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Results Jan-June 2022

Dambuster Triathlon (Standard), Rutland Water - Sunday 26th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn2.31.1453rd of 390
1.5k swim, t1. 40k bike. t2, 10k run
28.34, 2.24, 1.20.08, 1.31, 38.37 = 2.31

SITC Summer Samosas 10km - Sunday 26th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Vivienne Eka1.16.3310th, best lap 13.586th

SITC Summer Samosas Ultra - Sunday 26th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirk Johnson7.24.16 (50.35km)7th, best lap 14.23 (25 laps)

SITC Summer Samosas Half Marathon - Sunday 26th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien2.19.063rd, best lap 12.07
John Healy2.21.404th, best lap 11.51

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 25th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies19.17* debut & 1st man1st - 67.68% Lullingstone1st
Ryan Friel16.58 1st man1st - 77.70% Wanstead1st
Amit Marks20.19 course pb6th - 69.81% Wanstead
Rachel Bailey20.44 1st lady8th - 72.59% Wanstead1st
Kasia Stachowiak23.4339th - Wanstead3rd
Bilkis Achha25.5265th - Valentines8th
Cindy Koon26.21 course pb74th - 62.11% Valentines10th
Joanna Qiu49.11 (50th parkrun)214th - Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali20.17 (200th parkrun)26th - Mile End
Stephen Swan22.40* debut22nd - 58.16% Kettering
Caroline Frith24.23* debut102nd - 64.52% Eastville9th
Ciaran Canavan22.25* debut17th - 64.76% Palmerston North
Bernard Mansell26.54* course pb77th - 55.70% Witney
Stuart Barton25.20 debut34th - 59.14% Pocket
Fiona Critchley25.44* debut40th - 70.34% Pocket6th
Annette Clark30.24* debut93rd - 55.15% Wendover Woods
Richard Cravitz28.22* debut123rd - 48.12% Wendover Woods
Janet Bywater27.28* debut184th - 66.81% Alexandra, NZ
Mark Moir20.22 debut9th - 63.67% Oldham8th
Tom Howourth20.143rd - 64.25% Exeter Riverside3rd
Mounir Dahbi31.33 debut17th - Grt Yarmouth Nth Beach
John Henry17.27 2nd - 79.37% Finsbury2nd
James Nichols19.377th - Walthamstow7th
Joseph Gunn18.353rd - 70.22% Rushcliffe3rd
Betty Bohane22.36 1st lady24th - 65.93% Ally Pally1st
Finsbury parkrun
170 138 Stuart NORRIS 00:25:06
Hackney Marshes parkrun
51 42 Shanavaz MALAYODU 00:21:59
Roding Valley parkrun
18 17 Peter HATLEY 00:22:37
19 18 Calvin BOBIN 00:22:41
59 47 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:27:24
75 57 John HEALY 00:29:19
88 21 Caroline MOORE 00:31:50
Valentines parkrun
23 21 Jimmy DALE 00:23:05
26 24 Matthew POWELL 00:23:22
27 25 Darminder BHAMRA 00:23:26
58 46 David TAYLOR 00:25:33
85 14 Naimah RIAZ 00:27:18
86 65 David HALLYBONE 00:27:20
107 23 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:28:15
159 105 Frank BROWNLIE 00:33:42
164 45 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:34:05
186 57 Katherine HARRIS 00:37:47
199 64 May HAU 00:40:21
Wanstead Flats parkrun
18 16 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:36
54 42 Samir YOUNSI 00:25:18
96 20 Kate BRETT 00:27:51
102 22 Catriona HOULT 00:28:04
115 79 Scott MCMILLAN 00:28:24
162 54 Sophie EDWARDS 00:32:07
173 61 Jane SCOTT 00:32:56
205 106 Andrew HOWARD 00:46:39
Chester parkrun
200 123 Arthur DIAZ 00:36:36
Mile End parkrun
247 82 Tasnia CHOUDHURY 00:36:03
Walthamstow parkrun
1 1 Euan BROWN 00:15:33
15 15 Alex PICKERING 00:21:52
83 16 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:29:15
Corby parkrun
134 96 Marc AKERS 00:35:54
Castle Park parkrun
17 17 Neil GAGE 00:23:10
Harleston Magpies parkrun
47 29 Don BENNETT 00:38:46
Gunnersbury parkrun
153 30 Joanna NEVILLE 00:25.34
Harrow Lodge parkrun
15 14 Clive Stephenson 00:22:51

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 24th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.407th - 79.6%
John Henry17.039th - 81.6%
122 finishers.

Chase The Sun 10km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 22nd June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier46.1318th

Elvis 3: East End Road Runners Midsummer 5km, Olympic Park - Tuesday 21st June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.29 / 16.291st - scorer 77.36%
John Henry17.09 / 17.086th - scorer 78.95%
Scott McMillan17.24 / 17.2310th - scorer 80.89%
Robert Spread17.39 / 17.3714th - scorer 76.71%
Daniel ODonoghue17.53 / 17.51 pb17th - scorer 72.01%
Alex Pickering18.25 / 18.2321st - scorer 74.65%
Joseph Gunn18.40 / 18.3824th - 68.36%
James Nichols19.15 / 19.1033rd - 68.32%
Mark Moir19.35 / 19.3239th - 64.68%
Jimmy Dale19.38 / 19.34 pb41st - 65.63%
Shahib Miah Ali20.20 / 20.1561st - 63.74%
Amit Marks20.34 / 20.2766th - 67.40%
Betty Bohane20.54 / 20.4972nd - scorer 69.51%11th
Ava Lee20.56 / 20.5174th - scorer 75.02%12th
Calvin Bobin20.59 / 20.5376th - 79.58%
Jonathan Shaw21.05 / 20.5978th - 64.23%
Nathaniel Dye21.14 / 21.0683rd - 61.05%
Caroline Frith21.50 / 21.4298th - scorer 71.19%
Jacob Stevens21.59 / 21.4799th - 63.56%
Michael Wilson22.01 / 21.55100th - 71.85%
Becky Evans22.07 / 21.57102nd, 1st FV50 - scorer 79.58%
Rohan Allen22.18 / 22.05108th - 63.11%
Richard Guest22.31 / 22.24114th - 63.53%
Michael Bamford22.37 / 22.27117th - 66.97%
Shanavaz Malayodu22.52 / 22.42123rd - 58.81%
Darminder Bhamra22.57 / 22.44 pb125th - 66.57%
Mark Durrant23.17 / 23.04 pb136th - 65.61%
Kasia Stachowiak23.25 / 23.13141st - scorer 63.60%33rd
Abdirahman Adan23.28 / 23.40 pb143rd - 62.47%
John OBrien23.58 / 23.40 pb158th - 62.17%
Kathryn Hertzberg24.07 / 23.54161st - scorer 61.01%42nd
Grant Conway24.11 / 23.59165th - 61.61%
Katrina Betteridge24.54 / 24.42189th - 59.09%
Imran Mustak25.03 / 24.50195th - 52.89%
Suzanne Bench25.26 / 25.09198th - 72.15%
Stuart Barton25.31 / 25.13202nd - 57.42%
Cindy Koon27.22 / 27.02241st - 59.54%
Amy Martin27.24 / 27.05244th - 52.65%
Suzanne Taylor27.52 / 27.34250th - 61.54%
Kate Brett28.12 / 27.54257th - 64.16%
Fiona Day28.39 / 28.21263rd - 72.13%
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.00 / 28.41265th - 53.58%
David Hallybone29.10 / 28.51267th - 47.90%
Helen McGuinness29.23 / 29.04270th - 55.45%
Anna Dingle29.43 / 29.23272nd - 54.16%
Kathy Morrissey30.27 / 30.07282nd - 55.60%
Diana Rexhepaj30.46 / 30.29287th - 55.73%
Andrew Howard32.19 / 31.54301st - 48.96%
Frances Ridout32.48 / 32.24303rd - 44.86%
Vivienne Eka34.55 / 34.27316th - 47.85%
John Atkinson35.19 / 34.50318th - 56.84%
Joanna Qiu35.29 / 35.03320th - 48.96%
Elizabeth ODonnell38.14 / 37.47326th - 44.86%
Sonia Cheadle38.22 / 37.55327th - 43.01%
331 finishers from 404 entries. Rail & tube strike.

Report by Scott Bruce McMillan:
Our purple friends at East End Road Runners always put on a good show for the ELVIS series, and this year’s Midsummer 5k, aided by some dancing cheerleaders, glorious hot weather, and the sound of Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" wafting across the Olympic Park was to be no different. The highways were jammed with broken heroes in red vests driving, running and cycling to Stratford to beat the combined rail and tube strikes, and despite the logistical difficulties we managed to get an impressive 54 runners onto the start line, with many more there to cheer and support, for which I'm hugely grateful.

On the day, we sweated it out on the streets of a runaway ELVIS dream , a dream of individual and team success. On the former front, I was delighted to hear from so many after the race that they had achieved new PBs in the race, congratulations to the likes of Daniel O'Donoghue, Jimmy Dale, Mark Durrant and John O'Brien (I'm sure there were more, right throughout the field, well done all of you). There were individual prizes for the brilliant Joshua Rees Davies, who after two second places got that well deserved win, and for Becky Evans, first V50 for the third straight race.

As far as the team results went, the men's scorers were Joshua, John Henry, me, Robert Spread, Daniel and Alex Pickering and I reckon we were just edged out by Eton Manor by the narrowest of margins into second place. To put into context just how close it was, and to let you in on how frustrated I'm feeling right now, if I'd managed to scream down the boulevard of a finishing straight just FOUR SECONDS quicker on the night we’d have won.
The women's scorers were Betty Bohane, Ava Lee, Caroline Frith, Becky, Kasia Stachowiak and Kathryn Hertzberg, and despite running til they dropped in those hot conditions, they were also just edged out by Eton Manor, but both were comprehensively beaten by a really strong Orion Harriers squad. So, second and third, I think. Together, people, we can live with the sadness, and look forward with anticipation to the next race.

So, someday, team, I don't know when (OK, I do, it will be Wednesday 6th July at 7.30pm), we're going to get to that place (Hainault Forest) where we really want to go, and we'll run in the sun, but till then,champs like us…come on, sing it,.baby we were born to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

Spanish Masters Half Marathon Championships - Sunday 19th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero1.11.478th
Spanish Master Half Marathon Championship
Today the tactic was clear, dosage the maximum and try to look as best as possible on M35, neither the circuit nor the temperature was to be silly.
Very dangerous exit, falls, brakes, unacceptable in a Spanish Championship at 600-700m we're going at a comfortable pace, yes, upwards. Until km 11 I go without suffering anything and constantly overtaking runners, that was the idea, to progress in the classification and not be a corpse.
From here, there are about 5-6 kms very uncomfortable, of ups and few downs, we continue to advance some runners and I'm only ahead, ahead two M35, and there is no one of the category on the horizon, with the sun squeezing and the circuit that does not give truce I decide to burn the fewer cartridges possible, the climb of km 18 leaves you ready of papers, km 19 a false plain, and finally, km 20, mini climb and favorable straight of 1 km, looking forward to arriving 1h11'47" and eighth M35.
It hasn't been my prime time, I could have forced more, but it wasn't the day to do absurd bullshit for scratching time on the clock and not going up in the category.
We end the season.

Colworth Marathon Challenge - final standings - Sunday 19th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes2.45.302nd, 2nd MV35-44
James Nichols3.17.339th, 3rd MV35-44
Michael Bamford3.19.4112th, 2nd MV55-6415 seconds from 1st place
Diana Rexhepaj4.49.5877th20th

Colworth Marathon Challenge: Day 3 - Colworth Half Marathon - Sunday 19th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.24.493rd
Michael Bamford1.39.5013th, 1st MV55
James Nichols1.41.5317th
Diana Rexhepaj2.30.29101st30th
Colworth Marathon Challenge: Best Overall Team
ELR - Thomas Grimes, James Nichols and Michael Bamford.

Stuart reports: No trophies for me but just to be at Colworth was amazing. We had all seasons weather. Friday was scorching. parkrun day was wet. That evening we had so mush rain and today was windy and hot. The depleted team did ELR proud winning lots of awards. Speaking to the organisers they were so happy we turned up as they consider ELR as part of the family. Next year they celebrate 20 years of the challenge so we need a large team to come up. The campsite was great as always a perfectly flat lawn and clean toilets and showers. The bar is cheap with a wide choice of beers to suit all. Saturday night we had a pub meal in the local village. All in all my favourite weekend running of the year. I just need to pull my socks up and be ready for it next year.

CSSC Platinum Jubilee Championships (inc CSAA Championships), Battersea Park - Saturday 18th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols38.57 pb21st of 197 finishers
This event took place on Saturday 18th May but was not reported till later in July.

TransAtlantic Way Ride: 2,462 km's - Thursday 9th June to Saturday 18th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns9 days, 7 hrs and 46 mins
Moving time: 6 days, 00 hrs and 47 mins.
Stopped time: 3 days, 6 hrs and 35 mins.
Distance per day (Average) 264km's (164 miles)

I made it! 1553 miles (well probably a bit more) around the beautiful, oh so hilly and brutal Wild Atlantic Way. My sense of direction may have let me down but my body and mind didn't. I'm super proud to have made it to the finish and greatful to @transatlanticway my fellow riders, family, friends, the warm hearted people of Ireland and everyone who watched my dot. What an epic adventure now it's time to sit in something soft!

Midnight Sun Marathon, Tromso, Norway - Saturday 18th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ford Cadiogan4.48.07728th
885 finishers.

Colworth Marathon Challenge: Day 2 - Colworth Trail 8.1 miles - Saturday 18th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes51.542nd Male2nd
James Nichols1.00.2611th, 1st MV35
Michael Bamford1.02.1415th, 1st MV55
Fiona Critchley1.16.2667th, 1st FV5512th
Diana Rexhepaj1.27.31102nd30th
Stuart Barton1.41.27129th

selected parkruns - all venues - Saturday 18th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Howourth18.15* (debut & 1st man)1st - 71.23% Gunnersbury1st
Joshua Rees Davies17.25* (1st man)1st - 74.93% Harrow Lodge1st
Ryan Friel17.01 (1st man)1st - 77.47% Wanstead1st
Rachel Bailey21.11 (1st lady)11th - Wanstead1st
James Nichols23.19* debut24th - 57.68% Irchester Country
Stuart Barton29.34 debut74th - 50.68% Irchester Country
Diana Rexhepaj29.47* debut76th - 57.69% Irchester Country
Janet Bywater28.13* debut142nd - 65.03% Roberts Park
Jonathan Wooldridge23.16* debut13th - 63.90% The Leas, Minster
Mark Moir22.11* debut2nd - 58.45% Queen Elizabeth2nd
Shahib Miah Ali22.26 debut6th - 59.14% Queen Elizabeth6th
John Henry17.113rd - 80.60% Fountains Abbey3rd
Bernard Mansell26.58* (course pb)78th - 55.56% Witney
Peter Hatley23.31 debut93rd - 61.73% Finsbury
Nick Hoult22.45 debut19th - 63.81% Greenwich
Andy Bolderstone27.11 debut65th - 52.97% Greenwich
Kasia Stachowiak24.0546th - Wanstead6th
Selina Vernal24.3553rd - Wanstead7th
Stuart Norris24.58 debut151st - 51.67% Southwark
Joseph Gunn18.16* debut6th - 71.44% Weymouth6th
Grace Turner26.17* debut108th - 56.31% Weymouth
Andrew Howard25.32* debut53rd - 63.38% Markshall Est
Roselin Boramakot32.11 (course pb)305th - 46.30% Wimbledon Common
Danny Wong32.16 (course pb)307th - 41.99% Wimbledon Common
Shanavaz Malayodu21.55 (50th parkrun)47th - 62.74% Hackney
Bernadett Kalmar27.08* debut23rd - 62.53% Mura di Lucca3rd
Viktor Szabadi29.36 debut36th - 52.82% Mura di Lucca
Valentines parkrun
21 17 Matthew POWELL East London Runners 00:22:39
39 32 John O'BRIEN East London Runners 00:24:02
65 50 David TAYLOR East London Runners 00:26:15
68 10 Bilkis ACHHA East London Runners 00:26:28
77 14 Cindy KOON East London Runners 00:27:15
91 18 Naimah RIAZ East London Runners 00:28:22
94 67 George GEORGIOU East London Runners 00:28:37
95 19 Katrina BETTERIDGE East London Runners 00:28:38
100 22 Mary Frances O'BRIEN East London Runners 00:28:51
106 24 Alexandra RUTISHAUSER-PERERA East London Runners 00:29:16
159 102 Frank BROWNLIE East London Runners 00:34:45

Wanstead Flats parkrun
29 27 Jonny SHAW East London Runners 00:22:15
37 34 Roger STUBBS East London Runners 00:23:11
68 61 Samir YOUNSI East London Runners 00:25:14
80 68 Scott MCMILLAN East London Runners 00:26:14
91 16 Andrea WALLER East London Runners 00:26:59
107 83 Joseph OSAKUE East London Runners 00:28:20
119 24 Claire EMERY East London Runners 00:29:09
138 37 Fiona DAY East London Runners 00:30:51
139 38 Susannah MCLAREN East London Runners 00:31:00
173 62 Jane SCOTT East London Runners 00:36:11
184 70 Sophie EDWARDS East London Runners 00:40:21
186 71 Elizabeth O'DONNELL East London Runners 00:41:40
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
37 31 Martin QUINLAN East London Runners 00:28:47
Finsbury parkrun
347 108 Maya GOODWIN East London Runners 00:31:04
Harrow Lodge parkrun
19 19 Clive STEPHENSON East London Runners 00:22:56
Tauranga parkrun
29 22 Ciarán CANAVAN East London Runners 00:25:09
35 27 Lance FULLER East London Runners 00:25:41
Roding Valley parkrun
12 12 Calvin BOBIN East London Runners 00:21:31
41 7 Caroline FRITH East London Runners 00:25:29
70 22 Caroline MOORE East London Runners 00:30:23
Raphael parkrun
25 22 Amit MARKS East London Runners 00:21:50
Mile End parkrun
93 70 Liam DEMPSEY East London Runners 00:25:03
Walthamstow parkrun
72 58 Steve BYWATER East London Runners 00:29:33
87 18 Kathy MORRISSEY East London Runners 00:31:15
110 72 Andrew BAXTER East London Runners 00:44:02
Kesgrave parkrun
19 17 Steve SWAN East London Runners 00:22:47

Orion's John Clarke Memorial Fell Race - Friday 17th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Pickering25.4416th
Caroline Frith33.0154th
Jacob Stevens33.5660th
Fiona Day47.1388th
92 finishers

FAST Friday 10,000m, Walthamstow Track - Friday 17th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Woodmansey38.37.437th, Race 1 , 2nd MV40

Colworth Marathon Challenge: Day 1 - Colworth 5m - Friday 17th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes28.441st1st male
James Nichols35.1117th
Michael Bamford37.3429th
Stephen Swan38.32 pb36th
Diana Rexhepaj51.55153rd42nd
Stuart Barton55.16167th
Best Male Team: Colworth 5m
Thomas Grimes, James Nichols and Michael Bamford.

Elvis 2: Havering 90 Joggers 5m, Raphael Park - Tuesday 14th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies27.38 / 27.372nd - scorer - 76.55%
John Henry28.46 / 28.454th - scorer - 78.09%
Scott McMillan28.52 / 28.505th - scorer - 80.24%
Paul Woodmansey29.36 / 29.3410th - scorer - 75.88%
Robert Spread30.03 / 30.0215th - scorer - 74.74%
Daniel ODonoghue30.38 / 30.37 pb19th - scorer - 69.36%
Alex Pickering30.55 / 30.5322nd - 73.78%
Paul Sheraton32.29 / 32.2732nd - 69.66%
Mark Moir33.50 / 33.4549th - 62.12%
Amit Marks33.54 / 33.4650th - 67.79%
Rachel Bailey34.04 / 34.0053rd - 71.21% - ELR debut8th - scorer
Jimmy Dale34.06 / 34.01 pb54th - 62.64%
Shahib Miah Ali34.11 / 34.0658th - 62.88%
Calvin Bobin35.16 / 35.1167th - 78.53%
Ava Lee35.30 / 35.2773rd - 72.79%13th - scorer
Betty Bohane35.50 / 35.4577th - 67.23%15th - scorer
Michael Bamford35.58 / 35.4879th - 69.85%
Becky Evans36.12 / 36.0285th - 79.89% - 1st FV5016th - scorer
Ian Mackie36.19 / 36.0886th - 76.99%
Jacob Stevens36.27 / 36.1788th - 63.54%
Caroline Frith37.19 / 37.1397th - 68.58%20th - scorer
Michael Wilson37.26 / 37.1699th - 70.06%
Shanavaz Malayodu37.58 / 37.48 pb103rd - 58.72%
Mark Durrant38.52 / 38.44109th - 65.18%
Chloe Millan39.19 / 39.07116th - 60.99%26th - scorer
Kathryn Hertzberg40.13 / 40.00 pb124th - 60.60%29th
Grant Conway40.39 / 40.26131st - 60.78%
Darminder Bhamra40.58 / 40.42134th - 61.85%
John OBrien41.04 / 40.47136th - 60.15%
Katrina Betteridge41.17 / 41.04141st - 59.02%37th
Suzanne Bench41.30 / 41.14142nd - 72.69%38th
Sandra Preston41.39 / 41.25145th - 72.44%40th
Andrea Waller41.39 / 41.24146th - 62.03%41st
Andrew Howard42.18 / 41.59157th - 62.02%
Jason Levy43.52 / 43.35167th - 54.95%
Imran Mustak44.06 / 43.48 pb169th - 49.81%
George Georgiou44.52 / 44.35176th - 54.60%
Debbie Shearing47.00 / 46.35190th - 54.46%62nd
Stuart Barton47.00 / 46.36191st - 51.71%
Fiona Day47.10 / 46.47195th - 72.23%65th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera48.13 / 47.49203rd - 53.08%70th
Anna Dingle49.17 / 48.54214th - 53.58%79th
Maya Goodwin51.00 / 50.36224th - 54.46%85th
Catriona Hoult51.22 / 50.59228th - 51.41%89th
John Atkinson54.14 / 53.45238th - 61.36%
Vivienne Eka58.14 / 57.51245th - 47.09%101st
Joanna Qiu1.02.27/1.02.02251st - 45.69%105th
Scott McMillan reports:
ELVIS 2 is done! A big thanks to all 47 of you who wore your red shirts and ran for the club on a beautiful evening on Raphael Park, as well as those who turned up to cheer us on (which should include the excellent marshals from Havering 90, as well as the residents of Romford's Lake Rise who came out onto its uneven pavement to show some support!).
The results are in, and well done to Don Bennett for finding them over an hour before anyone from the host club, and apologies to those who therefore stood around entirely unnecessarily while the tumbleweed blew and the midges descended on the park, or who gave up waiting before they were able to collect their well deserved prizes. For the women, Becky Evans was once again first V50, while Joshua Rees Davies was second overall for the men, and John Henry won the first V40 trophy.
As far as the ELVIS team results went, our men's scoring team of six were Joshua, John, me, Paul Woodmansey, Robert Spread and Daniel O'Donoghue and we were once again first, with a strong Eton Manor looking to have pushed Ilford down into third place. Now the drama…the suspense…how did our women's team do? Well, our first six women finishers all scored this time: Rachel Bailey led them home on a superb ELR debut, followed by our returning ELVIS legend Ava Lee, the brilliant Betty Bohane, the trophy hoover Becky Evans, the seemingly unstoppable Caroline Frith, and the magnificent Chloe Millan…I think you can see where this is going, can’t you? By my calculations (which are very much TBC) I reckon we just squeaked past Orion into first place, which is going to make the series very interesting indeed!
So thanks to those performances, aided and abetted by all the rest of you who turned up to outpace and outplace our rivals, we are carrying some great momentum into the next race, East End Road Runners' Midsummer 5k on Tuesday 21st June. Now, Becky Evans may win a lot of trophies for her running, but not so many for remembering which course is which, so for those of who you had a chat with her after yesterday's race, next Tuesday we are running a two lap course in the grounds of the Olympic Park, not 3.1 laps of the Velopark! We've got around 50 signed up, but there still places left, so do enter if you haven't yet – but keep an eye out for news of the tube/train strikes so you can plan your journey to the start line.

