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Results 2014

Phoenix Year End Marathon, Thames Path - Sunday 28th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton3.18.427th
66 finishers.

Buntingford 10 - Sunday 28th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1.22.50222nd
470 finishers.

Chingford League Fixture 3 - Trent Park, Cockfosters - Saturday 27th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown28.525th
Fiona Day43.54131st
Grant Conway36.4383rd
Peter Hatley38.57105th
Maud Hodson42.13121st
150 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - - Saturday 27th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Day18.05 (course pb)1st - 71.89% Wanstead
Euan Brown18.332nd - 69.54% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan19.273rd - 70.69% Wanstead
Regis Martin21.417th - 63.87% Wanstead
Peter Hatley22.2311th - 60.98% Wanstead
Peter Craik22.5513th - 61.38% Wanstead
Derek Wright23.1815th - 60.37% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench25.5727th - 63.84% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.5828th - 59.69% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj29.4041st - 53.54% Wanstead
Claire Emery39.5656th - 39.40% Wanstead
Russell Price17.516th - 72.46% Poole
Saheed Shabbir23.0849th - 56.05% Cannon Hill
Sarah Burns24.4615th - 61.10% Hackney
Steven Bywater26.024th - 56.21% Walthamstow
Maran Raju23.1421st - 63.49% Valentines
Katherine Harris23.2723rd - 63.54% Valentines
Jason Levy26.2841s - 52.77% Valentines

parkrun - Christmas Day - - Wednesday 25th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Day17.401st - 73.58% Barking
Ciaran Canavan17.512nd - 77.03% Barking
Peter Craik21.06 pb10th - 66.67% Barking
James Creed21.1614th - 61.99% Barking
Saheed Shabbir22.0320th - 58.81% Barking
Maran Raju22.4429th - 64.88% Barking
Jonathan Wooldridge23.4042nd - 59.01% Barking
Shailesh Patel23.5643rd - 60.65% Barking
Maud Hodson31.4389th - 48.87% Barking
John Booth18.411st - 7.21% Beckton
Dennis Sherwood25.34 (2nd claim)19th - 57.24% Beckton
Dan Spinks21.31 (2nd claim)38th - 63.44% Northala Fields
Katherine Harris25.3347th - 58.32% Lloyd Park

Run Through 10km, Greenwich park - Sunday 21st December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Healy46.5543rd
Katherine Harris47.57 pb53rd
489 finishers.

Sikhs in the City, Dawn to Dusk Ultra - Sunday 21st December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karen Levison6.22.28 (32 laps)8th/ 64.448kms
Maud Hodson5.35.20 (26 laps)14th / 52.364kms
Fiona Day6.09.08 (25 laps)22nd/ 50.350kms
Manjit Singh1.59.54 (12 laps)46th/ 24.168kms
Patrick Brown1.23.41 (11 laps)48th/ 1st /22.154km
Maud reports: I thought I ought to come up with some sort of race report from today's Sikhs in the City Dawn to Dusk Ultra, but I don't actually have much to say. I left the headless chicken at home today, and while I wouldn't like to say it was easy, I got round my 25 laps (plus one for luck in case I'd miscounted) without too much fuss. Although no-one could accuse the course of being scenic, the nice thing about multiple laps is that you pass (or get passed by) the same runners many times, which made for a relaxed, supportive feel to the race. Congrats to Patrick, who won the Half Marathon, Karen, who reeled off her 50k, took a lunch break and came back for more, and Fiona, who I think it's fair to say found the last 2 or 3 laps heavy going, but was totally determined to complete the Ultra distance. And thanks to the many ELRs who came out to support us, especially Jim, who was there all day.

Torrington Christmas Caper 9.5 miles - Sunday 21st December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1.26.3380th
Claire Parker1.27.5287th
185 finishers. Sarah reports: Claire Parker and I took on the Torrington Christmas Caper today a hilly, muddy, almost 10 miler with Christmas Pudding and clotted cream as the reward. We had great support from Claire's parents and my dad. It was tough.

Met XC League, Uxbridge - Saturday 20th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks42.30 (2nd claim)352nd
383 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 20th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price17.383rd 73.35% Hackney
Paula Bedford29.3155th 51.84% Hackney
Julie Creffield32.1960th 46.42% Hackney
Euan Brown18.361st 69.35% Wanstead
Andy Jenkins22.108th 59.85% Wanstead
Derek Wright22.4412th 61.88% Wanstead
Caroline Meaby26.0727th 58.58% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.2828th 59.45% Wanstead
Fiona Day27.3333rd 66.61% Wanstead
Katrina Anderson28.3841st 56.58% Wanstead
Maud Hodson29.44 (with camel)52nd 52.13% Wanstead
Don Bennett31.5658th 48.12% Wanstead
Caroline Moore32.08 (1st parkrun)60th 53.48% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.1362nd 47.73% Wanstead
Claire Emery37.0872nd 42.37% Wanstead
Dan Anderson20.1110th 65.73% Valentine
Manjit Singh20.4711th 65.68% Valentine
Saheed Shabbir22.1423rd 58.32% Valentine
Maran Raju22.3124th 65.51% Valentine
Katherine Harris23.2731st 63.54% Valentine
Jason Levy26.2157th 53.00% Valentine
Thomas Grimes17.482nd 73.69% Clarisford, Killaloe
Dan Gritton18.243rd 75.27% Southwark
Gavin Stebbing20.0019th 68.25% Chelmsford
David Baldwin20.0739th 65.20% Norwich
Richard Guest21.536th 62.83% Walthamstow

Serpentine 5km, last Friday of month, Hyde Park - Friday 19th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter19.0237th - 75%
Gavin Stebbing19.5154th - 68.8%

Christmas Party - Thursday 18th December 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Royal Parks 10km Winter Series. Regents Park - Sunday 14th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier47.54182nd
Jayne Browne56.49368th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 13th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.401st 77.40% Hackney
Alex Day17.466th 72.98% Hackney
Stuart Kelly19.197th 66.95% Valentine
Andrew Baxter19.338th 73.06% Valentine
Shahib Miah Ali19.509th 65.04% Valentine
Dan Anderson20.0011th 66.33% Valentine
Aaron Browne20.2614th 63.38% Valentine
Katherine Harris22.0225th 67.62% Valentine
Lauren Kelly23.2232nd 63.34% Valentine
Saheed Shabbir23.3437th 55.02% Valentine
Jason Levy25.0148th 55.83% Valentine
Russell Price18.193rd 70.61% Wanstead
Dan Gritton19.174th 71.82% Wanstead
John Healy22.4221st 60.13% Wanstead
Regis Martin22.1517th 62.25% Wanstead
Rebecca Young23.2225th 63.34% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.1435th 61.43% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj29.0855th 54.52% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.4758th 51.65% Wanstead
David Baldwin21.485th 60.17% Walthamstow
Richard Guest21.566th 62.69% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater24.5713th 58.65% Walthamstow
Fiona Day25.5317th 70.90% Walthamstow
Gavin Stebbing19.2415th 70.36% Chelmsford
William Pearce18.466th 69.54% Cheltenham
Thomas Grimes19.042nd 68.79% Grovelands
Dan Spinks26.57175th 50.65% Brockwell Pk
Julie Creffield34.13133rd 43.84% Mile End
and Emiko Priest at Wimpole Estate 32.19 46.26%.

Ware Cup - 5 mile Cross Country held by Loughton AC - Saturday 13th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown30:104th
Grant Conway36:5435th
72 finishers

Bromham Pudding Run 10km - Sunday 7th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Moore54.50267th
404 finishers.

The Full Montycute 10 mile - Sunday 7th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1.28.4029th 57.03%
240 finishers. The race has 10 designated Hills in the just over 10 miles. There are other what we call small ascents but nothing to write home about. Conditions will be muddy and slippery please wear off road shoes!

Bedford Half Marathon - Sunday 7th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1:20:1314th
Stuart Kelly1:26:2643rd
Allan Todd1.30.3990th
Emmet Fitzgibbon1:43:14 pb321st
Steven Bywater1.48.11448th
Celia Payaneeandee1:50:36486th
Sarah Burns1:53:20536th
957 finishers.

Grim Challenge , Aldershot - Saturday 6th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrea Waller1.35.581360
Geoff Bench1.37.091410
Suzanne Bench1.37.101411
Jayne Browne1.37.111413
also Paul Browne 1.37.09 & Ben Waller 1.37.10.
1.800 finishers. This land is used to test Army vehicles so expect it to be interesting! You will reach a long hill shortly after the start before descending again eventually reaching a water filled ravine. You will run on over puddle-strewn paths before having to crawl under camouflage netting. You’ll eventually reach some man-made mounds before arriving at and running through some rather large puddles. Expect to get very wet! You’ll run on to the fast vehicle driving circuit where it is rocky underfoot. This brings you to some more large areas of water and the finish area.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km Series - Event 3 - Saturday 6th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton38.4411th
John Booth38.4312th
Katrina Anderson59.15286th
Phillippa Walker1.10.25363rd
376 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 6th December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown17.361st - 73.30% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan17.54 (course pb)2nd 76.82% Wanstead
Alex Day18.07 (course pb)3rd 71.51% Wanstead
Derek Wright21.4615th 64.62% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar24.4126th 63.74% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.2732nd 60.90% Wanstead
Fiona Day26.2237th 69.60% Wanstead
Peter Hatley27.5846th 48.81% Wanstead
Claire Emery30.1053rd 52.15% Wanstead
Catherine Brett34.0060th 48.73% Wanstead
Don Bennett37.00 (tailrunner)66th 41.53% Wanstead
Shahib Miah Ali19.584th 64.61% Valentine
Spencer Evans19.595th 64.55% Valentine
Katherine Harris21.56 (1st lady)13th 67.93% Valentine
Saheed Shabbir23.0725th 56.09% Valentine
Jason Levy25.5643rd 53.86% Valentine
Patrick Brown18.451st 68.89% Walthamstow
Richard Guest21.443rd63.27% Walthamstow
Maya Goodwin31.0837th 50.54% Walthamstow
Diana Rexhepaj28.3917th 55.44% Beckton
Julie Creffield34.5584th 42.96% Mile End
Thomas Grimes18.442nd 70.02% Grovelands
William Pearce19.087th 68.21% Cheltenham
John Healy23.16 (1st parkrun)72nd 58.67% Brockwell
Dan Spinks28.32162nd 47.84% Gunnersbury

Cooper Test 2 - Track night - Monday 1st December 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Bee3400
Russell Price3400
Dan Gritton3300 (3100)
Spencer Evans3050 (3050)
James Nichols3020
Grant Conway2900 (2850)
Tim Aylett2850
Kate Buranska2600
Catherine Kaar2600
Fiona Day2550
Last test 15th September 2014-(updated 15th Dec 2014)
Helen Real 2700

Hatfield 5m - Sunday 30th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton30.04 pb18th
317 finishers

Red Run 5km, Victoria Park for World Aids Day - Sunday 30th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katrina Anderson27.5558th
190 finishers

Kingston 10km - Sunday 30th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Antonio Martin Romero40.5840th
462 finishers.

Ashford Half Marathon - Sunday 30th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Hatley1.38.3634th
330 finishers.

Essex Vets XC Championships, Chigwell Row - Saturday 29th November 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee41.208th
Karen Levison42.0812th
Maud Hodson49.4043rd
Fiona Day53.2561st
Caroline Moore59.0282nd
Diana Rexhepaj61.1088th
Sheila Kennedy63.0690th
Maya Goodwin63.3791st
Ramesh Pala49.5480th Vet 50
Frank Brownlie 52.3391st
Ciaran Canavan36.5624th Vet 40
Ddfanny Lee37.3228th
Dan Gritton38.1432nd
Andrew Baxter38.5637th
Paul Thompson41.1445th
Richard Guest45.0361st
Grant Conway45.4564th
Jason Levy56.3767th
Simon Morgan42.25 (life member)52nd (now Tiptree)
Team results :Vet Ladies 7th place,B Team 16th & Vet 40 Men 8th place, B Team 11th

It seemed like a balmy spring like morning but in reality it was the last Saturday in November when the old folks of Essex including the ELR teams rolled up for the County's Vets Championships of 2014 in the Woodland Trust area of Hainault Forest.

However despite the calm dry weather conditions underfoot were extremely wet and muddy following the heavy rains of recent weeks.

At 11am the Ladies 35+ and the Male Vets 50+ set off on the 2 lap 5.4 mile challenge and within 200 metres they met their first "obstacle", into the trees, uphill, smelly, muddy, boggy ground that seemed to go on for 200 metres or so. This led to better paths and before long they were cruising down a big hill(also muddy in parts) before heading back uphill to Squires Oak and a short downhill, past the two houses and back into the heart of the forest. A long diagonal drag and a big uphill challenge awaited before more normal and flatter ground could be gained which led to the run back to and on the plain to the start/finish. Just another lap and it was all over, easy? Never, enjoyable? Yes, Great sense of achievement? Definitely!

Then at 12 noon, having had the course softened up for them the young males aged 40 to 50 did the same except faster, allegedly.

Hosted by Ilford AC on behalf of ESSEX AAA the race was expertly organised and marshalled. Thanks to Mike and Jim for their support.

Maya's Race Report
So I've been casually calling it 'The Old Lady Race' since I said I'd run it a few weeks ago. Everyone kept talking about the mud. And the hills. And the mud. And the hills. And oh, did I know it would be muddy? I stoically ignored them and called it The Old Lady Race. That sounded much nicer, I decided.
A balmy sunny November morning. 'Course, we're lucky with the weather. Remember two years ago Frank ? When it was snowing?' You're not all helping you know!
Hmm. Maybe I should have listened more about the mud. A quick trip to the 'ladies' was muddy enough. I was disappointed with the facilities, I have to be honest. No Moulton Brown handwash, and no paper, but at least there was no queue. A few more leaves on the trees would have been appreciated though...
Two numbers this time, one on the back telling the world I'm not 45 yet. Which would normally be great, except when you're one of the youngest, and you're still at the back, racing a 78 year old ex international. Tell you what though, Pam has great support. I'm changing my name to Pam next ELR race I do. And I always knew how close she was on my tail, by judging how loud I could hear people cheering her.
Anyway. The mud. Glory BE, the mud. It was actually incredible. I had a proper Vicar of Dibley moment in one puddle, right upto my knees. But I kept both my shoes, which I think was a result actually. I'm putting that down to Karen and her 'lace up tight ladies' just before the off. And it was just so muddy, and just so hilly, that at some points I just had to walk. The thing with being at the back, is you know you're not the only walker, so while I just never could quite catch my teammate Sheila , I wasn't ever overtaken either.
Halfway round and there are the men, cheering. I love the East East East London chant. It makes me laugh. They're threatening to chase me round again like they did at Parliament Hill, but I know their race starts soon, so they won't have the time. Phew.
Round again. Past all the speedy runners on their way down. Here's a thing, when you are running towards someone, you get splashed in the face a fair bit. That made me laugh too. Past all the marshals again. All the marshals were great. Really happy and encouraging and bouncy. Even the one near the end who had the nerve to be eating a lovely looking ham roll, which I cheerfully could have snatched and eaten on the hoof.
And to the end. A downhill, relatively unmuddy (in comparison) stretch. Maud and Caroline there to run me home, and I knew that Pam probably had a good finish, so I actually managed a sprint with a smile. Not sure which is more of an achievement for me, I'm normally a scowly, staggery finisher...!
And I'm done. I was actually quite stressed about today. More than Parliament Hill. But it was so so pretty, and the mud made me laugh. And Pretending I Was Pam made me laugh too.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a LOT of mud in my toes, and I'd like to be allowed back in the pool at my gym tomorrow.

Mo Run 10k, Greenwich Park - Saturday 29th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Slipper39.2017th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 29th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.291st 69.88% Walthamstow
Gavin Stebbing18.447th 72.86% Chelmsford
William Pearce19.0411th 68.44% Cheltenham
Dan Anderson19.288th 68.15% Valentine
Thomas Grimes19.313rd 67.21% Grovelands
Aaron Browne19.439th 63.81% Valentine
David Baldwin20.034th 65.42% Gunpowder
Shahib Miah Ali20.1311th 63.81% Valentine
Katherine Harris21.40 (1st lady)22nd 68.77% Valentine
Peter Hatley21.4210th 62.40% Wanstead
Derek Wright22.1312th 62.87% Wanstead
Saheed Shabbir22.3930th 57.25% Wanstead
Celia Payaneeandee22.44 (1st , 50th parkrun)18th 65.10% Wanstead
Paula Bedford22.5047th 67.01% Southend
Suzanne Bench25.52 (with dog)42nd 64.05% Wanstead
Abdirahman Adan26.1163rd 54.17% Valentine
Dan Spinks26.47 (2nd claim)55th 50.96% Kingston
Steven Bywater27.5838th 52.32% Walthamstow
Sophie Edwards30.5675th 49.73% Wanstead
Don Bennett31.2177th 49.02% Wanstead
Claire Emery31.2479th 50.11% Wanstead
Catherine Brett35.1890th 46.93% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar36.0993rd 43.52% Wanstead
Rebecca Young22.5421st 64.63% Wanstead

Chelmsford 10km (inc Essex Championships) - Sunday 23rd November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing39.0670th
516 finishers.

Sunday Cross Country League - Event 2 - Grovelands Park - Sunday 23rd November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price33.1629th
Thomas Grimes33.2030th
Peter Craik40.16158th
Ramesh Pala43.19238th
Maud Hodson43.55249th
Doug Mansell45.58276th
248 men, 133 ladies. Team : MEN 15TH of 21, Ladies 17th of 21.

Mens Health Survival of the Fittest, Wembley - Saturday 22nd November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Kelly1.01.3833rd - wave 2
Lauren Kelly1.20.2939th - wave 2
Katrina Anderson1.56.49834th - wave 18
4,137 men, 1,763 ladies Total 5.900.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 22nd November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price18.05 (course pb)2nd 71.52% Wanstead
Alex Day18.183rd 70.86% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan18.575th 72.56% Wanstead
Andrew Baxter19.349th 72.49% Wanstead
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.5716th 62.93% Wanstead
Derek Wright22.0320th 63.34% Wanstead
Sarah Burns22.56 (1st lady)26th 65.99% Wanstead
Celia Payaneeandee23.1927th 63.47% Wanstead
Maud Hodson24.3633rd 63.01% Wanstead
Fiona Day25.2243rd 72.34% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin30.2774th 51.67% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.1379th 49.28% Wanstead
Dan Anderson19.524th 66.78% Valentine
Katherine Harris21.56 (1st lady)14th 67.93% Valentine
Saheed Shabbir23.01 (course pb)25th 56.24% Valentine
Jason Levy24.5942nd 55.90% Valentine
Patrick Brown18.021st 71.63% Walthamstow
Richard Guest22.004th 62.50% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater25.2313th 57.65% Walthamstow
Dan Gritton18.3610th 74.46% Highbury Fields
William Pearce19.3216th 66.81% Cheltenham
Spencer Evans19.564th 64.72% Barking
Diana Rexhepaj29.1218th 54.39% Beckton
Dan Spinks28.06 (2nd claim)63rd 48.58% Tring
ELR reach the 2000 runs at Wanstead Flats mark. Russell's course pb of 18.05 brings him to No 53 on the fastest 500 list with Ciaran at No 50 with 18.02 , there's his target. But with the mud now spreading at Wanstead it may be a while. 1st place finishes for Sarah at Wanstead, Katherine at Valentine's and Patrick's 18.02 at Walthamstow. Course pb at Valentine for Saheed also.

Valencia Marathon - Sunday 16th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest3.33.43 pb3643rd
Richard's report.

I first visited Valencia 2 years ago and loved it so having seen an advert for the marathon jumped at the opportunity to return and knowing it to be flat the potential to go sub 3 hours 30 or failing that at least a pb (plus the chance for some warm winter sunshine of course!)

I arrived on Friday and went to the Expo on Saturday where I got my race number, t-shirt and kit bag fairly easily at an event which was smaller and therefore much more easily manageable than others I had been to.The race started and finished at the spectacular and futuristic City of Arts and Science the following day.

I got there in good time and got chatting to a guy from Dublin who was having as much difficulty as me at finding the bag drop area which wasn't very well signposted at all. Eventually we found it and finding it to be quite empty of runners I took the opportunity to pop back outside and take the items I needed for the race from my kit bag before going back to drop off my bag. By then it was rammed full with runners and everyone seemed to be jostling and not actually moving anywhere. I started to wonder if I was going to get out alive (never mind drop off my bag in time) as it was in an underground car park so there was no room for people to spread out.

Eventually I got to the drop off point for my race number and went back outside to go through my pre-race stretches and to take my place in the 3rd of five starting pens. In next to no time it was 9 o'clock and we were off.

We started off over a bridge and then turned right to head down towards the seafront area and spent a lot of the first few kilometres snaking in and out of roads in that area including a few bits where the course doubled back on itself allowing us to pass fellow runners going the other way. That meant the kilometres got ticked off fairly quickly and I found myself going along at my pre-planned pace and began to inch a bit ahead of my time (up to 2 minutes ahead at my best point) as we approached and went over halfway.

Past halfway the course went back towards the City of Arts and Science before following the course of the old River Turia (now redirected, dried up and turned into a lovely park which snakes its way through the city) Just past the Mestalla Stadium we crossed a bridge at which point I went past a guy having a right old rant at himself. How I wished I spoke Spanish so I could understand what he was shouting about!

We now headed through the historic old part of town and just after 28k went right past the hotel I was staying in. If only I'd known I could have left my supplies for the second half of the race out on the front desk instead of carrying them round with me! It would have been very easy to pop in as there weren't many barriers on the course and that meant some runners had cyclists riding with them carrying their supplies and one runner even had his partner roller-blading along beside him!

From there we turned back towards and over the Turia and out to the Bioparc where the course reached its furthest point from the start. We were heading towards 34k which was the point I had allowed my times to drop as I usually tire in the later stages of long races but the problem was this time I was tiring more than usual.

I plodded on as best I could for the next few kilometres and as I went past the 37k marker told myself it's just a park run left to do! At this point we headed back to the old part of town past the splendid Art Deco North Station but I was getting slower and slower and was down to almost walking pace.

Swarms of runners were now going past me, in fact the only people I seemed to be passing were those at the side of the road receiving treatment for cramp. I knew I was now in danger of missing my 3.30 target and finally abandoned that hope at about 40k when the 3.30 runner went sprinting past me like he was Usain Bolt!

I decided to refocus my efforts to at least get a pb and put in one last push as we rejoined the Turia on the other side and headed back to the City of Arts and Science. The big buildings from there loomed up ahead but the only problem was no matter how many steps I took they didn't seem to be getting any closer.

Eventually I reached them and went down the ramp onto the cobbles leading to the finish line (cobbles at 26 miles - whose bright idea was that?!)One last turn brought me onto the platform that had been built over one of the pools so you finished the race over water and I estimated I had about 250 metres to go and about 2 minutes to get a pb.

By now the noise from the crowd was deafening and that plus the fantastic setting and novelty of running over water gave me one final burst of energy to push me to and over the finish line and a time of 3.33.43 - a pb by 47 seconds!

I was shattered but pleased and gave myself plenty of time to recover and reflect before turning my thoughts to a nice cold cerveza!I would recommend the race and city to anyone (providing they can sort out the bag drop area). Definately a pb course and hopefully others from ELR will do it one day.

Richard in a previous race.

Rugged Radnage 10km - Sunday 16th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Maya Goodwin1.13.12339th
374 finishers.

After Adoption 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 16th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton38.0011th
Jamie Xavier46.51135th
David Wyatt54.58382nd
793 finishers.

Mo Run 5km, Battersea Park - Sunday 16th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katrina Anderson29.55446th
779 finishers.

Rodings Rally - 5 point event - Saturday 15th November 2014 to Sunday 16th Novembe

East London Runners finished in 3rd place after 3hrs & 10 minutes with Edward Barnard, Jimmy Hartwell & Matt Evans.

London Cross Country Championships , Hampstead Heath - Saturday 15th November 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Rebecca Young33.10121st
Celia Payaneeandee33.30128th
Maud Hodson34.29139th
Maya Goodwin43.07180th of 186
Patrick Brown36.4131st
Russell Price39.4897th
Thomas Grimes40.49132nd
Paul Thompson45.58256th
Emmet Fitzgibbon47.26276th
Grant Conway48.43295th
Spencer Evans52.39324th of 348

ELR Ladies and Mens Teams plus No 1 Supporter, Club Treasurer Don Bennett!

Maya's day (some expletives deleted!).

Follow the muddy people from the station. Crikey, some of them are truly filthy. Oh. They have rugby kit on. Ok. Calm down Maya. Right. So I'm bloody SURE that hill didn't look that steep in the photos.

Yep. It feels like I'm a horse at the start of the Grand National. Oh MY. He has a starter gun! No sirens here. Where's Chris Hoy and his horn? And GO.

Start strong, I can hear the boys shouting for us. Don't stop Maya.
WHEN IS THE BLOODY TOP COMING? This hill is just awful. Finally, the top. And a down. Now if I could just stop my lungs from burning, I could think about running properly.

Ok. I'm feeling better now. Keep going. Splosh splosh. You are KIDDING ME. UP AGAIN??? Don't walk Maya. Ooh. Look. I could actually overtake that skinny girl in black wearing headphones! Ok. Stay calm. Just keep going... I'm gaining... I'm gaining... I'm actually OVERTAKING.... YIPPEEE. I'm not last! Just make sure she doesn't catch me.

Holy cow. Another bloody hill. But look, people are walking! You could walk too Maya. No don't walk. Walk. No don't walk. Please walk! NO DONT WALK! Oh. I'm walking... Right. That's enough. Run again.

Look, I could catch another person! She's walking, just don't walk and you'll have her. Ha! Gotcha lady!

Oh. She just over took me again. Dammit. Oh well. I still have skinny headphones girl behind me. Really?? Another UP?? Sod this. I'm walking. Oh, but look, walking girl is walking again. Cmon Maya, RUN. Nope. Can't catch her.

What's that you say Marshall? Downhill to the halfway point? Really? FANBLOODYTASTIC. Watch your step Maya, don't slip. So this is easier. What's that noise? Look! It's the boys team! What a racket they are making! Keep going let them see how you're coping ok.

Right. Halfway. Bloody hell this is tough. And look. That awful hill again. Don't walk Maya. It's no good. I have to walk. Hang ON a cotton pickin minute. The boys are at the top of the hill to cheer already?? How on earth did they get there so fast??

Bugger. Now I can't walk. Yes Grant I'm trying to use my core, but this hill hurts! But there's walking girl again. This time she's MINE. Gotcha. Downhill again. Ignore your lungs Maya, you've done it once, you can do it again. Just find your breath quickly on this down, because.... Yep. There's an up again.

Ok. You can walk a little bit. No WAY. How do they do that?? Those bloody boys seem to miraculously appear just as my legs want to give up! Ok ok, I'm running. Did you hear that Maya? They're proud of you! Don't get emotional, just keep MOVING.

Last long up. Look over your shoulder, don't worry, she's way behind. Have a little walk. No flipping WAY. Those boys are stalkers! Every hill they've been there to stop me stopping!

Ok. I'll keep trying and pushing. Occupy your mind Maya, think about your race report. Would you do this race again? No I bloody won't. It's soooo hard.

And now it's the final down. Stretch your legs and go a bit quicker... Don't slip now.. LOOK! It's my girls! They're running to meet me! And now they're running with me!

The finish line is right there! I've done it!

No time to rest though, we have to run to the start to cheer the boys as they start in a minute, hurry hurry, phew, made it.


So there you go. My thoughts as I ran, pretty much verbatim. I wasn't last. I was very muddy. And actually, would I run it again? You betcha.

Maya in action!

parkrun- all venues - Saturday 15th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan18.02 (course pb)1st 76.25% Wanstead
Gavin Stebbing18.528th 72.35% Chelmsford
Alex Day18.523rd 68.73% Wanstead
William Pearce19.2710th 67.10% Cheltenham
Shahib Miah Ali20.369th 62.62% Valentine
James Nichols20.416th 62.69% Ally Pally
Aaron Browne21.014th 61.62% Harrow Lodge
Katherine Harris21.3516th 69.03% Valentine
Derek Wright21.5410th 63.77% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar24.5237th 63.27% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench24.5438th 66.53% Wanstead
Kieran Brown24.5439th 62.78% Wanstead
Steven Bywater25.1516th 57.95% Walthamstow
Catherine Brett25.1743rd 65.52% Wanstead
Jason Levy25.4861st 54.13% Valentine
Fiona Day25.5048th 71.03% Wanstead
Maud Hodson26.0349th 59.50% Wanstead
Abdirahman Adan26.2066th 53.86% Valentine
Caroline Meaby26.2457.95% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.1865th 54.36% Wanstead
Julie Creffield31.4583rd 47.24% Hackney
Emiko Priest34.00189th 43.97% Wimpole Estate

Grand Union Canal Half Marathon - Sunday 9th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier1.43.01168th
770 finishers.

Royal Parks 10km Winter Series, Greenwich Park - Sunday 9th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Julie Creffield1.13.43376th

Sarvar Half Marathon - Saturday 8th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lee Wollaston1.32.44 PB 22nd
Former ELR member Lee ran the Sarvar Half Marathon in Hungary, his first half since 2009 and recorded a very good time of 1.32.44, a new PB.

242 finishers.

Loughton AC Vets Cup - Saturday 8th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway24.5414th
Grant Conway appeared as a guest runner in a Vet's XC between Loughton, Orion & Eton Manor in a 3.5 mile challenge. ELR have been invited to enter a vet's team next year if we can.

The Bexhill Poppy Half Marathon - Saturday 8th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Wayne Kelly1.56.23407th
984 finishers.

parkrun- all venues (all Wanstead unless indicated) - Saturday 8th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price18.10 (course pb)1st 71.19%
Patrick Brown18.281st 69.95% Walthamstow
James Wilson18.333rd 72.51%
Ciaran Canavan18.444th 73.40%
Dan Gritton18.575th 73.09%
Gavin Stebbing18.4510th 72.80% Chelmsford
Daniel Slipper19.267th 70.24%
Karen Levison19.48 (1st lady)8th 82.66% Valentine
Alex Day19.559th 65.10%
James Nichols20.1910th 63.82% Highbury Fields
Morgan Francis20.30 (course pb)12th 63.98%
Spencer Evans20.3711th 62.57% Valentine
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.3813th 63.89%
Derek Wright21.3018th 64.96%
Manjit Singh21.3411th 63.29% Orpington
Richard Guest21.344th 63.76% Walthamstow
Aaron Browne21.37 (course debut)19th 59.91%
Katherine Harris22.1317th 62.57% Valentine
Sarah Burns22.55 (1st lady)28th 66.04%
Kieran Brown23.0530th 67.73%
Saheed Shabbir23.3028th 55.18% Valentine
Celia Payaneeandee23.5240th 62.01%
Mary OBrien24.32 (course pb)41st 77.99% Valentine
Bernadett Kalmar24.3949th 63.83%
Maud Hodson24.4650th 62.58%
Steven Bywater25.1516th 57.95% Walthamstow
Fiona Day26.4762nd 68.51%
Jason Levy27.4781st 50.27% Valentine
Sophie Edwards28.00 (100th parkrun)75th 54.94%
Claire Emery33.0096th 47.58%
Dan Spinks36.07 (2nd claim)258th Gunnersbury
Tina Nieman da Costa41.40 (tailrunner)115th 38.88%
Sophie reaches her 100th parkrun as Maud & Patrick collect there 100 shirts. First place and a pb for Russell at Wanstead , also first finish places for Patrick, Karen & Sarah. Course pb's for Morgan at Wanstead & Mary OBrien at Valentine's. Large turnout at Wanstead Flats of 19 ELR's.

