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Results 2010

Weymouth Harbour Swim - Christmas Day 2010 - 25th December 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Kayren Whiten/an/a
21 November 2010. Here I am, chatting to my sister Val, cosy warm
a few
glasses of wine. “I might come down to Weymouth for Christmas”, says I. “Great”
says Val, “you can do the charity swim across Weymouth harbour on Christmas
morning”. “Mmm”, I mutter. Another glass of wine. “OK” , I say.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve: Sitting in Val’s house. TV weather
forecast is
on. “Temperatures in Dorset will go down to MINUS 14 degrees C tonight”. “Oh
sh*t” I think.

Christmas morning. I wake up. There’s ice on the inside of the windows.
God, tell me I didn’t really agree to swim in the sea in these Arctic
temperatures”. Head sinks back under the duvet. Val appears in 6 layers of
clothing. “Time to get your swimmies on”, she says, “just need to de-frost the
car, then we’re off”.......

Weymouth harbour. I look at the sea hoping to see it frozen over and
swim’s been cancelled. No such luck. I register with the officials and get my
yellow wristband. Time to strip off. “Air temperature is minus 2 degrees C, the
sea is plus 5 degrees C” says the announcer on the PA system. Great! I stand
shivering in my swimmies, buttocks clenched, waiting, waiting..... A fellow
swimmer in a full wetsuit says that she swam last year in just a cossie and
nearly died of an asthma attack. “Thanks for telling me” I reply.

I shuffle onto the floating pontoon, nervously shake hands with the mayor.
Everything is a blur. The crowd chant the countdown: 10, 9 ,8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,
1 - a klaxon horn blasts. Suddenly I’m in the water. My God!! My whole body
into spasm with the shock of the cold. “Swim!” I tell myself, “Swim!!” The
side of the harbour looks miles away. I swim, totally numb, can’t feel my limbs.

And suddenly, it’s over. I’m at the other side of the harbour. The crowd are
cheering and applauding. Val appears with a foil blanket. Sod that, where’s the

Serpentine 5k - 24th December 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Potter20:4049
Grant Conway21:4063
Race conditions

Cold, dry but some ice underfoot, bright.

Richard in a previous race.

Sunday Cross Country League - Digswell - 12th December 2010

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NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter40.4663
Derek Wright42.4792
Robert Heppell44.47116
Jimmy Hartwell46.07136
Doug Mansell47.09155
Edward Barnard49.58179
Dave Knight51.06192
Don Bennett60.10246
260 finishers (187 men, 73 ladies)

For the third race of this season's Sunday league, the club returned to
Digswell, missing from the fixture list last year, but visited in 2008. Billed
as 6.4 miles, but more like 5.7, the course consisted of two laps through
farmland, generally flat for the first half of the lap, before the climb
lovingly known as "Heartbreak Hill" which introduced a second half that was
mainly downhill or flat. The lap was punctuated by three kissing gates that
brought runners to a halt. While on the day there were no complaints about the
weather, the snow a week earlier meant that it was hard work on the stretches
on either side of the first kissing gate and before Heartbreak Hill -
competitors ran to the side of and then across a field on a muddy surface and
on a slope. Even those with studs struggled in these sticky conditions, while
anyone still in road shoes was destined to be labelled reckless. Towards the
end of the first lap, the field was long and slippery, while at the end of the
second the race to the line was a welcome downhill on a country lane.

The men were out in force, fielding a full team of eight, and supported by
chairman Frank, beverage technician Jaime and, at the top of the last downhill,
Jim Bird. Our last runner was brought home by the ELR men's voice choir who
gave a rousing rendition of "One Don Bennett". With ladies completely absent,
the men joked that the number of ladies next month would be minus one. Or is
that the expected temperature at Watford? Only time will tell.

Bedford Half Marathon - Sunday 12th December 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway1:47:43 pb666th
Sarah Burns2:07:341166th
Grant's race report. The Bedford half was a tough race over scenic
undulating country roads which started at Wootton in Bedfordshire and took you
through Buckinghamshire as well on a tour of local villages and back to Wootton.

The race was well organised with car parking being provided about ten minutes
from Wootton at Industrial Parks just off the new A421 dual carraigeway (there
is no real facility for car parking at the race HQ) which is only 10 minutes
from J13 on the M1. Even with speed restrictions on the M1 the journey was only
just over an hour . Timing chips were provided when you arrived as well as
changing/toilet facilities. Food and drinks were available in the school hall
where everyone congregated before the start and at the finish .

Temperatures had dropped well below freezing overnight and only a few braved it
in running vests for the start . The first 7 miles were largely uphill and
going but after mile 8 it was largely downhill apart from a killer hill for the
last half mile .

This course was roughly equivalent to the Roding Valley Half Marathon but far
more pleasant than Snakes Lane and Broadmead Road. It was great to see Sarah
Burns at mile 2 ,although I was the only one in ELR club kit ! I was determined
not to start too fast although a half way split of 56 minutes was a bit slower
than I planned ! A last half of approximately 51 minutes with the help of the
downhill section got me home in a pb of 1:47:43 secs and it was nice to finish
race feeling I had a bit left in the tank rather than dying at mile 8 after
starting too fast ! A race I would certainly recommend but not if you are
looking for a fast time .

My training for the Virgin London Marathon 2011 definitely started here!

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Half Marathon - Sunday 5th December 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods2:15:13471st
Course: The Start is in front of the Angkor Wat Temple -Kravan Temple-Bateay
Kdei-Ta Prohm temple-Sarah Srang- Takeo Temple-Victory Gate-Bayon Temple- South
Gate- Basei chamkrong- and finish at the Angkor Wat. It is the most wonderful
course in the world!

Tom's Report - Just a quick report on my half marathon run at Angkhor
in Cambodia , held last Sunday 5th December.
Around 700 runners from all over the world took part , mainly
volunteers/relief/charity organisations.
Race started at 06:30 , which is very late for running events in this part of
the world , reason being there is no electricity to illuminate the course ,
hence have to wait till sun-up.
Course was flat all the way , very scenic and went through all the ancient
of this UNESCO world heritage site , but as the race progressed so the sun
to rise higher in the sky , and the temperatue rose to over 30 , really drained
over 18 to 21km , but finished on rubbery legs in 2hrs 15mins.

See Y'all in March 2011 on my return to the UK.

Tom Woods

Essex Vets Cross Country Championships - Chigwell Row - 4th December 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ladies' V35 Team
Kirsty Weston51:06
Caroline Meaby51:45
Rachel Coombs52:08
Jayne Browne58:22
Men's V50 Team
Michael Wilson45:52
Doug Mansell47:55
Frank Brownlie50:33
John Atkinson51:50
Don Bennett61:16
Men's V40-50 Team
Derek Wright40:03
Richard Mainwaring44:55
Grant Conway45:39
Jimmy Hartwell47:02
Paul Thompson48:03
Edward Barnard48:46
George Georgiou49:42
Ladies V35: 59 finishers, winner 35:32

Men's V50: 87 finishers, winner 33:35

Men's V40-50: 75 finishers, winner 33:11

A mist hung over the start of this year's Essex Vets Cross Country
Championships at Chigwell Row, well known to club members as the start of the
Newman Hilly 5 and many a Sunday run. The event was divided into three
categories: the ladies' V35, the men's V50 and the men's V40, the first two
taking place in the same race at 11am, the last in a separate race at noon.

The course was over a different section of Hainault Forest from the Hilly 5.
Totalling about 5.5 miles, it consisted of two laps starting off
with half a lap round a field followed by an uphill section into the forest, a
long downhill section and then a return journey uphill again. This was all
familiar territory to Sunday runners. The sight of Jim Bird towards the end of
the lap marked the end of the uphill stretch, at least until the next lap!

After a snowy week, the temperature was above zero and the thaw in progress
meant the ground was either slushy or muddy all the way. Studs were de
and soon the backs of our legs were caked with mud. This was cross
country of the old school, involving negotiating narrow forest paths, leaping
over logs or ducking under branches.

In spite of the bleak weather halving the overall turnout, ELR were well
represented - Kirsty, Mick and Derek led their respective categories to the
finish. Jaime Towns was on hand once again to photograph the event.

Florence Marathon - Sunday 28th November 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Magda Heppell4;40:16tba
Robert Heppell4;40:16tba
Rob's report from Florence

It was the first marathon we have both run as a married couple and the
first time we actually ran together for the full race !!! Magda ran so well
despite her almost complete lack of training and some really bad stomach cramps
for most of the race.

The weather was not typical for Florence - wet, cold and windy. The rain never
stopped and actually got harder as the race progressed - where was the hot
Tuscan sun I'd read so much about ?

Despite the weather we enjoyed ourselves and would definitely recommend the
- really well organised and the last quarter of the race is through the old
streets and the major tourist sites- you even run across the Ponte Vecchio,
around the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Brunelleschi's dome) and finish
in the Piazza Santa Croce with the Basilica as backdrop. Quite simply a
stunningly beautiful race (which made up for some of the dog miles through the
Florence suburbs.)


West Ham Park Run 5k Winter Series - Sunday 28th November 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Potter19:52 pb5th
James Wilson19.54 pb6th
Sharon Springfield20:59 pb9th overall and 1st Lady!
Sharon's report: 2nd week of the West Ham Park 5km Run Winter Series.
East London Runners team growing as three of us this week. Still a small
event as 36 runners today - be great to get some more ELR runners there
over the next 8 Sundays.

We all had great runs, all three of us ran PB's and I knocked another 54
seconds off last weeks PB!

James and Sharon in a previous race.

Serpentine 5k - Friday 26th November 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway21:27pb for this event99
Another great run and personal best, for this event, by Grant in this last
Friday of the
month race series. Age graded 64.6%. Overall position 99th, Men 90th. Position
in V40 category 13th.

