah Burns1.28.3147th
Clive Stephenson1.29.5348th
Maud Hodson1.31.5052nd
Nathaniel Dye1.31.5853rd
Fiona Critchley1.31.5854th
Stuart Hodson1.34.0760th
Janet Bywater1.37.0863rd
Catherine Brett1.43.3968th
Fiona Day1.46.2472nd
Caroline Moore1.50.0476th
83 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 28th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alexandra Wilkinson41.09* (course pb)237th 40.26% Torrens
Cathal Lynch23.18* debut39th 55.36% Killarney House
Alice Barrett31.33* debut170th 46.91% Irchester Country
Stephen Swan23.11* debut14th 56.29% Lingwood
Stuart Barton27.13 debut24th 54.19% Lingwood
Paul Marshall22.32* debut27th 58.51% Wythenshawe
Matthew Powell24.39 (course pb)50th 56.19% Wythenshawe
Shahib Miah Ali19.16 (parkrun pb)45th 67.73% Bushy
Katrina Betteridge26.44 debut119th 55.74% Hackney
Dan Senior19.51 debut3rd 70.86% Linford Wood
Jakub Czeczotka26.12 debut26th 51.34% Brentwood
Anne-Marie Kennedy27.22 (course pb)76th 55.91% Gunpowder
Marc Akers36.10168th 39.82% Gunpowder
Mary OBrien28.47(100th parkrun)53rd 71.51% Wexford Racecourse
Chris Green27.06 debut22nd 50.74% Sunny Hill
Jane Clapton31.13 debut280th 52.43% Hastings
Sophie Edwards35.01336th 45.79% Hastings
Katherine Harris24.3674th 61.79% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers27.34 (250th parkrun)124th 63.18% Mile End
Martin Quinlan28.1062nd 51.12% Roundshaw Downs
Dan Gritton18.346th 77.56% Finsbury
Tom Howourth20.5020th 62.08% Plymvalley
Nick Clarke19.5539th 66.61% Norwich
Michael Bamford21.4516th 69.50% Troon
Samir Younsi23.459th 59.72% Beckton
Shailesh Patel49.3593rd 30.49% Barking
Joseph Gunn 19.005th 68.25% Rushcliffe
Peter Hatley25.1696th 56.13% Cleethorpes
Susan Bushnell38.5183rd Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Kathy Morrissey29.59305th Stretford
Alex Jameson25.2636th Mersea Island
Kasia Stachowiak22.5815th las Aniolowski
Mark Moir19.559th Herrington Country
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.575th Fareham
Sheetal Dandgey25.1371st Fareham
James Nichols21.324th Roding Valley
Caroline Frith22.387th Roding Valley
Richard Potter25.5924th Roding Valley
Patrick Brown19.482nd Walthamstow
Jamie Xavier24.1410th Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.3935th Walthamstow
Andrew Howard28.0641st Walthamstow
Stuart Kelly17.39 (course pb)2nd 74.69% Valentines
Daniel ODonoghue19.47 (course pb)8th 65.71% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.5411th 70.02% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu22.5522nd 64.36% Valentines
Ross Lucas23.2526th 62.49% Valentines
Lauren Kelly23.4831st 62.25% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.0957th 61.63% Valentines
Suzanne Taylor25.2160th 66.14% Valentines
Sandra Preston26.0468th 68.54% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.2876th 59.01% Valentines
Mark Durrant28.39110th 53.64% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth29.06119th 56.24% Valentines
Alexander Ward29.11122nd 44.32% Valentines
Jason Levy29.41124th 48.91% Valentines
Scott McMillan19.573rd 70.51% Wanstead
Selina Vernal23.2016th 65.14% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult26.3342nd 59.82% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.1453rd 53.96% Wanstead
Anna Dingle29.3569th 53.18% Wanstead
Jayne Browne29.5471st 60.54% Wanstead
Jess Trayler-Moore31.0585th 49.49% Wanstead
Claire Emery31.0987th 53.18% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar32.1991st 51.26% Wanstead
Jane Scott35.25108th 49.79% Wanstead
Angela May35.27109th 42.69% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin41.17122nd 40.13% Wanstead
Vicky Allen50.41 (tailwalker)126th 32.69% Wanstead

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 27th December 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols18.4653rd 48th 71.1%
Amit Marks20.0478th 68th 69.8%
Michael Wilson22.27125th 93rd 70.5%
Veronica Carrasco26.16174th 63rd 56.2%

Pitsea Crown To Crown 5km - Thursday 26th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson23.5257th
Terry Lewsey25.4590th
Susan Bushnell40.32232nd
240 finishers.

parkrun - all venues (Christmas Day) - Wednesday 25th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grace Turner27.49* (course pb)154th 53.21% Blyth Links
John Henry19.58* debut56th 68.36% York
Liviu Ionita16.33* (1st man)1st 78.05% Darlington South
Victoria Charlesworth32.40* debut135th 50.10% Glossop
Joseph Gunn 19.28* (1st man)1st 66.61% Melton Mowbray
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.43* (course pb)3rd 69.72% Fareham
Paul Marshall20.59* (course pb)47th 62.83% Morecambe Prom
Chris Green31.34 debut207th 43.56% Oak Hill
Thomas Grimes18.06 (1st man)1st 74.86% Limerick
Shaun DeSena33.42 debut443rd 38.58% Northala Fields
Stuart Barton28.16170th 52.18% Kesgrave
Juliet Lopez-Real32.25215th 49.00% Grovelands
Andrew Howard23.3080th 67.09% Poolsbrook
Alex Jameson27.50151st 52.57% Colchester Castle
Martin Quinlan28.2367th 50.73% Roundshaw Downs
Mark Moir19.459th 65.32% Herrington Country
Ford Cadiogan25.4073rd 55.26% Highbury Fields
Fiona Critchley25.1598th 68.98% Great Notley
Caroline Frith22.1311th 69.77% Roding Valley
Robert Rayworth22.59 debut20th 61.20% Roding Valley
Liam Dempsey26.1247th 49.81% Roding Valley
Mark Boulton17.144th 76.98% Gunpowder
Anne-Marie Kennedy27.37 debut65th 55.40% Gunpowder
Marc Akers37.10151st 38.74% Gunpowder
John Booth17.527th 75.84% Barking
James Nichols19.01 (course pb)15th 69.76% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali19.3316th 66.75% Barking
Karan Gadhia20.1022nd 63.97% Barking
Rakesh Sandhu22.4154th 65.03% Barking
Terry Lewsey24.4276th 56.07% Barking
Bilkis Achha24.52 (course pb)79th 62.33% Barking
Denys Vuika26.16 (course pb)108th 50.82% Barking
Naimah Riaz26.22 (course pb)110th 59.23% Barking
Jocelyn Summers27.52 (course pb)131st 62.50% Barking
Samia Choudhury33.54224th 43.66% Barking
Susan Bushnell37.18257th 53.53% Barking
Shailesh Patel59.55299th 25.23% Barking
Cathal Lynch23.4842nd 54.20% Tralee

parkrun - Wanstead Flats (Christmas Day) - Wednesday 25th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown17.381st 73.25
Patrick Brown17.572nd 73.07%
Tom Marshall20.0211th 66.64%
Andrew Baxter21.2123rd 69.63%
Peter Craik22.0524th 66.26%
Scott McMillan22.14 (with buggy)28th 63.27%
Louis Le Roux22.2232nd 60.13%
William ODonoghue22.3134th 57.44%
Ciaran Canavan22.5640th 62.28%
Nick Hoult23.3749th 60.48%
Selina Vernal24.1864th 62.55%
Ross Lucas24.2566th 59.93%
Becky Evans24.5573rd 68.96%
David Hallybone25.5688th 54.24%
Lance Fuller26.2896th 59.07%
Sarah Burns27.31112th 56.75%
Steven Bywater27.41118th 55.03%
Suzanne Bench28.20127th 62.24%
Fiona Day28.25128th 69.327%
Katie Whitton28.48140th 51.39%
Kathryn Hertzberg29.06147th 51.20%
Janet Bywater30.00158th 59.56%
Catriona Hoult30.22162nd 52.31%
Andy Bolderstone30.32166th 46.45%
Jess Trayler-Moore30.40167th 50.16%
Anna Dingle30.55171st 50.89%
Maud Hodson30.56 (with camel)172nd 52.37%
Viktor Szabadi31.14179th 48.77%
Jayne Browne32.14194th 56.15%
Claire Emery33.03201st 50.13%
Andrea Waller34.58231st 44.66%
Sallyann Eyles35.04234th 46.67%
Vicky Allen35.19241st 46.91%
Geoff Bench37,51257th 40.25%
Catherine Brett38.09261st 46.22%
Don Bennett40.17277th 39.80%
Maya Goodwin42.45283rd 38.75%
Elizabeth ODonnell45.34287th 36.80%

Torrington Christmas Caper - Saturday 21st December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paula Bedford1.28.41
Sarah Burns1.32.44
Sarah's report: The Torrington Christmas Caper has now become a bit of a Christmas Tradition. A visit to Dad's is easily combined with a 9.79 mile run through mud, floods and Devon hills. Plus the clotted cream and Christmas pudding awarded to finishers, in leui of a meda, saves on the Christmas food bill. This year Paula joined me. We huddled together on the start for warmth and as soon as the signal was given we were off, well she was off. After a brief but sharp decent and a run through a forested area tracking the river we soon encountered the dreaded lane. A 200m flooded lane with freezing cold water up to the waist (Paul's thighs). Walking was the only option but slow progress in the cold water made for numb feet and legs. Next challenge was a steady 2 mile up hill slog where you could see the runners on the opposite side of the river. I looked out for Paula but could see her. Paula looked out for me and spotting me shouted my name (apparently I was too busy talking). Some muddy ups and downs came next on the flinty forest tracks. There were a lot of branches strewn across the route so carefully footing was required. At about mile 7 we rejoined the Tarka trail heading back to Torrington. I was getting really hungry and starting to dread the horror of the last mile. Paula on the other hand ceased the opportunity to get her head down and crack on, taking advantage of the relative flat of the trail. With a mile and a half to go the toughest section was to come. As I heard the sound of Christmas songs floating across the Devon hills I knew I was approaching the "death drop". A almost vertical mud slides of a decent in to a water filled ditch. Unbeknownst to me not 5 mins early Paula had chosen the path of least resistance and arse-sledged down the decent. I on the other hand just managed to stay upright narrowly avoiding face planting in the ditch. The last mile is a brutal up hill slog across sodden fields back to the rugby club. Hitting the tarmac run in to the finish Paula unleashed her sprint and was relieved to find the kids waiting at the finish #runningorphans. Mildly concerned for my nephew's but mainly motivated by the promise of warm mince pies and sugary tea I got my gurn on and stumbled over the finish line. We collected our puds and clotted cream and reflected on the fact that it would have been easier to go to Waitrose. But that wouldn't have been half as much fun. Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday XC League - Event 3 - Fairlands Valley Park, Stevenage - Saturday 21st December 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Rhys Edwards31.2326th
John Henry31.4728th
Mark Moir33.5674th - 72nd
James Nichols34.2286th - 83rd
Peter Craik34.5795th - 89th
Karan Gadhia35.1099th - 93rd
Jacob Stevens36.07128th - 115th
Vinesh Sampath Kumar40.31200th - 171st
Stuart Hodson41.19224th - 187th
Michael Wilson41.58251st - 202nd
Maud Hodson43.17286th - 66th
Alex Jameson44.01296th - 226th
Kathryn Hertzberg44.30305th - 76th
Carolyn Edwards45.11323rd - 87th
Catriona Hoult45.27330th - 90th
Fiona Day49.45390th - 125th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera51.35403rd - 137th
445 finishers, 280 men, 165 ladies,
Team Results (19 teams)
Men A Team 7th, 8th overall
Men B Team 8th, 8th overall
Men Vets 9th, 8th overall
Ladies A Team 12th, 11th overall
Ladies Vets 15th, 10th overall.

Mark Moir: Yesterday, my final race of 2019 took place in Stevenage. The muddy conditions made it difficult in parts but I was really pleased with my time of 33:56 for just shy of miles. A day after running my final London parkrun of 2019 too. It has been a terrific year of running for east London runners as a club and it has been a privilege to run with such an amazing bunch of people and help to represent them up and down the country this year! Let’s see where 2020 takes me on this running journey.

Chiang Mai Half Marathon, Thailand - Sunday 22nd December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods1.52.16196th, 1st M65 - 69

Run Through Greenwich Park 10km - Saturday 21st December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Marcela Vasques53.09140th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 21st December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Liviu Ionita16.01* pb (1st man)1st 80.65% Barking
John Henry17.50* (cpb &1st man)1st 76.54% Pymmes
Patrick Brown18.45* debut2nd 74.34% Cirencester
Andrew Baxter21.11* debut3rd 70.18% Lands End
Morag Campbell37.31* debut35th 43.63% South Boulder Cree, US
Alexandra Wilkinson41.49* debut276th 39.62% Torrens,Aust
Kasia Stachowiak23.14 (1st lady)1st 64.78% Aniolowski, POL
Stephen Swan22.23 debut29th 58.30% Gorleston Cliffs
Stuart Barton24.18 debut61st 60.70% Gorleston Cliffs
Samir Younsi24.01 debut(50th parkrun)69th 59.06% Highbury Fields
Shaun DeSena34.19 debut437th 37.88% Rushcliffe
Chris Green42.52 debut27th 32.08% Beckton
Jakub Czeczotka25.2718th 52.85% Kolobrzeg,Pol
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.5214th 69.17% South Manchester
Sarah Burns24.5220th 62.80% Bideford
Paula Bedford26.3225th 59.86% Bideford
Paul Marshall23.5443rd 55.16% Morecambe Prom
Martin Quinlan26.48129th 53.73% Southwark
Tom Howourth21.4419th 59.43% Plymvalley
Richard Guest23.2062nd 61.21% Rushmoor
Jocelyn Summers28.28168th 61.18% Mile End
Mark Boulton16.512nd 78.73% Hackney
Catriona Hoult25.23147th 62.57% Hackney
Amit Marks20.5818th 66.61% Raphael
Stuart Kelly18.324th 71.13% Valentines
Billy Rayner18.536th 69.46% Valentines
Mark Moir19.5610th 64.72% Valentines
Karan Gadhia19.57 pb11th 64.66% Valentines
James Nichols20.0712th 65.95% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali20.1013th 64.71% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.5723rd 69.85% Valentines
Caroline Frith22.4334th 68.23% Valentines
Peter Hatley22.5135th 62.07% Valentines
Ross Lucas23.19 (course pb)42nd 62.76% Valentines
Chloe Millan23.2744th 63.11% Valentines
Lauren Kelly23.5751st 61.86% Valentines
Lydia Merrett24.18 (course pb)60th 60.91% Valentines
Steven Bywater25.1877th 60.21% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.2281st 60.64% Valentines
Janet Bywater25.27 (course pb)83rd 70.20% Valentines
Sandra Preston25.3485th 69.88% Valentines
Alex Jameson26.1493rd 55.78% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.13104th 57.38% Valentines
Maud Hodson28.35135th 56.68% Valentines
Mark Durrant28.47141st 53.39% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu28.49142nd 51.19% Valentines
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.03 (50th parkrun)151st 52.95% Valentines
Katherine Harris29.04152nd 52.29% Valentines
Warren Ibrahim29.06154th 50.29% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth30.02177th 54.50% Valentines
Tim Aylett30.19179th 45.35% Valentines
Frank Brownlie31.28189th 54.82% Valentines
Alice Barrett34.06225th 43.40% Valentines
Marc Akers36.13248th 39.76% Valentines
Shailesh Patel50.08294th 30.15% Valentines
Euan Brown17.181st 74.66% Wanstead
James Wilson19.413rd 70.96% Wanstead
Scott McMillan20.015th 70.27% Wanstead
William ODonoghue22.4916th 56.68% Wanstead
Peter Craik23.2122nd 62.67% Wanstead
Selina Vernal23.4026th 64.23% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi27.4559th 54.89% Wanstead
Fiona Day28.3774th 68.78% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar30.1288th 54.86% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.50110th 48.83% Wanstead
Caroline Moore33.33114th 54.89% Wanstead
Jane Scott37.12122nd 47.40% Wanstead
Angela May37.19123rd 40.55% Wanstead
Vicky Allen37.32124th 44.14% Wanstead
Don Bennett41.32136th 38.60% Wanstead
Julie Creffield51.37142nd 29.80% Wanstead
Andrew Howard53.30 (tailwalker)146th 29.47% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch24.5552nd 51.77% Tralee

Gravesend Cyclopark Santa Dash 5km - Sunday 15th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ross Lucas23.544th

Sevilla Half Marathon - Sunday 15th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Burrard-Lucas1.28.10 pb
Tom with his first proper half marathon (1:28:10) in Sevilla.
The first one being when he ran alongside me when I was three months pregnant!

Run Through Victoria Park Half Marathon - Sunday 15th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton1.20.0515th, 2nd V40
Manjit Bedi1.28.1360th, 1st V50
Katherine Harris1.55.43435th
Adam Stanley2.01.11525th
Adam Stanley: My last race of 2019 - Victoria Park half marathon.
2.01.11. Didn't quite get under 2hr but pretty pleased as not managed to
get in so much training of late. Looking forward to 2020 after my first
year of doing any races - pleased to have finished 5 1/2's and a 10 miler
so onwards and upwards. Been a real help joining up to ELR this year and
has not only helped with my times but given me a new love for running again.

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 15th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans38.3316th
Jamie Xavier44.5683rd
Kasia Stachowiak46.10 pb101st
John Healy52.20227th

Sikhs in the City Dawn to Dusk, Ultra - Sunday 15th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jagbir Bassi6.35.3412th, 30 laps
Peter Hatley6.06.2713th, 28 laps
Jacob Stevens4.59.5126th, 25 laps
Jacob: I enjoyed my first SITC race - well organised and fun.
I never would have considered entering such a race before joining ELR!
I also adjusted my expectations, deciding to stop at 50k rather than
do the full D2D, as my hip was playing up. If I do another ultra I'll
probably go for something more scenic, but may well do the half next
Thanks for the support from you and the rest of the ELR gang!

Sikhs in the City Dawn to Dusk, Marathon - Sunday 15th December 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown2.59.431st
Richard Kimmens3.33.314th
Karan Gadhia3.53.40*
Jimmy Dale3.53.407th
Maud Hodson4.14.5317th, 4th lady
Selina Vernal4.52.21
Fiona Day5.20.5339th, 10th lady
Maud Hodson: When my alarm clock went at 6.15 this morning I very seriously considered turning it off and going back to sleep. Although I'd decided a few weeks ago to switch from the ultra to the marathon due to a total lack of training, 26.2 miles is not to be taken lightly.
Anyway I'm glad I turfed myself out of bed. There's something about this race that keeps me going back year after year - a real sense of community. I ran at various times with other ELRs and friends from other clubs, and felt so well supported by everyone. And having thought that 4.30 would be realistic I was very happy to come home in just under 4.15. I guess I'll probably be back next year...

Fiona Day: I can't remember running more than 8 miles in the past 6 months! I guess I could try and drag up excuses, but after considering stopping at the half realised I have felt worse when I was running a marathon and still finished even when the training had gone well. So today my marathon was a training run.

Mick Wilson: This was my first Sikhs in the City, Dawn to Dusk race. I had wanted to run it the previous two years, but it clashed with the Cross Country League. I had considered deferring my entry as I did not feel up to running a marathon and then the day before, I picked up another cold. I felt a little rough and shivery on the day and in the end was relieved to complete 11 Laps for the 22km. There was a board at the end where you couId look at your name and check the number of laps completed. I found it difficult particularly turning left into Woodford Bridge Road and my hip felt sore on the camber and running up and down the curbs on the pavement. I have admiration for those who ran the Marathon and Ultra distances, on a very tough course. I personally found the Hog Hill Half/Marathon/Ultra run easier because it was run on smooth tarmac. The disappointment of my run was more than compensated for by the day itself. The SITC team put on an amazing event. The organisation and Marshalling were first class and everyone were so friendly and helpful. It felt like a real community occasion. There was food everywhere, a nice shirt and a big medal at the end. I would have liked to have seen the Year put onto the medal as there was plenty of room, or else on the ribbon. Well done to all the ELR's, especially those with top three placings. Everyone were winners today!

Sikhs in the City Dawn to Dusk, Half Marathon - Sunday 15th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karan Gadhia2.00.0911th
Sarah Burns2.03.1915th, 4th lady
Jakub Czeczotka2.07.23
Janet Bywater2.08.2518th, 6th lady
Michael Wilson2.12.07
Veronica Carrasco2.12.4921st, 7th
Caroline Moore2.25.0430th, 11th
Alice Barrett2.45.3442nd, 18th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.45.3613 laps
Alexandra: Mini race report at the SITC D2D today!
After my second place at the Ultra last year, there was some pressure to perform well this year...
However, having been a looser the last 6 months in pretty much all the races I had done, I would have had to hope for a miracle.
So, I decided to be a least a wise looser and instead of running an Ultra badly and take weeks to recover from it, I stopped today after a ( still bad) half-marathon which will allow me to perform better at the Sunday league next week!
2020 is starting soon and it can only be better than 2019...
In the meantime, our runners made me very proud today, just mentioning a few amazing results from
Patrick Brown (1st Male marathon distance)
Lee Johnson (1st Male 10k)
James Nichols (3rd male 10k)
Fiona Critchley (2nd female 10k)
Karan Gadhia with a marathon under 4 hours
Jacob Stevens finishing his first ultra
Some of them are still out there : Peter Hatley, Jag, Rich Kimmens! Go, guys,

Caroline Moore: My first time, I did the half, the 11 laps worked out longer,
14 miles, as you warned! And tough, that little hill starts to hurt after 8 laps.
Great atmosphere and support, especially from Alice Barrett's wonderful mum, who
was on the corner just before race HQ.

Mike Wilson: This was my first Sikhs in the City, Dawn to Dusk race. I had wanted to run it the previous two years, but it clashed with the Cross Country League. I had considered deferring my entry as I did not feel up to running a marathon and then the day before, I picked up another cold. I felt a little rough and shivery on the day and in the end was relieved to complete 11 Laps for the 22km. There was a board at the end where you couId look at your name and check the number of laps completed. I found it difficult particularly turning left into Woodford Bridge Road and my hip felt sore on the camber and running up and down the curbs on the pavement. I have admiration for those who ran the Marathon and Ultra distances, on a very tough course. I personally found the Hog Hill Half/Marathon/Ultra run easier because it was run on smooth tarmac. The disappointment of my run was more than compensated for by the day itself. The SITC team put on an amazing event. The organisation and Marshalling were first class and everyone were so friendly and helpful. It felt like a real community occasion. There was food everywhere, a nice shirt and a big medal at the end. I would have liked to have seen the Year put onto the medal as there was plenty of room, or else on the ribbon. Well done to all the ELR's, especially those with top three placings. Everyone were winners today!

Sikhs in the City Dawn to Dusk, 10km - Sunday 15th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Liviu Ionita35.421st
James Nichols41.223rd
Stephen Swan46.59 pb9th
Manjit Singh51.3214th
Stuart Barton52.2915th
Fiona Critchley52.442nd lady
Jay Sangha58.3216th
Victoria Charlesworth1.04.2932nd
Stuart: Just the 10k for me this year at SITC, I have done the
half the last two years but not run 10k since Beachy head in October,
The weather could not have been better just a little wind and not too cold.
I met other ELR at the start line at about 10:00 and we cheered and shouted
as the runners came by,
SITC is a well-organized event and very local, and free food at the end,
I never got a PB but I guess with little training that was a lot to ask for,
Thanks again to everyone involved.

Run Through Olympic Park 5km - Saturday 14th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Angela May29.3170th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 14th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry18.28* debut4th 73.92% du Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Thomas Grimes19.43 (1st man)1st 68.72% Sunny Hill
John Booth18.35 (1st man)1st 72.91% Barking
Samir Younsi24.19 debut128th 58.33% Finsbury
Catriona Hoult25.35 debut163rd 62.08% Chelmsford Central
Shaun DeSena35.58 debut78th 36.14% Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Stuart Barton25.22 (course pb)93rd 58.15% Northala Fields
Stephen Swan22.3741st 57.70% Kesgrave
Shahib Miah Ali20.47121st 62.79% Bushy
Richard Guest22.0156th 64.88% Highbury Fields
Marc Akers36.17134th 39.69% Gunpwder
Fiona Critchley24.5934th 69.71% Great Notley
Shailesh Patel28.48178th 52.49% Leicester Victoria
Katherine Harris25.1783rd 60.12% Victoria Docks
Paul Marshall22.4619th 57.91% Morecambe Prom
Mark Moir19.463rd 65.26% Herrington Country
Sarah Burns25.21128th 61.60% Hackney
Andy Bolderstone26.23 debut149th 53.76% Hackney
Martin Quinlan26.01143rd 55.35% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.16197th 61.62% Mile End
Dan Gritton21.373rd 66.62% Roding Valley
Caroline Frith22.518th 67.83% Roding Valley
Adam Stanley27.3530th 49.12% Roding Valley
John Healy28.0334th 50.56% Roding Valley
Patrick Brown18.18 (1st man)1st 71.68% Walthamstow
Mark Boulton19.552nd 66.61% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.5040th 56.77% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard27.09 (course pb)42nd 58.07% Walthamstow
Peter Hatley29.4057th 47.81% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey36.0384th 45.40% Walthamstow
Calvin Bobin20.5210th 79.63% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu25.2542nd 58.03% Valentines
George Georgiou25.5049th 57.10% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.5250th 57.47% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.0985th 57.52% Valentines
Veronica Carrasco27.4699th 53.30% Valentines
Mark Durrant29.48126th 51.57% Valentines
Frank Brownlie31.48151st 54.25% Valentines
Peter Craik23.2118th 62.67% Wanstead
William ODonoghue23.5522nd 54.08% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.2927th 61.47% Wanstead
Liam Dempsey25.0736th 51.96% Wanstead
Katie Whitton27.1261st 54.41% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.1785th 52.02% Wanstead
Jayne Browne31.21107th 57.74% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.32111th 50.85% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar32.36124th 50.82% Wanstead
Scott McMillan32.46 (with Alma)128th 42.93% Wanstead
Caroline Moore33.36136th 54.61% Wanstead
Vicky Allen38.16157th 43.29% Wanstead
Jane Clapton38.37161st 42.38% Wanstead
Don Bennett40.25170th 39.67% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch25.02 debut126th 51.53% Highbury Fields

Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 11th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest44.4477th

Chase The Moon 5km, QEOP - Wednesday 11th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ross Lucas23.2346th

Chingford League - Event 4 - Velopark 5km - Wednesday 11th December 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Eleanor Wilkinson21.1119th 7pts
Caroline Frith21.3422nd 4th
Becky Evans21.42 pb24th 9pts
Kasia Stachowiak22.2334th
Chloe Millan22.31 pb36th
Lydia Merrett23.19 pb (cl debut)41st
Maud Hodson23.4447th
Sarah Burns24.2354th
Katie Whitton24.5758th
Carolyn Edwards25.0560th
Catriona Hoult25.1767th
Joanna Neville25.18 (cl debut)69th
Debbie Shearing25.32 (elr debut)71st
Kathryn Hertzberg25.3572nd
Sandra Preston25.4673rd 2pts
Fiona Day27.0082nd 8pts
Catherine Brett27.3791st
Grace Turner28.00 (elr debut)95th
Helen McGuinness28.1197th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.2498th
Sallyann Eyles32.16 (cl debut)109th
Euan Brown16.091st 20pts
Liviu Ionita16.26 (cl debut)5th 16pts
Patrick Brown16.508th 13pts
John Henry17.5729th 2pts
Billy Rayner18.1836th
James Nichols19.1652nd
Med Dahbi19.1753rd 10pts
Mark Moir19.2556th
Nick Clarke20.1876th
Stuart Hodson20.23 pb78th 10pts
Jacob Stevens20.3482nd
Karan Gadhia20.3983rd
Amit Marks20.5187th
Warren Ibrahim20.5788th
Mounir Dahbi21.1493rd
Jimmy Dale21.1594th
Nick Hoult21.2197th
Peter Hatley21.34102nd
Calvin Bobin21.36103rd 8pts
Regis Martin21.50110th
Clive Stephenson22.02 (cl debut)114th 7pts
Grant Conway22.30121st
Samir Younsi23.42131st
Michael Wilson23.42132nd
Andrew Howard24.08135th
Martin Quinlan24.35138th
Alex Jameson24.42140th
Frank Brownlie32.36157th 3pts
Finishers: 112 women, 157 men.
Team results:
Men A Team 4th, 3rd overall.
Men B Team 4th, 3rd overall.
Men Vets 5th, 5th overall
Ladies A Team 5th, 4th overall
Ladies Vets 3rd, 4th overall

Michael Wilson: Thanks to all the East London Runners that came along to run or Marshall at the Olympic Park Velodrome last night. It is rare for us to cancel a Wednesday club run (ELVIS and a snowy/icy evening two years ago excepted). In the event, close to 50 runners turned out on a cold December evening close to Xmas. A big thanks to Adrian Frost, Bob Jousiffe and the Chingford League committee for arranging, also Eton Manor for their excellent hosting of the race.
Adrian advises that the Velodrome race was made possible by the support of the League sponsor, East London Brewing Co. Therefore yesterday was a first, for our club and the League. However, Adrian advises it is also a return to a venerable tradition. Up to three races a year were held on the same site (the old Eastway Cycle Track), until about 14 years ago. This was quite a few years before ELR joined the League!
Finally, please advise any feedback or issues you have concerning the race. This will be of assistance to the CL. in the discussions/planning for next year's event.
Keep on supporting the Chingford League, Sunday League and ELR.
Mike, Jacob and Alexandra.

Royal Parks Winter 10km - Regents Park - Sunday 8th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown34.351st
Samir Younsi48.19 pb108th

Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon - Sunday 8th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Kelly1.18.16 pb8th
Billy Rayner1.23.5832nd
Chloe Millan1.44.45 pb441st
Lauren Kelly1.50.28620th

Keyworth Turkey Trot Half Marathon - Sunday 8th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn 1.29.1870th / 933

Met League Race 3 - Uxbridge - Saturday 7th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton31.00103rd
Maud Hodson42.39133rd - 5th V45

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 7th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amit Marks41.06 pb30th
Angela May1.03.57256th
Jane Scott1.09.01297th

Walthamstow Santa Dash - Saturday 7th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kathryn Hertzberg31.1846th
Sallyann Eyles34.3784th

Ware Cup, Loughton AC - Saturday 7th December 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith39.3437th 4th
Sandra Preston46.4967th 22nd

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 7th December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Barton25.44* debut89th 57.32% Kettering
John Henry17.55* (course pb)2nd 76.19% Peckham Rye
Fiona Critchley26.19* debut23rd 66.18% Highwoods
Andrew Howard24.16* debut21st 64.97% The Leas,Minister
Richard Guest22.10* debut38th 64.44% Sandhurst Memorial
Chris Green47.19 debut493rd 29.06% Richmond
Fabrizio Stefanoni18.39 (course pb)4th 76.59% Grovelands
Grace Turner29.25 debut64th 50.31% Harrow Lodge
Andy Bolderstone26.39 debut59th 53.22% Canons Park
Lawrence Foster21.15 (50th parkrun)11th 72.94% Bognor Regis
Siobhan OShea28.16 (course debut and pb)122nd 56.72% Warwick Racecourse
Fiona Day28.09344th 69.92% Sheffield Hallam
James Nichols22.0287th 60.21% Chelmsford Central
Martin Quinlan24.56137th 57.75% Southwark
Stephen Swan22.1139th 58.83% Kesgrave
Paul Marshall22.5122nd 57.70% Morecambe Prom
Liviu Ionita16.40 (1st man)1st 77.50% Barking
Karan Gadhia20.03 pb3rd 64.34% Barking
Daniel ODonoghue22.25 (course pb)17th 59.77% Brentwood
Liam Dempsey25.3956th 52.03% Brentwood
Med Dahbi19.18 debut11th 77.03% Raphael
Mounir Dahbi21.04 (course pb)24th 63.84% Raphael
Katrina Betteridge27.34 (course pb)128th 54.05% Raphael
Natasha Howard28.40139th 53.37% Raphael
Shanavaz Malayodu23.3098th 57.23% Hackney
Julie Creffield43.27320th 35.40% Hackney
Alice Barrett35.03142nd 42.23% Gunpowder
Marc Akers36.10153rd 39.82% Gunpowder
Mark Moir19.3213th 66.04% Victoria Dock
Katherine Harris24.3581st 61.83% Victoria Dock
Dan Gritton19.422nd 73.10% Roding Valley
Richard Potter23.5814th 55.70% Roding Valley
Adam Stanley24.3724th 55.04% Roding Valley
Nick Hoult22.14 debut75th 63.79% Mile End
Jakub Czeczotka25.19160th 53.13% Mile End
Catriona Hoult26.08 debut186th 60.78% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.38242nd 60.83% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali36.57 (kids, buggy & walking)328th 35.32% Mile End
Patrick Brown18.18 (1st man)1st 71.68% Walthamstow
Tom Howourth21.476th 59.30% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater26.4037th 66.13% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.41 (250th parkrun)46th 55.03% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey34.2981st 47.46% Walthamstow
Alexander Ward19.383rd 65.87% Valentines
Scott Hemmens20.24 debut8th 66.91% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.5810th 69.79% Valentines
Samir Younsi23.12 debut32nd 61.14% Valentines
David Taylor24.5554th 64.35% Valentines
Mark Durrant25.0156th 61.43% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.06 (course pb)59th 61.29% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu25.3066th 57.84% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.5486th 58.05% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.23 (99th parkrun)108th 72.52% Valentines
Frank Brownlie31.42147th 54.42% Valentines
Tasnia Choudhury 34.03170th 43.47% Valentines
Shailesh Patel51.38230th 29.28% Valentines
Scott McMillan19.342nd 71.89% Wanstead
William ODonoghue22.3822nd 57.14% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.3536th 63.82% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.2874th 63.35% Wanstead
Flora Stewart-Sandeman26.3277th 55.78% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi26.4479th 56.98% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.12105th 54.91% Wanstead
Peter Hatley29.23108th 48.27% Wanstead
Catherine Brett29.32110th 59.71% Wanstead
Maud Hodson30.21123rd 53.38% Wanstead
Caroline Moore33.41163rd 54.48% Wanstead
Vicky Allen36.22177th 45.55% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar39.16195th 42.19% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch41.00110th 31.46% Roding Valley

Bedford Harriers Half Marathon - Sunday 1st December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.29.0562nd
Steven Bywater1.53.54415th

Mornington Chasers Regents Park 10km - Sunday 1st December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton37.2312th

Perivale 5, Ealing - Sunday 1st December 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith34.33 pb90th / 349

XXIV Media Maraton, Jerez (Half Marathon) - Sunday 1st December 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero1.10.58 pb1st
Sheetal Dandgey1.54.19424th
So pleased with the Jerez Half Marathon (1:54- thanks Don!); furthest I've ran
in a year with a few slow 10ks and a cheeky 10miler as my limited training due
to baby duties. My dream was to get sub 2 hours 5 months after Aari was born,
but I think I smashed that despite the course being slightly long and having
many cobbled parts! Can't wait to keep training and prioritise making time get
back to full fitness. So grateful to Thomas who happily helped me find time to
do some runs. It felt amazing seeing him and Aari along the route cheering me on.
Also amazing to find out that my friend Antonio won... legend! Babygrow
courtesy of the amazing Ponytails... What do we think about the trousers being
part of the new running kit?! Sheetal

Sunday XC League - Event 2 - Trent Park - Sunday 1st December 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes29.5018th
John Henry30.0223rd
Mark Moir32.1666th 65th
James Nichols32.4277th 75th
Karan Gadhia34.49131st 123rd
Jacob Stevens35.06139th 128th
Michael Bamford35.45151st 139th
Calvin Bobin36.01163rd 149th
Paula Bedford36.39181st 20th
Nick Hoult36.57190th 165th
Gareth Davies38.17225th 198th
Kasia Stachowiak40.30277th 48th
Michael Wilson41.12291st 242nd
Maud Hodson41.39304th 54th
Alex Jameson42.36328th 262nd
Catriona Hoult45.03380th 101st
Marc Akers46.57402nd 289th
Fiona Day48.23416th 123rd
494 finishers, 186 ladies and 308 men.
Team results:
Men A Team 9th of 19, overall 9th/ B Team 8th of 19, overall 8th/ Vets 9th of 19, overall 8th.
Ladies A Team 9th of 19, overall 9th/ Vets 8th of 19, overall 9th.

Well done to everyone that ran on a bitterly cold morning at Trent Park. Very muddy in places but not as bad as the course last week, on the opposite side of the path. Some lovely forest trails, with a muddy uphill run to the finish. The sun came out and it warmed up towards the end. Thanks to everyone that brought along cakes today. Hope you are feeling better Stuart Stupot Barton. This was a very enjoyable race with excellent marshalling from the host club, Trent Park RC.

Jacob Stevens: A good turnout - 18 runners (compared to 14 last year) -
enough for full A, B and vet men's teams, and full A and vet women's teams.
Well done everyone!

Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon X - Saturday 30th November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz6.45.56429th
Arthur Diaz :Race report on a very long marathon finish: Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon X, West Cork, Ireland
Date: Saturday, 30th November 2019
Start time: 9am
Official time: 6:45:56
This is the marathon that I was aiming to get a pb of under 4:30 (after not racing Lochness) but I guess not everything in life just ever goes to plan, innit? Did my training in wet, cold, hilly conditions with the consistent long runs on Sundays. However, the wheels fell off during tapering time where my leg cramps just did not recover fast enough a week before race day.
I flew in to Cork airport Thursday night and by Friday morning, I was very disappointed with myself that I have not fully recovered and will more likely pull out from the race (just like what I did at Beachy Head Marathon 2018). I texted Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera asking for her opinion, if it is shameful to walk a marathon while wearing the ELR club shirt. Well, you can guess from the photos what her answer was then!
And so, I was excited again to do my fourth marathon in 2019, walking it while taking lots and lots of photos.
I arrived in Clonakilty that afternoon, after stopping by at Kinsale, and went straight to Clonakilty Park Hotel to register, collect my bib and extra small free race vest (didn't fit me, of course). Did some panic buying of a long massage stick, hydration belt, magnesium tablets and nurofen which I carried with me on my marathon "trek".
Saturday morning (race day), I got to share breakfast with some chatty fellow runners from all over Ireland. One of them who's walked a marathon before, tooked her 8 hours to finish, and the best advice I heard was when you think you are lost because everyone else has finished and there's nobody around to guide you through, then you just "follow the rubbish", i.e. thrown water bottles and used gels.
Never thought that became so useful since that is pretty much all the company I had on my lone walk/shuffle marathon out in the wild countryside and in blistery Atlantic coast.
The hills never really bothered me nor the absence of cheering crowds, but not running (actually, I am not running) with anybody else felt a bit out place like I was being punished for not sticking to my tapering and recovery training, that I have to drag my non-running legs for 42 kms and make sure I finish before dark.
There's less than 3,000 runners on this event including the ones doing the full, half, and 10K. The race was dedicated to a living legend, Catherina McKiernan which coincides with her 50th birthday on the same day.
The race starts and finishes at Clonakilty Park Hotel where you get to use the Leisure centre facilities afterwards for free plus a food voucher.
Organisation and marshalling was good. The views of the rolling Irish countryside, farming areas and Atlantic coastline is really amazing. Totally recommend this one if you like hilly races or training for something like Marathon des Sables! In fact I met one who overtook me towards mile 20 and he's done a marathon a day before, 10K the next morning and the same marathon again (i.e. this one) while carrying a large ruchsack!
The locals in Clonakilty are also very friendly even offering me a lift at some point (they probably thought I was lost or something) and chatty too. Although it might take a while to work out what they are actually saying, especially when they were giving me directions on one of the turning point of the course. Cork accent is just lovely.
And so after over 6 hours of navel gazing, singing 'fields of gold' over and over again, I'm finally on the home stretch with only 2 miles left to go. But lo and behold, they've opened the road to traffic, and there were no marathon signs left nor any runner's rubbish that I could follow, no cheering crowd and no marshals left to guide me back to the finish. With less than an hour before it gets dark, I reached out for google map.
Eventually, I made it back to Clonakilty Park Hotel, imagining all the cheering crowd there for being the last one to finish and yet I got to the finish line without the finish line sign, no photographer to take my arms in the air pose, nobody announcing the name on my shirt and no tears of joy that I thought I was going to have from doing my longest marathon time ever.
But all that didn't matter once the lady at the end took something out from a box that was already sitting inside a van. It was the finisher medal, which she then put around my neck and said congratulations! They then asked me what time I think I finished and I said, it doesn't matter, I got the medal. Please do take my photo now.
And it was all smiles in the end.

