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RT Clapham Common 5km - Sunday 23rd January 2022

John OBrien26.1122nd

Chingford League - Event 5: XC 5mile, Epping Forest, Chingford - Saturday 22nd January 2022

Thomas Grimes33.5815th - 11th
Robert Spread36.0939th - 29th
John Henry37.5556th - 39th
Karan Gadhia39.5283rd - 53rd
Amit Marks42.29111th - 66th
Caroline Frith42.33112th - 1st
Becky Evans45.39147th - 7th
Jacob Stevens46.34154th - 78th
Michael Wilson46.44158th - 81st
Mounir Dahbi48.09175th - 86th
Clive Stephenson49.36185th - 88th
Ian Mackie49.38186th - 89th
Katrina Betteridge52.07221st - 16th
Catriona Hoult52.09223rd - 17th
Kathryn Hertzberg52.17226th - 19th
Finbar Sheahan52.31227th - 98th
Sandra Preston53.51237th - 23rd
Jane Burton55.28248th - 26th
Debbie Shearing55.39250th - 28th
Ramesh Pala57.10263rd - 103rd
Fiona Day59.05275th - 36th
Anne-Marie Kennedy59.34278th - 38th
Caroline Moore1.00.44285th - 40th
Diana Rexhepaj1.01.23287th - 41st
Susan Edwards1.07.49307th - 50th
Sallyann Eyles1.07.57308th - 51st
319 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 22nd January 2022

Neil Gage22.33* debut35th - 62.90% Castle Park
Jonathan Wooldridge23.37* debut73rd - 62.46% Tonbridge
Tom Howourth18.15* debut5th - 71.23% Central, Plymouth5
Fiona Critchley26.46* debut40th - 66.75% Fulbourn Hospital
Stuart Barton28.47* debut46th - 52.06% Fulbourn Hospital
Shaun DeSena31.48* debut90th - 41.25% Oaklands
Shahib Miah Ali20.24 debut9th - 64.62% Harrow
Matthew Powell22.33 debut17th - 62.38% Barking
Richard Guest22.45 debut82nd - 64.32% Gunnersbury
Shanavaz Malayodu24.18 (course pb)19th - 56.17% Roding
Bernadett Kalmar26.19 (250th parkrun)26th - Porchfield
Viktor Szabadi27.3735th - Porchfield
Grace Turner27.45114th - Blyth Links
Alex Jameson32.4838th - Littleport
James Nichols20.4537th - Mile End
Claire Emery32.4817th - Marple
Arthur Diaz33.09203rd - Chester
Alan Arul21.56130th - Poole
Mark Moir19.565th - Silksworth
Stephen Swan22.1126th - Kesgrave
Katherine Harris25.53242nd - Finsbury
Maya Goodwin32.56506th - Finsbury
John Henry19.382nd - Walthamstow
Alex Pickering19.554th - Walthamstow
Andrew Howard27.42 (course pb) 45th - 57.88% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater29.4665th - Walthamstow
Martin Quinlan28.17212th - Southwark
Joseph Osakue20.128th - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.3524th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak25.2055th - Wanstead
Ged Browne26.2266th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi27.0276th - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench28.3794th - Wanstead
John Healy30.43 (100th parkrun)123rd - Wanstead
Scott McMillan31.44131st - Wanstead
Angela Daniel37.24171st - Wanstead
36 ELR parkruns due to 25 running at the Chingford League fixture.
250th parkrun for Bernadett Kalmar and 100th for John Healy.
9 debut run's
and 2 course pb's, one from Andrew Howard on his 18th time at Walthamstow and 18 pb's on the course.

Brass Monkey Half Marathon, York - Sunday 16th January 2022

John Henry1.13.51 pb51st
1,413 finishers with 100 finishers under 1.18.00.