Grant said "Really pleased hitting a personal best for this event and first
time that I have finished in the top 100. Last race in the 2010 series is on
Christmas Eve, Friday 24th December 2010 when I hope to move inside the top 45
for the overall Championship."

Salomon Turbo X - Sunday 21st November 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price1:29:15 (11.26 for Turbo zone)149th of 731 finishers
The maddest, muddiest run of the Salomon Trail Running Series, this race will
not disappoint. We have 10 miles of the gnarliest mix of mud, sweat and trail
satisfy the most hardcore of off road desire! The infamous natural assault
course of water, sand, marsh and muck has a hidden twist....The X ZONE.... A 1-
2 mile section of the craziest terrain to push your stamina, agility and
perseverance to the limit! You'll wade through watery wildness, clamber through
mud, sand and bog, charging your way through the roughest off road track you

Russell's report:- This is what off road running should all be about! 10
miles of knee high puddles, mud, hills, clay, mud, sand, marshland,and bog.
Single track and puddles...... lots of puddles! A great event over varied and
challenging terrain with chip timing including a section called the "Turbo
which was the toughest, and most fun mile,8 miles into the event!

Lots of smiles even when I was stuck waist deep in mud! This should be a club
race! ;-)

West Ham Park Run 5k Winter Series - Sunday 21st November 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sharon Springfield21:53pb2nd in Ladies 35+
Sharon’s report:- The first week of the West Ham Park Run 5km Winter
Series – event is running for 10 consecutive Sundays and is free to enter.

A small, friendly event, only 38 runners this first week – I ran in some of the
Summer Series races and the event got busier each week as people heard about
race. Course is 3 laps of West Ham Park. The runners are mainly non-club
runners and the event is organised by Tessa Sanderson, Olympic Javelin Gold
Medalist. We even got a group warm up from one of the 2012 Olympic hopefuls
the Newham Academy.

Highlight, PB by 36 seconds and having my photo taken with Tessa!

Sunday Cross Country League - Chicksands - 21st November 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Men's Team
Ian Horritt37:4839
Andrew Baxter38:1246
Ciaran Canavan38:3550
Derek Wright38:5659
Paul Thompson44:05132
Michael Wilson44:53146
Edward Barnard49:13203
John Atkinson52:02208
Dave Knight53:32236
Ladies' Team
Anne Gombert56:38255
275 finishers (181 men, 94 ladies)

Race two of the season took the club on a long but straightforward journey up
the A1 to Chicksands in Bedfordshire. The forest at Rowney Warren was the
setting for this event which saw the usual gathering of up to 300
runners and spectators on a cold and still morning.

The course was a little adjusted from last year, starting with a downhill run
to an extra section of around half a mile followed by the established three
larger laps of hilly terrain in a tree-filled setting. The total distance was
around 5.5 miles. While hills kept runners on their toes, none was long enough
to be crippling, though some of the sharp descents might have been more fitting
for a mountain bike competition. Underfoot, the ground was soft and leafy and
riven with tree roots, though rarely saturated with mud.

The men fielded a full team of nine (one over the required number) and were led
from the start by Ian, probably in his farewell race for ELR. He was followed
by a slightly injured Ciaran and then Andrew, the latter managing to
finish ahead of Ciaran by the end of the race. Derek had their backs vaguely
in his sights. Paul settled into his own race and could spot Mick behind him
when loops in the course touched each other. The team was completed by Edward,
John and Dave, the latter recently fortified by a bacon sandwich from the
nearby tea hut.

The ladies fielded a team of one, allowing Anne to come first for them in
spite of an injury. She was encouraged up the final hill to the funnel by
fellow ELR runners.

Race management and photography were undertaken impeccably again by Jaime. Jim
Bird was also on hand to offer support.

Poppy Half Marathon, Bexhill - Sunday 14th November 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Meaby1.50.30 PB161st
Caroline's report. Brilliant event, very well organised and friendly.
You do 4 laps, which includes a long stretch along the seafront. The rain was
horrendous, torrential for most of the race but as the course was almost
totally flat it was a surprisingly easy run. the fact i got a PB with totally
minimal training just goes to show what a great course it was. There were about
500 entrants and 409 finishers.

Best bits were running along the sea front - bracing!- and the massive all you
can eat selection of ( free) yummy homemade cakes at the end. Once my frozen
fingers thawed out I gorged myself heartily. Whoever baked the lemon drizzle
cake could definitely give Nigella a run for her money.

Totally recommend this event, I'm so back next year. Good running, sea air and
gorgeous cake - what's not to like?

Grand Union Half Marathon - Sunday 14th November 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns2.02.06232nd
A very muddy point to point course from Uxbridge to Watford. Sarah's description Mud,mud,mud,mud,mud,mud,big hill,medal,beer,bath,sleep.438 finishers.

ING New York Marathon - Sunday 7th November 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carol Plaskowski5:54:22tba
A very brave run by Carol, who is in urgent need of a cartiledge operation. Her
husband Bron finished in 4:12:44

Regents Park Winter Series 10k - Sunday 7th November 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady35.246th
Great run by new Club Member Brendan, finishing in 6th place overall in a very
fast time.
421 Finishers

Barns Green Half Marathon - 31st October 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Mainwaring1:41:59473 of 1652
Good run by Richard in this Half Marathon in West Sussex.

Brighton White Night Midnight Half Marathon - Saturday 30th October 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price1:44:08
Russell's report - Armed with a head torch 300 took on the route around
city, embracing the sites and sounds of the White Night festival. A thoroughly
enjoyable time to run with lots of encouragement shouted from the drunks
the pubs and in the parks! Some parts of the course were a little dark making
quite hard to pick out the markers and with setting of in groups of 20 - 25
safety reasons) it was beautifully lonely around the course.

The last turn along the promenade for over a mile into a stiff breeze made the
warm applause at the end very welcome! A really fun event and well worth doing!

Serpentine 5km (Last Friday of the month) - Friday 29th October 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan19:0142
Andrew Baxter19:09 pb43
Grant Conway21:47104
209 finishers. Andrew Baxter shaved 5 seconds off his PB.

Andrew,Grant and Ciaran in happy mood after the race!

Dublin Marathon - Monday 25th October 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris4:49:388442
Tara Syed5:00:15secs -pb8883
Great runs and achievement by Kat and Tara in Dublin on Monday!

Tara's report With somewhat sinking feelings, Kat Harris and I headed
to run the Dublin Marathon, which took place on Monday 25th October 2010 (Irish
Bank Holiday). We had both run one marathon before and were under no illusions
that it was going to hurt! Plus I felt that having run London, nothing could
quite compare; my home city, family and friends cheering me on, first time
euphoria. All those things were going to be missing!
And now, a few days later, back at my desk I know that I am officially hooked

Dublin was 100% worth the trek and, dare I say it, I enjoyed it more than

The pre race set up was well organised; loo queues were respectably short and
bag drop offs were well sign posted and close to the start. The start itself
very smooth; despite being quite far back in the crowd, we were over the start
line in about 3 minutes.

Onto the race itself, as far as anything that painful goes, this was a
pleasant course. Slightly undulating in parts, any upward slopes were short and
not too steep; they were certainly bearable and more importantly not too
frequent. The majority of this course was very flat, especially the 2nd half.
Crowd support was great. But what I really liked about this race was the fact
that areas with cheering crowds were interspersed with sections which were
quiet. For me, it really stopped the onset of that feeling, round about mile
when your head starts to pound and you start hating those people (who you loved
2 miles before) who are calling your name!

Mile 4-8 through Phoenix Park were quiet with some lovely scenery, at a stage
where runners were still compos mentis enough to appreciate it. The remainder
was mainly through and around Dublin roads although I couldn’t tell you a thing
about what I passed from about mile 17 onwards!
There were plenty of water stops, about 4 energy drinks stations, and gels were
being handed out at two points so no complaints there. There were also quite a
few toilets en route; during the first half these had pretty time consuming
queues although later on they were clear.

I finished in (a respectable for me) time of 5 hours and 15 seconds (grrrr) and
Kat (If I can run it in 5 hours 30 I’ll be happy) Harris finished in 4 hours 49

Once past the finish line, all was really smooth with plenty of easy to find
meeting points, a decent goodie bag and a more than decent medal.
Hobbling into town in the evening was great; people from everywhere were
their medals and congratulating each other; there was a great atmosphere.

I would certainly recommend this one to anyone; a fantastic day which has
made me come to terms with the fact that I can kiss my social life goodbye!

Sunday Cross Country League - Cheshunt - 24th October 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Men's Team
Ian Horritt33:0743
Ciaran Canavan33:2850
Derek Wright34:2865
Russell Price35:1082
Richard Potter37:05109
Michael Wilson38:23144
Doug Mansell38:54161
Jimmy Hartwell41:03209
Dave Knight42:26221
John Atkinson44:55256
Ladies' Team
Sharon Springfield39:48179
Louisa Tock44:56257
300 finishers (195 men, 105 ladies)

The season kicked off at Cheshunt with perfect weather conditions, sunny and
not too cold. The course was shorter than a couple of years ago - no doubt a
field or two have been axed - and consisted of three laps with moderate ups and
downs. Underfoot was soft rather than boggy, though sometimes treacherous on
the wooden bridges. The course challenged runners with a long drag up the back,
while towards the end of each lap, a downhill section followed by a sharp turn
uphill again allowed runners to look back and admire their friends or confound
their enemies!

The men fielded a full team of 10 (two more than the minimum). They were
led home by our stalwart member Ian, followed closely behind by Ciaran, who was
making his debut in cross country. He was too quick for Derek, who finished
a minute behind and who was a target for Russell, who finished in the
top 100 overall.

Consisting of only two runners (three less than the minimum), the ladies' team
was economical, but no doubt tales of Sharon storming to the finish line or
Louisa battling with John Atkinson will filter through and inspire other ladies
to compete in the next event in November.