Run Through Velopark 5km, QEOP - Saturday 30th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ross Lucas23.337th
Sallyann Eyles33.3927th

Essex Vets Cross Country, Writtle - Saturday 30th November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Calvin Bobin39.1160th/ 135
Fiona Critchley45.0441st/ 123
Catriona Hoult46.4653rd / 123
Sophie Edwards50.3875th / 123

Red Run 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 30th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Slipper43.05351st
Jamie Xavier49.01446th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 30th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Claire Emery34.08* debut68th 48.54% Cheadle Hulme
John Henry18.16* debut2nd 74.73% Catford
Mark Moir19.56 debut6th 64.72% Catford
Andy Bolderstone27.2992nd 51.61% Catford
Shahib Miah Ali20.26 debut31st 63.87% Woodhouse Moor
Janet Bywater25.05 debut88th 70.30% Northala Fields
Steven Bywater27.56 debut141st 54.53% Northala Fields
Stuart Barton24.54 debut107th 59.24% Coldhams Common
Martin Quinlan24.21 (course pb)68th 59.14% Victoria Dock
Siobhan OShea30.33229th 52.48% Leamington
Marc Akers37.34190th 38.33% Gunpowder
Stephen Swan21.3620th 60.42% Kesgrave
Paul Marshall24.1339th 54.44% Lancaster
Shanavaz Malayodu24.18130th 55.35% Hackney
Sarah Burns24.27136th 63.87% Hackney
John Booth19.284th 69.61% Barking
Amit Marks20.0817th 69.37% Raphael
Fiona Day27.56 debut133rd 70.47% Raphael
Samir Younsi25.15 debut148th 56.17% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.22215th 61.40% Mile End
Patrick Brown18.05 (1st man)1st 72.53% Walthamstow
Mark Boulton18.242nd 71.65% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard28.13 (course pb)51st 55.88% Walthamstow
Isabella Allan30.5471st 47.90% Walthamstow
Med Dahbi20.198th 73.17% Roding Valley
Mounir Dahbi22.4219th 59.25% Roding Valley
Jimmy Dale23.14 debut21st 56.17% Roding Valley
Richard Potter24.5235th 53.69% Roding Valley
Adam Stanley25.1437th 53.70% Roding Valley
Cathal Lynch29.1671st 44.08% Roding Valley
Daniel ODonoghue20.26 (course pb)5th 63.62% Valentines
Alexander Ward24.1323rd 53.41% Valentines
Liam Dempsey24.17 (course pb)24th 53.53% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.2535th 60.52% Valentines
Mark Durrant25.3037th 60.26% Valentines
Jason Levy25.37 (250th parkrun)41st 56.67% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu25.5248th 57.02% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.0965th 57.52% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.3375th 74.71% Valentines
Katherine Harris27.3879th 55.01% Valentines
James Wilson18.522nd 74.03% Wanstead
William ODonoghue21.3617th 59.88% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.0438th 65.25% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi26.4393rd 57.02% Wanstead
Catherine Brett27.08101st 64.99% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.52178th 57.58% Wanstead
Angela May33.34194th 45.08% Wanstead
Scott McMillan33.54 (with Alma)199th 41.49% Wanstead
Vicky Allen35.02210th 47.29% Wanstead
Jane Scott35.04212th 50.29% Wanstead
Morag Campbell38.12230th 42.84% Wanstead

Last Friday of the Month Serpentine 5km - Friday 29th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry17.24 pb26th 78.8%
Andrew Baxter19.2187th 76.8%
Michael Wilson22.37156th 70.0%
Veronica Carrasco26.4557th 55.2%
Sallyann Eyles29.21 pb61st 55.1%
278 Finishers (204 Men, 74 Women).
Race Conditions: Dry, bright, cool, wet underfoot.
Well done to Sallyann for beating her previous PB by nearly two minutes.
Sallyann said; 'So happy! When I started running in August, the first goal I set myself was 5k in under 30 minutes'.

Wilmslow Festive 10km - Sunday 24th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lydia Merrett48.41 pb1173rd
I did my hometowns Festive 10k Race this morning and was hoping to beat
my PB of 52 mins! I did so much better than I predicted (48:41) and I
totally put it down to the Wednesday evening club runs as they have
helped my speed and endurance so much! Thank you all and see you Wednesday!

Run Silverstone Half Marathon - Sunday 24th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Clarke1.49.59716th
Selina Vernal2.10.581425th

Hertfordshire Half Marathon - Sunday 24th November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith1.33.14 pb90th, 8th lady, 2nd V40
Suzanne Bench1.52.53536th, 4th V50
Andrea Waller2.02.53835th
Andrea: Herts Half done. Lots of hills and not one I will repeat,
but feels good all the same. Now for a movie afternoon indoors.

Laguna Phuket Triathlon - (25 for 25 Sprint) - Sunday 24th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Terry Lewsey1.26.3823rd of 260
500m swim/ t1/ 18.5km cycle / t2/ 6k run
10.40/ 3.44 / 38.23 / 1.54 / 31.57

Chingford League - Event 3 - Trent Park Inc The Sorority & Fraternity Cups - Saturday 23rd November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Paula Bedford37.3938th / 23rd 4pts
Becky Evans38.1641st / 26th 5pts
Maud Hodson41.5274th / 45th
Chloe Millan42.0375th / 46th
Catriona Hoult43.3184th / 52nd
Katie Whitton44.2792nd / 59th
Sandra Preston47.44103rd / 65th
Fiona Day47.45104th / 66th 5pts
Euan Brown27.355th / 3rd 18pts
Thomas Grimes28.008th / 5th 16pts
Jose Rodriguez30.1946th / 31st
Billy Rayner31.4377th / 53rd
Mark Moir32.3798th / 63rd
Andrew Baxter33.39118th / 77th 8pts
Andrew Jackson34.40130th / 87th
Jacob Stevens34.40131st / 88th
Shahib Miah Ali35.21147th / 99th
Amit Marks35.46152nd / 103rd
Karan Gadhia35.49153rd / 104th
Calvin Bobin36.07158th / 106th 7pts
Ciaran Canavan36.14162nd / 107th
Jimmy Dale36.46169th / 111th
Nick Hoult37.10176th / 115th
Regis Martin37.28181st / 119th
Lance Fuller40.08218th / 141st
Michael Wilson41.32228th / 147th
John Healy44.37250th / 161st
Sorority Cup: 12th A Team, 19th B Team.(141 ladies)
Fraternity Cup: 7th A Team, 22nd B Team, 28th C Team.(273 men)
Finishing positions above show overall finish position first
and Chingford League clubs position second

Chingford League team results
Ladies: A team 5th, 4th overall Vets 4th, 4th overall.
Men: A team 5th, 3rd overall: B team 5th, 3rd overall: Vets 6th, 5th overall.

Paula Bedford: Running Equal this afternoon with Chingford league at Trent Park.
No sign of women not be able to do it! It's been a long time since I've been to Trent
Park but had many a happy time as a student there also running around but with a slightly
more psychedelic vibe than today XC! Was a great race plenty of mud and hills.

Jacob Stevens: Here are the updated ELR Winter League rankings, after Chingford League race #3 (Trent Park). This was a very competitive race, with a median time of 37:23 (Chingford League clubs only), so most people have a lower performance score on this race than the earlier ones. Still, the biggest factor is how many races you've run, so make sure you keep turning up to the league races to maintain your position!

Numbers after each name:

- Participation score

- Overall performance score

- (Performance score in this race - if applicable)

- Overall score

- ***NEW*** Position change (places up or down)


Name - Part. Perf. (Race perf.) Score Pos.chg.

1. Fiona Day - 100 113 (109) 105 –

2. Maud Hodson - 100 111 (103) 104 –

3. Becky Evans - 75 126 (120) 96 â–²3

4. Sandra Preston - 75 110 (102) 89 â–²5

5. Kasia Stachowiak - 75 108 88 â–¼2

6. Chloe Millan - 75 102 (95) 86 â–²5

7. Katie Whitton - 75 100 (89) 85 â–²5

8. Carolyn Edwards - 75 99 85 â–¼4

9. Cat Hoult - 75 99 (95) 84 â–²4

10. Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera - 75 90 81 â–¼5

11. Caroline Frith - 50 121 78 â–¼4

12. Emily Clarke - 50 115 76 â–¼4

13. Janet Bywater - 50 109 74 â–¼3

14. Filipa Soares - 50 98 69 –

15. Kathryn Hertzberg - 50 90 66 –

16. Veronica Carrasco - 50 90 66 –

17. Ellie Wilkinson - 25 118 62 –

18. Paula Bedford - 25 115 (115) 61

19. Susannah McLaren - 25 110 59 â–¼1

20. Lauren Kelly - 25 107 58 â–¼1

21. Sarah Burns - 25 103 56 â–¼1

22. Claire Emery - 25 101 55 â–¼1

23. Tina Bennett - 25 97 54 â–¼1

24. Anna Dingle - 25 85 49 â–¼1

25. Lauren Stevenson - 25 84 49 â–¼1

26. Maya Goodwin - 25 83 48 â–¼1

27. Joanna Qiu - 25 81 47 â–¼1


Name - Part. Perf. (Race perf.) Score Pos.chg.

1. Calvin Bobin - 100 129 (121) 112 –

2. Billy Rayner - 100 114 (110) 106 –

3. Jacob Stevens - 100 112 (107) 105 –

4. Mark Moir - 100 110 (107) 104 –

5. Michael Wilson - 100 108 (101) 103 –

6. Karan Gadhia - 100 102 (98) 101 –

7. Euan Brown - 75 133 (127) 98 â–²1

8. Lance Fuller - 75 107 (104) 88 â–²6

9. Ciaran Canavan - 75 106 (106) 88 â–²7

10. Patrick Brown - 50 131 82 â–¼1

11. Arthur Diaz - 75 91 81 â–¼4

12. Thomas Grimes - 50 126 (125) 80 â–²9

13. Warren Ibrahim - 50 122 79 â–¼3

14. Gareth Davies - 50 112 75 â–¼3

15. Peter Hatley - 50 112 75 â–¼3

16. James Nichols - 50 112 75 â–¼3

17. Andrew Howard - 50 107 73 â–¼2

18. Alex Jameson - 50 95 68 â–¼1

19. John Henry - 25 130 67 â–²1

20. Cathal Lynch - 50 91 67 â–¼2

21. Mark Durrant - 50 90 66 â–¼2

22. John Healy - 50 90 (86) 66 â–²12

23. Mark Boulton - 25 124 64 â–¼1

24. Paul Thompson - 25 123 64 â–¼1

25. Andrew Baxter - 25 119 (119) 63

26. Peter Craik - 25 118 62 â–¼2

27. Michael Bamford - 25 117 62 â–¼2

28. Jose Rodriguez - 25 115 (115) 61

29. Neil Gage - 25 112 60 â–¼3

30. Craig Livermore - 25 112 60 â–¼3

31. Nick Clarke - 25 110 59 â–¼3

32. Nick Hoult - 25 104 (104) 57

33. Amit Marks - 25 104 (104) 56

34. Regis Martin - 25 103 (103) 56

35. Emmet Fitzgibbon - 25 102 56 â–¼6

36. Andrew Jackson - 25 101 (101) 55

37. Ford Cadiogan - 25 100 55 â–¼7

38. Mounir Dahbi - 25 99 55 â–¼7

39. Shahib Ali - 25 99 (99) 55

40. Stuart Hodson - 25 98 54 â–¼8

41. George Georgiou - 25 96 53 â–¼8

42. Jimmy Dale - 25 95 (95) 53

43. Jason Levy - 25 87 50 â–¼8

44. Kirk Johnson - 25 86 50 â–¼8

45. Imran Mustak - 25 65 41 â–¼8

Run Through Battersea Park 10km - Saturday 23rd November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry36.39 pb16th
Emily Clarke42.4083rd

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 23rd November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Siobhan OShea29.48* (course pb)183rd 53.80% Leamington
Patrick Brown17.40* (1st man)1st 74.25% Sheffield Castle
Stuart Barton30.55* debut26th 47.71% Uckfield
Shaun DeSena39.19 debut53rd 33.06% Uckfield
Mark Moir19.30 debut7th 66.15% Raphael
Shahib Miah Ali20.07 (course pb)14th 64.87% Raphael
Daniel ODonoghue24.00 debut135th 54.17% Finsbury
Chris Green32.50 debut252nd 41.88% Bexley
Kasia Stachowiak23.00 (1st lady)9th 65.43% Las Aniolowski
Sarah Burns27.118th 57.45% Vandeleur, IRE
Jocelyn Summers50.00348th 34.83% Mile End
Martin Quinlan25.35178th 56.29% Southwark
Paul Marshall22.1825th 59.12% Morecambe Prom
Fiona Critchley25.3361st 68.17% Great Notley
Stephen Swan21.5851st 59.41% Kesgrave
Alice Barrett32.21116th 45.75% Gunpowder
Marc Akers36.48140th 39.13% Gunpowder
John Booth22.1442nd 60.94% Victoria Docks
Katherine Harris24.0870th 62.98% Victoria Docks
Don Bennett37.20 debut159th 42.32% Victoria Docks
Mark Boulton17.377th 74.83% Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka23.00116th 58.48% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu24.44171st 54.38% Hackney
Tina Bennett26.12213th 59.16% Hackney
Nathan Jones20.586th 61.61% Roding Valley
Adam Stanley25.1529th 53.66% Roding Valley
John Healy26.1838th 53.93% Roding Valley
Caroline Moore32.2283rd 56.69% Roding Valley
Stuart Kelly17.44 (course pb)2nd 74.34% Barking
Spencer Evans18.465th 69.09% Barking
Karan Gadhia20.10 pb12th 63.97% Barking
Ford Cadiogan25.5932nd 54.59% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.0742nd 56.18% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater27.5650th 63.13% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard28.17 (course pb)53rd 55.75% Walthamstow
Isabella Allan31.4173rd 46.71% Walthamstow
William ODonoghue22.5524th 56.44% Wanstead
David Hallybone23.4537th 59.23% Wanstead
Susannah House26.4980th 66.63% Wanstead
Catherine Brett27.0082nd 65.31% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch27.0484th 47.66% Wanstead
Samir Younsi28.13100th 50.27% Wanstead
Grace Turner29.33118th 50.08% Wanstead
Jayne Browne29.54122nd 60.54% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi31.40139th 48.11% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.03146th 50.03% Wanstead
Vicky Allen35.21178th 46.30% Wanstead
Scott McMillan36.02 (with Alma)185th 39.04% Wanstead
Med Dahbi19.25 (1st man)1st 76.57% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.088th 69.24% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi21.29 (course pb)11th 62.61% Valentines
Ross Lucas23.37 debut25th 61.96% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.4528th 62.11% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.3150th 60.29% Valentines
Jason Levy25.53 (249th parkrun)57th 56.08% Valentines
Mark Durrant27.0373rd 56.81% Valentines
Naimah Riaz28.1193rd 53.41% Valentines
Liesbeth Allart28.1295th 53.66% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth28.41103rd 57.06% Valentines
Sallyann Eyles32.05 (course pb)168th 51.01% Valentines
Frank Brownlie32.49177th 52.56% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar34.38193rd 42.25% Valentines
Shailesh Patel39.24231st 38.37% Valentines
Joanna Qiu42.54236th 39.55% Valentines

Laguna Phuket Charity Fun Run 5km, Thailand - Saturday 23rd November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Susan Bushnell40.12260th

Great Run Local - Alton Water - Sunday 17th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Barton24.44

XL Carrera Popular Ciudad de Jerez - 8.3km - Sunday 17th November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero26.431st
Thomas Burrard-Lucas34.3320th
Carrera Popular de Jerez, second overall at 3:13/km. Difficult to find a race
with this level in Cadiz, where most of the fastest runners have turned up.
Felt good during the race, increasing the pace gradually and finished with
some petrol left in the tank. Now time for a XC race and the Jerez HM before
starting the Seville marathon training. Nothing like running at home.
Thanks to everyone who cheered me up during the course and to my club.

Phoenix Running Riverside Half Marathon - Sunday 17th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz2.40.26

St Neots Half Marathon - Sunday 17th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1.32.15179th 71%
Paul Thompson1.32.28 pb183rd 72%
Jamie Xavier1.34.09208th 66%
Peter Hatley1.35.29232nd 66%
Carlton DSouza1.36.09247th 72%
Richard Guest1.37.55278th 65%
Grant Conway1.46.46443rd 62%

Adidas City Run - Fulham 10km - Sunday 17th November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Howourth40.20 pb238th
Karan Gadhia41.00 pb299th
Isabella Allan59.40 pb3905th
Alice Barrett1.03.24 pb4453rd

947 Ride Joburg - Sunday 17th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Louis Le Roux3.32.514831st / 15903
Michael Bamford3.36.105146th / 15903

Maverick Trail Kent 22kms - Saturday 16th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Healy2.15.52154th

Run Through 5km, Victoria Park - Saturday 16th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brooke Stephenson41.16129th

Run Through Half Marathon, Victoria Park - Saturday 16th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
William ODonoghue1.37.46136th

London Cross Country Championships, Parliament Hill - Saturday 16th November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Paula Bedford29.41146th 6km
Chloe Millan30.57179th 6km
Veronica Carrasco35.37256th 6km
Thomas Grimes40.0633rd 10km
Patrick Brown40.5056th 10km
Euan Brown41.1962nd 10km
Mark Boulton45.04161st 10km
Billy Rayner46.20203rd 10km
Tom Marshall47.47255th 10km
Mark Moir48.18275th 10km
Spencer Evans48.38282nd 10km
Andrew Jackson50.51336th 10km
Jacob Stevens52.21364th 10km
Amit Marks52.49377th 10km
Ciaran Canavan53.11382nd 10km
Craig Livermore54.43408th 10km
Peter Hatley56.18434th 10km
Lance Fuller58.54454th 10km
Michael Wilson1.00.02465th 10km
David Hallybone1.00.33467th 10km
Arthur Diaz1.07.33485th 10km
494 men & 309 ladies
Men's team 11th of 38 (4 to score)

Mike Wilson Reports.
My debut at this event. The 4 Lap course was advertised as 10k distance (6.2 Miles), but turned out to be 6.5 Miles. It was very muddy after a lot of rain and needless to say, very hilly! I finished 465th out of 494 runners in an official chip time of 1.00.02. (My unofficial Strava time said 1.00.00 and I was hoping to get under one hour!)
A tough high standard race and a very enjoyable day out with the club. Our men's team finished in an impressive 11th place out of 38 clubs in total with Thomas Grimes, Patrick Brown, Euan Brown and Mark Boulton, our scorers. Fine London Championship debuts from Paula Bedford, Veronica Carrasco, Mark Moir, Andrew Jackson, Jacob Stevens, David Hallybone and Arthur Diaz. Arthur also had enough energy left in his legs to run the Phoenix Riverside Half Marathon the next day!

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 16th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Siobhan OShea30.00* (course pb)211th 53.44% Leamington
Ramesh Pala24.22* debut107th 64.71% Brueton
James Nichols19.42* (course pb)6th 67.34% Harlow
Andrew Howard26.49* debut204th 58.79% Squerryes Winery
Nick Hoult22.53* debut91st 61.98% Princes, Liverpool
Shaun DeSena35.56* debut204th 36.18% Irchester County
Catriona Hoult26.02 debut205th 61.01% Princes, Liverpool
Stephen Swan21.39* (course pb & 100th)21st 60.28% Felixstowe
Fiona Critchley24.41 debut61st 70.56% Felixstowe
Stuart Barton24.42 (course pb)62nd 59.72% Felixstowe
Cathal Lynch41.18 debut & tail33rd 31.23% Inch Beach, IRE
Chris Green33.14 debut155th 41.37% Bedfont Lakes
Patrick Brown18.49 (1st man)1st 69.71% Walthamstow
Lawrence Foster22.02 (49th parkrun)20th 70.35% Bognor Regis
Thomas Grimes18.04 (1st man)1st 75.00% Sunny Hill
John Henry18.13 (course pb)8th 74.93% Finsbury
Steven Bywater25.56 debut219th 58.74% Finsbury
Janet Bywater26.01 debut224th 67.78% Finsbury
Liviu Ionita16.22 (1st man)1st 78.92% Barking
John Booth18.244th 73.64% Barking
Joanna Neville26.51236th 56.61% Gunnersbury
Marc Akers37.46190th38.13% Gunpowder
Alexandra Wilkinson55.19178th 29.95% Hockley Woods
Kasia Stachowiak22.4373rd 66.25% Cassiobury
Andy Bolderstone27.0844th 52.27% Barclay
Paul Marshall27.52111th 47.31% Morecambe Prom
Shanavaz Malayodu22.28 pb87th 59.87% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi23.44115th 55.90% Hackney
Dan Gritton19.0022nd 75.79% Southwark
Samir Younsi24.04 debut142nd 58.93% Southwark
Martin Quinlan25.37204th 56.21% Southwark
Alexander Ward19.033rd 67.89% Valentines
Mark Moir19.38 (course pb)6th 65.70% Valentines
Med Dahbi19.487th 75.08% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali20.0011th 65.25% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.0122nd 69.63% Valentines
Calvin Bobin21.1923rd 77.95% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi21.3827th 62.17% Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.0538th 65.49% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.2643rd 62.94% Valentines
Damon Lerner24.1951st 58.74% Valentines
Jakub Czeczotka24.2752nd 55.01% Valentines
Craig Livermore25.0462nd 51.46% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.2267th 60.64% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.5387th 58.09% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth29.17132nd 55.89% Valentines
Tasnia Choudhury 34.35191st 42.80% Valentines
Joanna Qiu36.21204th 46.68% Valentines
James Wilson19.143rd 72.62% Wanstead
Scott McMillan21.30 (with buggy)8th 65.43% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.5261st 62.63% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.4880th 54.60% Wanstead
Anna Dingle29.34122nd 53.21% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.37123rd 54.14% Wanstead
Fiona Day29.37124th 66.46% Wanstead
Grace Turner29.41126th 49.86% Wanstead
Caroline Moore30.50139th 59.51% Wanstead
Melody Nairn32.16159th 45.87% Wanstead
Vicky Allen36.03200th 45.40% Wanstead
Jane Scott36.11201st 48.73% Wanstead
Angela May36.12202nd 41.80% Wanstead
Richard Potter24.0234th 55.55% Roding Valley
Sandra Preston27.0261st 66.09% Roding Valley

Run In The Dark 10km, Battersea Park - Wednesday 13th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fabrizio Stefanoni37.435th, 1st vet
Fabrizio reports: I generally take a break after the year-end long race, and spend about a month with little training, and indulging in activities that a serious athlete wouldn't condone increasing the opportunities to sample Shiraz and Barbera, getting a monthly pass at McD, and avoiding fruit and veg like they were poison. I didn't realise that at work I had put my name down for Run in the Dark, which the company decided to enter to support the Mark Pollock Trust. Mark Pollock is an endurance athlete who became blind and subsequently wheelchair-bound after a fall from a second-storey window, and now aims to inspire people to build resilience and collaborate with others so that they achieve more than they thought possible.
It is one of those events when I thought multiple times: why am I doing this? It's cold, it's wet and rainy, it's windy, it's dark: my idea of hell really. And I wasn't fit for running, or so I thought, with nearly three weeks of hibernation and only 5 miles of running on my legs during this period. Similarly, I had to force myself to remember what to pack, what I'd need pre-, during, and post-race, so I shoved a few bits and pieces in a backpack without any conviction that this would be a race to remember from a performance perspective. Although the race was entirely on tarmac, with a foot injury still lingering I opted for super-cushioned trainers specific for trail running that I have used in the last month or so: Hoka One One Speedgoat, which I am more and more in love with.
Until I passed over the start line nothing (almost) went the ideal way. A long commute to the place (Battersea Park), including a mile walk from the station to the extremely crowded marquees where race packs were available and bags were dropped; then a (too) quick warm-up without stretching or strides, a last-minute vest changeover (so I could tell everyone that ELR was there); then trying to squeeze in the crowd to get as close as possible to the start line, and still not being able to get closer than about 50 metres. By then I had forgotten in my bag three things, clearly not essential: my new head torch, a gel, and gloves.
It took a good two minutes to be able to run in a straight line without having to slalom between other runners. As at the half I ran three weeks ago, I kept looking at the watch at every kilometre, more and more surprised that I could run another one at that pace despite (in this case) the lack of training, and wondering when I'd hit the wall. Indeed, I kept lapping other runners, and only towards the end was I able to run just about on my own. I did hit the wall about a mile to the end, but I kept going, realising that I was going to get a good time.
At the end I did get a VB (Veteran Best; in nearly all distances my PBs are out of reach): 37:43, 5th overall and first vet. After finishing I attempted a cool down (couldn't get any cooler than that, I'm afraid). I stayed for a few more minutes, waiting for my colleagues to put an end to their agony, then politely declined to stay for a drink as at that moment a hot bath was all I needed, and it was about 90 minutes from there.
The race lives up to its name: it's in the dark, although there is sufficient lighting to see puddles, runners and other obstacles. Those familiar with Battersea Park will know that the course is as flat as you can get, and the trees provide good shelter against the wind; on the sad side, the start avenue is far too narrow and dealing with the other 700 runners was a challenge. It is definitely a race I would run again, and would recommend running here to all those who look for a PB course or a good place for tempo runs or fast long intervals.
Now let the hibernation continue for a few more weeks: ZZZZZZZZZ.

Chase The Moon 5km, QEOP - Wednesday 13th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samir Younsi23.1034th

Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 13th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez33.49 pb1st
Clive Stephenson45.2995th
Maran Raju45.5497th
Sallyann Eyles1.01.59388th
Sharon Lincoln1.04.59400th
Chase the moon. 10k Olympic park. 1st position. 33:46 and 3:10 min PB!
I wanted to do a 10k before the end of the year to complete a great year of PBs. After find out I will not be able to run the XC race this weekend due to work I decided to book something local and have it done.
Weather was great for running on the cold side. Race started fast as some runners were doing a 5k. I felt fast and comfortable and adopted a 3-4 position. After 2 laps(5k) I was tempted to do a Sprint and get 1st position for the 5k but I quickly discharged the idea as I was going for a 10k PB and position wasn't as important. A group of 3 separated from the rest and did good at controlling the pace and don't get too carried away. On the last lap I started increasing the pace and chasing them and at the last 500 m I was confident I had enough energy for a long sprint and that should give me the victory
Chuffed with my time and the 1st position and knowing there's still room for improvement.

Marathon Swims 5km, QEOP Aquatic Centre - Sunday 10th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Slipper1.55.5243rd
Joanna Wood1.57.1951st
Katherine Harris2.20.57113th
Jason Levy3.09.30144th
Dan; 22.33, 22.07, 22.19, 23.09, 24.28
Joanna; 21.00, 21.34, 23.03, 24.22, 25.20
Katherine; 26.35, 27.14, 27.06, 26.18, 27.49
Jason; 31.37, 33.24, 35.44, 36.57, 38.29

Joanna: A very boisterous 5km swim today with a few bruises picked up along the way.
Chuffed that I managed a sub 2 finishing 3mins faster than last year in 1.57.19
but you need to be made of stern stuff against some of the swimmers in there.
I doubt I'll do it again as there's little enjoyment factor but at least I'll be going out on a high.
More training over the next couple of weeks before my big day so feeling positive at the mo.
Thanks as always to my best support team; Marc, Stuart, my mum and Sandra and it was great to see Kat & Jason swim beforehand.
A great water-based day for ELR.

Regents Park 10km - Sunday 10th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi40.2118th
Amit Marks42.0025th
Craig Livermore42.1428th

Stebbing /Essex 10m - Sunday 10th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1.01.3135th

Behobia-San Sebastian 20K - Sunday 10th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson1.45.5212866th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.02.0221424th
Alexandra: Race Report Behobia-San Sebastian 20k
So much to say about that weekend ! A few months ago, I heard Maud talking about the trip, as I love Spain and running weekends, I asked if she needed some company and she managed to get the organisers to offer me a free entry as well. Since, I only had to buy a (cheap) flight, the decision was taken quickly…
Maud will probably explain better than me how both the organisers of the race and the University of San Sebastian took amazing care of us, from arranging our transfers to offering us lunch and the VIP treatment after the race. During the whole weekend, we only met with my favourite type of people : the warm and welcoming ones! I also had the opportunity to practice my Spanish which was a big plus and believe me, explaining the story of 'the clap' to the Dean of the University in Spanish was quite a memorable moment.
The race, then! We knew we would have to wrap well before the start, a 30 mins trip on a crowded train from San Sebastian to Behobia then a stressful 2 kms walk to drop our bags on time more than 1 hour before our race hoping it wouldn't rain too heavily, we had fun crossing the border for a short warm-up in France , a bit of standing in front of the big screen looking at the start line then it was time for Maud to go, That's when it suddenly started to pour again and I was cold, fortunately, I managed to find shelter for 20 mins just near the very interesting new urinal for women. I almost felt sorry I didn't want to pee anymore cause I would have loved to try them! (more info here: https://www.lapee.dk/ ).
Luckily, the rain stopped and I could go to my pen, The silver lining of running so badly this year is that I don't feel any pressure before running a race, I know in advance that it will be slower that what I should be able to run anyway, But, then, that mentality probably doesn't help, vicious circle and all.
Anyway, off we go and as expected, I was struggling at even a 10:30 min/mile pace at the start, oh well, after Beachy Head 2 weeks ago, any race will feel easy anyway, just hang on there, Fortunately, it got a bit easier. I had a laugh at myself passing the city of Irun (pronounce it Eeroun) finally realising that the name I kept seeing since we got our numbers the day before had nothing to do with running and being a runner (yep, I really thought there was a place, probably a type of leisure center city called ' I run' in North of Spain) Always good to have a giggle while running The race was certainly undulating with some longer hills at 3 points of the race but again, after the last few hills I encountered in my running, they didn't seem that high, High enough, though, to remind me that since the last 6 months, each time my heart rate goes above 160, I am finding it difficult to breath then feel dizzy, so there you go, I had to walk to get the heart rate down and feel ok again. One day, I will stop going around the world and get it checked, promise ! The enthusiasm of the crowd and the volunteers was amazing, I absolutely loved that old man in his underwear on the terrace of his apartment playing on his drum for us, It was pouring rain at times but they were there with their umbrellas, screaming and shouting 'Venga, Venga, Venga! Animo!!! (which I had to translate to some French runners seriously, guys, what did you think it was dah!) The most memorable moment was obviously the hailstorm I faced mid-race! Unbelievable Really painful on my face so I was running with my hands on my head, but the crowd was still there encouraging us while we were facing it This race is extremely popular in the area. It started 100 years ago and this year was the 55thedition so there are a lot of traditions attached to it. Then, the weather calmed down, I passed the first 5k in 29 mins, then 10k in 1h00, I was trying to remain within that zone and finish in around 2h00-2h05mins for the 20k, Less than 3k to go, I was more on less on track, and that's when we arrived in San Sebastian with a change of weather again and a heavy rain and wind to finish that race in a badass way. I managed to sprint a little in the last km, it was nice to see the City Hall from a distance despite the rain and by that time, the crowd was on fire, Seriously, Londoners, you have competition for the London marathon.
I finished in 2.02.02 , not that great but not so catastrophic, pretty much the reflection of my last 6 months of running, Completely disorientated after the race, I was trying to find the VIP tent where Maud was waiting for me but ended up in tears (a bit of a pattern this year too,sighs.) in the middle of the street till someone picked me up and decided to escort me to where I needed to be, I was then pampered as I have never been after a race !
Around 25% of women participated to the race this year, the organisers are aiming at getting a 50% female participation by 2025 which is why they invited Maud to hear about the #RunEqual campaign, I will certainly come back in 2025 (if not before) and I am hoping to take a few more ELRs with me too ( feminist men welcome too :-P, there are many of you at the club) If this race report doesn't convince you, wait till you see Maud and I's t-shirts on Wednesday night, They are absolutely gorgeous ! (and of course, participants had the choice between a male and a female t-shirt)

Maud: Since Alexandra has already posted about the race I will try not to duplicate too much. Sorry it ended up a bit long anyway...
Last year I wrote an article for the race magazine of the Behobia-San Sebastián. They had just launched their 50/50-25 initiative, which is a commitment to achieving equal numbers of men & women entering the race by 2025. They also invited me to run the race last year, but it was quite short notice and I wasn't able to.
This year they asked me again, and with plenty of time to plan I immediately accepted. It wasn't practical for Peter to come with me due to our parental responsibilities, but Alexandra nobly stepped into the breach.
I was then asked by the local university if I would give a talk the day after the race - I really wanted to say no, but I am trying to get better and less nervous about stuff like that, so I agreed.
I'd been simultaneously really looking forward to it and totally bricking myself about the talk, but at the last minute I nearly had to cancel. Peter's father is seriously ill, and he had to go to Scotland to be with him at short notice. And while our sons are now 17 & 18 we couldn't leave them alone for the weekend given G's fragile mental health, and the possibility that they might lose their granddad while we were both away. Thankfully my mother stepped into the breach and came to stay. I was still pretty uncomfortable about leaving them, but they were in safe hands.
I was very fretful on the plane heading out - not being able to contact my family. But once we arrived, and I knew the my mother had arrived at our house I was able to switch off and trust that they would be OK. We were met by a taxi and taken to the city hall in Sebastián, where due to our flight arriving late we had just missed the race presentation (and the most of the food), but we met some of our hosts, who were all so warm and welcoming that we felt at ease straight away.
On Saturday we went to the race expo at Irun - it's a big race with over 30,000 runners entered. We were met by Arantza from the organising club, picked up our bibs & T shirts (really nice women's fit ones), did some photos and then got the train back to San Sebastián for an amazing lunch - a pintxos bar crawl with Felix from the university.
We'd agreed with Arantza that rather than just take a taxi to the start we would go by train to get the full race-day experience. We were met at the station by Eñaut, had had interviewed me in Newcastle a few weeks ago, and he take some pics of us on the train.
The weather forecast for the whole weekend was pretty awful, and it was indeed a cold, wet and windy morning. The bag drop closed (officially) quite a long time before the start so it was a challenge to keep warm on reasonably dry. Most of the runners had disposable ponchos, but we weren't that well prepared.
I got a pretty good soaking as my wave was walked to the start line, but after that I was pretty lucky, and missed the hailstorm that Alexandra got caught in. I really enjoyed the race itself - I paced it sensibly so as to be able take it all in. In spite of the awful weather the local support was brilliant. Eñaut was there again at the finish line - we confused the marshal by me going back towards the line a couple of times so he could get some more pics.
Then I had to convince a security guard who spoke no English that I needed to go to the VIP tent - Patxi who was supposed to meet had been misled by my negative split. Sadly Haile Gebrselassie was no longer there (Patxi showed me his selfie...), but there was wine and snacks and somewhere dry to change - Arantza had arranged for our bags to be fetched from the truck and brought straight there. Afterwards we went to the post-race reception at a nearby hotel.
Then on Monday I did an interview with a local journalist followed by the talk at Deusto University, which was also streamed to their other campus in Bilbao. Wasn't at all happy with it, but I guess I never am. I was relieved to have Patxi & Arantza alongside me, and they shared the questions at the end. Mighty relieved when it was done.
What a weekend - you couldn't ask for a more friendly bunch of people. We have promised to go back - in 2025 if not before.

Athens Marathon - Sunday 10th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ford Cadiogan5.13.3912,112th

Phoenix Running Excalibur 11 (Invincible Conquest) - Saturday 9th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Juliet Lopez-Real4.10.4519.7 miles, 4th of 12

Essex Remembrance Run Half Marathon, Saffron Walden - Saturday 9th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karan Gadhia1.33.59 pb19th
Essex Remembrance Half Marathon - 1:33:59
Really happy with another half marathon PB just 7 weeks after the Scottish Half!
Since then I've been training hard for the Dawn to Dusk marathon including going
to track the day after the half and doing 200 miles in October but buzzing that
the hard work is paying off with course PBs at the two Hog Hill races and
Cheshunt XC and a half marathon PB today.
Nice bonus to pick up the pace in those last few miles and sneak a sub 1:34 on
chip timing after my watch recorded 1:34:02.
Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend!

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 9th November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Marshall22.19* debut37th 59.07% Preston
Peter Ballard23.51* debut11th 69.67% Airlie, Australia
John Henry20.01* debut (1st man)1st 68.19% Bevendean Down
Grace Turner28.06* (course pb)145th 52.67% Blyth Links
Sandra Preston30.38* debut37th 58.32% Uckfield
Fabrizio Stefanoni34.02 debut184th 43.61% Grovelands
Chris Green35.04 debut138th 39.21% Lloyd,Croydon
David Jordan16.10 (1st man)1st 81.13% Raphael
Samir Younsi22.40 pb135th 62.57% Burgess
Thomas Grimes18.14 (1st man)1st 74.31% Sunny Hill
Stephen Swan21.53 (course pb)25th 59.63% Maldon Prom
Fiona Critchley23.52* (course pb)48th 72.97% Maldon Prom
Stuart Barton24.14 (course pb)52nd 60.87% Maldon Prom
Shaun DeSena33.18 debut228th 39.04% Maldon Prom
Sheila Kennedy33.1060th 57.69% Oldbridge, IRE
Martin Quinlan28.1373rd 51.03% Roundshaw Downs
Marc Akers37.57170th 37.94% Gunpowder
Jocelyn Summers45.54373rd 37.94% Mile End
Diana Rexhepaj29.1428th 57.35% Beckton
Katherine Harris23.1355th 65.47% Victoria Dock
Neil Gage20.427th 67.47% Roding Valley
Richard Potter24.1938th 54.90% Roding Valley
Adam Stanley25.0044th 54.20% Roding Valley
John Healy26.3061st 53.52% Roding Valley
Cathal Lynch43.18171st 29.79% Roding Valley
Patrick Brown18.17 (1st man)1st 71.74% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.1648th 57.99% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey31.0392nd 52.71% Walthamstow
Mark Moir19.05 (course pb)4th 67.60% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali19.565th 65.47% Barking
Lawrence Foster21.1614th 72.88% Barking
Mark Boulton17.4917th 73.99% Hackney
Tom Howourth19.1329th 67.22% Hackney
Daniel ODonoghue20.15 debut53rd 64.20% Hackney
Michael Bamford20.34 debut60th 73.50% Hackney
Paula Bedford21.1677th 74.69% Hackney
Louis Le Roux22.0092nd 60.68% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu23.00111th 58.48% Hackney
Liam Dempsey24.10 debut138th 53.79% Hackney
Tina Bennett25.06 pb165th 61.75% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi35.07309th 37.78% Hackney
Joseph Gunn 18.412nd 69.40% Valentines
Billy Rayner18.573rd 69.22% Valentines
Alexander Ward19.154th 67.19% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.1914th 68.65% Valentines
Calvin Bobin22.3820th 73.42% Valentines
Chloe Millan23.00 (1st lady & cpb)24th 64.35% Valentines
George Georgiou24.2734th 60.33% Valentines
Shailesh Patel24.4341st 61.16% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.1851st 60.80% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.3072nd 58.93% Valentines
Frank Brownlie33.09168th 52.04% Valentines
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy48.32260th 31.18% Valentines
Mike Brett21.4111th 70.87% Wanstead
Caroline Frith21.51 (1st lady)15th 70.94% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield23.0225th 69.61% Wanstead
Stuart Norris23.1728th 55.40% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.3128th 64.00% Wanstead
Andrew Howard23.5238th 66.06% Wanstead
Flora Stewart-Sandeman25.0363rd 59.08% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult26.0587th 60.89% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.2389th 63.55% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.32109th 60.17% Wanstead
Susannah House27.39114th 64.62% Wanstead
Liesbeth Allart28.45134th 52.64% Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles31.18179th 52.29% Wanstead
Jane Clapton31.24181st 52.12% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.35184th 50.77% Wanstead
Catherine Brett31.38185th 55.74% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi31.45 (250th parkrun)186th 47.98% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz31.47187th 46.41% Wanstead
Caroline Moore32.18193rd 56.81% Wanstead
Angela May32.37195th 46.40% Wanstead
Jane Scott32.58200th 53.49% Wanstead
Vicky Allen33.01202nd 49.57% Wanstead
Melody Nairn33.04203rd 44.76% Wanstead
Don Bennett38.07244th 42.06% Wanstead
Scott McMillan38.41248th 36.36% Wanstead

Chingford League - Event 2 - Hog Hill 2, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 5th November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Emily Clarke21.4214th 14pts
Caroline Frith21.5216th 3pts
Becky Evans22.4225th 8pts
Kasia Stachowiak23.0737th 6pts
Katie Whitton24.0842nd 1pt
Maud Hodson24.2447th
Janet Bywater25.4657th 1pt
Carolyn Edwards25.5558th
Catriona Hoult26.0662nd
Tina Bennett27.0982nd
Sandra Preston27.1483rd
Veronica Carrasco27.2185th
Kathryn Hertzberg27.4891st
Fiona Day28.3194th 6pts
Filipa Soares28.5799th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.13104th
Lauren Stevenson29.56107th
Joanna Qiu35.59128th
Euan Brown16.191st 20pts
Patrick Brown17.126th 16pts
Mark Boulton17.5917th 8pts
Billy Rayner19.1036th
Craig Livermore19.5045th
Mark Moir19.5546th
James Nichols20.0348th
Warren Ibrahim20.2253rd
Peter Craik20.4859th
Jacob Stevens20.5160th
Karan Gadhia20.54 pb61st
Neil Gage20.5764th
Calvin Bobin21.1571st 10pts
Michael Bamford21.4380th 2pts
Peter Hatley21.5682nd
Ciaran Canavan22.4192nd
Stuart Hodson23.0799th 9pts
Gareth Davies23.09100th
Michael Wilson23.46106th
Cathal Lynch24.27111th
Andrew Howard24.39113th
Lance Fuller24.53118th
Alex Jameson26.10126th
John Healy26.23128th
George Georgiou26.39129th
Mark Durrant27.44133rd
Jason Levy28.07138th
Arthur Diaz29.16142nd
Imran Mustak34.09148th
Team results:
Ladies A Team 4th, Vets 4th (4th in both overall after 2 events)
Men A Team 3rd, B Team 3rd, Vets 4th (A & B 4th overall, Vets 5th overall)

Jacob Reports. Here are the updated ELR Winter League rankings, after Chingford League race #2. No change at the top of the leaderboard, but lots of movement further down, as runners who have done at least two races jump ahead of those that have done only one.