Royal Windsor Triathlon - Olympic Distance - Sunday 12th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Spread2.35.38123rd of 1260.
1.5k swim, t1, 40k bike, t2, 10km run
29.11, 6.34, 1.15.32, , 42.03
123rd of 1260 finishers.
Men 40 - 44 13th of 104.

St Albans Half Marathon - Sunday 12th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale1.39.46259th

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 12th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Calvin Bobin1.39.57175th
Becky Evans1.41.37252nd15th
Darminder Bhamra1.44.29 pb316th pb
Imran Mustak2.02.44 pb818th pb
Rachel Le Roux2.13.591058th256th
Diana Rexhepaj2.15.231108th283rd
Rachel reports: Southend Half Marathon!
What was I thinking on no training and only 1 run over 10k in the last year so was
dreading it and knew it was just going to be a matter of getting around rather then
the time.
BUT I actually enjoyed it kept at a nice pace, crowds/support was amazing, perfect
course but was way to hot and finished in 2 hours 13mins - my halfs have always been
2 hours or just under but with no proper training since breaking my knee I'm over the
moon with it, need to start proper training now as the London Marathon wont be this easy.

Tottenham Ten 9.1km - Saturday 11th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Mackie39.559th
75 finishers.
Unfortunately my race at the Tottenham 10K was not quite as good as it looks. The Marshalls (despite being told that we had completed the 2 large loops and asked specifically which way to go by several of us) sent a large group of us in the wrong direction near the end, meaning that we missed a small loop and actually only ran 9.1K. The organisers have suggested adding 10% to the chip time (39:55) and say that it did not affect the top 10 places (Iwas recorded as 9th overall and 8th male).

Centurion South Downs Way 100 miles - Saturday 11th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez16.12.474th
SDW100 Race report.
The South Downs way 100 is one of the most important 100 miles ultras in UK and is organised by the awesome people at Centurion running so what's not to love?.That's what I though when I signed in last year, then I started worrying about the amount of training needed,etc, specially when I was going through the stressful process of adopting a child. Training wasn't great initially but after a difficult year with the adoption, Australia opened the doors for traveling and we quickly booked flights. The 4 weeks we spend there were super relaxing, spending quality time with family and lots of running. I enjoyed every second of it doing around 500 km that month. Back in the UK that translated in an unexpected PB at the Halsted marathon. I'll take that!. Then adoption progressed and training was affected by it but still manage to do another nearly 500km that month too, mostly all base on long enjoyable runs and a bit if fartlek every now and then. I neglected strength training I have to admit.
The race started at 5 am in a natural amphitheatre called Matterley Bowl. One small and one big lap around the perimeter of the park , the sun raising in the horizon and we were off. It was coldish I had to wear long sleeve and gloves for the first 10-15 km. Initially I stayed a bit behind around 10-12th position and then people started to slow down a bit. The race covers the entire South downs way National trail from Winchester to Eastbourne along the chalk Ridgeway, rolling hills with an elevation of 3800 m elevation. 12 aid stations run by amazing volunteers. Everyone was so enthusiastic and happy to help that I get emotional thinking of all that people giving their time( 30 hours was the cut off) to make sure we had plenty of food and drinks and encouraging words. After the 3rd aid station I believe...I started feeling a bit spaced out and nauseous, probably due to the hot day and I ended up falling twice...the second time I got a bit scared, I was in 3rd position at the time and the 4th runner, who saw me flying to the floor, stopped to check on me... I told him I was ok but noticing I wasn't right, I decided to walk a bit...I really thought that was it...my body was failling but I wasn't ready to give up. After walking around 5-10 min I started to feel good again... I started running and I was surprised to see that I was back in the race. The other main problem I had It was the shoes. I bought this speedgoats as I've been suffering with plantar fascitis on my L food for the last 2-3 months ( stretching, massage,...has been allowing me to carry on training), and those shoes have more cushioning for such a long race. I used them for training few times to get used to them and they were comfortable. 1/3 into the race my ankles, specially the Right one started hurting a lot ,just realising the tongue was rubbing at the front on the ankle( apparently a common problem with this model). I'll save you the pictures after I remove my socks at the hotel but to say the area is still very painful and swollen.
Apart from that , lots of positives: good solid training with good results, good hydration and fueling during the race ( half way I started eating mostly fruit as I didn't have stomach for anything else). I didn't have a crew but I run lots of km with a couple of cyclists that gave me a bit of company and help me opening some gates. Also a guy with an Ironman t-shirt run with me for a while. Lots of people following the race along the south Downs and even people tracking and shouting your name...that makes you feel a bit special. Regarding positions, after I lost the 3rd position I took it back 10-15 km after, but around 100 km or more into the race Peter Windross( winner of lots of this ultras and V50 British record holder for 6h in track I believe...)passed me trying to catch up the first runner, Richard McDowell. Richard( Thames path 100, C2C winner,etc.. and main favourite to win here) ended up winning, 2nd was Peter and 3rd Chris Kelly ( 2 times SVP100km winner and actual record holder). Based on that I was very happy to finish 4th on my first 100miler and amazed that my legs where still able to run right until the end. The race finish with a lap to the track at Eastbourne sports centre. I though that will annoy me but it was actually a bit cool. They feed you and give you hot drinks at the end. They even sorted out a taxi to take me to the hotel. That night I hardly sleep anything as my feet hurt a lot and I had to wrap my head with a wet towel as I kept overheating...heat exhaustion according to Dr Google. I got up and after having some breakfast , I took a taxi to the station with a stop at the track to pick up the drop bag I left at one of the aid stations. I was shocked when I saw runners still arriving. I couldn't just but admired the tenacity and drive of those runners after spending the whole night in the trails. Lots more people at the track, family and friends...it was truly emotional.
For now I'll take a whole week off of running trying to recover as well as possible. Which match perfectly as I have family coming to visit from Spain. :):)

selected parkrun - all venues - Saturday 11th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn18.36 1st man1st - 70.16% Valentines1st
Katrina Betteridge25.1842nd - Valentines2nd
Bilkis Achha25.5753rd - Valentines5th
Cindy Koon26.4461st - Valentines7th
Naimah Riaz27.2875th - Valentines10th
Ryan Friel17.01 1st man1st - 77.47% Wanstead1st
Selina Vernal25.2480th - Wanstead7th
Maya Goodwin30.25 (course pb)333rd - 55.78% Finsbury
Katy Taylor39.01 debut462nd - 41.95% Finsbury
Caroline Frith22.52 1st lady21st - 68.80% Roding1st
Sandra Preston25.4142nd - Roding3rd
Victoria Charlesworth37.22 debut96th - 44.87% Roding
Stuart Norris28.34 debut84th - 45.16% Lymington Woodside
John Henry17.22 1st man1st - 79.75% Pymmes1st
Alex Pickering20.268th - 68.84% Walthamstow8th
Sonia Cheadle38.21 debut107th - 43.20% Margate35th
Stephen Swan22.45 debut8th - 57.95% Pontypool7th
Fiona Critchley26.4539th - 67.66% Great Notley6th
Tom Howourth19.103rd - 67.83% Exeter Riverside3rd
Jakub Czeczotka22.11 debut78th - 61.53% Tooting Common
Roselin Boramakot30.43* debut184th - 48.51% Fletcher Moss
Danny Wong31.23* debut pb189th - 43.18% Fletcher Moss
Thomas Grimes19.593rd - 69.31% Sunny Hill3rd
Joshua Rees Davies16.47* 1st man1st - 77.76% Ross on Wye1st
Nick Hoult23.06* debut40th - 62.84% Wollaton Hall
Stuart Barton27.10 debut22nd - 55.15% Swanley
Jonathan Wooldridge23.29 debut7th - 62.81% Lands End5th
Shahib Miah Ali21.257th - 61.95% Harrow Lodge7th
Betty Bohane22.187th - 66.82% Ruchill3rd
Valentines parkrun
19 17 Jimmy DALE East London Runners 00:22:34
21 19 Mounir DAHBI East London Runners 00:22:35
23 21 Michael WILSON East London Runners 00:22:53
40 37 John O'BRIEN East London Runners 00:25:06
55 47 David TAYLOR East London Runners 00:26:17
83 65 George GEORGIOU East London Runners 00:28:12
90 14 Mary Frances O'BRIEN East London Runners 00:28:39
154 112 Frank BROWNLIE East London Runners 00:32:59
Wanstead Flats parkrun
13 12 Amit MARKS East London Runners 00:20:41
25 23 Jonny SHAW East London Runners 00:21:47
51 47 Roger STUBBS East London Runners 00:23:39
95 78 Andrew HOWARD East London Runners 00:26:10
109 88 Scott MCMILLAN East London Runners 00:26:59
110 89 Samir YOUNSI East London Runners 00:27:05
125 20 Kate BRETT East London Runners 00:28:10
126 97 Richard CRAVITZ East London Runners 00:28:11
158 36 Jessica TRAYLER-MOORE East London Runners 00:29:38
164 112 Viktor F SZABADI East London Runners 00:29:50
175 44 Diana REXHEPAJ East London Runners 00:30:24
176 45 Anna DINGLE East London Runners 00:30:35
177 46 Bernadett KALMAR East London Runners 00:30:36
179 48 Alexandra RUTISHAUSER-PERERA East London Runners 00:30:43
220 74 Catriona HOULT East London Runners 00:33:53
222 76 Jane SCOTT East London Runners 00:34:01
256 103 Kasia STACHOWIAK East London Runners 00:52:39

Hackney Marshes parkrun
39 35 James NICHOLS East London Runners 00:21:57
43 38 Shanavaz MALAYODU East London Runners 00:22:10
Roding Valley parkrun
80 16 Caroline MOORE East London Runners 00:31:01
95 27 Kathy MORRISSEY East London Runners 00:37:21
Highbury Fields parkrun
136 112 Richard GUEST East London Runners 00:24:59
Pymmes parkrun
59 49 Andy BOLDERSTONE East London Runners 00:27:36
Raphael parkrun
161 39 Iuliia VUIKA East London Runners 00:31:23
Mile End parkrun
157 110 Martin QUINLAN East London Runners 00:28:06
Walthamstow parkrun
25 67 Andrew BAXTER East London Runners 00:49:40
Castle Park parkrun
68 60 James CREED East London Runners 00:25:10
Witney parkrun
79 63 Bernard MANSELL East London Runners 00:27:15
Victoria Dock parkrun
14 13 Mark MOIR East London Runners 00:20:20
Harleston Magpies parkrun
68 33 Don BENNETT East London Runners 00:40:17
Harrow Lodge parkrun
16 15 Clive Stephenson East London Runners 00:23:06

King of the Ching, 5 mile XC - Friday 10th June 2022

The Ching XC Race - Friday 10th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Pickering34.427th of 22

Chase The Sun 10km, Victoria Park - Wednesday 8th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies34.171st
Ryan Friel34.552nd

Orion Forest Five Series - Event 1, Chingford Plains. - Saturday 4th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter36.0827th
Calvin Bobin36.4530th
75 finishers.

selected parkruns - all venues - Saturday 4th June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes19.15 1st man1st - 71.95% Sunny Hill1st
Joshua Rees Davies16.28* course pb & 1st man 1st - 79.25% Pymmes1st
Matthew Powell22.11 debut pb23rd - 63.41% Pymmes
Selina Vernal23.18* debut103rd - 66.02% Huddersfield11th
Jonathan Wooldridge23.25* debut71st - 62.99% Weymouth
Caroline Frith23.14* debut34th - 67.72% Heslington3rd
Richard Guest22.33* course pb48th - 64.89% Brooklands
Shahib Miah Ali22.22* debut8th - 59.31% East Grinstead8th
Mark Moir23.01 debut10th - 56.34% East Grinstead10th
Andrew Howard26.26 debut31st - 61.22% Cusworth Hall
Clive Stephenson22.33 debut10th - 72.36% Beckton8th
John Henry18.48 1st man1st - 73.67% Walthamstow1st
Alex Pickering19.272nd - 72.32% Walthamstow2nd
Billy Rayner19.122nd - Valentines2nd
Bilkis Achha25.4855th - Valentines7th
Rachel Bailey21.01 1st lady9th - 71.37% Wanstead1st
Sandra Preston25.51 course pb63rd - 70.99% Wanstead10th
Tom Howourth18.552nd - Killerton2nd
Stuart Barton26.59 debut197th - 55.53% Ferry Meadows
Fiona Critchley27.05* debut200th - 66.83% Ferry Meadows
Katy Taylor40.33* debut110th - 40.36% Sizewell
Daniel ODonoghue19.58 debut40th - 65.69% Bushy
James Nichols19.13* debut22nd - 69.99% Endcliffe
Roselin Boramakot32.36 debut290th - 45.71% Wimbledon Common
Danny Wong32.38 debut pb291st - 41.52% Wimbledon Common
Bernard Mansell27.03 course pb93rd - 55.39% Witney
Valentines parkrun
26 22 Darminder BHAMRA East London Runners 00:23:03
45 37 Stuart NORRIS East London Runners 00:24:53
52 44 Imran MUSTAK East London Runners 00:25:29
66 51 George GEORGIOU East London Runners 00:26:43
83 20 Naimah RIAZ East London Runners 00:28:18
136 87 Frank BROWNLIE East London Runners 00:34:17
160 50 Joanna QIU East London Runners 00:38:21
Wanstead Flats parkrun
15 13 Ian MACKIE East London Runners 00:21:37
17 15 Redmond SHANNON East London Runners 00:21:40
27 25 Finbar SHEAHAN East London Runners 00:22:41
30 28 Nick HOULT East London Runners 00:22:49
40 37 Roger STUBBS East London Runners 00:24:28
99 70 Scott MCMILLAN East London Runners 00:28:49
100 25 Susannah MCLAREN East London Runners 00:28:50
103 73 David WYATT East London Runners 00:29:02
106 28 Jayne BROWNE East London Runners 00:29:22
149 54 Maya GOODWIN East London Runners 00:33:52
152 57 Jane SCOTT East London Runners 00:34:24
157 62 Vivienne EKA East London Runners 00:34:57
165 68 Katherine HARRIS East London Runners 00:36:28
171 71 Sophie EDWARDS East London Runners 00:40:47
172 72 Elizabeth O'DONNELL East London Runners 00:42:27
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
39 34 Martin QUINLAN East London Runners 00:28:17
Kesgrave parkrun
33 31 Steve Swan East London Runners 22.48
Mile End parkrun
113 81 Jakub CZECZÓTKA East London Runners 00:27:00
Walthamstow parkrun
5 11 Janet BYWATER East London Runners 00:29:11
Harleston Magpies parkrun
68 37 Don BENNETT East London Runners 00:39:50
Brandon Country Park parkrun
55 18 Fiona DAY East London Runners 00:31:41
Sizewell parkrun
14 12 Peter HATLEY East London Runners 00:22:50
Stretford parkrun
186 38 Claire Emery East London Runners 00:27:15

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Jubilee 10km - Friday 3rd June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amit Marks43.0245th

Hatfield Broad Oak Jubilee 10km - Friday 3rd June 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith45.25125th - 69.67%18th
Jacob Stevens46.04146th - 61.78%
Neil Gage46.57177th - 59.88%
Mark Durrant50.22278th - 61.87%
Kasia Stachowiak50.49290th - 59.65%57th
Sandra Preston51.11297th - 70.82%59th
John OBrien52.56349th - 57.61%
Andrea Waller53.51389th - 58.70%91st
James Creed54.50417th - 50.79%
Stuart Barton56.15492nd - 53.08%
Fiona Critchley57.25526th - 62.16%148th
Amy Martin58.38577th - 50.26%174th
Anna Dingle1.05.02766th - 49.11%292nd
Anne-Marie Kennedy1.08.38831st - 44.66%335th
Stuart reports: I've been told so much about HBO before but never managed to do it, the race always clashed with other events.
I should of listened to ELR, it's a great event ELR turned up on good numbers. Plenty of parking and only a short walk to the start.
Talking of the start it's centre of the town outside the pub, the race is undulating but beautiful loads of support all the way round. The marshals all smiling and people sitting outside in the front gardens cheering us along.
The finish is on the village green where ice creams or a BBQ is available, we went ice creams.
Great t shirt and medal and it supports the town. In the words of Arnold I'll be back.

Jacob Stevens:
I second that! My first HBO too, and loved it. Faultless organisation, great support, a scenic route and good choice of refreshments afterwards. And traffic/parking wasn't a problem at all (provided you allow plenty of time). Definitely one to do again!

Caroline Frith: My favourite 10k - Hatfield Broad Oak. I had a place carried over from 2020 and I'm glad I did or I might not have entered. Nice to be in my happy place with my favourite people. Lovely surprise to bump into Debbie Hughes too. Matilda was 1st girl and Eric 4th boy in the kids race.

Edinburgh Half Marathon - Sunday 29th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Sheraton1.25.44311th
Jane Burton1.57.054030th

Kempton Park Marathon - Sunday 29th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson4.14.35105th
Kempton Park Running Festival Marathon - 29th May 2022.
The Kempton Park marathon was a landmark for me as it was my 40th marathon in total (including a couple of Ultras) This was a very low key event compared to Hamburg which I ran five weeks ago; with a very small field of runner's. In addition to the marathon, there was a 10K and half marathon race. The marathon course was four laps of Approx 6.5 miles on multi-terrain; mainly concrete paths but also some gravel trails and every so often crossing through the race track itself, which was a dark grey sand and difficult to run on.
I started too fast (8.06 and 7.55 first two miles) because I was swept along with everyone else, including the half marathon runners. I had not reached the nine mile sign, before I had an upset stomach. Fortunately I was very close to the grandstand at this stage and took a diversion, but it cost me a few minutes off my time! My legs and back were aching and I started to wish that I had entered the half marathon instead; however I had more self belief when I reached half way and from then on put all negative thoughts behind me. I managed to run down the miles very slowly to finish in a disappointing time of 4.14.35. I came 105th out of 161 marathon finishers with 8 DNF's.
I enjoyed the freedom of running in the big open spaces, on paths through the fields and around the big lake. The race was very low cost to enter and good value for money. I was hoping to take one or two ELR's with me for company, but ended up driving to Kempton Park in Sunbury-on-Thames alone. It was the same day as RideLondon, but the North Circular (A406) stayed open and I was not affected by any traffic. I am already planning my next event and my goal is to keep fit and injury free and to recapture the form that I have lost in the last couple of years.