Gold stars to Jim Bird for offering support and in particular to Jaime Towns
for ferrying runners to and from the event, taking photographs and logging

Jill Oliver 10km, Lea Valley Leisure Centre. - Sunday 17th October 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou45.26 PB
Well done to George who had a PB at this race,the Jill Oliver 10km formerly the
Lea Valley 10km in Edmonton. It was renamed a few years ago after one of the
founders died.
George knocked 2 minutes of his usual time on a course that finished on with
one lap of the track.

Guess Your Time Run - Wednesday 13th October 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady33.30 prediction34.05 - 0.35 Actual time
Karen Levison36.3036.49 + 0.19
Derek Wright36.4540.16 + 3.31
Paul Thompson39.1841.07 + 1.49
Russell Price39.4741.39 + 1.48
James Wilson40.0041.51 + 1.51
Jimmy Hartwell40.0542.14 + 2.09
George Georgiou42.2042.26 + 0.06 Joint winner
Sharon Springfield44.0043.06 - 0.54
Ramesh Pala41.3043.10 + 1.40
Robert Moye42.3043.17 + 0.47
Edward Barnard43.5044.45 + 0.55
Tony Brown43.0046.49 + 3.49
Farrah Brown43.5046.50 + 3.00
Grant Mitchell48.1546.55 - 1.20
Rob Bridger48.0546.56 - 1.09
Aaron Williams40.0047.05 +7.05
Dave Knight43.4347.07 + 3.24
Mary OBrien47.0047.07 + 0.07 Joint winner
Richard Guest43.2047.24 + 4.04
Jonathan Faill45.0047.25 +2.25
Suzanne Bench45.0047.25 + 2.25
Grant Conway43.0047.39 + 4.39
Andrea Waller45.0047.39 + 2.39
Kristina Robins50.0049.44 - 0.16
Roger Dixon46.0049.55 + 3.55
Serena Garnett47.0050.57 + 3.57
Sarah Burns48.5251.00 + 2.08
Jayne Browne49.0051.01 + 2.01
Louisa Tock52.0051.01 - 0.59
Don Bennett49.3052.01 + 2.31
Arno Conradie56.0052.07 - 3.53
Quentin Burgess51.0052.32 +1.32
Julie Onwukegu52.5053.05 + 0.15
Natalie Dale52.5053.06 + 0.16
Juliet Perry50.0055.18 + 5.18
Virginia Burton53.0056.26 + 3.26
Clive Jackson50.4056.26 + 5.46
Caroline Moore52.0058.09 + 6.09
Max52.0064.14 + 12.14
Lucy Williams52.0064.24 + 12.24
Emanuela da Silva60.0064.36 + 4.36
John Atkinson50.0064.38 + 14.38 - backmarker.
Many thanks to Doug for organising our Guess run and to Mick for giving up his
run. Also to Jim & Jaime for their help at the finish. Special thanks to John
Atkinson for his backmarker duties. Well done to George and Mary for their
guesses at being 0.06 + 0.07 away - a joint 1st prize was awarded.

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon - Sunday October 10th , 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.27.24139
Manjit Singh1:32:05356
Richard Potter1.41.38 PB1238
Grant Conway1.52.323052
Tom Lawrence1.58.05
Sarah Burns2.06.155920
Juliet Bryant2.10.106712
Jennifer Garven2.25.54 PB8965
A Popular event with East London Runners this year, with 8 members taking to
the Royal Parks to compete in this picturesque half marathon. This large scale
event takes runners out from Hyde Park, Through Wellington Arch, along
Constitution Hill and through Green Park before passing Buckingham Palace and
the Houses of Parliment. Upon crossing Westminster Bridge and hooking back
again to the north side of the Embankment, runners can take in the sights of
the London Eye and Victoria Enbankment Gardens, before turning bak on
themselves and cutting north to Trafalgar Square. Runners then continue through
Admiralty Arch and along the Mall, through Green Park, along Constitution Hill
and back to the entrance of Hyde Park. From here runners now swop the London
streets for park paths, and compete the whole second half of this 13.1 mile
event in Hyde Park itself.

Congratulations to Richard Potter and to Jennifer Garven on their
Personal Bests.

Eremitage Race 13.3km, Copenhagen, Denmark - Sunday October 10th 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jan Soegaard-Hansen1.02.323708
Jan accomplished a PB in this Annual Event in Copenhagen.He ran with his East
London colours on and hopes everyone is doing well.The Eremitage Run is run on
the 1st or 2nd Week in October and has been run since 1969.Its run over a fig
ure of eight course and has a limit of 19,000 runners with up to 50,000

Copped Hall 5 mile - Sunday 26th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carrine Jay38:0631st
223 Finishers.

Saffron Walden 10k - Sunday 26th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Farren47:09124th
303 Finishers

Windsor Half Marathon - Sunday 26th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1:30:21104
A personal best time for Andrew, (4379 finishers).
Scenic, 'undulating',course
around Windsor Great Park,starting and finishing with 1.5 mile straight on
the 'Long Walk' to Windsor Castle.

Valentines Park 5k - ELVIS 6 of 6 - Sunday 26th September 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan19:0323
Derek Wright19:14 pb25
Manjit Singh19:3030
Karen Levison19:5435 - 3rd Lady Overall
Russell Price20:1338
Richard Potter21:0046
Grant Conway21:19 pb50
Ramesh Pala22:26 pb59
Edward Barnard22:4664
Caroline Meaby23:06 pb71
Kirsty Weston23:2274
Sharon Springfield23:2676
Grant Mitchell23:3078th
Mary OBrien23:5882nd and 1st Lady Vet 55
Natalie Dale24:29 pb85th
Jennifer Garven29:40 pb123rd
148 Finishers

Sunday 26th September Saw East London Runners co-host with Ilford Athletic the
last of the ELVIS races for 2010. On a cool and breezy morning, the scene was
set in Valentines Park for what was undoubtedly going to be a fantastic finish
to the series. East London Runners had a amazing turn out once again, fielding
16 runners, as well as supporting the organisation of the event with the help
of about 15 members to take registration, marshal and time keep.

This was a 2 lap course, fairly flat, with a number of twists and turns to
runners on their toes. Lap one was led by Manjit and Derek for the men, and
Karen for the ladies. Lap 2 saw Ciaran come home first for ELR, in 23rd
position overall, and Karen first lady for ELR, 3rd lady overall. Conditions
were obviously good for Derek Wright, Grant Conway, Ramesh Pala, Caroline
Meaby, Natalie Dale and Jennifer Garven who all scored Personal Bests.
Congratulations to you all, and to everyone who took part.

Prize giving was held shortly after the finish, with our delectable chairman
Frank Brownlie assigned the responsibility of awarding the prizes for this
race, and for the overall winners throughout the Elvis series. With series
prizes going to Karen, Kirsty and Mary, East London men were left only to
marvel at the success of the fairer sex.
Our inaugural year as a full participating ELVIS club has undoubtedly been a
success, with East London Runners coming second in both the Mens and Ladies
team competitions, but the series trophies were awarded to the Ilford athletic
Mens and Ladies teams who successfully retained the top prize in the team
competitions. Congratulations to Ilford from your opponents, co-hosts and
friends at East London Runners.

Close to the finish line, with Karen leading members in the ELR ‘Haka’, we
demonstrated not only how proud we were to take part, but also our
determination to come back bigger and stronger in 2011, determined to make a
challenge for the top spot then.

The final huge word of thanks goes to ELR members who offered their time to
assist in the marshalling and running of the race. Rachel, Jim, Dave, Jamie,
Don to name just a few, and to all the marshals. Without all your support and
assistance on the day, the event would not have been the success that it was!
Thank you!

Full results from the race are available 20Park%205k%202010%20Results.xls">here

Berlin Marathon - 26th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Angela Bowen4:16:50 pb3021
Carol Plakowski5:46:177164
Great run by Angela in a personal best time. Carol has been suffering with a
bad knee injury(probably needs surgery) and her marathon training was badly
interuppted. A very brave run by her in the circumstances finishing the
marathon with a very sore back and knees. Carol is also running in the New
Maraton in November 2010.

Warsaw Marathon - 26th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell3:27:29411
3323 Finishers.

Rob's report

Ran a 3:27:29 in Warsaw yesterday which should qualify me for Boston for the
next 2 years !!!! Extremely pleased with my time as really didn't think I'd
come anywhere close given my somewhat lackadaisical preparation. Was helped by
the almost perfect running conditions (warm but overcast and with a slight
breeze; drizzle through the middle miles helped to keep body temps down and
speed up.)

Everything went ok through the first 18 or so miles, and I was able to
an average pace around 7:35. But, as the old adage goes, a marathon is a 20
mile training run followed by a 10k race (my training coach in chicago used to
say that the race doesn't truly start until mile 20). Too true. By mile 21 my
lack of distance training started to show and I had to dig deep. I guess it
helped knowing that I had expended way too much energy to make another attempt
on a BQ in Chicago on 10th October and I was therefore fully committed.

Managed to maintain things through mile 24 and, just as I started to feel
like I would make my 3:30 goal, things started to go downhill quickly. The
last 2 miles really hurt but in the end I made it with a couple of minutes
to spare and with absolutely nothing left in the tank.

The walk back to the hotel seemed extremely long and painful. Once there the
ice bath, whilst miserable, helped to revive my legs and the celebratory Piwo
(beer) was just what the doctor ordered to replenish lost
fluids (-:

Would love to say that Warsaw marathon was beautiful (and it very well could
have been) but sadly I was so focused on my time that I really didn't pay
attention to the surroundings. Shame on me. I can say that it was a really
organised race and relatively small for a city marathon (around
4000 runners I think). Although crowded at the start it very soon spread
out and within a couple of miles I was running in space. Spectators were
sparse (especially in the latter miles) but all in all a really good race
and one that I would recommend.