Numbers after each name:

- Participation score

- Overall performance score

- (Performance score in this race - if applicable)

- Overall score


Name - Part. Perf. (Race perf.) Score

1. Fiona Day - 100 115 (116) 106

2. Maud Hodson - 100 113 (113) 105

3. Kasia Stachowiak - 100 108 (109) 103

4. Carolyn Edwards - 100 99 (97) 100

5. Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera - 100 90 (90) 96

6. Becky Evans - 67 130 (128) 92

7. Caroline Frith - 67 121 (120) 88

8. Emily Clarke - 67 115 (116) 86

9. Sandra Preston - 67 113 (114) 85

10. Janet Bywater - 67 109 (113) 84

11. Chloe Millan - 67 106 82

12. Katie Whitton - 67 105 (105) 82

13. Cat Hoult - 67 100 (101) 80

14. Filipa Soares - 67 98 (95) 79

15. Kathryn Hertzberg - 67 90 (91) 76

16. Veronica Carrasco - 67 90 (92) 76

17. Ellie Wilkinson - 33 118 67

18. Susannah McLaren - 33 110 64

19. Lauren Kelly - 33 107 63

20. Sarah Burns - 33 103 61

21. Claire Emery - 33 101 60

22. Tina Bennett - 33 97 (97) 59

23. Anna Dingle - 33 85 54

24. Lauren Stevenson - 33 84 (84) 54

25. Maya Goodwin - 33 83 53

26. Joanna Qiu - 33 81 (81) 52


Name - Part. Perf. (Race perf.) Score

1. Calvin Bobin - 100 132 (131) 113

2. Billy Rayner - 100 115 (116) 106

3. Jacob Stevens - 100 114 (113) 105

4. Mark Moir - 100 111 (112) 104

5. Michael Wilson - 100 110 (112) 104

6. Karan Gadhia - 100 103 (106) 101

7. Arthur Diaz - 100 91 (87) 96

8. Euan Brown - 67 136 (136) 94

9. Patrick Brown - 67 131 (129) 92

10. Warren Ibrahim - 67 122 (120) 89

11. Gareth Davies - 67 112 (110) 85

12. Peter Hatley - 67 112 (112) 85

13. James Nichols - 67 112 (111) 85

14. Lance Fuller - 67 108 (107) 83

15. Andrew Howard - 67 107 (108) 83

16. Ciaran Canavan - 67 106 (108) 82

17. Alex Jameson - 67 95 (94) 78

18. Cathal Lynch - 67 91 (91) 77

19. Mark Durrant - 67 90 (92) 76

20. John Henry - 33 130 72

21. Thomas Grimes - 33 127 71

22. Mark Boulton - 33 124 (124) 69

23. Paul Thompson - 33 123 69

24. Peter Craik - 33 118 (118) 67

25. Michael Bamford - 33 117 (117) 67

26. Neil Gage - 33 112 (112) 65

27. Craig Livermore - 33 112 (112) 65

28. Nick Clarke - 33 110 64

29. Emmet Fitzgibbon - 33 102 61

30. Ford Cadiogan - 33 100 60

31. Mounir Dahbi - 33 99 60

32. Stuart Hodson - 33 98 (98) 59

33. George Georgiou - 33 96 (96) 58

34. John Healy - 33 93 (93) 57

35. Jason Levy - 33 87 (87) 55

36. Kirk Johnson - 33 86 55

37. Imran Mustak - 33 65 (65) 46

Maratona do Porto - Sunday 3rd November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton3.23.15618th

Marathon des Alpe-Maritimes Nice-Cannes - Sunday 3rd November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Clarke4.09.392432nd

VeloPark Greenwich Tritons Team Duathlon Relays - Sunday 3rd November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford38.52ELR
Sarah Burns42.47ELR
Jimmy Dale38.54ELR
Janet Bywater48.56ELT
Peter Hatley41.36ELT
Jason Levy48.49Drax
2 mile run, 6 mile cycle, 1 mile run
East London Runners 2.00.33 15th team, 7th mixed
M Bamford 6.24,7.08/3.05,2.49,2.50,2.50,2.54,3.47/7.00
S Burns 7.39,8.36/2.50,2.52,2.50,2.53,2.53,4.00/8.11
J Dale 6.20,7.13/2.54,2.57,2.51,2.57,2.55,4.06/6.37
East London Triathletes-Bitten My Hats 32nd 15th mixed
J Bywater 8.32,9.35/3.24,3.24,3.25,3.24,3.26,4.19/9.24
P Hatley 6.51,7.16/3.11,3.15,3.18,3.21,3.19,4.08/6.53
Captain-Drax Team
J Levy 8.13,9.25/3.30,3.22,3.34,3.29,3.33,4.26/9.13

TCS New York City Marathon - Sunday 3rd November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Howourth3.18.14 pb
Chris Green3.26.29
Nick Hoult3.41.57
Jonathan Wooldridge3.44.24
Nick Hoult : New York Marathon 2019.
The toughest course of the five marathons I have run but definitely the most enjoyable and memorable. It started on on Staten Island with New York, New York belting out on the loudspeaker and the cannon going off to signal the start of the race. The highlights never stopped.
Brooklyn was a ten mile long street party of gospel choirs, rock bands and I even heard bagpipers at one stage.
Queens was just the same but the mile long bridge to reach Manhattan was eerily silent with no spectators and a tough long climb before dropping down into Manhattan on First Avenue.
Plenty of anti-Trump placards (you are running better than the government, that kind of thing) but an absence of Fancy Dress proving that running a marathon dressed as a Rhino really is a British thing.
Residents in Harlem were dishing out salt in pots (Harlem salt the best in the world) and at this point I passed a man running the race backwards
Central Park was a series of rolling hills and the end was the top of another little climb. Finished in 3.41.57. Aimed for sub 3.40 but knew that was going to be tough for me on this course and was pleased to have run a steady pace without blowing up.
Nice big apple shaped medal that weighed the neck down a bit but three beers Later in a bar with Jonathan and Bernard it all felt so much easier again

Lode Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Craik1.33.25 pb24th
Maud Hodson1.50.2698th, 4th F40

Stevenage Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.28.5538th, 6th M50
Maran Raju1.46.02123rd

Loughton Inter Club Vets' Champs - Saturday 2nd November 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter34.398th, 2nd M50
Calvin Bobin36.2811th, 1st M60
Caroline Frith37.4615th, 2nd woman
Vinesh Sampath Kumar40.5320th
David Hallybone42.0122nd
Fiona Critchley42.2023rd, 7th woman, 2nd F45
Carlton DSouza43.2026th
Grant Conway43.3527th
Janet Bywater44.4029th, 8th woman, 3rd F45
John Healy44.4330th
Adam Stanley44.5032nd
Ramesh Pala45.3535th
Sandra Preston47.3639th, 13th woman, 2nd F55
Arthur Diaz48.2840th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera48.5541st, 14th woman
Fiona Day49.3342nd, 15th woman, 2nd F60
Anna Dingle50.0744th, 16th woman
Caroline Moore51.4447th, 19th woman
Kathy Morrissey55.0648th, 20th woman
Teams - 4 to score
Men 4th, women 2nd (level on points with winners Eton Manor, who I think get the win on a higher placed 4th runner)

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 2nd November 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lydia Merrett26.26* (debut)49th - 55.99% - Wilmslow
Jane Clapton30.38* (debut)181st - 53.43% - Rushcliffe
Stuart Barton25.20* (debut)34th - 58.22% - Ifield Mill Pond
James Nichols19.49* (debut)6th - 66.95% - Castle Park
Gail Edwards26.07 (debut)46th - 57.95% - Felixstowe
Don Bennett37.04 (debut)166th - 43.26% - Thetford
Craig Livermore22.31 (debut)29th - 57.29% - Raphael
Stephen Swan21.19 pb15th - 61.22% - Kesgrave
Shanavaz Malayodu23.4780th - 56.55% - Hackney
Richard Guest24.0030th - 59.51% - Rushmoor
Paul Marshall24.2725th - 53.92% - Lancaster
Shahib Miah Ali20.2923rd - 63.87% - Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.27177th - 61.22% - Mile End
Katherine Harris23.5232nd - 63.69% - Victoria Dock
John Booth18.343rd - 72.98% - Barking
John Henry19.168th - 70.85% - Finsbury
David Taylor34.5755th - 45.88% - Forest of Dean
Andy Bolderstone25.1846th - 56.06% - Pymmes
Martin Quinlan24.3580th - 58.58% - Southwark
Kasia Stachowiak23.1342nd - 64.82% - Cassiobury
Mark Moir22.1414th - 58.02% - Silksworth
Patrick Brown18.191st - 71.61% - Walthamstow
Mark Boulton20.073rd - 65.53% - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.1843rd - 55.80% - Walthamstow
Andrew Howard28.21 (course pb)50th - 55.61% - Walthamstow
Neil Gage20.574th - 66.67% - Roding Valley
Catriona Hoult26.52 (course pb)26th - 59.12% - Roding Valley
Fiona Day29.37 (course pb)52nd - 66.46% - Roding Valley
Arthur Diaz31.1666th - 47.17% - Roding Valley
Sandra Preston32.0470th - 55.72% - Roding Valley
Caroline Moore32.0471st - 57.22% - Roding Valley
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera32.06 (debut)72nd - 47.92% - Roding Valley
Alice Barrett32.02 (debut)113th - 46.20% - Gunpowder
Marc Akers38.04142nd - 37.83% - Gunpowder
Med Dahbi19.443rd - 75.34% - Valentines
Karen Levison21.07 (1st woman)11th - 82.48% - Valentines
Ashley Faria21.1312th - 68.97% - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.5953th - 59.20% - Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu26.1655th - 56.15% - Valentines
Jason Levy26.3862nd - 54.51% - Valentines
Mark Durrant26.4366th - 57.02% - Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.0070th - 57.84% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel27.1274th - 55.58% - Valentines
Mary OBrien29.0497th - 70.81% - Valentines
Samir Younsi24.3430th - 57.73% - Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.4549th - 54.70% - Wanstead
Tim Aylett27.1857th - 50.37% - Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.2560th - 60.43% - Wanstead
Liesbeth Allart29.2480th - 51.47% - Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles30.53 (course pb)96th - 53.00% - Wanstead
Jane Scott34.29121st - 51.14% - Wanstead
Scott McMillan37.06131st - 37.92% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi38.41139th - 39.38% - Wanstead
Cathal Lynch49.30105th 26.06% Roding Valley
Melody Nairn33.13115th 44.51% Wanstead

Midnight Half Marathon - Thursday 31st October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry1:30:4816th

RunThrough Halloween Chase the Moon Olympic Park 5K - Thursday 31st October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans19.1516th
Maran Raju22.5534th

Run Through Bedford Autodrome Marathon - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Spread3.14.0017th

Ironman 70.3 Team Relay , Marrakesh - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Louis Le Roux6.32.561163rd (swim/cycle)
Rachel Le Roux6.32.561163rd (run)
Swim 43.43, T1 8.01, Cycle 3.15.34,(Louis LeRoux)
T2 2.47, Run 2.22.54 (Rachel LeRoux)
Relay 10th of 17.

Rachel: IronMan Marrakesh Relay finished, Louis Le Roux swim and bike
and me on the run, and boy was it hot and very hard, 32 degrees with no shade
and long roads that went on forever!
On a plus side we beat Michael Bamford

Ironman 70.3 , Marrakesh - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford7.03.591370th of 1754.
Swim 58.44, T1 7.17, Cycle 3.30.16, T2 4.34, Run 2.23.09

Chasing Pumpkins 5km, Haven House - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sallyann Eyles38.1322nd

Run Through Bedford Autodrome 10km - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alice Barrett1.05.52232nd

Chasing Pumpkins 10km, Haven House - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sandra Preston59.0917th

Supersports 10m Series, Chiang Mai - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods1.27.19 pb123rd of 892
Tom Woods: And that wraps it up for 2019.
10 Mile International Race Series Ran
Hat Yai in 1:33:42
Bangkok in 1:34:59
Korat in 1:28:39
Chiang Mai this morning in 1:27:19.
Now time to start marathon training again for Khon Kaen , end of January

River Thames Half Marathon - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fabrizio Stefanoni1.21.1813th

Worksop Halloween Half Marathon - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Howard1.43.15446th

Stort 30m - Sunday 27th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carlton DSouza4.56.0061st
James Creed4.56.0063rd
Peter Hatley4.56.0364th
Carlton D'Souza: Peter and James, really enjoyed the run with you
both yesterday, challenging but great fun on a glorious sunny day.
Couldn't have asked for a better support crew in JP and Jonathan (and my
new best friend Bella), really appreciated your support and the lift.
Had a great day out, thank you.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 26th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir20.28* debut4th 63.03% Cusworth Hall
Tim Aylett28.05* debut56th 48.96% Sheringham
John Henry18.02 (course pb)9th 75.69% Burgess
Martin Quinlan25.29 (course pb)77th 56.51% Peckham Rye
Andy Bolderstone25.3957th 55.30% Catford
Marc Akers42.34165th 33.83% Gunpowder
Kasia Stachowiak23.0156th 65.39% Cassiobury
Paul Marshall24.1636th 54.35% Lancaster
John Booth18.183rd 74.04% Exmouth
Katherine Harris24.0644th 63.07% Victoria Dock
John Healy24.24 debut45th 58.13% Victoria Dock
Tom Howourth19.5015th 65.13% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu23.1772nd 57.77% Hackney
Amit Marks20.4112th 67.53% Raphael
Natasha Howard28.23111th 53.90% Raphael
Jocelyn Summers27.35178th 63.14% Mile End
Grace Turner28.28 debut195th 51.99% Mile End
Liviu Ionita16.53 (1st man)1st 76.51% Barking
Lawrence Foster21.0910th 73.29% Barking
Susan Bushnell35.2681st 56.35% Barking
Janet Bywater27.4344th 63.62% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater28.0947th 54.11% Walthamstow
Isabella Allan29.19 (course pb)54th 50.48% Walthamstow
Caroline Frith22.05 (1st witch)8th 70.19% Roding Valley
Adam Stanley25.2028th 53.49% Roding Valley
Sarah Burns30.41 debut78th 50.90% Roding Valley
Med Dahbi19.552nd 74.64% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.167th 68.81% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi21.30 (course pb)8th 62.56% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.5617th 65.92% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu24.1827th 60.70% Valentines
George Georgiou25.0437th 58.84% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.3444th 60.17% Valentines
Suzanne Taylor25.3452nd 64.74% Valentines
Jason Levy25.5553rd 56.01% Valentines
Mark Durrant33.08140th 45.98% Valentines
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy34.47155th 43.51% Valentines
William ODonoghue22.098th 58.39% Wanstead
Liam Dempsey24.1637th 53.57% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch25.2048th 50.92% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.0170th 61.32% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.1775th 58.22% Wanstead
Maud Hodson27.5885th 57.93% Wanstead
Katie Whitton28.1788th 52.33% Wanstead
Alex Jameson28.1889th 51.71% Wanstead
Angela May29.23108th 51.50% Wanstead
Caroline Moore32.20130th 56.75% Wanstead
Vicky Allen32.40135th 50.10% Wanstead
Jane Scott32.47137th 53.79% Wanstead
Jane Clapton33.09146th 49.37% Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles35.39153rd 45.91% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi37.28174th 40.66% Wanstead
Scott McMillan37.47 (with Alma)176th 37.23% Wanstead
Andrew Howard55.05 (tailwalker)208th 28.62% Wanstead
Lydia Merrett26.28 debut58th 55.92% Valentines

Beachy Head 10km - Saturday 26th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown36.421st
Thomas Grimes37.162nd
Stephen Swan50.4690th
Helen McGuinness1.03.47
Stuart Barton1.03.48364th
Arthur Diaz1.06.25421st
Sonia Cheadle1.19.51666th
Joanna Wood1.19.51667th

Beachy Head Marathon - Saturday 26th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown3.32.4122nd
James Nichols3.57.5979th
Jacob Stevens4.11.39140th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera5.40.131030th
Sophie Edwards5.59.281268th
James Nichols: Beachy Head trail marathon completed today in 3.57.59.
Really enjoyed that - well, most of it, there were a lot of hills, too many
to count! Nice to get away from the cities and do a race like that, probably
the toughest thing I've done. Very windy but the sun was out, what a way to
check out the spectacular scenery.

Alexandra : Silly me did the Beachy Head marathon today 2 years after
the first one!
I had forgotten about half of the hills and really struggled out there today
with a painful ankle but I conquered it once again with a 20 mins course PB !
Gosh, was it gorgeous!!!!

Jacob Stevens:Beachy Head Marathon race report:

I signed up for this race - my first trail marathon - as I'd heard from the ELRs who ran it two years ago that it was very scenic and challenging. After a wonderful meal with the ELR team on Friday night and a good night's sleep, I felt ready for the challenge as I walked the mile along the seafront to the start with my wife Joanna (who was, far more sensibly, going to have a nice walk along the cliffs while I went about my marathon malarkey). Being a medium-sized race (2000 runners), the bag drop and start were hassle-free, and soon we were off, up a ridiculously steep hill (which I walked, not wanting to tire my legs out so soon) and then up and around the ridge of the South Downs, with amazing views over Eastbourne. I was planning to run slightly slower than my road marathon pace along the flat parts of the course, but soon realised that there weren't going to be any flat bits - it was all up or down - so I just ran by feel. After 5 miles the scene changed to woodland - muddy in places - and then we climbed to the top of Windover Hill, which was (aptly) very windy but had breathtaking views of the Cuckmere Valley and the Weald - probably the most scenic bit of any race I've ever done. This was followed by a steep descent, a bit of boggy ground by the flooded river, a short section through the quaint village of Alfriston - the only road section on the entire course - and then another long slog up Bostal Hill, the highest point on the course. I stopped and had some squash and a biscuit at the checkpoint here - the checkpoints were all very well organised, with a good selection of snacks as well as drinks - the sausage rolls looked tempting, but I didn't trust my stomach.

The next section was supposed to be a nice long gradual downhill path, but it was directly into the wind and it felt as if I was still running uphill. I passed the halfway point at just over 2 hours, and then it was down another steep slope back to the river, and more muddy ground. Now, I was expecting the next few miles to be flat alongside the river, but no, they managed to find some hills to send us up, including two long sections of steep steps! And then finally we came to the start of the Seven Sisters cliffs, which are very steep in places (I walked the steep bits). By this stage, my knee was starting to hurt when running downhill, and I was a bit worried I might have picked up an injury. The scenery here is lovely, and I tried to focus on that to distract me from the tiredness and pain. I bumped into Joanna on her walk near Birling Gap, which gave me a nice mental boost, and then it was up the long slog to the top of Beachy Head, and finally the last mile downhill back to Eastbourne. The race starts and finishes at the same point, so you have to run down that ridiculously steep hill at the end - not an easy task when your legs feel like they're about to give way at any moment. But finally I was across the line, finishing in 4:11, a time I was very pleased with, given the course difficulty. My knee seems alright after the race, so hopefully no injury.

I'd really recommend this race for anyone who likes a challenge in stunning scenery. I may be back to run the half next year...

Alexandra: Race report Beachy Head ! Maya: sorry for the delay, all the others : sorry for the length!

Beachy Head number 2 ! There are so many great marathons out there, I was not really planning to do that one again this year but a fine group of ELRs talked about it and I then saw that it could be a good opportunity for an ultra-training after the Loch Ness marathon, I booked my hotel and joined the fun!

I had absolutely loved it 2 years ago. As it was my first marathon at the time, I couldn't compared it to anything, tough, yes but aren't all marathons supposed to be ?

I was quite confident on my way to Eastbourne on friday, having ran an eventful (once again!) marathon 3 weeks before, I knew my body could take the distance, I was only slightly worried that it might have been too soon after it and that my body hadn't properly recovered, Still relaxed at the start of the race, the maranoia only started kicking in after 1 mile,That mile! So, so hilly! My calves were burning like never before and I wondered if they would ever stop feeling that bad,is this what an injury feels like ? Then it was the turn of the sole of my feet and I started to worry about fascia plantitis… pure maranoia, By mile 4, I had twisted my ankle several times and that was it, I started to think that I would never finish that race and that I would have my first marathon DNF, That couldn't happen, I had already lost my speed (well, not that I was ever fast!) this year, I couldn't also lose my stamina! Meeting Sophie Edwards at the first checkpoint distracted me, it felt good to have friendly face around, I continued and she passed me a few miles later so we stopped to take a few pictures of us on the way. Then on a long downhill, I lost her and I was not sure anymore if she was in front or behind me. The more the race was going, the more I realised how running with Roselin 2 years ago had distracted me from the pain at the time. By miles 8, I was still unsure I would be able to finish! I had completely forgotten how many hills were thrown at us during that race. There was no way I could run them, they were too steep. I kept thinking: I want to run, let me run, can you give us more flat bits ? And that wind ! Just before the second village, I ran for a bit with a guy wearing football shoes ! He was too afraid of falling in the mud and grass,but of course didn't think that it would be hard to run on it on the bits of tarmac. I thought really hard about what shoes to wear and chose comfort over grip by wearing my ON, I had not regretted it. I passed the half way point in 2h50 and I knew that the 2 set of stairs and the Seven sisters were coming, At that time, I was really not sure I would beat my 2017 time !

My ankle was ok on the flat bits but really painful on the down and uphills, I didn't think it was serious though, there is no way I could have really injured it and ran that far ! There were a bit more downhills half way, that's what I needed to get it together. When I reached mile 15, I knew that I could run 11 miles more, how long it would take didn't matter, especially as several times during the race, we had to queue quite a while to be able to pass some gates! Then, after the two set of stairs, finally came the ultimate reward of that race: the sea wall and its beautiful downhill ! Spectacular!!! I checked my watch, there was still a chance I could go under the 6 hours despite the Seven sisters and I went on, hills after hills, down after down. By the time you reach them, you run with people you have seen several times for the last few hours and start making friends, we were encouraging each other The wind was violent, but luckily at times blowing the right way and pushing us on hills, at a point, the wind even pushed me to run uphill.

Five hours, by that time, I was at around 22 miles , how long will it take me to finish ? If I remember well, the last 3 miles were quite flat then downhill, What was I thinking, of course not! It was still not the end of hills and around mile 24, that huge last hill showed up. I felt really discouraged,I couldn't do it anymore, all I wanted for a while was not even to walk uphill but simply stop, go on the side, sit with my arms around my legs and wait there till the pain stops, but that would be silly, I was so close, all I could do was going on, then finally, that long downhill till the end , that felt so good, we could see Eastbourne from the top of the hill, the final bit is pretty steep but I am a fearless downhill runner and pushed by it, I even sprinted to the finish line and beat that guy in front, we both had a good laugh about it. I hadn't checked my watch for a while, I was pretty happy to see a time of 5h40 mins for a race that I found a lot tougher than I did 2 years ago.

Next year, they are adding a Half-marathon to the marathon and 10k, so I'd say, it's a possibly maybe…

Thames Trot Ultra - Saturday 26th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Dixon9.12.4459th
Paula Bedford10.28.32125th, 26th lady, 7th W40
Rob Dixon: Race report - Thames Trot 48
When I first told Maud Hodson I was running this, she warned me about the mud! Blessed with that wisdom, I donned my trail shoes and set off at a nice pace. The rain held off for a while but when it started, it didn't really stop. All went swimmingly (no pun intended, despite the small ponds on the route) for the first 20 miles but there was a lot of mud!
Despite being concerned about the cut offs, I managed to gain 90 mins of time and then maintained that until the end. I didn't have much time to look around, the wind and rain kept me bent over double but there was one beautiful autumnal moment, where I looked down through a tunnel of trees and the ground was blanketed with russet, brown and yellow leaves. I wish I'd taken a photo but it probably wouldn't have captured the moment.
I kept telling myself to run as far past 30 miles as I could and I managed to keep moving until the late 30s. One thing which really helped were salt tablets I tend to suffer from cramp when running anything greater than 20 miles so I was super relieved when I didn't cramp up.
The last few miles were slow and when I spied the finish line, my gait loosened and I actually felt like I was running, rather than the ugly shuffle run I'd been doing for the previous 3 hours. After a quick coffee at the finish, I hobbled off to find a taxi to my hotel.
Hope everyone had a good weekend of running!

Paula Bedford: So this run was about the mud. I knew it would be long , windy and wet but had not really considered how it feels to run on mud. Most of it was like running on a ice rink without ice skates. The first bit was so muddy that by 25km, the point I thought I'd feeling good, I already was wondering how on earth I would be able to finish. Thankfully by 40km I'd got my shit together and it was then about making the check point cut offs which I did one by one until I was on the home straight. By far the hardest run I've every done. So now to decide what's next !!

Serpentine Last Friday 5km - Friday 25th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown16.4815th 71.3%
John Henry18.0841st 40th 75.6%
Manjit Bedi19.3667th 64th 77.6%
Andrew Baxter19.4976th 70th 74.4%
Calvin Bobin20.2798th 88th 80.7%
Emily Clarke20.51106th 12th 71.3%
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.40150th 126th 60.5%
Michael Wilson22.56154th 127th 69.1%
Maud Hodson23.07159th 30th 69.2%
Sallyann Eyles32.20233rd 58th 50.0%

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - Sunday 20th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jagbir Bassi3.05.29312th

Detroit Marathon, Michigan USA - Sunday 20th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Danny Wong5.21.21
Roselin Boramakot5.25.40
Roselin : Two for one report (Chicago & Detroit)
I probably ran the race of my life last week in Chicago. 4.27 pb, I still can't believe it! Didn't think it was possible with five weeks of little to no running leading up to it, due to a combination of niggling knee pain and lack of motivation after the New Forest marathon.
Race day and the conditions were almost perfect, cold, windy but the sun was shining! I could not rely on my garmin to pace myself as it was going bonkers with the skyscrapers. Worked out well as I just ran to feel and found myself running pretty even splits. I was feeling great.
I started to struggle around 35km but still felt under control. Less than a club run to go, I can do this. 4.30 was in the bag if I just kept plodding, I couldn't believe it. Then something happened at mile 25. We approached the final stretch downtown, the noise from the crowds were deafening and I felt my heart racing, my breathing out of control and numbness in my hands and face. My legs were fine but I knew I couldn't run or I'd faint. I must have panicked and let the moment overwhelm me. I wasn't going to blow the 4.30 though and managed to see it through. What a race. Amazingly well organised and fantastic support. Loved Chicago, will definitely be back some day!
I couldn't have done any of this though without Danny Wong who basically crewed me the entire way! Somehow managed to beat the crowds and see me at Miles 3, 13, 17, 21, and 24! He probably ran half a marathon just getting from place to place. Just when I needed him he was there cheering me on, giving me an extra gel, gummies, pain relief! I've never been able to run an entire marathon before but knowing I'd see him in a few miles again kept me going. Supporting is the hardest job right?
Now onto Detroit and marathon number 10. A trip to the states for me meant I wanted to get my flight fares worth and I managed to twist Danny's arm in running this one with me. The appeal for Detroit was an opportunity to run in both the US and Canada! We had to go through customs and border control at the expo to get our bib which was an experience! Crossing the border during the race meant everyone had to carry passports during the run, and no backpacks/running vests or water bottles! Early 7am start meant we got to see the beautiful sunrise as we ran along the Ambassadors Bridge. It was one hell of a tough race, everything hurt. I could barely move after 15 miles. How was I cocky enough to think I could do this? So different to Chicago but so enjoyable for different reasons. It definitely had more of local race feel, pockets of support were great - beer and snacks dotted along the route, and the race merch was ace! For 1/4 the price of Chicago we got a great tech long sleeve (ladies and men fitted too!), gloves, buff, sunglasses, bottle, endless food, free race photos....oh and the medal? Biggest, heaviest and best bling yet! We may be back for this one too .

Chiswick Half Marathon - Sunday 20th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joanna Neville1.59.13454th

Great South Run - Sunday 20th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Healy1.24.333544th

Amsterdam Marathon - Sunday 20th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton2.49.07299th
Colin Dryland4.00.527442nd

Sunday XC League - Event 1 - Cheshunt - Sunday 20th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes28.237th
John Henry29.5527th
Mark Moir31.5376th/ 73rd
James Nichols32.0379th/ 75th
Billy Rayner32.2588th/ 80th
Paul Thompson34.25129th/113th
Jacob Stevens34.30133rd/ 116th
Calvin Bobin34.31134th/ 117th
Karan Gadhia35.03153rd/ 132nd
Gareth Davies36.59194th/ 165th
Michael Wilson39.15250th/ 204th
Arthur Diaz45.59385th/ 267th
Kirk Johnson48.51414th/ 273rd
Emily Clarke36.58193rd/ 29th
Chloe Millan39.01242nd/ 40th
Kasia Stachowiak39.03244th/ 41st
Maud Hodson40.28276th/ 54th
Carolyn Edwards42.02317th/ 74th
Janet Bywater43.16342nd/ 89th
Kathryn Hertzberg45.18373rd/ 111th
Sandra Preston45.41379th/114th
Veronica Carrasco46.39390th/ 120th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera47.02394th/ 124th
Fiona Day47.04395th/ 125th
Susannah House47.05396th/ 126th
462 finishers, 280 men & 182 ladies
Team results : combined 8 of 19.
Men's team: A (8 to score) 8th of 19, B (5 to score) 7th of 8, Vets 9th of 19.
Ladies team: A (5 to score)10th of 19, B (3 to score)8th of 10, Vets 8th of 19.

Here are the ELR Winter League rankings after Sunday League race #1 (Cheshunt). If you ran at Hog Hill but missed yesterday's race, you'll have dropped down the leaderboard, but you can easily move back up by taking part in the rest of the Winter League races. Any questions, let me know.

The numbers after each name are:
- Participation score
- Overall performance score
- (Performance score in this race - if applicable)
- Overall score

Name - Part. Perf. (Race perf.) Score
1. Fiona Day - 100 114 (110) 106
2. Maud Hodson - 100 114 (113) 105
3. Kasia Stachowiak - 100 107 (108) 103
4. Chloe Millan - 100 106 (105) 102
5. Carolyn Edwards - 100 99 (100) 100
6. Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera - 100 90 (89) 96
7. Becky Evans - 50 131 82
8. Caroline Frith - 50 121 78
9. Ellie Wilkinson - 50 118 77
10. Emily Clarke - 50 114 (114) 75
11. Sandra Preston - 50 113 (113) 75
12. Susannah McLaren - 50 110 (110) 74
13. Lauren Kelly - 50 107 73
14. Janet Bywater - 50 106 (106) 72
15. Katie Whitton - 50 105 72
16. Sarah Burns - 50 103 71
17. Filipa Soares - 50 102 71
18. Claire Emery - 50 101 70
19. Cat Hoult - 50 100 70
20. Kathryn Hertzberg - 50 90 (90) 66
21. Veronica Carrasco - 50 88 (88) 65
22. Anna Dingle - 50 85 64
23. Maya Goodwin - 50 83 63

Name - Part. Perf. (Race perf.) Score
1. Calvin Bobin - 100 133 (134) 113
2. Billy Rayner - 100 114 (111) 106
3. Jacob Stevens - 100 114 (113) 106
4. Mark Moir - 100 111 (113) 104
5. Michael Wilson - 100 109 (107) 104
6. Karan Gadhia - 100 102 (103) 101
7. Arthur Diaz - 100 93 (92) 97
8. Euan Brown - 50 136 85
9. Patrick Brown - 50 132 83
10. John Henry - 50 130 (130) 82
11. Thomas Grimes - 50 127 (127) 81
12. Warren Ibrahim - 50 124 80
13. Paul Thompson - 50 123 (123) 79
14. Gareth Davies - 50 114 (114) 76
15. James Nichols - 50 112 (112) 75
16. Peter Hatley - 50 112 75
17. Nick Clarke - 50 110 74
18. Lance Fuller - 50 109 74
19. Andrew Howard - 50 106 72
20. Ciaran Canavan - 50 104 72
21. Emmet Fitzgibbon - 50 102 71
22. Ford Cadiogan - 50 100 70
23. Mounir Dahbi - 50 99 70
24. Alex Jameson - 50 97 69
25. Cathal Lynch - 50 92 67
26. Mark Durrant - 50 89 65
27. Kirk Johnson - 50 86 (86) 65

The Sunday League uses 10-year age categories, so the adjustment factors used in the performance score calculation are as follows:
SM 1.0676 SW 0.9404
M40 0.9883 W35 0.9144
M50 0.9110 W45 0.8393
M60 0.8338 W55 0.7433

Royal Parks 10km Series - Greenwich Park - Sunday 20th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrea Waller54.55165th
Jayne Browne57.52221st
Andrea Waller Race report. It was hilly. It hurt. We finished. We ate cake & got bling.

Herts Riverside Half Marathon - Sunday 20th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn 1.25.152nd
Juliet Lopez-Real2.25.55244th
266 finishers
Race report: Herts Riverside half marathon (and 10k)
This is a wonderfully green and scenic race starting next to the white water rafting centre near Waltham Abbey. It's quite a small race and most people seemed to go for the 10k option, so it was quiet on the second lap with not much cheering (though the marshals were very encouraging). But the race made up for this with the river, beautiful willow trees, swans and even a fox running into the forest.
I wasn't that pleased with my time (ELR ladies will know it's uncomfortable running with period/lower back pain) but my friend Richard ran with me, which helped. (He's not yet an ELR member, but I'm working on it...). I was amused to see the other ELR running today was a whole hour quicker than us - well done Joe Gunn!

Amsterdam Half Marathon - Sunday 20th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stephen Swan1.49.003702nd

Chelmsford Marathon - Sunday 20th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Regis Martin3.22.4672nd
Robert Dixon3.47.31174th
Nathaniel Dye3.47.42178th
Nat Dye: Chelmsford Marathon Race Report
This race was an achievement - not so much for finishing, but for getting to the start line.
I was due to run Chelmsford last year, but had to defer following a bike accident. This time round, I almost had to do so again after other unfortunate life events put a halt to training and I wasn’t sure if my body was Marathon ready. Indeed, this time last week, I was pretty sure I wouldn't run. What happened? It seems that lost fitness takes less time to regain than one might think.
For mental health purposes if nothing else, I've recently gotten into the habit of running a little every day. Nothing spectacular - mostly 5k or 5 miles and I'm only up to 14 days. However, in just that time, I progressed from struggling at an easy effort to feeling pretty comfortable and running a little more quickly for the same effort. Although nowhere near peak fitness, by Saturday, it felt like a marathon might actually help, rather than set me back.
So I lined up with Regis and Rob, hoping to simply get round at a comfortable pace, without getting injured. Regis had other ideas and accelerated off into the distance never to be seen again. However, Rob was tapering (!) for next week's Thames Trot 50, so we ambled out of Chelmsford together. The initial pace was a bit faster than either of us were aiming for, but as we both felt comfortable, we cracked on at a pretty even 8:30 per mile, chatting away the miles with others who weren't too out of breath. One such person completed all of the centurion races last year (4x100 miles and 4x50) - such encounters show me how much further I have to go!
Upon leaving town, the surrounding countryside was pleasant and, at times, idyllic in the late autumn sun - running conditions were perfect. We continued to simply put miles behind us and only got slower as the course started to significantly undulate. I felt pleased that running only really felt hard in the last two miles or so. At this point, Rob ran free of my moderating influence and made a dash for the line.
However, my thoughts were on the free food and I used the energy I'd saved by not sprint finishing to jog straight to Wagamama and get ahead of the queue. As I heartily refuelled, I took stock of a marathon that was far quicker than expected and my second fastest. Today, in a rare moment of sanity, I officially pulled out of the Thames Trot in order to focus on the long slow buildup back to top form. Usual running based insanity to resume shortly!

Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon - Sunday 20th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Catriona Hoult4.41.15 pb3047th
Yorkshire Marathon. Soooo tough - nothing to do with the course itself which was perfectly lovely, but after a bobbing along happily with the 4.30 pacer for the first 14 miles (well, that's the easy bit isn't it), I slowed down from there and really started to struggle. Maybe because I've not been well for the last couple of weeks (but thought I was over it) or maybe because I'd forgotten just how long marathons are. Big hats off to anyone who can do one without slowing down - that's unthinkable for me.
I was hoping for 4.30 or at least a PB (under 4.37), but missed both and made it in 4.41. Only 3 mins quicker than Chester last year even though the training had gone so much better.
Oh and to top it off, there was a huge downpour just after I crossed the line, meaning we arrived back at our friends' house thoroughly cold and wet. I've now had a bath and hot chocolate and am slowly starting to feel human again.
I guess I'll have to do another marathon to get that elusive PB, but certainly can't think about that today.