Chingford League Fixture 2- Redbridge Cycle Track 5K, Hog Hill, Hainault. - Tuesday 4th November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown17.196th
Euan Brown17.5117th
Russell Price18.1730th
Dan Gritton19.2448th
Manjit Bedi20.1961st
Paul Thompson20.3265th
Aaron Browne20.3466th
Morgan Francis20.5271st
James Creed21.3677th
Spencer Evans21.5180th
Grant Conway22.3391st
Michael Wilson22.4293rd
Rebecca Young22.4918th
Fiona Day25.3035th
Diana Rexhepaj29.1949th
Finishers:- 124 men, 52 ladies. Times to be confirmed.

Regents Park 10km Winter Series - Sunday 2nd November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali44.3972nd
420 finishers.

Lode 11 mile half Marathon - Sunday 2nd November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price1.08.099th
Saheed Shabbir1.28.4798th
Maud Hodson1.29.35102nd
Russell reports: Entered two half marathons this year, one cancelled due to a foot of flowing water and today's cut short due to police breaking up a rave..
Personally I think it would have made a good cheer station..?
Need a half marathon before the end of the year as I've pb - ed at every other distance!

Billericay 10km - Sunday 2nd November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing40.1229th
Spencer Evans43.1372nd
575 finishers.

Thames Meander Marathon - Saturday 1st November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton3.26.4639th
322 finishers.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km Series - Event 2 - Saturday 1st November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth38.2510th
Sarah Burns55.15144th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 1st November 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.032nd 72.67% Oak Hill
Ciaran Canavan18.161st - 74.73% Wanstead
Patrick Brown18.221st 70.33% Walthamstow
James Wilson18.532nd - 70.91% Wanstead
Daniel Slipper19.093rd - 71.28% Wanstead
Russell Price19.296th - 66.38% Wanstead
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.3813th 63.89% Wanstead
Aaron Browne20.5617th 61.86% Valentine
James Creed21.2014th 61.80% Wanstead
James Nichols21.455th 59.62% Walthamstow
Katherine Harris22.0426th 67.52% Valentine
Richard Guest22.128th 61.94% Walthamstow
Derek Wright22.42 (with buggy)36th 61.53% Valentine
Lauren Kelly22.54 1st lady pb29th 64.63% Wanstead
Saheed Shabbir23.3542nd 54.98% Valentine
Bernadett Kalmar24.5240th 63.27% Wanstead
Dan Spinks27.09 (100th parkrun)55th 50.28% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj28.0663rd 56.52% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin30.1770th 51.57% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards30.24 (99th parkrun)71st 50.60% Wanstead
Russell Peters35.25Gunpowder
Kieran Brown40.44 (tail runner)85th 38.38% Wanstead
Caroline Meaby26.0758.58% Wanstead

Dublin Marathon - Monday 27th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter3:22:441,179th
Allan Todd3:24:501,304th

Stort 30 - Sunday 26th October 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Tanbir Jasimuddin5.20.00
Stort 30, Sunday 26th October - 30 miles (off road), 5hrs 20 mins (ish) - still waiting to official time to be posted on line, but I was just glad to be able to finish!

Having tasted the delights of ultra running at the Royal Parks ultra a couple of weeks ago, in my lunacy, I decided to throw myself into another one. It turns out that, relatively speaking, it was perfectly same as I was put to shame by a group of runners who had competed the Beechyhead marathon the day before.

It was a small, but well organised run, well marshalled with food stops every five miles, serving red bull cakes. The narrow paths made it hard to overtake and you could only go as fast as the people in front of you, although in my case, that didn't really make a difference.

The course itself was flat, but the conditions underfoot weren't great. There were a lot of muddy sections and stony sections which really took it out of the feet. I was glad to reach the last section of the race which was on Tarmac, even though it was uphill.

Sadly, the red bull cakes didn't give me wings so I had to stumble to the finish the old fashioned way.

After my second ultra in a matter of weeks, my legs aren't happy with me!

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 1 - Cheshunt - 26th October 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price31.0031st
James Nichols34.50106th
Shylesh Aravindan34.54107th
David Baldwin35.05110th
James Creed36.45149th
Emmet Fitzgibbon36.23143rd
Grant Conway39.35212th
Maud Hodson42.28262nd
Doug Mansell43.19279th
Sheila Kennedy46.41311th
366 finishers, 243 men & 123 ladies.

Marathon Toulouse Metropole - Sunday 26th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton2:51:10

Frankfurt Marathon - Sunday 26th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton2.55.11 pb425th

BUPA Great South Run - Sunday 26th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan59.40 pb85th
Kieran Brown1.19.17 pb2370th
Fiona Day1.27.52 pb5002nd
also Alex Day 65th in 58.22.

Old Deer Park Richmond Half Marathon - Sunday 26th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson1.34.0654th
Roisin Archer1.40.0292nd
400 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 25th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price18.113rd Valentine
John Booth18.531st Medina IOW
Gavin Stebbing19.105th Wanstead
Daniel Slipper19.156th Wanstead
Spencer Evans19.3115th Hackney
Shahib Miah Ali20.5012th Valentine
Claire Parker21.1226th Hackney
James Creed21.1916th Wanstead
Richard Guest21.332nd Walthamstow
Celia Payaneeandee23.08 (1st lady)28th Wanstead
Lauren Kelly23.20 (course pb)31st Wanstead
Saheed Shabbir23.26 (course pb)31st Valentine
Maran Raju23.5134th Valentine
Jamie Xavier24.0211th Walthamstow
Steven Bywater24.2046th Crystal Palace
Jason Levy24.4040th Valentine
Maud Hodson24.5042nd Wanstead
David Wyatt25.1068th Hackney
Jayne Browne27.2670th Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.0276th Wanstead
Maya Goodwin29.3887th Wanstead
Claire Emery32.22101st Wanstead
Dan Spinks25.14 (2nd claim)34th Harcourt
Quickest time of the week goes to Russell at Valentine's in 18.11 with John Booth's 1st place at Medina, Isle Of Wight in 18.53. Fastest lady was Claire at Hackney in 21.12. Celia was 1st lady (23.08) at Wanstead with Lauren 2nd in a course pb of 23.20.
Course pb at Valentine for Saheed Shabbir. Jamie was doing some very precise pacing at Walthamstow for 24 minutes with 24.02.Thanks to Bernadett & Patrick for volunteering this week. Finally a couple of members very close to there 100th run's with Sophie at 98 and Dan Spinks doing his 99th.
Where's the 100th going to be Dan?.

Curry Night - Thursday 24th October 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

ELVIS Final point's and placing's. - Thursday 23rd October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee12 pts1st Vet 35
Karen Levison14 pts1st Vt 45
Euan Brown15 pts1st Senior Men
Thomas Grimes19 pts2nd Senior Men
Patrick Brown28 pts3rd Senior Men
Mark Boulton35 pts4th Senior Men
Sharon Springfield37 pts3rd Vet 35
Claire Parker47 pts3rd Senior Ladies
Alex Bee48 pts6th Senior Men
Paula Bedford60 pts5th Vet 35
Ciaran Canavan66 pts3rd Vet 40
Laura Jenkin100 pts4th Senior Ladies
Russell Price104 pts10th Senior Men
Daniel Lee107 pts5th Vet 40
Manjit Bedi115 pts6th Vet 40
Fiona Day122 pts2nd Vet 55 Ladies
Andrew Baxter174 pts8th Vet 40
David Baldwin176 pts15th Senior Men
Paul Thompson185 pts9th Vet 40
Spencer Evans237 pts18th Senior Men
Caroline Moore242 pts6th Vet 45
Shailesh Patel243 pts10th Vet 40
Manjit Singh246 pts11th Vet 40
James Nichols253 pts19th Senior Men
Richard Guest262 pts12th Vet 40
Diana Rexhepaj266 pts8th Vet 45
Grant Conway338 pts14th Vet 40
James Creed339 pts21st Senior Men
Ramesh Pala383 pts7th Vet 50
Kieran Brown388 pts8th Vet 50
Jonathan Wooldridge393 pts15th Vet 40
Steven Bywater464 pts17th Vet 40
David Wyatt603 pts6th Vet 50

Chelmsford Marathon - Sunday 19th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roger Stubbs4. 47. 17646th
958 finishers.

Amsterdam Marathon - Sunday 19th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods3.51.40 pb4,639th (51st MV60)
12,197 finishers.

Mizuno Amsterdam Half Marathon - Sunday 19th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Wyatt2.11.5110,693
14,251 finishers.

Birmingham Half Marathon - Sunday 19th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater1.53.194177th
Saheed Shabbir1.54.424550th
14,551 finishers.

Cabbage Patch 10 - Sunday 19th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols1.13.28 pb391st 60.8%

Jill Oliver 10km, Edmonton - Sunday 19th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier46.3551st
229 finishers.

SEAA Cross Country Relays, Wormwood Scrubs - Saturday 18th October 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price17.2621st
Grant Conway21.2525th
Patrick Brown16.3520th
Paul Thompson18.4723rd of 31

Well done to our team at the South of England x country relay champs at Wormwood Scrubs today.

A quick and easy journey across town to White City on the central line to the race venue at the Linford Christie Stadium to register the team.
Russell Price led us off on the first leg, followed by yours truly, then Patrick Brown ran leg 3 and Paul Thompson brought us home. All the team gave it their all and I think we all had fast times over the 5k distance on a relatively flat course in a well organised event that gave us a chance to compete against some international athletes in a strong field.
Thanks to our 3 supporters as well, Julie Brown, her mum and beautiful baby Annalise. Next year we should try and field at least two teams. Grant.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 18th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.391st 74.32 Oak Hill
Patrick Brown17.592nd 71.83 Gladstone
Euan Brown17.001st 75.88 Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan18.484th 72.61 Wanstead
Alex Day18.12
Daniel Lee19.03 (1st parkrun)5th 74.45 Wanstead
Daniel Slipper19.067th 71.47 Wanstead
Stuart Kelly19.098th 67.54 Wanstead
Ava Lee20.33 (1st lady)12th 73.64 Wanstead
Lauren Kelly24.1037th 61.24 Wanstead
Maud Hodson24.4440th 62.67 Wanstead
Catherine Brett25.39 (50th parkrun)46th 64.59 Wanstead
Fiona Day25.5847th 70.67 Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj28.1569th 56.22 Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.4776th 53.45 Wanstead
Claire Emery36.09 (with kids)98th 43.52 Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar37.27 (with kids)101st 42.01 Wanstead
Andrew Baxter19.173rd 73.55 Valentine
Shahib Miah Ali21.218th 60.42 Valentine
Katherine Harris21.22 (1st lady)9th 69.73 Valentine
Derek Wright22.48 (with buggy)23rd 61.26 Valentine
Maran Raju23.3432nd 62.09 Valentine
Craig Livermore23.4133rd 54.47 Valentine
James Nichols21.453rd 59.62 Walthamstow
Richard Guest22.315th 61.07 Walthamstow
Maya Goodwin33.1441st 46.99 Walthamstow
Claire Parker22.2829th 65.88 Hackney
Gavin Stebbing19.1511th 70.91 Chelmsford
Saheed Shabbir25.32121st 50.78 Cannon Hill
Allan Todd18.49 (2nd claim)5th Woodley
Dan Spinks29.15 (2nd claim)74th Panshanger
Congratulations to Kate Brett on her 50th parkrun. Couldn't quite believe my eyes at parkrun when i saw not only Ava on her 2nd parkrun since May 13, but Danny as well on his first. 5 ELR's in the first 8 finishers with Alex Day in 2nd place also. 1st places for Euan & Ava , also Thomas at Oak Hill and Katherine at Valentine's. 10 runner's broke the 70% age grades. A slight finishing token's problem at Wanstead but think we sorted it out.

Royal Parks Ultra 50km Run - Sunday 12th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tanbir Jasimuddin5.21.19
Really enjoyed the run, the weather was perfect, the route was fairly flat, with a few lumps around Richmond, the off road sections took its toll. I faded quite badly after 30k and the last 10k was extremely painful!

Perkins Great Eastern Run 2014 - Sunday 12th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown1.15.4738th

Swindon Half Marathon - Sunday 12th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Moore2.07.07657th
950 finishers. I ran the Swindon Half Marathon in 2:07:07 chip time, Gun time 2:08:37, 657 out of 950 finishers. It was a scenic but hilly course, last hill nearly killed me.... Someone told me at mile 8 it is the 3rd toughest half marathon in this country, not sure if that is true but it definitely felt possible

The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon - Sunday 12th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen Cook4.16.28 debut1,005th
Well done to Helen who was running in her first marathon.
1,731 finishers.

Royal Parks Half Marathon - Sunday 12th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee1.22.00 pb61st
John Booth1.24.36 pb110th
Ava Lee1.29.10 pb336th
Saheb Yousefi1.34.12
Jonathan Wooldridge1.42.48 pb2,030th
John Healy1.44.422,395th
Jamie Xavier1.46.182,772nd
14,718 finishers.

Oxford Half Marathon - Sunday 12th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest1.36.10489th
4,461 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 11th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown17.53 (100th parkrun)1st Walthamstow
Thomas Grimes17.541st Oak Hill
Dan Gritton18.321st Valentines
Aaron Browne18.442nd Valentines
Andrew Baxter19.065th Valentines
Daniel Slipper19.142nd Wanstead
Stuart Kelly19.314th Carlisle
Spencer Evans20.012nd Beckton
Alex Day19.33 (course pb)
Alex Haward20.454th Walthamstow
Claire Parker20.55 (birthday girl)19th Hackney
Russell Peters21.0517th Gunpowder
Katherine Harris21.50 (1st lady)15th Valentines
Derek Wright22.44 (with buggy)20th Valentines
Celia Payaneeandee23.1127th Wanstead
Kieran Brown23.1328th Wanstead
Sheetal Dandgey23.23 (course pb)30th Wanstead
Lauren Kelly23.4140th Carlisle
Bernadett Kalmar24.11 (course pb)34th Wanstead
Steven Bywater24.1814th Walthamstow
Maud Hodson24.21 (100th parkrun)36th Wanstead
Maran Raju24.2336th Valentines
Fiona Day24.3737th Wanstead
Saheed Shabbir24.46201st Cannon Hill
David Wyatt25.1954th Hackney
Mary OBrien25.4055th Valentines
Diana Rexhepaj27.5112th Beckton
Maya Goodwin31.2551st Walthamstow
Claire Emery33.59 (with kids)91st Wanstead
Allan Todd18.13 pb (2nd claim)3rd Woodley
Dennis Sherwood25.39 (2nd claim)87th Panshanger
Dan Spinks26.43 (2nd claim)109th Gunnersbury
Congratulations to Patrick & Maud on reaching there 100 landmark.
Also to Kate Brett as parkrunner of the month at Wanstead Flats. First place finishes for Patrick, Thomas, Dan G & Katherine and 2nd places for Aaron, Dan S, Spencer & Birthday Girl... Claire Parker.
Course pb's at Wanstead for Sheetal & Bernadett and Maya does her tourist bit at Walthamstow. Among our 2nd claimer's Allan Todd did a 18.13 pb & Dennis continued his tourist runs at the 1st Panshanger parkrun near Ware & Hertford.
And finally parkrun have introduced a club rundown of all ELR's running round the country so that make's my job a lot easier and nowhere to hide.

Chingford League Fixture 1- Redbridge Cycle Track 5K, Hog Hill, Hainault. - Tuesday 7th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.22 course pb3rd
Patrick Brown17.03 course PB 7th
Thomas Grimes17.27 course PB 13th
Russell Price18.43 course PB 40th
Aaron Browne18.53 debut43rd
Dan Gritton19.06 debut45th
Manjit Bedi19.54 debut63rd
Daniel Slipper20.11 debut68th
Paul Thompson20.20 course PB 71st
Michael Wilson20.50 course PB 74th
Spencer Evans20.54 debut75th
Grant Conway22.0092nd
Kieran Brown22.15 course PB 99th
Jonathan Wooldridge22.23 course PB 100th
Claire Parker22.4119th
Maud Hodson24.22 course pb32nd
Fiona Day24.56 course PB 34th
Julie Creffield36.45 debut63rd
Men's Senior team 4th and Vets team 5th (out of 11).
Women's Senior Team 7th and Vets team 7th (out of 11).

Total of 130 Men, 58 Women and a number of non-scoring guest runners.

Copped Hall 5 mile - Sunday 5th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy47.29

Southend 10k Classic - Sunday 5th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing38.45 pb44th
972 finishers.

River Thames Half Marathon - Sunday 5th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd1.28.51 (2nd claim)47th

Mablethorp Marathon - Sunday 5th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi2.49.594th , 1st V40

MBNA Chester Marathon - Sunday 5th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gareth Jones3.39.23 (debut)729th
2422 finishers. Excellent debut marathon from Gavin.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km Series - Event 1 - Saturday 4th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth38.559th
Sarah Burns50.1543rd
101 finishers.

parkrun - all venue's (10th Birthday) - Saturday 4th October 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.521st Wanstead
Claire Emery32.13269th Bramhall
Patrick Brown18.441st Walthamstow
Daniel Slipper19.024th Wanstead
Aaron Browne19.1110th Valentine's
Russell Price19.215th Wanstead
Stuart Kelly19.287th Wanstead
Spencer Evans19.574th Beckton
Richard Guest21.033rd Walthamstow
Claire Parker21.29 (1st lady)25th Hackney
Celia Payaneeandee22.3130th Wanstead
Sharon Springfield22.3933rd Wanstead
Derek Wright23.03 (with buggy)26th Valentine's
Jamie Xavier23.2015th Walthamstow
Lauren Kelly23.2941st Wanstead
Kieran Brown23.3122nd Walthamstow
Suzanne Bench23.5946th Wanstead
Maud Hodson24.3248th Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar24.5949th Wanstead
Catherine Brett25.3354th Wanstead
Fiona Day25.4522nd Walthamstow
Felicity Price-Thomas25.4760th Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj27.15 pb19th Beckton
Sophie Edwards28.5279th Wanstead
Maya Goodwin30.0589th Wanstead
Julie Creffield33.10119th Hackney
Thomas Grimes17.342nd Oak Hill
Paula Bedford21.5824th Whitstable
Allan Todd19.25 (2nd claim)10th Woking
Dennis Sherwood24.43 (2nd claim)605th Bushy
Dan Spinks26.24 (2nd claim)837th Bushy

ELVIS 7 : Valentine Park 5km - Sunday 28th September 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.203rd
Thomas Grimes17.015th
Patrick Brown17.067th
Manjit Bedi18.0412th
James Wilson18.1614th
Russell Price18.1715th
Aaron Browne18.27 (course pb)19th
Daniel Lee18.5524th
Mark Wyatt18.5825th
Karen Levison19.21 pb30th : 1st Female
Joseph Browne19.3433rd
Paul Thompson19.3634th
Shylesh Aravindan19.38 (elr debut)35th
Spencer Evans19.38 pb36th
David Baldwin19.4438th
Ava Lee20.0842nd : 3rd female
Shailesh Patel20.1143rd
Saheb Yousefi20.1244th
James Nichols20.2648th
Sylvia Brown20.32 (elr debut)51st : 4th female
Peter Hatley20.35 pb53rd
Chris Bull20.4254th
Richard Guest21.0561st
Claire Parker21.1565th : 8th female
Paula Bedford21.4072nd
Craig Livermore21.5575th
Kieran Brown21.5876th
Grant Conway22.2182nd
Richard Potter22.2383rd
Katherine Jones22.24 pb84th
Ramesh Pala22.2585th
Fiona Rutland22.36 (elr debut)87th
Roger Stubbs23.1197th
Steven Bywater23.1598th
Sheetal Dandgey23.22 pb?99th
Claire Emery23.37100th
Celia Payaneeandee23.44103rd
Jason Levy23.57107th
Fiona Day24.10113th
Doug Mansell24.28114th
Maud Hodson24.34115th
Bernadett Kalmar25.09122nd
Joanna Graham25.31133rd
Caroline Moore26.46144th
Diana Rexhepaj27.51156th
Maya Goodwin29.45167th
Sophie Edwards30.04168th
Tina Nieman da Costa32.22182nd
200 finishers.

Please see Race Results here. here

Claire, Karen, Ava and Sylvia after the race!

The ELR members who were in Valentines Park early on Sunday morning to set up the course and the race were thankful that the fine September weather had remained overnight. There was no wind and a high temperature for early morning. By the time the race had started the sun was out and there were plenty of hot perspiring runners crossing the finishing line later.

This race was the 7th and last in the ELVIS Race Series 2014 and once again female runners from east London Runners dominated for the Ladies and Ilford AC for the Men. Both these teams were to win the overall ELVIS 2014 Team races.

Individually for ELR Karen Levison was 1st Female overall in a pb time of 19.21 and Ava Lee 3rd. Sylvia Brown making her competitive debut for ELR had a great race too. The mens race saw Iford AC have a one two with ELR' Euan Brown in a creditable 3rd place.

With 48 runners finishing for ELR we were once again the largest team competing and as can be see in the results all had fine performances.

Special thanks go to all of those from ELR who helped to plan and organise the race both beforehand and on the day. We also again thank Martin Clarke of Ilford AC for his help and guidance.

There was a great turnout of runners and helpers from ELR and it was especially great to see the children having fun in both helping and in their own race after the main event.

The full ELVIS 2014 results will be availble soon and will be published separately together with reports from our ELVIS Captains Ninette Fernandes and Grant Conway.

Please see Race Results here. here ELR Members results can also be seen in our Results Page on this website.

Saints & Sinners Half Marathon, Boulder City, Nevada - Sunday 28th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton1.18.333rd
606 finishers.

Henley Half Marathon Trail Run - Sunday 28th September 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Roisin Archer1.35.20 2nd Lady14th
Michael Wilson 1.41.3923rd
157 finishers.

Mike: Congratulations to Roisin who won a trophy for finishing 2nd lady. A great run on a tricky course. This was a stunning half marathon, set on a beautiful part of The River Thames in Henley.
Roisin reports: Very chuffed, my first trophy. Not a PB but pretty happy with 1.35 considering it was a trail. Lots of hills, uneven terrain and gates etc. to contend with. Vino definitely on the menu tonight!

PZU Warsaw Marathon - Sunday 28th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sean Richardson2.52.5161st

Berlin Marathon - Sunday 28th September 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan2.42.00 pb219th
Mark Boulton2.52.19 pb558th
Carlton DSouza3.20.35 pb3486th
Emmet Fitzgibbon4.07.4513,520th
Ninette Fernandes4.52.38

Loch Ness Marathon - Sunday 28th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Cooper4.58.131993rd
Wayne Kelly5.12.242121st
Wayne Kelly reports: My debut marathon mini report. Lochness marathon. The day started at 5.30 am. Breakfast in the hotel then off to bougt park, Inverness to get the coach which transported us to the start near Fort William. We were dropped off in the middle of nowhere about an hour before the 10am start. 4000 people at the start waiting for the off. A bit cold but dry. First few miles were down hill. Tried not to go off too fast. Course was very undulating, some hills larger than others. The course took us down to the east side of the loch for 20 miles. Tried to keep to a 10 minute pace, which was working until 16 miles. Then each mile after took a little longer. The hills were starting to take their toll. At 20 miles hit the largest hill which went on for a mile. Had to walk for that. The rest of the run consisted of some slow running and walking until the finish back at bougt park, Inverness. My time was 5.12:24 for the lochness marathon.

Ealing Half Marathon - Sunday 28th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton1.18.5231st 75.58%
Jamie Xavier1.49.28558th 53.33%
Dan Spinks1.50.43 (2nd claim)1340th 54.82%
Haresh Mulchandani1.55.351845th 51.8%
Katrina Dixon2.06.27
Paul Quinton reports: I ran Ealing half marathon this morning. A very well organised race and very well supported by the locals who were out in their numbers cheering on the runners and handing out much needed oranges and sweets in the last few miles. An undulating course so maybe not PB potential but still a great race all round, definitely recommend it. My unofficial time, 78:54. Great to see all the ELR results from the marathons coming in, inspirational stuff!!

Paris to Versailles Grand Classique - Sunday 28th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jonathan Wooldridge1.22.06 pb

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 27th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Kelly19.14 (course pb)1st Wanstead
Regis Martin19.31 pb4th Wanstead
Celia Payaneeandee22.21 (2nd lady)15th Wanstead
Fiona Day24.3542nd Wanstead
Paula Bedford25.0950th Wanstead
Andrea Waller25.1051st Wanstead
Catherine Brett25.1052nd Wanstead
Jayne Browne28.0877th Wanstead
Claire Emery33.02102nd Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar33.05104th Wanstead
Harsh Pershad34.14110th Wanstead
Maud Hodson45.50 (tailrunner)119th Wanstead
Katherine Harris21.34 (1st lady)7th Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali21.5210th Valentines
Derek Wright22.35 (with buggy)18th Valentines
Saheed Shabbir24.0933rd Valentines
Abdirahman Adan25.46 (course pb)54th Valentines
Jason Levy27.3874th Valentines
Richard Guest21.154th Walthamstow
Steven Bywater38.33 (tailrunner)67th Walthamstow
Russell Peters21.1511th Gunpowder
Claire Parker21.1918th Hackney
Dan Spinks27.58 (2nd claim)123rd Banbury

sss - 21st September 2014


Bristol Half Marathon - Sunday 21st September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.19.55 pb91st 83.10%

Finsbury Park 10km - Sunday 21st September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway49.3724th
91 finishers.

Resolution 10k Hyde Park - Sunday 21st September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater46.38 pb42nd
214 finishers

Pleshey & Essex Half Marathon - Sunday 21st September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee1:23:2929th
Patrick Brown1:23:5430th
Andrew Baxter1:26:4946th
Ava Lee1:30:4177th (5th lady)
Also life member Simon Morgan running for Tiptree Road Runners - 91.40 (81st) and second claim member Dennis Sherwood -1.48.00 (225th).

403 finishers.

Ava Lee reports: Really enjoyed the race today. Maybe one of my all time favourites. Thanks a lot for getting us there and back Andrew Baxter. Lovely to see Patrick and Julie too. Very friendly, well organised, lovely route through the Essex countryside. Would thoroughly recommend to other ELRs for next year. Oh, forgot to mention the post race massages, good post race T shirt, home baking and bacon rolls. What more can you ask for!

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 20th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson18.333rd Wanstead
Stuart Kelly19.32 (1st parkrun)6th Wanstead
Daniel Slipper19.357th Wanstead
Derek Wright22.12 (150th parkrun)20th Wanstead
Celia Payaneeandee22.32 (1st lady)24th Wanstead
Kieran Brown23.2729th Wanstead
Lauren Kelly23.5233rd Wanstead
Sarah Burns24.0336th Wanstead
Suzanne Bench24.5737th Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.0340th Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.5049th Wanstead
Fiona Day26.0952nd Wanstead
Catherine Brett26.1153rd Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas26.2056th Wanstead
Emiko Priest31.2281st Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.2582nd Wanstead
Claire Emery34.0087th Wanstead
Mark Boulton16.574th Hackney
John Booth18.17 (course pb)6th Mile End
Aaron Browne18.453rd Valentines
Patrick Brown18.471st Walthamstow
Spencer Evans20.069th Valentines
Saheed Shabbir23.40 (course pb)26th Valentines
Jamie Xavier23.4613th Walthamstow
Craig Livermore23.4927th Valentines
Diana Rexhepaj27.35 (course pb)20th Beckton

Cooper Test : Track Night - Monday 15th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Wyatt3300
Daniel Lee3250
Daniel Slipper3110
Ava Lee3100
Dan Gritton3100
Spencer Evans3050
Shailesh Patel3050
Paul Thompson3050
Grant Conway2850
Jason Levy2790
Jonathan Wooldridge2790
Maud Hodson2680
Laura Owen2050
Natalie Powell2000
Morag Campbell1900
James Horgan 3150 Maura Barrett 2000 Alex Brown 2500 Lucy Leddy 2750

If you are looking for a simple way to assess your fitness you will find that you can easily determine your VO2 max with the 12 minute Cooper Test.

VO2max is considered the best way to measure cardio fitness, so a simple test that anyone can do is to be welcomed.

Buttermere Open Water Swim 10km - Sunday 15th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns3.57.0164th
That was the most horrific thing i have ever done. 10k swim with 3 tea and cake stops took a never ending 3hrs 58mins. I've never wanted to quit anything quite so badly. But the aim was to complete it so proud to say job done.

London Duathlon Ultra - Sunday 14th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tanbir Jasimuddin5.59.42
Run 1(20km) 1.50.59, T1 2.03, Bike(80km) 2.56.48, T2 4.51, Run 2(10km) 1.05.01

Tough but enjoyable day out, delighted to have finally done this in under six hours. Tough bike conditions as there was a really strong headwind which, at one point, was taking between 5 and 10 miles per hour off my bike speed on the Roehampton end of Richmond Park.

I now have just under a month to recover in time for the Royal Parks ultra!

Eton Dorney HSBC Olympic Distance Triathlon Relay - Sunday 14th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jayne Browne56.23 pb
Paul Browne 1 mile swim 37.29, T1 1.28, Dave Chapman : Cycle - 1.33.50, T2 1.21,and Jayne Browne 10km - 56.23 - Total 3.10.31.