Run to The Beat - Half Marathon - 26th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamee Gould1:51:31 pb2608
Jayne Browne2:08:366206
Tara Syed2:22:568617
Susannah House2:24:128771

Community Run 4 Wellbeing Birmingham - 25th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh39:091
Congratulations to Manjit who came first in this run!

Serpentine 5km (Last Friday of the month) - Friday 24th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan19:1337
Simon Morgan19:4151
Trevor Eley21:3398
Grant Conway21:37 pb101
An ever more popular event with East London Runners, this month saw 4 members
take on the 5km route round the Serpentine lake. On what was a mild, but wet
and windy autumn day, congratulations to Grant in shaving another 10 seconds
off his previous PB. Grant is hoping that this has been the perfect warm up
Sunday when East London Runners co-host with Ilford Athletic the last of the
ELVIS races for 2010 - the Valentines Park 5km.

New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon - Sunday 19th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Thompson6:14:37 pbtba
Tom's Report on his Half Ironman event- 1.9k swim in 45:44, 90k bike in
3.09:59 and 21k run in 2.18:53. In total 06.14:37, personal best and twenty
minutes better than last year all gained from the swim and cycle. No change on
the run, will need to train with marathon runners over the winter to improve.

Dagenham 88 - 5 mile'sh - ELVIS race 5 of 6 - Sunday 19th September 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter33:0610th
Robert Heppell33:2712th
Derek Wright33:5113th
Karen Levison34:1515th and First Lady Finisher!
Russell Price36:5126th
Michael Wilson37:0029th
Grant Conway37:0930th
Paul Thompson37:39 pb32nd
Doug Mansell37:5135th
Richard Potter38:1238th
Frank Brownlie39:2043rd
Ramesh Pala40:0048th
Kirsty Weston40:2852nd
Sharon Springfield40:5354th
Anne Gombert42:0657th
Angela Bowen42:1458th
Roger Dixon43:1259th
Magda Heppell46:2665th
Jayne Browne46:5067th
Don Bennett49:3771st
88 Finishers. Another good turnout from East London Runners on a cool
blustery morning for this 5.1 mile off road run comprising of one small and
two large loops. Congratulations to Karen Levison for being first female
finisher resulting in Karen being the overall ELVIS Champion Lady Runner of

Welcome to Anne Gombert running for ELR for the first time.

Well done to all our other Runners with a personal best for Paul Thompson
whose times, along with many other runners, have improved greatly since
the Club.

Good to see Derek's wife Svetlana at the race with 13 day old daughter
Annushka. Jaime Towns was also in attendance and both Svetlana and he took
many photographs a selection of which are now on this website, Photo Gallery

Treeathlon 5k - Battersea Park - Saturday 18th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh18:15tba
Good run by Manjit on Saturday

BUPA Great North Run 2010 - Half Marathon - Sunday 19th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Lawrence1:51:556915
David Rowley2:21:2824250
Susan Rowley2:24:2125752
Katrina Anderson2:35:3330703
Well done to all the East London Runners who completed the Great North Run 2010

Nottingham Half Marathon - Sunday 12th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katrina Dixon2:01:152844
Well done to Katrina who has recently returned to running after a longish

Regents Park 10k - Saturday 11th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou48:29114
Well done to George one of our newer members on this terrific performance! 303

NABS & LGN Inter Agency 5k - Thursday 9th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan18:39 pb11th
Ciaran's race! I did the NABS & LGN Inter-Agency 5k run yesterday. A
new PB by 13 seconds – 18:39. I’m very pleased at finally getting under 18:45
which was my target for the summer.

With the sun coming out just in time for the start of the race, weather
conditions were ideal on what was a warm late summer evening. I was determined
to achieve my goal of sub 18:45 and for once listened to my own advice of not
going off too fast, passing the first km marker in 3:42. Now all I had to do
was to hold my pace. Having met a lady called Sandy Wilson (who was
subsequently the 1st Lady home) on the start line, I simply kept her in my
sights and used her as my pacemaker. The Km makers seemed to come and go so
quickly and before I knew it I was turning the final bend, with the finish
about 300m in sight. I could see the clock. I could see Sandy and I could tell
I was in with a chance. With a few words of encouragement from Sandy, I tapped
into my reserve and ran like there was no tomorrow, making for my strongest
finish, pipping 2-3 runners on the home straight and coming in on 18:39, in
11th place out of a field of 500.

Essex Way Relay - Sunday 5th September 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Frank BrownlieLeg 128th
Ian HorrittLeg 211th
Derek WrightLeg 3 12th
Robert HeppellLeg 424th
Tony BrownLeg 5 12th
Roger DixonLeg 631st
Ciaran CanavanLeg 7 32nd
Richard MainwaringLeg 8 22nd
Edward BarnardLeg 926th
Jaime TownsLeg 1024th
Edward Barnard's's Day out in Essex - report.

A very promising start from Frank Brownlie, scoring runner on Leg 1 and
Karen Levison, despite fighting off hordes of lethally venomous killer
wasps - it must have been Frank's speed that left them behind... :-) Good to
see Pam and Don Bennett at the finish of leg 1, Don helping me with the
timing/results of this leg before they moved on to support our other runners
in the next few legs.

Ian Horritt delivered the goods next - dropped a couple of places from
last year, out of the top ten; still, very sad to lose him if and when he
out of the area as planned later this year - who else is going to come to the
furthest X country with me?

Derek Wright was doing the third leg, and finished very strongly ahead
of the group he was in - hopefully he'll be available again next year. We also
had Magda Heppell doing this leg, and she really enjoyed it; it's a
bit of countryside, and do I want to live in Pleshey!

We actually had 3 people doing the 4th leg - Dave Knight was first to
volunteer, and ran round with John White, but they were comfortably
beaten to the finish by Rob Heppell, another volunteer eager to do this
next year.

Tom Brown, new to the Club ran the 5th leg for us - absolutely blasted
round, with one of the quickest legs for us that day,despite coming out rather
unexpectedly at 90 degrees to the finish gate,and we were able to wave off
Roger Dixon (and Simon Morgan) doing the 6th leg. I dropped Tom back to
his start, and then Roger back to his, so missed Ciaran Canavan doing
his leg altogether - unfortunately he was dropped at the wrong church in West
Bergholt, and so by the time he found the start he was 5 minutes late! Despite
that he managed to overtake loads of runner coming in approx 30th. 5 mins
have put him in the teens, easily.

Richard Mainwaring also did us proud, though I had to set off on my leg
before I saw him finish - I was kindly dropped at the start by Roger, who
followed the event to the finish, so saw Jaime Towns storm home against
fierce head and side winds to cross the finish line. We saw a few more home,
then joined obligatory queue for fish & chips, then a pint and home.

Great Scottish Run (Glasgow Half Marathon) 2010 - Sunday 5th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh1:32:40435
Great run by Manjit on Sunday.

Bristol Half Marathon - Sunday 5th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Farrah Brown1:49:103341
Andrew Rich2:03:346556
Good runs by Farrah, a couple of minutes short of her p.b. and Andy who was
accompanying a much slower friend.

London to Brighton - 56 miles - Sunday 5th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Hartwell13 Hours 14 minstba
Jimmy's Day -I clocked 13Hrs 14 minutes for the London to Brighton on
Sunday. Unfortunately I was just outside the final cut off time so I didn't
an official time listed on the website.I've listed my times compared to the
five cut offs time on the course below:

Mileage - Cut off time - My time

19 miles - 4 Hrs - 3Hrs 20mins

27 miles - 6 Hrs - 5Hrs 25mins

36 miles - 8 ½ Hrs-8 Hrs

45 miles - 10 ½ Hrs - 10Hrs 25mins

56 miles - 13Hrs - 13Hrs 14mins

As you can see I erred big time between the 36 mile and 45 mile check point. I
put my map away and tagged along with two guys who claimed they had recced
part of the course the previous weekend. When I didn't reconise parts of the
course from last year, I pulled out the GPS... ( at this stage of the course
it's very easy to stay on a track if it's going in a southerly direction) - we
had strayed onto a parallel southerly track.

There was manic rush to get to the 45 mile check point in time. Managed to do
it with five minutes to spare but felt like I had done one of Doug's Wednesday
night beasting sessions up and down the glade. According to the GPS I had also
picked an additional three miles whilst doing the sight seeing detour; so...
the last part of the course was a bit of a jog/stagger.

Morale of the story? To avoid being a numpty...... don't do an orienteering
ultra without recceing out most of the course before hand especially if you're
map reading isn't up to scratch; don't follow the guy in front you because
probably blindly following the guy in front whose following.......etc and
definitely do not trust the guy whose done the course before without
your map.

Kent Coastal Marathon - Sunday 5th September 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price4:17:03142
Well done to Russell in his first Marathon. 244 Finishers.

Barking 5k - Mayesbrook Park - ELVIS 4 - Monday 30th August 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams17.52 pb15
Ciaran Canavan18.5233
Andrew Baxter19.14 pb38
Karen Levison19.36 pb44 - 1st Female Vet
Derek Wright20.2153
Robert Moye21.2967
Michael Wilson21.42 pb70
Grant Conway22.0273
Paul Thompson22.2678
Tom Thompson22.3180
Edward Barnard23.0092
Ramesh Pala23.0693
Sharon Springfield23.1496
Kirsty Weston23.28100
Caroline Meaby23.46103
Dave Knight24.23109
Mary Connolly24.23110
Andrea Waller24.24111
Mary OBrien24.49116
Tricia ONeill25.06120
Sarah Burns25.40125
Don Bennett26.35133
Jayne Browne27.37136
170 finishers

Another good turnout from ELR club members in the fourth race of the Elvis
series. The location this year was Mayesbrook Park. The course started with
half a lap of the track followed by two laps of the park and finished with a
full lap of the track again, crossing the line in front of the grandstand. At
the sharp end of the race, Aaron distinguished himself in a league of his own,
while Ciaran equalled his PB set the previous Friday, and Andrew and Karen
came home in well under 20 mins, the former with a PB by a long margin, the
latter the leading vet once again. ELR members thrived on the short, fast
course doubtless due to the recent sprint session on a Wednesday
or triathlon cross-training.

