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Results Jan-June 2018

ASA London Region 2018 Open Water Championships 2km - Surrey Docks - Saturday 30th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joanna Wood54.01
Race report for the ASA London Region 2018 Open Water Championships - Surrey Docks, 2km
So this is my first ever race report for a swimming race, my debut as a Masters swimmer and debut for an open water race.
Having only got back into swimming approx 3 months ago (after a 27 year break!) I was conscious this race was about enjoyment, not my finishing time - which is the complete opposite to my running ethos!
The conditions were perfect and it was great to see the smiley faces of Pauline Tester, Colin & Ralph upon my arrival. We saw Ralph start his 5k race and after a pep talk from Pauline I was then in for my safety briefing for the 2k swimmers. No masters age group for this distance (shame as I was the only entrant for VF40+ if they'd had the same groups as the other distances and I'd have been on for a gold!). So for this race anyone 25 and over was in the same category. I should point out the youngest swimmers were 12!!
Waiting for our starters announcement I suddenly saw my mum and Marc further along the dock which was great!
After a delayed start we were off and the nerves really kicked in. I stayed a good distance away from the crowd so no risk of being grabbed or ducked and the group soon thinned out with only 2 swimmers behind me. But this was for enjoyment not speed I kept reminding myself.
Lap 1 was good and I even slowed to wave at my mum and Marc on the dock (an extra few seconds really wasnt going to make a difference - its the equivalent of stopping for a jelly baby from a kid when running a marathon!). I decided against waving on the remaining laps though as I thought the safety team might think I was in distress and yank me out!
But open water is waaaaay different to pool swimming and each of the 4 laps seemed to get longer and longer and more choppy but I couldnt help the competative side of me still trying to keep in front of the 2 guys on my tail. I maintained a good lead for 3 laps, 4th lap saw the penultimate swimmer make a break for it and take me on. I wasn't sure what had happened to the last swimmer but this guy really had paced himself well to get up the speed that far into the race. But he kept going wide of the buoys on the turns and so that was my chance for a short burst to get away from him.
Coming to the last bouy however he was alongside me and then off. I just couldn't keep up no matter how hard I tried. My mind kept flitting between wondering if the last swimmer had actually passed me earlier on and Id missed him and still hearing Foo Fighters songs from their concert a week ago! 100% concentration was almost impossible by this stage!
But I did it!
Hitting the finishers board I shouted to the judges am I last?. They said no and I shouted yeeees! much to their amusement. Climbing out of the dock I had Pauline, Ralph, Donna, Colin, my mum & Marc all there to greet me and it was great!
Whilst I got lapped by a bunch of kids I didnt get eaten by the gigantic fish (and they were MASSIVE), I didn't stop, I managed to finish under the 1hr cut off....and I didn't come last!
Official times are still not published but when they are it will be my starting point for training harder and doing a longer distance next year.
Home and pub for obligatory celebration pic of burger and beer(s) and my hat (as no medal this time).
But after 2 showers I do have one question......
Just how permanent IS this permanent marker and who's free to scrub it off???

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 30th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne1.20.101st

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 30th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.151st - 79.38% - Wanstead
Andy Kumar19.3010th - 66.92% - Wanstead
Peter Craik19.4013th - 73.81% - Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan20.0615th - 69.98% - Wanstead
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.0624th - 64.22% - Wanstead
Mark Wyatt21.5134th - 59.04% - Wanstead
Sharon Springfield22.3944th - 70.13% - Wanstead
Lawrence Foster22.43 (course pb)45th - 67.06% - Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone23.5263rd - 58.52% - Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.1166th - 64.09% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson24.3873rd - 65.09% - Wanstead
Nick Hoult24.5078th - 56.64% - Wanstead
Sarah Burns25.0279th - 61.92% - Wanstead
Alex Jameson25.1382nd - 57.57% - Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.0186th - 62.27% - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.50102nd - 60.99% - Wanstead
Ellen Jones27.10107th - 54.60% - Wanstead
Catherine Brett27.28118th - 62.56% - Wanstead
Samir Younsi27.44 (1st parkrun)121st - 50.72% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore27.52126th - 64.95% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.57155th - 50.47% - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult31.04168th - 50.27% - Wanstead
Ijeoma Anozie25.15141st - 60.92% - Hackney
Kat Maskell25.41149th - 58.60% - Hackney
Ruel Ordonio26.32171st - 52.64% - Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka26.05202nd - 50.86% - Highbury Fields
Ashley Faria20.3611th - 70.47% - Valentines
Jacob Stevens21.1413th - 65.23% - Valentines
Craig Livermore21.2714th - 60.14% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel24.5247th - 60.25% - Valentines
Tim Aylett25.4360th - 52.69% - Valentines
Jason Levy28.37106th - 50.32% - Valentines
Gowri Sukumar34.08 (course pb)181st - 45.75% - Valentines
Mark Moir19.2421st - 66.49% - Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali21.278th - 60.61% - Barking
Samia Choudhury57.38116th - 25.68% - Barking
Patrick Brown17.391st - 73.94% - Walthamstow
Andrew Baxter24.1830th - 60.22% - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater28.1461st - 53.54% - Walthamstow
Martin Quinlan40.30 (course debut)216th - 35.27% - Forest Rec
John Henry19.067th - 70.42% - Fountains Abbey
Terry Lewsey20.407th - 66.53% - Thurrock
Andrew Howard22.20 (course debut)19th - 70.00% - Haverhill
John Booth17.273rd - 77.08% - Victoria Dock
Dan Gritton17.29 pb4th - 81.12% - Victoria Dock
Stephen Swan22.55 pb40th - 56.58% - Victoria Dock
Katherine Harris23.02 (course pb)41st - 65.34% - Victoria Dock
Jonathan Wooldridge23.14 (course debut)45th - 61.98% - Victoria Dock
Fiona Critchley24.23 (course debut)57th - 70.47% - Victoria Dock
Stuart Barton25.10 (course debut)62nd - 57.68% - Victoria Dock
Richard Potter22.0919th - 59.52% - Roding Valley
James Nichols20.56 (course pb)15th - 62.66% - Lloyd, Croydon
Marc Akers40.37153rd - 34.92% - Gunpowder
Paul Marshall25.5627th - 50.58% - Beckton
Shaun DeSena33.55 (course debut)280th - 38.13% - Crane Park
Arthur Diaz28.51 debut206th - 48.01% Southwark

OCR (short course) 4km, European Championships, Esbjerg, Denmark - Friday 29th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Stephens2.07.58(2km - 1.18.02)
One medal from the "4km Sprint Race" at the OCR European Championships this morning...
What a crazy race!!! Mandatory obstacle completion on 24 obstacles that would make Ninja
Warrior cry... around 30 out of a few thousand managed to complete all obstacles within
the 2 hour cut off, safe to say that I was not one of them!
I did not have the forearm or finger strength to compete today, but had a lot of fun.
Lots to learn... until the 15km tomorrow!

Orion's Fast Friday, Walthamstow Track - Friday 29th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans17.45 pb10th, 5000m race 1 - 73.08%
Dan Senior18.05 pb17th, 5000m race 1 - 75.62%
Euan Brown15.26 pb3rd, 5000m race 2 - 84.06%
Mark Boulton16.18 pb18th, 5000m race 2 - 79.59%
Paul Quinton16.5025th, 5000m race 2 - 78.96%

Sri Chimnoy 5km, Battersea Park (Dashing Deer) - Monday 25th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Emily Clarke20.5880th
Paul Marshall21.0182nd

World War Run OCR 5 MILE - Sunday 24th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Stephens1.01.526th of 521
6th place from 521 at World War Run 5 mile OCR yesterday. 1hr1min52.
Was more of a runners course without any really technical obstacles,
so not ideal for me! One more training session to go then I fly to
Denmark on Thursday for the OCR European Championships.

Leeds Castle Standard Triathlon - Sunday 24th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns2.47.13214th
1500m swim, t1, 40k cycle, t2, 10k run
30.35, 1.29, 1.22.53, 1.23, 50.51 = 2.47.13

The Centurion Triathlon - Sunday 24th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale9.29.1528th of 31
1.25 mile swim 57.29
t1 2.59
84 mile cycle 5.37.06
t2 1.35
15 mile run 2.50.05
total 9.29.15

Trent Park Triffic Trail 10km - Sunday 24th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Howard47.2178th
481 finishers.
Andrew Howard: I was a bit slow at the Triffic Trail this morning; only a second better than my PW. It was quite warm and, in the dozen times I've run the race, Ive not seen so many people, including some wearing club vests, walking up the hills. Its a pity it clashes with the Colworth Marathon but it is an old favourite and the wonderful people of Trent Park Running Club (who did the beginner friendly duathlon in January) put on a race that Ill do until I cant even walk up the hills. Even the goodie bag is entertaining and included toothpaste (has been dental floss in the past), baked chickpea bites, vitamin D tablets, a notepad from the local solicitors (their previous years contributions have included a key ring and a doorstop), a pen and vegan lip balm. And this year's finishers' T-shirt is red.

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Final Placings - Sunday 24th June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown2.49.253rd
James Nichols3.05.418th
Louis Le Roux3.09.1610th
Manjit Bedi3.19.0615th
Michael Bamford3.34.0533rd
Mike Brett3.35.0136th
Paul Thompson3.40.0341st
Grant Conway3.40.5345th
Suzanne Bench3.49.2750th
Stephen Swan4.02.3865th
Jonathan Wooldridge4.06.0671st
Fiona Critchley4.09.4980th
Rachel Le Roux4.10.2181st
Bernadett Kalmar4.19.2791st
Frank Brownlie4.23.5695th
Catherine Brett4.31.17106th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera4.32.49107th
Jayne Browne4.56.34128th
Geoff Bench4.56.41129th
Colworth Marathon Challenge 2018, Overall Results.
Winner FV45 : Suzanne Bench
3rd Male - Patrick Brown
Team Winners - East London Runners (Patrick, Thomas, James, Louis and Manjit)

Grant Conway Colworth Marathon Challenge report.
Selfishly a family member decided to get married today so I thought I would post a quick report in order to keep me awake! I am well and truly shattered! What a tart!
Anyway, this was my 7th consecutive Colworth visit and I have now completed 6. We wont mention the year I didnt complete and the reasons why! Coc!
The weather this year was incredible. Warm/hot days followed by cool nights sleeping under the stars. I so love camping. I cant wait for next year so I can do it again. Not!
This year we had around 20 participants which was a few less than last year but it was just as enjoyable as I got to chat to or bore more or less everyone over the weekend.
The running was as hard as ever especially with camping for 2 nights on Friday and Saturday and running 3 races to complete the marathon distance over the weekend on the back of ELVIS 3 on Thursday.
Everyone did great whether they ran once, twice or completed the whole challenge.
Although it was hard I thoroughly enjoyed the three runs in beautiful Bedfordshire countryside mainly on trails through forestry and fields. Thanks to all for getting me through the weekend somehow and for putting up with my mythering about camping. A special thanks to Jonathan and Paul for getting me round the three runs. Remarkably I managed a course PB on the hilly and rutted trail run yesterday but this event isnt really about times, its about getting round and having fun. The hosts really do put on a great event and I wouldnt miss it for anything. Alexandra said she would still go even if she couldnt run and I would do the same, despite the pesky camping!
Some great highlights with the BBQ and beers after the Friday night run, the fabulous meal last night with great company. Thanks Suzanne for arranging and Fionas hungover HM today. A true athlete!
See you next June!

Fiona This is not really a race report more a big thank you to everyone involved; Colworth Striders for organizing a fantastic weekend of racing and all our ELR runners and family for their wonderful support, it all goes to make the Colworth Marathon Challenge one of the highlights of the running year.

While I cannot really be proud of my 'hungover half' (thanks Grant for bringing that up), I am very proud to have completed the whole challenge. It was my first real racing for six months and for that I have to thank the Tendonopathy Team at Mile End Hospital for getting me back running. I did achieve my highest placing yet in this event & a creditable 4th in Age Category, so thank you Patrick Browne for awesome coffee & Jonathan Woodlridge for not leaving me to die in a corn field!

All I can add is that this is a great weekend away, camping, running, laughing, even if we did have to miss a parkrun. Next year will be my 5th Colworth...see you there June 2019......bring it on!

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Day 3 - Half Marathon - Sunday 24th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1.28.034th
James Nichols1.36.3712th
Louis Le Roux1.37.59 pb17th
Manjit Bedi1.41.4822nd
Michael Bamford1.46.0732nd
Mike Brett1.51.1447th
Paul Thompson1.54.4557th
Grant Conway1.55.0158th
Suzanne Bench2.00.3469th
Stephen Swan2.06.36 pb84th
Rachel Le Roux2.10.5794th
Bernadett Kalmar2.12.32102nd
Fiona Critchley2.14.24112th
Jonathan Wooldridge2.14.25113th
Frank Brownlie2.20.43132nd
Catherine Brett2.22.38134th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.24.02140th
Diana Rexhepaj2.25.16143rd
Jayne Browne2.40.58169th
Geoff Bench2.41.02170th
Mens team 2nd - Patrick, James, Louis and Manjit.
Ladies team 3rd - Suzanne, Rachel & Bernadett.

Harry Hawkes 10m - Sunday 24th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Healy1.26.32286th

Swansea Half Marathon - Sunday 24th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kat Maskell2.08.262468th

Cancer Research UK Race For Life 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 23rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tina Bennett54.45 pb(un-official pb)
A race of a different kind. 10km Victoria Park Race for life. Lovely friendly atmosphere
of people running for a very poignant reason, to fight cancer. The competitive side to me
was very pleased at running a unofficial PB (no chip time) of 54:45.

Midnight Marathon, Dartford - Saturday 23rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan2.59.322nd
Roger Stubbs4.24.1054th
A short report from Ciaran: you would think after 15 Marathons that I would avoid the rookie error.
Went off way to quick at the start and really paid for it in the last 10k. Still, 2nd place, not bad for an old boy!.

Self Transcendence Mid Summer 10km - Saturday 23rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero34.10 pb4th
Samuel Browne35.3815th
141 finishers.

Leeds Castle Sprint Triathlon - Saturday 23rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee1.36.0246th of 553
750m swim,t1, 20k cycle, t2, 5k run.
20.01, 1.45, 52.16, 1.15, 20.42 = 1.36.02

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Day 2 - 8.1m Forest Trail - Saturday 23rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown51.494th
Thomas Grimes56.4211th
James Nichols56.4912th
Louis Le Roux58.4318th
Manjit Bedi1.01.4830th
Paul Thompson1.05.4546th
Grant Conway1.06.1849th
Mike Brett1.06.2751st
Suzanne Bench1.09.2570th
Michael Bamford1.12.0786th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.12.0786th
Fiona Critchley1.13.1594th
Stephen Swan1.14.57108th
Rachel Le Roux1.15.16109th
Frank Brownlie1.17.25115th
Bernadett Kalmar1.19.37130th
Catherine Brett1.20.07133rd
Stuart Barton1.20.33138th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera1.20.48140th
Diana Rexhepaj1.22.34146th
Jayne Browne1.26.23157th
Geoff Bench1.26.23157th
1st Team: Men - East London Runners (Patrick, Thomas, James & Louis)

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 23rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali20.48* debut8th - 62.50% Crane Park
Julie Creffield42.15* debut263rd - 36.21% Folkstone
Tim Aylett24.4732nd - 54.67% Sittingbourne
Andrew Howard21.54* debut15th - 71.39% Hazelwood
Martin Quinlan27.44 debut342nd - 51.50% Sheffield Hallam
Lawrence Foster23.1921st - 65.33% Glos North
Marc Akers40.49173rd - 34.75% Gunpowder
Mark Moir19.12 pb12th - 67.19% Mile End
Natasha Howard28.15361st - 53.81% Chelmsford Central
John Booth17.143rd - 78.05% Victoria Dock
Clive Mehew21.5773rd - 65.07% Hackney
Lucy Barron23.46118th - 62.27% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie26.00173rd - 58.85% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot28.55244th - 51.18% Hackney
John Henry19.444th - 68.16% Walthamstow
Aaron Browne19.51 debut5th - 64.99% Walthamstow
Roisin Archer22.21 debut27th - 67.34% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.5561st - 56.16% Walthamstow
Andy Kumar19.386th - 66.47% Roding Valley
Richard Potter21.4117th - 60.80% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy48.48 (tailwalker)116th - 38.66% Roding Valley
Spencer Evans18.06 (course pb)2nd - 71.45% Valentines
Stuart Kelly18.07 (course pb)3rd - 72.40% Valentines
Andrew Baxter19.096th - 76.41% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.2612th - 71.04% Valentines
Karen Levison20.41 (1st lady)13th - 82.03% Valentines
Jacob Stevens21.2816th - 64.52% Valentines
Lauren Kelly23.5142nd - 62.05% Valentines
Katherine Harris25.1359th - 59.68% Valentines
Jason Levy27.3599th - 52.21% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.41103rd - 73.21% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar35.13 (course pb)182nd - 41.22% Valentines
James Wilson18.45 (1st man)1st - 73.33% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.502nd - 74.16% Wanstead
Robert Spread20.1011th - 66.69% Wanstead
Nick Hoult20.55 (course pb)19th - 67.25% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone23.2950th - 59.47% Wanstead
Maud Hodson24.5268th - 64.48% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.3688th - 61.53% Wanstead
Claire Emery26.51 (199th parkrun)92nd - 60.34% Wanstead
Fiona Day29.19129th - 66.17% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.19130th - 61.74% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult30.48146th - 50.70% Wanstead
Morag Campbell36.12 (49th parkrun)186th - 44.29% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell44.26203rd - 36.83% Wanstead
45 parkruns at 15 venues,
2 first finishes, James at Wanstead and Karen at Valentines,
6 debuts and 5 course pbs,
ELR Club records for the following:
Shahib Ali at Crane Park,
Julie Creffield at Folkstone,
Andrew Howard at Hazelwood.

Orion's John Clarke Fell Race - Friday 22nd June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Billy Rayner24.4818th
Gareth Davies29.1754th
Alex Jameson32.5074th
Chloe Millan33.5979th
Maud Hodson34.2681st
Steven Bywater34.5384th
Janet Bywater37.2195th
Roselin Boramakot42.03111th
Jason Levy42.04112th
Katherine Harris49.16115th
Maya Goodwin49.43116th
Alex Jameson: My 3rd year of doing the Orion Harriers John Clarke Fell Race. A short (5k), very scenic but with over 250m over ascent (I guess that's what makes it a fell race...) gives you a great sense of achievement.
Fantastic weather (as you can see) and not too hot made it even more enjoyable.
My main aim (apart from running faster which I did by 3 mins) was not to get insect bites on my legs hence the leggings and lots of repellent. Like everyone else I would thoroughly recommend it.

Maya Goodwin: Nah. Cant be bothered to do the Fell Race tonight after all. To make up for it Ill hoover and mop the kitchen floor.
And as the evening approached I kept glancing out to a beautiful evening. Hmmm. How gutted will I be to see everyones photos vs how much do I want a glass of wine in front of Love Island. Then a message form Katherine Harris. Are you going? Itll be fun! And Im pulling out my club vest, decision made.
The race is the only Category A classes Fell Race within the M25, with 1,000ft of climbing in just 5k, and it starts AND ends on a long, tough, brutally steep UP. Cruel...
Its a long old walk to the start, and we were nearly late! But nicely warmed up. And then 3,2,1, GO! Ive done this race before, I didnt even try and run that first brutal up. But I wasnt alone. We were all striding with purpose. Up, 10m of flat, up again, and finally... flat to a down. And thats pretty much how the race went. Tough ups followed by restful downs.
But what you also get is scenery. WhenI moved to East London twenty years ago, I had no idea it was so very pretty. I used to run on the main roads and wish I lived nearer the country so I could run somewhere pretty. Then I joined East London Runners and discovered a whole new world of Epping Forest. After one long up at 2 miles, a marshal pointed us into a hedge. Just though there, and this is the best bit We scrambled through the path and out onto the top of a hill that felt like the top of the world. Kat and I stopped to take photos, and take it in. And then ran a lovely long long pretty down to the bottom, laughing all the way.
The last up was pretty grim, I wont lie. But I came in just two minutes slower than last time, which I pleased with, considering all the stopping for photos! And thanks to the tail runner, I wasnt even last!
£3 race entry for all those view, and a free beer or prosecco at the end. Totes worth it babes. 100 percent. AND I got home to a clean kitchen floor

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Day 1 - Friday 5 Mile - Friday 22nd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes28.331st
Patrick Brown29.332nd
James Nichols32.1514th
Louis Le Roux32.3416th
Manjit Bedi35.3043rd
Michael Bamford35.5147th
Mike Brett37.2068th
Suzanne Bench39.28102nd
Paul Thompson39.33106th
Jonathan Wooldridge39.34107th
Grant Conway39.34108th
Stephen Swan41.02 pb128th
Fiona Critchley42.10158th
Rachel Le Roux44.08191st
Stuart Barton45.28213th
Frank Brownlie45.48216th
Bernadett Kalmar47.18239th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera47.59255th
Diana Rexhepaj48.26261st
Catherine Brett48.32262nd
Jayne Browne49.09267th
Geoff Bench49.20270th
Viktor Szabadi54.57338th
Colworth Day 1 - Friday 5 Mile.
1st Thomas Grimes 28:33
2nd Patrick Brown 29:33
1st FV50 Suzanne Bench 39:28
Overall Team Winners -East London Runners
Thomas Grimes, Patrick Brown, James Nichols, Louis Le Roux
The Ladies Team were 4th.
Also 9 year old Oliver Szabadi 5th in the 2k fun Run in his ELR top!
Well done also to all the ELR who ran tonight.

Elvis 3 - East End Road Runners Midsummer 5km, QEOP - Thursday 21st June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown15.50/15.521st - scorer 81.93%
Paul Quinton16.41/16.423rd - scorer
Mark Boulton16.44/16.455th - scorer
Billy Rayner17.26/17.296th 74.41%
Jose Rodriguez17.26/17.31 pb7th 76.24%
Stuart Kelly17.59/18.0211th
James Wilson18.20/18.2616th - scorer 74.05%
Dan Senior18.26/18.3017th - scorer
John Henry18.30/18.37 pb19th 72.35%
James Nichols18.41/18.4523rd 69.43%
Jennifer Ansell18.53/18.5927th - 1st 76.23%
Louis Le Roux18.57/19.01 pb28th - 27th 69.18%
Scott McMillan18.56/19.0229th - 28th scorer 72.75%
Mark Moir19.18/19.2431st - 30th
Robert Rayworth19.30/19.3235th - 34th
Craig Livermore19.29/19.4137th - 36th
Nick Clarke19.52/19.5843rd - 41st
Tom Howourth19.53/20.0245th - 43rd 66.85%
Neil Gage20.04/20.12 pb50th - 48th 67.65%
Terry Lewsey20.14/20.22 pb53rd - 51st 67.10%
Caroline Frith20.31/20.38 pb55th - 4th 73.66%
Calvin Bobin20.33/20.42(1st M60)57th - 52nd
Paul Thompson20.4258th - 53rd 69.62%
Eleanor Wilkinson20.35/20.4259th - 6th
Jonathan Shaw20.46/20.5066th - 60th 66.81%
Paula Bedford20.46/20.54 pb68th - 7th 75.25%
Paul Marshall20.40/20.54 pb69th - 61st 62.77%
Emily Clarke20.44/20.5770th - 8th
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.50/21.0372nd - 64th 64.25%
Shahib Miah Ali20.49/21.0474th - 66th
Michael Bamford21.03/21.1783rd - 75th
Carlton DSouza21.10/21.2587th - 79th 71.51%
Ged Browne21.11/21.2789th - 80th 72.74%
Grant Conway21.17/21.3194th - 84th
Peter Hatley21.31/21.00102nd - 90th 64.48%
Manjit Singh21.49/21.53103rd - 91st 63.60%
Shailesh Patel21.46/22.00108th - 95th
Maran Raju21.47/22.03109th - 96th 68.34%
Jamie Xavier21.52/22.08112th - 98th 62.53%
Andrew Howard21.57/22.14115th - 101st
Jimmy Dale22.02/22.22117th - 103rd
Richard Guest22.00/22.24118th - 104th 63.53%
Sarah Lenton22.57/23.18146th - 24th 66.95%
Stuart Norris23.00/23.19147th - 124th
Alexandra Brown23.03/23.21 pb148th - 25th 62.45%
Chloe Millan23.07/23.28153rd - 27th
Katherine Harris23.13/23.30155th - 28th 63.54%
Suzanne Bench23.18/23.34156th - 29th
Lucy Barron23.21/23.38157th - 30th
Alex Jameson23.35/23.56167th - 134th
David Hallybone23.46/24.01169th - 135th 57.53%
Lauren Kelly23.47/24.07174th - 37th 60.52%
Julie Campbell23.59/24.17178th - 39th 72.85%
Tim Aylett23.59/24.18179th - 140th
Gemma Foxall24.12/24.30 pb185th - 42nd 59.48%
Marc Akers24.11/24.32188th - 144th 57.80%
Sarah Burns24.20/24.37192nd - 46th 63.14%
Kat Maskell24.20/24.50196th - 49th
Jason Levy24.58/25.18209th - 152nd
Kathryn Hertzberg25.13/25.32212th - 59th 57.08%
Tina Bennett25.36/26.03232nd - 71st 59.52%
Samir Younsi26.16/26.19235th - 162nd 52.82%
Robyn Turtle26.02/26.21236th - 74th
Ijeoma Anozie25.48/26.27238th - 75th
Zuzana Urbanova26.07/26.29240th - 76th 56.94%
Katie Whitton26.11/26.33241st - 77th
Fiona Day26.14/26.39246th - 80th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera26.16/26.42249th - 81st
Sheila Kennedy26.27/26.52250th - 82nd 68.17%
Caroline Moore26.19/26.58254th - 84th 66.39%
Frank Brownlie27.06257th - 172nd
Andrea Waller26.43/27.10259th - 87th 57.03%
Roselin Boramakot27.13/27.38267th - 94th 52.89%
Catherine Brett27.24/27.47272nd - 98th
Catriona Hoult27.14/27.52279th - 104th
Hayley Collins27.27/27.54 pb280th - 105th 55.51%
Diana Rexhepaj27.36/27.59282nd - 106th 58.64%
Jayne Browne27.33/27.59283rd - 107th 62.15%
Helen McGuinness27.33/27.59 pb284th - 108th 56.72%
Anna Dingle27.43/28.10 pb289th - 112th 55.90%
Claire Drakeford27.36/28.14 pb292nd - 115th 57.61%
John Atkinson28.00/28.41302nd - 181st 67.14%
Susannah House28.37/29.03307th - 125th 59.84%
Narelle McClorey28.49/29.24313th - 128th 52.44%
Christopher Kehoe28.53/29.41318th - 187th 53.35%
Maya Goodwin33.20/34.01367th - 171st
Katy Taylor34.23/35.04 pb374th - 177th 45.45%
Don Bennett35.28375th - 198th 44.24%
Morag Campbell35.57/36.40381st - 183rd 44.22%
Brooke Stephenson40.49/41.30 pb391st - 189th 35.26%
Amit Marks21.0373rd
Times above are chip times, then gun times. Age grades for those who recorded there 5km best times so far for this year.

Paul & Caroline: Well done to all you wonderful ELR finishers at ELVIS 3 this evening hosted by EERR in the Olympic Park.
Another great turnout by the club & you should all be very proud !
Some excellent individual runs saw Jennifer Ansell win the ladies race with Euan 1st and Paul Quinton 3rd I the mens race.
We also saw Calvin Bobin collect the Vet60 prize.

Provisional results are in from last nights ELVIS 3.
Please can you let me know if you spot any major errors. It does look like some of us may not have received a chip start time (including myself !). This is shown as 99:99:99 in the 'Start' column so your time will be just the gun time and not much I can do to change that. Sorry !
Placings look correct though.
From what I can see we have won both the ladies & mens races.
Score for the ladies was 18 points with scorers Jennifer, Caroline, Ellie & Paula.
Score for the men was 70 points with scorers Euan, Paul, Mark, James, Dan & Scott.

Well done all !

Terry Lewsey: Really have no idea how I ran a PB last night legs we shot to bits, but I did. Ran 20:14 also beat saturdays parkrun PB by another 21 seconds taking me that bit closer to my sub 20 goal which Im happy about .....also a big well done to everyone who ran last night was nice to see you all

Run Through Chase The Sun 10km, Victoria Park - Wednesday 20th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans37.268th
Peter Craik40.47 pb33rd

Sri Chimnoy 5km, Battersea Park (Speedy Steeds) - Monday 18th June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Eleanor Wilkinson20.2769th
Kathryn Hertzberg25.05107th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera25.35112th
135 finishers.

Adidas City Run 1 hour, St Pauls, London - Sunday 17th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Billy Rayner9.9 miles9th
Terry Lewsey7.9 miles342nd
Chris Green7.5 miles506th
How far can you run in 1 hour?.
Terry Lewsey: London Adidas 1 Hour City Run done today got Another Medal for my collection, I Managed to run 7.9 miles in the hour and bagged myself a new 10k PB of 43:02 in the process well happy with that as i did no real training for it and ive only ran over 1 hour once before, perfect end to the week with new PBs at every distance, now time for a well deserved curry

Sundried Southend Triathlon - Sunday 17th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns
Anna Dingle1.34.51144th, 22nd lady, 4th 40 - 44
Sundried Southend Triathlon is a Sprint distance triathlon
750m swim - 20km cycle - 5km run
Anna 18.27 , 1.39, 41.47, 1.02, 31.57 = 1.34.51
Sarah 17.52, 1.04, 38.01, 1.12, unrecorded run.

South Downs Marathon - Saturday 16th June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton3.43.0213th
Nathaniel Dye4.21.3869th
Jimmy Dale4.44.56131st

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 16th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols19.166th - 68.08% Kingston
Peter Hatley23.45 debut151st - 59.23% Sheffield Hallam
Kat Maskell26.29168th - 56.83% Highbury Fields
Janet Bywater24.50 debut208th - 70.13% Cannon Hill
Andrew Baxter18.59 debut11th - 77.09% Cassiobury
Terry Lewsey20.35 (course pb)6th - 66.80% Thurrock
Shaun DeSena30.44 debut32nd - 42.08% Clifton
Andrew Howard23.17 debut35th - 67.14% Mole Valley
Fiona Critchley25.03 debut32nd - 68.60% Great Dunmow
Stuart Barton26.06 debut40th - 55.62% Great Dunmow
John Henry19.1514th - 69.87% Finsbury
John Healy24.40169th - 57.03% Brockwell
Richard Potter22.1817th - 59.12% Roding Valley
John Booth18.358th - 71.84% Mile End
Mark Moir19.325th - 66.04% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali20.299th - 63.47% Barking
Martin Quinlan25.40158th - 55.65% Southwark
Mary OBrien28.0031st - 72.38% Johnstown,Wexford
James Creed25.0177th - 54.16% Castle Park
Emily Clarke21.18 (course pb)19th - 69.80% Walthamstow
Paul Marshall21.36 (course pb)20th - 60.73% Walthamstow
Jonathan Wooldridge24.2632nd - 58.94% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater25.4341st - 58.78% Walthamstow
Calvin Bobin20.315th - 80.26% Valentines
Karen Levison20.45 (1st lady)8th - 81.77% Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.2525th - 63.99% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi23.2526th - 56.30% Valentines
Chloe Millan23.35 debut27th - 62.76% Valentines
Katherine Harris23.5532nd - 62.93% Valentines
Lauren Kelly24.3242nd - 60.33% Valentines
Jason Levy25.1847th - 56.92% Valentines
Frank Brownlie26.1967th - 64.91% Valentines
Gowri Sukumar36.17 (course pb)188th - 43.04% Valentines
Euan Brown16.03 (1st man)1st - 80.37% Wanstead
Patrick Brown18.333rd - 70.37% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan18.494th - 74.76% Wanstead
Scott McMillan19.469th - 70.66% Wanstead
Nick Hoult21.1521st - 66.20% Wanstead
Alex Jameson23.17 (course pb)47th - 62.35% Wanstead
Lawrence Foster23.29 (course pb)49th - 64.87% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone23.3551st - 59.22% Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.2264th - 63.61% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.1472nd - 64.20% Wanstead
Sarah Burns25.3578th - 60.59% Wanstead
Kathryn Hertzberg25.3879th - 58.00% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.5994th - 60.65% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.02112th - 56.66% Wanstead
Claire Emery28.18121st - 57.24% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult28.26123rd - 54.92% Wanstead
Jayne Browne29.19144th - 60.15% Wanstead
Fiona Day29.21145th - 66.10% Wanstead
Maud Hodson31.13173rd - 51.36% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.19174th - 57.80% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell39.52227th - 41.05% Wanstead
Morag Campbell52.44 (tailwalker)245th - 30.40% Wanstead
Terry Lewsey: Wow what a week first the sub 35 min 5 mile for Elvis Races for East London Runners on Tuesday Today I joined the 20 min club for park run with 20:35 taking 25 seconds off previous PB, also finished 6th with loads of Individual PBs things are seriously getting there now I have a bit of structured training and support from my new Running Club, today I wore club colours to do my first park run representing them, smashed it I swear that red vest makes me faster also big thanks to coach Grant Conway for his awesome track sessions which are all contributing to making me faster, next up the 1hour Adidas city run tomorrow then, ELvIs 3 this Thursday 5k race at Olympic Park, Im ready

Chase The Sun10km, QEOP - Wednesday 13th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Mehew46.3096th

Elvis 2 - Havering 90 Joggers 5 miles - Raphael Park - Tuesday 12th June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes27.13/27.161st scorer
Mark Boulton27.49 pb/27.523rd scorer
Paul Quinton28.06/28.104th scorer
Ciaran Canavan29.25 (1st M40)/29.298th scorer
Spencer Evans29.36 pb/29.4110th
Dan Senior30.12 pb/30.1714th scorer
Daniel Lee30.19/30.2416th scorer
James Nichols31.12 pb/31.1721st
Jennifer Ansell31.20 (1st lady)/31.2623rd - 1st scorer
Louis Le Roux31.20 pb/31.2624th
Mark Moir32.03 pb/32.0929th
Scott McMillan32.07/32.1331st
Ava Lee32.54 (3rd lady)/33.0235th - 3rd scorer
Craig Livermore32.58 pb/33.0636th - 33rd
Eleanor Wilkinson33.53 pb/33.5341st - 4th scorer
Calvin Bobin33.52 (1st M60)/34.01 pb43rd - 39th
Nick Clarke33.58/34.0544th - 40th
Paul Marshall33.54 pb/34.0545th - 41st
Paula Bedford34.15 pb/34.2250th - 6th scorer
Emily Clarke34.21/34.2852nd - 7th
Tom Howourth34.27/34.3453rd - 46th
Michael Bamford34.30 pb/34.4254th - 47th
Caroline Frith34.36/34.4455th - 8th
Terry Lewsey34.49 pb/34.5857th - 49th
Paul Thompson34.52/35.0058th - 50th
Carlton DSouza35.17 (1st M55)/35.3364th - 56th
Grant Conway35.30/35.3867th - 59th
Peter Hatley35.54/36.0873rd - 65th
Shailesh Patel36.16/36.2879th - 70th
Andrew Howard37.21/37.3494th - 80th
Ramesh Pala37.53/38.10104th - 89th
David Hallybone38.30 pb/38.42111th - 94th
Alex Jameson38.35 pb/38.52115th - 97th
Katie Whitton39.41 pb/39.59125th - 23rd
Alexandra Brown39.51/40.08126th - 24th
Tim Aylett40.18/40.33133rd - 107th
Julie Campbell40.38 pb/40.54141st - 30th
Kathryn Hertzberg40.44 pb/41.01142nd - 31st
Steven Bywater41.20/41.41144th - 113th
Liam Dempsey41.28/41.49 pb145th - 114th
Ford Cadiogan42.04/42.20151st - 118th
Rachel Le Roux42.55 pb/43.11165th - 39th
Andrea Waller42.50/43.13167th - 41st
Tina Bennett43.23 pb/43.41170th - 43rd
Zuzana Urbanova43.28/43.45172nd - 45th
Caroline Moore43.34/43.50173rd - 46th
Kate Frost44.32 pb/44.53183rd - 52nd
Jayne Browne45.08/45.30189th - 57th
Diana Rexhepaj45.37/45.54194th - 60th
John Atkinson46.07/46.49204th - 140th
Sandra Hiller49.04 pb/49.32227th - 79th
Sarah Lockley49.21 / 49.49229th - 80th
Elizabeth ODonnell1.01.08 pb261st - 107th
Brooke Stephenson1.09.15 pb/1.09.52267th - 111th

Simmer Dim Half Marathon, Shetland - Sunday 10th June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day2.06.4941st
57 finishers.

Endure 24 - Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith5 laps of 5 miles5th ladies team.
Caroline Frith reports: Endure 24-billed as Glastonbury for Runners-but as Ive never been to Glastonbury I wouldnt know......
However it really does have a fun, festival vibe to it with a bar, music, fire pit, food vans - with a bit of running thrown in.
This is the second year my team of friends and I - Mums Run The World - have given it a bash. Our team consists of 8 of us out of a larger group of about 30 running mummies, who all met virtually over 10 years ago on the Runners World Forums. A thread called The Pregnant Runners Club fitted the bill nicely at the time, then we graduated to the Running Mums Club and have remained friends ever since.
The idea of the race is your team does as many laps as they can of a hilly, off road 5 mile course in 24 hrs. You can decide whether you go consecutively or double up on laps - whatever strategy works for you. You can also take a break if you want, or just keep going.
I ended up running 5 laps, and my times were 36.13, 36.24, 41.13 (night lap-pitch dark) 38.28, 38.07. Overall we completed 33 laps and came in 5th place out of 29 ladies teams. Not a podium position like last year (2nd) but not bad for a group of middle aged women with 19 children between us, proving that mums really do ru

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 10th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Thomas1.25.5547th
Regis Martin1.36.58199th
Maran Raju1.39.38277th
Ben Warry1.51.26681st
Suzanne Taylor1.58.08 pb955th
Jayne Browne2.05.001200th
Rosie Shrimplin2.28.201759th

Thames Chase 10km, Upminister - Sunday 10th June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth36.451st winner
Proud to have won my first race in club colours - Thames Chase 10K in Upminster (36.45).
In the words of someone from Dagenham 88:
"Your club only sent one runner this time and they still blinkin' won!"

