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Results 2011

Ilford AC 10 Mile Cross Country, Hainault Forest - Saturday 31st December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Thompson1:21:5065th
Richard Mainwaring1:23:3068th
Doug Mansell1:26:4179th
Sarah Burns1:34:19100th
131 finishers.

Just thought I would send you some results from todays 10 mile XC race in
Hainault Forest and a few of my comments.

I only decided to enter this race at about 10pm last night in a sudden fit of
bravado, mainly fuelled by some very nice wine !! A surprisingly mild day
greeted us at the start of this 10 mile XC in Hainault. The course comprised 3
laps with the start being in the familiar field opposite the 2 Brewers pub and
we were greeted with very slippery and thick mud as we entered the
forest. There was then a fairly long downhill section which took us right out
of the forest and into some fields which included a long path of mud, mud
and more mud
and some deep puddles thrown in for good measure. We then re-
entered the forest and started a hard uphill section that eventually took us
back to the starting field. We all agreed that this was a tough challenge and
were all covered in mud by the end !

Happy New Year to all !! Regards, Paul Thompson.

parkrun # 33 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 31st December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.571st - 68.07%
Mark Wyatt19.342nd - 65.93%
Roberto Bruni21.42 (1st parkrun)6th - 64.82%
David Wyatt26.3321st - 58.88%
Don Bennett28.1528th - 53.04%
46 finishers.
Another good turnout on a course which needed trail shoes instead of flats.
Very muddy and wet made the going difficult. Patrick and Mark headed the field.
1st parkrun for Roberto. Back to normal next week with some off our equipment
locked away at the centre over the holidays.

parkrun # 11 - Gunpowder Park 5km - Saturday 31st December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou24.1714th - 57.04%
41 finishers.

parkrun # 94 - Greenwich 5km - Saturday 31st December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:3011th - 67.07%
100 finishers.

Down to South London this week, for this long-established event in Avery Hill
Park. The course consisted of three laps on a mix of paths and grass. There was
a long incline on a path for 600m towards the end of the lap, while on the
grass, the ground was a little wet underfoot, but never slippery. An iPad on a
tripod at the end of the lap displayed the clock, while out on the course there
were obvious posts to guide us in the right direction, and therefore no need
for marshalls.

2011 MARATHON Age Related Times - As at 31st December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi2:54:1777.3% London
Ciaran Canavan2:51:1773.2% Dublin
Daniel Lee2:59:1272.1% Prague
Carrine Jay3:33:0471.8% London
Robert Heppell3:19:1567.6% Boston
Patrick Brown3:07:4866.5% Nottingham
Andrew Baxter3:17:2765.9% Brighton
Manjit Singh3:17:2463.5% Edinburgh
Helen Ringham3:36:4162.5% Stockholm
Dave Knight3:58:1161.3% London
Manjit Singh3:26:1760.8% Toronto
Frank Brownlie4:10:3660.5% London
John Atkinson4:36:2560.1% Milan
Michael Wilson3:52:0560.1% Halstead
Mark Boulton3:29:3159.7% London
Michael Wilson3:55:4359.2% London
Grant Conway3:44:4958.4% Chester
Mark Boulton3:42:3957.7% Orpington
Kirsty Weston4:01:3857.6% London
Tricia ONeill4:11:3857.3% London
Patrick Farren4:03:2756.8% Paris
Thomas Whitney3:43:1556.0% London
Tricia ONeill4:17:5555.6% Medoc
Patrick Brown3:45:1455.5% Stratford upon Avon
Jamie Xavier3:47:0855.0% London
Caroline Meaby4:16:1554.7% Brighton
Peter Hatley3:51:4054.1 Dublin
Angela Bowen4:34:5453.6% Florence
Darren Speedy3:56:0853.0% Stockholm
Grant Conway4:06:2652.8% London
Sarah Burns4:20:3552.8% Dublin
Aime Bagshaw4:26:3252.6% London
Susannah House4:53:3252.1% London
Tom Woods4:48:4552.0% Edinburgh
Katrina Dixon4:34:0851.6% London
George Georgiou4:12:2551.6% Jersey
Nicola Jane Mensah4:34:5551.4% Florence
Rachel Coombs4:29:3451.3% London
Baldev Singh4:31:2050.5% Luxembourg
Jayne Browne5:15:3349.1% London
Victoria Elliott4:36:0749.0% London
Juliet Perry/Bryant4:41:4948.8% London
Dave Foster5:44:4248.8% London
Tom Woods5:07:5648.8% Singapore
Tara Syed4:44:5548.0% London
Tara Syed4:46:5547.7% Edinburgh
Priya Patel4:44:1347.7% London
Andrew Rich4:39:3445.3% London
Tom Woods5:36:0344.3% Paris
Abdirahman Adan4:57:3343.4% London
Frances Branch5:14:2243.2% London
Sarah Rowling5:14:2243.2% London
Jimmy Hartwell5:16:3642.9% Medoc
Tom Lawrence4:55:4042.3% London
Julie Onwukegu5:25:5841.5% London
Kelly King5:46:1739.7% London
Clare Waugh - Bacchus5:46:1739.7% London
Jim Bird7:18:4339.6% London
Age grading is a way of putting all race participants on a level playing
field, regardless of age or gender. Age-graded scores let you compare your race
times to those of different runners, as well as to the standard for your age

Age-graded scores have been categorized into these broad
achievement levels:
100% = Approximate World Record Level
Over 90% =
Over 80% = National Class
Over 70% = Regional Class
Over 60% =
Local Class

Top 3 Age Graded ELR Marathon Runners in 2011, Manjit Bedi, Ciaran
Canavan and Danny Lee.

Serpentine - Last Friday of the month 5km - 30th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway21:1572nd - 63rd Vet 40 - 65.7%

Queen's Head Canter 5km - Tuesday 27th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell22.5694th
Magda Heppell28.35152nd
Magda (Fen) and I ran the Queen's Head Canter today with two of our friends who
live near Belper. We thought it was a hilly out and back road race but our
friends considered it a short run with some inclines. Guess it's all relative
and if you run in the Peak district all the time it probably seemed fairly flat.

Anyway, the tale of the tape is as follows:

Rob - 22:56 94th place
Magda (and Fen) - 28:35 152nd place
164 ran.

Not great performances but we enjoyed a really pleasant run in mild
temperatures. Neither of us has run for months (aside from my one attendance at
an ELR wednesday night) so we weren't expecting great things.

Happy new year


Witham Boxing Day 5m - Monday 26th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy44.22188th
This event was called off on Boxing Day last year and re-scheduled for last
May (Not the Boxing Day 5). I ran it in May in warm sunshine and got a PB.
I ran it again on Boxing Day (still in nice sunny conditions) and came in
reasonably close to (but not as good as) as my previous time. The weather
conditions were almost perfect for the run. Running into the wind for the
uphill section at mile 2 was a bit of a challenge - but then it wasn't much
of a hill. The last part was mostly downhill, with hardly a breeze.
My son, who won the Under 18 trophy at the May event, came second in his
age group this year, in 28.57. I was not far behind as usual..........(a
mere 15 minutes, and 173 runners between us).

Time 44.22. Place 188 /275

Hope you had a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year.


Chiang Mai Half Marathon, Thailand - Sunday 25th December 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods2.01.0464th
182 finishers. Tom was the 8th Man over 50 finishing in 64th place in 2.01.04.

parkrun #26 - Riddlesdown 5km - Saturday 24th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darren Speedy21.50 (course pb)20th - 62.06%

parkrun # 10 - Gunpowder Park 5km - Saturday 24th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matt Dean23.5710th - 54.14%
42 finishers. Matt makes his parkrun debut.

parkrun # 45 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 24th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Levart21:246th - 60.28 %
Colin Purvis22.3812th - 59.43%
66 finishers.

parkrun #32 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 24th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Wyatt20.295th - 62.98%
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.557th - 62.15%
Sarah Burns25.5925th - 57.54%
David Wyatt26.0126th - 60.09%
Katherine Jones26.0527th - 56.74%
Katherine Harrisno barcode
47 finishers.

parkrun #3 - Ally Pally 5km - Saturday 24th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright21:271st - 64.10 %
6 finishers.

After parking carefully next to the palace itself, I walked around the park for
a while thinking there was no event this week, until I spotted a group of
marshalls down a slope. The course consisted of a stretch along a path leading
to a two-lap circuit and finished with the same stretch back again. I should
have brought trail shoes as the course was mainly hills, mud and puddles, with
one of the hills being short but almost heartbreaking. There was a maximum of
10 runners this week. Technically, I came 2nd. The winner did 20:23, and
remembered his trail shoes, but forgot his barcode.

West Ham Park - Tessa Sanderson Foundation - 5km series (Race 7) - Sunday 18th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20:053rd
From Mohammed My time was 20:05, which is a new course PB for me. It's
the second time I've hit a course PB this series, the previous course PB set at
race no. 5 (20:18).

My PB overall is 20:02, set at Valentine's Park Run no. 10 in April this
year, and I ran that with the hamstring injury! My New Year's resolution
...to go sub-20.

Mohammed in action during a previous race.

parkrun #6 - Highbury Fields 5km - Saturday 17th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:405th - 66.53 %
22 finishers.

Derek: I visited Highbury Fields near Highbury Corner for this newish
parkrun on a frosty morning. The course consisted of five and a bit laps on
paths, finishing on the grass. There was a moderate slope up one side of the
park, and an equal slope downwards on the other side. It was easy to lap other
runners, plus the park was busy with civilians going about their business.

parkrun # 31 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 17th December 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.471st - 69.03%
Dan Spinks20.153rd - 65.93%
Mark Wyatt20.234th - 63.29%
Miguel Martinez25.14no barcode
David Wyatt26.1213th - 59.67%
28 finishers. Good runs from all on a very frosty and chilly morning, though
Miguel had no barcode. Frank was there taking pics with Carlton and Don

Dan, Mark and Thomas after the race.

Christmas Party - The George, Wanstead - Wednesday 15th December 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Sunday Cross Country League - Race 3 - Watford - Sunday 11th December 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Men's Team
Thomas Grimes34:208th
Derek Wright40:2087th
Paul Thompson43:37140th
Richard Guest44:24 154th
Doug Mansell45:09165th
Michael Wilson48:07197th
Don Bennett56:39253rd
Terry (Sarbjit) Singh60:20261st
Team position13th of 17.
265 finishers (173 men, 92 ladies)

Pictured before the race are Terry, Thomas, Mick, Richard, Doug, Paul, Derek
and Don.

This was the course familiar to many of us in Cassiobury Park, Watford. It
consists of 800m up and down in the park, a section on tarmac across a bridge,
a long gradual climb followed by a sharp downhill into the forest, two
undulating laps, then the uphill back out of the forest leading to the first
bit in reverse, with the runners finishing on a long downhill. It was harder
than the previous Sunday League race at Trent Park and about the same level of
difficulty and distance (5.5 miles) as the Essex Vets the previous week.

There was some confusion at the start when the leaders ran too far up the park.
Shortly afterwards, a marshall was barking at us to stay within an avenue of
trees, as many of us had prematurely jumped onto the tarmac path. In the
forest, conditions called for trail shoes as we shot down hills which were rich
with wet leaves though there were rarely puddles.

Thomas produced another stellar performance, sprinting past two runners as he
came off the bridge, only to lose position when he realised this was not the
finish and there was still 800m to go. Derek finished in virtually the same
time and position as last year, while Paul ran well slightly ahead of Richard
and Doug. Mick was nursing a back injury, got off to a slow start, and finished
a long way below his best though he admitted to feeling better towards the end.
Don was brought home by another variation of "One Don Bennett" and shortly
behind him was Terry who completed the men's team of eight. Frank and Jim were
present as ever with refreshments. So the men have managed to field a full team
for the first three races of the league, but unfortunately there were no ladies
this month.

Don and Terry in full flow heading for the race finish!

West Ham Park - Tessa Sanderson Foundation - 5km series (Race 6) - Sunday 11th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.282nd 10pts/50pts
Jamie Xavier21:135th 8pts
39 finishers.

Bedford Harriers Half Marathon - Sunday 11th December 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1:23:53 pb87th
Dan Spinks1:37:27389th
Grant Conway1.40.35 pb477th
Patrick Farren1.40.47487th
Richard Mainwaring1.45.30675th
Rita Kingdon1.45.30683rd
Andrea Waller1.46.49 pb724th
Suzanne Bench2.00.571162nd
Geoff Bench2.00.57 pb1163rd
1523 finishers.

Pictured wearing their Bedford Harriers cagoules are a happy looking
Grant,Geoff, Richard, Patrick Brown, Suzanne, Rita, Andrea and Dan after the
race. Missing from the photo is Patrick Farren.

Grant's Race Report. On Sunday 11th December 2011 nine ELR members and
Patrick Brown's wife Julie made the trip to Bedford for the last half marathon
of 2011 for the unofficial ELR winter half marathon championship. I was looking
forward to this race as it is my favourite half marathon at present and once
again I wasn’t disappointed. The hosts Bedford Harriers organise everything
the minimum amount of fuss. The race start at a school in Wooton has no parking
facilities so two car parks are provided close to the A421 and runners are
transferred by bus to the start. Timing chips are collected on the day with no
delay and runners can shelter from the cold in the warm sports hall before the
race start where hot drinks and food are available before and after the race.

The course was the same as last year (no need to change) with a tour around
villages of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire with runners finishing back in
Wooton having approached from the other direction. A pleasant run on a hilly
course as my fellow ELR members will testify! Fortunately for the time of year
the weather was ok with only light drizzle for a few minutes but there was a
head wind against at times which made things tough on the uphill sections. All
nine members ran well with pb's for Geoff with the assistance of Suzanne his
devoted wife who accompanied/dragged him around, Andrea, yours truly and
Brown who improved his pb by about 14 minutes with a great run of 1.23, a
run considering the course and conditions, must have been because the lovely
Brown who travelled with us and was waiting for him at the finish!

Patrick Farren and I finished close together and he finished well up in his new
age category(?), Rita had a season's best and had the same time as Richard and
Dan Spinks had an excellent run to be second ELR runner home. I think everyone
enjoyed the day out and hopefully we will have more runners next year for this
excellent event with perhaps a mini-bus to transport us to the race next time.

parkrun # 43 - Valentines Park 5km - 10th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Levart21:488th - 59.17 %
44 finishers.

parkrun # 30 - Wanstead Flats 5km - 10th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18:072nd - 71.57 %
Richard Potter21:157th - 60.78 %
David Wyatt25:2015th - 61.71 %
Tom Thompson25:34 (course pb)16th - 51.30 %
Jayne Browne27:2122nd - 59.84 %
34 finishers. Dan and Carlton were on marshalling duties, while Richard made
his debut at this event.

parkrun # 8 - Gunpowder Park 5km - 10th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:222nd - 67.51 %
25 finishers.

Derek pictured at a recent race.

Derek: I thought I'd diversify from Wanstead Flats this week and came to
Gunpowder Park where we started the Sunday run last week. The course was a two-
and-a-bit lap affair on the gravel path round the park, starting at a bench. It
was nearly all flat apart from a slight incline towards the start of
the lap. It was a cold and frosty morning, but the sun made an appearance and
was low in the sky. I came 2nd, but the winner did 18:37 and was out of
reach after the first 800m, so for me it was pretty much a lone run.

West Ham Park - Tessa Sanderson Foundation 5km Winter Series (Event 5) - Sunday 4th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks19.262nd 10pts/19pts
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.18 Course pb by 20 secs4th 9pts/40pts
Dan comes 2nd in 19.26 and moves up to 6th with 19pts in the Men 31 - 40
category. Mohammed mantains his 1st place and 40pts in the same category with
another faster time.

Singapore Marathon - Sunday 4th December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods5.07.56tbc
Tom Woods:- My prayers for rain were not answered , had to make my own
at each water station , any attempt at getting a good time (by my standards ha
ha) were dashed at 35km when the tail end of the half marathoners merged with
the full marathoners for the remainder of the race.

The Grim Challenge, 8 miles, Aldershot. - Saturday 3rd December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dave Wilkinson1.36.521,810th
Tara Syed1.36.571,815th
Geoff Bench1.39.321,958th
2655 finishers. Course description, this really sells it This land is
used to test Army vehicles so expect it to be interesting! You will reach a
long hill shortly after the start before descending again eventually reaching a
water filled ravine. You will run on over puddle-strewn paths before having to
crawl under camouflage netting.
You'll eventually reach some man-made mounds before arriving at and running
through some rather large puddles. Expect to get very wet! You'll run on to the
fast vehicle driving circuit where it is rocky underfoot. This brings you to
some more large areas of water and the finish area.

Essex Vets Cross Country Championships - Chigwell Row - Saturday 3rd December 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ladies' V35 Team
Mary OBrien50:2565th
Susannah House56:3178th
Jayne Browne56:3279th
Men's V40 Team
Derek Wright39:5860th
Grant Conway43:0376th
Paul Thompson43:4278th
Richard Mainwaring44:0879th
Mike Barclay52:1888th
84 finishers in Ladies' V35

88 finishers in Men's V40

110 finishers in Men's V50

The Vets' Championships took place as in previous years at Chigwell Row in
Hainault. This is a two-lap course of about 5.5 miles, starting off in the
further field, taking us up and down through the forest, then back up again on
two tough hills culminating in some twists and turns on a level surface.
Conditions were considerably easier than last year, when the ground was snowy.
There were three points when runners needed to hurdle fallen tree boughs, the
first of which was at least a foot off the ground and needed to be handled with
care! Jim Bird and Frank were on site to take photos and assist with tea and

Jayne, Susannah and Mary after the race!

The Ladies' race was run at the same time as the Men's V50 race, at 11am. ELR
fielded three ladies, one less than required for a team, but no V50 men. The
winner in the Ladies' race finished in 34:19. The Men's V40 race was at midday
and ELR fielded five runners. Springfield Striders, Ilford and Colchester
Harriers were the top three teams, while ELR finished in 13th place out of 14.

Oddly, there were more V50 men competing overall than V40 men and the winner of
the V50 category finished in a faster time (32:04) than the winner of the V40
category (32:20).

parkrun # 29 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 3rd December 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Wyatt19.515th - 64.99%
Sarah Burns25.0814th - 59.48%
Louisa Tock25.39 (course pb)16th - 57.83%
Tom Thompson25.4617th - 50.91%
David Wyatt27.3219th - 56.78%
Don Bennett28.1423rd - 53.07%
33 finishers. Congratulations to Derek Wright on becoming the Parkrunner
of the month for November. This week Derek was doing the timing before heading
to Chigwell for the cross country. Derek has run Wanstead Flats 22 times (plus
one without barcode) and helped out volunteering four times. Louisa did
a course pb knocking 47 seconds off her debut run in Wk 27, the only pb due to
a muddy and wet course. Tom Thompson ran 25.46 in his 1st parkrun. The winner
forgot his barcode, but his time was around 16:25, just outside the course
record. He professed that his pb on the track is 13:52, so for him this was
just a gentle jog!

Florence Marathon - Sunday 27th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Angela Bowen4.34.546,006th
Nicola Jane Mensah4.34.556,008th
6,932 finishers. Well done to sisters, Nicola and Angela on their run in

Angela and Nicola in a previous race this summer.

Chingford League - Race 4 - Alexandra Palace 7.5km - Saturday 26th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown30.4128th
Shahib Miah Ali34.4284th
Peter Hatley38.57137th
Don reports: I went along as Team Captain to sort out the numbers, but
we were short decided to run. Was last at Ally Pally about 20 odd years ago as
spectator and should have stayed that way this time as well. The course was
laps of a large lap and a small lap. The large lap was mainly on grass, a few
paths and not very muddy. The smaller lap was a climb up a very steep hill
Alexandra Palace. Conditions were good enough for just ordinary footwear. I
managed about 1.5 laps and as I began climbing the hill for the second time,
common sense overtook me and I dnf (did not flaming) want to be here. Excellent
runs from the other three did us proud. But Ally Pally will remain a bad idea
me for now. 214 finishers. 149 men & 65 ladies.

parkrun # 28 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 26th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Wyatt18.561st - 68.13%
Derek Wright20:464th - 65.73 %
David Wyatt24.2716th - 63.94%
Sarah Burns24:29 (course pb)17th - 61.06 %
Jayne Browne27:1920th - 59.91 %
27 finishers. Derek: Don was race director and Carlton was handing out
the finishing chips. The runners had to work a bit harder this week as there
was a strong headwind along the home straight. Don: As Wanstead Flats
parkrun reached its 1,000th finisher, we had two more long term runners of the
event join us. Welcome Mark and David Wyatt to East London Runners. Their many
runs have really boosted our club list total. Mark took the opportunity to win
for the third time. Sarah's extensive training boosted her pb time by over 1.40
from 26.17 to 24.29.

Serpentine - Last Friday of the month 5km - Friday 25th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter18.21 pb17th - 5th Vet 40 - 75.5%
Grant Conway20.45 pb by 2 secs69th - 17th Vet 40 - 67.3%
232 finishers. Slight improvement on pb for both Andrew and Grant in tough
conditions with a strong headwind.

Brighton 10km - Sunday 20th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mike Barclay49.45 pb1045th
Katherine Harris55.45 pb1661st
Susannah House57.551,880th

Chelmsford AC 10km - Sunday 20th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater51.17 pb199th
329 finishers.

West Ham Park - Tessa Sanderson Foundation 5km Winter Series - Race 4 - Sunday 20th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.525th 10pts/31pts 1st Men 31 - 40
52 finishers. Mohammed continues his Winter Series coming 5th and once again
improves his time on all the previous races. He moves to 1st place in the Men
31 - 40 category.

The Dirt Half Challenge 2011, Leighton Buzzard - Sunday 20th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1:56:18239th
Well done to Sarah in her latest half marathon race.

Sunday Cross Country League - Race 2 - Trent Park, Cockfosters - 20th November 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Men's Team
Thomas Grimes29.527th
Mark Boulton31.4933rd
Andrew Baxter32.2139th
Derek Wright35.37100th
Carlton DSouza35.59110th
Michael Wilson36.30122nd
Paul Thompson38.39162nd
Richard Guest39.14171st
Doug Mansell39.39180th
Terry (Sarbjit) Singh48.25291st
Ladies' Team
Valerie Edworthy45.12263rd
Jane Iordanou47.03284th
Jayne Browne47.06285th
311 finishers (207 men, 104 ladies)

It was a foggy start to the day at Wanstead Leisure Centre and by the time we
had driven to North London the mists were still clinging to the field where the
second race of the Sunday League was set to begin. We were in slightly
apprehensive mood, as we had not been at this venue for two years and the
course was different from last time. A map pinned to a tree indicated that the
race was to be a little over five miles long, consisting of a straight stretch
into some woods, two anti-clockwise laps, and then a return stretch back to the
finish. After an awkward section on road surface, which threw us as most of us
were wearing trail shoes, it was a relief to have a long downhill at the start
of the lap in the forest, though there were mutterings the first time round
that this was the easy bit, so what price would we be paying for it later on?
It turned out that the rest of the lap was undulating, but not crippling, with
the most challenging climb being at the end - the hill was tough but not enough
to break our hearts, and here Jim Bird and Frank were waiting for us and offered
support. All of us professed to have enjoyed the course and most of us know
that it could have been much much harder (cf Royston).

As last time, the men did themselves proud by fielding ten runners, the first
eight scoring for us. Thomas continued his impressive record by finishing in
7th place in under 30 minutes.

Thomas about to cross the finish line!
Mark and Andrew also finished in the top few dozen. The ladies fielded three
runners, the two Ja(y)nes running together slightly behind Val. Hopefully, word
will spread and there will be a full team of five ladies at the next race at
Watford in December.

Boulton, Andrew Baxter and Thomas Grimes after the end of the race.

parkrun # 27 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 19th November 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17:27 (course pb)2nd - 74.31 %
Mark Boulton17:46 (course pb)3rd - 72.61 %
James Wilson19:506th - 66.47 %
Derek Wright20:278th - 66.75 %
Louisa Tock26:2624th - 56.12 %
27 finishers. ELR were well represented in the top few runners, Thomas
finishing in 2nd place only four seconds behind the winner. Dan was on
marshalling duties at the lamppost and Frank was in attendance taking
photographs. Don was in charge again this week as race director. Derek
completed a 3rd lap of the course as tailrunner and sign-collector, but as the
last runner finished in a time of 28:49, there was no one slow enough to chase.

West Ham Park - Tessa Sanderson Foundation Winter Series 5km - Race 3 - Sunday 13th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson19.291st 10pts/20pts 3rd overall - M 31 - 40
Dan Spinks19.432nd 9pts
Thomas Grimes20.565th 8pts
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.558th 7pts/21pts 2nd overall - M 31 - 40
60 finishers. The East London Runners contingent grew to 4 this week with four
in the top eight finishers. James came first this week, while Dan ran 10
seconds faster than his previous day's parkrun to finish 2nd. Thomas came 5th,
while Mohammed ran 21.55 getting quicker each week to complete his 3rd of 3
races to move up to 2nd overall. James is currently 3rd overall in the men 31 -
40 category.

Bexhill Poppy Half Marathon - Sunday 13th November 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.25.01 pb11th
Andrew Baxter1.32.4938th
Sarah Burns1.58.04269th
559 finishers. Also a special mention for Paul Lewis from East End Road
Runners and Wanstead Flats parkrun finishing in 64th place in 1.36.25.

Mark Boulton and Andrew Baxter on the Bexhill sea front in the sun!

Andrew's report.
Well organised event hosted by Bexhill Runners. The 4 lap course on seafront
might not be to everybody's liking but is almost completely flat so, in theory,
should lend itself to fast times. Lots of opportunities to cheer each other on
around the course and we needed them as the race progressed and the sea-breeze
made for increasingly hard going on much of the prom.

Great running from Mark and Sarah but bad day at the office for me - got cramp
with a mile to go and had to stop to stretch it out/walk it off, losing about
four minutes (on previous lap times) in the process.

One other result from me which may explain the cramp ... got roped into running
for Departmental team at the Civil Service National X Country Championships
Wednesday. I tried to take it relatively easy with one eye on Sunday's half,
was still a tough opener to my x-country season - 3 X 2 mile laps up, down and
around Parliament Hill. Finished in 47th place (42.24).

parkrun # 39 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 12th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh21:0510th - 63.32 %
68 finishers.

parkrun # 26 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 12th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17:471st - 72.91 %
Dan Spinks19:53 (course pb)4th - 67.14 %
Derek Wright20:526th - 65.42 %
Jayne Browne27:1326th - 60.13 %
Don Bennett27:4227th - 54.09 %
36 finishers. As usual, there were a few runners without barcodes. The event
was richly marshalled by ELR faces this week, with Carlton at the lamppost,
Sarah at the start of the "roller coaster" by the dry pond and George at the 90
degree turning at the end of the path after the lamppost. Thomas won, Don ran,
thereby taking a break from director duties, Dan did a course pb by three
seconds, Derek did a pw due to a rasping cough and Jayne was there with family
as a regular.This week she remembered her barcode and moved up to 3rd place in
the Points Table. The female course record was smashed by over three minutes
by Alex Gounelas, who came in second in 18:51 and ran for Eton Manor at some of
the Elvis races this year. Watch out Karen Levison!

Stevenage Half Marathon - Sunday 6th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Mainwaring1:42:13191st
Good run by Richard as he starts his Marathon training!

Fergus AC 5km Road Race, Lissycasey. - Sunday 6th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns24.22 pb78th
90 finishers.

Yeah I got a PB of 24.22 at my Great Uncles Race and it was a bit hilly, I've
attached the results. I actually just pipped the woman who got the same time as
me but I think because i wasn't a local they placed me after her. I'll get her
next year!

Billericay 10km - Sunday 6th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Rose55.36461st
Sheila Kennedy55.51468th
Sheila reports:-This weeks race report:
This is one of my favourite races. This is the third time I've run it (1st
time in pouring rain) and this is my best time to date. The race is
limited to 750 runners (655 recorded as running this year) and it's always
full in advance. This was the first year of chip timing. It's a well
organised race, with the runners lead out to the start in groups according
to estimated times. I kept a fast pace (for me) throughout the race,
running with Michael close behind from the half way point. I couldn't hold
it to the end though and Michael overtook me about 400 metres from the end.
Still managed to come home in under 56 minutes, a mere 19 minutes behind my
17 year old son, who came in 13th overall (in just under 37 minutes)!

West Ham Park - Tessa Sanderson Foundation 5km Winter Series Race 2 - Sunday 6th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson19.022nd 10pts
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea22.1314th 6pts/14pts
68 finishers. Good runs from James and Mohammed in the 2nd run of the Winter
Series of the West Ham Park 5km runs. James came 2nd in 19.02 with Mohammed
improving his time from last week's 1st race. Good News Sharon jogged
round, numberless but patiently recovering slowly from her achilles injury.
Hope you're back running with us soon Sharon.

parkrun # 25 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 5th November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.571st - 72.24%
Dan Spinks19.56 (course pb)6th - 66.97%
Derek Wright20.389th - 66.16%
Emily Hart24.2529th - 60.61%
Don reports 48 finishers. Ground was a bit muddy & wet underfoot with
the amount of rain we had in the 48 hours before the run. Thomas won in a time
of 17.57 and Dan cracked 20 minutes with his 3rd pb in 3 weeks. Missed out once
again on breaking the 50 mark with 6 runners without barcodes. They included
Aaron Williams who came 2nd in about 18.20 and Jayne. My first race as full
race director with Carlton on numbers and Thomas doing the back-marking and
taking the course signs down. Don was also awarded the monthly prize of a
voucher for a pair of trainers from Sweatshop, in recognition of his services
as a volunteer and now Race Director.

Chingford League 3 - Redbridge Cycle Circuit 5km - Tuesday 1st November 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.349th 17pts
Patrick Brown18.1721st 6pts
Dan Spinks21.1982nd
Michael Wilson22.02100th
Ramesh Pala23.24132nd
Nearly a full men's team this time round with five men running, but no ladies.
Patrick's brother Euan ran as a guest and came in 11th in 17.44. Thomas and
Patrick added to their points total after three events. East London Runners
Team finished 7th of 10 teams. 127 men and 55 ladies competed.

National Lottery Dublin Marathon - Monday 31st October 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan2:51:17 pb119th
Peter Hatley3:51.403734th
Sarah Burns4:20:35 pb6657th
Ciaran Canavan 10k-00:32:08 half-01:22:53 30k-02:07:42
Peter Hatley 10k-00:45:31 half-01:50:15 30k-02:51:41
Sarah Burns10k-00:50:31 half-02:07:25 30k-03:17:44

Ciaran in action during the race.
Ciaran's Race Report.

This Halloween, Bank Holiday Monday 31st October I returned to the Emerald
for the National Lottery Dublin Marathon. Being my 3rd attempt at the Marathon
distance, I was sure the time was right for me to achieve the sub 3 hour goal
that had so far eluded me, though having run London twice, I knew anything
go wrong. I was under no illusions that taking on this challenge was going to
easy, but my goal was set, the race, flights and hotel booked. Dublin 2011,
'here I come'.

On race morning, I received my early morning alarm call from the hotel 'Good
morning, you have requested an alarm call' said the recorded voice, 'we hope
have a really nice day!' If only the computer knew what was in store I thought
to myself. I got up straight away, and after a long hot shower to warm the
blood, down to breakfast, where it seemed everyone was already up, dressed in
shorts and trainers, scraping at the dregs of the porridge from the breakfast
buffet. I had my turn, and then returned to my room to pick up my race bag, and
made my way from the hotel to the start, a little under 2 miles away.

Conditions were perfect for running. Cool, but not too cool. A little breezy,
but not too breezy. overcast, (with rain forecast) but dry for now. I dropped
off my bag, found my start zone, had a brief warm up, and made my way towards
the front of the zone. The race was to be set off in 3 waves, with my zone,
Orange start being the first at 9:50.

Upon starting, it seemed to me as though the pace was slow, as waited for my
Garmin to bleep with my 1km time. When it did bleep, to my horror it read 3:15!
Despite trying to slow down, the second and third kms continued to pass to
quick. A mistake that was to take its toll later in the race. Shortly after the
3rd km, I managed to settle into a pace that was in keeping with my target. The
gates To Phoenix Park were a welcome sight, where the race continued for more
kilometres than I had expected, exiting the park around the 14th km point!

It was in Phoenix Park where the first chip mats ware located at the 5 mile
marker. According to the results website this was the 10km point. An Irish 10k
it would seem, being in fact 8k. I was confused, and hoped this wasn't to be a
signal of 'Irish miles' to come.

Not knowing the Dublin area well, mentally I kept trying to imagine where I
would be at on the same point on the London marathon route. Mile 6 = Greenwich.
12.5 = Tower Bridge. 20 = ELR water station, etc.

Upon reaching the half way point, all was well! Half split was 1:22:53, and i
was feeling good? It was shortly after that I had my first real low, however I
managed to hook in with a group of runners I'd been around and close too from
the start, and my low turned to a high. Things seemed to be going great again.
The whole second half of the race continued along these lines, highs, followed
by lows, followed by highs to be followed by lows again. By the time I reached
36km, with 6 to go, it seemed the lows lasted longer than the highs. By now my
pace had slowed. A combination of starting too quickly, and not considering the
challenge of the hills en route. I began to doubt if I could keep enough pace
go sub 3!