After the race, runners relaxed with soft drinks, jaffa cakes and swiss rolls
courtesy of Barking Road Runners. Runners also perfomed the ritual of press
ups and plank, the ELR equivalent of the haka, designed to "psych
out" rival clubs. The "All Reds" will be back in Dagenham on 19th September
for race number five!

Sikh Relay Marathon - Sunday 29th August 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
ELR Team 1 - Manjit Singh / David daSilva Pereira / Ciaran Canavan / Derek Wright / Jamie Coombs2.39.422nd
ELR Team 2 - Tara Syed / Katrina Dixon / Caroline Meaby / Richard Potter / Ramesh Pala3.24.424th

Manjit, Richard, Katrina and Derek!

A fun, social and low-key event involving about 12 teams of five runners
each. The course consists of 21 laps of a 2km distance starting opposite the
hospital on Roding Lane South, going up Woodford Bridge Road, down Woodford
Avenue and back up the steep part of Roding Lane South. ELR fielded two teams
under the leadership of Manjit and Tara. Runners from each team ran four legs
each with one runner finishing the race with a fifth. Manjit's team battled
hard against Barking Road Runners, but were already trailing after the first
round and finished four minutes behind in a total time of 2:39, retaining
second place from last year. Tara's team was involved in a separate contest
against a Sikh-dominated team and finished in a respectable fourth place.

Runners were rewarded with plentiful supplies of bananas, sandwiches and onion
bhajis. A great warm-up for the Barking 5k the following morning.

Serpentine 5km (Last Friday of the month) - 27th August 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan18.52 pb
A PB by 2 seconds for Ciaran. Only member of ELR running this month.

UfDance Runners Quest Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd August 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Merrick2:02:00tba
Katherine Harris2:07:00tba
Good running by Sarah and Kat in this 6 lap half marathon on Hackney Marshes.

Times approx for now as UfDance website unavailable!

Bedford Classic Triathlon - Olympic Distances (1500m Swim, 40k Cycle, 10k run) - Sunday 15th August 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Trish Kelly2:59:23468 overall
Patrick Farren3:04:32479 overall
Great times by Trish and Patrick after an intensive training period. Both are
also members of the local triathlete Club, East London Triathletes.

Trish - Swim 35:21, T1 1:45, Bike 1:28:14, T2 1:10, Run 52:51

Patrick - Swim 33:22, T1 2:47, Bike 1:36:27, T2 2:30, Run 49:24

2010 Challenger World London Triathlon - Olympic Distances - Sunday 8th August 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright2:55:21224th M40-45
Congratulations to Derek in completing the Triathlon on Sunday - Olympic
Distances, Swim 1500m, Bike 40k, Run 10k.

His split times were - Swim 34:24 (T1 7:41), Bike 1:23:10 (T2
2:01), Run 48.06

2010 Challenger World London Triathlon - Sprint Distances - Saturday 7th August 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1:37:54139th of 608 Females
Robert Heppell1:38:47834th of 1,430 Males
Magda Heppell1:48:39309th of 608 Females
Well done to Sarah, Magda and Rob on completing The London Sprint
Triathlon.(Swim 750m, Bike 20k, Run 5k)

Sarah's story - The London Triathlon is one of the world's largest
Triathlons and the scale of it is enormous and daunting whatever your level.
608 pink swim-hatted ladies (and a couple of boys?) graced the water of the
Royal Albert Dock and breathed deep the smell of petrol as they prepared for
the starting horn to sound. As swimming is my weakest sport (and I'm slightly
scared of open water) I positioned myself in the middle of the pack in the
only bit of open water I could find. I started off slow and steady and soon
caught up with those at the front who had headed off too fast. It wasn't too
before I found myself in a mêlée of flailing arms and kicking legs, with
swimming all over my back and whacking me on the head as we navigated round
bouys. It was carnage. With steely determination I ploughed on before, finally
and thankfully, being hauled from the water, after 16mins 59secs.

Filled with confidence I struggled out of my wetsuit and ran up and down the
transition row a couple of times before finally locating my bike. Shoes, race
belt, helmet and sunglasses on, off I went again.

It was the first competitive outing for my new bike, my previous bike having
been stolen a few weeks ago. After a 5 minute struggle to clip my left shoe in
the peddle, I settled down on the aerobars (not the chocolate kind), mumbling
muted abuse at those on mountain bikes. I finished the bike leg in 43mins

This time I managed to find my racking position more easily, dumped the bike
and helmet, donned my trainers and set off once more. My legs felt strong,
have been the new bike. However I couldn't get my Garmin to work and had no
idea of my pace. Head down I ran on, put on a bit of a sprint at the finish
completed the run in 28mins 20 secs.

The support on the run section (which had slightly been lacking elsewhere)
really help to spur me on. The weather had been kinder than I anticipated it
to be. It had been wet but not too wet. The atmosphere had been amazing and I
had accomplished two very special things. Firstly a personal best total time
for a sprint triathlon of 1hr 37mins 54sec and secondly I'd beaten my sister's
fastest sprint time too!

I would definitely recommend everyone give it a go even if it is just as an
excuse to ogle the semi-wetsuited weekend warriors with their 6-packs like

Mourne Triathlon (Northern Ireland) - Olympic Distances - Saturday 7th August 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Thompson2:37:3578th
A Great performance by Tom - His split times were Swim 25:14 (T1 1:21) Bike
1:21:07 (T2 0:59) Run 48:54

Tom's tale - This is one of my favourite triathlons. Not just because
the beautiful setting in Castlewellan Forest park where the swim and run is
overlooked by a grand manor house, or because of the road cycle through the
foothills of the Mourne Mountains, but because the race is on a Saturday so
post race celebrations don’t have to be constrained because of work the next

So, with a very civilised race start time of 10am (thankfully no need to be up
at the crack of dawn) I found my way to transition in plenty of time to rack
the end of a row closest to the swim transition route. Although not the best
place to rack as I would have to run the longest distance with the bike, I
pleased with my choice as knew I could find my bike quickly after the swim.
Having laid out my trainers and socks and clipped my cycle shoes on the bike,
dousing them all in talcum power, I had plenty of time to enjoy a quick coffee
with my Mum and girlfriend before applying the body glide and slipping into my

I suppose I should have read the race information a little more closely, as I
was surprised to find out at the race briefing that the race was an Olympic
distance triathlon and not the shorter version they had held last year. “Not a
problem” I thought as I walked down the concrete ramp into the Castlewellan
Lake, where there was another surprise – the water was actually warm – its
normally pretty cold this side of the Irish Sea.

After a couple of warm up strokes with my face in the water, I looked back
ashore to see the start line marked by two canoeists. The 200 strong field was
lining up for the mass start and I positioned myself at the furthest point
from the entry/exit point and in line with the first turn buoy. Although this
was shortest route round the course, the majority of the field positioned
themselves to my left, closer to swim exit but further from the first buoy.
This meant over the first 500m I was able to get a good start in clear water
knowing any trouble would come from that side. It was a good strategy and I
stayed relatively free of trouble to get round the swim with a PB. As soon as
was to my feet and headed up the exit ramp, I heard my sister and cousins
streaming their own personal brand of support and another couple of strides
of the water the rest of my family were standing there pushing me on too.

I was strong through transition, having the wetsuit to my waist by the time I
got to the bike. Helmet on, un-rack and to the mount line. I hopped on the
for an uphill start but after couple of pedal strokes I dismounted, feeling
back tyre for pressure. It was fine - I was being paranoid and besides, there
was nothing I could have done if it was flat as I’d forgotten the pump I had
intended to slip into my pocket in transition.

The bike course was a dream. Out and back twice on an undulating road that was
closed to traffic. On exiting the forest park there’s a long flat section
before a long uphill climb, not good for the way out but perfect for the way
back. After that, there’s a series of small rolling hills which means each
needs to be attacked in order to carry the downhill momentum through to the
next hill. I made up quite a few places on bike before settling into a
at 25kms where I jostled with two other guys. I finally took one of them on
last climbs of the course and the other on the final descent back into the
forest park.

At the demount line the family fan club were all there shouting their support
and I was pleased that I managed to make a fast smooth dismount before racking
and slipping on my trainers for the 10km run.

I always find the first 500m of the run hard after the cycle. Getting my legs
to move in forward strides rather than circles always feels strange to start
with and today wasn’t any different. The route consisted of two laps of the
lake, with an additional km spur which included a 500m uphill climb. I was
losing places from the start and on the hill it felt like I was going
backwards. At the end of first lap I was lifted by the support of my family in
the crowd and knew I just had to plod the final 5k out with enough left for a
good sprint for the line. Second time round felt a lot better and I kicked for
the line with about 150m to go and finished strong in 2hr:37min.