St Albans Half Marathon - Sunday 10th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford1.39.38320th
Ramesh Pala1.49.30691st
Rachel Le Roux2.01.301205th
Kat Maskell2.10.431521st
Caroline McGirr2.14.121700th
Diana Rexhepaj2.14.141702nd

Last One Standing - Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson19.50.071st lady, 82 miles
The Last One Standing - race report
Its a simple concept - 4.1 mile lap, starting on the hour every hour. The winner is the one who completes the most laps.
I took the train to Diss (wish Id realised it stopped at Stratford - could have had an extra half an hour in bed), and had booked a cab from the station. My taxi driver was lovely - we chatted about all sorts of stuff, and I jokingly promised to let her know if I won. I arrived at race HQ, picked up my number, checked out the trophies and medals, which were displayed in the registration tent, and pitched the tent that Stuart had lent me (one of the idiot-proof ones that just pops up). Quickly got chatting with the guys in the neighbouring tents, Dave & Stuart, and the next one along, James from Witham, with his wife & two dogs. It was a small event, 45 entered, of whom 36 made the start line, so everyone is your friend.
Race briefing at 11.30, then off on the first lap at midday. The rules are simple - we had to be on the start line on the hour, and gone from the start area within a minute. And back by 59 minutes & 59 seconds past the hour. No ifs no buts. The course was trail, gently undulating - mostly in woodland (watch the tree-roots), with bits by the river bank (watch the rabbit-holes) and a short road section (mind the cattle grid). The first lap was like a recce, testing the pacing (there was room for strategic walk breaks), and having a good old natter (I may have had good old feminist rant...). Back in 47 minutes (I lapped pretty consistently at 47/48 minutes). Time to go to the loo, get a snack and have a little breather.
The first few laps were straight-forward, and there were very few drop-outs before we got to night-time, but Dave was really suffering with a dodgy knee after only about three laps. He took some painkillers and kept going, because ultra-runners are tough cookies. He got to a double marathon before packing it in.
We put our head torches on for lap 10 (9pm), as the forest sections would be getting gloomy by then. Started getting properly dark on the following lap. Halfway round that lap, the guy behind fell - are you OK? Ive broken my finger. I wondered how he was so sure, and then I saw his finger going off at a jaunty angle. Luckily the race director/first aider was nearby putting out the glowsticks - he found that the finger was in fact just dislocated, and popped it back into place. The runner was able to finish the lap, and run one more before calling it a day.
The night time laps were tough. It goes so much darker in the countryside, and it was a cloudy night (light most of the night), so hardly any moonlight. If youre the sort of person who would be freaked by being on your own in the woods in pitch blackness, then this race is not for you. My pace slowed, but I walked less so my lap times remained consistent. Quite a few runners quit during the night.
The lap that I and many of my companions looked forward to was number 16 (3am), when we would hit 100K and get some daylight back. Both felt so good. I also found out at the end of that lap that I was the last woman standing - Angela, the second last woman had been timed out at the end of lap 15. She came over and gave me a big hug, and cheered me own as I started the next lap. I was still lapping consistently (fuelled by Red Bull, bacon sandwiches and many other things), so no excuse to stop. It was lovely running with the win along sealed up - the guys still out there made me feel like a superhero, and the runners who had already quit cheered as all on from their tents.
But the format is brutal. 12 minutes doesnt last long by the time youve had a pitstop and some refreshment. 3 minutes, guys. Two minutes. One minute. 30 seconds.
I called it a day at the end of lap 20 - 82 miles & a triple marathon in the bag. My form was going and my motivation was crumbling. I was pretty certain that 100 miles was beyond me, and had achieved what a set out to (I wanted to get over 100k and see the sun come up), and had won my first ever race (I dont count the Essex titles where there was no-one else running). The trophy is so large that my shelf isnt going to cope. I also got some other goodies, and a free entry in to the Irish edition of this race - not sure Ill be taking that one up...
It was still only 8am when I finished, which was a bit hard to believe. I made a cup of tea and sat down to watch the guys still running. Nine made it 100 miles, and as I write at 8.30pm on Sunday, the last two are still slugging it out - truly outstanding.

Can you be the last one standing? Maud Hodson
Run 4.1 miles each hour on the hour until there is only 1 left.
lap 1 - 47.21 4th lady (36 started)
lap 2 - 1.48.34 3rd, 14th overall
lap 3 - 2.47.14 2nd lady, 11th overall.
lap 4 - 3.49.09 4th lady, 23rd
lap 5 - 4.48.34, 4th, 20th
lap 6 - 5.48.48, 3rd , 18th
lap 7 - 6.49.08, 4th, 20th
lap 8 - 7.48.34, 4th, 21st.(35 started)
lap 9 - 8.48.20, 4th, 16th.
lap 10 - 9.48.06,3rd, 16th (33 started)
lap 11 - 10.48.48, 2nd, 15th
lap 12 - 11.48.58, 1st, 10th (30 started)
lap 13 - 12.49.17, 1st, 11th (29 started)
lap 14 - 13.48.22, 7th overall
lap 15 - 14.48.35, 6th
lap 16 - 15.47.47, 6th
lap 17 - 16.47.17, 6th
lap 18 - 17.47.00, 6th (17 started, 1 lady)
lap 19 - 18.57.23, 13th (16 started)
lap 20 - 19.50.07, 10th (13.)1st lady.

Orions Forest Five Series - Race 1 - Saturday 9th June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes28.052nd
Mark Boulton28.465th
Jose Rodriguez30.099th
Dan Gritton30.3212th
Ciaran Canavan30.5116th
Andrew Baxter32.3724th
James Creed36.0353rd
Gareth Davies36.32 pb56th
Richard Potter37.0061st
Ramesh Pala39.2976th
Aaron Williams39.5782nd
Lance Fuller41.2890th
Jose:Yesterday was the first of the Orient Forest Five.
My first time running too. Great experience. Harder than I though
as I'm not use to run in trails but the course is just beautiful
and weather was great too.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 9th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.57* debut52nd - 54.74% Haga
Shaun DeSena33.32* debut152nd - 38.57% Witney
Andrew Howard22.17* debut41st - 70.16% Eastbourne
Anna Dingle32.44 debut320th - 47.41% Walsall Arboretum
James Nichols19.55 (course pb)4th - 65.86% Brentwood
Katie Whitton23.00 pb33rd - 64.35% Victoria Dock
Alex Jameson23.01 pb34th - 63.07% Victoria Dock
Clive Mehew21.4362nd - 65.77% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie25.45145th - 59.42% Hackney
Stuart Barton59.48 (tailwalker)54th - 24.28% Westmill
John Healy24.48180th - 56.72% Dulwich
Fiona Day27.11* debut 22nd - 71.37% Bressay
Mark Moir19.30 (course pb)3rd - 66.15% Barking
Paul Marshall20.54 (course pb)8th - 62.76% Barking
Natasha Howard30.41454th - 49.54% Chelmsford
Martin Quinlan25.49172nd - 55.33% Southwark
Nick Hoult21.41* debut35th - 64.87% Portobello, Edin
Catriona Hoult29.10* debut203rd - 53.54% Portobello, Edin
Stephen Swan22.56 pb62nd - 56.54% Kesgrave
Jonathan Wooldridge23.46 debut54th - 60.10% Great Notley
Fiona Critchley25.4399th - 66.82% Great Notley
Katherine Harris27.22* debut56th - 54.99% Bedgebury Pinetum
Euan Brown16.09 (course record)1st - 79.88% Walthamstow
John Henry19.554th - 67.53% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.0149th - 58.10% Walthamstow
Chris Green41.01116th - 33.04% Walthamstow
Calvin Bobin20.23 pb13th - 80.78% Roding Valley
Dan Gritton22.1331st - 63.84% Roding Valley
Chloe Millan22.52 pb38th - 64.72% Roding Valley
Lauren Kelly24.0250th - 61.58% Roding Valley
Caroline McGirr29.2799th - 50.93% Roding Valley
Jigna Patel32.17 (course pb)125th - 47.39% Roding Valley
Tim Le Rasle19.533rd - 70.75% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.106th - 71.98% Valentines
Michael Bamford21.5716th - 68.26% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.1419th - 67.39% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi22.1620th - 59.21% Valentines
Jason Levy24.4348th - 58.26% Valentines
Frank Brownlie26.3667th - 64.22% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.0284th - 74.97% Valentines
James Wilson18.403rd - 73.66% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.2373rd - 63.82% Wanstead
Caroline Moore27.57127th - 64.76% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.15134th - 56.22% Wanstead
Sarah Burns28.39140th - 54.10% Wanstead
Don Bennett36.30190th - 43.56% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi39.17208th - 38.48% Wanstead
Morag Campbell39.28209th - 40.63% Wanstead
Scott McMillan40.03 with Alma211th - 34.87% Wanstead
Lawrence Foster24.06 (course pb)37th - 63.21% Gloucester North
Prabhakaran Sukumar37.26 (course pb)208th - 38.78% Valentines
Gowri Sukumar37.27 (course pb)209th - 37.27% Valentines

Great North Swim 5km, Lake Windemere - Friday 8th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kat Maskell1.54.4060th lady, 8th 35 - 39

Wimbledon Trail Series - Race 2 - Wednesday 6th June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes28.322nd - 79.69%

Go Tri Duathlon 69, QEOP Velopark - Monday 4th June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford58.435th
Paula Bedford1.00.3910th, 1st lady
Jimmy Dale1.02.3712th
Sarah Burns1.02.4913th
Jason Levy1.10.3524th
Rachel Le Roux34.441st (super sprint)
Don Bennett44.274th (supersprint)
Sprint: 2 mile run, 10 mile cycle, 2 mile run.
Michael - 14.07/ 30.29 / 14.05 = 58.43
Paula - 13.59 / 32.49 / 13.50 = 1.00.39
Jimmy - 14.30 / 32.42 / 15.25 = 1.02.37
Sarah - 16.24 / 29.45 / 16.39 = 1.02.49
Jason - 17.16 / 36.04 / 17.14 = 1.10.35

Super Sprint 1 mile run, 5 mile cycle, 1 mile run.
Rachel - 8.29 / 17.58 / 8.17 = 34.44
Don - 10.55 / 21.56 / 11.36 = 44.27

Mud Monsters OCR, East Grinstead (approx 10km) - Sunday 3rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Stephens1.52.0065th of 984.
Comeback from injury continues...
65th of 984 at the 10km Mud Monsters OCR. Voted the UK's muddiest race for the last few years.
I think that the longest running section was around 500metres, the rest was mut pits, bogs and
obstacle sections.
1hr 52 to do a 10km gives an idea of the mud!

Great Midland Fun Run (8.5 miles) - Sunday 3rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Eleanor Wilkinson1.01.58135th
Nick Clarke1.01.58136th

Run Through Wimbledon Common Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry1.32.4123rd

Asda Foundation Derby Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Georgie Hooper2.17.421736th
Massive Personal Worst for me 😂 Back and hip are in pieces - made it my goal to see how far I could get today.
So to finish was amazing. Thanks to my fab ELR buddies for their advice and support this week x

The Hurt - Saturday 2nd June 2018

Thomas Grimes:- Ran a trail half yesterday, finished 2nd in 1:37:03.
Really hilly with over 2000ft climb,coincidentally it was called 'The Hurt'.

Maverick Inov-8 Original Surrey - Saturday 2nd June 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton29.461st/108, 5km short
Maud Hodson1.44.0468th/131, 16km medium
Nathaniel Dye2.40.2397th/143, 25km long

QEOP 10km Summer Series - Saturday 2nd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Bee39.1211th
Spencer Evans39.1212th
Daniel Slipper40.1725th
Alice Barrett1.15.09 debut387th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 2nd June 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Critchley26.01* debut42nd - 66.05% Zary
Stuart Barton27.11* debut50th - 53.40% Zary
Jonathan Wooldridge27.12 debut51st - 52.51% Zary
Shaun DeSena32.36 debut74th - 39.67% Zary
Roselin Boramakot34.07 (course pb)455th - 43.38% South Manchester
Nick Hoult24.26 debut137th - 57.57% Northampton
Catriona Hoult29.00 debut272nd - 53.85% Northampton
Andrew Howard21.52* debut13th - 71.49% Goole
Chris Green42.07 debut172nd - 32.17% Orpington
James Nichols20.03* debut11th - 65.42% Hilly Fields
Patrick Brown18.15* debut & 1st.1st - 71.51% Brandon Country Park
Fiona Day27.25* debut40th - 70.76% Brandon Country Park
Michael Keefe30.37* debut152nd - 45.62% Conwy
Paula Bedford20.56* debut25th - 75.16% Hove Promenade
John Booth17.12* debut3rd - 77.62% Exmouth
Marc Akers40.48210th - 34.76% Gunpowder
John Healy24.52178th - 56.57% Dulwich
Katherine Harris25.5865th - 57.96% Upton Court
Martin Quinlan24.42137th - 57.83% Southwark
Stephen Swan23.29 (course pb)63rd - 55.22% Kesgrave
Dan Gritton17.37 pb2nd - 80.51% Victoria Dock
Euan Brown16.40* (1st & age rec)1st - 77.40% Walthamstow
Mark Moir19.42 (course pb)6th - 65.48% Barking
Grant Conway21.5117th - 67.51% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali22.38 (fasting)18th - 57.44% Barking
Caroline Frith21.11* (1st lady & age rec) pb11th - 72.23% Roding Valley
Calvin Bobin21.1312th - 77.61% Roding Valley
Richard Potter21.5620th - 60.11% Roding Valley
Peter Hatley22.5331st - 61.47% Roding Valley
Jigna Patel34.39120th - 44.16% Roding Valley
Paul Marshall20.46 (course pb)51st - 63.16% Hackney
Anna Johnson22.16 (course pb)85th - 67.37% Hackney
Lucy Barron23.29120th - 63.02% Hackney
Alex Jameson23.36 pb124th - 61.51% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie26.39180th - 57.41% Hackney
Ashley Faria20.265th - 71.04% Valentines
Tim Le Rasle20.388th - 68.17% Valentines
Colin Dryland20.589th - 68.68% Valentines
Michael Bamford21.53 (50th parkrun)14th - 68.47% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.0216th - 68.00% Valentines
Karan Gadhia23.52 (course pb)30th - 54.05% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi24.4639th - 52.96% Valentines
Frank Brownlie28.1991st - 60.33% Valentines
Jason Levy29.29103rd - 48.84% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan19.264th - 72.38% Wanstead
Scott McMillan19.417th - 70.36% Wanstead
Gareth Davies22.1231st - 65.92% Wanstead
Jimmy Dale24.2765th - 53.03% Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.3868th - 62.92% Wanstead
Sarah Dale24.40 debut69th - 60.00% Wanstead
Sarah Burns25.4476th - 60.23% Wanstead
Rachel Le Roux26.56101st - 55.69% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj28.05113th - 58.28% Wanstead
Catherine Brett28.18117th - 60.72% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor29.06128th - 56.24% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi30.03137th - 50.31% Wanstead
Caroline Moore30.23140th - 59.57% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards36.24182nd - 43.64% Wanstead
James Creed22.5047th - 59.34% Castle Park
Gowri Sukumar37.28187th - 41.68% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar37.54189th - 38.30% Valentines
59 parkruns at 23 venues, 3 first finishers,
16 debuts, 9 course pbs and a 50th parkrun.
First finishes for Caroline at Roding, Euan at
Walthamstow, both also set Age records also.
Also Patrick at Brandon Country Park.
50th parkrun for Michael Bamford.
Best age grades for the week for Dan Gritton 80.51%
and Paula Bedford 75.16%.
Fiona, Stuart, Jonathan and Shaun complete there A-Z
at Zary, Poland. Fiona holds the records at all hers.
11 ELR records this week for:
Fiona & Stuart at Zary,
Andrew at Goole,
James at Hilly Fields,
Patrick & Fiona at Brandon,
Michael at Conwy,
Paula at Hove Promenade,
John at Exmouth,
Euan at Walthamstow and
Caroline at Roding Valley.

Stuart Barton: Just a quick update from the weekend,the parkrun alphabet is completed along with
Jonathan Wooldridge Fiona Critchley and Shaun DeSena.
I traveled via Berlin to Poland to run at Zary.
A very early start was needed to catch he plane a quick pick up of the hire car at Berlin and then we drove to Zary,
A nice hotel with a Spa and a few quirks (Painting in wardrobes and a scary looking bed).
A nice lunch sitting out in the sun followed by a spa.
Then a trip out for more food in the next town, A nice meal with a couple of drinks, Then back to the hotel via a stop to pick up some supplies,
A few game of cards and then to bed, After breakfast we headed to the run,
A very nice run in the forest, its a one lap run with a hill near the end but a down hill finish,
A few other tourists had made the trip ans we swapped stories, Then back to Berlin to meet the others,
Berlin is a great city with loads to do we opted for some wine tasting followed by a traditional German meal in a pub, and a visit to the David Hasselhoff museum ( This is a must).
Sunday Jonathan Wooldridge did a run while the rest of us had a lay in, Then off for a cycling tour of the city, the rain stopped just as we started the tour, After the ride we visited a couple more museums and the a lovely meal with more wine.
A big thanks to all who came along with me on the adventure, now the alphabet is completed I will be looking for a new challenge #WatchThisSpace

Elvis 1 - Dagenham 88 Cow Bell 5 Miler, Eastbrooke End Country Park - Wednesday 30th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes28.121st scorer
Mark Boulton28.542nd scorer
Billy Rayner30.115th scorer
Dan Senior31.15 (1st V40)7th scorer
Ciaran Canavan31.25 (course pb)9th scorer
Daniel Lee31.3510th scorer
Nathan Jones32.21 (elvis debut)16th
Spencer Evans32.2918th
James Nichols32.3319th
Scott McMillan33.2725th
Robert Rayworth33.5329th
Ava Lee33.5530th - 1st - scorer
Mark Moir34.0731st - 30th
Tom Howourth34.52 (elvis debut)39th - 37th
Eleanor Wilkinson34.56 pb41st - 3rd - scorer
Craig Livermore34.57 (overall pb)42nd - 39th
Ashley Faria35.1743rd - 40th
Caroline Frith35.24 (1st Vet)45th scorer - 4th
Calvin Bobin35.41 (1st V60)48th - 44th
Nick Clarke35.59 (elvis debut)53rd - 49th
Emily Clarke36.0754th scorer - 5th
Neil Gage36.1056th - 51st
Jonathan Shaw36.1357th - 52nd
Terry Lewsey36.20 (elr debut)60th - 55th
Paul Marshall36.26 pb61st - 56th
Paul Thompson36.5166th - 60th
Michael Bamford36.5467th - 61st
Carlton DSouza37.2072nd - 66th
Grant Conway37.2373rd - 67th
Andrew Howard37.2975th - 69th
Jimmy Dale37.47 (elvis debut)77th - 71st
Manjit Singh37.5278th - 72nd
Shailesh Patel38.3785th - 76th
Maran Raju39.0389th - 79th
David Hallybone39.23 pb92nd - 81st
Suzanne Bench39.42100th - 13th
Ramesh Pala40.54117th - 100th
Alex Jameson41.22 pb121st - 102nd
Jonathan Wooldridge41.23122nd - 103rd
Gemma Foxall41.25 pb123rd - 20th
Tim Aylett41.35125th - 105th
Chloe Millan41.38127th - 21st
Annette Clark41.45128th - 22nd
Julie Campbell42.04133rd - 25th
Tom Woods42.05134th - 109th
Janet Bywater42.08136th - 26th
John Healy42.13137th - 111th
Marc Akers42.27 (course pb)140th - 114th
Doug Mansell42.42142nd - 115th
Alexandra Brown43.09149th - 33rd
Sarah Burns43.17151st - 35th
Georgie Hooper43.36 (elvis debut)156th - 37th
Mark Wiltshire44.30 (elr debut)161st - 120th
Kate Frost45.08 (elvis debut)168th - 44th
Ford Cadiogan45.15 (elvis debut)170th - 126th
Fiona Day45.16172nd - 46th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera45.18 pb173rd - 47th
Rachel Le Roux45.41177th - 51st
Andrea Waller46.05180th - 52nd
Jason Levy46.07181st - 129th
Sheila Kennedy46.14182nd - 53rd
Geoff Bench47.01188th - 134th
Anna Dingle47.56 pb197th - 57th
Diana Rexhepaj48.04198th - 58th
Caroline Moore48.10200th - 60th
Frank Brownlie48.14202nd - 141st
Caroline McGirr48.42206th - 64th
Jayne Browne49.08212th - 69th
Claire Drakeford49.20215th - 72nd
Helen McGuinness49.38 (course pb)217th - 74th
John Atkinson52.18238th - 149th
Vikki Harler55.13 (elr debut)244th - 93rd
Maya Goodwin56.23249th - 97th
Katherine Harris57.30253rd - 101st
Susannah House57.31254th - 102nd
Alice Barrett62.55 (elr debut)258th - 105th
Elizabeth ODonnell62.59259th - 106th
Don Bennett63.02260th - 154th
Brooke Stephenson75.15 (elr debut)266th - 110th
268 finishers with 79 East London Runners.
Men's team - 1st Thomas, Mark & Billy.
Ladies team - 1st Ava, Ellie & Caroline.
Elvis team - Men - 1st (as above plus Dan Senior, Ciaran & Danny Lee.)
Elvis team - Ladies - 1st (as above plus Emily Clarke.)

Craig Livermore:- Safe to say yesterday evening yielded a PB for me by 1 second, and a course PB of 2 mins and 9 secs. Not at all bad, despite starting too quick in the first mile, from then on it became a case of damage limitation (that and I choked on a fly...nice). Letting some faster runners through where I could, because there's no sense or glory in holding someone up.
Despite all this I really enjoyed myself, the marshals were fantastic, as was the support. Did I think a PB was possible? Not at all, just beating my time from 2015 was going to be an achievement. Nice to open up the ELVIS series with a bang.
Also, a massive congrats to all the ELVIS and ELR debutants, a stirling effort from the lot of you. Opening the series up with victory in the Woman's and Men's Teams standings is brilliant, and well done to everyone else who I haven't mentioned, you all shone brilliantly.

Vitality London 10,000m - Monday 28th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Kelly37.35478th
Spencer Evans37.54524th
Chris Green39.10679th
Louis Le Roux40.59 pb947th
Mark Moir41.441069th
Andy Kumar42.001119th
Ashley Faria42.05 pb1140th
Alain Fieulaine43.011322nd
Jakub Czeczotka43.07 pb1348th
Colin Dryland43.56 pb1540th
Jamie Xavier45.131887th
Jimmy Dale45.39 pb2007th
Graham Peacock50.193607th
Stephen Swan52.174453rd
Ruel Ordonio52.214490th
Caitlin Diniz52.524691st
Stuart Barton53.324976th
Katherine Harris54.055236th
Rachel Le Roux55.255860th
Holly Simon57.396913th
Diana Rexhepaj57.547015th
Maya Goodwin1,11.5312140th
Spencer Evans Race Report:-

After my terrible disaster at the Manchester Marathon a few weeks back, today was my first proper race back. So where do I start, today I was hoping to break 37 mins when i first signed up, but i had to be more realistic in this heat today so i set a target for anything under 38 mins. I met up with Alex Bee, George Mears and Stuart Kelly in St James Park which was close to the start line. We did a little warm up then made our way our starting pen (which was blue pen A). The gun fired and we were off, the first mile i was frantically trying weave in and out of other runners in order to reach my goal pace taking care not to trip over anyhting as the last thing I want was to end up in the First Aid tent again. I went through the first mile in 6.11 which is a tad slower than my game plan due to the congestion at the start. Mile 2 my pace was 5.58 which is normally way to quick but i had to make the time up after Mile 1. From then on i felt in good flow, my further splits where as follows:-
Mile 3 - 6.03 = On Target
Mile 4 - 5.53 = Way too quick!!!
Mile 5 - 6.16 = Paying for it a bit now.
The last mile, i managed to find a way and get back on target. When I saw the 8k i managed to pick up the pace again and hold on until the finish line. Mile 6 I went through in 6.01 and last 0.2 mile my pace was around 5.40. At this point i knew I was on for a strong finish and i did achieve my target for today. My overall finish time was 37.54 which is 30 seconds slower than my PB but was pleased with that considering the heat and congested start!. I would like to thank my top training buddies George Mears, Alex Bee and Stuart Kelly for a great run today and there will be many more to come, and oh yes there will. Watch this space!.

Andy Kumar's report on the Vitality London 10,000m race


Hatfield Broad Oak 10km - Monday 28th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter39.3559th, 8th M45
Peter Craik41.33 pb97th, 13th M45
James Creed43.30140th,
Caroline Frith43.37146th, 4th F40
Maud Hodson48.30312th, 7th F45
Sarah Burns50.23382nd
Andy Bolderstone50.36 pb391st
Peter Craik:-
The last time I raced 10K was around Victoria Park in October 2015. Soon afterwards I got a metatarsal injury which just wouldnt clear up. Over the next two years I tried pretty much everything. It eventually became clear that the ongoing pain was largely psychological a figment of my imagination if youre feeling ungenerous, over-enthusiastic communication between foot and brain. Having a mentally ill teenager at home, and a job which I eventually walked away from, didnt help either.

Things have gradually improved, though. Ive learned a lot about how the mind and body can play tricks on each other. Ive learned that having the fitness from cycling 100+ miles every week doesnt mean that its wise to run full-gas most of the time, no matter how much fun that is. Ive learned that the gym isnt actually such an alien place once you get used to it, and that targeted strength training makes a huge difference. Ive learned that I really missed running its pure simplicity, you-against-yourself, the satisfaction of pacing a run reasonably well. I learned that saving my maximum efforts for special occasions is much better than not being able to run at all.

Finally a few months ago I felt ready to enter another 10K. Id watched Maud race at HBO two years ago. I liked the home-grown atmosphere, the fact that the whole village clearly embraced the event, the cakes at the start and the finish, the t-shirts in a different bright colour every year, the flower displays in the church, the crockery-smashing stall, the sausages... So I put my name down, with no particular target other than getting round. Running has gone well since, gradually building up the distance and very occasionally even trying to get up to speed. Getting back to sub-20 last weekend at the Hackney 5K felt positive, particularly as it equalled my best age-grading of three years ago and didnt feel as hard as it had done back then. Perhaps I could actually get a PB today. So I set off at PB pace, struggled in the middle (although Strava claims that kms 5 to 7 are only very gradually up-hill), and overtook a lot of people towards the end. Someone flew past about 20m from the line, but nobody else overtook me the whole way round. PB by 15 seconds, on a tougher course, and nearly three years older. And the 2018 t-shirts are a particularly fetching shade of cerise.

Caroline Frith:- My one and only previous running of the HBO 10k was in 2009 and I just looked up my time - 43.08 - only 29 seconds faster than today. Theres life in the old bird yet! I really enjoyed today - reading Antonios race report on the way up made me want to be able to pick people off, rather than feel like death in the last mile and get overtaken which is what usually happens - so thank you Antonio Martín Romero!
I decided I could run 7 min pace today and thats exactly what I did. I made the mistake of starting my sprint finish WAY to early - as I turned into the field there was a lady in front of me who I had my sights on, so I took off and then realised how far there was to go - whoops! Lovely village atmosphere- the 5k point goes back through the middle of the village past all the cheering crowds which was fun. The kids really enjoyed the fun run and we all enjoyed the pub BBQ - highly recommend this race.

Andy Bolderstone:- Hatfield Broad Oak 10k
A really great little race in a chocolate box village. It was great to have Annette and Emma there supporting me. There were a few ELR running and I started with Maud and Sarah. The cloudy weather seemed to disappear with the start gun. The route is a figure of 8 passing back through the village at 5k. The route is very undulating and after 2 k I realised it was going to be a toughie. I started going backwards at quite a rate. Recently I haven't been able to continue the training I have been doing or want to be doing and my legs felt weak. But the support was great and the route was beautiful.
By the time I came to the finish I knew I was the last ELR on course. Pick the feet and head up and just keep going. Last year I did the Vitality 10k in 50m40sec as a pb, I did the Red Run quicker but I and most people only clocked 5.9 miles so doesn't count. As I crossed the line I looked at my watch - 50:36, a tiny pb, a very surprising pb. A harder course than the Vitality, prettier and half the price. Definitely recommend to anyone and will do this one again.

Worcester Pitchcroft 10km - Sunday 27th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lawrence Foster49.1585th

Edinburgh Marathon - Sunday 27th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero2.36.23 pb10th Club Record
Mary Nisbet3.30.171037th, 18th V35.
Robyn Turtle4.25.57 pb4145th
7,664 finishers.
Antonio reports:- Edinburgh Marathon report:
It is always hard to pull out from the best marathon in the world, and especially, if you are not injured in front of hundreds of people who are cheering you to continue running, but I had a cool head and pulled out to save my energy for a marathon in May, as I wanted a PB. Edinburgh was the only real option. The problem is that this race is always very windy. And, indeed, it was very windy, with the wind coming from the east, it meant that we would have a strong headwind the first 19 miles until we changed the direction to the west. The day before the race, I had clear that I wouldn't a PB.
The race started and I had to be intelligent and try to find a group to protect me from the wind. I was running the first 5K with the first two females, but they slowed down considerably after an uphill, so I had to sprint to the next group in front of me. I wasn't looking at my watch, just always trying to run behind someone to spend less energy. It was more important to run in a group than running at even pace. The wind next to sea was brutal and I had to do another sprint to go to the next group, with only two people. I never leaded it, I had to be cheeky. They slowed down and again, I had to change the pace to run behind a Spanish guy until mile 10th. The wind was very strong and he started to slow down too much, so from here, I started running on my own, but I was feeling so good. After passing the half marathon in 1:17:18, the wind was very very brutal, I was feeling that I was pushing a table and my pace dropped nearly 10 seconds per km. I started to feel very tired, as I was going slow but the effort was like going at half marathon pace. I was going to give up to get a PB today. I continued overtaking more runners, who were dying because of the wind. I thought, ok, Antonio, try to finish in the best position that you can, forget about the time. I started to focus on catching the runners in front of me, then, just before the 3k off-road, there was a long road, the wind was just in a different level, I overtook around 5 runners in less than 5 minutes, I couldn't stop saying "shit, shit", the wind was pushing me to the left, I was very tired. We changed the direction to the west after 30K, just before mile 19th. Finally, the wind had disappeared! I started pushing my pace and doing some miles at 5:51 pace, I checked my watch and thought, F*** a PB is very possible today. I wanted to catch another runner who was 200m in front of me, and that made me going faster because he increased the pace as well, people started to tell me, top 10, top 10. All the miles after mile 19th, were between 5:51-5:55 pace except the last one, that I relaxed a bit the pace in 6:02. I didn't know which time I was doing, with 200m to go, I could see the watch in the finish line, 2:35 something, I enjoyed those last 200m and finished with a time of 2:36:23. Definitely, 2:35 is not out of reach now. It is time to rest a little bit and focus on Berlin in September. As always, thank you very much to this club and all its runners to make me improve every year.

Robyn reports:- Edinburgh Marathon race report
Last year I signed up for Edinburgh marathon before I knew I had a place at London (thanks to the club) and all along thought I wouldnt run both. Having completed London and getting a pb I considered running my Edinburgh place and finally decided three weeks ago to give it a go.
Sunday morning was very misty and the nerves kicked in, the first few miles were great through the centre of the city and I loved the many down hills! I was well ahead of the time I wanted until mile 16 and then things started to slow down. My legs started seizing up by mile 20. The last 6 miles were agony and I promised myself I wouldnt walk and managed not to. I was so happy to cross the finish line, not quite as fast as I hoped but still just over a 6 minute pb. I keep saying I wont run another...well see next year!
A great course but was surprised by the lack of water stations, no isotonic drinks and no pace makers.

Edinburgh Half Marathon - Sunday 27th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry1.30.54451st

Vitality Westminister Mile - Sunday 27th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton4.5215th adult
Thomas Grimes4.5521st british masters
Robert Rayworth5.3096th adult
Louis Le Roux5.328th parkrun
Jakub Czeczotka5.50165th adult
Marc Akers6.48354th adult
Stephen Swan6.49356th adult
Stuart Barton7.23462nd adult
Paul Marshall7.24parkrun
Rachel Le Roux7.29478th adult
Eunkyung Lee7.3194th parkrun
Diana Rexhepaj8.17886th family
Joanna Wood8.43682nd adult
Ford Cadiogan10.44family
Paul Marshall12.57school

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 26th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day2.18.01110th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 26th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Thomas18.46 debut*4th - 69.89% Swindon
Chris Green19.02 debut*10th - 71.19% Lincoln
Andrew Howard23.16 debut*19th - 67.19% Peacehaven
Alex Jameson26.24 debut 134th - 54.99% Colchester Castle
Frank Brownlie27.2342nd - 62.39% Clermont Waterfront
Catriona Hoult27.39 debut*60th - 56.48% Margate
Jonathan Wooldridge24.22 debut*49th - 58.62% Vogrie
Fiona Critchley24.49 debut*53rd - 69.24% Vogrie
Stuart Barton26.51 debut84th - 54.07% Vogrie
Martin Quinlan28.23185th - 50.32% Southwark
Stephen Swan25.21104th - 51.15% Kesgrave
Marc Akers28.0988th - 50.38% Gunpowder
Shahib Miah Ali22.28 (fasting)15th - 57.86% Barking
Dan Gritton18.054th - 78.43% Victoria Dock
Steven Bywater24.33 debut42nd - 61.58% Victoria Dock
Stuart Kelly18.33 (1st man)1st - 70.71% Roding Valley
Andy Kumar20.5312th - 62.49% Roding Valley
Richard Potter21.5122nd - 60.34% Roding Valley
Claire Emery26.30 debut54th - 61.13% Roding Valley
Euan Brown16.52 (1st& cpb)1st - 76.48% Walthamstow
Patrick Brown18.212nd - 71.12% Walthamstow
Caroline Frith22.1917th - 68.56% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater25.4345th - 67.73% Walthamstow
Ford Cadiogan27.02 pb59th - 52.03% Walthamstow
Ciaran Canavan18.119th - 77.36% Hackney
Paul Marshall21.04 (course pb)46th - 61.95% Hackney
Clive Mehew22.0171st - 64.88% Hackney
Anna Johnson22.42 (course pb)93rd - 66.08% Hackney
Lucy Barron23.23106th - 63.29% Hackney
Julie Creffield45.14308th - 33.60% Hackney
Shailesh Patel22.2720th - 66.74% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi22.27 (50th parkrun)21st - 58.43% Valentines
Karan Gadhia24.0438th - 53.60% Valentines
Maud Hodson24.29 (course pb)44th - 65.49% Valentines
Katherine Harris26.1069th - 57.52% Valentines
Jason Levy26.2672nd - 54.48% Valentines
James Wilson18.311st - 74.26% Wanstead
Scott McMillan19.302nd - 71.03% Wanstead
Gareth Davies21.5219th - 66.92% Wanstead
Mark Moir23.5139th - 54.09% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone23.5741st - 58.32% Wanstead
Georgie Hooper24.4450th - 59.91% Wanstead
Kathryn Hertzberg24.59 pb55th - 59.51% Wanstead
Tim Aylett25.0856th - 53.91% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.2270th - 62.01% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.12106th - 56.32% Wanstead
Caroline Moore30.22131st - 59.60% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin33.45159th - 48.00% Wanstead
48 parkruns at 17 venues, 3 first finishers.
10 debuts and 6 pbs.
First finishes for James at Wanstead, Stuart at Roding and
Euan at Walthamstow, also an Age Record for M25 - 29 also.
ELR records for:
Simon at Swindon,
Chris at Lincoln,
Andrew at Peacehaven,
Catriona at Margate and
Jonathan & Fiona at Vogrie.

Virgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon - Sunday 20th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.21.3584th, 7th 40-44
Dan Senior1.24.05 pb171st, 12th 40-44
Billy Rayner1.24.26210th
Simon Thomas1.25.28234th
James Nichols1.26.34 pb320th
John Henry1.29.22536th
Robert Spread1.31.26860th
Mark Moir1.31.38668th
Craig Livermore1.32.47834th
Carlton DSouza1.35.503018th
Jakub Czeczotka1.36.49 pb1403rd
Jimmy Dale1.40.04 pb1931st
Jonathan Shaw1.41.212119th
Paula Bedford1.41.21
Ged Browne1.42.123506th
Roisin Archer1.43.444951st
Craig Simpson1.43.592105th
Jamie Xavier1.44.253058th
Annette Clark1.49.41 pb4828th
Chloe Millan1.50.05 pb5124th
Karan Gadhia1.50.36 pb3651st
Andy Bolderstone1.51.276682nd
Kathryn Hertzberg1.51.53 pb6208th
Katie Whitton1.53.36 pb5569th
Lance Fuller1.54.484568th
Martin Quinlan1.55.105750th
John Healy1.55.474220th
Alex Jameson1.57.27 debut9841st
Graham Peacock2.01.026694th
Kate Frost2.01.08 pb7905th
Kat Maskell2.01.497355th
Sheila Kennedy2.03.178295th
Zuzana Urbanova2.05.327968th
Catriona Hoult2.05.45 pb7648th
Diana Rexhepaj2.10.019770th
Ford Cadiogan2.11.03 pb9499th
Katherine Harris2.11.299606th
Roselin Boramakot2.11.5610119th
Sophie Edwards2.13.1810915th
Jess Trayler-Moore2.14.36 12618th
Hayley Collins2.15.1610755th
Viktor Szabadi2.16.51 debut11530th
Sandra Hiller2.26.1812874th
Joanna Wood2.29.25 pb13302nd
Narelle McClorey2.36.4214522nd
Maya Goodwin2.38.2714800th
Elizabeth ODonnell2.49.19 pb15105th
Craig Livermore:- Not a bad effort, besides me fading/falling into a slower rhythm between the 5k and 15k mark, which left my mind in an odd state, but what can you do eh? Stomach cramps hampered me for quite some time, and I couldn't really find my footing until it seemed to subside by the last 3.8 miles. It was fine though, as I gradually ramped up the speed again leading up to a mega sprint finish for the final 0.3 miles.
While I was slowing down, I took the time to reflect on some sights of the course, as well as taking in the crowds and getting them riled up. It was nice to see some of the ELR contingent out supporting as well, so I was in rather good spirits.
I hit my silver graded time, which was more than I could've hoped for, given my efforts last weekend were still lingering, but a PB was never on the books. Though for some time it did seem possible, I was realistic enough to know that my pace for the distance wasnt entirely there yet. However, this has given me the knowledge that I'll be back under 1:30 again, more than likely not until next year given what else Ive got to tend to, but I more than content with this. Its my quickest half of 2018, and to my knowledge a course PB.
Id like to thank all of those that made it out to support and marshal today, and thanks to Sonia for booking us a table in the CRATE Brewery and Pizzeria, the perfect chill out to end the day. It was nice to have some company on the way to the start this morning, you all know who you are, so thank you everyone!!
P.S. Yes my reports all over the place, but then again so am I.

Maya Goodwin:- Stop telling me youve got this as it is is quite clear that I have Not Got This
Is not a very good race mantra.
Hackney Half. My plan was to train really well this year. But rugby tours, musicals, childrens shows, they all got Right In The Way. Last week I managed 7 miles. Apart from that its been 3 milers since February. So I nearly didnt run. Not because I thought I wouldnt finish, I knew I would. But it just seems disrespectful to run a race you havent trained for. Disrespectful to the spectators (although to be fair, they all seemed to be having a MUCH better time than I was!) and mainly disrespectful to me. Does that make sense?
Anyway. Last night at the 10,000 PBs, a mosquito who clearly had anger issues, bit my leg. OUCH. So I took loads of piriton before bed and went to sleep. This morning it was really sore. Im not saying it contributed to my time, but it was a niggle I could have done without.
After a queue for the loo longer than one for The Ministry in the 90s, we were off. Now. Not only have I not run more than three miles, I havent even managed that without walk breaks. So I was pretty pleased to find myself bobbing along comfortably to 5 miles before I walked. I wanted to get to 10k but my head flapped and told me that it was impossible. My head is stupid.
5 miles to 8 were ok. Walk running, but keeping to 200 run steps and 50 walk ones. Then I started to struggle. And thats when the mantra started. It made me laugh, but it didnt make me run.
2:38:27. I finished, but I could have done so much better. The conditions were perfect today. Im pleased I did it, but Im slightly disappointed I didnt train harder. So next time any of you see me slacking at club or track, just say to me You owe Hackney Because I can do better.

Jess Trayler-Moore:- It was hot and miles 6-9 were brutal. Since when was east London so hilly? I ate all the jelly babies, gulped all the gels, and completed the run powered by sugar alone.
Thanks so much to all fellow ELR runners and to those that came to cheer us on, it makes such a difference. Unnecessary loo queuing and heat exhaustion aside, I had a really lovely morning.

