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Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 22nd June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.497th5th

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 22nd June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darminder Bhamra1.51.1638th22nd, 2nd V55
Samia Choudhury2.35.3291st24th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 22nd June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Finbar Sheahan22.02 100th parkrun44th - Wanstead
James Nichols20.03* debut3rd - 68.08% Burnham on Crouch3rd
Clare Stevens30.59* debut173rd - 49.38% Newport
Tom Howourth18.45* debut3rd - 69.96% Seaton3rd
Mark Moir26.06* debut20th - 50.00% Drumchapel
Maya Goodwin31.58* debut210th - 54.48% Littlehampton Prom
John Henry19.10* debut1st - 73.39% Monrepos, Germ1st
Caroline Frith24.59* debut14th - 64.18% Stockley Country1st
Stuart Barton
Jakub Czeczotka
Ciaran Canavan
Lance Fuller
Matthew Powell
Joshua Rees Davies
Joseph Osakue
Shahib Miah Ali
Liam Dempsey
Simon Nash
Claire Emery
Richard Power-Guest
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
71 56 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:48
Roding Valley parkrun
21 19 Jimmy DALE 00:22:58
31 29 Calvin BOBIN 00:23:49
64 52 Tim AYLETT 00:28:59
83 20 Caroline MOORE 00:31:43
Valentines parkrun
52 47 Jason LEVY 00:24:23
75 12 Cindy KOON 00:25:48
136 27 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:28:47
138 28 Mary O'BRIEN 00:28:48
159 36 Naimah RIAZ 00:30:19
178 124 Mark DURRANT 00:31:09
196 50 Sarah LOCKLEY 00:31:52
226 67 May HAU 00:33:17
Wanstead Flats parkrun
17 16 Mark WYATT 00:19:58
37 33 Alex PICKERING 00:21:30
68 56 Scott MCMILLAN 00:24:55
85 15 Rachel BAILEY 00:26:04
113 25 Kate BRETT 00:27:12
160 110 Andrew HOWARD 00:30:05
200 58 Kathryn HERTZBERG 00:31:58
Gunpowder parkrun
16 16 Andrew BAXTER 00:20:42
44 41 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:24:17
Mile End parkrun
17 16 John BOOTH 00:19:57
Walthamstow parkrun
78 12 Janet BYWATER 00:28:01
152 95 Steve BYWATER 00:36:03
Kesgrave parkrun
30 26 Steve SWAN 00:21:37
Sunny Hill parkrun
11 11 Thomas GRIMES 00:21:47
Felixstowe parkrun
148 33 Katherine HARRIS 00:27:50

The John Clarke Memorial Fell Race (Orion) - Friday 21st June 2024

Springfield Striders Friday Night Five - Friday 21st June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Creed37.2598th - 60.79%85th
237 finishers.

Elvis 3: East End Road Runners 5km, Olympic Park - Tuesday 18th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.093rd place
Ryan Friel16.325th
John Henry16.558th
Daniel ODonoghue18.0431st
Joseph Osakue18.3140th
Robert Spread18.3342nd
Shahib Miah Ali18.46 course pb54th
Mark Wyatt18.5257th
Alex Pickering19.0060th
James Nichols19.0865th
Eren Ozkan19.30 pb75th
Fernando Espada20.0692nd
Amit Marks20.2099th
Jonathan Shaw20.32104th
Jakub Czeczotka20.35106th
Karan Gadhia20.42111th
Emma Corbett20.39 pb112th10th
Paul Watkins20.38114th
Jimmy Dale20.57119th
Jacob Stevens20.57122nd
Betty Bohane21.04123rd13th
Simon Nash21.59153rd
Clive Stephenson22.04162nd
Darminder Bhamra22.09163rd
Cindy Koon22.21 course pb166th, 1st FV5023rd
Manjit Singh22.40172nd
Becky Evans22.51179th29th
Ian Mackie22.52180th, 1st V70
Imran Mustak22.53181st
Calvin Bobin23.09186th
Kasia Stachowiak23.18193rd32nd
Grant Conway23.31198th
Peter Hatley23.35200th
Michael Wilson23.55207th
Jason Levy24.14215th
Katrina Betteridge24.32223rd47th
Catherine Perry24.36225th48th
Richard Power-Guest24.44228th
Nicola Wyndham24.55237th
Bilkis Achha25.43252nd
John OBrien26.19265th
Liam Dempsey26.15267th
George Georgiou26.28277th
Mary Connolly26.37282nd
Suzanne Taylor26.44285th
Mark Durrant27.04295th
Veronica Carrasco27.08300th
Kate Brett27.21307th
Janet Bywater27.28312th
Jolene Robinson27.29 pb313th
Kathryn Hertzberg27.32314th
Stuart Barton28.15327th
Caroline Moore28.41332nd
Diana Rexhepaj28.50336th
Claire Drakeford28.54339th
Clare Stevens29.49351st
Maya Goodwin30.11353rd
Sarah Burns30.12354th
Matilda Blackwell30.56 elr debut360th
Anna Dingle33.06377th
Morag Campbell33.39380th
Emily Handley-Cole35.00 elr debut 387th
Joanna Qiu39.53401st
John Atkinson41.28406th
race report- Elvis Race #3- Olympic Park 5km by Imran Mustak
Well done to the 64 East London Runners who took part in the third race of the Elvis series at the Olympic Park. East End Road Runners always seem to find a way to bring out the sunshine. With the magic PB glitter dust being passed around, East London Runners got ready to unleash everything we had.
The turnout and energy in the camp, both before and after the race, was something the captains had not felt or seen before. Some remarkable stories on the night included a "sub 19 again for the first time since 2018. Fastest 5km since 2016," "Third fastest 5k, PB for an official 5k race," "buzzing with that, fastest 5k in almost 2 years," "2-second course PB and my fastest in 3 years," "fastest 5k this year," and "improved previous time by 32 seconds." I am sure many more personal goals were achieved.
We had a number of debuts to the Elvis racing scene with Emily Handley-Cole, Matilda Blackwell, and Emma Corbett. We also had a number of legends returning. It is always wonderful to have you in the team.

The men's team was led by the returning Joshua Rees Davies, closely followed by Ryan Friel and
John Henry, all three finishing in the top 8 positions. Daniel O'Donoghue, Joseph Babatunde Osakue, and Robert Spread completed the scoring. The team finished an awesome 3rd on the night, ahead of Ilford AC, to remain 2nd overall in the series.
Emma Corbett came in first for the women's team with a PB, followed by Betty Bohane, Cindy Koon, Becky Evans, Kasia Stachowiak, and Katy Betteridge. We finished 4th on the night, and the women's team move to second place in the overall standings.
ELR also managed to secure a few prizes on the night with Joshua winning the prize for 3rd male. Ian Mackie won1st V70 and captain Cindy secured 1st V50.
We also had some notable PBs and course records for Shahib Ali, Eren Ozkan, Darminder Bhamra, Cindy Koon, Imran Mustak, and Jolene Robinson. Amazing work everyone.
A big thank you from the captains for the great turnout and for the brilliant atmosphere everyone helped to create. We are not just a running club but also an amazing team. With that also a big thanks to the volunteers who helped on the night from baking cakes to taking pictures and handing out race numbers. This is why ELR rocks.
The next race in the Elvis series takes place on 10th July at Hainault Forest. It is a 5m course in the beautiful forest. We tend to do quite well in this race, this is only possible with club member signing up to race. To sign up, please click:


European Duathlon Championships, Coimbra, Portugal - Sunday 16th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee2.23.423rd3rd, F45-49
Daniel Lee2.20.4913th13th, M55-59
Distances = 10k run, t1, 40k bike, t2, 5k run =
Ava = 41.43, 1.31, 1.16.07, 1.34, 22.20 = 2.23.42
Danny = 39.21, 1.34, 1.16.35, 1.26, 21.28 = 2.20.49

British Heart Foundation London to Brighton Bike Ride - Sunday 16th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Anna Dingle5.54.01
Janet Bywater5.54.02
Stuart Barton5.54.05
also Marco Cara 5.54.04.

High Easter / Essex 10km - Sunday 16th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Watkins42.21 pb105th88th
Ian Mackie45.19132nd, Silver medal Essex109th, 2nd V70
Becky Evans46.18146th, Silver medal Essex28th, 2nd FV55,
Grant Conway49.53198th149th
368 finishers.

Finsbury Park Half Marathon - Sunday 16th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Martin Quinlan2.28.56262nd
285 finishers.

Race To The King 50km Coastal - Saturday 15th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Durrant7.39.16312th178th
'Race to the King' 50Km Ultra - (South Downs)by Mark Durrant.
What do you do a few weeks after running the London Marathon, you go and enter a 50k Ultra! I wasn't 100% physically prepared due to earlier illness, but being a Gooner (Arsenal football fan) I knew that we are made of stronger things (like titanium) unlike our rivals Tottenham (cotton wool). That's my opinion, but I know many of you wont agree with me. My race started at 06:30 so I spent the night in a local B&B in Emsworth as to arrive on time.
The race started in slightly rainy conditions and it was extremely windy. It was only after 30mins into it that I began to ask myself 'what am I doing and how I'm I going to get to the end' unless I call International Rescue for assistance (only older folks who watched Thunderbirds many years ago will know what I'm talking about). Their are better things to do on a Saturday morning (like Parkrun or going for a swim). This inclement weather continued for approx 3 hrs and I was so glad to get to the first Pit Stop after 10k. To my amazement it was exceptionally well stocked with so much refreshments that you you almost had to undo your running vest to make room. You were a bit wet but you continued along with everyone else following the well marked signs and turns at each km, running down hills and walking up others.
Talking about my running vest and equipment, I would like to say a special Thank You to 'Harrier' (https://harrierrunfree.co.uk/
) for sponsoring me with my running equipment. They are a British based company and they provide exceptional high quality trail running clothing and accessories at competitive prices. Last year I ran a ultra and a unleashed dog ran in front of me causing me to fall over, bruising my elbow at 24km (see pic enclosed - sorry if its scary, but its a hazard of running). Fortunately, the delightful Paula Bedford came to the rescue midway with the first aid team and patched me up, and I was off again. So I made it my aim to ensure that this would not happen again, so I was not going for speed, but more for safety and just training to get to the end in one piece. Some of the ground was very undulating in places and the paths were a bit muddy under the trees. Occasionally you had to run in single file, allowing quicker runners to overtake you (but you caught them up further on) but the sun soon came back out and you were back to your normal self. Their was lots of talking to others on route and it was a great friendly atmosphere. I had a bit of cramp at around 46km but mentally I knew that I was going to get to the end (even if I just walked the remaining distance). When I got to the end I had a big smile on my face as I had just completed another race and was another year older. In the finishing tent the organisers laid on a hot meal for all competitors.
Many thanks for reading and getting to the end of this report and staying awake, as a special prize if you go and order anything from Harrier please do use code 'HARRIER20' to receive a 20% disfcount of your first order. Now I'm thirsty and I need to go and find a shop that still sells large 1.5l bottles of Tizer (for the few of you who know what it is) - Stay Blessed!

Giants Head Marathon - Saturday 15th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Victoria Charlesworth7.22.09383rd158th
406 finishers.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 15th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Janet Bywater27.22 250th parkrun79th - Walthamstow
Joshua Rees Davies16.56 1st man1st - 77.85% Pymmes1st
John Henry17.072nd - 82.18% Pymmes2nd
Betty Bohane21.13 1st lady17th - 70.70% Lordship RG1st
Tommy Ho20.31* debut6th - 66.04% Fairview6th
Shahib Miah Ali19.54 course pb4th - 67.59% Harrow Lodge4th
Ann Dunne28.40 debut127th - 68.66% Wanstead
Tim Aylett33.51 course pb22nd - 41.90% Yarmouth N Beach
Jason Levy24.16 debut60th - 62.29% Charlton
Claire Emery30.06 debut351st - 57.86% Highbury Flds
Clare Stevens34.03 debut69th - 44.93% Westmill
Morag Campbell36.31 debut75th - 47.06% Westmill
Stuart Barton28.44 debut197th - 53.02% Hove Prom
Mark Moir23.58 debut24th - 54.45% Brentwood
Daniel Dally22.0827th - 66.11% Wanstead
Emma Corbett22.4733rd - 65.84% Wanstead3rd
Kasia Stachowiak24.2054th - 63.22% Wanstead7th
Ryan Friel19.343rd - 68.23% Valentines3rd
Cindy Koon22.2422nd - 74.85% Valentines2nd
Bernadett Kalmar27.1120th - 64.07% Porch Field3rd
James Nichols21.356th - 63.24% Brentwood6th
Fiona Critchley26.2555th - 70.41% Great Notley9th
Lance Fuller26.049th - 62.60% Whakatane9th
Alex Pickering21.4210th - 65.82% Walthamstow10th
Finbar Sheahan21.36 99th parkrun29th - Shanganagh
Hackney Marshes parkrun
45 38 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:28
179 39 Sarah BURNS 00:26:36
291 99 Maya GOODWIN 00:31:47
Roding Valley parkrun
55 8 Sandra PRESTON 00:26:18
69 16 Caroline FRITH 00:27:11
88 63 Jimmy DALE 00:29:09
110 35 Caroline MOORE 00:33:26
Valentines parkrun
27 24 Michael BAMFORD 00:22:46
30 27 Imran MUSTAK 00:23:07
53 48 Michael WILSON 00:24:42
81 71 George GEORGIOU 00:26:27
96 12 Kathryn HERTZBERG 00:27:29
117 21 Naimah RIAZ 00:28:55
189 50 May HAU 00:33:34
Wanstead Flats parkrun
76 14 Rachel BAILEY 00:26:05
92 17 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:26:45
128 94 Andrew HOWARD 00:28:42
148 102 Scott MCMILLAN 00:29:54
160 47 Andrea WALLER 00:30:34
178 53 Fiona DAY 00:32:05
201 67 Sandra HILLER 00:34:29
204 70 Vivienne EKA 00:34:51
Raphael parkrun
25 24 Amit MARKS 00:21:11
Mile End parkrun
15 13 Mark WYATT 00:19:26
262 176 Liam DEMPSEY 00:29:34
Beckton parkrun
37 12 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:28:34
Harrow Lodge parkrun
25 23 Clive STEPHENSON 00:24:08
Walthamstow parkrun
165 97 Steve BYWATER 00:39:05
Delamere parkrun
390 261 Arthur DIAZ 00:30:37
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
90 58 Frank BROWNLIE 00:31:52
Witney parkrun
139 92 Bernard MANSELL 00:30:15
Felixstowe parkrun
187 49 Katherine HARRIS 00:30:16
Harleston Magpies parkrun
72 38 Don BENNETT 00:40:48
Charlton parkrun
48 44 Matthew POWELL 00:22:55
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
23 12 Ciarán CANAVAN 00:49:05
Bury St Edmunds parkrun
109 83 Derek WRIGHT 00:27:20
Kesgrave parkrun
17 16 Steve SWAN 00:21:33
Porch Field parkrun
26 20 Viktor F SZABADI 00:27:43

Pitsea Crown To Crown 5km - Wednesday 12th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson24.2848th
119 finishers.

Run Through Victoria Park half marathon - Sunday 9th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tasnia Choudhury2.10.12605th177th
Martin Quinlan2.25.24763rd495th

Valley of the Owls Half Marathon - Sunday 9th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Becky Evans1.50.0416th2nd
124 finishers.

Becky: Pretty route on small country roads, across fields & through woodland- fairly hilly…

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 9th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Eren Ozkan1.29.17 pb98th90th
Cindy Koon1.43.12 pb559th57th
Imran Mustak1.46.17 pb955th805th
Clare Stevens2.19.321775th457th
2202 finishers.

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 9th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ben Palairet39.44 pb16th
Jamie Xavier41.3428th
Simon Nash43.13 pb47th

Run Through Hyde Park 5km - Saturday 8th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Power-Guest24.5443rd
179 finishers.

Run Through Hyde Park 10km - Saturday 8th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali39.3513th
310 finishers.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 8th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jakub Czeczotka25.59 debut (100th event)189th - Wimbledon Common
Ryan Friel16.49* course pbdebut1st - 79.39% Felixstowe1st
Joshua Rees Davies17.02* debut1st - 77.40% Jersey Farm1st
James Nichols19.40* debut8th - 69.41% Southend8th
Fiona Critchley25.17* debut78th - 73.57% Hereford
Stephen Swan26.08* debut23rd - 51.08% Woolacombe Dunes
Jonathan Wooldridge26.24* debut40th - 56.76% Parke
Janet Bywater28.46* debut360th - 65.59% Woodhouse Moor
John Henry17.331st - 80.15% Lordship RG
Ian Burrows23.27 course pb115th - 62.40% Mile End49th parkrun
Andrew McLean23.27 debut42nd - 55.01% Walthamstow
Stuart Barton27.47 debut70th - 54.83% Bedfont Lakes
Maya Goodwin30.12 debut106th - 57.67% Harrow Lodge
Morag Campbell35.51 debut542nd - 47.93% Southwark
Steven Bywater39.21 debut202nd - 40.41% Dartford
Liam Dempsey28.04 debut67th - 47.57% Warszawa-Ursynow
Matthew Powell23.14 debut39th - 61.48% Zuiderpark,Den Haag
Jason Levy24.58 debut59th - 60.55% Zuiderpark,Den Haag
Peter Hatley24.21 debut248th - 60.57% Hove Promenade
Emma Corbett21.3219th - 69.66% Wanstead2nd
Alex Pickering20.275th - 69.85% Roding5th
Caroline Frith24.3230th - 65.35% Roding4th
Diana Rexhepaj27.5827th - 63.05% Beckton6th
Joseph Osakue19.044th - 77.97% Valentines3rd
Bilkis Achha25.3974th - 62.51% Valentines10th
Thomas Grimes18.052nd - 77.79% Lees Road2nd
Ciaran Canavan21.596th - 67.10% Whakatane5th
Lance Fuller33.1616th - 49.05% Whakatane9th
Daniel Lee19.3312th - 77.62% Victoria Dock12th
Hackney Marshes parkrun
55 47 Redmond SHANNON 00:20:39
Roding Valley parkrun
25 23 Mounir DAHBI 00:23:39
68 51 Jimmy DALE 00:27:22
107 33 Caroline MOORE 00:32:57
Wanstead Flats parkrun
17 16 Amit MARKS 00:21:12
43 36 Michael BAMFORD 00:23:13
50 43 Ian MACKIE 00:23:27
70 11 Kasia STACHOWIAK 00:24:30
95 77 Scott MCMILLAN 00:25:41
103 84 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:26:15
123 24 Kate BRETT 00:27:19
146 110 Andrew HOWARD 00:28:18
206 62 Jayne BROWNE 00:31:11
245 86 Sandra HILLER 00:34:26
260 97 Vivienne EKA 00:35:51
Walthamstow parkrun
61 58 Samir YOUNSI 00:25:20
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
82 72 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:03
Valentines parkrun
19 17 Simon NASH 00:21:56
53 45 Michael WILSON 00:24:32
76 12 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:25:50
112 82 John O'BRIEN 00:27:38
121 26 Ann DUNNE 00:28:06
137 28 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:12
159 110 Mark DURRANT 00:30:25
229 64 May HAU 00:34:11
Harlow parkrun
168 47 Veronica CARRASCO 00:32:29
Witney parkrun
119 89 Bernard MANSELL 00:28:55
Clapham Common parkrun
806 261 Fiona DAY 00:32:36
Victoria Dock parkrun
37 33 Mark MOIR 00:21:43
Drumpellier Country parkrun
169 109 Frank BROWNLIE 00:31:42