All my pre-rehearsed mantras seemed pointless, but I recited them anyway,
to pass the remaining minutes as 6k to go changed to 5, then 4, then 3, then 2,
then 1. The final km seemed to last forever, and every turn disappointed me
it didn't offer up the first sight of the finishing gantry. When it did
eventually come, it was a heavenly sight. The end was nigh, and I was near my
own wits end. Upon crossing the finishing line, it took all the strength I had
left to keep walking through the finishers zone, but my pain was not over yet.
Mother nature had a final surprise for me yet, as cramp struck in both calfs at

Thanks to the wonderful St Johns Ambulance staff, and the physio team in
me up and moving again! For both the right and wrong reasons, the Dublin
Marathon 2011 will truly be a race I'll never forget! I gave it everything I
had, and came home with a new PB, having smashed the 3 hour target! National
Lottery Dublin Marathon 2011 - the hardest race of my life.

Many thanks to all my fellow ELR runners for your wonderful words of support,
without which, yesterday's achievement would have been all the more impossible.

Race over and medal collected.

West Ham Park - Tessa Sanderson Foundation 5km Winter Series Race 1 - Sunday 30th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea22.4011th - 8 pts
46 finishers. The return of the West Ham Park 5km Winter series saw Mohammed
finish in 22.40.

BUPA Great South Run (10 miles) - Portsmouth - Sunday 30th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.01.41 pb114th

Good Evening,from Mark Boulton

Quick report from today's race:

The alarm went off at 5.45am and upon getting to the Tube Station to find it
closed until 7.00am (Coach from Victoria was leaving at 7.30am) I did question
why I decided to run the Great South Run in Southsea. Anyway, I made it
Southsea in plenty of time to join the Portaloo queue and make my way to the
start line amongst the 24,000 fellow runners. The start was organised according
to predicted finish times so I was in the Orange wave and had the pleasure of
starting with the Elite Males. Dame Ellen MacArthur started us just before 11am
and I was feeling fresh having rested since Wednesday's club run. I think that
led me to starting a bit quick and I got caught up with with the early frenetic
pace. I went through 5k and tried to settle down and the Portsmouth locals were
out in force cheering us on. The course was one loop around Portsmouth, taking
in some historic sites. It was a fairly flat course which contributed to some
fast times. I found the last two miles pretty tough going as a combination of
the fast start and the 2 mile slog to the finish along the sea front into the
howling wind which left me hanging on at the end. I was pleased to finish in
01:01:41 which was a new PB and there was a great atmosphhere between runners
at the end and some congratulations from Brendan Foster. I collected my medal
and goodie bag and made my way back to the coach for the slow journey out of
Portsmouth. Just settling down now to watch the highlights on ITV4.....

My Splits: 5k: 00:18:17 10k: 00:37:10 15k 00:57:23

parkrun # 121 - Roundshaw Downs - Saturday 29th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darren Speedy22.37 (course pb)23rd - 59.91%
84 finishers.

parkrun # 37 - Valentines Park - Saturday 29th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Levart20.56 (course pb )6th - 61.62%
54 finishers.

parkrun # 24 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 29th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks20:06 (course pb)7th - 66.42 %
Derek Wright20:3010th - 66.59 %
George Georgiou20:57 (course pb)12th - 66.11 %
Jayne Browne27:0435th - 60.47 %
43 finishers.

Carlton was handing out the chips at the finish, Sarah was logging the
barcodes, and Derek was tailrunner, which involved running the course as normal
and then running a lap again behind the last runner and collecting up the
signs. East London Runners became the first club to have over 100 finishers at
this event. And quite apt that the 100th was Derek who has done
18 of the 24 events, plus 2 volunteer sessions as well. George Georgiou
Just letting you know the following: Wanstead Flats 29/10/2011, time=20.57.
Which is a course pb of 47 seconds and just 5 seconds off an overall pb.

Sunday Cross Country League - Race 1 - Cheshunt - Sunday 23rd October 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Men's Team
Mark Boulton31:0724th
Patrick Brown31:3633rd
Derek Wright34:4390th
Michael Wilson36:12118th
Paul Thompson38:51161st
Doug Mansell38:56163rd
Miguel Martinez39:59181st
Jimmy Hartwell40:17187th
Edward Barnard43:23228th
Frank Brownlie43:42231st
Don Bennett48:40274th
Ladies' Team
Jayne Browne47:22260th
ELR were back at Cheshunt for the first race of this season's Sunday league.
It was the course we have come to know and love, consisting of three fairly
hilly laps, at about the same level of difficulty as the Orion Forest 5. It
was beautiful weather for it, and the ground was firm underneath, and never
wet. Doubtless due to the fine autumn weather, there were over 300 runners
competing, many of whom went round in road shoes. By the first half of the
third lap, we could feel the sun baking down on the back of our necks as we
pushed up the two long hills.

Mark, Patrick and Jayne were Sunday league newbies, while Paul and Frank were
new to the event. Some of the regulars remarked on being overtaken by the
winners in their second lap. The men fielded 11 runners, three more than the
required number for a team. The ladies' team consisted of Jayne and the onus
falls on her to rally support from ELR ladies for the next race at Trent Park
in November. Thanks also to Jim Bird for taking photos.

Great Birmingham Run - 13.1 miles - Sunday 23rd October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea1.47.412642nd
Well done to Mohammed on his half-marathon debut.

Mohammed's Race Report. Most ELRs will already be aware that this was my
first ever Half Marathon, having never run more than 10km in a race before,
was a big step-up for me. Birmingham already had a HM in place for three years
sponsored by EDF, but it was poorly organised (according to feedback on
World). It is now sponsored by BUPA, and is part of their series, which
the world famous Great North Run.

There were 15,000 runners participating in this event separated into wave
colours, with me being in the orange wave just behind the elite club runners
and some guy called Haile Gebrselassie (you may have heard of him). I
managed to watch him running past on the double-back route, with a Kenyan
athlete keeping him company.

The most scenic part of the route is definitely around the village of
Bourneville, very picturesque. The route is mostly flat with some long but
gentle inclines, but most of the the inclines are cruelly placed in the last
4 miles. I'm far from fully fit, but I kept to my promise of never stopping
or walking in a race despite seeing others being beaten by the inclines.
There was very good support along the route, I had my name shouted several
times telling me to go on, always feels good!

I felt tired only after 3 miles, felt okay at the 10-mile point, but the
inclines eventually took their toll on my legs. I felt like I was running on
two sticks of jelly and my feet kept crashing into my ankles. By the end of
the race, I realised that I'd cut my ankles badly enough that the blood had
soaked through my socks and had stained the sides of my white trainers.
Needless to say, my train journey home was slow and painful, I actually
missed my first train because I couldn't walk quickly enough to the station!

Doing a HM was a good experience but I'm in no hurry to do another one! I'm
taking a break for 4 months, but I will still join you guys and gals when I
can on the Wednesday club runs as well as doing the West Ham Park winter run
series to gradually get fit again.

parkrun #24 - Hampstead Heath - Saturday 22nd October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown19.284th - 66.27%
72 finishers.

Patrick's first run at this venue as he now lives in north-west
London. A hard hilly challenging course was his opinion.

parkrun # 23 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 22nd October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton18.07 (course pb)1st - 71.21 %
Derek Wright19.54 (course pb)6th - 68.59 %
Dan Spinks20:37 (course pb)8th - 64.75 %
Frank Brownlie24.54 25th - 64.39 %
Jayne Browne26.39 (course pb)28th - 61.98 %
Perfect conditions for the parkrun as shown by the fact that 21 of the 37
finishers did a course PB. Sarah Burns achieved a 5k pb of 25:02, but
unfortunately was running without barcode. Don continued in training as race

Well done to all. To Mark and Derek especially who's been trying for ages to
break 20 minutes, and to Dan and Jayne for their improvements. Even Frank
narrowly missed out by five seconds. On the club front we hope to become the
1st club to break 100 runs on the Club list next week, as we're now on
98. Who will be the 100th ELR finisher?

Toronto Marathon - Sunday 16th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh3:26:17 pb484th
Manjit's splits: 10km: 40:55; 21.1.km: 1:28:06; 30km: 2:10:33; 35km: 2:36:57;
40km: 3:12:03.

Manjit completed 30k at 2hr 10min after which the jet lag and time difference
from England had taken its toll and he slowed down to complete the rest of the
12k by jogging/running. Fauja Singh, aged 100, whom many of us met at the Sikh
Relay Marathon, finished in 8:25:16.

Maidstone Half Marathon 2011 - Sunday 16th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1.54.05 pb305th
606 runners. Sarah's quote I got a pb for my half marathon at the
weekend and I wasn't really trying. How does that work?

Clapham Common 5km Series - Race 6 of 6 - Sunday 16th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea24.1423rd
109 finishers.Don reports:- Congratulations to Mohammed on winning the
2011 Series.

His positions & times were: Race 1 - 9th 20.49, Race 2 - 11th 21.10, Race 3 -
6th 20.22, Race 4 - 8th 21.33, Race 5 - 13th 23.40, Race 6 - 23rd 24.14.
As you can see, injuries later in the season hampered his times, but he held
on to win the season. Good Luck in your first Half Marathon next week, but then
take some time to recover. Well done!!

From Mohammed. My Prizes for winning the Series are as follows.

Complimentary entry into the entire Clapham Common 5k Series 2012, that is 6
races at a value of £90.

Long Sleeved 1/4 zip top, Performance Shorts, Performance Vest, 1 RunBreeze
skull cap, 1 pair of Recovery compression socks, 2 pairs of RunBreeze socks.

No trophy, but I can't complain. Byeeeee!

Jill Oliver 10km, Lee Valley - Sunday 16th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou43.4926th
Sheila Kennedy55.0296th
129 finishers.

Yes at last someone else found a race that Sheila was running.
Sheila Kennedy reports:-

Second home for East London Runners (only 11 - 12 min behind George!).
Time 55.02 (If I read the clock correctly at end). Official time not up
yet. Did this one last in 2008 in 54.05 (my best time for 10k) so this race
has good pb potential. Nice run along tow paths and finishing on the
running track at Lee Valley Athletic stadium.

Ware 10 mile - Sunday 16th October 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.03.20 pb11th
326 finishers.

Mark Boulton reports:-

A chilly, misty Sunday morning took me back to the scene of my 1st organised
race 12 months ago in Ware, Hertfordshire. I finished last year in 1:16:57
which prompted me to join a running club and the rest as they say is history.
The morning began with me collecting my race number and chip timer, and then
take part in the warm up led by BBC commentator Stuart Storey. A friendly race
with a few club runners braving the chilly start in club vests. The route was a
two lap course which included towpaths along the River Lea, bridalpaths, local
roads and around sportsfields. As the mist cleared and the sun broke through,
it made for a stunning morning's race. A slightly undulating course which was
very well marshalled and local residents came out to lend their support. The
finish included a lap of the football field with a commentator announcing your
name as the crowd cheered you home. I finished in a new personal best of
1:03:17 which was 13 minutes quicker than last year (The benefits of a year
with you lovely lot)
and received a nice technical t-shirt and a lucozade.
A well organised, friendly race with a challenging course, I think it is my
favourite race.

Cardiff Half Marathon - Sunday 16th October 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.22.38120th
Helen Speedy1.38.15 pb1033rd
Darren Speedy1.49.572675th
Rita Kingdon1:50:332910th
5,885 finishers.

Helen's Race Review.

Last year’s Cardiff Half Marathon (just before
Darren and I joined ELR) was memorable for many reasons – most notably the last
minute diversion of the route which led to the course being 193m short overall,
but also the lack of organisation/runner’s common sense at the start. This
coupled with paths that were was too narrow to cope with 10,000+ runners lead
something of an obstacle course for the first 4 miles. However, the race
was actually very enjoyable; scenic with lots of supporters out on the City
streets, a flat course but not a boring one and some lovely sunny weather.

As a result we were back this year to attempt a full 13.1 miles around
This is a big City race with 15,000 entrants with the start/finish and race
village centred in Cardiff Bay. We awoke to a grey drizzly Sunday morning but
luckily on arrival in Cardiff the clouds started to break, leading to another
lovely sunny day with just enough of a cool breeze to keep you refreshed.
This year we had colour coded race numbers based upon our expected finishing
times which guided us to the appropriate starting pens. Whilst this was good
for us, the pens only went as far as sub-1:45 and everyone else started en-
(so I suspect things were somewhat more congested further back in the field).
Also this year, the race had a new route. This was designed to cut out the
narrow city streets and park that were used last year. Instead we used some
wider roads to loop around the city centre, before an out-and-back section on a
dual carriageway, then to the marina in Penarth, across the barrage and back to
the Bay for the finish. The course was mainly flat, although the new route did
incorporate a few unexpected slopes. The dual carriageway section meant that
the route wasn’t as scenic as last year but it did mean that it could
accommodate the big field of runners. Once again the route (apart from the
carriageway bit) was lined with lots of supporters. There were four drinks
stations along the course, all serving water from bottles and one (at about 5.5
miles) also serving energy drinks.
I had a strange preparation to this race, suffering from a cold and cough the
previous weekend meant that when I tried to run on Monday I managed a total of
2km before literally spluttering to a halt. Things gradually improved
throughout the week but I had definitely ‘tapered’ a bit more severely than I
usually would before a half-marathon. However, it appears that this did me
some good. I finished in a new PB of 1:38:15, a time I was very pleased with
I have been aiming for sub-1:40 for a while! Darren was a little bit
disappointed with his race but he’s been working too hard lately so hasn’t
managed to stick to a proper training regime. We’re now looking forward to
putting in the miles and hopefully improving some more ahead of the London
Marathon next year.

Chingford League 2 - Trent Park 9km XC - Saturday 15th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes28.0813th (13pts)
193 runners, 138 men, 55 ladies. New member Thomas Grimes made the lone trip to
Trent Park to do the 2nd race in the Chingford League series. He did well,
coming in 13th in 28.08 and scoring 13pts.The next race will be a repeat of the
5km run at Redbridge Cycle Circuit on Tuesday 1st November at 8pm.

parkrun # 35 - Valentines Park - Saturday 15th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matthew Jones27:0726th - 47.94 %
66 finishers.

parkrun # 22 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 15th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Carrington21.048th - 61.23%
George Georgiou21.44 (course pb)13th - 63.73%
Emily Hart23.25 (course pb)21st - 63.20%
Dave Wilkinson24.3327th - 54.38%
Katherine Harris25.56 (course pb)28th - 57.88%
Tara Syed29.0735th - 51.35%
39 finishers. A sunny morning. Don was in training as Race Director, Derek
was on marshalling duties at the lamppost, Thomas Grimes was doing the course
clear-up and Jayne was scanning the barcodes.

Petts Wood 10km - Sunday 9th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea52.00255th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea report:-

My result for the Petts Wood 10K is 52:00 dead with a position of 255 out of
654 runners. The winning man came in at 35:22 who won this race two years
ago as well, setting a then new course record. The current course record
stands at 34:12 (41:03 for women). It's the third year in succession that
I've done this race, my previous results are below;

2011 - 52:00 (255th position)

2010 - 54:03 (296th position)

2009 - 57:08 (380th position)

This is definitely in my top three favourite 10K races, the course is varied
in incline, surface and scenery, and is very well-marshalled. The residents
of Petts Wood come out in force to support the race and cheer on the
runners. I'd recommend it to other ELRs. There is a team prize up for grabs
at this event, I think we should get a team for next year's event if
possible. I intend to do this race again in 2012 and hope to be inside the
top 50 finishers, I was embarassed to be overtaken by a guy in an inflatable
suit somewhere in the forest section! The race felt hard this year and my
photo at the finish is terrible ...well actually the photo's good, I look

Great Eastern Run Half Marathon, Peterborough - Sunday 9th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater1.54.51 pb1549th
A pb for new member Steven, who puts his time improvement down to his
additional Wednesday club night runs.

Herts 10km - Harpenden - Sunday 9th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy58.201123rd
Sheila: I was tempted by this write-up in Runners World on this
race. "Voted number 36 in the top 50 runs in the country by Runners World in
only its second year" (but I think it's second year was 2007). Nice day for a
run. I headed off from home in torrential rain which had cleared by the time I
got to Harpenden. Cloudy and not too hot for race itself. Well organised, with
pens according to starting time. Multi terrain run along bridleways through
wooded areas and a small bit of residential, past houses that I aspire to.
Quite narrow lane for the first mile or so (my excuse this week), which then
opened out, giving a very nice view of the file of runners (most in the white T
shirts of the race) spread out in front (only 1,000 or so of them). Nice touch
at the end where, after short queue at event timing tent, my number was typed
in for me, and I was given my time slip with gun time, chip time and place in
the race. This was followed shortly afterwards by a text to my mobile
congratulating me (by name) for finishing and giving my gun time. Quite
impressive (alas my time was less so).

Gun time 59.52, chip time 58.20 (22 sec improvement on last week, still just
under 4 minutes down on my pb). Position 1123 / 2006

Chester Marathon - Sunday 9th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway3.44.49 pb650th

I travelled up to Chester on 8th October for my second marathon
(first train doesn't arrive in time on a Sunday from London) and stayed
overnight in a small b&b (Cheltenham Lodge) before the race on Sunday. This was
my first "trip" away involving an overnight stay before a race but my concerns
were unfounded. I found somewhere to eat in Chester at the Slug and Lettuce
soon after I arrived, although the Italian restaurants were full, and then I
relaxed in the hotel overnight enjoying a good night's sleep before a laid back
walk down to the race course at 8am after the kind hotelier provided me with
some granary bread and bananas for my usual pre-race breakfast.

The race had a totally different feel to London. I believe there were around
four thousand entrants, about 10% of the London entries and therefore things
could be kept relatively personal with about 10 helpers on secure bag
collection which went like clockwork before and after the race as well as
plenty of portaloo toilets on the racecourse close to the start. The start was
on grass on the racecourse and you were asked to enter a pen for your
approximate time which was respected by most as the race had a lot of club
runners and a lower percentage of fun runners than you would usually see in a
big city marathon. The grass start could have been interesting with wet weather
but it was dry on the morning of the race and after about half a mile the route
took you onto the streets of Chester for a few miles before going out into the
country, through lots of villages, across the Welsh border for a few miles and
then back through some different villages until you reached Chester coming from
a different direction. The route was largely flat but there were decent hills
at one and 16 miles and then a nasty hill at mile 24 as you reached the
outskirts of Chester which was not well appreciated by yours truly! There were
more sheep and cows than people for large parts of the route, starkly in
contrast to London but the locals turned out in force and gave you a lift as
you ran through the villages, shouting your name which the organisers had put
on everyone's race number, simple but clever I thought. Drinks stations were
excellent with water every three miles and energy drinks every six miles and
all the drinks were in bottles which I much prefer to cups. With the relatively
small field there were no problems with pace with plenty of room around from
the start but there was always company from other runners if you wanted a chat.

I was pleased with how the race went, the weather was better than London but
still quite warm and a stiff breeze against at times hindered runners to an
extent. I was on course for around 3.40 until mile 22 when I began to tire a
little and slowed down especially at mile 24 but I was happy to beat my London
time by about 22 minutes to come in under 3.45, 650th and 153rd in my age
category. Perhaps with a slight adjustment to my training I might go a little
faster but I remain of the view that you need to run about 5/6 marathons to
understand what is required and a steady pace throughout is the key. So
hopefully onwards to London, MK or Paris in the spring depending on the club
ballot. I have my eye on trying a different marathon next Autumn but let's get
the spring marathon out of the way first!

Conway ratings

Race overall, 8 out of 10

P.B potential 8 out of 10

Crowd rating 5 out of 10 due to rural nature of route.

Venue, 9 out of 10, Chester is a lovely place to visit and easy to get around.

Overall cost of trip including race entry, just over £100.

Royal Parks Half Marathon - Sunday 9th October 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.17.5610th ( halfway 38.41)
Jamie Xavier1.31.43288th
Carlton DSouza1.33.25395th
Thomas Whitney1.34.27471st
Grant Mitchell2.01.105190th
Tara Syed2.13.527828th
Don Bennett2.19.418787th
11,480 finishers.
Don reports First time I've done this run and my first half for over two
years. The day didn't have the greatest start when I arrived at the station to
find it closed for works. Meaning I had to catch a bus to Stratford, putting my
journey 30 minutes behind from the off. Due to a few injury problems during the
Essex Way and Elvis 6 at Dagenham my training had been hit hard. I was hoping
for around 2.10 and was alright till about 8 miles when the fact that I hadn't
taken any water before the race meant I was quite dehydrated. The last three
miles were a mix of walking and jogging until I saw 800m to go and said I
wasn't going to go over 2.20 and sprinted for the line to finish in 2.19.41.(
My worst time ever). An enjoyable run which I will have to improve on sometime
in the future. Met up with some ex-workmates of mine from various Waitrose
branches, some whom I hadn't seen for many years which was very enjoyable.

Carlton D'Souza reports

Having been disappointed about not being able to run in this event for the
previous 2 years due to an injury, I was really looking forward to
participating in it this year. This race met and exceeded all expectations: An
extremely well organised and planned race from the date of registration until
race day. The day started of quite miserable; wet, overcast, and threatening
heavy rain. Thankfully, when the race began it was near perfect weather
conditions for many runners: cool, dry and not too breezy. Having not run in
such a large field of runners for some time, I was quickly reminded of the buzz
of running in a big event when, even on boarding the tube I caught sight and
chatted to several other runners travelling to the event. The course was mainly
flat, passing through some of London's best parks and past many of central
London's main iconic sights- an absolutely glorious course that was very
uplifting, even for a day dreamer like myself. The course was well signposted
and marshalled, with regular water/lucazade stations and good support from
spectators, especially at many of the mile markers in the parks. Timing
utilised the IPICO Sports shoe tag/chip timing device. All finishers were given
a novel medal, made of recaptured wood- very apt given that it was the Royal
Parks Foundation Half Marathon. It was great to have the support of Mark
Boultons' jeers of support near the beginning and also towards the end of the
race, and also to see Ciaran, Jamie and Tom en route. I was sorry not to have
been able to meet up with Tara and Don.

High Points: A well organised event running past some of London's best
iconic scenery + Good quality running shirt and loads of freebies at the end.

Low Points: None significant to mention, given the good organisation and
the fact that we were running through one of the most scenic city's in the

Ciaran Canavan reports

Having Declared 2011 as my year of Half Marathons, Into October, and now it was
time for my 3rd and final Half Marathon. The Royal Parks Half in London
really ‘bills’ itself as London's Most Iconic run, taking in the famous
landmarks of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London Eye,
Admiralty Arch and the Mall, as well as running through many of London's Royal
Parks at the peak of the Autumn colours.
This event has been going for 4 years now, and I returned in 2011 to run this
for my 3rd time (having missed the first year in 2008).

I have to say, that this really has become a favourite event of mine. One that
I look forward too for a number of reasons. I love running past the landmarks,
and through the beautiful Royal Parks, but somehow this event seems to be
bigger and better than just these things. I can’t quite put my finger on it.
Maybe it’s the organisation that runs like clockwork, from the secure baggage
drop, the plenitude of toilets, the food and fitness festival, and the prompt
start, or maybe it’s simply running through London Town’s traffic free streets,
but I just love it. Having said this, I have never been on form when I have run
it. In 2009 I had sore knees, in 2010 I had shin splints, and this year, The
week before the race, my training gave way to night sweats, a sore throat and a
chesty cough. Unable to clear my throat, and after a visit to my GP, (no
antibiotic because the infection had not spread into my chest) I was cautiously
advised not to run. Not what I wanted to hear, and definitely not ideal the
week before the race.
As race day drew closer, Each morning I felt a little better, but I was
still not right. The cough mixture I had bought from Boots was not doing its
thing. Saturday 08th October – the day before race day, after a visit to
another pharmacist, and a different cough mixture, I was still unsure if I
would be able to run in the morning. When Sunday morning came, I felt
significantly better, with much less mucus, and a clearer chest. I had prepared
my running gear the night before, so I put it on, and after a quick breakfast
of porridge and a Berrocca, I made my way into town for the race.

Still in two minds about whether I could run, I did not make my decision until
I got to the start, where I decided I would begin, and see how I got on. Being
in the Green zone, I was in the second pen. Upon the hooter signifying the race
was underway, my pen was controlled forward slowly, and held at the start line
for an additional 30 seconds before being allowed to cross the start, and begin
our race. My plan was to take it easy, and see how I felt after 1K, and take it
from there. At the 1K point, my Garmin bleeped. 3:39. 9 seconds behind target,
and I wasn’t feeling as fresh as I’d hoped, but I was feeling OK. Now I knew
what my race plan would be, and that was to forget my target of sub 1:15, and
simply try to stick to the pace, and enjoy the race.

Starting in pen 2 had its advantages, as I was un-dubitably one of the fastest
runners in the pen, and in no time found myself weaving through the slower
runners from the orange zone who had started first. As I ran, I simply aimed to
stick to my revised pace, and I found in doing so, I continued pip runners in
front one by one.

With the first 6 Miles of this race taking in the iconic landmarks through
central London, runners then find a welcome return to Hyde Park just before the
6 mile marker, and a return to the DEEP crowds and a support. The whole of the
2nd half of this race takes cleaver route through Hyde park and Kensington
Gardens, before returning runners to the Start/Finish area on South Carriage
Drive. The Finish gantry was a welcome sight as I approached, with little left
in the legs, and certainly no sprint finish. Crossing the Line in 1:17:56, not
a PB, but I was delighted to complete this race given my ‘man flu’ over the
preceding days. I was astounded to finally discover that my chip time placed me
10th out of 12,500 runners.

parkrun # 21 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 8th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.401st - 73.40%
Patrick Brown18.40 (course pb)3rd - 69.11% age grading
Derek Wright20.207th - 67.13%
Jayne Browne27.2832nd - 60.13%
Don Bennett29.0437th - 51.55%
39 finishers.
Don reports Course pb from Patrick while Derek missed equalling his
course pb by one second. Jayne was running with hubby Paul except he beat her
by nearly 40 seconds. I was just taking it easy before the Royal Parks half
marathon tomorrow. I got to do the announcements at the start in training for
my Race Director bit, then played about a bit on the new system for downloading
the results. A few people dropped out after one lap and some more had no
barcodes, so we're still trying to reach that elusive 50 mark. Welcome
to Thomas Grimes who has now joined us at East London Runners and winner of
Week 21.

Guess Your Time Run - Wednesday 5th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Name Actual timePredicted & +/-
Ciaran Canavan27.1231.10 - - 3.58
Patrick Brown31.0235.00 - -3.58
James Wilson31.0234.00 - -2.58
Andrew Baxter32.0134.00 - -1.59
Samuel Browne33.2834.15 - -0.47 4th
Ian Griffiths33.3539.12 - -5.37
Michael Wilson33.4437.59 - -4.15
Grant Conway35.1336.45 - -1.32
Ava Lee35.1336.45 - -1.32
Daniel Lee36.26 *35.30 - -0.56 * wrong route.
Richard Guest36.4039.10 - 2.30
Ramesh Pala37.0539.20 - -2.15
Derek Wright38.3136.15 - +2.16
George Georgiou38.4039.40 - -1.00
Rita Kingdon38.5740.00 - -1.03
Suzanne Bench39.0140.30 - -1.29
Dave Knight39.0742.33 - -3.26
Miguel Martinez39.0845.00 - -5.52
John White39.3040.00 - -0.30 2nd
Steven Bywater41.1644.22 - -3.06
James Cracknell41.2743.33 - -2.06
Edward Barnard41.4743.11 - -1.24
Matthew Jones41.4948.20 - -6.31
Anna Phillips41.5045.15 - -3.25
Bridget Gibson41.5146.13 - -4.21
Chris Hanchard41.5245.00 - -3.09
Farrah Brown41.5245.00 - -3.08
Louisa Tock41.5239.30 - +2.22
Ollie Kirkbride42.0645.27 - -3.21
Lynsey Grainger42.2847.30 - -4.42
Jayne Browne43.2045.40 - -2.20
Andrew Rich44.1348.30 - -4.17
Richard Mainwaring44.1445.00 - -0.46 3rd
Don Bennett44.3949.20 - -4.41
Michael Rose44.4652.00 - -7.14
Colin Purvis46.5144.30 - +2.21
Katherine Harris46.5847.00 - -0.02 1st Winner
Clive Jackson47.1650.30 - -3.14
Mikesh Bassi47.3145.35 - +1.56
Tara Syed47.4851.00 - -3.12
Run took place on the 28th September. Results announced a week later.
40 runners Winner - Katherine Harris 0.02 seconds away
2nd John White.

Chingford League 1 - Redbridge Cycle Circuit 5km - Tuesday 4th October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.5014th (12 pts)
Ryan Levart22.2067th
Patrick Farren23.2888th of 115 finishers.
Andrea Waller24.3628th of 55 finishers.
Rita Kingdon24.4329th
Suzanne Bench24.5131st ( 1pt )
Men's Team514 pointsMens Team 8th of 10.
Ladies Team253 pointsLadies 7th of 10.
Don reports :- After the efforts of the Elvis series the first race of
the newly joined Chingford League was a quiet affair. The course involved a
small lap and two larger laps of the cycle circuit including four times up Hog
Hill. First in was Patrick Brown in 14th position. Also running was Patrick
Farren and new member Ryan Levart. The Ladies all finished close together with
Andrea coming in first for ELR with Rita and Suzanne close behind. I was
spectating with Aaron Williams who had looked forward to the series but was
under the weather and couldn't run. The winning time was 16.07 in a highly
competitive run with Orion and Trent park in big attendance.Congratulations
to Patrick Brown and Suzanne Bench on being the first East London Runners to
score points in the Chingford League
Points are explained on Cross
Country Information page

Northants 10k - Sunday 2nd October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter39.2144th
1540 finishers.

Andrew: Really well organised race, on closed roads in and around the
centre of Northampton, starting and finishing at Sixfields Stadium, home of
Northampton Town FC. Course has the odd gentle climb or two but would have
definite PB potential on a cooler day - thankfully the organisers had put on
three water stations which, on the face of it, would have seemed a bit
excessive for an October 10k but were much needed on the day. Good atmosphere
in town with a few bands and pockets of spectators dotted around the course and
the post race organisation even stretched to the provision of touch screen
monitors to look up and print individual race results at the entry of race

Jersey Marathon - Sunday 2nd October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou4:12:25192nd
352 finishers.

George: This was only my second marathon attempt. I quite fancied this
for the beautiful scenery. There were two main events, one was a relay team
event and the other was the individual marathon. Both were run simultaneously.
When I discovered after the race, that there were around 500+ participating
in the marathon and only 352 eventual finishers I wasn't surprised at all.
It was an absolutely scorching day from the very start. The course had
welcome shady areas as we ran into higher village settings, but there was
plenty of sun beating down on the runners as temperatures were easily around
32 degrees out of the shade. Before I left, I had some really good advice from
many guys from ELR on how to tackle this. Around mile 20 i felt really good. I
was there in around three hours. But then the trouble started. Although it was
a nice downhill finish, along with a nice flat run along the coastline, it was
just too hot! I had on my hat, loads of sunblock, plenty of water all the way,
even the thoughtful locals were handing out ice packs. The best thing was to
stop a few times for recovery. There were runners continuously going past
me, thankfully most of them were from the relay race, so it wasn't too
demoralising. Eventually I got to the final half mile. Cheering crowds.
There was nobody near me, the applause was all for me, so i had to sprint to
the line! I did just that, then promptly collapsed with agonising cramp and
heat exhaustion. The paramedics took me into the tent for an hour, doing
regular checks and some massage. I was fine, no worries. The poor guy next
to me went straight to A&E. Hope he's ok. My finish time was 4 hours 12
minutes and 25 seconds. 192nd placed finisher from 352 which had completed
the course. No sub 4:00, but I was truly glad that I had finished.
This event is only in its sixth year and is getting more entries each year.
If anyone is thinking of doing a marathon in the future, I thoroughly
recomend this one for its lovely surroundings and hospitality.

Standalone 10k - Letchworth - Sunday 2nd October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy58.42719th
1062 finishers.

Sheila: Booked this race a few months ago as it sounded good. Organised
by North Herts Road Runners, field of 1000+, starting from Standalone Farm in
Letchworth. Unseasonal high temperature for this October run. (My usual
excuse). Well organised, chip and number collection on the day (for all 1000+
which went without a hitch). Starter places depending on expected finishing
time (I went to the last one). Good marshalling on route. Only a couple of hills
(no excuse there then). Very much a road race. I was expecting a bit more
running on farm tracks given the starting point. Several of the roads were
closed for the race but there were still a few impatient drivers and several
cars travelling alongside runners on a road marked Access only. Minor
hitches with water stations - I'm not sure they were really set up for 1000
runners. Nice technical T shirt at finish.
Overall a good race but not sure it was worth the hour up the A1M.
Time - 59.54 (rapid sprint to finish as I saw 1 hour approaching)
Chip time - 58.42

parkrun # 33 - Valentines Park - Saturday 1st October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matthew Jones20.39 (course pb)3rd - 62.95%
Ryan Levart21.249th - 60.28%
57 finishers. Matthew improves his pb from 2 weeks ago.

parkrun # 117 - Roundshaw Downs - Saturday 1st October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darren Speedy22.42 (course pb)15th - 59.69%
95 finishers. Darren celebrates his London Marathon place by getting a course
pb faster than Helen's pb time (22.53) last week. They are both doing London
next year. Let battle commence!!

parkrun # 20 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 1st October 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Gallacher19.52 (course pb)7th - 64.93%
Derek Wright20.429th - 65.94%
Jayne Browne27.0729th - 60.91%
42 finishers. Marshalls and volunteers galore this week, Don was on numbers.
Regular runs from Derek and Jayne. But Daniel comes back after a 12 week break
with a course pb.