Liz ODonnell:- It was hot, I ran-walked, ( was great seeing Maya Goodwin ahead of me dogged with determination as usual) did a fast 10k (nearly pb for me) then lost it at 7 miles and had to give myself a right talking-to. Got going again until 11 miles, seized up in the Olympic park, was a sobbing wreck I was so happy to see Maud Hodson Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera Don Bennett and Stuart Stupot Barton. Finally finished around 2.49 and the really weird thing is I want to do another one! Every ELR said hello on the way round even people I didn’t know. Top club spirit as usual- thanks everyone x

Andy Bolderstone:- Going into the race I hadnt been sure if I was going to do it but equally I didnt want to get in the habit of missing races with 3 more over the next 3 weekends (Hatfield Broad Oak 10k, The Flaming Half and The Forest Five). Also my daughter's confirmation had been changed from 3pm to 11.30 am, although being an atheist it wasn't my greatest concern.
The weather forecast said hot and sunny (as it always is come Hackney Half) but as I left home it was cool and misty. I met John Paul Healy and Sheila Kennedy at Leyton Stn and walked down which was nice, chatting . Met more ELR before the start and wished each other good luck. I haven't been too well recently and was told by my dr not to run ( don't they always ?) and to stay well hydrated if I ignored him Which meant that I was going to the loo when the race started. I managed to get at the back of the last pen. It took about 20 mins to get to the start line and I saw several ELR on the big screen starting but by the time I started I only managed 40 metres before diving off for a final pee. And the sun came out.
I decided to just enjoy the race and not bother about a good time. I was just appreciating running and seeing familiar places such as the old Hackney Hospital where I worked and lived in digs, pubs I used to go to, London Field and Vicky Park where so much marathon training took place. I think I counted 13 ELR I met running on route as well as shoutouts from Georgie Hooper and Nacho Aguirre Rodríguez before that darn steep bit before the Copper Box where there were more ELR. On to the finish. I wasn't too sure of my time (because of that annoying auto pause feature I don't seem able to permanently disable ) due to my call of nature but as I crossed the line a huge guy sped past and then collapsed onto me so. I grabbed hold of him and got him to the ground and over the finish line (got to think of that chip time ) and stopped my watch at 1.50.55 ( actual finish was 1.51 something). Somehow I had managed my second best half marathon time and really enjoyed my run to boot. So I got my bag and rushed back and managed to see the second half of my daughter's confirmation (albeit unshowered and in running gear!)
I would totally recommend running at the back and enjoying yourself, saw so many people (passed more than probably all my other races combined), had a blast and caught a giant on the finish line. What's not to love.

Jakub Czeczotka:- Hackney Half
Sometimes you have big expectations for a big race but end up with a bitter disappointment. Sometimes its the other way round. To me it was the David (Hackney Half) vs Goliath (London Marathon) of London road running. My hopes and dreams of a fresh marathon PB melted in the heat on April 22nd when I had to fight for my dear life just to hang on to the bronze target - sub 4h (finished in 3:59:44 - Maya thanks again for the bottle!!!). I was eagerly anticipating Hackney Half but mainly because I invited a group of friends to come over from Leeds, Poland and Portugal and join me. In terms of running form I knew I may be in shape but didnt expect much. The ambitious (gold) target was to follow the 1:40 pacer and if things get tough just let them slowly drift away. Considering last years 1:44 half marathon PB (silver target) and no HM specific training this seemed conservatively unrealistic or eagerly optimistic, depends how you look at it.
The race started on time and I managed to position myself nicely behind my pacers. From the gun the pace felt quite hard but manageable, at least to start with. My main challenge was getting in the rhythm behind the pacers as there were plenty of people around me, going in all directions, especially when the route narrowed. Frankly speaking it felt like hard work as I found myself surrounded by ambitions and elbows of fellow sub 1:40 aspirants. At about 2k, when space on the pavement opened, a cunning plan hatched in my head - I decided to take the pacer over and run just in front of them. Should it work I will gain my natural rhythm, should it fail I will have the benefit of running in a less crowded space for some time and they will catch me anyway. This completely made my race. Very quickly I noticed I finally have the space to run my own race (and pace). It was faster but surprisingly felt easier. After some time, on a sharp turn I looked back and I noticed the pacers were at least 50m behind me. Well done I thought, now just hang on to this ambitious pace (or fade trying). From about 5k it was more of a mental than physical battle. I think you overcooked it the voice kept saying but all systems were reporting status green so I pushed on. Kept myself busy trying to figure out where I was and counting down kilometres to my next gel (had one at 7k and another at 14k). There was no crisis as such, just a wave of self-doubt at 15k - more than a parkrun from home, the gels are gone, surely there must be a major disaster waiting to happen. Well, it never came and my watch was consistently giving me splits a few seconds faster than my target sub 1:40 pace which only added to the excitement as I was hitting the final stretches of the route. I even managed to sprint to the finish where, to my big surprise, I was welcomed by a massive PB of over 7 minutes - I finished in 1:36:49! I really wasnt aware Id be capable of running a time like that. My garmin even claimed I run a 10k PB in the process (45:26). What a race!
Some observations:
* very effective waves, pretty much all the time I was able to hang on to someone and use them as my clandestine pacer
* running around Hackney and Olympic Park makes me genuinely proud what a great part of city that is
* a brilliant medal and a huge improvement in finishers t-shirt from last year
* to a great effect I swapped my 1h-before-the-run double caffeine gel for a double espresso brewed by a bearded hipster barista with Shoreditch grade tat sleeves, going forward I will aim to have coffee before a race and keep the gel as a backup

Nuclear Rush - Sunday 20th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Stephens2.10.36 (12km)100th of 2344.was 14km
Joshua Stephens2.59.00 (7km)was 9km.
Sarah Stephens2.59.00 (7km)was 9km.

Ironman 70.3 Barcelona - Sunday 20th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Louis Le Roux7.10.582,046th of 2,367.
Swim 1.2 miles/1.9km 49.40
T1 11.32
bike 56 miles/ 90kms 3.47.20
T2 9.27
run 13.1 miles/ 21.1km 2.13.02

Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon - Sunday 20th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Day1.23.2747th
Patrick Brown1.24.1658th

Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon - Sunday 20th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Marc Akers5.16.372652nd
Marc Akers:- Liverpool marathon run report hope this is ok
Sunday morning started early as my mate Billy was running the half & this started at 9.
So we walk from our hotel down to Albert docks only took us 15 mins & we walked into the runners village it was packed already mostly half marathon runners but a few marathon runners too.
We headed for the bag drop were Billy dropped his bag & then he headed for his pen as he wanted to get close to the 1.45 pacer.
I left there & headed into the expo & to spend some money & try to relax.
Next thing it was 9.30 so I dropped my bag & headed out to corral 10 pen I found myself right at the back next to the 5.15 pacers which was ok with me.
The start was delayed by 20 mins & then I was off & running I caught up with the 5hr Pacers at mile 3 & just enjoyed my running & I know I'd be going past Goodson park soon & then through Stanley park & then onto Anfield , the miles went past very quickly & the next thing I knew I was with the 4:45 pacers I felt comfortable & kept plodding along at mile 17 my calfs started cramping up & I got pain in my left foot. I stopped to stretch my calfs & decided it was all about finishing & times went out the window.
I hoped to still get under 5hrs but that slipped away in the last 3 miles too
The last miles was all about finishing running & giving my everything right to the line.
Crossing that line was amazing & a massive release of emotions as this was for my dad.
Thanks to u all as u all inspired me at times throughout trading
Special tks to Jo & Jason training partners

Plymouth Half Marathon - Sunday 20th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Howourth1.44.47446th

Nottingham Sprint Triathlon - Saturday 19th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee1.09.326th 0f 38 in age group.
Daniel Lee1.13.31358th of 729.
Ava 1.09.32 - 6th/38 in age group - and qualification for GB European Sprint Age group championships - yay!
13.51/ 1.20/33.06/ 1.39/19.36 = 1.09.32
Danny 1.13.38
17.53/ 1.49/33.48/ 1.30/ 18.38 = 1.13.38

Hackney Virgin Sport 5km - Saturday 19th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans18.105th
Mark Moir19.4415th
Peter Craik19.5318th
Andy Kumar20.0817th
Kat Maskell25.32180th
Maud Hodson25.37223rd
Paul Marshall28.09327th
Eunkyung Lee28.11329th
Diana Rexhepaj28.39348th
Shaun DeSena32.24522nd

London Spring 10km - Saturday 19th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne36.092nd
Jose Rodriguez36.56 pb4th
John Booth37.407th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 19th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kat Maskell24.3099th - 61.43% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie25.55122nd - 59.04% Hackney
Neil Gage20.328th - 66.96% Roding Valley
Paul Marshall21.27 (course pb)17th - 60.84% Roding Valley
Caroline Frith21.3118th - 71.11% Roding Valley
Andrew Baxter19.092nd - 76.41% Valentines
Nathan Jones19.17 (course pb)3rd - 66.90% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.077th - 72.16% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi21.38 (49th parkrun)15th - 60.63% Valentines
Craig Livermore22.3022nd - 57.33% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.4224th - 66.01% Valentines
Jason Levy24.3753rd - 58.50% Valentines
Euan Brown16.571st - 76.11% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan18.513rd - 74.62% Wanstead
Scott McMillan19.445th - 70.19% Wanstead
Mark Moir20.3711th - 62.57% Wanstead
Regis Martin20.5112th - 68.03% Wanstead
Colin Dryland21.1214th - 67.92% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone23.0444th - 60.55% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench23.0746th - 75.34% Wanstead
Jimmy Dale23.1747th - 55.69% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield23.1949th - 68.12% Wanstead
Steven Bywater24.4870th - 60.95% Wanstead
Janet Bywater25.08 (course pb)75th - 69.30% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.1477th - 64.20% Wanstead
Tim Aylett25.2984th - 53.17% Wanstead
Ged Browne25.5187th - 59.96% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.2095th - 62.15% Wanstead
Fiona Day26.45101st - 72.52% Wanstead
Catherine Brett27.22111th - 62.79% Wanstead
Nick Hoult27.23113th - 51.37% Wanstead
Claire Emery27.37117th - 58.66% Wanstead
Maud Hodson29.28149th - 54.41% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.18169th - 57.83% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi32.02182nd - 47.19% Wanstead
Paul Quinton17.08 debut1st - 78.50% Gunpowder
Dan Gritton17.54 (course pb)2nd - 79.24% Gunpowder
Shahib Miah Ali23.29 (fasting)21st - 55.36% Barking
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera25.5731st - 58.57% Barking
Saima Zeb28.50 (course pb)50th - 51.33% Barking
Tom Timson22.23107th - 57.71% Bromley
Andrew Howard24.19 debut93rd - 64.29% Ipswich
Katherine Harris40.48 debut287th - 36.89% Kingston
John Healy25.32191st - 55.09% Dulwich
Shaun DeSena32.32 debut141st - 39.75% Gladstone
Frank Brownlie26.42 debut35th - 63.89% Clermont Waterfront
Martin Quinlan29.02250th - 49.20% Southwark
Liam Dempsey26.1363rd - 49.46% Brentwood
Alex Day19.44 debut2nd - 66.81% Lyme Park
Patrick Brown19.58 debut3rd - 65.36% Lyme Park
James Nichols20.3556th - 63.72% Tooting Common
James Creed23.0855th - 58.14% Castle Park
Jonathan Wooldridge24.45 debut22nd - 57.71% Mersea Island
Fiona Critchley25.51 debut32nd - 66.47% Mersea Island
Stuart Barton26.39 debut35th - 54.47% Mersea Island
Terry Lewsey21.00 (course pb )65.48% Thurrock
Lawrence Foster24.0160th - 63.43% Wanstead

Capital Challenge (CSAA 10km Championship) - Wednesday 16th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols39.39 28th
171 finishers.

Run Wembley 10km - Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.361st

St Neots Olympic Distance Triathlon - Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee2.24.1039th
Daniel Lee2.35.31258th
Sarah Burns2.38.3697th
487 finishers. Olympic distance.
Ava 28.24 swim, 2.39 t1, 1.08.46 cycle, 1.16 t2, 43.03 run = 2.24.10
Sarah 29.10, 1.26, 1.10.34, 1.12, 56.12 = 2.38.36
Danny 40.15, 3.08, 1.08.38, 2.03, 41.27 = 2.35.31

Great Baddow 10m - Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Rayworth1.09.5243rd
674 finishers.

Run Through Alexandra Palace 10km - Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton38.01 winner1st
Shahib Miah Ali44.4611th
Katie Whitton52.3177th
Alex Jameson55.26119th
Toughest 10k I have done, up and down, impossible to get into a rhythm, however, great hill training.
That was a tough, tough 10k - having done 2 parkruns there (normal and alternative course) as well as
cross country races, should have expected multiple hills!!! Shahib Ali

Royal Parks Summer Series - Greenwich Park - Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Craig Livermore41.41 pb14th
365 finishers.

Telenor Copenhagen Marathon - Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Mehew3.42.191781st

Essex County Outdoor Championship, Chelmsford - Day 2 - Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson6.20.323rd,Bronze, 1500m
Stuart Barton6.36.458th, 1500m
Stuart Barton37.307th, 200m

Sunderland Half Marathon - Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir1.28.35 pb68th
1191 finishers.

Dragonslayer Duathlon, Velopark - Sunday 13th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford1.22.3228th
Paula Bedford1.22.4629th, 3rd lady
Kat Maskell1.32.5355th
79 finishers, 3 mile run/15 mile cycle/ 2 mile run
Michael 22.03 / 45.23 / 15.06 = 1.22.32
Paula 21.14 / 46.59 / 14.33 = 1.22.46
Kat 26.44 / 52.47 / 13.22 = 1.32.53

Halstead & Essex Marathon - Sunday 13th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale3.52.57 pb126th
Roger Stubbs4.09.14179th
374 finishers.
Jimmy Dale reports:- Halstead & Essex Race report
So as many of you know I foolishly decided to sign up for an Ironman and even more foolishly decided that the best prep for this would be to run a marathon a month. April had been a game of two halves with 2 marathons, 2 weeks apart with 2 very different results. The second (Brighton) I think hit my confidence more than I realised, as looking ahead to yesterday I was a bit apprehensive.
Last weekend I had a head cold and as such I hadnt run all week so on Friday I decided I should go for a run and assess myself before Sunday. I felt slow and sluggish and 5 miles felt like a struggle, let alone 26! On top of this, the weather forecast had gone from 15 degrees and sunny, to torrential rain predicted on Sat. While I decided I would still run it, I was not expecting a particularly great result.
With that said, I tried to have as much positivity as I could and upon arriving, bumped into Roger and got chatting. He was aiming for 3:55 and so I decided that I too would aim for that, even boldly stating I would aim for a PB (well this is a change of attitude I thought!)
The weather seemed to have settled at what seemed like ideal conditions and we set off at what rapidly became a 8.30m/m pace. This was a bit faster than expected but the plan was under 8.45m/m until half way, then under 9m/m until 20 miles and then we’d see how I was feeling and what felt achievable. 8.30m/m felt ok though and twice we even sped up and clocked a 8.15 m/m.
The sun came bursting through at mile 3 and I had a quick costume change, ditching the under-top Id pessimistically started in. The course was beautiful, running through the villages around Halstead. Apart from some very posh houses (one of which had 4 lamas hanging out in the garden), it was all country lanes through woody glades and rolling fields. When the sun fully came out it was like going on a lovely summers walk in the country, except it was a marathon not a walk!
The course was described by Andy B as undulating and I think that was a fairly good assessment! No hill was very long and normally flattened out a bit at the top before coming back down, but there were a lot of hills...a lot!
All the way round there were loads of water stations, offering water, juice, jelly babies and a host of other treats. You could also send your own bottles there ahead of time. The marshals were some of the most supportive marshals Ive come across and made you feel like you were winning the race!
Mile 13 rolled around and I was feeling good, like I could actually do this. A bit of mental maths and I said to Roger if we do 10 m/m from here on out, I think we would finish in 4 hours. This felt like a burst of confidence and I pressed on.
Mile 17 saw Roger drop off but I took on the mental game of chasing down the person in front and overtaking them.
Mile 20 came and mentally I started to feel it, but despite that I was still keeping a good pace. A guy called James from the 100 Marathon club asked if I was ok (clearly I was looking good at this stage!) and we ran chatting for a few miles. This was great as I was so distracted I didnt notice Id picked the pace back up.
I took a gel at mile 23 and by mile 25 that gel decided it was happier outside my body than in. Abandoning James, I dived to the side of the road to throw it back up. Feeling gutted that I’d slowed pace and more importantly, that Id let about 15 people pass me (up until then I think only 6 people had overtaken me), I tried to pick up the pace. I was sure James was gone but at about 25.7 miles, I spotted his blue jersey at the bottom of the hill. Game time I thought and pushed with everything I had left, finally overtaking him just before mile 26. I rounded the final bend, knowing I was on for a Pb and gave it everything I could, finally crossing the line in 3:52:54 (well thats what my Garmin says, the official times havent come out yet).
Halstead and Essex was a fantastic marathon, really well organised, friendly and simply beautiful. The bling was great, with a nice tech t-shirt and a really packed goodie bag. Yes its hilly but as long as you know that, theyre not too bad. Would def recommend it for next year!

Gatwick Half Marathon - Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joanna Neville1.50.39 pb722nd
Diana Rexhepaj2.04.391369th

Dulux Trade London Revolution Cycle Ride - 200 miles - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Graham Peacock9.46.55Day 1
Graham Peacock8.32.54Day 2

British Heart Foundation Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 12th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Catriona Hoult57.15

Essex County Outdoor Championship, Chelmsford - Day 1 - Saturday 12th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson13.22.675th, Silver medal, 3000m
Maud Hodson56.493rd, Bronze medal, 300m

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 12th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jakub Czeczotka21.22* debut54th - 62.09% Brighton & Hove
James Nichols19.52* debut8th - 66.02% Roundshaw Downs
Mark Moir19.388th - 65.70% Sunderland
Ciaran Canavan18.4513th - 75.02% Hackney
John Henry18.5314th - 71.23% Hackney
Louis Le Roux19.02 pb16th - 69.70% Hackney
Anna Johnson23.09 (course pb)110th - 64.79% Hackney
Lucy Barron23.25113th - 63.20% Hackney
Dan Gritton18.292nd - 76.74% Roding Valley
Richard Potter22.0625th - 59.65% Roding Valley
Tim Aylett25.4247th - 52.72% Roding Valley
Ashley Faria20.022nd - 72.46% Valentines
Karen Levison20.43 (1st lady)4th - 81.90% Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.569th - 68.31% Valentines
Manjit Singh22.3114th - 62.47% Valentines
Jason Levy24.4031st - 58.38% Valentines
Paul Marshall25.3953rd - 50.88% Valentines
Katherine Harris26.2866th - 56.86% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.4087th - 72.17% Valentines
Ravinder Bassi43.31251st - 36.15% Valentines
James Wilson18.472nd - 73.20% Wanstead
Scott McMillan19.355th - 70.72% Wanstead
Andrew Baxter19.396th - 74.47% Wanstead
Craig Simpson21.3924th - 64.51% Wanstead
Colin Dryland22.1632nd - 64.67% Wanstead
Sarah Burns25.3078th - 60.76% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.1185th - 61.87% Wanstead
Catherine Brett26.2292nd - 65.17% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.3999th - 54.47% Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.43101st - 55.40% Wanstead
Claire Emery27.04108th - 59.85% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor28.05125th - 58.28% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.18146th - 61.77% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi30.18160th - 49.89% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards36.03206th - 44.06% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell36.09208th - 45.27% Wanstead
Don Bennett37.31213th - 42.38% Wanstead
Morag Campbell39.39218th - 40.44% Wanstead
Andrew Howard23.00* debut51st - 67.97% Bury St Edmunds
Ruel Ordonio25.43 debut209th - 54.31% Mile End
Samia Choudhury58.30385th - 25.30% Mile End
Grant Conway22.0311th - 66.89% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali22.0412th - 58.91% Barking
Saima Zeb29.36 (course pb)82nd - 50.00% Barking
Stephen Swan24.05 debut20th - 53.84% Clacton Seafront
Patrick Brown17.491st - 73.25% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater25.1641st - 59.83% Walthamstow
Liam Dempsey26.5363rd - 48.23% Brentwood
Stuart Barton26.42* debut36th - 54.37% Alness
Alexandra Wilkinson25.0137th - 64.76% Hockley Woods
Thomas Burrard-Lucas19.05* (course pb)6th - 68.12% Fareham
Martin Quinlan26.20 debut87th - 54.24% Catford
Frank Brownlie28.32* debut37th - 59.87% Roosevelt Island DC
Lawrence Foster25.0628th - 63.43% Gloucester North
Stuart Barton:- Alness parkrun is the most stunning parkrun I have ever done, The views are just amazing,
the weather was perfect with blue skies and a slight cool breeze, I was made really welcome by the locals.

Run Through Chase The Sun 10km - Wednesday 9th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Senior37.17 pb20th,
Alex Bee37.5423rd
Spencer Evans37.5524th
Emily Clarke42.3476th,

Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride - Sunday 6th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Le Roux2.24.5949km
Louis Le Roux5.59.12129km

Haywards Heath 10 miles - Sunday 6th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day1.45.55293rd of 463.

Bon Secours Hospital Great Limerick Run (Marathon) - Sunday 6th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes2.37.35 pb5th Club record.

10k 35.33
20k 1.11.22
half 1.15.27
30k 1.49.53
40k 2.29.08
finish 2.37.35
5th place
2nd M 35-39
pace 6.01 Min Mile

Geneva Marathon - Sunday 6th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jennifer Ansell3.22.26141st, 11th
Eleanor Wilkinson3.26.16 pb174th,16th, Boston Qual
1564 finishers. Geneva Marathon 06/05/18 - Race Report
I have flown in and out of Geneva for skiing for nearly 10 years now and have never really taken the time to appreciate it as a city. This weekend changed that for sure, it will now forever be the place where I acheived a BQ!
So after an awesome day exploring the city with the gang, we had an early night in prep. On the morning of, Gemma and Lucy left early, to take on the Semi marathon leaving Jennifer and I trying to finish porridge whilst fretting about what we had in front of us. We then slowly walked about a mile to the start from our air bnb, but we were still early so we used this time wisely for emergency portalooing & taking selfies!
Then we were off, I ambitiously started a little in front of the 3:30 marker cause you know, go hard or go home right? So I cracked on, with a mad stitch to start, but when that settled just enjoyed the beaut scenery and atmosphere. Now, an observation is Allez allez allez sounds very like Ellie Ellie Ellie so I felt personally supported by the whole of Geneva for 26.2 miles, which was excellent!!
It was hot though, with no shade, at all. However it was flat and beautiful so I cracked on. Made a few mates along the way who were very supportive of the East London vest and I felt the love for the girls from the crowds allez les fille !
The fields reminded me of running at colworth, which I loved - living in the city and predominately running along the a12 makes running through the fields a dream. The final 10k was all along the side of Geneva lake, where I also saw my parents which was so good ! Until my dad cycled along side me and kept stopping to take so.many.videos . It was then great to see fan girls Lucy & Gemma who were very loud and (I think) happy to see me, which felt amazing. Then that was it, head to the finish! I then saw Jenny at the mile 25 switch back, who was standardly smashing it, that was a boost I never see Jenny in a run!! Looking at my watch, I now realised that if I knuckle down I could actually get sub 3:30 here!! Wow.
Then, I did it, 3:26:15 - I am over the moon. Still cant really believe it !
Would I recommend Geneva? Yes, definitely - its obviously much quieter than London, so maybe not if you need the crowds, but deffo if you want a beaut weekend away / stunning scenery / a flat PB course and a supportive crowd at end - do it.!

Geneva Half Marathon - Sunday 6th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lucy Barron1.57.262,436th
Gemma Foxall1.57.29

Gutenberg Marathon - Sunday 6th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton2.59.3125th

Run Through Crystal Palace 10km - Sunday 6th May 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols40.1710th
Mark Moir40.50 pb13th

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 5th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans39.279th
Alex Bee39.2710th
Daniel Slipper40.4717th, 1st V40
Megan Cullis1.06.56274th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 5th May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Louis Le Roux19.26 pb21st - 68.27% Woodhouse Moor
Rachel Le Roux26.13 debut220th - 57.22% Woodhouse Moor
Tim Aylett26.08187th - 51.85% Ashton Court
Ciaran Canavan18.3220th - 75.90% Hackney
John Henry19.0023rd - 70.79% Hackney
Mark Moir19.13 pb26th - 67.13% Hackney
Shahib Miah Ali19.18 debut27th - 67.36% Hackney
Grant Conway21.1161st - 69.08% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi23.27115th - 55.93% Hackney
Sarah Burns24.38145th - 62.92% Hackney
Kat Maskell24.44146th - 60.85% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot27.42204th - 53.43% Hackney
Neil Gage20.5110th - 65.95% Roding Valley
Richard Potter21.5616th - 60.11% Roding Valley
Lauren Kelly23.5131st - 62.05% Roding Valley
Maya Goodwin33.55 debut122nd - 47.76% Minehead
Dan Senior18.18 (course pb)2nd - 75.68% Valentines
Simon Thomas19.103rd - 68.43% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.086th - 72.10% Valentines
Craig Livermore20.227th - 63.34% Valentines
Karen Levison20.46 (1st lady)9th - 81.70% Valentines
Paul Marshall22.0716th - 59.01% Valentines
Laura Kemp22.3823rd - 65.39% Valentines
Jason Levy24.5253rd - 57.91% Valentines
Catriona Hoult28.22105th - 55.05% Valentines
Nick Hoult29.16120th - 48.06% Valentines
Christopher Sohail32.26173rd - 40.90% Valentines
Scott McMillan19.527th - 69.71% Wanstead
Aaron Williams20.10 (course pb)9th - 69.26% Wanstead
Craig Simpson21.2818th - 65.06% Wanstead
Colin Dryland22.1928th - 64.53% Wanstead
Ged Browne22.4032nd - 68.38% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone22.4234th - 61.53% Wanstead
Gareth Davies22.5339th - 63.95% Wanstead
Katie Whitton23.59 pb55th - 61.71% Wanstead
David Hallybone24.4663rd - 55.92% Wanstead
Alex Jameson27.0189th - 53.73% Wanstead
Claire Emery27.5099th - 58.20% Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.19113th - 63.92% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor29.14134th - 55.95% Wanstead
Jane Clapton31.47166th - 50.45% Wanstead
Michael Keefe35.03190th - 39.85% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell36.45203rd - 44.54% Wanstead
John Booth17.20 (course pb)3rd - 77.02% Mile End
Nathaniel Dye19.49 pb6th - 65.60% Barking
Saima Zeb31.0588th - 47.61% Barking
Samia Choudhury57.07139th - 25.91% Barking
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera57.08 (tailwalker)140th - 26.60% Barking
Patrick Brown18.01 (1st man)1st - 72.43% Walthamstow
Anna Dingle29.29 (course pb)57th - 52.97% Walthamstow
Martin Quinlan32.25259th - 44.06% Southwark
Bernadett Kalmar29.22 debut182nd - 55.16% Hastings
Viktor Szabadi34.53 debut298th - 43.33% Hastings
Stephen Swan23.44 debut35th - 54.63% Harwich
Fiona Critchley25.18 debut48th - 67.92% Harwich
Stuart Barton27.07 debut61st - 53.53% Harwich
Shailesh Patel22.3857th - 66.20% Leicester Vict
Paula Bedford21.06 debut/1st lady81st - 74.57% Mersea Island
Tom Timson23.44 debut51st - 54.42% Castle Park
James Nichols19.26 debut21st - 67.50% Clapham Common
Andrew Howard22.16 debut23rd - 70.21% Catford
Calvin Bobin22.349th - 72.30% Tamar Trails
62 parkruns at 19 venues, 3 first finishers.
6 course pbs and 14 debuts.
First finishes for Karen at Valentines(81.70%), Paula at Mersea Island (74.57%) and Patrick at Walthamstow(72.43%).

Paula Bedford:-
What a lovely Parkrun Mersea Islland was! There were 3 generations of our family running and we all came first in our age group categories!!
Herbie Dimmock age 5 - first in under 11
Elwood Wharton age 11 - first 11 -16
Paula Bedford age 40 ish !! First 40-44
Howard Dimmock 70 ish - First 70 - 74.

Maya reports:- Im at Butlins in Minehead for a kids rugby festival. And so I thought Id steal a club parkrun record before that Stuart Stupot Barton and Jonathan Wooldridge got there.
Quite a small crowd. Not many rugby looking people. But I did laugh at the group from Ealing RFC who had their kids with them. The coach said last night that we werent supposed to take them to parkrun as itll tire them out before their games this afternoon. But he was pissed so wont remember!
It was all on narrowish pavements with two out and backs one way and three out and backs the other, so it felt pretty chaotic, runners going both ways and the fast ones overtaking too.
But it was prettier than a pretty thing running along the sea front and the sun was out. And while I may have thought that was chaos, it was nothing compared to Splashworld.

Wimbledon Trail Series (5 miles) - Wednesday 2nd May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes29.046th - 78.39%

Go Tri Duathlon 68, QEOP Velopark - Tuesday 1st May 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Billy Rayner56.2510th
Michael Bamford1.01.0514th
Paula Bedford1.03.0019th
Laura Kemp1.04.4323rd
Gi Tri 68 - 2 mile run/10 mile cycle/2 mile run.
Billy - 12.06/31.56/12.21 = 56.25
Michael - 14.44/31.38/14.42 = 1.01.05
Paula - 14.41/33.32/14.45 = 1.03.00
Laura - 15.13/34.19/15.10 = 1.04.43

Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon - Sunday 29th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Christopher Kehoe2.13.501232nd
1833 finishers.

Wimbledon Half Marathon - Sunday 29th April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.31.5942nd
515 finishers.

Chester Half Marathon - Sunday 29th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Angela Morley1.59.512507th

Grass Snake 12m, Chelmsford (trail) - Sunday 29th April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Critchley1.58.438th
23 finishers.

Viper 15m, Chelmsford (trail) - Sunday 29th April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Nathaniel Dye2.16.1220th
83 finishers.

Haspa Hamburg Marathon - Sunday 29th April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson3.42.572,471st
Michael Wilson:- I did not believe I could run a marathon at the moment due to a lack of any real training in the last few weeks. (That old story)! I did a 20 mile a month ago and after that, not much. Anyway I flew over to Hamburg and decided to run and feel chuffed at how it went in the end. Standing on the start line I was still thinking about how far I could actually run, my morale and self belief being that low. I knew I could not match my 3.33 at Eindhoven 6 months ago, but In the end unbelievably I was only a minute slower than my 2017 London Marathon time. For the race, I set off at just under 8 minutes a mile trying to make it to half way. As Ciaran Canavan said in his Boston Marathon report, just make it to half way and then you can walk the rest if necessary. I got to 13.1 in about 1.44 and then started to count down the KM's. I realised I would slow considerably in the second half, but knew if I could do a sub 2 hour second half I would still pull off a reasonable time.
It was a fantastic race and the crowd were amazing, however it was difficult to get a drink at the water stations with some Runners just stopping in front of me instead of carrying on running. This caused me to bump into them and slow down, which was slightly annoying. All my concerns about injuries came to nothing and i got into a steady rhythm. Of course the last 5k was tough, more of a mental challenge; but I made it without mishap to the finish. I took on the Gels and banana slices that were handed out, so my energy levels were ok. The temperature got to 19 degrees which was warm, but nowhere near as bad as London last week. For the record; this was my 30th Marathon and the time was 3.42.57. I am staying two nights in a nice hotel on the Reeperbahn in the St Pauli district of Hamburg, the centre of all activities. A lot of rowdiness up my street, with stag and hen parties being very popular! The area had already gained notoriety, when the Beatles used to play all night sessions here in 1960 before they were famous. I am pleased I gave Hamburg a visit, it has all been worthwhile.

10,010 Finishers.

Gijon Media Half Marathon - Saturday 28th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez1.21.13 pb145th
2,266 finishers.
Jose reports:- I though I will do a report on the half marathon we run yesterday in case someone is interested for next year...
The weather did not help family and friends that were along the course supporting us. It was around 10-12 C and the forecast was saying 100% rain...so we got very wet. The annoying thing is that usually is quiet sunny this time of the year and that during the whole weekend it just did rain during the race...but it was actually good temperature for the runners and the rain didn't bother me. The race is quiet flat and the course is really nice along the city streets and the coast.
I was planning to take it easy after the marathon 2 weeks ago. I just was hoping to do around 1:25. My PB was 1:27 but I knew I could break that easily. So after leaving my husband at the back(it was his first race ever! so he was just looking to finish), I started with the 1:25 pacer. He had a relatively large group of people around him and they were quiet annoying as they were crossing infront of me all the time making me stop and start again..so I decided to go infront of them. We started not too fast..4:06 and 4 first 2 km..and I felt better once I increased a bit the rythmn. 3:55, 3:50; 3:45...Me and my friend we had planned to run this race in memory on her mum that passed away from cancer last year..since then her dad and my dad also passed away due to the same disease. It has been the most difficult year for both of us and for those around us. She couldn't run so my amazing husband run with me. Said that after the first 5 km I made the promise to dedicate 5 km to each of them. That really help to keep the pace and even increase it doing 3:35 min/km at km19!...I was feeling strong so I just let myself go finally doing a 6 min pb of 1:21:13 and not horrible cramps or aches which was great. I even did the last 3km with my husband again that finished in 1:58!...as he said to show off a bit!..The finish line is in a stadium close to the start line so you have your bags very close and there is showers and changing rooms.
The only downside this year is that they didn't gave medals for everyone as it happend in past editions. But they give you a nice t-shirt and a bag pack with some goodies.
Drinks stations and the race in general was well organised. Pretty small race (around 2500) is we compare with the big half marathons and marathons in UK, but very very fast people...or not as popular as the ones here. Almost every single person, apart from my husband and few more, belonged to clubs. 1:02 the winner coming from morocco and has a PB of 59!!..
Gijon is a lovely city in the region of Asturias where I am from in north Spain. Direct flights with easyjet makes it very convenient and plenty of amazing places to visit in an hour drive radius.

Mallorca 312 (193 miles) Cycle - Saturday 28th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns13.49.021689th
16,568 ft of climbing.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 28th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali19.48 (course pb)54th - 65.66% Bushy
Mark Moir19.49 debut56th - 65.10% Bushy
Robert Rayworth19.0421st - 72.64% Hackney
John Henry19.0724th - 70.36% Hackney
Ciaran Canavan19.3128th - 72.08% Hackney
Nick Clarke19.38 debut33rd - 66.81% Hackney
Eleanor Wilkinson20.00 pb34th - 74.00% Hackney
Clive Mehew22.1491st - 64.24% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie27.33189th - 55.54% Hackney
Maya Goodwin33.50272nd - 47.88% Hackney
Neil Gage21.186th - 64.55% Roding
Caroline Frith21.44 (1st lady)9th - 70.40% Roding
Richard Potter21.5210th - 60.29% Roding
Tim Aylett25.3130th - 53.10% Roding
Spencer Evans19.01 (1st man)1st - 68.01% Valentines
Chris Green19.382nd - 69.02% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.095th - 72.04% ValentinesHackney
Karen Levison21.08 (1st lady)9th - 80.28% Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.5515th - 68.37% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi22.1117th - 59.13% Valentines
Laura Kemp22.32 (course pb)22nd - 65.68% Valentines
Calvin Bobin23.2130th - 69.88% Valentines
Paul Marshall26.1962nd - 49.59% Valentines
Jason Levy26.2063rd - 54.68% Valentines
James Wilson19.224th - 71.00% Wanstead
Scott McMillan20.5712th - 66.11% Wanstead
Jimmy Dale21.42 (course pb)20th - 59.75% Wanstead
Craig Simpson21.4622nd - 64.17% Wanstead
Nick Hoult22.0026th - 63.94% Wanstead
Ged Browne22.3531st - 58.63% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone22.4334th - 61.48% Wanstead
Georgie Hooper24.4657th - 59.83% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.2567th - 63.08% Wanstead
Alex Jameson25.5976th - 55.87% Wanstead
Ellen Jones26.4590th - 55.45% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.31101st - 58.87% Wanstead
Claire Emery28.10111th - 57.51% Wanstead
Katie Whitton28.41122nd - 51.60% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.05127th - 51.98% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.08128th - 62.13% Wanstead
Jane Clapton29.45138th - 53.62% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor31.18159th - 52.29% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult32.01164th - 48.78% Wanstead
Lucy Williams38.20203rd - 39.91% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell39.00204th - 41.97% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards39.00205th - 40.73% Wanstead
Simon Thomas19.10 debut2nd - 68.43% Pymmes
John Booth17.495th - 74.93% Mile End
Grant Conway21.2810th - 68.17% Barking
Mary OBrien27.1354th - 73.36% Barking
Mary Connolly27.3359th - 65.70% Barking
Natasha Howard26.04225th - 58.31% Chelmsford
Euan Brown17.37 (1st man)1st - 73.23% Walthamstow
Patrick Brown17.472nd - 73.10% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.0341st - 58.03% Walthamstow
Stephen Swan23.4568th - 54.67% Kesgrave
Jonathan Wooldridge22.58 debut55th - 62.19% Jersey
Fiona Critchley24.51 debut90th - 69.15% Jersey
Katherine Harris24.57 debut97th - 60.32% Jersey
Stuart Barton26.05 debut112th - 55.65% Jersey
Tanbir Jasimuddin40.22 debut341st - 33.82% Macclesfield
Dan Gritton17.45 (course pb)3rd - 79.91% - Victoria Docks
Andrew Howard21.46 debut23rd - 71.82% Victoria Docks
James Nichols18.58 debut20th - 69.16% Newcastle

Virgin Money London Marathon - More Reports. - Sunday 22nd April 2018

Kate Frost:- London Marathon 2018 race report - never written a race report before so sorry if its a little rambling!
I woke up with a start at 5:30, thinking Id overslept. In my whole Marathon journey, this is the only time I seriously wondered whether I was about to do something very stupid.
By the time I set off for Greenwich, smeared all over in factor 50 and body glide, it was already warm out. It was good to meet others from #EastLondonRunners at the tube station (even though I was in my charity vest, not club colours) and it helped ease my nerves a little. I broke away to go to the charity meeting, but later was really chuffed to bump into Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera and Sandra Hiller again in my pen. Having stood around for some time in the sunshine, watching the rhinos get shepherded in front of us, we decided to make a last minute dash to the loos and got back just in time, then we were off!
Id expected the field to open out a little- Ive never experienced crowded running conditions like this where it just felt like you were constantly tripping over people and discarded water bottles... all the way!
Alex and I started fast, but that was ok, since we were going downhill. We overtook the 5hour and 4:45 pacers. Some kids squirted waterguns at us.
I spotted my mum in the crowd because of a huge cardboard sunflower crown she had made! I was glad to see my parents for a quick hug, then I was back on it.
I ran a very good first half, considering the 24 degree heat, but I started feeling very over-heated. Thank god for the fire-service providing water-cannons, and spectators handing out oranges because I couldnt eat my gel blocks after mile 8; I felt so sick! Then we turned the corner and suddenly there we were, at Tower Bridge!
I lost Alex and carried on through the wall of noise as well as I could although I definitely hit my own wall at this stage. The 4:45 pacers overtook me. I found it hard to navigate the crowds of runners, the noise from the crowd was completely overwhelming, crowds of spectators were standing in the road, blocking the way. The 5 hour pacers overtook me. I tried to keep up with them, but lost them at a water station. I searched for my friends among the crowds of spectators, but couldnt spot them
The tunnels offered a moment of relief from the noise and from being watched, and were cooler than the blazing sun. I got a second wind about mile 18 and ran solidly for the last 8 miles. I was so happy to reach the ELR water station at mile 20, but Michael Wilson did not seem so happy to see me, Dont stop! He instructed, Keep running! So I did.
As I ran down Embankment I thought I was beginning to lose it. Id seen so many runners collapsed at the side of the road, or grey in the face and leaning on the barriers. I didnt know if I looked like that, and I didnt have a clear idea about how far left I had to go- my race plan had washed off my hand with sweat and showers hours before. As I overtook someone, they slapped me on the back, and I buckled in a wave of agony. Perhaps it was the shock I needed, because looking up, I noticed photographers, so pulled out a weird grimacey thumbs up for them, and suddenly there was St James Park in front of me. Rounding the corner and seeing the famous sign, 600m to go I was overwhelmed with emotion. Thats one and a half times around the track, I thought to myself and pushed hard til the end.
I am so grateful to all of my supporters for coming out to cheer me on, to everyone at ELR for taking me under your wings and believing in me, and to anyone who sponsored me. It was a fantastic experience and I feel so proud to have raised over £2,000 for a great charity in the process. I took nearly an hour off my debut time with a new Marathon PB of 5:05... if I keep improving at the same rate, Ill beat Mo and the rest in 3 years!
Today I have been lying around with an ice pack on my back and hoping the bruising will go down soon! Back to work tomorrow

Susannah McLaren:-.Delighted to say I survived (and strangely enjoyed) running the London Marathon!! Having struggled with injury throughout training I only made the final decision to go ahead 3 weeks before! At this point I set up my fundraising page and with only one week to go my son Max, with no more than a half marathon under his belt, offered to run with me to give moral support what a sweetheart!!
The reason I put myself through this painful/ emotional/ exhausting but fantastic experience was to raise funds for the Alzheimers Society. I set an achievable target of £600, which I’m now pleased to say has been surpassed so now aiming for doubling it!