Edinburgh Marathon - Sunday 29th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry2.55.04189th
James Nichols3.16.29737th
Guy Watts3.25.541099th

Ride 100 Essex - Sunday 29th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn5.28.59
Andrew Ward5.39.08
Scott McMillan5.45.09
Jimmy Dale5.57.50
Neil Gage6.10.04
Shanavaz Malayodu6.14.28
Peter Hatley6.18.11
Carlton DSouza6.19.22
Anna Dingle6.22.38
Ford Cadiogan6.24.57
Matthew Powell6.33.02
Danny Wong6.39.16
Stephen Swan6.42.10
Jakub Czeczotka6.45.34
Stuart Barton6.45.39
Maya Goodwin6.46.15
Kasia Stachowiak6.59.43
Katherine Harris7.00.16
Kate Brett7.04.37
Alice Barrett7.28.35
Graham Peacock7.34.10
Caroline Frith7.36.35
Mark Durrant7.56.24
Andrea Waller8.21.11
Annette Clark8.21.42
Jayne Browne8.22.00
Jason Levy8.30.30
Marc Akers9.02.24
Anne-Marie Kennedy9.40.01
Maya reports: Today was a long day. It started with a ten mile ride to start a 100 mile one. It was surreal, riding down empty quiet closed roads at 6am. As we got closer to the city the roads were full of cyclists, and the noise of clipping in and out of pedals.
After an easy and swift toilet stop we were in the queue for the start line. It seemed pretty unstructured as we waited and waited, but then we realised that it was a rolling start, and off we sailed through the start line. The sudden urge to cry as I crossed over took me by surprise, I couldn't believe I was about to start the Ride 100! Along the embankment, down to the docks, and then onto the A12. That was very exciting, zooming along a dual carriageway with thousands of other riders.
And then into Woodford. Literally the end of my road! I wave at Pete, and then the hard work started. 60 miles of Essex countryside. It was relentless hard work, I just rode and rode and tried not to lose concentration as the miles ticked by. I skipped the first food stop, but stopped at the one at 53 miles. It was like a mini bike festival! There were loads of stalls with snacks, but I didn't want to waste time, I grabbed a flapjack and got back on my bike.
Finally, we were back into East London. It was ace, I kept seeing people I knew, and in Woodford there was my own mini cheer station at Empress Road, that made me smile and smile, and I cruised along to Wanstead. Then I realised that I could maybe just make under 7 hours if I pushed the last ten miles.
I threw everything into those last 40 minutes. Coming back down the A12 I got up to 30mph. It was exciting and terrifying and exhausting! I thought I might actually do it, but then the last five miles turned out to be seven and I missed it. Garmin elapsed time 7:06. Gutted.
But I hadn't realised that official food station stops didnt count, hurray! Final time 6:46:15. I'm exhausted and delighted and I never want to eat another jelly baby.

Caroline Frith: Ride London you didn't disappoint and neither did my knackered old body. It was definitely touch and go as to whether I'd make it to the start line, having spent 3 days in bed this week with a throat infection, unable to speak or swallow. However, the antibiotics worked their magic and it was meant to be!
Ian accompanied me to the start and through the first 40 miles until his knees could take no more, so he pedalled back home in time to meet me at the finish - he still did 81 miles so not too shabby!
The best bit by far was riding through South Woodford twice and seeing so many amazing friends - I even had signs made for me! Nobody has ever made me a sign before.
Thank you your cheers made all the difference.
5 miles before the end I bumped into Jason Levy so we cycled across the finish line together - a lovely end to a perfect day.
Maya Goodwin and Anna Dingle thank you so much for taking me under your wing these past few months - I couldn't have done it without you. And Ian Frith, you're amazing as always xx

selected parkrun - all venues - Saturday 28th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.22* (course pb & 1st) 1st - 79.74% Gunpowder1st
Ryan Friel17.28 debut & 1st1st - 75.48% Hampstead Heath1st
Tom Howourth19.22 (1st man)1st - 67.13% Cranbrook CP1st
Fiona Critchley26.16* debut89th - Rutland Water14th
Alex Jameson27.37* debut80th - 54.25% Lymington Woodside
Mark Moir20.30* debut11th - 63.25% Barnsley
James Nichols21.22* debut42nd - 62.95% Portobello,Edinburgh
Grace Turner26.25* debut & 1st lady5th - 56.03% Beach Strip, Ontario, CAN1st
Amit Marks20.22 100th parkrun and course pb9th - 69.64% Wanstead9th
Ian Mackie21.30 (course pb)18th - 80.23% Wanstead
Joanna Neville23.50 (course pb)102nd - Gunnersbury
Richard Guest25.54 debut50th - 56.50% Luton Wardown
Stuart Barton26.33 debut25th - 56.43% Dartford Heath
Billy Rayner19.052nd - Valentines2nd
John OBrien23.41 (course pb)28th - 64.32% Valentines
Joseph Osakue19.133rd - Wanstead3rd
Hackney Marshes parkrun
174 41 Suzanne TAYLOR East London Runners 00:26:20
Roding Valley parkrun
39 34 Calvin BOBIN East London Runners 00:23:17
Valentines parkrun
2 2 Billy RAYNER East London Runners 00:19:05
32 28 David TAYLOR East London Runners 00:24:05
55 44 Darminder BHAMRA East London Runners 00:25:42
59 46 George GEORGIOU East London Runners 00:25:59
68 11 Cindy KOON East London Runners 00:26:58
70 12 Naimah RIAZ East London Runners 00:27:06
87 15 Mary Frances O'BRIEN East London Runners 00:28:35
128 92 Frank BROWNLIE East London Runners 00:33:29
148 38 Angela DANIEL East London Runners 00:35:51
198 70 Victoria CHARLESWORTH East London Runners 00:57:20

Wanstead Flats parkrun
3 3 Joseph OSAKUE East London Runners 00:19:13
16 15 Redmond SHANNON East London Runners 00:21:24
23 22 Finbar SHEAHAN East London Runners 00:22:05
31 29 Nick HOULT East London Runners 00:23:02
55 47 Andrew HOWARD East London Runners 00:24:57
82 18 Suzanne BENCH East London Runners 00:26:17
84 19 Catriona HOULT East London Runners 00:26:26
94 69 Scott MCMILLAN East London Runners 00:26:42
181 59 Bernadett KALMAR East London Runners 00:32:00
182 60 Kasia STACHOWIAK East London Runners 00:32:00
207 76 Sophie EDWARDS East London Runners 00:34:56
208 77 Vivienne EKA East London Runners 00:34:57
212 80 Katherine HARRIS East London Runners 00:36:30
229 92 Elizabeth O'DONNELL East London Runners 00:40:52
Beckton parkrun
37 7 Diana REXHEPAJ East London Runners 00:29:11
Barking parkrun
11 11 Jimmy DALE East London Runners 00:22:29
Harrow Lodge parkrun
15 14 Shahib ALI East London Runners 00:21:23
21 19 Clive STEPHENSON East London Runners 00:22:59
Walthamstow parkrun
12 12 Alex PICKERING East London Runners 00:20:52
31 27 Andrew BAXTER East London Runners 00:23:59
77 60 Jakub CZECZÓTKA East London Runners 00:28:22
83 22 Janet BYWATER East London Runners 00:28:42
Tauranga parkrun
11 10 Ciarán CANAVAN East London Runners 00:22:09
39 32 Lance FULLER East London Runners 00:26:35
Porch Field parkrun
8 7 Viktor F SZABADI East London Runners 00:26:04
Castle Park parkrun
47 40 James CREED East London Runners 00:22:31

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 27th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.368th - 79.9%
194 finishers.

Elvis 1: Dagenham 88 Runners 5 , Central Park - Wednesday 25th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies27.34 / 27.332nd, 1st SM1st , scorer
Ryan Friel28.16 / 28.145th, 3rd SM3rd , scorer
Scott McMillan29.17 / 29.148thscorer
Paul Woodmansey29.28 / 29.2511thscorer
Robert Spread29.44 / 29.4113thscorer
Alex Pickering30.30 / 30.27 pb19thscorer
Daniel ODonoghue30.46 / 30.42 pb20th
Billy Rayner31.25 / 31.2122nd
Robert Dixon32.07 / 32.0227th26th
Mark Moir32.57 / 32.5331st30th
Amit Marks34.11 / 34.0542nd39th
James Nichols34.21 / 34.1843rd40th
Andrew Baxter34.46 / 34.4246th43rd
Betty Bohane34.50 / 34.4447th, 2nd SW4th, scorer
Jimmy Dale34.59 / 34.5449th45th
Calvin Bobin35.00 / 34.5250th46th
Nathaniel Dye35.18 / 35.10 pb55th49th
Michael Bamford35.20 / 35.1456th50th
Ian Mackie35.27 / 35.19 pb59th53rd
Jonathan Shaw35.29 / 35.2360th54th
Becky Evans36.11 / 36.0569th, 1st VW509th, scorer
Peter Hatley36.45 / 36.3371st62nd
Jacob Stevens37.01 / 36.5674th64th
Michael Wilson37.37 / 37.3178th68th
Clive Stephenson37.51 / 37.4280th70th
Kasia Stachowiak38.31 / 38.2085th13th, scorer
Darminder Bhamra38.34 / 38.1686th74th
Mark Durrant38.47 / 38.35 pb91st77th
Chloe Millan39.21 / 39.14100th20th, scorer
Shanavaz Malayodu39.51 / 39.43 pb106th86th
Abdirahman Adan40.28 / 40.07114th92nd
Liam Dempsey40.29 / 40.16 pb115th93rd
Kathryn Hertzberg40.51 / 40.41119th26th
Ramesh Pala41.03 / 40.48123rd97th
David Taylor41.22 / 41.06127th99th
John OBrien41.31 / 41.26130th101st
Katrina Betteridge41.41 / 41.31131st31st
Sandra Preston41.46 / 41.36 course pb132nd32nd, scorer
Andrew Howard42.25 / 42.13143rd108th
Catriona Hoult44.03 / 43.53154th39th, scorer
Stuart Barton45.19 / 45.05166th123rd
George Georgiou45.24 / 45.09169th125th
Cindy Koon45.25 / 45.15170th46th
Fiona Day46.22 / 46.11179th49th
Debbie Shearing46.43 / 46.34183rd52nd
Diana Rexhepaj48.59 / 48.47197th60th
Helen McGuinness49.27 / 49.16200th63rd
Maya Goodwin49.57 / 49.44 pb204th67th
Kathy Morrissey50.25 / 50.15205th68th
Elizabeth ODonnell59.49 / 59.47 pb228th85th
John Atkinson1.00.17 / 59.53229th145th
Gun time / Chip time

Team Results for Elvis 1
Men: 1st East London Runners , 2nd Ilford AC, 3rd Eton Manor
Ladies: 1st Ilford AC, 2nd Eton Manor, 3rd East London Runners

Maya Goodwin: My race report:
There are so many reasons why Dagenham is my favourite ELVIS. Its the first one of the season, and so it's exciting to know I'll see all my friends in other clubs again. It's a varied course, shady, sunny, grassy, pebbly, overgrown, mown, and even sports pitches and a play park. It's a whole world squashed into a 4 kilometre loop. And the weather is equally varied, I've run that race in every weather except snow. Blazing heat, to stormy rain. All this to the overriding smell of bug spray.
Today was no different, except today felt very different, because today I had Hopes and Goals. I have been really trying with my running lately, and I wanted to see if I could finally get a sub 50 mins in a 5 mile race. I was nervous, so I kept myself busy with handing out race numbers at the start to stop my heart racing. And THEN, I actually did a warm up! I don't think I've ever really done a warm up run, but I trotted along next to Sandra and got my nerves under control.
And off we go. My plan was, run at parkrun pace and just hold on till 5k and reassess. It was so weird to be running near people I don't normally see, I felt very discombobulated I had to shut them all out and just Keep On Running. I thought I might hold on till 4 miles, but at 5k I ground to an instant walk. Oh well, that's that then. But my mojo had other ideas. My mojo had A Plan. I ran 200 steps, walked 50 steps, and tried to ran any slight downhill a bit faster. At the last 500m I tried to put on a bit more speed, but it was too soon. With 200m to go I thought I was going to explode and stopped to walk. Annoying, as the finish line was literally in sight. I gathered myself together and me and my mojo hurled ourselves to the line. I'm not sure what my official time was exactly as I forgot to stop my Garmin for about 20s as I lay on the grass trying to find more air but I think it was about 49:44. A huge 5 mile pb for me.
I'm so delighted. And this is now another reason why Dagenham ELVIS will always be my favourite.

Scott's Elvis 1 report: Well done to the 51 East London Runners who took part in last night's season opening ELVIS race in Dagenham, and thanks so much to all who turned up to support too. I hope all who ran made it through that narrow gate without incident (I have a feeling they might need to change the course next year!) and that you are feeling proud of your results.
In terms of individual performances, we picked up a couple of trophies last night. Joshua Rees Davies finished a close second overall in a spectacular debut for the club, and Becky Evans carried on where she left off last year, scooping another V50 first place award for her mantelpiece. Some other members not far off the prizes were ELVIS first timers Betty Bohane and Ryan Friel (4th female and 5th male), as well as Calvin Bobin and Fiona Day (both 3rd V60s). But I can see some great times right through the field, from Josh to John, from Betty to Liz, and I know there were course PBs and 5 mile PBs for many of you!
As far as the ELVIS team results are concerned, the male team look to have claimed first place ahead of Ilford, with scorers Joshua, Ryan, me, Paul Woodmansey, Robert Spread and Alex Pickering. I make the women's team third behind Ilford and Eton Manor, with scorers Betty, Becky, Kasia Stachowiak, Chloe Millan, Sandra Preston and Catriona Davies (note that while Kathryn Hertzberg and Katy Betteridge were our fifth and sixth finishers, we need at least 3 over 40s in our team of six, so Sandra and Catriona get bumped up into the scorers). It looks like both the male and female teams are going to be involved in another healthy competition for the series prize this year!
With that in mind, we can start to look forward to the second event in the series: the Havering 5 mile race in Romford on Tuesday 14th June. At time of writing we’ve got around 26 entered already, but I’m sure many more of you won’t want to miss out on a great, fast two run round Raphael Park in your red shirt!.

Culmullen 5 mile - Sunday 22nd May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Bernadett Kalmar44.4471st

Hackney Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Woodmansey1.20.2979th, 6th VM40-44
Joseph Gunn1.24.08186th
Ben Palairet1.30.47622nd
Jamie Xavier1.32.31787th
Shahib Miah Ali1.37.241422nd
Amit Marks1.41.212081st
Ian Mackie1.43.51 pb2564th
Jakub Czeczotka1.47.523,388th
Selina Vernal1.49.533880th641st
Mark Durrant1.53.59 pb4870th
Catriona Hoult2.01.206945th1816th
Albert Ng2.03.197409th
Graham Peacock2.11.109155th
Amy Martin2.15.369940th
Martin Quinlan2.26.0811.328th
Sallyann Eyles2.40.0812,320th
13,246 finishers.

Edmund Carr Great Baddow 10m - Sunday 22nd May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson1.27.05 pb196th
442 finishers.

Hackney 5km - Saturday 21st May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien23.46 pb250th
Samir Younsi24.26448th
Jane Burton26.42526th132nd
Imran Mustak29.11844th
Sallyann Eyles34.441381st628th

selected parkrun - all venues - Saturday 21st May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Claire Emery28.26* debut115th - 59.67% Wythenshawe21st
Katrina Betteridge25.42* (1st lady & course pb)39th - 58.56% Wyre Forest1st
Ryan Friel17.06* debut & 1st man1st - 77.10% Sherwood Pines1st
Joshua Rees Davies16.31* debut2nd - 79.01% Sutcliffe2nd
Stuart Barton26.26* debut62nd - 56.68% Walmer & Deal
Maya Goodwin29.58 (course pb)99th - 56.62% Walthamstow23rd
Bernadett Kalmar25.55* (course pb)11th - 65.47% Porch Field3rd
Viktor Szabadi25.55* (course pb)12th - 60.32% Porch Field9th
Fiona Day28.41 debut278th - 71.76% Preston Pk,Brighton64th
George Georgiou26.39 100th parkrun58th - Valentines
Jimmy Dale21.49 (course pb)13th - 60.43% Barking
Kathy Morrissey30.18 (course pb)99th - 56.00% Roding33rd
Caroline Frith22.1323rd - Roding2nd
Sandra Preston25.2050th - Roding6th
Billy Rayner18.562nd - Valentines2nd
Bilkis Achha25.3446th - Valentines7th
Kasia Stachowiak23.3535th - Wanstead2nd
Mark Moir19.575th - Barking5th
John Henry18.252nd - Walthamstow2nd
Alex Pickering18.463rd - Walthamstow3rd
James Nichols20.519th - Walthamstow9th
Guy Watts20.00 debut7th - 65.00% Wanstead7th


Hackney Marshes parkrun
57 46 Nick HOULT East London Runners 00:22:36
179 49 Catriona HOULT East London Runners 00:28:16
Roding Valley parkrun
83 23 Caroline MOORE East London Runners 00:28:41
Valentines parkrun
21 17 Mounir DAHBI East London Runners 00:22:28
43 36 Imran MUSTAK East London Runners 00:25:25
59 11 Ann DUNNE East London Ryunners 00:26:40
61 12 Cindy KOON East London Runners 00:26:42
78 18 Naimah RIAZ East London Runners 00:27:47
103 26 Mary Frances O'BRIEN East London Runners 00:29:32
150 102 Frank BROWNLIE East London Runners 00:34:41
Gunnersbury parkrun
130 20 Joanna NEVILLE East London Runners 00:24:31
Wanstead Flats parkrun
17 16 Jonny SHAW East London Runners 00:21:57
46 40 Andrew HOWARD East London Runners 00:24:55
52 45 Samir YOUNSI East London Runners 00:25:30
86 68 Scott MCMILLAN East London Runners 00:27:26
90 71 Joseph OSAKUE East London Runners 00:27:49
107 23 Katherine HARRIS East London Runners 00:28:37
132 91 David WYATT East London Runners 00:29:55
179 56 Vivienne EKA East London Runners 00:33:38
195 67 Elizabeth O'DONNELL East London Runners 00:37:39
Raphael parkrun
18 16 Shahib ALI East London Runners 00:21:25
Walthamstow parkrun
13 12 Andrew BAXTER East London Runners 00:21:38
71 59 Steve BYWATER East London Runners 00:27:06
77 63 Tim AYLETT East London Runners 00:28:09
98 22 Janet BYWATER East London Runners 00:29:52
Southwark parkrun
192 130 Martin QUINLAN East London Runners 00:28:29
Tauranga parkrun
37 30 Ciarán CANAVAN East London Runners 00:27:02
45 34 Lance FULLER East London Runners 00:27:24
Kesgrave parkrun
22 22 Steve SWAN East London Runners 00:21:54
Malling parkrun
41 36 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE East London Runners 00:24:04
Gunpowder parkrun
86 64 John HEALY East London Runners 00:30:09
Witney parkrun
101 Bernard MANSELL East London Runners 00:28:53

Loughton AC Summer Ware Cup - Thursday 19th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Catriona Hoult43.1391st34th
Suzanne Taylor43.2392nd35th

Eyam Half Marathon - Sunday 15th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day2.36.51351st127th, 7th FV60

Colchester Zoo Stampede 10K - Sunday 15th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Becky Evans45.49 pb93rd6th, 1st FV50
Sandra Preston50.57263rd47th, 3rd FV50
Liam Dempsey53.19379th

Ipswich Waterfront 5km - Saturday 14th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stephen Swan21.06135th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 14th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Hatley21.51* debut48th - 65.90% Princes, Liverpool
Grace Turner27.47* debut101st - 53.27% Sewerby26th
Ciaran Canavan23.26* debut4th - 61.95% Cambridge, NZ3rd
Lance Fuller27.06 debut8th - 58.67% Cambridge, NZ6th
Stuart Barton24.19 debut35th - 61.62% Littleport
Fiona Critchley24.28* debut36th - 73.98% Littleport7th
Andrew Howard28.38* debut65th - 56.52% Church Mead
Viktor Szabadi26.57* (course pb)14th - 58.01% Porch Field7th
Joshua Rees Davies16.31 (1st & pb) 1st - 79.01% Valentines1st
Ryan Friel16.57 (1st man)1st - 77.78% Wanstead1st
John Henry17.21 (1st man)1st - 79.83% Fountains Abbey1st
Richard Cravitz26.41 debut195th - 51.16% Durham
Maya Goodwin28.52 (course pb)213th - 58.78% Hackney63rd
Caroline Moore28.12 (course pb)72nd - 67.85% Roding17th
Cindy Koon26.27 pb65th - 61.88% Valentines13th
Redmond Shannon20.51 (course pb)9th - 67.47% Wanstead8th
Ian Mackie21.52 (course pb)20th - 78.89% Wanstead
Shahib Miah Ali19.53 (course pb)12th - 66.72% Raphael
Michael Wilson22.28 (course & parkrun pb)37th - 72.03% Raphael
Jonathan Shaw22.32 (50th parkrun)27th - Wanstead
Karan Gadhia23.50 debut51st - 54.13% Raphael
John OBrien23.52 debut pb52nd - 63.83% Raphael
Claire Emery28.34 debut205th - 59.39% Mile End48th
Billy Rayner19.00 debut2nd - 70.26% Barking2nd
Jimmy Dale23.06 debut20th - 57.07% Barking
Matthew Powell24.09 debut30th - 58.25% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey32.42 debut48th - 51.89% Cliffe Castle20th
Nick Hoult22.34 debut62nd - 64.33% Sutcliffe
Andy Bolderstone26.33 debut111th - 54.24% Sutcliffe
Ann Dunne26.24 (course pb)63rd - 71.46% Valentines12th


Hackney Marshes parkrun
92 75 Shanavaz MALAYODU East London Runners 00:23:12

Valentines parkrun
30 24 Darminder BHAMRA East London Runners 00:23:45
44 7 Katrina BETTERIDGE East London Runners 00:24:46
56 10 Bilkis ACHHA East London Runners 00:25:53
68 54 George GEORGIOU East London Runners 00:27:02
83 18 Naimah RIAZ East London Runners 00:28:17
95 22 Molly PINKUS East London Runners 00:29:02
204 70 Joanna QIU East London Runners 00:45:45

Bracknell parkrun
28 22 Richard GUEST East London Runners 00:23:32
Wanstead Flats parkrun
12 11 Andrew BAXTER East London Runners 00:21:08
39 3 Kasia STACHOWIAK East London Runners 00:23:30
76 65 Samir YOUNSI East London Runners 00:25:21
111 83 Scott MCMILLAN East London Runners 00:27:45
130 95 Joseph OSAKUE East London Runners 00:28:48
135 34 Sandra PRESTON East London Runners 00:29:20
138 37 Susannah MCLAREN East London Runners 00:29:41
195 67 Jane SCOTT East London Runners 00:34:58
197 69 Vivienne EKA East London Runners 00:35:05
225 90 Elizabeth O'DONNELL East London Runners 00:44:12
Raphael parkrun
10 10 Mark MOIR East London Runners 00:19:49
18 17 Amit MARKS East London Runners 00:20:24
Billericay parkrun
36 33 James NICHOLS East London Runners 00:22:55
Mile End parkrun
157 27 Catriona HOULT East London Runners 00:26:06
Beckton parkrun
32 7 Diana REXHEPAJ East London Runners 00:28:58
Gladstone parkrun
148 98 Martin QUINLAN East London Runners 00:29:49
Harrow Lodge parkrun
16 13 Clive STEPHENSON East London Runners 00:22:52
Walthamstow parkrun
63 50 Steve BYWATER East London Runners 00:27:23
132 74 Alex PICKERING East London Runners 00:48:26
Exmouth parkrun
3 3 Tom HOWOURTH-BRETT East London Runners 00:17:26
Porch Field parkrun
11 6 Bernadett KALMAR East London Runners 00:26:31

Gatwick Half Marathon - Sunday 8th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Selina Vernal2.10.16857th238th

Lisbon Half Marathon - Sunday 8th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak1.55.562658th352nd
Ken Agnew2.13.285080th

Sunderland City Runs Half Marathon - Sunday 8th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir1.28.5262nd

Halstead & Essex Marathon - Sunday 8th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez2.40.31 pb6th, 1st V40, Essex Champion
Peter Hatley3.50.0959th
Rahana Islam4.26.5690th25th
Catriona Hoult4.33.4096th29th
Catriona Hoult: Marathons - you wait years for one and then two come along a month apart. I was a bit worried when I got an email to say the The 26th Halstead and Essex Marathon that I entered two years ago was rescheduled today, five weeks after Manchester.
It was a huge contrast to Manchester, only 500 runners along quiet country lanes and pretty Essex villages, thatched cottages and all. Lovely and friendly but hot and hilly. I did it in 4.33 which is my second best marathon time and 5 minutes slower than Manchester, which I'm happy enough with given it was a much tougher course.
I obviously wasn't looking great towards the end because marshals kept asking if I was ok. (How to answer that while slogging up a hill at mile 25!)