Benfleet 15m - Sunday 16th January 2022

Thomas Grimes1.39.096th
Joseph Gunn1.47.0829th
Caroline Frith2.03.30107th
Nathaniel Dye2.09.46167th
James Nichols2.10.23174th
Peter Hatley2.13.28208th
Jimmy Dale2.15.31226th
Jonathan Wooldridge2.27.55338th
Alexandra Wilkinson2.35.54388th
Darminder Bhamra3.13.18582nd

Sunday XC League - Event 4 : Cassiobury Park, Watford - Sunday 16th January 2022

Shahib Miah Ali43.0378th - 68th
Karan Gadhia43.0779th - 69th
Mark Moir45.40128th - 110th
Jacob Stevens48.37173rd - 144th
Michael Wilson51.07209th - 165th
Mounir Dahbi51.27217th - 170th
Grant Conway51.54224th - 176th
Abdirahman Adan55.21276th - 203rd
Adrian Frost57.14303rd - 210th
John OBrien1.03.41351st - 224th
Becky Evans50.18199th - 42nd
Kathryn Hertzberg54.24262nd - 64th
Sandra Preston55.15274th - 73rd
Phoebe Bowman55.26278th - 75th
Kasia Stachowiak56.09286th - 81st
Catriona Hoult57.13301st - 93rd
Debbie Shearing58.24317th - 101st
Fiona Day1.03.50354th - 130th
Morag Campbell1.05.35365th - 138th
236 men, 169 ladies = 405 finishers.
Team Results: Men A: 11th/19, 10th overall, Men B: 7th, 7th overall, Vets 16th, 10th overall.
Ladies Team: Ladies A: 11th, 12th overall, Vets: 13th, 12th overall.

Michael Wilson reports: The massive army of runners that set off at the start was a spectacle to behold. Hundreds of people racing down the long grassy hill, trying to dodge trees, branches and other runners! Through some mud to the bottom and then across a concrete bridge over the River Gade and Grand Union Canal into the woods. Up, up, up a long steep hill to the top and then the start of two hilly laps before the descent back down the path to the bridge and the long up hill back to the finish. 5.9 Miles to be precise! A stunning course through the scenic Cassiobury Park in Watford on a fairly mild, still day; perfect conditions for cross country running.
Becky Evans was the first ELR women’s finisher in 42nd position, followed by Kathryn Hertzberg - 64th and Sandra Preston - 73rd. Phoebe Bowman - 75th and Kasia Stachowiak - 81st, completed the scoring for the women’s team.
First for the men was Shahib Ali - 68th, who just edged Karan Gadhia into 69th position, followed by Mark Moir in 110th. Jacob Stevens - 144th, Michael Wilson - 165th, Monir Dahbi - 170th, Grant Conway - 176th and
Abdirahman Adan - 203rd, completed the scoring for the men.
Good runs from Debbie, Monir and Abdi on their Sunday League debuts. Thanks to everyone who ran on Sunday - another great turnout. Including , those who ran after bouts of illness and our Sunday League stalwarts - you know who you are! Finally our baker, Karan whose lovely chocolate cakes lifted our sugar levels after a hard race!
See you for the 5th and final race of the season at Therfield Heath, Royston on 13th February.