Regents Park Summer 10k Series - Saturday 7th August 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kristina Robins55:18201st, 63rd Female
365 Finishers

Orion Forest Five- ELVIS 3 - Saturday 7th August 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan31.12 pb14th
Aaron Williams32.1326th
Andrew Baxter32.4232nd
Russell Price33.3738th
Karen Levison34.1945th, 2nd Lady overall, 1st Lady vet.
Michael Wilson37.1970th
Richard Potter38.0475th
Sharon Springfield39.3489th
Frank Brownlie40.0394th
Edward Barnard40.43103rd
Mary Connolly41.36115th
Angela Bowen42.01117th
Gillian Richmond42.09118th
Andrea Middleton43.18 pb128th
Tricia ONeill43.36135th
Don Bennett48.34172nd
Jim Bird71.18198th
198 finishers. A good turnout from East London Runners for this ELVIS Series
race. It was also the 3rd and final race of the Orion Summer Series. Frank
Brownlie being the only one from ELR completing all 3.Conditions were dull and
overcast at the start but soon warmed up. Personal bests from Ciaran and
and a debut run by Sharon were the highlights.Also well done to Russell Price
and Richard Potter who have been improving their race times in the relatively
short time that they have been with us.

Newham 10k - Sunday 1st August 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katrina Dixon57.10

Serpentine 5km (Last Friday of month) - 30th July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan18.54 pb38th
Grant Conway21.47 pb by 10 seconds105th
218 finishers. Race comments from Ciaran. I was a complete nervous wreck
the race, more so than the before the London Marathon.!. I knew I had a PB in
my sights, and definately wanted to run sub 19. A relatively flat route mostly
the serpentine lake. The field was very strong, with a lot of fast runners. I
would say this is a great race for anyone who is looking to clinch a new PB.
Organisation went like clockwork, with a text and email with results same
Impressed that the affiliated club on the results is a live link to our ELR
site too. Absolute bargain for £2.00. Definately do it again.

Harlow 10 - Sunday 25th July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Rich1:52:12365
Farrah Brown1:53:25367

Lakerland 50 (Ultra Tour of the Lake District) - Saturday 24h July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Hartwell14:34:05143 of 309
The Lakeland 50/100 (UTLD) takes place on the weekend of 23-25th July 2010 and
is the most spectacular long distance trail race which has ever taken place
within the UK. The circular route encompasses the whole of the lakeland fells,
includes in the region of 6300m of ascent and consists entirely of public
bridleways and footpaths. The route starts in Coniston and heads South before
completing a clockwise loop which takes in the Dunnerdale fells, Eskdale,
Wasdale and Buttermere before arriving in Keswick. From here the route heads
Matterdale and continues over to Haweswater before returning via Kentmere,
Ambleside and Elterwater to the finish at Coniston. In addition to the
100 the Lakeland 50 event also takes place with 3100m of ascent starting from
the Dalemain Estate just north of Pooley Bridge and finishing at Coniston.

The 100 mile event starts at 5.30pm on the Friday evening and the final cut
will be 9.30am Sunday morning, the 50 mile event starts at 12.00pm Saturday
the final cut off will be 12.00pm Sunday. You can choose to enter the event as
a solo participant, as part of a pair or as part of a 3 person team.

Although entirely on existing bridleways and footpaths don't be fooled into
thinking that this is an an out and out "trailrace". While Lakeland bridleways
tend to follow original highways, old drovers roads and coffin routes you'll
surprised at just how rugged the going can be. Many of the climbs and descents
are rough and rock strewn and are particularly unforgiving on feet and ankles.
In some places the paths have all but disappeared into the mire. But don't let
that put you off. It's a stunning route with something for everyone: grassy
paths, well benched tracks, boggy moorland trods, an old railway line, typical
rugged lakeland footpaths and very occasional tarmac. The relentless
of hills, with a number of typical steep Lakeland ascents, add up to a total

Dartmoor Mountain Half and Full Marathon - Saturday 24th July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell4:42:4912th
Magda Heppell2:32:1454th
Rob - Dartmoor Mountain Marathon (plus a few extra miles due to getting
lost on
the moor)
Time 4:42:49 (pw (personal worst) by a long margin)
Position 12th

Magda - Dartmoor Mountain Half Marathon (helped/hindered in equal
measure by
Fen, our dog, who completed his first half marathon)
Time 2:32:14 (another pw)
Position 54

Fantastic race in tough running conditions. Hilly trail run. Overnight heavy
rain turned much of the moor into bogs with swollen streams, etc all making
footing very treacherous. Very little flat running but the uphills had an
number of downs!

Newman Hilly 5 - Hainault Country Park - ELVIS 2 - Wednesday 21st July 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams30.1814
Ciaran Canavan32.1927
Karen Levison32.53 pb - Leading Lady overall!33
Andrew Baxter33.0134
Russell Price33.18 pb36
Derek Wright33.5741
Robert Heppell35.2549
Michael Wilson36.1455
Grant Conway36.41 pb61
Richard Mainwaring37.1967
Jimmy Hartwell38.0274
Doug Mansell38.25 pb78
Tom Lawrence38.4879
Kirsty Weston38.5380
Paul Thompson39.3689
John White39.5993
Richard Guest40.0494
Magda Heppell40.51105
Frank Brownlie40.55106
Richard Potter41.04107
Kayren White41.29108
Tom Thompson41.44110
Dave Knight42.05111
Mary OBrien42.28 pb - First Female Vet55115
Angela Bowen42.36116
Ramesh Pala42.42119
Tricia ONeill43.25127
Roger Dixon43.54131
Andrea Middleton44.00 pb134
Edward Barnard44.22 as ELVIS!137
John Atkinson45.20143
Sarah Burns47.15154
Katherine Harris47.56159
Don Bennett48.10160
Jayne Browne48.31165
Katrina Anderson49.58170
Virginia Burton50.01171
Clive Jackson50.02172
Emanuela da Silva53.06177
Tara Syed53.19179
Jennifer Garven54.55183
Jim Bird68.49193
193 Finishers.

A great turnout by East London Runners including the only Elvis
in the field. Well done Edward.Congratulations to everyone who ran including
Karen Levison and Mary O'Brien our prizewinners. Thanks to Don Bennett for his
organising skills and in getting so many East London Runners to the starting
line on time!

Swanage Half Marathon - Saturday 17th July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price1.37.13 pb79th
UnDuLaTiNg a PB by 6 minutes, went swimming in the sea and chips afterwards.
510 finishers.

ASICS British 10k - Sunday 11th July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jayne Browne58.00
Jennifer Garven1.14.35tba

Havering 90 Joggers 5 mile - Raphael Park - ELVIS 1 - Sunday 11th July 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan32.1317
Andrew Baxter32.2619
Karen Levison33.07 pb22 - First Lady
Derek Wright33.41 pb24
Russell Price34.0025
Jamie Coombs36.2141
Michael Wilson36.5645
Grant Conway37.18 pb47
Kirsty Weston38.2053
Tom Thompson39.0461
Edward Barnard40.0766
Kayren White40.1569
Mary Connolly40.2873
Dave Knight41.2081
Roger Dixon42.2587
Andrea Middleton44.31103
Don Bennett46.57115
Virginia Burton50.32128
163 Finishers

"I was proud to be running on a straight stretch and to see four ELR shirts
(including my own) at regular intervals"

"Pleased to get the first race of the series under my belt. Grateful for some
early cloud cover although very hot at the finish. Great club turnout with real
team atmosphere - bring on the Hilly 5!"

"This day almost topped the Hilly 5 last year with such a great turnout from
runners.I went off too fast (as usual) but reasonably happy with my time.More
important a great team result to start off the series ,go ELR!"

"Only mild sunburn... Managed to finish in front of ELVIS. Expecting to
take on the mantle of 'The King' for the next race - it'll be the only
thing I have a chance of winning!"

"Quite honestly I can say that Sunday's race was hot and hellish! Thought I was
going to expire round about mile 3 and that feeling continued for the next two
miles, I am praying for rain for next weeks race!

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge - 3.5 miles - Tuesday 7th July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt21:41143
8116 finishers

Ian - It is a big race (13,000+ runners) and last year there was
terrible congestion so I tried to get to the front. This turned out to be a
mixed blessing as while there was no congestion I started too fast due to
being with the faster runners, my K splits dropped from 3:29 for the first to
3:56 for the fifth! It was hot as well but still a good race in a nice park.

Regents Park Summer 10k Series - Saturday 3rd July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kristina Robins55:38181st , 54th Female
366 Finishers

Orion Forest 5 Race 2 - Saturday 3rd July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirsty Weston39.3267
Paul Thompson40.0573
Frank Brownlie40.5583
136 Finishers

Salomon Forest Trail Epping Forest (10k Trail Run) - Thursday 1st July 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price43.03 pb16
179 finishers .A pleasant evening for a run,a good location being very close
Station,perfect for a Thursday evening event. The course started quite wide
and flat and got a little hillier and down to a single track for a little
3.5km which made things a little more interesting. At about 7.5km there was a
turning which a fair few missed and carried on straight, which meant they
cover the full distance which was a shame but otherwise a well organised and
fun mid week event. Great scenery and intersting single track trail section
where I managed to sink my leg shin deep into the only puddle on the entire

Ilford XC 5k/10k race - Saturday 26th June 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Karen Levison43.11 (10k)4 (1st Lady)
Patrick Farren51.39 (10k)5 (1st MV40)
Dave Knight58.19 (10k)8
Don Bennett31.14 (5k)7

Orion Fell Race (3 miles 600yards approx) - Friday 25th June 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Morgan27.3914
Derek Wright28.4121
Grant Conway31.20 pb37
A very hilly course on a hot and humid night. Well done to all of our runners
especially Grant in running two races in one day! 54 finishers.

Derek - As a Category A fell race, this must be about as tough as it
gets for a bit over 5k. Imagine steeper and longer ascents
than Royston and in the heat. The total ascent is at least 248 metres.
Registration took place in the car park behind the Royal Forest pub, though
knowing this seems to be a question of familiarity with local folklore. The
start was a distance away at the bottom of Pole Hill, which Sunday runners will
know as one which we descend from the obelisk. By the time we had ascended
Hill, I was already panting heavily, and this was just the start of it. There
followed at least 3 or 4 more serious hills - we have flirted with them on
Sundays, but never taken them all together - Hawkwood Hill, Yardley Hill and,
fittingly, Hell's Gate. Runners are inclined to be overtaken on the descents by
the more reckless who show scant regard for tree roots and dried up
rivulets. On the final stretch back up Pole Hill, I succumbed to marching on
the steepest parts, as it was no slower than chugging up, before breaking into
jog up the final climb to the obelisk for a lung-busting finish and an
can of Fanta or Tetley's. Not a bad evening's recreation for £3.