Jose Rodriquez: Halstead Marathon and Essex Championships Forgot I signed for this race and I might have said I was going to use it just as a training for my next ultra as I didn't think I had the speed for racing and I didn't wanted to reduce mileage,etc...
I left a group of 10 go ahead and settled with a couple of runners that had a comfortable pace( I wasn't checking my watch so did not realize they were going too fast for my initial plan), then I heard they were going for around 2:40 and my first reaction was to look back to see where was the next group. It wasn't anyone there so I decided to stay there as I didn't wanted to run alone.
Surprisingly I was feeling very good at that pace and ended up doing 2:40. 5 min PB, 6th overall, 1st V40 /Essex champ. 2 medals plus one trophy for an initial "training day"...turned out to be a very productive day and hopefully I will still be able to train this next week!:)

British Athletics Senior Inter Counties Mountain Race, Llanberis Ridge (7 miles) - Saturday 7th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes62.3184th71st
154 finishers, (7 miles = 11.3 kms)
Essex team came 19th of 21 teams.

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Saturday 7th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn37.407th7th
Michael McGrath53.3583rd65th
Sarah Fleet58.41133rd41st

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 7th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir19.28 (1st man)1st - 66.61% Silksworth1st
Stuart Barton25.17* debut25th - 59.26% Zuiderpark
Fiona Critchley25.28* debut26th - 71.07% Zuiderpark4th
Sheila Kennedy29.13 debut43rd - 67.37% Zuiderpark10th
Shaun DeSena36.49 debut60th - 35.63% Zuiderpark
Nick Hoult22.27 debut24th - 64.66% Charlton
Andy Bolderstone26.25 debut71st - 54.51% Charlton
Ryan Friel16.59* (debut & 1st man)1st - 77.63% Foro Italico1st
Ciaran Canavan21.51* debut13th - 66.44% Puarenga
Lance Fuller25.50 debut29th - 61.55% Puarenga
Steven Bywater28.25 debut56th - 55.01% Guernsey
Janet Bywater29.07* debut63rd - 63.02% Guernsey13th
Shahib Miah Ali19.4724th - Mile End
Michael Wilson22.54 debut83rd - 70.67% Mile End
Lawrence Foster23.41 (course pb)39th - 66.57% Littlehampton Prom34th
James Nichols21.189th - Pymmes9th
Betty Bohane21.36 (1st lady)11th - 68.98% Pymmes1st
Andrew Baxter21.00* debut10th - 71.98% Cinder Track,Whitby9th
Finbar Sheahan21.09 (course pb)36th - 65.01% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu24.0197th - Hackney
Katherine Harris28.0972nd - Victoria Dock18th
Tom Howourth17.522nd - Exmouth2nd
Amit Marks20.1713th - Raphael12th
Natasha Howard29.3183rd - Raphael38th
John Healy28.4662nd - Gunpowder
Kathy Morrissey29.2267th - Walthamstow15th
Alex Pickering53.04 (tailwalker)107th - Walthamstow
Bernadett Kalmar27.0517th - Porch Field7th
Viktor Szabadi27.0618th - Porch Field11th
Martin Quinlan30.03177th - Hilly Fields
Clive Stephenson23.3022nd - Harrow Lodge
Marc Akers36.20189th - Rutland Water
Calvin Bobin21.3514th - Roding
Jakub Czeczotka28.4178th - Roding
Caroline Moore31.28103rd - Roding25th
Stuart Kelly21.5012th - Valentines10th
Matthew Powell23.4124th - Valentines
David Taylor24.5735th - Valentines29th
David Taylor24.5735th - Valentines
Sandra Preston25.3343rd - Valentines6th
Jacob Stevens25.3644th - Valentines
Jason Levy25.3645th - Valentines
Daniel ODonoghue26.0154th - Valentines
Imran Mustak26.0355th - Valentines
Lauren Kelly26.4764th - Valentines11th
Bilkis Achha27.0268th - Valentines12th
George Georgiou27.0569th - Valentines
Cindy Koon27.1071st - Valentines14th
Naimah Riaz29.2894th - Valentines21st
Frank Brownlie37.25160th - Valentines
Ravinder Bassi48.15186th - Valentines61st
Joanna Qiu53.06193rd - Valentines67th
John Henry18.422nd Wanstead2nd
Tom Marshall19.073rd - Wanstead3rd
Jonathan Shaw21.2220th - Wanstead
Ian Mackie21.5829th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.5949th - Wanstead6th
Andrew Howard27.24109th - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench27.50123rd - Wanstead28th
Joseph Osakue28.17134th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan30.03164th - Wanstead
Fiona Day31.08174th - Wanstead55th
Sophie Edwards39.27229th - Wanstead93rd
Elizabeth ODonnell39.27230th - Wanstead94th
Ben Palairet20.12 (course pb)9th - 65.68% Wanstead8th
Ken Agnew25.5578th - Wanstead

Chase The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 4th May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest46.4040th

Milton Keynes Marathon - Monday 2nd May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Kwakye4.12.31709th
1350 finishers.

Witham May Day 10 inc Essex Championships - Monday 2nd May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Calvin Bobin1.13.16115th

Burgess Hill 10km (Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend) - Monday 2nd May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day1.05.00206th75th
281 finishers.

Vitality London 10km - Monday 2nd May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry34.33141st, 10th M40-4410th in age cat
Scott McMillan35.47 pb216th, 15th M45-4915th in age cat
Alex Pickering37.51 pb441st
Joseph Osakue38.55 =pb581st
Mark Moir39.15 pb630th
Karan Gadhia39.26 pb666th
Jamie Xavier40.58934th
James Nichols41.00938th
Billy Rayner42.021115th
Sergio Chaves43.421495th
Richard Guest44.571845th
Stephen Swan46.39 pb2359th
Darminder Bhamra47.13 pb2517th
Jakub Czeczotka47.402668th
Kasia Stachowiak47.592770th472nd
Mark Durrant48.38 pb2996th
Chloe Millan49.293338th620th
Katrina Betteridge49.59 pb3564th692nd
John OBrien51.29 pb4201st
Sandra Preston51.484324th946th
Katherine Harris52.324637th1058th
Christopher Sohail53.245090th
Jane Burton53.34 pb5100th1230th
Stuart Barton53.355100th
Suzanne Taylor53.53 pb5223rd1285th
Imran Mustak55.10 pb5809th
Marcela Vasques55.185884th1562nd
Steven Bywater56.046233rd
Kathy Morrissey57.36 pb6981st2095th
Cindy Koon57.47 pb7074th2139th
Martin Quinlan1.00.178157th
Diana Rexhepaj1.00.228193rd2736th
Jane Clapton1.00.29 pb8244th2764th
May Hau1.15.3212221st5384th

Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon, Verona - Sunday 1st May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Duncan Mills1.58.461627th1334th
Juliet Lopez-Real2.33.042232nd570th
ELR on tour in Verona - Romeo & Juliet half marathon
Given my name, this race has been on my to do list for a while, and it didn't disappoint!
The route is fantastic for seeing this beautiful town in all its glory - through the old town, out along the peaceful river to the village of Parona and back into town via all the best sites (old castle, Roman arena, Juliet's balcony, etc). The race organisers even created an animation showing a bird's eye view of the route and all the things you'd see on the way - why don't more races do this?!
The race is normally on Valentine's weekend but this year was moved back due to rising Covid cases. I was worried that running in May would be too hot, but it was a cloudy 16 degrees with an 8am start, which was fine. We started and ended at the Hellas Verona football stadium. There were some singers and bands along the route, but not many spectators - and even the marshalls weren't very encouraging, which I found disappointing. A couple of them did spot the name on my vest, though, and gave me a Giulietta shout-out!
I am really chuffed to have a medal with my name on it (albeit in Italian) - a lovely design with wings and the Roman arena, saying: Every runner, with wings on his feet like Mercury, flies between the walls and monuments of Verona.
The race tee has wings too - apparently Mercury is the messenger of the gods considered protector of athletes and travellers, god of speed and dreams.
My brother - and recently-joined ELR member - Duncan Mills ran too. Hope you'll get to meet him on some Wednesday runs soon 🙂

Haywards Heath 10m (Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend) - Sunday 1st May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day1.53.07261st108th
297 finishers, Fiona 108th lady of 135.

Great Limerick Run Half Marathon - Sunday 1st May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Bernadett Kalmar2.05.101216th370th
Limerick Half Marathon
Everyone said this city is rough, not nice and sort of puzzled why would anyone go there to run. Well, for a small city, they have huge number of enthusiastic supporters for this event. Even the rain didn't deter them, bringing out their loudspeakers to blast us with music that keep you going.
Also dogs, children offering sweets- never seen so many dogs and jellies on a running route . Great event, lovely course-
Limerick is definitely a lovely city- it is not just buildings, mainly people shape it.

Vitality Westminister Mile - Sunday 1st May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jakub Czeczotka6.07 pb
John OBrien7.12
Andrea Waller7.29

Devils Challenge: Day 3 - 47.5km - Sunday 1st May 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Debbie Shearing7.10.0136th11th (3 days)
3 Days Combined : 22.08.37 32nd overall and 11th lady.

East Grinstead 10 mile (Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend) - Saturday 30th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day1.51.30163rd
228 finishers, Fiona was 58th of 108 Ladies.

The Devils Challenge : Day 2 - 55.2kms - Saturday 30th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Debbie Shearing8.16.4730th
Day 2 of the Devils Challenge over the South Downs Way - done. It was a good but tough day today, lots more climbing and really hard going descents on the hard chalky paths. But I'm so pleased I finished it.
Today was just under 35 miles, and I completed it in 8 hours 16 mins which I'm pleased with considering how hard the route was today. Tomorrow is a bit shorter (just 29 miles!) but the hills are going to be tougher still. Although I am really looking forward to the views near the end at Seven Sisters and Beachy Head.
My chatty running partner Ricky kept me company again today and to be honest if it wasn't for him I'd have been a lot slower so I'm
really grateful. It's a really good experience doing a multi day event like this because we are all staying together in school halls along the route and they transport your luggage for you. So it ends up become a nice social event with a meal in the evening and time to chill out after running.
My only worry for tomorrow is 2 blisters I have from today. I'm all taped up from the medics but let's see how I go. Looking forward to finally reaching that finishing line in Eastbourne!

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 30th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry17.22 (1st man)1st - 79.75% Pymmes
Betty Bohane20.34 (1st lady) pb10th - 72.45% Pymmes
Daniel ODonoghue18.45* debut2nd - 69.96% Torrens
Marc Akers30.45^ debut80th - 47.59% Corby
Ciaran Canavan21.54* (course pb)17th - 66.29% Tauranga
Lance Fuller25.28 (course pb)44th - 62.43% Tauranga
Mark Moir19.10* debut10th - 67.65% Morecambe Prom
Jonathan Wooldridge28.27^ debut31st - 51.85% Durlston CP
Joanna Neville24.12 (course pb)118th - 63.57% Gunnersbury
Richard Guest23.52* debut 26th - 61.31% Itchen Valley
Stuart Barton26.15 debut83rd - 57.08% Stevenage
Lawrence Foster24.4152nd - Bognor Regis
Diana Rexhepaj29.3439th - Beckton
Martin Quinlan27.09212th - Southwark
Maya Goodwin29.0052nd - Minehead
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez21.3165th - Sth Manchester
Iuliia Vuika30.38140th - Raphael
James Nichols20.2326th - Finsbury
Shahib Miah Ali21.4916th - Harrow Lodge
Fiona Critchley25.5474th - Great Notley
Mary OBrien28.1029th - Sligo
Nick Hoult22.2753rd - Mile End
Catriona Hoult25.53110th - Mile End
Calvin Bobin21.5018th - Roding
Caroline Frith21.5519th - Roding
Caroline Moore28.27 (course pb)79th - 67.25% Roding
Alex Pickering22.4326th - Walthamstow
Andrew Baxter24.5659th - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater32.48119th - Walthamstow
Ryan Friel16.50 (course pb & 1st man)1st - 78.32% Wanstead
Joseph Gunn18.564th - Wanstead
Tom Marshall19.135th - Wanstead
Amit Marks20.4016th - Wanstead
Redmond Shannon21.0221st - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw21.3126th - Wanstead
Roger Stubbs24.3868th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak26.1190th - Wanstead
Richard Cravitz26.1291st - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench26.1494th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan27.46116th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard28.50139th - Wanstead
Joseph Osakue29.01147th - Wanstead
Katherine Harris29.57161st - Wanstead
Vivienne Eka34.11204th - Wanstead
Jane Scott35.08212th - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell36.12217th - Wanstead
Stephen Swan21.5725th - Kesgrave
Jimmy Dale22.3420th - Valentines
Matthew Powell23.2329th - Valentines
David Taylor24.4951st - Valentines
Jason Levy24.5853rd - Valentines
Sandra Preston25.2158th - Valentines
Imran Mustak25.2559th - Valentines
Christopher Sohail26.5178th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge27.1279th - Valentines
Cindy Koon27.1981st - Valentines
George Georgiou27.5091st - Valentines
Kathy Morrissey27.59 (course pb)95th - 59.92% Valentines
Cathal Lynch42.33 debut151st - Upton Court

The Devils Challenge : Day 1 - 48.9kms - Friday 29th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Debbie Shearing6.41.4934th of 71
Debbie Shearing reportr:
A brief race report from day 1 of the Devils Challenge, a 3 day multi day event running the South Downs Way from Winchester to Eastbourne. Writing from my camp bed in a sports hall camped out with over 50 other runners.
It was a really enjoyable first day. The route was just under 31 miles today. It was a sunny start but thankfully not too hot on the downs. Lots of hills and hard chalky paths which made it tough but a good adventure. There are amazing views across Hampshire and Sussex, and every new hill brings another beautiful view.
I grew up in a village right at the bottom of the South Downs where my parents still live, so they were able to pop along and surprise me en route which was a much needed boost. Day 1 finish is very close to where I grew up so the overnight accommodation for tonight is the sports hall of my old secondary school in Midhurst. Strange to use the school showers again and eat in the dining hall - although that was 30 years ago so it's changed a lot since then!
It's a small event so there were lots of times when I was running by myself for miles, but from halfway onwards a guy called Ricky joined me and did not stop chatting!! It was perfect to be honest, because we were a similar pace and he talked and I listened - almost like my very own live podcast. It was just what I needed and helped the miles fly by, especially as it got tougher towards the end.
Tomorrow is a longer distance and tougher elevation, but I'll be happy to just finish, however long it takes. The good thing about Ultras is that it's normal to walk up hills so there is a lot of hiking mixed in with the running. My time goal today was to finish in under 7 hours, so I was really pleased to do it in 6:41.)
I forgot to take any pictures today (probably because Ricky didn't stop talking ) but I will attempt to tomorrow!

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 29th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.19 pb6th - 81.3%
John Henry16.33 course pb10th - 84.0%
Sallyann Eyles30.51157th - 53.6%
166 finishers.

Lake Dorney Marathon - Sunday 24th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Spread2.57.2721st
145 finishers.
Half Marathon split 1.21.19

Vienna City Marathon - Sunday 24th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amit Marks3.54.33 debut2231st
1st half 1.58.10, 2nd half 1.56.24 = 3.54.33

Finally managed to run my first marathon today. The Vienna city marathon. Great day for it with the rain holding off. Tried to keep to pace, but a bit of a struggle. Crossing mile 21 was a landmark, furthest I've ever run...with more to come. All in all a great marathon, well organised and locals provides great support. City itself is pretty amazing. Recommend to anyone for their next marathon. Thank you to ELR, who without I probably wouldn't ever attempted this distance. Also to mention afew names for their great advice and support Grant, Carlton, Mark, Karan, Michael. Very proud to be a member of ELR. I made it 3hrs 50 mins, will see what the official time states.

Southampton Half Marathon - Sunday 24th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jonathan Wooldridge1.48.00447th
2331 finishers

Haspa Hamburg Marathon - Sunday 24th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson4.11.293426th
Hamburg Marathon Weekend 2022 - Time 4.11.29 (4,124th out of 6,618 finishers).
Another very enjoyable three days spent in Hamburg for the Marathon. The number of finishers this time was considerably lower than the 10,079 in 2019, which must be due to the pandemic. There was also a Mini Marathon on the Saturday and a Half Marthon preceding the main race on the Sunday. I spent most of the Saturday afternoon visiting the Hamburg Exhibition Hall to collect my race number, kit bag and tee shirt. Before being allowed to receive these, I had to produce my COVID passes and then I was given a ‘COVID’ wrist band which had to be worn until the start of the race the next morning! The race went relatively smoothly although it was too windy, especially during the first half and running along by the harbour. On the day I ran free of injury and niggles and I was grateful to finish. I was given my medal at the end and then handed another mask to wear, for access to the indoor areas. There was the usual outside buffet at the finish; grapes, melon, banana, cakes, biscuits and energy drinks etc. I tried to consume much of everything without feeling sick - post marathon feast! My evening meal was pizza and beer in a restaurant off the Reeperbahn. On Monday morning I visited a second hand record and CD shop and the afternoon was spent in other shops and also walking along the Docks in the sunny weather. This was my fourth visit to Hamburg - three full marathons and one half. Hotel Imperial in St Pauli is very friendly and comfy and I hope to return again next year.

Vienna City Half Marathon - Sunday 24th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Osakue1.28.57337th

Run Through Regents Park 10km - Saturday 23rd April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest46.5762nd

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 23rd April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Angela Daniel37.31* debut192nd - 40.78% Alice Holt
Mark Moir20.38* debut3rd - 62.84% Jubilee
Stuart Barton25.14* debut21st - 59.38% Downham Market
Fiona Critchley25.51* debut24th - 70.02% Downham Market
Ciaran Canavan23.19* (course pb) 26th - 62.26% Tauranga
Lance Fuller25.53 debut44th - 61.43% Tauranga
Ryan Friel16.30 debut3rd - 79.90% Victoria Dock
Ava Lee21.1631st - Victoria Dock
Thomas Grimes19.14 (1st man)1st - 71.49% Sunny Hill
Susan Edwards33.44 debut92nd - 44.40% Pymmes
Alex Pickering22.10 (250th parkrun)22nd - Walthamstow
Maya Goodwin30.34 (course pb)391st - 55.51% Finsbury
Katherine Harris30.35392nd - Finsbury
Stephen Swan21.5717th - Felixstowe
Martin Quinlan29.26249th - Southwark
Mary OBrien27.4935th - Sligo
Viktor Szabadi29.0612th - Porch Field
Shahib Miah Ali21.4313th - Harrow Lodge
Clive Stephenson23.1228th - Harrow Lodge
Diana Rexhepaj29.2530th - Beckton
Joseph Gunn18.5610th - Hackney
Catriona Hoult26.10140th - Mile End
Caroline Frith22.3216th - Roding Valley
Caroline Moore29.5489th - Roding Valley
Karan Gadhia19.324th - Valentines
Calvin Bobin22.0614th - Valentines
Matthew Powell22.1316th - Valentines
Darminder Bhamra23.0321st - Valentines
Grace Turner26.28 (course pb)53rd - 55.92% Valentines
Imran Mustak27.1063rd - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge27.1965th - Valentines
George Georgiou27.5973rd - Valentines
Jason Levy28.0174th - Valentines
Jonathan Shaw21.4623rd - Wanstead
Ian Mackie21.55 (course pb)26th - 78.71% Wanstead
Roger Stubbs22.4643rd - Wanstead
Finbar Sheahan24.1863rd - Wanstead
Kate Brett27.54106th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan29.00131st - Wanstead
Fiona Day29.49150th - Wanstead
Vivienne Eka32.27 pb194th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard37.01 (200th WF)221st - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell37.09224th - Wanstead
Cindy Koon27.2266th - Valentines
Bernard Mansell28.53101st - Witney
7 debuts and 4 course pb's.
1 first finisher, 250th parkrun for Alex Pickering.
Andrew Howard runs Wanstead Flats for the 200th time.