Richmond Autumn Riverside 10km - Saturday 19th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gail Edwards53.47 pb

Sri Chimnoy 10km (Golden Leaf) - Saturday 19th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Jordan32.42 pb6th
Thomas Glasock34.22 pb16th
2nd & 3rd quickest 10km by an ELR this year. (Power of 10)

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 19th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day27.54 debut (250th parkrun)208th 70.55% Highbury Fields
Patrick Brown17.23* debut3rd 75.46% Dartford
Laura Kemp22.44* (course pb)31st 65.10% Fletcher Moss
Stuart Barton24.33* debut19th 60.08% Downsview, Canada
Jakub Czeczotka23.06* debut7th 58.23% South Boulder Creek, USA
Siobhan OShea30.16* (course pb) 223rd 52.97% Leamington
James Nichols20.10 debut9th 65.79% Gladstone
Amit Marks20.3015th 67.56% Raphael
Marc Akers28.1083rd 51.12% Gunpowder
Martin Quinlan24.31130th 58.74% Southwark
Richard Guest25.3171st 55.98% Rushmoor
Paul Marshall25.3062nd 51.70% Lancaster
Fabrizio Stefanoni18.0111th 79.28% Hackney
Tom Howourth19.1024th 67.39% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu22.48 pb91st 58.99% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi25.01143rd 53.03% Hackney
Sarah Burns25.30155th 61.24% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.20244th 61.47% Mile End
Katherine Harris28.28249th 53.40% Mile End
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.30251st 53.98% Mile End
Liviu Ionita16.28 (1st man)1st 78.44% Barking
Paul Quinton16.46 (course pb)2nd 81.41% Barking
Stuart Kelly17.47 (course pb)6th 74.13% Barking
Spencer Evans19.309th 66.50% Barking
Lawrence Foster21.2117th 72.60% Barking
Lauren Kelly24.0833rd 61.40% Barking
Andrew Baxter21.215th 69.09% Walthamstow
Liam Dempsey24.37 debut19th 52.81% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.3052nd 55.39% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater28.3460th 61.73% Walthamstow
Anna Dingle30.2575th 51.73% Walthamstow
Isabella Allan30.3176th 48.50% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey31.0979th 52.54% Walthamstow
John Henry18.5211th 72.35% Finsbury
Mark Moir20.10 (course pb)23rd 63.79% Finsbury
Andy Bolderstone26.04 debut179th 54.41% Finsbury
Adam Stanley24.5334th 54.45% Roding Valley
Cathal Lynch25.2336th 50.82% Roding Valley
Kasia Stachowiak25.51 debut44th 58.22% Roding Valley
Sandra Preston27.2555th 65.17% Roding Valley
Arthur Diaz28.55 debut79th 51.01% Roding Valley
Caroline Moore30.3990th 59.87% Roding Valley
Med Dahbi19.21 (course pb)2nd 77.16% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.016th Valentines
Mounir Dahbi21.39 (course pb)9th 62.36% Valentines
Damon Lerner23.4925th 60.18% Valentines
Craig Livermore23.5527th 54.13% Valentines
David Taylor25.3446th 62.92% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.4650th 59.90% Valentines
Jason Levy26.1159th 55.62% Valentines
Tim Aylett26.4068th 51.72% Valentines
Andrew Howard28.08 (400th parkrun)91st 56.21% Valentines
Veronica Carrasco28.1395th 52.61% Valentines
Mark Durrant28.48100th 53.05% Valentines
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy29.15 pb108th 51.89% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar34.18161st 42.77% Valentines
Shailesh Patel40.32212th Valentines
Scott McMillan21.3517th 65.17% Wanstead
Caroline Frith21.54 (1st lady)20th 70.78% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield23.1333rd 69.06% Wanstead
Samir Younsi24.5961st 56.77% Wanstead
Flora Stewart-Sandeman25.0962nd 58.85% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.5069th 64.13% Wanstead
Maud Hodson26.3185th 61.09% Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.3286th 55.78% Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles32.11 (course pb)165th 50.85% Wanstead
Jane Clapton32.22170th 50.57% Wanstead
Angela May33.33181st 45.11% Wanstead
Vicky Allen33.38183rd 48.86% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards34.02188th 47.11% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi34.26189th 44.28% Wanstead
Don Bennett38.21210th 41.81% Wanstead
Stuart Hodson21.488th 61.93% March

Supernova 5m, QEOP - Friday 18th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Susan Bushnell34.33215th
Jose Rodriguez36.11265th

Hatfield House 10km - Sunday 13th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Emma Wing1.12.21237th

Roman River Trails Marathon - Sunday 13th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson4.31.559th , 3rd woman
Maud: Roman River Trails Marathon (Hare & Tortoise Running)
It isn't ideal to run a marathon the day after an XC race. But I'd already signed up for this one before the Met League equalised their races - and then I really wanted to run their first race too. I didn't feel I could take it too easy yesterday as I was represented my 2nd claim club, Woodford Green with Essex Ladies, for the first time, and wanted to give a decent account of myself.
So I was a bit apprehensive about todays marathon. I haven't run 26 miles since July, and had struggled on my (solitary) training run.
The race starts and finishes by the Layer Marney Tower, described on Wikipedia as the 'apotheosis of the Tudor gatehouse'.
The terrain was a bit of everything - some proper mud, massive puddles, grass, gravel & a few short bits of road. And hills, of course. Trail races are rarely flat. The marathon course is two laps the HM, which presents the considerable psychological challenge of crossing the finish line, watching other runners getting their medals, and then heading out for another two hours plus.
As soon as I started I could feel yesterday's effort in my legs - the uphills were a real struggle. It was going to be a tough day in the office. I had slowed down by the middle of the race, but I just had to accept that that was how things were. And once I stopped worrying about my pace the miles started to pass more quickly. And then I started to feel stronger again. And began to overtake a few people. I enjoyed the second half of the race much more than the first even the the conditions were tougher - the wind was brutal at times, the rain came in and the trails were getting more churned up.
I finished in 4.31.55, 9th overall & 3rd woman out of 38 finishers (I had been 15th/4th at halfway). That's a time I'm very pleased with for a tough, muddy, hilly marathon with not much training and Claybury Park in my legs. I can still do it.
The medal is massive - way bigger than the ones the HM runners got. Worth going round again for. And for only the third time ever in all the many races I've done - a women's fit T shirt. Well played, Hare & Tortoise.

Eindhoven Marathon - Sunday 13th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson4.19.531616th
Kirk Johnson5.22.48 pb2367th
Mike's Eindhoven Marathon Weekend Report.

This was my 4th year running the Eindhoven Marathon and this year I was accompanied by Mr Kirk Johnson. We flew out very early on the Saturday Morning and had arrived at the hotel by around 10.00am. As the Manageress and some of the staff know me by now, we were allowed to check in to our room straight away instead of waiting until 3.00pm. We had the remainder of the day to collect our race numbers, eat and then try to get some rest. After a mostly sleepless night, (do not ask). we rose and had a hearty breakfast. The forecast for the race day was a sunny 22c so it was definitely a vest and not tee shirt weather. We left the hotel at around 8 minutes before the start of the race - Kirk in a panic as he did not realise that the start was 2 minutes around the corner! (Where have you been - you know the start time!) We wished each other Luck and went to our start pens. I began at a fairly relaxed pace, but very early on started to cough up phlegm. I had a chesty cold and cough after a week and a half and it still had not gone away. (I tried cough sweets, medicine, paracetamol in the days before)! At 5k I was feeling uncomfortable and aching and at 10k I was very fatigued. It was not a case of starting off too fast because even if I had, it would not have affected my body so badly at only 5k and 10k distance. It then went through my mind - do I stop and pull out now and save myself from the physical suffering later on? No, I cannot give up, I must carry on and see how I feel at half way. Another runner approached me and asked if I was ok, after another coughing episode. I said I'm fine and carried on. At half way I was feeling absolutely shattered and would have gladly stopped there and then! However I said to myself, you have already run half, try and keep going for another 13 or so miles. At this stage I was determined to finish just to collect a medal and record a time, even if it was 5 or 6 hours! Somehow I managed to keep to a very slow jog (and I mean SLOW) and did not walk except briefly a couple of times at water stations. The aching pains in my legs were almost unbearable and counting down from 21k - well it felt like an eternity. I was disappointed when the pacemakers overtook me (what would have happened if I had started with the pacemakers? - I don't think it would have made much difference on Sunday). After much sweat and toil I made it to the town centre where the crowds gather with around a mile to the finish and start calling out your name, for encouragement. I crossed the finish line in sub 4.20 still in disbelief at what had happened. I then collected my medal and went to get it engraved. If it had been a smaller Marathon event in England, say Halstead or similar, then I would have pulled out half way. But I could not let myself down and give up in Eindhoven! I had googled running with colds and it said it's fine if the cold is above the shoulders, but not if it is on the chest. In hindsight I probably should not have run. I walked back to the Hotel and eventually Kirk returned. He was completely shattered as well and suffered badly with the heat. It did not affect me too much - it was hotter in Eindhoven last year. Kirk was pleased with his time, as he had targeted 5.15 and we later found his chip time to be 5.22.

Monday morning we came down from breakfast. The girl in reception handed me my finish certificate that they had printed out - amazing! Kirk then asked for one, so they printed his out as well. As our flight back to Stansted was late (9.00pm) the Manageress let us keep our room until we went home in the evening. We spent the afternoon taking a 20 minute bus ride to Nuenen, which is a small picturesque village where Vincent Van Gogh lived for a couple of years. Although the museum was closed on a Monday, we were able to walk around a part of the Van Gogh trail. This involved boards and listening posts in the streets. We saw some of the sights, including the small church that Van Gogh painted where his father was parson of the church. Also the house that he painted where his parents lived. We returned to the hotel room to listen to 'Vincent' by Don McLean! A nice end to a weekend away, even though the race was a big let down for me. Finally, as the noted Mr Johnson - a man of wise words - remarked; " you did your best on the day and that's enough! Here's Looking forward as always to the next one!

Eindhoven Jumbo 10km - Sunday 13th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Samir Younsi50.21266th

Run The River 10km, Edmonton - Sunday 13th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Howard47.2342nd
Janet Bywater50.5552nd
Kathy Morrissey1.03.21184th

Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 13th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Craik40.3616th
Amit Marks42.4935th
Jess Trayler-Moore1.01.09243rd

Virgin Sport Oxford Half Marathon - Sunday 13th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Georgiou1.39.53
Samia Choudhury2.47.41

Royal Parks Half Marathon - Sunday 13th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry1.23.09 pb62nd
Jimmy Dale1.30.04 pb262nd
Jamie Xavier1.35.56695th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.45.301986th
Vinesh Sampath Kumar1.50.454213rd
Joanna Neville1.56.235214th
Adam Stanley2.02.396354th
Damon Lerner2.14.37 pb8556th
Anna Dingle2.23.4810691st
Elizabeth ODonnell2.56.4215210th
Angela May2.59.5615328th
Anna Dingle: Royal Parks Half completed. Really enjoyed this half despite the very muddy conditions in the event village. Lots of twists and turns but I like running in Hyde Park so I enjoyed that very much. Fortunately the rain held off too. Super chuffed with my time today. I have not had the best of running year's this year for a multitude of reasons. I set myself a target of 2hrs 30 mins today after running Bristol Half a month ago. Surprised myself to finish in 2.23:48. I am over the moon. Still a fair way off my best but it's progress and I ran all the way.
My favourite sign of the day at 5km was 'Kipchoge is already in the pub!' And thank you Jimmy Dale for meeting up in the morning. It was nice to chat and dust off the pre race nerves.

Bank Of America Chicago Marathon - Sunday 13th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez2.45.35 pb547th
Daniel Slipper3.10.273292nd
Ciaran Canavan3.35.368686th
Jakub Czeczotka3.40.43 pb10006th
Lance Fuller4.08.43 debut17205th
Roselin Boramakot4.27.13 pb24397th
Ciaran Canavan - A day that deserves a race report.
Chicago 2019 was always going to be different. My injury woes for the last 18 months have been stubborn, ongoing, recurrent, persistent and non resolving. Plantar Fasciitis that required physio, an air boot, offloading on crutches, shockwave therapy, cortisone injections, surgery and more physio. At the start of May I was staring down the barrel of the gun in the aftermath of the surgery and I honestly believed the chance of lining up at the starting line of the Chicago marathon today was somewhere between zero and none!
Then came August, and I had just started running, so I decided to embark on a 9 week "nought" to "marathon" plan. I was realistic that this was little less from perfect, but this my reality and so times were second to my primary goal. Chicago would mark my 6th Marathon Major, and I'd achieve the accolade of joining the illustrious six star marathon majors finishers club. Yet 6 days into this 9 week plan my life turned upside down through a dramatic and unexpected twist, being the sudden loss of my mum. My rose tinted Chicago Marathon glasses turned a very dark grey, and the world as I knew it crumbled apart.
So, my 9 week plan turned to 6, and thereafter Chicago here I come. I somehow managed to get from Naught to 35k in training, but no smart training in the form of hill, speedwork, fartkek or tempo. As I lined up today in pen A, I felt like a fraud, like I was chancing my arm, and that I didn't belong in the corral I had been assigned. But here I was, and this was my day to shine.
I've been on this 6 star finishers challenge since I completed the London marathon for the first time in 2009 (when it was just 5 Stars), and it accelerated thereafter when I ran New York, Berlin and Tokyo in 2013, 2014 and 2017. Now I had only Boston and Chicago to go. Entry for these a breeze, as I had guaranteed time entry, so I planed these for 2018, and 2019.
Those who recall, Boston was horrendous weather wise in 2018, and thereafter my injuries exploded, bringing me back to the start of this report.
For today, Sub 3.30 was my "A" goal. 3.30 to 4 hours was my "B" goal, and a walking finish in under 6.5 hours was my "C" goal. To my surprise, I managed keep on target of the sub 3.30 pace up to 30k, but thereafter the lack of base training, speedwork and endurance training raised its ugly head. Things began hurting, and hurting bad. My plan was to reach 40k and to walk the last 2.2k. That didn't work. I got to 38k and I gave in. Time to walk. Then I got a shout from behind, "come on London" 6 stars, Congratulations, and about my 100th fist pump of the day, as I had a bib on my back declaring to the world my 6 Star goal for today. And so I began to run again. SLOW, sore, reminiscing, sobbing, asking mum to help me. These 4K were a painful challenge both mentally and phyically. I continued to get slower, though not as slow as walking and I crossed the line in 3.35.36. An aggregate 6 World Marathon Majors time of just under 18 hours and 6 minutes. Average marathon time across the majors, 3:01. I'm sore, I'm gobsmacked at what I achieved today, and I'm elated with my World Marathon Majors achievement. In the face of adversity I did as best as I could today, and I was pretty chuffed with that. Oh, and the bragging rights with my 6 finishers medal is pretty cool stuff.
One last thought, as I lined up at the start of corral A today someone I was chatting too suggested I needed a new challenge now, before continuing to tell me how they had just completed "Comrades" this year. Hm, I thought to myself, I've never been to South Africa. But please don't hold me to this though! Next on the agenda is a little more recovery.

Jose : Chicago marathon race report:(sorry a bit long..)
Chicago was my 7th marathon and my 3rd major! I did not manage to follow any training plans and my overall weekly mileage didn't increased as I wanted due to work, holidays,etc but the positive is that I still manage to avoid injuries.
My main problem during the marathons is always the cramps and I've been trying to find the cause. I sweat a lot and loose lots of salts and I believe that's the main reason, together with the relative low weekly mileage.
I didn't manage to sort out the second so for this race I was ready to take more salt tablets!.
I met Ciaran and Lance at the expo on Friday where Ciaran had to take a group photo for completing the 6th major marathon.
Saturday morning went for a run that turned out a bit longer than desire as I got a bit lost, but I took it easy. I got a bit shock with the temperature drop..3C, and windy...a little bit of panic regarding possible finish time but mostly what to wear...
Went to the centre for a bit of tourism, buy a warmer jacket and met Ciaran and Lance for lunch/dinner at an Italian restaurant...I end up going back to the apartment with a sore throat due to the cold and wind(hate that combination)...and I started taking cold tablets(something that I hate specially before races). I did not sleep much blowing my nose for the whole night +nerves...woke up had my porridge and head to the train.
Not as many people as in London, where the trains are packet with runners, and few people with mental health issues causing trouble in the train (very common here I found....), I arrive to Grant Park for the race. From here, bag drop, toilet visit, a little warm up...all nice and easy.(the scanned you with metal detectors for fear to terrorism). I was in wave 1, A which is after the disable and elite runners. I took me few km to feel comfortable the the pace ( impossible to take as GPS doesn't work well in between the big buildings, tunnels...then I found myself with a nice group of runners. I realized we were going a bit too fast (3:45 average), but I was feeling comfortable and decided to forget about perfect race with negative splits and stay with them thinking that if cramps start at the end (as in every marathon I run),I will have some extra Min. I made sure that I was taking my salt tablets and drinking in nearly every water station as is all in paper cups and I end up spilling gatored in my own face few times.if you mix that with the salt accumulating in my face...I end up having something similar to a expoliating mask .Around km 35 again my legs started wanting to cramp but I manage to keep it under control slowing down a bit the pace. I was shock to see so many women still running around me at that pace( women here are very fast!!). Then at just 1 km from the finish line my right quad started cramping and made me stop, twice, not for long and with some stretching it allow me to run again. I arrive to the 400m to go mark and looking at my watch I realized I will have to do the last 400m in 1 min...so it did not happen, but I'm very happy with my 2:45:35 and nearly 6 Min PB again...so I can not feel disappointed because.. that's the best I've ever done.
Now relax few days in Canada visiting friends.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 12th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali20.00* debut & 50th different11th 65.25% Greenwich
Peter Hatley21.31* debut13th 65.92% Concord, Sheffield
Annette Clark31.04* debut125th 52.68% Morecambe Prom
Janet Bywater25.17* debut111th 69.74% Warwick Racecourse
Steven Bywater26.18* debut133rd 57.92% Warwick Racecourse
Stuart Barton24.42 debut4th 59.72% Des Moines Creek
Chris Green23.24 debut48th 58.76% Ally Pally
Martin Quinlan23.53 pb109th 60.29% Southwark
Mark Moir19.05 debut7th 67.60% Victoria Dock
John Henry18.46 debut6th 72.74% Brockwell, Herne Hill
Shaun DeSena33.47 debut188th 38.48% Newark
Morag Campbell40.53 debut101st 40.03% Lyme Park
Siobhan OShea31.18 debut275th 51.22% Leamington
Jocelyn Summers28.33206th 61.00% Mile End
Paul Marshall24.0544th 54.74% Lancaster
Fiona Day27.54 (249th parkrun)280th 70.55% Clapham Common
Fiona Critchley24.0646th 72.27% Great Notley
Stephen Swan22.4548th 57.36% Kesgrave
Amit Marks20.2516th 67.84% Raphael
Andy Bolderstone26.4856th 52.92% Gunpowder
Marc Akers37.41147th 38.21% Gunpowder
Patrick Brown17.30 (1st man)1st 74.95% Walthamstow
Andrew Baxter21.189th 69.25% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard28.24 (course pb)57th 55.52% Walthamstow
Mark Boulton16.51 (1st man)1st 78.24% Hackney
Paul Quinton17.282nd 77.58% Hackney
Tom Howourth19.4215th 65.57% Hackney
Richard Guest22.2376th 63.81% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu23.21101st 57.60% Hackney
Lucy Barron24.36136th 60.16% Hackney
Med Dahbi19.44 (course pb)2nd 75.34% Valentines
Craig Livermore20.213rd 63.39% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.084th 69.24% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi21.46 (course pb)9th 61.79% Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.5612th 68.92% Valentines
George Georgiou25.0237th 58.92% Valentines
David Taylor25.2240th 63.21% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.3742nd 60.05% Valentines
Gail Edwards26.0046th 58.21% Valentines
Tim Aylett26.1254th 52.48% Valentines
Katherine Harris26.23 (250th parkrun)55th 57.61% Valentines
Jason Levy26.2356th 55.02% Valentines
Mary OBrien26.2558th 77.92% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.0366th 57.30% Valentines
Veronica Carrasco28.1283rd 52.48% Valentines
Joanna Qiu39.11162nd 43.30% Valentines
Tom Marshall19.143rd 69.41% Wanstead
James Nichols20.378th 64.35% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.1636th 64.68% Wanstead
David Hallybone24.0944th 58.25% Wanstead
Liam Dempsey24.2246th 53.35% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.1577th 63.87% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.0287th 60.54% Wanstead
Katie Whitton29.01120th 51.01% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz29.03121st 50.77% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.48162nd 57.70% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin31.55164th 51.28% Wanstead
Jane Clapton33.00171st 49.60% Wanstead
Scott McMillan38.11 (with Alma)205th 34.84% Wanstead
Don Bennett38.12206th 41.97% Wanstead
Vicky Allen53.17230th 30.72% Wanstead
Angela May53.19 (tailwalker)231st 28.38% Wanstead
Ivan Gwynn21.3149th 67.47% Chelmsford Central
Morag : Did Lyme Park parkrun in Cheshire, it’s a beautiful course but
VERY hilly! I started walking not even 100 m in as it starts you have to run up
a steep hill, my slowest parkrun ever but so good after a tough few days to just
concentrate on where to put my feet and not fall!

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Saturday 12th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans38.156th
Amy Still56.49136th

Met League series - Event 1 Claybury Park - Saturday 12th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns42.08146th guest
Maud Hodson42.21150th wgel
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera47.54192nd wgel
Euan Brown29.35vphthac
Calvin Bobin36.53298th guest
Gareth Davies39.39356th guest
Alex Jameson44.27417th guest
Maud: You wouldn't necessarily think of running up and down hills
in the rain and the mud as a joyful occasion, but this afternoon I really
felt that it was.
I ran for the first time in the Met League, representing my new 2nd claim
club, Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies.
Until this season this was one of those events where the women's race was
shorter than the men’s. The member clubs voted to equalise the races for
a trial season, and as we stood on the start and the race director told
us that we would be running three laps, a cheer went up.
Just like at the Essex champs back in January, it is such a pleasure to
take part in events which have made the switch to equality.

Autumn 100 (Centurion) - Saturday 12th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Kimmens22.02.1042nd (16.31 average)

Earth, Sea & Fire Triathlon, Dubrovnik (Olympic Distance) - Saturday 12th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee2.23.3312th, 1st woman
Daniel Lee2.30.1719th

Run Through Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 9th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Georgiou47.3386th

Ironman Barcelona - Sunday 6th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Ward11.46.431674th of 2767
Swim 1.03.53
T 1 8.32
Cycle 5.38.10
T 2 9.50
Run 4.46.20

Giffordtown 5km, Fife - Sunday 6th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry18.0717th of 144

MBNA Chester Marathon - Sunday 6th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Scott McMillan3.01.55 pb155th
Lawrence Foster3.51.131092nd
SPLITS SCOTT 10K 42.24 20K 1.24.54/42.30 30K 2.07.41/42.46 40K 2.52.07/44.26
SPLITS Lawrence 10k 52.53 20k 1.44.56/52.03 30k 2.37.51/52.54 40k 3.27.00/59.08

Scott McMillan: Chester Marathon: 3:01:55, a PB by well over 5 minutes and a
Good For Age time. Was on for sub 3 hours at 20 miles, but the last 10k was hard, hilly,
windy and rainy - I'm really happy to have hung on for this time.
You can see from the splits where they put the hills on this course (and, today, the wind
and the rain!). Very happy to be taking a big PB home with me.

Lawrence: Very happy to achieve a 3:51:13 debut time wearing ELR top & in memory
of my recently departed auntie Helen. Sadly couldn't find Scott at start, but did see him
flying in the opposite direction at the turnaround.
He did an amazing time on a TOUGH course. Donato's 3:08 was also outstanding

Baxters Loch Ness Marathon - Sunday 6th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz4.38.522114th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera4.49.392419th
Halfway: Arthur 2.10.45 , Alexandra 2.15.11

Loch Ness marathon race report (I don't know how to make them short):
So so much relief, The preparation for this marathon has been more than sub-optimal, Having lost a lot of my running form after Manchester (still no real idea why), I continued running as frequently as I could but with only a few runs over 14-15 miles only a part from Spitfire and the Essex way relay, Adding the lack of sleep of the 3 last weeks and having been sick with food poisoning last week (starting to be an Autumn marathon tradition), this could only go wrong ,Despite coach Grant repeating me that I will be OK!
I had no expectations about a time, I was merely hoping I could finish, I kept avoiding thinking about it, focusing on the fact that I would be in lovely Scotland and that this in itself would be fantastic,
Start of the race, my friend Diarmuid from Ilford and I met Arthur at 7.00am to take a bus to the end of the Loch Ness, gorgeous drive, but got in idea of the elevation . We arrived at 8.45am , it was terribly windy and rainy up there with no shelter, The queue to the loos was so insane that I only manage to reach it at 9.57am for a start at 10.00am (they seemed to have been overwhelmed by the increased number of runners), running to the start, I just managed to find Arthur for a selfie start.
We started together, trying to make sure that we wouldn't go too fast from the start which was tempting with all the long downhills and sharp uphills , Not too give too many details, but my stomach was starting to behave badly at around mile 6 and I knew I would have to stop soon, Arthur was already going a bit too fast for me so I let him go' After a toilet stop, I felt better but I was only mile 9 and so anxious that I would break at some points After mile 10, the route was a bit flatter and I kept steady' I did the half in 2h13, I knew that the second part was more hilly and that I would slow down
The landscape was absolutely stunning, the weather got better and better as we were running and twice, I could hear the waves on the border of the lake, I closed my eyes and tried to calm my anxiety.
Mile 16: 10 miles to go, I was starting to be more confident , Just a Sunday social to go,Then, mile 19, sharp pain in my quadriceps, almost like I had something moving under my muscle, never felt something like that, could it be an injury? no,no,no, can't be an injury that's it , I will have to give up and DNF my first marathon, no, no, this can't be I am massaging it on the side of the road and it seems to have gone away I am restarting, it feels ok, catching up with 3 German runners who passed me earlier, there are so many nationalities around, apparently 45 in total this year Mile 20, 21 , not long to go, my pace is getting slower and slower but still reasonable, under 5 hours which wouldn't be too bad, really !
Then, stomach pain again really, this is getting ridiculous, Another stop, get it together ,so many voices in my head, but I see a lot of people struggling even more than I do, mostly young people You need a lot of life experience to be able to handle the pain and the doubts of a marathon.
But, I am getting there 'miles after miles, the sharp pain again mile 24, I massage it while running, now pretty sure it's just a cramp' It goes away again and finally, it's there: Mile 25 , we are on the other side of the river I can see the other runners on the other side of the bridge, trying to see if Arthur is among them' the cramp comes back just before the bridge, last walk, oh what's that restaurant? Could be nice for tonight, totally random thoughts! Finally, the last 500 yards, a row of spectators encouraging the runners, shouting my name as they see it on my vest and I see the finish line as the speaker mentions ELR. As you can see on the picture, I felt a huge relief and joy to finish my 5th marathon in 2 years in 4h49 mins which felt great…
The next 30 mins were all of a blur, got my unisex t-shirt , my medal, my goody bag, then stopped and cried for 10 mins , completely lost till someone picked me up and brought me to the food place Diarmuid and Arthur found me there and it was joy all over again.
Despite, the loos issues at the start, I would recommend this marathon to anyone who want to run an absolutely gorgeous course and is not ready yet for a trail one, It was extremely well organised and everyone has been extremely friendly and supportive. I will come back one day, better prepared
I guess at least I can say I did my long run for the Beachy Head marathon in

Wimpole Estate Half Marathon - Sunday 6th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Thompson1.40.5126th
A quite hilly off road route and I managed about 1 1/2 mins quicker
than last year despite a lot more mud & wet conditions.

Mornington Chasers Regents Park 10km - Sunday 6th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford43.0628th

Southend 10km Classic inc Essex Championships - Sunday 6th October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton34.3212th
Patrick Brown35.1517th
Manjit Bedi40.56147th
Calvin Bobin43.03185th
Stephen Taylor45.22268th
Samir Younsi49.59 pb440th

Royal Borough of Kingston Half - Sunday 6th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amit Marks1.35.50223rd

Cadiz XC League, Spain (8.5k approx) - Sunday 6th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero1st
Today was time to do something completely different to the type of races
I have been done recently, taking part in the first fixture of the XC league
in Cadiz. Berlin is already forgotten, and with my eyes on the Seville
Marathon in February, it was a good change to test if my legs were recovered
from the marathon training, with a very good level of athletes and an great
course. In the end, first overall, with the first 5K at 3:27/km and doing the
last 3.5K at 3:17/km. I felt very good today, but nothing like running at home
with friends from all the clubs.
Now time to recover some speed lost during the marathon training.

Livingstone XC (3.7km) - Saturday 5th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry14.363rd

Saltmarsh 75m (Relay team) Spice Girls - Saturday 5th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1.52.0018.64km (strava)
Paula Bedford2.15.0024.58km (strava)
The Spice Girls with Sonya Hurtado & Minna Orsimo 1st team , 4th overall in 8.28.40

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 5th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Melody Nairn1.05.36253rd

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 5th October 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Janet Bywater24.57* debut40th 70.67% Armley
Caroline Frith21.52* debut58th 70.88% Princes,Liverpool
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera31.34* debut242nd 48.73% Inverness
Patrick Brown18.04* debut & 250th4th 72.60% Northala Fields
Victoria Charlesworth29.45* debut205th 54.45% Penrith
Nick Hoult30.16* debut160th - 46.86% Blackpool
Elizabeth ODonnell37.45* debut49th 44.42% Nidda, Germany
Catriona Hoult25.19* debut61st - 62.15% Walmer & Deal Seafront
Katherine Harris24.09* debut (249th parkrun)21st 62.94% Amager Strandpark
Andrew Howard23.10* debut31st 68.06% Littlehampton Prom
Stuart Barton29.08 debut106th 50.23% Crissy Field
Jakub Czeczotka21.1560th -- 63.29% Hackney
Joanna Neville27.07 debut250th - 55.81% Fulham Palace
Kathy Morrissey32.38 debut254th 50.15% Colchester Castle
Samir Younsi23.15 debut11th 61.00% Beckton
John Booth18.01 debut15th 75.21% Dulwich
Andy Bolderstone26.3253rd 53.45% Pymmes
Martin Quinlan24.10 pb132nd - 59.59% Southwark
Lauren Kelly23.2326th 63.36% Roding Valley
Stuart Kelly23.2427th 56.34% Roding Valley
Adam Stanley24.3838th - 55.01% Roding Valley
Mary Connolly25.4839th 71.12% Barking
Mark Moir19.2320th 66.55% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali19.5733rd 65.41% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers29.47339th 58.48% Mile End
Marc Akers36.19157th 39.65% Gunpowder
Thomas Grimes18.593rd 71.38% Sunny Hill
Paul Marshall26.5184th 49.10% Morecambe Prom
Andrew Baxter20.5210th 70.69% Walthamstow
Daniel ODonoghue21.04 debut11th 61.71% Walthamstow
Emily Clarke21.40 (1st lady)14th 69.00% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.4861st 56.84% Walthamstow
Anne-Marie Kennedy26.50 (course pb)62nd 56.65% Walthamstow
Craig Livermore19.282nd 66.27% Valentines
Karen Levison20.56 (1st lady)10th 83.20% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.5711th 69.85% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan22.4116th 62.53% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.5518th 59.56% Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.3929th 63.92% Valentines
George Georgiou24.5244th 59.32% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.4864th 59.63% Valentines
Tim Aylett26.2870th 51.95% Valentines
Jason Levy26.3371st 54.68% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.4874th 57.84% Valentines
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy29.34126th 51.18% Valentines
Frank Brownlie32.31162nd 53.05% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar34.09181st 42.85% Valentines
Tom Marshall19.268th 68.70% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak22.3048th 66.89% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield22.4956th 70.27% Wanstead
David Hallybone22.5357th 61.47% Wanstead
Scott McMillan23.3574th 59.65% Wanstead
Liesbeth Allart29.00161st 52.18% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.26177th 51.76% Wanstead
Jayne Browne29.28178th 61.43% Wanstead
Fiona Day29.28179th 66.80% Wanstead
Jane Clapton30.42194th 53.31% Wanstead
Angela May30.48197th 49.13% Wanstead
Isabella Allan31.34 (course pb)205th 46.88% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.46207th 57.76% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.44224th 48.98% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin32.44225th 50.00% Wanstead
Jane Scott33.00228th 53.43% Wanstead
Vicky Allen33.06229th 49.45% Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles33.54 (course pb)234th 48.28% Wanstead
Morag Campbell34.38244th 47.26% Wanstead

Chingford League - Event 1 Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycling Centre - Tuesday 1st October 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Eleanor Wilkinson21.5210th - 15pts
Caroline Frith22.1515th - 5th
Becky Evans22.4323rd - 9pts
Lauren Kelly24.0635th - 2pts
Chloe Millan24.0636th - 1pts
Kasia Stachowiak24.1538th
Maud Hodson24.3843rd
Katie Whitton24.4045th
Sarah Burns26.0057th
Carolyn Edwards26.0358th
Catriona Hoult26.5673rd
Filipa Soares27.4181st
Claire Emery27.5382nd
Fiona Day28.2189th - 7pts
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.26100th
Anna Dingle31.43111th
Maya Goodwin33.49119th
Euan Brown16.401st - 20pts
Patrick Brown17.144th - 17pts
Billy Rayner19.1633rd - 3pts
Warren Ibrahim20.1145th
Nick Clarke20.4051st
Mark Moir20.4754th
Jacob Stevens20.5056th
Calvin Bobin21.3468th - 9pts
Peter Hatley22.2076th
Karan Gadhia22.2377th
Mounir Dahbi22.5383rd
Emmet Fitzgibbon23.3693rd
Ciaran Canavan23.5998th
Michael Wilson24.32105th
Cathal Lynch24.46107th
Lance Fuller24.59111th
Ford Cadiogan24.59 pb112th
Andrew Howard24.41123rd
Alex Jameson25.45124th
Arthur Diaz27.47134th
Mark Durrant29.25142nd
Team scores: Men A Team 3rd , B Team 3rd, Vets 5th,,Ladies A Team 4th, Vets 4th

Mike Reports. A total of 38 East London Runners' gathered at the top of Hog Hill, for the first of two Chingford League races around Redbridge Cycling Centre track. In driving rain and strong head wind conditions, the runners produced some fine performances around a very challenging hilly course. The Brown Brothers lead the club home in style in the Men's race; Euan finishing in 1st place with a time of 16.40, followed by Patrick whose time of 17.14 saw him take 4th place. Billy Rayner was 33rd in a time of 19.16. In the Women's competition, Ellie Wilkinson was first back for the club in 21.52 which was good enough for a top ten finish; closely followed by Caroline Frith in 15th (22.15) and Becky Evans in 23rd (22.43). There were a lot of other very good individual times recorded, with some runners making their Chingford League debuts. Thanks to everyone who ran today, just two days after the Valentines Park 5k and also to Frank who turned up to support and take photographs on a dismal evening.

Jacob Reports. As mentioned in the last newsletter, we have a new ELR Winter League competition, based on both participation and performance. Here are the rankings after the first Chingford League race. Since there has only been one race so far, everyone has a participation score of 100%, so it is essentially an age-graded performance ranking at the moment. Things will get more interesting after the next race.

ELR Winter League Rankings After 1 Event.


*Name - Part. Perf. Score*

1. Becky Evans - 100 131 112

2. Caroline Frith - 100 121 108

3. Fiona Day - 100 119 108

4. Ellie Wilkinson - 100 118 107

5. Maud Hodson - 100 114 106

6= Lauren Kelly - 100 107 103

6= Chloe Millan - 100 107 103

8. Kasia Stachowiak - 100 106 103

9. Katie Whitton - 100 105 102

10. Sarah Burns - 100 103 101

11. Filipa Soares - 100 102 101

12. Claire Emery - 100 101 100

13. Cat Hoult - 100 100 100

14. Carolyn Edwards - 100 99 100

15. Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera - 100 91 97

16. Anna Dingle - 100 85 94

17. Maya Goodwin - 100 83 93


*Name - Part. Perf. Score*

1. Euan Brown - 100 136 115

2. Calvin Bobin - 100 132 113

3. Patrick Brown - 100 132 113

4. Warren Ibrahim - 100 124 110

5. Billy Rayner - 100 118 107

6. Jacob Stevens - 100 116 106

7. Peter Hatley - 100 112 105

8. Michael Wilson - 100 111 104

9. Nick Clarke - 100 110 104

10. Mark Moir - 100 109 104

11. Lance Fuller - 100 109 104

12. Andrew Howard - 100 106 102

13. Ciaran Canavan - 100 104 102

14. Emmet Fitzgibbon - 100 102 101

15. Karan Gadhia - 100 101 101

16. Ford Cadiogan - 100 100 100

17. Mounir Dahbi - 100 99 100

18. Alex Jameson - 100 97 99

19. Arthur Diaz - 100 94 98

20. Cathal Lynch - 100 92 97

21. Mark Durrant - 100 89 95

**Scoring Method - Summary**

For each runner, we calculate a participation score and a performance score. The participation score is the percentage of Chingford and Sunday XC League races that the runner has taken part in. The performance score is calculated by taking the runner’s time for each race, applying a gender/age adjustment (similar to parkrun age grading) and then comparing that to the median time of all runners in the race (24:15 for this Hog Hill race); this is then averaged over the races they took part in. The overall score is a weighted average of the two scores: 60% of participation score plus 40% of performance score.

**Scoring Method - Details**

For anyone interested in the details, the scores are calculated as follows:

*Time *= Runner's race time

*CatFactor *= Conversion factor from gender/age category standard to mid-point between SM & SF standards - see below.

*AdjTime *= *Time ** *CatFactor*

*MedianTime* = Median time of all runners in race (all clubs, all categories)

*RacePerfScore *= *MedianTime */ *AdjTime ** 100

*PerfScore *= Mean *RacePerfScore *for runner over season

*PartScore *= (Number of races attended by runner) / (Total number of races) * 100

*Score *= *PerfScore ** 40% + *PartScore ** 60%

Category factors are calculated using WMA age factors and male/female 5 mile road race records (similar to the data used for parkrun age grading). The factors used for the 5y Chingford League categories are as follows:

SM 1.0676 SW 0.9404

M40 1.0076 W40 0.9017

M45 0.9690 W45 0.8630

M50 0.9304 W50 0.8156

M55 0.8917 W55 0.7674

M60 0.8531 W60 0.7192

Warsaw Marathon - Sunday 29th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry3.09.25177th

Folkstone Half Marathon - Sunday 29th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1.23.239th

Bishops Stortford 10m - Sunday 29th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Creed1.22.1923rd
Adam Stanley1.43.15135th
Yes was quite brutal battling against the elements. Run mostly over
farm land so was quite exposed and very muddy. Good fun though!

Supersports 10m, International Race Series, Race 4 of 5, Korat, Thailand - Sunday 29th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods1.28.39189th
Start time: 4am local time.

Elvis 8 - East London Runners Valentines Charity 5km - Sunday 29th September 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Liviu Ionita16.22/16.20 (elr pb)2nd - scorer
Jose Rodriguez17.00/16.596th - scorer
Stuart Kelly17.46/17.4311th - scorer
John Booth17.54/17.5012th
Scott McMillan18.12/18.1015th - scorer
Fabrizio Stefanoni18.23/18.2118th - scorer
Billy Rayner18.37/18.3421st -
James Wilson18.43/18.3724th - scorer
Robert Spread19.06/18.59 (elvis debut) pb29th - 28th
Daniel Lee19.21/19.1534th - 33rd
Jagbir Bassi19.24/19.20 (elvis debut)35th - 34th
Mark Moir19.25/19.2036th - 35th
Warren Ibrahim19.26/19.1837th - 36th
Med Dahbi19.47/19.4442nd - 40th
Craig Livermore19.48/19.4243rd - 41st
Jimmy Dale19.56/19.53 pb46th - 44th
Peter Craik19.59/19.5148th - 46th
Ava Lee20.20/20.1651st - 2nd scorer
Jacob Stevens20.30/20.2155th - 52nd
Karen Levison20.48/20.4159th - 4th scorer
Scott Hemmens21.04/20.57 (elvis debut)67th - 63rd
Caroline Frith21.41/21.3677th - 8th scorer
Mounir Dahbi22.06/22.0484th - 75th
Becky Evans22.30/22.2087th - 10th scorer
Grant Conway22.40/22.3491st - 80th
Ged Browne22.46/22.3893rd 82nd
Stephen Swan22.48/22.2994th - 83rd
Angus Nicholls23.01/22.51101st - 89th
Peter Ballard23.07/22.56105th 92nd
Vinesh Sampath Kumar23.06/23.01 (elvis debut)104th 91st
Lauren Kelly23.25/23.10110th - 17th scorer
Nathaniel Dye23.25/23.13111th 94th
Rakesh Sandhu23.26/23.10112th 95th
Katie Whitton23.39/23.28115th - 19th scorer
Chloe Millan23.45/23.26119th - 22nd
Alexandra Brown23.46/23.35120th - 23rd
Samir Younsi23.56/23.41124th 99th
Shanavaz Malayodu24.15/24.03 (elvis debut)131st 104th
Lance Fuller24.22/24.07134th 107th
Maud Hodson24.31/24.20136th 28th
Michael Bamford24.44/24.03143rd 113th
Andrew Howard24.47/24.24144th 114th
Suzanne Bench24.51/24.39145th 31st
Andrea Waller24.53/24.41146th 32nd
Carolyn Edwards25.06/24.53152nd 36th
George Georgiou25.06/24.39153rd 117th
Alex Jameson25.26/25.05164th 123rd
Suzanne Taylor25.28/25.16166th 42nd
Stuart Barton25.31/25.12168th 126th
Catriona Hoult25.41/25.28172nd 45th
Sandra Preston25.46/25.31173rd 46th
Mary OBrien26.15/25.55179th 50th
Bernadett Kalmar26.39/26.13183rd 53rd
Mary Connolly26.59/26.39191st 57th
Caroline Moore27.07/26.52197th 61st
Helen McGuinness27.53/27.29210th 68th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.34/28.08220th 72nd
Diana Rexhepaj28.43/28.18222nd 74th
Siobhan OShea28.55/28.30 pb225th 76th
Imran Mustak29.16/29.00 (elvis debut)230th 150th
Juliet Lopez-Real30.36/30.13 pb241st 87th
Marc Akers30.48/30.21244th 155th
Alice Barrett30.56/30.30245th 90th
Angela May32.14/31.47253rd 97th
Vicky Allen32.30/32.03258th 100th
Sharon Lincoln32.42/32.25 pb259th 103rd
Prabhakaran Sukumar34.33/34.10265th 161st
Susan Bushnell36.07/35.36275th 113th
Julie Creffield38.34/38.16279th 116th
Race Awards for ELR
3rd lady : Ava Lee
1st FV50 : Karen Levison
2nd man : Liviu Ionita
Ladies Team: 1st (Ava, Karen & Caroline Frith)

Elvis teams: SCORERS
Men: Liviu, Jose Rodriquez, Stuart Kelly, Scott McMillan, Fabrizio Stefanoni and James Wilson. 2nd place
Ladies: Ava, Karen, Caroline, Becky Evans, Lauren Kelly and Katie Whitton. 1st place.