Chesterfield and Derbyshire Marathon - Sunday 14th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Hatley3:26:2435th
332 Finishers

Tallina Half Marathon, Estonia - Sunday 14th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1.17.1319th
Kieran Brown1.48.53829th
Fiona Day1.53.461.052nd

Run To The Beat 10km, Wembley - Sunday 14th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier48.18

Ingatestone 5m - Sunday 14th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Gritton30.179th( 2nd V40)
Gavin Stebbing31.4620th
133 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 13th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karen Levison20.03 (1st lady)8th 81.63% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan16.54 pb5th 80.77% Hackney
Sharon Springfield20.58 (1st lady)19th 73.37% Wanstead
Thomas Grimes17.543rd 73.28% Grovelands
Daniel Slipper18.58 course pb6th 71.97% Wanstead
John Booth18.15 course pb1st 71.87 Beckton
James Wilson18.494th 70.95% Wanstead
Frank Brownlie 23.2337th 70.42% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench23.3842nd 70.10% Wanstead
Aaron Browne18.35 course pb2nd 69.69% Valentines
Katherine Harris21.34 (2nd lady)15th 69.09% Valentines
Amadeus Furlong19.114th 67.25% Valentines
Catherine Brett25.0358th 66.13% Wanstead
Spencer Evans19.58 course pb7th 64.61% Valentines
Celia Payaneeandee23.0534th 64.12% Wanstead
Lauren Kelly23.24 (1st parkrun)38th 63.25% Wanstead
Derek Wright22.49 (with buggy)19th 61.21% Valentines
Steven Bywater24.0515th 60.76% Walthamstow
Jason Levy23.3730th 59.14% Valentines
Craig Livermore22.2118th 57.72% Valentines
Diana Rexhepaj28.0716th 56.49% Beckton
Sophie Edwards27.4485th 55.47% Wanstead
Saheed Shabbir23.46 course pb32nd 54.56% Valentines
Abdirahman Adan26.28 course pb63rd 53.15% Valentines
Don Bennett29.19 (50th parkrun)95th 52.42% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin30.36102nd 51.03% Wanstead
Claire Emery32.38115th 48.21% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar32.29111th 48.08% Wanstead
At Wanstead someone ran through finish line after only 1 lap so after James & Dan most Wanstead times should be the one after your recorded times. May be corrected later in week.

Great North Run 2014 - Sunday 7th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Kelly1.26.33417th
Alex Bee1.27.12451st
Lauren Kelly1.52.277556th
Helen Cook1.57.4510,504th

Cheltenham Half Marathon - Sunday 7th September 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
William Pearce1.27.4180th
2944 finishers.

Maidenhead Half Marathon - Sunday 7th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd1.31.58 (2nd claim)256th
1666 finishers

Regents Park 10km Summer Series - Sunday 7th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols43.43108th
522 finishers

Foster's Law Kent Coastal Marathon - Sunday 7th September 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson3.47.3652nd
202 finishers.

parkruns - Saturday 6th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16:181st Wanstead
Patrick Brown17:163rd Wanstead
Dan Gritton18:09 pb5th Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan18:183rd Barking
Russell Price18.198th Poole
Thomas Grimes18.411st Grovelands
Daniel Slipper19:07 pb9th Wanstead
Andrew Baxter19:156th Barking
Amadeus Furlong19:234th Valentines
Aaron Browne19:396th Valentines
Spencer Evans20:14 pb7th Valentines
Regis Martin20:3114th Wanstead
Sharon Springfield20:43 1st Lady15th Wanstead
James Creed20:56 pb20th Wanstead
Richard Guest21:224th Walthamstow
Katherine Harris21:26 1st Lady12th Valentines
Paula Bedford21:27 2nd Lady31st Hackney Marshes
Dan Spinks21.27 (2nd claim)38th Horsham
Derek Wright22:32 with buggy20th Valentines
Frank Brownlie 23:4026th Valentines
Jason Levy23;43 (50th parkrun)28th Valentines
Jamie Xavier23:4421st Walthamstow
Kieran Brown23:5146th Wanstead
Fiona Day24;2754th Wanstead
Maud Hodson24:2955th Wanstead
Steven Bywater24:3226th Walthamstow
Suzanne Bench24:3956th Wanstead
Celia Payaneeandee25:0558th Wanstead
Andrea Waller25:2564th Wanstead
Catherine Brett27.2481st Wanstead
Abdirahman Adan27:34 1st parkrun78th Valentines
Jayne Browne27:3982nd Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj27:4483rd Wanstead
Don Bennett28.5778th Andover
Emiko Priest31:22106th Wanstead
Claire Emery32:21114th Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar34:14119th Wanstead
Julie Creffield38:38123rd Wanstead

LGN Inter-Advertising 5K - Thursday 04th September 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan17:215

Hokkaido Marathon, Japan - Sunday 31st August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods4.29.585,917th
Arrived at the start area this morning with about 30 minutes to spare , weather was already quite hot and was forecast to get to 27 Celsius by noon with no cloud cover , so with that in mind , I had already resigned myself to a slower time that I would otherwise have expected , if running in Europe , also I had been placed in the last corral (F).
The previous Day I had come down to the expo to collect my running number and timing chip , whilst there I found some stats from previous years events , for instance the completion rate in 2006 was only 52.4% and averaged only 81% in the years up to the present , that's a lot of DNF,s.
Just before race start , I waited in the Queue to use the toilet , however when I came out everyone had gone and my corral had been closed and had moved forward.
I was directed to use the corral behind (G) which were the fun runners , who start directly after all the marathon runners have left and follow the marathon course for about the first 10K.
The course itself consists of a Single 10K loop , followed by an almost straight out and back for the remainder.
The first 10K were really slow as There was no way of getting past the many thousands of fun runners in front of me , so rather than try to weave in and out and suffer the consequences later on in the race , I just went along with there pace until they branched off and found my self with more space - lots more space as I had almost the whole marathon field in front of me.
As 10K turned into 15K , I began to feel the heat of the Sun as the temperature increased and tried to run in whatever shade became available. But as I began to reel in ever increasing numbers of back markers , everyone wanted to run in shade creating yet more congestion.
During the middle section of the race , from around 17 to 34 there was no shade as we ran along a wide straight dual carriageway to the 25k mark where we U turned back and headed back to Sapporo and although at this point the was a lot more room to run , the heat was beginning to take it,s toll on the runners and the pace began to slow , with many walking now.
On the way back we could see the other runners heading up to the turn and before long a truck was coming along taking runners off the course as there is a quite severe time limit of 5 Hours and another reason why so many do not finish , so a bit of a double edged sword with the heat to contend with as well.
The remaining 8K was ran through narrower roads and a few Kms through a park which led on to the final 1.5 km through the Town Centre to the finish in Odori Park where we started.
The course was fairly flat with only about 3 small hills going over bridges to deal with.
Reasons to be cheerful :
My time of 4hrs 29min 58sec was favourably comparable with other hot weather marathons that I have completed in the past ie :- Bangkok , Singapore.
I managed to run (albeit rather slowly) the whole distance from start to finish , without walking at any point - a first for a hot weather marathon.
My finishing position of 5,917th meant I must have passed approx 7,000 runners during the race , as I started in last position and there were 13,000 starters.

Amsterdam next up.

Putney & Fulham Riverside Half Marathon - Sunday 31st August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.19.394th , 1st vet 40
Mark Boulton1.19.59 pb5th
Paul Thompson1.34.4371st
Carlton DSouza1.36.3786th
James Creed1.40.21105th
323 finishers.

UFD Dance Half Marathon, Hackney Marshes - Sunday 31st Aug 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Laura Jenkin1.59.00tbc

Malmesbury Carnival 10km - Saturday 30th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Moore57.15149th
227 finishers. Caroline reports:- This race was important to me, as I entered for it when I took up running again after a 2 year break, and I found reading posts on this group really helped motivate me to get back into running and do things to sort out my injuries. At the time I entered I could hardly run a mile, and it shows how good it is to have goals. The Malmesbury 10k was a hilly but very beautiful course so I'm pleased with the time. Sadly they've just postponed the Malmesbury half marathon to next Spring.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 30th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.451st 69.96% Grovelands
Manjit Singh20.38 (50th parkrun)14th 66.16% Valentine
Katherine Harris21.20 (1st lady)20th 69.34% Valentine
Derek Wright22.56 (with buggy)25th 60.90% Valentine
Jason Levy23.30 (course pb)31st 59.43% Valentine
Julie Greene27.5477th 61.59% Valentine
Patrick Brown22.09 (pacer)5th 58.31% Walthamstow
Richard Guest22.146th 61.84% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater24.1617th 60.30% Walthamstow
Laura Jenkin23.0139th 64.30% Hackney
Russell Peters22.0514th 60.91% Gunpowder
Samuel Browne24.4488th 52.16% Torrens AUS
Dan Gritton18.26 (course pb)3rd 74.59% Wanstead
Daniel Slipper19.206th 70.60% Wanstead
Gavin Stebbing19.247th 70.36% Wanstead
Spencer Evans19.52 (course pb)11th 64.93% Wanstead
Regis Martin20.0312th 68.58% Wanstead
James Creed21.2020th 61.80% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield21.22 (1st lady)21st 72.00% Wanstead
Andy Jenkins21.5323rd 60.62% Wanstead
Celia Payaneeandee23.3332nd 62.85% Wanstead
Kieran Brown25.0346th 61.88% Wanstead
Fiona Day25.4653rd 71.22% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.5056th 60.00% Wanstead
Andrea Waller26.2860th 57.18% Wanstead
Catherine Brett26.4562nd 61.93% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin29.3782nd 52.73% Wanstead
Don Bennett30.1089th 50.94% Wanstead
Tina Nieman da Costa30.1991st 53.44% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar30.5093rd 56.65% Wanstead
Claire Emery33.1297th 47.39% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards36.47108th 41.82% Wanstead
Julie Creffield38.07113th 39.35% Wanstead
Allan Todd20.30 (2nd claim)6th 66.10% Colby
Dan Spinks25.59 (2nd claim)66th 52.53% Bedfont Lakes

ELVIS 6 : Barking Park 5km - Monday 25th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown16.41 pb5th (16.58)
Thomas Grimes16.456th
Ciaran Canavan17.2411th
Manjit Bedi17.43 pb14th
Russell Price18.3426th (21.13)
Aaron Browne18.4230th
Daniel Slipper19.0734th
Andrew Baxter19.1135th
Shailesh Patel19.27 pb40th (19.31)
Paul Thompson19.32 pb42nd
David Baldwin19.4547th (19.55)
Karen Levison19.4748th
Spencer Evans20.0651st
Manjit Singh20.1655th (21.23)
James Nichols20.2559th
James Creed21.01 pb70th
Carlton DSouza21.0372nd
Sharon Springfield21.1076th (21.18)
Richard Guest21.1277th
Katherine Harris21.16 =pb79th
Jonathan Wooldridge21.2283rd
Kieran Brown22.21100th
Sarah Burns22.37105th (23.28)
Jason Levy23.19117th
Fiona Day23.29 pb121st (24.31)
Claire Emery23.40122nd
Maud Hodson24.19135th (25.33)
Doug Mansell25.15143rd
Laura Jenkin25.40147th
David Wyatt25.45148th
Caroline Moore26.31 pb159th
Diana Rexhepaj27.31 pb168th (29.48)
Dave Knight27.34169th
Tina Nieman da Costa29.58187th
Last years times in brackets.

Bollington 10km - Sunday 24th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Morag Campbell1.11.24264th
293 finishers.

Brixton 10km, Brockwell Park - Sunday 24th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier47.4889th
John Healy48.5097th
260 finishers.

Adelaide Half Marathon - Sunday 24th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne1.27.3528th - 67.61%
973 finishers, Sam arrived on Thursday and ran 1.27.35 in the Adelaide Half Marathon with an age grade of 67.61% ranking him 4th in his age grade 20 - 24.
Second place in the half went to Steve Moneghetti in 1.15.31, age grade 89.43% (50 - 54)

parkrun : Torrens, South Australia - Saturday 23rd August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne19.1813th - 66.84%

Thames Meander Half Marathon - Saturday 23rd August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roisin Archer1.39.0948th
Helen Cook1.55.17113th
268 finishers. Roisin writes: Hi. Did the Thames Meander Half on Saturday. Only a small event but really nice route up the thames paths from Kingston area to Kew and back. Off road with some uneven surfaces but pretty flat course. Only down sides were very few marshals and no mile markers. Plus paths (some quite narrow) are still open to the public so lots of weaving in and out to avoid collisions and slows you down a bit. Nice race though with some lovely views along the way. If anyone fancies it there is a winter one lined up for November 1st and still open for entries.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 23rd August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Browne19.134th 69.38% Wanstead
Gavin Stebbing19.325th 69.97% Wanstead
Regis Martin20.029th 68.64% Wanstead
Kieran Brown22.4825th 67.98% Wanstead
Sarah Burns22.5626th 65.99% Wanstead
Celia Payaneeandee23.3732nd 62.67% Wanstead
Sheetal Dandgey23.50 (course pb)34th 62.10% Wanstead
Fiona Day23.57 pb36th 76.62% Wanstead
Maud Hodson24.0737th 64.27% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj28.0159th 56.69% Wanstead
Tina Nieman da Costa30.3763rd 52.91% Wanstead
Derek Wright22.51 (with buggy)20th 61.12% Valentines
Jason Levy24.1832nd 57.48% Valentines
Saheed Shabbir24.23 (course pb)34th 53.18% Valentines
Peter Rains25.3848th 60.99% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan18.042nd 75.55% Hackney
Aaron Browne18.173rd 69.56% Hackney
Patrick Brown21.055th 61.26% Walthamstow
Richard Guest21.086th 65.06% Walthamstow
Julie Creffield34.00 (course pb)103rd 44.12% Mile End
Russell Peters22.3623rd 59.51% Gunpowder
Allan Todd19.38 (2nd claim)Frimley Lodge
Dan Spinks27.39 (2nd claim)99th 49.37% Banstead Woods

Strandloop Oostende 9km, Belgium - Friday 22nd August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.556th - 3rd age cat

Isle of Wight Half Marathon - Sunday 17th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Day2.02.23 (1st V55)208th (44th lady)
also Alex Day 10th in 1.23.00.

Tough Mudder - Sunday 17th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Julie Creffield4.30ish
Natalie Powell4.30ish
Read Julie's report here - toofattorun.co.uk/tough-mudder-2014/#

Roseland August Trail : Red Rat route from Portloe to Porthpean - Saturday 16th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter3.53.5422nd
Andrew's report:
My race report from Roseland August Trail (R.A.T.) Red route (20 miles). Apologies for a rather lengthy self-indulgent write up but I know (hope) some of you like a detailed report!!

This race was too good an opportunity to miss – sitting in the middle of a fortnight’s holiday to Cornwall and coinciding with the need to get a 20 miler in as part of my build up to Dublin Marathon in late October.

Arrived at the event village early Saturday morning for registration, kit check and pre-race safety briefing. Then at 9.30am, after a quick goodbye to family, we were whisked off by coach to the tiny fishing village of Portloe – walking the final mile, as the roads became too narrow for the coaches, to what has to be the most scenic start for a race ever; on the slip way into the crystal clear waters of this cove.

Excitement built as the first green (64 mile) and black (32 mile) route runners came through as we waited for the start at 11am – I couldn’t believe how good the green runners looked considering they’d been out since midnight and already had 40 odd miles on the clock, absolutely awe inspiring.

Then it was our turn – no time at all to ease into things, with a tough climb up out of the village and on to the cliff tops, that set the tone for the rest of the route. Lots of stopping and starting at this point as the field settled down with very limited space to overtake, including the green and black route runners we’d been cheering minutes before (although they very generously stepped aside, and offered encouragement, whenever they could to let us through).

A few miles in and I started to settle into things, resigning myself to fact that they’d be no easy miles to tick off on this one, and even began to enjoy myself – getting into a rhythm of power walking the worst inclines and making the most of the less steep of the descents and limited amounts of less hilly terrain to up the pace and run steady wherever I could.

Veryan Bay passed with puzzled looks and applause from holiday makers in some of the, up until now, most secluded of beaches. Then on and up over Dodman Point – I knew this would be a tough one from the course instructions, but it was ok and cruising down the other side towards Gorran Haven I felt very strong. Into Gorran, and the first checkpoint and huge cheers from white (11 mile) route runners waiting for their start. Quick glug of water and up and out the other side – still feeling good at this point, even time to dwell on an early childhood memory of playing in the rock pools here, as I passed the beach and headed up towards Chapel Point.

Then out of the blue, about 12 miles in, things got very tough – started to
feel very heavy legged and had to force myself to start running again at the
top of the climbs, not helped by it now being my turn to step-aside as fresh
legged white start runners came past (hopefully I showed the same grace that
green and black route runners had shown me what felt an age ago). I felt
progressively worse as we hit a bit of tarmac going into Portmellon, and then
down into Mevagissey I started to struggle in the heat with the sun reflecting
off the white buildings, and looked enviously at the families eating ice cream
and enjoying cold beers on the harbour wall (I’m supposed to be on holiday too,
why am I doing this?). Was a horrible slog for the next few miles, feet were
burning and I was really battling the demons in my head, until, out of nowhere
I’m in Pentewan and at the final checkpoint.

Decided to take a bit of time out here – stretching legs and making the most of the huge range of refreshments available. A coke(!), some water melon, an orange and an ice pop must have done the trick as suddenly 5 miles didn’t seem such a long way to the finish, and despite these being incredibly tough with one relentless climb after another with equally as tricky stepped descents, I started to find a new albeit slower, rhythm. I was even passing one or two of the white route runners who’d overtaken me a hour or so earlier.

Finally we got the cry from a marshall to turn inland and that there was only half a mile a go – so what if it was all steep up hill, by now I didn’t expect anything less and wasn’t going stop – even picking up a few places along the way and managing a wave, as I crossed the line, to family who’d had their own endurance event patiently waiting five and a half hours for me to return. What dedication from them.

Final time 3.53.54. 22nd place (bit of confusion as listed 18th in initial results but really doesn’t matter) in what is by far the hardest event I’ve ever done.

Absolutely brilliant from start to finish, superb organisation, great camaraderie out on the course and, best of all, a unique way to experience some truly fantastic parts of the Cornish coastline.

One I’d recommend to all ELRs whether it be the 11 miler, the 20 or, for certain club members who think nothing of silly distances, the 32 or 64 mile runs!

parkrun - all venue's (age grades) - Saturday 16th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan17.505th 76.54% Barking
Patrick Brown16.592nd 76.05% Barking
Fiona Day25.3374th 71.82% Medina IOW
Mark Boulton18.072nd 71.39% Walthamstow
Sharon Springfield21.40 (1st lady)18th 71.00% Wanstead
Euan Brown18.131st 70.81% Wanstead
Russell Price18.24 (course pb)6th 70.20% Barking
Katherine Harris21.16 (pb & 1st lady)15th 70.06% Valentine
Gavin Stebbing19.274th 69.67% Brockemhurst
Aaron Browne18.537th 68.58% Valentine
Allan Todd19.59 (2nd claim)24th 67.81% Woking
Peter Rains23.3930th 66.10% Valentine
Spencer Evans19.5211th 64.93% Barking
Derek Wright22.03 (with buggy)17th 63.34% Valentine
Celia Payaneeandee23.1923rd 63.47% Wanstead
Julie Greene27.08 (course pb)64th 63.33% Valentine
Richard Guest21.468th 63.17% Walthamstow
Maud Hodson24.4230th 62.75% Wanstead
Dan Spinks21.52 (2nd claim)46th 62.42% Woking
Steven Bywater24.11 (course pb)23rd 60.51% Walthamstow
Russell Peters23.2026th 57.64% Gunpowder
Jamie Xavier23.3421st 57.07% Walthamstow
Diana Rexhepaj27.5651st 56.86% Wanstead
Tina Nieman da Costa29.5765th 54.09% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.2562nd 52.29% Wanstead
Don Bennett46.08 (tailrunner)76th 33.31% Wanstead
Thought this week I would have a focus on age grades with 8 runners breaking the 70% barrier. Ciaran Canavan tops the table with his debut at Barking with Patrick, Spencer debuting also with Russell all finishing in the top 11. Fiona on holidays on the Isle of Wight was top lady with 71.82%, also nearly became first finisher at Wanstead with a barcode mix-up with Euan.
Katherine Harris broke last week's 22.00 minute's, this time paced by a few male runners she was 1st lady in 21.16 moving up to 2nd placed ELR lady at Valentine's. Also her 5th pb in 6 weeks.
Gavin was away at Brockenhurst also two 2nd claim members Allan & Dan were at the inaugural Woking parkrun. Good to see Peter Rains back at Valentine's after nearly 6 months off. Course pb by Steve Bywater at Walthamstow, perhaps a chase by a certain Julie Bywater one place behind pushed him to a pb. Nine days to ELVIS 6.

Marathon Talk Magic Mile 2014 - Sunday 27th July to 10th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes4.5576.7%
Russell Price5.1870.1%
Shailesh Patel5.4572.6%
Spencer Evans5.5263.1%
Jason Levy6.2263.1%
Grant Conway6.2564.0%
Katherine Harris6.3564.5%
Maud Hodson6.5265.9%
Frank Brownlie 6.5368.8%
Fiona Day7.0277.8%
Sheila Kennedy7.5866.8%
Don Bennett8.0255.0%
Maya Goodwin8.1455.6%
Sean Richardson5.05
Aaron Browne5.16
Adrian Perera5.23
James Creed5.57
Peter Hatley5.57
Shahib Miah Ali6.08
Catherine Kaar7.00
Kate Buranska7.20
Katrina Dixon7.36
Tina Nieman da Costa9.00
Morag Campbell9.30

Prudential Ride London : 86 miles - Sunday 10th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns4.26.03
Tanbir Jasimuddin4.33.36
Jonathan Wooldridge5.14.11
Regis Martin5.16.33
Tanbir reports:-The weather conditions were horrific, I couldn't see a thing at one point, I had someone go into to the back of me at Newlands Corner - slightly painful but no damage done and managed to make it through the shortened sections to the end in 4hrs 33mins.

Sarah reports:- Big thanks to the guys that volunteered and got us the ballot place. Two of the big hills were dropped due to the weather which was totally sensible as the weather was biblical at time. Proper soggy bottom. X

Pride 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 9th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan36.4419th - 75.8%
Jamie Xavier45.51199th - 58.94%
Molly Pinkus49.48316th - 49.48%
785 finishers. also Lance Fuller 50.54.

parkrun - all venue's. - Saturday 9th August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton17.153rd 74.98% Hackney
Thomas Grimes17.17 (course pb)1st 75.89% Grovelands
Dan Gritton18.372nd 73.86% Wanstead
Russell Price18.373rd 69.38% Barking
Gavin Stebbing19.194th 70.15% Wanstead
Aaron Browne19.285th 66.52% Valentines
Spencer Evans19.49 (course pb)13th 65.10% Hackney
Claire Parker20.27 (1st lady)18th 72.37% Hackney
Manjit Singh20.278th 66.75% Valentines
Richard Guest21.147th 64.76% Walthamstow
Craig Livermore21.4817th 59.17% Valentines
Katherine Harris22.00 pb17th 67.73% Valentines
Sharon Springfield22.25 (2nd lady)23rd 68.62% Wanstead
Derek Wright22.39 (with buggy)18th 61.66% Valentines
Sarah Burns23.13 (50th parkrun)24th 65.18% Wanstead
Jason Levy23.34 (course pb)28th 59.26% Valentines
Russell Peters23.4235th 56.75% Gunpowder
Dan Spinks24.0523rd 56.68% Ally Pally
Steven Bywater24.3321st 59.61% Walthamstow
Maud Hodson24.5432nd 62.25% Wanstead
Fiona Day25.1841st 72.53% Wanstead
Andrea Waller27.4854th 54.44% Wanstead
Julie Greene27.5081st 61.47% Valentines
Maya Goodwin29.2662nd 54.04% Wanstead
Don Bennett30.1866th 51.08% Wanstead
Natalie Powell30.2185th 49.26% Hackney
Morag Campbell32.46*78th 47.30% Wanstead
Harsh Pershad38.0683rd 35.56% Wanstead
Julie Creffield38.15101st 39.22% Hackney
Tina Nieman da Costa39.20 (tailrunner)84th 41.19% Wanstead

Regents Park 10km Summer Series - Sunday 3rd August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Morgan Francis47.36123rd

The London Triathlon , Excel, Docklands - Day 2 - Sunday 3rd August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andy Burke2.21.27
Sarah Burns2.26.36
Roger Stubbs2.49.46
Ninette Fernandes2.51.48
Sarah Burns:- I'm going to milk this because I'm very pleased. 34th out of 800 females and 5th out 137 in my age group at the London triathlon and a course pb by over 12 mins.

Ninette Fernandes:- Swim 00:31:00, Bike 01:19:00, Run 00:52:59, Total 02:51:48. Another PB for me! Swim was much better than I expected after not really swimming for the past month so very happy although it is slower than Hyde Park....

The London Triathlon, Excel, Docklands. - Day 1 - Saturday 2nd August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price3.01.37
Sarah Stack1.40.55sprint distance
Jason Levy1.55.33sprint distance
Russell Price:- Finished! The podium was too busy so here is a selfie..
1 hour 25 for bike, tad over 45 for the run!
Total time probably just over 3 hours.
Tough swim and tough breeze not bad for first Olympic distance but know I can do better!

ELVIS 5 - Orion's Forest Five Series - Event 3 - Saturday 2nd August 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes28.393rd
Patrick Brown29.06 (series)4th
Mark Boulton29.27 (series)6th
Alex Bee29.418th
Ciaran Canavan30.1815th
Daniel Lee31.1722nd
Dan Gritton31.29 (elr debut)26th
Mark Wyatt32.34( birthday boy)36th
Aaron Browne32.49 (elr debut)38th
Daniel Slipper33.0041st
William Pearce33.0442nd
Amadeus Furlong33.0743rd
Andrew Baxter33.1044th
Ava Lee33.4651st
Karen Levison34.0552nd
Manjit Singh34.1856th
Paul Thompson34.20 (series)57th
Spencer Evans35.3163rd
Shailesh Patel35.3965th
James Nichols35.5269th
Richard Guest35.5671st
Claire Parker36.0374th
Peter Hatley36.5284th
James Creed36.53 (series)85th
Grant Conway37.1488th
Jonathan Shaw37.4093rd
Sharon Springfield37.4094th
Ramesh Pala38.21101st
Richard Potter38.29105th
Jonathan Wooldridge39.08111th
Frank Brownlie 40.21125th
Fiona Day42.23 (series)152nd
Russell Peters42.47157th
David Wyatt46.30188th
Diana Rexhepaj49.04 pb213th
Maya Goodwin51.09 (elr debut)223rd
Tina Nieman da Costa54.41237th
250 finishers. Results subject to official confirmation.

Congratulations to the 37 East London Runners who completed the above race on Saturday and a big thanks to our supporters!

A heavy rain shower about half an hour before the race start did little to soften the hard underfoot conditions caused by the recent hot and sunny spell of weather. Although the weather was overcast initially it was still a warm morning but with little wind so ideal off road running conditions if a little hot for some!

With 250 runners finishing the race this was a record field for an Orion Forest 5 race since the series began.

There were memorable debuts from East London Runners from Maya Goodwin and Dan Gittins.

Prizewinners for ELR on the day were Ava Lee and Karen Levinson, 2nd and 3rd overall for the Ladies. Thomas Grimes was 3rd overall for the Men.

In respect of the Forest 5 race Series (3 races) for 2014 ELR Fiona Day was first in the FV55 category and her son Patrick Brown was 1st Male overall in the series. A great family effort!

parkrun - all venue's - Saturday 2nd August 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing19.154th 70.39% Wanstead
Regis Martin20.347th 66.86% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas25.22 (course pb)36th 58.34% Wanstead
Jaime Towns29.04 (course pb)53rd 49.14% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.1160th 49.33% Wanstead
Claire Emery35.5270th 47.58% Wanstead
Katherine Harris22.26 pb19th 66.42% Valentine
Julie Greene27.4572nd 61.92% Valentines
Jamie Xavier22.206th 60.22% Walthamstow
John Booth18.3711th 70.46% Mile End
Dan Spinks22.3033rd 60.67% Hampstead

Wimbledon Common Half Marathon - Sunday 27th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier1.58.31309th
646 finishers.

Dulich Motors 4m road race, Ennis , Co Clare. - Saturday 26th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes22.003rd
85 finishers. Thomas competed in a local race in Ennis, Co Clare in Aid of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Clare Cancer Support Kilnamona. With a mix of around 40 runners and the rest walking to raise funds, Thomas came 3rd in 22 minutes.

The Big Swim , Nottingham 5000m - Saturday 26th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1.40.4677th
133 finishers.

parkrun - all venue's - Saturday 26th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan18.401st 73.13% Wanstead
Russell Price18.448th 68.95% Hackney
John Booth18.536th 69.46% Mile End
William Pearce18.5910th 68.74% Hackney
Gavin Stebbing19.155th 70.39% Wanstead
Aaron Browne19.528th 65.18% Valentine
Spencer Evans19.542nd 64.82% Beckton
Manjit Singh19.5810th 68.36% Valentines
Karen Levison20:06 (1st lady)19th 80.60% Valentines
Regis Martin20.4012th 66.53% Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw20.4720th 65.68% Hackney
Patrick Brown21.074th 61.17% Walthamstow
James Nichols21.0714th 61.25% Wanstead
Richard Guest21.176th 64.60% Walthamstow
Craig Livermore21.4318th 59.40% Valentines
Dan Spinks22.0351st 61.90% Dartford
Katherine Harris22.4023rd 65.74% Valentines
Derek Wright22.53 (with buggy)25th 61.05% Valentines
Maran Raju23.3427th 62.09% Valentines
Celia Payaneeandee23.40 (1st lady)23rd 62.54% Wanstead
Peter Rains23.5435th 65.41% Valentines
Jason Levy24.3942nd 56.66% Valentines
Fiona Day24.5432nd 73.69% Wanstead
Russell Peters24.5740th 53.91% Gunpowder
Jamie Xavier25.3127th 52.71% Walthamstow
Mary OBrien25.4152nd 74.50% Valentines
Felicity Price-Thomas26.3042nd 55.85% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj27.4954th 57.10% Wanstead
Julie Greene28.1177th 60.97% Valentines
Paula Bedford29.0462nd 52.64% Wanstead
Jaime Towns29.25 (1st parkrun)64th 48.56% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin29.2567th 52.29% Wanstead
Julie Creffield30.4070th 48.91% Hackney
Tina Nieman da Costa32.0071st 50.10% Wanstead
Maud Hodson24.1553rd 65.92% St Andrews

Harlow 10 - Sunday 20th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Cooper1.34.35139th
199 finishers.