B.A.A. Boston Marathon - Monday 18th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Howourth2.46.39975th

London Easter 10km, Regents Park - Monday 18th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson48.0936th of 208

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 16th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols18.22* debut pb5th - 73.23% Milano Nord
Thomas Grimes17.30* (1st man & course pb)1st - 78.57% Lees Road
Paul Quinton18.10* (debut & 1st man)1st - 76.24% Greenpoint
Viktor Szabadi27.45* debut82nd - 56.34% Derry City
Bernadett Kalmar27.54* debut84th - 60.81% Derry City
Elizabeth ODonnell37.28* debut125th - 45.86% St Marys
Steven Bywater27.07* debut78th - 57.65% Burnage
Janet Bywater28.55* debut91st - 63.46% Burnage
Ciaran Canavan25.22* debut38th - 57.23% Tauranga,NZ
Stephen Swan22.34* debut19th - 58.42% Rendlesham Forest
Jonathan Wooldridge24.27 debut28th - 60.33% Rendlesham Forest
Fiona Critchley27.31* debut114th - 65.78% Rendlesham Forets
Stuart Barton29.14 debut66th - 51.25% Rendlesham Forest
Mark Moir20.54 debut22nd - 62.04% Ally Pally
Nick Hoult23.45 debut51st - 61.12% Ally Pally
Catriona Hoult26.48 debut114th - 60.45% Ally Pally
Andy Bolderstone28.30 debut131st - 50.53% Ally Pally
Clive Stephenson22.00 debut pb34th - 74.17% Victoria Dock
Katherine Harris24.4957th - Victoria Dock
Susan Edwards29.44 (course pb)84th - 61.72% Clacton Seafront
Jason Levy24.13 debut57th - 61.39% Chalkwell Beach
Richard Guest23.13 debut15th - 63.03% Gladstone
Tim Aylett27.33 debut81st - 50.70% Oldham
Karan Gadhia17.57 pb2nd - 71.87% Barking
Darminder Bhamra23.00 (course pb)16th - 67.97% Barking
Michael Wilson24.22 debut25th - 66.42% Barking
Sandra Preston25.20 (course pb)31st - 72.43% Roding
Caroline Moore30.0678th - Roding
Kasia Stachowiak24.4524th - Las Aniolowski
Alexandra Wilkinson35.44132nd - Hockley Woods
Marc Akers25.18280th - Rutland Water
Martin Quinlan29.54167th - Southwark
Ross Lucas22.5218th - Valentines
Jacob Stevens22.5819th - Valentines
John OBrien25.1643rd - Valentines
David Taylor25.5051st - Valentines
Grace Turner26.35 (course pb)66th - Valentines
Christopher Sohail26.4869th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge27.2581st - Valentines
Richard Cravitz27.2682nd - Valentines
Denys Vuika27.4285th - Wanstead
Imran Mustak28.0292nd - Wanstead
George Georgiou28.0393rd - Wanstead
Mary Connolly29.19112th - Valentines
Mary OBrien29.36115th - Valentines
Mark Durrant30.09121st - Valentines
Jonathan Shaw21.4818th - Wanstead
Finbar Sheahan23.3833rd - Wanstead
Roger Stubbs24.0735th - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.5267th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan27.3684th - Wanstead
Kate Brett27.4087th - Wanstead
David Wyatt29.19101st - Wanstead
Fiona Day29.46107th - Wanstead
Claire Emery30.04114th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard31.01124th - Wanstead
Vivienne Eka35.53170th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards37.18178th - Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj29.5324th - Beckton
Arthur Diaz32.43191st - Chester
Joanna Neville28.48240th - Gunnersbury
James Creed24.0767th - Castle Park
Caroline Frith24.3449th - Southwick Country
Shahib Miah Ali20.2015th - Raphael
Joseph Gunn18.239th - Hackney
Cindy Koon26.50 (course pb)70th - 60.99) Valentines
Betty Bohane21.04 (1st lady) pb13th - 70.73% Pymmes
Cathal Lynch25.1841st - Harrow Lodge
65 parkruns including Northern Ireland, Irish Republic, Italy, Poland, South Africa and New Zealand.
2 first finishers with Thomas Grimes and Paul Quinton.
20 debut parkruns and 5 course pb's including Karan Gadhia going sub 18 at Barking.

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Friday 15th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Maya Goodwin1.04.25233rd

Run Through Victoria Park half marathon - Friday 15th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Scott McMillan1.19.15 pb5th
Betty Bohane1.44.0694th

Run Through Victoria Park 5km - Friday 15th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien24.5127th, 2nd MV50

Chase The Sun 10km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 13th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.5725th

St Clare's Hospice 10km - Sunday 10th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.535th

Zurich Marathon - Sunday 10th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols3.13.44 pb500th
halfway 1.34.15

Brighton Marathon - Sunday 10th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir3.29.18928th
Kathryn Hertzberg4.16.30 pb3768th
Martin Quinlan5.37.287434th
13,836 finishers.

Kew Gardens Half Marathon - Sunday 10th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Kwakye1.36.13178th
Darminder Bhamra1.50.56 pb696th
Sandra Preston1.56.07 pb925th
Kathy Morrissey2.19.26 pb1797th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
This is definitely my new favourite race and one I would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a flat, scenic half marathon. The conditions couldn't have been more perfect - a cold start followed by blue skies, sunshine and an abundance of cherry blossom (in total contrast to the inclement weather at last October's Wimbledon Common HM). Starting outside the Hive at Kew Gardens, the brand new course runs through the beautiful gardens, passing the impressive Palm House and Temperate House, before venturing down the towpath for a scenic tour of the Richmond Riverside and Ham House, to finish back at Kew Gardens. It is London's flattest half marathon with a net drop of 5 metres and only a total elevation of 65 metres. Eight days with Covid in late March were an unwelcome interruption to my training, but the flat course and perfect conditions definitely helped me achieve my new PB of 1.56.07.
New PBs also went to Kathy Morrissey (2.19.26) and Darminder Bhamra (1.50.56), while David Kwakye sped round in 1.36.13. Sadly Morag Campbell and Alice Barrett could not join us, due to injury, but the estimable Alexandra R-P fought back against her injured knee to walk/run the course in a very respectable 3.05.45.

Run Through Battersea Park 10km - Saturday 9th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Spread34.51 pb6th, 1st V40

Kew Gardens 10km - Saturday 9th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amy Martin55.08556th
Michael McGrath56.26631st
Sarah Fleet56.57665th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 9th April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Nick Hoult23.15 debut94th - 62.44% Edinburgh
Catriona Hoult26.47* debut221st - 60.49% Edinburgh
Richard Guest22.57 debut19th - 63.76% Harrow
Richard Cravitz26.09 debut117th - 52.20% Harrogate
Thomas Grimes18.18 (1st man)1st - 75.14% Sunny Hill
Andrea Waller25.06 debut93rd - 63.28% Kings Lynn
Claire Emery31.13* (course pb)92nd - 54.35% Sheringham
Fiona Critchley26.27* debut16th - 68.43% Haverhill
Stuart Barton26.59 (course pb)18th - 55.53% Haverhill
John Henry17.01* (1st man & course pb)1st - 81.39% Pymmes
Andy Bolderstone28.1368th - Pymmes
James Nichols21.20* debut6th - 63.05% Aachener Weiher
Lawrence Foster24.42 (course pb)55th - 63.83% Littlehampton Prom
Kasia Stachowiak28.58 (1st lady)8th - 52.47% Las Aniolowski
Scott McMillan17.50 (1st man)1st - 80.09% Barking
Joseph Osakue19.433rd - Barking
Clive Stephenson22.1715th - Barking
Viktor Szabadi27.3816th - Porch Field
Caroline Moore29.4251st - Roding
Natasha Howard28.45117th - Raphael
Liam Dempsey39.18164th - Billericay
Diana Rexhepaj30.1122nd - Beckton
Mark Moir19.3019th - Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali20.3134th - Mile End
Alex Pickering20.197th - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.3459th - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater28.4761st - Walthamstow
Martin Quinlan29.34214th - Southwark
Stephen Swan21.5320th - Kesgrave
Marc Akers31.11117th - Rutland Water
Tom Howourth17.364th - Exmouth
Bernard Mansell28.26103rd - Witney
Jimmy Dale20.05 (course pb)3rd - 65.64% Valentines
Matthew Powell22.59 (course pb)20th - 66.29% Valentines
Mark Durrant23.35 pb24th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge24.2831st - Valentines
David Taylor25.0236th - Valentines
Jason Levy25.1639th - Valentines
Mary OBrien27.5369th - Valentines
George Georgiou28.2980th - Valentines
Imran Mustak32.19126th - Valentines
Joanna Qiu42.53174th - Valentines
Redmond Shannon21.01 (course pb)15th - 66.93% Wanstead
Finbar Sheahan21.31 pb20th - Wanstead
Ian Mackie22.3726th - Wanstead
Roger Stubbs24.2946th - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench24.5248th - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor27.2073rd - Wanstead
Susan Edwards28.35 pb86th - Wanstead
Jayne Browne29.3899th - Wanstead
Fiona Day30.01100th - Wanstead
Katherine Harris31.36118th - Wanstead
Vivienne Eka34.04138th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard36.32149th - Wanstead
Jane Scott37.38154th - Wanstead
Cindy Koon27.3364th - Valentines
Cathal Lynch25.3134th - Harrow Lodge

Paris Marathon - Sunday 3rd April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Woodmansey2.44.10 pb334th

Therme Manchester Marathon 2022 - Sunday 3rd April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry2.44.30 pb 3 mins325th
Betty Bohane3.10.461896th, 132nd
Jimmy Dale3.23.392836th
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez3.31.22 pb 11 mins3640th
David Kwakye3.42.074398th
Maran Raju4.14.498310th
Catriona Hoult4.28.00 pb 9 mins9492nd
Shanavaz Malayodu4.47.5810,763rd
Danny Wong5.44.0612703rd
Roselin Boramakot5.44.0712704th
Catriona Hoult: It's been a long road to the Manchester Marathon. First I entered (and trained) in 2020, but it was cancelled for Covid, i reentered (and trained) in 2021, but then got a chest infection and couldn't run. So I was determined to be on the start line this morning, albeit dosed up on paracetamol and ibuprofen because I came down with a cold a few days ago. Most of the race went well and I was still feeling reasonably fresh and perky at 21 miles. But I struggled sooo much in the last few miles. It took all my resolve just to keep running (if you could call my pained plod running) until the finish line. I needed a bit of time with St John's Ambulance as I crossed the line because I went all dizzy and wobbly legged, but am much feeling much better now after a meal and some recovery time. I did get a PB of 4.28 (9 minutes quicker than my previous best achieved when I was 29. I must be doing something right to be quicker at 47 than I was at 29.
Thanks to my amazing support crew of Nick Hoult, Fiona Jones and Edward Jones for cheering me, feeding me, putting me up overnight at short notice and driving me from Chester this morning.

Zoila reports: I'm really happy with my race today. I couldn't have done it without the support from my family and a random stranger happened to video me running up to Yousef, found me on Facebook and sent it to me.
11 minute PB. Better controlled sugars. 3:31:22 with a few stops to say thanks to a shopkeeper for helping me out in the last one. Peeing and a bit of walking when my legs gave in.

London Landmarks Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier1.31.58296th
Claire Drakeford2.06.144856th
Jane Clapton2.16.29 pb66939th

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon - Saturday 2nd April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak1.48.04 pb2511th
Ken Agnew1.56.113445th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 2nd April 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel ODonoghue19.37* debut19th - 66.86% Hagley, NZ
Scott McMillan19.33* debut2nd - 73.06% Pastures
Richard Guest23.11* debut29th - 63.12% Eastleigh
Bernadett Kalmar26.5413th - Porch Field
Viktor Szabadi26.59* (course pb)14th - 57.94% Porch Field
Thomas Grimes17.48* (debut & 1st man)1st - 77.25% Wormwood Scrubs
Katherine Harris26.28 debut130th - 58.12% Southsea
Grace Turner27.26 debut86th - 53.95% Chester
Shaun DeSena33.00 debut148th - 39.75% Netley Abbey
Susan Edwards32.06 debut36th - 57.17% Harwich
Jonathan Wooldridge23.46 debut33rd - 62.06% Malling
Lawrence Foster27.02 debut46th - 58.32% Trelissick
Alex Pickering21.178th - Walthamstow
Albert Ng22.46 (course pb)15th - 60.83% Walthamstow
Liam Dempsey30.17 debut33rd - 43.53% Beckton
Fiona Day30.11357th - Clapham Common
Mark Moir20.006th - Silksworth
Jakub Czeczotka23.1578th - Hackney
Paula Bedford25.37120th - Hackney
Caroline Moore29.05130th - Roding
Shahib Miah Ali20.4626th - Mile End
Karan Gadhia18.40 pb2nd - Barking
Tom Howourth18.542nd - Cranbrook CP
Fiona Critchley27.2152nd - Great Notley
James Nichols22.146th - Brentwood
Darminder Bhamra26.4932nd - Brentwood
Martin Quinlan29.17215th - Southwark
Bernard Mansell27.50 pb105th - Witney
Marc Akers36.33353rd - Ferry Meadows
Joseph Gunn19.412nd - Wanstead
Redmond Shannon21.1316th - Wanstead
Nick Hoult23.2737th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard26.2573rd - Wanstead
Jane Scott34.42148th - Wanstead
Matthew Powell22.3514th - Valentines
Jacob Stevens22.4815th - Valentines
David Taylor25.0143rd - Valentines
Sandra Preston25.5857th - Valentines
Tim Aylett28.0680th - Valentines
Amy Martin31.57119th - Valentines
Joanna Qiu41.26163rd - Valentines
Cindy Koon27.4272nd - Valentines

Weston Super Half Marathon - Sunday 27th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Albert Ng1.51.15 pb

Cadiz Bay Half Marathon - Sunday 27th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero1.10.065th
Fifth place in the Andalusian Half Marathon Championship, which this year was included in the CÃ¥diz Bay Half Marathon, with a time of 1h10'06." First post-marathon race, feeling good, running only since before km 3. Some wind, especially the last 3 kms, but it could have been a lot worse. Now it's time to take a step back and let the body recover 100% of these months of so many miles, since there's no goal until June.

Run Rome: The Marathon - Sunday 27th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ford Cadiogan4.29.30

BTR Liverpool Skyline Half Marathon - Sunday 27th March 2022

Liverpool HM- 2:06:08
Very well organized event, not too big (3000 participants), lovely flat course.
The course involves 3 parks and the seafront, too. I dont think i have ever
seen so many daffodils as in Sefton park.
Not my best time, but considering all ( injuries, lack of proper long runs, good
old age), I am happywith the result. Recommend this race- plus Liverpool is a
cool city to visit, too!

Cardiff Half Marathon - Sunday 27th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak1.50.00 pb
Ken Agnew2.00.414,340th
Marcela Vasques2.15.146337th

Sheffield Half Marathon - Sunday 27th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day2.20.463099th

Lea Valley Run Fest Half Marathon - Sunday 27th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Suzanne Taylor2.03.20221st

Orion 15m - Saturday 26th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.44.205th
Paul Thompson2.19.2867th
Guy Watts2.23.2979th
Jacob Stevens2.32.4293rd
148 finishers.

Velopark 10km - Saturday 26th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest48.4119th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 26th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir20.18* (1st man & debut)1st - 63.88% Dartford Heath
Shahib Miah Ali20.44 debut2nd - 63.99% Dartford Heath
Arthur Diaz31.06* debut110th - 48.18% Main Beach, Austr
Fiona Critchley27.23* debut24th - 66.10% Lands End
Morag Campbell37.39* debut188th - 44.53% Camperdown, Dundee
Andrew Howard27.58* debut118th - 57.33% Millhouses
Peter Hatley21.37 debut68th - 66.62% Town Moor
John Henry17.28 (1st man)1st - 79.29% Pymmes
Viktor Szabadi27.59 debut220th - 55.87% Princes, Liverpool
Bernadett Kalmar28.03 debut222nd - 60.49% Princes, Liverpool
Jakub Czeczotka23.14 debut167th - 58.75% Clapham Common
Lawrence Foster25.00 (course pb)57th - 63.07% Littlehampton Prom
John Healy27.21 (course pb)71st - 52.65% Gunpowder
Tom Howourth19.052nd - Exeter Riverside
Katherine Harris28.3664th - Victoria Dock
Marc Akers35.57149th - Rutland Water
Stephen Swan59.5920th - Kesgrave
Diana Rexhepaj29.4437th - Beckton
Liam Dempsey26.12130th - Mile End
Martin Quinlan34.42216th - Mile End
Claire Emery27.41286th - Stretford
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez19.5835th - Sth Manchester
Calvin Bobin23.0313th - Roding Valley
Caroline Moore32.2990th - Roding Valley
Alex Pickering19.143rd - Walthamstow
James Nichols21.259th - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.4751st - Walthamstow
Fiona Day29.48152nd - Hillsborough
John OBrien24.20 (course pb)41st - 62.60% Valentines
Darminder Bhamra24.3543rd - Valentines
Bilkis Achha24.5949th - Valentines
Catriona Hoult26.1468th - Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.2570th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge26.4976th - Valentines
Mary OBrien28.46105th - Valentines
Mary Connolly28.59107th - Valentines
Sandra Preston31.37148th - Valentines
Sandra Preston148th - Valentines
Susannah House32.59165th - Valentines
Joanna Qiu55.15248th - Valentines
Joseph Osakue19.076th - Wanstead Flats
Redmond Shannon21.12 pb19th - Wanstead
Ian Mackie22.19 (course pb)32nd - 77.30% Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.3734th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.3139th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan27.3488th - Wanstead
Jane Scott33.03143rd - Wanstead
Angela Daniel34.06154th - Wanstead
Bernard Mansell27.5886th - Witney
Cathal Lynch25.4970th - Billericay

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 25th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry16.3412th - 83.9%

Hastings Half Marathon - Sunday 20th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Victoria Charlesworth2.07.15 pb1155th
Roselin Boramakot2.28.151631st
Danny Wong2.28.201632nd
1,994 finishers.

Hastings Half Marathon from Roselin- Wow, wow, if anyone has a chance to run this, do it. Support for this was insane, London Marathon lite levels! Just incredible, completely taken back by how many locals came out for a small local race, streets completely lined start to finish! No big charity or corporate support, but every local in and around Sussex it seems! Every house, church, small businesses, care home residents and staff. Every person and their dogs came out. Incredibly slow and unfit right now but enjoyed that one, despite 8 miles of hills, hills and more hills crowds did not disperse despite us being amongst the slow runners, walkers, just amazing, will be back 100%! Don't typically write a race report for a half (or marathons these days) but it was that much fun, would love to see a few ELRs there next year! Oh and no goodies, just an impressive Alan Turing medallion, but I'm walking away with the biggest grin on my face right now. Incredible how uplifting support can be on a run.

Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon - Sunday 20th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.32.48194th
Juliet Lopez-Real2.34.042989th
(Very short) race report - Palace Half, Hampton Court from Juliet
I LOVED this half, and think it might be my favourite one yet! We ran along the Thames Path in the sunshine (nice and flat!) and started/finished in the beautiful grounds of Hampton Court Palace.
Very friendly marshalls, good snacks, lots of supporters and Henry VIII was there to kick things off and pose for pics afterwards!

Hadleigh 2012 Legacy 10km - Sunday 20th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darminder Bhamra1.00.10137th of 293

Brentwood Half Marathon - Sunday 20th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols1.27.3085th
Becky Evans1.39.13 pb301st, 32nd, 3rd V50
1,574 finishers.

Fleet Half Marathon - Sunday 20th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson1.42.03531st, 10th V60
1,477 finishers.