Serpentine End of Month 5km - Friday 30th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway21:1263rd - 65.9% Age grading

Saffron Walden 10k - Sunday 25th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Farren46:1649th 66.35%
209 Finishers. Despite a heavy fall during the race Patrick finished in a very
good time.

Run to the Beat Half Marathon - Sunday September 25th 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dave Wilkinson2:01:464810
Tara Syed2:11:036619
Good runs from Dave and Tara on a very hot day!

Folkestone Rotary Half Marathon - Sunday 25th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.25.5715th

Copped Hall 5 Mile - Sunday 25th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carrine Jay37:4622nd overall - 1st Lady
126 Finishers. Great run and time by Carinne and winning the prize for First

Elvis 7 - Valentines Park 5km - Sunday 25th September 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady16.242nd (17.16 last yr)
Ciaran Canavan17.12 pb 1 second!7th (19.03 last yr)
Mark Boulton17.32 pb11th
Patrick Brown18.0115th
James Wilson18.27 pb19th
Andrew Baxter18.3120th
Daniel Lee18.4221st
Manjit Singh18.5023rd (19.30 last yr)
Shahib Miah Ali19.0427th
David daSilva Pereira19.1528th
Karen Levison19.33 pb30th - 1st lady (19.54 last yr)
Samuel Browne19.3631st
Derek Wright20.0036th (19.14 last yr)
Michael Wilson20.2041st
Ava Lee20.2642nd - 2nd lady
Grant Conway20.5347th (21.19 pb last yr)
Richard Potter21.0551st (21.00 last yr)
George Georgiou21.0853rd
Matthew Jones21.2159th
Joanne O'Sullivan21.2561st - 6th lady
Andrea Waller21.35 pb64th - 7th lady
Helen Speedy21.4465th - 8th lady
Ramesh Pala21.47 pb67th (22.26 last yr)
Paul Thompson22.04 pb72nd
Richard Guest22.2075th
John White23.2890th
Rachel Coombs23.4195th - 15th lady
Tricia ONeill24.25105th - 18th lady
Mary OBrien24.27106th - 19th lady
Edward Barnard24.36109th
Dave Knight24.51112th
Anna Phillips25.17119th
Mary Connolly25.42122nd - 25th lady
Jayne Browne26.26 pb130th - 31st lady
Sheila Kennedy26.48134th - 33rd lady
Michael Rose26.55135th
Final individual rankings - Ladies :-Overall ranking.:-(last yr)Age ranking.:-
Karen Levison1st - 7pts (8pts)- 1st overall1st Vet 35 (5)
Ava Lee3rd -21pts - 1st vet 352nd Vet 35 (6)
Helen Speedy5th - 46pts - 3rd overall2nd Senior (6)
Andrea Waller6th - 53pts3rd Senior (6)
Rachel Coombs9th - 98pts3rd Vet 35 (6)
Mary OBrien14th - 151pts - 1st Vet 551st Vet 55 (5)
Jayne Browne16th - 165pts6th Vet 45 (6)
Sheila Kennedy18th of 23 - 170pts7th Vet 45 (5)
Final ind rankings - Men :-Overall ranking :-Age ranking.:-
Brendan O'Grady1st - 8pts - 1st overall1st Senior (5)
Ciaran Canavan2nd - 27pts(113pts) - 2nd Overall2nd Senior (6)
Manjit Bedi7th - 73pts4th Vet 40 (5)
Patrick Brown10th - 84pts4th Senior (6)
Daniel Lee12th - 100pts6th Vet 40 (6)
Andrew Baxter13th - 103pts(129pts)7th Vet 40 (5)
Manjit Singh15th - 118pts6th Senior (5)
James Wilson17th - 131pts8th Senior (5)
Derek Wright19th - 153pts(149pts)9th Vet 40 (7)
Michael Wilson20th - 169pts(244pts)3rd Vet 50 (5)
Grant Conway24th - 208pts(236pts)11th Vet 40 (7)
Richard Potter25th - 212pts9th Senior (5)
George Georgiou29th - 244pts12th Vet 40 (5)
Paul Thompson= 34th - 291pts13th Vet 40 (6)
Ramesh Pala= 34th - 291pts12th Vet 50 (6)
Don Bennett44th of 47 - 498pts(474pts)16th Vet 50 (5)
180 finishers - 36 East London Runners (12 Ladies and 24 Men)
Individual rankings :- Ladies Team - From 2 ladies completing the series
last year to 8 this year. Karen retained her title as the Ladies won 7 of 7
events. In the age sections we had 2nd & 3rd in the senior event, 1st, 2nd &
3rd in the Vet 35 category and 1st in the Vet 55 section. Men's Team
We had 16 men compared to last year's 8 complete the series. There were 6 men
in the top 9 in the senior category and 4 in the top 9 for the vet 40 category.
Michael Wilson finished 3rd in the Vet 50 group. Boding well for next year was
the fact that 6 more men (Mark, Carlton, Patrick, Jamie, Roger and Dave K)
completed 4 events and missed out on qualifying for the final results.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on YouTube:
target="_blank" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKaOkW5kxpM">Start
target="_blank" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGv-Lybie8I">Finish Part

target="_blank" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MzdxNTOip4">Finish Part

ELVIS 7 – Karen’s Report.

Another great turn out on a beautiful sunny late September morning for the
final race of the series, 36 runners from East London Runners comprising 12
ladies and 24 men – a fantastic representation of what our club has become. A
slightly altered course from the regular route, a flat and fast 2 lapper with
most people bettering their times of last year. The men’s team once again
whitewashed the opposition with Brendan finishing second, followed by good
performances behind from Ciaran 7th, Mark 11th , who smashed his pb by 28
seconds, Patrick 15th, James 19th, Andrew 20th , Danny 21st and Manjit Singh
in 23rd and a great first appearance from Shahib who finished strongly
followed by Dave Pereira returning from a long injury lay off only 1 second
behind. The women faired just as well with me working hard, first to catch
Grant who had the cheek to be ahead of me for almost the first mile and then to
catch Sam Browne who I narrowly went on to beat (although he is getting too
close for comfort now)! Thanks Grant and Sam as this helped me to a season’s
best and overall winner of the ladies race. I was followed in by Ava who ran
another great race and was 2nd lady overall and closing the gap with a new pb
was Andrea Waller who was 8th overall and first vet 35 on the day – well done
(you run so much better without a hangover)! Jo, Grant’s friend from work who
has run three races for us was our 4th lady home and made up our winning team
on the day and gave us 7 wins out of 7 in the team event. Further strong
performances from Helen, Rachel, Trish and Mary O’Brien gave us 8 finishers in
the top 20.

Thanks to everyone that competed yesterday, men and women as we certainly
showed we are a dominant force in East London. Once again the warm down was
not complete without the mandatory press ups and plank work – although it was
noted that not all took part!!

After the race day presentations were complete the prizes were also presented
for the overall categories of the ELVIS series with East London taking the
lions’ share. We took both men’s and women’s team events (previously dominated
by Ilford in both), with myself and Brendan winning overall individual
categories, Ciaran narrowly winning a hard fought second overall in the mens,
Helen coming third overall in the ladies, Ava 1st Vet 35 and Mary O taking 1st
Vet 55.

On behalf of myself and Grant, team captains, we would like to thank everyone
who ran, supported and marshalled along the way. You all contributed in our
great achievement in this series and have helped the club go from strength to
strength. Not in my 21 years of being a member of this club have I witnessed
such togetherness and camaraderie amongst our runners – it’s great to be a part
of and long may it continue.

The day was finished off with about 26 members meeting at the George for a well
deserved drink and for all those not present I think Ciaran probably had your

Grant said.
Approximate team results for yesterday. Low score is best - Mens, East London
Runners 96, Ilford 267,(victory margin 171!) Barking 274, Dagenham 306, Eton
Manor 415, Havering 500, Orion incomplete team. Ladies, ELR 14 !(KAREN 1,AVA 2,
JO 5, ANDREA 6), Ilford 59, Dagenham 11O, Eton Manor 144, Barking and Orion
incomplete. Ladies finished first in all 7 races. Men first in 6 and 2nd at
orion but a landslide victory in both genders. Well done to all our 72 runners
and supporters in the series, marshalls yesterday and the club committee. Lets
try and make it a 100 different runners in the next series in 2012.

ELR Team Captains Grant and Karen proudly show off the Team trophies!

parkrun # 116 - Roundshaw Downs - Saturday 24th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen Speedy22.539th - 1st Lady 64.68%
Darren Speedy23.0411th 58.74%
69 finishers at this course nr Purley Way,Croydon.

parkrun #19 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 24th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:2910th - 66.64 %
Jayne Browne27:05 (course pb)35th - 60.25 %
46 finishers.

A pleasant morning at the start of autumn. This week Don was on duty at the

Farnham Half Marathon - Sunday 18th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns2.12.21296th
490 finishers. Sarah provides this weeks racing tip.

If you're going through a feed station and want to cool yourself down by pouring
a drink over your head, make sure they're giving out water and not orange

Clapham Common 5km series - Sunday 18th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea23.4013th
Just to inform you that my result at the Clapham Common 5K has now been
published, I finished in 23:40.

It is a slow time for me, but I still have the injury to my right hamstring
muscles and my left knee. I think I've exacerbated the knee injury, as I had
a nasty tumble going round a corner and landing on the left knee with only
750m to go. I had a kind gentleman amongst the spectators help me up to my
feet and get going again. It felt strange to have to reduce myself to just
gently jogging around, as opposed to running. I haven't done any running
since the same event in early July and I've piled on a few pounds. I still
have two more races to complete in October before taking a break from racing
for 3 - 4 months to allow my body to heal up. Any advice from ELRs on
healing hamstring muscles will be greatly appreciated.

Mohammed in a previous Race.

The Credit Suisse Beckton Park Challenge 10km - Sunday 18th September 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton34.23 pb1st WINNER !!!
Andrew Baxter36.166th
111 finishers.

Mark and Andrew in action and after the race!

The Great North Run - Newcastle - Sunday 18th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.15.16 pb61st
Anna Phillips2.00.0212528
Tom Woods2.01.01 pb13104
Jayne Browne2.07.1916881

Ciaran in a previous race.

Jayne said. I really enjoyed the BUPA Great North Run and would
recommend it as a great half marathon. The atmosphere was fantastic and must
admit when I was in the crowd waiting to start and the Red Arrows flew over, it
did bring a tear to my eye, I felt quite emotional. The crowd were great and I
love the accent. 2 hours 7 mins (not a pb), but was really pleased with my time
as I didn't really stick to a training schedule, just run 3 times a week and
did a couple of 10 mile runs and I felt great when I see mile 12 and got a
spurt on to the finishing line (I think those 5k park runs must have helped!!).
We stayed in a great pub called the Cumberland Arms (my husband was in heaven,
15 different Real Ales to try) so all in all a great weekend in

Jayne in action during ELVIS 6!

Tree-athlon 5km - Battersea Park - Saturday 17th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh18.353rd

parkrun # 31 - Valentines Park - Saturday 17th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matthew Jones21.03 (Course pb)3rd - 61.76% Age grading.
George Georgiou21.457th - 63.24%
Steven Bywater25.0421st - 56.98%
54 finishers.

parkrun #18 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 17th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20.377th - 66.21%
Andrea Waller23.0815th - 1st lady - 64.63%
Suzanne Bench23.26 (course pb)17th - 3rd lady - 68.85%
35 finishers. A close finish in the Ladies race with the first 3 ladies
finishing within 18 seconds of each other.Andrea in 1st place beating previous
weeks winner Fiona and Suzanne getting a course pb to finish 3rd. Mark Boulton
helped with the marshalling.

London Duathlon - Sunday 11th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rita Kingdon2:12:11742nd
Geoff Bench2:32:371137th
10 km run, 20 km cycle ride and 5 km run.

The 2011 London Duathlon was held once again in the stunning location of
Richmond Park, London. Competitors benefitted from racing on closed roads as
race was held on the only day that Richmond Park closes to vehicles.

Richmond Park is the largest open space in London covering almost 1,000
(2,500 acres), and is home to a huge array of wildlife, including hundreds of

Wroclaw Marathon, Poland - Sunday 11th September 2011

How things can go wrong, by the Heppels, Rob and Magda!

We had an absolute nightmare today. Didn't arrive at the start line until
35 mins after the race had started due to car probs (word of advice - if
you borrow a car from someone, ask what fuel it takes. Diesel cars don't
run on petrol). Anyway, despite the officials saying we couldn't run, and
refusing to give us race numbers or t-shirts (understandable given we were
so late) we decided to run anyway. Took us quite a while to catch up the
back markers but eventually we did.

Had a pretty miserable race as we were tired, stressed and the weather was
extremely hot with minimal shade/breeze (in the 30's apparently - whatever
that means).

Ran with Magda through the race as she was having some serious problems
with stomach issues. Lack of training and the heat, combined with the fact
that some water stations had no water, finally took their toll and Magda
had to drop out at the km 32 mark (mile 20) - her first DNF !!

I continued on and finally finished the race but as said, have no official
time to show for the effort, just the time on my my GPS (which was nothing
to write home about.)

Anyway, in case you checked the race website, that is why neither of us
show on the results. A little disappointing but at least I got to complete
the course.


Experian Robin Hood Marathon, Nottingham - Sunday 11th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown3.07.4842nd
1405 finishers.

Chippenham Half Marathon - Sunday 11th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen Speedy1.40.03241st - 65.54% Age grading.
Darren Speedy1.51.27546th - 54.34%
1,465 finishers.

Helen's report - This was my second outing at the Chippenham Half
Marathon, tying in a race that ranks well in the Runner’s World reviews with a
visit to some friends who live in the town. With the race starting at 9:30am we
stayed overnight with Darren’s parents in South Wales so that we could have a
slightly more relaxed start to the day.

The race HQ is based at a local school where a large field provides parking
spaces, with ample toilets, bag drop, changing and refreshment facilities a few
minutes walk away. The start is on the street, adjacent to the Chippenham Town
FC car park. Here there are markers displaying expected finishing times so that
you have an idea of where to stand and unlike some races I’ve taken part in,
most of the participants are realistic about this. The course itself takes in
the town centre and surrounding housing for the first couple of miles before
heading out into the countryside and neighbouring villages. It is
flat however, mile 11 and mile 12 is a long, slow, uphill drag (into a strong
headwind today!) leading up to the final half mile or so which is downhill. The
race finishes back at the HQ, with the last 200m on grass.

Support along the route is really good, both from the marshalls and from the
local people (even once outside the town itself) and although majority of roads
aren’t closed, local people know all about the event and so are respectful to
the runners. Finishing in 1:40:03, I was the 30th of 548 females and I improved
on my time from last year by 2 minutes and 15 seconds. So, even though I just
missed out on beating 1:40, I was pretty pleased. My husband Darren was a bit
disappointed with his time but our preparation for this event has been far from
ideal with a hectic last couple of months for us with the wedding and house
move etc. We’re hoping that after today’s event we’re now in good shape for
Cardiff Half next month, my favourite race from last year.

Elvis 6 - Dagenham 88 Runners 5-ish (5.5 miles) - Sunday 11th September 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady30.211st (4)
Ciaran Canavan31.072nd (5)
Mark Boulton32.406th
Manjit Bedi33.208th (5)
Daniel Lee34.3113th (5)
Karen Levison36.1318th - 1st Lady (4)
Samuel Browne36.4420th
Carlton DSouza36.5421st (4)
Derek Wright37.1422nd (6)
Michael Wilson38.1025th (4)
Ava Lee38.3427th - 4th & 1st Lady vet (5)
Grant Conway38.3929th (6)
Richard Potter38.5630th (4)
Patrick Farren39.3736th (4)
George Georgiou39.5940th (4)
Jamie Coombs40.0241 (4)
Doug Mansell40.5144th
Paul Thompson41.1047th (5)
Andrea Waller41.3749th & 6th lady (5)
Ramesh Pala41.4250th (5)
Dave Knight46.0362nd
Mary OBrien46.1763rd & 11th lady (4)
Roger Dixon49.1073rd
Jayne Browne49.5777th (5)
Sheila Kennedy50.4178th (4)
Juliet Bryant51.0881st
Don Bennett54.0588th (5)
96 finishers. 27 East London Runners - 20 men and 7 ladies.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on:

Prize winners from 5-ish.
Men 1st Brendan O'Grady, 2nd Ciaran Canavan, 1st Men's
Team of 3 - Brendan, Ciaran and Mark Boulton.
Ladies 1st

Marathon du Medoc - Saturday 10th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tricia ONeill4:17:55684th
Jimmy Hartwell5:16:362491st
Carol Plaskowski6:22:325590th
7354 finishers.

Looks like Jimmy and Carol stopped to sample the wines and food and Tricia

Still can't see what appeal this Marathon had for Jimmy! Will he wear his
fancy dress outfit to The George, Wanstead on Sunday 25th September 2011 at

Jimmy's race report: On Thursday 8th of September I boarded the Euro
star for a leisurely trip to Bordeaux in France. I had the good fortune along
with seven & half thousand other entrants to have secured a place for the
fabled “Marathon du Medoc” or wine marathon.

Over the years I had occasionally seen runners wearing the famous trade mark
finishers T shirt depicting a drunken runner zig zagging along whilst holding a
bottle of wine.

Over the weekend some of the most prestigious vineyards in the Bordeaux region
would be opening their doors to the public for a festival of wine; this would
involve gourmet eating and drinking under marquee tents in the grounds of
historic chateaux, mini carnivals, music from an assortment of bands, a night
street party and fire works on the quayside of the town Pauillac.

Almost forgot… on the Saturday there was a small marathon to do. Following the
wine theme, there were twenty-one wine tasting stops with snacks as well. For
the last five kilometres, the food and wine stops were more gastronomic:
oysters, ham from Bayonne, barbequed steak, cheese and an ice cream for the
last kilometre to the finish. If you were still hungry and thirsty, at the
finish there was a giant marquee tent set up with over 50,000 snacks, canapés,
fruit etc., and more importantly for the rehydration process bottles of coke,
free beer and jugs of wine.

Friday afternoon I travelled the 44 miles from Bordeaux to Pauillac, a small
town on the Gironde estuary, right in the heart of Bordeaux’s vineyard region.
There were 62 Grande Cru (a regional classification for wine of the highest
level) chateaux in the vicinity. The next day, 33 of them would be open
offering free wine tasting for the more discerning runners. I was looking
forward to tasting a few glasses of posh plonk at the Chateaux Lafite
Rothschild and Chateaux Mouton Rothschild.

At the marathon village in Pauillac, I teamed up with ELR runner Patricia
O’Neill to pick up my number and a meal bracelet for a pasta meal in a local
Chateau. Unfortunately I missed another ELR runner Carol Palskowski and her
husband who had a long journey back to their hotel.

The marathon expo (exhibition) had the usual tents and stalls selling sports
gear, gels etc. However an important part of the Marathon du Medoc was that it
embraced the carnival theme of the weekend therefore 90% of the runners wore
fancy dress. Each year there is a different theme. The previous year had been
comic book heroes; this year it was “Animals”. Stalls were selling furry animal
hats and all in one animal suits - fine if you were an extra for Dom Jolly’s
Trigger Happy TV or doing a marathon on a chilly day. The forecast for the
race the next day was in excess of 30C. My fancy dress attire was a bit of a
cop out; a Muppets T-shirt of the drummer “Animal” and an orange flame head wig.
At 5.30pm, I caught a coach from Pauillac to the remote Chateau Castera near
the village of Saint-Germain d’Esteuil. The pasta meal called “Soiree Mille-
Pates” kicked off at 6.30pm. Lines of tables were set up with snacks, different
bottles of white wine, cordials and bottles of the liqueur Crème de Cassis.
There were quite a few Brits, like myself enjoying the wine, the picturesque
gardens of the Chateau Castera and listening to the jazz band.

After an hour or so and a few glasses of white wine, I was starting to wander
when the bowls of pasta would arrive. Someone then pointed out this was merely
an aperitif before the main meal that was due to start in 20 minutes. Only one
thing to do, make a couple of refreshing “Kias” by mixing white wine and the
black current liqueur Cassis. However one ELR runner preferred to drink the
liqueur neat.

At 8.30pm every body piled down to a giant marquee tent for the sit down meal.
What a knees up!! For the first course giant bowls of salmon pasta were served
with bottles of Chateau Bourbou Medoc 2009. By the time the second course of
lasagne and another bottle of wine arrived, a lot of the diners were up on the
dance floor boogying to a group playing 80’s hits.

A rather bizarre looking bald headed compere with a large black plastic spider
stuck to his head and dressed as a hotel Bellboy was doing the rounds of tables
interviewing people with his microphone.

After another bottle of wine and goats cheese had been served, the music was
stopped and everybody herded outside to watch fireworks. Back to the marquee,
more wine and a raspberry Bavarois cream dessert was served up like a bird
nest; chocolate eggs with ………spaghetti??

Unfortunately at 11.00pm, the festivities had come to a close so I had to hop
on a coach for the two hour-long journey back to the hotel in Bordeaux.

Saturday morning had an early start. At 6.30am a little bleary eyed - again
back on the coach to travel back to Pauillac for the race start. 8.20am arrived
at the coach car park in Pauillac. Everywhere in the car park was awash with
fancy dress animal runners. Friesian cows seemed the most popular option
however by one of the coaches there was a large flock of Japanese Geese.

With just an under an hour to kill, I joined the throng of runners. The bald
compere still with a plastic spider stuck to his head was in his element on
stage interviewing some of the more unusual fancy dress runners.

At 9.00am we were entertained by a bunch of performers on stilts who combined
their act with some acrobats. Also watching the show was a local runner who had
completed every race since its inception in 1984. This year he was dressed as
Jesus carrying a cross advertising his 27th marathon.

Not long after two French Air Force jets had roared overhead a couple of times,
the race soon kicked off.

I had no particular race plan, no PB today, try and get around the course under
seven hours so as not to miss out on a race T- shirt and the finishers’ goody
bag. I was curious to know how many bottles of wine the race winners would take
home. The prize for the first male and female runners was their weight in wine.

The race lived up to its reputation of being a convivial and party like
carnival event. At the later stages there was a bit of carnage with a few
trashed runners throwing up on the side of the road and an ambulance being
called out for someone who had collided with a cyclist.

Along with the wine tasting stops, there were loads of bands along the route,
playing a variety of music. I had to do a double take (or was it wine DTs)
whilst jogging along; passed a Dolly Parton belting out county & western in

The course was mainly flat with a few undulating bits weaving it way through
vineyard after vineyard after...etc. When we came across bemused spectators
there were encouraging shouts of “Allez, Allez!!”, Bon Courage!!” and “Bravo”
whilst kids jostled on the side line to do high five with the runners.

After three miles I started to overheat so I had to stuff my wig in a rucksack.
Everybody else seemed to have the same idea - animal suits were being packed
away and animal hats and bunny ears were being jettisoned along the course.

The next 10 miles were a bit of struggle. The excesses of the night before
were catching up with me. Despite regularly dousing my head with water I was
still over heating. At the Chateau Pontet – Carnet drinks station I had to stop
for 15 minutes to cool down with a water bottle shower. Two miles later my
spirits picked up arriving at the famous Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

At 23 miles, I was feeling good so it was time to put the wig back on again,
however I had now reached the most arduous part of the race. Five gourmet food
and drink stops to the finish. The high lights of these stops were drinking
Rothschild 2010 Mouton Cadet Rose - swilling back six oysters and a sexy lady
in a bunny suit feeding me grilled steak pieces and red wine ….. what more
could a runner ask for??

One Kilometre to the finish and someone stuffed an ice cream in my hand......

Oh well I hadn’t won my weight in wine however all finishers still received a
race medal, wicking race shirt, a bottle of wine in a wooden presentation box,
a sort of duffle / rucksack and a large heavy duty plastic beaker. After
leaving the finishers area, it soon became apparent what the beaker was for…a
large finisher’s marquee tent had been set up where you could help yourself to
jugs of wine, beer and snacks.

parkrun # 17 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 10th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne20.204th - 64.10% Age grading
Derek Wright20.497th - 65.57%
Rachel Coombs24.14 - 1st timer20th - 2nd lady - 61.97%
Frank Brownlie24.50 - 1st timer24th - 64.56%
Jayne Browne27.13 - course pb30th - 59.95%
38 finishers.

Race report: Good turnout from ELR. Good runs from Sam
and Derek at the top end of the field. First parkruns from Rachel and Frank.
Rachel was second lady while husband Jamie and son Luca watched. Frank's first
parkrun on his way back from his knee op. Jayne got a new course pb by five

Officials: Don was timer with Carlton and Mohammed on marshalling

Derek: I had a chat with Paul Lewis, the organiser, and it turns out
that on the way back down to the lamppost, we are supposed to be cutting across
to the left rather than going round the lamppost. It has been a bit awkward to
make that sharp 90 degree turn, especially if there are puddles. So hopefully
this will cut a few seconds off our times for each lap.

LGN Inter Advertising 5k - 8th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan17:212nd
390 Finishers

Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon - Glasgow - Sunday 4th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh1:24:23 pb137th
Andrea Middleton2:05:555030th
Fantastic time and placing for Manjit. Well done also to Andrea in her home

8473 Finishers in the Half Marathon.

Manjit running in the Barking 5k the previous Monday.

Middlesex & Open 10k - Victoria Park - Sunday 4th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton38:3737th - 69.5%
Another great run and personal best 10k time for Mark!

Mark in action during the recent Barking 5k, ELVIS race.

Essex Way Relay - Sunday 4th September 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Disappointing in that ELR was unable to field a full team on Sunday owing to
holidays, injuries, late call offs and travel problems.

Edward's race report.
Everyone who managed to run had a good time on Sunday, participating in the
Essex Way event. Starting at 8am prompt, the first two runners of Aaron and
Caiomhe finished really well, despite a small mid-course diversion by Caiomhe
and the group she was running with [I’d cleared the fallen tree the leader was
using as a marker].

Aaron Williams and Caiomhe O'Reilly running through Toot Hill during the
first leg of the Essex Way Team Relay event.

Grant and Sarah accomplished the second leg, and impressively kept going to
complete the third leg as well (a total of nearly 20 miles), as a very
marathon training effort; meanwhile Derek and Jayne also ran the third leg,
missing the start of the fourth by David and Trish who only just squeaked in to
start with the others.

Grant Conway and Sarah Burns just after the start of Stage 2, running
through Chipping Ongar heading for Good Easter 9.5 miles away!

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, Mike and Ramesh couldn’t get back to
their start in time, which meant that Ramesh didn’t get to do a run, as he had
to get back home; sorry Ramesh, next time! Mike however re-organised to do the
following leg instead, with Don and Roger, Don ‘choosing’ to fall over in the
slippery final mile, before getting washed clean by the torrential rain that
then passed over. Richard Mainwaring ran solidly to complete the longest leg of
the course, 11.2 miles, mostly in the rain; he’d managed to park outside a good
pub, though, so was able to restore his spirits there. Edward finished the last
leg ELR was able to do this year, due to a few late drop outs, rather damp and
scarcely able to believe that so many kissing gates could be fitted into 8
miles. Many thanks to Roger for going well out of his way to pick Edward up and
drop him back to the start of his leg.

As normal, everyone who ran enjoyed the camaraderie and scenery; we just need
find a couple of people for the last two legs, at the same time next year; the
first Sunday in September 2012.

Dave Knight said. Just thought I'd drop a line and say thanks to Edward
for organising the run on Sunday.

It was an experience. I was

Regents Park Summer Series - Race 6 of 6 - Sunday 4th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown38.139th
George Georgiou44.4884th
580 finishers.

Patrick and George in action during the recent ELVIS race.

Kent Coastal Half Marathon, Margate - Sunday 4th September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.26.587th
Kelly Leedham1.53.4092nd
Jamie Xavier1.53.4193rd
249 finishers.

The Vitruvian Half Ironman, Rutland Water - Saturday 3rd September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Farren 5:49:43570th
Robert Heppell6:18:45669th
754 finishers.

Patrick Farren - 1,900m Swim - 0:38:55, 85km Cycle - 3:07:26, 21k run
- 1:55:23

Patrick in action at a recent ELVIS race.

Rob Heppell - 1,900m Swim - 1:01:42, 85km Cycle - 3:18:27, 21km Run -

Rob said - Great conditions but a very tough race. Patrick and I bumped
into each other in transition and headed to the start together. Once the
whistle blew to start the swim he powered off and I didn't see him again until
we passed each other on the run. We then caught up at the finish and compared

We both found it hard going but were pleased with our times.

parkrun # 16 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 3rd September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20.479th - 65.68% Age grading.
30 finishers.

Derek was our only runner this week finishing 9th in 20.47.
Volunteers this week included Jayne Browne handing out finishing chips before
her Essex Way run next day and Carlton and Arno on marshalling duties.

parkrun # 29 - Valentines Park - Saturday 3rd September 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou21.394th - 63.97% Age grading
55 finishers . Another good run from George to finish 4th with his wife Christina making her parkrun debut to finish 54th in 39.13.

ELVIS 5 - Barking 5km, Eastbrookend Country Park - Monday 29th August 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady16:412nd
Ciaran Canavan17:13 pb3rd
Mark Boulton18:00 pb6th
Manjit Bedi18:3711th
Andrew Baxter18:4615th
Manjit Singh18:5417th
Daniel Lee18:5518th
Patrick Brown18:5819th
James Wilson19:2521st
Karen Levison19.4422nd (1st Lady)
Derek Wright20:1026th
Michael Wilson20:2527th
Ava Lee20:3532nd (1st Vet Lady)3rd lady
Carlton DSouza20:3833rd
Richard Potter21:0138th
Grant Conway21:1042nd
George Georgiou21:2546th
Patrick Farren21:3951st
Jamie Coombs21:5955th
Richard Guest22:1758th
Ramesh Pala22:18 pb60th
Paul Thompson22:2862nd
Joanne O'Sullivan22:3263rd - 7th lady
Helen Speedy22:3464th - 8th lady
Andrea Waller22:36 pb65th - 9th lady
Rachel Coombs23:5479th - 15th
John White23:5580th
Dave Knight24:0181st
Suzanne Bench24:1083rd - 17th
Sarah Burns25:34 pb100th - 25th
Don Bennett26:19105th
Sheila Kennedy27:27118th - 31st
148 finishers.112 from Elvis clubs.

32 East London Runners - 9 Ladies and 23 Men. 28 Havering, 24 Dagenham, 14
Ilford, 10 Eton Manor, 3 Orion and 1 Barking Road Runner.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on YouTube:

Part 1
, Part 2

Photos by "Carry On Running" available on Flickr running/sets/72157627549382730/">here

Most of the ELR team prior to the race. The others got lost on their
warmup run but made the race start!.

Grant's report - On Bank Holiday Monday 32 ELR members made their way to
the wilds of Eastbrookend Park, Dagenham for the 5th race in the ELVIS series,
the Barking 5k which was moved to a new venue due to renovation works at
Barking/Mayesbrook parks. A number of ELR members were familiar with the course
having competed in the Dagenham 5 mileish which is run there in September (and
shall be again on 11th Sept 2011 for ELVIS 6). The course cannot be considered
as plum pb territory with a few tight turns, gravel paths and grass in various
sections, however this didn’t stop two of our men achieving pb's which was an
added bonus. Although the 32 ELR runners were all there in good time around a
dozen had some difficulty when they got lost at the back end of the park during
a warm up and had to make haste in order to get back to the start in time for
the race. Yours truly along with Jo and Helen were only able to get back one
minute before the start and therefore are missing from the team photo!

Owing to the ELR excellent turnout which once again was the highest of the
Clubs the men and ladies dominated the race to say the least. Unfortunately we
are without the official Elvis standings at present but even by the roughest
calculation ELR ARE CLEAR WINNERS IN BOTH CATEGORIES. I estimate the men have
achieved their highest winning margin by approximately 100 points from Dagenham
(Barking did not field a team in their home event as they were marshalling etc)
being led home by the double Irish espresso combination of Brendan and Ciaran
who finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively, Brendan dipping under 16.45 to be
clear in second and Ciaran achieving yet another pb this year. Just behind was
Mark Boulton with a PB and his best ELVIS finishing position in 6th place,
followed by Mr consistent Manji Bedi, Andrew Baxter. Manjit Singh fresh from
leading the ELR team to victory in the relay marathon the day before was the
ELR man home but due to rules requiring 3 veterans in the first six to score
scoring was completed by one of our super Scottish married duo Danny Lee. Danny
finished in 18th ensuring all our men's scoring runners were in the top 20, a
magnificent achievement with a total points score of 55 approximately.
our front runners our remaining men all ran well with Don improving his 5k time
for the year, John White making his ELVIS debut for the year, nearly 20 of our
men in the top 50 in the field and ALL our men beating other scorers from ELVIS
teams to help the team increase its lead. We were fortunate to have another
married couple Jamie and Rachel Coombs running for ELR as well. It would be
to have Darren and Helen along with the Heppel's to make it four married
competing at the same time!