Lucy Barron:- So I am not going to do a race report per say on the London Marathon as I feel that everything that has been posted so far from various runners who took part on Sunday summed it up beautifully!
However I do want to say a MAHOOOOSIVE THANK YOU to the club for giving me the opportunity to run London, I can easily say it was the experience of a lifetime (I certainly remember smiling for a large portion of it), yes the heat made it tough and yes I wish Id been able to push myself to reach the elusive sub 4 but as I sit down (which currently is more of a struggle than it should be) and really take in the enormity of what I and many others were a part of this weekend I smile and say You bloomin well ran the London Marathon which is pretty damn satisfying, cool points for life?!

Suzanne Bench:- A very short report!
Well I was smiling before and after but definitely not during the marathon. Found it really tough right from the first few miles- think I went out too fast with the 3.45 pacer considering the heat managed to keep going at pace until half way but after that it was all downhill! was hoping to qualify for Boston (under 4 hours) and should have been an achievable goal but finished 4.01. So, will just have to try again next year with the support of my brilliant friends and running buddies Andrea and Jayne and of course Geoff.

Sheila Kennedy:- With so many brilliant London marathon 2018 reports, I thought I had better do a short one before everyone forgets.
Thanks so much to East London Runners for giving me the opportunity to run this great event. I was lucky in the club ballot for 2017 marathon places but deferred last year due to an ankle niggle being supremely confident that this niggle would be but a memory this year, and I could focus on achieving a pb – having managed to run a pb at each of the previous marathons. Of course, this proved not to be the case, and I was on the point, some weeks ago of giving up on the marathon dream. However, a combination of positive physios, Holly House strength and conditioning classes, Gareth Davies foot strength and mobility classes, and Regis Martin coaching sessions got me to the start line on Sunday.
This was my 5th London marathon (with some previous ones also thanks to ELR I wont be putting in for the club ballot again I have been very lucky). It was also definitely the toughest for me. The idea of achieving a pb went out the window with the weather forecast. My strategy was to avoid going out too quickly, run at a comfortable pace, and try to maintain it until the end. In previous years, I delighted at the atmosphere and the crowd support. This year, I counted the miles from about mile 16, motivated by seeing family and work colleagues on the course, and by the great ELR support at mile 20 ( - a bit surprised by the Fire Brigade youngsters at the end of the ELR side J). My ankle, very surprisingly, held out without any problem and hasnt really ached much since. Maybe I just needed to run a marathon on it!
Very happy to have made it to the starting line and to have finished in one piece. Some 28 minutes slower than my previous pb, but given my ankle, the weather conditions and probably less training than previously, I was pretty happy with that.
Thanks again, ELR!

Virgin Money London Marathon - Reports continued. - Sunday 22nd April 2018

Dan Senior:- Knowing that Holly and I were having a baby in February, I probably shouldnt have even been doing a marathon this year, but I was so chuffed to have got a place (after many unsuccessful years of trying through the public ballot) I just couldnt help myself.
And I trained hard. Around a busy job, baby Harry, and a little bit of sleep, I didnt really do much else in the first quarter of this year. Us runners would use adjectives like determined, focussed and committed. Normal people (including my incredibly tolerant wife) would probably choose words like obsessed, stubborn and maybe even slightly weird. You all know what I mean!
So I got to the start yesterday feeling I couldnt really have done much more. I had also planned my tapering, nutrition and race kit carefully, really wanting to do this race justice. But one of the few things totally out of my control, of course, was the weather. I think sunshine and heat (and insane crowd support, indirectly linked to that) will be themes of most reports from the 2018 event and my own experience (second ever marathon, first timer in London) was no different.
As you may have noticed, I dont exactly have the classic build for long-distance running (probably running, full stop, really!) and knew that was going to be magnified at the hottest London marathon on record. My original target was 3 hours, which I felt I could possibly just do in a perfect race, but I had a word with myself pre-race and decided to keep that under careful review. I had seen Callum Hawkins collapse in the Australian heat at the Commonwealth Games, just the week before, and was very conscious that trying too hard could work out badly.
So I got to half-way in Wapping at 3 hour pace but already knew that Id have to rein it in, just to be able to get to the finish. Giving up on that target so early was quite hard to deal with, but I knew it was the right thing to do. And, from there, it got harder and harder. I have never had to dig deeper just to keep running at some kind of pace , so many were pulling out and walking at early stages. Knowing ELR would be at Mile 20, and Holly at 21, was a huge help. Im so sorry, though, I didnt have the energy for more than a bit of a smile and a quick thumbs up , I was getting really tired at that point!
But, with a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other mindset (and using that technique of dedicating the final kilometres to people important to me) I got there. Absolutely exhausted. 30 minutes with St Johns Ambulance to make sure I wasnt actually going to die, a Pret sandwich and pastry that I really struggled to eat, and then a lager shandy in the pub with the ELR crew.
What an amazing day. Its an incredible event and the sunshine really brought the crowds and amplified their support. I chatted with Darth Vader and a suitably-dressed golfer at the start (both official world record attempts), high-fived a good friend in Greenwich and was very proud to run past the ELR station and my wife in the later stages. An East Londoner for nearly 20 years, and some kind of runner for longer than that, that goes straight into Top Life Experiences.
Yesterday also reminded me that I really do I love running - even (especially?) when it really hurts - and love being part of this club. And Im going to try hard to convert all of the training into some good results at the ELVIS races when, with a bit of luck, we will have grey skies and some good old-fashioned British drizzle!

Maran Raju:- Every marathon is a learning experience, this is definitely on the top of the list.
My aim was to enjoy the buzz and the support from the crowds for the last 6 miles, it didn’t happen that way. I just felt awful and just wanted to finish.
I travelled with Manjit Bedi to the start line from Redbridge station, he said that he hadn’t really trained that much for the race and wasnt expecting to get his best. He was in the Green Line, and went off. I was quite early coming into blue line and so found a shady place and sat down. Bit later I met up with Abdi and had a bit of a chat. Then it got all bit of sudden as we had to drop bag and line up in the correct pen area.
I was in pen 2 and when I lined up it seems this group was bit fast for me, runners looked lean and young, so backed off to the end close to pen 3.
The race started and everything was okay for the first 6 miles, I was on target. Bit slower than my previous times, but was happy with it. I saw Suzanne along the way, she was running with the 3:45 pacer coming from different line, I just said hello and I sped away maybe I should have just stuck with them.
All okay up to the half point, 1:49 was happy with that. In comparison to Edinburgh last year I was 1:42 half and finished at 3:37.
At 17 mile I felt tried and had to stop and then I knew I had to abandon my plan. Wasnt happy at all at this point, I still had long way to go.
Managed to say hello to some of my friends from the Ilford Ac at 19 mile drink station.
At 20 miles saw the ELR volunteers they were all really great and gave me big boost and cheer. Waved to Mick. James gave me a shout. And Craig called out for me and looked bit surprised as I stopped a bit then. At this point I wasnt really worried about the time. Just wanted to finish.
At 22 mile saw Ian Cummins(Da88ers) in the crowd. Ian and I work at the same organisation and know him quite well. He shouted for me with a can of Carlsberg in his hand.
At 24 miles met up with my wife and son, I just stopped there and had bit of chat told them its just too hot and we will meet at the end.
Near to the end I looked at my watch, and saw that I could get course pb so was digging deep to the finish line and crossed in 4:06, I did London in 2010 in 4:07.
Past 4 months I trained for the 8:10 pace but decided to do 8:20 for the hot day. On hindsight I should have reduced the pace to 8:45. Lesson learnt, you cant be too ambitious racing in hot weather.
Finally I want to say thanks to each one of the volunteers, and to those members who work so hard for securing these valuable London places for the club.

Alexandra or ARP reports:- Race Report for London Marathon ( too much to say) !
Where to start? Three years ago when I got a revelation watching it for the first time as I was new to the UK and this obsession of doing it the year I am turning 40 ? It was supposed to be my first marathon therefore not having any pressure but because of Stuart , Jan as well as Maud, I completed a marathon and an ultra at the end of last year which put a bit more pressure on my time (although a PB from Beachy Head was quite a sure thing) while giving me as well the confidence that I could finish it.
I had decided few days before to not worry of what could go wrong and focus on the excitement, and gosh the expo was perfect for that with a very special signature on my number but surprisingly for me, starting Saturday afternoon, all I wanted to do was to be on my own and concentrate ,this feeling followed me on Sunday morning till Kate (with our matching ELR nail polish) then Sandra spotted me and I was at that stage really happy to have some company, especially when we finally decided the 3 of us to run to the bathroom 5 mins before our start. Being in wave 7, we didnt start the race before 10h40 where we spotted Jamie very quickly The crowd was already very supportive and even at times, a bit too much when 2 priests from Christian Aid threw Holly water at us which seriously annoyed me as I found it extremely culturally insensitive !!!
Kate and I wanted to try to stick together as long as possible making sure that we wouldnt start too fast and it worked quite well, Kate was telling me to lift my knees (my mantra) and I was telling her to activate her glutes , I spotted people from work , wonderful Julie, then Hubby at mile 9 which each time was a great boost ! Mile 13, half course, I was feeling ok but while looking for my second gel, I lost Kate, I didnt know if she was front or back so didnt know if I should wait or not, I queued to the showers and still couldnt spot her so went ahead. More friends on the way , more people screaming my name, it was electrifying! I was still running, didnt feel like walking at all, that on its own for me was such a victory I knew my colleagues from Action Against Hunger would be at Mile 17 and it kept me going, they were on fire and spotted me despite my ELR t-shirt and it was a happy round of high fives !
Less than a parkrun to the East London water station now, I knew that this would be the highlight of the race for me and not only for the kiss of the cheek I had to claim from Stuart ( for BH ) but for all your lovely smiles, cheers that reminded me all we went through together this winter through training and some tough winter races Spencer and Michael were there just before , then Don and then the whole line of you, guys with all your positive energy. I had planned to stop for hugs but I just couldnt and even missed Helen . I got such a boost from you, guys that the following miles were my quickest.
Probably too quick, then cause just after Mile 22, I started feeling really dizzy, my head was spinning and I started to think of Scott and Spencer and told myself that my body was trying to tell me something, so I finally started walking, ate a whole bag of sports jelly beans , drank a whole bottle of water and after 200m of walking felt a lot better. Gosh, restarting to run was hell, so painful but I was so close now, my watch was starting to tell me that I had done already one additional mile by slaloming between runners which I found really demotivating. Mile 24 arrived and from this moment , I had absolutely no idea what my legs were doing, I could see them running but my brain was not in control anymore.they were just doing their own thing knowing that walking would be too painful. I spotted Abdirahman and gave him a tap on the shoulders while my legs were carrying me away. Saw Hubby again but couldnt stop this time the crowd in those last two miles was absolutely insane and finally the first famous sign 800 yards to go was in sight. and at that point all the pain went away and I was all smile !!! F.E.A.R nothing Forget Everything and Run like Selina said !
I knew I pushed myself as much as I could on such a hot day , raised more than £2700 for what I believe to be the best organization fighting against hunger globally and finished in a time I am really happy with : 4h 44mins 06 secs (1h16mins PB!) ! A lot to be proud about !
I told myself that I would continue running marathons till my body tells me to stop so... now bring on Venice in October and maybe on that one, I will manage to run 26.2 miles only and not 27.2 .

Robyn Turtle:- London Marathon Report.
I was so excited to gain a place for the London marathon through ELR and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have run such a iconic marathon.
Training started amazingly with a pb in 10km and getting pbs at parkrun. My long runs with Lucy Barron were paying off (trying to keep at her pace definitely was making me faster). I started to feel a little niggle in my left shin and thought I better get it checked out only to be told I had a stress fracture and shouldnt run the marathon (8 weeks before the marathon). I was so deviated and in the back of my mind knew I wanted to run so sought advice from many ELR’s and my physio. After 5 weeks of no running but keeping up my training through cycling and spinning my physio suggested trying to run again, so I did. She was definitely on board on trying to help me run the marathon. After speaking to Grant Conway I felt reassured that as long as my leg held up I might actually get to run! After a couple more weeks of running and no pain I came to the conclusion to give the marathon a go.
On race day I had no idea how the day would pan out. It was great to meet up with other ELR’s and to feel my nerves start to disappear. Running through the gates from Greenwich Park was very exciting and from there on the marathon was a very special experience. I had run to 15 miles in training so knew that I could do that and managed to maintain a good pace. From there I knew I would see more friends at the 20 mile water station and kept that at the back of my mind. Just after the 20 mile marker I spotted the 4.30 pacer and tried to keep them in sight, which very much to my surprise I did and realised I was very close to getting a decent pb. The last two miles seemed to go on forever and I was so happy to see the finish line and very happy to complete the marathon in 4.32.32, a 16 min pb!
Only on Wednesday last week I was telling Catriona Davies that I would never run a marathon again...post marathon adrenaline Im considering running my place at Edinburgh in May!

Sandra Hiller:- Race Report
Well what an absolutely wonderful day. I had made it to the start line, which at one point I was not sure I would due to injury. I had to rethink my targets following injury, I wanted to get around in one piece, and I to say I had run it all no walking and I wanted to enjoy it. Great start meeting ELR on the train.
The first few miles were great running with Alexandra and Kate.
It was hot hot, and I thought at 6 miles this is going to tough. But I kept focused on running, no walking and landmarks.
Tower Bridge was tough but missed my cousin calling out but thought I am in double figures now. Saw another cousin and family at 13 miles, quick hug which really put a smile on my face and power in my legs. 14 miles saw my brother and his family more hugs and a bottle of water. Yes I am still running. Regis voice was in my head hold your head up think posture.
Target now ELR water station 6 miles, what a welcome Jo, Jan, Maya, Helen, Stuart, Carlton, George quick photo calls and hugs then more ELR faces what a welcome. Big smile on my face carried me on Running. 21 miles saw brother and his family, then my cousin further on then friends at 23 miles which kept me going and another great shout at 26 miles from more ELR clubs members. Quick turn at Big Ben and yes on the home straight big smile on the face, crowds fantastic throughout and I have done it. 26 miles and run it all, 6:11 time happy to finish in one piece.
Thanks ELR for my place for all the support and family and friends. Reached my target for Cancer Research in memory of my wonderful Dad, what more could I ask for. THANK You x

Virgin Money London Marathon - Pt 1 - Sunday 22nd April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton2.44.35 pb257th, by 3 mins.
Alex Day2.53.28594th
Dan Senior3.13.052201st
Stuart Kelly3.12.432156th
Ava Lee3.20.123001st, 41st (40-44)
Manjit Bedi3.29.554337th
Emily Clarke3.37.14 pb5408th, by 1 min+
Colin Dryland3.51.33 pb7876th, by 7 mins.
Selina Vernal3.57.16 debut9084th
Jakub Czeczotka3.59.449633rd
Suzanne Bench4.01.219938th
Roger Stubbs4.06.14 pb10774th, by 5 mins.
Maran Raju4.06.3210832nd
Michael Bamford4.07.14 pb10980th, by 22 mins.
Gemma Catlin4.09.33 debut11442nd
Lucy Barron4.14.4912524th
Nick Hoult4.26.2315026th
James Eggleton4.26.33 debut15081st
Maud Hodson4.27.3315317th
Sheila Kennedy4.31.2116206th
Robyn Turtle4.32.32 pb16480th, by 16 mins.
David Hallybone4.36.03 debut17262nd
Ruel Ordonio4.36.0617272nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera4.44.06 pb19180th by 1hr.16 mins.
Diana Rexhepaj4.46.0919687th
Andrea Waller4.58.3622724th
Jay Sangha4.59.15 debut22896th
Kate Frost5.05.13 pb24202nd
Abdirahman Adan5.06.1024409th
Sian Glover5.12.48 debut25768th
Sharon Lincoln5.13.14 pb25841st
Ben Warry5.19.59 debut27343rd
Caroline McGirr5.21.2827687th
Elizabeth Day5.24.43 debut28352nd
Tom Timson5.37.55 debut30808th
Susannah House5.38.1130862nd
Rosie Shrimplin5.49.49 debut32809th
Sandra Hiller6.11.13 pb35691st, by 1 hr.40 mins.
Paul Quinton:- My 2018 London Marathon race report. Apologies, it is way too long:-)!!
I thought I would start with sharing my running story as a backdrop to this years marathon report. As a youngster in South Africa I ran very seriously in my teens/early 20s on track, road and cross country before giving it all up in my last year of University, a girlfriend, studying for my degree and an active social life (i.e. getting drunk on a regular basis) meant something had to give...running seriously it was. Fast forward to London Marathon 2011. I was lucky enough to get in via the ballot, back then if you applied 5 times in a row and were unsuccessful you were guaranteed a place on your 6th attempt if I recall correctly. Anyway, 2 months of limited training, I thought that those few runs I did manage to do and muscle memory from my youth would get me to a time of sub 3:30. How wrong was I. You cant wing or blag your way through a marathon! I walked for at least 5km and to this day it was not only my slowest but most painful marathon (see pic attached), the last 12km were not fun. I ended up running 4:19. I promised myself that day that never again would I run a marathon unprepared and unfit. That lead me to deciding to lose some weight in early Jan 2012 and get fit again and so I decided l to join a running club after having some really good years at a running club in SA in my youth. After spending 10min on ELRs website my mind was made up. It looked like a great social club but who were also competitive and the guys upfront from the club (Thomas, Pat & Ciaran who I recall from that time) were fast...perfect...I have some guys to chase and they like to have the odd beer or two.
Running marathon PBs in the beginning came easily as it always does when you first start racing them (when you fit!).
Chicago 2012: 3:06 (2 stone lighter and 6 months of training later)
Berlin 2013: 2:58 (first sub 3 and tears)
Frankfurt 2014: 2:55
London 2015: 2:47
Then came London 2016, on track for PB at 20 miles then the wheels fell off badly, 2:54. Gutted. What went wrong? Back to the drawing board.
Then Berlin 2017, we try again, on track for PB at 20 miles then the wheels fell off again, 2:51. Gutted, really gutted. This one really hurt and stung for awhile as I really felt I was ready!
But I was not going to stop until I (1) broke 2:45 or (2) got physically too old to do it, im stubbornly over competitive:-). But to do it I knew I needed to change something rather than flogging the dead horse that was my approach to my two previous sub 2:45 attempts. So I found a new coach, he had some very different approaches to marathon training, lots of treadmill sessions, running twice a day some days and running hard 3 days in a row. I was not convinced but given doing my own thing had not exactly worked the last 2 times I went with it. The training was hard, brutal at times, running fast on tired legs is never easy but do it often enough and your body adapts, you come to accept the pain, even embrace it at times. Other than a chest infection in the last 2 weeks of my preparation the training had gone really well and I managed to put in some decent 10k and HM times so I was confident that all going well on the day a PB and maybe that magical (for me) sub 2:45 was possible.
Ok onto yesterday. Wow that was hot. I have raced a lot in South Africa but never have I experienced heat and humidity like that in a race before. It was truly brutal. My race strategy was to try and run as even paced as I could the whole way around. I was on target the first 5km then after a forced bladder stop just before 7km where I lost 30sec I was slightly behind, no panic, plenty of time to gradually make that back. Fast forward to 20km and I was not feeling great, at all, my pace had only dropped slightly but I felt awful, I had thoughts of pulling out, it was very close but I decided to keep going, I had felt this way in training the last few months and somehow got through those sessions. So it hurt, a lot, but I managed to dig deep and keep the pace at just slightly below what I needed for a sub 2:45. When I got to 30km I was still suffering but I knew I had just over 2km until the ELR water station, that was a pleasant thought. First I saw Alex and Spencer and our friends George and Elliot and Alex handed me a bottle of my favourite fizzy lucozade (I prefer it to the flat stuff that they give out on the route). Then past the ELR crew, wow that was loud, it was a wall of noise like no other, get goose bumps just thinking about it, it was the tonic I needed (thank you all) because soon after at around 34km’s from seemingly nowhere I started to feel good, really good and started to slowly increase the pace, I was overtaking so many runners and this spurred me on even more, some mental arithmetic told me that if I kept my current pace up then sub 2:45 was maybe even still possible...maybe. I worked hard down the embankment, got to 40km and knew it was on. I sprinted the last 400m as hard as I could. I saw the clock ticking 2:44:29,30,31 and knew I had done it. I was overwhelmed with emotion, there were tears, uncontrollably so, other than my wedding day and watching my kids being born I can honestly say I have never experienced raw emotion/happiness like it. All the hard miles had paid off. Running in the snow, running when you really didnt feel like it, doing over 50 laps of the track on your own in the rain and cold and questioning your own sanity, running your 2nd run of the day at 8pm at night after the kids are in bed and your wife is having that glass of red wine you love because thats what had to be done. It had all been worth it! There is nothing like running as a sport, you really do get out what you put in. Train hard, train appropriately, make sacrifices and the results will sort themselves out.
I dont know how my body held up in the heat but it somehow did. I ran with a cap and kept it wet, I took on salt, I took gels, that probably all helped. I dont think I will ever run a race like that again, it came as close to perfect as I could ever hope for in terms of execution.
Being part of such a great club like ELR and seeing everyone elses achievements and race reports from marathons in recent times really motivated me in the tough times. From Boults finally breaking 2:45 and it being so well deserved (he trains like an animal) to Dan Gritton running more marathons than I can count to all of you with your own stories of debut marathons to marathon PBs, you are inspiration to me. We all run different times and have different goals but we all have one very important thing in common - we LOVE running and that right there is all that matters! So well done to everyone who ran yesterday, just finishing in those conditions was an achievement and we can tell our stories to our grandkids...I ran in the hottest ever London Marathon and survived:-).
P.S What is next for me you ask? Well sub 2:40 of course...

Andrea Waller:- So I ran, I walked, i cried, it was totally roasting, I had points when I thought I wouldnt finish. But I crossed the line in 4:58.36. Not a PB but not a PW either. The water station really kept me going. Sorry for throwing my sweaty self at you Jayne Browne Geoff Bench but I was really in need of a hug at that stage! Well done to all my ELR mates today. Some awesome times in that ridiculous heat. We are all amazing! Rest well guys. See you Wednesday (I may just show off my medal rather than run!) x

Jay Sangha:- What a day, finally finished @virginmoney @londonmarathon in 4:59:15 and plus it was my first marathon too. Had to slow down, it was too hot but managed to get though to by the crowds, my family and my East London Runners Family too. It amaze me what London is all about, #spiritoflondon but a nice @newbalance finishers tshirt too @ The Mall, London

Lucy Barron:- Today took everything I had mentally and physically, running the hottest London Marathon on record Im taking as an achievement in itself. London pushed me to my limit but reminded me why I run and the feeling it gives me is incomparable.

Diana Rexhepaj:- Very tough run today in the heat, no pb but better finished safe, thank God not collapsing on the roads . Lots of injuries well next time will be much better.

Maud Hodson:-It was never going to be a PB today. In case youve been on another planet, it was F#%*ing Hot. Hottest ever London Marathon. So I did the sensible thing and went off a good bit slower than Id planned. The first half of the race was great - I had a ball, grinning like a loon and high-fiving all the kids. Got a bit emotional somewhere round Greenwich, sort of about the whole occasion, and other things I guess too. Nearly blubbed.
By about half way I began to worry that I hadnt started slowly enough. There were already quite a few runners being treated by the paramedics. And the heat was relentless. Narrow Street was a bit of relief, as due to its, er, narrowness, there was some shade.
Just get to the 20 mile water station, I told myself, then you can have a little walk if you want. Well, I may have walked a few times in mile 19. It felt both so good and so wrong at the same time. Made sure I looked like I was running as i approached the water station, and did the obligatory aeroplane impression for Don and his camera. High-fived the line of ELRs, but inexplicably failed to hear Maya yelling into megaphone. Me, a musician with sensitive ears...
Was feeling so buggered around 18, 19 miles that Id anticipated needing to walk most of the last section, but struck a deal with myself that I could have a little walk at each water station, but run in between. And I stuck with that. Finished in a personal worst time, but I can live with that. Just happy to come out unscathed, apart from where I missed a bit with the suncream. And the water I poured over my head didnt smudge Kathrine Switzer's signature on my number.

Nick Hoult:- London Marathon time of 4.26, more than 50 minutes slower than Manchester marathon 2 weeks ago. I would have given up if it not had been for the crowds, the massages on my right thigh from the physios on the route (cant have been a pleasant job) and the East London Runners water station at mile 20 where I knew there would be a lot of cheering and happy faces.
It seems running two marathons in two weeks is a lot harder than I thought but I managed to finish the race and go to the pub, some were not so fortunate (hard work for paramedics today). Deep heat and ibuprofen my best friends right now. Im off for a lie down. I might be sometime.

Selina Vernal:- The journey to completing a marathon began when a friend egged me to do a half back in September last year, after which I began considering that maybe, just maybe, I might be able to run a full one. You see, I am a sprinter at heart, and have also suffered from dodgy knees and some quite bad ankle tendonopathy in the past, so had to build up the distance slowly. With 2 young children (aged 2 and 4), a full time job and mini Spanish learning business on the side, finding the training time was hard. But I devised a plan early in the new year, which basically resulted in my very supportive husband having a few more chores than he did in 2017!
Realising, Id probably never get there on my own, I have to also give a big thanks out to Alex who convinced me joining ELR was the way to go, and she was 100% correct. Speed training with you all and coach Grant making us do just one more sprint when we thought we really couldn’t definitely helped raise the bar, and this, with a combination of several runs at lunch and after work meant that come marathon day, I felt ready to face whatever was thrown at me, save to say the unexpected curved ball of the weather.
Having seen the forecast from the week before, I reluctantly threw the aspirational 3:45 target out the window in favour of finishing the course with my life still in tact!
The sun came out all its glory making this the hottest London Marathon ever on record. A great day for spectators who were out in their tens if not hundreds of thousands, lining the route and egging the runners on every step of the way. It was clear to me that this was one of the reasons that London is so oversubscribed, the support is just incredible.
Well, before the start the dreaded I need the loo thought came to mind, but with 5mins to go, couldnt risk leaving the pen, so figured, Id just hold it. All started well, and I felt pretty good until around mile 11 at which point the reality of running another 15 miles with a full bladder seemed a pretty dumb idea, but also meant a stop was inevitable. A 2 min break felt like a lifetime and it was pretty hard to get any sort of momentum back after this and the mental challenge of just completing the marathon began. Conscious that my heart rate was way above that which it should have been for the pace from mile 1, by mile 18 I knew I had to slow it down. All kinds of weird feelings and thoughts began running through my mind at one point Im sure I couldnt feel my left foot making contact with the ground thats not a good sign!. Seeing the huge ELR banner approaching the water station at mile 20 made me so proud to be part of this club. You guys did great!
Lucky for me, I saw my family (little people included) 4x en route which was a definite boost to keep me going. Stubborn as I am and determined to finish sub 4 hours at least, I recalled the supportive comments from friends, family, colleagues and fellow ELR runners which helped me F.E.A.R nothing Forget Everything and Run to the finish line. The last 200m was ran with arms in the air and thumbs up in the hope that one of the photographers would grab a good shot coming down the Mall, and here is where the debut Marathon Journey ends.
Not only have I finished my first ever marathon, but with the help of friends, family and colleagues more than £2,900 has been raised for the Get Kids Going Charity, who support young people with a disability access Sport.
So now where to next, well, my aspirational time of sub 3:45 before I hit 40 has not been met, and so of course I have to do another entered Manchester Marathon 2019 this morning I am officially hooked.

Vienna City Marathon - Sunday 22nd April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton3.00.54

East Coast Tri Saturday, Great Yarmouth - Saturday 21st April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Louis Le Roux54.3744th of 129
Swim 250m - 5.04
T1 - 1.15
Cycle 16km - 33.16
T2 - 0.56
Run 3km - 14.04

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 21st April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.49 pb13th - 69.09% - South Manchester
Sheetal Dandgey25.14 (course debut)206th - 58.72% - South Manchester
Laura Kemp22.2186th - 66.22% - Hackney
Anna Johnson23.10 (course PB)100th - 64.75% - Hackney
Tim Aylett23.51 (coures debut)109th - 56.81% - Hackney
Kat Maskell24.11117th - 62.23% - Hackney
Simon Thomas18.541st - 69.40% - Valentines
Ashley Faria20.106th - 71.98% - Valentines
Mark Moir20.147th - 63.76% - Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali21.0214th - 61.81% - Valentines
Saheb Yousefi23.0425th - 56.86% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel25.0951st - 59.58% - Valentines
Ravinder Bassi42.05256th - 37.39% - Valentines
Samia Choudhury1.09.46293rd - 21.21% - Valentines
Gareth Davies24.2068th - 60.14% - Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.45104th - 60.56% - Wanstead
Fiona Day27.07113th - 71.54% - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.43126th - 56.34% - Wanstead
Jayne Browne28.42143rd - 61.44% - Wanstead
Alex Jameson28.50145th - 50.35% - Wanstead
Katie Whitton28.50146th - 51.33% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.25155th - 51.39% - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor30.41177th - 53.34% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore32.58224th - 54.90% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson33.32227th - 47.37% - Wanstead
Jane Clapton33.35229th - 47.74% Wanstead
Lucy Williams38.41261st - 39.55% - Wanstead
Scott McMillan42.32272nd - 32.56% - Wanstead
Anna Dingle44.23276th - 35.19% - Wanstead
Patrick Brown17.571st - 72.42% - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater26.07 (100th parkrun)56th - 66.69% - Walthamstow
Andrew Howard23.20 (course debut)22nd - 67.00% - Letchworth
Fiona Critchley25.12 (course debut)28th - 68.19% - South Woodham Ferrers
Stuart Barton26.13 (course debut)34th - 55.37% - South Woodham Ferrers
Caroline Frith21.33 (course debut)54th - 71.00% - Victoria Dock
Paul Marshall22.27 (course debut)67th - 58.13% - Victoria Dock
Katherine Harris25.35 (course debut)120th - 58.83% - Victoria Dock
Maya Goodwin33.32 (course debut)221st - 48.31% - Victoria Dock
Shaun DeSena31.54 (course debut)190th - 40.54% - Jersey
James Nichols19.20 (course pb)9th - 67.84% Wimbledon Common
Shaun at Jersey:- As I am one of the slower/est runners in the club, Im resigned to the fact that I will never hold any club records. So to counter this Ive embraced parkrun tourism to be able to get to get Club Firsts. Plus I cant let Stuart take all the glory.
Today I completed Jersey parkrun for a J, which was my last letter of the alphabet possible in the UK (by parkrun events / rules, as I know Jersey technically isnt part of the UK). I think this is maybe a first for ELR, maybe Don with his wisdom can double check. Im sure there is a small group of bandits that will catch up very soon.
The only letter left to complete the parkrun alphabet is now Z. This will be more of a challenge, especially as the closest parkrun with a Z is in Poland. Best get planning
Jersey itself was a fun parkrun, very flat and a good mix of abilities and welcoming volunteers. 4am wake up call was tough to get the first flight from Gatwick and Ive even managed to get the midday return flight and Im sitting on my sofa right now at 3:30pm writing this. However, I wished I stayed a bit longer to explore the island. For me it was great as the parkrun is only 1.5 Mile Walk from the airport. Ideal for anyone wanting to just hop the plane, as the tickets are so cheap. If anyone fancies it, let me know and I can give you a few tips.

Maya at Victoria Docks:- A similar run to Hackney with two out-and-backs. The atmosphere there today was ace, there were runners from all over in their club vests all talking about VLM. So many cow cowls too! I know parkrun always has a great friendly atmosphere, but this morning just felt even more lovely.
And my goodness the route was pretty. I dunno what it would be like in the rain and wind, but today it was London in all its pretty sparkly glory. The sun was out and there wasnt much shade, but because youre running alongside the dock the entire time there was a lovely wind to keep you cool.
I reckon it would be fast too. Cos its flat. I reckon flatter than Hackney even. The only thing that you may have to watch it that you dont trip. There are cobbles and metal things to tie your boat on. Oh yeah, and I got a bit distracted by a couple of male triathletes warming up in their unzipped tri suits.
It was a bit of a pain to get to (two tubes and a DLR), and there is only one toilet. But those are minor negatives in a sea (or dock!) full of positives!
And the expo was ace afterwards, I have a bag full of goodies. Thank you for suggesting this Caroline Frith, I had a great morning!

B.A.A. Boston Marathon - Monday 16th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan3.11.523678th
Tom Woods4.34.4920927th
Tom Woods;- I think I will be shaking for the rest of my life , god that was the
worst weather imaginable , it just never let up , not for a second.

Ciaran Canavan reports:-
4 weeks ago it seemed training was all on track. A 42km training run in 2.59, then I got Ill (again). Winter 2017/8 really took its toll on me this year. Ive had 7 doses of antibiotics since October, and this last chest infection 3 weeks ago, really was the worst. Having hardly run for 3 weeks, I was under no illusions for Boston.
We arrived early, Wednesday, and had shifted time zones very quickly. The B.A.A. 5k had been a breeze, but all along I knew how unwell Id been. Stepping up from 5k on Saturday to 42k on Monday would be a tall ask, but that was what I asking asking of myself.
Todays weather is well documented. Torrential downpours for more or less the whole marathon, together with headwinds of 40 mph+.
Arriving at Hopinkton at about 7:45 this morning on the bus, the toilet queues were empty given the rain. The only alternative was shelter in the sodden tents of the athletes village. Meantime, a loo dash required quick heel hop across the sodden grass in the hope of relieving one water need without taking on further water at foot level. Meantime, the snow aside the tents told a story of the previous 12 hours of weather. The challenge was to stay dry, warm and foot dry till 10am.
On call to our corrals, I was right up there, only to find the tarmac as puddle laden as the grass. A half mile walk to the start, unappeased by an additional letting loose of the wet stuff from en high.
At 10 we were off. My corral, 6 took a few minutes to cross the line, from which point Boston 2018 was actually under way. I had many doubts that Id ever reach this point this morning.
The first 1/2 mile downhill, I held my nerve and clocked the 1st km bang on target. But something was wrong. My quads were tight.
For the 1st 10k I continued to stick to plan. 4:05 to 4:10 per km. for the first 10km this seemed alright. Then the heavens above opened some more. Good god, really, More?.
From here I was really doubting my race plan. I knew Id not run further than 16k in that last 4 weeks, and my brain was already questioning the logic of 42k. From here on in my run became one thing only, and that was a question about damage limitation. Already I was asking myself, should I walk, when shall I walk, where shall I walk? I mean, Demons, and not even 1/4 into the run.
Here I decided my target was to reach 13.1 miles, then Id walk the 2nd half. From now on in, I was counting the Kms! 10, 11, 12, .... 15, 16, 17. Still not even half way. God help me. At km 20, there were the girls of Wellesley college, with their kiss me if youre hot signs. They did give me a boost, even if I did think to myself Sorry girls, barking and wrong tree.
Soon after came the 1/2 way point. This was not welcome relief. I mean, everyone knows when running 26.2 that the first 13.1 should be easy. Why oh god am I feeling this way?
From 13.1 miles I started to balance the distance run, against the distance to to be run, and challenged myself to reach 16 miles without stopping. And so I did. Somehow. Another torrential downpour. By now the 3rd or 4th to add to the seasonally uncaristically torrential rain already above head.
Miles 13 to 16 were slow, tough, and felt just brutal. I reached my lowest moments here. From 16, my challenge was to reach 19, and Heartbreak Hill, can I do that. 19 turned to 20, and outside a church I saw a sign Congratulations, you have made it to the top of Heartbreak Hill. This is where I turned into a blubbering wreck. Crying into the rain, sobbing to my hearts content.
Some downhill now. My plan revised to make the 35km mats from there Ill walk the last 7 k. Mile 20 turned 21. The 35k mats turned to mile 22. Hold on I thought, I might even keep running (SLOWLY) to mile 23, and I did. For the first time in this race, despite getting slower, I gained confidence with the remaining miles ticked off. When 22 turned to 23, I didnt even think just a parkrun. I could still only think, ok, 24 next. The 24 mile marker turned to the 40km mats quickly, and yet I was still preforming some form of running motion. Mile 25 and we were on the 5k route from Saturday. Just a mile to go, but oh, such a long mile to go. Aright, a left, Lance shouts (did I hear him?). Boylston street. Finish in sight, but oh, such a long way off. This final stretch dragged on forever, but I kept running. Somehow I did it. I got slow, dreadfully slower, but despite the demons, I ran. I ran to the very end. I did not walk. Todays achievement was just that. Not walking!
Medals, heat blanket, water, power bar, baggage claim took forever. Especially with my now baby steps. Bag reclaimed. Blubbering, crying. Unable to walk. Shivering and eventually assistance came in the form of a wheelchair. Medics took me to the warming buses, with their heaters on. A place where I continued to cry, dried off. Pulled my tracking on, and built up the courage to face the outside world once again, eventually.
Boston 2018, you and your weather were brutal. You broke me, despite being broken before I started. These Maraton things are getting tougher. I need a burger and beer!