Elvis 2: Havering 90 Joggers 5m, Raphael Park - Tuesday 4th June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel27.121st
Daniel ODonoghue30.2517th
Robert Spread31.1222nd
Alex Pickering31.1324th
Joseph Osakue31.2326th
James Nichols31.2629th
Eren Ozkan31.5931st
Shahib Miah Ali32.02 pb32nd
Amit Marks33.0641st
Dylan Campbell33.1843rd
Fernando Espada33.1844th
Paul Watkins33.5555th
Jonathan Shaw34.3059th
Jacob Stevens34.4762nd
Jimmy Dale36.1180th
Daniel Dally36.1982nd
Cindy Koon36.4288th11th, 2nd V50
Andrew McLean36.4589th
Michael Bamford36.5792nd
Clive Stephenson36.5393rd
Darminder Bhamra37.0394th
Becky Evans37.0795th12th
Matthew Powell37.24100th
Mark Moir37.39105th
Michael Wilson38.00108th
Kasia Stachowiak38.02109th16th
Imran Mustak38.17 pb110th
Grant Conway39.21123rd
Peter Hatley39.42125th
Mark Durrant40.03127th
Matthew Martin40.15130th
Samir Younsi41.00139th
Katrina Betteridge41.58150th35th
Sandra Preston42.03151st36th
Mary Connolly42.55159th38th
John OBrien43.44167th
Nicola Wyndham43.44168th44th
Suzanne Taylor43.44169th45
George Georgiou43.47171st
Bilkis Achha44.29181st49
Ramesh Pala44.41183rd
Janet Bywater45.06193rd56
Victoria Charlesworth45.12195th58
Kate Brett45.19196th60
Ann Dunne46.43206th65
Caroline Moore47.11215th71
Natasha Howard48.00219th75
Tasnia Choudhury48.01222nd76
Maya Goodwin49.13 course pb230th78
Clare Stevens49.55236th82
Kathy Morrissey51.11246th89
Team results: Elvis 2
Men: ELR 2nd - overall 2nd
Ladies: ELR 2nd - overall 1st

Race report- Elvis #2 by Imran Mustak
A huge congratulations to the 51 East London Runners who participated in the second race of the Elvis series at Raphael Park. It was fantastic to see Bilkis Acha, Daniel Dally and Andrew Mclean make their Elvis debuts. Once you start, it's hard to stay away. It was also wonderful to have some Elvis legends return.
The rain held off, allowing East London Runners to shine with some notable personal bests and course records for Shahib Ali, Maya Goodwin, Cindy Koon, Imran Mustak, Eren Ozkan, and Paul Watkins.
An East London Runner dominated the race, with a big congratulations to Ryan Friel, who won with a time of 27.12. He had to wait over a minute for the next runner to cross the line. Absolutely amazing.
The full provisional race results can be found at https://elvisraces.club/.../Elvis-Standings-after-Elvis.... The ELR women's team seems to have maintained first place in the overall standings by finishing second in Elvis Race 2. An awesome performance led by club captain Cindy Koon, closely followed by Becky Evans, Kasia Stachowiak, Katy Betteridge, Sandra Preston, and Mary Connolly.
The men's team finished second ahead of seven other teams, led by Ryan, followed by strong returns to the Elvis series by Daniel O'Donoghue and Robert Spread. Close behind were Alex Pickering, Joseph Babatunde Osakue, and James Nichols, who all scored for the team again.
The Eton Manor team is extremely strong this year and appears to be putting every ounce of resource into winning this series. The next race is crucial in terms of numbers and turnout. For the first time in the series, Eton Manor has more runners registered than ELR.
Are we a little worried? (crackly call coming in on our shokz's)
Captains, "can you hear me? On your left."
East London Runners, emerging.
East London Runners, "Assemble."
The next race in the Elvis series takes place on 18th June at the Olympic Park. It is a fast 5k course with the potential for a personal best. It is mainly on paved paths. To sign up, please click https://events.kronosports.uk/event/289?

Maldon Mud Race 2024, Promenade Park - Sunday 2nd June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stephen Swan5.1618th of 355

Forest Five Series - Race 1 - Saturday 1st June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Calvin Bobin38.0337th
Rahana Islam41.4261st
John OBrien46.5088th
Maya Goodwin52.55109th
120 finishers.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 1st June 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.16* debut & 1st1st - 81.05% Harrow1st
Arthur Diaz28.57* debut142nd - 52.62% Conwy
John Henry19.15 course pb1st - 73.07% Roding1st
Cindy Koon22.24 1st lady33rd - 74.85% Valentines1st
Thomas Grimes20.14 1st man1st - 69.52% Sunny Hill1st
Betty Bohane21.11 debut166th - 70.81% Bushy11th
Matthew Powell33.05 debut1376th - 43.17% Bushy
Ann Dunne28.28 debut65th - 68.15% Roding
Clare Stevens30.35 debut426th - 50.03% Nonsuch
Victoria Charlesworth29.44 debut81st - 57.79% Barrow
Jimmy Dale29.59 debut202nd - 44.52% Kings Lynn
Darminder Bhamra22.39 debut22nd - 69.94% Beckton
Simon Nash22.18 debut5th - 65.62% Dartford Heath
Stuart Barton31.43 debut114th - 48.03% Wendover Woods
Fiona Day31.37 debut41st - 67.11% Harleston9th
Lance Fuller24.58 course pb13th - 65.35% Whatakane
Katherine Harris25.46 400th parkrun138th - Felixstowe
Daniel ODonoghue19.287th - 68.15% Valentines6th
Sarah Burns24.1856th - 67.35% Wanstead2nd
Kasia Stachowiak25.2667th - 60.48% Wanstead6th
Diana Rexhepaj28.3146th - 61.66% Beckton8th
Fiona Critchley27.0963rd - 68.51% Great Notley9th
Caroline Frith24.2626th - 65.62% Roding3rd
Bernard Mansell29.00166th - Witney
Hackney Marshes parkrun
402 135 Vivienne EKA 00:35:16
Roding Valley parkrun 106
73 55 Tim AYLETT 00:29:15
92 64 James NICHOLS 00:31:38
100 32 Caroline MOORE 00:32:39
Valentines parkrun
21 19 Alex PICKERING 00:21:01
48 42 Imran MUSTAK 00:23:12
78 66 Jason LEVY 00:24:40
80 68 Michael WILSON 00:24:43
117 14 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:10
167 24 Katrina BETTERIDGE 28:38
188 29 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:07
207 37 Mary O'BRIEN 00:29:52
239 48 Sarah LOCKLEY 00:31:48
275 61 May HAU 00:33:37
309 82 Joanna QIU 00:35:24
354 107 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 38:25
Wanstead Flats parkrun
26 25 Jonny SHAW 00:21:59
76 64 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:11
88 12 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:26:47
198 71 Sandra HILLER 00:34:03
Raphael parkrun
36 27 Mark MOIR 00:21:53
Walthamstow parkrun
38 34 Andrew BAXTER 00:24:00
96 83 Peter HATLEY 00:28:36
116 18 Janet BYWATER 00:30:52
151 106 Steve BYWATER 00:39:57
Clumber Park parkrun
122 98 Andrew HOWARD 00:26:59
Osterley parkrun
104 14 Joanna NEVILLE 00:26:29
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
92 67 Frank BROWNLIE 00:33:41
Great Notley parkrun
55 48 David TAYLOR 00:26:43
parkrun Kołobrzeg
38 29 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:26:39
Buncrana parkrun
21 18 Liam DEMPSEY 00:27:37
Witney parkrun
166 117 Bernard MANSELL 00:29:00 52.53%
Felixstowe parkrun
49 47 Steve SWAN 00:22:03
Porch Field parkrun
20 14 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:28
Harleston Magpies parkrun 9
58 38 Don BENNETT 00:40:54
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
14 13 Ciarán CANAVAN 00:26:29

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 31st May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel15.566th
John Henry16.4316th
217 finishers

Woodford Green Graded Meet - 800m - Tuesday 28th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jason Levy2.57.22 pb5th

Hatfield Broad Oak 10km - Monday 27th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter43.36112th
Becky Evans46.00173rd26th, 3rd W50
Michael Bamford46.15176th147th
Darminder Bhamra46.17179th150th
Clive Stephenson46.14182nd152nd
James Creed47.25218th181st
Catherine Perry50.49334th68th
Grant Conway50.26340th265th
Sandra Preston51.35353rd75th
Kate Brett56.53566th168th
Stuart Barton59.01645th428th
Clare Stevens1.01.36739th260th
Natasha Howard1.01.02784th281st
Morag Campbell1.09.01915th368th

Stratford Speed GP Meet, Olympic Park track - Sunday 26th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel2.05.411st - 800m
Joseph Osakue1.07.03 debut6th - 400m
Ryan Friel4.25.461st - 1500m

Ride 100 Essex - Sunday 26th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carlton DSouza5.46.54
Peter Hatley5.48.35
Selina Vernal7.04.38
Graham Peacock7.25.57
Steven Bywater7.50.03
Simon Nash8.38.51
Rahana Islam8.57.04

Edinburgh Marathon - Sunday 26th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kathryn Hertzberg4.43.356889th

Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon - Sunday 26th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Victoria Charlesworth2.11.44115th39th, 10th V50
160 finishers.

Victoria comments:
Wonderful day at the #mok #mullofkintyre Half Marathon.
My first time running on a beach.
Great local support, wonderful weather & a super goody-bag & post-race treats.
I met some lovely runners.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 25th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.29* debut & 1st1st - 79.98% Northala Fields1st
Jakub Czeczotka20.28* debut9th - 67.67% Warsawa Ursynow, Pol9th
Betty Bohane21.39* debut &1st19th - 69.28% Fairview, Ireland1st
Fiona Critchley26.25* debut24th - 70.41% Mensola, Italy8th
Finbar Sheahan23.38* debut67th - 59.10% Blaise Castle
Ciaran Canavan24.09* debut2nd - 61.08% Monoa Point,NZ2nd
Lance Fuller32.30 debut9th - 49.79% Monoa Point,NZ6th
Nicola Barberis Negra20.11 debut2nd - 69.20% Tamar Trails2nd
Simon Nash21.49 debut25th - 67.07% Charlton
Stuart Barton29.23 debut457th - 51.84% Tooting Common
Caroline Frith31.07 debut73rd - 51.53% Brentwood
Clare Stevens30.20 debut95th - 50.44% Clare Castle
Morag Campbell35.17 debut121st - 48.70% Clare Castle
James Nichols22.11 debut41st - 61.33% Krakow
David Taylor26.33 course pb35th - 63.15% Llyn Llech Owain
Sandra Hiller36.32 debut124th - 54.35% Sheringham
Katherine Harris30.29 399 parkruns159th - Kesgrave
John Henry17.352nd - 80.00% Valentines2nd
Cindy Koon22.3749th - 74.13% Valentines6th
Emma Corbett21.5226th - 68.60% Wanstead2nd
Kasia Stachowiak24.3263rd - 62.70% Wanstead7th
Shahib Miah Ali18.5615th - 71.04% Mile End
Thomas Grimes21.265th - 65.63% Sunny Hill5th
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
89 76 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:47
Roding Valley parkrun
61 51 Jimmy DALE 00:28:16
91 28 Caroline MOORE 00:32:51
Valentines parkrun
30 27 Calvin BOBIN 00:21:42
55 46 Imran MUSTAK 00:22:53
60 49 Mounir DAHBI 00:22:59
82 68 Ryan FRIEL 00:23:48
111 15 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:25:00
119 98 Darminder BHAMRA 00:25:22
129 20 Bilkis ACHHA 00:25:42
136 110 John O'BRIEN 00:25:59
182 31 Tina BENNETT 00:27:50
183 32 Ann DUNNE 00:27:58
206 40 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:07
265 59 Sarah LOCKLEY 00:32:15
296 71 May HAU 00:33:48
Wanstead Flats parkrun
20 19 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:19
31 29 Jonny SHAW 00:22:14
103 17 Catherine PERRY 00:27:15
111 86 Paul WATKINS 00:27:34
129 97 Kieran BROWN 00:28:33
131 98 Scott MCMILLAN 00:28:51
181 126 Andrew HOWARD 00:31:26
208 69 Fiona DAY 00:32:44
216 74 Claire EMERY 00:33:10
256 100 Vivienne EKA 00:36:27
Raphael parkrun
24 23 Amit MARKS 00:20:36
Mile End parkrun
19 17 Mark WYATT 00:19:26
236 183 Liam DEMPSEY 00:27:05
Beckton parkrun
55 12 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:28:24
Chelmsford Central parkrun
631 176 Natasha HOWARD 00:31:26
Walthamstow parkrun
40 35 Nick HOULT 00:24:00
91 15 Janet BYWATER 00:28:09
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
101 62 Frank BROWNLIE 00:30:51
Kesgrave parkrun
25 21 Steve SWAN 00:21:16
Harleston Magpies parkrun
57 33 Don BENNETT 41:02
Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun
19 17 Alex PICKERING 00:19:40
Highbury Fields parkrun
156 125 Richard GUEST 00:24:33
Porch Field parkrun
23 17 Viktor F SZABADI 27:12

Elvis 1: Dagenham 88 Runners 5, Eastbrooke End Country Park - Wednesday 22nd May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel28.383rd
Jose Rodriguez29.354th
James Nichols33.0919th
Dylan Campbell33.03 pb20th
Joseph Osakue33.3823rd
Alex Pickering33.3724th
Eren Ozkan33.3826th
Daniel Lee33.4827th
Shahib Miah Ali34.0631st
Paul Watkins34.3437th
Amit Marks35.0041st
Mark Wyatt35.2342nd
Jonathan Shaw35.2746th
Redmond Shannon35.55 pb50th
Jacob Stevens35.5152nd
Ava Lee36.1355th3rd
Anne Spain36.1258th4th
Daniel Slipper36.2160th
Karan Gadhia36.4362nd
Jimmy Dale37.0765th
Simon Nash37.1469th
Darminder Bhamra37.4975th
Finbar Sheahan38.0076th
Calvin Bobin38.1077th
Cindy Koon38.3782nd11th
Becky Evans38.4683rd12th
Mark Moir39.0686th
Clive Stephenson39.0388th
Michael Wilson39.1089th
Abdirahman Adan39.1491st
Grant Conway39.5795th
Kasia Stachowiak39.5497th14th
Catherine Perry40.2199th16th
Imran Mustak41.10110th
Sarah Burns41.32112th22nd
Samir Younsi41.20113th
Rohan Allen41.12114th
Matthew Martin41.34116th
John Healy42.38120th
Sandra Preston43.17127th27th
Maeve Jennings44.10136th31st
Jolene Robinson44.21138th32nd
Mark Durrant44.42140th
John OBrien45.07146th
Katrina Betteridge45.15148th36th
Jolanta Wysocki45.21149th37th
Liam Dempsey45.25150th
Ramesh Pala45.31154th
Victoria Charlesworth45.50158th39th
Janet Bywater46.10159th40th
Diana Rexhepaj47.28172nd47th
Ann Dunne48.00175th49th
Mary Harmey48.31179th52nd
Veronica Carrasco48.55182nd53rd
Maya Goodwin50.18195th59th
Clare Stevens50.43196th60th
Caroline Moore50.44198th61st
Amy Gibbins52.06204th67th
Kathy Morrissey52.20207th69th
Morag Campbell56.29221st77th
Samia Choudhury57.41 pb224th79th
Team Results: after 1 event
Men 2nd with 91 pts
Women 1st with 56 pts.

Imran Mustak: Race report Elvis #1
A massive well done to the 63 East London Runners who took part in the season opening 5mile Elvis race. A big thank you also to the supporters who turned up to help and cheer us on. I hope everyone is very proud of themselves to have completed the race.
It was the "first race of the summer" and some runners were left a little "confused" by the direction they were sent. The weather conditions ensured the course was "slippery", "eventful", provided "ankle deep water", "torrential rain", "a river by the end", perhaps making it the "wettest Elvis race ever!". It left some people feeling "traumatised" whilst others found it "wet, wet, wet but enjoyable" and "soaked to the bone but fun nonetheless!". It is "never a dull race in Dagenham".
We now have the provisional race results and the ELR women's team look to have finished in first place ahead of Eton Manor. The scorers for the team are Ava Lee, Anne Spain, Cindy Koon, Becky Evans, Kasia Stachowiak and Catherine Perry. The men's team, seem to have finished second behind Eton Manor with the scorers being Ryan Friel, Nacho Aguirre Rodríguez, James Nichols, Dylan Andrew Campbell, Joseph Babatunde Osakue and Alex Pickering. A great start by East London Runners in the Elvis series.
East London Runners also scooped up some individual prizes on the night with trophies awarded to Ava Lee and Ryan Friel for their amazing third places, Cindy Koon for a heroic 1st V50 and Jose Rodriguez taking a spectacular 1st V40. Despite the weather and many of the runners not knowing what shoes to wear, I can see some brilliant times all across the field with several PBs and course PBs. Quite amazing running, well done.
We also had several debuts at the race with Amy Gibbins, Anne Spain, Jolanta Wysocki, Jolene Robinson, Maeve Jennings, Mary Harmey and Matt Martin. Hope you enjoyed your first race. It may have felt like early practice for the XC season coming later in the year. Sorry if I have missed anyone.
The next race in the Elvis series takes place on 4th June at Raphael Park. It is mainly on tarmac so I think we can be sure on what shoes to wear.

Loughton AC's Unto the Fields XC - Tuesday 21 May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Creed39.3939th
John Healy41.5946th
John OBrien45.3748th

Woodbridge 10km - Sunday 19th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris1.00.11518th126th
Stuart Barton1.01.56553rd411th

Wizz Air Hackney Half Marathon - Sunday 19th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jakub Czeczotka1.35.441800/202711606/10540
Jamie Xavier1.37.052073/202711831/10540
Calvin Bobin1.39.322681/202712320/10540
Simon Nash1.39.372703/202712340/10540
Imran Mustak1.48.14 pb5292/202714231/10540
Dylan Campbell1.50.276077/202714752/10540
Johann Tasker2.03.5111276/202717546/10540
Annette Clark2.04.2411454/202713739/9370
Tasnia Choudhury2.09.1712847/202714542/9370
Mary Harmey2.19.4515897/202716433//9370
Andrew Bate2.20.25
Martin Quinlan2.22.3116461/202719532/10540
Andrea Waller2.29.4916194/202716630/9370
Elizabeth ODonnell2.50.5119412/202718898/9370

Stortford 10 & 5 miles - Sunday 19th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Creed1.25.3046th

Run Through Wimbledon Common Half Marathon - Sunday 19th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Becky Evans1.49.45120/65419/283

A J Bell Great Bristol Run (Half Marathon) - Sunday 19th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew McLean1.48.341778th

Hackney 5K - Saturday 18th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jane Burton21.38 pb179th
Samir Younsi24.28454th
Selina Vernal26.13710th
John OBrien27.05841st
Janet Bywater27.15871st

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 18th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clare Stevens29.53 debut & 100 venues159th - 51.20% Catford
Joshua Rees Davies18.03* debut1st - 73.04% Loch Neaton1st
Shahib Miah Ali19.12* course pb11th - 70.05% Folkstone
Ann Dunne27.44 50th parkrun118th - Valentines
Marc Akers37.17 debut131st - 39.87% Penrhyn
Maya Goodwin30.44 course pb71st - 56.67% Roding
Cindy Koon22.07 course pb27th - 75.81% Valentines1st
Amit Marks20.58 debut20th - 68.63% Oak Hill
Paul Watkins20.34 course pb11th - 66.37% Wanstead
Juliet Lopez-Real32.29 course pb315th - 51.62% Mile End
Matthew Powell24.09 debut60th - 59.14% Gladstone
Darminder Bhamra23.28 debut25th - 67.76% Harrow Lodge
Stephen Swan21.02 debut23rd - 63.47% Lowestoft
Katherine Harris30.18 debut266th - 51.54% Lowestoft
Morag Campbell34.35 debut212th - 49.69% Catford
Martin Quinlan29.26 debut138th - 50.91% Lordship RG
Betty Bohane21.1729th - 70.48% Lordship RG2nd
Rachel Bailey22.2136th - 67.61% Wanstead2nd
John Henry18.302nd - 76.04% Walthamstow2nd
Caroline Frith26.2630th - 60.66% Roding3rd
Bernadett Kalmar26.4121st - 65.27% Porch Field5th
Kasia Stachowiak23.5853rd - 64.19% Wanstead6th
Fiona Critchley25.4452nd - 72.28% Grt Notley7th
Ciaran Canavan24.278th - 65.27% Whakatane8th
Diana Rexhepaj28.2535th - 62.05% Beckton8th
Sandra Preston28.1645th - 66.75% Roding9th
Catherine Perry25.04 150th parkrun74th - Wanstead
This weeks ELR results can be found here:


Harrow parkrun
164 126 Richard GUEST 00:30:22
Roding Valley parkrun
61 19 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:29:34
70 26 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:30:43
93 38 Caroline MOORE 00:33:29
Valentines parkrun
14 13 Med DAHBI 00:21:29
38 34 Michael WILSON 00:23:24
44 40 John HEALY 00:23:44
46 41 Peter HATLEY 00:23:51
73 7 Katrina BETTERIDGE 25:32
83 9 Bilkis ACHHA 26:13
103 12 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:26:49
149 24 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:33
163 124 Ryan FRIEL 00:30:07
194 43 Sarah LOCKLEY 00:32:08
218 53 May HAU 00:33:46
Wanstead Flats parkrun
19 19 Alex PICKERING 00:21:14
33 32 Ian MACKIE 00:22:07
82 14 Emma CORBETT 00:25:26
93 77 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:01
146 106 Kieran BROWN 00:28:09
174 126 Andrew HOWARD 00:29:34
219 71 Fiona DAY 00:31:47
Mile End parkrun 95
62 54 Mark MOIR 00:22:13
Walthamstow parkrun
12 12 Andrew BAXTER 00:21:04
25 23 Michael BAMFORD 00:22:59
37 32 Nick HOULT 00:23:29
141 85 Steve BYWATER 00:40:05
154 59 Janet BYWATER 00:56:24
Lowestoft parkrun
198 154 Stuart BARTON 00:27:23
Porch Field parkrun
18 15 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:19
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
14 13 Lance FULLER 00:27:35
Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun 28
15 14 James NICHOLS 00:19:07

Ing Night Half Marathon, Luxembourg - Sunday 12th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh2.00.212,563rd2,159th, 151st M50

National 100km Championships, Spain - Sunday 12th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez8.01.0011th3rd M40
Spanish National Championships 100km.
11th overall position. And a 3rd M40
Not the race I was hoping for but proud for being able to hold on and gradually turn it around and finish strong again. I'm still a bit unsure of all the things that went wrong and I'm trying to connect the dots to learn from it.
The process to register with Spanish athletics and then to the National 100km Championships was not straight forward. Overall took around 2 months of emails and calls(too long and irrelevant story for here) : Hardly had any sleep for the previous 2 days( trip plus my own insomnia pre race) , huge clouds of pollen everywhere, my trainers cut my ankle and started dramatically bleeding(nothing serious, just looked bad).. but I think the main reasons where the 28C, I started too fast and the course was super tough with continuous ups and downs. My muscles started hurting way too soon (even for that pace), possibly acidosis. Managed to keep still a strong pace for a long time (trying to slow down but not being very good at it being carried away by the rest of Runners around me) this lead to stomach pain and nausea for 40/50km which didn't allow me to take nutrition as planned. A DNF wasn't an option on my first national champs so I slowed down and joined Nico & Isacc for a few laps until miraculously I resurrected and gradually increased my pace again from km 70.
I'm, probably, focusing too much in which I did wrong but the truth is that weather and course affected negatively to lots of runners, not just me. But I can't stop myself for trying to see where I failed to learn for future races.
Happy to have by first National medal in my category and a decent overall position despite all the drama.
Main goal is still on the 12h, race to be booked soon!!!.

Essex Track & Field Championship, Chelmsford - 1500m (Vets) Final - Sunday 12th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel4.22.421st
3rd place - Patrick Brown 4.31.03 (former elr)

Halstead & Essex Marathon - Sunday 12th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rahana Islam4.20.3695th
Rahana Islam: HELLstead Marathon
Wow. I cannot remember a marathon that broke me like this one ever and I've ran quite a few.
I'm actually so glad I didn't convince any one else to run it.
I would have been stoned for sure. It was utterly brutal I was beyond traumatised.
The mind games started WAY too soon into the run. During the exposed bits I felt like my skin would start to peel off under the glare of the sun.
Things I never normally do in a marathon was happening here.
Stopping almost at all the water stations
Taking orange slices where I could
Had not one but two ice-pops from this sweet boy who sat out there the whole time handing them out. What a kid!!!!
Stopped to let kids soak me with their water guns (another absolute no no by me due to the chafing it causes - but today I literally didn't care!!!)
Stopped for sympathetic hugs from runners I knew helping out at water stations even though I was so disgusting but I wanted the hugs.
The hills were bigger than ever and there were extra ones for sure. How blumin dare they!!!
A lady from the club who organised this event point blank denied this and claimed it was the same course they've always used (whatever)
I have no idea how I frickin finished.
I wanted to cry
Went to watch my superstar running buddy get her award (first lady ) as we chat away my name gets called out.
Earned myself an Essex County medal coming in 3rd in age category.
(Ok the proper fast ladies were clearly away but I don't care one bit)
Suddenly I decided that it wasn't so bad after all, that took the sting out of it a bit.
Out of the 4 I've ran in the last 6 weeks this one is definitely the one I'm most proud of. Today's conditions made Beachy Head Marathon feel like a doddle in comparison.

Helsinki City Marathon - Sunday 11th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Emma Corbett3.32.57348th28th, 19th in category.

Ipswich Waterfront 5km - Saturday 11th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stephen Swan20.44153rd - 64.7%136th
420 finishers

Ironman 70.3, Mallorca - Saturday 11th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Crawley5.42.18100th M50-54
Swim 36.44, t1 6.02, bike 3.06.16, t2 4.37, run 1.48.41

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 11th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Bailey33.34 100th parkrun79th - 45.08% Woolacombe Dunes
Jonathan Shaw21.16 100th parkrun22nd - Wanstead
Joshua Rees Davies16.37 1st man1st - 79.34% Pymmes1st
Mark Wyatt19.24 course pb6th - 67.71% Bangor, N Ireland5th
Redmond Shannon21.07 debut15th - 67.64% Limerick, ROI
Alberto Gatta21.30 debut pb18th - 61.71% Valentines
Calvin Bobin22.24 150th parkrun22nd - Roding Valley
Imran Mustak22.30 course pb32nd - 61.11% Valentines
Jakub Czeczotka28.50 debut & 200th parkrun374th - 48.03% Fulham Palace
Stuart Barton30.26 debut57th - 50.05% Dunstable Downs
Claire Emery34.00 debut888th - 51.23% Clapham Common
Ryan Friel18.575th - 70.45% Felixstowe5th
Thomas Grimes20.412nd - 68.01% Sunny Hill2nd
Alex Pickering20.4710th - 68.72% Walthamstow10th
Mark Moir21.249th - Barking9th
Cindy Koon22.3634th - 74.19% Valentines2nd
Kasia Stachowiak24.1017th - 63.66% Las Aniolowski2nd
Caroline Frith24.2746th - 65.58% Roding5th
Catherine Perry24.4228th - 63.70% St Marys3rd
Fiona Critchley25.5257th - 71.91% Markshall Est6th
Bushy parkrun
45 40 Shahib ALI 00:19:12 - 70.05%
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
78 63 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:33
Roding Valley parkrun
39 34 Mounir DAHBI 00:23:47
79 60 Jimmy DALE 00:27:39
92 22 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:28:33
129 42 Caroline MOORE 00:32:06
Valentines parkrun
19 18 Ashley FARIA 00:21:32
46 40 Darminder BHAMRA 00:23:19
63 54 John HEALY 00:24:05
72 61 Michael WILSON 00:24:34
87 71 John O'BRIEN 00:25:38
91 14 Sandra PRESTON 00:25:46
93 74 Matthew POWELL 00:25:48
105 19 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:14
123 27 Bernadett KALMAR 00:27:02
124 91 George GEORGIOU 00:27:03
145 34 Catriona HOULT 00:28:07
153 38 Mary O'BRIEN 00:28:33
173 47 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:24
248 73 Natasha HOWARD 00:33:00
341 125 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:39:49
Wanstead Flats parkrun
17 17 Amit MARKS 00:21:01
21 21 Andrew BAXTER 00:21:13 - 72.43%
29 29 Ian MACKIE 00:21:39
37 36 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:22:27
57 51 Scott MCMILLAN 00:24:30
115 20 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:27:44
120 21 Kate BRETT 00:27:52
134 103 Kieran BROWN 00:28:24
249 87 Catherine MCMILLAN 00:34:15
290 117 Vivienne EKA 00:39:59
294 164 Andrew HOWARD 00:44:56
Walthamstow parkrun
25 25 Michael BAMFORD 00:22:42
36 33 Nick HOULT 00:23:58
50 47 Samir YOUNSI 00:25:09
100 16 Janet BYWATER 00:29:06
152 50 Anne-Marie KENNEDY 00:35:17
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
141 91 Frank BROWNLIE 00:31:22
Great Notley parkrun
51 40 David TAYLOR 00:26:10
Clapham Common parkrun
934 365 Fiona DAY 00:35:04
Felixstowe parkrun
287 104 Katherine HARRIS 00:36:46
Porch Field parkrun
18 14 Viktor F SZABADI 00:27:33
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
71 24 Lance FULLER 01:01:02

Crown to Crown 5km - Wednesday 8th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson24.478th

Bannister Miles H Race, Iffley Road - Monday 6th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel4.36.73 pb4th

Copenhagen Marathon - Sunday 5th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Anne Spain3.53.547040th1177th
halfway in 1.58.01.

Prague Marathon - Sunday 5th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amit Marks4.00.152484th2125th

Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 5th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.3129th
599 finishers

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 4th May 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Bamford22.35* debut & 100th14th - 69.82% Belton House
Morag Campbell34.11* debut31st - 50.27% Weedon Island,US
Joshua Rees Davies18.27* debut & 1st1st - 71.45% Newent1st
Clare Stevens30.20* debut240th - 50.44% Tilgate
Stephen Swan20.39* debut9th - 64.65% Nidda, Germ9th
Stuart Barton26.39 debut30th - 57.16% Nidda, Germ
Caroline Frith27.42 debut & 50th venue719th - 57.88% Bushy
Maya Goodwin29.23 course pb214th - 59.27% Gorleston Cliffs
Shahib Miah Ali19.08 course pb13th - 70.30% Raphael11th
Jakub Czeczotka21.49 debut & 199th run163rd - 62.62% Dulwich
Matthew Powell30.20 debut40th - 61.70% Maldon Prom
Darminder Bhamra24.17 debut65th - 65.48% Walthamstow
John Healy28.52 debut145th - 51.10% Walthamstow
Simon Nash22.02 debut43rd - 66.41% Thames Path
Kasia Stachowiak24.3644th - Wanstead5th
Emma Corbett25.0248th - Wanstead6th
Cindy Koon22.4839th - 73.54% Valentines4th
Betty Bohane21.3727th - 69.39% Lordship2nd
Lance Fuller26.357th - Whakatane7th
Diana Rexhepaj28.2756th - Beckton10th
Ava Lee21.3750th - 74.94% Victoria, Glasgow6th
Sarah Burns24.0310th - 68.05% Vandeleur, ROI2nd
Thomas Grimes22.076th - Sunny Hill6th
Ryan Friel17.413rd - 75.49% Beacon3rd
Viktor Szabadi25.318th - Porch Field6th
Ann Dunne27.50 49th parkrun129th - Valentines
Roding Valley parkrun
19 18 Jimmy DALE 00:22:46
49 40 Tim AYLETT 00:28:05
75 21 Caroline MOORE 00:33:28
Silksworth parkrun
14 14 Mark MOIR 00:22:11
Hackney Marshes parkrun
50 44 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:12
Valentines parkrun
18 17 Jacob STEVENS 00:21:30
82 17 Sandra PRESTON 00:25:04
113 25 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:46
122 86 George GEORGIOU 00:27:14
126 88 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:39
150 41 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:28:44
182 50 Naimah RIAZ 00:30:42
235 71 May HAU 00:33:39
325 124 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:43:12
Wanstead Flats parkrun
19 19 Ian MACKIE 00:22:06
26 26 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:23:02
71 56 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:16
106 26 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:28:50
197 74 Kathryn HERTZBERG 00:36:38
205 80 Vivienne EKA 00:37:48
Chester parkrun
212 149 Arthur DIAZ 00:30:21
Mile End parkrun
309 198 David WYATT 00:30:33
Hilly Fields parkrun
190 124 Martin QUINLAN 00:30:35
Harrow Lodge parkrun
23 22 Clive STEPHENSON 00:24:53
Walthamstow parkrun
15 15 James NICHOLS 00:21:12
62 59 Alex PICKERING 00:23:58
68 64 Nick HOULT 00:24:33
86 80 Peter HATLEY 00:25:52
133 114 Kieran BROWN 00:28:30
148 28 Janet BYWATER 00:28:58
162 35 Catriona HOULT 00:29:30
174 133 Mark DURRANT 00:30:27
192 139 Richard GUEST 00:31:00
210 64 Fiona DAY 00:33:17
240 153 Steve BYWATER 00:40:40
Fountains Abbey parkrun
77 66 John HENRY 00:23:21
Felixstowe parkrun
130 23 Katherine HARRIS 00:25:28
Morecambe Prom parkrun
142 122 Paul MARSHALL 00:25:55
St Mary’s parkrun
75 14 Catherine PERRY 00:26:58
Soham Village College parkrun
49 40 Alex JAMESON 00:27:21
Harleston Magpies parkrun
68 37 Don BENNETT 00:45:49

Madrid Marathon - Sunday 28th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fernando Espada3.33.51 tbc2,289th2,197th
9123 finishers halfway in 1.45.06

Boston UK Marathon - Sunday 28th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Nash3.27.43 pb187174

Chiltern Ridge Ultra Trail 50K - Saturday 27th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Watkins5:41:507567
239 finishers.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 27th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali19.36* course pb1st - 68.62% Crane Park1st
Stuart Barton28.30* debut68th - 53.45% Jablonna, Pol
Joshua Rees Davies17.37* debut & 150th1st - 74.83% Market Bosworth1st
Ciaran Canavan22.48* debut4th - 62.69% Russell Park, NZ4th
Lance Fuller26.00 debut12th - 62.24% Russell Park10th
Richard Power-Guest25.50* debut79th - 57.55% Westpark, Germ
Paul Thompson25.51 debut80th - 59.45% Westpark, Ger
Peter Hatley28.27 debut122nd - 51.45% Westpark, Ger
Jakub Czeczotka23.08 debut12th - 59.87% Roundshaw Downs9th
Imran Mustak23.00 course pb36th - 59.78% Valentines
Emma Corbett21.16 course pb & 1st lady15th - 70.53% Wanstead1st
Darminder Bhamra25.38 debut91st - 62.03% Raphael
Claire Emery31.49 debut344th - 54.74% Brockwell
Simon Nash23.24 debut9th - 62.54% Sunny Hill7th
Matthew Powell27.41 debut162nd - 51.60% Chalkwell Beach
Clare Stevens29.07 debut215th - 52.55% Chalkwell Beach
Morag Campbell33.47 debut321st - 50.86% Chalkwell Beach
Cindy Koon23.2242nd - 71.75% Valentines3rd
Robert Spread19.545th - 70.18% Wanstead5th
Rachel Bailey22.01 99th parkrun22nd - 68.74% Wanstead2nd
Diana Rexhepaj28.3340th - 61.76% Beckton6th
Fiona Critchley25.5147th - 71.95% Great Notley 9th
Catherine Perry24.3124th - 64.17% St Marys4th
Joseph Osakue21.2111th - 69.63% Barking11th
Roundshaw Downs parkrun 8
65 56 Martin QUINLAN 00:28:17
Hackney Marshes parkrun
44 39 Alex PICKERING 00:19:59
Roding Valley parkrun
59 11 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:28:37
69 15 Caroline FRITH 00:30:07
87 28 Caroline MOORE 00:33:41
Valentines parkrun
59 54 Michael WILSON 00:24:32
79 70 George GEORGIOU 00:25:46
103 16 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:03
118 22 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:27:56
140 38 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:19
157 47 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:30:16
160 110 Ryan FRIEL 00:30:29
199 63 May HAU 00:33:38
Wanstead Flats parkrun
24 20 Ian MACKIE 00:22:07
71 55 Scott MCMILLAN 00:25:28
126 87 Andrew HOWARD 00:28:19
150 42 Kasia STACHOWIAK 00:30:11
153 99 Kieran BROWN 00:30:22
198 66 Fiona DAY 00:33:10
Billericay parkrun
26 25 James NICHOLS 00:22:35
Mile End parkrun
72 67 Mark MOIR 00:21:35
268 191 Liam DEMPSEY 00:27:50
Crane Park parkrun
143 51 Tasnia CHOUDHURY 00:34:03
144 52 Samia CHOUDHURY 00:34:23
Harrow Lodge parkrun
31 30 Clive STEPHENSON 00:24:42
Walthamstow parkrun
14 14 Andrew BAXTER 00:22:24
37 34 Nick HOULT 00:24:36
82 14 Janet BYWATER 00:28:28
87 17 Catriona HOULT 00:28:49
Kesgrave parkrun
18 16 Steve SWAN 00:21:45
Rutland Water parkrun
235 123 Marc AKERS 00:36:52
Castle Park parkrun
78 72 James CREED 00:24:38
Victoria Dock parkrun
115 25 Katherine HARRIS 00:26:37
Morecambe Prom parkrun
36 33 Paul MARSHALL 00:20:56

Serpentine Last Friday of the month 5k - Friday 26th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16:174th
John Henry17:019th

TCS London Marathon 2024 (Virtual) - Sunday 21st April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Osakue3.23.04
Ford Cadiogan5.14.59

TCS London Marathon 2024 - Sunday 21st April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies2.34.21348347
Robert Spread2.56.242,7462,603
Scott McMillan2.58.433,2963,093
Eren Ozkan3.01.54 pb3,9063,622
Daniel Lee3.04.354,3173,952
Betty Bohane3.12.165,704679
Ava Lee3.17.236797982
Jimmy Dale3.19.25 pb7,2446,149
Karan Gadhia3.24.23 pb8,4096,964
Calvin Bobin3.45.3215,03811,327
Rahana Islam3.52.0917,4874,596
John Cahillane3.55.0918,68213,667
Ian Mackie3.55.3718,89413,807
Joanna Neville4.04.21 pb22,2666,299
Jane Burton4.18.08 pb26,5528,028
Katrina Betteridge4.27.24 debut29,4149,290
Ryan Friel4.30.1730,44720,676
Tom Woods4.31.1730,75020,837 - 75th age cat
Manjit Singh4.32.2331,05820,999
Mark Durrant4.36.3532,23621,624
Suzanne Taylor4.36.43 pb32,.26710,.602
Diana Rexhepaj4.39.4433,12811,006
Albert Ng4.47.54 debut35,49623,327
Raphaele Baumard4.51.0236,30912,538
Tasnia Choudhury5.08.01 pb40,47014,686
Silvia Bassi5.20.19 debut42,91016,019
Martin Quinlan5.22.5743,41127,078
Samia Choudhury5.38.33 pb46,05417,809
Nathaniel Dye5.49.5247,65628,833
Maya Goodwin5.53.0948,09219,047
Katy Taylor6.15.4450,40720,511
Karan Gadhia: London Marathon 3:24:23 pb
Getting to the start line of the London Marathon has been a marathon itself. The years of ballot rejections. Getting injured. Months of rehab and deferral to 2024. The comeback. Injury again. More rehab. Comeback 2.0.
Training had been going well over winter before picking up tendonitis in December which ruled me out of running for nine weeks. During that time I lost of a lot of fitness and doubts crept in if I'd make it to the start line, but thankfully I managed to fit in a few weeks of training before tapering. If it was any other race, I'd have probably cancelled as I felt mentally and physically unprepared but I knew I had to make the most of my opportunity to run the London Marathon.
I thought I was ambitious planning to run 8 min miling for 3:30 to match my pace at the Essex 20 which was by far the best run of my short training block but as soon as I crossed the start line that plan went out of the window. Full of adrenaline I was doing low 7 mins per mile which I hadn't been able to run since before the break. However, it didn't feel too fast with my breathing and my body kept feeling comfortable despite my brain panicking that I'd set off too quick.
Passing all the supporters playing music from their flats, high fiving the locals, I eventually relaxed after passing the amazing noise at Cutty Sark and seeing the big New Balance adverts with the slogan 'Run Your Way'. I thought to myself maybe I have set off too quick, maybe I haven't trained enough, but either way I'm going to run this London Marathon MY way.
At this point I settle into 7:30 pace, I try to focus on my form and keeping the blue line in sight even if I can't follow it exactly. I saw my family at Deptford and Eren passed me around this time which gave me a good boost as I approached the halfway mark.
I cross Tower Bridge looking side to side soaking up the cheers and the views the pavement is PACKED. As we reach mile 13 I see the elites on the other side of the road and I think to myself I just need be able to keeping run until that point and I'll be okay.
The race starts to get tough as we go round Canary Wharf. My legs start to feel heavy but I see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd and Betty passes me encouraging me that the mile 20 station will come soon.
As I pass mile 20 I notice the station has moved down the road but I see Immy giving a big wave and a high five that stings my hand but distracts from the pain in my legs. I'd been looking forward to this moment ever since getting my ballot place in 2022. The cheers from everyone were deafening and the perfect boost for the final six miles.
As I go back down the highway towards the finish I see my parents and my friends one last time after missing them earlier in the race. My legs feel like bricks at this point and my tendonitis is flaring up so I take my first stop to stretch. I end up having to take a couple of stops to stretch in the final six miles but each time but I keep running again immediately after each time despite the pain.
As we go along Embankment past I see Big Ben in the distance it's so far yet so near. I'm in the red zone but I keep pushing and tell myself that a 3:25 is possible.
In the last mile Jimmy passes me and encourages me to keep up with him. I can't but as approach St James Park I try to keep him in my sights for as long as possible. The stretch to the palace feels like it goes on forever but I know the finish is soon.
We turn right and right again to the finish straight with rows of spectators roaring us on. I unleash what's left of my strength try to sprint to the finish line. I cross the line with a 14 min PB I can't believe, I did it, it all went just according to plan and better! I catch Jimmy at the finish and we celebrate our PBs together before I meet my family again.
My first marathon since 2020 but it really was the victory lap for all of the work over the past few years. Such an incredible day that I'll remember for the rest of my life.
Marathons are stupid but if you're ever going to do one then make sure it's the London Marathon.
Thank you to everyone at the club, all of your cheers on the day and support over the years has been invaluable and has helped motivate me to improve and run my best every time I put on the club colours.