Our ladies repeated their feat of finishing first in every race in the series
with ladies captain Karen leading us home as first lady, followed by the other
member of our Scottish married duo Ava who was first lady vet (again!) in third
place overall in the ladies race, followed by my work colleague Jo O'Sullivan
her second ELVIS race for the club and Helen who has scored for the team in all
five races, the last two after long commutes from Purley, Croydon, great
commitment to the cause. Helen finished in 8th place in the ladies section to
ensure all our scoring ladies were in the top 10! I calculate the ladies score
to be 19 which is a record low for the ELVIS series since it started. Andrea
next with a top ten finish and again all our ladies beat scoring ladies from
other teams to increase our winning margin. Hopefully our ladies can complete 7
first places by winning the last two races. There are some ladies away for the
next race and we still need good turnouts on 11th and 25th September so please
run if you can ladies.

Well done to everyone, including Frank taking the photos, Louise, Sharon,
Jim Bird, Christina and Suzanne's daughter looking after young Luca, on what
turned out to be an extremely successful and enjoyable Bank Holiday trip to
Dagenham for ELR.
Hopefully we will see you all on 11th September for the Dagenham 5'ish.

ELR prizewinners Karen Levison and Ava Lee after the race.

Sikh Relay Marathon - Sunday 28th August 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh / Ciaran Canavan / Patrick Brown / Derek Wright / Manjit Bedi2.35.10 - course record by 7 seconds1st
Paul Thompson / Jamie Coombs / Carlton DSouza / Suzanne Bench / Dave Knight / Ramesh Pala3.00.504th

Derek receives the baton from Patrick Brown and Ramesh takes over from Dave

This is an annual event involving the Sikh community and local running clubs.
It consists of a course measuring 2.022km which is run by a team 21 times to
constitute the marathon distance of 42.2km. The stretch down Woodford Avenue,
which measures 800m, and the uphill on Roding Lane South are familiar to ELR
members, albeit from dark Wednesday evenings rather than a bright Sunday
morning. The start and finish of each lap were at the grassy verge opposite
Roding Hospital.

There were five or six serious teams taking part, plus other teams who were
enjoying it as a fun morning out. ELR fielded two teams, one comprising five
men, the other five men and a lady (Suzanne). There was a danger that the six-
person team would only consist of four runners, thereby making it one short of
the required minimum, until Dave and Ramesh turned up shortly after the race
had started to sighs of relief all round. Both Barking RR and Ilford AC were
missing this year - perhaps they were saving themselves for the Elvis 5k the
following day. This was a plus in that our five-man team secured an easy first
place, having come second in the previous two years. It was a minus in that
the course was sparsely populated by runners (though there were lots of parents
and children walking), thereby making the experience a little lonely as there
was no one much to chase.

Nevertheless, Derek hopped on his bike to accompany Manjit Singh up the final
hill to the finish where he was egged on to a course record by the cheering
crowd of runners and spectators.

Manjit Singh in full flow after Manjit Bedi's race leg. Carlton starting his
race leg after receiving the baton from Jamie.

The six-person team worked hard but was beaten into fourth place by two Sikh
teams who went by the name of Singh. We remarked that even with multiple
runners, we were still miles off a top time for a marathon.

A trio of veteran Sikh runners, including Fauja Singh, aged 100, awarded the
trophies and hungry runners scoffed bananas, sandwiches and scented tea.

parkrun # 28 - Valentines Park - Saturday 27th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karen Levison19.43 (1st Lady)5th - 80.22% Age grading.
54 finishers.Great run from Karen in her 1st parkrun coming back from injury in 5th place overall and 1st Lady finisher.

parkrun # 15 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 27th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton18.34 course pb1st - 69.48% Age grading
Derek Wright20.444th - 65.84%
Jayne Browne27.2120th - 59.66%
24 finishers.

Don reports: Well done to Mark on winning his first ever race with a
course pb and to Derek and Jayne on a course with plenty of puddles due to
heavy rain. A low attendance on a bank holiday weekend. Thanks due to
Suzanne on the safety bike, Carlton doing the timing and Arno and myself on
marshalling duty.

Hayle 5km Beach Run - Wednesday 24th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter21:1819th
Andrew's report. 5th race of the DAN 5k series took place on the beach,
the course was a straight out and back run along the beach (3 miles of golden
sands on St Ives Bay). Tough going for the first mile or so on very soft sand
and I regretted not going with the bare foot option that many runners had opted
for (inlcuding the winner). Thankfully the turn back to the start took us on to
firmer sand but into a quite strong headwind. Tried to tuck in behind a couple
of local runners but legs felt very heavy and I couldn't keep with them - one
too many pasties,a local ale or two and a lack of long miles over the last 10
days all taking their toll.

All in all very good fun. Race was well organised by Hayle Runners, and, as with
last week, I was made very welcome by the local club runners with lots of
questions about ELR when they saw my vest -. See you all at Barking 5k on Monday
- hoping the going will be easier than these two races!

Burnham Beeches Half Marathon - Sunday 21st August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1:24:3530th

Pride 10k, Victoria Park - Saturday 20th August 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan35:05 pb17th
Rachel Coombs50:32424th
832 finishers.


Ciaran and Rachel in action during the race!

Ciaran's Race Report
Racing on a Saturday Morning is not my strong point! Friday is curry and beer
night, and this Friday was no exception, though, I did take it a little easier
on the beer, and avoided the spicier curry!

Saturday morning started well. Warm, but not too hot, overcast and a forecast
for rain about 11am. Perfect conditions for racing! I Drove the short drive to
Victoria Park, and arrived well in advance of the 11am start, to ensure plenty
of time for a good proper warm up and to 'get into the zone'! The plan was sub
36. I knew I could do it, as I had run sub 36 in the 1st 10K of the Hackney
Marshes Half Marathon a few weeks back, but was I rested enough? I had given
myself no taper, and was coming off the back of a long and hard training week!

On warmimg up, the clouds broke, not with rain, but with hot August sunshine.
My legs felt heavy and I couldnt get into the zone. What a nightmare! I was
sure today was not going to be my day.

The course for this 10K takes in 3 laps of Victoria Park of about 3k each, plus
a little extra stretch at the beginning to make up the additional 1Km. With the
start in the shade, under a leafy canopy, It was a pleasure to discover that
about 2/3 of the course was sheltered from the sun by the beautiful 'leaf full'
trees that line most of the paths round Victoria Park.

My plan was simply to run my own race. Stick with my Garmin, and keep to my own
plan. I was helped along with cheers from 3 different supporters who had
wonderfully managed to locate themselves at 3 different points on the course,
meaning 9 cheering points on this 3 lap course.

I'm glad to say the demons dropped out of my head during the first lap, when,
to my surprise, I realised I was keeping pace, and enjoying the race. 3:26 for
my 1st km, followed by 3:28, and 3:31. That was 5 seconds banked, to be inside
35 minutes. I had no choice, but to change my goal, and to give the rest of the
race all the 'wellie' I had. Completing the second lap in a simular time to the
first, the speed, warmth, and revised target began to take their toll, and this
showed in the final lap. Slowing down a little, I clocked 3:38 for the 8th km,
but I knew now I was on the home straight. By now, on the 3rd lap, I knew every
twist and turn, and I let my auto pilot kick in. 9k passed, 400m to go, last
turn, 200m to go, come on, sprint, finish in sight, onto the grass for the
finish, and done! Gun Time 35:08, Chip Time 35:05! Well ahead of my initial sub
36 target, so delighted with the result.

Home, shower, then the most important event of the day, Pub & Lunch to

Well done to Rachel too!

Maxifuel Supersprint Triathlon , Dorney Lake - Saturday 20th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Suzanne Bench48.5835th
From Suzanne Bench

Overall time 48.58

Swim (400m) 11.19
Bike (12k) 22.28
Run (2.5k) 11.42

Race report:
This was my first triathlon and as many of you will know I was very anxious
about the swim! However, I really enjoyed it and finished 35th out of 70
competitors, a result I was very happy with as I was convinced I was going
to be last!! It was a great day-weather perfect and lots of really nice
people. The venue is really good-well organised and a lovely setting - I
would recommend it.

parkrun # 54 - Grovelands, Enfield - Saturday 20th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou22.3216th - 61.46%
80 finishers.

From George Georgiou I thought I'd try a different parkrun this week.
The Grovelands course in Southgate, Enfield is a 3 lap course. I would say that
its 50% slight downhill and 50% going distinctly uphill. Very little running on
purely flat and its all on run pathways. Quite tough really and not a p.b
course, a good challenge though.

parkrun # 27 - Valentines Park - Saturday 20th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mikesh Bassi26.5627th - 48.08% age grading.
47 finishers.

Mikesh who joined us on Wednesday does his first parkrun in 26.56.

parkrun # 14 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 20th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:253rd - 66.86 %
Ramesh Pala22:27 - course pb.8th - 65.70 %
Jamie Coombs22:379th - 58.29 %
Jayne Browne28:0421st (2nd lady) - 58.14 %
29 finishers.

A warm morning. Sarah was on the safety bike, Carlton was giving out the
finishing chips and Don was scanning the bar codes.

Cape Cornwall 5km - Wednesday 16th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter24.2815th
Postcard from Cornwall

From: Andrew Baxter ran the Cape Cornwall 5k on Weds night.

Finishing time of 24.28 (15th place) says all you need to know about the course
- challenging to say the least.

Very rough, undulating, trail on the coast path around Cape Cornwall. The views
along the cliff tops would have been stunning if I could have risked looking up
from the path - had to watch every footstep and even then I had a hard fall
about 1k from home. Great fun but very very hard work - knees are still aching
48 hours later. Organised by Mounts Bay Harriers, the race is the 4th in the
Duchy Athletic Network 5k. Number 5 is on the beach next week - so hope to send
you results of a slightly faster run.

Stroke Association 15km, Finsbury Park. - Sunday 14th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1:03:29 pb12th
Jamie Xavier1:05:18 pb by 3 mins.13th
Kelly Leedham1:20:40 93rd

parkrun # 13 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 13th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:363rd - 66.26%
21 finishers.

Don reports:- Our lowest turnout yet mainly because of
holidays. Derek ran to finish in 3rd place. I was hoping to run but lack of
officials meant I was on timekeeper duty.

parkrun # 26 - Valentines Park - Saturday 13th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton18:19 course pb5th - 70.43% Age grading
51 finishers. A new course pb for Mark in 18.19.

ITU London TRIATHLON - Olympic Distance - Sunday 7th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Whitney2:43:11528th
Swim 37:48

Bike 1:11:14

Run 43:32

Thomas ploughing through the mud during this year's Benfleet 15!


Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1:16:34 pb by 7 mins2nd
Carlton DSouza1:34:3121st
Peter Hatley1.35.0524th
Michael Phillips1:39:4034th
Patrick Farren1:41:3340th
Awaiting full results.


Carlton, Ciaran and Patrick before the race and Peter crossing the finish

Carlton's report

Initially, I was slightly reticent about participating in this half marathon
when, only after registering I realised it comprised 6 laps! However, the day
started off well as I was greeted by an ELR Blade Feather that I saw waving in
the foreground, and that Ciaran had kindly sorted it out. It was a boost to see
other club runners congregate at this meeting point, including Peter, Patrick
Farren and Ciaran (albeit at the expense of none of us being able to
in the previous days Elvis run). The weather turned out to be ideal; bright and
sunny, but not too hot and with a slight cooling breeze. As there was a
relatively small field of circa 362 odd runners, there was a pleasant close-
atmosphere, with a steel-band playing in the background. The course was
off-road, flat, meandering through open and shaded areas, and paths next to the
canal. There were numerous friendly marshals who cheered us on, and who quickly
looked up our race number, only to call our name out as by way of further
encouragement. Overall, a well organised fun run, and an excellent way to spend
a Sunday morning.

High point: On my 4th lap, as my mind switched off and I began to day
dream whilst Talking Heads ‘Road to Nowhere’ belted out on shuffle for the
second time through my headphones, I caught sight of Ciaran running along side
me and I thought ‘gosh I must be going better than I thought!’.

Low point: When reality soon kicked in, and I realised Ciaran was
actually lapping me, as indeed I had predicted!

Men 160
Women 91

ELVIS 4 - Orion Forest 5 - Race 3 - Saturday 6th August 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi30.5213th
Patrick Brown31.1215th
Mark Boulton31.3318th
Manjit Singh31.50 pb20th
Daniel Lee32.4225th
Derek Wright34.2638th -
Ava Lee35.2444th - 5th
Richard Potter36.16 pb53rd - (38.04 last year)
Grant Conway36.2456th
George Georgiou36.5964th
Joanne O'Sullivan36.5865th - 10th
Helen Speedy37.4174th - 13th
Ramesh Pala38.21 pb80th
Paul Thompson38.3882nd
Andrea Waller39.1185th - 16th
Jamee Gould39.2588th
Lucy Jarvis39.4391st
Jamie Coombs40.1596th
Tricia ONeill40.37 pb101st - (43.36 last year)
Mary Connolly42.28123rd
Mike Barclay42.55130th - unafilliated
Andrea Middleton43.18135th - (43.18 last year)
Angela Bowen43.56141st
Michael Rose45.02149th
Roger Dixon45.19157th
Sheila Kennedy46.13164th
Don Bennett46.25167th - (48.34 last year)
Jayne Browne46.37170th
Susannah House46.47171st
Nicola Jane Mensah47.32175th
Mary OBrien47.50180th
211 Finishers.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on YouTube:

, Into Woods

Photos by "Carry On Running" available on Flickr running/sets/72157627376116316/">here

126 Men & 85 Ladies (140 Elvis club runners) - 31 East London Runners, 34
Orion, 18 Dagenham, 17 Havering, 12 Ilford, 12 Eton Manor, 8 Barking.Team
results and overall rankings after 4 events See ELVIS 2011 page.

Most of the ELR Team prior to the race.

Race report
Saturday morning saw another great turnout of East London Runners totalling 31
running plus a support team of Karen, Rachel with son Luca in tow, Frank, Jim
and Ciaran attend the latest instalment in the ELVIS GRAND PRIX Race series,
Orion 5 mile Summer Race in Epping Forest.

Finishing in 13th place overall and first to finish for ELR was Manjit Bedi
closely followed home by Patrick, Mark, Manjit Singh with Danny and Derek
completing the points scoring for the Men's Team. Early indications are that
we were second in the Mens Team event behind a very strong Orion Team but
remain in the lead overall with 4 of the 7 ELVIS races completed.

Patrick Brown and Manjit Bedi relax after the race.

With Karen unable to run through injury Ava Lee was once again our leading Lady
runner with new member Joanne and Helen and Andrea Waller, now a Vet, all
scoring points in the Ladies event. Special thanks to Helen for running in all
the events to date and especially as she has now moved home outside London but
made the effort to travel up early on Saturday morning to participate.
the Ladies Team were first in the ELVIS Team event and continue to lead the
overall ELVIS Ladies League.

ELR Elvis Captains Karen and Grant led the team, well most of them, in the post
race core exercises as can be seen in this photo.

Ava Lee and Lucy Jarvis seem unimpressed with their team mates efforts at
press-ups and the plank!

Photographs were taken and supplied by Ciaran and Frank of ELR and John Hanlon
of Orion Harriers!

Thanks also go to all our other runners who by finishing pushed the scores of
the other competing teams behind the score of East London Runners.

Sisters Nicola and Angela after the race. Don and Richard stroll
after the race.

Fell Race - Osmotherley & District, Yorkshire - 5.83m - Saturday 6th August 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell50.1710th

Rob pictured during one of his Ultra Races

Rob's race report.This afternoon I competed in my first Fell Race at the
Osmotherley & District Horticultural & Agricultural Society Annual Show, a
typical local agricultural show held in the lovely village of Thimbleby on the
edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. The race started at just past 2pm amid
torrential rain, strong winds, thunder and lightning. There were around 31
souls who braved the elements and were rewarded with a beautiful run, part of
the route being on private land only available to the public during the annual
fell race.

As an introduction to fell running it couldn't have been better - the first
being a real lung buster and the second half a quad thrash, all of the route
being well-marked with plastic tape. I was a little apprehensive initially that
I would get lost on the moors in the very limited visibility and almost decided
not to enter. As it was there was nothing to worry about. The route started on
tarmac for the first mile or so before heading straight up to the top of the
hill on mixed trail for a couple of miles, made even tougher as the wind and
rain were at their strongest and straight into your face. The continuing
and lightning were sufficiently worrying that no-one was hanging about at the
trig point, turning quickly for a mad dash down the hill. Half-way down the
route turned off onto steeply sloping heather moorland eventually finishing on
steep grass fields and then straight through the farm and into the show ground.
The race was advertised as 5 1/2 miles with 1,000ft of climb. My wrist GPS
measured it at just over 6 miles but that could have been due to the heavy
cover which may have interrupted the GPS signal.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and thought I ran well, pushing hard on the uphill
and then running like a maniac on the down. Managed to find a hidden hole in
heather on the way down and twisted my ankle but kept upright and ploughed on
down the hill, passing two more runners before hitting my "stride" on the grass
and charging in to the finish line. Placed 10th overall with a
time around 50 mins but will need to wait for the official results.

Great race made more fun by the conditions, which never let up from beginning
end. Finished saturated, muddy and happy. Will definitely not be my only fell

Virgin Active London Triathlon - Sunday 31st July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Whitney2:34:09 pb (38.90 / 1.00.04 / 46.13)418th of 1,397 Open race.
Sarah Burns2:39:03 (31.06 / 1.07.01 / 54.26)23rd of 107 in 35/39 category.
Robert Heppell2:52:04 (50:57 / 1:07:19 / 46:38)962 of 1397 Open
Darren Speedy2:56:13 (37.01 / 1.15.43 / 52.09)342nd of 432 in 35/39 category.
Sarah Burns Unofficially finished the London triathlon after being hit
in the nose lots on the swim in 2hrs 39mins. Man it was hot!

Darren Speedy Completed the Virgin London Triathlon in 2:56:13. Pretty
chuffed with that for a first attempt at Olympic distance. 1500m Swim, 38.7km
Bike, 9.8km Run.

Thomas Whitney I know East London Runners can live without my triathlon
results but I feel compelled to let you know - 1.5k Swim was: 38:49 - 40k Bike:
1:00:04 -10k run: 46:13. Total time including transitions was: 2:34:09 - a new
pb!!! Was pretty amazed I got a pb because I've been unable to train properly
owing to the now infamous toenail incident two months ago (never cycle wearing
sandals) - incidentally the ..too much information... the very morning
of the triathlon so I was pretty extra apprehensive of that omen. It's my 4th
time doing this triathlon so I'm pretty accustomed to what I needed to do -
slightly different route for me this time owing to being in the over 35
category now and having to wait until the afternoon to do it. This meant a 10k
in the blazing Sunday sun - excellent to spectate but a killer to run in. All
in all a fabulous local race well worth doing if only to overcome the common
fear of swimming in sewage. Afternoon was topped off with a pleasant bike ride
home in my sandals (oops). Roll on this weekend's ITU London Triathlon in Hyde
Park. That was my race report by the way - hopefully I'll be along tomorrow
night to say hello.

Rob Heppell Here's my results from Sunday's London Tri (Olympic
distance) Total time 2:52:04 (50:47 / 1:07:19 / 46:38) Place 962 of 1397 (open)

Harlow 10 inc Essex Championships - Sunday 31st July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.03.0416th - 6.19m pace
348 Finishers.

parkrun #24 - Valentines Park - Saturday 30th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
David daSilva Pereira20:025th - 64.56 %
Mary Connolly24:2318th - 68.56 %
Mary OBrien25:3723rd - 72.35 %
54 finishers.

parkrun #11 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 30th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton19.013rd - 67.84% Age Grading
Derek Wright20.19 - course pb5th - 67.19%
Suzanne Bench24.09 - course pb15th - 66.80% (1st Lady)
Don Bennett26.20 - course pb18th - 56.90%
Jayne Browne27.18 - course pb22nd - 59.77%
Geoff Bench27.47 (with dog)- course pb24th - 51.05%
30 finishers. Don reports:- Smaller field because of holidays, but a
good day for pb's with 5 out of 6 East London Runners getting course pb's.
Poor old Mark had a couple of junior lads from Newham & Essex Beagles turn up
to stop him getting 1st place. Prospective new member Matthew Jones from
Wednesday's run also ran finishing 8th in 21.22 to improve on his debut at
Valentines the week before. Thanks also to Sarah Burns
volunteering on the safety bike before tomorrow's
Docklands Triathlon.

Serpentine End of Month 5km - Friday 29th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway20.47 pb69th - 67.2% Age grading
Really pleased . Under 21 minutes! 22 seconds faster than pb at eton manor and
40 secd faster than course pb.

Fambridge Yacht Haven Triathlon - Sunday 24th July

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Thompson5.32.5073rd
Tom Thompson competed in a middle distance Triathlon in North Fambridge,Essex
consisting of 1.9km swim(35.41), 98km cycle(2.59.50) and a 20km run(1.51.21) to
finish in 5.32.50 in 73rd place of 116 finishers.
Fambridge Yacht Haven Triathlon Race Report

Competing in the Mourne Triathlon next week and a Transport for London staff
Aquathlon the following week. I will let you know how I get on.

Don't think I'll get a chance to get to a club run till September. See you soon.

Great event, loved it. Will be back agin next year.The swim was challenging to
say the least! The tidal predictions seemed to become irrelevant when the wind
picked up to speeds far in excess of the norm. This meant that as the tide did
turn towards the end of the swim it followed the same direction as the wind.
This certainly made for some quick times but equally made it very difficult to
swim against when exiting the river. The wind also caused the buoys to drift
meaning the swim was slightly short according to our measurements at 1.8km.
Anyone who even set foot in the water deserves a huge amount of respect and
congratulations go to everyone who entered the event.
> Reports from the cycle leg indicate that the wind also made this quite a
challenge. Here at Dengie Events we have long believed that this is a fantastic
place to cycle and we couldn’t be happier to hear that lots of you agree. The
course is different every time depending upon conditions and this adds a real
element of excitement to cycling in the area. Despite the wind the times were
exceptionally fast for all competitors and this was the case across the swim,
cycle and run.
> By the time the run came around the sun was out... and so were the
supporters. Hundreds of people turned out to witness the first ever middle
distance triathlon in the entire region. With 4 laps this gave them plenty of
opportunity to watch and this format seemed to work well. The run is unique to
say the least, I cannot think of any other courses which cross a train track.
We hope you enjoyed the variation and are particularly interested to hear your
thoughts on the run course.

Muscle Warrior Haileybury 10km - Sunday 24th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy59.33
Sheila Kennedy :- Another race, another (below par) result. Maybe
giving up my gym membership at the end of May and just back from a 2 week
holiday (with no running)aren't the best means of preparing for a race?

Muscle Warrior Haileybury 10K. A fun run fund racing event rather than a
serious event. I was tempted by the venue - in the grounds of Haileybury
School. Two laps around the impressive school buildings, sports fields, 130
m running track, and forest area. Good atmosphere, small field, mostly
local. I spotted a couple of Ware runners. Pre race warm up and free
massages afterwards.

Came home in 59.33. (slow compared to previous (PB 54ish) results). Slowed
on second lap and was overtaken by a few runners at that point. Need to get
back on form! (Harlow 10 mile next weekend (which I did last year) is not
an option this year.

Still, a good way of spending a Sunday morning.

Redbridge 10km - Sunday 24th July 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh39:518th
Mark Boulton40:359th
Jamie Xavier42:5719th
Grant Conway46;4133rd
Kelly Leedham51:3260th
This was the first running of the Redbridge 10k at Fairlop Waters, Barkingside.
Organised by the Tessa Sanderson Foundation and the London Borough of Redbridge
there were 207 finishers on a hot and sunny day. The course was two laps around
Fairlop Waters and the Golf Course over very mixed and uneven terrain in places
as can be seen from the runners comments below.

First home for ELR was Manjit Singh in 8th place overall, running in his Sikhs
in the City vest, closely followed by Mark Boulton. Good runs also from Jamie,
Grant and Kelly. Commiserations to Lucy having to withdraw through injury
sustained on the first lap.

In the crowd supporting ELR were Chairman Frank with Mrs B, Secretary Mike and
Ramesh Pala.

Lucy Jarvis First race I've ever pulled out of. Who on earth holds a
10km race across a golf course dodging golf balls and pot holes (which I of
course went down in) and at 5pm. Must have been 25 degrees.

Grant Conway £20 having a laugh, at least we got a free copy of the
Ilford Recorder. Dodging golf balls and avoiding rocks and potholes. Give me an
Elvis race any day.

Jamie Xavier Horrible course.

parkrun #23 - Valentines Park - Saturday 23rd July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh18:413rd - 71.45 %
45 finishers.

parkrun #10 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 23rd July 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:205th - 67.13 %
George Georgiou22:1314th - 62.34 %
Ramesh Pala22:5116th - 64.55 %
Jayne Browne27:5834th - 58.34 %
42 finishers.

Derek reports :-Suzanne Bench also ran but it looks like she missed the
start and therefore didn't get an official time. Don was doing the timekeeping,
Mark Boulton was handing out the chips at the finish, Sarah Burns was on the
safety bike and Frank was taking photos.

Don reports :- As parkrun Wanstead Flats reaches double figures we had
course pb's from Derek, George and Ramesh. Over the first 10 events we've had
20 ELR's competing and 11 ELR's and family helping to run the event.Many thanks
to all of you for your support.

ELVIS 3 - Newman Hilly Off Road 5m - Wednesday 20th July 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan30.0511th - 32.19 last year +
Patrick Brown31.1614th
Andrew Baxter32.0619th - 33.01 last year +
Manjit Bedi32.1620th
Manjit Singh32.3022nd - 33.51 last year +
Daniel Lee32.4223rd
James Wilson33.0124th
Derek Wright34.3239th - 33.57 last year
Michael Wilson34.3942nd - 36.14 last year +
Daniel Gallacher35.2948th
Jimmy Hartwell36.0754th - 38.02 last year +
Carlton DSouza36.1456th
Ava Lee36.2157th - 1st Lady Vet 35
Holly Chabowski36.3062nd
Peter Hatley36.3163rd
Grant Conway37.2969th - 36.41 last year
Patrick Farren37.3070th - 40.49 in 2009 +
Helen Speedy37.4573rd
Ramesh Pala38.43 pb84th - 42.42 last year +
Doug Mansell38.4685th - 38.25 last year
Andrea Waller39.1189th
Richard Guest39.17 pb91st - 40.04 last year +
Caoimhe O'Reilly39.2094th
Rita Kingdon39.3197th
Jamie Coombs40.11102nd
Tricia ONeill40.58 pb114th - 43.25 last year +
William Davis41.58117th
Rachel Coombs42.11118th
Suzanne Bench43.20130th
Mary OBrien43.21132nd
Edward Barnard43.47135th - 44.22 last year +
Andrea Middleton43.54136th - 44.00 last year +
Sarah Burns44.21 pb137th - 47.15 last year +
Anna Phillips45.45142nd
Angela Bowen46.20145th
Jayne Browne46.41149th - 48.31 last year +
John Atkinson47.10152nd
Roger Dixon47.23153rd
Don Bennett48.25157th - 48.10 last year
Tara Syed50.50163rd - 53.19 last year +
Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on YouTube:

, Middle
, Finish

Photos by "Carry On Running" available on Flickr running/sets/72157627119280161/with/5961849951/">here

Attendances - 40 East London Runners (24 Men, 16 Ladies)- Dagenham 22, Havering
21, Ilford 18, Eton Manor 14, Barking 11 and Orion 8.

174 finishers. 134 from Elvis Clubs.

Grant's report. 40 ELR runners plus several supporters braved some
miserable weather conditions to represent their Club with honour at the Hilly 5
race at Hainault Forest on 20th July 2011. The race was hosted by Ilford AC but
ELR managed almost double the number of runners than the next best represented
club (Dagenham). The excellent turn out meant that ELR were able to secure
place in both genders to maintain their 100% record of first places in the
series so far. Sixteen ladies braved the wet conditions and despite the absence
of our captain Karen through holiday and Sharon who was also unable to run due
to injury, managed to finish first with an accumulative score of 51 beating
Dagenham ladies into second place. Our four scoring ladies were led home by Ava
Lee, who was first Lady Vet35, on her return from holiday, followed by Holly on
her Elvis debut. Helen was third and has scored in all the Elvis races so far
and Tricia running her first Elvis race of the year was our fourth scoring lady
as two vets are required before the scoring is complete. There was also
excellent runs by all our ladies who made all the difference once again as the
likes of Rita and Caoimhe finished in front of 10 scoring runners from other
clubs to increase our lead and secure first place.

Our men also showed their strength in depth despite the absence of Brendan and
managed to secure first place in front of host club Ilford who turned out far
more of their big guns i

Fairlands Valley Challenge 18.7m - Sunday 17th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown2.28.004th

Patrick snapped during a recent ELVIS race.

West Ham Park 5k Series - Sunday 17th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson18.392nd

James in a previous West Ham race.

NSPCC Milton Keynes Half Marathon - Sunday 17th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.24.0417th
1282 finishers.

Manjit during a recent ELVIS race.

Brentwood 10km (inc Essex Champs) - Sunday 17th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton40.2875th
Lucy Jarvis49.38221st

Lucy, pictured on a training run.

Mark Boulton reports :- I took part in my 1st 10k race today at the
Brentwood 10k which incorporated the Essex Championships which meant a
very competitive field. The course was one undulating lap of the country lanes
of Brentwood. As myself and Lucy Jarvis stood on the start line there were
whispers to beware of the hills in the second half of the race. I
started off a bit quick as I got sucked in by the competitive field and got to
the 1st mile marker at around 6.05 pace, I tried to settle down and covered the
undulating first half of the race in around 19 minutes which put me on target
for a sub 40 minute which was at the back of my mind. Then came the
hills.... one long, steady incline just after the 5k marker was not too
serious but his more severe friend at 5 miles meant my target time took a bit
of dent. The marshall announced that was the last of the hills so got myself
set for sprint finish against the clock in the last mile. I got to the final
turn into the home straight just as my watch ticked over the 40 minute marker
and finished in 40.28 exhausted and collected my tee-shirt for finishing. Then
watched Lucy came home in her sub 50 minute target time of 49.38 in her second
race back from injury. A quick cup of tea in the club house and a warm down
(no planks though Grant)
completed a very enjoyable morning racing.

Mark pictured during this year's Orion 15.

parkrun #22 - Valentines Park - Saturday 16th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh18:585th - 70.39%
45 finishers.

parkrun #9 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 16th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20.224th - 67.02% Age Grading
Ramesh Pala22.5413th - 64.41%
Jayne Browne27.5323rd - 58.52%
29 finishers.

Don's report: A light drizzle beforehand, but fine during
the run. No problems with technology this week. Running we had Derek, Ramesh
and Jayne. Derek had a good run missing his course pb by 1 second.
Ramesh improved his course pb. Jayne was making her parkrun
debut. The winner did 16:24, four seconds slower than the course record set
the previous week.

Marshalling this week was Mark Boulton and myself with
Sarah Burns on the safety bike after her early morning open swim.

South Downs Way Race - 103 miles! - Sunday 10th July 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Hartwell30 hrs 44 mins32nd
Congratulations to Jimmy in completing this race within the 33 hour cut-off
time. A great achievement!

Jimmy was running to raise monies for the National Autistic Society. If you
can help please sponsor Jimmy at www.justgiving.com/jimmy-

The race started at 9am at the bandstand in Eastbourne, taking the coastal path
of the SDW over Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters, then follows the SDW to
Winchester. It is approximately 103 miles long with 13,600 feet of ascent
mostly over chalk paths, fields, woods and roads. The full distance must be
completed on foot. The South Downs Way is way-marked throughout. All runners
provided and carried their own maps of the complete route during the event.

Check point 6, with 23 miles to go; tucking into a bacon & egg

Jimmy's Race report - Why on earth would anyone want to try and plod 103
miles along the South Downs way from Eastbourne to Winchester in under 33hrs??
Well… it all started in November 2010; post drink up in the Civil Service club
after doing the remembrance service day parade around the Cenotapth, I chatted
to a squaddie colleague who I hadn’t seen for a long time. He happened to
mention that his son Harry was autistic and that each year; he cycled around
the Isle of Wight to raise money for the National Autistic Society.

Time for another charity challenge - the last time I had done a charity run was
over a year ago for Great Ormond Street; the 56 mile London to Brighton trail
run (www.extremerunning.org ) with the fleet footed ELR runner Roberto Bruni.
So… 2011 would be a race for the National Autistic Society.

Friday evening 8th of July the night before the race, I found myself on
Eastbourne sea front in the pouring rain quizzing locals for directions to a
guest house on the Royal Parade. The start of the race was at 9.00am the next
morning at the band stand on the sea front so I wanted a good nights sleep and
to be as close to the start as possible.