Serpentine 5k (Last Friday of each month) - Friday 25th June 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter19.30pb45
Grant Conway22.10102
Andrew - Time 19.30; Position 45, V40 3rd. Different course this month
due to concerts in Hyde Park - heat also made it tough but marginally (5
seconds) faster than last month so new PB!
Grant - 22.10 in the Serpentine. Not too disapointed considering how hot
it was!

Croyde Bay (Devon) Oceanfest Aquathlon - Sunday 20th June 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Thompson57.1736
Well done Tom - 36th out of 41 finishers, with a total time of 57min 17sec for
Croyde Bay, Devon Oceanfest Aquathlon. That's 26.42 for 1000m ocean swim,
followed by 30.35 for 7.5km run over sand dunes.

Barts and London 10k - Sunday 13th June 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kirsty Weston48.46131st
Congratulations Kirsty, after a long spell out through injury.131st place
overall, 22nd female, 4th in Her age group!

Race report from Kirsty - This 20th annual event took place in Victoria
Park in Hackney....a very easy tube and bus hop from Leytonstone, and worth the
effort to race some money for Cystic Fibrosis, Trauma and Emergency Care and
Prostate Cancer at London Hospitals. It consisted of 3 laps on good tarmac
in the park.....a little tough going round 3 times but at least you knew what
was coming next, and the steel band and smell of the BBQ as you went past the
race headquarters each time spurred everyone on!! An enjoyable event, well
organised, and a number of people on seeing my club vest were interested to
where we meet etc. so a useful bit of advertising too!

Ninesprings 9k - Sunday 13th June 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter41.5915th
Position - 15th (134 finishers)- V40 - 3rd

Andrew took the opportunity to enter this race while visiting family in the
South West.

Andrew's Race report - Race is hosted by Yeovil Town Road Running Club.
It consists of 2 scenic laps around Yeovil Country Park, mainly on dirt/mud
tracks and grass, totalling about 9k. The organisers were up-front that
is approximate hasn't been certified as accurate - came out as nearer to 9.5k
than 9 on my watch but some of that may have been me weaving to avoid the cow
pats (don't mind the mud and puddles but there is a limit)!
One long climb, several short sharp inclines, and a kissing gate to negotiate
each lap meant it wasn't one for a fast time. I couldn't get anywhere near the
6.45 -7 min mile pace that I'd hoped to run, apart from short stretch on tarmac
along start/finish line.
Overall a thoroughly enjoyable event and the climbs were a new experience for
me. Was made very welcome by entrants from local clubs when they saw my East
London Runners vest - so if you're ever down in this neck of the woods can
highly recommend this one or, based on yesterday, any others that YTRRC put on.

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 13th June 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roger Dixon1.55.57744
1511 Finishers!

Race report from Roger - Course good almost flat, downside twice up and
down the sea front. Sea breeze can assist or slightly delay you. The day was
almost ideal for me, warm but not too hot. Marshalling good, plenty of water, a
good number of spectators.Medal and a bottle of water at the end, thats all I
looked for or wanted.
Travel for me was ok (I know the back way) it was obviously a problem for some
though as the start was delayed by about 20 minutes to allow for latecomers.
As you may know I will retire from half marathon running when I cannot
complete one in under 2 hours. Therefore the bad news for me, as I completed
this in about 1 minute under the time I planned, is that I will have to turn
up for this one again next year if I believe I am capable of getting round!

The Regent's Park Summer 10k Series - Saturday 5th June 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kristina Robins56.06382
382 Finishers

Orion Saturday Forest Five Summer Series - 1st race of 3 - Saturday 5th June 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Thompson39.12 pb47
Frank Brownlie40.2857
A very sunny and hot Saturday morning in Epping Forest. Congrats to Paul on his
pb. 119 Finishers.

Race report from Paul - Parking at the nearby Bury Road carpark was
The weather was very hot and made running very difficult. The course was very
clearly marked with plenty of marshalls to show you the way. The only tricky
was a section through some trees with plenty of tree roots to negotiate !
Overall a well organised event and I am looking forward to the next
race in July and hopefully beating my previous time!

2010 Bupa London 10,000 (10k) race - Monday 31st May 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Miguel Martinez42.242015

Hatfield Broad Oak 10k Road Race - Monday 31st May 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan37.37 pb56th
Ian Horritt38.5387th
Derek Wright39.53 pb116th
Frank Brownlie48.07 pb467th
A popular race over the years with East London Runners but this year the
attendance from the Club was low. On a cool morning ideal for running, the race
was fully subscribed about 10 days in advance. This was a very well organised
race through the closed off (for the race) streets and quiet country lanes of
rural Hertfordshire. On an undulating course, the toughest part was the long
hill, on the figure of eight course, around mile four. There was no crowding at
the start or during the run mainly due to the runners all wearing a timing
1276 finishers.

Well done to the East London lads who in the Team event finished in 18th
place with a total score of 726 reflecting the individual finishing positions

Liverpool Mersey Tunnel 10k - Sunday 30th May 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Mainwaring45.11246

Serpentine 5k - Friday 28th May 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter19.36 pb51
First time Andrew has raced this distance and also his debut in a red ELR

Finish time: 19.36

Overall: 51st
V40: 9th

Andrew commented "was very pleased with the time - only been with Club on three
runs but already think I'm feeling the benefit of chasing Ciaran around

Edinburgh Marathon - 23rd May 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alan Lee3.49.52 pb1845
Susan Rowley4.53.176713
Alan - 10k: 00:51:53 - Half: 01:51:07--30k: 02:40:46--Marathon: 03:49:52

Susan - 10k: 01:05:33--
Half: 02:18:02--
30k: 03:20:48--
Marathon: 04:53:17

Richmond Half Marathon - Sunday 16th May 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell1.32.43154
Magda Heppell1.59.37603
Robert and Magda joined the Club in recent weeks and this race is one of
that they have planned for 2010. Well done to them both!
806 Finishers.

Luxembourg Half Marathon - Saturday 15th May 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh1.38.44
Well done Manjit. Another country in the ELR World Tour.

Rhode Island Half Marathon, Providence, USA - Sunday 2nd May 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Coombs1.44.28298 of 2375 finishers
Great run by Jamie when over in the States on business and suffering from

Serpentine Last Friday of the month 5k - 30th April 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway21.57 pb100
Another personal best by Grant, ducking under 22 minutes!
Overall position 100 ,93rd man,v40 9th place.Grant said "Next aim must be to
under 7 min miles.3 secs per mile to shave off! pleased to get under 22minutes,
3rd pb in a row .p.bs must stop eventually."

Virgin London Marathon 2010 - 25th April 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan3.05.381479
Roberto Bruni3.19.062853
Carrine Jay3.23.013266
Simon Morgan3.29.054219
Manjit Singh3.33.37 pb4962
Suzanne Bench3.51.14 pb8450
Patrick Farren3.52.468825
Jamee Gould4.06.4812621
Caroline Meaby4.17.2815389
Emily Brookes4.22.2216761
Andrea Waller4.28.1118363
Angela Bowen4.32.3119512
Michael Wilson4.36.5620669
Dave Foster5.11.2228396
Lucy Williams5.30.3631306
Alison Clifford5.46.3732948
Jim Bird7.43.2836460
Detailed results are available on the London
Marathon 2010

Hamburg Marathon 2010 - 25th April 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
David daSilva Pereira3.10.10739
Fantastic run by Dave. Looking forward to hearing from him about the course,
weather conditions etc.

Madrid Marathon 2010 - 25th April 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Atkinson4.34.087109
Great run by John especially as he has been unable to train through injury

The Brighton Marathon - Sunday 18th April

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Jones4.07.022585
Sarah Burns4.22.203441
Well done to both ladies on their great times. A PB for Katherine. A very hot
day finished with a dip in the sea. The organisers accepted 50 late entries
from runners due to run in Venice today and Boston on Monday because of the
flight ban from the Icelandic volcano. 7419 finishers.

Newham Classic 10km - Sunday 18th April

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamee Gould47.2018th Woman PB
Caroline Meaby48.1315th Woman 35+ PB
Well done to both ladies both earning PB's.

Kingston Breakfast Run,16 miles. - Sunday 11th April 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Natalie Dale2 hrs.36m

Paddock Wood Half Marathon - Sunday 11th April 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carrine Jay1.37.32404
Great run by Carinne! 1938 Finishers

Jurassic Coast Challenge - 3 Marathons in 3 Days - Fri/Sat/Sun 26/27/28th March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roberto Bruni14Hrs 41min.57secs11
Roberto was 11th Overall and 2nd Male Vet overall!

Fantastic performance and result!

Split times were:-

Marathon 1. 4hrs 47min 03secs.

Marathon 2. 4hrs 49min 50secs

Marathon 3. 5hrs 5min 3secs

Roberto's comments after finishing - "Mountains, not hills, mud that makes
Benfleet look like a walk in the park, and more climbs, one after the other.
Today, was tough but felt good, up and down all the way, long finish along the
sandy beach. It's all over now. Off to the free beer tent". Rob measured the
second and third Marathons at 27.5 miles not 26.2 miles!

Roberto's partner Trish Kelly finished in 22hrs 25min 23secs in 140th place.