Battersea Park Half Marathon - Saturday 15th January 2022

Jess Trayler-Moore2.01.10 pb361st

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 15th January 2022

Nick Hoult23.40* debut25th - 61.34% Queens Domain
Tom Howourth17.29 * (1st man)1st - 74.36% Tooting Common
Fiona Critchley27.24* (course pb)118th - 65.21% Markshall Estate
Thomas Grimes18.47 (1st man)1st - 73.20% Sunny Hill
Jakub Czeczotka24.23 debut51st - 55.98% Charlton
Stuart Barton26.23 debut84th - 56.79% Charlton
Shaun DeSena31.23 debut128th - 41.38% Seaford Beach
Don Bennett38.59 (course pb)55th - 42.24% Harleston Magpies
Jimmy Dale22.33 debut22nd - 58.46% Pymmes
John Healy27.39 (course pb)86th - 52.08% Gunpowder
Caroline Moore31.5971st - Roding
Jonathan Wooldridge22.4656th - Maidstone
James Nichols20.3410th - Billericay
Joseph Osakue19.3812th - Hackney
Diana Rexhepaj31.1137th - Beckton
Clive Stephenson24.1518th - Harrow Lodge
Marc Akers38.12150th - Rutland Water
Martin Quinlan31.13274th - Southwark
Alex Jameson28.1953rd - Littleport
Bernadett Kalmar27.0132nd - Porch Field
Viktor Szabadi27.5135th - Porch Field
Mark Moir19.5327th - Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali20.1335th - Mile End
Liam Dempsey26.55175th - Mile End
Alex Pickering19.503rd - Walthamstow
Andrew Howard27.45 (course pb)42nd - 57.78% Walthamstow
Peter Hatley33.1984th - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater46.47112th - Walthamstow
Joseph Gunn18.28 (1st man)1st - 70.67% Valentines
Stuart Kelly18.382nd - Valentines
Alan Arul22.1022nd - Valentines
Matthew Powell23.1740th - Valentines
David Taylor24.4556th - Valentines
John OBrien25.18 (course pb)61st - 60.21% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.2562nd - Valentines
Mark Durrant26.1168th - Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.0688th - Valentines
Sandra Preston27.0689th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge27.1091st - Valentines
Richard Cravitz27.16 (course pb)93rd - 49.69% Valentines
Gail Edwards27.4999th - Valentines
Amy Martin31.52165th - Valentines
Scott McMillan19.22 (1st man)1st - 73.75% Wanstead
Mark Wyatt19.525th - Wanstead
Amit Marks21.4613th - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.1924th - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak25.4554th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi27.3781st - Wanstead
Claire Drakeford30.52134th - Wanstead
Fiona Day30.54135th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.14141st - Wanstead
Morag Campbell32.52162nd - Wanstead
David Wyatt33.05163rd - Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera34.10171st - Wanstead
Jane Scott35.48182nd - Wanstead
Angela Daniel36.21185th - Wanstead
Sarah Burns26.18265th
Maya Goodwin34.15561st
Katherine Harris34.16563rd

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 9th January 2022

Sandra Preston50.55 pb126th / 261

Essex Duathlon standard - Sunday 9th January 2022

Caroline Frith2.33.1114th, 4th lady, 2nd age cat
10km run, 32km bike, 5km run

Essex Duathlon sprint - Sunday 9th January 2022

Neil Gage1.30.4726th
Anna Dingle1.42.2838th, 9th lady, 2nd age cat

Essex Runfest 10km - Sunday 9th January 2022

Amy Martin57.3938th / 64

Run Through Victoria Park half marathon - Sunday 9th January 2022

Daniel ODonoghue1.24.05 pb12th

Essex Senior XC Championships, Basildon (ladies 8k, men 10k) - Saturday 8th January 2022

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Rachel Le Roux51.46118th (8k)
Joseph Gunn38.2156th
James Nichols44.21127th
Louis Le Roux44.55135th
Karan Gadhia45.05136th
Finbar Sheahan47.52164th
Michael Wilson50.38179th
Mounir Dahbi52.12185th
John OBrien61.55205th
Ladies 8km 125 finishers, Men 10km 214 finishers.
Men's Team : 18th of 25 teams.

Karan Gadhia: Thanks to everyone who ran today at the Essex XC Championships in the rain and thick mud. A couple of very steep hills including a sharp downhill where some people slipped over.
Rachel Le Roux was the sole ELR representative in a large women's field that contained full teams from other Elvis clubs but she ran well and said she enjoyed the race.
In the men's race, CRoTM Joe Gunn was the first finisher for the club followed by James Nichols ,
Louis Le Roux and myself within a minute of each other. Finbar Sheahan was next and Michael Wilson completed the scoring for the men's team. Monir Dahbi and John O'Brien also ran well and we enjoyed chocolate cupcakes at the finish.
I always love to wear my club colours but I felt especially proud to represent the club today at a prestigious event like the county championships.