Fleet Half Marathon - Sunday 20th March 2022.
This was a great half marathon organised by Fleet and Crookham AC, starting and finishing in Calthorpe Park. The undulating course covered the nearby villages and country roads of Dogmerfield and Crookham Village. It was a sunny day and very mild, with just a gentle breeze - ideal conditions for racing. I started with the 1.40 pacers, but began to fall behind up one of the hills, although they were in sight for a long time. This was a test of my fitness as I had not run a half marathon for three years, prior to the lockdown. That time I ran 1.39.00 and today I was happy with 1.42.03, a loss of one minute for each year, which also saw me move into a new Vet Age Category. A very enjoyable weekend as I also stayed at my sister’s house overnight and it was just a short walk to the start in the park.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 19th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.4130th

Victoria Park Open 5 - Saturday 19th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Scott McMillan28.42 pb34th
Mark Moir31.3954th

parkrun - all venues except Valentines - Saturday 19th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez19.36* (course pb & 1st lady)23rd - 75.51% Sth Manchester
Viktor Szabadi27.02* (course pb)18th - 57.83% Porch Field
Tom Howourth19.59* (course pb)1st - 65.05% Killerton
Andrea Waller25.27* debut167th - 62.41% University Parks
Shahib Miah Ali19.51* debut21st - 66.83% Folkstone
John Henry16.53* (course pb)4th - 82.03% Fountains Abbey
Richard Guest23.19 debut13th - 62.76% Canons Park
Mark Moir19.33 debut23rd - 66.33% Highbury Fields
Alex Pickering51.11 (tailwalker)101st - Walthamstow
Martin Quinlan36.40318th - Southwark
Andy Bolderstone27.1961st - Pymmes
Fiona Critchley27.2946th - Great Notley
Lawrence Foster26.1749th - Littlehampton Prom
Liam Dempsey25.38126th - Mile End
Neil Gage22.4726th - Castle Park
Jonathan Shaw23.0230th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan28.5790th - Wanstead
Jayne Browne30.1096th - Wanstead
Fiona Day31.01105th - Wanstead
Jane Scott35.10135th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards44.05156th - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell44.09157th - Wanstead
Bernard Mansell27.51 pb64th - Witney
Cathal Lynch51.0795th - Roding Valley

Valentines parkrun - ELR take-over volunteers - Saturday 19th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Bartonbarcode scanning
Katrina Betteridgemarshal
Darminder Bhamrabarcode scanning
Kate Brettmarshal
Frank Brownliemarshal
Janet Bywatertimekeeper
Steven Bywatertimekeeper
Morag Campbellbarcode scanning
Victoria Charlesworthtailwalker
Mary Connollymarshal
Claire Drakefordtailwalker
Becky Evansmarshal
Vivienne Ekaphotographer
Maya Goodwinrun report writer
Amit Marksmarshal
Susannah Housemarshal
Kathy Morrisseymarshal
Mary OBrienmarshal
Tricia ONeillbarcode scanning
Ramesh Palapre-event set up
Jose Rodriguezmarshal
Alexandra Rutishauser-Pereramarshal
Kasia Stachowiakbarcode scanning
Jacob Stevensfinish tokens
Michael Wilsonmarshal

Valentines parkrun - ELR takeover - Saturday 19th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Spread17.39 (1st man)1st - 77.90%
Joseph Gunn19.094th
Redmond Shannon21.32 debut pb15th - 65.33%
James Nichols22.0518th
Matthew Powell22.12 pb20th
Peter Hatley22.15 (course pb)21st - 64.72%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.1823rd
Andrew Baxter22.3925th
Ian Mackie22.42 debut pb26th - 75.99%
Rohan Allen23.26 debut parkrun36th* - 61.45%
Caroline Frith23.4841st
Katherine Harris24.3150th
Jakub Czeczotka24.3351st
David Taylor24.4755th
Carlton DSouza24.5057th
Abdirahman Adan25.30 debut parkrun65th* - 58.76%
Catriona Hoult26.0559th
Andrew Howard25.2964th
Bilkis Achha25.4167th
Bernadett Kalmar26.23 (course pb)76th - 64.31%
Naimah Riaz26.2877th
Ann Dunne26.48 (course pb)83rd* - 70.40%
Cindy Koon27.17 (course pb)87th* - 59.99%
Caroline Moore27.45 (course pb)97th - 68.95%
George Georgiou27.5198th
Denys Vuika27.5599th
Kathryn Hertzberg28.43107th
Diana Rexhepaj29.15116th
Maya Goodwin29.21118th
Amy Martin29.43123rd
Imran Mustak29.48125th
Peter Stevens31.56151st*
John Healy35.51182nd
Marc Akers36.09183rd
Joanna Qiu38.35196th
Katrina Betteridge39.27199th
Susan Edwards45.36220th
Claire Drakeford58.39 debut234th - 28.59%
Victoria Charlesworth58.41235th
Cindy Koon27.17 (course pb)87th - 59.99
We had lots of volunteers at this morning provided by the East London Runners, one of the running clubs in the local area.

Maya Goodwin is an ELR member who's sent us this write-up of her morning:

The atmosphere at every parkrun is always warm and joyful and friendly. Honestly, it is. Every single one. We are lucky in London to have our choice of parkruns, and everyone in my running club has their own personal favourite so it's not often we get to get together as a whole club to parkrun together. (Don't ask what my favourite is, as it changes with the weather!) But today was East London Runners' parkrun "takeover" at Valentines, and so we turned up in force, and in club colours, excited to be back out running in the sunshine again. As well as running we had filled the volunteer roster with pacers, marshals, timekeepers, scanners and a photographer.

Valentines Park is beautiful. Wide open expanses of park with flowerbeds, trees and duck ponds that glisten in the early morning sun as we all joyfully chatter and strip off layers. There are toilets too, which are always clean and always open. The start line is wide, which I like, as I'm a slower runner so I'm always near the back. The RD (Run Director) was as joyful and sunny as the weather as she gave us the briefing. (Another benefit of a wide start - you are close enough to hear the briefing!)

And we are off! A sea of red ELR vests around me and I can spot our 28-minute pacer ahead. That's the thing about pacers, sometimes you don't have to run right alongside them to benefit, I knew I needed to keep 28 mins in my sights and not let the 30-minute guy overtake, and that should put me in line for a good time. The course is flat and paved and pretty. I run alongside quacking ducks waddling out of their ponds, past flower beds and bandstands and down a long majestic tree-lined avenue. Then past a park of athletic equipment and tennis courts, all full of other Ilfordians all getting their early Saturday morning fix of endorphins and sunshine.

Every corner has two marshals, and they are all full of bounce and encouragement, and they are cheering everyone on with encouragement and gusto. It's a two loop course, so I get a second round of the ducks, flowerbeds, tree-lined avenues, cheering marshals and tennis-playing Ilfordians before turning into the long stretch to the finish line. (When I say long stretch, it feels like 1,395 miles, but I've checked on Strava, and it's actually about 150m!)

And then back into a sea of red, all my clubmates laughing and cheering and scanning and comparing times. I love being part of a running club, and I love being part of parkrun. Try one. Try both! There's no better way to start a Saturday.

Paddock Wood Half Marathon - Sunday 13th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Jordan1.11.51 pb26th
1261 finishers.

Thames Riverside 20 - Sunday 13th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols2.26.0936th

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 13th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.4415th
Jane Burton1.09.47316th

Run Through Victoria Park half marathon - Sunday 13th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Spread1.19.41 pb8th
Nathaniel Dye1.31.26 pb49th

Chester Ultra 50 mile - Saturday 12th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz15.02.33179th/ 186
The saying "No Pain No Gain" just got real yesterday, i.e. 99% pain and 1% gain from getting my first ultra bling!
After 4 months of training, nothing could have prepared me from the excruciating mental battle and physical pain it takes to finish an ultra, which in my case was 15 hours instead of the planned 10 hours. I got lost but I got back in, I slipped but hanged on, I nearly DNF but I didn't, I endured the pain, I hugged and smiled at my demons but in the end - I DID IT!
Thanks for the amazing support and encouragement from Woza Warren Renkel Run Llangollen - Running Coach and GB Ultras Community #chesterultra50mile
Next stop: Pennine Barrier Ultra in May

Run Through Battersea Park half marathon - Saturday 12th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Kwakye1.34.39 pb143rd

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 12th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez20.41* (course pb)36th - 71.56% Sth Manchester
Tom Howourth17.49* (debut, 1st man & 50th parkrun)1st - 72.97% Bolberry Down
Alex Jameson26.48* (course pb) 17th - 55.91% Soham Village
Stuart Barton27.07 debut19th - 55.26% Soham Village
Fiona Critchley27.22* debut20th - 65.29% Soham Village
Katherine Harris27.17 debut99th - 56.38% Chalkwell Beach
Isabella Allan27.15 debut164th - 54.31% Highbury Fields
Shaun DeSena34.21 debut297th - 38.19% Markeaton
Lawrence Foster25.41 (course pb)47th - 61.39% Littlehampton Prom
Caroline Frith25.0026th - Roding Valley
Calvin Bobin27.3049th - Roding Valley
Sarah Burns28.29 (course pb & 200th)53rd - 56.29% Roding Valley
Maya Goodwin31.27 (course pb)71st - 53.95% Roding Valley
Caroline Moore32.3581st - Roding Valley
Matthew Powell23.50 (course pb)48th - 59.02% Raphael
James Nichols20.509th - Pymmes
Andy Bolderstone28.38100th - Pymmes
Marc Akers37.38166th - Rutland Water
Mark Moir19.407th - Barking -
Shahib Miah Ali19.579th - Barking
Samia Choudhury1.00.09126th - Barking
Martin Quinlan31.1970th - Roundshaw Downs
Catriona Hoult26.23150th - Mile End
Liam Dempsey27.0732nd - Brentwood
Viktor Szabadi31.4218th - Porch Field
Alex Pickering19.464th - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater29.3749th - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater31.1953rd - Walthamstow
Clive Stephenson23.5810th - Harrow Lodge
John Booth18.5820th - Burgess
Hamza Adan19.48 (course pb)9th - 68.18% Valentines
Stuart Norris21.38 (course pb)21st - 59.63% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi22.0226th - Valentines
Jimmy Dale23.1836th - Valentines
Darminder Bhamra23.2837th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge25.0154th - Valentines
Richard Cravitz25.10 (course pb)55th - 54.24% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.3965th - Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.5787th - Valentines
Grace Turner27.12 (course pb)92nd - 54.41% Valentines
Jason Levy27.22 (250th Valentine)95th - Valentines
George Georgiou28.05113th - Valentines
Mary OBrien28.18114th - Valentines
Joanna Qiu43.46212th - Valentines
John Henry18.542nd - Wanstead
Andrew Baxter21.066th - Wanstead
Ian Mackie23.1518th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.2625th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard27.0753rd - Wanstead
John Healy29.2576th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan30.1880th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards35.44110th - Wanstead
Angela Daniel36.19115th - Wanstead
Cathal Lynch25.4358th - Charlton

Run London Epping Forest Trail 10km - Sunday 6th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amy Martin1.07.2284th

Chelmsford 10km - Sunday 6th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lucy Barron58.54103rd

Brett Lydd 20m - Sunday 6th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roselin Boramakot4.05.11302nd
Danny Wong4.05.11303rd

Essex 20, Rochford - Sunday 6th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.58.1524th/11th Essex
Betty Bohane2.23.57121st/ 21st lady
James Nichols2.26.48133rd/ 71st Essex
Peter Hatley2.55.02205th/ 117th Essex
Catriona Hoult3.16.31430th/ 135th Essex

Chelmsford Half Marathon - Sunday 6th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Woodmansey1.17.00 pb3rd

Cambridge Half Marathon - Sunday 6th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.34.071299/ 9348

Run Through Kempton Park Half Marathon - Saturday 5th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Kwakye1.35.33 pb32nd

Transgrancanaria Classic (126km) - Saturday 5th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez22.34.45141st
Finished 141st from 441 finishers. Last recorded time was 31.08.22 with a 30 hr cut off time. 262 withdrawls including OOT.

Transgrancanaria is an ultra marathon of near 130km that crosses the island of Gran Canaria from La Palma in the north to Maspalomas in the south, crossing 7000 m of elevation through the rough volcanic mountains in the center of the island. Is also part of the Spartan World Championships.I signed for this ultra as I usually do...not thinking much, just an impulse. For some reason I spend the last few years looking for bigger challenges, the problem is that I haven't been able to dedicate much more time to running so I believe this time I've been a bit over-ambitious.
Once in Gran Canaria the weather is great. Around the 20-21C but during BIB collection I was told the weather in the mountains was expected to have temperatures of around 0 C, rain and strong winds during the night. I knew there was a lot of contrast but never imagine it will be so bad. We start at 11 pm from the Canteras beach. Great atmosphere and I make some friends. I'm quiet at the front and I can see all the super-elites just few meters Infront of me. We start running and people go fast!...I know there's a lots of race so I pick up my own pace. Run at night it's a bit fun!.I see Ragna Debats passing strong, and I start running with a small group of 2 men and one woman which I found out was Abby Hall and finish second female. We run together nearly until the first aid station at 20 km. I'm feeling ok but from here things will change slightly...I start feeling sick and having nausea, I can't eat...we have been going up a lot and temperature drop massively too. I had to stop until I'm able to accept food and carry on...whitout fuelling I will never make it so I had no choice. Stomach gets better but at the next station I arrive completely wet and with early signs of hypothermia ( had my long sleeve and rain coat on of course) and I'm shacking and unable to hold a drink. For the last couple of years I've been suffering with Renaud's which affects your circulation due to changes in the temperature and this weather is really age ting me. I have to remove my gloves as they are soaked and pull my sleeves down. I look around me and there are lots of runners withdrawing, covered in foil blankets...I try to don't let it get to me and I convince myself that I will finish the race, I don't care about positions or times anymore. I found Jesus, my new friend from the start and the tells me he can't continue, his family is already with him. The rest of the night was a blur. Very strong winds, mist, rain for 14 hours total and very cold. I take my time at the stations to make sure I can finish the race( Goal number 1), daylight came, then weather improves once we cross to the south and now is very hot, change clothes again. I had a lot of km in my legs but I'm managing to keep going. The course is still technical but it gets better until I get lost following 2 other people, we do around 3-4 extra km and that really hits me. I struggle to get the pace again and realized that I will not make it before dark as I had planned initially. That's a problem because my new head torch had stop working and the last 15- 20 km are through a dry river bed full of loose rocks. I found a couple of guys and told them I will be their shadow, they accept!:) They are walking but I can not run on that terrain with my poor legs at this stage so we walk as fast as we can through the rocks. The Kms pass very very slowly, I really hate this part...I just wanted to be able to run and finish this race quick..we have been running for around 20 h. Finally, after a long time we came out of the rocks into a nicer path with means we are just 4-5km from the end. We have made it!. We crossed the finish line. I politely let them go in front of me. Minimum I can do after they save me with their head torches. . 22h34 min. 141 position 58th age category. Half of the runners withdrawing... mixed feelings as race wasn't at all as expected but very proud of not giving up and manage to finish. I've got my medal and I'm happy. The organisation is amazing, they even feed you for free at the end. I could not have imagined preparing something at the hotel or going to a restaurant so is a nice touch. Will I be doing it again in future?...probably, but I learned that, for races like this you have to do training very differently.
Gran Canaria is a beautiful island where people are super friendly and it was a shame not being able to spend more time, relaxing ,there. I'll be back!

Chingford League Relays Volunteers - Saturday 5th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline FrithCourse setup
Mark MoirCourse setup
Alexandra Rutishauser-PereraCourse setup / first aid
Kasia StachowiakCourse setup / marshal
Jacob StevensCourse setup
Janet BywaterMarshal
Steven BywaterMarshal
Fiona DayMarshal
Carolyn EdwardsMarshal
Sallyann EylesMarshal
Joseph GunnMarshal
Alex JamesonMarshal
Juliet Lopez-RealMarshal
Ramesh PalaMarshal
Joe PrestonMarshal
Martin QuinlanMarshal
Debbie ShearingMarshal
Tricia ONeillCake stall organiser
Morag CampbellCake stall
Karen LevisonCake stall
Frances RidoutCake stall
Denys VuikaPhotographer
Adrian FrostRace director

Chingford League relays, Harrow Road Playing Fields - Saturday 5th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Scott McMillan12.227A
John Henry12.437B
Robert Spread12.097C
Karan Gadhia13.177D
Mark Moir13.5547A
Amit Marks13.4347B
Hamza Adan13.4447C
Neil Gage14.5947D
Mounir Dahbi15.39127A
Finbar Sheahan15.19127B
Jacob Stevens14.57127C
Ian Mackie15.33127D
Betty Bohane15.1427A
Caroline Frith14.4327B
Becky Evans14.4427C
Sandra Preston17.1927D
Catriona Hoult17.37107A
Kate Brett17.48107B
Suzanne Taylor17.56107C
Victoria Charlesworth19.03107D
Diana Rexhepaj20.29147A
Kathy Morrissey21.14147B
Caroline Moore19.44147C
Sabrina Traynor19.53147D
Michael Wilson15.06Incomplete team
Men's A. 7 14TH = 50.31
Men's B. 47 29TH = 56.21
Men's C. 127 44TH = 61.28
Women's A 27 46TH = 62.00
Women's B 107 71ST = 72.24.
Women's C 147 79TH = 81.20

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 5th March 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Bernadett Kalmar26.13* (course pb)21st - 64.72% Porch Field
Jonathan Wooldridge24.15* debut19th - 60.82% Kingdom
Fiona Critchley28.37* debut54th - 62.43% Kingdom
Stuart Barton29.19 debut59th - 51.11% Kingdom
Shaun DeSena35.32 debut90th - 36.91% Kingdom
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez20.59* (course pb)43rd - 70.53% Sth Manchester
Richard Guest23.30 debut29th - 62.27% Upton Court
James Nichols19.14 (course pb)6th - 69.93% Gunpowder
Thomas Grimes19.26 (1st man)1st - 70.75% Sunny Hill
Lawrence Foster26.23 (course pb)66th - 59.76% Littlehampton Prom
Tom Howourth21.26 debut3rd - 60.65% Killerton
Jakub Czeczotka23.56 debut63rd - 56.99% Oak Hill
John Henry17.17 (1st man)1st - 80.14% Finsbury
Alex Pickering19.04 (course pb)2nd - 73.78% Pymmes
John Booth56.37 (tailwalker)44th - Beckton
Neil Gage24.2016th - Castle Park
Shahib Miah Ali20.4335th - Mile End
Natasha Howard29.35154th - Raphael
Clive Stephenson24.0712th - Harrow Lodge
Martin Quinlan28.22196th - Southwark
Marc Akers36.12151st - Rutland Water
Maya Goodwin30.33108th - Victoria Dock
Katherine Harris30.34109th - Victoria Dock
Redmond Shannon21.5747th - Hackney
Caroline Moore47.2443rd - Roding
Amit Marks20.30 (course pb)8th - 69.19% Valentines
Ross Lucas23.1025th - Valentines
Darminder Bhamra23.3332nd - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.5261st - Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.5578th - Valentines
Amy Martin27.27 (course pb)88th - 53.78% Valentines
Jimmy Dale27.33 91st - Valentines
George Georgiou29.17 (50th Valentine)118th - Valentines
Grace Turner37.11 debut188th - 39.80% Valentines
Joanna Qiu40.17205th - Valentines
Andrew Baxter21.2410th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan21.4112th - Wanstead
Mark Moir21.5113th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.4834th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi26.3753rd - Wanstead
Matthew Powell26.4755th - Wanstead
Steven Bywater28.3667th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard28.4968th - Wanstead
Alex Jameson30.1588th - Wanstead
Janet Bywater31.0590th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.4599th - Wanstead
Fiona Day32.25101st - Wanstead
Jane Scott37.02134th - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell41.48151st - Wanstead
Cathal Lynch43.26205th - Ashford

Brighton Half Marathon - Sunday 27th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kathryn Hertzberg1.53.452510th
Amy Martin2.09.054244th

Welwyn Half Marathon - Sunday 27th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Victoria Charlesworth2.13.46304th

English National Cross Country Championships, Parliament Hill Fields (12km) - Saturday 26th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Spread57.52881st
Scott McMillan1.00.161055th
Karan Gadhia1.03.401292nd
Amit Marks1.08.221566th
Mark Moir1.14.371855th
Peter Hatley1.23.162010th
Karan Gadhia: The 2022 National XC Championships were hosted at Hampstead Heath which is a famous venue that some people describe as the 'home of cross country'. It was our second time racing here this season after the London champs in November but the conditions today were much more difficult.
The atmosphere was electric as we gathered amongst thousands of the best runners in the country on the start line. The gun went off and a horde of runners climbed up the steep muddy incline of Parliament Hill.
The course was one small lap and two big laps and it was a very challenging race with many people having their shoes come off or falling over in the knee deep thick mud.
Robert Spread was first home for ELR under the hour mark followed by Scott McMillan. I was next to finish and a strong run from Amit Marks saw him finish ahead of Mark Moir with Peter Hatley rounding the scoring for the ELR men's team.
Well done everyone for finishing the race you all represented yourselves and the club with pride, thanks to Michael Wilson for coming to support us and to Jo Neville, Sallyann Eyles and
Rahana Islam for cheering us on.
It was a real privilege to run today and fly the ELR flag at the biggest XC event in the country. As much as it is very disappointing that the race distances aren't equal for men and women, it's also a shame that so many people have missed out on such a prestigious event.

Scott McMillan: Last night I picked up the award for male marathon runner of the year at my running club's much delayed Xmas party (still not sure I deserve it, but I'm hugely honoured). This morning I did parkrun with Alma and Sonny (new PB for Sonny, fistbump, cupcake reward). And this afternoon, with the kids watching, I did the stupidly hilly and ridiculously muddy National cross country championships on Hampstead Heath (I didn't win, but I didn't fall over, which is just as important). That's a decent 18 hours or so in the life of this increasingly old and creaky running dad.

Michael Wilson: A great day out with ELR at the National cross country championships in Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead. An amazing spectacle with over 1,000 women and 2,000 men finishers. I left my running shoes at home today, but will definitely consider running next year.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 26th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez21.29* (course pb)48th - 68.89% Sth Manchester
Tom Howourth16.56* debut7th - 76.77% Dulwich
John Henry17.23 (1st man)1st - 79.67% Pymmes
Jakub Czeczotka24.16 debut62nd - 56.25% Hilly Fields
Martin Quinlan30.56 debut181st - 47.31% Maidenhead
Thomas Grimes18.25 (1st man)1st - 74.66% Sunny Hill
Lawrence Foster26.38 debut66th - 59.20% Littlehampton Prom
Stuart Barton25.54 debut72nd - 57.85% Sutcliffe
Marc Akers30.19 debut125th - 48.27% Sutcliffe
Alex Jameson28.44 debut65th - 52.15% Sandringham
Kathy Morrissey28.36 (course pb)329th - 58.62% Stretford
Daniel ODonoghue18.40 debut5th - 70.27% Raphael
Mounir Dahbi22.0032nd - Raphael
Katherine Harris24.54 (300th parkrun)50th - Victoria Docks
Sarah Burns29.3491st - Victoria Docks
Maya Goodwin29.36 (course pb)92nd - 57.32% Victoria Docks
Mark Moir19.3119th - Mile End
Liam Dempsey24.08 (course pb)99th - 54.63% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali24.33110th - Mile End
Stephen Swan22.3139th - Kesgrave
Fiona Critchley27.1868th - Great Notley
Jonathan Wooldridge23.0674th - Hackney
Caroline Moore32.5978th - Roding
Mary OBrien28.1941st - Sligo
Clive Stephenson24.1615th - Harrow Lodge
Bernadett Kalmar27.2614th - Porch Field
Andrew Baxter24.3916th - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater28.5246th - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater31.1671st - Walthamstow
Alex Pickering44.29103rd - Walthamstow
Nick Hoult22.51 (course pb)27th - 63.53% Valentines
Jimmy Dale23.1029th - Valentines
Matthew Powell23.1933rd - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge24.39 (50th parkrun)47th - Valentines
Sandra Preston25.0650th - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.2854th - Valentines
Catriona Hoult26.0465th - Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.5479th - Valentines
Imran Mustak28.35103rd - Valentines
George Georgiou29.20109th - Valentines
Joanna Qiu41.17203rd - Valentines
Mark Wyatt19.436th - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.4231st - Wanstead
Shanavaz Malayodu23.02 (course pb)37th - 59.26% Wanstead
Ian Mackie23.2943rd - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.2451st - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench25.4368th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi26.0072nd - Wanstead
Andrew Howard26.2475th - Wanstead
Ged Browne26.3577th - Wanstead
Susan Edwards30.25133rd - Wanstead
Fiona Day30.57139th - Wanstead
Arthur Diaz31.55146th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards33.10160th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan33.12163rd - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell40.55192nd - Wanstead

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 25th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry16.34 (course pb)8th - 83.9%

RT Chase The Moon 10km, Battersea Park. - Wednesday 23rd February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel ODonoghue37.1328th

Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon - Sunday 20th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Betty Bohane1.31.24210th
Roselin Boramakot2.25.201363rd
Danny Wong2.25.401366th

Zurich Seville Marathon - Sunday 20th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero2.24.33 pb87th, 12th spaniard, ELR Club Record
10km 34.05, half 1.12.08, 40k 2.17.12.