176 Finishers

Starting in Lyme Regis, the route follows the South West Coast Path along some
of Britain 's most spectacular coastal scenery to Swanage. But the terrain is
tough. Hill climbs and steep drops, which are difficult for walkers, are
especially difficult for those running the 78.6 miles at a time of year when
weather isn't always very kind.

The most notorious points are at Golden Cap, Durdle Door and the stretch of
path between Kimmeridge and Swanage which is continuously hilly. 95% off road,
26.2 miles per day with over 10,000 feet of vertical ascent. Check points and
feed stations every 6 to 8 miles.

St Clare Hospice, Hastingwood, Essex 10k - Sunday 28th March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carrine Jay43.5757
Steve Jay47.47120
Mary OBrien54.46259
Mary Connolly54.47260
Tricia ONeill54.48261
Prize Winners - Carinne Jay, 2nd Female V45 - Mary O'Brien, 4th Female V55.
Congratulations! 457 Finishers.

Finchley 20 - Sunday 28th March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alan Lee2.49.01242
This is the longest-running 20-mile race in the UK. It is excellent preparation
for the London Marathon.
477 Finishers

Serpentine 5k - Friday 26th March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway22.06 pb102
Finished 102nd overall ,mens position 94th ,V40 category ,10th place.

Rome Marathon - Sunday 21st March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carol Plaskowski4.56.359481

Five Tors Fell Race - Sunday 21st March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amanda Lovegrove2.04.42118
142 Finishers
The Five Tors is a challenging fell race of nearly 10 miles in length. It
from Minions and takes in Sharp Tor, Bearah Tor, Kilmar Tor, the Cheesewring
Tregarrick Tor. It then descends to Siblyback reservoir before starting a slow
ascent back to Minions via the muddy marshlands around Great Gimble. All of the
route is offroad barring a short stretch of farm road (about a quarter mile in
length). While the Tors might sound the most difficult part of the race, there
are also several steady ascents apart from the Tors, there is a section along
the disused railway track which still has the stone sleepers which require
careful co-ordination and plenty of unsuspecting mudbaths to catch the unwary.
This of course is before you even take into the consideration the weather,
has been known in previous years to snow, rain, hail, have fog obscure most of
the route and very occasionally for a hot sun to bask down. Having said that it
provides some of the most brilliant and beautiful countryside Cornwall has to
offer and once you've done it, you may find yourself returning to it each

Reading Half Marathon - Sunday 21st March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Farrah Brown1.47.503565
Juliet Bryant1.55.165402

Hastings Half Marathon - Sunday 21st March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Emily Brookes1.49.321441
3992 Finishers. Emily said "Hastings Half marathon was a great race, with a fab
atmosphere, well organised, lots of supporters and highland bagpipes sending us
off - what more could one ask for! Highly recommend it despite the first 5
of big hills"!

Brentwood Half Marathon - Sunday 21st March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway1.50.14622
Valentine Hanson1.59.38993
Virginia Burton2.15.421500
1852 Finishers.
Grant commented "An excellent race ,with secure bag drop .However their was a
queue for the loos with people late for the start although the chip timing gave
runners the correct time they ran the course .The runners were played down to
the start by a full brass band which drowned out the starter... !
A tough hilly course and warm conditions.Great support on the course".

Orion 15 - Saturday 20th March 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt1.52.1937
Simon Morgan1.57.5766
Richard Mainwaring2.15.49179
Patrick Farren2.25.38237
Great run by the East London boys, although Simon was running for Tiptree his
first claim club. 291 finishers.

Not only is there the breathtaking beauty of a Spring day in Epping
Forest,although it was a bit cool and wet today,runners are overwhelmed by
history. Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge, built in 1543; the Obelisk marking
spot north of Greenwich used to establish the Meridian line; Dick Turpin's
hide-out; the birthplace of Speedway racing in Britain; Lawrence of Arabia's
fruit trees; an ex-Italian POW camp; olde worlde lovele pubbes........and lots
of hills and mud.

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon - Sunday 14th March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams1.29.02100
Patrick Farren1.44.02850
Well done to both. Aaron in the top 100 and Patrick in the top 1,000!

AGM 2010 - 3rd March 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Milton Keynes Half Marathon - Sunday 7th March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Jones1.51.34 pb1413
Sarah Burns1.55.11 pb1669
Personal bests for Katherine and Sarah in their lead up to the Brighton
on April 18th 2010. 3244 Finishers.

Bath Half Marathon - Sunday 7th March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jennifer Garven2.31.35 pb10,004
Great run by Jennifer in her first Half Marathon.

Newham London Run 2010 - 10k - Sunday 7th March 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jayne Browne57.14 pb1267
Great run by Jayne beating her target time and getting a personal best!
2319 finishers.

Roding Valley Half Marathon - Sunday 28th February 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
David daSilva Pereira1.24.3924
Ian Horritt1.26.44 pb33
Miguel Martinez1.31.0060
Roberto Bruni1.32.59 pb84
Derek Wright1.33.34 pb90
Carrine Jay1.37.41138 Prize for 1st Lady Vet 40
Katherine Franklin1.46.19247
Grant Conway1.49.38 pb307
Steve Jay1.50.43327
Jamee Gould1.51.51338
Alan Lee1.52.41355
Farrah Brown1.53.58 pbtba
Caroline Meaby1.56.02442
Katherine Jones1.57.00464
Sarah Burns1.57.26472
Richard Crossland1.57.44483
Natalie Dale2.04.40596
Jayne Pope2.15.20732
Virginia Burton2.17.43751
Dave Foster2.19.15762
Lucy Williams2.33.15806
A difficult run on a difficult day. Very wet and windy. Confusion just after
the start when runners had to leave the running track, where the way ahead was
flooded, added a few minutes to most runners times.
Congratulations to all finishers, from David who came in 24th overall, to Lucy
completing her longest distance so far in her London Marathon training plan.

Special congrats to Carinne who won the race prize for the first Lady Vet 40

Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon - Sunday 28th February 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Suzanne Bench1.48.16730
Andrea Waller1.49.45 pb795
Great run by both Suzanne and Andrea in their lead up to the London Marathon!

1792 finishers

Hotel Olympia Docklands 10k - Sunday 28th February 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan37.59 pb13
Terrific run by Ciaran. Finished 13th overall, 12th for his age group.Personal
best on a wet and windy morning. Well done!

Sunday XC League - Year End Results - 22nd February 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian HorrittBest 40th189pts
Michael WilsonBest 117th554pts
Edward BarnardBest 151st708pts
Well done to the 3 men who qualified for the Year End results of the XC
Ian Horritt who finished 10th in the Senior Mens Competition with finishes at
63rd/43rd/43rd and 40th places. Michael Wilson in the Vet40 Category in
131/161/145/117 placings and Edward Barnard who finished in 25th place in the
Senior Men Category and completed in all 5 races in 184th/182nd/195th/191st
151st finishes.

Sunday XC League - Watford - 21st February 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Gillian Richmond57.36
Derek Wright47.39
Miguel Martinez49.57
Michael Wilson56.26
Edward Barnard63.33
Don Bennett67.17
The last race in this years series finally came round on a wet and damp Sunday
morning in Watford. Nobody seemed to know what the full distance was going to
be. Theories had it from 5 - 6.2 miles. But in truth it was 7 miles of a
quite hilly course and apparently about half a mile or more further than last
year. We once again struggled to field a team, some were running to complete
their 4 out of 5, some to get rid of a bad result earlier in the series. We
even had a lady turn out this time!. Well done to Gillian on her first XC
outing for us coming in in 36th position. With Ian missing, it was Derek who
came in first for the men followed by Miguel. Mick completing his 4th race in
the series and well done to Edward the only member to do all 5 fixtures. I
finished but it wasn't easy, have to do better next year. Thanks also to Jim
Bird for his enthusiastic support.
Don Bennett.

Watford Half Marathon - Sunday 7th February 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caoimhe O'Reilly1.46.40875
Carol Plaskowski2.14.391717
1848 Finishers

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5k - Friday 29th January 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway22.10 pb101
Grant ran in the Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5k. His time was 22mins
10secs, a pb by 19 seconds. He finished 101st out of 204 entrants, 19th in his
age category, V40. Congratulations to Grant on a personal best. Gives him a
time, under 22 min, to aim at next month!

Benfleet 15 - Sunday 24th January 2010

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt1.45.35 pb49
Roberto Bruni1.55.57 pb116
Richard Mainwaring2.06.59216
Michael Wilson2.13.57275
Grant Conway2.20.05336
Patrick Farren2.22.27353
John Atkinson2.40.28483
Great run by Ian, 49th overall and a personal best time, and the "lads" in very tough underfoot conditions!15 miles out and back course, well marked and marshalled. Tough event, out for 5 miles along fast, flat gravelled sea wall, 4 miles of undulating downs with lots of mud, ploughed field and puddles and a couple of stiles to climb over. Back by open track on creek bank for 4 miles, before final 2 miles of sea wall.627 Finishers from 723 Entrants

Sunday Cross country League - Royston - 3rd January 2010

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Horritt37.2341
Derek Wright40.1481
Jamie Coombs43.56134
Michael Wilson46.30185
Edward Barnard55.51269
Five hardy souls from the club drove to this location north of Stansted for a
particularly tough and relentlessly hilly course in cold but sunny
conditions. The course consists of one lap of a hilly field, followed by two
laps of a larger circuit. At one point the runners pass each other in opposite
directions, giving them the opportunity to hail fellow team members. At
another point, the hill is so steep that "climbing" is a better word to use
than "running". The runners complained of never being able to take it easy as
the race consists of ups followed by downs with only one section that may be
described as flat. Ian stormed ahead to clock a very respectable time, faster
than last year, followed by Derek, Jamie, Mike and Edward, who used the
word "evil" to sum up the experience. Rachel was in attendance to offer
support on those tough hair-pin bends. Next stop Watford in February for the
last race of the season.