National Lottery Newham London Anniversary Run - Sunday 20th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan31.3738th
Andrew Baxter32.2463rd
William Pearce32.3168th
Regis Martin35.33 pb173rd
Shailesh Patel36.45248th
Jonathan Wooldridge36.46 pb249th
Paul Charters37.08276th
Maud Hodson40.25 pb571st
Lee Neville41.03672nd
Rosemary Ikpeme42.27786th
Sheila Kennedy46.171221st
Wayne Kelly46.391268th
Natalie Powell54.242240th
Julie Creffield56.242455th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 19th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown17.151st 74.78% Wanstead
Patrick Brown17.522nd 72.24% Walthamstow
Samuel Browne18.443rd 68.86% Wanstead
John Booth19.108th 68.43% Mile End
Gavin Stebbing19.477th 68.49% Wanstead
Manjit Singh20.188th 67.24% Valentines
Claire Parker20.5414th 70.81% Hackney
Richard Guest21.295th 64.00% Walthamstow
Dan Spinks21.2910th 63.54% Northala Fields
Regis Martin21.4517th 63.22% Wanstead
Jamie Xavier22.347th 59.60% Walthamstow
Katherine Harris22.37 pb20th 65.89% Valentines
Derek Wright22.59 (with buggy)23rd 60.77% Valentines
Jonathan Wooldridge23.2110th 59.81% Walthamstow
Jason Levy23.5930th 58.23% Valentines
Maud Hodson24.26 (1st lady)27th 63.44% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar24.44 (2nd lady)28th 63.14% Wanstead
Peter Hatley29.1346th 46.72% Wanstead
Tina Nieman da Costa30.4954th 52.03% Wanstead
Julie Creffield33.4322nd 44.49% Beckton
Claire Emery35.0864th 44.78% Wanstead

ELVIS 4 : Newman Hilly 5m - Wednesday 16th July 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown28.262nd
Thomas Grimes28.373rd
Mark Boulton29.005th
Alex Bee29.17 (33.33)7th
Patrick Brown30.1611th
Daniel Lee31.5218th
Russell Price32.37 (33.46)22nd
Daniel Slipper32.4623rd
David Baldwin33.2327th
Andrew Baxter33.2829th
Karen Levison33.3331st
Manjit Singh34.0833rd
Ava Lee34.12 (34.38)35th
Paul Thompson34.2336th
Stuart Kelly34.2637th
Alex Haward35.1743rd
Emmet Fitzgibbon35.32 pb44th
Richard Guest35.3345th
Spencer Evans35.4146th
Sharon Springfield36.2052nd
Chris Bull36.3955th
Morgan Francis36.4957th
Grant Conway36.5860th
Michael Wilson37.0663rd
Claire Parker37.09 (38.55)64th
Gareth Jones37.15 pb65th
Natasha Tweedie38.02 (38.55)79th
Dan Spinks38.3487th
Jonathan Wooldridge38.4288th
Paula Bedford38.4790th
James Creed38.5391st
Lauren Kelly39.2096th
Steven Bywater40.12104th
John White40.20107th
Frank Brownlie 41.00113th
Sarah Burns41.17(41.53)115th
Maud Hodson41.26116th
Kieran Brown41.54119th
Fiona Day42.03 (42.37)120th
Russell Peters42.28123rd
Bernadett Kalmar43.49135th
Wayne Kelly44.18139th
Ian Cooper45.04144th
Ninette Fernandes45.35146th
Joanna Graham45.58149th
Kamol Saha46.01150th
Dave Knight48.01164th
Caroline Moore48.58170th
Don Bennett51.22183rd
Natalie Powell53.44197th
Tina Nieman da Costa56.47203rd
Julie Creffield62.04210th
216 finishers....plus a few comparison times from last year.

Race Video (Part 1) by Carry on Running www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM72z6qIRMY
Race Video (Part 2) by Carry on Running www.youtube.com/watch?v=68Mk8ahdz-Q
Race Video (Part 3) by Carry on Running www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_7lPm4qvIY

British 10km (London Run) - Sunday 13th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier48.341,191st
John Healy49:191,406th
Lee Neville
Julie Creffield1.17.2612,561st

Lee Valley 10km - Sunday 13th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.491st Winner
Alex Haward42.1315th
352 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 12th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.17 (1st)1st . 79.22% Hackney
Thomas Grimes17.52 (1st)1st . 73.41% Grovelands
Patrick Brown18.25 (1st)1st . 70.14% Gladstone
Dan Spinks20.498th . 65.57% Northala Fields
Russell Peters25.3645th . 52.54% Gunpowder
David Baldwin20.284th . 63.76% Walthamstow
Richard Guest21.056th . 65.22% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater24.2025th . 60.14% Walthamstow
Aaron Browne19.10 (1st)1st . 67.57% Valentine
Karen Levison19.53 (1st lady)1st . 81.48% Valentine
Derek Wright22.43 (with buggy)19th . 61.48% Valentine
Katherine Harris22.48 (course pb)20th . 65.20% Valentine
Jason Levy23.49 (course pb)29th . 58.64% Valentine
Mark Boulton18.063rd . 71.45% Wanstead
Gavin Stebbing19.075th . 70.88% Wanstead
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.479th . 63.43% Wanstead
Celia Payaneeandee22.59 (1st lady)21st . 64.39% Wanstead
James Creed23.3123rd. 56.06% Wanstead
Maud Hodson24.0927th . 64.18% Wanstead
Kieran Brown24.2631st . 63.44% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar24.28 (course pb) 32nd . 63.83% Wanstead
Sheetal Dandgey24.2934th . 60.45% Wanstead
Fiona Day24.5238th. 73.79% Wanstead
David Wyatt26.0548th . 61.47% Wanstead
Don Bennett29.2666th . 52.21 Wanstead
Morag Campbell34.2182nd 45.12% Wanstead

Standard Chartered Great City Race - Thursday 10th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway22.32
Did this last night. As usual far too crowded so it turned into a 5k interval session as I was forced to slow down at various points with slow runners running 3 or 4 abreast blocking the way. You might get a clearer run if you get there an hour before to be nearer the front. Would not recommend this for those who don't like enclosed spaces as you have to wait for ages packed in like sardines at the start. Goody bag was excellent though with t shirt, water, lucozade, for goodness shakes drink, snacks, vouchers etc. Time was 22.32.

Woodford Open Graded Meeting, Ashton Fields - Tuesday 8th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes2.08.99 pb5th - 800m
Euan Brown9.14.892nd - 3000m
Thomas Grimes9.34.38 pb5th - 3000m

Regents Park 10km Summer Series - Sunday 6th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou44.5687th
339 finishers.

Bassingbourne Beastly Half Marathon - Sunday 6th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1:31:3314th
Andrew's Race Report.
Really well organised for a first time event.

First mile or so on rough trail then onto winding country roads through the fields and villages just to the north of Royston. Open roads, but very quiet with good marshalling where it mattered so cars never a worry. All much flatter than the terrain on the other side of Royston ( familiar to us from Sunday league cross country or anybody who ran the Baldock 'beast' half just up the road and put together by same organiser) so all in all the 'beastly' in the title was a bit of a misnomer - although the open lanes with fields to either side would have been very exposed if the sun had broken through the cloud.

Race HQ in local school with good parking, baggage and changing facilities and a fine selection of post-race cakes and a BBQ from school PTA. All in all very good value and one to recommend.

Unfortunately my running wasn't as slick - knew I was nowhere near pb shape from last autumn but had hoped to shade sub 1.30. Was going fine until wheels came off at ten miles, making the last 3 a pretty miserable slog, but not too down as now know just how unfit I am!

Finish time 1.31.33, 14th place (189 finishers)

Orion Forest Five Series - Event 2 of 3 - Saturday 5th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton30.202nd
Patrick Brown30.313rd
Paul Thompson34.4920th
Emmet Fitzgibbon37.33 pb39th
James Creed38.0045th
Paul Charters38.4449th
Jonathan Wooldridge39.5758th
Frank Brownlie 40.0860th
Fiona Day42.1176th
Kieran Brown42.1577th
126 finishers.

parkrun # 166 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 5th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing19:316th
Paula Bedford22:479th 1st Lady
Celia Payaneeandee23;3724th
Maud Hodson24:1528th
Bernadett Kalmar24:39 new pb!34th
Sophie Edwards26:4747th
Don Bennett29:4562nd
Morag Campbell33.3377th
Claire Emery34:3279th
88 finishers.

parkrun # 207 - Hackney Marshes - Saturday 5th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price18.205th - 70.45%
William Pearce19.049th - 68.18%
Julie Creffield33.0583rd - 45.34%

parkrun # 177 - Valentines - Saturday 5th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Spencer Evans20.43 (course pb)10th - 62.27%
Derek Wright23.11 (with buggy)26th - 60.24%
Jason Levy24.0132nd - 58.15%

parkrun # 74 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 5th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest21.353rd - 63.71%
Steven Bywater24.4713th - 59.05%

parkrun# Wimbledon Common - Saturday 5th July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks28.01204th - 48.72%

5km Your Way, Hackney Marshes - Wednesday 2nd July 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater22.45 pb83rd
David Wyatt25.37149th
Results finally out for 5K Your Way at Hackney Marshes on 2 July. I ran 25:37 and was 149th (6th for Leyton SFC) and Steve Bywater ran 22:45 (a PB I think) and was 83rd (5th for Central London Finest)

Endure24, Reading - Saturday 28th June - Sun 29th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price37.0912.55am _ run 1
Russell Price36.5317.30pm_run 2
Russell Price38.4321.09pm_run3
Russell Price44.033.37am_run4
Russell Price39.088.53am_run5
Team Result: ERM (Eager Running Maniacs), 60th (out of 124 mixed 6-8 people teams), 29 laps (145 miles)
Report: Entering a 24 hour relay? For charity? Its not everyday I get ask that at work.. I had to say yes! With great excitment we arrived at the site in glorious sunshine, dreading the forcast rain. Tents up before the rain started, a small victory. Camping the Friday night meant we were ready for the 12:00 noon start on the Saturday. With great engery the team and solo runners took off. What lay beyond the visible part of the course? Seeing the first guys come back covered in mud, within 30 mins I knew the front-end of the race was serious and the course ws muddy! My work team ERM (ERM is the company name so the team name had to be Eager Running Maniacs). Captained by me, I had created the Excel time planner taking each runners "best" and "slowest" estimates and producing a guide time for each lap. Who doesn't love running spreadsheets? But.. Could I keep up with my 40 minute per 5 mile lap pace? My first lap was brilliant, a good chance to spot the course in the light. A step pathed hill to start, some nice trail path with a mixture of mud and a tiny forest romp. 2nd lap, rain, rain and rain. Got totally soaked and with the number of runners the course had started to turn. The nice paths were now rivers of mud, more like a January cross country cross than a late June trail. Still a nice 37:09 followed by a 36:53 was pretty good! Undetered by the rain my timings remained consistent, heading to bed after my 3rd lap (38:43) at about 10:30pm the team were 15 minutes up on the "best" time estimate, looking good! Waking up at 2am we were 45 minutes down on that time, where did the hour time loss come from? Rain and darkness had taken their toll.... Starting my 4th lap just after 3:30am (having worken up at 2am as I thought I would be going sooner) on the Sunday I was determined to not let the course take too much out of my 40 minute goal. Sprinting up the first hill I releasied the borrowed headtorch was next to useless; but for the mud I had my secret weapon, Mudclaws! The grip was amazing on the still soaking and now torn-up course. I managed to run lightly and not look at my feet/landing and ploughed through whatever I was landing on headtorch aimed somewhere ahead of me. Its not everyday I get to run through dark muddy forests (sadly). I was down for 5 x 5 miles and having done the 3:30am, my 4th lap in a slight slower 44 mins I needed to find some speed for the last lap to keep the average below 40 minutes. Seeing the solo runners now ambling around (one guy was almost using his arms to pull one leg infront of the other) and knowing it was my last lap I dug deep and thought of all those track nights pushing it to keep up with the fast guys... It came good and scraping in at 39:10 for an average time of 39:11! So far we have raised over �1100 for Habitat for Hummanity ( https://www.justgiving.com/ERMFoundationEndure24/ -) and I enjoyed each of the 86400 seconds of it! The solo winner did 120 miles, the winning mens team of 8 averaged 32 minutes for 5 miles, running 46 laps (230 miles).. Could ELR get near that? Would I do it again as a team? Yes, my work team is already considering next year. And I would certainly recommend it as an ELR holiday for anyone keen to give it a go!
Would i do it again as a solo? Well... it is tempting as it is so well organsied and a "safe" ultra, in that your tent and next Steak baguette is only ever 5 miles away!.. Thanks guys, and hope to see you tomorrow! Russ

Harry Hawkes 10m - Sunday 29th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Doman1.22.56185th - 54.57%
377 finishers.

parkrun # 165 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 28th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Slipper19.344th - 69.76%
Regis Martin21.0010th - 65.48%
Sarah McCrea21.38 (1st & pb)13th - 68.41%
Kieran Brown22.2319th - 69.25%
Celia Payaneeandee22.46 (2nd lady)21st - 65.01%
Fiona Day24.01 (course pb)31st - 76.41%
Maud Hodson24.1434th - 63.96%
Alan Beattie24.28 (debut)36th - 53.00%
Bernadett Kalmar25.1042nd - 62.05%
Felicity Price-Thomas25.28 (course pb)45th - 58.12%
Russell Lines-Jobling30.4479th - 47.23%
Tina Nieman da Costa30.4980th - 52.03%
Claire Emery36.43 (with kids)99th - 57.59%
106 finishers.

parkrun # 176 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 28th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karen Levison20.07 (2nd lady)7th - 80.53%
Manjit Singh20.088th - 67.80%
Derek Wright23.12 (with buggy)27th - 60.20%
Katherine Harris24.1134th - 61.47%
Jason Levy24.1536th - 57.59%

other parkruns - Saturday 28th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.471st Walthamstow
Jonathan Shaw20.2319th Hackney
Dan Spinks20.555th Northala Fields
Richard Guest21.085th Walthamstow
Claire Parker21.13 (2nd lady)24th Hackney
Laura Jenkin22.2436th Hackney
Natasha Tweedie22.46 (course pb)45th Southend
Steven Bywater26.0629th Walthamstow

Orion's Fast Friday 10km, Walthamstow track - Friday 27th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown33.313rd
Thomas Grimes34.025th
Patrick Brown34.38 pb10th
Mark Boulton35.2612th
Simon Morgan41.35 pbb race

Longest Day Run - Wednesday 25th June 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Colworth Marathon Challenge : Overall results - Sunday 22nd June 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes2.43.052nd
Patrick Brown2.46.325th
Ciaran Canavan2.47.298th
Manjit Bedi3.03.1616th
Grant Conway3.36.09 (event pb)56th
145 finishers. Overall Team Winners: East London Runners

Colworth Report
This was our 3rd outing as a team to the Colworth challenge in Sharnbook near Bedford. According to the organisers the weather this year was the best it had been since 2005 and it certainly was warm and sunny for the whole 3 days.
As usual we took advantage of the free camping and excellent facilities. The team met up with old friends again from local clubs in Bedford
As can be seen from the results everyone gave 100% in all the races with Thomas, Patrick and Cairan coming in the top 3 in one or more of the 3 races 3 races. An enjoyable time was had by all and we won the team challenge for the event for the 3rd year.
Thomas was outstanding in coming 2nd in the whole event for the second year in a row.
Special thanks to our wonderful support team; Julie, Patrick's wife their lovely 9 week old baby Annalise; Katrina, Thomas's partner and Lance, Cairan's husband and Flash their dog.
Thanks also to the Colworth Striders who put in a great effort in organising and running the event.
I would personally recommend the challenge to everyone and hope we can take a larger team next year, I will definitely be going.
Manjit Bedi

Colworth Marathon Challenge : Day 3 - Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.22.482nd
Ciaran Canavan1.23.153rd
Patrick Brown1.26.469th
Manjit Bedi1.31.0315th
Grant Conway1.49.3578th
217 finishers 1st Team : East London Runners

Triathlon - Sunday 22nd June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns2.23.35
Swim 22.11 - Bike 1.06.24 - Run 47.17

City Of London Mile - Sunday 22nd June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shailesh Patel5.38114th of 609

Trent Park Triffic Trail 10km - Sunday 22nd June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing40.5618th
Jonathan Wooldridge48.2284th
Roger Stubbs51.38130th
376 finishers.

Hitchin Hard Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Doman1.47.48 pb91st
Wayne Kelly2.08.24216th
315 finishers.

North Downs 30km - Sunday 22nd June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sean Richardson2.23.1731st
559 finishers.

Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.21.0050th
Daniel Lee1.22.07 pb63rd MV40 8th
Ava Lee1.29.27 pb263rd FV35 2nd
Stuart Kelly1.30.07291st
Roisin Archer1.32.45 pb454th
John Booth1.35.54662nd
Robert Baker1.41.111205th
John Healy1.46.09 pb1924th
Maud Hodson1.51.24 pb2758th
Saheed Shabbir1.54.463364th
Steven Bywater1.54.573401st
Ashley Newburn1.55.003408th
Helen Cook1.59.004170th
Lee Neville2.00.264454th
Teresa Novelli Terrington2.29.288363rd
Jane Iordanou2.29.298364th
Kamol Saha2.29.428381st
Kirsten King2.34.018642nd
Sophie Edwards2.34.158654th
Julie Creffield2.49.599165th

Vitality Run Hackney 5km - Saturday 21st June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Bee16.19 pb1st WINNER

Colworth Marathon Challenge : Day 2 - 8.1 mile Forest Trail - Saturday 21st June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown51.152nd
Thomas Grimes51.434th
Ciaran Canavan54.128th
Manjit Bedi1.00.5527th
Grant Conway1.09.1273rd
212 finishers. 1st team: East London Runners. Conditions were hot and tricky underfoot.

parkrun # 164 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 21st June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown17.461st - 72.61%
Daniel Slipper19.17 (course pb)3rd - 70.79%
Morgan Francis21.0412th - 61.70%
Regis Martin22.0816th - 62.12%
Celia Payaneeandee22.13 (1st lady)17th - 66.62%
Kieran Brown22.1418th - 69.72%
Claire Emery23.19 (2nd lady)24th - 66.98%
Catherine Kaar24.37 (debut)33rd - 60.12%
Felicity Price-Thomas26.08 (course pb)40th - 56.63%
David Wyatt28.0358th - 57.16%
Diana Rexhepaj28.2461st - 55.40%
Don Bennett28.5465th - 53.17%
Tina Nieman da Costa30.4173rd - 52.25%
Karen Lawlor32.5581st - 44.96%
92 finishers.

parkrun # 175 - Valentine,s Park - Saturday 21st June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19.584th - 68.36%
Spencer Evans21.579th - 58.77%
Derek Wright23.05 (with buggy)18th - 60.51%
Jason Levy24.5131st - 56.20%

parkrun # 205 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 21st June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
William Pearce19.378th - 66.27%
Sarah Burns27.3652nd - 54.83%
Paula Bedford27.4053rd - 54.83%

other parkruns - Saturday 21st June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks21.2527th Northala Fields
Richard Guest21.445th Walthamstow
Natasha Tweedie23.42 pbSouthend

Orion's John Clarke Memorial Fell Race - 5k'sh - Friday 20th June 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter26.4221st
Ramesh Pala30.1339th
Frank Brownlie 32.1051st 1st MV60
Chloe Longstaff32.4053rd
Claire Parker33.0359th
Fiona Day35.1366th
Ninette Fernandes36.5371st
Doug Mansell37.1872nd
The weather conditions were ideal for this Orion Race, the only Fell Race within the M25 and Essex. The sun was already going down on a windless eve of the Summer Solstice (longest day) when the competitors jogged over a mile to the race start deep within Epping Forest.

Orion Harriers had promised climbs totaling just under 1,000 feet and they didn't disappoint. The race started and finished with the long climb up to the Obelisk on top of Pole Hill ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pole_Hill?. and the 6 hills included also took in Yardley Hill.

There were a good mix of Club runners taking part including Bishops Stortford, Springfield Striders as well as most of the local Clubs.

Once again Orion had the race route well marked and marshalled and the £3 entry fee included a large beer/wine/tea etc in the Clubhouse afterwards where there was some surprise when Frank Brownlie of East London Runners was presented with the prize for 1st Male Vet 60!

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Day 1 - Colworth 5m - Friday 20th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown28.312nd
Thomas Grimes28.343rd
Ciaran Canavan30.0210th
Manjit Bedi31.1817th
Grant Conway37.2297th
347 finishers. 1st Team : East London Runners

ELVIS 3 : Eton Manor 5km, Jubilee Park - Tuesday 17th June 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.123rd
Thomas Grimes16.486th
Patrick Brown16.517th
Mark Boulton17.09 pb9th
Alex Bee17.1411th
Ciaran Canavan17.4614th
Daniel Lee18.14 pb21st
Mark Wyatt18.2326th
Joseph Browne18.3529th
Paul Quinton18.3830th
Manjit Bedi18.4032nd
James Wilson18.5235th
David Baldwin19.0640th
Daniel Slipper19.2146th
William Pearce19.2748th
James Nichols19.5153rd
Ava Lee19.5455th - 1st vet 35
Karen Levison20.0257th - 1st vet 45
Shailesh Patel20.0659th
Manjit Singh20.2564th
Spencer Evans20.3068th
Richard Guest20.4670th
Sharon Springfield20.5373rd
James Creed21.1081st
Stuart Doman21.1885th
Grant Conway21.2687th
Ramesh Pala21.2788th
Paula Bedford21.5296th
Claire Parker21.5397th
Kieran Brown21.5598th
Jonathan Wooldridge22.12105th
Maran Raju22.13106th
Laura Jenkin22.37109th
John Healy22.50116th
Andy Jenkins22.55117th
Celia Payaneeandee23.09124th
Saheb Yousefi23.12125th
Katherine Jones23.17 pb127th
Frank Brownlie 23.20129th
Steven Bywater23.37 pb133rd
Saheed Shabbir23.45135h
Natasha Tweedie23.50137th
Suzanne Bench23.51138th
Sheetal Dandgey23.52139th
Fiona Day23.58 pb140th - t vet 55
Kim Mondesir24.04142nd
Helen Cook24.16146th
Andrea Waller24.55155h
Doug Mansell25.12159th
David Wyatt25.32165th
Bernadett Kalmar25.57169th
Wayne Kelly25.58170th
Katrina Anderson26.02172nd
Felicity Price-Thomas26.12176th
Ninette Fernandes26.21178th
Joanna Graham26.26180th
Ian Cooper26.34182nd
Jayne Browne27.03186h
Caroline Moore28.15197h
Diana Rexhepaj28.18198th
Don Bennett28.32200th
Natalie Powell31.00220th
Karen Lawlor31.19221st
Results subject to change, awaiting verification by the clubs.

Parkathon (East London) - Sunday 15th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson26.46Walthamstow
Maud Hodson24.17Hackney Marshes
Maud Hodson25.36Wanstead Flats
Maud Hodson26.17Valentines
Maud Hodson26.15Barking
Maud Hodson26.24Beckton
Maud Hodson26.55Mile End
Russell Price20.35Walthamstow
Russell Price19.57Hackney Marshes
Russell Price20.00Wanstead Flats
Russell Price19.55Valentines
Russell Price20.35Barking
Richard Guest22.37Walthamstow
Richard Guest21.50Hackney Marshes
Richard Guest23.06Wanstead Flats
Richard Guest22.59Valentines
Richard Guest22.13Barking
Richard Guest26.03Beckton
Richard Guest23.47Mile End
Natasha Tweedie24.28Walthamstow
Natasha Tweedie23.02Hackney Marshes
Natasha Tweedie23.58Wanstead Flats
Natasha Tweedie24.59Valentines
Natasha Tweedie25.41Barking
Natasha Tweedie26.13Beckton
Natasha Tweedie25.52Mile End
Report This year saw the introduction of the Parkathon (East London) which continued the Longest Day parkrun from 2012 & 2013. With parkrun wanting to distance itself from such events it was up to individuals to continue but without using parkrun to publicise such events. Paul Lewis continued to organise the event with some co-operation from the other runs.

Numbers were down but hopefully the event will grow in future years. The event also had to move a week ahead with the Run Hackney Half Marathon making Hackney Marshes unavailable and surrounding roads probably busier during the 22nd June.
This year we had 4 ELR's Russell, Richard, Natasha and chauffeur Maud with her boot loaded with their survival kit taking part.

Russell managed 5 events till a knee injury forced him to pull out , a shame as the 5 he did manage were all under 20.35. The other 3 completed all 7 runs before retiring to the local waterhole for a well deserved drink.

They were joined at Wanstead Flats by Andrea Waller & Kieran Brown and myself setting the course up.

Run For Diabetes 10km, Greenwich Park - Saturday 14th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katrina Anderson58.22162nd
297 finishers.

South Downs 100 mile Ultra Race - Saturday 14th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Hartwell29:30:25179th
Well done to Jimmy in completing his latest Ultra race!

parkrun # 163 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 14th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne18.433rd
Gavin Stebbing19.265th - 69.73%
Kieran Brown21.24 (course pb)23rd - 72.43%
Celia Payaneeandee22.1226th - 66.67%
Sheetal Dandgey24.06 (parkrun debut)43rd - 61.41%
Fiona Day24.2346th - 75.26%
Maud Hodson24.2748th - 63.39%
David Wyatt25.5761st - 61.79%
Sophie Edwards26.1164th - 58.75%
Jayne Browne27.1074th - 61.72%
Diana Rexhepaj28.1178th - 55.82%
Claire Emery36.54109th - 42.32%
Don Bennett40.12 (tailrunner)120th - 38.23%
120 finishers.

parkrun # 204 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 14th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Bee18.113rd - 70.94%
Ciaran Canavan18.124th - 75.00%
Jonathan Shaw20.18 pb14th - 67.24%
Claire Parker22.0326th - 67.12%
Laura Jenkin22.2328th - 66.12%
Julie Creffield32.5581st - 45.57%
94 finishers.

parkrun # 174 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 14th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter19.363rd - 72.36%
Manjit Singh20.055th - 67.97%
Frank Brownlie 22.48 pb17th - 72.22%
Jason Levy23.50 (course pb)23rd - 58.60%
Katherine Harris31.23120th - 47.37%
207 finishers.

parkrun # 71 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 14th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.112nd - 71.04%
Richard Guest21.248th - 64.25%
Helen Cook24.22 (course pb)21st - 61.35%
71 finishers.

other parkruns - Saturday 14th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth20.2016th (Mile End)
Dan Spinks25.3885th (Gunnersbury)

ELVIS 2 : Havering 90 Joggers Midweek 5: Raphael Park Romford - Tuesday 10th June 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown27:536th
Thomas Grimes28:077th
Patrick Brown28:09 pb8th
Mark Boulton28.13 pb9th
Alex Bee28:27 pb12th
Ciaran Canavan28.49 pb15th
Daniel Lee30:31 pb22nd
Manjit Bedi30:4625th
Russell Price30.48 pb27th
David Baldwin32:29 pb40th - 39th
Ava Lee32:40 pb43rd 2nd Female
Andrew Baxter32:4144th - 42nd
Paul Thompson32:4747th - 45th
Karen Levison33:0951st 3rd Female
Alex Haward33.17 pb54th - 51st
Manjit Singh33:2756th - 53rd
Shahib Miah Ali33:4857th - 54th
Richard Guest33:49 pb58th - 55th
James Nichols34:48 pb68th - 65th
James Creed34:5671st - 67th
Shailesh Patel34:59 pb72nd - 68th
Sharon Springfield35:2478th - 8th
Spencer Evans35:2579th - 71st
Ramesh Pala35:25 pb80th - 72nd
Grant Conway36:0488th - 79th
Stuart Doman36:5495th - 82nd
Paula Bedford36:58 pb97th - 14th
Kieran Brown36:5998th - 84th
Claire Parker37:00 pb99th - 15th
Jonathan Wooldridge37:34105th - 89th
Natasha Tweedie37:38 pb106th - 17th
Frank Brownlie 38:18111th - 93rd
Roger Stubbs38:22113th - 95th
Laura Jenkin38:30 pb116th - 19th
Steven Bywater39:09 pb129th - 103rd
Saheed Shabbir39:43133rd - 107th
Suzanne Bench40:15139th - 28th
Kim Mondesir40:18140th - 29th
Fiona Day40:21 pb141st - 30th
Sarah Burns40:56144th - 31st
Andrea Waller41:01145th - 32nd
David Wyatt42:24 pb155th - 120th
Ian Cooper42:37158th - 122nd
Wayne Kelly42.49159th - 124th
Joanna Graham43:21166th - 39th
Dave Knight43:22168th - 128th
Jayne Browne44:16 pb175th - 46th
Bernadett Kalmar44:16176th - 47th
Ninette Fernandes46:38195th - 59th
Caroline Moore47:31201st - 64th
Don Bennett47:48202nd - 138th
239 Finishers.

Race Video (PART 1)from Carry on Running - www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY4MWNNwaiQ

Race Video (PART 2)from Carry on Running - www.youtube.com/watch?v=WN3eCNGcAQ8

Race Video (PART 3)from Carry on Running - www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqYwENjmxl4

On Tuesday 10th June 51 runners and our fantastic supporters ventured over to the beautiful and recently overhauled Raphael Park, Romford for ELVIS 2. Some were there early for a lengthy warm up with others arriving in the nick of time for the start at 7.40pm! This was an official distance 5 miler approved by EA with the super fast results being ready the next morning and uploaded to our individual power of 10 rankings. The course had been altered substantially from the previous course, with more of the run being inside rather than outside the park. A lot felt that the course was slightly harder than the old one with a few more inclines than before. The race was excellently organised in every way, including the new course, the marshals, the results, the goody bags with bananas, drinks, free massages and a t shirt all for £5! Congratulations should go to our hosts Havering 90. They richly deserved the excellent turnout of approximately 240 runners.
Although the official ELVIS standings are awaited it seems that both our ladies and men's teams were second to Ilford in ELVIS 2, leaving the men joint first with Ilford and the ladies second, just behind Ilford after two races. This year promises to be extremely tight so we ask that everyone keeps on running in all seven ELVIS races. A reminder that even if you do not score for ELR your run is still important as all our runners beat scorers from other teams to make the other teams score worse and help our teams as a result. It's also a case of the more the merrier with ELVIS and we are sure all our members new and old will agree these events are great fun either to run or spectate in. We don’t like to pick out individuals but there have been some excellent performances at all levels in the club so far this year and long may it continue.
So we move quickly on to ELVIS 3 at Jubilee Park Leyton on Tuesday 17th June with drinks after in the Hare and Hounds, Leabridge Road. Come on ELR!
Ninette and Grant

St Albans Half Marathon - Sunday 8th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Baldwin1.37.41166th
Peter Hatley1.37.49170th
Richard Guest1.40.41254th
Carlton DSouza1.46.24458th
2,516 finishers.

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 8th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing1.35.34157th
Michael Wilson1.39.01223rd
Carrine Jay1.44.04405th
Stuart Doman1.48.00 PB488th
Claire Emery1.49.24553rd
Spencer Evans1.50.49614th
Saheed Shabbir1.55.36720th
Wayne Kelly2.02.231012th
Ian Cooper2.07.191167th
Marie Young2.09.301267th
Julie Creffield2.39.201973rd
Natalie Powell2.44.272019th
2,132 finishers.