Rahana Islam: 3:52:09 Guys I can't believe I missed you all at the water station
I was refusing to blink and slowing down as I got closer to 20 mile mark
Was already counting down the k's till I got there from 25k (and that's a long ole time k watching )
Thought maybe you'd all packed up and gone home by time I got round.
Welldone everyone who ran yesterday wasn't London AMAZING!!!
The night before I wasn't sure I'd make the start line but so glad I did!!!
That's all for now, just looking into what the waiting list is for amputating toes on the NHS, mind you at this rate they'll probably fall off on their own accord soon enough.

Scott McMillan: Fourth consecutive London Marathon, fourth consecutive sub-3 hour and Good For Age time - 2:58:43.
At the same time this was the most painful and yet also the most comfortable one of them all. Every step on my ever-injured left leg hurt right from mile one, but despite that I felt aerobically fit and strong from my training, I just had to keep a steady pace and pray my leg didn’t blow up before the end.
I sometimes (always) wonder why I put myself through this, but the atmosphere and support in London was once again something really special.

Danny Lee: A little London Marathon report from me, slightly late (sorry, been busy learning to walk again)...
Oh man! That didn't quite go to plan. The plan being, start fast but don't go crazy, manage a steady decline with four decreasing target paces, give out a few first pumps at mile 20 and again on Birdcage Walk, dip over the finish line in as close to last year's time as possible, and high five the likes of Scott McMillan just past the finish line, where we'd chat happily about salt tablet strategies.
And to begin with, the plan seemed to be working, but around 10 miles in I started hitting kilometre times I wasn't expecting to hit until much later. By Tower Bridge, my pace was starting to nose dive, by mile 15, my quads were really hurting, already deplete of glycogen. I knew that cramp was in the post, even though by now I was munching my salt tablets like Pacman.
The Isle of Dogs was a blur of pain and dark thoughts. With so much of the race left to go, I started to wargame Plan D in my head: "DNF". Would it be so bad?. I decided there could be nothing more depressing than a DNF at Mudchute DLR. I'd carry on 'til mile 20, where a friendly face would make me a cup of tea, tell me it just wasn't my day and give me a hug.
Any positive vibes from the Canary Wharf crowd just washed right over me, as my pace dipped further. At long last, I reached Poplar, my quads burning, but my pain nearly over. "Would someone at the water station have thought to bring a Nespresso machine?" I wondered. And then I was upon it, and at last some familiar faces... "Go on, Danny!", "Danny Boyaaah!", "Danny Leeeee...!". Wait, where were my looks of sympathy? Why is everyone looking so positive? "Go Daneeee...!" By the end of the little row of tables and a single fist pump at great effort, I'd changed my mind - whatever happened to my time, I would finish this damn race.
From the water station to Tower Bridge, I tried to switch my brain off, but was starting to cramp quite badly. I had to stop three or four times to stretch. Scott - Even Splits - McMillan passed me on Embankment - "Go on Danny Lee!" - and quickly disappeared over the horizon as if I was standing still. "AM I standing still?!".

I had to stop one more time on Birdcage Walk to stretch, but at LONG last, I crossed the line and promptly fell into the arms of two volunteers. They held me up as best they could, waiting for me to collect myself. When that didn't happen, one asked "Would you like to go to the medical tent?". That sounds nice, I thought, picturing some nice beanbags and throws, a gentle massage perhaps with incense and maybe a little whale song.
"I'LL TAKE HIM FROM HERE, GUYS. I'VE GOT HIM." It was Scott, holding me up and relieving the volunteers of their duties. "What have you done to yourself, Danny!?". I burst into tears, sobbing like a teething baby into his shoulder. Not quite the high five moment I'd planned.
I eventually pulled myself together and checked my watch. 3:04. That's really not that bad for a man in his mid-50s, I decided. "That's it, Scott, that was my last marathon". He looked at me and said, "You know, I actually believe you this time".
Thanks SO much Scott, and to everyone at the water station. And well done to everyone who's run marathons the past few weeks. Go ELR!

Mark Durrant: London Marathon 2024 - Report.
Unfortunately I've not covered much mileage in the past 5 wks due to illness. However, my friend applied for the first time in the ballot and he was successful (to the envy of many), so he asked if I could assist him as he's never run a marathon before (did I forget to say he's 62)! Earlier in the year we managed to get to run for 19 miles in about 3hrs (the furthest he's ever run). I had a big breakfast in the morning and was ready for the day. We started the race together and I made it my aim that we would also finish together!
I made sure that consistency in mileage times would be the answer to get us through and only injury (or cramps) would stop us. After a cold start, we went for it making with him making sure he had his dates to eat along the way and I had my gels. Everything went to plan (with a few comfort breaks midway) until about 10 miles when I began to feel my right calf playing up, but I pushed through. At the midway point at Tower Bridge, I was feeling fine with no issues other than seeing a Rhino and what seemed to be a Caterpillar pass me with such ease. It's at this stage that I said to myself "anyhow a Tortoise overtakes me, then I know I'll have to give up running for good". We got to near Canary Wharf and it was a joy seeing my wife and I had a quick photo but we still both ran on, only wishing that the end would come soon. It was windy around there and I didn't enjoy that part. It was great to seen ELR at mile 20 and I wanted to stop a bit longer but he didn't quite understand and kept on going. I just tried to concentrate on my form and he was sticking to me step by step. This is where the race begins as I kept on saying to myself "its now only 2 Parkruns to get the finish line". Once at Blackfriars the crowd kept on cheering and my left hamstring was feeling a bit tight, but I pushed through it. If I hear anybody say to me again "you've got this" or "your looking good Mark", I think I'll scream because, I might look ok but I defiantly didn't feel it! My legs were getting a bit tired and I was running an adrenalin. with 1 mile to go. I was so happy to see Big Ben and then the finish line which could not have come sooner. I got to the end with my friend who said to me, "never again" at which point I just smiled at him and laughed.
I first ran this race 30 yrs ago, so it was a anniversary for me and I'm just still amazed that I've still got the strength, stammer and mindset to still keep on running it. I'd like to say thanks for all the little kids jelly babies that somehow ended up in my tummy along route (they were a blessing) and I'd like to say a special thanks to Hugh Brasher (LM Race Director) in allowing me to enter another ballot to be able to run under a different organisation (BTR) and of course all the ELR Club members. If I'm successful in the ballot for next year, my dream would be to run alongside Sandra Preston from start to finish (even if holding her hand on route because I know she'll love to do it), so she too can experience the LM in its complete fulfilment. I know its only a dream at the moment, but who knows it could be turn into reality (once she enters)!
Many thanks for reading and I hope you all got to the end ok. My friend just could not believe that he would be capable to do such a thing (especially at his age), but now he's proved himself wrong. So with that I'm off for a large glass of Dandelion & Burdock (for those of you who knows what it is).
Stay Blessed.

TCS London Marathon 2024 - Sunday 21st April 2024

Ava Lee: So here goes - London Marathon 2024. A short report!
Sunday was everything I hoped it would be. My legs are now killing me, I'm not sure when i'll be able to pick up my socks off the floor, but it was all worth it. I had a few goals that I kept relatively quiet in the run up, but this time a fast finishing time was not the main objective. I've ran a few London marathons with my eye constantly on the clock, and that wasn't going to happen this year. This was a year to savour the experience and remember how lucky I am to be part of something amazing.
Sure, I still wanted to do myself justice so I set out a decent clip. Starting in the Championship pen with all the race horses means it's near impossible not to start a bit too fast, it's like being pulled along by a wave of speed - imagine a running of the bulls! There was no doubt in my mind that I'd be slowing down later on and when I comfortably passed half way at 1hr34, I was bang on target for the famous Danny Lee uneven split technique. The slow down was in the post and I was almost looking forward to it. I factored the tumbling speed into my game plan of 'have fun' and enjoy the support.
Mile 20 took an eternity to arrive , but when it did the support was fantastic. Thank you ELR! I nearly fell on a speed bump, such was my excitement to see Alexandra Wilkinson!
I smiled so much for 26 miles that my jaws hurt - part joy, part grimace. My thighs were on fire for the last 12 miles, the legs twitching and cramping. I was ticking off landmarks, placards, friends on the route, trying to focus on a couple of miles at a time and not get distracted by thoughts of the finish line, a pint and a Greggs sausage roll. And then eventually the finish line is there - I turn a corner and only 200 metres to go. Hands in the air, I crossed the line feeling very accomplished. 3hrs 17minutes. Not my fastest marathon but not a million miles away either.
Everyone pretends that marathons are fun, but they're not really. They are something more than that, something with a depth and sense of achievement much more than just having fun. They are hard and painful but deeply satisfying. I used to run marathons to see how fast I could go - now I run because I am amazed at what is still possible after cancer. And I do still like running a bit fast too… sometimes.
So here goes - London Marathon 2024. A short report!
Sunday was everything I hoped it would be. My legs are now killing me, I'm not sure when i'll be able to pick up my socks off the floor, but it was all worth it. I had a few goals that I kept relatively quiet in the run up, but this time a fast finishing time was not the main objective. I've ran a few London marathons with my eye constantly on the clock, and that wasn't going to happen this year. This was a year to savour the experience and remember how lucky I am to be part of something amazing.
Sure, I still wanted to do myself justice so I set out a decent clip. Starting in the Championship pen with all the race horses means it's near impossible not to start a bit too fast, it's like being pulled along by a wave of speed - imagine a running of the bulls! There was no doubt in my mind that I'd be slowing down later on and when I comfortably passed half way at 1hr34, I was bang on target for the famous Danny Lee uneven split technique. The slow down was in the post and I was almost looking forward to it. I factored the tumbling speed into my game plan of 'have fun' and enjoy the support.
Mile 20 took an eternity to arrive , but when it did the support was fantastic. Thank you ELR! I nearly fell on a speed bump, such was my excitement to see Alexandra Wilkinson!
I smiled so much for 26 miles that my jaws hurt - part joy, part grimace. My thighs were on fire for the last 12 miles, the legs twitching and cramping. I was ticking off landmarks, placards, friends on the route, trying to focus on a couple of miles at a time and not get distracted by thoughts of the finish line, a pint and a Greggs sausage roll. And then eventually the finish line is there - I turn a corner and only 200 metres to go. Hands in the air, I crossed the line feeling very accomplished. 3hrs 17minutes. Not my fastest marathon but not a million miles away either.
Everyone pretends that marathons are fun, but they're not really. They are something more than that, something with a depth and sense of achievement much more than just having fun. They are hard and painful but deeply satisfying. I used to run marathons to see how fast I could go - now I run because I am amazed at what is still possible after cancer. And I do still like running a bit fast too sometimes.

Katy Betteridge: This is my first ever race report so please bare with me...
After 14 years of rejections in the public ballot my marathon journey started on 27th September last year. I was sat in the bar after a day sunning myself on the beach in Turkey when I got a one line message from Cindy to tell me to start training. My first thought was that she was joking, but then an excited message also popped up from Nosh (Imran's wife) and the reality started to sink in... after 14 years of rejections I had got a place in the London Marathon!
Unfortunately, as with many marathon stories, my training didn't go to plan. It started off with a calf injury in October and then just as I started feeling good again, including having conquered Benfleet 15 and the Orion 10, I was at a Wednesday club run and suddenly out of nowhere my knee started hurting. After a week of rest, it wasn't getting any better and so began a slow journey of trying to get to the start line. You name it, I tried it. I have never stretched so much in my life (If nothing else I have never been so close to being able to touch my toes!). Saw an osteopath (recommended by Sandra Preston ) and even started trying some alternative remedies (castor oil and cling film is quite messy it seems!). Then just as I started to give up hope and, even asked Cindy if she knew if I can defer a club ballot place, I turned a corner. I was using a run/walk strategy but somehow it kept the pain at bay and on Easter Monday I managed 20 miles. The marathon was back on! Next was a terrible cold during my taper which stopped me running for a week but by this point I was determined to get to the start line and, in no time at all, the big day came around.
On the day itself, I decided to stick with the run/walk strategy that had helped keep the knee pain at bay during my training. The plan was to run 4 miles and then walk 60 seconds every 2 miles whilst fueling and hydrating. The sun was shining as I set off and the crowds were immense. I have been into London to watch the marathon for years and never had I appreciated what it is like to be on the other side of the fence! The first few miles flew by before I saw my family at mile 4. The adrenaline was pumping and it was really hard to make myself walk but I reminded myself of the many words of wisdom I had been given in the preceeding weeks and stuck to the plan.
And so the miles started to tick down... Tower Bridge was incredible with the roar of the crowds being something I will never forget. I then started counting the miles down to the ELR water station. I had various people supporting me on route and at times I heard what I thought was a shout of my name, but the crowds were so huge it was hard to spot people.
As I got to mile 18 I started to feel it and was appreciating the 60 second walk breaks and debating whether to increase the frequency of them. I knew I was approaching the water station and told myself I was not going to walk again until I reached it. I got to the fire station and started to panic I had missed everyone (I didn't realise the water station had moved!) then I saw a sea of purple ahead before spotting Cindy jumping up and down on the side of the road! A quick hug and I was off again. It was just the boost I needed though and I now only (!) had 6 miles to go.
Mile 21 was where I really started to suffer; my legs were aching but the main issue was my fueling. I knew I needed to keep taking on the blocs I was using but I felt so close to being sick I just couldn't stomach them. As I approached Blackfriars tunnel I decided I was going to keep going until I entered it and then have a final walk break to try and keep the nausea at bay and keep running until the finish. So that is what I did.
As I came out of the tunnel, I began to think of Richard Kravitz and felt a wave of emotion. Richard had become an important part of my running journey since we trained for a sub 25 5K together before he found out his cancer had returned. It was also the day after getting my ballot place that he shared that he was moving to pallatitve care so, throughout my training, he was never far from my thoughts. Before he died he had told me he wanted me to think of him at this moment when I was struggling and it was with him in my mind that I put the feelings of nausea to one side and began to dig deep to get to the finish line.
And to the finish line I got! As I came up the mall I saw my family one last time and then I turned the corner and saw the finish line in sight. Suddenly there was only "2 laps of the track" to go and I would be finished. My whole body was screaming at me to stop but I glanced at my watch and saw that I was on track to do sub 4 hours 30 minutes and pushed on.
And then there it was, I was over the line. After 14 years I had completed the London Marathon and in 4 hours 27 minutes and 24 seconds!
As with all good run reports I want to finish by thanking everyone who helped me along the way and the club for giving me the opportunity to take part in such an incredible race. In particular I could never have got there without Cindy Koon who kept me company on my long runs even when I was run/walking and never let me give up on getting to the start line. It was also Richard who got me over the finish line and it is not too late to sponsor me for the Brain Tumour Charity in his memory.
So now to end my report with the answer to the question everyone is asking; would I do it again or are marathons stupid?! All I will say is that, by the time I got home, I had already applied for the public ballot for 2025!

Samia Choudhury
What a privilege it was to run this epic marathon again and this time with a more healed body and not a postpartum body!

Ryan Friel: On Sunday I successfully completed the 2024 London Marathon in memory of my uncle Alec McCartan who sadly passed away last summer after brave battle against the blood cancer, Myeloma . He was an incredible man, a true character, an amazing uncle who I always looked up to and running was something we loved doing together.
I'm already truly grateful to all those who have already supported and donated but I'm still looking to raise more for Myeloma UK - the only charity in the UK that focus on the incurable blood cancer Myeloma and its related conditions. Anything at all that you can spare would be greatly appreciated -
I was able to run the marathon in one of Alec's running shirts which was a pleasure and I was fortunate enough to run with and cross the finish line with my wonderful wife, Flora, who is an inspiration to me. The whole day was a roller-coaster of emotions but the positivity was overwhelming and its hard to describe how incredible the crowds on the streets of London were, record numbers running and cheering, which was fully felt on the course. If you ever get the chance to run or even support, I couldn't recommend it enough.
Alec is still sorely missed by many. It was an honor to run for Alec, and it will be a day I cherish and never forget. Rest in peace uncle Alec.
Thank you,

Jimmy Dale: London Marathon race report.
It's been a long time since I've written a race report, but reading the other reports, I thought I'd pen some thoughts.
Sunday was always going to be a big day as it was my 30th marathon, so I was feeling the pressure to perform. My last PB was 2 years ago, and with 2 young kids, training looks very different these days. On top of that, that week I'd been in the US with work, so adding jet lag and 2 poorly kids (and subsequent poor sleep), I didn't have high hopes.
I travelled down with Karan and decided to find the 3.20 pacer and hang on as long as possible. I aimed to try and get to mile 20 and hope I didn't fade too much.
I bumped into Betty in the bag drop and so started together, but after 3 miles, she was pulling off, so I opted to stay with the pacer, a decision that was definitely the right call as she finished 7 minutes ahead of me!.
I stuck with the pacer until, at mile 18 he started to pull off. However, looking at my watch, I was still sure I was ahead of pace.
Mile 20 was its usual burst of endorphins through the ELR water stand, and then at mile 21, I saw my wife and kids, having missed them by seconds at mile 15.
Doing the maths, I realised at mile 21 that if I kept doing 8 min miles, I'd PB and was still clocking out roughly 7.40 pace, so I dug in and was amazed to find I never seemed to hit the wall.
Coming down the embankment, I saw Karan off in the distance, so I dug in to catch him and raced him the last mile to come in at 3:19:25, nearly a 3 min pb (and allegedly faster than the pacer!)
It felt like everything came together on the day, and I think it's fair to say I'll be dining out of this feeling for weeks to come

TCS London Marathon 20 Mile Drink Station Volunteers - Sunday 21st April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Catriona Hoult
Alice Barrett
Stuart Barton
Jacob Stevens
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
Angela Morley
Kasia Stachowiak
Simon Nash
Kara Gallear
Clare Stevens
Sandra Preston
Joe Preston
Nicola Wyndham
Caroline Frith
Mary OBrien
Joanna Qiu
Mary Connolly
Victoria Charlesworth
Anna Dingle
Morag Campbell
Kathryn Hertzberg
Fernando Espada
Bernard Mansell
Michael Wilson
Imran Mustak
Jakub Czeczotka
Darminder Bhamra
John Henry
Edward Barnard
Jose Rodriguez
Veronica Carrasco
Sandra Hiller
Helen McGuinness
Janet Bywater
Steven Bywater
Linda Sharman
Susannah House
Selina Vernal
Alex Pickering
Alexandra Wilkinson
Sarah Burns
Cindy Koon
Andrew Howard
Becky Evans
John Healy
Grant Conway
Peter Hatley
Rohan Allen
Carlton DSouza
James Nichols
George Georgiou
Mary Harmey
Johann Tasker
Annette Clark
Additional helpers:

Trevor Dingle
Lia Moyà
Nora Espada
Steph Cook
Edward Sharman
Nathan Powell
Megan Bailey
Evan Cryer-Jenkins
Gary Collins
Richard Antcliffe
Martin Eden
Dermot Smyth
Ann Lumley
Andy Barkshire
Karen Barkshire
Katie Barkshire
Farzina Capadia
Ana Keogh
Jill Bowyer
Steph Cooke
Gill Clarke

Stuart: Once again ELR water station was a complete triumph, such an amazing day. The volunteers did ELR proud.