Michael Wilson: Thanks Karan, the cup cakes were delicious!
This race was very wet, muddy, hilly and at the finish we were all cold and soaked to the skin! Traditional cross country and I loved every minute. It was a great honour just to take part. Hope your knee will be ok Calvin after a few days rest. Thanks Susan for your support out in the hills!

Country to Capital Ultra : 43 miles - Saturday 8th January 2022

Jose Rodriguez5.48.358th
Regis Martin7.04.5856th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 8th January 2022

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Tom Howourth18.43* debut & 1st1st - 69.46% Cranbrook CP
Shaun DeSena37.31* debut70th - 34.96% Itchen Valley
Shahib Miah Ali21.33* debut18th - 61.18% Upton Court
Fiona Critchley29.09 debut125th - 61.29% Wimpole Estate
Stuart Barton31.12 debut157th - 48.02% Wimpole Estate
John Healy28.14 debut80th - 51.00% Gunpowder
Alex Jameson29.00 debut50th - 51.26% March
Richard Guest22.56 debut88th - 63.81% Tooting Common
Matthew Powell23.15 debut29th - 60.50% Victoria Dock
Jonathan Wooldridge23.59 debut7th - 61.50% Hunstanton
Thomas Grimes18.21 (1st man)1st - 74.93% Sunny Hill
Mark Moir20.50 debut37th - 62.08% Southwark
Martin Quinlan29.50248th - Southwark
Joanna Neville29.33246th - Gunnersbury
Catriona Hoult26.20127th - Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka25.09128th - Mile End
Stephen Swan23.4133rd - Kesgrave
Clive Stephenson24.458th - Harrow Lodge
Andrew Baxter22.379th - Walthamstow
Alex Pickering31.0779th - Walthamstow
Amit Marks20.3715th - Raphael
Natasha Howard28.44129th - Raphael
John Henry17.082nd - Finsbury
Maya Goodwin32.48506th - Finsbury
Katherine Harris32.48507th - Finsbury
Caroline Moore31.2238th - Roding Valley
Peter Hatley32.2841st - Roding Valley
Kasia Stachowiak25.4461st - Wanstead
Sandra Preston27.08 (course pb)77th - 67.63% Wanstead
Andrew Howard27.2685th - Wanstead
Samir Younsi28.13100th - Wanstead
Joe Preston30.19124th - Wanstead
Susannah McLaren32.48140th - Wanstead
Scott McMillan33.49149th - Wanstead
Angela Daniel36.41170th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards44.34188th - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell55.59189th - Wanstead
Stuart Kelly19.143rd - Valentines
Alan Arul22.4832nd - Valentines
Chloe Millan22.5233rd - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.3760th - Valentines
Darminder Bhamra27.4486th - Valentines
George Georgiou27.4687th - Valentines
Alexander Ward27.5795th - Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth28.25101st - Valentines
Naimah Riaz28.31104th - Valentines
Mark Durrant28.32105th - Valentines
Gail Edwards28.32106th - Valentines
David Taylor32.58169th - Valentines
Katrina Betteridge36.34193rd - Valentines
Joanna Qiu46.55227th - Valentines
Valentines parkrun
3 2 Stuart KELLY East London Runners 00:19:14
32 28 Alan ARUL East London Runners 00:22:48
33 4 Chloe MILLAN East London Runners 00:22:52
60 13 Bilkis ACHHA East London Runners 00:25:37
86 63 Darminder BHAMRA East London Runners 00:27:44
87 64 George GEORGIOU East London Runners 00:27:46
95 70 Alexander WARD East London Runners 00:27:57
101 26 Victoria CHARLESWORTH East London Runners 00:28:25
104 27 Naimah RIAZ East London Runners 00:28:31
105 74 Mark DURRANT East London Runners 00:28:32
106 28 Gail EDWARDS East London Runners 00:28:32
169 112 David TAYLOR East London Runners 00:32:58
193 62 Katrina BETTERIDGE East London Runners 00:36:34
227 86 Joanna QIU East London Runners 00:46:55