Brighton Marathon - Sunday 15th April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez2.57.31 pb93rd, by 16 mins
Andrew Baxter3.11.51313th
Nathaniel Dye3.21.56 pb609th, by 28 mins.
Robert Rayworth3.25.12702nd, 1 wk after Manchester
Paula Bedford3.47.15 pb/gfa1980th, by 12 mins.
Joanna Neville4.17.29 pb4741st, by 12 mins.
Matthew Sharpe4.19.564954th
Andy Bolderstone4.23.47 pb5286th, by 9 mins.
Jimmy Dale4.31.406040th
Amy Fontain4.41.40 debut6915th,
Emma Wing4.47.07 pb7420th,
Sarah Lockley5.26.16 debut9761st,
Joanna Wood5.28.29 pb9846th, by 49 mins.
Joanna Wood:- Race report for Brighton Marathon 2018
Well training was far from perfect being ill for most of January and then falling on club run 3 weeks ago and cracking a rib.
However Jason and Marc helped with the runs I was able to do which made such a difference and having managed to get a 20miler in the day before my fall mentally I felt a bit settled. Bad dreams last week didnt help though - dreamt Id done the race only at the end to be told I'd only done a 1/2 marathon and missed out the 2nd 13 mile lap. The fact Id apparently done it in 34mins made no difference, I was gutted Id only done half the race!!! Weird!
Anyway meeting some ELRs in the event village yesterday; Nat, Sarah & Jo I felt a bit more at ease but come this morning the butterflies had turned into pterodactyls!!!
The walk to the start seemed to go on forever, just like the loo queue! Managed to meet up with Jo before the start and Robert last minute which was great.
The smell of deap heat was almost overwhelming in our pen and the start was a welcomed relief to get away from it (even if we did start uphill ).
First mile was slow and very cramped in a residential area with lots of walkers from the start. Weather was nice and sun fighting through the clouds felt good though.
Anyway, got into my stride 2nd mile and to be honest was much faster than I planned but it felt comfortable so I stuck it out for as long as I could. Saw Andy and Jimmy along the front (not sure what mile) and it was great they gave me a shout out! Also saw Jo, twice throughout the race, which kept me going
Miles 12-13 I'd slowed down but my first half I was bang on target for a 5hr finish. Had a great surprise with my mum turning up at mile 13! Out of all the crowds I spotted her and ran over to give her a big sweaty hug - she was chuffed to see me but not my sweat!
The pace was short lived though as second halves are always my downfall. Several miles through a residential area was great with music pumping and ear shattering cheers from supporters - think most were drunk sitting on their deckchairs with glasses of Prosecco but it helped us nonetheless.
Just before turning onto the front saw mum again at mile 18! Put in my request for a can of coke at the finish and I was off. And so was the sun. My last 7 miles were in freezing rain and wind - very uninspiring scenery running to the power plant, through an industrial area and lumber yard didn't help.
At mile 20 I kept thinking it's only a club run to go but to be honest I would never do a club run feeling like this!!
Soon back onto the front for the home stretch and with few supporters, the waves crashing and the only sound of our puffing and panting it felt like the closing scene of Chariots of Fire. Mile 23, it's only a Parkrun but there's no way I'd have got out of bed for a Parkrun feeling like THIS!
Anyway thoughts of the film spurred me on and at mile 25 I spotted my mum again! This time I was emotional. The last 3 miles I was doubled up with rib pain and blubbering did not help but I ploughed on - I pretended it was sweat and rain in my eyes!
With the finish in sight and shouting from crowds I gave a final push and finished! Freezing, soaked and aching but I did it! The alcohol-free pints lined up were a pleasant surprise and of course I indulged (the hard stuff would be on the cards later ).
ELR gave a great performance today and everyone did the club proud - I even saw a Dagenham runner who remembered me from Elvis last year who commented how well ELR were doing. Great team results.
Oh my result?? Well taking illness, injury and lack of training into account it was a recipe for disaster. But I got a PB!!!! And not just a little one but 52mins off December's Dawn til Dusk Marathon!!! Going to bed with a smile on my face and definitely coming to club Wednesday- I doubt I will be able to run but FINALLY to hear my name called out for a PB!!! Jonathan you'd better get the results ready

Jose Rodriguez reports:- Brighton Marathon race report
I was supose to follow the 3h pacer as I tent to go a bit faster at the beggining... The 3h pacer starts with the elite runners and for some reason they started few minutes before us!!that means that I was all alone on this. What sould I do?..well..I found a guy that literally looked like Forrest gump, he was even dressed up exactly and will real beard and hair!!.so that was my company for most of the race with other few guys.
I'm doing well, the course is more hilly that I though but I'm feeling strong and just slighly faster than planned. At miles 12 (km 19 aprox), my left calf (that I though was fully recovered) starts hurting. S***!!!I wanted to cry...and still more than 1/2 marathon to run!!...I really though it will not allow me to finished. I started feeling sick thinking about it...everyone that has been supporting me, the club, my dad (that passed away in february and I was dedicating the race..)..I notice that my breathing has changed and it's all because I'm getting really upset. I talk to myself to calm down, slow down a bit the pace...and Bingo!, my calf gives me a break. I havent even slown down that much. Im on track!!. It happened another few times...my calf was in spasm but slowing down a bit did the trick. I manage to catch the 3 h pacers at mile 20!!! another gel and a little bit of water at nearly every station. I want to increase the pace the last few km but my legs started to cramp a bit...so I just hold it and carry on. At this stage if I have to stop because of the cramps I might not make it sub 3h...so I just hold it there...and finally I can see the finish line. I can see 2:59 in the clock, but I know that elite left few min before us and my watch confirms that!. 2:56 so I dont risk the sprint...and .
I DID IT!!! 2:57:31 FINALLY SUB 3H!! and 93rd of 19772 runners!! Now trying to recovery for a 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks.
I forgot to say that is the first time that I wear the ELR vest! :):):)

Sarah Pascal:-
For me it was about finishing. I ran the whole way without stopping. I knew if I
did stop I wasnt sure i would be able to continue. It's definitely a mental race
and I now know why people say the marathon begins at mile 20. I couldnt have
done this without the club, the amazing support and encouragement I have had from
so many people and the friends Ive made. Massive thank you all. x

Andrew Baxter:- Brighton Marathon Report
I was a bag of nerves Saturday and before the race on Sunday. I knew my training had been good and, after several years of pretty mediocre stuff, a solid 12 month stretch has got me back to running the times I think I should be running. My plan for Brighton started six months ago – first building up to St Neots Half last November, where a sub 1.30 half would secure me an invite to the fast start at Brighton. .
The fast start was great in Withdean Park, a mile up the road from mass start. With only a few hundred runners it felt very different for such a big event– and once Id got over an initial feeling of oh my god I dont belong here, I managed to sit down and chill for 45 minutes, in the serious but very low key atmosphere, taking advantage of being able to hang on to bag right up to 15 mins before the gun went off. Would really recommend it to anybody with qualifying times (sub 1.30 half, sub 3.20 marathon) for next year.
Race itself was probably the most uneventful marathon I’ve ever done. The fast start cuts out the hill around Preston Park and I had plenty of space from the off coming past Preston Park before the flyers off the front of that start were out on the main road. From then on it was just a matter of ticking the miles off, running to feel with odd check of watch to make sure I wasnt getting carried away. Felt very good and confident lots of cheering fellow ELRs on the switchbacks and by 17-18 miles I was passing the first road side casualties/walkers.
At this point it started to get a bit harder but I was holding a decent pace, overtaking loads and still feeling very confident. Any self-doubts were quickly banished by reminding myself how bad I felt at this point at London last year (where it needed some tough love from ELR crew on water station to stop me from ripping my number off and quitting completely). Didnt have the ELR water station at 20 this time but did manage high fives with Nathaniel Dye and Robert Rayworth coming the other way.
Then before I knew it, I was on the prom with 5k to go. My pace faded a bit over this last stretch but I always felt in complete control of my running and was still overtaking people helped by a high five from Sarah Burns (thank you for your support) with 2 to go, and then family and friends at 25 miles. Managed to dig in and pick things up for last 0.2, crossing line in 3.11.51. Well under my A target of sub 3.15 and back up goal of 3.20 (V50 GFA).
Slight regret that didnt do a bit more to battle the fade in last couple as, with hindsight, I might have done an unplanned James Nichols and shaved a few seconds off my PB, but to be honest it was never in my calculations so I have to be happy with what was probably one of best executed marathons that Ive run. GFA is in the bag for London next year but, whisper it quietly...I think I might actually prefer Brighton!

Nathaniel Dye:- Unable to sleep due to still buzzing after todays efforts, I may as well write a Brighton race report!
After a difficult fortnight of tapering and extreme maranoia it was a bit of a relief to finally cross the start line!
On the uphill slog of the first half mile I found Robert Rayworth who was keeping an amazing pace considering last week in Manchester. The nerves must have stayed with me throughout the race as I somehow sustained a heart rate that I only usually achieve at track sessions! Considering this the new normal, I pushed on and settled into something like my goal pace.
Most of the first 10k or so was downhill on the main road towards the sea save for the odd steep incline that seemed to randomly take us up a side street and loop back. They probably needed to add extra distance to make up the marathon, but surely doing it with hill reps is not the answer! Even so, I felt amazing as is usual for the first stretch of a marathon and the support was unbelievable - just like in the VLM.
Support started to thin out as we hit the coast road and headed East up a gradual incline. I saw the front runners doubling back from the c.9 1/2 mile turning point ridiculously early including a couple of ELR speed merchants. Its strange how on doubling back routes, runners coming back the other way always seem fresher as well as faster!
The halfway point was back in the centre of Brighton and the splits were still even so far so good! I hit a number of mini peaks and troughs thereafter, ranging from this is just so so hard! to This is great shame I have to stop in 10 miles...
Around the 19 mile point, Brighton was to be exposed in all its glory with a little trip around an imdustrial estate that smelt strongly of fish. This lasted until about the 24 mile point at which point I was hanging on to sub-3:30 splits for dear life with each step harder than the last. Its amazing how the cumulative effect of all the miles hits in the latter stages. My sprint finish showed no discernible difference from my marathon pace, which confirmed that I really had nothing more in my legs than 3:22.
Thanks for all the ELR support what a team effort on the day!
Reasons to book Brighton:
Big race with a banging atmosphere and tonnes of support most of the way through
Not too hilly
Not so keen on:
At times an uninspiring route with lots of doubling back
Parking/hotels are hard to come by
All the faff associated with really big races

Amy Fontain:- FINALLY feel ready to write a few thoughts on my first marathon! I am incredibly self critical so have found this quite difficult but ultimately I am finally feeling positive. Firstly I finished the bastarding thing! Whoop! I set my goal to run a marathon without a real plan and joined ELR quite late on in the training and with some splashings of rubbish weather and a viral illness I really didnt do badly at all!
Some learning points for next time:
1- follow guru Grants advice re trying out energy supplies handed out first! I didnt and at mile 5 picked up a gel which subsequently left me with intermittent cramps and stitches throughout the rest of the race!
2- when you stack it near the half mile point, crowds and runners make you feel like less of a twat because you get a cheer!
3- double check your speed! I was going slower than my normal pace with the cocky intention that by second half Id get quicker... hahahha hahahaha
4- the uglier/ most painful face you pull, the more cheers you get (please see below)
Overall I am so pleased. As everyone else has said already the estate was pants and I had to keep power walking/ jogging but I was determined that when I got to that monument I would run all the way, stitches be damned! I suddenly sped up and my fastest mile was the last one so maybe that does count toward negative splits?!
Thank you so much to all those who gave advice and support! To the lovely faces of Paula and Sarah and even Emma who I havent spoken with but saw her back and that kept me going! Lessons have been learned and I will still try my luck for London. Personally dont like courses that you can see the switch back for miles so another lesson learned there also!

Brighton 10km - Sunday 15th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks52.52839th
4554 finishers.

A funny 10K-turned-10mile run by Ford Cadiogan.
This is one of a kind race report. I signed up for the BM10K. Thinking that its only 6.2 miles run, I still worked night shift of Saturday then drove to Brighton 7:00 AM and was at the starting point at 09:20. I spend the rest of the minutes by stretching up before the 9:45 mass start. While we were running I noticed some runners with belts filled with energy gels so I was just wondering why and yet it's a 6-mile run. Is it really needed? One question mark in my head.
At mile 5 I started to get excited sensing that its only a mile away to the finish line. At mile 6 I was puzzled to find out that there is no finish line waiting. I have no other choice than to continue running expecting that the finish line is just a distance away. The next mark is not a finish line! It's mile 7! Two big question marks in my head.
While running I have to stop often to ask event attendants where's the finish line for 10K. The first one told me to just keep going and will find it on my way; the second one said it will split up along the route; the third attendant at mile 9.9 gave me a helpful answer - - he informed me that 10K run started at 9:00 and the last runner finished about 5 minutes ago. I finally found the answer to the question marks in my head. So I am running with the Brighton Marathoners! I'm not yet ready with 26.2 miles! I prepared my energy for the day to run 6 miles not 26.2!
The next scenario is that I was walking down the Event Village to collect my 10K medal. Oh well . . . things happen. I still feel great for the extra miles I have done and proud doing it for Breast Cancer Care.

Brighton Marathon reports continued

Paula Bedford reports:- Brighton Race Report!!
Firstly I just wanted to say how inspirational and motivating it is to be part of ELR. I know i don't get to many club runs but I try and join in when I can and the FB page is a great way to keep up with all the amazing things you've all been doing. So big thanks to all you wonderful East London Runners!
So Brighton was my second marathon. Last year I did Exeter and it was going to be my only one, just to try it out you know. Well the temptation to do another was too much so I signed up to Brighton!
For me Brighton was the perfect Race. It all came together and went to plan. This year I escaped the worst of the colds and bugs that were flying round my house courtesy of my 2 boys so was feeling fit on the day. I'd looked after myself and had been having sports massages for the last 6 weeks so was nearly niggle free. I had recently adapted my Marathon fuelling strategy as I was finding neat gel rather sickly so I took with me 2 x 250ml flasks. Each of with 3 high5 energy gels in, half a high5 electrolyte and toped up with water. It really worked well for me.
It was great to meet up with Amy at the start of the race. Chatting a way helped calm my nerves and the time in the loo Q pass quickly! I was in a good position at the start of the race, easily slipping into my pace of 5.20 mins/km and not having to dodge runners ahead of me. The kms clicked by and after a long gentle inclined up past Rodean we were looping back down and towards Brighton Pier and the half way mark. I was still feeling strong and was just trying to focus on when I would see my friends and Sarah Burns next to get an encouraging cheer! It was amazing to have Sarah there. She is such an enthusiastic supporter. I also really appreciated that she had a really bad cold abut came anyway (she's now lost her voice!!!) About the 14miles mark I saw my friends with a banners with my name on and lots of cheers. It really does give you such a big boost. The next part of the run was through the streets of Hove which were filled with supporters so that provided some welcome distraction. At mile 16 I really started to have to work to keep my pace up and I could feel that my race was really starting now. Now was the time to keep strong and positive and keep those doubts if I could keep up my pace at bay. I have recently discovered a great product called https://www.caffeinebullet.com/ and after trying it out at the Bedford 20 I knew that it would help me for Brighton. So I took one here and I really helped me keep on my pace. So then off to Shoreham for the least inspiring miles of the course and at a time when most runners are having to dig deep. So no point in trying to distract yourself with scenery! I kept repeating to myself . You trained, youre prepared you can do it! And the miles clicked by. There was no way I was slowing down I had to keep my pace to get my time. For one tantalising km the 3.45 pacer overtook me and I thought I might try and keep up. But I remembered the words of my sister to run my own race so I let that idea go! Soon I was back along the sea front and the last miles. It took all I had to keep it up and cheers from my sister and friends spurred me on. I gave it all I had to the finish line coming in with a time of 3:47:13. I been trying for under 3.50 to get a good for age time for London marathon next year and I did! This year it's not guaranteed entry but I hope I did enough to get a place.... it will be my last one... or will it????

Firenze Florence Half Marathon - Sunday 15th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roselin Boramakot2.10.492186th

51st Victoria Park Open 5m - Saturday 14th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Calvin Bobin34.0354th
Emmet Fitzgibbon34.4459th
133 finishers.

Boston Athletic Association 5km - Saturday 14th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan19.37337th
Lance Fuller25.121940th
B.A.A. 5K race report. by Ciaran Canavan.
Early! 8am starts are usually reserved for ultras or marathons in the desert. However this mornings B.A.A. 5k
had this accolade. 10,000 entrants meant a BIG field for such a short run. Runners encouraged to position
themselves at the start by pace per mile signs, yet on the off, I spent the first 2km weaving in and out of
runners (or dare I say joggers) who were obviously more opportunistic than talented. That was alright though.
It meant I was forced to run a little slower than I otherwise may have done, forcing myself to be a little more
disciplined pre Marathon Monday myself. With the first km in 4:09, followed by the 2nd and 3rd in 4:00 and
3.55 so I continued.
By now the field had thinned, and I decided to try a little harder. 3.44 & & 3.33 marked the
next 2 Kms. The perfect negative split, with every km faster than the one that preceded it. If I can be so
disciplined (likely not) on Marathon Monday then Im sure to have a great run.
Fantastic Atmosphere at the B.A.A. 5k. I do love a big event! Medal, t-shirt. Great goody bag and 2 Poland
Spring water stations en-route, this was definitely not your average parkrun!
Superb fun, worth the experience, but dont expect to PB (or PR as our American cousins would say) unless you
position yourself right at the front on the start line.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 14th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods24.35 debut90th - 67.59% Jamaica Pond, Boston.
Paul Marshall21.22 debut8th - 61.08% Amager Faelled, Denmark
Aaron Williams20.35 debut43rd - 67.85% Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka20.45 pb47th - 63.94% Hackney
Clive Mehew22.3986th - 63.06% Hackney
David Hallybone23.03 pb96th - 60.09% Hackney
Kat Maskell24.01115th - 62.66% Hackney
Lucy Barron25.1926th - 58.46% Roding Valley
Richard Potter26.3932nd - 49.47% Roding Valley
James Nichols18.53 debut13th - 69.46% Nonsuch
Steven Bywater26.26 debut129th - 57.19% Arrow Valley
Ashley Faria19.50 pb7th - 73.19% Valentines
Craig Livermore21.1812th - 60.56% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi21.26 (course pb)14th - 61.20% Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.4518th - 68.89% Valentines
Maran Raju24.3051st - 61.70% Valentines
Katherine Jones26.46 (course pb)79th - 56.04% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.4796th - 71.87% Valentines
Samia Choudhury54.09259th - 27.33% Valentines
Marc Akers24.4547th - 57.31% Gunpowder
Jan Webb43.24296th - 41.71% Mile End
Sally Faulkner43.25297th - 35.01% Mile End
Mark Moir20.586th - 61.53% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali21.037th - 61.76% Barking
Grant Conway21.429th - 67.43% Barking
Natasha Howard26.19 (course pb)243rd - 57.76% Chelmsford Central
Andrew Howard22.51 debut15th - 68.42% Clacton Seafront
Jonathan Wooldridge23.53 debut35th - 59.80% Ellenbrook Fields
Fiona Critchley25.47 debut53rd - 66.65% Ellenbrook Fieldsa
John Booth17.06 pb2nd - 78.07% Victoria Dock
Dan Gritton18.31 debut13th - 76.60% Clapham Common
Chris Green20.50 debut53rd - 65.04% Clapham Common
Stephen Swan23.12 pb48th - 55.89% Felixstowe
Katherine Harris23.57 debut63rd - 62.84% Felixstowe
Stuart Barton24.48 debut81st - 58.53% Felixstowe
Euan Brown18.071st - 71.21% Wanstead
James Wilson19.162nd - 71.37% Wanstead
Thomas Burrard-Lucas19.44 debut4th - 65.88% Wanstead
Craig Simpson22.3620th - 61.80% Wanstead
Scott McMillan22.3821st - 61.19% Wanstead
Gareth Davies23.3829th - 61.92% Wanstead
Maud Hodson24.4335th - 64.26% Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.3060th - 55.85% Wanstead
Fiona Day27.32 (200th parkrun)73rd - 70.46% Wanstead
Ellen Jones27.4778th - 53.39% Wanstead
Claire Emery28.0284th - 57.79% Wanstead
Alex Jameson28.4593rd - 50.49% Wanstead
Catherine Brett29.19104th - 58.61% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.59119th - 60.37% Wanstead
Jayne Browne30.02120th - 58.71% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards40.52176th - 38.87% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell41.23177th - 39.55% Wanstead
Lucy Williams42.42180th - 35.83% Wanstead
John Henry20.1121st - 66.64% Finsbury Park
Jane Clapton31.11136th - 51.42% Wanstead
54 parkruns at 18 venues, 1 first finisher.
15 debuts and 6 course pbs, 200th parkrun for Fiona Day.
11 ELR parkrun records for
Tom Woods at Jamaica Pond, Boston.
Paul Marshall at Amager Faelled, Denmark,
James Nichols at Nonsuch,
Steven Bywater at Arrow Valley,
Andrew Howard at Clacton Seafront,
Jonathan Wooldridge at Ellenbrook Fields,
Fiona Critchley at Ellenbrrok,
John Booth at Victoria Docks,
Dan Gritton at Clapham Common,
Stephen Swan at Felixstowe and
Katherine Harris at Felixstowe.

The Orchid London River Run 10km - Wednesday 11th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Thomas37.414th
Jamie Xavier42.2717th
114 finishers.

Chasing The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 11th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kathryn Hertzberg51.01 pb183rd

St Clare's Hospice 10km - Sunday 8th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline McGirr57.35196th
Diana Rexhepaj57.58198th
325 finishers.

Paddock Wood Half Marathon - Sunday 8th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Mehew1.40.52494th

Asics Greater Manchester Marathon - Sunday 8th April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton2.43.49 pb74th, 2 mins
Joseph Browne3.14.18 pb1004th, 30 mins
Craig Livermore3.19.17 pb1269th, 7 mins
Mark Moir3.20.08 debut1318th
Shahib Miah Ali3.22.46 pb1443rd, 8 mins
Regis Martin3.23.141469th, 8 mins faster than London 2017
Robert Rayworth3.23.331485th
Declan McDonagh3.31.161996th,
Peter Hatley3.31.252004th
Nick Hoult3.34.07 pb2163rd, 16 mins
Jimmy Dale3.55.12 pb3904th, 18 mins
Paul Marshall4.05.00 pb4765th, 10 mins
Georgie Hooper4.29.02 pb 6404th, 10 mins.
Rachel Le Roux4.34.10 pb6724th, 1hr.10 mins
Zuzana Urbanova4.42.12 debut?7155th,
Jayne Browne4.57.26 pb7892nd, 18 mins
Geoff Bench5.07.26 pb8198th, 1hr.20 mins
Jason Levy5.18.158464th
Spencer Evans2.17.18 (20 miles)dnf
Nick Hoult:- Never been so grateful to see Old Trafford cricket ground
as I was at the end of the Manchester marathon today. Time 3.34.08. A pb by
16 minutes. Great support on the route, nice and flat course but not sure how
I'm going to get out my seat when the train home arrives at Euston.

Mark Moir:-Debut Marathon completed in 3:20:09!
Terrific result in Manchester, I am really pleased with the time. Thank you so
much to all of my family, close friends and everyone at East London Runners
for their continued support. Future marathon? We will see..

Shahib Ali:- What an amazing weekend in Manchester. Started off with a completely unexpected
club parkrun record at South Manchester parkrun, then we had the amazing Man Utd comeback against
Man City followed by my marathon PB today of 03:22:47 - the icing on the cake 10 years after my first
marathon. To cut a long story short, I thought I started too fast but managed to sustain it for long
enough. Huge thank you to my wife Samia Choudhury and son for being part of this journey - impossible
without them. I must mention all the club runners that I did ALL of my long runs with, not least
Joseph Browne who absolutely had a stormer today. I also need to shout out Jonathan Wooldridge,
Carlton D'Souza and Peter Hatley - your words had such a powerfully empowering impact. From running
Benfleet 15 with my friend Grant Conway having stubbed my toe the night before chasing after my son,
to running the Roding Valley HM having taken a tumble beforehand and cutting myself, to running this
marathon on this weekend of all weekend, as always, its been an amazing journey.
Tasnia Muller-Choudhuryry - (5.51.30) well done too on your second marathon.

Rachel LeRoux:- Manchester Marathon done and dusted, was a great first half thanks to Urban Zu
and then the longest hardest last 8 miles left to go, had to dig deep and get on with it, long day
and glad it's over.

Georgie Hooper:- Honestly don't know where to start. Wasn't the run I was hoping for but it doesn't
matter a smidge because of the amazing people that were there to support me and others as well as seeing
the amazing times some of my new mates at the club got - you brilliant people.

Jason Levy:- Running a marathon with hardly any training was always going to be a battle of mind
over matter. Yesterday was a victory for the mind. Finish time 5.18.15. Thank you Manchester for your
amazing support. Will definitely be back.
Bangin weekend that's left me feeling inspired. Obvs, massive shouts to Nick and Claire tho.

Craig Livermore:- Its taken a bit to get around to this, as Ive been completely shattered, both mentally and physically. Alas a report has to be made in light of recent events, so may as well get started.
I would like to start with the lead up. Now reflecting back upon it, 1 year and 3 weeks to this date, I was nowhere. So to come from that and to get to where I am now, is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve been gradually building up, solely for this moment alone, and I have seen quite the fair bit of progression, but nothing overly major. Until mid Feb, I decided to have a full on crack at a 5k for the first time in a long time, and with major implications. For the first time in 2 and a bit year I cracked sub 20 again, in 19:26, it was a PB by 29 seconds and a best for the year by 1:14. I was astonished, but I didnt read anything into this, as a 5k of that intensity means nothing to me in the face of a marathon, but I was pleased nonetheless.
Travelling to the start with Zuzi, Rob and Jason, my mind was instantly at ease. But as we got closer and closer, the noise started to ramp up, and my heart was beginning to pound with anticipation. Bumping into Rachel and Louis as we drew closer to the pens, it was nice to say hi and wish those of our group luck, before they peeled off into their respective pens. Me and Rob were soon the only 2 left, making our way to the C start area, wished Stephen Taylor luck and continued further up in the same pen. Now it was just a case of waiting for the start.
A brief bang from the gun, and we were off. I started off at goal pace, losing around 230 positions, but I had an inkling most of those would be caught in the last 10k, so long as I knuckled down and did what I had told myself to do. 0.7 miles in and the 3:29 pacer was on my back, I was thinking what kind of 3:29 pace are you doing?, so I had no choice but to respond and go faster than I intended for a bit. The group eventually reeled back in pace at about 2 miles, so I could finally focus on the task ahead and run my own race in peace. Around 5 Miles in, solid pacing and my first gel, nothing really to report so far. By mile 6, seeing Louis again gave me even more of encouragement. Continuing on, there were fluctuations in my pace, with slight increases and decreases, but thats how the course rolls the dice, nothing you can do about that. By mile 13 Id posted my quickest mile yet...a 7:15...but I knew I had to peg it back, or risk imploding early on, so I gradually whittled down my pace back to normal, whatever that is, haha. Half distance covered in 1:38:54, so I figured to myself I have some time in hand, lets just keep going at a decent rate of knots, and play by feel.
My hydration and gel intake was going to plan as well as my pace, so I was still in good form and spirits, even by mile 19, which was where I bumped into Rob, recovering from a loo break and slight fade. I got past before the beginning of mile 20, I offered some encouragement, but cant remember what, as I was so fixated on my pacing. Everything was still going good pace wise, though I was suffering from a little bit of overheating, but nothing that squirting myself with water couldnt cure. By mile 22 I was suffering, my pace was increasing per mile for the next 3 miles. 7:46, 7:50, 7:56, I thought how am I going to dig myself out of this hell hole?, that glimmer of hope came at the end of mile 24. To finally see someone I knew helped give me the reality check I needed, and that was none other than Mark Moir. I bridged the gap between me and him by the middle of the 25th mile...considering the last I saw of him was at mile 4 when he passed me...offered an exchange of words come on mate, youve got this in the bag, keep it u.p and then the times came back down. 7:46, 7:35 (back to relative norm), and finally the 0.4 mile sprint to the finish, at 6:44 per/mile. That speed felt like nothing, it didnt feel fast, it felt semi-normal, albeit ridiculously painful.
Goal times: Bronze - 3:40, Silver - 3:26:57 (from my debut) and Gold - 3:20. What was it in the end, a Platinum effort, of 3:19:17 and a PB by 7mins 40secs.
And finished, I was in tatters at the end, I was balling my eyes out in tears of joy. The overwhelming feeling of where I have come from, the support I had along the way, and still have to this day, is AMAZING. I have to firstly take the opportunity to thank all of you that have been there for me through thick and think, during my time off in late 2016 to early 2017, and throughout my comeback. You are the legends, not me, after all I wouldnt be anywhere without you lovely lot.
My thoughts are with Spence, as I didnt even see him out of the race with ½ a mile to go. I only found out from Mark a little while after we finished. My time has left me proud, but at the same time, overtaking him in that fashion has...even to this point...left a bitter taste in my mouth. You will come back stronger from this pal, that Im sure of, but for now I wish you better and hope to catch up properly at some point.
This ends the comeback chapter, and sparks a whole new adventure into the unknown. Alas, Im taking a weeks break, to recalibrate for the challenges ahead. Thats right theres more, but for now its time to unwind and relax!!!

Jayne Browne:- Manchester Marathon 2018 short race report
Firstly I want to thank Suzanne Bench and Geoff Bench for driving myself and Joe with them to Manchester
and for Suzanne,s and Louis Le Roux support on the route
And then to all you guys from ELR who joined me for training runs along the way.
A little extra thank you must go to Andrea Waller as she has been with me every step of the way in training
before Christmas, At Hackney half and Benfleet in January and Roding in Feb and right up to my last long run
I followed the 4.45 pacer who was a mobile disco which was great !! My plan was to start with him and see how
far I got. I think I lost him at mile 20 as cramp set in both legs and my foot started having a mind of its own.
My pace slowed but I just tried to focus on getting through each mile and the cramp to the finish and when I
crossed the finish line and pressed my watch and saw 4.57 I was over the moon and the tears flowed.
Finished off with good food Stella, wine, baby Guinness, dancing and friends what a memorable weekend xx
Also well impressed with Joseph Browne, well done son xx
Lastly wishing ELR all the best in Marathons to come. Xx

Geoff Bench:- A short race report from Manchester.
As I was advised not to run after sustaining a back injury 2 1/2 weeks before the race I decided to ignore the advice(as you do) and try and complete it.
After 10 miles of following the 4.45 pacer the back pain kicked in , I managed to keep with the pacer and Jayne Browne (excellent time well done!) until the 19mile mark at which time I was hurting everywhere and thinking I am far to old to attempting my first road marathon!!
Mile 20 to 26.2 were just unforgivingly painful and long, I tried to think it's only a Wednesday club run but it's certainly felt like the longest 10 km I have ever done !! Legs not connected to the brain as they seemed to do there own thing in the last few miles!! Crossed the line in 5.07 initially disappointed not to break the 5 hrs but after some time to digest the event and copious amounts of alcohol and dancing ( thanks Joseph Browne baby Guiness !!Suzanne for driving us all both ways supporting us along with Louis Le Roux, and helping us celebrate,my running buddy the mighty Jayne Browne and training buddy Andrea Waller)I am extremely happy !! Although my body is not telling me that right now!!
Well done to all the ELR runners at Manchester and good luck to all the other ELR runners with upcoming Marathons.

Zuzana reports:- My first marathon report, it is surreal;) After many setbacks and not being able to do the longest runs, I only hoped for the best.
I did not have an exact idea on how fast (in my case slow) I will run, the original plan went out of the window weeks ago.
Sunday morning walk to the the stadium with the Holiday Inn crew - Jason (amazing support), Craig (chatting buddy) and Rob (big cheeky smile) put me at ease.
Crossing the start line with Rachel, Jayne and Geoff put me even more at ease and I ALMOST (that was about to change) forgot about those 26.2 miles awaiting ahead:(
Running with Rachel in a comfortable (as we named it) pace of 10:00/mi (naively thinking this will help me to save some fuel for later). Chatting away we suddenly found ourselves behind the 4:30 pacer (how did we get here?). Crowd is cheering, families and kids offering jelly babies, music, choir and I can hear a young guy shouting Come on East London Runners (overwhelmed with the fact ELR is recognised). Around mile 7, strong ELR spectating team cheering on loud.
Made it through the half marathon in 2:13 and at that point Rachel abandons me (how dare she) and sprints away (good on her as she would have watched me suffer).
I made it through mile 14.5 hearing my name in the crowd and spotted Suzanne, Louis and Cat (thank you), what a team
Mile 17 legs are starting to ache Ouch:( Pushing through miles, trying to eliminate any pain, how long can I take this? Subconscious mind goes lets STOP just for a moment and I stop. A very short stop here and there gives me some comfort until I start running again:( Why am I doing this to myself? The question keeps echoing in my head for the next 6 miles.
The last 3 miles are hardcore and passing by some kind of a reporter shouting out loud only a parkrun to go now. Please will you shut up!!! My mind wonders to the finish line, please get me there soon. Mile 25, YES not long to go now, crowd cheers on, I hear my name several times Come on Suzanna (surprisingly pronounced correctly, that is a Bonus for making it so far:)) And one last time I spot Suzanne and Louis and I just want to hug them:) I manage a very tired pose with thumbs up for Louiss camera and shout out I am struggling. I am ready to smash (not exactly) this one last mile. Trying to dig deep, feet are no longer listening. I can see the finish line, still so far away, the longest street ever. 50 metres away, I can touch the Finish line, last bit of energy (from the energy I do not have:)), hearing the cheers of the fantastic crowd, looking at the time, have to make it sub 5:00, thumbs up and big smile for the cameras and I cross the FINISH line in 4:42:13 I DID IT!!! Emotions are running high, I have to call my mum, crying out loud:)
I have to say it was a hell of an experience and not an easy ride, but I would definitely do it again.
My biggest thanks go to Rachel Le Roux (could not have done it without you), coach Grant (for an incredible support, training plan and training runs), the Club, friends and family, colleagues, everyone that run on the day especially Jason (who looked after me), Craig and Rob, supporters - Suzanne, Louis, Cat and Lucy and Kat H. for organising the room and support.
Good luck to Andy, Jo, Rob, Amy and everyone running Brighton this weekend.

Rotterdam Marathon - Sunday 8th April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee3.01.01 (74.5%)528th
Ava Lee3.11.14 pb (73.5%)914th
Another result was 26th Paul Martalletti 2.24.38.

Danny Lee:- Rotterdam Marathon Race Report
They say running a marathon is like giving birth [citation needed]. If our brains werent hard wired to completely forget the excruciating agony from the last time, no one would ever do it more than once.
It had all started quite positively. The start of Rotterdam Marathon takes you over Erasmus Bridge to the south side of the Nieuwe Maas river, which hosts the first 27K of the race. My first 10K broadly went to plan. I had my target splits worked out, based on my PB, and by the end of the first quarter I was on track, albeit with little in the bank.
As I approached the 10K Refreshment Station, I fished the first of three of my salt capsules out of my wrist band and popped it in my mouth - this'll stand me in good stead for later, I thought to myself smugly. I reached out for a drink to wash it down, only to be handed a slightly damp sponge. Gaaah?!! No drinks?! Turns out Drink Station = drink + sponge. Refreshment Station = sponge only. I tried to dry-swallow my salt capsule and gagged once, then again and again. By the time I'd coughed it back up, I was about 50m behind the group I'd been running with.
I'm not going to try to blame what happened next on a little salt tablet (YOU EVIL-MINION-SHAPED MARATHON-WRECKER!!!) but for the next 10K, I struggled to get back to my target pace. By the third quarter, I was in a seriously dark place, my splits in a nosedive, and I was parched. In the last 10K, water stations Id normally skip at this stage in a race, became life lines – creeping over the horizon like oases (and occasionally mirages!) in the desert.
With just two kilometres to go, the inevitable happened and the 3 hour marker came striding past me, not a bead of sweat on his brow, crushing what was left of my spirit. DON'T BOTHER WAITING FOR ME, YA’ EVEN-PACED, TIDY-HAIRED ROBOT!, read the sad little thought bubble above my head.
By the final straight, I had nothing left. I staggered over the line in 3:01:01. That pair of 01s pretty much summing up my day. Still a good time and all that, I know, but it wasnt my plan or anywhere near it. Rotterdam Marathon was a great event, really well organised, super friendly, flat as a pancake, nice t-shirt and lovely weather (if slightly hot) – Id thoroughly recommend it. But my top tip? No drinkie = no salty!!

Ava Lee:- A Little Report from Rotterdam
Rotterdam is a great city. Id really recommend it for a weekend away, and if youre a bit crazy like we all are, then why not factor in a little 26.2 mile run whilst youre there. Its really easy to get to, only 20 minutes on the fast train from Schiphol airport, loads of buzzing cafes and really friendly people. I think its a lot like Glasgow , or it would be if Glasgow was ever 20 degrees and sunny , I feel at home there.
This was my first marathon since 2015, when I crossed the finish line in London turning the air blue with expletives and a cry of never again. I went into it feeling prepared but not brimming with confidence. Could I still run a good time or, 3 years later, am I a bit over the hill? The terrain is flat, which suits me. I hate hills. Who knows what the scenery was like , I might as well have been running with my eyes closed. Although I do like the big event, I never really take in my surroundings. There were supporters all the way, encouraging me in a language I dont understand, who cant pronounce Ava ( big A, not ava, I wanted to say!)
My marathon plan is a rather unorthodox one. I learned from the master, kamikaze Danny who used this plan to pull off a 2hr 49 in London 2015. Forget negative splits, or even pacing! Go out fast and see how long you can cling on for dear life. And to the greater extent, this works for me.
So we set off on a warm spring day at 10am. Having trained through Beast from the East, youd think a balmy 20 degrees would be welcome but it felt a little too hot and it was hard to keep hydrated. Water was provided in paper cups with a sponge on top, so you drink through the sponge then squeeze the sponge over your head. Really, what a terrible idea! I drank my spongy water at every stop along the way, and I was still thirsty. The ground was littered with tiny sponges. They were everywhere. I took salt tablets every 5k too. Hang on, maybe thats why I was so thirsty! They did the job - it was the first year Ive not suffered cramps.
I went through the first half in 1.30, feeling really good. This was secretly my plan. I knew I would slow down, it was just a matter of how much. Around 15km in, a thought popped into my head which was this marathon lark is not for the faint hearted. That wasnt the last time I thought it. I have to say, I had forgotten how much mental effort it takes to keep going, how hard it can get. The last 10 km felt long. I tried to stay in the moment, concentrating only on moving forward. From time to time, Id visualise Shaun T shouting Dig Deeper (some of you will know who I mean). As I watched some of the time Id banked earlier on slipping away, I was mentally readjusting my goals, and what finish time Id be happy with. At 40km, I passed the final water station and had visions of me slipping over, tripped up by millions of tiny sponges underfoot. I dodged them successfully.
My goal was to get under 3 hours 10, but when the legs start to slow theres nothing you can do about it. I decided as close to a PB as possible, and Ill be happy. I summoned every ounce of willpower I had in that last few hundred metres to propel me over the finish line and into the arms of a burly Dutch paramedic in 3hrs 11 and 14 seconds. Its only a PB by 14 seconds, but thatll do me. Would I pace it differently next time? No, I dont think so. One of these days, Ill go kamikaze and may pull it off completely. I like the unknown.
I said no more marathons, EVER. But I do have a place in London in 12 days time. What to do? At the moment, I cant walk so seems utterly ridiculous that Im seriously thinking about doing it. This time itll be to jog round, give high 5s, take in the scenery, enjoy the atmosphere. Ive never done that before.

Schneider Electric Paris Marathon - Sunday 8th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols3.20.52 pb (61.38%)3232nd
Chris Green3.23.36 (61.72%)3644th
Jim Nicholl's Paris marathon report - to PB or not to PB:
There's something I've always found odd about the mass staging of marathons in western Europe in April. Having trained in the wet, cold winter months, race day often tends to be the first time all year that you would even think about leaving the house wearing no sleeves. And that proved to be the case to the extreme this year, after a particularly disrupted March with 2 key build up races cancelled and causing a revision of the training plan (it worked out fine, but I don't think I actually did even one long run on the day that I planned to). Sure enough, on race day, while consuming the hotel's perfectly adequate breakfast of croissant, Nutella, yoghurt and coffee (I chucked a cereal bar and banana into the mix), it became clear I could just slowly amble in race gear for 20 minutes straight into my pen ready to race. There was a bit of a wait at the start as the pen adjacent to mine got to head off first. This meant I got to hear 2 full plays of the Chariots Of Fire theme over the speakers before I crossed the start line.
I settled into a steady pace down the Champs-Elysees and beyond ahead of the first water station. Ah, the water stations - they were eventful. They appeared every 5km-ish with little warning beforehand and stopping at each was a necessity in the heat (I say heat, it was only 18-19 degrees but my fair hair dictates that the merest hint of sun peaking out from the clouds will be enough to have me running for shade). I found myself the wrong side of the road at the first one and as I struggled to dart across without slipping or crashing into others I shouted out the first of regular variants of a well known word beginning with f followed by sake, off or 'ing hell. Generally though it was a relief to throw as much water as possible over my head and shoulders at these stops.
That aside it was a steady first half of the race as I crossed halfway in 1h37m which was about a minute ahead of target. I was enjoying the Gallic flavour of the encouragement from the locals - "Allez, allez! Bravo Jim." The serene progress continued during the next few miles and I tried to take in the sights. There were a couple of moments of bewilderment. Firstly at 16 miles as we went through the long road tunnel labelled as "hell" for the race, a well dressed lady looking as though she had started her Monday morning commute 24 hours early was casually scooting alongside the runners. Then at 20 miles an elderly gentleman decided to defy the road closures and attempt to drive down the race route slowly anyway.
It was at about this time that I was noticeably slowing down. What had looked like a 3:15 attempt was having to be revised as I entered the last 10k. I've had a few marathons fall apart at this point so to keep me focussed and fight away the powerful urges to stop, I decided to dedicate each kilometre from here on in to everybody that has meant a lot to me over the last few months. You all collectively as a club had one of these dedicated to you for your support, advice and encouragement, so thank you, it really helped.
I knew I had a few minutes in the bank compared to my previous personal best but that one was a fast finish whereas this one was shaping up to be anything but. I was floundering but hanging on through gritted teeth. Into the final 5km through the large park and the last thing you want to do when exhausted is maths but it became a necessity as I felt that target time slipping away. One thing that doesn't help is my never-ending ability to lie to myself in these situations. 4k to go is not "3 and a bit", for example. I figured 5 minute kilometre splits from here might just about do it, and even if not, I'd be proud of myself for running all the way from start to finish and having given it my best shot. So 3 to go became 2 and then 1, at which point I shouted out a loud "Come On!" and tried to inject some pace to the finish line. It worked. Exiting the park and across the final roundabout back onto the Champs-Elysees with the Arc Dr Triomphe in the distance, the end was nigh. This was going to be tight at about 3:21 and I put everything into it. I knew my PB was very close to this but couldn't recall to the second the exact time - was it just under 3:21 or just over? At the line I stopped the watch at just under the target - a gutsy finish, but thought maybe I had missed that previous best by an agonising second or two. So after another rant involving a phrase beginning with F at the lack of water as we walked through the finish area to the medal collection, the first thing I did was check my previous PB. 3:21:08 - brilliant, I had beaten it! By 16 seconds! 3:20:52. Maybe equates to only a difference of about 100 metres, but they all count. Was delighted and proud at sticking at it during the struggles of the last hour.
Next up - Chicago in October.