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera:
So much work done in the prep by Alice Barrett and Catriona with great support by Jacob and Stuart! And on the day, everything working so well with so many people taking initiatives without being asked!!! What a team of volunteers, i am always so proud to be an #ELR on that day !!!.

Ian Mackie: Thanks to everyone at mile 20, a great uplift to see so many friends at a difficult stage in the race!.

Joshua Rees Davies: Thanks for your support today guys. I'm annoyed at myself as I was looking for a table of red coloured tops, so I almost missed you. Shame they make you wear the purple tops.

Ryan Friel: Great to see so many of you yesterday out there, well done to all the runners and
thanks to all who volunteered at the best water station on the course! What a day.

Suzanne Taylor: London Marathon 2024 report.
The abridged version:
Club ballot place (thank you ELR, thank you Sandra Preston).
13 miles by January. All good.
Jan/Feb/March - training going great guns.
QEOP Half Marathon in March, felt great.
Long run of 22 miles.
2 weeks before marathon.. pull a back muscle.
1 week before marathon.. need help getting dressed. Head demented... Postpone? Pull out? What a waste of training. Physio+Sports Massage+Rest.
Eureka moment, I can walk it if I need to!
Race Day: 2 hours on feet before starting (walk from station & loo queues). Silly, silly. No time to warm up. Silly, silly.
And we're off...blimey, I am running.. I haven't forgotten how to! Running in a weird bum out/head forward position to avoid strain on back..quads take the brunt.
Did it!
Huge thanks from me to the Sunday Run crew, the rain, the made up routes (mine..), the support and advice.
Huge thanks to the wise, wise women: Bernadett 'take the meds regularly' Kalmar, Ava '8 days away is still a long time' Lee, Caroline 'I think you know what I would do' Frith, Annette 'you've trained so hard, you can do it!' Clark, and Cat 'you've done your 22 miles and its still in your legs' Holt. Wonderful women xxxxx
(I had started to write a long form report and then thought that the diatribe sent to my best friend, post marathon, was probably more authentic. Edited a tad, plus with some numbing down of swear words)
The not so abridged version..
Literally taking baby steps up and down the stairs. Toenail a tad loose..otherwise not too bad thanks. Apart from ageing about ten years in the past week . It was all a blur. I smiled, I chatted, I cried, I shouted ffs to one bloke who cut across me, caused me to take a big lunge forwards, nearly landing on my face…not v in the spirit of the day, I know.
I made some nice buddies on my journey there, they knew the Save the Rhino crew so we stopped to chat with them for a bit as they rested under a tree in Greenwich Park..almost safari-like.
Atmosphere is brilliant, feels like an international circus has come to town. The whole event is a very well-oiled machine.
Blackheath was windy & cold, I joined the loo queue x3..just in case , this meant that I'd been on my feet for 2 hours by the time my start pen was called... simply excellent pre run planning. Gaby what's her name's (married to the ex rugby player), voice booming over the speaker. Blimey, its really happening. The BBC are here.
And we were off. I couldn't actually believe that my legs were working, and not too shabby a pace either. Just kept going. All a blur...just kept going. Legs feel great...they've been set loose after all the resting and tapering. Do know/feel that I'm running in a weird style though.
Woolwich, friend Anne and choir are singing there..can't pick out individual faces.
Cutty Sark, excellent. I'm still fine, still running.
At about Mile 11...quads start stiffening, don't stop, might not start again.
Kept going. Crowds are huge. Quite a few Taylor Swift/double album-related placards. Cute.
Gels/mental maths/what pace am I doing/no idea (as usual!)/keep going. See a 7hr pacer...then a 4hr 15 pacer...guess I'm somewhere inbetween!
In total awe when I turned from, I think, Narrow Street (indeed it is) and there was Tower Bridge! Not being great with maps..it was a surprise to see it ha ha! Right, we really are doing this, keep going. And smile!
So much of the course was so, so deep with people, couldn't see the blue line at times; collective sound was deafening in parts & it was quite nice to have respite in the underpass areas that the route goes through…interestingly that seemed to be where people stopped to stretch.
I saw Rob and Rosie at one point, brilliant! but poor Orla missed me by seconds, she came down after her footie match. Said afterwards that I was running too fast Saw a few friends at different points too. Great!
I did ‘big fish little fish’ with a group of groovsters who were blaring music from a balcony in Bermondsey (Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Relax..(ha ha ha) remix), my quads felt now like I had two bricks tied to them; I kept thinking 'I'll stop and stretch /ask St John's crew to spray deep heat' etc but then kept thinking if I stop I might not be able to start again, just keep going and sort myself out afterwards,the quicker I go, the sooner I'll finish approach.
Keep going, Mile 20 will be here soon. Where is Poplar Station? have I missed it? Quads bloody killing me now...should stop...keep going..there a St John's just before ELR water station.. but where are ELR? where's the loud speaker blokey from LFB? has someone changed the course?...Jacob!!! ELR club Director, really smiley face, so lovely...Immy, Sunday run buddy! Emotions came out at this point, fine line between pleasure and pain etc...
Forgot to stop for St Johns. 6 miles/10 km to go, watch already telling me I've clocked up another km, for the hell of it. Whoops, did I forget to take a gel? if I take another one...could I o.d? Heart pop with too much sugar? should I start taking Lucozade?
Mum is somewhere..with Andrew and Sam, no idea where..don't see them. Cheer on a few folk who are really struggling. Is that patronising?
"You've got this!'' ...no, I don't. Please stop saying that.
'Just a Parkrun to go!' Please, please don't say that. Parkrun is tough.
Keep running, nearly there. Remember the HofP aren't the finish ..keep going. I can always muster a sprint at the end of a race/run.. simply because I clearly don't go full pelt/flat out for most of a race/run ...so, as per form, I went to sprint the last 500m...head could, energy could, but quads/legs just couldn't physically create that motion. Not happening.
Threw myself across the finish line.
Lovely smiley volunteer lady placed the medal on me.
Then legs seized. Threw me straight into the physio / helping the wounded tent only for Jun, Physio ex Birmingham Uni and Felicity, training at Coventry Uni, to ask me tonnes of questions before they could start…so lovely, so kind, but selfishly all I could think was ffs just rub something into them, I've seized up here. A bloke from Mexico was sitting beside me..having his blisters popped...I had to turn away for fear of eye-splash.
I then joined the sprawled out bodies of people in the park, scoffed down nuts and crisps, so needed salt; chatted to a guy from Scotland..drinking Irn Bru..said he'd never ever run another marathon again. I attempted to stretch, then changed out of my sodden shorts (I was like a tap , one woman told me she'd put an extra HRT patch on that morning (lucky cow I thought), another told me she'd run out and bought period pants the day before, still, no wee stops for me along the route .
Slow walk to the tube. Sat beside a young family from who'd come into town for the day, to do the Tower Of London tour...'bloody runners everywhere'.
What a day! The whole thing is truly incredible, its like running in a spin cycle. I'm a bit flat because I know I could have got under 4.30, training runs and a couple of races recently showed the signs were there. I know however how bloody lucky I was to get a place, to get the start line at all, & that I was able to run the whole way.
Can't wait now to resume walks, podcasts, telly viewing and in general, having nothing to have to focus on. For now..
ELR buddies, if you've got this far, you deserve a medal.

Velopark 10km - Saturday 20th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.2511th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 20th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Catherine Perry24.2529th - 64.44% St Marys4th
Simon Hewitt20.33* debut pb34th - 62.77% Norwich
Rachel Bailey21.42* debut8th - 69.74% Margate3rd
Richard Power-Guest23.52* debut63rd - 62.29% Warwick Races
Viktor Szabadi25.17* course pb12th - 62.89% Porch Field
James Nichols19.52* debut4th - 68.71% Queens,Belfast4th
Mark Moir22.44 debut20th - 57.40% Queens, Belfast
Nick Hoult24.09 debut47th - 61.08% Queens, Belfast
Andy Bolderstone29.32 debut124th - 49.55% Queens,Belfast
Shahib Miah Ali19.34 course pb7th - 68.74% Raphael7th
Jakub Czeczotka28.10 debut29th - 49.17% Hanworth
Kathy Morrissey31.14 debut355th - 55.02% Alexandra, Moss Side
Clare Stevens31.45 debut600th - 48.19% Chelmsford
Morag Campbell34.21 debut688th - 50.02% Chelmsford
Simon Nash22.06 debut23rd - 66.21% Oak Hill
Tom Woods28.14 debut182nd - 62.46% Valentines
Sandra Preston25.11101st - Valentines
Nicola Wyndham25.40 course pb111th - 66.95% Valentines9th
Sarah Lockley31.39 50th parkrun267th - 56.45% Valentines
Claire Emery30.41 debut602nd - 56.76% Finsbury
Thomas Grimes20.43 1st man1st - 677.42% Sunny Hill1st
Lance Fuller26.42 200th parkrun11th - 60.61% Whakatane9th
John Henry19.538th - 70.75% Wanstead8th
Jonathan Shaw21.45 99th parkrun22nd - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.2666th - Wanstead7th
Ryan Friel19.027th - 70.14% Valentines6th
Wimbledon Common parkrun
446 276 Danny WONG 00:32:36
Finsbury parkrun
275 43 Sarah BURNS 00:25:31
705 262 Anna DINGLE 00:32:45
Hackney Marshes parkrun
417 148 Vivienne EKA 00:35:10
Roding Valley parkrun
17 16 Jimmy DALE 00:23:24
71 51 Tim AYLETT 00:28:34
111 41 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:33:38
112 42 Caroline MOORE 00:33:39
Valentines parkrun
48 46 Imran MUSTAK 00:23:02
56 53 Matthew POWELL 00:23:17
63 59 Grant CONWAY 00:23:26
68 64 Michael WILSON 00:23:39
138 115 George GEORGIOU 00:26:47
151 23 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:14
196 47 Ann DUNNE 00:28:45
229 62 Naimah RIAZ 00:30:02
318 102 May HAU 00:33:53
377 138 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:38:47
Wanstead Flats parkrun
13 13 Alex PICKERING 00:20:32
24 22 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:21:50
53 45 Scott MCMILLAN 00:23:54
175 121 Andrew HOWARD 00:30:30
192 58 Fiona DAY 00:31:25
262 104 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:40:26
Pymmes parkrun
55 45 Joshua REES 00:26:54
Mile End parkrun
463 296 David WYATT 00:30:50
Harrow Lodge parkrun
32 28 Clive STEPHENSON 00:23:49
Walthamstow parkrun
123 26 Janet BYWATER 00:33:03
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
75 54 Frank BROWNLIE 00:31:11
Great Notley parkrun
51 12 Fiona CRITCHLEY 00:25:50
85 64 Stuart BARTON 00:28:57
Kesgrave parkrun
25 23 Steve SWAN 00:21:03
Lancaster parkrun
23 21 Paul MARSHALL 00:23:25
Felixstowe parkrun
163 40 Katherine HARRIS 00:27:25
Harleston Magpies parkrun
13 13 Terry LEWSEY 00:22:29

CSAA 10km - Wednesday 17th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols39.2025th / 223

128th Bank of America Boston Marathon - Monday 15th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry2.54.191,785th1,703rd
Shahib Miah Ali3.51.0814,482nd9,373rd
Caroline Frith4.08.1517,456th6,723rd
Tom Woods4.29.4820,065th11,944th
25,538 finishers - 14,578 men and 10,912 women.

Shahib: 128th Boston Marathon, 03:51:08, 20th official marathon, now an Abbotts World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher - Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City marathons. It was hot, sunny and challenging with barely any cloud cover or shade, an up and down, hilly course; just relieved to have safely navigated the race, but what sensational support on the course (the Wellesley College section was a notable standout), truly unforgettable, a uniquely famous route steeped in history, felt incredibly fortunate to have been a part of this race. This completes an amazing journey that started in 2008, during my university days before marriage and children, I have created some cherished memories along the way and shared it with so many people, a special thank you to my wife Samia Choudhury and sister in law Tasnia Choudhury for their unfailing support. "You start as a runner. You finish as a Boston Marathoner."

Caroline's report: Boston Marathon
Wow! What an experience. And one that almost didn't happen. In February I finally had an answer to my ongoing calf pain - tibial stress reaction, most probably caused by one of the medications I'm on, because I really wasn't doing enough running to cause shin splints, which is why it wasn't responding to rest and strengthening exercises. I am under Homerton Sports Medicine and they said as long as it wasn't too painful I could do it - but listen to my body and be sensible (they clearly don't know me very well!)
I've now changed the dose of that medication so hopefully things will improve.
I also was in hospital a week before the race, 4 days before my flight, having a liver biopsy - probably not recommended in the RW marathon training plan.
However - it was a case of use it or lose it, as I'm never going to get another Boston Qualifying time, so I thought I'd give it a go, not care about my time too much and have fun.
It was great sharing the experience with John, Shahib and Tom, and meeting up with them and Samia at Jamaica Pond parkrun on Saturday.
Boston is a point to point marathon which requires considerable logistics - they have to bus many thousands of runners to the start in Hopkinton, and you're not allowed to take anything with you as bag drop is before you get on the bus.
It was hot! Blue sky and no clouds for most of it, and very little shade on the course. My wave started at 10.50am and off we went!
Immediately people were weaving in and out, and it was so nice just to let them go whilst I jogged down the very considerable hills at the start.
I told myself I'd quite like 4.30 which would have been achievable with 10 min miles, but I'd done very little running in training (but a lot of swimming and cycling) and had no idea what was actually possible - and already had 2 doses of ibuprofen before the start.
The crowds were insane - definitely London on steroids - and not that many people seem to have names on their shirt, so those of us that did got a lot of attention.
There is also absolutely no fancy dress allowed - so no chance of being overtaken by a man in lead boots carrying an ironing board - and there are no pacers.
The route is essentially a straight line to Boston - it was 17 miles before we turned a corner. It goes through lots of different towns, all seemed quite affluent, nice houses, pretty churches, schools, fire stations and locals out having a party - it's on Patriot's Day, a public holiday in Massachusetts, so people have the day off work.
Wellesley College is halfway - an all girl's college with the infamous scream tunnel - there was a lot of screaming, and girls holding signs saying kiss me. I resisted.
Miles 16-21 are the Newton Hills, with the last one being Heartbreak Hill, not steep but long and at a cruel place in a marathon.
Boston College is at about mile 22 and that was a huge gothic structure that really took my breath away, oh and I almost forgot Big Bird who happily posed for a picture at about 12 miles.
My quads hurt from about halfway but my calf was surprisingly fine, did I mention it was hot?!
Water is in cups every mile along with Gatorade and the road became a sea of paper cups - major trip hazard! I decided early on I was going to walk the water stations because otherwise I would have ended up tipping it down myself instead of drinking it, so I had water from every other water station, which became a focus and short term goal as I knew I could walk for 20 seconds.
I also ate real food for the first time in a marathon - a giant pretzel stick which was actually really good.
In the first half I felt like everyone overtook me. Your starting position is based on your qualifying time and mine was pretty good so I was surrounded by speedy people. But then in the second half I overtook lots of people, and lots of people were walking, especially up the hills, so I was happy to run every step of the way apart from the water stations.
You don't enter the city of Boston till 25 miles, by which point the crowds were insane.
Obviously due to the bomb in 2013 (my sister ran that year) there was a lot of security, military, police with big guns and helicopters, but that didn't detract from the event and I certainly wasn't worried.
The race ends on Boylston street which had been the centre of activity all weekend. The finish line is painted on the ground.
Boston knows how to throw a good party and the city did itself proud. I think if the weather was bad and the crowd support not there then it would be very tough - it's the crowds that make the race what it is.
Best sign on the course - Pain is temporary, Strava is forever. Most disgusting thing offered on the course - pickle juice and salt.
Knowing how many people were dot watching kept me going - that and the fact I had a 9pm flight to catch.
I don't think you can compare it to London as they are very different, each great in their own way.
Oh and my time - 4.08.15. My slowest of my 4 marathons but my second favourite. Nothing will top London last year.
And my only marathon in an ELR vest - The unicorn is mine.
Caroline: Moment of the race - meeting Big Bird
Heading to the airport - just wanted to say thank you so much for
all the virtual support. It was weird not having people dotted
around the course - especially at mile 20 which is heartbreak hill
- but knowing so many people were rooting for me back home made all
the difference. So glad I just get to watch on Sunday!!

Chiclana Half Marathon - Sunday 14th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.25.351446th / 2213260th

Manchester Marathon - Sunday 14th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel ODonoghue2.53.04 pb452nd / 22295444th / 14940
Cindy Koon3.46.13 pb6770th / 22295814th/6265 (50th FV50)
Rahana Islam3.50.297510th988th / 6265
Clive Stephenson4.32.08 pb14,647th11373rd / 14940
Natasha Howard5.13.05 debut19,156th5231st / 6265
Natasha Howard: Manchester marathon - Sunday 14 April 2024
TLDR - I did it!
I can't fully report on my first marathon without also giving my (running) life story, my journey to sobriety (thank you Maya) and being in contempt of court (IYKYK) but I'll do my best. I guess this is one of the things that make the marathon distance so special; the story behind every bib.
Prior to Manchester I had not made it to the start line of 3 marathons (Brighton 2017 got a chest infection 3 weeks before and pulled out under doctor’s orders, Milton Keynes 2016 and Chelmsford 2022 stepped down to the half before the race). So initially my aim for Manchester was just to get to the start line. I knew that if I could get to the start line I would get round.
A month before the race I knew I had done just about enough training. But that my main weakness was mental. Nagging self-doubt (should I even be doing this?) and the disbelief that I would ever get to a start line. I started listening to running affirmations (when doing chores) and binaural beats with subliminal messaging at bedtime. I chose a set of affirmations and put them on my phone homescreen and bathroom mirror:
This is my time
I have already won
I am grateful for this opportunity
Pain is temporary
3 weeks out I tripped over a laptop cable but caught myself. 2 weeks out my son came home with a hideous cold. I was already dosed up on vitamins, probiotics and elderberry syrup. But he was (willingly) banished to his room for 3 evenings till the symptoms subsided. As the two 20 mile training runs came and went without injury or incident I added to my aims:
1 to get to the start line
2 to get to the finish line
3 to smile for the cameras
4 to make a friend
My race number didn't arrive in the post so as I drove up to Manchester on Friday there was still part of me that thought it wasn't going to happen. I was staying in an AirB&B with a couple of old school friends and friend of friend. On Saturday morning we headed into town to collect replacement bibs and it was only then that I knew it was definitely happening.
Sunday morning the women left the AirB&B at 0900 to walk to the start (our token male runner was in the earlier yellow wave). I'd written "I am grateful" on my hand with a Sharpie (there wasn’t enough room for the full phrase). The route went past the end of our road and we’d planned to see the elite runners on our way. There were already people out on the street and we cheered the elite runners as they passed. As we got nearer we joined more runners, all being sucked into the race village vortex.
We went through to bag drop and then I left the others as they were starting in the wave behind me. I could have dropped back but I felt I needed to be on my own to focus, go through my affirmations, aims and race plan.
As I made it through the start process weather was looking up, relatively speaking. I’ve never been good at running when it is warmer and these days I also take medication that makes me more sensitive to heat and sunlight. I had put on factor 50 on all exposed areas so was covered from that point of view. But I knew I would need to take it even “easier” than planned. I abandoned ideas of trying to keep the 4:45 pacer in sight.
We set off just before 1100. I forced myself to go even slower than my slow for the first mile. It was busy, there was a lot of weaving about and I was worried about getting tripped up, or tripping someone else up. After a few minutes I realised there were yellow wave people coming in the opposite direction on the other side of the carriageway so I tried to spot our runner. We saw each other, waved and shouted “see you soon”.
I can’t remember much about the first 6 miles. Between 6 and 7 miles I saw two more of our gang from pink wave on the other side of the road. One was so far ahead I knew she would overtake me (she’d run a sub 2 hour PB half a few weeks before and is in great shape). When she drew up alongside a few minutes later she asked if I was enjoying it, I said "I don’t think we’ve really started yet!" and told her to crack on and I’d see her soon.
Miles 6-13 passed without much incident. I was running comfortably, walking the water stations as planned. Eating Turkish Delight (not Frys, the traditional kind) just before each water station. Around mile 13 I started taking salt tablets. I'd not tried these in training so this was a risk. But with the weather I felt it was worth it. Thankfully the gamble paid off and there were no ill effects.
By the time we got to the infamous Altringham Mountain around mile 17 I was in pain in both my hips. I was grateful that the pain was on both sides and equal. I’d been rigorous about including little hills towards the end of training runs (and had conquered the Baldock Beast in February) so I took the Mountain in my stride.
Heading back into town I really had to focus. Remembering to look up, fix my shoulders. Occasionally I could hear the guy from the affirmations video saying "even if it hurts, I will not stop". And so it was. I kept running, only walking the water stations. I remained grateful for the opportunity. I’d read that halfway in the marathon is 20 miles, so I was relieved to get there. Miles 20-23 seemed to take for ever. After that spectators signs and runners were saying “just one parkrun to go!”. After mile 24 I realised I only had "one and change" left and it was nearly over. For a moment I was a bit sad. It had flown past in a blur.
In some ways the finish was an anti climax. Once I got to the start I knew I’d finish. As for my other aims, there are a few photos of me smiling. I didn’t make a "proper" race friend on the day, just chatted to a couple of people. I got away without any blisters and minimal chaffing where I had skimped on the chub rub. My hip pain eased off overnight and by Tuesday morning I was walking normally. So much so that my work colleagues questioned if I’d really run a marathon!
My finishing time of 5:13 leaves plenty of room for improvement, should I make it to another start line. I remain grateful.