Wandering down the parade, I bumped into the very talented trail runner Drew
Sheffield who had similar problems finding his digs and was now looking for a
kebab. The previous six weeks he had completed the 145 mile Grand Union canal
race ( www.gucr.co.uk ) in 35 hrs & more recently the rugged 95 mile West
Highland way race ( www.westhighlandwayrace.org ) from Milngavie to Fort
William in 20 hrs & was looking at sub 22hrs for the South Down Way race the
next day. For the last couple of years I had met him at trail races in France
and UK, usually at the most important part after the race, the post race pub

At 8.30 am Saturday morning feeling a bit a groggy, I arrived at East Bourne
band stand to register for the race which was due to start in half an hour. The
guest house I had stayed in seemed to have paper thin walls & ceiling; so a
restless night was interrupted intermittently by a screaming baby and later on
an Eastern European couple in the room above me having a shouting competition.

There were about fifty competitors at the start either doing their last minute
checks, taping feet, jogging about or stretching. The lack of numbers was
probably due to the fact that the very popular and over subscribed Lakeland
50mile & 100mile trail race ( www.lakeland100.com ) was starting in a couple of
weeks time.

To enter the SDWR, you had to have done at least one fifty mile trail race in
the past. Unlike other long distance races where at registration you normally
had to present loads of compulsory kit e.g. survival blanket, whistle,
emergency rations etc.; for the SDWR registration it was merely a map of the
South Downs Way and a mobile. It was assumed that if you were doing such a long
race you should know what kit & food to take with you. The race brief was
short: if you get lost or had enough, give the organisers a call.

The start of the race to the first check point “South Ease rail way crossing”
at 19 miles followed the coastal path along the white cliffs of Beachy Head and
Seven Sisters. This part of the course was on grass; soft enough even for ELR
runner Darren Speedy’s Vibram five finger bare foot running shoes. My tactic
for the race was run down hills, jog on the flat and speed walk up the hill and
when I ran out of puff; plod & use walking sticks.

Along the way I chatted to a couple of the competitors: Digby Ellis-Brecknell
an active Trail Runner Association member from Jersey who was staging the
island’s first 48 mile trail run in August (www.rocktherock.co.uk ) and another
chap who was already using his walking sticks; the month before he had
completed a 100 mile race in the New Forest except it involved doing a 1 mile &
a bit loop 97 times??? (www.enduroman.com )

Seven hours into the race, at an intersection of roads in the village of
Pyecombe, arrived at check point 2, 34miles. Checked in straight away and
carried on to the Plough Inn where ELR’s Roger Dixon was waiting with a goody
bag of snacks. The renowned sports nutritionist Sunny Blende
(www.Eat4fitness.com ) famously said; “An ultra marathon is an eating and
drinking contest, with a little exercise and scenery thrown in”. Following her
advice; I tucked into a M&S plastic tray of fruit, a bottle of coke, a bottle
of Innocent Smoothie, pot of Muller rice, bag of Pepperoni minis and stocked up
with some posh Holland & Barret jelly beans, dried mango & pineapple pieces
coated in yoghurt; a beef jerkin mixed together with macadam nuts, a few energy
bars, some gels and filled up my water bladder & added some Nuun electrolyte

Forty five miles into the race and competitors were starting to bale out. I
plodded along and passed the 97 times loop man who was sitting on the side of
the road looking dejected as he was calling it day.

A few more miles passed and I had teamed up with Andy Clutton the treasurer of
Gosport Road Runners; as we were both feeling strong, we sprinted the last ½
mile to check point 3, at 49 miles. (probably not a good idea….) Stopped for
twenty minutes to tuck into more food & chat to my sister Louise who had joined
Roger with a load of bacon sarnies & coffee.

Just before 10pm, I cruised into check point 4 near the village of Amberley
with Andy Clutton. We both had a very quick pit stop. Still feeling very
strong after 56 miles, I thought we could up the ante to 10 minute miles. This
meant we could get to the next check point with nearly 4 hours to spare before
the cut off. Plenty of time to attend to a large blister on my foot, sort out
the chaffing with my under carriage as I had run out of vase and grab some kip
before the worst stage of the race Cocking ( not sure how they pronounce that
in West Sussex ) to Queen Elizabeth Park.

The month before I had arrived at Cocking the half way stage of the South Downs
Marathon ( www.209events.com ) full of beans naively thinking I could crack
this race easily under 4Hrs; lack of fitness & a load of hilly ascents meant I
lumbered to the finish at Queen Elizabeth Park in 4Hrs 24mins.

11.00pm we are LOST!!! After leaving Check point 4, Andy and I teamed up with
three other guys, the Jersey man Digby was leading the way at a blistering pace
along with walking sticks. Half an hour after taking a turning at a cross roads
of paths near Bignor hill, and not noticing any SDWR signage; it dawned on us
we had veered off course. After consulting someone’s Iphone map, it was
apparent we had to turn back to the cross roads again.

Finally arrived at Cocking, Check point 5 (68 miles) with Andy, disappointed at
getting lost as it was now 2:00am. However I was pleased to see Roger who was
sorting out food & even better the check point marshals had pork pies. However,
the stop was short lived, as Andy was eager to crack on.

Check point 6 ( 80 miles ), Queen Elizabeth Park; hobbled in on walking sticks,
dog tired, my feet felt like they were walking on hot coals and I really wanted
to cut open my the bottom of my shorts & let everything hang out as my chaffing
was pretty painful. Collapsed into a chair, had a quick 10 minute snooze; Roger
sorted me out with coffee & snacks however after the race marshals had cooked
me an egg & bacon butty washed down with two Neurofen, I was raring to go again.

Check point 7 (91 miles) picturesque village of Exton, the initial high of
leaving the previous check point soon wore off, so I was soon back to a 3 ½
mile an hour plod again. Arriving at Check point 7, I flumped into the chair
for the last time only 12 miles to the finish. After a 40 minute rest &
resisting the temptation to crash out, it was time to move on. Anyway the food
station had run out of pork pies and I had nearly finished my Chorizo sausage.

Winchester the Finish - 103 miles

The last push to the finish was a leisurely stroll or hobble on sticks. I
regretted not taking some more Neurofen as the light weight Inov trail shoes I
was wearing were probably compounding the pain of battered and blistered feet.

On a plus though, I had tagged along with fellow shufflers Vince Darley and
Martyn Turner. They had a support crew of family, friends & supporters who
would suddenly appear every three or four miles giving support and offering out
tasty snacks. Vince’s mum insisted on feeding me bowls of nuts, grapes / melon
slices and maltesers.

At 3:44pm jogged into Winchester town centre to the finish: 30Hrs 44minutes on
the go; 13,413 calories spent; missing one toe nail; 103 miles covered plus a
little night section detour; joint 32nd out of the original 51 starters and a
few aches & pains.

East London Runners’ Roger Dixon was a great source of encouragement and
advice. A sub 17Hr finisher of the original South Downs Way 80 mile race which
was disbanded in the mid 1990s, he was very familiar with the terrain. But more
importantly a fantastic support man who had a bottle of Fuller’s ESB waiting
for me at the finish; he said he had a suggestion of what ESB might stand for,
for me, in the context of this event! When I queried him he replied “Extreme
sports bravery, why what did you think I meant".

The race director Jen Jackson had to put together a very well organised race
with very friendly support crews at the check points. A nice touch at the
finish was Jen Jackson giving out room access cards at a local hotel; so I
traipsed over to the reception humming to high heaven and checked in for a bath.

Race over, Jimmy sits and enjoys a bottle of Fullers ESB!

British London 10k Run - Sunday 10th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods52:30 pb1489th
Just got official notification of my time for last Sundays British London 10k
52min 30sec , bib no. 45610 , a new p.b , previous best was same event last
58min 35sec , so big improvement since joining ELR.

ELVIS 2 - Eton Manor 5km - Sunday 10th July 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady16.102nd
Ciaran Canavan17.31 pb8th (improved by 1.08)
Andrew Baxter18.26 pb18th
Patrick Brown18.3322nd
James Wilson18.4225th
Daniel Levicki19.1831st
Jamie Xavier19.33 pb37th
Karen Levison19.35 pb38th (2nd lady)
Robert Heppell19.4941st
Derek Wright19.5843rd
Michael Wilson20.07 pb44th
Grant Conway21.09 pb57th
Sharon Springfield21.1760th (7th)
Helen Speedy21.3163rd (8th)
Richard Potter21.5265th
Doug Mansell22.0269th
Paul Thompson22.07 pb71st
George Georgiou22.1972nd
Ramesh Pala22.3276th
Lucy Jarvis22.5382nd (12th)
Rita Kingdon23.1885th
Dave Knight23.4695th
Rachel Coombs24.18100th
Mary Connolly24.32102nd
Mary OBrien25.01108th - 1st FV55
Sarah Burns25.44113th
Edward Barnard25.45115th (dressed as Elvis)
Sheila Kennedy26.37123rd
Jayne Browne27.23 pb131st
Clare Waugh - Bacchus28.37139th
182 finishers.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on YouTube here

Photos by "Carry On Running" available on Flickr running/sets/72157627161295930/">here

30 East London Runners, 27 Dagenham, 21 Havering, 19 Eton Manor, 15 Ilford, 11
Barking and 7 Orion.

Official Elvis team results are:

Men 1 East London 128, 2 Barking 148, Ilford 156, 4 Eton Manor 175, 5
Orion 217,6 Dagenham 224, 7 Havering 396

Ladies 1 East London 29, 2 Eton Manor 30, 3 Dagenham 41, 4 Ilford 74, 5
Havering 174, 6 Barking 251, 7 Orion 256

After 2 legs team results are:

Men 1 East London 240, 2 Barking 326, 3 Orion 351, 4 Ilford 386,5 Eton
Manor 488, 6 Dagenham 511, 7 Havering 717

Ladies 1 East London 58, 2 Eton Manor 74, 3 Dagenham 142, 4 Ilford 173,
5 Havering 321, 6 Orion 420,7 Barking 459

Some of our Ladies Team who ran on Sunday!

Grant's report.
The second race in the ELVIS series brought 30 ELR runners to Leyton for the
first running of the Eton Manor 5k. Our hosts did themselves proud in putting
an excellent event with good facilities. The race was very well marshalled and
all the Eton Manor members were friendly and helpful to the extreme.

Moving on to the race our excellent turnout was the largest of the seven clubs
and EVERY runner contributed to the teams excellent results with ELR once again
finishing in first place in both genders.

Our Ladies repeated their result from Havering exactly with a score of
which was 1 better than the host club. The Ladies were led home by Captain
in 2nd place , followed by Sharon who put in a brave performance despite injury
to finish 7th, closely followed by Helen in 8th and making a timely debut for
the club in the ELVIS series Lucy Jarvis in 12th. Once again our non-scoring
runners made a massive difference and ensured our lead over the other clubs was
increased e.g Clare who finished 41st beating two scoring runners from Havering
to increase our lead against them and Mary O'Brien who claimed first prize for
LV55 beating 9 scoring runners from other teams and helping to strengthen our
position against the other clubs, so well done to all our ladies on Sunday. We
have a couple of ladies missing for the Hilly 5 so please run on 20th July if
all possible.

Our men were once again first, this time by a slimmer margin than the first
but it leaves us well placed going into the Hilly 5. Once again Brendan led the
men's team home in second place although the first athlete was not a member of
participating elvis club so I count that as first! Ciaran smashed his p.b again
to come in in 8th place , followed by our first vet Andrew with yet another new
pb over the distance in 17th place, followed by Patrick , Rob and Derek to
complete our six scoring runners including 3 vets. All our other male runners
ran well and contributed to the scoring and helped ensure ELR were in first
place. James Wilson didnt score as we can't pass him off as a vet but he beat
my calculation 24 scoring runners from other clubs to make a huge difference
with the same applying to Daniel, Mike Wilson and all our men. Well done guys.

During and after the race the ELR tradition of lining up near the finish and
cheering the runners in was followed, then Karen led the warm down excersizes
which was well appreciated by the hosts and others present who remarked on the
great camaradarie in our club as well as ability. It really was a day to feel
proud to be associated with ELR and hopefully we will continue in the same vein
over the rest of the series and in the future. A big thank you must also go to
our supporters on the day , including my son Zac with his new ELR banner, Jamie
and Luca Coombs , Mark Boulton who came to cheer us on despite his injury and
Mohammed who took some excellent photos.

So, two races down, five to go. We are in a strong position but please continue
your excellent support for the rest of the series as the rules allow clubs to
drop their worst two scores and overtake us if we struggle in any of the last 5

Thanks again to everyone who has run, supported etc so far. Lets have a massive
turnout at the hilly 5. Come on ELR!

parkrun # 8 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 9th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Gallacher19:587th - 64.61 %
Derek Wright20:218th - 67.08 %
George Georgiou22:3516th - 61.33 %
Ramesh Pala23:0018th - 64.13 %
Andrea Waller23:1519th - 64.09 % (1st lady)
Suzanne Bench26:27 (with dog)27th - 61.00 %
Sarah Burns29:0634th - 51.37 %
39 finishers.

The winner broke his course record by one second with 16:20. Don
was the timekeeper and Mohammed was a marshall. There were difficulties with
barcodes scanner again this week, but most were matched up later in the week.
Don says Guess what job i've got this week.

JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge - Battersea Pk - 5.6km - Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell22.53Wednesday night
Magda Heppell29.11
Jamie Xavier24.13Thursday night
Spread over two nights at Battersea Park.

Regents Park 10km series - Sunday 3rd July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou46.36
Just letting you know that i did this race at the weekend. My finish time
was 46:36. Very slow, coming back from injury, so quite pleased. No applause
please, its not deserved. According to their website, i'm a member of the
Epsom & Ewell Harriers apparently. I don't even know where Ewell is. I'll
never leave ELR, promise!

Tottenham Marshes 5m - Sunday 3rd July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy46.05
Another hot (and slow) race. 2 minutes slower than last year. Time 46.05.
The run was along towpaths by the canal, down one side (in the shade) and
back on the other side (in the sun). Nice touches with water sponges handed
out at the water stations, and water melon and muffin at the end. Made it
all worthwhile?

Clapham Common 5km series - Race 4 of 6 - Sunday 3rd July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.338th
I completed race 4 of 6 in the Clapham Common Series this morning. I
wouldn't have bothered to do the race with my hamstring injury still
persisting, but I had points to collect! It was very warm too, and the
combination of injury, heat and ...no breakfast or even water before hand
was a recipe for disaster.

My time was 21:33 for the 5K (8th position) I didn't think I would get
anywhere near that sort of time, expecting to hit about 25 mins or so. I'll
seriously consider participating in ELVIS 2 as I could help ELR by pushing
down runners from other clubs.

Orion Saturday Forest Five Summer Series - 2nd race of 3 - 2nd July 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright34:2227th
Paul Thompson37:3548th
126 finishers.

Paul: Another warm morning greeted us in the 2nd race of the Orion
Forest Five series. My tactic of going off faster for this race seemed to work
well for the first 2 miles where I had Derek in my sights and a steady 7 minute
mile pace. The stretch between 2-3 miles is tough and involves a fairly steep
climb along a forest trail before turning into the woods among the trees and
then the relief of a long downhill section. The final 1/2 mile was changed and
rather than going over the rather bumpy slope in the previous races, we had to
go up a fairly uneven and pot-holed path, but myself and Derek both thought
this was quicker. This race is a testing 5 miles and is well marshalled and I
was pleased to finish 3.5 minutes quicker than last month's race.

Derek: Both Paul and I ran faster than last month, partly due to the
course being easier at the end - instead of running up the bumpy hill, we ran
up the hill parallel to it. This probably knocked about 15 seconds off our
times. Simon Morgan was only four seconds ahead of me at the finish.

parkrun #20 - Valentines Park - Saturday 2nd July 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton18.23 pb5th - 70.17% Age grading
Result's published late. Must have been a few technical problems with 78
finisher's and 18 unknown runners. Well done to Mark Boulton with a pb
of 18.23.

An amazing time from visitor Rebecca Robinson from Kendal AAC who came 2nd
overall in 17.17.

parkrun # 7 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday July 2nd 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods24.41 pb20th - 63.88% Age grading
Don Bennett27.0224th - 55.43%
41 finishers.

Don's report: My 2nd parkrun proved I was just recce'ing the course two
weeks ago when I ran 27.02 this week, knocking 1.10 of my debut. Very warm this
time compared to wet and muddy last time. Debut parkrun for Tom who is not used
to doing 5km in his marathon training - did a pb in 24.41.

Good to see Suzanne, Geoff, Ramesh and Mohammed helping with the marshalling

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Friday 24th - Sunday 26th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi32.14 (5 mile tough run)23rd of 333 finishers
Manjit Bedi57.12 ( 8.1m XC)18th of 217 finishers
Manjit Bedi1.32.23 (13.1 trail half marathon)12th of 254 finishers
Manjit Bedi3.01.49 - (Total)9th of 148 finishers
I arrived on Friday at 4pm and set my tent up. 7pm 5 mile undulating tough run.
Friday night it rained and rained, this set up a muddy 8.1 cross country run at
12 mid day. Sunday 10.30 trail half marathon in hot conditions. The best advice
I was given by one of the organisers was "what ever time you are aiming for in
the half marathon forget it, just aim get round".

Manjit running during the recent Havering 5 mile race

Bishops Stortford 10m - Sunday 26th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy1.44.27162nd
2nd time doing this race. Added over 10 minutes to my previous time there
(new personal "worst" for this distance). Came home in 1 hr 44.27 by my
reckoning. Very very hot - up to 27 degrees. Enjoyed it (up to a point)
but glad when it was all over.
196 finishers.

Sheila at a previous race.

parkrun #6 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 25th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton18:394th - 69.17 %
Daniel Gallacher19:587th - 64.61 %
Derek Wright20:39no barcode
George Georgiou22:4814th - 60.75 %
Tricia ONeill23'ishno barcode
Louisa Tock24'ishno barcode
Katherine Harris26:4127th - 55.47 %
34 finishers (with barcode). Ramesh was giving out the barcodes at the end and
Don was logging them.

Orion Fell Race - 3 miles 600 yards - Friday 24th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright28.5014th
38 finishers

Derek's report: Unlike last year, when it was a glorious midsummer
evening, this year's category A fell race in the forest at Chingford was
blessed with light drizzle - enough to keep us cool though at times the ground
got slippery. There were five serious hills to contend with, plus at least two
shorter climbs. The course was marked out using sawdust and on Pole Hill, which
we ran up both at the start and finish, the organisers had thoughtfully spelt
out the letters H-E-L-P on the grass. The race finished at the obelisk and we
waited around there with our free drinks for the last female runner, who came
home to a big round of applause in 42 mins. The results were announced
immediately afterwards. The top three men were all Orion harriers, the winner
finishing in 22 mins. I finished nine seconds slower than last year, perhaps
due to walking for a few metres in places, as on some of those hills it seemed
to make no difference whether I ran or walked!

Derek running during a previous Orion race

Serpentine 5km - Last Friday of the month. - Friday 24th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter18.51 pb34th (10th V40) 73.5% Age Grading
Sub 19 at last and my 2nd pb this week. Two lap course because of
concerts in the park at the moment.

Andrew running during the recent Havering 5 mile race

ELVIS GRAND PRIX Race 1 of 7 - Havering 90 - 5 Miles - Tuesday 21st June 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady27.28 pb1st
Ciaran Canavan29.01 pb7th (32.13 last year)
Manjit Bedi30.3922nd
Patrick Brown31.0426th
Daniel Lee31.0727th
Andrew Baxter31.26 pb33rd (32.26 last year)
Manjit Singh31.51 pb37th
James Wilson32.3844th
Karen Levison33.0650th - 2nd Lady, 1st Lady Vet (33.07 last year)
Derek Wright33.29 pb52nd (33.41 last year)
Ava Lee34.2965th
Sharon Springfield34.36 pb67th
Grant Conway35.12 pb75th (37.18 last year)
Paul Thompson36.21 pb87th
Carlton DSouza36.3390th
Helen Speedy36.4793rd
Patrick Farren37.1198th
Andrea Waller38.46108th
Rachel Coombs40.49128th
Katherine Jones41.50137th
Michael Rose43.06149th
Louisa Tock43.43154th
Roger Dixon44.51167th
Jayne Browne45.02 pb168th
Don Bennett46.27179th (46.57 last year)
Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on YouTube here

Photos by "Carry On Running" available on Flickr running/sets/72157627025900596/">here

211 Finishers - 140 Men and 71 Ladies - Biggest Attendances -
Dagenham 38, ELR 25, Havering 25, Barking 24, Ilford 16, Eton Manor 16, Orion

Some of the East London Team before the race started

Grant's report. On a pleasant but windy mid summer's evening 28 members
of East London Runners plus one supporter, Lance, met at Raphael Park Romford,
the venue for the 1st ELVIS race of 7 this summer. With 25 runners, 1 injured
Chairman took photos and cheered on the runners and two were late and were
unfortunately unable to run one of whom for the second year running, perhaps it
will be third time lucky next year!

Conditions were more favourable than they were last year when the race was run
in the middle of a heatwave. This was borne out by some excellent times posted
by a number of the ELR contingent when compared to last year's efforts with a
number of pb's. The quiet Irishman, Brendan O'Grady was first through the park
gates after 200 metres and smashed the field to record an incredible time of
27.28 to take first prize with ease and collected his trophy in front of his
cheering clubmates and proud Captain. Once again Karen was amongst the prizes
taking the first Lady Vet prize and improving on her time by last year by 1
second! Ciaran was over 3 minutes faster than last year to claim 7th
place ,with 4 other gents scoring for ELR , Manjit Bedi, Patrick Brown, Danny
Lee and Andrew Baxter. Conveniently 3 of the first six men were vets so our
first six men home satisfied the ELVIS rules and put the men into the lead
in the series for the first time ever.
Our ladies scoring team was
completed by Ava Lee, Sharon Springfield and Helen Ringham to establish a
narrow lead in the ladies competition going in to race 2 at Eton Manor on 10th

Thanks are due also to our non-scoring runners for doing an excellent job for
the Club on Tuesday e.g Andrea Waller our fifth lady home didn't score for the
Club but by beating the 4th Eton Manor Lady athlete to the line by 2 seconds
she lowered Eton Manors score and increased the ELR Ladies Team lead in the
competition. Well done Andrea!

Andrea about to cross the finish line!

Of course Andrea's excellent run also affected every other Club's results as
she beat well over half the Lady athletes in the field and affected their teams
scores etc etc. The same applies for ALL our non-scoring runners so a massive
well done and thank you for running and giving your best for the Club.

I can only plead once again for as many ELR runners as possible to turn out
on 10th July for the Eton Manor 5k and in the rest of the series to help the
club do as well as possible. If you are able to complete 5 races you will have
the added bonus of qualifying for the individual championship in your
category ! Go ELR!

Manjit Bedi,Brendan and Ciaran after the race

Ironman 70.3 - Wimbleball Lake - Sunday 19th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns7 hrs 22 mins
Never want to see another hill again 1.2 mile swim/56 mile cycle/13.1
Half Marathon.

Torbay Half Marathon - Sunday 19th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson1:29:5079th - 66.03%
Sharon Springfield1:42:1635th - 65.23%
1564 Finishers.

parkrun #5 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 18th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20.325th - 66.48%
Don Bennett28.1229th - 53.13%
35 finishers. Don Bennett's report My 1st parkrun at last. Not having
done many 5km events it was quite a challenging course. A bit wet underfoot
with all the rain we've had, but it gives me a target to improve on.
Both course records went to Woodford Green & Essex Ladies with times of 16.21 &
22.09. Derek ran well to finish 5th with a course pb in 20.32 and we had
Suzanne, daughter Sophie and Frank helping to marshall. No problems this week
with the technology.

Volunteers needed next week. With holidays we need volunteers. If you
can help mail wansteadflatshelpers@parkrun.com before Wednesday
ideally, but by Friday at the latest. Enrolment in parkrun needed as well.

Two Castles 10k - Warwickshire - Sunday 12th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Geoff Bench57:581928

London to Brighton Walk - 100k - Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th June 2011

London to Brighton Walk - Saturday and Sunday June 11/12th 2011.
Congratulations to ELR's JIM BIRD and PAUL CHARTERS in completing this 100k
walk in tough conditions, through Saturday night and into the heavy rain of
Sunday. A fantastic achievement. Jim and Paul were part of a team of six. Four
of the team including Paul and the 72 year old Jim managed to complete the full

As a large group of intrepid trekkers gathered in South West London on the
morning of Saturday 11 June, onlookers soon concluded that this was no ordinary
weekend walk! 100 kilometres and 1 day later our wearied teams of adventurers
will drag themselves across the finish line in Brighton, tired but jubilant,
all in aid of blind heros, ex-Service men and women supported by St Dunstan's.

Paul commented - It was much more difficult than running a Marathon and
walking through the woods and countryside in the dark with only a headtorch for
light was very difficult. Then when we were crossing the South Downs the rain
was torrential and in our faces. We were very happy to reach the finish line.

West Ham Park Summer Series 2011 - Sunday 12th June 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson18:32 pb4th
Sharon Springfield20:297th overall, 1st Lady
James and I completed in our home run today. At least I could be confident of
not getting lost!

James - 4th overall - 18.32 pb
Sharon - 7th overall - 1st lady - 20.29 (only 4 seconds outside pb :-(


PS - I found out today I've won £25 for winning the Ladies V35 Series 1 :-)

James and Sharon in full flow on Sunday!

Ninesprings 9k - Yeovil - Sunday 12th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter40:244th
Organised by Yeovil Town Road Running Club the Ninesprings 9k 2010 was one of my
first runs in ELR colours. It was also my first ever off road race. With its
'undulations', twists and turns it was the hardest that I'd ever raced. 12
months on and with an ELVIS and a x-country season under my belt I can give it a
bit of perspective... for those of you that are interested: 2 scenic laps of
Yeovil country park; nearer to 9.5k than 9; trail and grass plus a short stretch
of tarmac; more twists, turns and short ups and downs than Digswell; hillier
than the Hilly Five but not as hilly as Royston!

So, onto 2011 and a chance to find out what progress I've made over the year
training with East London.

In dire weather conditions I lined up in the second row at the start, wondering
whether Doug's training session on the glade was perfectly timed prep or whether
it had taken too much out of my legs. Thankfully, I'd spotted the solid block of
dark, dark blue and big arrows covering the south-west on Friday's
weekend weather map and packed my trail shoes ... even feeling a bit smug as the
starter issued a safety warning, teasing anybody wearing road shoes in the
process. And then we were off, I kept the front runners in my sights for most of
the first lap and opened up a big gap on those behind. However, conditions were
extremely difficult, with a strong head wind and driving rain on the longest
uphill. The course, treacherous in parts, with mud throughout, streams of water
running down some of inclines coupled with many sharp twists and turns, felt
more like a winter x-country than a summer race in the countryside. Second lap
followed the pattern of the first, running on my own I managed to close with the
runner in third place but was never near enough to put him under any real
pressure. With a good distance to the runners behind me I finished in a
comfortable fourth. My time of 40.24 was a good improvement (1 min, 34) on last
year in far, far more testing conditions and, very pleasingly, I marked my
one-year ELR anniversary with my first silverware ...picking up the pot for
1st male vet.

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 12th June 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1:24:1239th
Mark Boulton1:27:1468th
Jamie Xavier1:30:21 pb120th
Carlton DSouza1:44:25426th
Grant Conway1:46:11474th
Dave Knight1:47:12511th
Abdirahman Adan1:49:27 pb587th
Sarah Merrick1:56:58 pb885th
Roger Dixon1:58:19924th

Carlton, Dave and Roger get together before the race.

Dave's report I ran the Southend Half marathon with Roger today. It
being a June day I worried about getting too hot so elected to wear the East
London Runners vest. This garment does not keep you warm and the sea breezes
me shivering before the start. Plus I had forgotten to pack my vaseline and
ended up having to scrounge some off the St. Johns Ambulance.

We bumped into fellow East London Runners Carlton, Jamie and Manjit before the
start and also caught a glimpse of Grant. The event was pretty popular, had a
nice atmosphere and was flat! The problem was that the course is still 13 miles
too long. The runners do two laps that are both a straightforward there and
along the sea front from Shoebury Ness to Southend. so you get to see a lot of
the faster runners as they run towards you coming back from where you are going
to (if you see what I mean). Anyway, I saw Manjit, Mark, Jamie and Grant all
leading the way for East London Runners and also saw Roger and Sarah.

For me the race was a long plod up and down the seafront. I don't know if its
just familiarity but Southend seems to have the most unattractive seafront in
Britain. Industrial units followed by rows of tacky shops and a general run
feeling give it a dour ambience. Nevertheless, with the drizzle falling and the
sea breeze in our faces, both there and back it seemed to me even though that
cannot be possible, we plodded on.

Like all these events, the last three miles were the toughest and the sight of
the pink arch was most welcome. I think I finished in around 1:49, Sarah came
shortly after and was pleased to have cracked 2 hours and Roger came in at
around 1:58, inside his target time of 2 hours.

Bacon Butties were then consumed in the facilities area and a swift pint
followed at the Angel Inn before setting off back to East London and a well
earned nap.

Mark, Jamie, Manjit and Kelly Leedham(supporting her ELR colleagues).
Picture taken by ELR's Lucy Jarvis.

Grant's report - On 12th June yours truly and 8 other ELR runners made
the short trip to Southend for the annual Half Marathon. I travelled with
who had run the race before but unfortunately my hope that travelling together
to a race would make me faster failed yet again. I arrived at the race in a
positive frame of mind ,this being my first race of note after the London

The course is to be honest a little bland but I always seem to get bored when
running on flat courses .The route comprises of approximately 2 miles through
urban Shoeburyness and then onto the sea front for around 9 miles of running up
and down a 3 miles stretch before turning off and running through a different
urban area ,along a coastal path and back to the finish . One of the positives
in running up and down the sea front is that you get to see the other runners
the opposite direction and a chance to say hello on the way past. I also tried
to take my mind off the running by counting how many people were in front of
Manjit ,Mark and Jamie and if they were closer to the front as the raced

There were frequent water and sponge stations which were able to double up on
the sea front as you ran up and down and the marshalls were enthusiastic
the rain which fell from time to time during the race. To their credit the
locals came out to support the race well considering the chilly and damp

I was hoping for a good time on a flat course and by mile 6 I was on target for
around 1.40 but my legs felt heavy from around the mid way point and I decided
to enjoy the last few miles without killing myself to finish in just over 1
46 minutes. There were great runs by Manjit ,Mark and Jamie ,the latter two
a pb for their efforts. According to my calculations ELR should be around fifth
place in the team results although I cant see the team scores at present. I am
sure my turn will come for a good time but not on this occasion.

My overall review of the race :-

1. Course 6/10

2. Value for money 9/10 (£11 and the cheque went straight to the haven charity

3. Facilities,6/10. Adequate toilets but no showers and just a couple of stalls
with food .

4. PB potential 8/10 but not for me!

5. Would I do the race again? Yes as its local, good value for money with the
entry fee going straight to the charity and if you run well a good time is

Windsor Triathlon - Swim 1500m - Cycle 40k - Run 10k - Sunday 12th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell3:05:581420
Magda Heppell3:36:091605
Rob's report.

Magda and I signed up for the Windsor Tri many months back - it seemed like
a good idea at the time. Unfortunately through laziness and procrastination
we never got around to do any training, with neither of us having been on a
bike or swum a stroke since the London tri last year. Truth be told if it
for the fact that our two friends were also racing we probably would have
home Sunday, given that the forecast called for a day of rain. As it was, we
were up at 4am and driving to Windsor.

Fortunately the promised rain held off until after the swim stage was
It may seem counter-intuitive given that we were going to get wet anyway, but
pre-race rain would probably have been the final thing to destroy Magda's
motivation - there is nothing worse than standing around wet and cold with the
immediate prospect of spending the best part of an hour in a large body of cold
water early in the morning to dampen one's spirits.

Anyway, Magda started her swim at 6:25 (5 mins late and in the wrong wave due
a last minute technical hitch with her wetsuit) and I followed 35 minutes
The water was not as cold as we had feared and we both successfully completed
the 1500 metres without challenging any records (I think we were both last out
of the water in our respective waves). The rain started just as I left
transition and got onto my bike for the 40k ride and stayed with us for the
of the day. This, coupled with a headwind, made for a pretty cold ride.
Nevertheless we both got round ok, although I took a nasty tumble entering
transition at the very end. Nothing major but it gave me some nice cuts to
remember the event by - the only memorabilia to take from the day, as there
no medals )-:

The 10k run was 3 laps around the city centre passing Windsor castle each time
which was very pleasant. There were also plenty of spectators who braved the
weather to cheer us all on.

The weather and our complete lack of preparation made it a tough day and not
most enjoyable event by any means. That said, we felt good that we had
persevered and made it round the whole course. It also was a salutary lesson
that we need to spend more time in the water and on our bikes (and that I
probably re-take my cycling proficiency test.)

ING Europe-Marathon Luxembourg - Saturday 11th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Baldev Singh4:31:20801
Congratulations to Baldev in completing this marathon in such a good time.