Elvis Series final placings
2nd place overall: Karen Levison
1st V50 award: Becky Evans
Ladies Team: 1st place - East London Runners.
3rd man: Liviu Ionita

Ladies: (* all 8 events)
2nd Karen Levison 1st V5O 26pts
7th Becky Evans 2nd V50 95pts
10th Katie Whitton* 129pts
12th Maud Hodson* 3rd V40 144pts
14th Andrea Waller* 5th V40 200pts
21st Catriona Hoult 7th V40 282pts
22nd Carolyn Edwards 283pts
27th Bernadett Kalmar 9th V40 344pts
28th Mary Connolly 9th V50 349pts
33rd Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera* 11th V40 409pts
35th Caroline Moore* 11th V50 422pts
38th Helen McGuinness* 13th V40 444pts
46th Diana Rexhepaj 12th V50 521pts
50th Maya Goodwin 21st V40 650pts
51st Kathy Morrissey 22nd V40 663pts
55th Alice Barrett 722pts

3rd Liviu Ionita 20pts
4th Jose Rodriquez 22pts
9th Scott McMillan 3rd V40 112pts
10th John Booth 118 pts
15th Danny Lee 5th V40 177pts
21st James Nichols 217pts
23rd Mark Moir 245pts
25th Peter Craik* 7th V40 278pts
32nd Warren Ibrahim 8th V40 324pts
34th Craig Livermore 329pts
35th Jacob Stevens* 10th V40 331pts
38th Michael Bamford* 5th V50 379pts
39th Jimmy Dale 383pts
51st Grant Conway* 8th V50 519pts
68th Stuart Barton 22nd V40 732pts

57 Ladies completed the 6 of 8 races (16 ELR) and 16 did all 8 events (5 ELR).
88 Men completed the 6 of 8 races (15 ELR) and 19 did all 8 events (4 ELR).

Elvis 8 - East London Runners Valentines Volunteers - Sunday 29th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Frank BrownlieRace Director
Maya GoodwinAsst Race Director
Stuart BartonCourse Director
Michael BamfordVolunteer Organiser
Jason LevyFun Run Director
Paul ThompsonTailwalker
Peter HatleyLead Bike, Fun run
Tricia ONeillCake Stall Organiser
Susan EdwardsCake Stall
Sandra HillerCake Stall, Marshall, Fun run
Don BennettPre Entries Collection, Photos
Geoff BenchMedical Bike
Sophie EdwardsMedical
Elizabeth ODonnellMedical, Marshall, Fun run
Lance FullerSound System
Alexandra BrownCourse set up
Jay SanghaCourse set up ,Marshall, Fun run
Stephen SwanCourse set up
Arthur DiazMarshall, Fun Run
Susannah HouseMarshall
Rachel Le RouxMarshall
John AtkinsonMarshall
Joanna WoodMarshall, Fun run
Katherine HarrisMarshall & Fun run
Natasha HowardMarshall
Amit MarksMarshall
Vivienne EkaMarshall
Cathal LynchMarshall
Annette ClarkMarshall
Fiona DayMarshall
Karan GadhiaMarshall
Steven BywaterMarshall
Catriona HoultFun run
Nick HoultFun Run
Bernadett KalmarFun Run
Viktor SzabadiFun Run
Alice BarrettFun run
Marc AkersFun run
Karen LevisonFun run
Pam Bennett & Miranda Thompson - Entries on the day
Pam Bennett also Cake Stall
Rebecca (tailwalker from val parkrun) - Fun run
Ian Liardet - marshall

BMW Berlin Marathon - Sunday 29th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carlton DSouza3.23.016052nd
James Nichols3.24.036292nd
Jonathan Wooldridge3.29.437898th
Shahib Miah Ali3.34.208924th
Kasia Stachowiak3.48.302274th
Andy Bolderstone4.45,28 (course pb)25330th
Sifot Ali6.02.5830283rd
Shahib Ali reports: Berlin Marathon 2019 - initially dry but cloudy then gave way to a persistent light drizzle, which progressively got heavier, otherwise unblemished running conditions; no congestion of note, flat course and wide roads, so no excuses at all. 3.34:20 - on the positive course record for me and my fastest autumn marathon time. However, like the Great North Run 3 weeks ago, left with more questions than answers. In isolation happy enough with the times, amongst my fastest over HM and marathons, however, during both races could not sustain the early pace and withered towards the end. Had lots of cramps today, multiple stops to do stretches, scratching my mind for reasons. Likely a combination of setting off too fast, overestimating my fitness, lack of mileage in the legs, inadequate lifestyle behaviour in relation to diet and rest and simple not good enough on the day. I've had previous scars with marathons, which I have well and truly addressed, and in a way it's great to have more challenges to attempt to find answers to going forward. I will likely take a sabbatical from marathons, allow Samia Choudhury to train for her spring marathon, difficult with two young kids for both parents to be training, and focus myself on shorter distances and try and get certain times over those disciplines before thinking of embarking on marathons again.
Well done to all the East London Runners who took part in Elvis, Berlin, Warsaw and all the other races.

James Nichols Berlin race report (the long read...)
Marathon number ten for me and Berlin had been on the to-do list for a while so I had been looking forward to it ever since completing number nine in Rotterdam six months ago.
That race in April had been a huge personal breakthrough over the marathon distance with the seven minute personal best of 3:14 being above expectation. I had struggled in previous Autumn marathons but I now had a training plan that proved it could deliver results.
Over the summer I was a bit slow to get going with it, perhaps over concentrating on shorter distance races, but the last 6-7 weeks went swimmingly and I nailed some quality long runs so I arrived in Berlin perhaps slightly undercooked but feeling confident that I could go close to that PB.
The Saturday morning parkrun felt necessary to loosen the limbs and ease any nerves while catching up with club mates and I was we rested by race day morning, although woke up a lot earlier than planned. It was the most relaxed I had ever felt on a marathon morning and I was careful to resist many of the temptations on offer at the hotel breakfast buffet.
I met up with Carlton, Jonathan and Andy to walk the couple of miles to the start, and (for then at least) conditions felt great for running - cool and slightly spitting but a downpour was forecast for later in the morning. My start time was 10 minutes later than the gun and walking over to the pen I bumped into Shahib. I climbed the barrier as those early starters cleared the space, took my jacket off and despite expecting to be held back was able to nonchalantly stroll over the starting mat, so no time to get nervous!
I eased through the first 20k or so - perhaps too easy. Despite some frustration at other runners cutting into corners or across me to get to the magic blue "fastest route" line that was marked on to the road, I was happy enough with the start but even at that stage I didn't feel quite right. No panic though and I started to speed up slightly from 10 miles onwards for the business part of the race, getting to halfway in 1:38. This was a minute down on target but with that sub-3:14 still a possibility. They were my best miles, I passed Carlton but was struggling. It was too early to feel tired and another 80 minutes at that pace felt a long way off.
Sure enough from about mile 16 onwards my pace slowed by 20 seconds a mile, then 30 seconds a mile, then 40. I adjusted expectations - a PB was now out of the question but a very respectable 2nd fastest marathon of sub-3:20 was a possibility if I could keep the nagging doubts and increasing tiredness away and chug along at the current pace. By now the weather had turned and it was throwing it down. My race number was disintegrating and despite knowing Berlin well I wasn't taking in the sights and the crowd as I usually do at marathons. In short, I simply wasn't enjoying it.
Through 20 miles and my pace slowed further. I had nothing left and Carlton came past me this time. I started reaching for anything that would get me through and have race over and done with; There were some strange drink offerings on the refreshment stands and having avoided them all race I now sampled all sorts! At 40k, with even sub 3:20 now gone, having battled away I finally cracked and slowed to a walk only for a runner to shout at me "zwei kilometer, come on!" He was right and so immediately I resumed the slow but steady jog instead, all the way to the Brandenburg Gate (the only sight I did take in and savour) and the extra 400m (1 lap of the track! That was my distance measurement of choice throughout that painful last 5k) to the finish line.
Completed in just over 3:24. Relief rather than the sense of euphoria usually felt in the finish area, instead I was soaking and shivering and just wanted to get out of there into somewhere warm and dry. Perhaps 15 minutes of sulking until I got talking to others - known and unknown - and soon perked up. Any marathon is an achievement and I learned a lot in this one.
What went wrong? It's difficult to say for sure but the shortened training block probably did catch up with me in the end, and my form throughout the summer has generally been slightly below par. Perhaps I didn't allow enough recovery from the busy and successful spring. I don't think I've quite nailed a taper yet either, and on race day itself I might revisit my race nutrition strategy for next time.
There are positives though as well. My best time in an autumn marathon, when I have always struggled, and the fastest of the 3 majors I have done (just 3 stars left to get!). I also battled really well through adversity at the end there which I can hopefully draw upon next time in the closing stages when I hope to be more positive and less tired. Overall a great weekend, congratulations to all the other ELRs who competed and shared the experience with me.

Ealing Half Marathon - Sunday 29th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn 1.27.03129th
Jamie Xavier1.38.12487th
Jakub Czeczotka1.45.06900th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 28th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Moore28.25* debut71st - 64.57% Gdansk, Poland
John Henry18.39* debut3rd - 72.65% Warszawa, Praga
Shahib Miah Ali21.34 (course pb)67th - 60.51% Hasenheide,Germ
James Nichols23.02 debut112th - 57.24% Hasenheide, Germ
Kasia Stachowiak25.34* debut208th - 58.87% Hasenheide, Germ
Andy Bolderstone27.14 debut273rd - 52.08% Hasenheide, Germ
Jennifer Ansell19.29* (1st lady)7th - 75.96% Peckham Rye
Susan Bushnell37.06 debut310th - 53.82% Billericay
Andrew Howard24.03 debut15th - 65.56% Watermeadows
Stephen Taylor27.13198th - 53.34% Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka23.4266th - 56.75% Greenwich
Adam Stanley23.0469th - 51.29% Roding Valley
Diana Rexhepaj29.1835th - 57.22% Beckton
Daniel ODonoghue23.4387th - 54.81% Hampstead Heath
Fiona Critchley24.1545th - 71.82% Great Notley
Stephen Swan23.3659th - 55.30% Kesgrave
Nick Clarke21.2616th - 61.90% Sutton Park
Martin Quinlan27.2382nd - 52.59% Roundshaw Downs
Paul Marshall21.3622nd - 61.03% Morecambe Prom
Mark Moir19.472nd - 65.21% Herrington Country Park
Amit Marks20.5224th - 66.37% Raphaels
Natasha Howard25.32 pb105th - 59.92% Raphaels
John Booth20.5130th - 64.99% Victoria Dock
Katherine Harris23.5564th - 63.55% Victoria Dock
Patrick Brown17.58 (1st man&249th parkrun)1st - 73.01% Walthamstow
Andrew Baxter23.5623rd - 61.63% Walthamstow
Peter Hatley27.4758th - 51.05% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.5461st - 54.60% Walthamstow
Isabella Allan30.5586th - 47.87% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey32.4698th - 49.95% Walthamstow
Med Dahbi19.532nd - 74.77% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.0610th - 69.35% Valentines
James Creed21.13 (50th parkrun)11th - 64.34% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi22.1717th - 60.36% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.4423rd - 66.50% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.5625th - 59.52% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.5054th - 59.55% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.3066th - 58.49% Valentines
Karen Levison26.3167th - 65.68% Valentines
Michael Bamford26.3368th - 56.94% Valentines
Stuart Barton26.3469th - 55.08% Valentines
George Georgiou28.30104th - 51.75% Valentines
Jason Levy28.48109th - 50.41% Valentines
Maya Goodwin30.51150th - 53.05% Valentines
Frank Brownlie32.58177th - 52.33% Valentines
Scott McMillan22.0614th - 63.65% Wanstead
William ODonoghue22.4016th - 57.06% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield23.5941st - 66.85% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz26.2977th - 55.70% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.3981st - 61.41% Wanstead
Maud Hodson27.43103rd - 58.45% Wanstead
Katie Whitton27.44104th - 53.37% Wanstead
Matthew Tagney29.35137th - 46.48% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.40139th - 51.35% Wanstead
Vicky Allen30.43157th 53.28% Wanstead
Melody Nairn30.45 (course pb)158th - 48.13% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards30.48159th - 52.06% Wanstead
Fiona Day30.49160th - 63.87% Wanstead
Jane Scott31.27168th - 56.07% Wanstead
Jane Clapton32.45188th - 49.97% Wanstead
David Wyatt33.06193rd - 50.65% Wanstead
Chris Green42.31 debut251st - 32.34% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch38.09307th - 33.81% Luton Wardown

Ragnar White Cliffs Relay - Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jacob Stevens6 legs (39 miles)
Arthur Diaz4 legs
Cathal Lynch4 legs
Ragnar White Cliffs Relay race report (21-22 Sep):

Arthur Diaz, Cathal Lynch and I, along with five other friends and colleagues, took part in this 170-mile day & night relay around the coast from North Kent to Brighton. This is the third year I've done this event, but the first time with other ELR members. The course consists of 30 legs, ranging from 3 to 9 miles. In a standard team of 10 everyone runs 3 legs each, but since we were two runners short, three people (including Arthur and Cathal) did 4 legs, and I did 6 (39 miles total).

After preparations including allocating legs, hiring a couple of minibuses (nice to have the space), and a run+pub team get-together, we were on our way to Sittingbourne on Saturday for our 11am start. The weather was perfect, and after a couple of inland legs we were running along the coastal paths of North Kent - leg 4 (my second) had some lovely scenery near Herne Bay. At Margate, the four of us in the first minibus had a couple of hours for a pub dinner while the other half of the team did their bit, and then we were back running again. By this time it was close to dusk, which meant two things: mandatory night safety gear (head torch, reflective vest etc.) and insects. Huge swarms of tiny black flies surrounded the marshes south of Sandwich: luckily they didn't bite, but I swallowed a fair few and got loads in my eyes; I wondered why the locals in the next town of Deal were giving me strange looks until I realised my face was covered with the dead critters. Soon we were looking out over the cliffs down to the port of Dover - much more attractive at night - where a little twist was to have one runner go down the steep and narrow tunnel to the Samphire Hoe nature reserve (on artificial land left over from the Channel Tunnel construction), only to have the next person run all the way back up again; thankfully I had the 'down' leg.

Ragnar White Cliffs Relay - Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September 2019

Ragnar White Cliffs Relay race report (21-22 Sep):

Once we'd handed over the baton to the other half of the team again, it was time to catch some sleep at Camber. Some of us put down our sleeping bags in the marquee while others slept in the minibus; while I think we all got a little kip, it could hardly be described as a good night's sleep. For a start, it was less than 3 hours before we had to get ready to run again. My next leg - past the town of Rye where I grew up - was at 3am and a challenge (it was flat, but I think anything would be challenging at that time of night). Arthur did the one after that, which was one of the toughest - nearly 9 miles along a track, then a narrow sea wall that's awkward for running, and finally up a steep hill to Fairlight. While Cathal was running the next leg along the Hastings seafront (another long one), the rest of us had a nice view of the sunrise at Bexhill, and after a few more legs we were in Eastbourne. By this time the weather had turned, but it was only showers - much better than the continuous downpours we had last year.

The final ELR run was Arthur's extra leg up to Beachy Head - this could have turned into a much longer run for him had we not noticed on the tracking app that he'd gone the wrong way! The runners in the other minibus had the last bit over the Seven Sisters - a stunning leg which I ran last year - and then on to Brighton, so we drove ahead and had plenty of time for a proper breakfast at a lovely cafe: scrambled eggs and sausages on toast never tasted so good! We waited at the finish for our final runner to arrive, and the whole team ran the last 100m together for a group finish. The official results haven't yet been published, but we finished in about 26.5 hours, which hopefully places us in the top third.

All in all, a really good event: well-organised, with the right balance of running and logistics, long enough to be a challenge but not so demanding that you want to give up - and most importantly, suitable for a wide range of abilities due to the different leg lengths. I might organise a team again next year if there is sufficient interest, and I'd like to try their new trail relay in the Forest of Dean in June (expect a post from me about that event soon).

Results are out, we finished in 26.36.51, and came 40th team out of 109.

Arthur Diaz: Great race report Captain! You've done a tremendous effort in
not just running double legs but also organising and planning the whole team event.
Plus, driving us everywhere too when you are not running. Kudos to you mate!
Thanks again for inviting me join such an unforgettable experience.
Proud to be an ELR Ragnarian and Feet of Endurance member!

Muslim Charity 5km, Victoria Park - Sunday 22nd September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali19.592nd
436 finishers

Weymouth Half Ironman 70.3 - Sunday 22nd September 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Danny Wong7.13.571919th of 2020.
Our Danny Wong completed his first Half Ironman 70.3 at Weymouth today in 7 hrs 13 mins!
Incredible! Swim was cut short to 950m due to horrendous conditions!
Who's up for the next 70.3 ELR trip?

35.08 , 9.05, 3.44.49, 7.30, 2.37.27 = 7.13.57

Loire Valley 20km - Sunday 22nd September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee1.23.2270th, V2M 11th
Ava Lee1.25.49111th, V1F 1st
Regis Martin1.33.44386th
Susannah House2.12.002358th
Sandra Hiller2.26.132465th

Loire Valley 10km - Sunday 22nd September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sonia Cheadle1.15.115508th

Llyn Alwen Trail (11.5km) - Sunday 22nd September 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson1.01.5346th
A few pics from the Llyn Alwen Trail race I did this morning. A lovely, low-key event of around 7 miles in stunning scenery - just what I needed after a few disappointing runs recently. I thought it might be reasonably flat as it was a loop around the lake, but in fact there was over 700ft of ascent, although the panoramic views at the top of the biggest climb made it feel worthwhile. We totally lucked out with the weather too - after a warm sunny day yesterday (even in Snowdonia) it was forecast to rain all morning today, but it had stopped before we set off for the race, and didn't start again until we were back in the car (when it tipped it down). There was also a canicross race starting 10 minutes after the main race, so lots of gorgeous doggos for me to schmooze.

Simplyhealth Great East Run - Sunday 22nd September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Flora Stewart-Sandeman1.50.03585th
Christopher Kehoe3.00.412738th

Run Through Goodwood 20m - Sunday 22nd September 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Nick Hoult2.46.08 pb20th
Catriona Hoult3.24.54 pb54th, 2nd V40
Catriona reports: Nick Hoult and I got very wet and rather dizzy
this morning doing a 20 miler (8 and a bit laps) of Goodwood Motor Circuit
in the rain.
It's a long way to go, but a well-organised Run Through race and there
aren't that many 20 mile races in at this time of year. The main positives
I'm feeling now are: Nick only lapped me once, I was 13 minutes quicker
than last year and we've definitely deserved roast potatoes and apple crumble
for dinner.
Oh and according to Don Bennett, I was second in my age category, but that
might have been out of two, so I won't get too excited!

Scottish Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd September 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Karan Gadhia1.36.52 pb306th
Scottish Half - 1:36:52 pb
Really enjoyed my first trip to Scotland - did sightseeing in Edinburgh
yesterday and had a great race today!
I spent most of the race wondering where the support was (even the
marshals weren't cheering!) until I got to the finish in Musselburgh
racecourse in front of a packed stand of spectators. It's a flat course
Really happy with my time - a PB of 4:29 from the Big Half in March this
year and 11:24 quicker than the Ealing half this time last year.
Well done to everyone else who ran/swam this weekend!

Run Through Olympic Park 5km - Saturday 21st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Deva Payaniandy30.5087th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 21st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jakub Czeczotka23.02* debut13th - 58.39% Westmill
Joseph Gunn 18.53* debut6th - 68.49% Rushcliffe
Patrick Brown17.47* (debut & 1st man)1st - 73.76% Aldenham
Laura Kemp24.41* debut90th - 59.96% Fletcher Moss
Paul Marshall21.22* (course pb)27th - 61.70% Morecambe Prom
Maud Hodson24.38* debut15th - 65.76% Pont y Bala
Shahib Miah Ali20.15* debut5th - 64.44% Bethlem Royal Hospita
James Nichols21.06 debut27th - 62.48% Oak Hill
Lawrence Foster21.08 pb15th -- 73.34% Bognor Regis
Chris Green31.09 debut176th - 49.14% Catford
Richard Guest24.19 (with buggy)129th - 58.74% Highbury Fields
Joanna Neville28.09281st - 53.76% Gunnersbury
Michael Bamford21.4113th - 69.72% Troon
Fiona Critchley24.2348th - 71.43% Great Notley
Caroline Frith21.29 (1st lady)17th - 72.15% Roding Valley
Sandra Preston25.40 (course pb)55th - 69.61% Roding Valley
Mark Moir19.4331st - 65.43% Mile End
Martin Quinlan25.00 (course pb)184th - 57.60% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.35290th - 60.93% Mile End
John Booth18.079th - 74.79% Burgess
John Henry18.10 debut10th - 74.59% Burgess
Daniel ODonoghue21.52 (course pb)17th - 59.45% Brentwood
Liam Dempsey26.0763rd - 49.78% Brentwood
Mark Boulton18.38 (1st man)1st -- 70.75% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.4869th - 56.84% Walthamstow
Isabella Allan29.55103rd - 49.47% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey30.42111th - 53.31% Walthamstow
Scott McMillan17.40 pb11th - 79.62% Hackney
Calvin Bobin20.36 debut47th - 80.66% Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey24.26150th - 60.85% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu24.47163rd - 54.27% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie27.43251st - 55.92% Hackney
Flora Stewart-Sandeman41.56 debut394th - 35.29% Hackney
Billy Rayner19.483rd - 66.25% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.2810th - 68.17% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi21.5812th - 61.23% Valentines
Jonathan Wooldridge22.0413th - 65.79% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.1516th - 67.94% Valentines
Stuart Barton23.39 (course pb)31st - 61.87% Valentines
Lauren Kelly23.5136th - 62.12% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu24.1644th - 60.78% Valentines
John Healy24.33 (course pb)49th - 57.77% Valentines
Katherine Harris24.3850th - 61.71% Valentines
Chloe Millan24.4853rd - 59.68% Valentines
George Georgiou25.2561st - 59.68% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.0767th - 58.90% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.2773rd - 58.60% Valentines
Jason Levy26.3375th - 54.68% Valentines
Mary Connolly27.2290th - 67.05% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.55101st - 73.73% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth29.04121st - 55.73% Valentines
Susan Bushnell36.15 (course pb)204th - 55.08% Valentines
Joanna Qiu37.22217th - 45.41% Valentines
James Wilson18.584th - 73.64% Wanstead
Warren Ibrahim19.168th - 75.95% Wanstead
Karen Levison21.3223rd - 80.88% Wanstead
William ODonoghue22.0531st - 58.57% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan22.1834th - 63.60% Wanstead
Becky Evans22.2639th - 75.63% Wanstead
Andrew Howard23.3962nd - 66.67% Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.2578th - 64.03% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone25.1999th - 56.02% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.56118th - 64.65% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.21123rd - 62.11% Wanstead
Jayne Browne28.24168th - 62.91% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.28171st - 54.05% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.43173rd - 53.05% Wanstead
Matthew Tagney29.04177th - 47.31% Wanstead
Stuart Norris29.43191st - 43.41% Wanstead
Vicky Allen30.22203rd - 53.90% Wanstead
Angela May30.24204th - 49.78% Wanstead
Peter Craik30.52210th - 47.41% Wanstead
Anna Dingle31.12214th - 50.43% Wanstead
Melody Nairn31.13 (course pb)216th - 47.41% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.51227th - 57.61% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.24236th - 49.49% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin32.25237th - 50.49% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell42.37294th - 38.87% Wanstead

Run Through Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 21st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Marcela Vasques52.10141st
Sharon Lincoln1.05.50312th

Children with Cancer UK Swim Serpentine 1 mile - - Saturday 21st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris37.24799th

Children with Cancer UK Swim Serpentine 2 mile - - Saturday 21st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Catherine Brett1.18.471599th
Jimmy Dale1.20.451716th
Shaun DeSena1.23.42
Fiona Day1.40.092437th

Richmond Half Marathon - Sunday 15th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jess Trayler-Moore2.21.032367th
Jessica reports: It's all about the scenery. That has been my mantra all week. Because - other than the flat, pretty route - things weren't looking good for me and the Richmond half.
The first problem was transport. With the overground and west London tubes out of action, I struggled to find a sensible route from E11. The second thing was the 26°C forecast. Don't get me wrong, I love sunny days. But they're for Pimms and gardens and bbqs. Not long runs.
Thankfully, there are yins to these yangs. NO HILLS is the big one (the Richmond half advertises itself as London's flattest course). It's also absolutely friggin' beautiful. I mean proper stunning. The course goes through Kew Gardens, past the palm house and the temple. It runs along the canal tow path, by Richmond bridge and Teddington lock, through Richmond deer park, and past Ham House. That's a whole lotta pretty.
It's not always easy though. The tow paths are narrow. A stretch through woodland gave shade glorious shade - but also unstable paths. I saw a few people tumble.
I got distracted by T-shirts. At one point I found myself staring at a group wearing a logo of the soles of two shoes - one with ears to look like a cat and the other with a halo. I decided they must be fundraising for a cat rescue centre. I later found out the 'cat' was a devil and the runners belonged to 'heaven and hell running club'.
All-in-all, the Richmond half was a smaller, friendly event. It started with a shaky voice nervously asking 'GO?' to the general confusion (and then laughter) of the crowd. There weren't many pacers - and the ones I did see had an A6 card on a stick indicating their time; you had to be right on top of them to read it. The route was really well-marshalled and signposted though. So despite the heat, my lack of training and my initial grumpiness, the route was so beautiful I was quickly won round.
Like I say, this one was all about the scenery.

Richmond Marathon - Sunday 15th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Clarke4.27.46596th
Narelle McClorey6.05.24

Great Bristol Half Marathon - Sunday 15th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Nicola Hedges2.27.57
Maya Goodwin2.38.236123rd
Anna Dingle2.39.116152nd
Emma Hammerston2.41.206227th
Maya reports: Bristol Half. Right, so I still loved it. But SO much slower. I was going great guns till 8 miles, but I was thirstier than the Sahara and at 8 miles I downed a bottle of water. Rookie mistake that I paid for immediately, as it sloshed about inside me making me feel sick as soon as I started running again.
So I ran walked from then on to come in at 2:38. Not the best time, but the sun shone all its Bristol Love right into me. And then I ate the best ice cream in the WORLD.

Anna reports: Bristol Half all week I had been saying I wasn't going to run and I would support Maya Goodwin, Nicky and Emma. But all week in the back of my mind there was part of me that felt that my various injuries would hold up. So on Saturday morning I packed my running stuff and decided to try and run it. I have never started a race not knowing if I would finish. I had some good advice from Louise Taylor too on run walk ratios which helped to convince me I could do it.
Bristol didn't disappoint. It's a lovely race with flat bits, ups and down. It is well supported by the folks of the city. I smiled a lot and I laughed going round and I cried as I was finishing. There was a wall of sound from supporters on the last mile which made it all the more easier. Also having my brother there to support me was a lovely thing too. He loved shouting 'come on East
London' in the way that we would all shout it!
Time wise - I had only set myself the bronze target, which was to start and see if I could finish. And I managed it! 30 mins off my best but it's progress and has given me back a little self belief.
As for Bristol, I will hopefully be back next year as you were great!

Mao 5m, Menorca - Sunday 15th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen McGuinness48.282nd Vet W45 - 55
'5/10 milles Mao'. Opted for the 5 when I saw the hills!!! Did it in
48.34 official time, 48.28 chip time. Also managed to be second in my
category i.e. F 45-55. Next year I might win some cheese as the prize
for the 5 miles was 5 kg Menorca cheese but 10 kg for 10 mile winners!
It'd be really good if a few more ELRs did it and we could do the
10miles next year . It's the first time I've been here hoping for bad
weather and got it. Though it was something like 25-28 degrees still.

Harvest Trail, Royston - Sunday 15th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paula Bedford1.58.4354th, 7th lady
126 finishers.

Pleshey & Essex Half Marathon - Sunday 15th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.16.0213th
Patrick Brown1.16.1714th
James Creed1.43.35147th
Natasha Howard2.04.52 pb273rd
Daniel Peters2.10.57307th

Jubilee Hall Trust Run For Life Trail 5km - Saturday 14th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samir Younsi24.2715th

Season Finale Sprint Triathlon - Lake Dorney - Saturday 14th September 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Fabrizio Stefanoni1.20.3228th
750m swim , t1, 21.1k cycle, t2, 5k run
17.58, 3.35, 37.03, 2.01, 19.56 = 1.20.32

28th overall (of 105)
8th vet (of 46)
2nd VM45 (of 9)
2nd overall on the run leg (of 105)

For a few years I'd been thinking about trying a triathlon. The first obvious issue was that I'm far from being a good swimmer, although I can probably swim long distances without stopping, but certainly not at fast pace. So as soon as I targeted a September debut I also signed up to a set of one-to-one swimming lessons to improve technique and, ultimately, time. Everything else, I thought, was good enough for me to have a good go - apart from having to purchase a lot of gear (gosh, this sport is expensive!!!).
The choice fell onto the Dorney Lake Season Finale, organised by Human Race - a sort of RunThrough for running and non-running events. Because of the long swim leg I was reluctant to try the olympic distance, therefore I opted for the sprint: 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run. Apart from making sure the bike fitted in my puny car, I didn't need any special preparation for the day - unless you consider two different outfits and footwear, towel, gels, flip flops, food, ELR top (for the photos), swimming gear, water, ....
Being my first time I had no reference point to say whether or not I was doing good: 106 started in two separate waves - kids and semi-vets (35+) - only one DNF. Proper vets (40+) were 46. During the race I gave everything I had in each leg: the swim was not as fast as I had expected it, but not as slow as my last training sessions - just OK; I was 35th vet when I made my way on the saddle. On the bike I lost the two gels I had in my back pockets and started to consider the sad prospect of getting to the end with no extra sugars. However I pushed super hard, and gained positions.
By the time I was off on my trainers I had risen to 22nd vet position, but trying to switch to what should be a familiar running exercise proved hard, after the bike my legs were confused about the right thing to do. A couple of minutes later I was running fine: my watch reassured me about pace and I closed with a nice progression to close 8th vet and overall second on the run leg, behind the overall winner - a boy of 16.
Will I do it again? Most definitely, probably a couple of times a year, and maybe try the olympic distance once my swim becomes more decent. I reckon I can gain a few minutes on swim and bike, and cut time off the transitions too (almost 6 minutes in total, only 10 did worse).
I would recommend anyone to try tri: if you can't swim, it's a good opportunity to learn (it's an amazing cross-training activity), and most events in summer don't require a wetsuit; a Halfords bike works as good as a 3 grand carbon fibre model. It can be as expensive or cheap as you're prepared to make it.
I feel I should thank Danny and Jimmy for the useful tips, and everyone else who encouraged me on the way: another good story in this great 2019. Now back to more familiar territory: the last ELVIS is just around the corner, and a good performance - not just from me - is needed to complete our year with another smile.

Essex XC 10km Series - Weald Country Park - Saturday 14th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols39.5510th
James Nichols: Did all 5 of this series and put a consistent set
of top 10 finishes together which was enough to receive the trophy for
2nd male overall.
Nice medal when you put all 5 together! Highly recommend these races even
if you can't make the full series, they take part in a lovely set of parks
which each offer their own challenges

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 14th September 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Joanna Neville26.29* debut255th - 57.14% Gunnersbury
John Booth19.14* debut7th - 70.45% - Hilly Fields
Andrew Howard23.36* debut52nd - 66.81% - Folkestone
Caroline Frith22.52* debut33rd - 67.78% - Tøyen (Norway)
Jonathan Wooldridge22.07* debut38th - 65.64% - Isabel Trail
Stuart Barton23.18 debut56th - 62.80% - Isabel Trail
Katherine Harris24.17* debut75th - 62.59% - Isabel Trail
Fiona Critchley24.34 debut84th - 70.90% - Isabel Trail
Paul Marshall21.42* course pb23rd - 60.75% - Morecombe Prom
Kasia Stachowiak22.50* debut7th - 65.69% - Las Aniolowski (Poland)
Fiona Day27.51 debut433rd - 70.68% - Clapham Common
Shahib Miah Ali20.34 course pb14th - 63.45% - Pymmes
Marc Akers38.00185th - 37.59% - Gunpowder
Susan Bushnell39.4486th - 50.25% - Dartford Heath
Martin Quinlan27.10244th - 53.01% Southwark
Claire Emery27.16194th - 60.76% - Bramhall
Joseph Gunn 18.40 course pb20th - 69.29% - Hackney
Amit Marks20.13 debut61st - 68.51% - Hackney
Paula Bedford21.0985th - 75.10% - Hackney
Saheb Yousefi23.13137th - 57.14% - Hackney
Alex Jameson27.53276th - 52.48% - Hackney
Sarah Burns27.59281st - 55.81% - Hackney
Paul Quinton17.07 1st man ,course pb & age cat record1st - 79.16% - Roding Valley
Med Dahbi19.31 course pb13th - 76.17% - Roding Valley
Calvin Bobin19.59 pb18th - 83.15% - Roding Valley
Mounir Dahbi21.25 course pb28th - 62.80% - Roding Valley
Adam Stanley24.06 course pb62nd - 56.22% Roding Valley
Peter Hatley28.04132nd - 50.53% - Roding Valley
Scott McMillan18.212nd - 76.66% - Wanstead
Mark Moir19.43 course pb7th - 65.43% - Wanstead
William ODonoghue21.4226th - 59.60% - Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan21.5329th - 64.81% - Wanstead
David Hallybone22.51 pb48th - 61.56% - Wanstead
Liam Dempsey23.21 pb59th - 55.67% - Wanstead
Gail Edwards24.45 course pb84th - 61.14% - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.38105th - 65.41% - Wanstead
Arthur Diaz26.00 pb113th - 56.73% - Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.07117th - 62.67% - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult26.28129th - 59.45% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson28.38172nd - 56.58% - Wanstead
Michael Keefe30.22202nd - 46.32% - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards30.59210th - 51.75% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore32.53236th - 55.80% - Wanstead
Vicky Allen33.19242nd - 49.12% - Wanstead
Jane Scott33.23243rd - 52.82% - Wanstead
Morag Campbell34.04249th - 48.04% - Wanstead
Rakesh Sandhu24.0727th - 61.16% - Barking
Mary Connolly26.4945th - 68.43% - Barking
Mary OBrien27.15 age cat record51st - 75.54% - Barking
Patrick Brown18.07 (1st man)1st - 72.40% - Walthamstow
Chris Green19.03 course pb5th - 72.18% - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater26.2657th - 66.71% - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.5965th - 56.45% - Walthamstow
John Henry18.32 course pb2nd - 73.11% Valentines
Billy Rayner19.314th - 67.21% Valentines
Craig Livermore19.476th - 65.21% Valentines
Karen Levison20.57 (1st lady)13th - 83.13% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.2722nd - 67.33% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.4526th - 60.00% Valentines
Flora Stewart-Sandeman24.15 course pb44th - 61.03% Valentines
Sandra Preston25.4067th - 69.61% Valentines
George Georgiou26.0775th - 56.48% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.08 course pb76th - 59.31% Valentines
Jason Levy26.1377th - 55.37% Valentines
Frank Brownlie32.25177th - 53.21% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar33.30189th - 43.68% Valentines
Mark Durrant34.19194th - 44.39% Valentines
Cathal Lynch25.5688th - 49.74% Roding Valley

Runthrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 5K - Wednesday 11th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brooke Stephenson39.27 pb214th

Runthrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 10K - Wednesday 11th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn 38.4114th

Runthrough Grand Prix - Mercedes Benz World - 5K - Sunday 8th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brooke Stephenson41.16108th

New Forest Half Marathon - Sunday 8th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Danny Wong2.12.45

Langham 10km - Sunday 8th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Critchley51:45242nd

Wandsworth 10km (not really 10k) - Sunday 8th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katie Whitton45.2135th
Maud Hodson45.5541st
Alex Jameson49.1346th
117 finishers. Course measured about 9.5k.

Bacchus Half Marathon - Sunday 8th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carolyn Edwards2.55.21439th
My second wine run! Gorgeous route, HORRID hills and lovely wine.