Rome Marathon - Sunday 8th April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Roselin Boramakot5.08.33 (43.89%)
Roselin reports:- Maratona di Roma - 5:08:33
A tale of heat, hills, the dreaded cobble stones and a lot of chafing war wounds! 24 degrees but felt much warmer, struggled with fatigue so much I was taking walking breaks from the first station at 5km and chucking water over my head at every opportunity . Would soon regret this, chafed so much it looks like I have 3rd degree burns in places you would not imagine! I'll spare everyone the pictures. Unsurprisingly the shower hurt more than the run itself. Was aiming for 4:30 or some form of pb this Spring but gave that up pretty much as soon as I saw the forecast! Legs were fine - no cramps! But I just could not move my body for long or fast enough due to pure exhaustion. I'm happy to have finished but body and mind let me down! Hardest marathon after my first. Sods bloody law that it's 13 degrees, overcast and drizzly today!
Positives - the route was fantastic (minus the inclines and uneven surfaces!). I had goose bumps running around the Vatican as the bells chimed, through the historic spots in the city and finally towards the finish line with the Colosseum as the backdrop. The bling and bag is pretty awesome too!
Well done to everyone running this weekend, some pretty epic times! Winter only marathons for me from now! Sorry Maya, couldn't muster a jumping photo op on this occasion!

Sheffield Half Marathon - Sunday 8th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Norris1.53.421839th
Fiona Day2.08.003416yth

Little Bromley 10km (Essex County 10km) - Sunday 8th April 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson47.44 pb226th
Marc Akers49.10264th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera54.27339th
Maud Hodson:- I had thought that my PB days were over. After surprising myself back
in February with a 5 mile PB, I managed to take down my longest standing PB. Eight years ago
I ran 48.48 for 10K - waiting on the official results for today's race, but 47.38 on my watch.
Likely to be around 48 minutes as it was gun-to-chip.
Life in the old dog yet...

QEOP 10km Summer Series - Saturday 7th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Slipper41.0923rd
Megan Cullis52.20175th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 7th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali20.34 (course debut)35th - 63.21% - South Manchester
Samia Choudhury52.29 (course debut)381st - 28.20% - South Manchester
Ciaran Canavan19.2025th - 72.76% - Hackney
Emily Clarke20.06 (course debut)39th - 73.96% - Hackney
Lucy Barron23.20 pb88th - 63.43% - Hackney
Kat Maskell24.26107th - 61.60% - Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie26.20137th - 58.10% - Hackney
Phillippa Walker33.59247th - 44.73% - Hackney
Maya Goodwin34.26248th - 47.05% - Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka41.37257th - 31.88% - Hackney
Fiona Day26.47 (course PB)241st - 72.43% - Sheffield Hallam
Julie Creffield44.16 (course debut)171st - 34.34% - Shipley Country
Ashley Faria20.004th - 72.58% - Valentines
Calvin Bobin21.019th - 77.64% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.4214th - 69.05% - Valentines
Saheb Yousefi21.5116th - 60.03% - Valentines
Lauren Kelly23.5431st - 61.92% - Valentines
Tim Aylett25.0147th - 54.16% - Valentines
Catriona Hoult26.48 (course PB)66th - 58.27% - Valentines
Mary OBrien28.2989th - 70.10% - Valentines
Nick Hoult29.02100th - 48.45% - Valentines
Andy Bolderstone22.11 pb15th - 62.96% - Wanstead
Sharon Springfield22.1416th - 70.76% - Wanstead
Katie Whitton24.5338th - 59.48% - Wanstead
Kate Frost26.46 (course debut)57th - 55.54% - Wanstead
Andrea Waller27.0864th - 56.70% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.0889th - 62.13% - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.34128th - 48.77% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson50.43 (tail walker)167th - 31.32% - Wanstead
Andrew Baxter21.3418th - 67.85% - Gunpowder
Richard Potter22.0921st - 59.52% - Gunpowder
Marc Akers40.58166th - 34.62% - Gunpowder
Shaun DeSena32.27 (course debut)229th - 39.86% - Ally Pally
Steven Bywater25.44 (course debut)127th - 58.74% - Tilgate
Thomas Grimes18.034th - 73.96% - Gladstone
Mark Moir21.219th - 60.42% - Barking
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera25.21 pb23rd - 59.96% - Barking
Patrick Brown18.591st - 68.48% - Walthamstow
Andrew Howard22.08 (course debut)27th - 70.63% - Scunthorpe
Morag Campbell41.08 (course debut)283rd - 38.98% - Rother Valley
Katherine Harris25.17 (course debut)35th - 59.53% - Osterley
John Henry19.00 (course PB)5th - 70.79% - Fountains Abbey
James Nichols22.07 (course debut)59.31% - Bois de Boulogne
Chris Green30.06 (course debut)45.02% - Bois de Boulogne
Stuart Barton27.19 (course debut)13th - 53.14% - Haverhill
Dan Gritton17.53 (course debut)3rd - 79.31% - Victoria Dock
Stephen Swan23.29 (course debut)63rd - 55.22% - Felixstowe
47 parkruns at 20 venues, 15 debuts and 6 pbs.
1 first finisher, Patrick at Walthamstow,
10 ELR parkrun records
Shahib Ali at South Manchester,
Julie Creffield at Shipley Country,
Andrew Howard at Scunthorpe,
Morag Campbell at Rother Valley,
Katherine Harris at Osterley,
John Henry at Fountains Abbey,
James Nichols at Bois de Boulogne,
Stuart Barton at Haverhill,
Dan Gritton at Victoria Dock and
Stephen Swan at Felixstowe.

Highgate Harrier/City of London Open Meet, Parliament Hill - Wednesday 4th April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes16.21.303rd

Capital Tri Velopark Duathlon - Tuesday 3rd April 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford1.00.0113th
2 mile run/10 mile cycle/2 mile run.
Michael Bamford 14/01/31.13/14.45 = 1.00.01

5km Age Grade Chart for March 2018. - Saturday 31st March 2018

5km Age Grade Chart for March 2018.
1 - Dan Gritton 17.56 31/03 - 79.09% - Hackney
2 - Ciaran Canavan 17.50 24/03 - 78.88% - Hackney
3 - Mark Boulton 16.48 31/03 - 78.08% - Hackney
4 - Andrew Baxter 18.53 03/03 - 77.49% - Wanstead
5 - Thomas Grimes 17.32 31/03 - 76.14% - Gladstone
6 - John Booth 17.38 24/03 - 75.71% - Mile End
7 - Calvin Bobin 21.42 17/03 - 75.19% - Valentines
8 - Ellie Wilkinson 20.16 24/03 - 73.03% - Hackney
9 - Euan Brown 17.45 31/03 - 72.68% - Wanstead
10 - Ashley Faria 20.06 31/03 - 72.22% - Valentines
11 - John Henry 18.43 24/03 - 71.86% - Hackney
12 - Mary OBrien 28.04 31/03 - 71.14% - Valentines
13 - James Wilson 19.31 17/03 - 70.45% - Wanstead
14 - Caroline Frith 21.48 10/03 - 70.18% - Valentines
15 - Patrick Brown 18.32 24/03 - 70.14% - Walthamstow
16 - Shailesh Patel 21.50 24/03 - 68.63% - Valentines
17 - Fiona Critchley 25.03 24/03 - 68.60% - Northampton
18 - Thomas Burrard-Lucas 18.58 24/03 - 68.54% - Hackney
19 - Andrew Howard 23.02 24/03 - 67.29% - South Woodham Ferrers
20 - Fiona Day 28.53 10/03 - 67.17% - Wanstead
21 - Janet Bywater 25.57 10/03 - 67.12% - Burnham
22 - Sharon Springfield 23.27 31/03 - 67.09% - Wanstead
23 - James Nichols 19.35 17/03 - 66.98% - Fulham Palace
24 - Shahib Ali 19.32 31/03 - 66.55% - Barking
25 - Laura Woodhouse 22.15 31/03 - 66.52% - Hackney
26 - Nathan Jones 19.41 17/03 - 65.54% - St Annes
27 - Mark Moir 19.44 24/03 - 65.37% - Valentines
28 - Craig Livermore 19.50 24/03 - 65.04% - Valentines
29 - Bernadett Kalmar 25.26 24/03 - 63.70% - Wanstead
30 - Nick Hoult 22.06 10/03 - 63.65% - Wanstead
31 - Peter Hatley 22.00 31/03 - 63.48% - Hackney
32 - Sarah Burns 24.31 24/03 - 63.22% - Hackney
33 - Maud Hodson 25.12 17/03 - 63.03% - Wanstead
34 - Aaron Williams 22.10 24/03 - 63.01% - Wanstead
35 - Paula Bedford 25.00 10/03 - 62.93% - Hackney
36 - Lucy Barron 23.41 24/03 - 62.49% - Hackney
37 - Sheila Kennedy 29.52 17/03 - 62.28% - Roding Valley
38 - Claire Emery 26.09 17/03 - 61.95% - Hackney
39 - Katherine Harris 24.20 31/03 - 61.85% - Valentines
40 - Kat Maskell 24.20 31/03 - 61.85% - Hackney
41 - Andy Bolderstone 22.44 31/03 - 61.44% - Wanstead
42 - Jonathan Wooldridge 23.16 03/03 - 61.39% - Upton Court
43 - Sheetal Dandgey 24.18 24/03 - 60.97% - Hackney
44 - Caroline Moore 29.49 17/03 - 60.70% - Wanstead
45 - Richard Potter 21.47 24/03 - 60.52% - Roding Valley
46 - Georgie Hooper 24.33 03/03 - 60.35% - Wanstead
47 - Katie Whitton 24.57 31/03 - 59.32% - Wanstead
48 - Alexandra Rutis Perera 25.44 24/03 - 59.07% - Barking
49 - Steve Bywater 26.05 24/03 - 57.96% - Valentines
50 - Mark Akers 24.38 10/03 - 57.58% - Gunpowder
51 - Stuart Barton 25.14 31/03 - 57.53% - Hackney
52 - Catriona Hoult 27.17 17/03 - 57.24% - Wanstead
53 - Saheb Yousefi 23.35 10/03 - 55.62% - Hackney
54 - Ijeoma Anozie 27.31 24/03 - 55.60% - Hackney
55 - Suzanne Taylor 29.50 10/03 - 54.86% - Valentines
56 - Tim Aylett 24.52 24/03 - 54.49% - Wanstead
57 - Stephen Swan 24.10 24/03 - 53.66% - Kesgrave
58 - Jimmy Dale 24.28 31/03 - 53.00% - Wanstead
59 - Jason Levy 27.19 17/03 - 52.29% - Valentines
60 - Viktor Szabadi 28.55 24/03 - 52.28% - Wanstead
61 - Paul Marshall 25.38 31/03 - 50.91% - Hackney
62 - Chris Green 27.03 17/03 - 50.09% - Finsbury
63 - Sophie Edwards 32.28 03/03 - 48.92% - Wanstead
64 - Jakub Czeczotka 27.36 24/03 - 48.07% - Hackney
65 - Craig Livermore 27.19 17/03 - 47.22% - Valentines
66 - Katy Taylor 34.26 24/03 - 45.35% - Hackney
67 - Maya Goodwin 37.11 31/03 - 43.57% - Hackney
68 - Liz ODonnell 38.25 31/03 - 42.60% - Wanstead
69 - Shaun DeSena 30.45 24/03 - 42.06% - Northampton
70 - Samia Choudrey 49.50 31/03 - 29.70% - Barking

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 31st March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir19:499th - 65.10% - Sunderland
Mark Boulton16:481st - 78.08% - Hackney Marshes
Dan Gritton17:566th - 79.09% - Hackney Marshes
John Henry18:43 pb11th - 71.86% - Hackney Marshes
Peter Hatley22:0064th - 63.48% - Hackney Marshes
Laura Kemp22:1570th - 66.52% - Hackney Marshes
Kat Maskell24:20103rd - 61.85% - Hackney Marshes
Stuart Barton25:14122nd - 57.53% - Hackney Marshes
Paul Marshall25:38131st - 50.91% - Hackney Marshes
Ijeoma Anozie27:42156th - 55.23% - Hackney Marshes
Maya Goodwin37:11222nd - 43.57% - Hackney Marshes
Katy Taylor38:43224th - 40.64% - Hackney Marshes
Stephen Swan25:06124th - 51.66% - Ipswich
Richard Potter23:186th - 56.58% - Roding Valley
Andrew Baxter19:264th - 75.30% - Valentines
Ashley Faria20:067th - 72.22% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel22:2223rd - 66.99% - Valentines
Aaron Williams22:33 (debut)25th - 61.94% - Valentines
Katherine Harris24:2041st - 61.85% - Valentines
Nick Hoult24:3346th - 57.30% - Valentines
Calvin Bobin24:5049th - 65.70% - Valentines
Mary OBrien28:0493rd - 71.14% - Valentines
Jason Levy28:0998th - 51.15% - Valentines
Catriona Hoult30:13129th - 51.68% - Valentines
Euan Brown17:451st - 72.68% - Wanstead Flats
Andy Bolderstone22:44 pb5th - 61.44% - Wanstead Flats
Sharon Springfield23:27 (first woman)10th - 67.09% - Wanstead Flats
Jimmy Dale24:2813th - 53.00% - Wanstead Flats
Katie Whitton24:5719th - 59.32% - Wanstead Flats
Fiona Day30:4157th - 63.23% - Wanstead Flats
Caroline Moore30:4158th - 58.99% - Wanstead Flats
Elizabeth ODonnell38:2595th - 42.60% - Wanstead Flats
Sophie Edwards40:20100th - 39.38% - Wanstead Flats
James Nichols19:586th - 65.69% - Billericay
Shaun DeSena33:06 (debut)89th - 39.07% - Sandwell Valley
Thomas Grimes17:321st - 76.14% - Gladstone
Shahib Miah Ali19:326th - 66.55% - Barking
Samia Choudhury49:50114th - 29.70% - Barking
Steven Bywater27:4429th - 54.51% - Walthamstow
Chris Green30:19 (debut)97th - 44.69% - Didcot
Jonathan Wooldridge25:54 (debut)40th - 55.16% - Tring
Tim Aylett25:4446th - 52.66% - Sittingbourne
Andrew Howard23:24 (debut)54th - 66.24% - Clapham Common
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera26:24 (debut)8th - 57.58% - Frederic Back
44 parkruns at 16 venues.
4 first finishers, Mark, Thomas, Euan and Sharon.
4 pbs and 7 debuts,
ELR parkrun records for:-
James Nichols at Billericay,
Shaun DeSena at Sandwell Valley,
Jonathan at Tring,
Andrew at Clapham Common
and Alexandra at Frederic Back, Montreal.

Easter Victoria Park Race Half Marathon - Friday 30th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheetal Dandgey1:50:03332nd

Easter Victoria Park Race 10K - Friday 30th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34:125th
Stuart Kelly36:53 pb13th
Thomas Burrard-Lucas39:3229th
Lauren Kelly48:52 pb161st

London Landmarks Half Marathon - Sunday 25th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier1.38.54560th
Jakub Czeczotka1.44.20983rd
Annette Clark1.51.161765th
Jess Trayler-Moore2.07.11 pb4129th
Anna Dingle2.12.575027th
Jess Trayler-Moore:- I am a Londoner born and bred, so I guess it goes without saying that I have barely visited any of the main landmarks. Of course, this mornings race didnt get me inside any of them - but I certainly had a whistle stop tour of the citys architecture.
The London Landmarks Half was a great route with loads to look at and a fantastically positive vibe created by spectators and charities, music and dancing. Plus, it was gloriously flat.
The day started well with a lovely tube journey with Anna Dingle and an easy meet-up with another friend. We had decided to start together but run separately (mainly because she is speedier than me!). I wasnt sure how this would work out, given my need for constant chatter - but as we set off (to Eye of the Tiger) I had a good feeling.
Buoyed by the atmosphere, I really enjoyed myself. My family tried to cheer me on but missed me so I had to wait to the finish line to see them - but I got a load of high fives and cheers from strangers, and from my charity, CLIC Sargent, as I ran past them at the Tower of London.
In fact, it all went swimmingly right up until the last mile. That was tough, for no particular reason other than muscle exhaustion. I really had to push myself, but I kept going, and finished in 2 hours 7 minutes - a PB (by some margin!).
I do not think I could have achieved that time today without the adrenaline and emotion. This was an important run for me. I thought of my brilliant 7-year-old as I ran around the only city he has ever called home. His little body runs marathons, swims seas and scales mountains every day to fight off leukaemia. I am so proud of him. And today, I am pretty proud of myself too.

Anna Dingle:- I really enjoyed the London Landmarks Half this morning. It was well organised as all Humanrace events are. And they did a fantastic job of making it a great atmosphere to run in. If someone is looking for the atmosphere of the London Marathon on a smaller scale, then this is one to pick. All of the charities, musicians and supporters. were brilliant all the way round.
I took a leaf it of Maya Goodwins book today and set myself a gold, silver and bronze target time. I have been struggling with my left hip flexor for the past month or so. 2:10 was my gold, 2:15 silver and 2:20 bronze. I am super happy as I came in at 2:12:57. I will take that - oh and the bling is pretty cool too.
Thank you Jessica Trayler-Moore for travelling up with me. You helped to put me at ease. I hope you had a great race too.

Bedford 20m - Sunday 25th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Emily Clarke2.37.09 pb107th
Paula Bedford2.57.31266th
Lucy Barron2.57.39 pb267th
Ben Warry3.18.40456th
856 finishers.

Colchester Half Marathon - Sunday 25th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero1.16.337th
Graham Peacock1.45.56 pb669th
Caroline McGirr2.12.231959th

Run Fest Lee Valley Half Marathon - Sunday 25th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton1.15.353rd
Christopher Kehoe2.21.17 pb389th

Liverpool Half Marathon - Sunday 25th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.19.3443rd / 3989 finishers.
Race report for the BTR Liverpool Half Marathon today. Highly recommend. Great event, and much more picturesque than I had ever anticipated.
When Lance and I planned our first trip to Liverpool, this was scheduled as a non running weekend, though 3 weeks before Boston, I knew I needed to do some form of final long run while there. Our actual plans were to see Gary Numan at the O2, enjoy a few beers and some food, and to have a look around a city neither of us had ever visited before.
Well, whats the best way to see a city, but to run it, so last weekend I thought I would message a few running clubs and find myself a group to Marathon train with for this morning. Sorry, we are all running the BTR Liverpool Half Marathon this Sunday, came back the replies, but then one continued, So why dont you enter this as well? And so the seed was sewn. If you cant join them, beat them! BTR Liverpool Half Marathon, here I come.
4s seemed to be the number for the day before. 4 hour drive. 4 fantastic hours at the O2 Liverpool (Nightmare Air, and Gary Numan were sublime), 4 pints of Lager in place of carbo loading, and 4 hours sleep because of a late night, an early start (I had to collect my race pack on the morning, and I hate being late), and because of British Summer Time, clocks going forward 1 hour.
9am, gathered just up from the Albert Dock, and we were off. I was not anticipating miracles for today, and had told Lance my target was 1.30. The first km was relatively flat, taking us southbound through the city, before a left turn into Blundell Street marked the 1st hill, after which the 1 st 14km turned out to be quite undulating. In preparation for Boston, I called every incline Heartbreak Hill and declared to myself, I love Heartbreak Hill.
The route was very beautiful, more so than I had expected. No industrial estates, but with Kms 4 to 13 running around or through Princes Park, Sefton Park and Otterspool Park. These Kms were rarely flat, but scenic beyond belief. Very beautiful.
My worst fears were realised at km 14, when turning northwest, onto the banks of the river Mersey, I realised the final 7km were into a headwind. Deflated at first, but not defeated, I had to dig deep, to find everything I had, and to continue to push through. These Kms turned out to be quite twisty and turny, in and out around every inlet, outlet and dock along the Mersey. At this stage I used the 10mile runners to my advantage. We had separated from the 10milers at mile 4, and rejoined them at our mile 7, their mile 4. I realised I had run 3 miles further, so picked them off as targets, and took the buzz of passing them as the energy I needed into the headwind.
With about 1.5km to go, I could see the ferry on the opposite side of the Mersey. It was not sailing today, and was banked where it had been since 9am this morning. Directly opposite the bay from the finish line. Ok, so I cant see the finish, but I have only got to get to the ferry, but on this side of the river, I told myself. I pushed hard. Gave everything Id got and eventually alas (thank you Richard and Judy) I recognised the back end of Albert Dock. I have just got to run round the dock, and the finish is nigh.
The finish gantry was around another 2-3 bends, but came quick. I was surprised to see the clock ticking 1:19xxx, and gave my lot for the finish.
A grand finish, with my name announced on the PA. Lance waiting at the finish line saw (and heard me announced) coming in. 1.19.34. The last time I saw 1.19 on the clock was 2015, so Im really chuffed to see this today.
Great medal. Tech T-Shirt. Energy drink, Water, Banana and Graze box to all finishers. Then someone who recognised me from London, Did you do the Big Half? You Passed me today at just about the same point as in the Big Half! = #bonus.

Oundle 20m - Sunday 25th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Marc Akers3.18.33141st

Sportive UK Ware Cambridge - Short - 28 of 30 miles - Sunday 25th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Don Bennett4.03.24
Did my first Sportive UK ride yesterday from Herts with part of the short route of 30 miles around the villages of Hertfordshire with names like Cold Christmas, Much Hadham and Ferneux Pelham. It had been planned for the week before but the snow delayed it for a week. Probably a little bit too much for myself who had never gone over 10 miles before. The climbs weren't too bad but I had worked the day before so the legs were tired.

Picked up a puncture about Ferneux Pelham (15 miles) so changed the inner tube there just as the Sunday church parade was going through the village. The feed station was at 18 miles but I missed it completely coming out onto an unmarked road I went left and came across a sign saying 10 miles to go.
Missed two miles somewhere but I wasn't complaining. I had some provisions.

Struggled a bit on some of the climbs but there was some long downhills on the way back which for a novice cyclist were thrilling and terrifying at the same time. Definitely need a few a few shorter runs on the bike before attempting anything longer. Got a final finishing time of 4.03.24 but that included the puncture and a few stops for some refreshments and snacks.

Orion 15m - Saturday 24th March 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.39.125th
Alex Day1.55.3446th
Andrew Baxter1.56.5051st
Patrick Brown1.57.5956th
Stuart Kelly1.58.2261st
Chris Green2.08.17103rd
Calvin Bobin2.10.02117th, 1st M60
Paul Thompson2.10.49120th
Robert Rayworth2.11.50130th
Nick Hoult2.16.00146th
Caroline Frith2.19.58175th
Paul Marshall2.20.51177th
Jimmy Dale2.25.44198th
Andy Bolderstone2.26.20201st
Suzanne Bench2.27.02208th
Nathaniel Dye2.27.02209th
Grant Conway2.27.02210th
Maud Hodson2.28.50220th
David Hallybone2.30.02227th
Kat Maskell2.39.15253rd
John Healy2.48.54275th
Catherine Brett2.56.32287th
Diana Rexhepaj3.00.40295th
Gareth Davies3.00.41296th
Caroline Moore3.09.41299th
300 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 24th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry19.3413th - 68.74% - Finsbury
Ciaran Canavan17.5013th - 78.88 - Hackney
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.5826th - 68.54% - Hackney
Eleanor Wilkinson20.1651st - 73.03% - Hackney
Peter Hatley22.17 (course debut)98th - 62.68% - Hackney
Lucy Barron23.41127th - 62.49% - Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey24.18144th - 60.97% - Hackney
Sarah Burns24.31154th - 63.22% - Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie27.31203rd - 55.60% - Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka27.36206th - 48.07% - Hackney
Katy Taylor34.26 pb290th - 45.35% - Hackney
Richard Potter21.476th - 60.52% - Roding Valley
James Nichols21.45 (course debut)26th - 60.31% - Crystal Palace
Fiona Critchley25.03 (course debut)122nd - 68.60% - Northampton
Shaun DeSena30.45 (course debut)281st - 42.06% - Northampton
Shahib Miah Ali19.41 (50th parkrun)2nd - 66.05% - Valentines
Mark Moir19.44 (course debut)3rd - 65.37% - Valentines
Craig Livermore19.504th - 65.04% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.5017th - 68.63% - Valentines
Steven Bywater26.0559th - 57.96% - Valentines
Jason Levy28.4379th - 49.74% - Valentines
Ashley Faria30.1695th - 47.96% - Valentines
Samia Choudhury53.42189th - 27.56% - Valentines
Aaron Williams22.10 (course PB)22nd - 63.01% - Wanstead
Tim Aylett24.5250th - 54.49% - Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.2657th - 63.70% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.5597th - 52.28% - Wanstead
Katie Whitton29.12102nd - 50.68% - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult30.54122nd - 50.54% - Wanstead
John Booth17.386th - 75.71% - Mile End
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera25.44 (course PB)37th - 59.07% - Barking
Patrick Brown18.321st - 70.14% - Walthamstow
Stuart Barton25.56 (course debut)15th - 55.98% - Clacton Seafront
Stephen Swan24.1075th - 53.66% - Kesgrave
Katherine Harris26.18 (course debut)46th - 57.22% - Aldenham
Andrew Howard23.02 (course debut)9th - 67.29% - South Woodham Ferrers
ELR parkrun records for
James Nichols at Crystal Palace,
Fiona Critchley at Northampton,
Katherine Harris at Aldenham and
Andrew Howard at South Woodham Ferrers.

Brightlingsea Challenge Event - Sunday 18th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline McGirr4.18.4626th, 3 laps of 6.55 miles.
Hi I managed 4.18.46 for my event yesterday I did 3 laps and think the official distance
was 19.65 miles although I did over 20 on my watch . It was brutal with wind chill of -10!

36 finishers.

The Grindleford Gallop - Saturday 17th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Day2.59.5922nd
Patrick Brown3.07.2529th
Covering approximately 21 miles and 3000ft of ascent the course takes in the villages of Grindleford,
Froggatt, Eyam, Great Longstone, Edensor and Baslow linking them together with paths, tracks and open
moorland of the White Peak. Famous landmarks on the way round include the Riley Graves, Longstone moor,
The Monsal trail and of course the stunning Chatsworth Park estate. The final high-level section along
Baslow and Frogatt edges offers breath-taking views of the surrounding peak district.
417 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 17th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Chris Green27.03 debut144th - 50.09% Finsbury
Ciaran Canavan18.5115th - 74.62% Hackney
Thomas Burrard-Lucas20.1730th - 64.09% Hackney
Claire Emery26.09 (course pb)123rd - 61.95% Hackney
Sarah Burns27.39145th - 56.06% Hackney
Paula Bedford27.39146th - 56.90% Hackney
Dan Gritton19.202nd - 73.36% Roding Valley
Peter Hatley25.1212th - 55.42% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy29.5228th - 62.28% Roding Valley
Andrew Howard25.11 debut15th - 61.55% Bestwood Village
Fiona Critchley25.29 debut69th - 67.43% Rickmansworth
Ashley Faria20.4610th - 69.90% Valentines
Calvin Bobin21.4217th - 75.19% Valentines
Jason Levy27.1957th - 52.29% Valentines
Craig Livermore27.1958th - 47.22% Valentines
Mary OBrien29.0771st - 68.57% Valentines
James Wilson19.311st - 70.45% Wanstead
Andrew Baxter20.033rd - 72.98% Wanstead
John Henry20.557th - 64.30% Wanstead
Aaron Williams22.5760.86% Wanstead
Georgie Hooper24.4636th - 59.83% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.1245th - 63.03% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.1760th - 57.24% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.4765th - 58.31% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.4983rd - 60.70% Wanstead
Fiona Day30.5995th - 62.61% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi31.3399th - 47.91% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards33.18108th - 47.70% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin39.39126th - 40.86% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell41.38127th - 39.31% Wanstead
Eleanor Wilkinson20.4520th - 71.33% Walsall Arboretum
Mark Moir21.464th - 59.26% Barking
Steven Bywater28.4231st - 52.67% Walthamstow
Nathan Jones19.41 debut17th - 65.54% St Anne,s
James Nichols19.35 debut27th - 66.98% Fulham Palace
Shailesh Patel22.5442nd - 65.43% Leicester Victoria
Tim Aylett27.3935th - 49.01% Sittingbourne
Jonathan Wooldridge25.08 debut13th - 56.83% Queen Elizabeth
Stuart Barton30.0033rd - 48.39% Queen Elizabeth
Katherine Harris32.05 debut43rd - 46.91% Queen Elizabeth
Shaun DeSena35.28 debut59th - 36.47% Queen Elizabeth
Shahib Miah Ali20.0316th - 64.84% Mile End
421 parkruns at 16 venues, 2 first finishers.
1 course pb and 8 debuts. First finishes from Ellie at Walsall and James at Wanstead.
ELR parkrun records from:
Andrew at Bestwood Village,
Fiona at Rickmansworth,
Ellie at Walsall Arboretum,
Nathan at St Annes ROI,
and Katherine Harris at Queen Elizabeth.

Zurich Maraton Barcelona - Sunday 11th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton2.58.03
Ged Browne3.57.32
Dan Barcelona went really well, I surprised myself.

Lydd 20 mile - Sunday 11th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Suzanne Bench2.44.20 pb159th, 3rd Vet 50
Geoff Bench3.44.06583rd

Milton Keynes 20 mile - Sunday 11th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes2.01.294th
Antonio Martin Romero2.03.537th
Maud Hodson2.52.35371st

Milton Keynes Half Marathon - Sunday 11th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir1.29.33 pb72nd
Katie Whitton1.57.13 pb600th

Retford Half Marathon - Sunday 11th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Howard1.36.32209th

Surrey Half Marathon - Sunday 11th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols1.32.53355th

Chingford League Relays at Wanstead Flats - Saturday 10th March 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Day13.00
Patrick Brown11.39
Euan Brown11.45
Thomas Grimes11.16
Nick Hoult13.32
Paul Marshall14.29
Karen Levison14.08
Diana Rexhepaj15.03
James Creed14.02
Emmet Fitzgibbon14.37
James Creed14.12
Peter Hatley20.12
ELR A Team = 5th 47.38
ELR B Team - 19th 57.12
ELR C Team = 26th 63.03
41 Teams

Thames Meander Marathon (trail) - Saturday 10th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale4.13.36 pb114th
208 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 10th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry19.0913th - 70.23% Finsbury
Shahib Miah Ali20.34 (course pb)10th - 63.21% Grovelands
Samia Choudhury51.50 debut150th - 28.55% Grovelands
Laura Kemp22.5782nd - 64.49% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi23.35101st - 55.62% Hackney
Paula Bedford25.00125th - 62.93% Hackney
Claire Emery26.26 (course pb)163rd - 61.29% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie29.11209th - 52.43% Hackney
Richard Potter22.3914th - 58.20% Roding Valley
Ashley Faria20.3411th - 70.58% Valentines
Caroline Frith21.4824th/2nd - 70.18% Valentines
Peter Hatley22.40 (course pb)31st - 61.62% Valentines
Mary OBrien29.13116th - 68.34% Valentines
Suzanne Taylor29.50128th - 54.86% Valentines
Fiona Critchley25.28 debut18th - 66.62% Burnham on Crouch
Janet Bywater25.57 debut20th - 67.12% Burnham on Crouch
Katherine Harris26.17 debut23rd - 57.26% Burnham on Crouch
Stuart Barton26.37 debut26th - 54.54% Burnham on Crouch
Mark Moir19.56 debut8th - 64.72% Linford Wood
Andrew Baxter19.449th - 74.16% Gunpowder
Marc Akers24.38 (course pb)47th - 57.58% Gunpowder
John Booth20.1529th - 65.93% Mile End
Steven Bywater27.5228th - 54.25% Walthamstow
James Nichols20.38 debut24th - 63.57% Peckham Rye
James Wilson19.503rd - 69.33% Wanstead
Calvin Bobin22.0314th - 74.00% Wanstead
Nick Hoult22.0615th - 63.65% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.0657th - 59.78% Wanstead
Maud Hodson28.3662nd - 55.54% Wanstead
Fiona Day28.5369th - 67.17% Wanstead
Caroline Moore30.1080th - 60.00% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi32.4598th - 46.16% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards34.13109th - 46.42% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult34.15111th - 45.60% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell39.48136th - 41.12% Wanstead
Andrew Howard52.04 (tailrunner)147th - 29.77% Wanstead

Thames Riverside 20m - Sunday 4th March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols2.27.39 pb

The Big Half - Sunday 4th March 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.21.27323rd
Billy Rayner1.21.34 pb330th
Daniel Lee1.22.09352nd
Shahib Miah Ali1.32.181033rd
Nick Hoult1.37.12 pb1466th
Michael Bamford1.37.231484th
Caroline Frith1.37.501534th
Paul Marshall1.38.05 pb1566th
Paula Bedford1.39.591787th, 27th age group
Maran Raju1.40.231833rd
Jamie Xavier1.40.481891st
Jimmy Dale1.41.51 pb2032nd
Sheetal Dandgey1.48.15 pb3029th
Graham Peacock1.48.233038th
Andy Bolderstone1.49.23 pb (5 mins)3181st
Jonathan Wooldridge1.49.373227th
Joanna Neville1.56.484543rd
Jay Sangha1:58:234856th
Janet Bywater1.58.414919th
Lance Fuller1.59.545180th
Roselin Boramakot2.03.24 pb5776th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.04.01 pb5896th
Catriona Hoult2.06.58 pb6351st
Diana Rexhepaj2.07.276435th
Caroline Moore2.08.406631st
Caroline McGirr2.10.33 pb6913th
Stuart Barton2.11.36 pb7078th
Katherine Harris2.13.257378th
Susannah House2.13.257379th
Sharon Lincoln2.22.51 pb8556th
Julie Creffield3.22.1611251st
Stuart Barton What a day, it started on 4 hours sleep after going out last night, not the best race prep agreed but a ticket to Paul Weller could not be turned down, Up and out by 06:30 a little too early but those who know me know I can't be late for anything, Met up with all the ELR gang (Orange team only) at Stratford and then off to London Bridge. Not as cold as I thought so never need my £5.00 tracky. Loads of time to kill at the start but I like being early. Got a team photo with Tower Bridge in the background, The race was very well organized with plenty of water stations and wide open roads, A few bits of cobbles on the way never helped but all in all a good route, I got to see Maya Goodwin and Kate Taylor by Tower Bridge at mile 7. All was going well until I hit South London, My times dropped and I new I was not hitting sub 2. But A PB was still on. The last two miles dragged a lot but seeing Steve Bywater and Carlton D'Souza gave me the boost to sprint (well speed up a little) to the end, A great medal and then off to The Cow for a couple of beers, BTW I also got a PB....................

Orion's The Mercury 10 - Saturday 3rd March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.10.215th
Calvin Bobin1.26.0238th
Nathaniel Dye1.38.0051st
Maud Hodson1.40.5059th
Gareth Davies1.46.5463rd
67 finishers.

Mercury 10 Race Report - Gareth Davies.

The Mercury 10 is the evil little cousin of the epic Orion 15. These two races are my favourites in the annual racing calendar:

Pre-race- Bloody hell it's cold, are some of these nutters gonna do this in vests? OK I'd better join them vest it is!

Mile 1- nice loosener stick with Maud ,try to pace the race properly, down Pole Hill easy-peasy!
Mile 2- These XC spikes are working out great loads of grip;
Mile 3- Easy does it, the three or four steep inclines are coming soon;
Mile 4- Almost half way, this mid-foot running is really working out, I feel like a kangaroo!
Mile 5- What idiot thought spikes were a good idea, I'd be better off in wellies;
Mile 6- I don't remember it being this hilly;
Mile 7- Oh crap, that is The Woodbine pub, that means we are heading up-up-up,
Mile 7.2- Thank christ we turned right back into the forest and not up to The Wakes Arms, oh shit this is even steeper than the road. That's it I'm walking! Why on earth did I sign up for this and The Orion 15 is only three weeks away,
Mile 8- I think I'll order an Uber and wait at the teahut. The marshalls tell me that alot of people took the wrong route, that means I may win this thing, if the WHOLE field before me are mass disqualified;
Mile 9- Tumble, stumble, skid, stack, blooded elbows and knees, Maud casually passes me, 'you alright Gareth?' she asks, I will myself to get on her heels, but alas, I am no longer a runner;
Home- Can't feel my feet, how on earth is this rutted trail still frozen solid. I hope that we don't have to go all the way to Butlers Retreat and back, only 15 minutes to the finish, where the hell is the turmeric sawdust? where is everyone? where are all the footprints? have I gone wrong? Hurrah, there is the finishing post, I made it, did I win?.