Mike reports.
This was my come back half marathon, my first since the Roding Valley in 2009. After such a long lay off I did not know what time to expect, but was hoping for a sub 1.40. It was a glorious morning with the temperature already at 20 degrees when I arrived at the East Beach car park in Shoebury at 9.20am, having queued more than 20 minutes to get in. After leaving my belongings in the baggage tent, I spent a few minutes chatting to Saheed Shabbir and then it was time to head for the start line. The first part of the race went through an estate which led down to the sea front - the main part of the course, which was a straight, flat, out and back loop run twice. There was a light sea breeze which gave some relief from the heat of the sun and the organisers/volunteers did a fantastic job supplying runners with plenty of water and sponges for cooling down. The last couple of miles went through a residential area and then along a sea wall to the finish line. I was glad having to run only 13.1 miles under those conditions. It seemed to be over and done with fairly quickly. This was a very enjoyable half marathon, well organised and in aid of a worthy cause. Also, at a cost of £19.00 (including booking fee), good value for money compared to many other halfs these days. Thanks to Jamee Gould for her support along the course.

Orion Forest Five Series : Race 1 of 3 - Saturday 7th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown29.083rd
Mark Boulton30.018th
Ciaran Canavan30.1610th
Paul Thompson34.3933rd
James Creed36.2542nd
Ramesh Pala38.1852nd
Kieran Brown41.1970th
Fiona Day41.49 pb77th
131 finishers.

parkrun # 162 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 7th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Slipper19.42 (course pb)7th - 69.29%
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.3214th - 64.41%
Jonathan Shaw20.31 pb15th - 66.53%
Celia Payaneeandee22.51 (1st lady)31st - 64.77%
Maud Hodson24.26 (2nd lady)43rd - 63.44%
Andrea Waller25.3251st - 58.94%
Felicity Price-Thomas27.06 (course pb)66th
Sophie Edwards28.2179th - 54.26%
Tina Nieman da Costa31.1790th - 51.25%
Claire Emery42.29107th - 36.76%

parkrun # 203 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 7th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Claire Parker21.2524th - 69.11%
Paula Bedford21.3126th - 71.11%
Laura Jenkin22.1732nd - 66.42%

parkrun # 173 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 7th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris39.41165th
Jason Levy39.41166th
186 finishers. Tara Syed's back 138th in 35.45.

parkun # 70 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 7th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest21.285th - 64.05%
Jamie Xavier23.1516th - 57.85%
Helen Cook24.54 (course pb)25th - 60.04%
Steven Bywater25.0126th - 58.49%

Other parkruns 5km - Saturday 7th June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth19.287th Mile End
Andrew Baxter19.408th Brighton
Dan Spinks24.0022nd Southwark
Russell Peters24.25 (100th parkrun)30th Gunpowder

Regents Park 10k - Sunday 1st June 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roisin Archer44.45 pb98th
George Georgiou53.26270th
Well done to Roisin finishing 6th lady in a new PB time of 44.45. 494 finishers.

Kent Roadrunner Marathon - Saturday 31st May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks4.06.39139th
355 finishers.

parkrun # 202 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 31st May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown15.43 (course pb)1st - 82.08%
Patrick Brown16.512nd - 76.66%
Ciaran Canavan17.246th - 78.45%
Russell Price18.1615th - 70.71%
Gavin Stebbing19.3022nd - 69.49%
Claire Parker22.0342nd - 67.12%
Laura Jenkin22.1244th - 66.67%
Celia Payaneeandee23.3354th - 62.85%
David Wyatt24.5063rd - 64.56%
Julie Creffield30.07 pb95th - 49.64%
116 finishers.

parkrun # 69 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 31st May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shailesh Patel21.03 (course pb)8th - 68.80%
Richard Guest21.149th - 64.76%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.4012th - 61.10%
Jamie Xavier23.2120th - 57.60%
63 finishers.

parkrun # 160 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 31st May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Baldwin19.18 debut4th - 67.62%
Joseph Browne19.337th - 68.20%
Regis Martin19.45 pb9th - 69.62%
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.4114th - 63.74%
James Creed21.01 pb15th - 62.73%
Claire Emery23.03 (2nd lady, 50th parkrun)29th - 67.75%
Frank Brownlie 23.13 pb32nd - 70.93%
Maud Hodson23.5336th - 64.90%
Katrina Anderson25.36 debut50th - 62.63%
Diana Rexhepaj27.44 pb68th - 56.73%
Bernadett Kalmar33.3089th - 46.62%
Kieran Brown38.28 (tailrunner)104th - 40.29%
104 finishers. A fine sunny morning was good for pb's. Debuts from Dave Baldwin & Katrina Anderson. Dave over from Walthamstow came 4th in 19.17 and Katrina , her very 1st parkrun did a great time with 25.36. Claire Emery was 2nd Lady and celebrated her 50th parkrun. More course pb's from Regis, James, Diana and even the old boy Frank making a rare appearance at Wanstead did 23.13. Many thanks to Fiona & Kieran for volunteering this morning.

Not only was it a course pb but also a parkrun pb and also a 5k pb for the old boy!


other parkruns - Saturday 31st May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth18.589th (Mile End)
Karen Levison20.12 (1st lady)7th (Valentines)
Derek Wright22.31 (with buggy)22nd (Valentines)
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea27.10129th (Crystal Palace)

Hatfield Broad Oak 10km - Monday 26th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns47.41342nd
Sheila Kennedy51.21514th
Don Bennett59.53920th
Simon Morgan42.39 (life member)146th now Tiptree
Also Lorcan Murphy 16th in 35.59.

Edinburgh Festival Marathon - Sunday 25th May 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Katrina Dixon5.01.35

Katrina(above) reports. Included a fall at mile 7. At least 5 minutes wasted at First Aid looking for plasters and walk/ run strategy from mile 12! Loved it though. Torrential rain held off until seconds after I finished otherwise it would have been horrendous!

Liverpool Rock N Roll Marathon - Sunday 25th May 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Maran Raju3.43.21 PB567th
Tina Nieman da Costa5.25.27 debut2,118th
2,307 finishers. Well done to Maran(below) for running a new marathon PB.

BUPA London 10km - Sunday 25th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd41.57820th
Jamie Xavier46.081681st
Katrina Anderson54.44 pb4526th
Karen Lawlor1.03.27 pb8106th

BUPA Westminister Mile - Saturday 24th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown4.4813th
Katrina Anderson7.33196th

parkrun # 160 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 24th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.441st
Regis Martin21.057th
Peter Hatley21.178th
Kieran Brown22.15 (course pb)14th
Maud Hodson23.26 (pb & 1st lady)22nd
Fiona Day24.2027th
Andrea Waller24.5830th
Russell Lines-Jobling27.3639th
Diana Rexhepaj28.2443rd
Don Bennett30.0246th
61 finishers.

parkrun # Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 24th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Bee17.231st
Ciaran Canavan17.383rd - 77.41%
James Nichols19.50 (course pb)15th - 65.21%
Spencer Evans20.1220th - 63.86%
Natalie Powell31.1455th - 47.87%
Julie Creffield34.4971st - 42.94%

other parkruns - Saturday 24th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest21.316th (Walthamstow)
Steven Bywater24.3117th (Walthamstow)
Russell Peters24.3027th (Gunpowder)

ELVIS 1 : Dagenham 88 - Bill Adams Memorial Race 5km - Wednesday 21st May 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.381st scorer
Thomas Grimes16.482nd scorer
Patrick Brown17.075th scorer
Mark Boulton17.086th
Alex Bee17.3110th
Ciaran Canavan17.3211th scorer
Samuel Browne17.4712th
Mark Wyatt18.1115th
Russell Price18.1717th
William Pearce19.1126th
Andrew Baxter19.1828th scorer
David Baldwin19.2330th
Manjit Bedi19.3233rd scorer
Paul Thompson19.35 pb35th
Ava Lee20.0140th - 2nd
James Nichols20.0842nd
Emmet Fitzgibbon20:4846th
Richard Guest20.4747th
Andy Jenkins20.5349th
Shailesh Patel20.5752nd
Spencer Evans21.1255th
Grant Conway21.2860th
James Creed21.3261st
Gareth Jones21.3763rd
Paula Bedford21.5671st - 9th
Jonathan Wooldridge22:1077th
Stuart Doman22.1178th
Kieran Brown22.1279th
Ramesh Pala22.1981st
John Healy22.2482nd
Laura Jenkin22.3586th - 12th
Claire Parker22.4788th - 14th
Claire Emery23,40101st
Sarah Burns23.43103rd
Steven Bywater23.44 pb104th
Roger Stubbs23.59106th
Celia Payaneeandee24.04107th
Fiona Day24.08111th
Andrea Waller24.09112th
Kim Mondesir24.16116th
Maud Hodson24.16117th
Wayne Kelly24.30119th
Suzanne Bench24:47121st
Ian Cooper24:57125th
Doug Mansell25:21132nd
David Wyatt25:34135th
Laura Owen25:36136th
Katrina Dixon25:43138th
Sheila Kennedy25:45139th
Ninette Fernandes26:32150th
Diana Rexhepaj28:26165th
Dave Knight28:35167th
Caroline Moore28:58170th
Don Bennett29:05171st
Karen Lawlor30:32179th
Marie Young30:50181st
Natalie Powell31:33185th
Julie Creffield32:10188th

Race Video from Carry on Running - www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qV-vmouIoQ/a>

Race Video Extra from Carry on Running -

We had almost 60 runners down to run at Dagenham last Wednesday so it was popular venue and distance. Most of the team had arrived just before 7pm to collect our numbers, catch up and – for some of us - do a (very) short warm up.

It was not amazingly clear that the course was going to be 3 laps in total – two full laps and a shorter one to get us to 5K. There was a quick announcement by the organisers and the siren sounded and we were off!

I (Ninette) was not running at my best as I had DOMS from a weights session earlier in the week and generally felt pretty lethargic but I decided to just run and enjoy it. A few of us had spoken before and decided not to wear our watches and go on feeling so that was something quite nice and relaxing for me!

The first lap was fine, marshals everywhere for directions and support. I slowed down for the second lap and then was over taken by the first finishers which I always find quite inspiring really. As I passed the finishing point at the end of my second lap I saw Patrick and Mark give a very energetic finish which made me think I should speed up and little, mainly because I wanted to finish and chat to them.

The final lap was good, with lots of ELR (more next time please) lining the final approach to the finishing funnel offering support and cheers so it was great. We got a bottle of water and a medal which is always good and a great selection of cakes and biscuits to tuck into after also. Quite a few of us went to the clubhouse afterwards to hear the awards and have a chat over a little beer before home.

I (Grant) really enjoyed ELVIS 1. I thought the turnout was fantastic and it was great to meet up with members of other clubs as well as our own members whether running or supporting.

I also "ran like the Kenyans" and went without my Garmin for the first time in years. Not sure I will do that next time! At the time of writing this, the results are still not available but we will let you know how the teams did as soon as we can. I recall the course was not really conducive to fast times from last year but Eastbrook End is a nice park and I enjoyed running past the lake.

Poor old James Creed had to put up with running with yours truly but we pushed each other along, although we couldn’t catch up with Spencer (age is my excuse). Well done to all our new runners, I did tell you there was nothing to worry about.

As Captains we could not be happier with the night – great team turnout and performance, some really super runs. ELR took the first male prize for Euan Brown and the first female vet for Ava Lee. Euan Brown also won the team prize with Patrick Brown and Thomas Grimes. Alex Bee pushed hard to get a top ten finish to make it 5 men in the top ten which is a great achievement.

There were strong comebacks from Claire Parker and Jonathan Woolridge and a great finish from Marie Young who was running for ELR for the first time. It was good to see Manjit Bedi, Julie Creffield and David Wyatt back running for the club – hope you can all make the rest of the series!

We also had some great support on the night from a good crowd including our newest member, Annalise Brown! Thanks to Roberto for the photos, Jim for bringing emergency supplies of kit and all our supporters. We have two weeks until the next ELVIS so make sure your training plans are in order and you get your entries in on Wed 28th May. Lets do this ELR!

Keswick Mountain Marathon Triathlon - Sunday 18th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ninette Fernandes25.57750m swim
I did the Keswick Mountain Festival Triathlon as a relay yesterday with my brother Davide and a friend, Aaron. It was a 750m swim in Derwent Water, 39km bike and 9km run. It was the hardest swim I have ever done, really makes me think that everything before this was not open water! There was such a current that every time I took a breath my mouth filled up with water - horrendous!! There was also a bashing of the legs on rocks and general gunge on the final 100m too. My time for 750m was a disappointing 25.57. Davide did the bike, 39km, including two climbs, unfortunately he unknowingly had his brakes on for quite some time, he thought it was just super hard, possibly due to the two pints he'd had the night before! After he had fixed the brake situation he was then flying and arrived back in the park looking strong. You actually have to dismount your bike then carry it up a grassy verge and run about 300m into transition which was really tough on them; his final time was 1.51.36, so a good ten mins over his training time. Aaron is a super star trail runner, who eats cheese as his fuel, (he doesn't eat any carbs), he did a mental 77km run through the Alps so he was pretty hardcore and managed the 9km mountain run in 52.39 without much of an issue! We got a total time of 3.11.10 and were 59th overall so we are happy and all saying we'll do it again next year!

Even though the swim was so tough I still really enjoyed it - a small event with really good crowds and support. We stayed in Cockermouth the night before and had a chance to look around Keswick too which is a such lovely place, I wish I lived closer to the Lakes! I loved doing a relay as well, particularly because I know I would definitely would not have been able to do the bike anyway, especially after the swim! Best part of it? A cross between doing my brother's first race with him and the stop we made at Tebury Services for the farm shop - AMAZING!

Para's 10, Colchester - Sunday 18th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roger Stubbs1.21.4226th - 3rd vet
Paras 10.... Done.... What a scorcher phew....
Nearly didn't make it, they closed the A12 at Kelvedon...
Made it with 4 minutes to spare, just in time for the warm up.
Then off we go... the same course as last year with a couple of new surprises; 2 stream crossing and a waist deep mud crossing.. Then at about 6 miles a steep gully that you had to negotiate twice...
The only downer was it was hot hot hot and cups at the water stops, very hard to drink from on the go ( maybe bottles next year) knocked off 6 minutes from last year's time, all in all a great race.

Slateman Triathlon , Llanberis, Wales - Sunday 18th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne3.01.33181st
James Nichols3.21.42464th
Paul Browne4.24.55965th
992 finishers. Swim 1000m , Cycle 51km's and run 11km trail .Samuel ( 22.55, 1.41.09, 53.59)
James ( 24.41, 1.51.41) and Paul ( 29.21, 2.23.06 and 1.24.31)

James Nichols report: Paul, Sam and I made our way to Llanberis on Saturday afternoon to complete
registration for the race, giving us the chance to drive along the hilly
cycle route for the following day and check out the tough challenge
awaiting us. The weather conditions on race day were, thankfully, dry if a
little windy, so mostly favourable, and soon enough we were set up and
standing by the lake ready for the start. The water for the kilometre swim
was very cold and it took a while to get into a rhythm, but despite
choppiness in places and a current that made the distance seem longer, I
negotiated this section safely. A quick nod to Paul as I wheeled my bike
out of the transition zone ready to tackle the infamous Llanberis Pass, 5km
or so of constant climbing that took every ounce of energy out of the legs.
From there a steep descent of a similar distance and another 40km of
undulating roads in beautiful surroundings to cycle through, with the windy
conditions adding to the challenge. I felt good at the start of the run
and started going past people for fun for the first mile but my enthusiasm
soon waned as I reached the bottom of the quarry and knew the hard work was
about to start with a seemingly never ending steep climb that zig-zagged up
the quarry and reduced me and most of the other athletes to a walk. Such
was the difficulty that this section had its own separate timed challenge
within the Triathlon called the Quarryman which I covered, mainly walking,
in a shade under 15 minutes. The rest of the 11km trail run had its own
challenges with a number of further hills and descents and tricky surfaces
to contend with. That said despite my tiredness it was a delight to run
through, and I had just about enough left in the tank to overtake a number
of other runners as the route flattened out towards the finish line and
come in with a run time of 58:38 and overall triathlon time just above my
target of 3 hours and 20 minutes. From there I collected my piece of slate
(nice alternative to a medal) and met up with Sam and Paul and the rest of
our party for a few well-earned drinks to reminisce about our achievements.
This event was a serious challenge but was expertly organised and the
chance to race in this location made for a great weekend.

Greenwich 10km (Battle of the Borough's) - Saturday 17th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katrina Anderson58.06124th
202 finishers.

parkrun # 159 - Wanstead Flats 5km (3rd Anniversary) - Saturday 17th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown15.401st - 82.34%
Thomas Grimes17.345th - 74.67%
Patrick Brown17.586th - 71.89%
Russell Price18.19 (course pb)8th - 70.52%
Mark Wyatt19.0812th - 67.42%
Spencer Evans20.32 (1st parkrun)21st - 62.82%
Regis Martin20.3322nd - 66.91%
Paula Bedford21.41 (course pb)30th - 70.86%
Celia Payaneeandee21.45 (course pb)33rd - 68.05%
Laura Jenkin23.4850th - 62.18%
Fiona Day24.09 (course pb)54th - 75.98%
Kieran Brown24.1055th - 64.14%
Maud Hodson25.1364th - 61.47%
Jayne Browne27.0080th - 62.10%
Don Bennett28.1788th - 54.33%
Russell Lines-Jobling29.1392nd - 49.69%
Karen Lawlor31.00106th - 47.74%
Tina Nieman da Costa31.41107th - 50.60%
Julie Creffield31.45 pb108th - 47.09%
Sophie Edwards36.35127th - 42.05%
Emiko Priest37.55131st - 39.43%
139 finishers, new attendance record.

parkrun # 170 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 17th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali19.5714th - 64.66%
Tim Le Rasle22.2322nd - 60.98%
Derek Wright22.42 (with buggy)24th - 61.53%
Molly Pinkus24.31 pb39th - 62.41%
Jason Levy24.3641st - 56.78%
Ajit Rehal26.3372nd - 61.46%
Katherine Harris29.33111th - 50.31%
228 finishers.

other parkruns - Saturday 17th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Bee17.14 pb3rd Hackney
Ciaran Canavan17.16 (course pb)4th Hackney
Russell Peters23.2730th Gunpowder
Dan Spinks23.4198th Gunnersbury
David Baldwin20.375th (Walthamstow)
Richard Guest21.056th (Walthamstow)
Steven Bywater24.30 (course pb)17th (Walthamstow)

Orion Pentathlon , Walthamstow track - Sunday 11th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown26.29 (471pts)200m - 2nd
Euan Brown9.14.15 (853 pts)3000m - 1st
Thomas Grimes25.53 (562 pts)200m - 1st
Thomas Grimes2.14.12 (906 pts)800m - 1st
Thomas Grimes9.47..6 (740 pts)3000m - 2nd
Patrick Brown30.39 (230 pts)200m - 5th
Patrick Brown2.20.06 (823 pts)800m - 2nd
Patrick Brown10.10.68 (666 pts)3000m - 4th
The Orion pentathlon is mostly a junior event but had around 7 seniors taking part. Euan did the 200m & 3000m events only. Thomas Grimes did the 200m, 800m & 30000m and also did the long jump (3.04m) and high jump ( 1.40m) to finish 1st with 2,640 pts. Patrick did the 200m, javelin (16.71m),long jump (4.04m),800m and 3000m finishing 3rd Overall with 2,303 pts.

Rat Race Dirty Weekend - Sunday 11th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tanbir Jasimuddin4.18.01325th
3,843 finishers and 20 miles and only 200 obstacles.

Wimbledon Common Half Marathon - Sunday 11th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Healy1:53:53152nd
John said"Hilly, off road, muddy and testing course.....bonus of getting a Womble shaped medal!"

Organisers - Run Through Running - Well done to everyone who competed in the first of a series of three Wimbledon Common Half Marathons this year! With the rain holding off and the trees sheltering us from the wind, we had some great times and some fantastic personal bests.
From everyone here at RunThrough, we can’t wait to see you all again!

If you enjoyed today’s race, why not cross over the A3 with us and compete in the multi-lap timed Half Marathon at Richmond Park on August 3rd 2014.

Dwar Door Bruges 15km, Belgium - Sunday 11th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods1.16.162297th
4,354 finishers.

Halstead & Essex Marathon - Sunday 11th May 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson3.49.43196th
Morgan Francis3.51
532 finishers.

Mike and Morgan with their medals after the marathon.

Nike We Own The Night 10km - Saturday 10th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roisin Archer45.29 pb96th
Katrina Anderson56.172052nd

Regents Park Spring 10km - Saturday 10th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing40.4213th

parkrun # 158 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 10th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.351st - 74.60%
Lee Wollaston19.52 (course pb)5th - 68.71%
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.508th - 63.28%
James Creed21.43%15th - 60.40%
Celia Payaneeandee22.36 (2nd lady)22nd - 65.49%
Kieran Brown22.3823rd - 68.48%
Fiona Day24.5536th - 73.65%
Andrea Waller25.3041st - 59.02%
Karen Lawlor30.5464th - 47.90%
Tina Nieman da Costa32.03 (50th parkrun)69th - 50.03%

parkrun # 169 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 10th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter19.257th - 73.05%
Spencer Evans21.10 (1st parkrun)11th - 60.94%
Jason Levy24.1334th - 57.67%
Ajit Rehal25.4348th - 63.45%
Satya Iyer26.5164th - 48.17%
Katherine Harris26.5165th - 55.37%
193 finishers

parkrun # 199 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 10th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown15.52 (course pb)2nd - 81.30%
Mark Boulton17.385th - 73.35%
Patrick Brown17.477th - 72.63%
Ciaran Canavan18.4911th - 72.54%
Julie Creffield32.2388th - 46.17%
110 finishers.

other parkrun's - Saturday 10th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sean Richardson18.233rd (Gunpowder)
Ramesh Pala21.547th (Barking)
Dan Spinks22.4935th (Gunnersbury)
Steven Bywater24.5017th (Walthamstow)

Milton Keynes Half Marathon - Monday 5th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Saheed Shabbir1.52.40525th
1607 finishers.

Milton Keynes Marathon - Monday 5th May 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Maud Hodson4.09.46 pb901st
2105 finishers.

Maud finishing strongly in the MK Dons Stadium.

Maud's report: It was a beautiful morning in Milton Keynes. I opened the curtains of my room at the romantically named Premier Inn Milton Keynes Southwest to reveal a rather attractive view over a lake. A very easy 10 minute drive to the stadium, got a parking place just outside the baggage drop zone, plenty of proper indoor toilets. With locks on the doors and loo roll, too. All going well so far.
At the start it was a bit of a free-for-all, with no pens for different paces. The pacers turned up quite late on, so it wasn't easy to pick them out from in the crowd. I found myself somewhere between the 3.45 and 4.00 balloons, and planned to drop back and join up with the four hour pacer.
Instead I found myself rolling along at very steady 9 minute-ish miles, feeling quite comfortable, taking in the sights of downtown MK. It was a nice surprise to come across Saheed at around 6 miles, but otherwise the first 15 miles was pretty uneventful. Enjoyable, even.
And then the sun came out, and the course become more uppy downy, and bit by bit the wheels came off. The four hour pacer came past me between 16 and 17 miles, and I tried briefly to hold on but couldn't do it. I just about held it together until the 18 mile water station, when, with all hopes of sub-4 evaporated in the Bank Holiday sunshine, my motivation deserted me too. I stopped, drank a whole bottle of water, nipped behind the bushes for a wee (didn't see the nettles...), picked up a second hand water bottle from the verge and drank most of that too. And looked around to see if a fairy godmother with a wheelbarrow would appear to whisk me off to the finish.
No barrow-pushing fairies turned up, so I scraped my hopes and dreams up off the tarmac and tried to get going again. The next couple of miles were not pretty, and I allowed myself the odd walk up some of the hills. Gradually I managed to stick some of the wheels back on, the sun went in again, and the last 5 miles weren't so bad. By that point most people seemed to be walking or running even more slowly than me, which made me feel a bit better.
As I approached the stadium I realised a PB was still on if I got on with it, my family were there to cheer me on, and I managed something resembling a sprint finish.
And then there was cold beer and everyone lived happily ever after.

Did someone mention cold beer?

Regents Park Summer Series 10km - Sunday 4th May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou44.54135th
434 finishers.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Trail Series 7.7 miles (10km) - Saturday 3rd May 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Browne1.22.4450th
Andrea Waller1.27.0562nd
Jayne Browne1.30.1274th
Suzanne Bench1.34.0389th
Geoff Bench1.34.0690th
131 finishers , also Ben Waller 82nd in 1.31.05.

Our intrepid heroes!.

Jayne reports;-Suzanne and Geoff Bench, Andrea and Ben Waller, Jayne and Paul Browne travelled down to Pembrokeshire last Friday to take part in the Pembrokeshire 7.7 mile (not 10K) Endurance Life run on the Saturday.

This was a very well organised event with T-shirt and very nice medal for the finishers. There was also a very friendly atmosphere. Coaches were provided to drive us out to the start of the race which was in Marloes. The Organisers led us to a cove by the sea which we had to scramble down to before we could start the race, a usual briefing and then off we went.

The start was a climb up to the coastal path which stretched all the way to the finish in Little Haven. It all started off well, I even said to Suzanne this feels like a Sunday run and then came the hills and lots of them, but the views over the Atlantic made this a special run. The route took us all along the coastal path, along the top of the cliffs.

We all finished, had an ice bath in the sea and celebrated our achievements with food, wine, beer and Karaoke. The B&B we stayed in was superb with views of the beach, the owners were very hospitable, feeding us up with Welsh tea cakes which were lovely.

I would definitely recommend this run, B&B and the pubs.

parkrun # 157 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 3rd May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.091st - 79.88%
Gavin Stebbing18.133rd - 70.51%
Regis Martin19.597th - 68.81%
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.17 pb9th - 65.00%
Andy Jenkins21.2813th - 61.80%
Paula Bedford22.22 (course pb)21st - 68.41% 1st lady
Sarah Burns23.0928th - 65.37% 2nd lady
Claire Parker23.15 (course pb)29th - 63.66% 3rd lady
Claire Emery23.2230th - 66.83% 4th lady
Fiona Day24.3144th - 74.85%
Sophie Edwards24.4848th - 62.03%
Maud Hodson25.5859th - 59.69%
Don Bennett28.2675th - 54.04%
Karen Lawlor29.44 (course pb)77th - 49.78%
Bernadett Kalmar38.06 (with kids)103rd - 38.06%
111 finishers. The 2nd biggest turnout at Wanstead Flats saw Euan finishing 1st again in 16.09. Emmett in a course pb of 20.17 from his pb last week of 20.38 finished behind Gavin & Regis to give us 4 men in Top 10. The ladies finished with 6 in the Top 10 with Paula in 1st place with a course pb of 22.22, only 1 second behind Sarah's course pb of 22.21. Claire Parker finished 3rd lady behind Sarah with a course pb of 23.15 with Claire Emery finishing 4th in 23.22.
Fiona & Sophie finished in Top 10 also ahead of Maud who was winding down for her marathon on Monday in Milton Keynes. New member Karen Lawlor finished in a course pb of 29.44 shortly after being announced as Parkrunner of the Month for April. The 3rd Anniversary is approaching on the 17th May and we are close to 100 ELR's at Wanstead Flats. I know the list says 101 but 3 have never been members of ELR. So what we need is 2 members to put ELR as there club name on parkrun from the following Paula Bedford, Laura Jenkin, Tina Nieman da Costa, James Creed and Andy Jenkins , plus it makes it easier for me to spot your results also.

parkrun # 65 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 3rd May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.551st - 68.28%
James Nichols20.503rd - 62.08%
Richard Guest21.154th - 64.71%
Steven Bywater24.5021st - 58.93%
111 finishers. Patrick Brown returns to his winning ways after a couple of weeks with his family to welcome him on the line. Good photo of them all on Walthamstow parkrun page.

other parkruns - - Saturday 3rd May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan17.436th Hackney
Sean Richardson18.08 (1st parkrun)2nd Gunpowder
Ramesh Pala21.3712th Barking
Russell Peters23.0935th Gunpowder
Dan Spinks23.22107th Rushmoor
Alexandra Wilkinson26.2571st Hackney
Ciaran does his debut at Hackney in 17.43 as new member Sean Richardson does his 1st parkrun to finish 2nd at Gunpowder in 18.08. Dan Spinks adds another venue to his list at Rushmoor and good to see Alexandra back running again after a long lay off.

parkrun # 168 - Valentine Park - Saturday 3rd May 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter19.24 (course pb)8th - 73.11%
Karen Levison20.31 (2nd lady)12th - 78.96%
Grant Conway21.41 (course pb)20th - 65.41%
Derek Wright22.32 (with buggy)31st - 61.98%
Jason Levy24.01 (course pb)46th - 58.15%
Katherine Harris26.2471st - 56.31%
Julie Greene29.12103rd - 58.11%
Is the new course faster ?. A few course pb's from Andrew , Grant and new member Jason Levy can they tell us?. Karen's great time of 20.31 was only good enough for 2nd place lady and Derek ran with his buggy in 22.32.

Test Event - Sunday 27th April 2014

Hotel Olympia 10km - Sunday 27th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols42.39 pb34th
496 finishers.

Race Report from James
"I was expecting the worst prior to this race as pre-event communication
seemed to focus more on the corporate side of the event, perhaps
understandably given it was a charity fundraiser linked to the show of the
same name taking place at the ExCel over the weekend. The lack of a route
in particular was worrying, however the race was under UKA guidelines and
in the end those fears need not have been there as on the day organisation
was spot-on, and the race itself was well signposted and marshalled. Flat
and good enough for a PB for myself, although it was very narrow at the
bunch start and a number of tight turns mean it wasn't ideal in this
respect. At the finish there was the positive side of the corporate nature
of the event with a hefty goodie bag and a complimentary brunch provided to
all runners. At £15, with all proceeds going to charity, this was excellent
value and would recommend to others."