Reading Half Marathon - Sunday 14th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clare Stevens2.23.524382nd / 53731275th / 1861

Hadleigh 2012 Legacy 10km, Benfleet - Sunday 14th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darminder Bhamra58.0857th / 31849th / 191

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 13th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry19.35* debut20th - 71.83% Jamaica Pond,USA
Shahib Miah Ali19.41 debut21st - 68.33% Jamaica Pond,USA
Caroline Frith26.52* debut193rd - 59.68% Jamaica Pond,USA
Tom Woods28.42274th - 61.44% Jamaica Pond,USA
Samia Choudhury31.33 debut362nd - 47.23% Jamaica Pond,USA
Scott McMillan18.56* debut & 1st1st - 76.67% Bowling Park550th parkrun
Joseph Osakue19.01* debut4th - 78.18% Caffarella, Italy4th
Stephen Swan21.18* debut14th - 62.68% Blickling
Catherine Perry25.01* debut60th - 62.69% Great Field10th
Fiona Critchley26.07* debut20th - 71.22% Ekebergletta4th
Stuart Barton27.22* debut25th - 55.66% Ekebergsletta
Clare Stevens32.11* debut114th - 47.54% Prospect
Morag Campbell35.37 debut142nd - 48.25% Prospect
James Nichols21.09* debut27th - 64.54% Markeaton
Emma Corbett20.51 debut50th - 71.94% Mile End7th
Jonathan Wooldridge24.14 debut19th - 61.83% Sizewell
Simon Nash21.31 course pb20th - 68.01% Valentines
Claire Emery33.28 debut415th - 52.04% Hampstead Hth
Juliet Lopez-Real39.23 debut497th - 42.57% Hampstead Hth
Rachel Bailey21.4120th - 69.79% Wanstead3rd
Thomas Grimes21.284th - 65.06% Sunny Hill4th
Ciaran Canavan21.334th - 68.45% Whakatane4th
Joseph Gunn19.115th - 68.72% Rushcliffe5th
Betty Bohane21.33 60th - 69.61% Hackney5th
Terry Lewsey22.476th - 63.20% Harleston6th
Mary OBrien28.3527th - 76.72% Sligo6th
Bernadett Kalmar27.2018th - Porch Field7th
Alex Pickering20.319th - 69.62% Valentines8th
Sandra Preston25.0367th - 75.32% Valentines10th
Lance Fuller26.20 199th parkrun11th - 61.46% Whakatane10th
Andrew McLean29.18 1st parkrun141st - 44.03% Wanstead
Nicola Wyndham25.57 course pb94th - 66.22% Valentines
Sarah Lockley32.10 49th parkrun214th - Valentines
Mark Durrant41.33 150th parkrun314th - Valentines
Valentines parkrun
13 12 Tommy HO 00:21:08
16 14 Ashley FARIA 00:21:13
31 28 Calvin BOBIN 00:22:48
33 30 Darminder BHAMRA 22:51
51 44 Michael WILSON 00:23:57
70 56 Matthew POWELL 00:25:06
76 61 George GEORGIOU 00:25:16
101 81 John O'BRIEN 00:26:34
109 88 Andrew HOWARD 00:26:57
137 35 Bilkis ACHHA 00:28:10
149 41 Ann DUNNE 00:28:47
150 106 Ryan FRIEL 00:28:49
172 120 Jason LEVY 00:30:01
178 50 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 30:13
183 53 Katrina BETTERIDGE 30:22
253 84 May HAU 00:35:16
270 93 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 36:47
292 110 Joanna QIU 00:38:13
293 167 Nathaniel DYE 00:38:25
Wanstead Flats parkrun
25 22 Ian MACKIE 00:21:58
27 24 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:22:31
29 26 Jonny SHAW 00:22:34
205 66 Kasia STACHOWIAK 33:02
253 95 Vivienne EKA 00:37:39
Mile End parkrun
322 218 Liam DEMPSEY 00:30:03
Hilly Fields parkrun
208 130 Martin QUINLAN 00:31:39
Great Notley parkrun
57 50 David TAYLOR 00:26:43
Victoria Dock parkrun
33 29 Mark MOIR 00:22:40
Felixstowe parkrun
163 34 Katherine HARRIS 27:47
Harleston Magpies parkrun
56 32 Don BENNETT 00:41:40
Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun
156 94 Richard GUEST 00:34:41
Roding Valley parkrun
19 18 Jimmy DALE 00:21:34
74 61 Tim AYLETT 00:28:30
108 35 Caroline MOORE 00:32:40
Worthing parkrun
508 152 Molly PINKUS 00:31:23
Gunpowder parkrun
24 19 Andrew BAXTER 00:21:09
Beckton parkrun
49 14 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:35:54

Chase The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 10th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak45.59 pb46th, 1st FV40
Ken Agnew52.0999th, 1st MV60

Chase The Sun 5km, QEOP - Wednesday 10th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.031st
156 finishers.

Berlin Half Marathon - Sunday 7th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak1.52.338457th1669th
Ken Agnew2.03.4614,501st10,606th

Paris Marathon - Sunday 7th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn2.55.221299th1262nd
Rahana Islam4.03.4325,739th4143rd

Tewinbury Trails 10km - Sunday 7th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alistair Baillie1.00.3987th / 151

London Landmarks Half Marathon - Sunday 7th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier1.32.16375th/18934338th
Simon Nash1.36.44670th583rd
Jimmy Dale1.44.25 (1.45 pacer)1564th1288th
Helen McGuinness2.30.5713373rd6902nd / 9707

Wizz Air Milano Marathon - Sunday 7th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Phillips2.59.17421st / 6919

Brighton Marathon - Sunday 7th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dylan Campbell4.07.36
Simone Wheatley4.39.11

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 6th April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan24.38* debut28th - 59.88% Gordon Carm Res
Kasia Stachowiak23.44* debut8th - 64.82% Havelkanal, Germ2nd
Andrew Baxter22.31* debut6th - 68.25% Cirencester5th
Scott McMillan19.32* course pb4th - 74.32% Lister Pk,Bradford4th
Catherine McMillan32.53 debut189th - 47.49% Lister Pk,Brad
Stuart Barton31.58 debut43rd - 47.65% Church Mead
Clare Stevens35.42* debut57th - 42.36% Church Mead
Morag Campbell36.35 debut61st - 46.977% Church Mead
Jonathan Wooldridge23.40 debut132nd - 63.31% Hove Prom
Rachel Bailey22.04 1st lady8th - 68.58% Wanstead1st
Daniel ODonoghue17.16 course pb3rd - 76.83% Gunpowder3rd
Sandra Preston27.32 debut61st - 68.52% Southwick Cnty6th
Claire Emery30.48 debut514th - 56.55% Dulwich
Matthew Powell22.45 debut95th - 62.78% Southwark
Joseph Osakue25.37 debut8th - 58.24% Grt Dunmow8th
Jakub Czeczotka28.08 debut48th - 49.23% Hunstanton Prom
Nicola Barberis Negra20.34 debut3rd - 67.91% Alton Water3rd
Simon Nash22.24 debut29th - 65.33% Lordship RG
Alex Pickering20.50 debut17th - 68.56% Brockwell
Ken Agnew28.30 debut18th - 56.78% Havelkanal, Germ
John Henry19.543rd - 70.69% Walthamstow3rd
Ryan Friel19.135th - 69.47% Valentines5th
James Nichols20.026th - 68.14% Barking6th
Mary Connolly25.5147th - 76.14% Barking8th
Thomas Grimes21.575th - 63.63% Sunny Hill4th
Catherine Perry28.1559th - 55.69% St Marys10th
Betty Bohane22.4132nd - Lordship RG6th
Caroline Frith24.5238th - 64.48% Pymmes6th
Martin Quinlan31.34470th parkrun in 47.47% Roundshaw Downs
Valentines parkrun
20 18 Ashley FARIA 00:21:26
47 39 Imran MUSTAK 00:23:43
65 54 Michael WILSON 00:24:57
109 85 Darminder BHAMRA 00:27:56
114 25 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:28:21
128 33 Cindy KOON 00:28:49
134 36 Ann DUNNE 00:29:10
147 40 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:29:56
220 74 May HAU 00:35:31
247 92 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:38:19
Wanstead Flats parkrun
15 13 Ian MACKIE 00:22:50
152 48 Fiona DAY 00:34:19
Chester parkrun
233 159 Arthur DIAZ 00:33:18
Mile End parkrun
16 15 Shahib ALI 00:19:31
56 47 Mark MOIR 00:21:39
Barking parkrun
67 14 Tina BENNETT 00:28:01
Walthamstow parkrun
31 29 Peter HATLEY 00:24:42
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
99 65 Frank BROWNLIE 00:32:44
Great Notley parkrun
62 11 Fiona CRITCHLEY 00:26:54
Felixstowe parkrun
134 26 Katherine HARRIS 27:50
Morecambe Prom parkrun
26 25 Paul MARSHALL 00:21:36
Porch Field parkrun
17 12 Viktor F SZABADI 00:28:28
Harleston Magpies parkrun
63 34 Don BENNETT 00:41:52
Grovelands parkrun, Enfield
91 73 George GEORGIOU 00:27:21
Basildon parkrun
80 66 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:45
Roding Valley parkrun
72 22 Caroline MOORE 00:32:22
Highbury Fields parkrun
520 258 Richard GUEST 00:37:32
Chelmsford Central parkrun
603 165 Natasha HOWARD 00:31:26
Kesgrave parkrun
23 22 Steve SWAN 00:21:35

Bedford Half Marathon - Monday 1st April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clare Stevens2.16.17 pb163rd44th/66
194 finishers

Basildon 10km - Monday 1st April 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sandra Preston52.4361st
Victoria Charlesworth59.59120th
Kathy Morrissey1.11.42194th
213 finishers.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 30th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sandra Preston25.24 100th parkrun89th - Valentines11th
Tim Le Rasle24.01 50th parkrun169th - Worthing
Emma Corbett22.04 1st lady9th - 67.98% Wanstead1st
Rachel Bailey21.27* course pb14th - 70.55% Graves2nd
James Nichols19.22* debut17th - 70.48% Yarborough
Ciaran Canavan22.18 debut39th - 66.14% Millwater
Lance Fuller28.26 debut148th - 56.92% Millwater
Jakub Czeczotka22.51 debut13th - 60.61% Orpington11th
Juliet Lopez-Real31.00 debut145th - 53.44% Victoria Dck
Stephen Swan21.04 course pb13th - 63.37% Sizewell12th
Katherine Harris30.10 debut135th - 51.77% Sizewell
Matthew Powell22.50 debut29th - Cyclopark
Mark Moir23.59 debut10th - 54.41% Thorp Perrow9th
Simon Nash23.21 debut61st - 62.67% Finsbury
Clare Stevens33.29 debut278th - 45.69% St Albans
Morag Campbell36.46 debut325th - 46.74% St Albans
Richard Power-Guest26.15 debut161st - 56.63% Crystal Palace
John Healy23.06 course pb42nd - 63.12% Valentines
Nicola Wyndham26.19 course pb102nd - 65.29% Valentines
Diana Rexhepaj30.54 course pb50th - 57.07% Gadebridge10th
Sarah Burns25.41 debut109th - 63.72% Whitstable
Caroline Frith23.3147th - 68.18% Valentines4th
Thomas Grimes20.552nd - 66.77% Sunny Hill2nd
Kasia Stachowiak24.2926th - 62.83% las Aniolowski3rd
Betty Bohane22.2341st - 67.01% Lordship RG5th
Fiona Critchley26.0747th - 71.22% Grt Notley5th
John Henry17.286th - 80.53% Fountains Abbey6th
Roding Valley parkrun
62 18 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:32:16
68 21 Caroline MOORE 00:34:16
Valentines parkrun
31 27 Calvin BOBIN 00:22:03
43 38 Peter HATLEY 00:23:11
57 50 Michael WILSON 00:23:55
58 51 Imran MUSTAK 00:23:57
84 72 John O'BRIEN 00:25:10
115 89 Darminder BHAMRA 00:27:08
120 23 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:27:44
159 38 Cindy KOON 00:29:29
206 133 Joe PRESTON 00:32:03
216 64 Sarah LOCKLEY 00:32:43
289 160 Mark DURRANT 00:45:40
Wanstead Flats parkrun
13 11 Fernando ESPADA 00:22:21
15 13 Ian MACKIE 00:22:33
67 56 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:37
153 45 Fiona DAY 00:34:39
Pymmes parkrun
17 14 Alex PICKERING 00:20:47
Medina I.O.W. parkrun
98 87 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:25:03
Gunpowder parkrun
24 22 Andrew BAXTER 00:20:03
Mile End parkrun
17 14 Shahib ALI 00:19:26
215 159 Liam DEMPSEY 00:29:01
227 166 David WYATT 00:29:41
Hilly Fields parkrun
174 114 Martin QUINLAN 00:30:47
Rushcliffe parkrun
12 11 Joe GUNN 00:19:30
Walthamstow parkrun
67 18 Janet BYWATER 00:30:35
106 60 Steve BYWATER 00:43:24
Great Notley parkrun
77 63 David TAYLOR 00:28:26
Castle Park parkrun
55 50 James CREED 00:23:26
Victoria Dock parkrun
190 119 Andrew HOWARD 00:53:24
Sizewell parkrun
100 73 Stuart BARTON 00:27:35
St Mary’s parkrun
170 67 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:37:33
Porch Field parkrun
24 19 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:53
34 11 Bernadett KALMAR 00:28:25

Run Through Victoria Park half marathon - Friday 29th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Osakue1.26.0356th
Amit Marks1.35.18 pb133rd
Betty Bohane1.36.12138th - 4th V35
Clive Stephenson1.46.23 pb252nd - 2nd V60
622 finishers.

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Friday 29th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darminder Bhamra46.38106th
Maya Goodwin1.00.21 pb313th
464 finishers.

Maya reports: 'So if it's an ELT Grand Prix race, I wear ELT colours?'
This was what I messaged @stevietruns yesterday. (Steve is an Orion runner as well as an ELT. )
'Of course! One of the few times we can!'
Hmm. I realised I don't have an ELT running vest. Just a cycle jersey. Well that will have to do. I packed my ELR vest in my rucksack. Just in case, and for luck.
I haven't raced properly for months, it's all been track training or easy long runs. I was feeling good and interested to see how my running had changed, so I had a plan to Go For It today. I was determined. On the tube I started hearing that little voice though 'well, y'know, you could just '
I hushed it up. 'Do NOT talk yourself out of this Maya. You have a plan. Stick to it.'
My plan was, keep under 10 min miles for the whole thing. Start strong and hold on. So that's what I did. I only looked at my watch every time it beeped for a mile, and every time I saw my pace for that mile started with a 9, it gave me a boost.
'You can' pull back now, you're going to do this properly.'
'Be comfortable being uncomfortable'
'You're absolutely on for a PB. Just hang on'
I huffed and puffed, and in the last mile I wondered if I might even make it under an hour. And I think that was my mistake, I lost a bit of focus. 1:00:22.
But that's a PB by more than two minutes. I'm delighted.

St Albans Easter 10km - Friday 29th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Victoria Charlesworth57.24437th - 57.18%140th
Clare Stevens1.01.07 pb537th - 48.26%199th
Morag Campbell1.10.57744th - 45.36%351st
814 finishers

Hampton Court Half Marathon - Sunday 24th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel ODonoghue1.20.39 pb52nd
Jonathan Wooldridge1.50.431489th
4583 finishers

Twin Lakes 10 mile - Sunday 24th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn1.04.587th
334 finishers.

Joe Gunn "I did the 20 mile route but they messed up my result. Such is life."

Lee Valley Run Fest Half Marathon - Sunday 24th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Spread1.19.576th
224 finishers

Lee Valley Run Fest 10km - Sunday 24th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.148th
253 finishers

Hastings Half Marathon - Sunday 24th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clare Stevens2.22.13 pb1893rd505th of 879
2540 finishers

Fleet Half Marathon - Sunday 24th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel1.14.10 pb36th
2168 finishers

Brentwood Half Marathon - Sunday 24th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols1.28.35107th98th
1829 finishers.