Antonio's report on Seville Marathon

Before I let go of the prep and race chapa, thank you all so much for the messages you have sent me and the support during these months of preparation, and especially to Emilio Raramuri for all the shutdowns at 6am morning between week and many series and long throws together, and to José Luis Hermosin Jiménez for accompanying me on many runs, and above all, in the last few weeks series, which would have been much harder alone.
After the bad feelings in Jerez's Media, I knew I wasn't in my best form, and above all, far from what I was in 2020 when I did the marathon. The lack of long-distance competitions and lack of rest hours to get everything forward was obvious. This 12 weeks prep has been a roller coaster, until a few weeks ago I was settling for doing 2h27'. The first six weeks were bad, overall. The slings were done smoothly, but the fartleks were starting to get me too touched. Comparing workouts with 2020 I was born, then came the black weeks, those in which you can't finish the most demanding workouts, and those you finish, you go asking for the time, there you think you can do. I decided that if I wasn't in the 2020 shape, I could try to get something closer if I took care of nutrition. From December 4 to February 3 I went from 10.3% body fat to 6.1% and almost 2 kg more muscle, suddenly everything started working. After the race of the Route Carlos III of Ecija, the next six weeks were great, I started finishing the workouts with ease and many times I had to tell the coach to step on the brake. The weeks of 155-160 kms didn't weigh on the legs. Arrived the Media de Sevilla, first real test after falling a 3x6000m that same week, and very good feelings improving the time of 2020, at least I wasn't so far from the level of two years ago. Each week I was a little better than the previous, the long rolls towards the pulse in the recovery zone and the series smoothly with the stepped brake, although not too deep sometimes, to such a point that this week I plan to try me push the mark, me I didn't care if I failed, I had confidence and I'm not one to eat my head if something goes wrong, there are always positive things to learn. Until yesterday I had no idea of times for km, or anything.
As far as the race, start almost step in 2020, the same hare and female athlete, but with a difference, this time they were with me a lot more kms. It was very comfortable, we passed the first 5 kms at 17:00, we were a good group and I pray because for the second time in a row after half I can be accompanied. The 10 kms fall to 34:05, after the washout the group went to pieces, first because there were elites and they had their own table and then we who had to go and get several tiny glasses. That's where the group left, I decided to stay in the back, because the pace was good and I didn't want to disrespect the marathon, it was very early, I knew that in km 12 we were going to eat 6-7 kms of wind, so it's better to reserve the forces. I get to go right behind a hare and go refugee as much as possible. the kilometers pass and I'm enjoying, taking a gel every 5 kms, km 18, we change the sense and the wind is no longer visible, we passed the average in 1:12:08, here I had no doubt that it was going down from 2h25' today, I was enjoying, and meeting my cue rpo, save catastrophe, it's rare that target a lowlife coming very well at this point, it's starting to stay a lot of people from the group and I start to give the face, although I still think that it's not yet time to go to the front group, although there is an Andalusian, but I don't know if v well o no, km 25, a Moroccan athlete gives a change and I go with it, since the group starts to have not much future, come on three athletes, we are going to give relays until at km 28 we hunt the front group, where were athletes I knew, the kms pass and I don't understand, I'm fine, but I don't want to lie to her for confidence. We arrived at 30 and the good begins, I put to pull, we passed the Betis field, the sensations are very good and I dedicate myself to keep up the same pace, I'm just going now, we enter Plaza España, very nice, but it leaves you many times stunned by the change d and asphalt and the clarity there is, the fatigue continues not appearing and I take my seventh gel, the strategy I have stepped on, I know that the work is done if I do not do any bullshit, so I decide to keep up with the pace I go, the 38 km is psychological because it has a little down, km 39,40,41 we turned right and enjoyed that spectacular straight. 2h24'33", 51 second bite to the previous mark, second Andaluz after the great Ruben and 12 Spanish. Work done, what was a miracle weeks ago, with work and some sacrifice it has been reversed. Now it's time to rest this week and then think about the next goal, Santander is calling me, but I don't know when.

parkrun - all venues (Eunice aftermath) - Saturday 19th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris25.29* debut19th - 60.37% Leas, Minster
Stuart Barton25.33 debut20th - 58.64% Leas,Minster
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez21.36* (course pb)63rd - 68.52% Sth Manchester
Jonathan Wooldridge22.16* (course pb)30th - 66.54% Maidstone
Thomas Grimes19.18 (1st place)1st - 71.24% Sunny Hill
Tom Howourth19.03 (debut & 1st place)1st - 68.24% Exeter Riverside
Steven Bywater30.26 debut35th - 51.37% Westmill
Claire Emery29.03 debut60th - 58.41% Margate
Mark Moir20.559th - Herrington Country
Marc Akers36.29163rd - Rutland Water
John Booth21.1337th - Hilly fields
Fiona Critchley27.37112th - Markshall Est
Elizabeth ODonnell40.08160th - Seaton
Stephen Swan30.26131st - Kesgrave
Martin Quinlan30.0492nd - Roundshaw Downs
John Henry17.255th - Finsbury
Sandra Preston27.4965th - Roding Valley
Caroline Moore34.34113th - Roding Valley
Shahib Miah Ali19.5940th - Mile End
Karan Gadhia20.11 (50th parkrun)41st - Mile End
James Nichols20.1242nd - Mile End
Nick Hoult23.35125th - Mile End
Jimmy Dale23.35 debut126th - 55.90% Mile End
Catriona Hoult25.48 (course pb)210th - 62.79% Mile End
Alex Pickering20.2210th - Wanstead
Mark Wyatt20.2711th - Wanstead
Amit Marks21.1518th - Wanstead
Shanavaz Malayodu23.03 debut35th - Wanstead
Ian Mackie23.1338th - Wanstead
Jacob Stevens24.2359th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak25.0959th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi25.1473rd - Wanstead
Matthew Powell25.2175th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard26.48104th - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.59108th - Wanstead
Catherine Brett28.12126th - Wanstead
Annette Clark28.33130th - Wanstead
Andrea Waller28.34131st - Wanstead
Sarah Burns30.23148th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan31.14 (300th WF)162nd - Wanstead
Maya Goodwin31.39169th - Wanstead
Jane Scott34.52196th - Wanstead
The morning after storm Eunice had plenty of parkrun's cancelled. Many were closed by falling tree's, many were closed by local councils or forestry land-owners wanting to assess the damage before allowing runs to go ahead. A planned volunteer takeover at Valentines fell through when the park was closed.
Same at Walthamstow when the Peter May sports centre closed and a fallen tree at Hackney blocked the course as well.
Wanstead Flats despite a fallen tree meaning a short detour but it did go ahead. A few parkrun tourists had to change plans to find an open event , at Harleston a few tourist bound for Colchester came to us instead. Run Through's event at Greenwich Park was delayed by a hour to assess any damage. A runner came to Harleston instead as the hour delay meant he would miss his return train home.

Run Through Victoria Park half marathon - Sunday 13th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Betty Bohane1.29.4642nd, 5th lady, 2nd Senior

Sunday XC League - Race 5: Royston - Sunday 13th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols42.1468th - 57th
Karan Gadhia43.4391st - 75th
Mark Moir44.54109th - 89th
Shahib Miah Ali45.56122nd - 102nd
Amit Marks45.57123rd - 125th
Neil Gage48.38154th - 125th
Michael Wilson51.34193rd - 151st
Clive Stephenson52.41205th - 158th
Adrian Frost53.17214th - 163rd
Jacob Stevens55.33239th - 178th
Kirk Johnson1.04.30295th - 197th
Frances Ridout1.06.17302nd - 103rd
Sunday League Race 5 - Therfield Heath, Royston - 13th February 2022.

A heavy wind blew around Therfield Heath in Royston, for the final Sunday League race of the season. It is known as the 'Royston Roaster' by those who have run it before, due to its unforgiving steep hills and valleys. (The highest point reaches 551 ft). The course is on a chalky escarpment which encompasses one small lap of the Heath and then two large laps with several ancient barrows, classed as scheduled ancient monuments.
A convey of East London Runners made the hour long journey up the M11 to Royston, on an otherwise mild and dry February morning.
Fran Ridout took the plaudits for being our only representative and scorer for the ELR Women's team. She had a solid run to finish in 301st position. Fran is a relatively new member who joined the club three months ago and was encouraged to run after taking part in the recent ELR handicap race. Clive Stephenson also made his Sunday League debut and was the final scorer for the Men's 'A' team.
James Nichols continued his impressive form and was first ELR finisher in 68th position. Amit Marks had his usual consistent run and was 5th finisher for the club. A big shout out and thanks to all the runners who turned out for the club today. This was a very enjoyable morning full of the usual ELR camaraderie and banter. We are already looking forward to the start of the new season in October.
Provisional Overall Positions.
(1st 8 score for Men's 'A' team and remainder for the 'B' team).
Team results
Men A - 9th (10th overall) B: 7th of 7, (7th overall), Vets 12th of 19, 10th overall.
Ladies A - 17ty of 19 (14th overall) Vets 14th of 19, (13th overall)

London Winter Run 10km - Sunday 13th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry34.5315th, 1st MV40
Jamie Xavier42.02275th
Darminder Bhamra52.101843rd
Carolyn Edwards54.282379th
Imran Mustak1.02.37 pb11,076th

Ilford AC 10m XC/ Race For Kev, Hainault - Sunday 13th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Nathaniel Dye1.23.5317th
Jimmy Dale1.26.2818th
Becky Evans1.29.3520th, 1st FV50
Grant Conway1.35.2525th
Sandra Preston1.38.2327th
Catriona Hoult1.41.2229th
Ramesh Pala1.49.1033rd
Caroline Moore1.52.0437th
51 finishers.

Orion Harriers Mercury 10 - Saturday 12th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Pickering1.14.3820th
Caroline Frith1.29.2857th
107 finishers

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 12th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez22.11* debut65th - 66.72% Sth Manchester
Fiona Critchley27.04* debut 95th - 66.01% Huntingdon
Stuart Barton28.11 debut112th - 53.16% Huntingdon
Roselin Boramakot33.12* (course pb)311th - 44.88% Richmond
Danny Wong33.22 (course pb)317th - 40.31% Richmond
Arthur Diaz29.01 (course pb)131st - 51.64% Chester
Richard Guest24.28 debut20th - 59.81% Wormwood Scrubs
Jonathan Wooldridge24.30 debut30th - 60.20% Bedgebury Pinetum
Don Bennett37.42 (course pb)65th - 43.68% Harleston
Martin Quinlan28.39 debut29th - 51.08% Swanley
Jakub Czeczotka24.17 debut65th - 56.21% Basingstoke
Andrew Howard24.45 debut53rd - 64.78% Charlton
Katherine Harris26.07246th - Finsbury
Susan Edwards30.09 debut403rd - 60.03% Finsbury
Maya Goodwin31.02 (course pb)434th - 54.67% Finsbury
Shanavaz Malayodu21.47 (course pb)44th - 62.66% Hackney
Redmond Shannon22.0749th - Hackney
Liam Dempsey26.01136th - Hackney
Alex Jameson28.1751st - Littleport
Kathy Morrissey29.24166th - Jersey
Caroline Moore32.4986th - Roding Valley
Steven Bywater30.0832nd - Dolgellau
Marc Akers39.42156th - Rutland Water
Thomas Grimes20.594th - Sunny Hill
Alex Pickering19.497th - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater31.2781st - Walthamstow
Bernadett Kalmar27.2631st - Porch Field
Viktor Szabadi27.3432nd - Porch Field
Mark Moir19.443rd - Barking
Karan Gadhia19.524th - Barking
Shahib Miah Ali20.419th - Barking
James Nichols22.2719th - Barking
Robert Spread17.14 (debut & 1st man) pb1st - 79.79% Valentines
Alan Arul21.5526th - Valentines
Matthew Powell23.2644th - Valentines
Jimmy Dale23.3947th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge25.0366th - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.3773rd - Valentines
Jason Levy25.4475th - Valentines
David Taylor26.1585th - Valentines
Tim Aylett28.28121st - Valentines
George Georgiou28.53129th - Valentines
Mary OBrien29.46144th - Valentines
Mary Connolly29.46145th - Valentines
John Healy30.37165th - Valentines
Joanna Qiu45.22286th - Valentines
John Henry18.296th - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.0523rd - Wanstead
Ross Lucas22.40 (course pb) 31st - 65.59% Wanstead
Ian Mackie23.2241st - Wanstead
Nick Hoult24.0148th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi25.2862nd - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench25.5364th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak26.0668th - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.3477th - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.0289th - Wanstead
Jess Trayler-Moore28.15106th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan30.17127th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards42.35188th - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell42.36189th - Wanstead
Cathal Lynch26.11110th - Hampstead Heath

Watford Half Marathon - Sunday 6th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Kwakye1.36.59 pbstrava (6th Feb)

Great Bentley Half Marathon - Sunday 6th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Hatley1.38.54215th
415 finishers.

Chingford League - Event 6: Victoria Park 5m (Road) - Saturday 5th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karan Gadhia31.07 pb84th
James Nichols31.3393rd
Mark Moir31.4596th
Guy Watts31.4898th
Mark Wyatt32.47121st
Shahib Miah Ali33.24 pb135th
Amit Marks33.26 pb137th
Caroline Frith34.08 pb163rd
Jimmy Dale34.28 pb170th
Jacob Stevens35.41197th
Becky Evans35.48201st
Mounir Dahbi36.09 pb213th
Finbar Sheahan36.27221st
Ian Mackie37.22 pb243rd
Michael Wilson37.31245th
Darminder Bhamra39.04279th
Ramesh Pala39.25290th
Sandra Preston39.57 pb310th
Abdirahman Adan40.23 pb317th
Catriona Hoult40.30321st
John OBrien40.46 pb326th
Katrina Betteridge41.00 pb328th
Jane Burton42.26346th
Suzanne Taylor42.44353rd
Debbie Shearing43.47367th
Caroline Moore44.41374th
Victoria Charlesworth45.26382nd
Fiona Day46.34396th
Kathy Morrissey48.02405th
Diana Rexhepaj48.16407th
Martin Quinlan49.46415th
Imran Mustak50.02 pb417th
Sallyann Eyles52.32427th
Peter Stevens57.02434th
Joanna Qiu1.03.45437th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 5th February 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shaun DeSena34.02* debut215th - 38.54% Watermead C P
John Henry18.55* debut4th - 73.22% Vogrie
Selina Vernal26.15* debut96th - 58.60% Hampstead Heath
Jonathan Wooldridge23.32 debut34th - 62.68% Great Lines, Medway
Clive Stephenson23.24 (200th parkrun)18th - Harrow Lodge
Katherine Harris26.3569th - Victoria Dock
Thomas Grimes21.004th - Sunny Hill
Richard Guest29.43373rd - Finsbury
Viktor Szabadi28.2422nd - Porch Field
Stephen Swan22.4131st - Kesgrave
John Healy29.0099th - Gunpowder
Mark Moir19.5228th - Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali20.1634th - Mile End
Liam Dempsey27.02214th - Mile End
Martin Quinlan30.49315th - Mile End
Peter Hatley25.1627th - Walthamstow
Phoebe Bowman26.1538th - Walthamstow
Jakub Czeczotka27.3249th - Walthamstow
Andrew Howard27.40 (course pb)53rd - 57.95% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater29.1468th - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater33.54100th - Walthamstow
Alex Pickering48.54116th - Walthamstow
Stuart Kelly19.215th - Valentines
Alan Arul22.0117th - Valentines
David Taylor24.4340th - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.3651st - Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.2477th - Valentines
Richard Cravitz26.27 (course pb)78th - 51.61% Valentines
Lauren Kelly26.5082nd - Valentines
George Georgiou28.47118th - Valentines
Amit Marks21.2115th - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.3827th - Wanstead
Ross Lucas23.02 (course pb)31st - 64.54% Wanstead
Nick Hoult23.3337th - Wanstead
Albert Ng24.3249th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi26.0076th - Wanstead
Andrea Waller27.0390th - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench27.26101st - Wanstead
Stuart Barton28.45123rd - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak30.01139th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan33.39187th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards35.04197th - Wanstead
Angela Daniel35.53203rd - Wanstead
Jane Scott36.00205th - Wanstead
Cathal Lynch25.01 (course pb)33rd - Harrow Lodge

EDP Seville Half Marathon - Sunday 30th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero1.09.28 pb35th
3.17 per km. ***New ELR Club Record***

We finished week 9 of preparation for the Sevilla Marathon by participating in the
EDP Seville Half Marathon. Arrived after three very good weeks of training that
have been reflected in the race despite the accumulation of kms. 1h09'28" at a
very steady pace and feeling good during the race. Three weeks to the big day.

Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 30th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.5318th

SEAA Cross Country Championship, Beckenham Place Park, Beckenham - Saturday 29th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols1.06.50473rd
Karan Gadhia1.07.27497th
Mark Moir1.08.41527th
Jacob Stevens1.15.37625th
Finbar Sheahan1.15.49627th
Michael Wilson1.21.34669th
685 finishers.
ELR 44th out of the 46 clubs that had full teams.

The weather conditions were surprisingly good and very mild for January. The course was four large laps for the men, 15,000M in distance. (9+ Miles). It was difficult at first to remember where one lap finished and the next lap began, there were so many twists and turns. The going underfoot was very firm and there was even a gravel path part, leading up hill into a forest area. This was one long gruelling race and we were soon to be lapped by the elite athletes, who charged by like a herd of elephants! The men were able to field a full team and James was first for ELR in a very quick time of 1.06.50. He was followed not far behind, by Karan in an equally impressive 1.07.27 and then Mark in 1.08.41. Jacob, Finbar and Mike made up the remaining men's team places. Unfortunately, our women who were due to run were caught in traffic and were unable to arrive at the venue in time for their race.
This was a huge field of very high standard runners and it was an honour just to take part and represent ELR in these championships. It was another enjoyable ELR outing and we can all be very happy with our times today. Thanks to Adrian Frost for his support on the first couple of laps and to Karan for his very tasty homemade cheesecake at the end.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 29th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Howard24.52* debut29th - 64.48% Southall
Victoria Charlesworth28.46* debut116th - 58.29% Bognor Regis
Claire Emery27.12* debut239th - 62.38% Stretford
Arthur Diaz34.21* debut128th - 43.62% Barry Island
Stephen Swan22.48* debut13th - 57.82% Alton Water
Stuart Barton29.0861st - Alton Water
Angela Daniel35.01* debut42nd - 43.69% Harleston Magpies
Don Bennett38.18 (course pb)55th - 42.99% Harleston Magpies
Shahib Miah Ali21.16 debut5th - 61.99% Canons Park
Sandra Preston26.27 debut42nd - 69.38% Melksham
Shaun DeSena33.06 debut320th - 39.63% Eastbourne
James Nichols21.0745th - Highbury Fields
Susan Edwards29.48 debut pb266th - 60.74% Highbury Fields
Liam Dempsey27.13 (course pb)102nd - 48.44% Billericay
Katherine Harris27.15275th - Finsbury
Maya Goodwin31.58 (course pb)465th - 53.08% Finsbury
Stuart Kelly18.215th - Barking
Mark Moir19.5414th - Barking
Lauren Kelly27.2377th - Barking
John Healy28.0994th - Gunpowder
Caroline Moore32.1776th - Roding Valley
Jonathan Wooldridge23.1148th - Maidstone
Martin Quinlan30.31277th - Southwark
Fiona Critchley26.5547th - Great Notley
Alex Jameson27.1850th - Littleport
Clive Stephenson23.5610th - Harrow Lodge
Redmond Shannon22.4879th - Hackney
Bernadett Kalmar27.3328th - Porch Field
Viktor Szabadi29.0729th - Porch Field
Tom Howourth17.412nd - Exmouth
Sarah Burns39.5917th - Vandeleur
Alex Pickering20.296th - Walthamstow
Daniel ODonoghue21.4913th - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater29.1178th - Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey32.27103rd - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater38.22133rd - Walthamstow
Nick Hoult23.16 (course pb)27th - 62.39% Valentines
Matthew Powell23.3331st - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.1042nd - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge25.4347th - Valentines
Catriona Hoult26.1354th - Valentines
Jimmy Dale27.0765th - Valentines
Jason Levy27.2574th - Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.2977th - Valentines
Mary OBrien28.4297th - Valentines
John Henry18.405th - Wanstead
Joseph Osakue19.2010th - Wanstead
Amit Marks21.2620th - Wanstead
Ian Mackie24.2946th - Wanstead
Darminder Bhamra25.28 debut58th - 61.39% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak25.3160th - Wanstead
Jakub Czeczotka25.5164th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi26.2671st - Wanstead
Fiona Day30.05127th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan30.08129th - Wanstead
Cathal Lynch25.1451st - Pymmes
55 parkruns at 27 venues,
11 debuts,
4 course pbs,

Euan's first finish at Wanstead Flats parkrun was the 100th first finish by the Brown / Day brothers in 499 runs.