Great North Run Half Marathon - Sunday 8th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez1.15.45 pb87th
Mark Moir1.27.15 pb596th
Shahib Miah Ali1.35.241599th
Eleanor Wilkinson1.38.042125th
Nick Clarke1.38.412289th
Owen Woodwards1.51.036282nd
Shanavaz Malayodu1.58.4010177th
Samia Choudhury2.42.3532208th
Ellie reports Awesome run up north today ! Such a great event ,
sorry not to be running in red today as we were supporting the National
Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS) - we were representing at heart!
Lovely to see Shahib Ali at the start! Well done everyone X

Mark Moir The race plan came together at the #greatnorthrun
today and I did it in 1:27:15, an 80 second PB! I'm happy with the PB
and thank you to all of the runners and training partners at
#eastlondonrunners as well as my family and friends who've kept me
focussed on this race even during injury. Big shout out to @lvmoir too
on completing his first half marathon in 1:44. @ Great North Run

Jose reports: North Great Run half marathon this morning.
I wasn't expecting too much after indulging too much during the holidays
but I still manage around 2'20" Min PB in a non flat course. 10 km PB too
with 35'34". Very happy with results, doing last km in 3'16"!
And hand shake with the great Mo Farah at the end( he obviously finished
over 15 min before me)

Koblenz Marathon - Sunday 8th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton3.33.22258th

New Forest Marathon - Sunday 8th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roselin Boramakot4.50.42685th

Woburn Abbey Tri - Woburner (Middle Distance) - Saturday 7th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale6.07.27 44 min pb
1.9km swim, t1, 90km cycle, t2, 21.1km run
38.31 , 5.41, 3.25.49, 3.16, 1.54.11 = 6.07.47

Run Through Victoria Park Half Marathon - Saturday 7th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.20.028th
Scott McMillan1.21.34 pb9th
Robert Spread1.26.48 pb27th

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Saturday 7th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans38.197th

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 7th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samir Younsi48.5684th

Valentines parkrun - ELR takeover - Saturday 7th September 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry18.35 (1st man & debut)1st - 72.91%
Calvin Bobin20.27 (course pb)4th - 81.26%
Lawrence Foster21.16 (course pb)6th - 72.83%
Stuart Norris21.55 (course pb)12th - 58.86%
Shailesh Patel22.1715th - 67.84%
Kasia Stachowiak22.30 (1st lady & cpb)17th - 66.67%
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.5424th - 59.61%
David Hallybone23.52 (course pb & pacer)40th - 58.94%
Gail Edwards24.50 (course pb)52nd - 60.94%
Andy Bolderstone24.5555th - 56.92%
Rakesh Sandhu25.01 (pacer)56th - 58.96%
Bilkis Achha25.09 (course pb)59th - 61.17%
Sandra Preston25.13 debut60th - 70.85%
George Georgiou26.1571st - 56.19%
Naimah Riaz26.5584th
John Healy27.02 debut90th
Mary OBrien27.1995th
Liesbeth Allart27.24 debut99th - 55.23%
Diana Rexhepaj27.42106th - 60.53%
Arthur Diaz27.43 (course pb)107th - 53.22%
Steven Bywater28.00 (pacer)112th - 54.40%
Caroline Moore28.26 (course pb)115th - 64.54%
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy29.31142nd - 51.27%
Kathy Morrissey29.34143rd - 55.36%
Maud Hodson30.02 (pacer)152nd - 53.94%
Maya Goodwin30.03153rd - 54.46%
Prabhakaran Sukumar33.04196th - 44.25%
Lisa Yang34.12 pb213th - 43.47%
Katherine Harris35.04 (pacer)224th - 43.35%
Susan Bushnell36.17 debut235th - 55.03%
Joanna Qiu38.12245th - 43.89%
Jason Levy49.46 tailwaker281st - 29.17%
Stuart Barton49.48 taiwalker282nd - 29.38%
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Robert BATEY, Suzanne BENCH, Don BENNETT, Frank BROWNLIE, Grant CONWAY, Ed HOOKE, Sophia HOULT, Catriona HOULT, Bernadett KALMAR, Craig LIVERMORE, Juliet LOPEZ-REAL, Bella LOPEZ-REAL, Elizabeth O'DONNELL, Patricia O'NEILL, Lee RAND, Alexandra RUTISHAUSER-PERERA, Jacob STEVENS, Oliver SZABADI, Viktor F SZABADI, Anna SZABADI

parkrun - all venues (except Valentines) - Saturday 7th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Morag Campbell34.23* debut33rd - 47.12% Margaret River, Australia
Dan Gritton23.41* debut14th - 60.31% Neckarau, Germany
Thomas Grimes18.27* (1st man & debut)1st - 73.44% Nobles, Douglas,IOM
Fiona Day27.35 (course pb)288th - 71.36% Finsbury
Shahib Miah Ali20.55 debut53rd - 62.39% Newcastle
Warren Ibrahim19.26 (course pb)3rd - 75.30% Barking
Andrew Howard23.43 debut52nd - 66.48% Pocket
Paul Marshall22.00 (course pb)29th - 59.92% Morecambe Prom
Susannah House32.01 (course pb)258th - 55.80% Colchester Castle
Mark Moir19.407th - 65.59% Sunderland
Jocelyn Summers29.31287th - 59.01% Mile End
Martin Quinlan25.09188th - 57.26% Southwark
Paul Quinton16.28 (course pb)3rd - 82.29% Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey24.58156th - 59.55% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie26.57196th - 57.51% Hackney
Patrick Brown17.13 debut3rd - 76.19% Roding Valley
Med Dahbi19.5314th - 74.77% Roding Valley
Neil Gage20.3219th - 68.02% Roding Valley
Mounir Dahbi22.29 (course pb)32nd - 59.82% Roding Valley
Tom Marshall18.485th - 71.01% Wanstead
William ODonoghue21.4031st - 59.69% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan22.3652nd - 62.76% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield22.3953rd - 70.79% Wanstead
Angela May30.22195th - 49.84% Wanstead
David Wyatt31.13205th - 53.71% Wanstead
Jane Scott32.35229th - 54.12% Wanstead
Vicky Allen32.38231st - 50.15% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch24.5770th - 51.70% Milano Nord

Crown To Crown 5km, Basildon - Wednesday 4th September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Susan Bushnell36.48145th

WG&EL Open Meeting - Tuesday 3rd September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Marc Akers14.592nd, 100m
Maud Hodson16.37 pb4th, 100m
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera17.29 pb6th, 100m
Calvin Bobin11.53.50 pb16th, 3000m

Essex Way 2019 - Sunday 1st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway 17-1 77th
Warren Ibrahim 1:11:2317-2 19th
Regis Martin1:11:2917-3 22nd
Janet Bywater 1:33:1517-4 54th
Paul Thompson1:12:2617-5 20th
Marc Akers52:1917-6 49th
Catriona Hoult1.56:4817-7 68th
Becky Evans1:0617-8 39th
Nick Hoult44.3017-9 23rd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera51.2417-10 66th
Susannah House 18s-1 76th
Tricia ONeill 18-1 76th
Jacob Stevens1:13:2518-2 29th
Michael Bamford1:08:1218-3 13th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera1.48.0018-4 70th
Karan Gadhia1:18:5118-5 34th
Caroline Frith42:2218-6 20th
Diana Rexhepaj 1:56:4818-7 69th
Jonathan Wooldridge1:12:2518-8 45th
Helen McGuinness59:1118-9 61st
Regis Martin 38:5818-10 25th
Gail Edwards 1:15:5219-1 60th
Steven Bywater1.30.1619-2 58th
Rachel Le Roux1.32.0019-3 62nd
Nick Hoult1.17.0019-4 22nd
Catherine Brett1:35:2919-5 62nd
Jacob Stevens42:1419-6 19th
Robert Rayworth 19-7 52nd
Fiona Critchley1:09:5019-8 47th
Marc Akers59:1019-9 59th
Stuart Barton43.2219-10 40th
Results shown for Team-Leg Position (eg 17-1 45th)
STAGE 4 LITTLE LEIGHS - CRESSING 10.1 miles 11.30am
STAGE 5 CRESSING - GREAT TEY 9.4 miles 12.45pm
STAGE 7 WEST BERGHOLT - DEDHAM 11.2 miles 2.40pm
STAGE 8 DEDHAM - BRADFIELD 8.0 miles 4.15pm
STAGE 9 BRADFIELD - RAMSAY 5.3 miles 5.15pm

81 teams, 53 mixed, 18 ladies, 10 vets
ELR 1 - Team 17 - 27th mixed, 43rd overall
ELR 2 - Team 18 - 29th mixed, 45th overall
ELR 3 - Team 19 - 33rd mixed, 51st overall

Grant : Good morning. Well done to everyone with their running and racing over the weekend.
Many thanks to Jonathan and all those who were involved with the organisation, helped with driving, logistics, numbers etc etc for the Essex Way yesterday. I was delighted to see that we fielded 3 teams. It really is a great event. I had lots of fun with Tricia and Susannah on leg 1!
Thanks to Frank for doing the scoring on leg 1 and getting us back to Epping.
I will try and do all the different legs on the Essex Way over the years to come as the ones I have done have all been really enjoyable to do so far. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s a great event which you can run at a pace you are comfortable with.

Alexandra: It has been 2 years since I wanted to participate to the Essex Way relay. A relay race of 82 miles from Epping to Harwich
divided in 10 legs across public footpaths offering a variety of landscape across the forest, rivers, cute British villages and the seaside...
I finally did, this year and it didn't disappoint...
I managed to run 2 legs ( 10.1 + 5.2 miles) with the best running club in the world and ended the day with Fish & Chips ...
Now I need to make sure I keep my first Sundays of September free from travels for the rest of my life...I am hooked !

Bedford Half Marathon - Sunday 1st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alice Barrett2.26.53 pb2001st
Race report:
At the start of July I saw that if you ran 2 races at the Bedford running festival you were eligible for a gold medal. I am partial to a medal and thought this would be my only chance of a gold, so signed up to the Saturday 5k and the half marathon on the Sunday. I planned to really train for this as it would only be my third half. This would also be my first race running solo with no supporters out there.
My social life, birthday and holidays then really got in the way of my training and summer celebrations took priority. I have then spent the last week debating whether to run or not as I wasn't feeling very confident or motivated.
I was up at 6am to drive to Bedford to complete the 5k yesterday. When my alarm went off I admired Stuart for doing this weekly for a parkrun. I took the 5k at a steady pace and took in the beautiful views, at the end I struggled and became extremely nervous for today.
I hardly slept and was very tempted to drop out this morning due to my nerves and make believe injuries. I got myself to the start line and was greeted by some East End Road Runners, they asked if I wanted to walk up to their 1 hour and a half wave with them but as I realised I would be an hour slower I politely declined. Seeing a local vest gave me the boost I needed.
The first 7 miles were actually enjoyable, with a flat course and lovely weather. The other runners were so friendly. After 7 miles I started to struggle so for the first time ever I tried a gel, it was supposed to be vanilla cupcake flavour but I don't believe the person who made it had ever tried a vanilla cup cake.
I made it to 10 miles and knew I just needed to complete a park run distance and was feeling ok. The aim was just to finish but I looked at my watch and was surprised I was running faster the normal. When I got to 11.5 miles I felt very lonely and as it was the furthest part away from the running festival the support was minimal, one runner asked me how I was doing and if I was a professional as I had a club top on? I explained I was most definitely not a pro and signed up for 2 races all for a stupid medal, after chatting and running to 12 miles he pointed out I could get a PB, he offered to pace me as long as I got him a pint at the end which seemed a very good deal to me.
I really pushed the last mile and managed my PB as well as my gold medal. Although it was a challenge running with no familiar faces I am over the moon that I did and highly recommend the course.

Switzerland Marathon Light (Half) - Sunday 1st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roselin Boramakot2.06.04289th
Switzerland Marathon Light (half a marathon!)
Damn what a beautiful race! It had everything, except the bling, where was the bling?!
Beautiful mountains, lakes, buzzing atmosphere with some great people coming out to
cheer. The most deafening sound of cow bells through one section too. 2 hours zoomed
by so quickly, I never wanted a race to last longer than I did this much today! Pleased
with my time given my photo stops, crocked knee, walking breaks and little hills!
Sorry I didn't get a snap in my vest!

ITU World Triathlon Championships, Lausanne, Switzerland - Sunday 1st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee2.38.5733rd of 98
Sarah Burns2.52.1358th of 98
Standard distance 1500m swim, t1, 40k cycle, t2, 10k run =
Ava - 33.41 , 2.43, 1.15.27, 2.00, 45.04 = 2.38.57
Sarah - 33.26, 3.06, 1.15.21, 2.37, 57.41 = 2.52.13

Sarah : Great day's racing with friends, fellow countrywomen/men and the
rest of the world. Time to lay off the running until the foots better but
it got me round today. As Team USA would say AWESOME!

South Cheshire 20m - Sunday 1st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols2.28.43
South Cheshire 20 - 2:28:43. Good prep for Berlin, route passing through a
set of villages on country roads with a fair few hills thrown in.
Nice local running clubs vibe to it and a decent goody bag provided at the end

Takeley 10km - Sunday 1st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andy Bolderstone53.35136th
Sandra Preston55.21162nd

Regents Park 10km Summer Series - Sunday 1st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Victoria Charlesworth1.00.01306th
Maya Goodwin1.05.12366th
Thank you Steve Bywater for giving me your place in the Race Organiser Summer Series 10k in Regents Park!
I met Jayne Browne and Andrea Waller at 8am to travel in together.
'So is it two or three laps?'
'It was three last time we did it'
'Yeah, me too. Did you see the camels?'
'Er. No. There aren't camels in Hyde Park'
Wait. WHAT?? And now we are underground Frantic Googling at every tube stop showed there were two identical races today, in two different parks! A selfie on the tube and we split at Holborn.
I ran this race back in 2014 with Jo Bull and I hated it. Today I wasn't feeling it. But meeting Victoria Charlesworth before the start cheered us both up (despite our gloomy State of the Nation discussion walking to the start line)
Three laps looping round the park, a couple of nice Downs, and the corresponding Ups were gentle, which was nice. Joyful marshals and camels to look at as you ran past London Zoo. On the second lap the speedsters started lapping me. I yelled 'I know Susie Stannard!' to the back of a Spa Strider. I got a thumbs up On the third lap there was a right old hulabaloo at the zoo. It must have been feeding time.
1:05:12. Not a super speedy time, but I worked hard and didn't walk. (And I *am* still carrying holiday weight ) I was reminded of you all the way round Jo . Annie and Sheonaidh too. It seems so long ago. Jo, please can we do it again? Despite not feeling it, I found my groove and really enjoyed this morning. I'd love to run it with you again please, I promise not to moan this time

Royal Parks 10km Series - Hyde Park - Sunday 1st September 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrea Waller52.39130th
Jayne Browne57.03204th

Bedford Run Fest 5km - Saturday 31st August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alice Barrett31.40395th

GRAWE Nocni Maraton, Zagreb - Saturday 31st August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz2.13.45144th of 260
No PB to report but no injuries post run either. Although running in
32 degree heat and lack of sleep could easily been my excuse, I'm glad
I did this one with friends I've met last year during first marathon
in Lochness. The course was fairly flat, running in clay gravel with
two loops around Lake Bundek. Great marshaling, water stops, goodie bags,
entertainment and free beer at the finish makes it all worth it.
Next day was sightseeing on foot at the beautiful Old Town of Zagreb.
Official HM time 2:13:45
Finished 6th in my age group

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 31st August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Suzanne Taylor26.13* debut78th - 63.19% Maldon Prom
Fiona Day28.14* debut32nd - 69.72% Sheffield Castle
Paul Marshall22.26* (course pb)36th - 58.77% Morecambe Prom
Stephen Swan22.21* (course pb)52nd - 58.39% Kesgrave
Stuart Barton24.2284th - 60.05% Kesgrave
Shaun DeSena34.23 debut270th - 37.81% Kesgrave
Patrick Brown17.24 (1st & debut)1st - 75.38% Canons Park
Thomas Grimes17.572nd - 75.49% Canons Park
Spencer Evans18.304th - 70.09% Barking
Fiona Critchley24.5667th - 69.85% Great Notley
Susan Bushnell39.18126th - 50.81% Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Jocelyn Summers29.26292nd - 59.17% Mile End
Karan Gadhia22.4436th - 56.74% Victoria Dock
Shahib Miah Ali20.41 debut14th - 63.09% Hilly Fields
Chris Green37.16 debut323rd - 37.16% Mole Valley
Samir Younsi37.56 debut74th - 37.39% East Brighton
Andrew Howard23.30 debut37th - 67.09% California Country
Warren Ibrahim19.21 (course pb)6th - 75.62% Raphael
Amit Marks20.3115th - 67.51% Raphael
Saheb Yousefi23.03105th - 57.56% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie27.57233rd - 55.46% Hackney
John Booth18.159th - 74.25% Southwark
Martin Quinlan24.31 pb141st - 58.74% Southwark
Stuart Kelly18.12 (course pb)4th - 72.44% Roding Valley
Med Dahbi19.41 (course pb)12th - 75.53% Roding Valley
Calvin Bobin20.12 pb16th - 82.26% Roding Valley
Jamie Xavier21.02 debut24th - 66.40% Roding Valley
Caroline Frith21.4031st - 71.00% Roding Valley
Lauren Kelly23.3849th - 62.69% Roding Valley
Richard Potter24.0456th - 55.12% Roding Valley
Mark Boulton18.25 (1st man)1st - 71.58% Walthamstow
Tom Howourth20.31 (course pb)12th - 62.96% Walthamstow
James Nichols21.3216th - 61.22% Walthamstow
Jonathan Wooldridge26.1360th - 55.37% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater26.2161st - 66.92% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater28.0279th - 54.34% Walthamstow
Lewis Allan28.58 (course pb)91st - 44.53% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey30.02104th - 54.50% Walthamstow
Maya Goodwin30.19 (course pb)108th - 53.99% Walthamstow
Katherine Harris30.20 debut109th - 50.11% Walthamstow
Ashley Faria21.5816th - 66.62% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.0117th - 68.66% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.3728th - 60.35% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu24.5654th - 59.16% Valentines
Jason Levy26.2772nd - 54.88% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.4681st - 57.91% Valentines
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.2588th - 56.11% Valentines
Mark Durrant28.13108th - 53.99% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.24111th - 72.48% Valentines
Frank Brownlie33.45198th - 51.11% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar34.44207th - 42.13% Valentines
John Henry18.10 (course pb)2nd - 74.59% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.313rd - 75.97% Wanstead
Joseph Gunn 19.29 (course pb)5th - 66.38% Wanstead
Mark Moir20.048th - 64.29% Wanstead
Nick Hoult22.0122nd - 64.42% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak22.41 (1st lady)34th - 66.13% Wanstead
Angus Nicholls22.4635th - 63.25% Wanstead
Flora Stewart-Sandeman24.1061st - 61.24% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan25.3079th - 55.62% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.5388th - 63.23% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult26.53104th - 58.52% Wanstead
Susannah House28.33134th - Wanstead
Jayne Browne28.36136th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards30.27176th - Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.42201st - Wanstead
Claire Drakeford32.33220th - Wanstead
Angela May34.23237th - Wanstead
Jane Scott34.28238th - Wanstead
Vicky Allen34.32239th - Wanstead

Phoenix Excalibur 8 - Saturday 31st August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paula Bedford5.48.25 (32.8 miles)3rd, 1st lady
(Run as many 5.3 mile laps in 6 hours)

5k On The Rides : Week 3 - Wednesday 28th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.245th
James Creed21.1432nd
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.0039th
Catriona Hoult25.1967th
Suzanne Taylor26.4374th
95 finishers.

Go Tri Duathlon 87 - Tuesday 27th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale56.527th, 5 min pb
2 mile run, 10 mile cycle, 2 mile run
14.05 = 28.45 = 14.01 = 56.52

Elvis 7 - Barking Road Runners 5km, Barking Park - Monday 26th August 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth17.31 / 17.3315th - scorer
Scott McMillan18.08 / 18.1127th - 26th scorer
Dan Senior18.17 / 18.2129th - 28th scorer
Fabrizio Stefanoni18.25 / 18.2830th - 29th scorer
Spencer Evans18.51 / 18.5435th - 34th scorer
Nathan Jones18.59 / 19.0239th - 37th scorer
James Nichols19.05 / 19.0941st - 39th
Joseph Gunn 19.11 / 19.1542nd - 40th
Shahib Miah Ali19.30 / 19.3650th - 47th
Med Dahbi19.32 pb / 19.3853rd - 49th
Mark Moir19.33 / 19.3854th - 50th
Craig Livermore19.41 / 19.4457th - 54th
Warren Ibrahim19.39 pb / 19.4558th - 54th
Peter Craik19.42 / 19.4859th - 51st
Jimmy Dale20.06 pb / 20.0966th - 61st
Jacob Stevens20.09 pb / 20.1670th - 65th
Neil Gage20.14 / 20.1971st - 66th
Jamie Xavier20.22 / 20.3076th - 71st
Calvin Bobin20.34 / 20.4181st - 75th
Amit Marks20.33 / 20.4282nd - 76th
Karen Levison20.40 / 20.4684th - 7th scorer
Paul Thompson20.44 / 20.4987th - 80th
Karan Gadhia20.50 pb / 20.5590th - 83rd
Peter Hatley20.54 / 21.0193rd - 86th
Richard Guest21.13 / 21.18100th - 92nd
Ashley Faria21.43 / 21.56113th - 100th
Shailesh Patel21.52 / 22.03115th - 101st
Caroline Frith22.02 / 22.06116th - 15th scorer
Mounir Dahbi22.09 / 22.12118th - 103rd
Michael Bamford22.18 / 22.23122nd - 105th
Angus Nicholls22.44 / 22.51132nd - 113th
Becky Evans22.48 / 22.57135th - 21st scorer
Stuart Norris22.57 / 23.05139th - 118th
Stuart Barton23.05 (course pb) / 23.14143rd - 122nd
Kasia Stachowiak23.21 / 23.32151st - 25th scorer
Maud Hodson23.36 / 23.45157th - 30th scorer
Rakesh Sandhu23.31 / 23.49160th - 130th
Samir Younsi24.04 / 24.21169th - 138th
Alexandra Brown24.14 / 24.35175th - 32nd scorer
Grant Conway24.41 / 24.53181st - 147th
Katie Whitton25.16 / 25.26186th - 39th
Andrea Waller25.48 / 26.02197th - 44th
Natasha Howard25.44 pb / 26.11200th - 46th
Catriona Hoult25.50 / 26.16202nd - 47th
Nathaniel Dye26.21 / 26.21205th - 157th
Sandra Preston26.01 pb / 26.27208th - 51st
Kathryn Hertzberg26.05 / 26.30209th - 52nd
Bernadett Kalmar26.37 / 26.59220th - 58th
Sheetal Dandgey26.38 / 27.00221st - 59th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera26.41 / 27.06224th - 61st
Arthur Diaz26.42 / 27.09225th - 164th
Mary Connolly26.55 / 27.20232nd - 65th
Fiona Day27.19 / 27.45 238th - 66th
Catherine Brett27.36 / 28.02246th - 71st
Mary OBrien27.45 / 28.13250th - 74th
Caroline Moore27.50 / 28.17252nd - 75th
Helen McGuinness28.13 / 28.39264th - 83rd
Susannah House28.29 / 28.58269th - 88th
Diana Rexhepaj28.49 / 29.05271st - 90th
Kathy Morrissey28.59 pb / 29.28276th - 93rd
Victoria Charlesworth29.50 / 30.21289th - 104th
Maya Goodwin30.30 (course pb) / 30.58293rd - 107th
Samia Choudhury35.52 / 36.26324th - 131st
Marc Akers37.02 / 37.36329th - 194th
Sonia Cheadle37.03 / 37.37330th - 136th
Elizabeth ODonnell39.03 / 39.38335th - 140th
66 ELR's
Elvis teams:
Men: John Booth, Scott McMillan, Dan Senior, Fabrizio Stefanoni, Spencer Evans & Nathan Jones.= 3rd place
Women: Karen Levison, Caroline Frith, Becky Evans, Kasia Stachowiak, Maud Hodson & Alexandra Brown.= 3rd place.
ELR Women win the trophy for 2019. Men will be decided at Valentines.

Langostino Trail 17km - Sunday 25th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero3.34.061st
Today was time to compete in a very tough 17K-race on the beach in Sanlucar,
with high tide, which made it even harder. A lot of fast runner at the start,
in the middle of the build-up to Berlin, I didn't know how it would go.
It was very hard to run on the dried sand, and there was a lot of holes in
the wet one. Somehow I managed to keep the pace and after 12K could take the
lead and finish with a course record. Second win in 11 days, which makes me
feel confident for the marathon. The last test will be the Ciudad Real half
marathon before the Berlin marathon on 29th September.

Run Through Velopark 5km - Sunday 25th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Deva Payaniandy32.5935th

Ridgeway Challenge 86 miles - Saturday 24th August 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Nathaniel Dye23.01.5949th of 98.
Ridgeway 86 Race Report
After the Spitfire Scramble, it all seemed like a such a good idea.
Following 9 months of solid training, I had the miles in my legs. Following a 100 miler, I knew I had the mental strength to doggedly keep going. 'May as well sign up for another ultra' I thought. 'A really pretty one!'
So I did.
Almost immediately following this decision, my form dropped dramatically.
Maybe I hadn't recovered. Maybe I was overtrained. Maybe a slight loss of focus or simply the hot and humid summer we're having. Whatever the cause, over the past month or so, I gained about a minute a mile relative to effort and couldn't keep my heart rate down.
So the thought of a hilly ultra out of form was pretty daunting, but then I saw the weather forecast. 28 degrees is hotter than most would choose to run in!
With all this in mind, I set off at 10am at the start of the Ridgeway, near Tring. The scenery was stunning, which in practical terms meant that there were a few hills to contend with. Initially it was a case but of energy preservation and not going off like an idiot. This wasn't easy to judge as my heart rate was through the roof and I was running at a speed that felt almost embarrassingly slow.
Initially, I found a few runners who were going at the same speed and stuck with them through checkpoint 1 (Tring running club - amazing cookies and brownies!) and felt ok considering the midday sun was high in the sky. Rehydration became the main priority and into checkpoint 2, I started struggling to keep up. Clearly a litre of water wasn't enough for 9 miles!
At around marathon distance (checkpoint 3) the group kept going as I was refilling bottles and I didn't mind the lack of company or hive mind navigation. It became apparent that I wasn't the only one struggling in the heat and as a I went on my way, another runner retired. I slowed down and tried to enjoy the scenery as best I could.
As the sun started to noticeably lower in the sky by checkpoint 4 (c.35 miles) running became more pleasant and I started to feel almost comfortable. Sure the front runners (who had set off two hours later) were streaming past, but I was running my own race. I made it to checkpoint 5 at half way in just under 10 hours and tucked into what felt like the best pasta I've ever had.At this point, I met Dan and Ali, who had pushed ahead earlier. With the prospect of a long night ahead of us, we agreed to go for safety in numbers and run together.
It is no underestimation to say that we got each other through the following 12 or so hours. Having others around broke up the monotony and although I felt like there were times I could have pushed on as others slowed, we all took turns at the front.
Through the night, we pushed straight on for mile after unrelenting mile up hill and down dale on some badly kept paths that were about as wide as a car tyre impossible to run along with a proper gait. We all stuck to the policy of walking up hill to save energy and it was amazing as time wore on through the small hours how small an incline had to be for us to walk up it. As time wore on, the walking passages became longer and towards the end we didn't get much change from 20 minutes per mile. If I'd wanted to dig further into the hurt locker, I perhaps could have shaved a little time, but not a great deal.
As the sun came up at around 6am, the expected euphoria didn't come this time. Perhaps the prospect of heat was enough of a worry not to feel the need to celebrate. Around half an hour later, I became grateful that the night had ended as the views around ten miles from the finish were spectacular and I didn't even begrudge the steep climb.
As expected, the last ten miles felt interminably slow as we shuffled along, unable to pick up the pace and get it over with.
As I crossed the line just after 9am in a little over 23 hours, I was hit with the realisation that with a lack of form and in ferocious heat on a really hilly trail, I could still grind out a distance to be proud of. Many didn't and I was told that there had been 67 retirement out of around 170 starters. The heat really was brutal.
Once I got home, I slept for a long time - so long that I missed England's cricketing heroics. I'd jokingly told Maud that I'd be at ELVIS in Barking Park on Monday morning and ended up turning up to see if I could actually run. Over that 5k, I managed a pace 2 minutes faster than my fastest ridgeway mile. I'm not sure which is the more remarkable achievement, all things considered!

I Cross Nocturna La Fuentecita - Saturday 24th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Butterworth51.438th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera1.03.1183rd, 3rd FV
Racing in Andulacia: Note to myself:
Be very careful when super Antonio advise you a local race in Andalucia!!! You will end up running the hilliest, hottest, windiest race you have ever done and there will be kick ass runners all over you!
But it will also be within an amazing landscape with extremely supportive participants and excited organisers to see people from London!
Some of you know that my running has been quite off in the last few months... No idea why... And there was a time when it really affected me till I accepted that even if my (relative) speed would never come back; I was so lucky to be able to simply run as many of my friends don't have that chance right now...
That doesn't prevent me to continue trying so Antonio advised me some local races during my stay in the Cádiz region.
Luckily, Richard who is wandering around Spain for a few months was planning to visit me during that weekend so it was ideal to get a mini #ELRonTour event!
Stress was building up for both of us before the race as we knew how hilly it might be and also seeing about a 100 runners who looked as fit as Antonio on the start line...
All I wanted was trying to not be last if I could... Hearing the news about Dave a few hours before gave me the mental I needed to push thinking of him and how angry I am about cancer who keeps taking away from me and others some marvellous men who were making this world a better place!
So, off we went and the hills kept on giving but gosh was it beautiful... I ended up running with a group of 4 people for a while who were extremely supportive (including at walking the hills with me so I wouldn't feel bad ) ...but, well trained by Grant, i finally left them in my dust after 7 kilometers in one of the longest, steepest downhill I have ever ran in! #NoFear
It started to be really hard to run as I didn't have a head torch and it was now really dark. .. So a guy on a bicycle with his lamp followed me up and down till I reached the village back to make sure I had some lights... This was the sweetest thing ever...
As expected, my time was not what I would have liked but I enjoyed the race and that was the most important...
Richard loved the race as well and did a much better time considering the terrain, however due to the competition in his age category, he hasn't been as lucky as I have been with my 3rd place in my age category ( out of 4 but who is counting!)...
Now really looking forward to my next Spanish race in the North with Maud in November ( trying to gently encourage Richard to join us )!

The Great Escape 15.5m, Dartmoor - Saturday 24th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roselin Boramakot3.19.0295th

Run Through Greenwich Park 10km - Saturday 24th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Craig Livermore42.1714th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 24th August 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Morag Campbell37.02* debut54th - 45.74% Bishan, Singapore
Shahib Miah Ali20.42* debut4th - 63.04% Hoblingwell
John Henry18.01* (course pb)2nd - 75.21% Fountains Abbey
Patrick Brown18.16* debut (1st man)1st - 71.81% Tring
Paul Marshall22.34* (course pb)44th - 58.42% Morecambe Prom
Stuart Barton23.37* debut82nd - 61.96% Sloughbottom
Richard Guest22.08* debut58th - 64.53% Guildford
Stephen Taylor21.52* pb66.39% Stratford Upon Avon
Chris Green25.13 debut142nd - 54.53% Brockwell, Herne Hill
Andy Bolderstone25.09 debut120th - 56.39% Highbury Fields
Ciaran Canavan24.2812th - 57.97% Rostrevor
Claire Emery28.22194th - 58.40% Bramhall
Fiona Critchley26.4694th - 65.07% Great Notley
Arthur Diaz27.17193rd - 54.06% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers29.15249th - 59.54% Mile End
Stephen Swan23.3374th - 55.41% Kesgrave
Scott Hemmens22.1711th - 61.26% South Oxhey
Susan Bushnell40.2966th - 49.32% Dartford Heath
John Booth17.284th - 77.58% Exmouth
Katherine Harris23.5068th - 63.78% Victoria Dock
Marc Akers26.5060th - 53.23% Gunpowder
Mary OBrien30.4259th - 67.05% Wexford Racecourse
Martin Quinlan25.25162nd - 56.66% Southwark
Steven Bywater26.3747th - 57.23% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard28.27 (course pb)57th - 55.42% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey30.3068th - 53.66% Walthamstow
Saheb Yousefi23.29120th - 56.49% Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey26.02189th - 57.11% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie28.53241st - 53.66% Hackney
Maya Goodwin29.38 (course pb)253rd - 55.23% Hackney
Anna Dingle36.19300th - 43.32% Hackney
Michael Bamford20.47 (course pb)14th - 72.73% Roding Valley
Caroline Frith22.04 (100th parkrun)24th - 69.71% Roding Valley
Richard Potter23.4438th - 55.90% Roding Valley
Maud Hodson24.12 debut42nd - 66.94% Roding Valley
Sandra Preston26.10 debut56th - 68.28% Roding Valley
Caroline Moore32.20115th - 56.75% Roding Valley
Warren Ibrahim21.4017th - 67.54% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.4418th - 67.33% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.3827th - 60.31% Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.2634th - 64.51% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.3463rd - 60.17% Valentines
Tim Aylett26.3884th - 51.63% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu26.4085th - 55.31% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.4487th - 57.98% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar35.41238th - 41.01% Valentines
Joseph Gunn 19.42 debut5th - 65.65% Wanstead
Scott McMillan20.14 10th - 69.52% Wanstead
Daniel ODonoghue20.50 (course pb)14th - 62.40% Wanstead
Peter Craik21.2119th - 68.54% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak22.5536th - 65.45% Wanstead
Liam Dempsey24.1451st - 53.65% Wanstead
Samir Younsi25.2669th - 55.77% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult25.2771st - 61.82% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.57 (100th parkrun)76th - 63.84% Wanstead
Gail Edwards26.05 (course pb)79th - 58.02% Wanstead
Fiona Day27.0289th - 72.81% Wanstead
Liesbeth Allart27.4397th - 54.30% Wanstead
Kathryn Hertzberg27.59103rd - 53.25% Wanstead
Katie Whitton29.54134th - 49.50% Wanstead
Angela May31.11156th - 48.53% Wanstead
Catherine Brett32.46179th - 53.81% Wanstead
Jane Scott34.05188th - 51.74% Wanstead
Vicky Allen34.07189th - 47.97% Wanstead
23:37 my fastest in a while,
Sloughbottom in Norwich although they say slow bottom, anyway, saying bottom is
always funny in my opinion. Plenty of parking and clean toilets. A very nice one
lap course starting at the pavilion you run around the football pitch then behind
the BMX track, then over a little bridge where you then run up and back along a
narrow path so you get to see all the fast people. A loop at the far end then back
past the BMX track and football pitch to the finish,
I was blessed with the weather today and I ran the 1st 1k with my friend Sharon.
This is my favorite Norwich one so far, only 4 left in Norfolk now.
Anyway, bottoms up. Stuart

5k On The Rides : Week 2 - Wednesday 21st August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.215th
James Creed21.1323rd
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.1832nd

Phoenix Striders 5km Summer Series, One Tree Hill - Tuesday 20th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Susan Bushnell41.26122nd

Bath Two Tunnels Marathon - Sunday 18th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ford Cadiogan4.28.47192nd of 250
Two Tunnels

A truly special race that not only takes in many of Bath's beautiful attractions but also has the longest underground sections of any running race in the UK!

Cutting right under the city of Bath, the two tunnels offer a truly unique running experience. The Somerset & Dorset Railway closed in 1966 and until April 2013 the tunnels have been sealed and inaccessible. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Two Tunnels Group and Sustrans over 7 years, the two tunnels now have a new lease of life as a shared use path. The first tunnel; The Devonshire Tunnel is 408m long and the second Combe Down Tunnel is 1672m long. Both tunnels are well lit and well surfaced, and have recently been converted into a shared use path for the enjoyments of runners, walkers and cyclists looking to make the most of the city whilst remaining a flatter ground.

Isle of Wight Half Marathon - Sunday 18th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford1.38.5155th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.47.3691st
Diana Rexhepaj2.14.36211th

Regents Park 10km - Sunday 18th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Craik40.06 pb16th
Amit Marks41.40 pb23rd
Maud Hodson49.0596th, 3rd FV40
Maud Hodson Sometimes I frustrate the hell out of myself. Was feeling so down on myself I nearly walked off the course after one lap. Managed to keep going, but thought any chance of a decent time was out of the window. But in fact was a few seconds quicker than last week. I guess on the plus side, I've shown myself that I can run 49 on an off day. I'll get there - more to come if I can get my head in the right place. Nice little bonus was to finish as 3rd FV40.

Peter Craik Glad to do a better time in this park, after struggling to find energy last outing. A PB for me, and a big PB for Amit. Tricky three-lap course, with a lot of slow runners and walkers.

Amit Marks Good run this morning, lashing rain helped to get a PB. Well done Maud for sticking with it.
Closing in on that under 40 mins Peter, we're talking seconds.
Roll on next 10km.

Clacton Half Marathon - Sunday 18th August 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.22.166th
Joanna Wood2.25.47351st
Clacton Half Marathon race report.
I should start off by saying I'm absolutely convinced I am having a mid-life crisis. Honest! Dr Google says I am. Over the last month or so I've felt incredibly down at times, my approach to swimming (which had been going really well) has been lack-lustre to say the least, even good news is short-lived. Running has also failed to fill a void I feel growing and whilst chuffed with my track work I'm down again by the time I get home from the session.
This has all really been since my birthday. It wasn't a significant one - 45 - but I've googled various sites and seem to have the majority of what they list, some sites have the top 10 symptoms of a mid-life crisis, one had 40 and I have the majority of them - one of them being "googling symptoms"!! I should point out I haven't made a ridiculous impulsive purchase yet nor do I have a ridiculously young boyfriend....yet.
So with this in mind my approach to this race had, well, been non-existent. I booked it a few months ago on the back of PB-euphoria for both 5 & 10ks. I then promptly forgot about it til last week. I'd done no training, my effort to cram in a 10 mile run a week ago really was pointless (although it was a really good time) and being uncharacteristically indecisive of late I thought I'd decide on the day if I'd run - all the makings of a good race plan obviously!!!
Up at 0530am I got ready really with little thought about the race - can you see the theme that I'm not really bothered?! Eventually I decided my plan would just be to run and finish. Simple. I felt settled about that. However my Zen was broken on the A12 when a pigeon decided to fly into my windscreen as I was driving at 70mph. Needless to say there was an explosion, him not me, guts and feathers everywhere but luckily my windscreen was in one piece. Although shaken I carried on however noticed the passenger of the van behind me now filming me on his phone. I had 100mph thoughts it was an animal rights activist going to hunt me down and do to me what I'd done to the bird! The van then pulled alongside me, window down the passenger took great delight in shouting at me that the carcass was stuck on my roof!! Now I felt sick! I eventually pulled over to the hard shoulder, dreading having to deal with the exploded mess but luckily as I slowed down in rolled off down my windscreen onto the floor - getting his own back by smearing the mess he'd already made! The roof bars had prevented it going over the top of my car. I checked for damage, nothing, but it did look just like I'd killed something. Having plenty of time I was able to stop at a petrol stn and hose the car down - I can only imagine the humiliation if the van occupants hadn't told me and I'd arrived at the race parading my kill to everyone!
So, having now set the scene for you I'll get onto the race report.
I arrived with over an hour to kill and managed to park on the promenade right at the finishline. I mean RIGHT at the finishline! No bag drop for me! I had time to visit the loo twice - you can tell it's a small event when you hear the announcement come blaring over the speakers that they've put a new batch of toilet rolls in the portaloos!! Brilliant.
I left all my paraphernalia in the car and lined up 5mins before the race. The day saw the 10km and half marathon taking place at the same time, I think with about 500 runners in total, so a small event. There had also been a kids race prior to this. I looked for Mark Boulton knowing he was running. I thought it would be easy as he's so tall but today must have been national tall runners day and I failed, along with feeling very short!
The race started promptly at 0930am and we were off. This really was a race of two halves.
First half; Not a cloud in the sky and soon into the race I'm struggling to see due to the sweat stinging my eyes. With the10km and half marathon races starting at the same time, no pacers or waves as it's a relatively small event, it means everyone is mixed up which was a little frustrating for some runners. The pathway was very narrow, lots of argy-bargy and someone got knocked down soon into the run. As the footpath opens up running is easier with the first 1.5miles being along the upper promenade. It's hot, very hot. And stuffy.
We then descend to the lower promenade....
to be met with a very strong headwind and piles of sand! The promenade was covered in places in about a foot depth of sand which stretched for quite some distance. Running was almost impossible for a lot of us and walking early on wasn't a great start to the race. Once the sand subsided (obviously it was all in our trainers by now) we had about another 3 miles along the front all head-on into the wind, which made it tough. We ran just past the pier, along the way we had lots of locals at various coffee huts cheering us on.
Beach yoga seemed to be popular - they were all facing the sea for a particular pose, which was rather unfortunate for us being greeted by a bunch of arses up in the air!!! I managed to see Mark Boulten as this was a 2 lap course - we shouted at each other as we ran in opposite directions- the hill from the lower to upper promenade at the turnaround point was a killer, short but STEEP!
Once back up top there was no wind at all and still hot and stuffy. We made our way past the start/finish to begin the 2nd lap. Up to this point, despite the headwind and sand dunes I was bang on for hitting my PB time of 2hrs12mins set 5 years ago. It felt good and I hoped it would continue. It didn't. Soon into the 2nd lap I stopped to stay with a runner for a few mins who was struggling to use her asthma inhaler due to coughing so much. We chatted a little, agreeing the heat wasn't good for either of us with our breathing and I made sure she was ok before I set off again.
As we descended onto the lower promenade for the 2nd time the race changed, The sky turned dark and completely grey and the heavens opened!! Competing with the sand dunes and headwind which was now stronger it was a tough run to the next turnaround point. I'd taken my wireless headphones anticipating a bit of a dull run but hadn't worn them...until now. I had to put them on to stop them from getting blown off my neck!
The rain lashed down heavier and it seemed forever to get to the turnaround, which for the 2nd lap was a lot further along the front by a Toby Carvery. The asthma lady obviously made a full recovery legging it past me, I'm sure she kicked up some sand on purpose!
At the turnaround point you know you've only got about 2 miles to go, but it seemed a looooong 2 miles with heavier rain and wind and I got cramp in my left calf - the same side as my Achilles problem. I've never had this before and it set me back on time. At this point my legs were tight and I'd known ages ago a PB was no longer on the cards, but to be honest I hadn't done the work and didn't deserve one. And surprisingly I was ok with that (see I'm really not myself!). What I was chuffed with was doing my good deed with the asthma-lady rather than being PB-focused and leaving her and also that I've been able to run 13miles with no training. Ordinarily I've have binned this race off with no prep and had a lie-in instead. Things are definately on the turn!
Upon approaching the home stretch it was clear any spectators had gone home or to the pub, with only the guy on the mic, 2 marshalls and the goody bag volunteers on the course to see us in. It was freezing, wet and desolate. Rather a whimper of a race-ending.
I obviously had the luxury of my car being at the finishline and it was a welcomed relief to get into the warm and dry.
The drive home was long due to traffic but I managed not to slaughter any more wildlife which is a bonus!
To sum up this race it was well organised but knowing there was an event I do think the local authority should have cleared the sand off the promenade before the race to make it easier.
It was mentally challenging for me, I struggle with laps and having a straight out and back route was also tough and a little uninspiring (see my Garmin pic). Two lots of this was hard. However with some prep and consistent good weather I'd say it's a PB course for anyone.
The wind and rain were extremely unfortunate and I didn't think anyone would believe me about the dramatic change in the 2 halves. I bet Mark was home and in the pub by the time it started raining and won't even know what I'm on about! Trying to explain why I'm sunburnt to my nephew was hard!
The medal is nice, goody bag not so. I can't remember what the entry fee was but it felt nice to support a smaller non-commercial event for once.
I've only got Beachy Head 10k to go in October and then nothing til Manchester Marathon in April. I've got some exciting times ahead with my swimming which I'm sure I'll get my mojo back for and I'm trying to come to terms with the fact I'm now middle-aged. However I'm in the market for a red convertible sports car and a boyfriend 15 years my junior. If you think you fit the bill for either or BOTH (save me having to do too much looking around!) You know where I am!!