Wanstead Flats parkrun
61 6 Kasia STACHOWIAK East London Runners 00:25:44
77 14 Sandra PRESTON East London Runners 00:27:08
85 65 Andrew HOWARD East London Runners 00:27:26
100 78 Samir YOUNSI East London Runners 00:28:13
124 89 Joe PRESTON East London Runners 00:30:19
140 40 Susannah MCLAREN East London Runners 00:32:48
149 99 Scott MCMILLAN East London Runners 00:33:49
170 61 Angela DANIEL East London Runners 00:36:41
188 74 Sophie EDWARDS East London Runners 00:44:34
189 75 Elizabeth O'DONNELL East London Runners 00:55:59

ELR Handicap Race - Hainault Forest 5.5mi XC - Unofficial - Monday 3rd January 2022

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Carolyn Edwards54.211st
Maya Goodwin1.04.342nd
John White57.553rd
Michael Wilson44.364th
Sarah Burns45.225th
Adrian Frost47.466th
Peter Hatley45.187th
Fiona Day58.588th
Ramesh Pala50.209th
Betty Bohane43.2210th
Caroline Frith42.4411th
Jonathan Shaw43.5312th
Alex Pickering35.5913th
Jacob Stevens43.2714th
Frances Ridout58.4915th
John Healy56.0916th
Catherine Brett55.3017th
Thomas Grimes33.2918th
Joseph Gunn 35.2319th
Katrina Betteridge51.5120th
Sandra Preston53.0021st
Abdirahman Adan52.1922nd
John Henry37.1223rd
Catriona Hoult56.0324th
Calvin Bobin45.4925th
Nathaniel Dye45.4925th
John OBrien1.01.0627th
Well done, Caz Edwards for a very successful return to XC racing !
Sorry there was a cluster of runners for which we could not write the time down!
We were really glad to see so much participation from the club (really sorry for the ones who couldn't join at the last moment!) and we are forever grateful to our marshals : Susan Edwards, Morag Campbell, Fiona Campbell, Frank Brownlie, Susannah McLaren, Tricia O'Neill and the moving Caroline Frith's family with a special thanks to Joe Preston and Ilford runner: Diarmuid Mac Donnell who helped us to set up the course with the sawdust early this morning ! (great weight lifting exercise!)
Alexandra, Jacob and Sandra

Maya Goodwin reports: OMG That was fantastic. Thank you so much for organising such a great race. Love my club x
Catch the Pigeon. The Hunger Games. They both seemed slightly terrifying. I tried thinking of The Railway Children instead, but I wasn't sure if Sarah Burns was wearing a red flannel petticoat to rescue me if there was a train.
I was considering just pootling along till the second starter joined me. That seemed less stressful. But Sarah gave me a big pep talk.
‘No Maya. No. You don’t even THINK about anyone else. This is your chance to run as hard as you can. Run your race and keep as many people off as you can’
Ok. Well that sounded like hard work. But I had a 5 min head start, so it had to be worth a try. Off I set, with cheers in my ears, following sawdust. It was uphill, muddy, downhill, less muddy, flat, there were walkers, horses, bikes. I huffed and puffed past them all. Running past walkers, I could see them looking at me curiously as I puffed past them. A couple asked 'is it a race?. 'Club run' was all I could manage. I'm sure they were wondering why someone so slow was at the front. I wanted to explain, but there was no time. Keep running Maya.
At 5.7k at the top of a long straight road, I looked back. There! A tiny red speck in the distance. Was it a speedster racing like the wind? Or a slower runner like me, which would give me a bit more time. I chuffed along, and at 6k there was more mud. I rolled my eyes. I was over it now. Sliding though the muddy path I saw more walkers. This time I had breath to gasp out: 'When you see the next red vest coming this way, tell them Maya says slow down'
They did as well.
At 7k John White caught me. I was striding up the hill but it wasn't faster than his run and he overtook. A glance over my shoulder and it was still clear. I kept on, running with short walk breaks. And then another red. Caz caught me and I knew that I needed to move if I was going to keep a podium place. But there was so much mud! I am clumsy at the best of times, so I slowed down. John had held back to 'encourage' me though the mud. Stupid mud.
And then it was the home straight. I ran with everything I had left (which wasn't much) to hold onto second place. I turned round after I crossed the line, and there was literally a sea of red, as everyone came thundering in to finish right behind me, so I hadn't had a second to waste.
Alex and team, this was one of my favourite runs. Thank you so much! It was such a new experience to be chased, and it really taught me a lot about resilience and keeping on going. A perfect end to a holiday season and an even better start to the new year.