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 1 - Cheshunt - 26th October 2014

parkrun # 197 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 26th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price17.47 pb6th - 72.63%
David Wyatt26.0250th - 61.59%
Sarah Burns27.2063rd - 55.37%
Paula Bedford27.2265th - 55.91%
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea41.3190th - 31.59%
90 finishers.

parkrun # 167 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 26th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali19.50 (course pb)8th - 65.04%
Jason Levy24.1837th
Ajit Rehal24.3039th - 66.05%
Satya Iyer27.3878th - 46.80%
Katherine Harris29.0993rd - 51.00%
190 finishers.

other parkruns - Saturday 26th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest20.59 (50th parkrun)Walthamstow
Russell Peters23.27Gunpowder
Dan Spinks25.15Gunnersbury

parkrun # 156 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 26th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.221st - 78.72%
Gavin Stebbing19.003rd - 71.32
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.38 pb8th - 63.89%
Morgan Francis20.549th - 62.44%
Regis Martin20.5610th - 65.68%
James Creed21.25 pb13th - 61.25%
Celia Payaneeandee22.43 (1st lady)21st - 68.20%
Claire Emery22.54 (2nd lady)22nd - 68.20%
Kieran Brown23.1623rd - 66.62%
Laura Jenkin23.26 (3rd lady)25th - 63.16%
Claire Parker23.5731st - 61.18%
Maud Hodson24.3838th - 62.92%
Fiona Day24.4439th - 74.19%
Sophie Edwards25.3745th - 60.05%
Andrea Waller25.3846th - 58.71%
Bernadett Kalmar27.1861st - 92.92%
Don Bennett29.0868th - 52.75%
Karen Lawlor31.1471st - 47.39%
87 finishers. Great turnout with 17 from ELR , Men with 5 in top 10 and Ladies with 8 in the top 10 of 29 ladies. First finishers from Euan and Celia and a course pb from Emmett.

Regents Park Easter Monday 10km - Monday 21st April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing40.2019th
Roisin Archer46.1675th
Katrina Anderson58.47271st
434 finishers.

BAA Boston Marathon 2014 - Monday 21st April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods5.35.5229,838th
Tom Woods adds Boston to his list to become the first member of East London Runners to do all 6 of the Marathon Major's (Berlin, London, Chicago, New York, Tokyo and Boston).

Capital Runners Richmond Park 10km - Sunday 20th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier50.4587th
227 finishers Jamie reports: Thought I would do a report on the Capital Runners 10k yesterday in Richmond Park. This event is part of a series organised by the team at Nice Work who now manage the 10k Summer/Winter Series at Regents Park. The course itself is challenging, varied surfaces along with a couple of climbs mean PB's will be difficult to achieve but wide paths and a not too large field meant if you know how to pace it right a high finish is on the cards. Those who know Richmond Park will be aware of the scenic views it offers. Event route was well signposted and two laps of a 5k circuit meant you knew what to expect. A medal for all finishers was a nice touch too. The next one is in June so worth a go if you fancy a 10k with a bit of a challenge.

Victoria Park Open 5m - Saturday 19th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Thompson32:06 pb82nd
James Nichols35:04 debut113th
Paula Bedford38.38139th
Sarah Burns38.46 pb141st
192 finishers. Paul's report - I entered this race that traditionally has a strong field made up of various Essex and London Clubs in search of a 5 mile pb. The race was well organised with excellent changing facilities, secure bag drop and chip timed. We had to cover 2 laps of the course with a few sharp turns, but the weather conditions and flatness of the course meant a pb was possibly on the cards. I saw Sarah Burns for a chat at the start fresh from her VLM heroics and soon we were off. My first mile was way too fast at 6:09 (that's what lager does to you!) but I felt strong and pushed on. Had a dip at mile 4, but when a runner from Woodford Green came alongside me with a mile to go and said that we had 6:30 to go under 33 minutes I managed to pick up the pace again (thanks Grant for the track work !) and managed 6:11 for the last mile. At the finish we were welcomed with water, bananas, cereal bar and a creme egg for Easter ! I was delighted with my time and overall a well run race with plenty of marshals and quite a few spectators.

parkrun # 155 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 19th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown15.571st - 80.88%
Gavin Stebbing19.168th - 70.33%
Lee Wollaston19.53 (course pb)13th - 68.65%
Morgan Francis20.54 18th - 62.44%
Celia Payaneeandee22.48 (1st lady)32nd - 64.91%
Maud Hodson24.2846th - 63.44%
David Irwin24.3047th - 58.42%
Diana Rexhepaj28.00 pb73rd - 57.14%
Peter Hatley28.5078th - 47.35%
Karen Lawlor30.15 (course pb)82nd - 48.93%
Tina Nieman da Costa30.2484th - 52.74%
98 finishers. Times have yet to be confirmed from 40 onwards as a couple of TA guys didn't take a finishing chip but were timed. The Orion youth team turned up to take 2nd to 7th place with Euan about 1.30 ahead of them.

parkrun # 166 - Valentines 5km - Saturday 19th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali20.25 (course pb)10th - 63.18%
Karen Levison20.51 (1st lady)14th - 77.70%
Grant Conway22.05 (course pb)23rd - 64.23%
Derek Wright22.43 (with buggy)29th - 61.48%
Jason Levy25.3159th
Satya Iyer26.3667th - 48.62%
192 finishers. Last time before an altered course starts form next week.
Course pb's from Shahib & Grant and a first lady place for a rare parkrun appearance from Karen. Pretty rapid run also from Derek with the buggy.
Be good to have some comparable times from the new course to compare from next week.

other parkrun's - Saturday 19th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter19:1114th 73.94% Kings Lynn
Richard Guest20.3914th - 66.59% Woodley
Steven Bywater24.34 (course pb)20th - 59.57% Walthamstow
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea31.1239th 42.04% Beckton

Virgin Money London Marathon 2014 - Sunday 13th April 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown2.44.00 debut 326th
Ciaran Canavan2.48.11485th
Patrick Brown2.51.00625th
Manjit Bedi2.53.25743rd
Mark Boulton2.57.53 pb1,106th
Ava Lee3.12.09 pb2,545th
William Pearce3.16.493,116th
Peter Hatley3.19.20 pb3,425th
Lee Wollaston3.27.35 pb by 78 mins4,588th
Allan Todd3.38.456,540th
James Creed3.41.04 debut6,968th
Alex Haward3.47.128,346th
Carrine Jay3.47.228,375th
Andy Jenkins3.49.468,940th
Michael Wilson3.50.20 17th London Marathon9,070th
Ramesh Pala3.53.529,970th
Ajit Rehal3.57.0510,918th
Paul Charters3.59.4611,718th
John Healy4.00.24 debut11,888th
Sheila Kennedy4.03.08 pb12,482nd
Sarah Burns4.06.32 pb13,227th
Dave Knight4.12.54 13th London Marathon14,693rd
Steven Bywater4.16.42 pb15,620th
Frank Brownlie 4.16.55 6th London Marathon15,700th
Dan Spinks4.18.4116,133rd
Natalie Lee4.22.08 debut17,014th
Shahib Miah Ali4.25.22 debut17,815th
Sangeeta Dimming4.34.00 debut19,885th
Sarah Stack4.34.41 debut20,043rd
Alison Jones5.47.42 debut32,151st
Jim Bird8.20.00 - 29th London Marathon35,808th
also Yvonne Shashoua 3.30.17 (5,114th), Lorcan Murphy 2.45.32, Teresa Scully 3.13.36, Emily Stack 4.17.49, Mark Portman (Jantastic team) 4.32.04, Sharron Rooney 5.24.22 and Louise Simpson 5.32.27.

Race reports

Yvonne Shashoua - Thanks for a warm welcome and congratulations on your fine London Marathon times.
After a long and tiring but amazing day running the London Marathon for the
first time in 15 years, I wanted to say a huge thank you to ELR for
welcoming me and for your great company today. I moved to Copenhagen to
work in 1998 after a long membership at ELR but have followed the great
progress of the club from the homepage.

Although I have run the Copenhagen Marathon every year since I left the UK,
I was very excited to qualify for a Fast Good for Your Age place in London
after turning 50. I ran the Roding Valley half in March and asked Don if I
could travel on the coach with ELR to the start. Today, I arrived nervously
at the Leisure Centre and was met with smiles and welcome by the many ELR
London participants. Unfortunately the coach didn't arrive and by 7:45am it
was clear that we had to make our own way by tube.

I was a bit panicked by this as I hadn't really read up on which station
would be the closest. I needn't have worried as the ELR ladies had it
sorted. Three of us, Carinne, Julie (I think, sorry) and I ran to
Redbridge, hopped on a train to Stratford and negotiated the DLR with the
many other marathon runners, stinking out one carriage with Deep Heat. The
two others waited for me to run down the stairs with my awful, stiff knees.
We arrived at Cutty Sark Station and asked our way to the green start.I was
still a little stressed as time was ticking but we laughed and talked so
much together that I soon relaxed. Thank you so much for your wonderful
company, girls, and I can see from ELR's home page that you had fine
results despite the heat and frustrating injuries up to the run.

I struggled from 8 miles with sore knees but had a goal to get to the ELR
drinks station at 20 miles. I was not disappointed. Pete was up on his
stage, microphone in hand and gave me a lovely greeting. Then the many,
hard working ELR members giving out water smiled and cheered. The greeting
gave me the energy for the last 6.2 miles and a positive memory of a hard,
hot day.

I am delighted to read how many talented and active members ELR has and am
equally proud that my old club still has a wonderful spirit and generosity.
Wishing you all success in your coming training and hope to see you soon.

Mark Boulton.
The build up to the Virgin London Marathon was a bit more dramatic than I anticipated. I sprained a tendon in my foot the week before which meant I ended Wednesday's club run in tears and poor Roberto, Danny and Ava had to try and console me. An X-Ray, ultra-sound and some strong painkillers later meant our Chairman picked me up on Sunday morning in quite a relaxed state. I genuinely had no idea how the foot would hold out so was just going to see how it went. Meeting up at the centre with the other runners smiling faces was nice and relaxing and helped take the mind off my foot and what lay ahead.

After a quick journey on the tube and DLR we arrived relaxed in Greenwich and set off on our different journeys to the start line through Greenwich Park. Quick queue for toilet, few photos and last minute Vaseline to feet and made my way to start pen.

First few miles flew by and I tried to relax into a settled pace and tried to forget about any niggles. After about 5 miles my foot felt ok and I decided that if I was not going to hit my target it would not be because of my foot. Coming through the iconic scenes of London Marathon route was special although I found it hard to relax and enjoy it as was focused on what I was targeting but was buzzing to come through half way feeling good and spotted my Mum & Dad which always lifts the spirits. However still found it hard to relax knowing that I went through half in about 1:24 last year feeling good only to blow up massively after 22 miles. Next mental target was 18 at Canary Wharf where I had cramped last year but this year was feeling ok despite having to work harder to maintain pace. Next was bracing myself for 20 to see the club at the water station. Relax, calm down and keep eye on pace. A high five with Grant and Johnny Shaw and I stopped relaxing and could feel the adrenaline kicking in.. Seeing everyone was such a buzz, seeing glimpses of all the faces that provide such support and comfort through the highs and lows of training, year in year out inspired me an enthusiastic high five with Thommo who had to pick me up off the floor at that point last year meant 10k to go. Club run left. That's all.

Trying to do mental arithmetic after 21 miles of a marathon is not easy but figured I had given myself a shot at hitting sub 3 target. Replaying the mantra's in my head, inspired by the amazing London crowd's it was time to dig in. Was looking forward to seeing my family again at 22 but the adrenaline boots were not lasting as long as earlier in the race. Hit the embankment and began to run from memory, could see Big Ben in distance but did not want to look at it, turned the corner at birdcage walk. About 26 miles in, was done. Looked up and saw Danny Lee's smiling face, knowing what he had done the week before in Paris gave me just what I needed at that time. Turned in to the Mall, 200 yards to go, thought that I might just be able to finish. Crossed the line in 2:57:53 in floods of tears. It has been a hell of a journey with blood, sweat and tears but 100% worth it. I want to thank everyone at East London Runners for all their kindness, support and inspiration.

Mark in race mode during the marathon!

Ava Lee.
The 13th April 2014 was the perfect day to run the London marathon, or so I thought. The weather was beautiful, the crowds as supportive as ever, and lots of amazing friends on the route to cheer me on. I started off the day full of positive energy, great to see all my ELR fellow runners for the journey to the start. I didn't realise at that time that this would be my toughest marathon challenge yet.

Being in the Championship start was a bit of a buzz, surrounded by lots of super skinny, super fit people who do everything in one speed - fast! I wondered what I was doing there, how did i sneak in here? I was just glad of the short toilet queue...and Ciaran's thermal bin bag jacket.

The race was hard for me compared to last year. I felt a bit off colour from early on. I felt tired before 10 miles, which was strange. I imagined multiple scenarios of how I could stop and go home, but the thought of all the friends who would be disappointed and upset for me kept me going. I managed a grimace for Danny and my friends at Mile 16. They lined the roads, their bellies full of Eggs Benedict and Bloody Mary's. Lucky them, I thought!

I kept going. I was still going at a fair pace, and eventually the black cloud lifted and I knew I'd finish. I sneaked past the 20 mile water station. I wanted to smile and wave, but keeping going in a straight line looking forward was the only option.

At 800 metres to go Danny was there with friends Lucy and Diccon. I was so happy to hear them, even if I didn't show it. The end was in sight. With all my might I did a fast hobble over the finish line, and was overcome by relief. It was finished. Hurray!! A mentally very challenging day. Somehow I managed a new personal best, which under the circumstances I'm extra delighted with.

London, you've not seen the best of me yet. I'll be back next year....and yes, perhaps I'll feel like I deserve my Championship start this time.

Dave Knight.
I really enjoyed the marathon this year. Being ill and missing a lot of training meant the pressure was off. I knew I would need to be a bit cautious but that turned out to be a blessing really. The missing bus saga got us off to a fine start but we seemed (mostly) to meet up at Greenwich. I enjoyed the company of a calm and un-flustered Mike Wilson for the pre-race build up and then we were off. Orient's recent success was marked by more shouts of "Come on Orient" than I have ever had before - are the O's attracting glory-hunters these days? Chatted to an army bloke for a mile or two in Greenwich, saw my wife at Canary Wharf - thanks to Anne for a quick swig of rejuvenating Costa Coffee, and got to sing Orient songs on Birdcage Walk with a fellow O's fan, who said he'd seen me last year. What the watching crowd thought of "He's got no hair but we don't care, Russell Russell Slade", I dread to think. Finished in 4 hours 12 and a bit. The highlight though was the 20 mile water station. You guys were magnificent. Got absolutely drenched and took a shot of water straight between the eyes thanks to the amazing aim of Roberto. I was soaked but the encouragement I took from you all helped me speed up for a couple of hundred metres. After the race the Ship and Shovell was just perfect. It was great swapping tales over a pint or five! All in all - a fantastic day again. Hope I can get a place again next year and do it all again. Special thanks to Roberto and Frank for organising some great training runs and to all of you who joined us for the long haul Sundays.

Cheers Dave)

More Race Reports - Virgin Money London Marathon 2014 - Sunday 13th April 2014

Ciaran Canavan.
13th April 2014. A day to remember, or a day that will never be forgotten? The next 12 hours will tell their story, I thought to myself, as I contemplated getting out of bed.

It was 5 am, the early morning bird song had begun outside my window, and although already awake, I had had an early night, and a good sleep till then. This whole marathon morning thing is beginning to feel like second nature. I didn't feel too nervous and was looking forward to the challenge ahead. The last few weeks training had gone well, taper was perfect, and having relieved myself of any pressure of achieving the same goal as 2013, I felt like it was going to be a good day. One where my priority was to run, and to enjoy the Virgin Money London Marathon.

I walked to Wanstead Leisure Centre, taking in Wanstead park en-route, admiring the tranquility as the early morning sun had yet to dispel the low mist laying on top of the grass. The only company I had during my commute were the ducks and geese who were feasting in the dew laden parkland. I felt like I was Mary Poppins, in a picture perfect life. Yes, today was going to be a good day.

With my spoons of sugar (Lucozade Sport Gels) tucked into my shorts pocket, and my bag packed full of of everything possibly needed for the pre race start zone, from loo roll for the toilets to the legendary black bin bags for keeping warm, I congratulated myself on my perfect preparation for race morning.

Everyone arrived early for the coach, which we all know by now was more than can be said about the coach itself. My picture perfect Mary Poppins life had turned into the nightmare. In a whirlwind I had been transported from London, to the land of Oz. The wicked witch had scuppered our plans, and we had to follow the central line and DLR to the start of the marathon.#

Safety in numbers, and as the lion, tin man and scarecrow joined me in the form of my fellow abandoned East London Runners, we navigated our own way to the marathon start. Though nervous because of the ticking clock, the company was great, and the chit chat with my compatriots passed the time quickly, arriving to our start zone slightly after 9am. Never was I more glad of the revised 10am start.

Having become separated from Euan en route through Greenwich Park, Ava and I were re-united with him beside the baggage truck at the Championship start. We had found our way; we were back in London, and we were ready for what lay ahead. 26.2 miles of the best marathon in the world, through the best city in the world, dramas forgotten and Marathon ready.

At the strike of 10, we were off, and across the start line within seconds. My race plan was to start slow, and likely get slower (than last year). For the first couple of miles I kept the young Brown in my sights, but stuck to my own pace as the only race I was running today was a personal one with myself.
As the blue route merged with the red, I was convinced I'd meet Patrick, or Mark coming through from their start. I kept my eyes peeled for them, but to no avail. The crowds on the blue start seemed sparse compared to those I remembered from the red last year so I was glad the routes had now merged, and that the supporters had increased. The atmosphere was increasing, so was the temperature, but for now I was feeling good. The Cutty Sark is always a highlight, with noise en-mass, and the knowledge 1/4 job done. Easy! From here my thoughts turned to my spectators, the first of whom I hoped to see before the hour mark, but I didn't know exactly where. Needless to say they were missed. Mental target #2 was Tower Bridge, and the 20k mats, but well in advance of which I was given a boost by being caught up on by Euan, who somehow managed to appear from behind me. 'Toilet stop' he declared, and nothing more needed to be said. We ran the last couple of miles on the south side of the river together, crossing Tower Bridge and right onto the Highway where Lance was waiting with my folks. With joy, I saw them all, and they saw me. I waved, and continued with Euan onwards towards the halfway point.

Entering the second half of the race, I was still feeling good. To my pleasant surprise I was keeping pace with Euan, though I believe it was more a case of the smarter Euan using myself to pace him slower, than me keeping pace with him. 13 rolled up to 14, then 15. Euan started to drift ahead again, and by now I was starting to feel pain. No matter how many times I have run, the marathon itself always throws up it challenges. This time it was the twinges in my calves. They started about the 14th mile, and were followed by tightness in my left leg. I was convinced no matter what, I was going to suffer with the dreaded cramp.

Trying to adjust my running stance, the twinges continued for the next couple of miles. 'Run through', I told myself, followed by 'Can I run through?' I asked myself. By now the miles were hurting, and the compensation in stance had transferred the pain from my calves, to my toes in my right foot. Time to compensate again.

As I navigated the Docklands, I had to focus the mind, and concentrate on every step. I was not looking forward to the mile 20 Water Station. I'm meant to look like this is a breeze. ELR can't see me looking like this! Left leg, both calves, and now right foot all hurting. No way I'll manage a smile with all this going on. As I entered Poplar High Street, the drama playing in my mind, was as intense as the drama taking toll on my body. I recall Grant cheering on with his whistle, and a lack of PA from the Fire Brigade. Then there was the confusion of some fire bridge red tops on the right.

Were ELR now on the left? Calves, leg, toes, Grant, no PA, red on right, white on left? I kept right, and tried to allow myself to look for further friendly ELR faces to see me through. It was all a bit of a whirlwind blur, which today confused instead of comforted.

As I departed the water station, the delirium subsided. I had heard some cheers, goodness knows whom from, but I did allow these to lift my spirit, and I began to refocus the mind.

Upon returning to the Highway, approaching back towards Tower Bridge, I was not lucky enough to see my family again, though they yelled out to me, I ran right past them. By now the pain was showing on my face, as well as passing from the toes on my right foot, to the toes on my left foot. At lest the twinges in my calves have abated, but time to adjust my running stance again. 7k to go. I knew I was slowing by now, but I had managed to regain my senses. I was taking water at every water station, and squirting my calfves, and maybe having a sip for myself. Lorcan seemed to float past me as he politely said hello while pacing through the tunnel on toward the embankment.

The last couple of miles were tough, but as I crossed the 40k mats, I knew I still had enough pace to run sub 2:50. Now it was time to dig deep, and find every bit of reserve I had. Go............., but I couldn't speed up. As I passed St. Stephens Tower, Parliament Sq, and onto Birdcage Walk, only experience was carrying me through. Pleasantly the 800m changed to 600m and then 400m to go quicker than I had expected. Buckingham Palace, 365 yards to go, then right onto the Mall.

The sight of the finish gantry, and 200m to go, I don't know where it came from, but my legs allowed me a sprint finish, easily passing 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or more runners on the home straight. Over. Done. 2:48:11.

Only one thing left to do, and that was cry. The tears rolled down my face, as I proclaimed to myself, 'Never Again'. This fecking marathon malarkey is hard work, and VMLM 2014 was the toughest so far. Aren't these meant to get easier with experience?

After collecting my medal, and walking past my baggage truck without collecting my bag, luckily the baggage marshal was more alert than myself, and called me back to them. Thereafter I found Euan propping up a tree, looking somewhat as I felt. Hopefully though he felt a little better than I did.

13th April 2014, a day that will never be forgotten.

Ciaran in full flight during the Marathon!

parkruns - 5km - Saturday 12th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.302nd Walthamstow
James Wilson19.055th Wanstead
John Booth19.2514th Mile End
Amadeus Furlong20.2930th Norwich
Richard Guest21.2012th Walthamstow
Derek Wright22.45 (with buggy)23rd Valentines
Maud Hodson25.2340th Wanstead
Sophie Edwards25.5243rd Wanstead
Morgan Francis26.5955th Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj28.05 pb61st Wanstead
Tina Nieman da Costa30.2066th Wanstead
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea31.1239th Beckton
Claire Emery37.57 (with kids)81st Wanstead

Race Reports London Marathon Sunday 13th april 2014 - Sunday 13th April 2014

Lee Wollaston.
I set my alarm clock for 6am but my brain woke me up at 5am just before 2 guys attacked me in a street in some weird dream I was having. I got to Wanstead Leisure Centre at 07:17 ready for the coach along with the others, but the coach driver was clearly not as keen as we were to get going as he never showed up. It didn't matter though as we all took the flat walking route to Redbridge Station (Wanstead was deemed to be uphill) so that we could use plan B of public transport. We arrived at Greenwich Park some time before 9am and then eventually went our separate ways off to our respective coloured starts. I was on red start with Will Pearce, Dave Knight, Natalie Alexis-Lee and Sarah Burns (did I leave anyone out?). After Will had a last chug of concentrated beetroot juice we were off to give in our bags and a final urinal visit.

As I was milling about it was at that point I noticed the 3:45 pacers were in pen 4 ahead of me. Damn. I wanted to be ahead of them but thought it would be no problem as I would get to them by the start line. Wrong....by the time I reached the start line they were well ahead of me with a mass of runners in between us. So my first 2 miles consisted of me battling my way through to get with the pace. Once with them I moved ahead and then settled into a flow of keeping them behind me and amusing myself along the sideline by sharing low fives (low down high fives) with people along the side of the road. It was a hot day but there was plenty of water and I was feeling good and was picking my way through lots of runners as and when I could find gaps. As I was doing this I remembered that I had read in some tips that people who weave around and overtake in the early stages will be the ones suffering later. I didn't really want to become that hare but felt confident enough that I only wanted to be about 3 minutes ahead of the 3:45 pacers and I was on about 5:03 min per kilometre pace and felt fine; so I carried on.

I had a few people that I knew were in the crowd at various points so was keeping a sharp eye out at those locations but the crowds were so large and so loud that I found it really difficult to see or hear anyone. The exception being my 2 cousins who chose to wear short blue wigs which was a great idea as I managed to see them on the 2 locations they chose around the course. I first saw them past Cutty Sark and it was a real boost. And I vaguely heard a shout from another friend prior to that but didn't know where it came from or if it was for me. At some point after that boost I received a low as I started to feel my long standing ITB flare up on my left knee. This time I was prepared though (children look away now) and took two an anadin-ibuprofen joint pain tablets. These were recommended by another club members whose identity shall remain secret, but these really hit the spot. So, boosted by moral support and legal pharmaceuticals I plodded on trying to stay on a good pace.

Tower Bridge (always an awesome location to run across) came and went and then I got another boost when I saw the race leaders coming towards me on the other side of the road when they were at about 21 miles. It was an awesome boost and I shouted encouragement as they passed. Everything went to another level very soon
after when Mo Farah approached and came past. An already excited crowd went
mental and grew even louder with their encouragement for him. I must admit that I also went a little overboard and must have done a little jump or something because as I landed I felt the top of my right calf cramp up a little. Whoops....

To compound that little mistake I then decided to grab a Lucozade gel at the next point. Now, I like Lucozade and was drinking some on the course when it was available but the gel was a mistake. 10 minutes after I felt sick. I seriously thought I was going to dampen a section of the crowds spirit by vomiting next to their well planned and chosen positions thus ruining it for them. I held it together though and plodded on. At around 14 miles I saw Mike Wilson ahead and ran up alongside him. 'Hello' I said. 'Hello' he said; 'Your running well'. And that was the end of our conversation. I had visions of us running the rest of the course together, but as quick as we had met each other, we parted just as quickly as I moved on. I then missed a friend in Narrow Street who was meant to be at the Grapes Pub and missed more friends in Mudchute and after that I seemed to go into a zone as Russell Price explained that he did in Manchester. The
remainder of my race was run with me being aware of noise but not really paying any attention to it as I felt none of it was directed at me as I wasn't running for charity. To explain this, although this was my 3rd London Marathon, this was the first time I had not run supporting a Charity. I did feel conscious throughout that I was surrounded by people in charity vests and that I was among them in my club top. I somehow felt weird being there. The charity support teams always went mental when their charity runners went by and I heard lots of shouts of individual names along the way from people at the sides as they had their names printed on their vest as I had before. But this time there was no support from strangers for me, although I did hear a few 'Come on East London' shouts en
route. Was I alone in feeling this way? I'm not sure. The next thing on my mind was getting to twenty miles and seeing friends and familiar faces from East London Runners. A few more pills at 17miles to combat some hip pain (ITB again and my right calf) and I was counting down the miles to mile 20 and at the 19 mile point I started to get really excited.

The 20 mile mark did not disappoint. First I saw Johnny Shaw just before the water station and we high fived and I believe he shouted 'looking strong' or something along those lines. I then got a bit confused as although I had positioned myself on the right hand side, I was expecting to see blue t-shirted volunteers, but instead I saw white t-shirted volunteers! Then I saw a white t-shirted Grant Conway at the water station with water in hand which brought me back to my senses but prevented me from high fiving him lol. Then I saw George, then a rush of people came flying past; Laura, Ninette, Natasha, Alexandra and Claire all appearing to be huddled together in a big ball! I remember Natasha holding the only water I really saw in my euphoric state, so I reached for that but it was so high in the air (as were my hands which I was waving about in the
air) that I had to jump up to reach it (or maybe it was because I was jumping up and down like a loon anyway), so I grabbed the water and was then off back into the middle of the road (more than likely cutting everyone up). I have no recognition of seeing anyone else at the station so sorry if I don't recall you there.

Then once more I immediately suffered for my over exuberant jumping actions as my right calf cramp came on again and I half ran / half stumbled back into the middle of the road to continue with the 6.2 miles that lay ahead. At that point I thought I had blown it and ruined my legs. It had been a worry before and throughout my run especially from 7 miles out and again from 17 miles out that my legs would cause me problems as my breathing and fitness were fine. It sorted itself out though and I was able to concentrate on the task ahead. 6 miles to go, 'it's just a Wednesday night club run' I told myself. Along embankment I put my head down and solely concentrated on my pace and keeping it up as it was now well below 5:00 minute kilometering and was about 4:53k pace. I picked a few runners to go along with who were also going at a good pace and followed them through the crowds when I could. Then it was down to 3 miles left. 'Just a parkrun' I thought, 'I can do that easy, that's only 20 mins left to run'. I looked at my watch and I think it read 2:17. That gave me 23 mins max to run the last 5k and thus come in under 3hrs 30mins. Then I looked for Big Ben, I couldn't see it. How could it not be here I thought. I only had 3 miles left to run...Then I saw it around the corner in the distance. It looked far away! Head
down again. Concentrate. Keep the pace. Into birdcage walk and I approached
the 600 metres to go sign. A glance at my watch told me I was good as long
as I didn't falter. 600 metres was one and a half Laps of Grants Monday
night track sessions. I could do that. As long as I kept the pace. I turned
right into what I expected to be The Mall. Except it wasnt. It was the
roundabout. Another right turn and then it was The Mall. The finish line
wasn't far ahead. Just keep running. Although I believe my pace was good
during all this. I felt like I was getting nowhere. I knew I was passing
people and I remember moving to the far left for a clear run at the finish
(and to give the photographers a good view of me in all my finishing
glory), but it was like some weird film slow-mo sequence as I felt like I
was not moving. I felt as if I was putting everything into it but getting
nowhere. I was with it though as my watch now registered 3hrs 27mins and I
remember thinking I wanted to stay within 3:27 as my pre-race goal had been
3:37, ten minutes ahead exactly (I'm like that with numbers). Then it was
over. Finish line crossed at 3hrs 27mins 35secs. I paused, looked back and
then was overcome with emotion. I welled up and almost cried. Timing chip
removed and medal collected, I looked back down towards the race finish and
welled up again. I wanted to see a familiar face, someone to greet, someone
to hug...But there was no-one. It was me and hundreds of other people that
I didn't know. Perhaps It felt lonely because I am used to parkrun, or club
runs or ELVIS where there are always meetings at the end with familiar
faces to share the moment with and swap stories. The Mall felt strangely
lonely considering it was so busy. The feeling didn't last long though as I
was reconnected with my mobile phone and then the ELR meet up in the pub :-)

So that's the story of my 2014 London marathon. The story seems as long as
the race lol. It was a great day though. It always is. London has great
crowd support. Today the noise levels seemed even louder. The crowds seemed
bigger. The weather was glorious. The organisation was fantastic. But I
must admit the course always seemed busy and I found it difficult to move
in front of people to keep a good pace at times. This was my 3rd London
marathon and I'm so pleased with how I did on the day. To smash my previous
PB by over 78 minutes is unbelievable and just crazy. If you haven't run
London before, you must. If you have run it before, maybe you can
understand some of my crazy ramblings. It's not just the race day itself,
it's all the build up to it and training that are part of the
great experience too. Thanks to all the people that contributed to some
great moments and unforgettable memories :-)

Regents Park Summer Series 10km - Sunday 6th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier45.26

Brighton Marathon 2014 - Sunday 6th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Baldwin3:22:00356th
Roberto Bruni3:22:54378th
Roisin Archer3:30:45 pb880th
Jamee Gould3:43:271,377th
Natasha Tweedie3:49:17 debut1,779th
Trish Kelly4:08:033,185th
Laura Jenkin4:22:09 debut4,237th
David Wyatt5:05:00 debut6,822nd
Julie Creffield5:54:168,036th
8,566 finishers. Well done Roisin and Jamee who achieved London Marathon 'good for age' qualifying times.