Run The Lights 10km, Blackpool - Saturday 17th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Clarke46.51 pb

Race The Train - Quarry - 10km, Tywyn, Wales - Saturday 17th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sandra Preston1.06.50225th
409 finishers, train time was 55.00.
Rotary Challenge (14 miles) 1.48.00.
Quarry Challenge (10k)
Dolgoch Challenge (5.5 miles)
Tynllwynhen Challenge (3.5 miles)

London Aquathlon Sprint - Saturday 17th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Slipper31.4033rd
Katherine Harris39.43105th
Isabella Allan42.27125th
Dan 8.46, 2.21, 20.31 = 31.40
Kat 12.12, 1.48, 25.43 = 39.43
Isabella 8.11, 2.57, 31.17 = 42.27

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 17th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Liviu Ionita16.21* (1st man)1st - 79.00% Barking
Fabrizio Stefanoni19.20 debut5th - 73.88% Barking
Kathy Morrissey30.03* debut & 100th143rd - 54.46% California Country
Shahib Miah Ali21.12* debut5th - 61.56% Foots Cray Meadows
Stuart Barton24.07* debut9th - 60.68% Swaffham
Richard Potter26.05 debut84th - 50.86% Holkham
Richard Guest21.45 debut18th - 65.67% Pymmes
Shaun DeSena36.26 debut327th - 35.68% Hampstead Heath
Chris Green24.38 debut204th - 55.82% Cardiff
Thomas Grimes18.03 (1st man)1st - 75.07% Canons Park
John Henry18.43 (1st man & cpb)1st - 72.40% Walthamstow
Tom Howourth21.0911th - 61.07% Plym Valley
Kathryn Hertzberg25.1248th - 59.135 Roding Valley
Elizabeth ODonnell38.59272nd - 42.50% Bath Skyline
Diana Rexhepaj28.3222nd - 58.76% Beckton
Martin Quinlan26.54118th - 53.53% Hilly Fields
Fiona Critchley25.1465th - 69.02% Great Notley
Stephen Swan22.3756th - 57.70% Kesgrave
Kasia Stachowiak23.1678th - 64.47% Cassiobury
Mary OBrien28.3966th - 71.84% Wexford Racecourse
John Booth17.465th - 76.27% Victoria Dock
Paul Marshall26.5470th - 49.01% Morecambe Prom
James Nichols18.57 (course pb)5th - 69.57% Raphael
Warren Ibrahim19.42 (course pb)14th - 74.28% Raphael
Amit Marks20.5528th - 66.22% Raphael
Paul Quinton17.212nd - 78.10% Gunpowder
Sinead Ryan38.26155th - 41.72% Gunpowder
Thomas Burrard-Lucas19.5750th - 65.41% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi22.0091st - 60.30% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu24.04142nd - 55.89% Hackney
Catriona Hoult24.48 pb167th - 63.44% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie29.40265th - 52.25% Hackney
Spencer Evans18.572nd - 68.43% Valentines
Craig Livermore20.117th - 63.91% Valentines
Calvin Bobin20.5112th - 79.70% Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.4520th - 69.50% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi22.4230th - 59.25% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.4732nd - 59.91% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.22 (course pb)64th - 60.64% Valentines
Jason Levy25.3569th - 56.74% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu25.4673rd - 57.24% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.3499th - 56.23% Valentines
Mark Durrant27.42100th - 54.99% Valentines
Veronica Carrasco27.50105th - 53.17% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth29.41139th - 54.58% Valentines
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy38.54233rd - 38.90% Valentines
Scott McMillan18.353rd - 75.70% Wanstead
Tom Marshall18,474th - 71.07% Wanstead
David Hallybone24.1547th - 58.01% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone25.4472nd - 55.12% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.3983rd - 54.91% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.41 (99th parkrun)84th - 62.09% Wanstead
Jimmy Dale27.1591st - 47.89% Wanstead
Andrew Howard27.1893rd - 57.75% Wanstead
Maud Hodson27.2796th - 59.02% Wanstead
Peter Craik27.2897th - 53.28% Wanstead
Sarah Burns27.3498th - 56.65% Wanstead
Fiona Day27.45104th - 70.93% Wanstead
Tim Aylett27.46105th - 49.52% Wanstead
Liesbeth Allart27.54109TH - 53.94% Wanstead
Claire Emery29.10119th - 56.80% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.18147th - 58.63% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.24167th - 49.49% Wanstead
Vicky Allen33.20178th - 49.10% Wanstead
Jane Scott33.20179th - 52.90% Wanstead
Morag Campbell35.02189th - 46.24% Wanstead
Don Bennett39.10205th - 40.94% Wanstead
Flora Stewart-Sandeman26.4485th - 55.36% Wanstead

5k On The Rides : Week 1 - Wednesday 14th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.3723rd

Running Night Torunas 9km, Puerto de Santa Maraa - Wednesday 14th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero30.141st

Rock n Roll Dublin Half Marathon - Sunday 11th August 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson1.38.59580th
(582nd of 5495 finishers, 15th of 314 M55 - 59)

Dublin Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon Weekend Report.
Dublin is such an amazing City with so much activity going on and plenty to see. I spent most of Saturday afternoon at the expo buying merchandise and then in the evening went to see Riverdance. Sunday Morning was quite cold but at least it was not raining. I had to leave the Hotel just after 7.00am as it was more than a mile to the event which started at 8.00am! I was too early for the main breakfast, but the hotel were kind enough to let me have some cereal at 6.30am in the morning!
At the race start there were once again pacers for 1.30 and 1.45 finish. At Hamburg I could not stay with the 1.45 pacer because of the heat. No problem this time, so I just went off at my own comfortable pace and eased into a 7.35 first mile. I seemed to be fighting a constant head wind all the time and hoped that this would not wear me down. I felt stronger as the race went on and I was averaging between 7.25 and 7.30 a mile. (Yes I had my phone in my hand Gareth!) The course was undulating to say the least, with Mile 8 and 12 being particularly difficult because of hills. However I felt strangely good right to the finish and managed a 7.26 last mile. The course was good (notwithstanding the hills) because there was plenty of space to run along the roads or the park paths, with only a few twists and turns. The finish was at Phoenix Park which was a long way from my Hotel; therefore I had to get a shuttle bus back to Heuston station and then a tram to O'Connell Street. My official time was 1.38.59 and it has been another successful and enjoyable weekend away.

Midnight Man/Woman Half Aquabike - Saturday 10th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns3.25.067th overall, 1st woman
750m swim, T1, 45k cycle, T2, 10km run
39.05, 1.37, - , - , 1.18.36 = 3.25.06

Stour Valley Path 100km - Saturday 10th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Kimmens11.00.1813th

Phoenix One Run To Find Them Marathon - Saturday 10th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale5th

Thames Meander Marathon (trail) - Saturday 10th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton3.27.3021st

Thames Meander Half Marathon (trail) - Saturday 10th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jonathan Wooldridge1.48.28148th
Carlton DSouza1.48.29149th
John Healy2.02.00273rd
Roselin Boramakot2.03.09 pb290th
Danny Wong2:12:17357th

Essex XC 10km Series - Hadleigh Park - Saturday 10th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols43.1010th
James Nichols: Anyone that has done the parkrun there or the
Benfleet 15 will know that what goes down must come up again. Brutal
enough without throwing the windy conditions into the mix as well

Pride Run 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 10th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton34.575th
Spencer Evans39.1341st
Peter Craik40.26 pb73rd
Michael Bamford44.08136th
Maud Hodson49.13314th
Catriona Hoult53.45 pb491st
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera55.57581st

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 10th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Scott McMillan18.47* debut2nd - 74.89% Halifax
Mark Moir19.54* debut9th - 64.82% Netley Abbey
Andy Bolderstone26.05* debut12th - 54.38% The Pastures
Paul Marshall22.37* debut17th - 58.29% Morecambe Prom
Susan Bushnell37.38* (course pb)71st - 53.06% Dartford Heath
John Henry18.00* debut3rd - 75.28% Cassiobury
Kasia Stachowiak23.4160th - 63.34% Cassiobury
Stuart Barton25.56 debut13th - 56.43% Foots Cray Meadows
Chris Green30.01 debut256th - 45.47% Dulwich
Stephen Swan22.5250th - 56.85% Kesgrave
Fiona Critchley26.0180th - 66.94% Great Notley
Shailesh Patel22.2749th - 67.33% Leicester Victoria
Richard Potter22.4216th - 58.44% Roding Valley
Adam Stanley24.33 (course pb)33rd - 54.79% Roding Valley
Amit Marks20.2915th - 67.62% Raphael
Sinead Ryan38.36158th - 41.54% Gunpowder
Shahib Miah Ali21.419th - 60.18% Barking
Martin Quinlan29.07263rd - 49.46% Southwark
Patrick Brown18.242nd - 71.29% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater25.5857th - 58.66% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard28.30 (course pb)78th - 55.32% Walthamstow
Shanavaz Malayodu23.27110th - 57.36% Hackney
Arthur Diaz26.49 (course pb)196th - 55.00% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie28.36229th - 54.20% Hackney
Stuart Kelly18.02 (1st & cpb)1st - 73.11% Valentines
Calvin Bobin22.5311th - 72.61% Valentines
Chloe Millan24.3037th - 60.41% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan24.4539th - 57.31% Valentines
Katherine Harris24.5643rd - 60.96% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu25.1349th - 58.49% Valentines
Jason Levy25.4753rd - 56.30% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.0258th - 59.09% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.1773rd - 56.81% Valentines
Diana Rexhepaj28.4199th - 58.45% Valentines
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy29.51111th - 50.70% Valentines
Mark Durrant30.33123rd - 49.86% Valentines
Nick Hoult22.5020th - 62.12% Wanstead
Katie Whitton23.46 (course pb)34th - 62.27% Wanstead
Liam Dempsey23.5037th - 54.55% Wanstead
Gail Edwards27.0071st - 56.05% Wanstead
Catherine Brett27.0974th - 64.95% Wanstead
Fiona Day27.5383rd - 70.59% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.06126th - 59.00% Wanstead
Angela May33.39148th - 44.97% Wanstead
Vicky Allen33.40149th - 48.61% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards36.32169th - 43.89% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell37.48171st - 43.83% Wanstead
Don Bennett37.55173rd - 42.29% Wanstead
Flora Stewart-Sandeman24.5552nd - 59.40% Sherwood Pines

Yateley 10km - Wednesday 7th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest44.51157th

Chase The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 7th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans38.3919th

dlr Bay 10km, Dublin - Monday 5th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy1.07.29923rd

Regents Park Summer Series 10km - Sunday 4th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton37.004th

Prudential Ride 100 - Sunday 4th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee5.22.58
Peter Hatley5.48.48
Jonathan Wooldridge5.49.32
Jimmy Dale6.10.19
Rachel Le Roux6.29.07
Stephen Swan6.37.26
Jakub Czeczotka6.49.03 (94)
Andrew Howard7.19.00
Stuart Barton7.19.54
Selina Vernal7.44.45
Maud Hodson7.45.35 (94)
Fiona Day7.50.43 (92)
Geoff Bench8.12.13
Suzanne Bench8.12.14
Graham Peacock8.45.04
Maud reports: I wouldn't necessarily have planned to run three races & ride a 100 mile bike sportive (with zero training) within the space of 5 days, and I'm quite glad it's all over, but pretty happy with how it all went. Scored for the club in both the ELVIS races, shaved a couple of seconds off my mile PB, and dragged my basket-case bike up some hills. Disappointed that Box Hill was closed off due to a crash, but did Leith (I'll have to fess up to pushing the bike up the last little bit since Jakub saw me - I rode nearly all of it - honest...). And riding a silly bike is a great way to pick up a few compliments - 'respect, young lady', 'best bike I've seen all day' etc. Plus about 50 'have you got your sandwiches on there?'. Of course I had.

Stuart reports: The day starts early when you are doing ride London, alarm goes off at 04:15 and it's not even for parkrun.
met Suzanne Bench and Geoff Bench in Wanstead then Rachel Le Roux outside the Olympic park.
we all got in the same wave so we were off at the same time, we soon split up Rachel Le Roux off like a whippet.I stayed with Steve 'Swany' Swan until the second hub,
The hills in the second half are relentless and you need to be careful of the speedsters,
A big thanks to the guys from Evans cycles who fixed my chain it was making some very strange sounds.
I kept bumping into Selina Vernal on route and meeting up with a few ELR at the finish was great,
Thanks to Jimmy Dale for guiding us back to Stratford as our plan to get the train from Liverpool street to Chingford was scrapped as no trains were running.
Lots of testosterone lots of shouting lots to eat, thanks to the ELR volunteers who we met at the start,
Now I need to learn to swim so will be asking Joanna Wood for some help.

Fiona Day : Prudential Ride 100 London from wuss to sportive ( well maybe still a bit of a wuss)

Since September I have been asking myself why did I enter this? I have never done a cycling event, why didn't I enter the 46 ride first?
I am a cycling wussy, a nervous, slow cyclist. I decided to write this for anyone else who is tempted to try the PRL 100- or 46 or try a duathlon but are put off thinking 'I couldn't do it' like I nearly was. Or as a runner doesn't know where to begin to train. This is more about my training rather than ride report.

I enjoy cycling to get about but have come to the conclusion that I am a slow cyclist because despite my running fitness I constantly get overtaken by people I don't think should be able to overtake me- old ladies in high heels and a handbag over their shoulder, cyclists with very big bottoms, people with flat tyres on mountain bikes smoking a fag, as well as all the would be mamils.

Last year I did the mince pie revenge duathlon in the Velopark to shake me up after Christmas, and from this did the Capital Tri duathlon training sessions in the Velopark with other ELRs, the coaches were amazing, so supportive and encouraging. (they are running more duathlons there this autumn) I began to feel less of a hopeless cause and rather than keep hiring a road bike for the sessions I went and bought a road bike, it was also to rule out the possibility that it was my dear old hybrid donkey bike that was slow not me! But yes I was still overtaken as much as before! Anyway in September I entered the PRL100 not expecting to get a place, thinking the rucksack they promised if I donated my entry fee would come in handy. I was busy training for the London Marathon when I found out I had a place in the 100 and didn't really think about it other than to decide to start training at the end of April.

Nervous of the drop handlebars I hadn't used the road bike much. I considered and ruled out changing to straight handlebars (the expense). Instead in April I started using my road bike to get everywhere until I no longer felt nervous. I started looking for a training plan. The PRL emailed links to plans but I wanted human contact. The first Wednesday after the marathon I went along to the Velopark to a weekly session called 'This girl can' hoping it was some kind of cycling group where I could get tips on how to train for the PRL 100. There is no group, just a special price for use of the road track and a free coffee afterwards. I did 20 miles, had my free coffee and considered other options. I am a member of London Cycling Campaign and considered riding PRL100 to fund raise for them as training was included-but this year I am raising money for Cancer Research already. Kieran kindly agreed for us to have a cycling holiday in June. It was the C2C so a few miles a day and plenty of hills-up north! Then I looked on the British Cycling website for local groups or clubs to ride with. I tried a few, it was terrifying because I am so conscious of being slow but I survived. Imagine doing chain gang training with a group of people young enough to be my children all wearing the gear and cleats on their feet. The first groups I found were very nice actually. However what I would recommend to anyone who wants to cycle in a group but not a cycling club is the Let's Ride and or women only Breeze group rides; details can be found on the British Cycling website. They are suitable for all abilities even beginners and have the friendly vibe of our lovely running club.

After I started training I read the PRL instructions and discovered there is cut off time for finishing. When you enter you have to estimate how long it will take. I put in the maximum time they suggested but thought I had as long as I needed to pootle around. I have been in a state of panic since discovering there was a cut off time, made worse after I found out there were cut offs all around the course. Then I took comfort knowing I could defer my place until next year.

I tried to keep quiet about having a place as I was scared I'd be put off if a proper triathlete or cyclist found out. But I also wanted to talk to people with experience to reassure me. I tried to keep a lid on the worry because I didn't want to bore people. I did get some helpful comments and the best one I will share is from my son Alex who told me that cycling that distance isn't as hard as running a marathon. You get a chance to rest your legs like when going downhill.
Through the Breeze group I heard about a Facebook group where people doing the 100 discussed similar fears and I read blogs on cycling the PRL. Having tackled many hills on holiday and with the group rides I was ready for the Surrey hills part. The Breeze group really helped with confidence in my ability, a couple of the group had even done the PRL 100 so now I no longer considered deferring. I still had worries about how I would manage to navigate cycling with so many people, especially crowds on the scary down hills. What if I got a puncture- especially with a time cut off? Serendipity- my hybrid got a flat in a puncture resist tyre for the first time in 8 years so I had a practice run of changing an inner tube and was reassured how quickly I could still do it. However always, always I was tormented about the cut offs, day and night. I wrote them on a piece of paper to refer to along the ride. I turned off auto pause on my Garmin so I would know elapsed time and how long I had to make those cut offs!

Anyway you already know the happy ending which is I did it. People with slow estimated times start last, so compared to the early birds I had a lie in which was a plus- I know as I have been up at 4.00am the past 2 years volunteering at the start. The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed in my late start pen and all along the route very little evidence of scary racers, just polite 'on your rights'. I am thrilled I made all the cut offs! We were diverted off Leith Hill for safety reasons so only did 92 miles but still eligible for the medal. From mile 39 all the late starters got caught in congestion. Some around accidents, others just management of the number of riders. I had mixed feelings about frequently having to get off and walk through pinch points but it did mean that I didn't suffer from forgetting to refuel and hydrate in the heat and meant I only needed 2 quick stops at water stations to fill my bottle and have a wee. (note they run out of toilet paper)

On our cycling holiday I always found a second wind after a coffee at lunch time, I had heard Chris Froome has a double espresso and ice with sugar en-route- I was planning to somehow take a double espresso with me, but luckily I found a tasty double espresso gel at the expo and had this about mile 55 so felt I was sailing up Box Hill ( well almost)

Apart from being a bit lonely not seeing a soul I knew all day ( glad Kieran met me in Green Park and I was so pleased to meet Graham and catch up about the ride on the cycle ride home) I really enjoyed myself, I loved cycling past so many amazing sights including the London landmarks, Richmond Park, over the Thames, the view from Box Hill, the Surrey countryside and back along the Thames. The marshalls at every stage of the event did a great job.

The ending was a disappointment. As a runner I am used to a finish that makes you feel like you won it. I am guessing because the 19, 46 and 100 mile all finish together they have to move you through to avoid congestion. I was a bit confused whether we had actually finished because despite having been instructed to dismount there were signs along the sides counting down how many metres to go and I kept my Garmin running for a while. I realise now these signs were for the elite race later. Just before Buckingham Palace we turned a corner and marshals divided us into the distances we had cycled and I was handed a piece of paper that I had to read to tell me my medal would be sent in the post because a pallet of medals had gone missing. I think the marshals were getting fed up with the response when they explained there were no medals so said very little. No photo opportunities and I am not a fan of goody bags. Eventually I managed to find a tank to refill my water bottle.

I have a wonderful sense of achievement, conquered my cycling demons and looking back enjoyed the training and the certainly the ride itself.

Prudential Ride 46 - Sunday 4th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Calvin Bobin2.30.57
Shanavaz Malayodu2.31.32
Jayne Browne3.15.51

Prudential Ride Volunteers - Sunday 4th August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford
Louis Le Roux
Maya Goodwin
Sarah Burns
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
Carlton DSouza
Mark Boulton
Marc Akers
Elizabeth ODonnell
Alice Barrett
Helen McGuinness
Kasia Stachowiak
Maya reports:
This morning Sarah Burns and I have:
Walked 14,493 steps,
Danced to The Proclaimers and Meatloaf on a podium,
Held back 1,000 cyclists with some stripy tape
Told a cyclist 'to maybe drop the attitude and say thank you'
Admired a lot of bums in Lycra
Eaten a bacon brioche roll.
All before 10am. Now I'm going to sleep.

Phoenix Summer Half Marathon - Saturday 3rd August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz2.13.45

Run Through Victoria Park Half Marathon - Saturday 3rd August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.35.4873rd

Run Through Victoria Park 5km - Saturday 3rd August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brooke Stephenson41.48113th

Elvis 6 - Orion Harriers Forest Five Series - Race 3 - Saturday 3rd August 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez28.29 (29.30)4th - scorer
Thomas Grimes29.309th - scorer
John Booth30.19 pb14th - scorer
Daniel Lee32.2928th - scorer
Spencer Evans32.3131st
James Nichols32.4434th - 33rd
Nathan Jones32.4835th - 34th
Robert Rayworth33.4345th - 44th scorer
Peter Craik33.51 (33.56)48th - 45th scorer
Ava Lee34.25 (1st FV40)53rd - 5th scorer
Andrew Jackson34.4157th - 52nd
Calvin Bobin34.48 (1st MV60)59th - 54th
Karen Levison35.14 (1st FV50)64th - 7th scorer
Jacob Stevens35.2065th - 58th
Michael Bamford35.4974th - 67th
Craig Livermore36.1979th - 72nd
Gareth Davies36.26 (36.59) pb82nd - 74th
Peter Hatley36.4888th - 80th
Eleanor Wilkinson36.5590th - 9th scorer
Nick Clarke37.1092nd - 83rd
Lawrence Foster38.00100th - 87th
Jimmy Dale38.31106th - 92nd
Emmet Fitzgibbon39.02116th - 98th
Becky Evans39.09121st - 20th scorer
Stuart Norris39.14123rd - 103rd
Grant Conway39.18125th - 105th
Jonathan Wooldridge39.38133rd - 110th
Rakesh Sandhu40.28142nd - 117th
Katie Whitton40.55150th - 29th scorer
Maud Hodson42.15169th - 36th scorer
David Hallybone43.02181st - 139th
Kathryn Hertzberg44.24200th - 55th
Catriona Hoult44.32 (48.51)203rd - 56th
Andrea Waller44.39208th - 59th
George Georgiou44.42210th - 150th
Carolyn Edwards45.03216th - 64th
Veronica Carrasco45.27219th - 67th
Sandra Preston46.24 (elvis debut)232nd - 74th
Tina Bennett46.39234th - 76th
Mary Connolly46.57236th - 78th
Liam Dempsey47.19241st - 160th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera47.33244th - 84th
Helen McGuinness49.16269th - 101st
Mary OBrien50.20279th - 109th
Caroline Moore51.34285th - 112th
Diana Rexhepaj53.57305th - 127th
Maya Goodwin54.07308th - 130th
Roselin Boramakot54.07309th - 131st
Kathy Morrissey54.48312th - 133rd
Isabella Allan55.46318th - 138th
Alice Barrett55.48319th - 139th
Emma Hammerston56.21 (elvis debut)320th - 140th
Tasnia Choudhury 58.38330th - 149th
Samia Choudhury59.16 pb332nd - 151st
Elizabeth ODonnell64.40340th - 157th
Ava Lee 1st FV40
Karen Levison 1st FV50
Ladies Team 1st ELR ; Ava, Karen, Ellie Wilkinson, Becky Evans.

Calvin Bobin 1st MV60 & 1st MV60 series.

Elvis teams:
Men: Jose Rodriguez, Thomas Grimes, John Booth, Danny Lee, Robert Rayworth and Peter Craik. 3rd place
Ladies: Ava, Karen, Ellie, Becky, Katie Whitton & Maud Hodson. 2nd place.

Overall rankings after 6 events:
Peter Craik 8th, 3rd MV40
Jacob Stevens 11th,4th MV40
Michael Bamford 12th, 2nd MV50
Grant Conway 17th, 4th MV50
Karen Levison 1st, 1st FV50
Katie Whitton 3rd overall
Maud Hodson 4th, 1st FV40
Andrea Waller 6th, 2nd FV40
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 13th, 4th FV40
Helen McGuinness 16th, 6th FV40
Caroline Moore 18th, 5th FV50
Maya Goodwin 23rd, 9th FV40
29 men & 24 ladies have done all 6 events so far.

parkrun - all venues (Orion 5 week) - Saturday 3rd August 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak23.38* debut43rd - 63.47% Harrow
Katherine Harris26.27* debut90th - 57.47% Eastleigh
Andy Bolderstone24.22* debut51st - 58.21% Catterick
Scott McMillan18.35* debut3rd - 75.70% Stevenage
Mark Moir18.59* pb12th - 67.95% Riverside
John Henry17.56* pb6th - 75.56% Clapham Common
Sarah Burns29.52* debut85th - 52.29% Woolacombe Dunes
Damon Lerner26.22 debut240th - 53.79% Brighton & Hove
Paul Marshall21.50 debut24th - 60.38% Greenwich
Richard Potter23.34 debut112th - 56.29% Shrewsbury
Stephen Swan23.11 debut21st - 56.07% Brentwood
Warren Ibrahim20.08 (course pb)4th - 72.68% Barking
Amit Marks21.1623rd - 65.13% Raphael
Janet Bywater25.5550th - 68.04% Walthamstow
Jakub Czeczotka23.57 debut91st - 55.74% Victoria Docks
Fiona Critchley25.5678th - 67.16% Great Notley
Chris Green24.33 debut135th - 55.60% Southwark
Martin Quinlan26.40195th - 54.00% Southwark
Shahib Miah Ali24.19146th - 53.67% Mile End
Thomas Burrard-Lucas20.1142nd - 64.66% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi23.15111th - 57.06% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie29.56244th - 51.78% Hackney
Dan Gritton22.1529th - 64.19% Roding Valley
Mounir Dahbi22.35 (course pb)31st - 59.56% Roding Valley
Narelle McClorey31.43 debut119th - 48.87% Roding Valley
Sinead Ryan39.43156th - 40.37% Roding Valley
Marc Akers36.26149th - 39.20% Gunpowder
Shailesh Patel22.1417th - 67.99% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.4550th - 59.74% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.2862nd - 58.56% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan22.3932nd - 62.62% Wanstead
Samir Younsi24.2555th - 58.09% Wanstead
Stuart Barton25.4079th - 57.01% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.2592nd - 61.96% Wanstead
Tim Aylett27.29106th - 50.03% Wanstead
Vicky Allen34.46193rd - 47.08% Wanstead
Jane Scott34.46194th - 50.72% Wanstead
Angela May38.02207th - 39.79% Wanstead
Andrew Howard53.28 (tailwalker)214th - 29.49% Wanstead
Flora Stewart-Sandeman26.3794th - 55.60% Wanstead

Soar Mile, QEOP Track - Friday 2nd August 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson6.38.58 pb12th, Race 2, 72.25%
Jakub Czeczotka5.51.822nd, Race 3, 65.48%
Mark Boulton4.40.81 pb6th Race 11, 80.99%

Elvis 5 - Harold Wood 5km, Harold Wood Park - Wednesday 31st July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Liviu Ionita16.47 / 16.461st - scorer
Jose Rodriguez17.00 / 17.002nd - scorer
Scott McMillan18.12 / 18.09 (18.54)9th - scorer
John Henry18.14 / 18.10 (19.17)10th - scorer
Spencer Evans19.15 / 19.1325th - 23rd
Mark Moir19.34 / 19.2829th - 27th
Nathan Jones19.50 / 19.4533rd - 31st
Warren Ibrahim20.16 / 20.1637th - 35th scorer
Peter Craik20.20 / 20.12 (20.31)38th - 36th scorer
Tom Howourth20.29 / 20.24 (20.26)44th - 41st
Michael Bamford21.00 / 21.00 (21.14)52nd - 49th
Neil Gage21.00 / 20.54 (21.04)53rd - 50th
Med Dahbi21.04 / 21.0154th - 51st
Jacob Stevens21.10 / 20.5859th - 52nd
Karen Levison21.20 / 21.1361st - 4th scorer
Nick Clarke21.22 / 21.1162nd - 58th
Calvin Bobin21.27 / 21.1863rd - 59th
Amit Marks21.50 / 21.4067th - 63rd
Jimmy Dale22.02 / 21.5571st - 66th
Eleanor Wilkinson22.07 / 21.5773rd - 6th scorer
Peter Hatley22.20 / 22.06 (22.31)81st - 74th
Emily Clarke22.23 / 22.08 (22.10)83rd - 8th scorer
Carlton DSouza22.40 / 22.2489th - 79th
Paul Thompson22.43 / 22.2690th - 80th
Nathaniel Dye22.47 / 22.3992nd - 82nd
Craig Livermore22.49 / 22.3293rd - 83rd
Grant Conway23.01 / 22.4498th - 87th
Mounir Dahbi23.17 / 23.09102nd - 91st
Gemma Foxall23.21 / 23.05 pb103rd - 12th scorer
Karan Gadhia23.22 / 23..06 (25.26)104th - 92nd
Becky Evans23.27 / 23.12107th - 14th scorer
Kasia Stachowiak24.07 / 23.48116th - 16th
Katie Whitton24.13 / 23.58115th - 17th
Peter Ballard24.21 / 24.21122nd - 104th
Ramesh Pala24.33 / 24.06131st - 111th
Jonathan Wooldridge24.40 / 24.17132nd - 112th
Maud Hodson24.44 / 24.28 (25.01)134th - 21st scorer
Suzanne Bench25.02 / 24.28141st - 25th
John Healy25.05/24.40 (25.45)144th - 119th
Abdirahman Adan25.18 / 24.42149th - 122nd
Andrea Waller25.47 / 25.23 (26.49)159th - 31st
Samir Younsi26.16 / 25.57166th - 131st
Carolyn Edwards26.25 / 25.57168th - 36th
Catriona Hoult26.28 / 26.01169th - 37th
George Georgiou26.56 / 26.29177th - 134th
Steven Bywater27.05 / 26.32181st - 137th
Kathryn Hertzberg27.29 / 27.00185th - 48th
Mark Wiltshire27.31 / 26.56186th - 138th
Bernadett Kalmar27.38 / 27.09191st - 53rd
Veronica Carrasco27.45 / 26.56194th - 55th
Jason Levy27.49 / 27.19196th - 140th
Arthur Diaz27.49 / 27.20197th - 141st
Mary Connolly28.06 / 27.38203rd - 58th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.03/ 28.27216th - 68th
Isabella Allan29.07 / 28.32218th - 70th
Helen McGuinness29.11 / 28.34221st - 73rd
Caroline Moore29.48 / 29.13227th - 78th
Diana Rexhepaj30.05 / 29.35230th - 81st
Siobhan OShea30.30 / 29.56236th - 83rd
Anna Dingle30.30 / 30.01237th - 84th
Kathy Morrissey31.51 / 31.18256th - 99th
Alice Barrett31.56/31.16 (36.28)259th - 102nd
Juliet Lopez-Real32.01 / 31.22261st - 104th
Geoff Bench32.08 / 31.31262nd - 158th
Alexandra Brown32.18 / 31.41263rd - 105th
Maya Goodwin32.21/31.42 (34.39)264th - 106th
Sharon Lincoln33.49/33.10 debut286th - 116th
Morag Campbell35.45 / 35.03288th - 124th
Tasnia Choudhury 35.58 / 35.06 debut290th - 126th
Samia Choudhury36.44 / 35.54294th - 129th
Elizabeth ODonnell37.35 / 36.54299th - 133rd
Janet Bywater38.42*305th - 137th
Don Bennett39.05 / 38.17308th - 169th
Sifot Ali41.31*309th - 170th
* Some runners were delayed by heavy traffic. start mat was gone by the time they started.
( ) Those that improved from last year - Best improvement Alice Barrett 36.28 to 31.16.
75 ELR's

Race prize winners tonight for ELR.
1st FV50 Karen Levison
1st Overall Lee Johnson
2nd Overall Jose Nacho Aguirre Rodríguez

Elvis team scorers
Men : Lee Johnson, Jose Rodriguez, Scott McMillan, John Henry, Warren Ibrahim and Peter Craik.
Ladies: Karen Levison, Ellie Wilkinson, Emily Clarke, Gemma Foxall, Becky Evans and Maud Hodson.

London Triathlon - Olympic (Sunday) - Sunday 28th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols2.51.481052nd/ 1841
1500m swim, T1, 40k cycle, T2, 10km run
33.05 , 6.36, 1.25.02, 2.30 , 44.37

Royal Parks Summer Series 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 28th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrea Waller53.08196th
Jayne Browne57.33279th

Lee Valley 10 Fest 10km - Sunday 28th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans39.039th
Alex Bee39.0510th
Jakub Czeczotka44.4126th

Lee Valley 10 Fest 10 miles - Sunday 28th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero55.38 pb1st
Adam Stanley1.26.5889th
Antonio reports: Another solid week in the build-up to the Berlin Marathon.
First overall in the Lee Valley Fest 10-mile race. Solo run from the beginning,
but the most important thing is the time was one minute faster than in 2018,
where I ran most of the race with more runners. I will be racing in Spain in the
coming months, so you might not see me around for a while!

London Triathlon - Olympic (Saturday) - Saturday 27th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale2.49.06384th/ 1204
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.101500m swim
Jimmy Dale
Olympic - 1500m swim, T1,40K cycle, T2, 10km run
32.15 , 4.06, 1.21.13, 4.04, 47.30 = 2.49.06

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera is with Alexa Humphreys at The London Triathlon.
I am so proud of our fabulous American/Irish/French team : Double Alex Mac Dermo! !!
We all performed better than we expected as we were just hoping to be under 3 hours!
Super chuffed with my time as the best I did in training was 35 mins!
We are 52 out of 152 teams...
Looks like it's calling for a Triathlon relay 2020.

Twilight 50k Ultra, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Saturday 27th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Nathaniel Dye5.07.0911th
Jagbir Bassi5.28.3115th

parkrun - all venues (Raks Track team) - Saturday 27th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith22.21* (debut & 1st lady)4th - 68.83% Des Moines Creek, USA
Stuart Barton25.52* debut19th - 56.57% Zielona Gora, Pol
Fiona Critchley27.57* debut24th - 62.31% Zielona Gora, Pol
Shaun DeSena35.02 debut37th - 37.11% Zielona Gora, Pol
Paul Marshall22.50* debut15th - 57.74% Alstervorland, Germ
Maud Hodson25.05* debut86th - 64.58% Netley Abbey
Stephen Swan22.46* debut7th - 57.10% Watermeadows
Andrew Howard24.11* debut42nd - 65.20% Cyclopark
Mark Moir19.34* debut7th - 65.93% Herrington Country
John Henry18.50* (course pb)5th - 71.95% Peckham Rye
Martin Quinlan29.00 debut58th - 49.66% Bethlem Royal Hospital
Morag Campbell33.29 (course pb)245th - 48.38% Rother Valley
Katherine Harris23.55 (1st lady)13th - 63.55% Barking
Richard Guest23.58 debut27th - 59.60% Ally Pally
Warren Ibrahim21.22 debut14th - 68.49% Roding Valley
Andy Bolderstone24.5622nd - 56.42% Pymmes
Amit Marks20.02 pb13th - 69.13% Raphael
Shahib Miah Ali20.24 debut18th - 63.97% Raphael
John Healy24.5397th - 57.00% Dulwich
Patrick Brown18.56 (1st man)1st - 69.28% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater30.0360th - 50.69% Walthamstow
Juliet Lopez-Real31.0663rd - 51.07% Walthamstow
John Booth18.408th - 72.59% Southwark
Lawrence Foster22.3023rd - 68.14% Bognor Regis
Shanavaz Malayodu23.02 pb51st - 58.39% Hackney
Scott McMillan19.332nd - 71.95% Wanstead
Peter Craik24.3823rd - 59.40% Wanstead
Sarah Burns25.0331st - 62.34% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor27.1855th - 60.68% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar29.1566th - 55.95% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.3787th - 58.04% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi35.25100th - 43.01% Wanstead
Vicky Allen36.26103rd - 44.92% Wanstead
Jane Scott36.27104th - 48.38% Wanstead
James Nichols20.055th - 65.64% Valentines
Karen Levison21.098th - 81.25% Valentines
Calvin Bobin21.1910th - 77.95% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.2111th - 68.54% Valentines
Karan Gadhia22.3818th - 57.00% Valentines
Ged Browne22.5021st - 69.05% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.5923rd - 65.77% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.3331st - 62.63% Valentines
Kasia Stachowiak23.4534th - 63.16% Valentines
Chloe Millan24.1642nd - 60.99% Valentines
Lauren Kelly24.5249th - 59.52% Valentines
Stuart Norris25.2855th - 50.65% Valentines
Mark Durrant25.4759th - 59.08% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.5260th - 59.47% Valentines
Veronica Carrasco26.2162nd - 56.17% Valentines
Gail Edwards26.35 debut65th - 56.93% Valentines
Jason Levy26.4066th - 54.44% Valentines
Natasha Howard27.05 debut68th - 56.49% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.1170th - 57.02% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.4178th - 74.35% Valentines
Mary Connolly27.5079th - 65.93% Valentines
Kathy Morrissey29.19 (course pb)93rd - 55.83% Valentines
Maya Goodwin31.09105th - 52.54% Valentines
Damon Lerner23.34 (course pb)32nd - 60.18% Valentines
Maud Hodson: What a brilliant morning. Came to Netley Abbey parkrun near
Southampton with young Stuart - plan was I would pace him to a sub 25, which would
be two and a half minutes off his PB. Well, I couldn't keep up with him & he came
in around 22.30. So pleased for him. Deserves the Hawaiian pizza wrap he is now
tucking into.
I was wearing my Wanstead Flats apricot, and before the run a woman came up to me
and said that her earliest memory was parachutes coming down over the flats at the
end of the war. Said she now lived in Norfolk - I asked where, and it turned out
she lives in the next village to my parents, and the one they used to live in.
I caught up with her afterwards and told her where my parents used to live -
'oh, you must be Anna & Robin's daughter'. They live next door.

Stuart Barton: Well that was my 100th different parkrun, run with two of
my parkrun buddies, not the full gang this time. This run was hilly and lots of
sand so that was why we were a little slower, nothing to do with the beer or food.
(New members of the Cowell Club (100 different events): - Vicky CORTVRIEND,
Thomas SHAW, Stuart BARTON, Malcolm MUIR, Carl MARSTON)

An historic moment: for the first time ever (notwithstanding a cancellation in 2012)
Bushy Park was NOT the UK's biggest parkrun this week!


Elliott Line Stats - 28th July 2019
Biggest UK parkruns: Southampton (973), Poole (886), Bushy Park (840).

Run Through Chase The Sun 5km, Hyde Park - Wednesday 24th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris26.0778th

Sri Chimnoy Battersea Park Relays (3 x 1 mile) - Monday 22nd July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale5.56 pbYhbnbstu 276th/553
Peter Hatley5.59Yhbnbstu 287th/553
Grant Conway6.17Yhbnbstu 354th/553
Jacob Stevens5.45ELR JRJ 223rd/553
Richard Butterworth6.01ELR JRJ 292nd/553
Karan Gadhia6.18 pbELR JRJ 357th/553
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera8.07Wonder snails 529th/553
Yhbnbstu = You had better not be slower than us

Team results - Men's teams
ELR JRJ 64th of 81 18.04
YHBNBSTU 66th of 81 18.13

BBC Couch to 5km, Olympic Park - Sunday 21st July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Janet Bywater24.2250th
Suzanne Taylor25.5790th
Alice Barrett29.42 pb174th

Felsted 10km - Sunday 21st July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Emmet Fitzgibbon47.30144th

Asics London 10km - Sunday 21st July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Rayworth41.44328th
Jamie Xavier43.43512th
Maya Goodwin1.06.306018th
Brooke Stephenson1.28.48
Maya: Running the Asics 10k meant I was a bit late to Sunday rehearsal
today. London did what it does best and shone happiness and cheer gloriously
on us all. Thank you Kate Taylor for the place,
and thank you East End Road Runners for the MASSIVE cheer at 3k.

Run Norwich 10km - Sunday 21st July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Nick Clark43.56384th
Eleanor Wilkinson45.48579th
Stephen Swan50.461441st
Stuart Barton51.55 pb1661st
Stuart reports: A very enjoyable running weekend in Norwich with my nephew.
Saturday morning parkrun at Mulbarton followed by a spa hotel for the day and night,
Today we did run Norwich,who knew Norwich was built on mountains,
After the race Steve 'Swany' Swan and myself met up with Ellie Wilkinson and Nick Clarke for a drink.
Thanks Norfolk I will be back soon.
I got myself a new 10k PB.