Nate Dye In place of the cancelled Essex 20, On Saturday I made my way to the Orion Mercury 10. Due to unexpected morning commitments, I was against time and the saintly Maud grabbed me a number so I could just about make it to the start. There’s already been a blow by blow account of this race, but I’ll add that it had a bit of everything - testing uphills, freewheeling downhills, mud, ice and frozen muddy ruts creating a few potentially ankle twisting slaloms. There was even a bumpy bit that reminded me of the mogul ski event. Unlike some others, I ran every hill, but paid for this on the downs, being easily overtaken by those I’d passed on the ups. There’s a lesson in there somewhere! I got a little lost at the end but luckily only added about a third of a mile to the overall distance. I almost succeeded in keeping the pace relatively sensible until the bloke next to me called a sprint finish about 100m out. Couldn’t resist!
I’d really recommend this to anyone who wants to get some off road training in. Great facilities at the clubhouse as I’m sure everyone knows.

parkrun - surviving the Beast. - Saturday 3rd March 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Kelly19.233rd - 67.33% Roding Valley
Dan Gritton19.254th - 73.05% Roding Valley
Peter Hatley24.4632nd - 56,39% Roding Valley
Lauren Kelly25.5939th - 56.96% Roding Valley
Steven Bywater28.1450th - 53.54% Roding Valley
James Nichols22.15 debut16th - 58.95% Lloyd, Croydon
Jonathan Wooldridge23.16 debut21st - 61.39% Upton Court
Shaun DeSena33.03 debut104th - 39.13% Upton Court
Stuart Barton33.04105th - 43.90% Upton Court
Andrew Baxter18.537th - 77.49% Wanstead
John Henry19.28 debut10th - 69.09% Wanstead
Mark Moir21.1226th - 60.85% Wanstead
Mike Brett21.5438th - 69.03% Wanstead
Stuart Norris23.06 (course PB)52nd - 55.84% Wanstead
Andrew Howard23.1454th - 66.71% Wanstead
Jimmy Dale23.24 debut parkrun56th - 55.41% Wanstead
Georgie Hooper24.3373rd - 60.35% Wanstead
Sarah Burns26.0092nd - 59.62% Wanstead
Catherine Brett27.37115th - 62.22% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.56120th - 58.00% Wanstead
Nick Hoult29.34152nd - 47.58% Wanstead
Claire Emery30.01159th - 53.97% Wanstead
Jason Levy31.26171st - 45.44% Wanstead
Maud Hodson31.26172nd - 50.53% Wanstead
Katherine Harris31.27173rd - 47.85% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.28176th - 48.92% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi33.56184th - 44.55% Wanstead

5km Age Grade Chart for February 2018. - Wednesday 28th February 2018

1 Dan Gritton 17.46 03/02 79.83% - Southwark
2 Mark Boulton 16.42 17/02 78.54% - Hackney
3 Calvin Bobin 20.51 24/02 78.26% - Ballina Coast
4 Ciaran Canavan 18.11 17/02 77.36% - Hackney
5 John Booth 17.30 10/02 76.29% - Mile End
6 Andrew Baxter 19.13 24/02 76.15% - Gunpowder
7 Michael Bamford 17.42 10/02 74.48% - Hackney
8 Stuart Kelly 17.32 03/02 74.43% - Hackney
9 Dan Senior 18.52 03/02 73.41% - Valentines
10 Patrick Brown 18.06 10/02 71.82% - Wanstead
11 Ashley Faria 20.10 03/02 71.40% - Valentines
12 Caroline Frith 21.27 10/03 71.33% - Roding Valley
13 James Wilson 19.21 17/02 71.06% - Wanstead
14 Mary OBrien 28.06 17/02 71.06% - Johnstown
15 Simon Thomas 18.30 17/02 70.90% - Valentines
16 Robert Rayworth 19.53 17/02 69.66% - Hackney
17 John Henry 19.22 17/02 69.45% - Finsbury
18 Janet Bywater 25.08 03/02 69.30% - Beckton
19 Shailesh Patel 21.38 24/02 69.26% - Valentines
20 Andrew Howard 22.23 03/02 69.25% - Wanstead
21 Suzanne Bench 24.56 10/02 68.92% - Wanstead
22 James Nichols 19.15 24/02 68.14% - Dulwich
23 Ellie Wilkinson 21.51 10/02 67.73% - Norwich
24 Colin Dryland 21.25 24/02 67.24% - Wanstead
25 Mark Moir 19.18 03/02 66.84% - Sunderland
26 Craig Livermore 19.26 17/02 66.38% - Valentines
27 Shahib Ali 19.33 03/02 66.33% - Mile End
28 James Creed 20.21 24/02 66.09% - Castle Park
29 Fiona Critchley 25.41 24/02 66.06% - Kesgrave
30 Clive Mehew 21.40 03/02 65.92% - Hackney
31 Robert Spread 20.22 24/02 65.55% - Wanstead
32 Laura Woodhouse 22.45 24/02 65.05% - Hackney
33 Sheila Kennedy 28.40 10/02 64.88% - Roding Valley
34 Caroline Moore 28.14 10/02 64.11% - Wanstead
35 Suzanne Taylor 25.32 24/02 64.06% - Wanstead
36 Jonathan Wooldridge 22.25 24/02 63.72% - Kesgrave
37 Lance Fuller 24.26 10/02 62.89% - Hackney
38 Lucy Barron 23.36 24/02 62.71% - Hackney
39 Fiona Day 30.59 17/02 62.61% - Wanstead
40 Emmett Fitzgibbon 21.30 24/02 62.56% - Valentines
41 Chris Green 21.41 03/02 62.49% - Walthamstow
42 Bernadett Kalmar 25.59 24/02 62.33% - Wanstead
43 Kathryn Maskell 24.11 24/02 62.23% - Hackney
44 Maud Hodson 25.32 10/02 62.21% - Wanstead
45 Sarah Burns 25.08 10/02 61.67% - Vandeleur
46 Lauren Aston 24.06 10/02 61.41% - Roding Valley
47 Carolyn Edwards 24.27 24/02 61.15% - Barking
48 Katie Whitton 24.18 24/02 60.91% - Wanstead
49 Saheb Yousefi 21.43 24/02 60.40% - Valentines
50 Jamie Xavier 22.56 24/02 60.39% - Walthamstow
51 Alexandra Wilkinson 27.01 24/02 59.96% - Hockley Woods
52 Richard Potter 22.08 24/02 59.56% - Roding Valley
53 Zuzana Urbanova 25.21 10/02 59.37% - Valentines
54 Robyn Turtle 25.05 10/02 59.37% - Hackney
55 Peter Hatley 23.42 24/02 58.95% - Roding Valley
56 Katherine Harris 25.28 14/02 58.77% - QEOP 5KM
57 Catriona Hoult 26.46 24/02 58.34% - Wanstead
58 Diana Rexhepaj 27.50 14/02 58.08% - QEOP 5km
59 Paula Bedford 27.01 03/02 57.80% - Hackney
60 Jakub Czeczotka 22.58 24/02 57.76% - Mile End
61 Stuart Barton 25.53 24/02 56.89% - Finsbury
62 Ijeoma Anozie 27.03 10/02 56.56% - Hackney
63 Rachel LeRoux 26.41 14/02 55.84% - QEOP 5km
64 David Hallybone 24.52 24/02 55.70% - Valentines
65 Jason Levy 25.43 03/02 55.54% - Valentines
66 Tim Aylett 24.39 10/02 54.97% - Gunpowder
67 Nick Hoult 25.38 17/02 54.88% - Valentines
68 Viktor Szabadi 27.34 10/02 54.84% - Wanstead
69 Stephen Swan 23.48 24/02 54.48% - Kesgrave
70 Sophie Edwards 29.58 24/02 53.00% - Wanstead
71 Steve Bywater 28.33 24/02 52.95% - Wetherby
72 Joanna Wood 29.21 14/02 52.70% - QEOP 5km
73 Claire Emery 30.58 10/02 52.31% - Wanstead
74 Alex Jameson 27.44 03/02 51.92% - Wanstead
75 Marc Akers 27.51 10/02 50.93% - Valentines
76 Ford Cadiogan 27.33 17/02 50.70% - Walthamstow
77 Maya Goodwin 32.35 03/02 49.72% - Hackney
78 Rosalind Boramakot 30.54 10/02 47.90% - Hackney
79 Liam Dempsey 27.30 17/02 47.15% - Brentwood
80 Chris Green 30.46 24/02 44.04% - Roundshaw
81 Sally Faulkner 34.39 03/02 43.67% - Mile End
82 Morag Campbell 40.02 17/02 40.05% - Wanstead
83 Shaun DeSena 32.33 17/02 39.73% - Ipswich
84 Julie Creffield 39.02 03/02 38.94% - Hackney
85 Ravinder Bassi 42.19 03/02 37.18% - Valentines
86 Samia Choudrey 41.49 10/02 35.39% - Mile End

Richmond Park Half Marathon - Sunday 25th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kat Maskell2.04.44180th

Tokyo Marathon - Sunday 25th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roisin Archer3.53.50(58.77%)
34,413 finishers

Malta Marathon - Sunday 25th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Thomas3.22.08131st (60.99%)
883 finishers.

Roding Valley Half Marathon - Sunday 25th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero1.17.123rd
Joseph Browne1.26.5326th
Chris Green1.32.2642nd
Nathaniel Dye1.33.09 pb43rd
Emily Clarke1.33.43 pb4th, 2nd lady (1st 17-39)
Dan Gritton1.35.5260th
Eleanor Wilkinson1.36.23 pb63rd, 3rd lady (2nd 17-39)
Ashley Faria1.37.00 pb71st
Declan McDonagh1.36.3872nd
Caroline Frith1.38.3384th , 6th (2nd 40-49)
Craig Livermore1.39.0295th
James Creed1.40.30103rd
Peter Hatley1.42.08123rd
Roger Stubbs1.43.06 pb129th
Jakub Czeczotka1.45.13142nd
Jimmy Dale1.46.12149th
Shahib Miah Ali1.47.30162nd
Matthew Sharpe1.48.00173rd
Maud Hodson1.50.06181st
Ben Warry1.50.01183rd
David Hallybone1.50.09186th
Jonathan Shaw1.50.38187th
Zuzana Urbanova1.54.03227th
Kathryn Hertzberg1.54.40238th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.04.53 pb304th
Manjit Singh2.06.48311th
Caroline Moore2.09.14325th
Andrea Waller2.09.22330th
Jayne Browne2.09.23331st
Hayley Collins2.09.32 pb333rd
Elizabeth Day2.10.54336th
Kate Frost2.11.00337th
Roselin Boramakot2.11.17338th
Diana Rexhepaj2.11.19339th
Ramesh Pala2.04.01340th
Rosie Shrimplin2.13.31 pb350th
Sandra Hiller2.23.56 pb383rd
Maya Goodwin2.34.38398th

Thorpe Park Half Marathon - Sunday 25th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton1.14.28 pb6th
Thomas Grimes1.17.3611th
Patrick Brown1.18.0413th
Spencer Evans1.23.23 pb42nd
7893 finishers.

Brighton Half Marathon - Sunday 25th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tim Le Rasle1.27.42 pb230th
Katherine Harris1.58.503499th
Jason Levy2.11.364760th

Saucony English National Cross Country Championship, Hampstead Heath - Saturday 24th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Eleanor Wilkinson39.54453rd
Chloe Millan44.52763rd
Diana Rexhepaj53.501033rd
Thomas Grimes50.50677th
Billy Rayner51.56794th
Mark Moir58.551492nd
Paul Marshall1.04.561934th
Stuart Norris1.11.282166th
Ladies 1100 finishers, Men 2328 finishers.

Carsington Water Half Marathon - Saturday 24th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day2.10.45169th,

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 24th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton35.292nd
Ged Browne50.3850th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 24th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Chris Green30.46 (course debut)82nd - 44.04% - Roundshaw Downs
John Henry19.279th - 69.15% - Finsbury
Laura Kemp22.4579th - 65.05% - Hackney
Lucy Barron23.36 pb86th - 62.71% - Hackney
Kat Maskell24.11100th - 62.23% - Hackney
Dan Gritton19.233rd - 73.17% - Roding Valley
Richard Potter22.0814th - 59.56% - Roding Valley
Peter Hatley23.4223rd - 58.93% - Roding Valley
Ciaran Canavan18.401st - 75.36% - Valentines
Calvin Bobin20.5110th - 78.26% - Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.30 (course PB)14th - 62.56% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.3817th - 69.26% - Valentines
Saheb Yousefi21.43 (course PB)18th - 60.40% - Valentines
David Hallybone24.52 (course debut)51st - 55.70% - Valentines
Suzanne Taylor25.3358th - 64.06% - Valentines
Mary OBrien29.1093rd - 68.46% - Valentines
Mark Moir19.52 (course PB & 100th parkrun)3rd - 64.93% - Wanstead
Robert Spread20.226th - 65.55% - Wanstead
Colin Dryland21.2513th - 67.24% - Wanstead
Katie Whitton24.18 pb43rd - 60.91% - Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.5971st - 62.35% - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult26.4682nd - 58.34% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson27.3288th - 57.69% - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.58123rd - 53.00% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi31.44138th - 47.64% - Wanstead
Andrew Baxter19.13 (course PB)12th - 76.15% - Gunpowder
Jakub Czeczotka22.5881st - 57.76% - Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali24.30 (with buggy)115th - 52.93% - Mile End
Samia Choudhury44.17301st - 33.42% - Mile End
James Nichols19.15 (course debut)21st - 68.14% - Dulwich
Andrew Howard23.00 (course debut)30th - 67.39% - Houghton Hall
Carolyn Edwards24.27 pb23rd - 61.15% - Barking
Patrick Brown18.081st - 71.69% - Walthamstow
Jamie Xavier22.5611th - 60.39% - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater26.30 (course debut)18th - 65.72% - Wetherby
Steven Bywater28.33 (course debut)29th - 52.95% - Wetherby
Jonathan Wooldridge22.25 (course debut)45th - 63.72% - Kesgrave
Stephen Swan23.4877th - 54.48% - Kesgrave
Stuart Barton25.31105th - 56.89% - Kesgrave
Fiona Critchley25.41 (course debut)108th - 66.06% - Kesgrave
Alexandra Wilkinson27.0163rd - 59.96% - Hockley Woods
James Creed20.21 (course PB)120th - 66.09% - Castle Park

Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon - Sunday 18th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Kelly1.25.5043rd
1,636 finishers.

Wokingham Half Marathon - Sunday 18th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline McGirr2.12.27 pb1632nd
1,864 finishers.

St Lukes Hospice Test Track 10m - Sunday 18th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton58.36 pb3rd
Diana Rexhepaj1.36.15261st
388 finishers.

Sunday XC League, Race 5 - Royston. - Sunday 18th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes35.285th
Judith Vonberg53.22238th
Maud Hodson54.12252nd
Katie Whitton55.50272nd
Doug Mansell59.03304th
Michael Wilson61.58319th
Alex Jameson68.07337th
Sunday Cross Country League - Fixture 5 - Therfield Heath, Royston
Sunday 18th February 2018.
"Shout to the Top"
This was the second race of a weekend double header, coming a day after the Chingford League fixture at Victoria Park. Compared to the weather in previous years, it felt that summer had almost arrived on Therfield Heath with the early morning frost and mist clearing to leave a mild and sunny day. The 5.5 mile course over two laps, was mainly hard and bumpy with continuous hills and valleys to contend with. Thankfully there was only a small breeze on this occasion! The mighty Thomas Grimes was first man home for the club in 5th position, leaving him in contention for an overall top 3 finish. Doug Mansell was second man to finish - a little way behind Thomas. Mike Wilson (damage limitation after a tough weekend!) and Alex Jameson (muscle strain), completed the men's team. Judith Vonberg was first for ELR ladies in 57th position, followed by super Maud Hodson - having also completed a weekend double ('I feel fine and will be at the track on Monday'), with Katie Whitton just behind. This was the last fixture of the season and the most challenging. I am pleased that our overall number of runners were up from last year. Thanks to Maud and Doug for the lift today and everyone who made an appearance in at least one of the races over the series.
Ladies A Team 14th of 20, Vets 17th of 20.
Mens A Team 18th of 20, Vets 19th of 20.
Ladies Overall A Team 16th of 20,
Vets Overall 19th of 20.
Mens Overall A Team 14th 0f 20
Vets Overall 19th of 20.

Hampton Court Half Marathon - Sunday 18th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton1.21.4457th
Roselin Boramakot2.03.52 pb2746th
Caitlin Diniz2.05.222999th
Faye McCarthy2.05.223000th

Ashridge Duathlon Series - Race 2 - Sunday 18th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford1.18.3316th/48, 3rd M50-54
5km run 20.13
22km cycle
2.5 run 10.38

Chingford League - Event 5 - Victoria Park - Saturday 17th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes27.4414th
Paul Marshall33.17 pb83rd
Karen Levison33.3887th
James Creed33.4789th
Jimmy Dale35.19106th
Michael Wilson35.45117th
Maud Hodson37.54 pb136th
Stuart Norris38.50143rd
Zuzana Urbanova39.07 pb148th
Tim Aylett39.25155th
Kat Maskell40.27161st
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera43.11 pb184th
Claire Emery44.16190th
Sheila Kennedy45.35202nd
Helen McGuinness46.48209th
Saturday 17th February 2017 - Chingford League Fixture 5
Victoria Park 5 Mile Race Report.
"A Hazy Shade of Winter".
The sun shone down through the trees in Victoria Park this afternoon, for the 5th Chingford League fixture of the season. The course consisted of two figure of eight laps on the park's Tarmac paths, which were accurately measured to five miles by The hosts, Victoria Park Harriers. Thomas Grimes and Karen Levison were first to finish from the men's and ladies teams, after a total of 16 East London Runners' started the race. Mixed fortunes for our two newcomers today: Mark Wiltshire ran 5.4 miles and missed the finish line, but was still happy with his run (a PB at the 5 Miles point) whilst Jimmy Dale finished with a respectable 35 Minutes. Well done to Maud and Alexandra who recorded PB's for the distance. (Please advise of any other PB's). Thanks to our photographers/supporters, Frank Brownlie, Don Bennett and Dave Levison, also the Marshals and race organisers. The league continues to offer athletes of all abilities a good mix of races on a variety of surfaces and conditions. This has been a good campaign from the club with an increase in numbers from 2016/17. Well done to everyone who has run and supported the team. The final fixture of the season is the Chingford League Relays on Saturday 10th March at Wanstead Flats - hosted by East London Runners.
Men A Team 7th, 6th overall.
Men B Team 6th, 5th overall.
Men Vets 10th, 6th overall.
Ladies A Team 6th, 4th overall.
Ladies Vets 6th, 5th overall.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 17th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry19.229th - 69.45% Finsbury
Mark Boulton16.42 (course pb)3rd - 78.54% Hackney
Ciaran Canavan18.1118th - 77.36% Hackney
Robert Rayworth19.5340th - 69.66% Hackney
Lucy Barron23.44 pb142nd - 62.36% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot42.43307th - 34.65% Hackney
Shaun DeSena32.33 debut287th - 39.73% Ipswich
James Nichols19.21 debut15th - 67.79% Brockwell
Simon Thomas18.303rd - 70.90% Valentines
Craig Livermore19.26 (course pb)8th - 66.38% Valentines
Colin Dryland21.4232nd - 66.36% Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.4533rd - 68.35% Valentines
Caroline Frith21.5736th - 69.70% Valentines
Tim Aylett25.0376th - 54.09% Valentines
Nick Hoult25.38 debut87th - 54.88% Valentines
Catriona Hoult30.156 debut164th - 51.60% Valentines
Andrew Howard22.53 debut58th - 67.73% Bedford
Shahib Miah Ali26.32 (buggy & 2 mins late)188th - 48.87% Mile End
Sarah Burns29.07237th - 53.23% Mile End
Samia Choudhury50.21321st - 29.39% Mile End
Patrick Brown18.311st - 70.21% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater25.5331st - 67.29% Walthamstow
Ford Cadiogan27.33 pb43rd - 50.70% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater28.4857th - 52.49% Walthamstow
Chris Green52.49 (tailwalker)99th - 25.65% Walthamstow
John Booth17.43 (course pb)3rd - 75.35% Southwark
Liam Dempsey27.3036th - 47.15% Brentwood
Stephen Swan25.59 debut50th - 49.90% Hockley Woods
Stuart Barton27.28 debut74th - 52.85% Hockley Woods
James Wilson19.212nd - 71.06% Wanstead
Robert Spread21.2011th - 62.58% Wanstead
Katie Whitton24.39 pb50th - 60.04% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.1264th - 62.47% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.3167th - 61.09% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.08101st - 62.13% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.57112th - 50.47% Wanstead
Maud Hodson30.59125th - 51.26% Wanstead
Fiona Day30.59126th - 62.61% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.02127th - 51.18% Wanstead
Alex Jameson32.32142nd - 44.26% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin35.13156th - 46.00% Wanstead
Morag Campbell40.02175th - 40.05% Wanstead
Mark Moir19.559th - 64.77% Sunderland
Mary OBrien28.0658th - 71.06% Johnstown,Wexford
Calvin Bobin21.09 debut5th - 77.15% Coburg, AUS
Fiona Critchley25.43 debut57th - 65.98% Queens Domain,Tasmania


46 parkruns at 16 venues.
5 course pbs and 9 debuts.
1 first finisher, Patrick at Walthamstow for the 40th time.
ELR parkrun records for:
Andrew at Bedford,
John Booth at Southwark,
Calvin at Coburg, Australia and
Fiona at Queens Domain, Tasmania.

Run Through Chase The Moon 5km, QEOP - Wednesday 14th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris25.2860th, 2nd V35
Rachel Le Roux26.4180th
Diana Rexhepaj27.5091st
Joanna Wood29.21136th
206 finishers.
Runthrough Chase the Moon, Olympic Park. by Jo Wood
A cold, wet, horrible night at my 2nd home. Route was changed from previous races due to building work
and I really liked it but having registered for 10k bailed at 5k as just could not get a good pace,
having been freezing cold from the start and by now soaking wet - feet were like ice blocks going
through so many puddles
Was kicking myself a little...but not for long as suddenly Diana, Rachel & Kat pounced out of nowhere
and declared they'd done the same. Nice bling and post race goodies N.B. there was the obligatory
flapjack included, it just didnt last long enough to be included in the pic.
Lovely catch up with the girls and was even nicer that Diana & John let me be their Valentines
gooseberry at the pub after for a post race drink.
Not a great race but came home with a smile on my face thanks to the ELR girls (and of course John).

Run Through Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 14th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns52.23157th
361 finishers

Muscle Acre OCR, Guildford, Surrey - Sunday 11th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Stephens48.135th (approx 6km)
5th place at Muscle Acre today, 6km in 48.13 (very muddy)! Thanks to Grant Conway
for his track sessions teaching me sprinting technique, sprint finish stole 5th
and hopefully has qualified me for the Euro Championships in Denmark!

East London Triathletes Winter Warmer, Velopark. - Sunday 11th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Louis Le Roux52.1118th
Michael Bamford53.1219th, 2nd V50
Sarah Burns55.3124th, 1st lady
Graham Peacock57.5032nd
Jason Levy1.05.0551st
69 COMPETITORS.2 mile run, 10 mile cycle, 1 mile run.
Louis - 6.35,7.11/13.46/3.06,3.00,3.06,2.57,2.54,2.53,2.59,2.58,2.56,4.00/30.49/7.36 = 52.11
Michael - 6.35,7.06/13.41/3.12,3.13,3.06,3.04,3.00,2.57,3.09,3.17,3.17,4.10/32.25/7.06 = 53.12
Sarah - 7.42,8.32/16.14/2.57,2.58,3.11,2.58,2.59,3.03,3.04,2.59,3.04,4.07/31.20/7.57 = 55.31
Graham - 7.07,8.16/15.23/3.33,3.24,3.24,3.20,3.07,3.25,3.38,3.24,3.21,4.26/35.02/7.25 = 57.50
Jason - 8.17,9.14/17.31/3.43,3.46,3.46,3.44,3.55,3.55,3.43,3.52,3.53,4.50/39.07/8.27 = 1.05.05

Victoria Park 10km Winter Series - Sunday 11th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier44.5465th
319 finishers.

Mad Dash 20km - Saturday 10th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kat Maskell1.53.3448th of 70

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 10th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Calvin Bobin21.146th - 76.84% - Ballina Coast
John Henry19.2615th - 69.21% - Finsbury
Jon Brombley17.427th - 74.48% - Hackney
Laura Kemp22.5290th - 64.72% - Hackney
Lucy Barron24.26135th - 60.57% - Hackney
Robyn Turtle25.05 pb153rd - 59.07% - Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie27.03187th - 56.56% - Hackney
Roselin Boramakot30.54238th - 47.90% - Hackney
Caroline Frith21.27 (1st woman) pb10th - 71.33% - Roding Valley
Richard Potter22.4619th - 57.91% - Roding Valley
Lauren Kelly24.0622nd - 61.41% - Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy28.4048th - 64.88% - Roding Valley
Robert Rayworth20.2119th - 68.06% - Northampton
Shahib Miah Ali19.584th - 64.94% - Valentines
Ashley Faria20.245th - 70.59% - Valentines
Colin Dryland21.3411th - 66.77% - Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.0317th - 61.00% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.1522nd - 66.82% - Valentines
Saheb Yousefi23.2831st - 55.89% - Valentines
Zuzana Urbanova25.21 (1st parkrun)53rd - 59.37% - Valentines
Marc Akers27.5190th - 50.93% - Valentines
Jason Levy30.07133rd - 47.43% - Valentines
Shaun DeSena33.44 (course debut)172nd - 38.34% - Oak Hill
Eleanor Wilkinson21.51 (course debut)86th - 67.73% - Norwich
Stephen Swan26.00 (course debut)119th - 49.87% - Colchester Castle
Stuart Barton26.41 (course debut)133rd - 54.40% - Colchester Castle
Patrick Brown18.061st - 71.82% - Wanstead
Robert Spread21.2815th - 62.19% - Wanstead
Andrew Howard22.3823rd - 68.48% - Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.2649th - 62.89% - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench24.5651st - 68.92% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.3261st - 62.21% - Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.0163rd - 56.89% - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.3080th - 56.82% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi27.5184th - 54.84% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.1690th - 64.11% - Wanstead
Claire Emery31.05138th - 52.31% - Wanstead
Fiona Day31.54140th - 62.01% - Wanstead
Alex Jameson33.04145th - 43.86% - Wanstead
John Booth17.30 pb4th - 76.29% - Mile End
Ciaran Canavan18.32 (course PB)13th - 75.90% - Mile End
Mark Moir19.2425th - 66.49% - Mile End
Samia Choudhury41.49215th - 35.39% - Crane Park
Janet Bywater28.0651st - 61.98% - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater29.5464th - 50.56% - Walthamstow
Liam Dempsey27.4840th - 46.64% - Brentwood
Clive Mehew21.59 (course debut & 50th parkrun)25th - 64.97% - Hastings
Fiona Critchley27.26 (course debut)14th - 61.85% - Windsor Precinct (Aus)
Diana Rexhepaj28.5734th - 56.53% Beckton
Dan Gritton22.30 (course debut)13th - 63.04% Gunpowder
Tim Aylett24.3929th - 54.97% Gunpowder
Sarah Burns25.08 (course debut)7th - 61.67% Vandeleur
James Nichols19.02 ( course debut)21st - 68.91% Tooting Common
53 parkruns at 20 venues, 2 first finishers.
50th parkrun for Clive Mehew,
9 debuts and 3 course pbs,
ELR parkrun records for:
Ellie at Norwich,
Sarah at Vandeleur, Co Clare, ROI and
Fiona at Windsor Precinct, Tasmania

Essex County and Eastern AA Championships, Lee Valley - Day 2 - Sunday 4th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes41.931st, 300m heats
Thomas Grimes41.28 pb3rd, 300m final
Maud Hodson61.30 sb3rd final
Maud Hodson6.35.91 (indoor pb)1st, 1500m W35

Torremolinos Half Marathon, Spain. - Sunday 4th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1.28.27118th
Peter Hatley1.36.36297th
Paul Thompson1.39.37383rd
Grant Conway1.42.02443rd
Richard Guest1.43.12480th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.45.29545th
Carlton DSouza2.00.55912th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.06.01 pb123rd
Helen McGuinness2.21.37
Hi. A shortish race report for the Torremolinos HM which 10 ELR’s ran on Sunday.
A number of us made our way out to Spain on Friday, with the men staying in Torremolinos and
our lady participants staying in Alexandras house a 90 minute drive away. The flight is
around 2.5 hours and only cost us £50 approximately. The transfer from the airport is only
10 minutes to Torremolinos. The weather was as expected. Mixed. Cold at night with a bit of
rain and cloud but also some nice sunny warm weather for us to enjoy. It was quite cool on
the morning of the run which was ideal.
The resort was quiet as it was out of season but we made our own entertainment and we all enjoyed
a fabulous meal together after the race. Speaking for myself it was a great weekend and I hope to
do another similar trip in the near future.
Overall I would recommend doing this event. The course is by no means flat and there are a number
of uphill sections in the latter part of the race which makes it tough when you are tired. However,
it was a nice course and was excellent value for money at €15 with a medal, tech shirt, fleece,
towel, chicken stock cube , goody bag all included. One bug bear is that from what I can understand
the chip timing was only for male runners. Inexplicable and bang out of order.
It would be ideal to include in a marathon training programme as you get a few hills in the legs in
your 13 miles.
Unfortunately George was not feeling up to finishing but everyone still did really well. Sometimes its
not all about the race times but the whole experience and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. I even got
to put the dance moves I was practicing at Lea Valley on Monday into practice whilst we were away. I
also made a new friend in the process! Photo below.
Ratings (out of 10)
Value for money 10
Course 8
Crowd support 7
Weather 6
Resort 5
Total trip cost and value for money 8

Helen McGuinness:- A few people have asked how my race in Torremolinos went so I thought I need to write a report! It is probably a good time to visit Torremolinos out of season coz in the summer it would be packed with people and far too much. It was quiet for the race with just a nice amount of people supporting the race. I ran about 2 thirds with a couple of old guys who were good runners. I pushed on a bit with them in the flat bit along the sea front keeping my speed up. The first part was downhill which I suppose was nice but I had the nerves. Then the last 4 miles was uphill which was hard work when you are near the end of the half marathon! I ran it the whole way. I enjoyed the oranges and water stops and the whole race was very well organised, marshals and we got a very nice t-shirt and a fleece, towel, more fruit and some chicken soup! I believe the race is subsidised by the local council which is why it only cost 15 euros. My time was 2hrs 21 which is good for me though not quite a pb but I enjoyed it so thats important. It bad that the ladies chip time was not given in the results but the mens were. Also there were many less women running. With it being the 100th anniversary of some women getting the vote you would think we would have equality. But in Spain they dont know about that.

Great Bentley Half Marathon - Sunday 4th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.14.25 pb5th
Jimmy Dale1.42.31 pb231st
Caroline McGirr2.13.03 pb538th
646 finishers.

Watford Half Marathon - Sunday 4th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ged Browne1.53.241053rd
Kat Maskell2.01.051318th
Roselin Boramakot2.08.001524th
1883 finishers.

Cancer Research UK Winter Run 10km - Sunday 4th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth35.55 pb26th
Robert Rayworth40.22227th
Chris Green41.12309th
Katie Whitton50.06 pb2495th
Katherine Harris51.373085th
Marc Akers52.333498th
Kate Frost52.363528th
Stuart Barton53.163896th
Annette Clark55.535296th
Catriona Hoult56.16
Anna Dingle56.17
Joanna Wood1.01.10 pb
Katy Taylor1.12.27
Elizabeth ODonnell1.19.07
Julie Creffield1.26.19
Stuart Barton: Yesterday a few ELR met up at Leytonstone station to head up town for the Winter 10k,
It was a cold one to say the least, It is always nice to travel up with others, Bag drop was really easy,
we headed the start line with extra jumpers still on to keep warm, all apart from Marc Akers who was in
shorts and a vest. As we approached the start the extra layers were discarded and we were at the start,
I must admit I loved the route I had done most of it before as it's a mixture of the Vitality 10k the
Westminster mile and the city mile, At 5k I grabbed a bottle water from Mark Moir always nice to see a ELR.
The last 5k was nice with a couple of down hills. A nice wave from Julie Creffield and then to the finish,
slightly off a PB but it was cold. Then off to Lea Valley to see a couple of members winning medals. all in
all a good day

Run Through Olympic Park 10km - Sunday 4th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Frith43.2450th, 1st V40
Graham Peacock45.03 pb95th
Chloe Millan45.57 pb115th
Alex Jameson50.00 pb183rd
Susannah House56.40333rd
Maya Goodwin1.07.22500th

Greenwich Park Winter Series 10km - Sunday 4th February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ford Cadiogan57.0176th
113 finishers.

Essex County and Eastern AA Championships, Lee Valley - Day 1 - Saturday 3rd February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Marc Akers8.974th, 60m heats
Marc Akers8.82 pb6th, 60m Masters Final

Thames Trot 50mile Ultra - Saturday 3rd February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson9.57.24123rd, 24th lady, 3rd W45
Maud Hodson: My race(s) report from the weekend. Sorry its a bit long...
Its no secret that I had been both dreading and looking forward to this weekend in more or less equal measure. A 50 miler followed by two track races the following day. Pretty idiotic, even by my standards.
I set off for Oxford on the Friday afternoon - Race HQ was a hotel in Iffley, a suburb of Oxford, and I’d booked myself a room there. I had dinner on my own in the hotel restaurant (its alright Nat, I have forgiven you), with Chrissie Wellingtons autobiography for company. No pasta on the menu, so I ordered grilled chicken with chips, and a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc, because nothing new on race day. I was nervous about the race, as it was further than Id run for a couple of years, and my last big ultra (I guess I mean out on my own in the middle of nowhere) had resulted in my first ever DNF. I had to finish this time - Chrissie had wished me luck over on Twitter, and no way could I fess up to her that I had bailed. Keep smiling, she said.
I never sleep very well before a race. But staying actually at Race HQ takes away one source of anxiety. When I opened my curtains in the morning there was the baggage van outside my window. I went down for breakfast and looked at my phone - 20% battery. Some fruitcake had put it on the charger overnight on not switched the socket on. I need my phone for these events - the GPX files is my belt and braces for navigation. Whizzed back up to my room and put it on to charge, then sat eating breakfast fretting at whether I had this time switched it on.
I stayed in my room as long as possible after breakfast, waiting on the charger. They are like kettles. Got it up to 85%. I do also carry a back-up charger for races, but it's better not to need it. I did a bit of a double-take when I picked up my running number - 211. I had been staying in room 211. Maybe I would finish in 211th place.
And then we were off. A cool, drizzly morning, but OK. I quickly found myself almost at the back of the field, but I have learned not to mind that. I try to stick to my rules - I will not run faster than 10.30 per mile, unless its downhill. Or the last mile, in which case good luck to me.
Very soon we hit the mud. Maybe I was a bit naive, or just hadnt done my homework, but while I was expecting some mud I was totally unprepared for the sheer amount of the stuff. Proper over-the-top-of-your-shoe stuff. Bambi on ice. I had gone for my Hoka Speedgoats, which are a very comfortable pair of trail shoes which I know I can run for hours in.I was pining for my Mud Claws, but could I run 50 miles in them? Is it possible that I need yet another pair of running shoes?
One of my favourite things about ultras is the laid back, supportive atmosphere. Everyone is your friend. Sometimes you find yourself running together with someone for hours and making lasting friendships. This time my companions came and went, but I had company for much of the time.
At Checkpoint 2 I reminded myself that this was the stage where I had dropped out at the SVP 100, physically and mentally broken. Well, I wasnt broken this time, and my feet did not even hurt yet. The timing guy said I was the smiliest runner he had seen - Chrissie would have been proud of me. And it wasnt muddy all the way. There were stretches where I could get my head down and knock out a pace, and see the miles go past much more quickly. Id been told by runners who had done it before that it was actually only about 47-48 miles, which makes a surprising amount of difference in the mind. And it gave me two sets of sums to do - I distract myself by working out fractions and percentages completed, and used the official 50 and the unofficial 48 kept me a bit busier.
The river Thames was a serene presence, widening noticeably as we plodded along - I even managed briefly to replace a rather inane ear-worm with Smetanas Vltava. The weather was not nearly as bad as had been forecast a few days earlier - the rain was never heavy, and not as cold as Benfleet.
The light was fading fast when I got to Checkpoint 5 - the last one before the finish. We were instructed to get our head torches on and pair up for safety. I set of with a guy I had been running with for the last couple of miles. The previous section had been one of the least muddy, and the miles had passed easily. It was now just six miles to the finish. Nearly there. But shortly after the checkpoint we were right back in the mud. The really slippy sort. My companion had grippier shoes than me so I told him not to wait for me. Running in the now pitch darkness through the mud with a torch is not something I am in any hurry to do again. Quite demoralising to be that close to the finish and to be going so slowly. I just wanted to run. Finally, I emerged on to a bit of tarmac, and fell in with a group of about half a dozen guys. There was a bit of navigation needed here, so I got my phone out and we ran together for a bit. Then one last bit of mud. I think I may have sworn. One by one my companions went past me. There was about half a mile to go when we hit terra firma for the last time. I put my foot down and steamed past the guys who’d overtaken me in the mud. A marshal earlier on had told me to switch my head torch at the finish so as not to ruin the finishers photo. I remembered to do that, but gave it too much of a nudge, so my photo will have the torch sitting on my nose.
I wasnt 211th - 123rd out of 200 finishers, with 51 DNFs. Just under 10 hours, which given the amount of slooshing around I was happy enough with. And some demons banished. A competent if unspectacular piece of ultra running. I was about to head to the station when I looked down at my feet - no, Hodson, you’re not getting on the train like that. Managed to peel off my shoes and socks in the ladies - we all felt sorry for the cleaners - it was not a pretty sight in there. So cold at Henley station waiting for the train - you really feel it when you stop.
Changing trains at Twyford, I began to worry about the next days races. I could barely walk across the platform. Something really hurt. I have never been good at all the stretching and recovery side of things, so this was going to be a challenge. When I got on the Central Line at Ealing Broadway I was very glad that I had changed out of my disgusting shoes - I found myself amongst a load of young things dressed up for their Saturday night out. Finally got home at about 9.30, 13 hours after I had set off from Iffley.
Slept badly again. Every time I woke I tried to do a little stretch, just in case it helped. I was able to walk reasonably well in the morning, but running still seemed like a big ask. But whatever had been hurting last night was OK now, so it was game on. A guaranteed gold & bronze medal was too much to resist.
Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre is a world away from the mud and drizzle of Oxfordshire. I was so happy to see Jo, Marc & Stuart when I arrived - chatting with them rating than sitting on my own and fretting was infinitely better.
300m first up - three women in the race, but it turned out the the other two were not Essex qualified, so gold would be mine. Just got to run it. A PW, and last by a distance, but job done. Eight women lined up for the 1500m, but as we were spread over four different age categories all eight would get a medal. And mine would be gold, again just got to get round. That race was always going to be pretty grim, and so it was. But I paced it OK, only got lapped twice by the leaders and managed to speed up a little on the last lap. Amazing this was not in fact a PW, but technically an indoor PB. And I was a double county champion. Surreal, really. Mightily relieved to have got through the weekend and made all three finish lines. Treated myself to a G & T in the bath.