Serpentine New Years Day 10km - Saturday 1st January 2022

John Henry34.5116th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 1st January 2022

Scott McMillan18.07* (course pb)9th - 78.84% Aberdeen
Jimmy Dale28.20* debut48th - 46.53% Crichton
Caroline Frith21.46* debut16th - 72.28% Old Showfield
Matthew Powell25.55 debut79th - 54.28% Harrogate
Stuart Norris29.35 debut86th - 43.61% Hilly Fields
Caroline Moore33.4554th - Roding
Mary OBrien29.0730th - Wexford Races
Arthur Diaz32.05200th - Chester
Juliet Lopez-Real33.2971st - Pymmes
Shahib Miah Ali21.5924th - Mile End
Martin Quinlan31.3983rd - Roundshaw Downs
Mark Moir22.4717th - Silksworth
Albert Ng25.0330th - Evesham
Marc Akers38.03230th - Rutland Water
Thomas Grimes20.302nd - Sunny Hill
Jonathan Wooldridge23.5450th - Maidstone
Sarah Burns24.4477th - Finsbury
Maya Goodwin32.14 (course pb)186th - 52.64% Finsbury
Louis Le Roux21.334th - Thurrock, Orsett
Rachel Le Roux30.5752nd - Thurrock, Orsett
Joseph Osakue19.307th - Hackney
Michael Wilson24.07 debut44th - 67.10% Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka24.3950th - Hackney
Richard Guest23.0937th - Highbury Fields
Cathal Lynch28.2962nd - Harrow Lodge
Bernard Mansell28.13 (course pb)59th - 52.69% Witney
Billy Rayner20.08 (50th parkrun)7th - 65.89% Valentines
Jacob Stevens22.1824th - Valentines
James Nichols22.2927th - Valentines
Chloe Millan23.3444th - Valentines
Clive Stephenson24.0051st - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.0568th - Valentines
Sandra Preston25.0769th - Valentines
John OBrien25.31 (course pb)74th - 59.70% Valentines
Katherine Harris27.20100th - Valentines
George Georgiou27.50106th - Valentines
Alexander Ward27.58110th - Valentines
Mark Durrant28.00111th - Valentines
Joe Preston32.15161st - Valentines
Joanna Qiu55.31250th - Valentines
Alex Pickering20.134th - Wanstead
Tom Marshall21.4310th - Wanstead
Amit Marks21.5611th - Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.4716th - Wanstead
Carlton DSouza26.0543rd - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult28.0265th - Wanstead
Andrew Howard28.4679th - Wanstead
Stuart Barton30.29100th - Wanstead
Andrea Waller30.36101st - Wanstead
Fiona Day30.42102nd - Wanstead
Claire Emery30.50106th - Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.55107th - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards34.43130th - Wanstead
Don Bennett42.50154th - Wanstead
Finbar Sheahan27.1654TH - Wanstead