Run Through Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 20th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Amit Marks42.4218th
Nathaniel Dye43.16 pb19th
Jimmy Dale44.3725th
Amy Still1.00.31195th
Suzanne Bench1.03.47 (with Sophie Bench)219th
Geoff Bench1.07.19232nd

parkrun - all venues ( No Wanstead ) - Saturday 20th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry18.33* (1st & course pb)1st - 73.05% Pymmes
Shahib Miah Ali21.02* debut4th - 62.04% Orpington
Peter Hatley22.22* debut10th - 63.41% Sizewell
Fiona Critchley26.37* debut114th - 65.44% Stevenage
Maud Hodson34.18* debut157th - 47.23% Grangemoor
Chris Green21.18 debut23rd - 64.08% Grovelands
Stephen Swan22.53 debut22nd - 56.81% Mulbarton
Stuart Barton24.22 debut34th - 60.05% Mulbarton
Nick Hoult21.25 debut13th - 66.23% Barking
Catriona Hoult26.02 debut40th - 60.44% Barking
Paul Marshall23.08 debut19th - 56.99% Harlow
Andy Bolderstone25.55 debut53rd - 54.28% Harlow
Katie Whitton26.29 debut40th - 55.88% Barclay
Fiona Day27.50 debut296th - 70.72% Finsbury Park
Sarah Burns22.3655th - 69.10% Victoria Dock
Katherine Harris24.0178th - 63.29% Victoria Dock
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.38 debut136th - 53.73% Victoria Dock
Mark Moir19.434th - 65.43% Sunderland
James Nichols22.0316th - 59.79% Brentwood
Marc Akers38.42150th - 36.91% Gunpowder
Natasha Howard27.56148th - 54.77% Raphael
John Booth18.115th - 74.52% Southwark
Dan Gritton18.177th - 78.12% Southwark
Tom Howourth20.205th - 63.52% Plymvalley
Patrick Brown17.38 (1st man)1st - 74.39% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.3053rd - 57.48% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard28.34 (course pb)76th - 55.19% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey30.2690th - 53.78% Walthamstow
John Healy27.31313th - 51.54% Dulwich
Scott McMillan18.1117th - 77.36% Hackney
Shailesh Patel22.34121st - 66.99% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi22.35122nd - 58.75% Hackney
Suzanne Taylor24.53 pb185th - 66.58% Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka27.18257th - 48.90% Hackney
Helen McGuinness31.24 debut329th - 50.58% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot31.52335th - 46.50% Hackney
Arthur Diaz33.19 debut361st - 44.27% Hackney
Morag Campbell35.04368th - 46.20% Hackney
Caroline Frith21.39 (1st lady)20th - 71.05% Roding Valley
Caroline Moore29.56 106th - 61.30% Roding Valley
Med Dahbi20.3710th - 72.11% Valentines
Karen Levison21.08 (2nd lady)15th - 81.31% Valentines
Calvin Bobin21.0916th - 78.57% Valentines
Craig Livermore21.1317th - 60.80% Valentines
Warren Ibrahim21.1819th - 68.70% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.3624th - 67.75% Valentines
Jacob Stevens22.2229th - 62.44% Valentines
Karan Gadhia22.2630th - 57.50% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.5938th - 59.39% Valentines
Ged Browne32.3247th - 67.00% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.3349th - 62.63% Valentines
Liam Dempsey24.19 debut59th - 53.46% Valentines
Bernadett Kalmar26.3289th - 61.68% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.35112th - 56.19% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth31.04177th - 52.15% Valentines
Viktor Szabadi32.33187th - 46.80% Valentines
Sophie Edwards35.27214th - 45.23% Valentines
Damon Lerner25.1971st - 56.02% Valentines

Phoenix Striders Summer Series 5km, One Tree Hill - Wednesday 17th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Susan Bushnell40.03113th

Elvis 4 - Ilford AC Newman Hilly 5 - Hainault Forest Country Park - Wednesday 17th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Liviu Ionita28.554th
Jose Rodriguez28.575th
Paul Quinton29.186th
John Henry31.1819th
Scott McMillan31.2021st - scorer
Dan Gritton31.2022nd - scorer
John Booth31.2524th
Dan Senior31.5727th - scorer
Billy Rayner32.1429th
Fabrizio Stefanoni32.18 (Elvis debut)30th
Daniel Lee32.4134th - 33rd
James Nichols32.5537th - 36th
Mark Moir33.3241st - 40th
Tom Howourth34.2147th - 46th
Ava Lee34.4152nd - 2nd lady
Warren Ibrahim35.0257th - 55th
Peter Craik35.0358th - 56th
Craig Livermore35.2059th - 57th
Neil Gage35.2760th - 58th
Andrew Jackson35.3961st - 59th
Med Dahbi35.48 (Elvis debut)63rd - 61st
Robert Rayworth35.5464th - 62nd
Karen Levison36.1068th - 3rd lady
Michael Bamford36.2570th - 67th
Jacob Stevens36.3375th - 71st
Calvin Bobin36.4076th - 72nd
Amit Marks36.4678th - 74th
Richard Guest37.2389th - 83rd
James Creed37.2591st - 85th
Eleanor Wilkinson37.3594th - 7th scorer
Nick Clarke37.4696th - 89th
Peter Hatley37.5599th - 92nd
Michael Wilson38.10101st - 94th
Nathaniel Dye38.58113th - 101st
Becky Evans38.59114th - 13th scorer
Grant Conway39.15115th - 102nd
Emmet Fitzgibbon39.53121st - 104th
Peter Ballard39.55 (Elvis debut)122nd - 105th
Mounir Dahbi40.15125th - 108th
Ramesh Pala40.32130th - 111th
Karan Gadhia40.38132nd - 113th
Gemma Foxall40.38133rd - 20th scorer
Abdirahman Adan42.09147th - 123rd
Katie Whitton42.21154th - 25th scorer
Stuart Barton42.38159th - 133rd
John Healy43.04166th - 139th
Maud Hodson43.16169th - 29th
Andrea Waller44.43184th - 37th
Alex Jameson44.45185th - 148th
Catriona Hoult45.12198th - 47th
Carolyn Edwards45.56202nd - 50th
George Georgiou45.58203rd - 153rd
Tina Bennett46.07204th - 51st
Bernadett Kalmar46.12205th - 52nd
Viktor Szabadi46.12206th - 154th
Bilkis Achha46.20 (Elvis debut)208th - 54th
Fiona Day46.37212th - 56th
Veronica Carrasco48.15 (Elvis debut)229th - 68th
Mary OBrien48.17230th - 69th
Naimah Riaz48.19 (Elvis debut)231st - 70th
Roselin Boramakot49.12240th - 75th
Helen McGuinness49.21241st - 76th
Arthur Diaz49.39246th - 169th
Caroline Moore49.49247th - 78th
Kirk Johnson50.01251st - 170th
Jason Levy50.41260th - 174th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera50.44261st - 87th
Anna Dingle50.48262nd - 88th
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy53.46 (Elvis debut)279th - 99th
Kathy Morrissey55.26291st - 110th
Juliet Lopez-Real55.38 (Elvis debut)294th - 112th
Isabella Allan55.59296th - 114th
Maya Goodwin56.25298th - 116th
Alice Barrett56.27299th - 117th
Alexandra Brown56.30300th - 118th
75 ELR's including 8 doing there first Elvis.

Well done everyone who ran and supported ELR tonight.
Prize winners were
Ava Lee - 2nd Lady
Karen Levison - 3rd Lady
Team Prize
Ladies - East London Runners
Ava Lee, Karen Levison, Ellie Wilkinson, Becky Evans

Elvis results
Men - Liviu Ionita, Jose Rodriguez, Paul Quinton, Scott McMillan, Dan Gritton and Dan Senior 2nd place
Ladies - Ava, Karen, Ellie, Becky, Gemma Foxall and Katie Whitton - 1st place.

The Lundy Island Race 2019 - Sunday 14th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Carlton DSouza2.07.1832nd
Jonathan Wooldridge2.34.1991st
Paul Thompson2.34.2092nd
John Healy2.39.1098th
Susannah House3.04.39154th

Brighton Falmer Triathlon - Sunday 14th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford1.41.55
400m swim, 28km cycle, 5km run

10.17, 1.25, 1.04.30, 0.38, 25.05 = 1.41.55

Spitfire Scramble 24 hour race. - Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Nathaniel Dye 103 miles ,18 laps, Male solo (4th of 25)
Richard Butterworth 12 laps, Men United (2nd of 15)
Gareth Davies 10 laps, Men United (2nd of 15)
Jason Levy 4 laps, ELR Legends
Alex Jameson 5 laps, ELR Legends
Craig Livermore 5 laps, ELR Legends
Catriona Hoult 5 laps, ELR Legends
Diana Rexhepaj 4 laps, ELR Legends
Stuart Barton 3 laps, ELR Spitters
Abdirahman Adan 3 laps, ELR Spitters
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 3 laps, ELR Spitters
Joanna Wood 3 laps, ELR Spitters
Stephen Swan 3 laps, ELR Spitters
Sandra Hiller 3 laps, ELR Spitters
Geoff Bench 3 laps, ELR Spitters
Suzanne Bench 3 laps, ELR Spitters
Maya Goodwin 2 laps, EERR 2
Fiona Critchley 3 laps, EERR 2
Bernadett Kalmar 3 laps, EERR 2
Rakesh Sandhu5 laps, Laurens Ladies
Richard Kimmens 7 laps, Scrambled legs 1 (1st of 14)
Joanna Wood: Another Spitfire Scramble completed and another great weekend had.
Nice weather, nice bling, nice t shirt and Achilles just held out for the 3rd lap.
Well done ELR Spitters, well done ELR Legends (I'm assured it's legends and not leg-ends!)
, a massive well done to Gareth & Richard in their duo team but saving the best til last
a huge congrats to Nathaniel for his epic 24hr run!!! Can't wait to read your report Nat,
you did yourself and ELR proud!!
Shower done, 2nd load of washing in and pondering what to have for dinner whilst watching
Star Wars. Was thinking of pot noodle - what do you think Maya???

Catriona Hoult: I'm not quite sure why I love Spitfire Scramble so much because
it is completely bonkers to run through the night when you should be sleeping. I think it's
probably the bonkers- ness plus fantastic atmosphere and team spirit. On a personal note,
I'm delighted I managed 5 laps, all quicker than my fastest last year and also that my first
and last laps took EXACTLY the same time. If you include parkrun yesterday, that's 31.5 miles
in just over 24 hours. As I say, bonkers!

Maya Goodwin: The Spitfire Scramble is a 24 hour race where you try and run as many of
the 5.7 mile laps as you can in 24 hours. I'm not that brave:
I ran as part of a team.
And I only ran two laps.
And I didn't run at night.
And I didn't camp.
But I DID run two laps, one in the scorching sun at 1pm and one starting in the dusk at at 9.30pm with a head torch.
Despite being searingly hot or spooked by the dark, I really enjoyed the race. It was so pretty, round Hornchurch County Park, on tarmac, through woodland paths and tracks though fields. At 3.5 miles you came back through camp where everyone was cheering, some more delightedly than others, depending if they were up next to run.
In between, I laughed, had my hair braided with purple glitter and ate SO MUCH FOOD.
I was running as an East London Runner in an East End Road Runners team. Red meets purple. Purples, you were the most excellent hosts, thank you so very much for having me, I had a blast. Shirley Sceats your food was INCREDIBLE. Danielle Fletcher thank you for making my race hair so pretty. Ravindra Luggah you were an excellent, brilliant Team Skipper. Thank you all so much for inviting me,
I can't give up my red vest, I'll always be an ELR, but the purples stole my heart (and stomach!) this weekend xx

Craig Livermore:
I'm not going to beat around the bush, but the Spitfire Scramble is one of the best team based endurance races around. The atmosphere is something that just can't be rivalled, and there were way more teams and soloists this year by a long way.
Now because some stupid idiot forgot his tent poles, I basically had no tent (it was only an insurance policy, in case I wanted some sleep). Thankfully Catriona offered up a spot in the main lobby of hers, but it was always my intention to remain awake for the full race. Alas at least the offer was there if I needed it.
I had a strategy in mind when it came to my stints, that so long as I was doing 45 mins per 5.7 miles (7:49 per/mile), we'd bag an hour (1 stint) just off of me alone.
The first two...at 3:49 pm and 9:04 pm (Dusk) respectively...on my part were identical, 42:57 on both I was ahead of schedule by 17 minutes per stint. The third lap was the night lap (2:40 am), and I expected to take that more cautious, but everything clicked into place like a metronome, and I was only 6 seconds slower at 43:03.
With three stints at exactly the same pace (7:34 per/mile), I was well ahead of time, and not expecting anything overly special.
But all the while I was waiting for my fourth and supposedly final stint I was fighting my own battle of staying awake. I'd been awake since 6 am on Saturday, all the way through to the following morning at the same time, where a brief lapse in my consciousness forced me into a 10 min snooze (basically I blacked out). Next thing I knew it was 6:10, but I was back and awake for the remainder of the race.
At 8:24 am, and copious amounts of caffeine and taurine later from the previous 14 hours, I was setting of on my fourth run. I was lined up on the start eagerly awaiting Diana to crest the final corner on the run up to the start/finish line. And I spotted someone I hadn't seen in 2 years or so, a certain Jason Crispin from Victoria Park and Tower Hamlets AC. As he set off 2 minutes ahead of me I thought to myself "now there's someone I could aim to close in on over the lap", so off I went after Diana's 4th and final sterling effort. First mile 7:14, next 7:17, I was thinking this is way too quick, but I could see Jason a fair way ahead, and I was metre by metre closing in on him. By mile 3 I was down to 6:52, and still gaining, around about 30 seconds splitting us at this point. Getting towards the lake I was within a 10 second window to launch a major assault and overhaul him, which came right within the confines of the campsite, by the time I got to the ELR camp I was ahead, and shifting some. Mile 4 ended with a 6:45, and after that I made a conscious effort to get back to my opening pace at the very least, as I would've most certainly crashed by the end of the lap. The end result was a 40:24 lap (7:04 min/mile), and my fastest by far. But me and Jason had a little catch up at the end, it's always nice to see a familiar face after a long time.
After such a stunning performance by everyone within the team, we were 2 hours and 4 mins ahead of schedule, enough time for 3 more laps. Of which myself, Cat and Alex volunteered to do. I really badly wanted the team in the top 20, and Jason told me to go as fast as possible, as we were in theory still within a shout. So when it got to me, I did exactly as I was told, though to my surprise I set my second fastest lap along the way (42:34, 7:32 per/mile). One last time past camp and on the back stretch, I was starting to well up with emotion...29.5 hours of being awake will do that to you...I couldn't believe it was coming to an end. In the last half a mile I saw Richard and thought "let's close the gap and come in together", that's the spirit that encapsulates any 24 hour race.
And from those final 5 lap efforts, we rose back from 25th to 19th out of the 50+ 6-8 mixed teams. I was overjoyed when I heard that bit of news, as we missed out on that last year, and was something that I know everyone would've wanted, especially after their efforts.
Right now I've been in crash and burn mode, it's not really the running as the being awake for 37.5 hours out of 40 has taken it's toll. But I suppose the combined 7:24 min/mile over 28.5 miles on and off has something to do with it as well.
Thanks Jason for organising and leading the group, and to everyone else I haven't mentioned. And as for you Nathaniel, it's been awe inspiring and a pleasure to be there and witness such a stoic achievement.

Spitfire Scramble 24 hour race. pt 2 - Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 2019

Nat Dye reports: Spitfire Scramble Race Report
Well. 100 miles. There it is! I'm still coming to terms with the fact I've now run triple digits, considering in my first run, about 4-5 years ago, I didn't make it to a mile.
Although I was running solo, I feel like I owe a lot of people a lot of gratitude for helping make it happen. That started with Jo, who gave me a lift and let me in her car with a massive suitcase full of food and an ice bucket that spilled over a bit on a corner!
Upon arrival, courtesy of Stuart, Gaz was set up on the edge of the course with a few tents. This was the perfect place to set up my own extra water station, something that would save me in the heat!
Although it ended up being my fastest the first lap felt a bit tentative. The course was undulating and runnable for anyone running in a team, but I adopted the strategy of walking up hill, especially on the big alpine switchback style hill! The race was incredibly friendly and so many other runners (both running and resting) offered support the whole way round.
The midday start meant that heat and hydration management were the name of the game in the first few hours and every lap (5 3/4 miles) I soaked my T-shirt. By about lap 3, this felt indescribably good and it stopped me overheating too much. By around 7pm, the temperature started to dip and running was pleasant again. I felt strong up to about fifty miles, which I reached at about 10:30-11pm. As night set in, I slowed from an average speed approaching 5mph to something closer to 4. I knew I needed to average 4.1 overall to reach 100 miles in the allotted 24 hours and could only see the situation getting worse. At around 60 miles, my hourly (ish) snack stops at the ELR camp became something to look forward to more and more each lap. Given how tired people were, the mood was incredibly positive and team mates really got me through this rough patch.
So as I passed 100k, I thought I’d better do something about slowing down and get a move on. I increased my cadence and churned out four miles in a row that were under twelve minites. This doesn't sound like much, but banking some time really helped psychologically. Even when I started to slow again at around 70 miles, the task at least seemed possible. Dawn also gave me a boost and at around 5am mile 74 gave a significant mental boost of having under marathon distance to go. It then became a case of simply grinding out the miles and running from water station to water station, just going a bit more. At around 85 miles, my quads seriously started hurting and I just couldn't put any power into my running form - I was struggling to overtake walkers!
In the final few hours, the course seemed longer and longer as I dragged my carcass through all sorts of pain as my body told me in no uncertain terms that I shouldn't be running any more. I cannot express how little I wanted to run the last ten miles - I just know I had to.
the ELR team gave me more and more encouragement. Most hundred milers recommend that runners have a support crew and it felt like I had one. As I approached the line and attempted a sprint (in this case, shuffle) finish, I was accompanied by a red army.
103 miles was quite enough for one day. Now to sleep a lot and eat all the food!

Solo Male 4th Nathaniel Dye
Average Lap 1.19.37
Fastest Lap 1.02.49
1 01:02:49 2 01:03:07 3 01:08:19 4 01:09:51 5 01:20:41 6 01:15:09 7 01:19:18 8 01:20:05 9 01:24:08 10 01:27:02 11 01:21:25 12 01:12:16
13 01:24:59 14 01:25:57 15 01:26:00 16 01:25:23 17 01:35:52 18 1.30.35

Male Pairs 2nd place - 22 laps Men United
Average Lap 1.06.42
Fastest Lap 48.31 Richard
1 Richard Butterworth 00:48:31 2 Gareth Davies 00:55:47 3 Richard 53:06 4 Gareth 56:20 5 Richard 53:57 6 Gareth 59:35 7 Richard 01:00:50
8 Gareth 57:04 9 Richard 01:01:31 10 Gareth 58:51 11 Richard 01:06:46 12 Gareth 01:03:14 13 Richard 01:11:55 14 Gareth 01:46:32
15 Gareth 1:04:56 16 Richard 1:52:41 17 Richard 1:10:02 18 Gareth 1:21:01 19 Richard 1:04:05 20 Gareth 56:20 21 Richard 1:06:06 22 Richard 1:17:54

Male Team 3 - 5 1st Scrambled Legs 1
Average 42.48 , Fastest 39.03 Rich Kimmens
Richard Kimmens 1 39.03 2 42.13 3 43.10 4 43.15 5 41.24 6 43.12 7 39.50

Mixed 6 - 8: ELR Legends 27 LAPS (19th of 55)
Average Lap 54.21
Fastest Lap 40.31 Craig Livermore
1 Jason Levy 01:03:03 2 Catriona Davies 55:31 3 Alex Jameson 53:11 4 Diana Rexhepaj 57:35 5 Craig Livermore 43:06 6 Antony Leckerman 43:46
7 Jason 01:02:53 8 Catriona 55:15 9 Alex 53:03 10 Diana 57:08 11 Craig 42:57 12 Antony 49:01 13 Jason 01:08:11 14 Catriona 57:47 15 Alex 57:03
16 Diana 01:00:31 17 Craig 43:04 18 Antony 53:33 19 Jason 01:10:51 20 Catriona 57:05 21 Alex 59:33 22 Diana 01:00:27 23 Craig 40:31
24 Antony 48:29 25 Catriona 55:40 26 Alex 55:10 27 Craig Livermore 42:40

Mixed 6-8: ELR Spitters 24 LAPS (33rd of 55)
Average Lap 1.00.01
Fastest Lap 47.56 Abdirahman
1 Stuart Barton 55:35 2 Abdirahman Mohammad 51:36 3 Alex Rutishauser-Perera 01:00:10 4 Abdirahman 59:48 5 Joanna Wood 57:25 6 Steve Swan 49:41
7 Sandra Hiller 1:01:05 8 Susanna Bench 55:00 9 Geoff Bench 01:04:57 10 Stuart 1:00:06 11 Alex RP 1:00:40 12 Joanna 1:05:39 13 Steve 57:59
14 Sandra 1:19:26 15 Susannah 54:39 16 Geoff 1:07:35 17 Stuart 1:02:47 18 Alex RP 1:00:10 19 Joanna 1:08:58 20 Steve 48:04 21 Sandra 1:09:52
22 Susannah 51:27 23 Geoff 1:09:26 24 Abdirahman 47:56

Female 6-8 EERR 2 10th of 13 21 laps
Average 1.07.37 Fastest 53.11 Bernadett
Maya Goodwin 2: 1.05.32 10: 1.10.16
Fiona Critchley 3: 56.36 13: 53.53 19: 57.20
Bernadett 4: 53.39 16: 57.51 21: 53.11

Mixed 6 - 8 Lauren's Ladies 29 laps (13th of 55)
Rak Sandhu 5 laps - 47.46, 48.43, 58.23 ,54.56 , 50.32

The Roding Around Marathon - Sunday 14th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson4.49.596th, 1st lady
Maud Hodson: Roding Around Marathon race report
I only entered this race a week ago - I was going to run the Essex 100, but for various reasons changed my plans. This was a new event, organised by a small outfit called Company of Runners. It's a trail marathon (and a bit official distance just under 27 miles) visiting all the villages in Essex with Roding in their name this is from the course directions:
There are eight Roding villages and one lost hamlet the largest group in the country to bear a common name. They originate from the Saxon invasion of the sixth century when Hrotha and his tribe, the Hrodingas, sailed up the Thames and along its tributary river seeking a new home.
I was looking forward to an enjoyable bit of trail-running in the lovely Essex countryside, without any pressure of time. The course is not signed, so runners have to navigate themselves using the narrative directions and/or the GPX file. For much of the race I found myself in a group of 5 or 6 runners, and we helped each other with the route _ was using the GPX file on my phone, a couple were using it on watches plus a couple with the written directions, which gave us several different ways to solve a dilemma. We would had to stop every now and again when the route wasn't obvious and work it out between us. The route itself was a real mix - bits of road, some good quality tracks and some really tricky, rutted & overgrown field edges.
I was planning to run at something like my normal marathon pace when the going was good, and just to go with the flow when the terrain was more challenging probably started a bit too quick. But for the first half of the race it was just what I hoped for - the rain had stopped & the weather was almost perfect. No damage other than a bloodied knee when I tripped while looking at the map on my phone and hit the deck. Then at CP2 (14 miles) they told us that there were only three runners in front of us and that I was the first woman. As well as being a bit gobsmacked I'd assumed we were somewhere in the middle - this news completely changed the equation. Bye-bye nice relaxed jaunt, hello pressure, dreams of glory & and alternating determination & despair.
The third leg was the toughest for me. I may have arrived at the CP as first female, but only just - there was one other woman in the group I was with, and while I managed to pull away slightly a couple of times, we all came back together when another navigation conference was needed. And as we headed towards CP3 (20 miles) I couldn't keep up and trailed in last of our group. CP3 is in front of Aythorpe Roding Village Hall - the finish line is only a few meters away, at the back of the hall. But there's another 6/7 miles to go. I was feeling pretty cooked, and certain that I wouldn't be able to keep up with Marianne. I spent a couple of minutes at the CP, scoffing the delicious strawberries (from the fruit farm we had run through earlier), and one of the marshals told me that someone called Sarah had come past on her bike, and had asked them to pass on a message of good luck to me. Which gave me a real boost - thanks Sarah!
The two faster guys from our group had already set off, and I left the CP with Marianne & her husband, Colin. We continued our game of cat and mouse until about 3 miles from the finish we realised we had gone slightly wrong and were trying to work out how to fix it. Colin (using the written directions) was sure we had made a mistake a bit further back, but I reckoned we just need to be the other side of a hedge. He was heading back down the path, Marianne was waiting in between, and I said to her that I was sure enough of the route that I was going to go for it.
So I was on my own then, hoping I hadn't screwed up (I have been known to read GPX files upside down). I had made the right call, and soon the blue dot was on the red line again. I was pretty exhausted but kept pushing on as much as I could, and there were a couple more points when the route appeared to go between two paths, so I would take my pick and hope it worked out. Boy was I happy when I spotted the finish flag across the field. Robert & Phil, the two quicker guys I had run with earlier were at the finish, and the RD greeted me with my winner's T shirt.
6th overall (out of 49 finishers) and 1st woman. The time, 4.49, was slower than I had expected, but given the roughness of some of the terrain (my legs were zinging afterwards from all the nettle stings) I'm happy enough with that. And I can now call myself a marathon winner over the moon. Great medal too, I think the biggest I've ever got, and a nice design. And more of those lovely strawberries at the finish.

Adidas Shoreditch 10km - Sunday 14th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir39.28 pb74th
Isabella Allan1.00.172674th
Alice Barrett1.04.56 pb3095th
Mark Moir: New 10K PB in Shoreditch, London today! I shaved 82 seconds
off my previous PB to achieve a goal I've been aiming for quite some time
(a sub-40 10k). It has been a long road to recovery since my injury last August
but as always my family, friends and East London Runners have helped me to come
back stronger. Thank you for all of your support!

Maverick X Peak District Trail (short) 16km - Saturday 13th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Danny Wong2.51.3984th
Roselin Boramakot2.51.4085th

Essex 30 mile, Felstead (32.8 miles) - Saturday 13th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paula Bedford6.05.409th, 1st lady
4 laps - lap 1 1.11.52 - lap 2 1.22.26 - lap 3 1.47.07 - lap 4 1.44.14

Paula Bedford: Bit of a waffling race report
So, I was feeling uninspired and overindulged at Xmas and decided that i needed a challenge for after the London marathon to keep me motivated! One thing that has inspired me for a while now is the amazing distance running of achievements of Maud and Karen. I wondered if I could do it too! I thought anyway that I'd have a go and entered in the 30 mile event (32.8 miles to be precise) of the Challenge Running Essex 100 . I was feeling fit after LVM but my training for this race didn't really ramp up liked I'd hoped. Annoyingly I hurt my knee on the way to the pub! (not even on the way back!) by the time I could run again, a couple of weeks later, I didn't manage to build up my mileage again. Thankfully though, my knee was just fine. Despite the lack of miles I felt confident I'd make it round but altered my ambitions of a fast time. I thought I'd just take it easy, it wanted to enjoy my first ultra! Races tent to be a family event for me and on Friday I picked the kids up from school and we headed to a nice campsite near the race start and my super sister Sarah burns cycled up to meet us and to look after the kids while I was running (which was no doubt tougher than running an ultra!). The conditions on race day were perfect. It was a little overcast but warm and ideal for me. We walked to the start on the Fitch way , a disused railway track. The format of the race was out and back on a 8 mile ish loop. For the 30 mile I needed to run 4 laps. Having the out and back meant that you got to see your fellow runners, I enjoyed this and they were a friendly bunch and to start with there we lots of hello's after a while it was just little waves as we all tired! I ran alongside an old gent in his 70's called Geoff, who was back running after major heart surgry, we had a nice chat then to my surprise off he sped! It turns out it was Geoff Russell, British M65 world record holder!! So I learned never judge a runner by their age! It was fantastic seeing the faster runners in the various races, very inspirational and something to aspire to! The first 3 competitors home in the 50 miles race were women and the course record was smashed. Which just goes to show how longer distances can level the competition between the men and women as the young and old! Their running was incredible and a joy to watch, they just looked fantastic, calm and in control. So my first 2 laps were as planned, I felt good. I was using gels as that's all I've used in the past and hadn't bothered stopping to look at the food at either of the check points. I saw Sarah and the kids for the first time as I set off on lap 3 which was a boost but soon after I set off down the road I started to get a really bad stitch and felt rubbish! How had it all changed so quickly? I really wondered what the hell I was going to do and spent a bit of time running alongside I lovely chap Darren who was doing the 100 who kept me going. I made it to the feed station/ check point / half way of lap three and after a chat with the volunteers there who decided that the problem was I needed food! I have never eaten solid food on a run ever so was a bit apprehensive. They encouraged me to start with some melon... after that I was wolfing down crisps , peanuts and fruit cake and some flat cola! Ahhh I was feeling better all ready. Lesson number 2. Eat real food on long runs! Off I went slowly and by the time I was back to start lap 4 all was good again. I took the time to eat some more then I was off on the last lap. Darren ran with me again for a bit, telling me about his journey from depression, to park run to his running club to champion in his age group last year. I love these moments in running and I love that running helps people and brings them together. I left Darren after a while and headed off to the finish. Sarah and the kids were there with cheers and hugs. 54km in 6:02:00. what more could I want? So I could not have been more surprise when the Organiser came over and told me I was first female too. I was delighted. I was bib number one, for my first ultra and came first. So that was a lovely coincidence! I've signed up for the Thame Trot (50 miles) in October.
For now I've got the Ultra bug... who knows how far I'll end up next time!

Essex XC Series - Thorndon Heath 10km - Saturday 13th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols41.459th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 13th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Elizabeth ODonnell37.55* debut43.69% du Lac de Divonne, France
Kasia Stachowiak22.37* debut52nd - 66.32% Krakow, Poland
Andrew Howard23.42* debut23rd - 66.53% Margate
Richard Guest21.47* debut23rd - 65.57% Maidenhead
Mark Moir19.58 debut10th - 64.61% Bexley
Shahib Miah Ali20.55 debut16th - 62.39% Bexley
Claire Emery29.19 debut311th - 56.51% Milton Keynes
Andy Bolderstone24.23 (course pb)35th - 57.69% Pymmes
Liviu Ionita16.44 (1st man)1st - 77.09% Barking
Catriona Hoult28.41 debut87th - 54.85% Harrow Lodge
Alex Jameson28.43 debut88th - 50.96% Harrow Lodge
Liam Dempsey25.3543rd - 50.81% Brentwood
Amit Marks20.10 pb16th - 68.68% Raphael
Martin Quinlan25.52132nd - 55.67% Hilly Fields
John Booth17.5513th - 75.63% Southwark
Dan Gritton18.0115th - 79.28% Southwark
Paul Marshall23.3336th - 55.98% Lancaster
David Hallybone24.3562nd - 56.81% Sale Water
Mark Boulton17.495th - 73.99% Hackney
Tom Howourth19.1419th - 67.16% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu25.13132nd - 53.34% Hackney
Med Dahbi20.07 (course pb)12th - 73.90% Roding Valley
Neil Gage20.1715th - 68.28% Roding Valley
Mounir Dahbi22.5745th - 58.61% Roding Valley
Richard Potter22.5846th - 57.76% Roding Valley
Suzanne Taylor25.32 debut72nd - 64.88% Roding Valley
Patrick Brown17.39 (1st man)1st - 74.32% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater24.5140th - 70.96% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.3757th - 57.23% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey30.2291st - 53.90% Walthamstow
Warren Ibrahim20.36 debut8th - 71.04% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.1113th - 69.08% Valentines
Karan Gadhia22.2122nd - 57.72% Valentines
Becky Evans22.51 debut26th - 74.25% Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.2430th - 64.60% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.1780th - 56.81% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.4795th - 74.09% Valentines
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy30.09130th - 49.92% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth21.04 pb140th - 52.15% Valentines
Frank Brownlie35.29197th - 48.61% Valentines
John Henry18.24 (course pb)4th - 73.64% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.356th - 75.70% Wanstead
William ODonoghue22.1139th - 58.30% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield22.2141st - 71.74% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan23.4762nd - 59.64% Wanstead
Katherine Harris25.0784th - 60.25% Wanstead
Gail Edwards26.41119th - 56.71% Wanstead
Catherine Brett26.48121st - 64.99% Wanstead
Fiona Day27.25127th - 71.79% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.25150th - 53.61% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz28.50157th - 51.16% Wanstead
Maud Hodson31.45214th - 51.02% Wanstead
Samir Younsi33.08237th - 42.89% Wanstead
Vicky Allen33.17238th - 49.17% Wanstead
Angela May33.18239th - 45.45% Wanstead
Morag Campbell35.44257th - 45.34% Wanstead
Damon Lerner25.5665th - 54.69% Valentines

Essex 10,000m Championships, Braintree - Wednesday 10th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown37.0219th

Run Through Chase The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 10th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Scott McMillan37.39 pb5th, 2nd V40
Warren Ibrahim42.5140th, 2nd V45
Peter Ballard46.4776th, 1st V60
Becky Evans47.4689th, 1st FV50

Run Through Chase The Sun 5km, QEOP - Wednesday 10th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway21.5627th
Alice Barrett31.50109th
Joanna Wood34.53135th
Joanna Wood: Runthrough 5km Chase the Sun Olympic Park.
A short report to match my mood
Tonight saw a new route for the Chase the Sun races starting at The Timber Lodge. Much of the route the same as Elvis a couple of weeks ago but in reverse, so this time lots of uphills.
Somehow I got swept up into the 10k route despite asking 3 different marshalls where to go for 5k. Signage not great and certainly not towards the finish. After starting a third lap and being well over 5km I ended up cutting across the spectating area to double back to the finish line.
Should have finished 5km in about 29mins tonight, ended up doing 3.8miles in approx 35mins mins including the couple of mins spent stopping to speak to marshalls and showing them my watch to show I wasn't meant to be doing a third lap!!!
I spoke to one of the organisers who apologised and asked for all my Garmin data so they could identify where I'd gone wrong. Speaking to others afterwards it would appear a marshall was stood in front of the 5K finish sign and had to be told by runners to move out of the way.
Tonight wasn't about a PB with an Achilles issue and Spitfire looming this weekend but I did still try.
I'm a great champion of Runthrough and actively promote their races where I can. Tonight there were some lacklustre marshalls, poor signage and a tougher course than they used to have. I know their events are usually much better than this, I wouldn't keep going back otherwise and of course accidents happen, however if this had been my first race with them I don't know if I'd go back for another one.
Fingers crossed they nail the issues and future races are back up to their usual excellent standard.

Hever Castle Festival of Endurance - Aquabike (half) - Sunday 7th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee3.03.1431st, 1st FV 40-49
Daniel Lee3.06.1135th, 3rd MV 50-54
1,900m Swim, T1 , 60KM Cycle

38.48, 2.31, 2.21.54 Ava
49.35, 2.24, 2.14.11 Danny

Hever Castle Festival of Endurance - The Bastion - Sunday 7th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jennifer Ansell13.55.5834th , 2nd lady
The Bastion - 3,800m swim, T1 , 180km cycle, T2 , 42km run
1.19.26, 8.13, 7.53.50, 5.07, 4.29.21 = 13.55.58

Ava Lee: Yesterday was the Festival of Endurance at Hever Castle.
We had the pleasure of watching Jenny Ansell absolutely smash her first
iron distance triathlon race - The Bastion. She came SECOND lady!!!
One of the toughest long distance triathlons out there, with nearly 3000
metres of climbing on the bike. Jennifer, I hope you don't mind me posting,
but that was something special!! You are amazing!

Regents Park Summer Series 10km - Sunday 7th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Craik41.1932nd
Stuart Norris45.38 pb95th
Peter Craik That was a real struggle. Entered it thinking that
sub-40 could be possible, and after a demanding few weeks reckoned that
a PB (40.47) was still realistic, but I just couldn't find enough energy to
get close. I very nearly stopped, so the main achievement was avoiding
that. But it was an enjoyable and well organised event, and great to
see many first-timers taking part.

Bewl 15 mile - Sunday 7th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roselin Boramakot2.44.58 pb607th
Danny Wong2.44.59606th

Warslow Fell Race & Beer Festival - Saturday 6th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown60.4812th
also Alex Day 71.10

Orions Forest Five Series - Race 2 - Saturday 6th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez28.322nd
Mark Boulton29.306th
Thomas Grimes29.347th
Robert Rayworth34.4440th
Andrew Jackson35.1744th
Calvin Bobin35.3750th
Jacob Stevens35.4853rd
Gareth Davies37.2865th
Emmet Fitzgibbon38.0570th
Richard Potter39.4586th
Jonathan Wooldridge41.1697th
Paul Clarke41.28101st
Sarah Burns42.03106th
John Healy43.12114th
Ramesh Pala43.35120th
Maya Goodwin55.44166th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 6th July 2019

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.41* debut21st - 51.82% Caffarella, ITA
Kathy Morrissey31.03* debut168th - 52.71% Sewerby
Jason Levy25.26* debut40th - 57.08% Brockenhurst
Richard Guest21.27* debut10th - 66.59% Higginson, Marlow
Stuart Barton23.26* debut17th - 62.45% Loch Neaton, Watton
Fiona Critchley26.20* debut28th - 66.14% Loch Neaton, Watton
Liviu Ionita16.31* (1st man & cpb)1st - 78.10% Barking
Warren Ibrahim21.33 debut11th - 67.90% Barking
Becky Evans22.41 debut13th - 74.80% Barking
Mary Connolly26.3841st - 68.90% Barking
Patrick Brown17.47 (1st man)1st - 73.76% Hillsborough
Susan Bushnell38.50 (course pb)95th - 51.42% Dartford Heath
Med Dahbi21.12 (course pb)13th - 70.13% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy31.54117th - 59.98% Roding Valley
Paul Marshall20.26 pb7th - 64.52% Pymmes
Nick Hoult23.38 debut21st - 60.01% Pymmes
Andy Bolderstone25.1837th - 55.60% Pymmes
Catriona Hoult27.02 debut58th - 58.20% Pymmes
Scott McMillan19.11 debut3rd - 73.33% Walthamstow
Samir Younsi23.48 debut30th - 59.59% Walthamstow
Chris Green29.48 debut374th - 45.81% Highbury Fields
Shailesh Patel25.28146th - 59.36% Hamstead Heath
Marc Akers36.01138th - 39.66% Gunpowder
Diana Rexhepaj29.3244th - 56.09% Beckton
Dan Gritton18.234th - 77.70% Southwark
Stephen Swan24.2593rd - 53.24% Kesgrave
Amit Marks20.3218th - 67.45% Cassiobury
Martin Quinlan26.1161st - 55.00% Roundshaw Downs
James Nichols20.204th - 64.84% Brentwood
John Booth18.5816th - 71.44% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali23.29110th - 55.57% Mile End
Samia Choudhury46.33347th - 31.79% Mile End
Stuart Kelly17.329th - 75.19% Hackney
Tom Howourth19.1125th - 67.33% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu23.08 pb113th - 58.14% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi23.13115th - 57.14% Hackney
Lauren Kelly23.37126th - 62.67% Hackney
Aaron Browne19.244th - 66.49% Valentines
Tim Le Rasle19.396th - 72.18% Valentines
Craig Livermore20.138th - 63.81% Valentines
Carlton DSouza21.3617th - 66.13% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.3718th - 67.69% Valentines
Karen Levison21.49 (1st lady)19th - 78.76% Valentines
Lawrence Foster22.4125th - 67.74% Valentines
Karan Gadhia22.5828th - 56.17% Valentines
Grant Conway23.0129th - 64.59% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu26.0769th - 56.48% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.4693rd - 55.82% Valentines
Mark Durrant29.41125th - 51.32% Valentines
Mary OBrien30.52141st - 66.68% Valentines
Mark Moir19.5112th - 64.99% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield23.0752nd - 69.36% Wanstead
Liam Dempsey23.4867th - 54.62% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.0672nd - 62.24% Wanstead
Andrew Howard24.4784th - 63.62% Wanstead
Lance Fuller25.1693rd - 61.87% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench25.2598th - 69.38% Wanstead
Andrea Waller25.2599th - 60.98% Wanstead
Maud Hodson26.16116th - 61.68% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.16117th - 63.07% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan26.23120th - 53.76% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.29147th - 59.55% Wanstead
Claire Emery28.35166th - 57.26% Wanstead
Angela May32.29224th - 46.59% Wanstead
Vicky Allen34.10240th - 47.90% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi38.01252nd - 40.07% Wanstead
Alexandra at Caffarella ELR on tour doing a parkrun in Roma! My 6th country
Very low key with less than 30 people on the start line but super friendly.
Only issue was the heat: 31 degrees, no wind, no shade and slightly ondulating as they say .
Last night, my mum and I met a Danish father and his son at a restaurant so the boy came with me this morning to do his first parkrun and he loved it. FutureParkrunAddict
Also met a lovely Australian woman on the way who warmed up with me and left me in her dust during the parkrun.

Don Bennett: 67 parkruns despite 15 running at Orion. 3 first finishers, Karen at Valentines,
Patrick at Hillsborough and Lee Johnson a course pb , 16.31 , the fastest by an ELR at Barking.
14 debuts.
Biggest shock Carlton D'Souza at a parkrun, over 6 years since his last one.

Rays Of Sunshine 5km - Thursday 4th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Marc Akers31.2614th
Alice Barrett31.29 pb15th

JP Morgan corporate 5.6k challenge - Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton19.2033rd Wednesday
Isabella Allan32.428,003rd Wednesday
Mark Boulton18.4518th, Thursday
Arthur Diaz33.547,946th Thursday

Lee Valley Aquathlon (500m/5.5km) - Tuesday 2nd July 2019

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols36.57
Catherine Brett43.37
500m swim / 5.5km run

13.43 / 23.14 = 36.57 J Nichols

12.16 / 31.21 = 43.37 K Brett