Race Reports

Julie Creffield t.co/WFiQoXdMI7

David Wyatt Completed in 20 minutes outside my target in 5:5:00.

5K - 32:39
10K - 33:40 (1:06:19)
15K - 33:57 (1:40:16)
20K - 36:35 (2:16:51)
25K - 36:11 (2:53:02)
30K - 36:14 (3:29:16)
35K - 38:32 (4:07:48)
40K - 39:55 (4:47:43)

Started feeling as tired as I tended to at 30K in training at 15K, hence the slowing down - although I did run the first 15K slightly faster than I planned in the hillier section of the course but I did not go out too fast and pay for it as I was never going well - basically the last half was run on very tired legs with suspicions of cramping up at times - backed off the pace at 15K and kept it steady until 30K after which I really wanted to stop and walk and needed real mental strength to keep going - just kept forcing myself to keep going to the next mile marker - once I got to 23 miles it was relatively easy to keep running with the end in sight.

Saw Roberto and Trish at the start and also at the end in the Beach Village - they helped me contact the family who had managed to miss me by ringing through on their mobile - I did not use the baggage drop at all being able to walk over from the Travelodge next to the start. - saw Laura early on - then soon after Emily Hart ran past and we had a brief chat (she plans to come back to ELR now that her football season has finished) - at around mile 12 Katherine Harris spotted me -then at mile 14 and 18 it was my wife Margaret, Mark and my other son James - gave them an update on how badly it was going and that got my wife worried but Mark was reassured her by saying how my splits (was following the app on my phone) were OK and I had done the training - was told at mile 18 to stop moaning and get on with it by James which made me more determined to keep going - Mark ran with me from mile 25 to mile 26 advising me to take shorter strides and not to sprint.
James was taking photos and the only one of me smiling was 200 m from the end!

Brighton Report from Trish and Roberto:

So, some time last June, Trish comes home and I inform her that we had just entered the Brighton Marathon. "What the hell did you do that for?" she said. I tried to explain that Brighton is the second best marathon in the UK and everyone is doing it! "It will be fun, I promise. We can train with all those youngsters, show them how seasoned campaigners do it". Trish looks at me and says "you are having another mid-life crisis". On Sunday 6th April 2014, after months of training, injuries, and the loss of key team members, we gathered at Preston Park. When I say gathered, I mean, we had no idea where any of us were. Trish obviously arrived early and started queuing for the loos!! As we approached the start-line we bumped into David Wyatt looking looking full of trepidation: "I am hoping for 4.45". I later see Roisin Archer in the Red pen, who tells me that she will be returning to London soon and we set off, trying to avoid Paula Radford who seems to slapping people for no reason. Always thought she never recovered from her Athens trauma. After a few minutes I spot Mark and he does manage to slap me, so hard in fact, my hand nearly comes off. Mile 2-3 I spot Laura on the other side of road. She looks full of beans, or she has hit the bottle already! How she ever made it to Brighton is beyond anyone. She only started training in February, and done one 18M run. We meander through odd places in Brighton and finally make it to the sea front. "It should be nice from now on", I think. Hmm, not quite, as we run along the A259 towards Rottingdean. I eventually see Natasha, another one that just about recovered from injury in time to make it. Earlier during a training run, she tells me that she aiming for 3:59:59, or least faster that her dad's time of 4.01. I spot Trish, she is running much faster than I expected and seems to be catching me. "I'd better get a move on!" Then I catch sight of Julie, finally someone is pleased to see me! Another temporary goodbye along the long road to the another side of Brighton. At 14M the support crew are waiting, it's not raining, but it is a bit chilly if you are standing around waiting and waiting. Ninette, Claire, and Mark are ELR's official cheerleaders and there ready for action as soon as called upon. I search the crowd looking for them, but I hear them before I see them. Then I spot them, big smiles and warm welcome on a breezy sea front. It great to see them there, always a moving moment, having someone cheering you, almost makes it worthwhile. But I also feel a bit guilty, two of the crew should have been on the road with the rest of us, succumbed by injury. Shortly after that, Alexandra spots me and it is another morale boosting hug. She too is injured and out of next week's marathon, but has come all the way down for the day, just to cheer us on. The next few miles are a complete pain and the scenery goes from bad to worst. At one point I come to a rather confusing sign:"Welcome to home of Scottish Power", I thought this is bloody Sussex, nothing makes sense anymore, I blame the Tories ( I am getting quite annoyed now)!!! I miss the crew at 18M as Marilyn Mason is blasting in my ears. And then the end, 26.2M in 3.22. Never f***ing again, I shout at the poor woman who is only there to hand out foil blankets, but everyone treats her as she is in charge of a runners-anonymous helpline. Apparently, I have been running very close to David Baldwin but never realised he was running and nearly crossed the line together. I make way to the finishing straight to catch other ELR runners, but manage to miss most of them, as I can hardly stand up and there is little room to watch the race properly. As I walk back, and drink beer/lemon beer that is being given away for free, I finally see Natasha: finishing time of 3:49. What a debut, what a comeback, brilliant. She tells that Jamee was even faster finishing in 3.43, now guaranteed entry into London next year with good for age qualification. Trish makes it in 4.08, where the hell did that come from? She has spent the entire winter telling me that she will do well to come in under 4.30! Laura follows shortly after with a debut of 4.22. How, what, really? Incredible time with so little training. David 5.05. He is looking tired, but pleased that he made it to the finish. Now is looking for is family and they are nowhere to be found. We eventually manage to track down his wife on the phone. Julie comes home in 5.54, she has C4 and the crew to see her home. What a fantastic day. Everyone has made it, some truly great performances. Let the celebrations begin. Team Brighton re-gathered for drinks later, the end of a great season for some of us. For Claire, her glory will come in Chelmsford in October where it will be our turn to cheer her home to marathon greatness.

Next week belongs to Team London and we will be there to support them and hope that they fulfill their dreams.

Greater Manchester Marathon 2014 - Sunday 6th April 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne3.02.59 pb245th
Russell Price3.12.19 pb468th
Emma Warburton3.39.561,549th
Grant Conway3.41.531,691st
Joseph Browne3:45:37 debut1,861st
Roger Stubbs4:32:40 pb4,239th
For those that follow Marathontalk & Jantastic there team was also at Manchester with Tom Williams 2.53.20, Martin Yelling 2.58.00 and Tony Audenshaw in 3.41.44.

Race Reports

Russell Price. The Greater Manchester Marathon claims to be the fastest, flattest and friendliest. I'll agree with the first two claims but having never done London I'll not pass comment on the friendliest part..

With many a joke with my twin sister that it always rains in Manchester I was not surprised that rain was forecast! Having a chilled day with my sister and a good carb dinner (including the popular beetroot!) was the perfect chilled race prep.

Waking up with plenty of time I lined up next to the 3:15 pacer I was determined to slowly pull ahead and not let him past as I fade later on. The first 4 miles contained a few loop backs so we could see the elite field flying past with incredible ease.

The course was so flat and took in mostly residential roads, locals were out in force with great support in various points and (nicer) quiet stretches to keep focus and keep the speed in-check. From 9 to about 15 was an out and back. Again taking in the elite and then those following. A massive cheer and high five with Grant as we passed!

The number of participants meant it was a little crowded on some of the thinner parts of the course and a few bends made wayward runners a hazard.

Water stops were frequent and on both sides of the course saving the last minute switching of direction.
Getting caught by the pacer at 3:15 woke me up at around 16 miles. I had been on autopilot before that. Sticking with the pacer all the way till 25 those miles were a bit of a blur and seeing many runners slow and drop off the pacer making me more determined. Only thing I remember is that somewhere near 20 a familiar voice said "this feels like an ELVIS now" that again woke me up, good to see Eliot Weatheril of EERR!

At 25 (with no signs of the normal calf cramp - thank you electrolyte tablets!) the pacer shouted (something along the lines of) "if you can hear me your on for under 3:15 so how far under do you want to be?!" a mixture of relief and pride kicked in and it felt like I picked up the pace and charged into the finishing straight with 3:12 on the race clock, awesome! My sister had tried to get some photos on the finishing straight, but being short like me she didn't have much chance over the cheering crowds, so only a smiling picture of me in a foil blanket afterwards, definitely caught me looking my best..

Happy as everything felt good and smashed pb by over 28 minutes. Brilliant flat course, brilliant conditions with no rain and very friendly support! Fast, flat and friendly..

Bring on the aforementioned ELVIS!

Grant Conway I travelled up to Manchester via Sheffield, after watching the O's on 5th April, for my sixth marathon. I stayed overnight in a better than usual Travel Lodge at Salford Quays, just a few minutes walk from the start. I met up with members from Barking RR and Dag 88's in Manchester for an Italian in the evening. The others were a bit surprised by my two main meal pre marathon prep though! After some good food and company I relaxed in the hotel overnight enjoying a good night's sleep before a laid back walk down to the race course at 8am.

I believe there were around seven thousand entrants. The bag drop and collection was a bit chaotic before and after the race and there weren't really enough portaloo toilets in the race village close to the start. The start was adjacent to Old Trafford and you were asked to enter a pen for your approximate time which was respected by most as the race had a good percentage of club runners and a lower percentage of fun runners than you would usually see in a big city marathon. The route was largely flat but there were a couple of little hills but nothing to make a great difference. The run was in largely urban areas going out to Altrincham and back to Old Trafford to finish. Drinks stations were regular with sachets of water which kept the weight down compared to bottles and was definitely better than cups. Unfortunately the signage for water stations and mile markers was easily missed and could have done with being larger and put up higher for all to see. The course was also quite crowded and I would recommend starting near the front if you do this race to avoid congestion. The crowds were pretty good and the first few miles doubled back a few times so supporters saw the runners a few times early on. After that, the course was fairly straight out to Altrincham and back so crowds on these sections saw runners at least twice. There was also quite a bit of musical accompaniment en route to lift the spirits.

Before the race I saw Jayne and Paul Browne and I saw Sam several times when we passed each other. Russell and I gave each other a high 5 as we passed in different directions around half way. I also saw Roger Stubbs but he didn't hear me! Headphones!

My race went pretty much according to plan. I stuck with the 3.45 pacer to about mile 10 and then pushed on ahead. I perhaps could have gone a bit faster early on but some of my training didn't go according to plan and I wanted to ensure the race was reasonably pleasurable! The second half went really well and I managed a negative split for the first time in a marathon (1.51 and 1.50) to finish in 3.41, 1 minute over P.B . The weather was quite mild and the promised rain never materialised. I could have done with it being a little cooler and certainly less windy but it wasn't too bad really. I would feel a bit more confident about trying to go faster IF I do another marathon.

This is a race I would do again but I am not too bothered really and I wouldn't say to ELR members you MUST do it.

Conway ratings

Race overall, 7 out of 10

P.B potential 8 out of 10

Crowd rating 7 out of 10

Venue, 6 out of 10.

Overall cost of trip including race entry, approximately £200.

Greater Manchester Marathon Relay - Sunday 6th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jayne Browne2.02.15
Paul Browne1.59.03
TOTAL : 4.01.19 for 39th place of 84 teams.

Marathon de Paris - Sunday 6th April 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee2.53.01 pb376th
Jonathan Shaw3:54:47 debut13,205th
Fiona Day4.42.1629,994th
Kieran Brown4.42.16
Danny Lee's Race Report. I'm always a bit nervous before a marathon, but I'd been particularly nervous in the run up to Sunday in Paris - I'd had a strange sense of impending doom. But a beautiful Sunday morning was finally upon us, a tight hamstring seemed to have settled down, and I'd managed to blag a place in the second starting block. Things were looking up, and before my shiny new Positive Mental Attitude had time to dull, we were off!

The first 10k east from Champs Élysées towards Bois de Vincennes went quite smoothly, I was comfortably hitting my target pace with a few seconds each kilometre to spare. The second 10k back to Bastille was similar, banking several extra seconds each K. Then down to the Seine and towards the Eiffel Tower, I was slowing but still hitting my target (never one to plan flat or negative splits). Shouts of "Allez, allez, Danny!" helped me along.

Then, we turned away from the Seine for the final 12k and within minutes I felt like I was running through treacle, my splits per kilometre rapidly increasing to way over target - I was seriously starting to crash, my wee legs were spent and any time in the bank was being wiped out fast. I needed water desperately but all the refreshment stations were giving out were nuts - nuts?!! Bois de Bologne seemed to take forever to arrive and even longer to pass.

I'd been looking forward to the final straight for 26 miles but I have no recollection of it. I vaguely recall literally stumbling over the line (Ava told me later I ducked like it was the 100 meters) and next thing I knew I was on the deck, raised voices I couldn't understand all around me. A couple of medics lifted me off the ground and walked me, eyes closed, to their recovery tent where they gave me water, checked my vital signs and tried to keep me awake.

Eventually they gave me the all clear and I found Ava and Lucy outside. Ava laid me on the grass, laughed at me, and said I'd got a PB by about 10 seconds. "Nevvvrragen", I slurred, though no one seemed to be listening.

Fiona Day I had been really looking forward to the Paris Marathon and I wasn't
disappointed. It was a new experience running where things aren't in
English. Paris is a great course with a pleasant mix of scenery along the
way it starts on the Champs Elysees going east through wide, typically
Parisian streets then a long stretch through a wooded park before turning
west back into the city streets and along the Seine passing many familiar
landmarks along the way before the last stretch through another wooded park
that turns east finishing within sight of the Arc de Triomph. There is
enthusiastic support from the locals around most of the course, plenty of
live music and it is great running to the calls of Allez, Allez, Allez!

It was well organised, drinks stations every 5 kilometres and in the second
half fruit and snacks at the water stations, although this requires
concentration to avoid slipping on the banana and orange skins on the wet
cobbles, towards the end there are also tables lined with bowls of water and
sprinklers for cooling off every few miles. Plenty of toilets all the way
round. We decided not to use the baggage drop as it was quick to get to the
start from our hotel on the Metro. It is a large field- the blurb said
50,000 entrants. To cope with this they staggered the start times, with the
elites starting at 8.45 am and then 10 minute gaps for each pace, the last
4.30hrs leaving at 9.40am.

The weather was warm and sunny with an occasional welcome cool breeze.
Although I enjoyed Paris it wasn't my best marathon - but also not my worst.
I had entered Paris before I had run the Dublin marathon at the end of
October when getting home in less than 5 hours was my goal so I had ticked
the 4.30 hour start time on the entry form. Kieran and I like to start
together and he managed to change the label on his number to 4.30 at the
expo registration which was just as well because the marshals were very
strict in making sure runners entered the area indicated on their numbers.
On reflection I think it would be better if we had chosen to start in the
4.15 area, if only because I set off in the wrong frame of mind after
fretting during the long wait that we'd be better off starting 10 minutes
earlier. The first half went well, apart from a slight panic at 5km I was
feeling thirsty in the sunshine and found empty tables at the water station,
luckily there were more tables round the corner and I held onto my water
bottle until I was sure there was water ahead. I probably started out too
fast but it felt good to be running after standing in the starting pen
waiting for so long . After the halfway point it began to get tough. Kieran
could easily have gone on ahead and had to keep waiting for me. Around mile
23 I began to feel strange, something I hadn't experienced before and not
long after mile 22 decided to walk and strangely felt positive even though
the 4.30 pacers were long gone. Kieran kindly waited for me and managed to
get me to run the last kilometre and over the finish line. At the end I
felt fine except for a bit of leg cramp when I sat down. I really enjoyed
meeting up for drinks with all the other ELR Paris runners and supporters
in the evening. Overall I would recommend the Paris marathon to others,
particularly if you like large events. I would consider doing it again.
Thanks to Roberto and others for the weekend spring marathon training runs,
it has been fun and thanks to everyone for your company. Also thanks to Don
for Jantastic and Grant for the track sessions.

Jonathan Shaw We arrived in Paris on the Saturday evening a little late due to Eurostar delays, but made it to Porte de Versailles just in time to pickup my bib.

On Marathon day, I was a little late for my start and instead of entering
the starting pen at the top of Champs Elysees ended up fenced in with the
spectators 1km past the entrance! - time to think on feet:
Escuse e moi, oeuvre le ermm fence I said in impeccable French to a group of
spectators, they promptly hoisted up a 20 foot section of fence allowing me
to commando roll underneath 'Merci 'as I rolled off the kerb and landed just in front of the passing 3.30 wave - a couple of burly ladies hoisted me to my feet and no time for a warmup we were off fuelled by beet and caffeine gel.

I didn't really have a plan as such, I could see the 3.30 pacer somewhere up
ahead and decided to keep in sight for a while. The first 10 miles were very
enjoyable through the sunny streets of Paris with huge crowds.

We then entered pretty woodland on the outskirts before turning back towards
the city along the Seine. At some point in the park I had stopped for a
stretch and lost sight of the 3.30 pacer but no matter, I ran at my own
pace steady up to 30K. Highlights included a band playing Oasis covers
(surreal for a Manc in Paris) , and then a full on Rave complete with lasers
and French Techno in one of the long underpasses.

I felt pretty good up to about 35K, and as we approached 40K I remember
seeing a sign which simply said 'courage 2km' which seemed very poignant as
it became more challenging towards the end.

I was not sure of my time but had seen the 3.45 pacer somewhere in the final
stretch so knew I had to be under 4 which was my broad aim along with
enjoying the race.

Meeting up with team ELR in the evening for a few beers made the day with
astounding times from Danny + heroic and hilarious tales all around

I'd strongly recommend this Race - great organisation, scenery, landmarks
and more than 100 bands along the way

Thanks to Roberto and the Sunday runners for really enjoyable training runs
and banter.

Woodford Green Open Graded Meeting, Ashton Playing Fields - Saturday 5th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown9.09.10 2nd (3000m)
Patrick Brown9.38.374th - (3000m)
Thomas Grimes2.11.346th (800m)
Thomas Grimes58.442nd (400m)

parkrun # 153 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 5th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown15.35 (pb & record)1st - 82.78%
Mark Boulton17.563rd - 74.25%
Ciaran Canavan18.364th - 73.39%
Gavin Stebbing19.036th - 71.13%
James Nichols19.54 (course pb)10th - 64.99%
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.40 pb15th - 63.47%
David Irwin24.0839th - 59.19%
Sophie Edwards24.5549th - 61.74%
Andrea Waller25.1351st - 59.68%
Kim Mondesir25.1652nd - 65.57%
Diana Rexhepaj28.45 pb65th - 54.72%
Don Bennett28.5967th - 53.02%
90 finishers.

parkrun # 61 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 5th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Haward20.30 6th - 63.41%
Richard Guest20.557th - 65.74%
Steven Bywater25.4026th - 57.01%
51 finishers.

other parkruns - 5km - Saturday 5th April 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd18.39 (course pb) 7th (Woodley)
Lee Wollaston19.35 (course pb)11th (Gunpowder)
Derek Wright22.43 (with buggy)30th (Valentines)
Russell Peters23.0244th - (Gunpowder)
Ajit Rehal32.11126th (Valentine)

Jantastic Challenge 2014 - Monday 6th January to Sunday 30th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd100% , 1 Joker used61 run's
Sheila Kennedy99.9% 0 Joker's55 run's
Diana Rexhepaj99.7% 1 Joker'35 run's
Mark Boulton99.6% 0 Joker's72 run's
Sarah Burns99.6% 2 Joker's49 run's
Patrick Brown99.3% 1 Joker125 run's
Fiona Day99.2% 0 Joker's47 run's
Richard Guest98.6% 0 Joker's37 run's
Emma Warburton98.2% 1 Joker58 run's
Andrea Waller98.1% 2 Joker's34 run's
Carlton DSouza97.6% 2 Joker's38 run's
Natalie Lee97.5% 2 Joker's34 run's
Ramesh Pala97.2% 1 Joker57 run's
Jayne Browne96% 1 Joker43 run's
Steven Bywater95.2% 1 Joker45 run's
Ninette Fernandes94.1% 2 Joker's40 run's
Russell Price92.1% 1 Joker46 run's
Don Bennett89.9% 2 Joker's33 run's
William Pearce88.5% 2 Joker's43 run's
Jamie Xavier87.9% 2 Joker's45 run's
Dan Spinks81.5% 2 Joker's47 run's
Catherine Kaar78.5% 2 Joker's35 run's
Sophie Edwards77.2% 1 Joker27 run's
Samuel Browne70.9% 2 Joker's45 run's
Julie Creffield82.1% 2 Joker's34 run's fattymustrun
and the rest of the team. Firstly our guests, Mark Portman from Ilford AC finished 97.1% (2 jokers and 55 run's). Good Luck to Mark on his upcoming London Marathon. Also Tina Nieman Da Costa from Wanstead Flats parkrun, Tina finished with 76.2% ( 0 Joker's and 38 run's). Tina did 9 miles of the Orion 15 as her first ever XC having only Wanstead Flats parkrun as previous XC experience. Hopefully we'll see Tina down at ELR before too long.
The other's in the team were Claire Parker 45.8%, Chloe Longstaff and Jonathan Wooldridge 25% each and Lee Wollaston 20.8%. Also Laura Jenkins whose injury prevented her starting the challenge. The Team finished 7th of 131 large teams with 96.03% and 1,297 run's. Well done also to Julie Creffield whose team fattymustrun finished with 50.55%. Julie finished with 82.1%. Other local club finished as follows: Viewtube Runners, my fellow parkrun directors included finished 4th in large teams with 98.89%. Mile End parkrun 89.42%, Walthamstow parkrun 82.22%, East End Road Runners 79.76%, Barking Road Runners 74.06% and Dagenham 88 Runners 55.74%.

London City AC 10km, Southwark Park Celebration Launch - Sunday 30th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris54.39133rd - 55.74%
190 finishers.

Paddock Wood Half Marathon - Sunday 30th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton1.18.03 pb44th - 76.38%
2058 finishers.

The Tough 10km, Greenwich Park - Saturday 29th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katrina Anderson1.00.45161st
262 finishers.

parkrun # 193 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 29th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown16.512nd - 76.56%
David Baldwin18.307th - 70.54%
Russell Price18.399th - 69.26%
Paula Bedford21.1328th - 72.11%
Lee Neville22.2138th - 57.72%
David Wyatt29.1476th - 54.85%
Sarah Burns29.2278th - 51.53%
103 finishers.

parkrun # 152 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 29th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.463rd - 69.54%
Gavin Stebbing18.525th - 71.82%
Regis Martin20.3414th - 66.86%
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.54 pb17th - 62.76%
Andy Jenkins20.59 (course pb)18th - 63.22%
Maud Hodson23.38 pb39th - 65.09%
Claire Emery39.23 (with kids)107th - 39.15%
110 finishers.

parkrun# 60 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 29th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest21.084th - 63.06%
David Irwin25.4624th - 55.43%
60 finishers

other parkruns - Saturday 29th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22.41 (with buggy)27th (Valentine)
Dan Spinks23.2274th (Gunnersbury)
Ajit Rehal26.4180th (Valentine)

Endurance Life Sussex Marathon inc Coastal Trail Series - Sunday 23rd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Morgan Francis5.02.3163rd
147 finishers.

Rome Marathon - Sunday 23rd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paola Cimenti4.41.5011,586th
Paola. Great experience, beautiful route good for a PB and a bit of celeb spotting too!

Hyde Park 20 Miles Marathon Preparation Race - Sunday 23rd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee2.23.06 pb30th
Frank Brownlie2.55.11179th
Frank. On a fairly flat 4 mile circuit around Hyde Park with no external roads to cross this proved to be an ideal preparation race/run for the London Marathon in 3 weeks time. The weather was cool with a stiff breeze on parts of the course but in the main the weather was good for long distance running. Water/juice and bananas were available every 2 miles.

Races are often a good way to do long runs on a measured course. This can be key preparation to make you feel comfortable in a race situation - be it running with a crowd, picking up water from a water table or learning to pace yourself in a competitive environment.

The Hyde Park 20 mile race had been specifically organised as a marathon preparation race. It was chip timed so that you can have an accurate indication of your marathon race pace. It was to have Marathon pace start waves to ensure that you were running around people aiming for the same pace on marathon day but it was apparent that the organisers were short of pacers and I could only see the 2:45 and 3:05 marathon pacers. I wanted to run at 9 min per mile pace i.e. around 3 hours for 20 miles. Entrants had the option to run 16, 20 miles. (Sub 3 hour runners had the option to run 24 miles).

I met Ava before the race and saw her set out with the faster runners and at the 18 mile mark I was pleased to here her and Lucy Jarvis, who was spectating, give me a good shout and again they were waiting to see me finish some 17 minutes later. Ava had a great time for her 20 miles and I was really pleased with mine having done negative splits for once in my races! My 4 mile splits were timed at 35:46 - 35:41 - 35:03 - 34:41 - 34:00.

Richmond Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee1.26.3746th - 72.7%
3055 finishers. Official finish time not chip time.

Hillingdon Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks1.49.27255th
559 finishers.

Hastings Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kieran Brown1.47.14821st - 64.11%
Fiona Day1.51.25 pb1,010th - 70.89%
Sophie Edwards2.07.12 debut2,044th - 53.08%

Brentwood Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols1.36.18 pb236th
James Creed1.39.56 pb372nd
Ian Cooper1.54.01 pb1,022nd
Wayne Kelly1.54.401,051st
Maggie Tomlin2.28.302,181st

Oakley 20m - Sunday 23rd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown2.07.2614th
Manjit Bedi2.12.2128th
818 finishers.

Orion 15m - Saturday 22nd March 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1.36.27 pb6th
Mark Boulton1.40.42 pb11th
David Baldwin1.56.49 pb61st
Paul Thompson1.58.29 pb71st
Russell Price1.59.22.pb79th
Thomas Grimes2.11.35155th
Sarah Burns2,12,54 pb166th
Grant Conway2.14.34176th
Emmet Fitzgibbon2.15.27 pb180th
Ramesh Pala2.28.24242nd

After the snow and the strong winds of last year weather conditions were better for the 60th running of the Orion 15. The course had dried out a bit after the very wet winter but there was still plenty of mud to make the underfoot surface very tricky in places. With the occasional hail shower and the cold wind allied to the many hills in Epping Forest competitors never found the race dull.

East London Runners had 10 finishers. as above, plus Jamee Gould ran about 10 miles (in road shoes). Thomas Grimes was poorly but still crossed the finish line a bit unsteadily.

It was good also to see Ian Horrit back again from Reading to participate in one of his favourite races and Lorcan Murphy, son of Shiela Kennedy, back from injury and running well finishing in 9th place representing Woodford Green.

Thanks to Julie Brown and Frank for there support on the day.

Once again the race was very well organised and hosted by Orion Harriers.

parkruns - Saturday 22nd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing18.36 (course pb)9th 72.85% Hackney 192
Ciaran Canavan18.452nd 72.80% Wanstead 151
Lee Wollaston19.445th 69.17% Gunpowder 124
Manjit Singh20.00 estValentines
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.064th 62.16% Beckton 94
Richard Guest21.323rd 63.85% Walthamstow 59
Derek Wright22:36 (with buggy)27th Valentines
Russell Peters23.0026th 58.48% Gunpowder 124
Jamie Xavier23.175th 57.77% Walthamstow 59
Steven Bywater24.5312th 58.81% Walthamstow 59
Katherine Harris25.27Valentines
Ajit Rehal25.42Valentine
Results laid out a bit differently this week with a lot were going to the Orion 15. Gavin got a course pb at Hackney and Ciaran knock's exactly a minute off his time from last week. Valentine's Park had all the drama with a course change as they headed towards a wooden bridge and a record turnout of over 200 runners they also had a timer failure and are trying to put some results together. Quite a few Walthamstow regulars went to Orion as well.

Wimbledon Half Marathon - Sunday 16th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Adrian Perera1.27.0520th
483 finishers.

Barcelona Marathon - Sunday 16th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne3.12.54 (debut)1,210th
14,230 finishers.

parkrun # - Woodley 5km - Saturday 15th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd19.045th

parkrun # 150 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 15th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.511st - 76.56%
Thomas Grimes18.593rd - 68.74%
Ciaran Canavan19.456th - 69.11%
Lee Wollaston19.57 (course pb)7th - 68.42%
Regis Martin20.45 (50th parkrun)12th - 66.27%
Morgan Francis20.53 (debut)13th - 62.49%
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.2919th - 61.06%
James Creed22.0921st - 59.22%
Kieran Brown22.1823rd - 69.51%
Sarah Burns22.35 (1st lady)28th - 67.01%
Maud Hodson24.5840th - 61.62%
David Irwin25.2243rd - 56.31%
Sophie Edwards27.1352nd - 56.52%
Fiona Day27.1453rd - 67.38%
Diana Rexhepaj28.54 (course pb)64th - 54.44%
Claire Emery36.0697th - 43.26%
103 finishers. First place for Euan as Thomas get's 3rd place. Ciaran does his 3rd parkrun (1 in 2012, 1 in 2013 and 1 in 2014) I wonder...and Lee gets to crack sub 20 for the first time at Wanstead.
Sarah is 1st lady with a Serpentine lady only 4 seconds behind her.
Diana goes sub 29 minutes for the first time.

parkrun # 161 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 15th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton16.40 pb1st - 78.70%
Mark Boulton16.44 pb2nd - 77.29%
Gavin Stebbing18.49 (debut)8th - 72.01%
93 finishers. Paul & Mark chase each other to course pb's and Gavin tries Hackney for the first time.

parkrun # 58 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 15th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Haward19.563rd -
Richard Guest21.114th -
44 finishers.

parkrun # 161 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 15th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright23.18 (with buggy)39th - 59.94%
Katherine Harris25.16 (50th parkrun)62nd - 58.84%
Ajit Rehal25.3767th
Julie Greene27.43 (course pb)97th - 61.21%
196 finishers. Derek tries out Valentine for a change and Katherine finally get's to 50 with 33 at Valentine, 15 at Wanstead and 2 others. Also a course pb for Julie. Ronnie O'Sullivan was also a first timer at the event, finishing in 6th place in 19:06.

Roding Valley Half Marathon - Sunday 9th March 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown1:15:253rd
Patrick Brown1:17:224th
William Pearce1:27:5925th
Richard Guest1:32:23 pb53rd
Paul Thompson1:33:37 pb by 8 mins62nd
David Baldwin1:35:12 pb75th
Peter Hatley1:35:5088th
Manjit Singh1:36:5790th
James Nichols1:37:1593rd
Jonathan Shaw1:39:15 pb105th
Yvonne Shashoua1:40:4011th Lady 1st FV 50
James Creed1:41:39133rd
Andy Jenkins1:42:15145th
Jamie Xavier1:43:31154th
Paul Charters1:43:32151st
Emmet Fitzgibbon1:43:42 pb158th
Ramesh Pala1:44:07 pb159th
Claire Emery1:44:15 pb by 10 mins20th
Kieran Brown1:44:31 pb165th
John Healy1:46:42 pb186th
George Georgiou1:46:19184th
Natasha Tweedie1:47:4227th
Frank Brownlie1:48:56216th 3rd MV60
Stuart Doman1:50:36 pb237th
Roger Stubbs1:53:40271st
Ian Cooper1:54:58 pb286th
Jamee Gould1:54:3947th
Sheila Kennedy1:55:02 pb48th 2nd FV50
Fiona Day1:55:17 pb50th 3rdFV50
Laura Jenkin1:57:1358th
Wayne Kelly1.58.43327th
Michael Keefe1:59:24335th
David Wyatt1:59:27336th
Katrina Dixon2:03:0875th
Dave Knight2:06:48385th
Julie Creffield2:39:08 pb173rd
654 Finishers - 467 Male; 167 Female.