Luxembourg Half Marathon - Saturday 11th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh1.27.49 pb
Luxemburg Half Marathon,on 11th June 2011.

I completed the race in 1:27:49, here I reached the 15 kilometres in 1 hour and
the last 4 kilometres were on a hill.

I wanted to complete the race in 1:25:00, but I am very pleased with my
personal best results.

Hackney Marshes parkrun # 52 - Saturday 11th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams18:194th
43 Finishers

parkrun #4 Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 11th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown19:10'ish3rd
Derek Wright21:289th
Andrea Waller22:57 pb13th (2nd Lady)
Sarah Burns26:05'ish
43 finishers

Derek: A perfect morning for the parkrun. In Don's absence, Suzanne was
doing the time-keeping and Ramesh was out on the course as a marshall. I was
in 5th place until, alone at the top of the second lap, I took a wrong turn,
ran along Blake Hall Road, then Belgrave Road and re-entered the course. An
easy mistake to make, it seems! I revisited the course in the afternoon and
the arrow was indeed pointing in the wrong direction, so I put it back to how
it should have been. Perhaps this is a case for Miss Marple. There was a
further hiccup in that only six of the 43 finishers had their results
recorded. When my barcodes were being scanned after the race, I thought that
the machine had failed to beep. Clearly the event needs to settle down a bit,
but I'll be back next week.

Latest news: There is a comment saying that the results were all
recorded but runners need to email their barcode and approx time/position to
the race organisers: flats/news">http://www.parkrun.org.uk/wanstead-flats/news

Glade Training Run - Wednesday 8th June 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Clapham Common 5k - Sunday 5th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20:226th

Mohammed finishing fast in a recent race!

Wales Marathon - Sunday 5th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rita Kingdon4:14:55182nd
A great result and time for Rita in her 3rd Marathon in the last 5
weeks! Rita was 11th in her category and 25th female home.

Rita said "For all those who like a hilly marathon you have to do the Wales
Marathon: Tenby to Pembroke Dock and back again. I knew it was meant to be
but crumbs.... Amazing views though, I've never experienced such breathtaking
views, would definitely recommend.

I'm very sore now though so I doubt I'll be running at the Club tomorrow!"

364 Finishers

Gatorade Bluewater 10k - Sunday 5th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Baldev Singh50:03558th
1903 Finishers.


Baldev in action at a previous race.

Tilty Hill 5m - Sunday 5th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy45.08tbc
Just to let you know that I ran this 5 mile race today. Results not in yet -
but my new Nike + watch (very nice) tells me that I did it in 45.08 - over
30 sec slower than last year. Nice small race - about 150 runners - and
well organised. Bit warm for running and lots of hills. I'd obviously
blanked them out from last year. Having found my pace early on, a few
runners overtook me after mile 1 and try as I might, I couldn't manage to
catch up and pass them again. I blamed the hills. Not my strong point.
At one stage, I was coming over the brow of a hill and could see runners
wending their way in the distance through the countryside. Very nice to see.
(The intervening down hill and back up was hidden from view at that

Sheila at a previous race.

Northampton 35 Mile Ultra Marathon - Sunday 5th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton6:08:3636th

97 Finishers.

Mark's Race report.

My 1st experience of an Ultra Marathon began with a 5.30am alarm call on Sunday
morning. A fairly straightforward journey to Northampton followed and I arrived
at Lamport Hall just after 7.30am with plenty of time to sign in and soak up
pre-race atmosphere. I was going into the run a little 'blind' as I have only
raced 2 marathon's before and I had no idea what to expect, the 1st signs of
nerves crept in during the pre-race briefing when the organiser's instructions
on navigation meant nothing to me, there was a lot of specific detail's about
map reading and compasses and I do not know how to (a) read a map or (b) read a
compass. With little time to worry about such minor details the starters horn
went at 8.30am and we were off. Having formed a plan with Rob Heppel after
Wednesday's club run (Thanks Rob) I tried to settle into 10 minute miles which
would bring in at around 6hrs. The 1st few miles did feel very slow but I was
very aware to try and keep my powder dry for later in the race for when I
into unknown territory. I really enjoyed the 1st half of the race, we were
running in groups and was comfortable with the pace and able to leave the
navigation to people more equipped than me. The route took in some beautiful,
rolling countryside and running through fields waist high in flowers and with
horses and sheep for company was a great experience. I managed to get to the
half way mark ahead of schedule (around 2.45) but it was around the 22 mile
point that I noticed the brutal hills had taken a lot out of my legs. The hills
were relentless. As soon as we came down one we were back up another and the
field began to spread out. The checkpoints were well stocked with supplies and
at check point 4 (25 miles) I took on plenty of water and also found a buddy
had ran the course before and knew where he was going so we charged off for the
final 10 miles. I felt ok up to 30 miles and felt relieved that there was only
miles to go.. less than a club run. We made a wrong turn at 31 miles and added
an extra mile in, but was on course to finish around 5.45hrs if I could
the pace. Then at 33 miles my whole world caved and I fell apart mentally and
physically. I was not sure I could carry on moving. I was in the middle of
nowhere with no-one around me. I managed to shuffle forward but my knees were
killing me from the pounding of the hills and country lanes, The last 2 miles
took what seemed forever but eventually took the turning back into Lamport Hall
to make my way to the finish. My target of 6 hours had been and gone but I did
not care, all I wanted was it to be over. I managed to make it over the line in
6.08.36 and received my medal and pair shorts?! for finishing. It was a
fantastic experience and I gave it everything I had, I think my lack of hill
training showed as the hills wiped the floor with me. Would I do another one?
Ask me in a couple of days....

Regents Park Summer 10K Series Race 3 - 5th June 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan36:4 pb4th
Patrick Brown40:2522nd
George Georgiou44:4994th
Carlton DSouza44:5096th
628 Finishers

Ciaran: Having not raced since October 2010, it felt a little strange
this morning as I prepared my ELR vest and pinned my running number to it. With
my lack of racing to date in 2011, I had deliberately avoided races that I had
done before, because I didn’t want to disappoint myself with my result.
I chose the Regent Park 10 on the 5th June to be my first challenge of the
year. A time trial, I told myself! Should I run badly, well then I could always
blame the race.
The weather this morning was ideal for racing, being a cooler midsummer
morning, with the exception of an easterly breeze that was unexpectedly strong
for this time of year. Lining up on the start line, huddled together with my
fellow East London Runners, we took solace from each other and prepared
ourselves for the race that was to come. Suddenly the hooter sounded. Go, go,
With all 628 runners funnelled through a narrow 3-4 metre gap, the start was
tight. As I piped the charity runners one by one that the start, I wondered why
had they all chosen to stand at the front? Weaving in and out, I found myself
at 1 km without even realising it. Bleep went my Garmin, showing 3:35 for the
1st km. Oh no, I had started too quickly. I slowed down, forced by the fact
that we had now turned into that easterly wind. Head down, elbows in, knees up.
Keep going. The second Km clocked in at 3:49, followed by the third at 3:35.
OK, over 3km, I was on my target pace of 3:40 per km. Just after 3 km point was
the end of lap 1. With 2 laps to go, now I knew that when the wind was in my
favour, I was just going to have to run quicker, and harder to compensate for
the times when the wind was against me.
Laps 2 and 3 represented a repeat of lap 1, with the 1st Km quick, followed by
the next slower as I battled through that easterly wind, followed by a 3rd
quick again. By lap 3 I was politely groaning ‘coming through’ as I passed
fellow racers on their second lap. Keeping a close eye on my Garmin, I knew a
PB was in sight, but it would take everything I had got. ‘Come on,’ I told
myself. ‘The hard work is done. I’m now on the home straight!’
At the northern point of Regent Park, 8km turned to 9km. There the path narrows
as runners pass the rear of London Zoo, no time for sightseeing. Instead time
for the final push. My earlier “polite” requests had turned to a R-O-A-R
of ‘COMING THROUGH.’ The final turn and the finish line in sight, I dug in
deep, found my reserves, and sprinted for my life, crossing the finish line, in
36:44, chip time 36:43. Only 2 things left to do. First, collapse in a heap on
the grass, and second, smile! A new PB!

PS, Yes Frank the course is certified, and no Frank, it is not all downhill!

Apologies to anyone I roared at on my way past.

Carlton, Patrick, George and Ciaran get together after the race!

A short race report:

This was my first Regent’s Park run and I was unsure what to expect. The event
was well supported and organised, with the course clearly marked and marshalled.
It was good to see a few familiar ELR club faces that added to the atmosphere.
The course comprised 3 laps of the park, and was timed using the Chronotrack B
Tag System. I was travelling well until just after the first lap, when my right
knee began to twinge and by 3.5K it had all but given up on me. I doubt if I
would have passed the finishing line if it were not for George Georgiou (also
sporting an injury) who gave me a much needed boost!

parkrun #16 Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 4th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19.132nd 69.47%

Manjit in the lead during a West Ham Park 5k earlier this year.

Orion Saturday Forest Five Summer Series - 1st race of 3 - Saturday 4th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright35:2529th
Paul Thompson41:0566th
Sarah Burns45:07 pb107th
135 finishers.

Derek: Another hard race from the Orion stable and on a hot morning.
We started off on the plain and ran up to the Hunting Lodge before heading back
down into the forest. There were a couple of tough hills in the first half
plus winding sections through trees and over roots. The last bit recalled the
Orion 15 in having to run arhythmically over the bumps up to the Lodge and we
then ran downhill to the finish. Simon Morgan was 100 metres ahead of me for
most of the race. A well-organised and clearly marshalled course, though I and
others skipped the water at the half way point as time was precious!

parkrun #3 Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 4th June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady16.25 Course Record1st 78.66%
Andrea Waller23.44 pb15th (1st female) 62.78%
Suzanne Bench24.27 - course pb18th 65.99%
Katherine Harris25.47 - course pb28th 57.40%
45 finishers. Brendan O'Grady smashes the course record to 16.25 from
18.14 from Wk 1. The 2nd place man said on lap 1 "Do you think i can catch
him ?". Andrea Waller on her 1st parkrun was 1st lady in 23.44. While Suzanne
and Katherine both improved their times from previous weeks. Many thanks
also to Andrea Middleton and Darren Speedy
who answered a call for some
help marshalling this week when we were short handed with holidays. If you feel
you can help occasionally contact wansteadparkhelpers@parkrun.com early
in the week or contact Don. This is our local parkrun
and they do rely on volunteers.

Canary Wharf Jog 10k - Wednesday 1st June 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier38:41 pbtba

BUPA London 10,000 - Monday 30th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Whitney40:46489th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea42:10617th
Jamie Xavier42:34667th
Katherine Harris56:284032nd

Hatfield Broad Oak 10km - Monday 30th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams38.4456th
Ian Horritt42.08147th
Simon Morgan45.34259th Life member
Sheila Kennedy54.49718th
Michael Rose55.52769th
Don Bennett58.27881st
Steve Knott1.02.311039th Life member
1248 finishers.

Don's report:
Another great race, just a few problems with the usual car
park out of action and a security firm in charge this year. The new field took
a bit of time to get into. The race
started about 10 minutes late. Not a big turnout, but with Aaron and Ian, in
probably one of his last runs for us, at the head of the field, they both did
well. A couple of life members running were Simon now at Tiptree running again
since injury forced him out of London. And Steve Knott in his first race since
1998 made his comeback. Whether we'll see him down the club I'm not too sure.
Just a final mention for a couple of workmates of mine doing their first ever
race. Rob in 53.33 and Steve in 57.16, hope they enjoyed it and do many more
races in the future. Rob's got a place in next year's London so he'll need to
build up for next year's run.

Dartford Bridge Olympic Triathlon - 1.5km swim/40km bike/10km run - - Sunday 29th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Farren3:13:14tba

parkrun # 14 - Valentines Park 5km - 28th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19:133rd - 69.47 %
48 finishers.

ASICS Stockholm Marathon - Saturday 28th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen Speedy3.36.41256th
Darren Speedy3.56.085.604th
HELEN - My knee gave out at 39km but a brief sit down at the kerb put it
DARREN - Nearly fainted at 38km but finished my 1st marathon.
11,842 finishers.

Helen and Darren's Marathon report.
We arrived in Stockholm at lunchtime on Friday and were able to register for
race later that day. There was also a free pasta party at the registration
which we took full advantage of! Registration was very close to the Olympic
stadium where we would end our race the following day - we had a quick glimpse
inside while it was relatively empty and then walked back to the hotel.

On race day I was really nervous but Darren was very calm and not at all
flustered by the thought of running 26.2 miles. The marathon didn't start until
11:30am so we were able to enjoy a fairly leisurely (carb-loaded) breakfast at
the hotel. Kit-bag drop-off was very straightforward and we made our way to
the start line for about 11:20 in our allocated start group. This seemed to be
organised really well as marshals were checking bibs to make sure runners were
starting in the correct places. We had provided some recent race results when
we signed up which I presume helped to determine this.

The course itself consisted of 2 laps running through all the main districts of
the city:

The first lap was 16.5k starting and finishing near the Olympic stadium. The
second lap was similar to the first but was extended by taking in the
- a park area slightly out of the city centre where there were fewer supporters
than the rest of the route.

Weather on the day was mostly overcast and according to the race website it was
14C – I don’t think we could have asked for better conditions. Two years ago
was 29C!

There were plenty of drinks stations around the course, serving both water and
energy drink, from cups. There were also some stations where the sponsors
products were handed out – these included useful bananas, energy bars and
and less useful pickled gherkins, whilst the cola at 36km made conditions a
little bit sticky underfoot!

The last 200m were completed on the running track in the Olympic stadium and on
crossing the line we received a medal and a bottle of water. We then walked
about 300m up the road to return our timing chips and receive our finishers t-
shirts and goodie bags. In the post-race area, there were computers to check
your actual finishing time and also stalls giving out more freebies (including

Helen’s race: I was hoping to finish sub 3:50, but as this was my first
marathon I wasn't sure what to expect in the latter stages of the race. The
distance markers were in kilometres and Darren suggested breaking the race down
into 5k chunks which I found really helped. Even after 30km, the ‘wall’ never
materialised. Our race numbers also had our names/nationalities printed on
and a few supporters did call out my name which gave some encouragement.
However, at 39k something seemed to click in my knee and I couldn't put full
weight on my left foot. I tried a hobbling run for about 200m before the pain
became too much so I stopped and took a deep breath before trying again. Once
again it hurt too much, and this time I decided to sit on the kerb and work out
what to do. After an emotional minute I stood up again and this time whatever
was clicked back into place and I was pain free. With the 40km marker in sight
and my target time still within grasp I was spurred on to the finish and was
delighted with my finishing time.

Darren’s race: I was hoping to beat Helen, but I knew this wasn’t a
proposal as she’s always been faster than me. We were actually pretty close
the first half of the race, with Helen leading up to the 10km point and then me
pulling ahead to the 21.1km half-way point. However, by 30km Helen was back in
the lead with a 2 minute gap and I was starting to seriously flag. I started
feel faint at about 35km, but kept going to 38km at which point I thought I
might keel over so stopped for a minute to re-think my strategy – would it be
better to finish the race regardless of the time, or to faint just 4km short of
the finish line? Common sense prevailed and I walked (very painfully) for a
while before jogging the last 2km and just about scraping in under 4 hours.
Very pleased with the result, but think I could have done better if I’d done
some longer runs in training.

Overall, we enjoyed our first marathon experience in Stockholm and would
recommend the race to others. Stockholm is a scenic city, small enough to
explore on foot and everyone speaks English so communication isn’t a problem.

parkrun # 50 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 28th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright19:5813th - 68.36%
49 finishers.

Derek: The course consists of a long semi-circle of 2.5km out and the
same route back in Hackney Marshes mainly on paths and some grass. I tried not
to start off too fast until a rottweiler started chasing me and other runners
and snapped at our ankles. The course is virtually all flat and contains
limited twists and turns, so out of the three local parkruns, I would say this
is the most pb'able. Today was the first anniversary of this event so there
were special prizes at the start and cakes afterwards.

parkrun # 2 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 28th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton18.294th no barcode
James Wilson18:54 pb5th - 69.40 %
Daniel Gallacher20:169th - 63.65 %
Katherine Jones24:4117th (1st female) - 59.96 %
Katherine Harris26:1320th (3rd female) - 56.45 %
31 finishers.

Don: There were actually about 35 runners but a few forgot
barcodes including Sarah Burns and Mark. If you don't have a barcode don't run
through the funnel. It messes the times and finishing positions up. This time
most runners went the right way but if you follow the marked posts you won't
get lost. Tell that to Sharon who went from Course Record holder on Week 1 to
sending out search parties when she got lost this week. Volunteers were a bit
short this week going from 10 on week 1 to 7 this week and next week some of
them aren't available. If you can help occasionally please contact them or Don.

Serpentine Last Friday 5km - Friday 27th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway21.44104th 64.3%

Edinburgh Marathon - Sunday 22nd May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh3.17.24620th
Tara Syed4.46.557346th
Tom Woods4.48.457442nd
Katherine Harris2.10.01 (Half Marathon)3161st
Early quote from Tara - I have experienced every season in a few hours.

Great Baddow 10m - Sunday 22nd May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.04.0121st
Mark Boulton1.08.2271st
718 finishers. Great runs by Manjit and Mark gave us two runners in the top
10%. Despite mentions in instructions beforehand and on the day, four runners
were spotted and disqualified for wearing earphones.

parkrun # 14 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 21st May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ramesh Pala23.2015th - 63.21%

parkrun # 1 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 21st May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson19.355th - 66.98%
Daniel Gallacher21.029th - 61.33%
Derek Wright21.1310th - 64.34%
Patrick Brown21.3212th - 59.91%
Carlton DSouza22.1115th - 65.44%
Sharon Springfield23.04 - 1st Lady/Course record18th - 65.68%
Suzanne Bench25.37 - 2nd Lady26th - 62.98%
Miguel Martinez26.1328th - 50.60%
Angela Morley26.5332nd - 58.83%
Geoff Bench29.4942nd - 47.57%
48 finishers.

Derek: A good turnout on a hot morning with Don recording the times. The
flats are familiar territory for many of us and the two-lap course involved
some inclines in the upper reaches of the lap. We ended up running more than
5k, as on the first lap the leading bike took a wrong turn down a
narrow path when we should have been running along the bottom of the football
pitch. The organisers tried to compensate by making the second lap shorter, but
we probably deserve to lop about a minute off our times. Still, this will be a
great weekly event when the course settles down a bit.

Don: When I arrived I was told we'd only have about 20 runners this
week. So imagine my surprise to have 48 runners. My only worry was whether the
timer bleeped when the race started. It was hard to hear when the race
starter fires an aerosol horn right next to you to start the race. The
timekeeping is pretty easy when you're only pressing a button each time someone
crosses the line. Looking at some of the largest attendances of 800+, now that
would be hard work. The course error can be easily rectified with a marker or
marshall next time. If you want to volunteer let me know or contact parkrun
online and give a hand.

Safety bike error meant the course was 3.2 (instead of 3.1), or roughly a
minute. So PB's for sure next time.

BUPA Great Manchester 10k - Sunday 15th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea41:19pb by 3 secs649th
27,775 Finishers

Mohammed's Race report.

I managed to run negative splits, 20:55 for the first 5K and 20:24 for the
second 5K. It was extremely congested at the start (and cold) I was rather
worried that my muscles would seize up as I waited patiently for 30mins for the
gun to go off. I had to stick to jogging for the first quarter and added
distance to my race because of having to dodge a fairy, a man dressed in just a
nappy, and a Christmas tree?!!

Bearing in mind that I'm still carrying a hamstring injury in my right leg,
I'm super-confident of pulling off sub-40 very soon. I do tend to collapse at
the finish line, but only because I give it my all. This race was different, as
I felt like I could do more after I crossed the finish line, which is good
as it means I've got plenty in reserve.

There were *38,000 people* who gained entry to this event, but there were
only *27,775 finishers*. This event is always a very quick sell-out, and
this was the ninth year that the event has been staged. The event is an out-and-
back course starting in the city centre and heading out west towards Old
Trafford, past the football stadium. It was a great atmosphere in Manchester as
hoards of people lined the streets in noisy support. Perhaps all were in good
mood, after all, Man Utd had just won the league title for a record 19th time
and Man City had won the FA Cup for the first time in 42 years.

Orpington Marafun - Full Marathon - Saturday 14th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton3:42:3915th
Having run London a few weeks ago in 3:29, Mark used this latest Marathon as a
training run for his 35 mile Ultra in Northants on 5th June 2011.

Mark's report!

I finished in 3.42.10 (unofficial)

A pleasant Marafun with not too many runners and few spectators. Registration
was quite straightforward due to small scale of event, and chatted to fellows
runners before briefing by Boris Johnson brother. Marathon started and
immediately the leaders went the wrong way! Course was 2 laps around Orpington
and included lots of road crossings and battles with traffic. Course was well
marshalled and plenty of water available, route included some serious hills
particularly at mile 8 and again at mile 21 as we cut through a Golf Course. I
was not ideally prepared having signed up 3 days before but managed to settle
into a rhythm and stick to it. One downside to the event was no official times
available and runners had to record there own. Was great to see Manjit in club
colours having won the half-marathon race.

Highlight of race: Van Driver "OI, what you running for?" Me: "Marathon" Van
Driver: "What....around Orpington?!?" Whilst manically laughing.... I can see
his point.

Orpington Half Marathon Road Run - Saturday 14th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1:25:491st
Manjit said "I led the race up to 10 miles, lost the lead up to 11 miles
then led to the finish. I achieved my aim of finishing first in a Half

parkrun #13 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 14th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:088th - 67.80 %
George Georgiou21:1613th - 65.13 %
Richard Potter22:1216th - 58.11 %
Ramesh Pala22:3918th - 65.12 %
49 finishers

Shakespeare Marathon - Stratford Upon Avon - Sunday 8th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown3:45:14328th
1077 finishers.

Patrick in a previous race.

Halstead and Essex Marathon - Sunday 8th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson3:52:05182nd
Rita Kingdon3:57:02226th
Good run by Mick, running his 2nd Marathon in 3 weeks, beating his London time
by almost 4 minutes. Also a good run by Rita finishing in under 4 hours.

Mikes race report: The race starts and finishes in the grounds of
Halstead Leisure Centre and is held on a two lap undulating course through the
country lanes of North Essex and the village of Pebmarsh. The weather forecast
was for rain, however the sun was already shining brightly as I lined up at the
start, nervously waiting for the race to begin. I ran the first mile with Rita,
during which time we encountered the first hill. The climbs are fairly short
though, (not of the Hemel Hempstead variety!) and their effect does not really
kick in until the second lap. I was taking it very easy as the sun was getting
hotter and it was a relief whenever the road passed between some trees, which
provided the comfort of some much needed shade. By the time I collected my gel
from Simon Morgan who was marshalling at the 21 mile water station, I was
feeling very hot and slightly dehydrated. However, shortly after this the sun
thankfully faded for a while to be replaced by a strong breeze for the last
four miles. It almost felt like I was having a good time! The support of all
marshals and spectators was fantastic throughout and the organisation first
class. There was a worthwhile goody bag at the end and the entry fee
provided good value for money. Rita was pleased as she had run a marathon PB
and I achieved my aim of beating my London time of three weeks previous, which
I was pleased with under the circumstances. Overall, this was one of my most
enjoyable marathon experiences even with the hills and I will return to run
again another year.

Clapham Common 5k Series - Race 3 - Sunday 8th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21:1011th
131 finishers

Prague Marathon - Sunday 8th May 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee2:59:12 pb189th
Great run in a personal best and fantastic time by Danny in the Prague

Danny Lee (right) enjoying a drink after the recent Orion 15, with wife Ava.
Also photographed are Sharon Springfield and Derek Wright.

Danny's Race Report.

"Prague is a fantastic setting for a marathon. The route starts and ends in
the old town square and for most of the course traces the main river, first
downstream, then up, and down again, crossing Prague's historic bridges
several times.

The day felt quite hot and there were a lot of cobbles and tram lines, but
nothing to hang any excuses on really. I was here hoping for my first sub-3
hour marathon, and my plan started well. The first 20k, I was actually
faster than my target pace - a pace that would have me zig zagging up the
final straight, high fiving strangers in the crowd, with several minutes to
spare. The next 10k I was bang on my target pace - all was going to plan.

Then I hit 30k and it all started to go wrong. Within a few kilometers, the
lead over my pace was gone. By about 38k, my "several minutes" buffer had
vanished too. At this point, my mental arithmetic failed me and I convinced
myself today was not going to be the day - my pace was still dropping.

Somehow I kept going and at last turned into the final straight. There on
the horizon, under the inflatable finishing arch, I could just make out 2:58
something. No time for high fives or aeroplane impressions. The last 100
metres was definately not pretty, but I finally staggered over the line at
2:59:12 with something between a smile and a grimmace on my face.

Ava (my coach for the weekend) handed me my victory ice cream. Yay! Time for
a Staropramen, we reckoned."

Bracknell Half Marathon - Sunday 8th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen Speedy1:40:16 (9th Lady)146th 65.04%
964 finishers

parkrun #12 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 7th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson18:58 pb4th - 69.16 %
Manjit Singh18:595th - 70.32 %
Mark Boulton19:13 pb6th - 67.13 %
Carlton DSouza19:22 pb7th - 74.96 %
Derek Wright20:1310th - 67.52 %
Sharon Springfield21:1911th (1st female) - 71.07 %
44 finishers.

Serpentine last Friday of the month 5k (moved from 29th April) - Friday 6th May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter19:01 pb18th - Age Grading 72.08%
Grant Conway22:0580th - Age Grading 62.7%
Another pb by Andrew - 18th overall, 4th in V40 category! Average pace was 6

Witham RC Not the Boxing Day 5m - Monday 2nd May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy43.57187th
Postponed from Boxing Day to May Day, Sheila had a warmer run than originally
planned. Her son who runs for Woodford Green AC won the under 18 event in
31.25. As she put it, a bit of catching up to do.
Simon Morgan running as a Tiptree Road Runner ran 33.51 in 61st place.
253 finishers.

Regents Park 10 km race series - Sunday 1st May 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou44.1297th
430 finishers

Montane Highland Fling - 53 miles - Milngavie to Tyndrum - Saturday 30th April 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Hartwell13:23:07281st
A great performance by Jimmy in very warm conditions over tough terrain.

Jimmy (left) with his running mates a few minutes before the start of the
Highland Fling

“Highland Fling “Race Report 2011

On Friday the 29th of April, I boarded a train at Euston bound for Milngavie in
Scotland. I had a little feeling of trepidation, as the following morning: I
would be taking part in a 53 mile race along the Southern part of the West
Highland way from Milngavie to Tyndrum called the “Highland Fling”
(www.highlandflingrace.org ). The last four months hadn’t been ideal
preparation: time off in January for back surgery to remove a lump and more
recently in March twisting my ankle badly playing vets rugby in Holland. To
date, I had only done a couple long 7 hour jogs along the South Downs.

The Fling started in 2006. A group of friends organized an informal unsupported
training event for competitors training for the annual West High land way race
(www.westhighlandwayrace.org ); a mammoth 95 miles of run/jog/walk from
Milngavie to Fort William with 14,760ft of ascent. This year the Fling had
to 445 individual competitors and 37 relay teams

Why leave the flats of sunny Essex for a hilly race in Scotland? Well for the
last few years I had taken part in a mountain trail race known as the tour of
Mont Blanc or UTMB (www.utmb.com ). Last year I joined a team called the
“Remixers”, which comprised mainly of runners who had worked for or had some
connection with the race sponsor North Face (race entry was guaranteed as long
managed to gain a total of 5 qualifying points for two races over the year). To
keep my race points up, I needed to finish the High Land Fling in less than 14
hours to gain 2 points. More importantly to meet the team and sample the range
of McEwan’s shilling range of beers amongst others.

Saturday morning was perfect conditions for the race not a cloud in the sky. At
6.00am from Milngavie train station car pack; I cheered off the first wave of
competitors; women and super vets. My turn would come at 7.00am for the vets
men runners at 8.00am. To kill time before I started, I talked tactics with a
rather depleted Remixers team, myself, the team captain Des Rule (manager of
Covent Garden branch of Ellis Brigham) and Graeme Waterworth & his wife Suzanne
(Chinese medicine therapists who were currently working in Boston and sometimes
in London).

The guys had decided like the majority of the runners to use the drop bag
system. Runners had the option of loading up bags with their favourite snacks,
gels, powders etc.., which were sent ahead to the 4 main check points along the
route. The Fling prides it self on having very few rules. There was no ban on
runners having additional support teams or pacers to help them out. The brief
for the race from the organiser Murdo Mac Donald was simply “If you drop out
make sure you tell someone!”

I opted for a rucksack with food, water bladder, wet weather gear and other
& bobs that would be compulsory to carry later on in the year for the Mont

Before the 7.00am start, I had a pleasant surprise as Frank Brownlie the
Chairman of ELR came along to wish everybody luck and remind me I was invited
his birthday Ceilidh party in the evening at the Kincaid Hotel which was only 5
miles away.
Race strategy … I was going to plod around the course, treat it as training
preparation for the Mont Blanc race. Jog on the flat, walk up the hills and run
down them; keeping a steady 4 miles an hour meant I could beat the cut off at
9.00pm. Failure meant losing 2 points, missing the bus back to the start & an
expensive cab fare.

The first 13 miles past the village of Drymen were relatively flat and I had
clocked just over 2hrs. The next 7 miles to the ancient village of Balmaha the
meeting place between the Highlands and Lowlands proved a bit hillier. The
major climb involved contouring around Conic Hill which now gave excellent
of Loch Lomand; in the distance Ben Lomond, and further afield near the race
finish, the other snow capped mountains ( or Munros as they were over 3000ft
high ) of Bein Dorain and Beinn an Dothaidh.

The next 14.5 miles to Inversnaid followed an undulating trial through the
adjacent to the edge of Loch Lomond. I slowed down considerably, stopping to
take in the views or chatter with competitors I had met in previous races.

34.3 miles had taken 7hrs 20mins. I thought I had this race cracked; one check
point to go and then the finish. Wishful thinking.., the next stage was the
treacherous; a very narrow steep path scrambling up down boulders and awkward
tree routes. Shuffled into the last check point at Beinglass Farm feeling
knackered and dehydrated with the heat. I decided to take a 20 minute break.
heat had taken its toil on the race nearly a third of all starters had dropped
out or missed the eventual cut off.
The last stage was a very slow trudge as I had no energy left to run down hills
or jog on the flat. Finally, I arrived at the finish in 13hrs 23mins (well
within the 14hr cut off) to receive a Fling medal. All the beer left in buckets
of ice for finishers had been drunk; however there was one consolation, the
finishers’ goody bag. It contained a “Montane” technical wicking shirt and a
bottle of champagne.
All in all: a good day out; a very friendly well organised event and probably
the only the time I’ll go to Scotland for the weekend and come back with a sun
tan. Unfortunately the bus trip back to the start didn’t quite go to plan so I
was too late to have a beer at Frank’s birthday Ceilidh.

parkrun #11 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 30th April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh18:474th - 71.07 %
Carlton DSouza19:29 pb7th - 74.51 %
Mark Boulton19:478th - 65.21 %
Derek Wright20:109th - 67.69 %
Suzanne Bench24:2718th (3rd female) - 65.99 %
46 finishers

Royal 5km - Bexhill-On-Sea - Friday 29th April 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.1515th chip time
Mohammed had an eventful run in Bexhill. First missing his train and going all
around the houses to get there. He arrived to find the organiser's starting the
race 30 minutes early and the runners going off into the distance.
Quickly putting number and chip on he set off nearly 5 minutes behind the 140
runners he quickly started passing nearly a 100 including 3 in the last 100m to
finish in 46th place in a time of 25.12.

His chip time placed him in 15th place with nearly 5 minutes in actual
All in all Bexhill was a very friendly and welcoming place giving him lot's of
cheers as he made his way through the field.

Bluebell Run - Wednesday 27th April 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Wanstead Flats 5k Run 2011 - Monday 25th April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Francis Bray23:5417th
Sheila Kennedy26:4825th
Steve Knott30.1130th
47 finishers. Yes, you're not seeing things. A real name from the past as
Life Member Steve Knott is on his comeback.
Early days this gent was our Club Chairman and President going back to the
extreme origins of East London Runners. Steve has for many years been a
regular instructor doing Pump & Step aerobic classes at a few venues.

He now wants to try out his running again and is building up for the Hatfield
Broad Oak 10km.

Ballybunion Half Marathon , Kerry,Ireland - Saturday 23rd April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Whitney1.31.1923rd

parkrun #10 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 23rd April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19.199th 68.68%
Carlton DSouza19.55 est pb10th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.02 pb by 36 sec11th 64.73%
George Georgiou20.5612th 59.26%
Richard Potter21.4614th 59.26%
Mary OBrien25.2425th 71.98%
ELR had 6 runner's this week in the largest turnout of 47 so far for the
Valentine's Park parkrun series. PB's for Carlton and Mohammed. For Carlton a
big improvement on last weeks run, but not recorded. Remember you must bring
your barcode to have your run verified. For Mohammed a pb by 36 seconds but
failed to crack 20 minutes when a marshall sent him the wrong way. But it can't
be too long before it happens.