QEOP 10km Winter Series - Saturday 3rd February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton34.291st
329 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 3rd February 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir19.18 (course pb)10th - 66.84% Sunderland
Stuart Barton25.53 debut147th - 56.08% Finsbury
Stuart Kelly17.32 pb8th - 74.43% Hackney
Clive Mehew21.40 (course pb)62nd - 65.92% Hackney
Paula Bedford27.01188th - 57.80% Hackney
Sarah Burns27.02189th - 57.34% Hackney
Claire Emery32.13 debut258th - 50.28% Hackney
Maya Goodwin32.35261st - 49.72% Hackney
Julie Creffield39.02280th - 38.94% Hackney
Tim Aylett26.4442nd - 50.69% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy29.4257th - 62.63% Roding Valley
Simon Thomas18.341st - 70.65% Valentines
Dan Senior18.522nd - 73.41% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.107th - 71.40% Valentines
Craig Livermore21.3114th - 59.95% Valentines
Colin Dryland21.4417th - 66.26% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.01(course pb)19th - 61.09% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.2128th - 66.52% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi23.3441st - 55.66% Valentines
Robyn Turtle25.14 pb69th - 58.72% Valentines
Jason Levy25.4376th - 55.54% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.41111th - 69.61% Valentines
Ravinder Bassi42.19236th - 37.18% Valentines
Andrew Howard22.2325th - 69.25% Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.3844th - 62.38% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.1062nd - 62.55% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.0472nd - 59.85% Wanstead
Katie Whitton27.4384th - 53.40% Wanstead
Alex Jameson27.4485th - 51.92% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.2894th - 53.10% Wanstead
Nick Hoult29.15106th - 48.09% Wanstead
Fiona Day32.19148th - 60.03% Wanstead
Morag Campbell41.29190th - 38.65% Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.20 debut156th - 63.88% Raphael
Ciaran Canavan19.1017th - 73.39% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali19.33 (course pb)21st - 66.33% Mile End
Sally Faulkner34.39261st - 43.67% Mile End
Samia Choudhury44.56278th - 32.94% Mile End
Patrick Brown18.341st - 70.02% Walthamstow
Chris Green21.41 (course pb)8th - 62.49% Walthamstow
Ford Cadiogan29.00 (course pb)68th - 48.16% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater32.2985th - 46.54% Walthamstow
Dan Gritton17.46 (course pb)11th - 79.83% Southwark
Calvin Bobin21.08 debut4th - 77.21% Ballina Coast, AUS
John Henry19.297th - 69.03% Fountains Abbey
Janet Bywater25.08 debut18th - 69.30% Beckton
James Nichols20.259th - 64.24% Hockley Woods

5km Age Grade Chart for January 2018. - Wednesday 31st January 2018

111 ELR's ran a parkrun in January, so here's how it stands.
January Age Grade Chart 5km - 2018

1 Paul Quinton 16.32 27/01 81.35% Hackney
Calvin Bobin 20.37 13/01 79.14% Wanstead
Ava Lee 19.46 20/01 77.82% Hackney
Mark Boulton 17.19 27/01 75.75% Gunpowder
5 John Booth 17.38 06/01 75.71% Mile End
Dan Gritton 18.46 27/01 75.58% Burgess
Andrew Baxter 19.24 27/01 75.43% Gunpowder
8 Thomas Grimes 17.51 13/01 74.79% Gladstone
Jose Rodriquez 17.58 06/01 74.30% Hackney
10 Ciaran Canavan 19.12 20/01 73.26% Hackney
Dan Senior 19.02 01/01 72.77% Valentines
12 Stuart Kelly 17.57 06/01 72.70% Hackney
Alex Day 18.21 01/01 71.84% Valentines
Ashley Faria 20.10. 13/01 71.40% Valentines
15 James Wilson 19.22 01/01 71.00% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth 19.34 20/01 70.78% Hackney
Mary OBrien 28.20. 20/01 70.47% Valentines
18 Simon Thomas 18.44 06/01 70.02% Valentines
Patrick Brown 8.35 27/01 69.96% Walthamstow
20 John Henry 19.21 27/01 69.51% Finsbury
Michael Bamford 21.25 06/01 69.42% Valentines
Caroline Frith 22.13 20/01 68.87% Valentines
James Nichols 19.07 27/01 68.61% Pymmes
Thomas Burrard-Lucas 18.57 13/01 68.43% Hackney
25 Andrew Howard 22.46 01/01 68.08% Whitstable
Fiona Day 28.09 01/01 67.97% Wanstead
Janet Bywater 25.39 01/01 67.90% Valentines
Scott McMillan 20.29 06/01 67.62% Wanstead
Shailesh Patel 22.10. 13/01 67.07% Valentines
30 Grant Conway 21.50. 27/01 67.02% Valentines
Mark Moir 19.17 13/01 66.90% Mile End
Sharon Springfield 23.35 27/01 66.71% Wanstead
Aaron Browne 19.28 13/01 66.27% Valentines
Nathan Jones 19.30. 06/01 66.15% Valentines
35 Lance Fuller 23.22 27/01 65.76% Hackney
Annette Clark 24.24 27/01 65.71% Valentines
Louis le Roux 20.12 01/01 65.68% Valentines
Suzanne Taylor 25.07 27/01 65.16% Valentines
Laura Woodhouse 22.53 06/01 64.68% Hackney
40 Peter Craik 22.17 01/01 64.62% Valentines
Kate Brett 26.36 13/01 64.60% Wanstead
Clive Mehew 22.13 06/01 64.29% Hackney
Shahib Miah Ali 20.13 27/01 64.14% Valentines
Nick Hoult 21.57 27/01 64.09% Torrens AU
45 Frank Brownlie 26.31 01/01 63.86% Valentines
Sheetal Dandgey 23.15 13/01 63.73% Hackney
Jonathan Wooldridge 22.28 20/01 63.58% Valentines
Selina Vernal 23.46 13/01 63.32% Wanstead
Robert Spread 21.08 06/01 63.17% Wanstead
50 Paul Marshall 20.51 06/01 62.59% Mile End
Craig Livermore 20.40. 13/01 62.42% Valentines
Maud Hodson 25.27 01/01 62.41% Wanstead
Caroline Moore 28.38 01/01 62.40% Valentines
Lucy Barron 23.47 20/01 62.23% Hackney
55 Nathaniel Dye 20.54 01/01 62.20% Valentines
Kat Maskell 24.20. 27/01 61.85% Hackney
Chloe Millan 23.57 27/01 61.80% Wanstead
Jamie Xavier 22.36 06/01 61.28% Walthamstow
Emmett Fitzgibbon 22.04 27/01 60.95% Valentines
60 Fiona Critchley 27.54 27/01 60.81% Walthamstow
Katherine Harris 24.48 01/01 60.69% Valentines
Peter Hatley 23.01 01/01 60.68% Valentines
Georgie Hooper 24.20. 27/01 60.48% Wanstead
Alexandra Wilkinson 26.52 06/01 60.30% Hockley wds
65 Jakub Czeczotka 22.05 06/06 60.08% Hackney
Katie Whitton 24.45 27/01 59.80% Wanstead
Sheila Kennedy 31.18 27/01 59.42% Walthamstow
Jayne Browne 29.42 01/01 59.37% Valentines
Sarah Burns 26.12 01/01 58.72% Wanstead
70 Saheb Yousefi 22.22 13/01 58.64% Valentines
Paul Drury-Bradey 22.45 06/01 58.32% Wanstead
Judith Vonburg 25.32 01/01 57.96% Wanstead
Kathryn Hertzberg 25.44 13/01 57.64% Roding Valley
Robyn Turtle 25.43 20/01 57.62% Hackney
75 Catriona Hoult 27.13 20/01 57.38% Hackney
Stuart Norris 22.31 27/01 57.29% Rother Valley
James Creed 23.31 27/01 57.19% Castle Park
Bernadett Kalmar 28.29 06/01 56.88% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj 29.00. 13/01 56.44% Beckton
80 Clare Emery 28.51 06/01 56.15% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser 27.36 01/01 55.07% Valentines
Stuart barton 26.25 01/01 54.95% Castle Park
Stephen Swan 23.43 27/01 54.67% Kesgrave
Jason Levy 26.09 20/01 54.62% Valentines
85 Billy Rayner 23.57 27/01 54.28% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi 27.38 01/01 54.22% Valentines
Alex Jameson 26.34 13/01 54.20% Wanstead
Rachel Le Roux 27.41 01/01 54.16% Valentines
Marc Akers 26.24 27/01 53.72% Gunpowder
90 Tim Aylett 25.19 01/01 53.52% Gunpowder
Jenny Ansell 28.18 13/01 52.30% Billericay
Jessica Trayler-Moore 29.04 13/01 52.29% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards 30.06 06/01 52.27% Wanstead
George Georgiou 27.51 27/01 52.12% Valentines
95 Ijeoma Anozie 29.25 06/01 52.01% Hackney
Alexandra Brown 28.31 27/01 51.90% Haigh Woodland
Anna Dingle 30.06 27/01 51.50% Walthamstow
Helen McGuiness 30.52 13/01 50.97% Wanstead
Victoria Want 29.49 20/01 49.69% Wanstead
100 Maya Goodwin 32.40. 13/01 49.59% Hackney
Ford Cadiogan 28.12 27/01 49.53% Highbury Fields
Saheed Shabbir 26.55 13/01 48.98% Valentines
Liz ODonnell 36.35 01/01 44.33% Valentines
Sally Faulkner 34.51 27/01 43.42% Mile End
105 Don Bennett 36.27 01/01 43.26% Wanstead
Heather Corrigan 34.35 20/01 42.30% Wanstead
Shaun DeSena 31.08 27/01 41.54% Kingsbury Water
Julie Creffield 37.23 06/01 40.66% Barking
Katy Taylor 39.03 27/01 39.99% Walthamstow
110 Samia Choudrey 41.06 13/01 36.01% Mile End
111 Steve Bywater (tail) 42.46 20/01 35.04% Walthamstow

Ashridge Duathlon Series - Sunday 28th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Burrard-Lucas1.20.2916th, 4th m30-34
Emily Clarke1.37.1151st, 3rd w30-34
Robyn Turtle1.40.5367th, 5th w30-34
Sheetal Dandgey1.46.2378th, 6th w30-34
Michael Bamford2.48.3822nd, 2nd M50-54.
Louis Le Roux2.48.3823rd
Dan Senior2.55.4530th
Paula Bedford2.41.331st relay team
Sarah Burns2.41.331st relay team
SPRINT Duathlon - 5k run,22k cycle, 2.5k run
Thomas 19.46, 1.56, 48.00, 1.01, 9.45 = 1.20.29
Emily 21.06, 2.02, 1.02.09, 1.04, 10.43 = 1.37.11
Robyn 25.43, 2.10, 57.58, 1.33, 13.27 = 1.40.53
Sheetal 24.34, 1.43, 1.03.42, 1.00, 13.01 = 1.46.23

STANDARD Duathlon - 10k run, 44k cycle, 5k run
Michael 42.21, 1.10, 1.40.41, 0.58, 23.26 = 2.48.38.
Louis 42.11, 0.46, 1.40.01, 1.00, 24.38 = 2.48.38
Dan 41.03, 1.10, 1.51.55, 1.04, 20.31 = 2.55.45

Paula/Sarah 2.41.33

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 27th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Slipper1.26.397th
Craig Livermore1.33.5930th
Craig Livermore:- First race of the year, and what a way to kick 2018 off. My last race was the Sikhs
in the City Half Marathon, in mid December 2017. The time I posted back then was a 1:42, but at 13.6 miles
long, it was longer than it should've been, so when I looked at my watch for the 13.1, I was at 1:39:35. Now
my time's fallen down by 5 mins 30 secs to 1:33:59.
It was a challenging, technical and undulating course, taking part on the cycle track. Smooth surfacing and
no bumps, what a pleasure to run on it was. My game plan went out of the window, so I just raced it how I
would approach any course like this, fast on the ups and steadying off on the flats and downs.
The headwind mid race was a tad annoying, and was taking the breath out of me. Alas I was having a good battle
with a women alongside me. She was flying on the downs and flats, but on the ups was suffering a tad, and her
heavy breathing wasn't helping matters either. She took far too much energy out of herself, and unfortunately
fell back with 4 laps left, and when that happened I knew she wasn't going to claw it back. A shame, as I was
really enjoying that fight, and I love a good game of whits.
Still seeing Jamie and Dan racing as well was a lovely touch. I think Dan gave me a second wind, as I felt I was
flagging at certain points. And to my trusty brother in arms, Aaron for being there to cheer me and the rest of
us on, it was well and truly appreciated.
On a whole, I'm now wondering what Roding will bring. To be honest god knows, but just the thought of it is leaving
me with shivers.
Good luck too all in their respective races, I hope you all do well. And enjoy your long runs tomorrow!!

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 27th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier45.3023rd
145 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 27th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris27.40 (course debut)76th - 54.40% - Roundshaw Downs
John Henry19.2111th - 69.51% - Finsbury
Paul Quinton16.32 (course PB)2nd - 81.35% - Hackney
Ciaran Canavan19.5541st - 70.63% - Hackney
Lance Fuller23.22111th - 65.76% - Hackney
Kat Maskell24.20140th - 61.85% - Hackney
Tim Aylett26.2746th - 51.23% - Roding Valley
Ford Cadiogan28.12 pb242nd - 49.53% - Highbury Fields
Ashley Faria20.125th - 71.29% - Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali20.137th - 64.14% - Valentines
Grant Conway21.5018th - 67.02% - Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.04 (course PB)19th - 60.95% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.48 (150th parkrun)42nd - 62.46% - Valentines
Annette Clark24.24 pb52nd - 65.71% - Valentines
Suzanne Taylor25.07 pb65th - 65.16% - Valentines
George Georgiou27.51109th - 52.12% - Valentines
Jason Levy29.44130th - 48.04% - Valentines
Samia Choudhury49.46263rd - 29.74% - Valentines
Sharon Springfield23.3537th - 66.71% - Wanstead
Chloe Millan23.5742nd - 61.80% - Wanstead
Billy Rayner23.5743rd - 54.28% - Wanstead
Katie Whitton24.4553rd - 59.80% - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards34.06161st - 46.14% - Wanstead
James Nichols19.07 (course PB & 100th parkrun)5th - 68.61% - Pymmes
Mark Boulton17.191st - 75.75% - Gunpowder
Andrew Baxter19.24 (course PB)10th - 75.43% - Gunpowder
Marc Akers26.24 (course debut)58th - 53.72% - Gunpowder
John Booth17.54 9th - 74.58% - Mile End
Sally Faulkner34.51333rd - 43.42% - Mile End
Dan Gritton18.4618th - 75.58% - Burgess
Mark Moir19.54 (course PB)7th - 64.82% - Barking
Nick Hoult21.57 (course debut)16th - 64.09% - Torrens (Aus)
Patrick Brown18.351st - 69.96% - Walthamstow
Peter Hatley24.5933rd - 55.90% - Walthamstow
Stuart Barton27.01 (course PB)58th - 53.73% - Walthamstow
Alex Jameson27.15 (course debut)60th - 52.84% - Walthamstow
Maud Hodson27.16 (course debut)61st - 58.25% - Walthamstow
Fiona Critchley27.54 (course debut)69th - 60.81% - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater27.5770th - 62.31% - Walthamstow
Sarah Burns28.1474th - 54.90% - Walthamstow
Caroline Moore29.5788th - 60.43% - Walthamstow
Bernadett Kalmar30.04 (course debut)91st - 53.88% - Walthamstow
Anna Dingle30.06 (course debut)92nd - 51.50% - Walthamstow
Sheila Kennedy31.18 (course debut)101st - 59.42% - Walthamstow
Viktor Szabadi31.40 (course debut)107th - 47.74% - Walthamstow
Catriona Hoult34.01 (course debut)127th - 45.91% - Walthamstow
Maya Goodwin36.19149th - 44.61% - Walthamstow
Katy Taylor39.03 (course PB)172nd - 39.99% - Walthamstow
Stuart Norris22.31 (course debut)41st - 57.29% - Rother Valley
Shaun DeSena31.08 (course debut)247th - 41.54% - Kingsbury Water
Andrew Howard23.06 (course debut)69th - 67.10% - Hove Promenade
Alexandra Brown28.3197th - 51.90% - Haigh Woodland
Jakub Czeczotka22.50 (course debut)10th - 58.10% - Puarenga (NZ)
Calvin Bobin21.59 (course debut)19th - 74.22% - Willoughby (Aus)
James Creed23.31 (debut & buggy)41st - 57.19% - Castle Park
Stephen Swan23.4391st - 54.67% Kesgrave
Georgie Hooper24.30 (course pb)60.48% Wanstead Flats
56 parkruns at 22 venues, 2 first finishers,8 pbs and 18 debuts.
100th parkrun for James Nichols, 150 for Shailesh Patel.
First finishes for Patrick Brown at Walthamstow's 5th Birthday,
a record attendance of 207 from the previous 128.
Also Mark Boulton at Gunpowder.
Best Age Grade was Paul Quinton at Hackney with 81.35%.
Three runs from Australia & New Zealand.
Nick Hoult at Torrens, Adelaide.
Calvin Bobin at Willoughby, Sydney
and Jakub Czeczotka at Puarenga, New Zealand.

South of England AA XC Championships, Stanmer Park, Brighton - Saturday 27th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Le Roux51.17328th
Diana Rexhepaj52.07332nd
Thomas Grimes1.01.17181st
Spencer Evans1.13.03517th
Paul Marshall1.16.46597th
Mark Moir1.24.16686th
Ladies 8km and Men 15km.

Benfleet 15m - Sunday 21st January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero1.35.17 pb6th
Jennifer Ansell1.48.15 pb44th, 3rd lady
Joseph Browne1.51.4260th
James Nichols1.52.22 pb68th
Paul Thompson1.59.38123rd
Regis Martin2.00.16129th
Paul Marshall2.04.26 pb168th
Calvin Bobin2.06.28 182nd, (5th V60)
Nathaniel Dye2.06.52187h
Peter Hatley2.08.38203rd
Jonathan Wooldridge2.12.43234th
Grant Conway2.15.46266th
Shahib Miah Ali2.15.47267th
Andy Bolderstone2.19.14297th
Kathryn Hertzberg2.19.43304th
Maud Hodson2.23.24345th (9th V45)
Kat Maskell2.31.38404th
Sarah Burns2.34.52434th
Catherine Brett2.40.11476th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.40.50478th
Diana Rexhepaj2.43.08 pb493rd
Roselin Boramakot2.47.21520th
Helen McGuinness3.04.13593rd
Jayne Browne3.04.10594th
Andrea Waller3.04.10595th
650 finishers.

Antonio Martín Romero Lost 25 seconds after 1 mile because of my shoe. Had to sprint and run on my own 15 miles..not fun

Paul Thompson Well done to all our runners today. I was delighted to go under 2 hours, did not let that last hill beat me ! Course pb !!!

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera Was tough but so proud i did it ! That indescriptible feeling when you run a 15 muddy miles ,the snow hits your face so violently that you lose your contact lens, your feet are completely wet, your legs hurt , you are freezing cold but you feel you can go on and feel invicible !!!
That one was a toughy but i'll do it again tomorrow !!!

Roselin Boramakot I deleted the run on my watch my accident 😭 off to run it again now...

Calvin Bobin My first Benfleet 15 today. When I entered several months back I assumed it was just a normal road race - how wrong I was. Congrats to all who completed it.

Sarah Burns I can finally feel my right arm although I think Im snow blind. Well done everyone.

Andrea Waller That feeling when you run 15 miles of hills mud and snow. But your chip doesnt register at the end. Bloody hard but great run. Well done Jayne Browne and all my other East London runners mates. Special thanks to Sarah Burns for hot chocolate & Guinness and chocolate cake. You are a legend! #benfleet15

Maud Hodson Team ELR ready to go at the Benfleet 15. It wasnt snowing yet. I mean, what sort of a twit (censored)goes out running in the snow wearing shorts? Ouch.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 20th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan19.1216th - 73.26% Hackney
Robert Rayworth19.3420th - 70.78% Hackney
Ava Lee19.4626th - 77.82% Hackney
Lucy Barron23.47 pb100th - 62.23% Hackney
Lance Fuller24.33110th - 62.59% Hackney
Robyn Turtle25.43 (course pb)136th - 57.62% Hackney
Catriona Hoult27.13167th - 57.38% Hackney
Julie Creffield37.28239th - 40.57% Hackney
Peter Hatley24.2724th - 57.12% Roding Valley
Tim Aylett25.2028th - 53.49% Roding Valley
Ashley Faria20.327th - 70.13% Valentines
Caroline Frith22.13 (1st lady)13th - 68.87% Valentines
Jonathan Wooldridge22.2814th - 63.58% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali22.29 15th - 57.67% Valentines
Clive Mehew22.3416th - 63.29% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.54 (course pb)19th - 58.73% Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.3926th - 62.86% Valentines
Jason Levy26.0958th - 54.62% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.2076th - 70.47% Valentines
Andrew Howard22.5541st - 67.64% Wanstead
Katherine Harris26.3173rd - 56.76% Wanstead
Stephen Swan26.54 debut75th - 48.20% Wanstead
Stuart Barton26.5978th - 53.80% Wanstead
Catherine Brett29.08108th - 58.98% Wanstead
Alex Jameson29.20110th - 49.09% Wanstead
Maud Hodson29.23111th - 54.06% Wanstead
Katie Whitton29.38114th - 49.94% Wanstead
Victoria Want29.49117th - 49.69% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar29.49119th - 54.33% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.55122nd - 60.50% Wanstead
Fiona Day29.55123rd - 63.96% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi31.09135th - 48.10% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor32.04142nd - 51.04% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards36.53175th - 42.66% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin37.33178th - 43.14% Wanstead
Katy Taylor37.37181st - 41.52% Wanstead
Don Bennett37.43182nd - 42.16% Wanstead
Andrew Baxter19.46 debut5th - 74.03% Gunpowder
Sally Faulkner36.50266th - 41.09% Mile End
Mark Moir20.2525th - 63.18% South Shields
Patrick Brown18.58 (1st man)1st - 68.54% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater26.0126th - 66.94% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater42.46 (tailwalker)81st - 35.04% Walthamstow
Shaun DeSena33.51 debut136th - 38.21% Ellenbrook Fields
Selina Vernal23.5148th - 63.10% Wanstead
Heather Corrigan34.35 debut160th - 42.30% Wanstead

Haven House Chasing Elves 10km, Hainault Forest - Sunday 14th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Kelly41.391st
Lauren Kelly55.2410th, 3rd lady
Diana Rexhepaj1.03.3723rd
Roselin Boramakot1.09.2929th of 44.

Sunday XC League, Race 4 - Cassiobury Park, Watford - Sunday 14th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes35.134th
Antonio Martin Romero35.5711th
Billy Rayner37.1120th
James Nichols41.0178th
Mark Moir42.18100th
Michael Wilson47.42193rd
Chloe Millan51.13252nd
Judith Vonberg51.35264th
Kathryn Hertzberg53.17288th
Maud Hodson54.15302nd
Doug Mansell55.06319th
Katie Whitton55.25324th
Alex Jameson55.35327th
Sunday Cross Country Race 4 - Cassiobury Park, Watford.
14th January 2018.
A mild, dry morning with little mud at leafy Cassiobury Park, made the conditions ideal for the 4th Cross Country League fixture of the season. The scenic 6 mile course started with a run down to the hilly woods, then two laps before returning back up to the finish. An enjoyable morning and it was great running this course again on a personal note, after being a spectator for the previous two years due to injury. Great support from the marshals as well. Well done to all who ran today. ELR fielded full Men's and Ladies teams, with Thomas Grimes (4th) and Chloe Millan (252nd overall) first back for the club. Judith Anna Vonberg, Kathryn Hertzberg and Katie Whitton all made their Sunday league debuts. Thanks to Alex and Maud for driving from Wanstead LC.
We look forward to seeing everyone for the final race of the season at Royston on 18th February 2018. Michael Wilson
234 men, 178 ladies.
Mens team 9th of 20,13th overall.
Men Vets 17th of 20,18th 0f 20.
Ladies team 14th of 20, 17th of 20.
Ladies vet 18th of 20, 18th of 20.

Country To Capital 45 miles. - Saturday 13th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton6.48.3338th of 300.

Run Through Victoria Park Half Marathon - Saturday 13th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Paula Bedford1.39.25 pb138th
Katherine Harris1.51.08307th
Sarah Burns1.55.32360th
Roselin Boramakot2.07.37 pb465th
Jayne Browne2.08.30474th
Andrea Waller2.11.07491st

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Saturday 13th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton34.04 pb1st
Spencer Evans38.049th
Emily Clarke41.26 pb24th, 3rd lady
Lucy Barron50.06 pb150th
Caitlin Diniz54.02230th
Robyn Turtle54.30 pb243rd

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 13th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.57 pb15th - 68.43% Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey23.15107th - 63.73% Hackney
Maya Goodwin32.40293rd - 49.59% Hackney
Andrew Howard23.26 debut44th - 66.15% Ashford
Caroline Frith22.45 (1st lady)18th - 67.25% Roding Valley
Peter Hatley25.0746th - 55.61% Roding Valley
Kathryn Hertzberg25.4450th - 57.64% Roding Valley
Tim Aylett27.4372nd - 48.89% Roding Valley
Katy Taylor39.19154th - 39.72% Roding Valley
Nathaniel Dye22.15 debut50th - 58.43% Colchester Castle
Maud Hodson27.12 debut188th - 58.39% Colchester Castle
Aaron Browne19.28 (1st man)2nd - 66.27% Valentines
Simon Thomas19.293rd - 67.32% Valentines
Stuart Kelly19.534th - 65.63% Valentines
Nathan Jones19.545th - 64.82% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.106th - 71.40% Valentines
Craig Livermore20.407th - 62.42% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.1019th - 67.07% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi22.2220th - 58.64% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon24.4947th - 54.20% Valentines
Jason Levy26.2074th - 54.24% Valentines
Saheed Shabbir26.5582nd - 48.98% Valentines
Mary OBrien29.09113th - 68.50% Valentines
Jennifer Ansell28.1892nd - 52.30% Billericay
Mark Boulton17.27 (1st man)1st - 75.17% Gunpowder
John Booth17.435th - 75.35% Mile End
Mark Moir19.17 pb19th - 66.90% Mile End
Samia Choudhury41.06364th - 36.01% Mile End
Stuart Barton27.00 debut28th - 53.77% Fritton Lake
Thomas Grimes17.51 (1st man)1st - 74.79% Gladstone
Andrew Baxter20.575th - 69.85% Walthamstow
Jamie Xavier23.4218th - 58.44% Walthamstow
Jakub Czeczotka26.24 (course pb)40th - 50.25% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater27.4849th - 62.25% Walthamstow
Shaun DeSena32.44 debut115th - 39.51% Thetford
Nick Hoult23.20 debut18th - 60.29% Studley,AU
Calvin Bobin20.37 (course pb)6th - 79.14% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan21.1716th - 66.09% Wanstead
Paul Marshall21.5523rd - 59.54% Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.39 50th - 62.34% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.0971st - 62.59% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.3475th - 54.20% Wanstead
Catherine Brett26.3676th - 64.60% Wanstead
Fiona Day28.1099th - 67.93% Wanstead
Jess Trayler-Moore29.04 pb122nd - 52.29% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.06124th - 52.23% Wanstead
Katie Whitton29.18132nd - 50.51% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.36143rd - 50.62% Wanstead
Helen McGuinness30.52164th - 50.97% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult32.24185th - 48.20% Wanstead
Julie Creffield39.42236th - 38.29% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj29.0051st - 56.44% Beckton
Selina Vernal23.4646th - 63.32% Wanstead
52 parkruns at 15 venues, 4 first finishers,
5 course pbs and 6 debuts
ELR parkrun records for:
Stuart at Fritton Lake
Nick at Studley, Australia
Andrew at Ashford.

Run Through Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 10th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paula Bedford43.29 pb38th, 3rd lady,1st vet
Caitlin Diniz56.11225th
330 finishers.

Trent Park Mince Pies Revenge, Velopark - Sunday 7th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes51.42 debut21st
Thomas Burrard-Lucas55.0832nd
Louis Le Roux55.3433rd
Sarah Burns56.4637th, 1st Vet
Michael Bamford57.3441st, 1st Supervet
Paula Bedford58.2943rd, 2nd Vet
Eleanor Wilkinson59.3948th
Graham Peacock59.4550th
Jimmy Dale1.03.1358th
Emily Clarke1.05.16 debut67th
Jason Levy1.05.1768th
Rachel Le Roux1.05.4069th
Kat Maskell1.05.57 debut72nd
Robyn Turtle1.07.4474th
Stuart Barton1.08.23 debut76th
Andrew Howard1.09.10 debut77th, 3rd Supervet
Sheetal Dandgey1.11.0079th
Jayne Browne1.14.4381st, 3rd Supervet Lady
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera1.15.19 debut82nd
Fiona Day1.15.38 debut83rd
Thomas Grimes - 5.25,6.07/11.32/3.20,3.23,3.19,3.22,3.20, 3.22,3.17,3.19,3.22,4.04/34.12/5.58/=51.42.
Thomas Burrard-Lucas - 6.15,7.35/13.51/3.23,3.21,3.25,3.22, 3.25,3.25,3.17,3.18,3.12,4.28/34.41/6.36/=55.08.
Louis LeRoux - 6.13,8.24/14.38/3.13,3.13,3.12,3.22,3.10, 3.10,3.12,3.09,3.11,4.45/33.41/7.14/= 55.34.
Sarah Burns - 7.48,8.41/16.30/3.08,3.06,3.03,3.03,3.03, 2.56,3.02,3.10,3.10,4.22/32.08/8.08=56.46.
Michael Bamford - 6.36,7.20/13.57/3.10,3.15,3.17,3.08, 3.11,3.13,3.06,3.11,3.11,3.15,4.20/36.21/7.16=57.34.inc extra lap.
Paula Bedford - 6.43,7.37/14.21/3.26,4.05,3.23,3.32,3.28, 3.32,3.36,3.36,3.37,4.41/36.59/7.09=58.29.
Ellie Wilkinson - 6.35,7.58/14.34/3.50,3.41,3.42,3.38, 3.41,3.36,3.39,3.40,3.47,4.47/38.05/7.00=59.39.
Graham Peacock - 7.49,9.10/17.00/3.18,3.21,3.14,3.21,3.22, 3.13,3.13,3.19,3.20,5.03/34.47/7.58=59.45.
Jimmy Dale - 7.22,8.45/16.07/3.38,3.47,3.35,3.49,3.50,3.50, 3.52,3.51,3.44,5.10/39.11/7.54=1.03.13.
Emily Clarke - 6.41,7.20/14.02/3.51,3.59,3.54,3.56,3.58,3.52, 3.55,3.55,3.54,4.01,4.49/44.08/7.06=1.05.16.inc extra lap.
Jason Levy - 8.18,9.12/17.32/3.41,3.49,3.50,3.46,3.47,3.55, 3.48,3.49,3.50,4.55/39.14/8.31=1.05.17.
Rachel LeRoux - 8.06,9.21/17.28/3.49,3.53,3.45,3.48,3.49, 3.46,3.51,3.49,3.46,5.00/39.21/8.51=1.05.40.
Kat Maskell - 8.16,9.03/17.19/4.01,3.59,3.50,3.51,3.46, 3.50,3.53,4.02,3.54,4.49/39.59/8.38=1.05.57.
Robyn Turtle - 8.05,9.47/17.53/3.50,3.49,3.48,3.52,3.49, 3.59,3.54,3.50,3.59,5.32/40.26/9.25=1.07.44.
Stuart Barton - 7.57,8.47/16.45/3.59,4.08,4.10,4.12,4.06, 4.05,4.21,4.14,4.11,5.05/42.37/9.01=1.08.23.
Andrew Howard - 7.40,8.22/16.02/3.50,3.38,3.51,3.43,3.36, 3.39,3.37,3.43,3.40,4.54,7.52/46.07/7.00=1.09.10 inc 2 extra laps.
Sheetal Dandgey - 7.35,9.40/17.15/4.30,4.22,4.20,4.27,4.33, 4.25,4.25,4.30,4.32,5.18/45.26/8.19=1.11.00.
Jayne Browne - 9.07,11.05/20.13/4.32,4.22,4.25,4.12,4.28, 4.22,4.23,4.36,4.40,5.22/45.27/9.02=1.14.43.
Alexandra Rutishauser - 8.39,9.37/18.18/4.38,4.46,4.42,4.38, 4.39,4.49,4.42,4.45,4.47,5.36/48.06/8.55=1.15.19.
Fiona Day - 8.58,9.54/18.53/4.37,4.41,4.37,4.32,4.40,4.46, 4.29,4.33,4.48,5.52/47.38/9.06=1.15.38.

Report by Stuart Barton
My first Duathlon today, Mince pies revenge at the Olympic park 2 mile run 10 mile cycle then a 1 mile run,
However the course is hilly and the wind was icy, A great turn out by team ELR. I put on as many layers as
I could but it was still very cold. The 2 mile run was good I was enjoying it then onto the bike,only 10
laps but with the wind and the hills it seemed a lot more, I was getting overtaken my loads but was kinda
enjoying it, The hill in front of the velodrome was the worst I was so pleased to get it over with on lap 10.
I parked my bike and tried to run the last mile, my legs felt so strange it was very hard to run after getting
off the bike, I am sure I will do more of these but maybe when it's a bit warmer. Sarah Burn makes great cake BTW.

Greenwich Park Winter Series 10km - Sunday 7th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir42.062nd of 106.

Run Through Brixton 10km - Sunday 7th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Healy50.32199th of 538.

XXXVIII Maraton Del Pavo,(Turkey Marathon) Spain 9.6km - Saturday 6th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero34.204th
82 finishers.
Yesterday I went to take part in the turkey marathon, a course of many break leg slopes, of which I like.

We had to leave conservative and see if the leg's would hold. Gradually I was making progress until I reached
the third and fourth classified climb I made the last 5 kms. The legs held up very well and when I reached
the last two miles which is just climb I stayed with the local Athlete who won by a few seconds.
In the end, the fourth and first senior. Glad, since the level was pretty high and I wasn't there for any more.

Essex Senior Cross Country, Great Notley Country Park - Saturday 6th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton51.0777th
Spencer Evans51.2583rd
James Nichols52.2898th
Paul Thompson56.40140th
Race report - Essex XC Senior Championships by Paul Thompson.
This year's race was held at the Great Notley Country Park and hosted by Witham runners and for a change I only had a 15 minute journey to get to the venue from home. Fortunately I arrived in good time as due to a full car park I had to park in a Tesco's about a mile away & then a jog back to the venue !
I met up with Dan Gritton & Spencer Evans in the park café and we were able to keep warm ahead of the race start. James Nichols was waiting for us at the start & had to rapidly put his number on with about a minute to spare, sorry for keeping you waiting Jim !
Conditions were cold but sunny and the race involved 3 laps of the park of around 2.5 miles each. A very flat course with one hill to negotiate that although steep was only about 75m long, it was also very well marshalled with no chance of wrong turns. Underfoot was very wet with heavy, slippery mud in parts with either studs or spikes absolutely essential. For once, I decided to start a little slower & build up my pace which seemed to work and I was soon into a great rhythm and each mile around 7:30. I ended with a sprint finish to hold off another runner. I could have finished a few places higher, but I made an error by getting boxed in behind 2 slower runners towards the end and probably should have pushed my way through rather than being quite so polite !
Times still tbc, but I was the last ELR man home with Dan leading the way followed by Spencer & Jim. Well done guys, a very enjoyable race !

QEOP 10km Winter Series - Saturday 6th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton34.21 pb1st Winner
Daniel Slipper39.2415th
Lucy Barron50.17 pb131st
Caitlin Diniz56.26199th
284 finishers.

Run Through Battersea Park 10km - Saturday 6th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kat Maskell52.12199th of 404

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 6th January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry19.3014th - 68.97% Finsbury
Nick Hoult22.27 debut52nd - 62.66% St Peters, Sydney AU
Stephen Swan28.15209th - 45.90% Ipswich
Andrew Howard23.40 debut20th - 65.49% Billericay
Stuart Barton28.46 debut162nd - 50.46% Ally Pally
Thomas Grimes18.264th - 72.42% Gladstone
Julie Creffield37.23 (course pb)106th - 40.66% Barking
Jamie Xavier22.3610th - 61.28% Walthamstow.
Janet Bywater25.5234th - 67.33% Walthamstow
Alexandra Wilkinson26.5278th - 60.30% Hockley Woods.
Mark Moir20.43 debut5th - 62.27% Beckton
John Booth17.386th - 75.71% Mile End
Paul Marshall20.51 (course pb)44th - 62.59% Mile End
Sally Faulkner36.51338th - 41.07% Mile End
Stuart Kelly17.576th - 72.70% Hackney
Jose Rodriguez17.587th - 74.30% Hackney
Thomas Burrard-Lucas19.01 pb23rd - 68.19% Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka22.05 (50th parkrun)88th - 60.08% Hackney
Clive Mehew22.1392nd - 64.29% Hackney
Laura Kemp22.53113th - 64.68% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie29.25304th - 52.01% Hackney
Simon Thomas18.442nd - 70.02% Valentines
Nathan Jones19.305th - 66.15% Valentines
Michael Bamford21.2511th - 69.42% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.0323rd - 66.27% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali23.52 (with buggy?)39th - 54.33% Valentines
Katherine Harris24.4848th - 60.69% Valentines
Jason Levy31.01130th - 46.05% Valentines
Samia Choudhury44.19225th - 33.40% Valentines
Scott McMillan20.297th - 67.62% Wanstead
Calvin Bobin20.38 (course pb)12th - 79.08% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth20.5416th - 66.27% Wanstead
Robert Spread21.0818th - 63.17% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan22.3232nd - 62.43% Wanstead
Paul Drury-Bradey22.4535th - 58.32% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.2767th - 62.41% Wanstead
Katie Whitton25.3268th - 57.96% Wanstead
Peter Hatley25.3670th - 54.56% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.59102nd - 55.81% Wanstead
Fiona Day28.09104th - 67.97% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar28.29107th - 56.88% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.46112th - 52.09% Wanstead
Claire Emery28.51116th - 56.15% Wanstead
Jess Trayler-Moore29.07 pb121st - 52.20% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards30.06142nd - 52.27% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor31.01 (50th parkrun)153rd - 52.77% Wanstead
Chris Green30.2878th - 44.47% Walthamstow
Selina Vernal24.1449th - 62.10% Wanstead

NYD Flitch Way Marathon, Great Notley - Monday 1st January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roger Stubbs4.16.2122nd of 50.

New Years Day 10km, Hyde Park - Monday 1st January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth36.07 pb21st of 488.

New Years Day parkrun - Others. - Monday 1st January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Moir20.2912th - 62.98% Sunderland
Mark Moir19.30 debut17th - 66.15% Darlington South
Andrew Howard25.42 debut53rd - 60.31% Canterbury
Andrew Howard22.46 debut40th - 68.08% Whitstable
Tim Aylett25.1941st - 53.52% Gunpwder
Tim Aylett30.46 debut71st - 44.04% Brentwood
Katherine Harris26.13 debut194th - 57.41% Dulwich
Katherine Harris26.13 debut176th - 57.41% Peckham Rye
Stuart Barton26.25 debut48th - 54.95% Castle Park
Stuart Barton27.59 debut302nd - 51.88% Chelmsford Central
Shahib Miah Ali20.3914th - 62.79% Oak Hill
Caroline Frith23.31 debut42nd - 65.06% Chippenham
12 more parkruns around the country.
9 debuts and 1 course pb,
Katherine Harris ran at Dulwich & Peckham Rye in exactly the same time, 26.13.
ELR parkrun records were set by:
Andrew at Canterbury & Whitstable,
Mark at Darlington South,
Caroline at Chippenham and
Katherine at Peckham Rye.

New Years Day parkrun - Valentines Park - Monday 1st January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Day18.21* (course pb)3rd - 71.84%
Dan Senior19.024th - 72.77%
James Nichols19.09 (course pb)5th - 68.49%
Ciaran Canavan19.25*10th - 72.45%
Louis Le Roux20.12* debut14th - 65.68%
Robert Rayworth20.32*20th - 67.45%
Nathaniel Dye20.54* debut30th - 62.20%
Michael Bamford21.28*39th - 69.25%
Peter Craik22.17 debut55th - 64.62%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.33*62nd - 63.34%
Paul Marshall22.34*63rd - 57.83%
Peter Hatley23.01*72nd - 60.68%
Jakub Czeczotka23.13* (course pb)74th - 57.14%
Grant Conway24.53*99th - 58.81%
Janet Bywater25.39* (course pb)117th - 67.90%
Judith Vonberg26.01*129th - 56.89%
Sarah Burns26.12* debut133rd - 58.72%
Kat Maskell26.13* debut134th - 57.41%
Shailesh Patel26.16136th - 56.60%
Frank Brownlie26.31*141st - 63.86%
Maud Hodson26.50* debut150th - 59.19%
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.36* (course pb)166th - 55.07%
Viktor Szabadi27.38* debut167th - 54.22%
Rachel Le Roux28.02* debut170th - 53.51%
Caroline Moore28.38* debut188th - 62.40%
Jayne Browne29.42* debut 207th - 59.37%
Bernadett Kalmar29.49* debut209th - 54.33%
Elizabeth ODonnell36.55 debut304th - 44.33%
Selina Vernal25.16111th - 59.56%
A record turnout at Valentines parkrun with over 50 more attending over the old record.
29 ELR's with 23 coming up from Wanstead.
12 debuts and 5 course pbs.

New Years Day parkrun - Wanstead Flats - Monday 1st January 2018

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Day18.461st - 70.25%
James Wilson19.223rd - 71.00%
Ciaran Canavan20.379th - 68.23%
Robert Rayworth20.4611th - 66.69%
Louis Le Roux21.0313th - 63.02%
Michael Bamford21.3220th - 69.04%
Nathaniel Dye22.42 debut40th - 57.27%
Jonathan Wooldridge24.4068th - 57.91%
Peter Hatley24.4571st - 56.43%
Lance Fuller25.1777th - 60.78%
Judith Vonberg25.3282nd - 57.96%
Grant Conway25.33 (course pb)83rd - 57.27%
Kat Maskell26.06 debut98th - 57.66%
Maud Hodson26.20106th - 60.32%
Jakub Czeczotka26.27109th - 50.16%
Katie Whitton26.31112th - 55.81%
Frank Brownlie27.22129th - 61.88%
Sarah Burns27.28131st - 56.01%
Rachel Le Roux27.41136th - 54.16%
Janet Bywater28.07146th - 61.94%
Fiona Day28.09147th - 67.97%
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.31154th - 53.30%
Bernadett Kalmar29.30166th - 54.92%
Viktor Szabadi29.39168th - 50.53%
Jayne Browne30.12179th - 58.39%
Caroline Moore30.53191st - 57.85%
Claire Emery31.02195th - 52.20%
Sophie Edwards31.49206th - 49.45%
Paul Marshall32.56216th - 39.63%
Don Bennett36.27235th - 43.26%
Selina Vernal24.3765th - 61.14%
30 ELR's at Wanstead Flats,
2 first timers and 1 course pb from Grant.
Conditions were very muddy underfoot.
Quite a few left to go to Valentines for a double parkrun.