Orion 15 - Saturday 23rd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fernando Espada2.15.0882nd
Jacob Stevens2.18.4492nd
Paul Thompson2.19.1693rd
Simon Nash2.23.41119th
Calvin Bobin2.33.14156th
Becky Evans2.40.46185th
Karan Gadhia2.42.10189th
Rahana Islam2.42.21190th
Darminder Bhamra2.55.49216th
Kathryn Hertzberg2.59.39225th
Grant Conway3.01.36228th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 23rd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Critchley27.10* debut & 1st lady2nd - 68.47% Etna, Italy1st
Rachel Bailey20.33 1st lady15th - 73.64% Wanstead1st
Joshua Rees Davies16.09* debut3rd - 81.63% Dulwich3rd
John Henry17.34 debut23rd - 80.08% Dulwich
Jonathan Wooldridge25.29 debut47th - 58.80% Canterbury
Grace Turner30.58 debut240th - 47.79% Oak Hill
John Healy23.18 course pb39th - 65.20% Valentines
Clare Stevens29.45 debut142nd - 51.43% Hastings
Morag Campbell33.47 debut204th - 50.86% Hastings
Tommy Ho19.38 debut27th - 69.02% Swansea Bay
Paul Marshall22.18 course pb13th - 60.76% Lytham Hall
Stuart Barton29.22 debut514th - 51.87% Clapham Common
Jakub Czeczotka23.08 debut3rd - 59.87% Foots Cray Meadow3rd
Caroline Frith28.23 debut129th - 56.49% Lordship
Catriona Hoult27.50 debut166th - 59.52% Castle Park
Ciaran Canavan23.356th - Whakatane5th
Lance Fuller25.1712th - Whakatane11th
Victoria Charlesworth28.4845th - Roding Valley11th
Joseph Gunn19.567th - 66.14% Rushcliffe7th
Kasia Stachowiak25.1258th - Wanstead3rd
Sandra Preston25.4499th parkrun7th
Gail Edwards28.39115th - Valentines
Janet Bywater28.4958th - Walthamstow11th
James Nichols19.3612th - Raphael11th
Valentines parkrun
14 13 Daniel O'DONOGHUE 00:21:00
32 31 Matthew POWELL 00:22:48
38 37 Ross LUCAS 00:23:11
79 69 George GEORGIOU 00:26:04
88 15 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:26:56
117 29 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:28:40
125 94 Andrew HOWARD 00:29:08
182 122 Ryan FRIEL 00:32:14
219 80 May HAU East Lon 00:34:43
246 98 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:36:40
258 105 Joanna QIU 00:38:55
Wanstead Flats parkrun
24 23 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:22:38
26 25 Jonny SHAW 00:22:46
70 63 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:02
Mile End parkrun
18 18 Shahib ALI 00:19:32
92 81 Mark MOIR 00:23:16
263 187 Liam DEMPSEY 00:28:59
315 202 David WYATT 00:31:07
Walthamstow parkrun
26 22 Nick HOULT 00:24:41
Raphael parkrun
247 79 Natasha HOWARD 00:34:00
Gunpowder parkrun
17 14 Alex PICKERING 00:21:31
Hilly Fields parkrun
214 133 Martin QUINLAN 00:32:22
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
83 57 Frank BROWNLIE 00:33:10
Kesgrave parkrun
56 53 Steve SWAN 00:23:19
Hastings parkrun
142 37 Clare STEVENS 29:45
204 69 Morag CAMPBELL 33:47
Stretford parkrun
339 109 Claire EMERY 29:44
Felixstowe parkrun
172 46 Katherine HARRIS 00:29:29
Roding Valley parkrun
69 21 Caroline MOORE 00:33:34
Porch Field parkrun
24 13 Viktor F SZABADI 00:29:27

AON Mullingar Half Marathon - Sunday 17th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Bernadett Kalmar2.05.441057th
1691 finishers.

Debden 10km - Sunday 17th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sandra Preston50.4646th20th, 1st FV55-59
Kathy Morrissey1.00.2677th35th

Essex 20, Debden - Sunday 17th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Eren Ozkan2.24.34165th129th
Jimmy Dale2.38.54210th161st
Karan Gadhia2.41.27225th169th
Ian Mackie2.42.05231st, 2nd M70 Essex174th
Calvin Bobin2.42.58235th, 3rd M65-69 Essex177th
Rahana Islam2.49.13250th67th
Clive Stephenson2.58.48287th205th

Bath Half Marathon - Sunday 17th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies1.12.36 pb62nd
Ian Burrows1.40.45 pb1193rd

MK Festival 20 miles - Sunday 17th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Diana Rexhepaj3.31.49749th237th

MK Festival 10km - Sunday 17th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Barton57.45306th

The Original Marathon - Windsor to White City - Saturday 16th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Catriona Hoult5.13.5441st of 6116th of 22
So today I ran the Original Marathon, it follows the route of the 1908 Olympic marathon
from Windsor Castle to White City. Ironically despite retracing the route of the first
26.2 mile marathon, it was actually a mile or so longer because they had to add in a
detour. It was a stunning start right next to Windsor Castle straight after the changing
of the guard, though the rest of the route wasn't quite so pretty. I found it very tough
and was nearly 50 minutes slower than a month ago in Seville (5.13) with lots of walk
breaks but was still happy and proud to have done it.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 16th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ken Agnew25.02 500th parkrun pb48th - Wanstead Flats
Joshua Rees Davies20.21 debut & 1st1st - 64.78% Wormwood Scrubs1st
John Henry19.19 1st man1st - 72.82% Walthamstow1st
Rachel Bailey20.41 1st lady9th - 73.17% Wanstead1st
Shahib Miah Ali19.37 course pb3rd - 68.56% Crane Park3rd
James Nichols19.34 debut3rd - 69.76% Charlton3rd
Grace Turner34.50 debut356th - 42.49% Hampstead Heath
Thomas Grimes20.09 debut20th - 69.31% Gunnersbury
Imran Mustak27.37 debut89th - 49.79% Wanstead
Katrina Betteridge31.07 debut142nd - 48.85% Wanstead
Jakub Czeczotka24.50 debut19th - 55.77% Riddlesdown
Sandra Preston28.52 debut117th - 65.36% Gunpowder
Kathy Morrissey28.53 debut118th - 59.49% Gunpowder
Simon Nash22.34 debut41st - 64.84% Ally Pally
Arthur Diaz30.16 course pb199th - 50.33% Delamere
Ciaran Canavan23.04 debut26th - 63.95% Barry Curtis
Lance Fuller27.59 debut76th - 57.83% Barry Curtis
David Taylor25.56 course pb29th - 64.65% Great Notley
Stephen Swan20.49 debut23rd - 64.13% Cassiobury
Jonathan Wooldridge24.47 debut129th - 60.46% Cassiobury
Stuart Barton26.52 debut208th - 56.70% Cassiobury
Katherine Harris27.56 debut68th - 55.91% Harwich
Clare Stevens31.04 debut78th - 49.25% Barclay
Morag Campbell35.38 debut103rd - 48.22% Barclay
Victoria Charlesworth28.42 debut54th - 59.87% Philips Park
Catherine Perry24.2523rd - St Marys2nd
Joseph Gunn18.194th - 71.97% Rushcliffe4th
Joseph Osakue18.354th - 80.00% Barking4th
Robert Spread18.405th - Valentines4th
Caroline Frith23.09 42nd - Valentines7th
Fiona Critchley25.5028th - 72% Grt Notley5th
Alex Pickering21.598th - Walthamstow8th
Jimmy Dale22.5814th - Roding9th
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
99 73 Martin QUINLAN 00:31:34
Silksworth parkrun
27 23 Mark MOIR 00:21:30
Finsbury parkrun
80 72 Simon HEWITT 21:28
589 335 Richard GUEST 00:32:15
Roding Valley parkrun
39 29 Liam DEMPSEY 00:28:48
74 18 Caroline MOORE 00:53:54
Valentines parkrun
77 20 Mary CONNOLLY 00:25:22
85 63 George GEORGIOU 00:25:50
98 73 John O'BRIEN 00:26:38
113 84 David HALLYBONE 00:27:31
124 31 Ann DUNNE 00:28:08
126 92 Ryan FRIEL 00:28:12
132 35 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:28:20
236 82 Joanna QIU 00:34:51
237 83 May HAU 00:34:51
260 97 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:37:14
Wanstead Flats parkrun - 274
22 20 Jonny SHAW 00:22:36
56 47 Matthew POWELL 00:25:42
74 61 Scott MCMILLAN 00:27:02
90 71 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:41
145 105 Mark DURRANT 00:31:19
188 57 Claire EMERY 00:33:25
194 61 Catherine MCMILLAN 00:33:39
211 74 Fiona DAY 00:35:26
Mile End parkrun
357 220 David WYATT 00:31:37
Gadebridge parkrun
47 13 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:32:22
Walthamstow parkrun
14 14 Andrew BAXTER 00:22:24
72 17 Janet BYWATER 00:30:47
Morecambe Prom parkrun
50 45 Paul MARSHALL 00:22:08
Porch Field parkrun
13 10 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:10
Pymmes parkrun
29 26 Nick HOULT 00:23:44

Battersea Park under lights 5km - Friday 15th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel15.48 pb13th1st V35

Retford Half Marathon - Sunday 10th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn1.21.5068th
780 finishers.

Barcelona Marathon - Sunday 10th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols3.11.23 pb by 15 secstbc

Run Through Victoria Park Half Marathon - Sunday 10th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Silvia Bassi2.31.29643rd
Martin Quinlan2.46.37682nd

Chester 10km - Sunday 10th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz56.31 (2nd claim)
MBNA Chester 10K 2024
A fun local race with over 100 participants from chester road runners out of 5,000 runners in total.
Enjoyed running with and seeing so many people I know since living here in Chester, the loud cheers
from CRR troops especially at heartbreak hill and, of course, the pub social afterwards.
Would I call myself local now for having Guinnesses before lunch? Anyway, a great day even in drizzly weather.

Chingford League relays, Harrow Road Playing Fields - Saturday 9th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali13.25MA1
Scott McMillan13.12MA2
Joseph Osakue12.38MA3
Alex Pickering12.23MA4
Fernando Espada13.04MB1
Eren Ozkan13.05MB2
Amit Marks13.29MB3
Paul Watkins13.41MB4
Jonathan Shaw14.18MC1
Ian Mackie14.28MC2
Mark Moir14.30MC3
Darminder Bhamra14.46MC4
Abdirahman Adan15.19MD1
John Healy16.32MD2
Imran Mustak17.46MD3
Clive Stephenson13.56MD4
George Georgiou16.21ME1
John OBrien17.27ME2
Michael Wilson15.59ME3
Peter Hatley16.03ME4
Rachel Bailey13.12WA1
Sarah Burns16.02WA2
Becky Evans15.04WA3
Cindy Koon15.26WA4
Selina Vernal15.43WB1
Mary Connolly17.05WB2
Kathryn Hertzberg17.40WB3
Sandra Preston17.39WB4
Andrea Waller16.59WC1
Nicola Wyndham17.27WC2
Suzanne Bench16.27WC3
Suzanne Taylor15.30WC4
Mary OBrien19.01WD1
Kathy Morrissey18.11WD2
Kate Brett18.33WD3
Victoria Charlesworth17.20WD4
Team positions:
MA - 18th
MB - 22nd
MC - 38th
WA - 48th overall, 11th female
MD - 61st
WB - 63rd
ME - 65th
WC - 68th
WD - 78th

Chingford League Relays - Volunteers - Saturday 9th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Adrian FrostCo-race director
Alexandra Rutishauser-PereraCo-race director, first aid
Jacob StevensCo-race director
Catriona HoultVol. coordinator, car park, cake stall
Shahib Miah AliFirst aid
Morag CampbellCake stall
Frances RidoutCake stall
Aaron WilliamsCake stall
Andrew HowardCar park
Cindy KoonCourse setup
Ian MackieCourse setup
Mark MoirCourse setup
Janet BywaterTail runner
Katrina BetteridgeMarshal
Calvin BobinMarshal
Steven BywaterMarshal
Mark DurrantMarshal
Natasha HowardMarshal
Rebecca KhanMarshal
Catherine McMillanMarshal
Caroline MooreMarshal
Martin QuinlanMarshal
Jose RodriguezMarshal
Kasia StachowiakMarshal
Non-member volunteers:
Fiona Campbell - Marshal
Ian Frith - Marshal
Julie Williams - Cake stall

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 9th March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jonathan Wooldridge26.22* debut28th - 56.83% Wetherby
Clare Stevens30.34* debut141st - 50.16% Poolbeg
Stuart Barton29.20 debut292nd - 51.93% Brockwell
Andrew Baxter20.08 debut16th - 76.32% Stevenage
Grace Turner33.08 debut581st - 44.67% Dulwich
Jakub Czeczotka24.01 debut34th - 57.67% Crane Park
Claire Emery29.50 debut333rd - 58.38% Southwark
Joshua Rees Davies16.00 1st & course pb1st - 82.40% Pymmes1st
Shahib Miah Ali18.43 course pb15th - 71.86% Mile End
Liam Dempsey28.06 course pb30th - 47.51% Beckton
John Henry16.52 course pb9th - 83.40% Burgess9th
Annette Clark26.40 course pb90th - 64.44% Morecambe
Rachel Bailey20.35 1st lady10th - 73.52% Wanstead1st
Joseph Osakue18.406th - 79.64% Barking6th
Joseph Gunn19.338th - 67.43% Rushcliffe8th
Fiona Critchley25.5842nd - 70.67% Grt Notley8th
Caroline Frith23.4959th - Valentines4th
Bilkis Achha26.08104th - Valentines10th
Kasia Stachowiak25.3659th - Wanstead Flats6th
Simon Hewitt21.3351st - Finsbury Pk
Steven Bywater56.20 tailwalker118th - Walthamstow
Roding Valley parkrun
54 41 Tim AYLETT 00:31:27
Valentines parkrun
30 28 Mark MOIR 00:22:15
45 43 Matthew POWELL 00:23:08
52 49 John HEALY 00:23:33
60 55 Peter HATLEY 00:23:50
113 99 Imran MUSTAK 00:26:49
125 15 Tina BENNETT 00:27:26
128 108 David HALLYBONE 00:27:42
175 36 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:49
270 80 May HAU 00:34:51
307 104 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:37:55
Oak Hill parkrun
32 30 Thomas GRIMES 00:21:26
Wanstead Flats parkrun
150 38 Catriona HOULT 00:30:57
151 108 Andrew HOWARD 00:31:07
160 43 Alexandra RUTISHAUSER-PERERA 31:44
176 59 Katherine HARRIS 00:32:32
183 117 Scott MCMILLAN 00:32:53
221 86 Morag CAMPBELL 00:36:03
Southwark parkrun
269 202 Martin QUINLAN 00:28:18
Great Notley parkrun
56 40 David TAYLOR 00:27:44
Kesgrave parkrun
23 23 Steve SWAN 00:21:11
Harlow parkrun
181 61 Veronica CARRASCO 00:33:40
Morecambe Prom parkrun
37 34 Paul MARSHALL 00:23:11
Beacon parkrun
236 137 Ryan FRIEL 00:33:49
Harleston Magpies parkrun
61 34 Don BENNETT 00:43:21
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
13 12 Ciarán CANAVAN 00:25:17
17 16 Lance FULLER 00:26:26
Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun
22 22 Alex PICKERING 00:20:08
Porch Field parkrun
37 27 Viktor F SZABADI 00:27:56

Cambridge Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.26.11 pb805th739th
Matthew Powell1.47.0839293237
Tasnia Choudhury2.09.17 pb88382749

Essex & Eastern Track & Field Championships, Lee Valley - 1500m - Sunday 3rd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel4.21.32 pb1st (T59 Vet Men final)

High Performance London 10km, QEOP - Sunday 3rd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.0343rd1st V45

High Performance London Half, QEOP - Sunday 3rd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies1.30.15191st
Rohan Allen1.44.50755th
Imran Mustak1.48.20 pb1113th
Manjit Singh1.56.031419th1127th
Suzanne Taylor1.59.361745th
Jess Trayler-Moore2.00.34 pb1825th
Martin Quinlan2.30.432852nd

Berkhamsted Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1.32.25110th99th
Alex Pickering1.34.15132nd119th
Paul Watkins1.36.50 pb154th137th
Becky Evans1.46.29327th54th
Grant Conway1.52.40459th373rd
Alistair Baillie2.04.33 pb702nd535th
Diana Rexhepaj2.17.16833rd230th

Tokyo Marathon - Sunday 3rd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Nash
Tokyo Marathon - Race Report
When I entered the Tokyo marathon ballot last year I must admit that I didn’t really expect to get in. However last October I got an unexpected surprise when the email came through and I'd actually got a place at first time of trying!
With that came a certain amount of panic - Japan was somewhere I'd always longed to visit, but now we had to hastily arrange our family holiday there to coincide with the marathon!
The 13 hour flight and 9 hour time difference was a bit painful, but after leaving England on Wednesday evening, we finally arrived in Tokyo on Thursday night. This place was like nowhere I'd ever been before , it's exactly like you imagine from all the sci-fi films, neon flashing lights everywhere!
Before visiting the Expo, I decided to try and fit in a Parkrun at one of the 4 that were within each reach of Tokyo (if you ever visit any PRs in Japan - they start at 8am!). I decided to try Momoi Harappa as it was the closest. It was lovely and friendly (although freezing cold) - we even had a group photo before the start!
The weather at the moment is pretty unpredictable here - snow, rain and sunshine are all possible, so wasn't sure what to expect on marathon day. As it turned out, the weather was pretty good and the course was mostly flat. Spectator support is pretty different from ever other one I’ve done though , polite clapping is about as noisy as it gets, which was a bit surreal. My pacing seemed to go according to plan (8 min/mile) and somehow I still had something in the tank as I approached mile 20 - maybe I really had a chance to beat my previous best (Paris, 2002). Although I had the inevitable slowdown in the last few miles, I pushed on as hard as I could and managed to get over the line knocking about 6 mins off my best. Finishing in 3:32:26, I was really happy!!! Four Abbotts Majors down and only two to go now.
Anyway sorry for the ramble, hope this was useful for others!

8th Chester 50 Mile Ultra - Saturday 2nd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz14.23.02302nd245th
378 finishers.

GB Ultra Chester 50 Mile 2024
Second time doing this race from two years ago. Trained for it better and harder but anything could happen on the day, as they say. Just a 35 minute course pb this time around.
This year was muddier, wetter, boggier and colder even but enjoyable just the same. Still need to get my refuelling right on long distances and train on all type of weather conditions and eventuality, like watch dying mid-race or you lose your car keys at the finish (found it now).
Shout out to the amazing @chesterultra GB Ultra volunteers, marshalls and running ambassadors; the huge comraderie and support from @chester_road_runners and @woza_running_coach as well as the ultra runners who help each other finish and enjoy the race.
Next stop: West Highland Way 95 Mile Race.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 2nd March 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Nash22.45* debut10th - 64.32% Momoi harappa koen9th
John Henry19.53* debut1st - 70.75% Conyngham Hall1st
Fiona Critchley25.58* debut38th - 70.67% Wisbech7th
Stuart Barton26.57* debut45th - 56.52% Wisbech
Nicola Barberis Negra19.13* debut2nd - 72.68% Urayasushi sogo koen 2nd
Clare Stevens30.47* debut33rd - 49.38% Southall
Morag Campbell37.05 debut48th - 46.34% Southall
Diana Rexhepaj30.58 debut205th - 56.94% Cassiobury
Betty Bohane22.52 1st lady1st - 65.60% Barking1st
Joshua Rees Davies17.33 1st man1st - 75.12% Pymmes1st
Rachel Bailey21.17 1st lady- 5th - 71.10% Wanstead1st
John Healy24.33 course pb40th - 59.61% Gunpowder
Alex Pickering21.2349th - 350 parkruns - Fiunsbury
Robert Spread21.144th - 65.78% Wanstead4th
Kasia Stachowiak26.0626th - 58.94% Wanstead4th
Joseph Osakue18.568th - 78.52% Mile End8th
Janet Bywater29.4847th - 63.31% Walthamstow5th
James Nichols19.275th - 70.18% Lordship RG5th
Daniel Lee21.173rd - 71.57% Loch Leven3rd
Ava Lee22.108th - 73.08% Loch Leven2nd
Valentines parkrun
70 54 Matthew POWELL 00:25:06
86 19 Sandra PRESTON 00:25:56
89 21 Mary CONNOLLY 00:26:03
95 23 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:21
105 74 John O'BRIEN 00:26:58
106 24 Catriona HOULT 00:27:00
109 76 George GEORGIOU 00:27:09
133 94 Jason LEVY 00:28:18
143 34 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:28:55
150 103 David HALLYBONE 00:29:06
163 42 Naimah RIAZ 00:30:00
202 61 Kathryn HERTZBERG 00:31:45
201 60 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:31:45
255 86 May HAU 00:35:08
292 111 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:42:26
Wanstead Flats parkrun
13 11 Ian MACKIE 00:23:19
33 27 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:52
60 12 Kate BRETT 00:29:16
77 53 Andrew HOWARD 00:31:37
96 29 Fiona DAY 00:33:19
115 39 Caroline MOORE 00:36:23
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
64 53 Martin QUINLAN 00:41:20
Gunpowder parkrun
68 56 Peter HATLEY 00:28:03
Ally Pally parkrun
33 30 Mark MOIR 00:24:00
Mile End parkrun
38 35 Shahib ALI 00:21:10
214 148 Liam DEMPSEY 00:27:55
Walthamstow parkrun
35 33 Samir YOUNSI 00:28:21
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
100 70 Frank BROWNLIE 00:32:36
Malling parkrun
54 48 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:26:35
Felixstowe parkrun
88 12 Katherine HARRIS 00:26:09
Highbury Fields parkrun
111 90 Richard GUEST 00:24:57

Run Through Battersea Park 10km - Wednesday 28th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson48.20150th129th, 3rd V60
410 Finishers.