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 28th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry16.368th, 83.8%
Sallyann Eyles32.35147th, 50.7%
151 finishers

RT Clapham Common 5km - Sunday 23rd January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien26.1122nd

Chingford League - Event 5: XC 5mile, Epping Forest, Chingford - Saturday 22nd January 2022

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes33.5815th - 11th
Robert Spread36.0939th - 29th
John Henry37.5556th - 39th
Karan Gadhia39.5283rd - 53rd
Amit Marks42.29111th - 66th
Caroline Frith42.33112th - 1st
Becky Evans45.39147th - 7th
Jacob Stevens46.34154th - 78th
Michael Wilson46.44158th - 81st
Mounir Dahbi48.09175th - 86th
Clive Stephenson49.36185th - 88th
Ian Mackie49.38186th - 89th
Katrina Betteridge52.07221st - 16th
Catriona Hoult52.09223rd - 17th
Kathryn Hertzberg52.17226th - 19th
Finbar Sheahan52.31227th - 98th
Sandra Preston53.51237th - 23rd
Jane Burton55.28248th - 26th
Debbie Shearing55.39250th - 28th
Ramesh Pala57.10263rd - 103rd
Fiona Day59.05275th - 36th
Anne-Marie Kennedy59.34278th - 38th
Caroline Moore1.00.44285th - 40th
Diana Rexhepaj1.01.23287th - 41st
Susan Edwards1.07.49307th - 50th
Sallyann Eyles1.07.57308th - 51st
319 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 22nd January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Neil Gage22.33* debut35th - 62.90% Castle Park
Jonathan Wooldridge23.37* debut73rd - 62.46% Tonbridge
Tom Howourth18.15* debut5th - 71.23% Central, Plymouth5
Fiona Critchley26.46* debut40th - 66.75% Fulbourn Hospital
Stuart Barton28.47* debut46th - 52.06% Fulbourn Hospital
Shaun DeSena31.48* debut90th - 41.25% Oaklands
Shahib Miah Ali20.24 debut9th - 64.62% Harrow
Matthew Powell22.33 debut pb17th - 62.38% Barking
Richard Guest22.45 debut82nd - 64.32% Gunnersbury
Shanavaz Malayodu24.18 (course pb)19th - 56.17% Roding
Bernadett Kalmar26.19 (250th parkrun)26th - Porchfield
Viktor Szabadi27.3735th - Porchfield
Grace Turner27.45114th - Blyth Links
Alex Jameson32.4838th - Littleport
James Nichols20.4537th - Mile End
Claire Emery32.4817th - Marple
Arthur Diaz33.09203rd - Chester
Alan Arul21.56130th - Poole
Mark Moir19.565th - Silksworth
Stephen Swan22.1126th - Kesgrave
Katherine Harris25.53242nd - Finsbury
Maya Goodwin32.56506th - Finsbury
John Henry19.382nd - Walthamstow
Alex Pickering19.554th - Walthamstow
Andrew Howard27.42 (course pb) 45th - 57.88% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater29.4665th - Walthamstow
Martin Quinlan28.17212th - Southwark
Joseph Osakue20.128th - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.3524th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak25.2055th - Wanstead
Ged Browne26.2266th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi27.0276th - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench28.3794th - Wanstead
John Healy30.43 (100th parkrun)123rd - Wanstead
Scott McMillan31.44131st - Wanstead
Angela Daniel37.24171st - Wanstead
Cathal Lynch26.1631st - Harrow Lodge
36 ELR parkruns due to 25 running at the Chingford League fixture.
250th parkrun for Bernadett Kalmar and 100th for John Healy.
9 debut run's
and 2 course pb's, one from Andrew Howard on his 18th time at Walthamstow and 18 pb's on the course.

Brass Monkey Half Marathon, York - Sunday 16th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry1.13.51 pb51st
1,413 finishers with 100 finishers under 1.18.00.

Benfleet 15m - Sunday 16th January 2022

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.39.096th
Joseph Gunn1.47.0829th
Caroline Frith2.03.30 pb107th
Nathaniel Dye2.09.46167th
James Nichols2.10.23174th
Peter Hatley2.13.28208th
Jimmy Dale2.15.31226th
Jonathan Wooldridge2.27.55338th
Alexandra Wilkinson2.35.54388th
Darminder Bhamra3.13.18582nd

Sunday XC League - Event 4 : Cassiobury Park, Watford - Sunday 16th January 2022

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali43.0378th - 68th
Karan Gadhia43.0779th - 69th
Mark Moir45.40128th - 110th
Jacob Stevens48.37173rd - 144th
Michael Wilson51.07209th - 165th
Mounir Dahbi51.27217th - 170th
Grant Conway51.54224th - 176th
Abdirahman Adan55.21276th - 203rd
Adrian Frost57.14303rd - 210th
John OBrien1.03.41351st - 224th
Becky Evans50.18199th - 42nd
Kathryn Hertzberg54.24262nd - 64th
Sandra Preston55.15274th - 73rd
Phoebe Bowman55.26278th - 75th
Kasia Stachowiak56.09286th - 81st
Catriona Hoult57.13301st - 93rd
Debbie Shearing58.24317th - 101st
Fiona Day1.03.50354th - 130th
Morag Campbell1.05.35365th - 138th
236 men, 169 ladies = 405 finishers.
Team Results: Men A: 11th/19, 10th overall, Men B: 7th, 7th overall, Vets 16th, 10th overall.
Ladies Team: Ladies A: 11th, 12th overall, Vets: 13th, 12th overall.

Michael Wilson reports: The massive army of runners that set off at the start was a spectacle to behold. Hundreds of people racing down the long grassy hill, trying to dodge trees, branches and other runners! Through some mud to the bottom and then across a concrete bridge over the River Gade and Grand Union Canal into the woods. Up, up, up a long steep hill to the top and then the start of two hilly laps before the descent back down the path to the bridge and the long up hill back to the finish. 5.9 Miles to be precise! A stunning course through the scenic Cassiobury Park in Watford on a fairly mild, still day; perfect conditions for cross country running.
Becky Evans was the first ELR women’s finisher in 42nd position, followed by Kathryn Hertzberg - 64th and Sandra Preston - 73rd. Phoebe Bowman - 75th and Kasia Stachowiak - 81st, completed the scoring for the women’s team.
First for the men was Shahib Ali - 68th, who just edged Karan Gadhia into 69th position, followed by Mark Moir in 110th. Jacob Stevens - 144th, Michael Wilson - 165th, Monir Dahbi - 170th, Grant Conway - 176th and
Abdirahman Adan - 203rd, completed the scoring for the men.
Good runs from Debbie, Monir and Abdi on their Sunday League debuts. Thanks to everyone who ran on Sunday - another great turnout. Including , those who ran after bouts of illness and our Sunday League stalwarts - you know who you are! Finally our baker, Karan whose lovely chocolate cakes lifted our sugar levels after a hard race!
See you for the 5th and final race of the season at Therfield Heath, Royston on 13th February.

Battersea Park Half Marathon - Saturday 15th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jess Trayler-Moore2.01.10 pb361st

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 15th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Nick Hoult23.40* debut25th - 61.34% Queens Domain
Tom Howourth17.29 * (1st man)1st - 74.36% Tooting Common
Fiona Critchley27.24* (course pb)118th - 65.21% Markshall Estate
Thomas Grimes18.47 (1st man)1st - 73.20% Sunny Hill
Jakub Czeczotka24.23 debut51st - 55.98% Charlton
Stuart Barton26.23 debut84th - 56.79% Charlton
Shaun DeSena31.23 debut128th - 41.38% Seaford Beach
Don Bennett38.59 (course pb)55th - 42.24% Harleston Magpies
Jimmy Dale22.33 debut22nd - 58.46% Pymmes
John Healy27.39 (course pb)86th - 52.08% Gunpowder
Caroline Moore31.5971st - Roding
Jonathan Wooldridge22.4656th - Maidstone
James Nichols20.3410th - Billericay
Joseph Osakue19.3812th - Hackney
Diana Rexhepaj31.1137th - Beckton
Clive Stephenson24.1518th - Harrow Lodge
Marc Akers38.12150th - Rutland Water
Martin Quinlan31.13274th - Southwark
Alex Jameson28.1953rd - Littleport
Bernadett Kalmar27.0132nd - Porch Field
Viktor Szabadi27.5135th - Porch Field
Mark Moir19.5327th - Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali20.1335th - Mile End
Liam Dempsey26.55175th - Mile End
Alex Pickering19.503rd - Walthamstow
Andrew Howard27.45 (course pb)42nd - 57.78% Walthamstow
Peter Hatley33.1984th - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater46.47112th - Walthamstow
Joseph Gunn18.28 (1st man)1st - 70.67% Valentines
Stuart Kelly18.382nd - Valentines
Alan Arul22.1022nd - Valentines
Matthew Powell23.1740th - Valentines
David Taylor24.4556th - Valentines
John OBrien25.18 (course pb)61st - 60.21% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.2562nd - Valentines
Mark Durrant26.1168th - Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.0688th - Valentines
Sandra Preston27.0689th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge27.1091st - Valentines
Richard Cravitz27.16 (course pb)93rd - 49.69% Valentines
Gail Edwards27.4999th - Valentines
Amy Martin31.52165th - Valentines
Scott McMillan19.22 (1st man)1st - 73.75% Wanstead
Mark Wyatt19.525th - Wanstead
Amit Marks21.4613th - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.1924th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak25.4554th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi27.3781st - Wanstead
Claire Drakeford30.52134th - Wanstead
Fiona Day30.54135th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.14141st - Wanstead
Morag Campbell32.52162nd - Wanstead
David Wyatt33.05163rd - Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera34.10171st - Wanstead
Jane Scott35.48182nd - Wanstead
Angela Daniel36.21185th - Wanstead
Sarah Burns26.18265th - Finsbury
Maya Goodwin34.15561st - Finsbury
Katherine Harris34.16563rd - Finsbury
Cathal Lynch27.3148th - Harrow Lodge

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 9th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sandra Preston50.55 pb126th / 261

Essex Duathlon standard - Sunday 9th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith2.33.1114th, 4th lady, 2nd age cat
10km run, 32km bike, 5km run

Essex Duathlon sprint - Sunday 9th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Neil Gage1.30.4726th
Anna Dingle1.42.2838th, 9th lady, 2nd age cat

Essex Runfest 10km - Sunday 9th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amy Martin57.3938th / 64

Run Through Victoria Park half marathon - Sunday 9th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel ODonoghue1.24.05 pb12th

Essex Senior XC Championships, Basildon (ladies 8k, men 10k) - Saturday 8th January 2022

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Le Roux51.46118th (8k)
Joseph Gunn38.2156th
James Nichols44.21127th
Louis Le Roux44.55135th
Karan Gadhia45.05136th
Finbar Sheahan47.52164th
Michael Wilson50.38179th
Mounir Dahbi52.12185th
John OBrien1:01.55205th
Ladies 8km 125 finishers, Men 10km 214 finishers.
Men's Team : 18th of 25 teams.

Karan Gadhia: Thanks to everyone who ran today at the Essex XC Championships in the rain and thick mud. A couple of very steep hills including a sharp downhill where some people slipped over.
Rachel Le Roux was the sole ELR representative in a large women's field that contained full teams from other Elvis clubs but she ran well and said she enjoyed the race.
In the men's race, CRoTM Joe Gunn was the first finisher for the club followed by James Nichols ,
Louis Le Roux and myself within a minute of each other. Finbar Sheahan was next and Michael Wilson completed the scoring for the men's team. Monir Dahbi and John O'Brien also ran well and we enjoyed chocolate cupcakes at the finish.
I always love to wear my club colours but I felt especially proud to represent the club today at a prestigious event like the county championships.

Michael Wilson: Thanks Karan, the cup cakes were delicious!
This race was very wet, muddy, hilly and at the finish we were all cold and soaked to the skin! Traditional cross country and I loved every minute. It was a great honour just to take part. Hope your knee will be ok Calvin after a few days rest. Thanks Susan for your support out in the hills!

Country to Capital Ultra : 43 miles - Saturday 8th January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez5.48.358th
Regis Martin7.04.5856th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 8th January 2022

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Howourth18.43* debut & 1st1st - 69.46% Cranbrook CP
Shaun DeSena37.31* debut70th - 34.96% Itchen Valley
Shahib Miah Ali21.33* debut18th - 61.18% Upton Court
Fiona Critchley29.09 debut125th - 61.29% Wimpole Estate
Stuart Barton31.12 debut157th - 48.02% Wimpole Estate
John Healy28.14 debut80th - 51.00% Gunpowder
Alex Jameson29.00 debut50th - 51.26% March
Richard Guest22.56 debut88th - 63.81% Tooting Common
Matthew Powell23.15 debut pb29th - 60.50% Victoria Dock
Jonathan Wooldridge23.59 debut7th - 61.50% Hunstanton
Thomas Grimes18.21 (1st man)1st - 74.93% Sunny Hill
Mark Moir20.50 debut37th - 62.08% Southwark
Martin Quinlan29.50248th - Southwark
Joanna Neville29.33246th - Gunnersbury
Catriona Hoult26.20127th - Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka25.09128th - Mile End
Stephen Swan23.4133rd - Kesgrave
Clive Stephenson24.458th - Harrow Lodge
Andrew Baxter22.379th - Walthamstow
Alex Pickering31.0779th - Walthamstow
Amit Marks20.3715th - Raphael
Natasha Howard28.44129th - Raphael
John Henry17.082nd - Finsbury
Maya Goodwin32.48506th - Finsbury
Katherine Harris32.48507th - Finsbury
Caroline Moore31.2238th - Roding Valley
Peter Hatley32.2841st - Roding Valley
Kasia Stachowiak25.4461st - Wanstead
Sandra Preston27.08 (course pb)77th - 67.63% Wanstead
Andrew Howard27.2685th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi28.13100th - Wanstead
Joe Preston30.19124th - Wanstead
Susannah House32.48140th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan33.49149th - Wanstead
Angela Daniel36.41170th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards44.34188th - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell55.59189th - Wanstead
Stuart Kelly19.143rd - Valentines
Alan Arul22.4832nd - Valentines
Chloe Millan22.5233rd - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.3760th - Valentines
Darminder Bhamra27.4486th - Valentines
George Georgiou27.4687th - Valentines
Alexander Ward27.5795th - Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth28.25101st - Valentines
Naimah Riaz28.31104th - Valentines
Mark Durrant28.32105th - Valentines
Gail Edwards28.32106th - Valentines
David Taylor32.58169th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge36.34193rd - Valentines
Joanna Qiu46.55227th - Valentines

ELR Handicap Race - Hainault Forest 5.5mi XC - Unofficial - Monday 3rd January 2022

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Carolyn Edwards54.211st
Maya Goodwin1.04.342nd
John White57.553rd
Michael Wilson44.364th
Sarah Burns45.225th
Adrian Frost47.466th
Peter Hatley45.187th
Fiona Day58.588th
Ramesh Pala50.209th
Betty Bohane43.2210th
Caroline Frith42.4411th
Jonathan Shaw43.5312th
Alex Pickering35.5913th
Jacob Stevens43.2714th
Frances Ridout58.4915th
John Healy56.0916th
Catherine Brett55.3017th
Thomas Grimes33.2918th
Joseph Gunn 35.2319th
Katrina Betteridge51.5120th
Sandra Preston53.0021st
Abdirahman Adan52.1922nd
John Henry37.1223rd
Catriona Hoult56.0324th
Calvin Bobin45.4925th
Nathaniel Dye45.4925th
John OBrien1.01.0627th
Well done, Caz Edwards for a very successful return to XC racing !
Sorry there was a cluster of runners for which we could not write the time down!
We were really glad to see so much participation from the club (really sorry for the ones who couldn't join at the last moment!) and we are forever grateful to our marshals : Susan Edwards, Morag Campbell, Fiona Campbell, Frank Brownlie, Susannah McLaren, Tricia O'Neill and the moving Caroline Frith's family with a special thanks to Joe Preston and Ilford runner: Diarmuid Mac Donnell who helped us to set up the course with the sawdust early this morning ! (great weight lifting exercise!)
Alexandra, Jacob and Sandra

Maya Goodwin reports: OMG That was fantastic. Thank you so much for organising such a great race. Love my club x
Catch the Pigeon. The Hunger Games. They both seemed slightly terrifying. I tried thinking of The Railway Children instead, but I wasn't sure if Sarah Burns was wearing a red flannel petticoat to rescue me if there was a train.
I was considering just pootling along till the second starter joined me. That seemed less stressful. But Sarah gave me a big pep talk.
‘No Maya. No. You don’t even THINK about anyone else. This is your chance to run as hard as you can. Run your race and keep as many people off as you can’
Ok. Well that sounded like hard work. But I had a 5 min head start, so it had to be worth a try. Off I set, with cheers in my ears, following sawdust. It was uphill, muddy, downhill, less muddy, flat, there were walkers, horses, bikes. I huffed and puffed past them all. Running past walkers, I could see them looking at me curiously as I puffed past them. A couple asked 'is it a race?. 'Club run' was all I could manage. I'm sure they were wondering why someone so slow was at the front. I wanted to explain, but there was no time. Keep running Maya.
At 5.7k at the top of a long straight road, I looked back. There! A tiny red speck in the distance. Was it a speedster racing like the wind? Or a slower runner like me, which would give me a bit more time. I chuffed along, and at 6k there was more mud. I rolled my eyes. I was over it now. Sliding though the muddy path I saw more walkers. This time I had breath to gasp out: 'When you see the next red vest coming this way, tell them Maya says slow down'
They did as well.
At 7k John White caught me. I was striding up the hill but it wasn't faster than his run and he overtook. A glance over my shoulder and it was still clear. I kept on, running with short walk breaks. And then another red. Caz caught me and I knew that I needed to move if I was going to keep a podium place. But there was so much mud! I am clumsy at the best of times, so I slowed down. John had held back to 'encourage' me though the mud. Stupid mud.
And then it was the home straight. I ran with everything I had left (which wasn't much) to hold onto second place. I turned round after I crossed the line, and there was literally a sea of red, as everyone came thundering in to finish right behind me, so I hadn't had a second to waste.
Alex and team, this was one of my favourite runs. Thank you so much! It was such a new experience to be chased, and it really taught me a lot about resilience and keeping on going. A perfect end to a holiday season and an even better start to the new year.

Serpentine New Years Day 10km - Saturday 1st January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry34.5116th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 1st January 2022

NameTimePositionGender Position
Scott McMillan18.07* (course pb)9th - 78.84% Aberdeen
Jimmy Dale28.20* debut48th - 46.53% Crichton
Caroline Frith21.46* debut16th - 72.28% Old Showfield
Matthew Powell25.55 debut79th - 54.28% Harrogate
Stuart Norris29.35 debut86th - 43.61% Hilly Fields
Caroline Moore33.4554th - Roding
Mary OBrien29.0730th - Wexford Races
Arthur Diaz32.05200th - Chester
Juliet Lopez-Real33.2971st - Pymmes
Shahib Miah Ali21.5924th - Mile End
Martin Quinlan31.3983rd - Roundshaw Downs
Mark Moir22.4717th - Silksworth
Albert Ng25.0330th - Evesham
Marc Akers38.03230th - Rutland Water
Thomas Grimes20.302nd - Sunny Hill
Jonathan Wooldridge23.5450th - Maidstone
Sarah Burns24.4477th - Finsbury
Maya Goodwin32.14 (course pb)186th - 52.64% Finsbury
Louis Le Roux21.334th - Thurrock, Orsett
Rachel Le Roux30.5752nd - Thurrock, Orsett
Joseph Osakue19.307th - Hackney
Michael Wilson24.07 debut44th - 67.10% Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka24.3950th - Hackney
Richard Guest23.0937th - Highbury Fields
Cathal Lynch28.2962nd - Harrow Lodge
Bernard Mansell28.13 (course pb)59th - 52.69% Witney
Billy Rayner20.08 (50th parkrun)7th - 65.89% Valentines
Jacob Stevens22.1824th - Valentines
James Nichols22.2927th - Valentines
Chloe Millan23.3444th - Valentines
Clive Stephenson24.0051st - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.0568th - Valentines
Sandra Preston25.0769th - Valentines
John OBrien25.31 (course pb)74th - 59.70% Valentines
Katherine Harris27.20100th - Valentines
George Georgiou27.50106th - Valentines
Alexander Ward27.58110th - Valentines
Mark Durrant28.00111th - Valentines
Joe Preston32.15161st - Valentines
Joanna Qiu55.31250th - Valentines
Alex Pickering20.134th - Wanstead
Tom Marshall21.4310th - Wanstead
Amit Marks21.5611th - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.4716th - Wanstead
Carlton DSouza26.0543rd - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult28.0265th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard28.4679th - Wanstead
Stuart Barton30.29100th - Wanstead
Andrea Waller30.36101st - Wanstead
Fiona Day30.42102nd - Wanstead
Claire Emery30.50106th - Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.55107th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards34.43130th - Wanstead
Don Bennett42.50154th - Wanstead
Finbar Sheahan27.1654TH - Wanstead