Curry Night - Wednesday 20th April 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Boston Marathon - Monday 18th April 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell3:19:154774
Boston Marathon - Monday 18th April 2011

Rob on his way to finishing a pint of the black stuff shortly after
completing the Boston Marathon.

Rob's race report!

By far this was my best race result ever and my fastest Boston time by a
significant margin. Not a personal best, but given the heat and hills I was
extremely pleased with the way I ran.

Boston is a very demanding and technical course with significant downhills
in the first half followed by uphills between miles 17 and 21. My previous
5 outings here have been so-so and I was determined to do better this time.
I also wanted to try and use this race to qualify for next year which I
knew would be tough given the new rules.

My strategy was to start a little more aggressively than prior years and
then push it once I got to the half way point. In the end that is exactly
what I was able to accomplish but not without having to dig pretty deep.

The key moment in the marathon was when I saw a sign held by a spectator at
around 13 miles that read: "Do" or "Not Do" there is no "Try".

Memories of just missing out on a sub 1:30 half marathon by seconds a few
weeks back still haunted me and I decided I didn't want another repeat of
that experience. From that point on I gave it everything I had with the
view that it would either work, or I would blow up and miss the time by a
significant margin. No half measures.

In the end I made my time with a few seconds to spare but was in a pretty
bad state at the finish. A mix of the high temperatures and pushing a
little to hard made me violently ill on the finish line. Not great but
within 20 minutes I was feeling fine and was very pleased with what I had

I don't think I have ever put everything on the line like that before so
felt very proud of the effort. Not sure that I want to repeat it any time
soon but still pleased with the accomplishment.

Virgin London Marathon 2011 - Sunday 17th April 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi2.54.17 pb by 18 mins650
Mark Boulton3.29.21 pb by 1hr 13mins3874
Carrine Jay3.33.044349
Thomas Whitney3.43.155866
Jamie Xavier3.47.086509
Michael Wilson3.55.438225
Dave Knight3.58.118866
Daniel Levicki4.00.099371
Kirsty Weston4.01.389653
Grant Conway4.06.2610,646
Frank Brownlie4.10.3611,538
Tricia ONeill4.11.3811,743
Louisa Tock4.26.3115,407
Aime Bagshaw4.26.3215,411
Rachel Coombs4.29.3416,227
Katrina Dixon4.34.0817,387
Victoria Elliott4.36.0717,884
Andrew Rich4.39.3418,703
Juliet Bryant4.41.49 pb19,245
Priya Patel4.44.1319,834
Tara Syed4.44.5520,018
Susannah House4.53.3222,038
Paul Charters4.53.3522,048
Tom Lawrence4.55.4022,520
Abdirahman Adan4.57.3322,950
Frances Branch5.14.2226,115
Sarah Rowling5.14.2226,116
Jayne Browne5.15.3326,366
Julie Onwukegu5.25.5828,001
Dave Foster5.44.4230,340
Kelly King5.46.1730,502
Clare Waugh - Bacchus5.46.1730,503
Mandip Ranu6.12.1432,502
Jim Bird7.18.4334,312
Results in detail available on London
Marathon 2011

A few ex-members running were Katherine Franklin an excellent 3.58.53. Sarah
Pearson 4.48.31 and John May 6.01.06, a combination of heat, lack of training
and tripping over a lucozade bottle at 6 miles didn't help.

Clive Jackson, Roger Dixon, John Atkinson and Doug Mansell who with Derek
Wright organised and manned the Elite Runners 25k Feed Station on West Ferry
Road for the Club.

Manjit Bedi - This was a PB for me by 18 minutes from the Halstead
marathon last year. Since gaining my place in August all my training was
focused for this race to get a sub 3 hour time, so I am very pleased. I thought
the conditions were quite tough in terms of the heat and on top of that I have
never been as nervous about a race as this one, glad it's all over till next

Mark Boulton -What an amazing day. London was on fire on Sunday, the
support blew me away. The day started with an entertaining coach ride which
certainly took my mind of running the Marathon and from there everything went
perfectly. It was fantastic to see so many East London Runners at the 20
mile water Station where I was feeling pretty good, by 24 miles I was running
from memory and the support along The Embankment and the sight of Big Ben
pulled me along. Down to the wonderful people of ELR with the fantastic
and the many, many tips and advice I picked up along the way I was able to
1hr 13mins off my previous Marathon time and achieve my dream off a sub 3.30
Marathon. I'm also in process of losing a toe nail. Here's to the next one!

Tara Syed - Running the London Marathon as part of East London Runners
was an amazing experience. The "interesting" coach journey up involved
forgetting to pick up half the runners, going back for them, encountering
closed roads, moving roadblocks and numerous conversations with the Met's
finest. A tube trip would have been much duller!
My friends and family were cheering before mile 18 on the route, so knowing
that the club were manning the water station at mile 20 spurred me on a bit
further as I wanted to look vaguely like a human when I ran past. The buzz of
seeing everyone kept me going another little while and suddenly I realised "I
haven't hit the wall and am not going to as I'm almost there"!
Thanks ELR for support during training and on the day and well done to everyone
who ran and helped out. It was as fun as an event which makes you feel like a
little man is hammering your legs with a miniature baseball bat can be!

Dave Knight - Just to say that I really enjoyed the Marathon Day. I am
very happy to have got round in under 4 hours - only just mind you! The ELR
drink station provided a massive boost when it was most needed and it was great
to see so many of you there. The weather was hot and finding the shadiest parts
of the course became an obsession along with sticking to my 9 minute miling
plan. Really enjoyed the post marathon pint(s) at the Ship and Shovel - thanks
to those of you who made it along. I'm looking forward to swapping our marathon
yarns at the curry house on Wednesday. See you all then.

Sarah Burns at the Water Station - You guys are amazing well done I
can't wait to run it next year. I've managed to lose my voice shouting at
people from the water station but it was real priviledge to see you guys
looking so good at 20 miles.

Ciaran Canavan at the Water Station - East London Runners do it in Style!
Well done and congratulations to everyone who ran the VLM yesterday. Fantastic
turn-out from the club for both the race, and the mile 20 water station. What
amazing results from the runners, in what were very warm and humid conditions!
We couldnt hand out the water Quick enough. I'm looking forward to hearing all
your stories over curry on Wednesday night.
Roll on Virgin London Marathon 2012. Don't forget the ballot opens on Tuesday
26th April, and is likely to close within 24 hours.

Tip for 2012 Ciaran - The runners are behind you!

Clare Fitzpatrick - Well done everyone, nearly killed me, can't believe
we did it, what am I going to talk about now...xxx

Grant Conway - What a day! A truly remarkable experience, starting off
with an interesting trip on the ELR coach. Driver was unaware he was picking up
at Green Man so we had a round trip via Leyton. Road closures from 8am, still I
managed to persuade the Police that we could drive through the coned off areas,
although Manjit, Tom Lawrence and I had several excursions from the coach to
move bollards before the heroic traffic guys moved the cones for us so we could
get onto the Island. Still we arrived in good time with not too much hanging
around before the start.
I had a chat with Paul Charters and he kindly offered to run with me as he was
an experienced marathon runner. We had a remarkably smooth start from the front
of pen 4 but as expected the sun soon came out and it was far too warm for a
quick time. Paul and I kept each other going and Paul gave me so good advice
regarding hydration. The miles went by quickly with the fantastic crowds all
the way en route. Unfortunately Paul began to suffer along The Highway and I
pressed on. The next part of the race was my favourite with the big crowds down
one of my lunchtime running routes, Narrow Street, and the noise and music
around Canary Wharf was incredible. Moving towards the Highway again and at
Mile 20 it was great to see all the ELR members at the water station and Derek
trying to run alongside me was hilarious. Then I saw our Chairman who was
having a bad time, hopefully my shouts of encouragement were a help Frank. The
heat was relentless and although I was determined to keep on running I slowed
down a bit down past the Tower and onto the Embankment, I pressed on and got
round as best as I could. I learnt a lot about marathon running in my first
marathon in many ways, it's to be respected (I knew that anyway), but most
importantly it's to be enjoyed no matter what the result. Thanks to everyone at
ELR for organising the coach, for the fantastic effort at the Water Station and
all your advice, support and friendship. I honestly never expected to be
running the marathon, ever, even when I joined the Club 3 years ago with aim of
running a few miles a week. Well done to all the runners in the marathons this
year with lots more to come, go ELR!
p.s its only 11 weeks until the first ELVIS race!

Sarah "Peaky" Rowling - Well done everyone! I'm still buzzing!! What an
amazing day and an amazing achievement for everyone! xx

Mike Wilson - Started off slowly in pen 3, very crowded for the first
couple of miles and found it difficult to find a proper space to run in.
Shortly after, found the 3 hrs 30 mins pacemaker in front of me and managed to
stay behind him until 10 miles. By then, the air was so humid that I could not
breathe properly and I lost sight of the pacemaker; my dream of running a sub
3.30 marathon again, disappearing for another year. I then had to run very slow
and steady, focusing on reaching our water station at 20 miles. Seeing the ELR
members gave me a tremendous boost - thanks to everyone for their
encouragement - Derek even running along side me! After that it was the 6.2
miles count down to the finish that always feels like hours! I was determined
to run all the way and not walk. I remembered my training and took the gel and
sports drinks at the right times and was relieved to get over the line without
any real problems. Another memorable year and an achievement for all the

George Georgiou at the Water Station - Well done to all ELR runners who
took part today in the FLM. Helping out at the water station was great fun and
a very rewarding experience. I think you all did brilliantly with such warm

Frances Branch - Running a Marathon for the first time, I was so
and grateful that I travelled on the mini bus up with fellow ELR runners,
settle my nerves (a little) and felt right that I should travel with the people
who have helped me along with the runs of a wednesday evening. As for the run,
it was the most amazing experience ever, I loved every single second! Seeing
at the 20 mile water station brought a massive smile to my face, it was a
fantastic pick up and fuelled me on for the next 6.2 miles! Thank you all so
much, for your support the last four months of training, to all at the water
station and to all fellow travellers on the coach! I definitely have the
Marathon bug now and can't wait to do it all again next year! 'Who says London
doesn't have spirit'

Katrina Dixon - "An absolutely amazing experience from start to finish.
It took me a long time to get to the start line due to endless rejections and
injury and having finally got there, I wanted to enjoy it. The miles are a bit
of a blur now but the 16 weeks of training with the club must have paid off as
I think I coasted through the first 22 miles with relative ease. Then my knee
started playing up so I ran/walked to the finish. Suprisingly I think the heat
helped me as it made me stop at every water station and run with water; I think
I would have otherwise run through them and may have suffered from dehydration
in cooler conditions. I also completely messed up my supporter points and was
distracted for most of the second half scanning the crowds wondering where my
family and friends were!! I finally found most of them at mile 24 & 25! I loved
every minute of it and am still glowing with pride and sunburn at my 4hr.34min

Tricia O'Neill - Thanks guys for all your support at 20 miles. Was an
amazing day and seeing you all at the water station helped put a little spring
in my step. Looking forward to Wednesday x

Rachel Coombs - I made it!! London Marathon 2011 all over and done with -
thank goodness. 4:29:34 so one minute slower than my last effort but I got to
see my family and friends en route which was lovely. Thank you to those who
sent good luck messages and sponsored me.

Julie Onwukegu - I hit my wall at mile 22 and I really did think "why do
you put yourself
through these things Julie?!" but the thought of all the people who had
come down to cheer and support me, seeing my friends and family along
the route and ELR at our infamous water station, and along with my SEVEN
toilet stops I powered through! "The pain is temporary but the pride is
forever!" this really was my motto for the last 4 miles! I can honestly
say that this day was my worst yet best experience of my running life
and I am so glad I was given a chance to take part! Thanks ELR!

Kirsty Weston - Didn't quite sub 4 hrs, heat got the better of me, have
to make do with 4.01.38....thanks for everyones support on the day and all the
texts, emails and facebook posts...so far I've made over £1,100 for my charity

A Proud Kirsty with her marathon medal shortly after finishing.

Jayne Browne- What a day and what a crowd, blew me away the amount of
people that came out to support the runners and great to see ELR at Mile 20, I
needed it by then. I vaguely remember grabbing someone for a cuddle and
have you had your hair straightened or was I dreaming it? Looked lovely anyway.
Ran the first 10 miles with Victoria and Priya which was great and then lost
them in the crowd. Kept going until at Mile 17-18 I think I hit the wall, and
started to walk/run, big mistake!! I felt dreadful and lost the plot but seeing
all my friends/family and getting lots of cuddles and encouragement I made it
5.15 – initially disappointed in my time, but as usual after reading other
experiences on the ELR website I know I should feel proud and I do, just over 2
years ago I couldn’t run down the road and now I have finished the VLM in a
respectable time. Well done to everyone and see you all Wednesday for a short
run and a curry/wine.

Katherine Jones at the Water Station - I'm on such a marathon high and I
didn't even run it. Well done everyone that did. I had great fun doing the
water station with eastlondonrunners!

Andrew Rich - Wonderful day again this year, the weather might have made
it tough for the runners but always brings out the best in the supporters who
seemed to be louder than ever. I was personally a bit disappointed having
targeted 4 hours and found a lack of energy in the legs from an early point and
came home in 4hr 39 in the end but even more determined now to get under 4
hours next year. Highlights included lining up alongside the 'bus' and spending
most of the race tracking Wills and Kate a fortnight before the big day.

Juliet Perry - The first 14 were great - the sun was shining, the crowds
were entertaining, I was keeping to my ten minute mile plan. Everything went a
bit wrong after Tower Bridge when the heat got the better of me and between 15
and 20 miles was desperately trying to find any shade to run in.. seeing
friends who'd turned out to support me and everyone at the ELR drinks station
gave a much needed boost and I've never been so glad to see clouds appear at
mile 22 which made all the difference in getting through those last few miles.
Managed to knock a couple of minutes off my last marathon time - so a PB but
only just! It was a great atmosphere and a real feeling of achievement at the
end despite the aching legs today.. Well done everyone!

Thomas Whitney - Cheers to all at ELR especially those on the drinks
station - I was so out of it/in the zone at that point that I thought I was
seeing things at mile 20 - "I've seen these people somewhere before" I thought -

"Oh yeah - ELR". Thanks.

Tom Lawrence - Thanks to everyone involved with the water station
yesterday, it was great to see so many friendly faces - a real highlight at a
tough time in the race, second only to meeting Denise Lewis on Tower Bridge!

Tricia O'Neill, Frank, Roberto Bruni and Dave. In front Priya Patel and
Enjoying a drink outside the Ship and Shovell, Dave Knight's
favourite post marathon watering h

parkrun # 9 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 16th April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carlton DSouza20.333rd 70.64% age grading
George Georgiou20.52 pb4th 66.37%
Jennifer Garven29.2120th 50.43%
Another PB for George cracking the 21 min barrier. But a great debut parkrun
from Carlton gives him a 3rd place.

Newham Classic 10k - Sunday 10th April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson39:3468th
Manjit Singh40:0375th
Derek Wright41:1891st
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea41.22 pb94th - new pb by 21 secs
Jamie Xavier42:18108th
Sharon Springfield45:40187th
Suzanne Bench49.04271st - 4th in age category
Rachel Coombs50:24320th
Kelly Leedham50:24321st
Ramesh Pala51:02342nd
Thomas Whitney52:24393rd
Andrea Middleton52:37406th
989 Finishers

Derek's report: An out and back course hosted by Tessa Sanderson
starting at West Ham Park, passing along Stratford High Street, up to the
Olympic stadium and then back again. The top Kenyan athletes finished in 30
mins and we could see them passing us on their way back, rather like in the
marathon. It was a hot day and there was one water station. Close to the
stadium there was a speed indicator for cars which told me that we were running
at 9mph. Catching up both Sharon and Mohammed at different points in the race,
both said words to the effect of "Hello Derek" without turning round to look,
doubtless alerted by my distinctive running style, whatever that might be!

Milan Marathon - Sunday 10th April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Atkinson4:36:252835th
John the day after. Milan Marathon 4-36-25 first half 2-07-35 and then
of training took its toll. Ibuprofen worked but quite painful today. Spent too
long at the food stations as the slices of oranges were absolutely
managed 13 halves - next year Berlin!

Paris Marathon - Sunday 10th April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Farren4:03:2712657
Tom Woods5:36:0324384

Brighton Marathon - Sunday 10th April 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine JonesSee below
Andrew Baxter3:17:27 pb by 18 mins213th
Caroline Meaby4:16:15 pb2956th
7802 Finishers.


Caroline and Katherine before the race and Andrew at a race earlier in the

Report on Brighton.

In two words?.........too hot............

Ok, so you want some detail........

Race start was in Preston Park, all really well organised, but inevitable queues
for the loo put paid to any chance of a pre-race ELR group photo!

Steve Cram sounded the horn at 9 and we were off (or walking to the start
depending on pens). 1st mile was a loop around the park, including a short climb
to the highest point on the whole route - easy running for those of us with
Roding Valley under our belt, but immediately clear that it was going to be a
very hot one.

The next 3 miles wound round the centre of Brighton, including a great photo
opportunity in front of the Pavilion. Plenty of noisy support roadside despite
the early hour but the first water station, at 3 miles, was already a welcome
sight as the temperature nudged upwards. Mile 5 and a short gentle uphill on St
James Street to kick us off in Kemptown, great crowds all the way for the next
mile or so and then down onto the seafront where we are to spend most of the
next 20 miles.

Heading away from Brighton, on the only real climb on the course, it was soon
apparent that any hope of a cooling sea breeze was wishful thinking, we then
veered away from the coast for a shortish loop around Ovingdean School. Down to
the coast again and, at approx 10 miles, the course did a full 180 turn taking
us down along the cliff top towards Brighton Marina but even here the air was
completely still. Half way came soon after and crowds packed the route making a
great noise for the next few miles leading us to a short (3 mile)detour into

However, at mile 14, Katherine had to pull out: "The morning started off
so well and I was feeling confident and excited as it had been a long time
coming. From the moment I arrived in Preston Park I could already feel the
intensity of the sun and knew it was going to turn into a scorching hot day but
just thought I would need to intake a little more fluids than I normally would
on a run and everything would be ok. Caroline and I started in the pen together
but soon parted. Having done the Brighton marathon last year I knew the course
and memories of the previous year were coming back and I was smiling all the
way. I had been keeping good pace and was with the 4 hour mile marker so was
really chuffed. That was until I hit mile 8. I started feeling shivery and a
sick. At first I thought it must have been the shock block I had eaten at mile
but then as time went on I was getting colder and colder, despite the sun
becoming even more intense. After a short stop to re-hydrate near one of the
medics, who were slightly concerned, I carried on a bit further battling with
myself the whole way. Just after mile 14 I decided it was too much and I had to
stop. I spent 30 minutes with St John's Ambulance wrapped in one of the foil
blankets where I came to the conclusion that was it, my race was over!"

For the remaining ELR runners the support in Hove was superb - especially the
family spraying a garden hose over the course; another holding out trays of
oranges and not to mention the Jazz quartet in the bus stop; several PA systems
blasting and a band onstage at the turning point (definitely no need for an
i-pod on this stretch, Frank). But leaving this behind, we head towards
Shoreham, the crowds thin and at 19 miles we enter the 'Road to Hell'; so
christened because of the bleak industrial estate and the dreaded Wall (marked
in unique Brighton style by local students).

And it proved to be a road to hell for the ELR runners:-
Andrew: running comfortably for a 3.15 Good For Age London place at this
point ....feeling really good had gone through half, to plan, in 1.34 and was
thinking 3.10-3.13 is in the bag, done and dusted, enjoying every minute
the sun.Then at 22 miles, nearly round the road to hell, power station on one
side, huge wall on the other - no air, BANG, the heat HIT me - legs gone
....can't believe I've got to walk, but have time to spare .... just need a
short breather.... but once I'd walked once it became too easy to walk again
I quickly went from running with a bit of walking to walking with a bit of
running.... only picking up briefly knowing family were around the 25 mark and
for last 800 or so to finish line.

Caroline: I was flying at 14 miles but, ironically, when I hit leafy
and its blessed shade that's when I started to flag. I started to get stop
starty from there and took a loo break around mile 18. Then came the 'Road to
Hell'. There really was no need to flag it up, as 3 miles around disused power
station with no crowds at mile 19 was never exactly going to be fun. Oh, and
anyone mention it was bloody hot? It felt like August, relentless and no shade
to speak of. I really wasn't happy at this point. I knew I was on for around a
4.05 time at this point but my leg started to cramp and I couldn't face
on so took a pit stop at St John for rehydrating salts and a massage. Was in
there for a good ten minutes! Was a struggle to peel myself away and the rest
the race was a stop starty struggle to the line, helped out by amazing crowd
support and a gee up by a leytonstone lad who'd spotted my ELR logo and said I
couldn't let East London down by stopping!"

The crowds came back at around 23 mile mark and they were huge from 24, full on
to the finish, really emotional stuff as runners were hitting the deck in the
heat despite the best efforts of the crowd to urge them on. Absolutely
fantastic stuff. Once over the line, organisation was slick. Runners were
quickly whisked through to be reunited with baggage - collecting medals,
t-shirts along with plentiful supplies of water and bananas along the way - or
dropping into the arms of some very very busy St John's Ambulance volunteers!



I was absolutely devastated that I had to pull out of the race and found it
hard to fight back the tears. I'm not somone who gives up easliy so it was a
real challenge for me to listen to my body and give in and admit defeat. After a
hot shower, a hot drink and change of clothes I decided to come back out as I
knew I could catch Caroline and cheer her on - I knew Andrew would be long gone!
I was the only person stood wearing a jumper and coat, I looked very
odd. At mile 25 it was a scene from the walking dead and a little soul
destroying cheering everyone on knowing that I hadn't completed it, but I'm glad
I did it as calling out some of the names really spurred people to run on a
little bit faster. More than 48 hours later I am finally over it and have just
put it down to one of those things that was just out of my control. A bit like
Andrew says below I've got unfinished marathon business so I have already
secured myself a place in the Dublin one at the end of October - guaranteed no
sunshine or heat!


Gutted that I stopped for ten minutes, but it was the best decision at the time.
The heat is not my friend! I loved my first marathon and hated most of this one,
but obviously I will have to do another as I KNOW I can get close to 4 hrs!
believe how much I am still hurting 2 days later!


Ouch - was also absolutely gutted on Sunday. However, with hindsight and a bit
of perspective, I think I got off quite lightly and have to look at the
positives: learnt a lot more about the nature of the marathon and, despite a
nightmare end to the race, I still chalked up a big personal best in the
- 18 minutes quicker than my run around the same course last year. I've already
entered Brighton for 2012 - there's unfinished business with this one!

parkrun # 8 - 5k - Valentines Park, Ilford - Saturday 9th April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou21:12 pb5th
Mary Connolly24:0110th
Mary OBrien24:4812th

Broadland Half Marathon, Norwich Road Runners - Sunday 3rd April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Phillips1:31:5925th
Katrina Dixon1:59:33172nd
Great runs by Michael and Katrina.

242 Finishers.

The course is a single elongated lap (effectively 'out and back') starting at
South Walsham Village Hall, in the heart of the Broadland countryside. In this
part of the world, it is described as 'undulating', but some runners from
further afield may regard it as flat, since there are no really significant
hills. The route generally follows quiet country lanes, with marshals at all
road junctions. Water stations are every few miles.

St Clares Hospice 10km - Sunday 3rd April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mary Connolly51.53 pb197th
Sheila Kennedy55.42258th
Michael Rose57.12288th
482 finishers.

Sheila and Michael after a previous race.

Bournemouth Bay Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price1.32.10 pb by 4 mins+103rd
Russell's race report.

Being my "home town" race I knew the 7 miles of golden sand well, in a way it
a shame we had to run on the promenade! Race prep went well with a pasta party,
dinner and a few glasses of wine with friends and then onto a Rock Club.

The morning had a nice chill in the air, hazy cloud holding back the sun and
little sign of a sea breeze. The first mile involved a slight incline to spread
the pack out before returning to the promenade for 7 miles (did I mention the
golden sand?).

Mile 8 took us up the cliff and lots of turns on residential roads, which took
its toll. Then back to the seafront to finish by the pier! Having beaten my Pb
by over 4mins 30, beating my time from last year (my first half marathon) by
over 10 mins and beating all pre-london fancy dress runners (including an
awesome Buzz Lightyear) I was delighted but still want a sub 1:30!

Russell in a previous race.

Regents Park 10km Summer Series - Race 1 of 6 - Sunday 3rd April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou43.26 pb by 40 sec

parkrun # 221 - 5km - Wimbledon Common - Saturday 2nd April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
David daSilva Pereira21.16 pb33rd (25th man) 60.82%
220 finishers. Classed as a pb by Parkrun as it's David's first parkrun event.

parkrun # 7 - 5km - Valentines Park, Ilford - 9am - Saturday 2nd April 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou21.20 pb7th 64.92%
22 finishers. Improvement from 21.47 ,63.12% from event #3 on March 3rd.

Gade Valley Harriers London Marathon 20 mile training run - Sunday 27th March 2011

Mike Wilson's report. This popular run is hosted by Gade Valley Harriers
their Club House located close to Junction 20 of the M25, only a 50 minute
from Wanstead Leisure Centre. Having already taken part in the 17 mile run the
previous month, I was aware of the undulating course and the tough hills that
lie ahead! It was Frank, Rob Heppell, Dave Knight and myself that set off early
in the morning the day the clocks went forward, to meet up with Patrick at the
GVH head quarters. Although this is a training run, the organisation and
marshalling is first class, with mile markers and water stations lined along
route similar to any normal race. The fee is only £5.00 payable on the day and
you are then given a ribbon to pin on, so that the marshals are able to
you on the roads. The start is staggered into 7, 8 and 9 minute mile groups, to
avoid a bottle neck down the narrow steps that lead onto the tow path along
the Grand Union Canal. After approx. 2.5 miles you leave the tow path and go up
onto the road and run along quiet country roads, through Ashridge Forest and
much breathtaking scenery along the way. Jelly babies are handed out by
3 miles from the end! The last half mile goes back onto the tow path and to the
finish by the bridge. Then it is a short walk back to the club house for as
tea and cake that you are able to manage! The run takes place in a very
atmosphere under a competitive spirit and any misconceptions I had that people
would treat this as an 'easy jog' were ended when I run the '17' in February. I
stopped my watch at 2hrs 35mins (unofficial) and Rob who I ran the whole '20'
with, kept a record of our mile splits. Frank, Dave and Patrick all finished
under 3 hours. Mile 4 and 16 are the toughest however there are also a lot of
downhill sections, particularly nearer to the end. I would recommend these
series of runs to anyone training for a long distance race (there is also a 12
mile version in January), as long as they are not looking for an 'official'
or a memento at the end.

Waltham Forest Borough Run - Half Marathon - Sunday 27th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1:36:5826th
Jane Iordanou2:18:16 pb198th
233 Finishers.

Bedford Oakley 20m - Sunday 27th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi2.10.26 pb19th
Grant Conway2.52.24378th
Andrew Rich3.51.15773rd
796 finishers.

Grant at a previous race!

Grant's report: British Summertime brought 4 ELR runners to
Bedfordshire for the Oakley 20. The weather was kind ,a bit chilly to start,
but the sun soon broke through to give runners a pleasant mild day for the
race. This race is clearly designed to capture those runners who are preparing
for Spring marathons but in its own right this event provides a enjoyable run
in the Bedfordshire countryside. The route had a similar feel to the Bedford
half marathon which is run in an area about 10 miles away. Runners are taken on
a 12 mile loop through picturesque villages. The first twelve miles are quite
hilly with one heartbreaker which seems to go on for ever. I was told that the
second loop of 8 was easier but there wasn't really much difference although
the miles were taking there toll by then! Just over 1000 runners made the start
but a few had plans only to do the first twelve and some withdrew at that point
as to finish early was too tempting. This,my first tweny mile race went well,
although I lost some time over the last 5 miles or so. I was happy to finish in
2:52, particularly as I had a stinking cold this week and didn't feel 100%.
Manjit continues to go from strength to strength and somehow managed to beat
his time in the Essex 20 which is run on a flat course, luckily he still had
the strength to drive me home ! Sarah Burns who started this race despite an
ongoing knee injury dropped out after 13 miles and is now unlikely to run in
the London Marathon. Andrew Rich also ran for the club today.

I would certainly recommend this race as a testing marathon training run or
just as a twenty mile race in lovely countryside at the beginning of
summertime. Next race for me is the London Marathon!

Paddock Wood Half Marathon - Sunday 27th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright1.30.59 pb219th 66.95%
1920 finishers.

Derek's Report: I chose this race as one which, having run it about
eight years ago, I recalled as being mostly flat and therefore fast. With the
cross country season over and the Orion 15 in the bag, it was time to get on
the road again. I thought a pb was likely, but as for sub-1:30, a slight

The course started in an industrial estate in Paddock Wood, took us through the
town, continued into a long loop through the hop fields of Kent, and back into
the town again for the finish. There was only one significant hill, at about
1.5 miles, and, for the rest, there was an incline at the start and finish and
three other medium ascents, two of them apparently over railway track. The
road surface was easy, and the scenery consisted of hedges and fields,
punctuated occasionally by oast houses with characteristic conical roofs. It
was a clearly signposted course, with three water stations and two sponge

Grant had been drumming it into me not to start off too fast. Take it easy for
the first three miles - three sevens, he said, three sevens. How to gauge it
exactly? I got it right for the first mile, but after that it was a downhill
spiral of exuberance. My first three miles: 7:00, 6:50, 6:40... I got to 10k
in 42 minutes. After that it was a case of telling myself that we were
doing a Wednesday club run. Half-way was 45:15, ten miles 1:09 exactly. Could
I run a final 3.1 miles in 21 minutes? Somehow when I got to 11 miles my legs
started hurting and the sun was still rising. Not even visualising that I was
chasing our group down Wanstead Park Road would get me there. I hit 13 miles
in 1:30 and then it was the finish. I did three sevens, but they were at the
end, not the beginning!

Newham London Run 10km - Sunday 27th March 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter38.3032nd
Russell Price40.12 pb67th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea41.43 pb by 6 mins +98th
Jamie Xavier42.09109th
Ava Lee42.52 pb137th
Richard Potter46.40355th
Caroline Meaby48.58518th
Carol Plaskowski1.04.451850
Andrew's race report:
I was a bit nervous about doing this one so close to Brighton Marathon, but the
temptation of a fast flat race on my doorstep, through the Olympic Park, was too
much to resist and I'd be lying if I said that picking up one of the 100 free
places available for local residents didn't help sway my decision!

The clock change overnight meant it was a slightly chilly as we gathered at the
start on Angel Lane, but near perfect in terms of running conditions. Despite
the crowds, I managed to line up with Russell and Mohammed in the front starting
pen and bang on 9.30am the gun went and we were off, a short 50 yd dash followed
by a very sharp left into the new Retail Park then on towards the Velodrome and
Athletes' village. A 180 degree turn then gave good opportunity for a bit of
mutual encouragement between ELR runners, spotting Jaimie, Richard and Caroline
as I went along. A quick check of my watch here showed, as usual, I'd got
caught up in the excitement and gone off at much too quick a pace.

Reminding myself of the the bigger picture, a marathon in 14 days time, I
eased off and tried to make the most of a gentle downward sweep past the Aquatic
Centre. Despite slowing, I drew level with Sonia O'Sullivan (the only one of the
'Celebrity' competitors that I'd actually heard off!) and managed a quick, half
gasped, conversation with her about how good the site was looking.

A short detour on to Stratford High Street and then we were back in the Olympic
Park and heading for the stadium. A second 180 turn, back towards the High
Street, gave another chance for mutual support between the ELR runners and as
the 5k sign went by I did another check of the watch... bang on 19 minutes,
still too fast, faster than my current 5k pb...but legs were feeling fine so I
decided to stop worrying and listen to them rather than the Garmin.

The course then took us on to the Greenway towards Abbey Mills, the weeds,
potholes, gravel and broken glass swept away at some point in the last 12
months and replaced by super smooth tarmac as the Olympic regeneration extends
beyond the park. Then it was down on to the streets of West Ham, where support
from my fellow Newham residents was conspicuous by its absence, apart from one
man and his dog out to get the Sunday papers. Relief came at 8k when I found my
very own cheerleaders waiting and... just in case any ELR runners are wondering
why they were cheered by a mad family at this point...my mob assure me they
lived up to their pre-race promise to give their all for anybody in a red ELR

The course finished with a last double back past West Ham Park and, feeling ok,
I pushed on into Stratford Park to finish in a very pleasing 38:30. Russell,
Mohammed, Jaime and Ava joined me very shortly after with Mohammed absolutely
destroying his PB in the process, just shows what a few weeks with ELR can do
for you. I then had to head off to find the family but spotting Caroline through
the park railings I managed, after jumping a flower bed or two, to give her a
cheer as she made her sprint for the line.

All in all a very good morning. A well organised event that offers a unique
preview of the Olympic site and a fast, flat PB friendly course. No obvious
damage done to Marathon prep (although I'll probably have to answer that one
again around the 22 mile point somewhere on Brighton seafront) and it's not
everyday you get to claim the scalp of an Olympic 5000m silver medallist!