With competing races at Milton Keynes Half Marathon, Essex 20 and Finchley 20 it was still apparent that East London Runners had the biggest Club representation at the start of the Roding Valley Half Marathon at Woodford Bridge.

Over many years this race has been affected by adverse weather including snow and ice, heavy rain, large puddles etc but today dawned bright and clear and the sun shone throughout the race with temperatures reaching around 17/18C.

The race was very well organised and marshalled and with chip timing it once again proved very popular with our Members.

The Fabulous Brown Brothers, Euan and Patrick were 3rd and 4th respectively in the Mens Open race with both winning race prizes for these positions.

For the Ladies, Yvonne Shashoua a long time member, visiting from her home in Denmark, won the race prize for 1st Female Vet 50 with Sheila Kennedy and Fiona Day being 2nd and 3rd in this category.

In total 36 East London Runners completed the race many using it as part of their marathon training for Brighton, Paris, Manchester and London. Many had personal bests on what is a tough and hilly course.

Also great support from Don, Jim, Roger, John, Julie, Mark & Thomas on the sidelines ( sorry if I've missed anyone !).

Essex 20m , Langham - Sunday 9th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi2:08.1118th
Michael Wilson2:37:59129th
Lee Wollaston2:42:23153rd
Shahib Miah Ali2.45.50172nd
Grant Conway2.59.09243rd
Sarah Burns3.01.17 pb259th
Maud Hodson3.01.17260th
452 finishers.

Finckley 20m - Sunday 9th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd2.26.18150th
Russell Price2:26.54156th
Dan Spinks2.55.02304th
506 finishers.

MK Half Marathon - Sunday 9th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Celia Payaneeandee1;51.55 pb819th
Lee Neville1:58.37 debut1153rd
2487 finishers.

Orion Mercury 10 Mile - Saturday 8th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.14.087th

other parkruns 5km. - Saturday 8th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.321st (Walthamstow)
Sarah Burns22.3324th (Hackney)
Russell Peters22.4629th (Gunpowder)

parkrun # 160 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 8th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19.564th - 67.98%
Katherine Harris25.1843rd - 58.76%
Ajit Rehal26.2654th
Julie Greene27.57 (course pb)85th - 60.85%
200 finishers.

parkrun# 149 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 8th March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.493rd - 76.71%
Samuel Browne18.204th - 70.36%
Russell Price19.477th - 65.29%
Gavin Stebbing19.539th - 68.15%
Lee Wollaston20.4512th - 65.78%
Regis Martin21.1015th - 64.96%
Derek Wright21.4218th - 64.36%
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.5219th - 59.98%
Fiona Day24.24 (course pb & 1st lady)28th - 75.20%
Russell Lines-Jobling28.3953rd - 50.26%
Diana Rexhepaj29.4654th - 52.86%
79 finishers.

Reading Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton1.19.27204th
Peter Hatley1.34.221389th
Shahib Miah Ali1.35.581628th
Amadeus Furlong1.39.56 pb2344th
Simon Martin1.44.53 pb3495th
Steven Bywater1.47.58 pb4292nd
Tanbir Jasimuddin1.58.037072nd
14,261 finishers.

Eastbourne Half Marathom - Sunday 2nd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Haward1.36.52126th - 61.46%
1307 finishers.

Bideford Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1.44.18349th
927 finishers.

Silverstone Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier1.49.131776th
6545 finishers.

Mornington Chasers 10km Winter Series, Regents Park. - Sunday 2nd March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sophie Edwards52.36 pb207th
Diana Rexhepaj59.42317th
423 finishers.

Ballbuster Duathlon , Box Hill, Surrey. - Saturday 1st March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tanbir Jasimuddin4.09.41246th
270 finishers. 8 mile run (1.09.51) , 16 mile cycle (1.36.49), 8 mile run (1.16.49).

Ilford AC Club & Open 10 mile XC - Hainault Forest - Saturday 1st March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway1.22.074th - 1st V40

parkrun # 189 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 1st March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.291st - 78.29%
Patrick Brown16.48 pb3rd - 76.79%
Mark Boulton17.01 pb4th - 76.00%
96 finishers.

parkrun # 56 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 1st March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne19.20 (debut)1st - 66.72%
James Nichols21.364th - 59.88%
Richard Guest22.396th - 60.71%
Jayne Browne29.26 (debut)25th - 56.96%
41 finishers.

parkrun # 148 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 1st March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing21.088th - 64.12%
Derek Wright21.5612th - 63.68%
Maud Hodson24.24 (1st lady)21st - 62.62%
Fiona Day24.52 (2nd lady)22nd - 73.79%
Sophie Edwards28.3939th - 53.69%
Diana Rexhepaj31.1647th - 50.32%
62 finishers. Former member Brendan O'Grady was 2nd in 17.55.

parkrun # 159 - Valentine Park 5km. - Saturday 1st March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20.039th - 67.58%
Katherine Harris25.2655th - 58.45%
Ajit Rehal25.5158th
Julie Greene28.02 (course pb)87th - 60.52%
Morgan Francis29.0698th - 44.85%
193 finishers.

parkrun # 121 - Gunpowder Park 5km - Saturday 1st March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lee Wollaston22.1624th - 61.30%
Russell Peters22.2825th - 59.87%
104 finishers.

parkrun # Gunnersbury 5km - Saturday 1st March 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks23.3062nd - 58.09%

North London Street Orienteering League - Leyton - Thursday 27th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Peters630 pts4th
Don Bennett300 pts17th
This time the event was from the Coach & Horses in Leyton High Road. We had a team this time with Jayne Browne & Andrea Waller joining me rather than making there own way. We made a pretty good team with me navigating and there eyesight this time we went for some higher scoring points , first of all going for the 50 pointer and then as many 20 & 30 pointers and the 40 on the way. We still found just 11 markers but the points scored went from 210 to 300 this time.

Old Deer Park Richmond Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Adrian Perera1.26.0184th
1285 finishers. Also Mark Portman a visitor to our Jantastic team did 1.43.25.

Sleaford Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.22.5215th

Hampton Court Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Wayne Kelly1.45.55 pb709th - 59.65%
Ian Cooper1.56.25 pb1397th - 48.73%
Stuart Doman2.04.071587th - 47.13%
2079 finishers. ON THE OFFICIAL RACE PAGE.
Thanks to all our runners for taking part today , congratulations to the winners and we hope you enjoyed the run. The course was officially measured and was 13.1 miles in length. However we are really sorry that, due to a marshaling error early on in the race we were short of the official race measurement on the day by 0.4 miles. There were more risks attached to trying to add an untested extra loop while the race was running than letting it continue on the planned route. We will ensure that this does not happen in 2015!

Tokyo Marathon 2014 - Sunday 23rd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods3.59.06
Chip time 3:59.06
Place (men)8,201 of 27,181
Overall place 8,913 of 34,101
Age group place 216 of 1,208

Ford Test Track 10, Dunton Technical Centre, Laindon - Sunday 23rd February 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown57.37 pb3rd
Mark Boulton1.01.09 pb5th
Russell Price1.04.18 pb16th
William Pearce1.05.0718th
Ramesh Pala1.15.1160th
John Healy1.22.18113th
Maud Hodson1.23.44122nd
Don Bennett1.34. 12225th
Julie Creffield1.53.29293rd

parkrun # 188 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 22nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1st - 16:56 course debut)1st - 76.18%
Mark Boulton17.23 =pb2nd - 74.40%
Russell Price19.135th - 67.22%
Sarah Burns21.38 =pb (1st lady)26th - 69.95%
Lee Neville22.02 (course pb)29th - 58.55%
Ninette Fernandes27.0461st - 54.93%
86 finishers.

parkrun # 55 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 22nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Baldwin21.09 (course pb)1st - 64.07%
Richard Guest22.233rd - 61.43%
Steven Bywater25.4617th - 56.79%
Don Bennett44.12 (tailrunner)39th - 34.77%
39 finishers.

parkrun # 147 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 22nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing21.095th - 64.07%
Regis Martin21.428th - 63.36%
Derek Wright22.179th - 62.68%
Sharon Springfield22.51 (1st lady)14th - 66.96%
Maud Hodson24.28 (2nd lady)19th - 62.87%
Sophie Edwards26.4028th - 57.69%
Diana Rexhepaj30.2343rd - 51.78%
Claire Emery36.4853rd - 42.44%
55 finishers.

parkrun # 120 - Gunpowder Park 5km - Saturday 22nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lee Wollaston19.43 (course debut)12th - 69.23%
Russell Peters22.3029th - 59.78%
111 finishers.

parkrun # 158 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 22nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20.1813th - 66.75%
Ajit Rehal26.2561st
Katherine Harris27.2574th - 54.22%
172 finishers.

other parkrun's. - Saturday 22nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.412nd (Marlay,Dublin)
Amadeus Furlong18.5019th (Norwich)
Allan Todd19.264th (Woodley)
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.533rd (Beckton)
Carrine Jay22.03 (3rd lady)(Johannesburg SA)
Dan Spinks40.31243rd (Gunnersbury)

Baldock Beast multi terrain Half Marathon - Sunday 16th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater1.52.14189th
Finally tracked down official times for this 1:52:14 chip time for me, 189th finisher. I'm pleased with that - faster than my 2012 attempt and at various points last week I thought I'd acquired a serious injury and would have to pull out of this and maybe VLM. I saw an Osteopath on Thursday who said I could still do the race but not to go too hard (obviously only took 50% of that advice!)

I think I'm the only ELR who has done this race (twice now) - it's quite testing with some steep hills and stretches through a boggy field and muddy forest trail. Really well organised, friendly, with some nice personal touches and the weather was freakishly perfect. And just down the road from Royston if "Baldock" sounds like it's in Scotland or something!

Brighton Half Marathon - Sunday 16th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Natalie Lee1.56.223218th

Chingford League - Race 6 - Victoria Park - 5 miles - Saturday 15th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown27.027th
Lee Wollaston32.0073rd
Peter Hatley33.1295th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea33.39 pb103rd
Emmet Fitzgibbon33.52108th
Kieran Brown35.10123rd
Grant Conway35.31131st
Celia Payaneeandee35.31132nd
James Creed36.56153rd
Lee Neville38.13163rd
Fiona Day38.14164th
Sheila Kennedy39.47175th
Diana Rexhepaj46.44208th

parkrun # 187 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 15th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton18.17 (debut)1st - 70.74%
Russell Price23.0524th - 55.96%
Lee Neville23.28 (course pb)26th - 54.97%
69 finishers.

parkrun # 157 - Valentine Park - 3rd Anniversary - Saturday 15th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris25.5146th - 57.51%
Ajit Rehal26.0548th
Sophie Edwards28.0965th - 54.65%
Julie Greene28.4772nd - 58.95%
Peter Hatley30.0686th - 45.02%

parkrun # 146 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 15th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright23.137th - 60.16%
Maud Hodson25.3313th - 60.21%

other parkrun's - Saturday 15th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest22.0432nd (Finsbury)
Dan Spinks23.2436th (Gunnersbury)

Great Bentley Half Marathon - Sunday 9th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Hatley1.35.11180th
740 finishers.

South Devon Coastal Trail - Saturday 8th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roberto Bruni7.12.2940th (32 miles)
Jimmy Hartwell7.17.26103rd (marathon)
James Wilson1.48.1311th (Half marathon)
Paul Thompson2.12.0067th (Half marathon)
Trish Kelly3.13.57275th (Half marathon)
Sharon Springfield1.05.0133rd (10km)
Roberto:- Hey Devon, is that all you got????? Did you think 32M would defeat me ? When it did not, you thought 50mph headwinds would do it. No, throw in three hail storms, turn paths into streams and for good measure add a bit of mud. 7h11m later I finished!!!! Jimmy Hartwell and I will be back when you arrange a proper storm!

parkrun # 145 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 8th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.521st - 68.37%
James Nichols21.22 (debut)2nd - 60.53%
Derek Wright23.098th - 60.33%
Regis Martin23.2810th - 58.59%
Sarah Burns25.53 (2nd lady)19th - 58.47%
Fiona Day26.07 (3rd lady)21st - 70.26%
Claire Emery37.3243rd - 41.61%
Julie Creffield39.5746th - 37.42%
50 finishers.

parkrun # 156 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 8th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest21.01 (debut)9th - 65.42%
Andrew Baxter22.11 (debut)18th - 63.94%
Katherine Harris25.5849th - 57.25%
Ajit Rehal27.0966th
Julia Wildgoose31.58 (course pb)95th - 53.08%
153 finishers.

other parkruns - Saturday 8th February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amadeus Furlong18.3312th (Norwich)
David Baldwin21.222nd (Walthamstow)
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea22.483rd (Beckton)
Dan Spinks23.0542nd (Gunnersbury)
Steven Bywater26.0326th (Kingston)

Watford Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.20.01 pb46th - 74.51%
Manjit Bedi1.23.0887th - 78.62%
Claire Parker1.36.38 pb400th - 67.91%
1746 finishers. Two great pb's from Mark & Claire. Claire knocking over 8 minutes off her Roding debut time last year to finish 40th of 516 ladies. Former ELR Helen Speedy finished in 1.39.59.

Falmer - Trail 18.5m, Brighton - Sunday 2nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne1.48.031st
63 finishers.Sam Browne Guys, don't pay any attention to the results. The race was an absolute shambles with marshals sending people the wrong way (myself included). I only ended up doing about 15miles. Shame because it was a tough race!

Falmer - Trail 10km, Brighton - Sunday 2nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Browne53.2016th
Jayne Browne53.2017th
84 finishers. Jayne reports:- Lovely scenery today over the South Downs, a very very hilly race and loads of them.
A not very well organized run.
Paul had a different chip number to his bib and Sam who was 2nd in the 18
mile race got sent the wrong way by a marshal with the leader of the race.
they asked which way and the marshal replied not sure think its that way,
which was wrong. The organizer gave them both their money back as they
were well in front
I wasn't wearing a watch so don't know my time and as there were no mileage
markers so hopefully we did 10k it felt like 10k so think me and Paul
were ok although so hilly i was slow and Paul like a true gentlemen
waited at the top of the hills for me.
A shame for Sam as he was 2nd but these things happen and to top it all the
Blackwell tunnel was shut.
No results on the race website,yet quite a few people, came in having gone
the wrong way, 10k people having done 9 miles etc.
A shame as the run was in a beautiful setting.

Mornington Chasers 10km Winter Series, Regents Park - Sunday 2nd February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest43.4699th
Maud Hodson51.22249th
486 finishers.

parkrun # 144 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 1st February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown19.422nd - 65.48%
James Wilson19.493rd - 67.37%
Derek Wright22.308th - 62.07%
Maud Hodson24.4823rd - 62.03%
Fiona Day26.2127th - 68.69%
Diana Rexhepaj31.1144th - 50.45%
Claire Emery36.0955th - 43.20%
59 finishers.

parkrun # 185 - Hackney Marshes - Saturday 1st February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Quinton17.142nd - 76.11%
Russell Price19.189th - .66.93%
Richard Guest20.1820th - 67.73%
Lee Neville23.3341st - 54.78%
Claire Parker23.4743rd - 62.23%
Sarah Burns24.1146th - 62.58%
Julie Creffield33.2492nd - 44.76%
101 finishers.

parkrun # 155 - Valentine Park - Saturday 1st February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater23.54 (course pb)39th - 61.23%
Katherine Harris25.3653rd - 58.07%
Julie Greene28.3785th - 59.29%
Ajit Rehal31.23108th
166 finishers.

parkrun # 105 - Mile End - Saturday 1st February 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth18.36 (course pb)15th - 70.16%

Brockwell Park 10km, Brixton - Sunday 26th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier44.1656th
James Nichols45:0765th
389 finishers....Mud, hills, wind and rain...what more could you want from a race? Brockwell Park 10k done.

SEAA Main XC Championships, Parliament Hill - Saturday 25th January 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown58.49118th
Mark Boulton64.18286th
Paul Quinton69.30501st of 986.
Celia Payaneeandee43.27279th of 466.

Patrick, Mark, Paul and Celia in action at a muddy Parliament Hill Fields.

parkrun # 53 - Walthamstow 5km - 1st Anniversary Celebration. - Saturday 25th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Baldwin20.573rd - 62.29%
Patrick Brown22.024th - 58.55%
Richard Guest23.238th - 58.80%
George Georgiou24.0413th - 58.45%
Phoebe Bowman25.5923rd - 56.96%
Steven Bywater26.1328th - 55.82%
Don Bennett30.3252nd - 50.33%
Walthamstow celebrated there 1st Anniversary. Hoping to beat there record of 89 they had 87 finishers. The all grass course is getting quite muddy these days as the rain has made studs a necessity. Event Director Sharon Rooney must have broken the record for mentioning cake in the opening announcements. Patrick was pacing 22 minutes and didn't do too bad. Three local councillors who ran last week came back to present the trophies for the points competition with our own Richard Guest getting 3rd place in the men's points.

parkrun # 143 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 25th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson19.401st - 67.88%
Russell Price20.363rd - 62.30%
Derek Wright21.527th - 63.87%
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.1210th - 59.08%
Andy Jenkins22.2813th - 58.68%
Sarah McCrea22.58 (1st lady)17th - 64.44%
Maud Hodson24.3530th - 62.58%
Jayne Browne29.0249th - 57.75%
Diana Rexhepaj29.5153rd - 52.71%
Sophie Edwards30.1954th - 50.47%
Regis Martin31.2258th - 43.84%
Claire Emery36.0865th - 43.22%
73 finishers.

other parkruns - - Saturday 25th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Booth17:59 First Timer!3rd (Hackney Marshes)
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea22.123rd (Beckton)
Dan Spinks23.4949th (Gunnersbury)
Katherine Harris26.5860th (Valentine)
Julie Greene28.3477th (Valentine)
New member John Booth ran at Hackney for the first time finishing 3rd in 17.59.
Dan was back running after his calf injury. Good to see Katherine back running after her injury and Julie tried out Valentine's instead of the more muddy Wanstead course.

North London Street Orienteering League - Barking - Thursday 23rd January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Don Bennett210 pts20th of 23
34 finishers , 23 men and 11 ladies. I finished 20th man of 23 with 210 points covering about 7km's in a new competition to me as I last tried out orienteering about 30 years ago.
You meet at a local pub and the idea is to find as many of 32 markers in an hour.10 - 19 are worth 10pts, 20 -29 20pts, 30 -39 30pts and 40 & 50 worth 40 & 50 points. If you are back a minute late you loose 2% of your points, 2mins 4% and so on. the map you have has no street names but marks rail lines, streams, parks, lakes etc. not all roads marked may be roads some may be alleyways or paths. Each marker has 3 multiple answers you just tick or circle the correct one. Recommend light clothing for visibility and a pen and torch. I had a small torch or a head torch may be better. They supply the maps and timers which you sign in when you leave and return. Probably best if you have your own timer as well as there timers are just pins to download the time you have done.
I enjoyed it a lot finding 11 markers but wasted a bit of time finding a marker just worth 10 points. Met up with a soon to be new member Russell Peters who came 8th and Rajiv Ratan 10th who some of you know from the longest parkrun we did in 2012 in North London. He started just after me and got over 400 points but was a minute late back. The next event is at Leyton on Thursday 27th February 2014 from the Coach & Horses pub from 6.30 - 7.30pm.

Benfleet 15 - Sunday 19th January 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne1.43.1415th
Thomas Grimes1.45.1120th
Mark Boulton1.47.1233rd
James Wilson1.50.2847th
Lee Wollaston2.03.24120th
David Baldwin2.09.10172nd
Peter Hatley2.15.44233rd
Claire Parker2.16.53241st
Grant Conway2.18.10252nd
Sarah Burns2.18.33 pb257th
Emmet Fitzgibbon2.22.09285th
Alexandra Wilkinson2.25.16311th
Ramesh Pala2.25.21312th
Frank Brownlie2.25.51318th
Maud Hodson2.29.46351st
Ninette Fernandes2.42.02417th
Fiona Day2.43.16430th
Catherine Kaar2.43.37433rd
Simon Morgan2.00.04 (Tiptree)99th (life member)
560 finishers.

East London Runners Ladies before the Benfleet 15!

Illness and injury hit 5 East London Runners who were unable to travel to Benfleet to compete in what must be one of the toughest races in the Calendar Year. Nevertheless a healthy total of 21 from ELR stood on the start line at 10.30am. Regrettably Jamee Gould with foot blisters and Andrew Baxter with a calf muscle problem had to withdraw during the race.

This left 19 brave and hardy souls who finished having contended with extremely difficult underfoot conditions and hills for most of the 15 miles. Benfleet is famous for it's mud and this year did not disappoint following the heavy rain and storms during December and January.

Luckily the weather on the day was very good with the sun out for most of the race and with no rain and a light wind this was a little compensation for the heavy conditions.

Personal best times were not really an option and all of the ELR finishers, many of whom were running in the race for the first time, acquitted themselves exceptionally well.

Once again the race was excellently organised and marshalled by Benfleet Running Club, with 4 water stations giving out water, orange, Jelly Babies and Chocolates the runners were well looked after. A tech t shirt for the finishers as well as hot drinks(before and after) and cakes available after the race the Benfleet 15 is sure to remain a firm favourite with ELR for many years to come despite the difficult nature of the course and conditions!

From the local Newspaper The ECHO
MORE than 500 hardy runners battled through some atrocious wet and muddy conditions to complete one of the toughest ever editions of the Benfleet 15.

The course conditions were described as tough, perhaps even tougher, than those 12 months ago when snow covered the 15 miles of undulating terrain.

Organisers tweaked the route, which included parts of the Olympic mountain biking course, and believed they made it better than ever.

A spokesman from organising club Benfleet RC said: “We didn’t think we could top last year’s race with the snowfall, but the weather, and new route has certainly got people talking once again.”

The Fan Dance , Brecon Beacons - Saturday 18th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Hartwell3.36.5360th
24km trek up Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons. Jimmy came 60th of 417 finishers and 12th place in his age category.

parkrun # 52 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 18th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown19.272nd - 66.72%
Alex Haward21.483rd - 59.48%
Richard Guest23.166th - 59.10%
Steven Bywater25.5219th - 56.12%
58 finishers.

Chingford League Event 5 - Hackney Marshes - Saturday 18th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown31.188th
Euan Brown31.4411th
Thomas Grimes34.1928th
Michael Wilson42.22137th
Celia Payaneeandee42.25138th
Kieran Brown43.44151st
Sarah Burns47.10169th
204 runners finished. (146 Men and 56 Women and 2 guests). Men's and Women's team both 7th out of 11.
After 5 races Men's team are 6th and Women's team 5th.
Patrick and Euan Brown are 5th and 8th respectively overall.

parkrun # 142 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 18th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown17.231st - 74.21%
Lee Wollaston20.03 (course pb)3rd - 68.08%
Derek Wright21.537th - 63.82%
Regis Martin22.008th - 62.50%
Sarah McCrea22.57 (1st lady)13th - 64.49%
Maud Hodson25.3826th - 60.01%
Fiona Day28.0442nd - 64.49%
Julie Greene31.4862nd - 53.35%
70 finishers.

parkrun # 188 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 18th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns22.55 (course pb)29th - 66.04%
Julie Creffield32.09 (course pb)75th - 46.50%
84 finishers.

parkrun - Valentine & others - Saturday 18th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20.029th - 67.64%
Shahib Miah Ali21.04 (parkrun debut)17th - 61.23%
Dan Spinks30.48214th (Gunnersbury)
188 finishers.

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 4 - Therfield Heath, Royston - Sunday 12th January 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes36.3422nd
Andrew Baxter38.3741st
Russell Price39.3753rd
David Baldwin40.2063rd
Paul Thompson41.1478th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea42.2596th
Michael Wilson43.17109th
Lee Wollaston44.08125th
Celia Payaneeandee48.08172nd
Phoebe Bowman50.22204th
Maud Hodson52.46226th
Don Bennett62.07286th
Diana Rexhepaj63.18293rd

Mike. Another new year and back up the M11 to Royston and the rolling hills of Therfield Heath; one of the highlights of the cross country calendar! (Known as the Royston Roaster). Not quite the freezing icy conditions of last year, but still a bright sunny morning with a frost on the ground which made the course slippery in places.Thomas, who admitted to starting off too fast up the first hill, finished in an impressive 22nd position, followed by local running star Andrew in 41st and Russell in 53rd. Outstanding runs also from David who had sorted his shoes out since Ally Pally and finished way up the field in 63rd, Paul (78th) and Mohammed (96th) both putting in speedy laps. The men's team was completed by Mike, oh so close to that top 100! (109th), Lee, only three hills behind in (125th) and 'there's only one' Don Bennett (286th).

For the ladies, Celia sprinted to the finish in style in 172nd, closely followed by Phoebe (204th), Maud (226th) and debutant Diana (293rd).
The cakes in the refreshment tent were well received by all at the end; thanks to Royston Runners.
Men finished 7th of 18 and the Ladies 11th of 18.
Maud. 'Blasted' hills aside, I thought it was a lovely race - the Marshal's were brilliant!

parkrun # 182 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 11th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Euan Brown16.02 pb1st - 80.46%
Russell Price19.256th - 66.52%
Lee Wollaston19.25 pb7th - 70.30%
Claire Parker21.1030th - 69.92%
Roberto Bruni21.1333rd - 67.32%
Morgan Francis21.3237th - 60.60%
Alexandra Wilkinson22.1846th - 70.03%
Sarah Burns23.4965th - 63.19%
Lee Neville25.2381st - 50.82%
Ninette Fernandes30.11128th - 49.14%
Julie Creffield33.10138th - 45.08%
148 finishers.

parkrun # 141 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 11th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes19.043rd - 68.15%
Samuel Browne19.234th - 66.55%
James Wilson19.445th - 67.65%
Gavin Stebbing20.24 (50th parkrun)6th - 66.42%
Derek Wright21.5611th - 63.68%
Andy Jenkins23.0015th - 57.32%
Henrik Hannus25.0228th - 51.53%
Fiona Day25.0529th - 72.16%
Maud Hodson25.0630th - 61.29%
Diana Rexhepaj31.19%61st - 50.24%
Claire Emery36.0872nd - 43.22%
75 finishers.

parkrun # 51 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 11th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown19.471st - 65.21%
David Baldwin20.492nd - 62.69%
Alex Haward21.534th - 59.25%
Richard Guest22.365th - 60.84%
George Georgiou25.1111th - 55.86%
Steven Bywater26.4120th - 54.40%

parkrun # 152 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 11th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20.2113th - 66.58%
Sophie Edwards25.51 (course pb)55th - 59.18%

other parkruns - Saturday 11th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.101st - 61.97% (Beckton)
James Nichols21.313rd -(Pymmes)
Dan Spinks24.3665th (Gunnersbury)

Mornington Chasers Winter Series 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 5th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier43.57
Sarah Burns47.36 pb142nd
Ninette Fernandes53.02232nd
Sophie Edwards56.04285th
Don Bennett58.20315th
396 finishers.

Essex County XC Championships, Colchester - Saturday 4th January 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown46.0145th
Russell Price51.4693rd
Paul Thompson52.40107th
Lee Wollaston56.18134th
Alexandra Wilkinson41.3467th
Celia Payaneeandee42.2376th
Fiona Day43.1985th

parkrun # 140 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 4th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne19.552nd - 64.71%
Gavin Stebbing20.263rd - 66.31%
Maud Hodson24.57 (1st lady)12th - 61.66%
Sophie Edwards29.0620th - 52.58%
Diana Rexhepaj31.5628th - 49.27%
35 finishers

parkrun # 50 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 4th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown20.371st - 62.57%
Steven Bywater27.1216th - 53.37%
41 finishers

other parkrun's - Saturday 4th January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols21.5018th (Finsbury Pk)
Sarah Burns30.1547th (Hackney)
Julie Creffield35.05 (course pb)65th ( Mile End)

Serpentine New Years Day 10km, Hyde Park - Wednesday 1st January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton36.2618th
Russell Price38.54 pb41st
Allan Todd41.0770th
Jamie Xavier45.28148th
582 finishers.

parkrun # 150 - Valentine Park 5km - Wednesday 1st January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20.1017th - 67.14%
Lee Wollaston21.31 (course pb)25th - 63.44%
Jonathan Wooldridge24.1850th - 57.00%
Lee Neville25.3166th - 50.56%
Don Bennett30.06111th - 50.61%
Katherine Harris44.00158th - 33.79%
166 finishers. Valentine Park parkrun celebrated it's 150th run with a good crowd boosted by runners from the earlier Wanstead run. First in from ELR was Manjit Singh a regular at this venue. Good to see Jonathan getting back to his running after injury. Lee set a course pb of 21.31 before moving on to his 3rd run of the day at the Lakeside Diner at 11.00am in his named Mission Impossible Challenge. He then went on to run another 11+ km's later with some more ELR's.
Don & Katherine done there second run's of the morning with Katherine suffering from a calf problem electing to walk this time around.

parkrun # 180 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Wednesday 1st January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne18.56 (course pb)3rd - 68.13%
Richard Guest20.04 pb8th - 68.02%
Sam Browne had a 3rd place finish after his 4th place at Wanstead Flats.

parkrun # Wormwood Scrubs 5km - Wednesday 1st January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks27.5415th - 48.57%
22 finishers.

parkrun # 139 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Wednesday 1st January 2014

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne19.404th - 65.59%
Gavin Stebbing20.358th - 65.83%
Lee Wollaston21.4413th - 62.81%
Maud Hodson25.2643rd - 60.48%
Fiona Day26.0646th - 69.35%
Don Bennett30.0271st - 50.72%
Katherine Harris31.3077th - 47.20%
Claire Emery37.0890th - 42.06%
Julie Creffield37.4793rd - 39.57%
95 finishers. First run of the New Year timed at 9.00am so runners could go off to either Hackney Marshes or Valentine's at 10.00am. First in was Sam Browne who went off to Hackney afterwards. Lee, Don & Katherine went next to Valentine Park. A very muddy and slippery course must have been a suprise to the first timers who came along but not to Paul Martelletti from VPHTH ac who broke the course record with a time of 15.47.