(2394 finishers)

Ecotrail de Paris - 53km trail race - - Saturday 26th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
David daSilva Pereira6:19:36tba
Dave's report: After hearing about how amazing and challenging trail
races were, I decided to do the Les Trailers de Paris 50km (it’s actually 53km)
for my 30th birthday gift to myself.

The race started at Château de Versailles (Versailles Gardens) and finished at
the Terrasse du Mail Branly opposite the Eiffel Tower. The race goes through
the forests and there were very few road sections but there were a lot of steep
hills where you have little choice but to walk up and down them. Otherwise it
was a well marked out course. There were only two water points / refreshment
centres during the race but they were very well organised and catered for.

The last refreshment centre was 9 km from the end on some hill point and you
could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. It provided me some much needed
inspiration to get to the finish. I suffered and the last kilometre seemed to
take a week to finish but it was an amazing experience.

parkrun #6 - 5k - Valentines Park, Ilford - 9am - Saturday 26th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19.036th 69.64% age grading
Jennifer Garven28.5023rd 51.33%
28 finishers

Serpentine last Friday of the month 5k - Friday 25th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway22:09 Age Graded 62.5%117th overall. V40 17th

Water of Life Half Marathon, Marlow, Bucks - Sunday 20th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirsty Weston1:51:27136th
Susannah House2::11:36333rd
466 Finishers.

Clapham Common 5k Series - Race 1 - Sunday 20th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20:499th
Great run and time by new Club member Mohammed!

138 Finishers.

Rome Marathon - Sunday 20th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods5:07:3611,312rd
A brave run by Tom who has been suffering from injury in recent weeks.

From Tom - Yes , it was tough going due to my back , along with the fact
that I hardly had any training leading up to the race , I tried to stay with
4:30 pacemakers and did so up to halfway , then my back started to play up and
had to lie down to do some exercises that proved to give me some relief from
pain. Just glad to make it across the line in the end , but still dissapointed
with the time. Never mind Paris Marathon next in a couple of weeks, glutton for
punishment, ha ha!

Asics Reading Half Marathon - Sunday 20th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Rich1.49.073858

Brentwood Half Marathon - Sunday 20th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell1.30.29 PB 2 minutes117
Carrine Jay1.42.38353
Sheila Kennedy1.57.56970
Michael Rose2.15.551582
Virginia Burton2.17.521618
68 runners disqualified for wearing Ipods or headphones.

parkrun #5 - 5k - Valentines Park, Ilford - Saturday 19th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19:40 Age Grading 67.46%5th
Good run by Manjit, just outside his pb for this event of 19:18. 31 Finishers.

Orion 15 - Saturday 19th March 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson1:59:2885th
Derek Wright1:59:3389th, 43rd Vet
Daniel Lee2:00:4795th, 49th Vet
Mark Boulton2:03:14114th
Patrick Brown2:05:44127th
Sharon Springfield2:15:25193rd, 27th Lady
Patrick Farren2:18:26217th
Richard Mainwaring2:20:48226th
Grant Conway2:22:41238th
Tricia ONeill2:29:25279th
326 Finishers.

Sharon, Tricia, Derek,Dave Pereira, James, Richard, Mark, Don, Patrick and
Grant looking relaxed before the race!

A sunny afternoon at the start of spring brought 10 of our runners to this
classic forest race starting at the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Chingford.
The weather had been fairly dry over the previous few weeks, yet as we lined up
at the start there were two words on our mind: "hills" and "mud". A steady
first three miles were almost enough to make us wonder what all the fuss was
about, though the odd wide ditch kept us on our toes.

Soon we were heading west towards Chingford, up to the obelisk on Pole Hill and
onto the downhill stretch in the direction of the reservoir. The next section
around miles five and six was generally judged to be the hardest, as it
contained three tough hills and some mud. We fought hard and eventually there
was some respite as we hit the road and entered the golf course. Before long we
were struggling down a muddy path and later hurdled a stile at the end of a
path behind some houses.

By now, we were on the familiar route to High Beech and when we got there (mile
nine), it was worthwhile gulping down water and stocking up on jelly babies at
the only drinks station on the course. We quickly headed off into a section
downhill through forest, along more road and back into the forest again. There
were reports that some of the faster runners took a wrong turn around mile 11.
It was also here that we faced our last serious challenge of the race,
at "Vertical" Hill, which, for many, it seemed more efficient to walk up rather
than run up, thereby saving energy for the flat bit back to High Beech.

At High Beech, we saw the 12-mile marker and crossed the main road into a
straightforward section first undulating and then flat along well-established
bridleways. A marshall assured us that there were no more hills, but of course
this was not true as in the last half mile we were presented with the hill that
we had come down at the start. The Royal Forest Hotel was visible at the top
and we battled hard, negotiating bumps and mud, and turned right at the summit
to the finish.

It was no mean feat to complete this race for all who took part and a great
training run during the marathon season. On top of that, the event also turned
out to be social: Frank, Mick, Don and John White, who have all completed the
race in previous years, gave support at various points along the course.

Mark, Patrick, James and Derek looking very happy having completed the tough
15 mile Orion course.

Milton Keynes Half Marathon - Sunday 13th March 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen Speedy1:41:13508th
Katherine Jones1:52:391086th
Sarah Burns2.02.08
2,516 Finishers.

Katherine, Sarah and Helen proudly show off their medals!

Race report from Katherine. The morning started off in true
Sarah/Katherine style; nothing is ever quite smooth running (no pun intended)
when the two of us are involved. Little did Helen know what she was letting
herself in for by agreeing to travel with us to the race.

After an early rise I was just getting myself ready when I suddenly get a phone
call from Sarah (the designated driver) at 7.30am to say that her car is
oil and could I drive. It was already arranged that I would drive Helen and I
around to Sarah’s, but I hadn’t anticipated driving the full journey. I had
noticed the evening before that one of my tyres was looking a bit sorry for
itself and quite flat. But as I was only driving to Sarah’s who is 10 minutes
away I hadn’t bothered to pump it up (the truth be known I wouldn’t even know
how to)! The end result was my driving round to Sarah’s, following her in her
car around to her sister’s and then borrowing her sister’s car – so it was a
of a rocky start!

After many scatty moments along the way (those that know Sarah and I will know
what I mean) we arrived at our destination. Sarah and I ran this race last year
so we knew exactly what to expect and I think Helen was just glad to do be
anything that wasn’t like Silverstone the previous weekend which had been quite
repetitive. Though I'm not quite sure what her thoughts were when she noticed
the START line by the shopping centre?

What started off as a sunny morning had suddenly become overcast and drizzly so
after much deliberation of what to wear we took our positions on the start line
at 10.25am. The course starts off on the road, heading across a number of round-
abouts (it’s Milton Keynes what would you expect) but by mile 4 you head into
the old town which is actually quite picturesque and villagey, taking the route
around some of the lakes which is really pretty. The course is mainly flat but
there are some steady inclines and a few nasty hills that sneak up on you,
particularly towards the end. In fact the last mile is pretty much uphill all
the way! As races go it's very well organised with good signage and plenty of
marshals pointing you in the right direction.

The Results: We pretty much came in 10 minutes apart. Helen ran a great pace
coming in at 1.41 and got a birthday announcement on crossing the finish line –
she hadn’t told us it was her 30th that day. I started way too fast (which is
very unlike me) so struggled a bit from mile 10 coming in at 1.52 and Sarah
unfortunately managed to injure herself on the last couple of miles so came in
at 2.02 – I blame the hills and I think she does too!

You’ll be pleased to know that the journey back was a lot more plain sailing
apart from Sarah leaning on the indicator every now and then by accident and
hopefully Helen didn’t leave with too sore a head from Sarah and I nattering on
so much!

If you haven’t ran this one before, I would definitely recommend it. And if you
don’t quite fancy doing the half marathon they also have a 10K and 5K run on
same day – though it might be a bit too far to go for one of those?!

parkrun #4 - 5k - Valentines Park, Ilford - Saturday 12th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lucy Jarvis22:077th Overall - 1st Lady - Age Grading 66.99%

The Essex 20 - Sunday 6th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi2:10:3733rd
Simon Morgan2:33:07132nd (Tiptree RR)
378 Finishers

Mornington Chasers Regent's Park Winter Series 10k - Sunday 6th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady34:584th
Jamie Xavier41:5645th
George Georgiou44:05 pb79th
Anne Gombert47:59122nd, 16th Lady

Berkhamsted Half Marathon - Sunday 6th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Louisa Tock1:51:52675
Aime Bagshaw1:51:52676
1207 finishers

Bath Half Marathon - Sunday 6th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Anna Phillips2:03:335404
Katherine Harris2:08:556314

Adidas Half Marathon, Silverstone - Sunday 6th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Whitney1:30:59223rd, 212th man
Helen Speedy1:42:03838th, 81st lady

British Military Fitness 10km Up North - Prestwick Park - Saturday 5th March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price56:5814th (13th man)
Report from Russell I knew I would have to run a good time from the
moment I let out an almighty cheer as the BMF instructor taking the warm up
asked "Anyone from the South?." causing the entire field to look round. The guy
next to me ventured "there is a shandy tent at the end" not being able to
resist some banter I replied "I'll wait for you t

parkrun #3 - 5k - Valentines Park, Ilford - 9am - Saturday 5th March 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19.182nd - Age Grading 68.74%
George Georgiou21:475th - Age Grading 63.12%
Mary Connolly24:0512th Overall -2nd Female - 69.41%
Mary OBrien25:0413th Overall - 3rd Female - 72.94%7
Jennifer Garven28:3218th - 7th Female - 51.87%.

Roding Valley Half Marathon - Sunday 27th February 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1:21:5538th - Age related 79%
Andrew Baxter1:27:45 pb82nd - 71.4%
Aaron Williams1:27:4883rd - 68.3%
Karen Levison1:30:40 pb111st - 1st Lady Vet-77.2%
Thomas Whitney1:31:31118th - 72.5%
Manjit Singh1:33:25127th - 64.2%
Jamie Xavier1:36:07159th - 62.1%
Russell Price1:36:42167th - 61.2%
Mark Boulton1:37:33190th
Patrick Brown1:39:19209th - 59.6%
Richard Mainwaring1:39:41220th - 65.5%
Grant Conway1:41:15 pb by 2 mins241st - 61.9%
George Georgiou1:41:57 pb by 12 mins261st - 61%
Jimmy Hartwell1:46:11334th - 61%
Frank Brownlie1:46:47338th - 67.9%
Tricia ONeill1:48:49391st - 62.9%
Caroline Meaby1:50:07431st - 61.1%
Rachel Coombs1:51:25453rd - 59.9%
Katherine Jones1:53:32481st - 58%
John Atkinson1:54:34514th - 69%
Victoria Elliott1:56:12534th - 56.7%
Ramesh Pala1:59:45608th -55.4%
Andrew Rich2:02:06625th
Katrina Dixon2:02:22632nd - 55.3%
Baldev Singh2:02:23633rd - 55.3%
Laura Thrower2:02:35639th - 53.8%
Sarah Rowling2:02:36640th - 53.8%
Michael Rose2:04:35664th - 56.1%
Priya Patel2:05:57676th - 52.3%
Sheila Kennedy2:06:36689th - 59.6%
Frances Branch2:08:21 pb721st - 51.3%
Abdirahman Adan2:09:02732nd - 48.2%
Angela Bowen2:09:06734th -53.8%
Tara Syed2:13:56765th - 49.5%
Susannah House2:13:56 pb766th -49.4%
Dave Foster2:15:21767th - 59%
Clare Waugh - Bacchus2:16:35 pb786th - 48.7%
Kelly King2:26:04 pb838th - 45.5%
Miss Jagdip Panesar2:29:27841st
873 Finishers.

Frances Branch,Clare Waugh-Bachus, Susannah McLaren, Tara Syed, Angela
Katherine Jones, Katrina Dixon and Sheila Kennedy pictured together after the

On a cold but dry and sunny morning 39 ELR members ran in the local half
marathon. This resulted in East London Runners being the best represented
Club in the race.
The field of runners was the largest for many years and
the organisers, having learned from the chaos at the start of last years race
very heavy rain), had made strategic improvements to both the start and the
finish of the race, with both being on the running track.

With the race run around the local streets of Chigwell and Woodford Green
marshalling of the runners was very important and again improvements were
apparent in most road crossings although some car drivers continued to show
impatience with the situation. The Organisers had posted the following message
to runners prior to the race - Please note that under UK Athletics rules,
wearing of personal stereos etc is strongly discouraged due to safety
considerations (so you can hear traffic/marshals).
Despite this some
continue to wear these devices. It was therefore no surprise that one male
runners ran into a car at one of the junctions.

For East London Runners Manjit Bedi was first male home followed by
Andrew Baxter and Aaron Williams(running under his first claim club of
Walthamstow). Karen Levison was our first lady to finish in 5th place
overall for ladies and received prizes for first female vet. The race was also
run as the Essex Championships and Karen received the Gold medal for the Female
Vets and silver for Female Seniors. Congratulations to Karen.

ELR leading runners Karen Levison and Manjit Bedi.

Many of our runners gained personal best times and a special well done to those
completing a half marathon for the first time. For example, for sisters
Frances Branch, Clare Waugh-Bachus and Kelly King, training for the
Virgin London Marathon, this was their first time in completing 13.1 miles. A
great personal achievment.

The Fitzpatrick Girls - Twins Kelly and Clare with sister Frances, happily
pictured after the race.

Frances said "Before race day, I felt very apprehensive about completing
a half marathon as the furthest I had run prior to this was 12 miles. I didn’t
sleep much the night before as I have never competed in any sort of race like
this and didn’t really know what to expect. The training, support and
that East London Runners have provided me with helped me to make it through the
whole 13.1 miles very comfortably and wearing my club colours helped as I
received a lot of support along the way with shouts of ‘come on East London’.
It was lovely to be a part of such a big day with so many fellow club members,
great first time half marathon experience! I undertook this challenge of the
RVHM in order to prepare me for the 2011 London Marathon and I feel incredibly
enthusiastic about April 17th now although I am fully aware of the training
ahead still to be done! A big thanks to everyone at ELR for their continued
support and encouragement, the difference you have made to my Marathon training
has been immense, you really have kept me motivated!"

George Georgiou after the race said "I really enjoyed representing the
Club with so many of our runners taking part in this race. I'm really impressed
with the quality of our athletes. On a personal level this was my eighth half
marathon that I have competed in, from races all over the country. I've just
checked my records and confirmed that my time was a pb by 12 minutes and 02
seconds. I don't think that i would ever have achieved this if it wasn't for
becoming a member of East London Runners. I can't believe the difference
that its made!"

parkrun #2 - 5k - Valentines Park, Ilford - Saturday 26th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mary OBrien25:3513th - Age Grading 71.47%

parkrun- Valentines Park, Ilford - Saturday 26th February 2011

Serpentine Brooks last Friday of the month 5k - Friday 25th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway21:2890th - Age Grading 64.5%
Another good run by Grant, missing a personal best by 2 seconds! Overall
90th, Men 76th and 10th in his Age Group V40.

West Ham Park Run 5k Winter Series - Sunday 20th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19:155th overall
Another good run by Manjit in the final race of the 5k Winter Series.

Brighton Half Marathon - Sunday 20th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lucy Jarvis1:47:08 pb1696th - Age Grading - 59.92%
Trish Kelly1:51:412188th - Age Grading 66.16%
Jayne Browne2:00:17 pb3122nd - Age Grading - 58.84%
5504 finishers. Good performances from all three East London Runne

parkrun #1 - 5k - Valentines Park, Ilford - Saturday 19th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady17:241st Overall - Age Grade 74.23%
This was the very first race in the weekly parkrun www.parkrun.com
5k race series being held in Valentines Park, Ilford.
Congratulations to Brendan in winning the race in a fantastic time.
of 25 runners competed in this inaugural race.

Coastal Trail Series - Stage 11 - South Devon - Saturday 19th February 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell28.1m - 5:35:3756 of 114 finishers
Magda Heppell13.6m - 3:36:16324 of 326 finishers
James Wilson7.3m - 1:03:1123 of 224 finishers
Sharon Springfield7.3m - 1:11:4960 of 224 and 8th female
Marathon (28.1m), Half Marathon (13.6), 10k (7.3m)


Rob on the trail

Rob's report
Fantastic race, organised by Endurance Life, the folks behind the Coastal
Trail Series including the Dartmoor Mountain Marathon which Magda and I ran
last July.

There were 4 different race distances available of which I ran the
marathon, Magda ran (walked) the half with our dog Fen and James Wilson and
Sharon Springfield ran the 10K (no-one was brave enough to attempt the 35
mile ultra, although in James' defense he had just flown back from Canada
the previous day).

Race day dawned clear and sunny with pleasant temperatures for running.
Fortunately the torrential rain of the previous day had passed on, but was
enough to make conditions extra challenging with slippery rocks on the
cliff paths and deep, squelchy, shoe-sucking mud everywhere else.

Not that the races needed anything more to make them tough. The website's
description for my marathon said it all: Distance - 28.1 miles*; Terrain -
Rock, Mud, Grass; Ascent - 4,375 ft; Difficulty - Severe.
*The organisers like to give value for money. The half marathon was 13.6
miles and the "10K" was 7.3 miles.


Fen and Magda navigating the coastal path!

The race starts were staggered but all followed the same course for the
first few miles along the steep coastal path with truly spectacular views
along the coast including a lighthouse and (for the marathoners) a natural
arch. The courses turned inland at different points and progressed through
steeply undulating fields and woods, interspersed with a few road sections.

The hills and mud made it my toughest marathon to date which I managed to
make a little harder with a couple of navigation errors. No idea how much
extra distance I covered as I had left my gps at the B&B. No matter, it was
also one of the most picturesque races I have done. All in all a grueling
but thoroughly enjoyable day out. Would definitely recommend this or any of
the Endurance Life events.

James, Sharon, Rob and Magda having a well deserved drink!

As a nice finishing touch Magda and I were able to meet up with James and
Sharon in the evening to compare stories and have a celebratory pint.

Sunday Cross Country League - Final Standings - 20th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek WrightSenior Men26,25,36,32,38.
Michael WilsonM 5026,25,26,22.
Doug MansellM 5027,20,28,30.
John AtkinsonM 6012,10,13,16.
End of season results shows Derek as the only member to contest every race.He
finished 13th in the Senior Men Category. Mick of course is the new boy to the
category and just pipped Doug for 17th place in the Category. Well
done to John who finished 7th in the M60 Category. The three of them completed
the 4 out of 5 races needed.

Wokingham Half Marathon - Sunday 13th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aime Bagshaw1:56:371481st of 2055
Congratulations to Aime on completing her first Half Marathon.

Aime said "The first 8.5 miles were OK but the rest were horrible. Yes, I
I did go out too fast. Good learning experience though!"

West Ham Park Run 5k Winter Series - Sunday 13th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sharon Springfield21:348th overall and 1st Lady.
Sharon continued her great form in the penultimate race in this Series. Again
she was First Lady overall!

Sunday Cross Country League - Royston - 13th February 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter39:51
Derek Wright42:53
Michael Wilson45:02
Doug Mansell49:10
Paul Thompson49:23
Jimmy Hartwell52:00
John Atkinson57:37

282 finishers, winner 32:02

The area around the location of this race is mainly flat and lashed by strong
winds. Thus with chattering teeth did our team line up at the start of the
last fixture of this season's Sunday league, the hill-fest that is Royston. As
in previous years, the course consisted of a lap of a hilly field followed by
two larger laps of an adjacent circuit. Around 5.5 miles long, the course
seemed a little extended compared to last year, due to the start and finish
being further along the flat and due to a section at the far corner of the
course being more winding. On the main lap, there were seven steep hills.
Underfoot, the ground was hard, with short grass and never muddy.

There were seven male runners, but no ladies. First home for ELR and in flying
form was Andrew, no doubt using the race as a break from marathon training. He
was well ahead of Derek, who was followed a couple of minutes behind by Mick,
enjoying a burst of fitness since the start of the year. Doug overtook Paul
during the race and they finished close to each other, Paul making the most of
his new specialist shoes. Bringing up the rear for ELR were Jimmy and John,
both no doubt considering Royston merely "small fry" after the serious business
of a 20-mile training run the previous day. Logistics were made simple owing
to the new minimalist groundsheet donated by Jaime. The race was typically
hard but an enjoyable conclusion to the league by a fit team of ELR runners.

parkrun # 39 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 11th February 2011

29 finishers.

Watford Half Marathon - Sunday 6th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Whitney1:35:24364th
Good time by newish ELR member Tom on a very windy morning.

Tom running through the mud in the recent Benfleet 15 race.

Mornington Chasers - Regents Park 10K Winter Series 2010 # 5 - Sunday 6th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier43:4364th
George Georgiou48:04149th
Good run and time by Jamie, representing East London Runners for the first
time, followed home by George. Both our runners found the strong wind a
hindrance to a faster time.

West Ham Park Run 5k Winter Series - Sunday 6th February 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Potter20:356th Overall
Sharon Springfield21:579th Overall and 1st Lady
Michel Jane Glendinning23:1415th Overall, 4th Lady
No personal bests this week but still good times. Welcome to Michel Jane Glendinning who joined ELR the day before this race!

Sharon and Richard in their red ELR vests just after the start of the race.

Great Bentley Half Marathon - Sunday 6th February 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1:23:1432nd
Helen Speedy1:40:36245th 41st Lady of 265
Grant Conway1:42:57 pb by 5 mins279th
Sarah Burns1:57:28515th
Great performances by all of our runners today. 728 Finishers.

Grant's Race Report - Thanks to Manjit (Bedi) I had a relaxing journey to Great Bentley which is just outside Colchester with a journey time of just over an hour. The reviews for this relatively new race were all good and most said it had PB potential which had me looking forward to the race that bit more. After arriving early we were directed to a large car park about a five minute walk from the race HQ. We received a friendly welcome and collected our race numbers and chips which was well organised as well the bag drop facility. The race had a nice friendly local feel with a field restricted to 800. Although the temperature was around 8 degrees it felt cold with a strong wind and there was much deliberation before the start, well by me anyway, about correct clothing. Although the wind was cold not many layers were actually required.

After a start by the entrance to an Industrial Estate we were soon out on to the first of many flat country roads around the outskirts of Colchester. The scenery was better than an urban run but quite bland compared to the likes of Brentwood and Bedford half marathons. The race was well marshalled with plenty of water stations which were well received. Miles 9 to 12 were a repeat of miles 4 to 7 although run in the opposite direction with us passing some of the slower runners going the other way. The wind was tiring in a number of ways and it seemed to be against us far more than behind. The worst part was from mile 9 to 11 when it was dead against and also after mile 12 when it had a final say before end.

I thought I might go sub 1.40 around mile 8 but the wind put paid to that. The finish was close to the car park and the chip collection was friendly and efficient and there was some good food and drinks provided back at the race HQ.

We were promised showers but none of the marshals knew where they were! Eventually one kind gentleman directed us to the football club where a warm shower was well received. The race fee of £15 was no better than average in my view with a paltry mug and medal representing the "goodie bag". I agreed with Manjit that the donation to the Help for Heroes charity was a good idea but we would have rather have increased the donation and foregone the"goodie bag". Manjit ran an excellent 1.23 to finish right up the field in 32nd position overall. New member Helen Ringham, training for the Stockholm Marathon on 28th May 2011 ran an excellent race in a good time. Sarah Burns also ran well and her experience in running in the Benfleet 15 recently served her well for this race.I had to be pleased with beating my half marathon PB by 5 minutes and might be tempted back to this race again in the hope the wind stays away next time. This a race for the PB hunters amongst you but cant be described as a must do.

West Ham Park Run 5k Winter Series - Sunday 30th January 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson19:29 pb by 18 secs6th
Richard Potter19.48 pb by 4 secs8th
Manjit Singh20:0111th
Sharon Springfield20.25 pb by 32 secs13th overall and Ist Lady
Fantastic runs by all 4 East London Runners. Have the Friday night track
sessions helped attain these personal bests?

Manjit Singh takes an early lead in Sunday's race with James and
at the back of the chasing pack. Sharon can just be seen on
the far right hand side behind the two spectators!

Serpentine last Friday of the month 5k - Friday 28th January 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway21:30101st
Great run by Grant just 3 seconds off of his personal best on a very cold and
windy day! Grant's pace was 6min 55secs per mile.

Khon Kaen International Marathon, North East Thailand. - Sunday 23rd January 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods4hr:41min:1sec351st of 635
Tom's report - Ran my first marathon at Khon Kaen , North East Thailand
on Sunday 23rd January 2011.www.khonkaenmarathon.com.

began from inside the University Campus at 04;15 prompt, many runners not even
in the entrance enclosure when the starting horn went off. Weather was cool by
Thai standards, around 14C and dry. Headed out of town along dual carriageway
for first 10km, then motorway, followed by more motorway. Then a few rice
paddies as dawn began to break, a cattle market/auction, more motorway, a hill
that went on forever at 36/37/38km, back in to the wooded shade of the
university campus for the last 3 km.

height="300"src="http://www.eastlondonrunners.org.uk/photos/events/422/aab.jpg"> height="300"src="http://www.eastlondonrunners.org.uk/photos/events/422/aac.jpg">

Tom running in Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Half Marathon - Sunday 5th December

Fred Hughes 10 mile race, St Albans - Sunday 23rd January 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou1:24:55386th
Good run by George.

702 Finishers.

George at a previous race.

Benfleet 15 - Sunday 23rd January 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1:45:3047th
Andrew Baxter1:47:2553rd
Ian Horritt1:49:4273rd
Derek Wright1:58:42143rd
Michael Wilson1:59:01147th
Thomas Whitney2:04:55189th
Grant Conway2:08:56 pb by 12 min227th
Patrick Farren2:12:19257th
Dave Knight2:16:08289th
Frank Brownlie2:16:22292nd
Kirsty Weston2:18:39316th
Tricia ONeill2:20:18330th
Caroline Meaby2:27:33388th
John Atkinson2:31:15404th
Sarah Burns2:44:56494th
700 entries - 583 Finishers.

15 runners from the club converged on
Canvey Island to race as many miles in a varied event. We were tested from the
beginning by having to descend a slippery bank to the race start. The first
three miles consisted of a loop out and back on a flat surface of gravel, grass
and mud. Competitors gauged their performance against each other as they turned
round at the end of the loop and retraced their steps. The next two miles were
over similar terrain with some slopes.

Suddenly, after five miles, we
were in a residential area which contained the only serious section uphill, on
a road which in turn led to Hadleigh Downs. The terrain over the next two miles
was bumpy and full of puddles, and eventually the course continued along the
bottom of a hill. A stile marked the start of an even muddier section with
deceptively deep puddles. Our entire lower legs quickly became splashed with
dirty water. Photographers snapped close-up shots of struggling runners who
were prone to slip and fall on the churned-up course.

After much
flailing of arms and legs, a marshal announced that mile nine was within reach
and we knew that the worst was over. Feeling like heroes in front of a handful
of spectators, we passed Leigh-on-Sea station and hit the road for another mile
to a water station laden with drinks and jelly babies. Then it was back onto
the grass and mud for the last third of the race. It was hard work on a long
flat section open to the wind, but later the course became more protected from
the elements. With a half marathon now in the can, we dug deep on a repeat of
the section between the third and fifth miles of the course, now in the
opposite direction. In the last mile there was a downhill slope and then it
was on to the finish with some mixed terrain in the last few hundred

Manjit led the field for ELR and was followed by Andrew who
battled with Ian. Meanwhile, Derek and Mick were determined to finish under two
hours and pushed each other on from around mile eight.

This was a very
well organised event, clearly signposted and marshalled. Tea and cake were
available afterwards in the school.


>At the start (back row) Frank, Sarah, Mick, Caroline, Tricia, Andrew, Grant
and Manjit (front row), pal of Patrick's, Patrick, Dave and Tom

height="300"src="http://www.eastlondonrunners.org.uk/photos/events/437/bab.jpg"> height="300"src="http://www.eastlondonrunners.org.uk/photos/events/437/bao.jpg">

Ian Horritt dashing through the mud and John Atkinson in balletic pose.

West Ham Park Run 5k Winter Series - Sunday 23rd January 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson19:47pb5th overall
Richard Potter20:137th overall
Sharon Springfield21:091st Lady and 9th overall
Great run by all three ELR and a personal best by James. Congratulations!

James and Richard in mid run

Sunday Cross Country League - Watford - 16th January 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright40:1488
Michael Wilson44:16139
Doug Mansell44:44148
Edward Barnard49:43199
John Atkinson51:40220
265 finishers, winner 32:07

The course is well known to ELR cross country runners and represented a
moderate session in between the courses at Digswell and Royston. It differed
from last year by containing a much abbreviated first and last bit without the
long stretch at the end to the top of the park and back down again. As usual
the course crossed the bridge into two laps of the forest which contained ups
and downs and ultimately led to the strenuous hill out of the forest again.
Runners took heart from the knowledge that the end of the first lap in the
forest was exactly half of the overall course. Conditions underfoot were soft
and leafy without being prohibitively muddy.

Five ELR men turned up on a clear and rain-free day and were assisted as ever
by Jaime Towns and Jim Bird.

West Ham Park Run 5k Winter Series - Sunday 16th January 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson20.369th overall
Sharon Springfield20.57 pb!11th (1st Lady overall)
Congratulations to Sharon on a personal best time

53 finishers. Winner 17.35

James and Sharon in a previous race.

West Ham Park Run 5k Winter Series - Sun 9th Jan 2011

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson20.284th
Sharon Springfield21.138th (1st Lady overall)
4th race in an eight race series. The 3rd race was cancelled during the heavy
snow. Good runs from both James and Sharon, but no PB's due to the hard x-
country slog the day before. Sharon was still 1st Lady overall with 43
finishers. The winner's time was 18.35.

Essex Cross Country Championships - Hadleigh, Essex - 8th January 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ladies' Team - 8km
Sharon Springfield48:51
Men's Team - 12km
James Wilson1:08:00
Derek Wright1:10:23
Paul Thompson1:19:00
Ladies: 81 finishers, winner 36:36

Men: 161 finishers, winner 49:00

A die-hard contingent of runners lined up at Hadleigh on a Saturday afternoon
for this year's Essex Cross Country Championships. The senior races came
after the various junior races, with the ladies starting at 1:30pm and the men
at 2:00pm. The course consisted of multiple laps of 4km each. The ladies' race
was 8km over two laps, while the men endured another lap to make it 12km over
three laps.

By the time of the senior races, the course was well churned up. Each lap was
punctuated by three hills of the heartbreaking variety, the first leading to a
stretch back downhill in a cascade of mud, the second culminating in stunning
views over the Thames Estuary and the third being enough to bring runners to
their knees. As for the rest, it was hard work all the way, as runners
struggled to lift their feet in the sticky conditions or rinsed their shoes in
muddy puddles. Towards the end of the lap, there was a particularly hard bit
up a slope leading to a stile and then an open section marking the start of the
next lap or eventually the race finish.

In the men's race, two runners slipped and fell in the initial stampede, making
it clear that this would be a matter of getting round in one piece rather than
breaking any records. Even the top runners were slowed down - the winning lady
went round in about 7:20/mile pace, the winning man in about 6:30/mile pace.

The ladies were represented single-leggedly by Sharon, the men by James, Derek
and Paul. Not enough to form a team, but hopefully the Olympic Year will see
ELR at the championships again.

Ilford AC 10 mile Cross Country - Sunday 2nd January 2011

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1:08:3017
Derek Wright1:14:4636
James Wilson1:17:5145
Michael Wilson1:19:1950
Jimmy Hartwell1:22:2557
Richard Mainwaring1:22:3759
Sharon Springfield1:23:36 - 1st Female Vet 3563
Doug Mansell1:23:5865
Grant Conway1:25:4470
Patrick Farren1:30:0581
Frank Brownlie1:32:3784
Tricia ONeill1:37:2893
Sarah Burns1:39:5696
98 finishers, winner 58:43

A race involving about 100 runners to kick
start the New Year. Organised by Ilford AC and starting at Chigwell Row, this
was a 3-lap event in or around Hainault Forest. The start and finish of each
lap retraced the steps of the Essex Vets race in early December, in the field
furthest from the car park. The majority of each lap was downhill through the
forest, then out into the open into a hill, before a sharp left turn past the
dung heap, along a muddy path and back uphill into the forest again. Runners
passed each other in opposite directions on the main forest path, allowing them
to gauge their performance or applaud their club mates. A particularly muddy
section before the final field often forced runners to the edges.

were led home by new member Manjit Bedi who was followed by regular Sunday
runners. Special mention to Sharon Springfield prizewinner First FV35!
With more than the required number of 10 runners competing, the club qualified
for the "Mob Match", thereby coming third on points against Orion Harriers and
Ilford AC. Roger Dixon was out on the course to take pictures. After the race,
tales of mud, cold and blisters were offset by tea and cakes in the Ilford club
house along the road.

height="300"src="http://www.eastlondonrunners.org.uk/photos/events/428/bae.jpg"> height="300"src="http://www.eastlondonrunners.org.uk/photos/events/428/aaq.jpg">

Sharon storming to the finish line!
Mike Wilson and James Wilson (no
relation) in mid race.

Weekend Runs 2011 -

Pictures available in Photo Gallery