Run Through Leicestershire Half Marathon - Sunday 25th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tasnia Choudhury2.28.111021st179th
Samia Choudhury2.28.231025th182nd

Run London Half Marathon, Victoria Park - Sunday 25th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien2.09.52143rd95th , 2nd MV55

Run London 10km, Victoria Park - Sunday 25th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Imran Mustak50.4621st20th, 1st MV40-44

Baldock Beast - Sunday 25th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Natasha Howard2.17.21217th63rd

London Winter Run 10km - Sunday 25th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Burrows43.43 pb979th867th
Ian Mackie43.50 pb999th883rd, 1st M70 of 43
Amit Marks44.431225th1070
Cindy Koon46.21 pb1677th247th, 7th V50 of 1226
Matthew Powell47.12 pb19711646
Selina Vernal53.4848441310
Jess Trayler-Moore55.42 pb59551825
Diana Rexhepaj58.2776562765
17,814 finishers = 7,645 men, 10,077 women

ELR Winter Handicap Race - Volunteers - Saturday 24th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alexandra Rutishauser-PereraOrganiser
Jacob StevensOrganiser
Peter HatleyCourse setup
Simon NashCourse setup
Darminder BhamraMarshal
Morag CampbellMarshal
Victoria CharlesworthMarshal
Caroline FrithMarshal
Catriona HoultMarshal
Cindy KoonMarshal
Ian MackieMarshal
Amit MarksMarshal
Caroline MooreMarshal
Stuart BartonKit supply
Non-member volunteer:
Fiona Campbell

ELR Winter Handicap Race - Walthamstow Forest 4.7M XC - Saturday 24th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Veronica Carrasco48.471st
Paul Watkins37.112nd
Alex Pickering34.273rd
John Healy44.474th
Fernando Espada36.405th
Simon Nash38.526th
Sandra Preston48.457th
Abdirahman Adan43.198th
Michael Wilson46.539th
George Georgiou49.1110th
Kathryn Hertzberg47.0511th
John White55.4512th
Mary Connolly50.0513th
Calvin Bobin44.0314th
Clare Stevens55.4515th
Kathy Morrissey56.5216th
Nicola Wyndham52.3317th
Ann Dunne54.4918th
Peter Hatley49.5019th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 24th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.45* debut1st - 78.71% Southwark1st
Jakub Czeczotka23.55* debut39th - 57.91% Blickling
Paul Marshall23.05* debut11th - 58.70% Clitheroe Castle9th
Shahib Miah Ali19.00* debut9th - 70.26% Leicester Vict6th
Tasnia Choudhury31.34* debut285th - 47.20% Leicester Vict
Daniel Lee20.45* course pb4th - 73.41% Loch Leven4th
Ava Lee21.588th - 73.75% Loch Leven3rd
Rachel Bailey21.04 1st lady4th - 71.84% Wanstead1st
John Henry20.15 debut3rd - 69.47% Wormwood Scrubs3rd
Clare Stevens33.40 debut92nd - 45.15% Aldenham
Morag Campbell38.10 debut105th - 45.02% Aldenham
Jonathan Wooldridge25.13 debut10th - 59.42% Swanley10th
Annette Clark28.06 course pb254th - 61.15% Hackney
Andrea Waller28.42 course pb284th - 56.45% Hackney
Caroline Frith24.3338th - 65.31% Barking2nd
Joseph Gunn18.283rd - 71.39% Rushcliffe3rd
Janet Bywater29.5411th - 63.10% Hafan Pwllheli4th
Fiona Critchley26.2531st - 69.46% Grt Notley4th
Bernadett Kalmar28.1326th - 61.72% Porch Field5th
Kasia Stachowiak25.0627th - 61.29% Wanstead4th
Diana Rexhepaj29.1528th - 60.28% Beckton4th
Nicola Barberis Negra20.4211th - Valentines8th
Rebecca Khan27.27 pb61st - Wanstead10th
Betty Bohane23.1871st - Pymmes10th
Bilkis Achha26.28 300 parkruns109th - Valentines
Elizabeth ODonnell45.23 200 parkruns201st - Wanstead
Arthur Diaz1.14.26 tailwalker334th - Chester
Hackney Marshes parkrun
53 46 Jonny SHAW 00:22:15
Valentines parkrun
43 33 Jimmy DALE 00:23:01
130 99 Matthew POWELL 00:27:42
137 104 Jason LEVY 00:27:52
179 134 David HALLYBONE 00:29:18
188 45 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:50
189 139 Ryan FRIEL 00:29:53
191 47 Grace TURNER 00:30:00
213 57 Catriona HOULT 00:31:18
Wanstead Flats parkrun
34 28 Scott MCMILLAN 00:25:52
115 80 Andrew HOWARD 00:31:11
166 55 Caroline MOORE 00:36:46
201 79 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:45:23
208 85 Fiona DAY 01:22:29
Hilly Fields parkrun
209 118 Martin QUINLAN 00:33:32
Barking parkrun
27 26 Ross LUCAS 00:23:00
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
114 83 Frank BROWNLIE 00:32:57
Kesgrave parkrun
15 14 Steve SWAN 00:20:46
124 25 Katherine HARRIS 00:28:06
Aldenham parkrun
56 42 Stuart BARTON 28:47
Hafan Pwllheli parkrun
21 12 Steve BYWATER 00:56:57
Harleston Magpies parkrun
67 35 Don BENNETT 00:44:45
Silksworth parkrun
32 30 Mark MOIR 00:23:08
Porch Field parkrun
17 15 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:45
Pymmes parkrun
12 12 James NICHOLS 00:19:56
13 13 Alex PICKERING 00:20:07
71 10 Betty BOHANE 23:18

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 23rd February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.406th - 80.5%
Andrew Baxter19.5176th - 77.3%
Robert Dixon20.1586th - 66.8%
Ian Mackie21.51129th - 79.9%1st M70
224 finishers

Zurich Seville Marathon 2024 - Sunday 18th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Catriona Hoult4.26.168179th1230th / 204th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera4.59.00
Catriona reports: Wonderful marathon weekend in Seville.
My 10th marathon and I had no expectations so I was surprised and delighted to
somehow stagger round in 4.26, just 30s or so short of my PB. Excellent company
from Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera in her adopted almost home-city.
Finished off with an impressive light show in the Alcázar Real (on my own for
that part because of a booking error!)
We're already plotting the next one in Valencia for next year! Who's in?

Hyde Park 10km - Saturday 17th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.03

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 17th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry17.42* debut1st - 79.47% Ormeau1st
Liam Dempsey29.13* debut59th - 45.69% Warszawa Ursyna
Caroline Frith24.03* debut46th - 66.67% Margate6th
Clare Stevens31.02* debut76th - 48.98% Bedfont Lakes
Morag Campbell35.40 debut9th - 48.18% Bedfont Lakes
Daniel ODonoghue17.35 course pb2nd - 75.45% Valentines2nd
Shahib Miah Ali21.36 debut & 99th venue6th - 61.81% Hadleigh6th
Claire Emery30.16 debut & 50th venue142nd - 57.54% Thames Path
Annette Clark28.55 debut264th - 59.42% Hackney
Andrea Waller28.55 debut265th - 56.02% Hackney
Joshua Rees Davies17.481st - 74.06% Pymmes1st
David Taylor27.02 course pb21st - 62.02% Llyn Llech Owain
Ian Burrows25.31 debut27th - 56.89% Dunstable Dwns
Peter Hatley24.49 debut44th - 58.97% Leazes
Veronica Carrasco30.37 debut127th - 48.67% Amsterdamse Bos
Juliet Lopez-Real31.38 course pb154th - 52.37% Gunpowder
Betty Bohane22.2036th - 67.16% Lordship RG3rd
Joseph Gunn19.344th - 6.38% Forest Rec4th
Cindy Koon23.2056th - 71.86% Valentines5th
Kasia Stachowiak24.3139th - 62.75% Wanstead 5th
Thomas Grimes21.537th - 63.82% Sunny Hill7th
Catherine Perry27.1342nd - St Marys8th
Alex Pickering21.309th - Walthamstow9th
Victoria Charlesworth29.4352nd - Roding Valley9th
Tim Le Rasle23.1449th parkrun - Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.56299th parkrun - Valentines
Ford Cadiogan28.0772nd - 52.05% Walthamstow
Roding Valley parkrun
70 53 Jimmy DALE 00:33:52
72 19 Caroline MOORE 00:35:03
Wanstead Flats parkrun
19 18 Ian MACKIE 00:22:26
60 48 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:25:32
78 65 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:43
119 23 Kate BRETT 00:29:09
133 102 Andrew HOWARD 00:30:11
205 64 Catherine MCMILLAN 00:34:50
236 84 Vivienne EKA 00:38:07
Walthamstow parkrun
79 58 Stuart BARTON 00:28:38
97 26 Janet BYWATER 00:30:28
123 41 Fiona DAY 00:32:48
171 89 Steve BYWATER 00:56:20
Valentines parkrun
29 29 Paul WATKINS 00:21:40
32 32 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:46
35 34 Simon NASH 00:21:58
83 70 Matthew POWELL 00:24:36
85 72 Michael WILSON 00:24:42
110 19 Sandra PRESTON 00:25:35
117 93 John O'BRIEN 00:25:49
130 104 George GEORGIOU 00:26:23
186 142 Jason LEVY 00:28:38
200 44 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:29:29
213 49 Naimah RIAZ 00:30:11
251 180 Ryan FRIEL 00:31:55
316 92 May HAU 00:35:05
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
79 64 Martin QUINLAN 00:31:20
Medina I.O.W. parkrun
63 55 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:24:54
Gunpowder parkrun
29 26 James NICHOLS 00:20:59
Mile End parkrun
286 198 Richard GUEST 00:28:51
Gadebridge parkrun
68 12 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:32:24
Barking parkrun
33 28 Imran MUSTAK 00:24:10
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
118 82 Frank BROWNLIE 00:31:05
Felixstowe parkrun 6
25 24 Steve SWAN 00:20:26
150 28 Katherine HARRIS 00:26:22
Porch Field parkrun
22 20 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:59
Harleston Magpies parkrun
Don Bennett 350th volunteer

Tarawera TUM 21, NZ (updated distance 23.3km) - Saturday 17th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan2.10.127th /61
Lance Fuller2.46.0210th /12
Ciaran reports: Lance Fuller and I ran in the Tarawera TUM21 today. With a revised course and updated distance of 23.3km. This is a brutal trail run, starting with a 5.5km long lap of the blue lake Rotorua before heading south with climbs and descents galore, taking runners through the redwoods and onto Puarenga sulphur park with the eggy smell of the gaseous emissions through the sulphuric fields making the last 6km challenging too despite these being flat.
A tough multi terrain course with me finishing in 2.10.12, coming 7th out of 61 for my age category. Lance finished in 2.46.02, coming 10th out of 26 for his age category.
We hope to return 2025 to see if we can improve in these rankings, and hopefully I'll make the start line of the TUM50 next year, unlike this year due to breaking a few ribs early December. Not exactly ideal for training for an ultra.

Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 14th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies33.151st
Ryan Friel35.105th
Clive Stephenson47.0566th1st V60

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 11th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.4747th41st

Run Through Victoria Park half marathon - Sunday 11th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel1.15.00 pb4th4th
Simon Crawley1.32.17105th69th, 2nd V50
Simon Nash1.36.05 pb151st99th
Jimmy Dale1.41.51212th145th
Peter Hatley1.52.37390th259th
Albert Ng1.56.45420th
Maya Goodwin2.26.11661st242nd
Martin Quinlan2.35.13684th426th
Katy Taylor2.53.31695th267th

Riyadh Marathon - Saturday 10th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Colin Dryland4.58.00
Hi Folks - haven't been in contact for a couple of years due to a work posting in Saudi Arabia. This morning completed the Riyadh Marathon - a well run event with distances ranging from a 4km fun run to 10, 21 and 42km. This was my first marathon since pre-pandemic 2019 and with great trepidation I hauled myself around albeit with the aim of finishing, period, rather than with any heroic time in mind. The course was a 2 lapper with some rather challenging undulations, although noticed those more on lap 2! I think altogether they had around 20k participants across all distances and it was a bit congested at the end when they combined all participants into the last 5km - there was a lot of zigzagging to avoid baby strollers and folks strolling in general! That said I would definitely recommend a visit to anyone looking for a running related excuse to visit Saudi. I think this was their 4th event and from what I gather they improve it each time.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 10th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.51* debut1st - 78.24% Southall1st
Stephen Swan21.22* debut & 200th parkrun 5th - 62.48% Esbjerg, DENM5th
Stuart Barton27.58 debut16th - 54.47% Esbjerg,DENM
Ciaran Canavan24.44* debut7th - 59.61% Otaki River, NZ7th
Lance Fuller26.35 debut12th - 60.88% Otaki River,NZ9th
Clare Stevens30.23 debut348th - 50.03% Brockwell
Morag Campbell34.39 debut & 50th venue436th - 49.59% Brockwell
Shahib Miah Ali19.17 course pb11th - 69.23% Mile End10th
Martin Quinlan31.01 debut152nd - 47.93% Thames Path
Thomas Grimes18.36 1st man1st - 75.09% Sunny Hill1st
Betty Bohane21.43 1st lady31st - 68.84% Pymmes1st
Janet Bywater30.29 debut159th - 61.89% Ally Pally
Rachel Bailey21.09 1st lady9th - Wanstead1st
Fernando Espada21.2711th - Wanstead9th
Kasia Stachowiak24.2534th - Wanstead3rd
Caroline Frith24.0157th - 66.76% Valentines4th
Wanstead Flats parkrun
13 11 Andrew BAXTER 00:21:52
21 18 Ian MACKIE 00:22:46
23 20 Jonny SHAW 00:22:52
77 60 Scott MCMILLAN 00:27:33
88 14 Kate BRETT 00:28:18
150 99 Andrew HOWARD 00:32:28
154 44 Bernadett KALMAR 00:32:44
199 66 Caroline MOORE 00:35:56
Valentines parkrun
16 16 Paul WATKINS 00:21:02
20 18 Simon NASH 00:21:58
37 34 Matthew POWELL 00:23:18
42 37 Jimmy DALE 00:23:28
46 41 Michael WILSON 00:23:47
129 21 Tina BENNETT 00:26:52
230 57 Grace TURNER 00:30:11
261 77 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:31:23
262 78 Cindy KOON 00:31:25
270 179 Ryan FRIEL 00:31:41
379 138 Kathryn HERTZBERG 00:38:30
Highbury Fields parkrun
385 229 Richard GUEST 00:31:05
Chester parkrun
247 179 Arthur DIAZ 00:31:55
Pymmes parkrun
94 80 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:26:57
Raphael parkrun
107 91 Amit MARKS 25:47
310 101 Natasha HOWARD 00:34:15
Mile End parkrun
281 199 Liam DEMPSEY 00:28:13
309 85 Catriona HOULT 00:29:01
Barking parkrun
19 18 Mark MOIR 00:21:55
33 29 Imran MUSTAK 00:24:08
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
117 79 Frank BROWNLIE 00:33:18
Great Notley parkrun
56 11 Fiona CRITCHLEY 00:26:14
Malling parkrun
55 50 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:24:29
Felixstowe parkrun
170 48 Katherine HARRIS 00:28:29
Porch Field parkrun
53 33 Viktor F SZABADI 00:34:52
Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun
19 18 Alex PICKERING 00:20:07
Worden parkrun
15 15 Paul MARSHALL 00:23:42

Ayo Falola memorial British Milers Club Indoor Meet, Lee Valley - Wednesday 7th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel4.49.372nd , Heat 4

Watford Half Marathon - Sunday 4th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jason Levy2.13.261050th794th
1518 finishers.

Great Bentley Half Marathon - Sunday 4th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrea Waller2.00.27425th116th
Annette Clark2.03.25444th128th
620 finishers.

Run Through Richmond Park half marathon - Sunday 4th February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Martin Quinlan2.25.57

Chingford League - Event 6: Victoria Park 5m (Road) - Saturday 3rd February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel26.47 pb10th8th
Daniel ODonoghue28.47 pb41st32nd
Nicola Barberis Negra29.1751st37th
Scott McMillan30.5987th60th
James Nichols31.1896th65th
Tommy Ho31.59113th73rd
Alex Pickering32.27123rd78th
Fernando Espada32.35 pb126th80th
Eren Ozkan32.40128th82nd
Paul Watkins34.01 pb162nd98th
Mark Moir35.14196th112th
Ian Mackie35.27205th117th
Calvin Bobin35.28206th118th
Simon Nash35.31 pb210th120th
Jacob Stevens35.35213th122nd
Darminder Bhamra35.47 pb221st124th
Jane Burton35.58 pb224th35th
Cindy Koon36.35 pb237th38th
Abdirahman Adan37.15 pb255th133rd
Becky Evans37.21259th42nd
Clive Stephenson38.11280th143rd
Michael Wilson38.36295th149th
Sarah Burns36.48 pb300th52nd
Grant Conway39.03311th155th
James Creed39.29324th161st
Samir Younsi39.56337th164th
Imran Mustak40.28346th167th
Mary Connolly41.08361st67th
Sandra Preston41.20366th69th
John OBrien41.36375th178th
Rebecca Khan42.39388th83rd
Katrina Betteridge42.57395th85th
Suzanne Taylor43.06398th86th
Catriona Hoult43.08399th87th
Andrew Howard43.56411th182nd
Ford Cadiogan44.38421st185th
Victoria Charlesworth46.30440th104th
Martin Quinlan48.02461st194th
Clare Stevens49.04 pb467th115th
Katy Taylor59.28 pb490th122nd
Maya Goodwin59.28491st123rd
Womens team results: 6th of 8 (Div 1)
B Team: 9th of 21.
Vets : 7th of 21.
Mens team A: 5th of 8.
B Team: 7th of 21.
Vets : 6th of 21.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 3rd February 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies22.32* debut58th - 58.51% Leazes
Rachel Bailey20.31* debut28th - 73.76% Endcliffe4th
Veronica Carrasco32.37* debut138th - 45.58% Dunfermline
Katherine Harris27.27* debut87th - 56.89% Gloucester City
Claire Emery30.10 debut & 300th parkrun142nd - 57.73% Charlton
John Henry18.19 course pb8th - 76.80% Highbury Fields7th
Joseph Osakue19.09 1st man1st - 77.63% Wanstead1st
Jakub Czeczotka25.56 debut286th - 53.41% Bromley
Richard Power-Guest38.11 debut138th - 38.93% Old Deer Park
Stuart Barton27.46 debut243rd - 54.86% C Palace
Clare Stevens30.12 debut321st - 50.33% C Palace
Morag Campbell34.43 debut408th - 49.50% C Palace
Ian Burrows23.46 debut62nd - 61.08% Roundhay
Alberto Gatta22.51 course pb98th - 58.06% Southwark
Paul Marshall22.16 debut15th - 60.85% Warszawa-Praga
Andy Bolderstone31.26 debut100th - 46.55% Warszawa-Praga
Shahib Miah Ali20.56 debut4th - 63.77% Sth Woodham Ferrers4th
Betty Bohane21.09 debut46th - 70.69% Portobello, Edinburgh4th
Stephen Swan23.40 199th parkrun43rd - Kesgrave
Catherine Perry24.2021st - 64.66% St Marys3rd
Ciaran Canavan22.576th - Whatakane6th
Kasia Stachowiak24.0351st - Wanstead6th
Roding Valley parkrun
85 36 Caroline MOORE 00:34:13
Valentines parkrun
30 28 Alan ARUL 00:22:14
87 15 Bilkis ACHHA 00:25:59
105 22 Tina BENNETT 00:26:58
151 105 Jason LEVY 00:29:23
249 85 May HAU 00:35:35
Wanstead Flats parkrun
168 118 Andrew HOWARD 00:29:35
206 65 Fiona DAY 00:31:50
Mile End parkrun
34 30 James NICHOLS 00:20:23
49 44 Alex PICKERING 00:21:00
74 67 Mark MOIR 00:21:54
323 103 Caroline FRITH 00:29:20
345 209 Liam DEMPSEY 00:29:55
Grovelands parkrun, Enfield
52 47 Matthew POWELL 00:23:36
Raphael parkrun
204 45 Grace TURNER 00:30:35
Dulwich parkrun
257 194 John HEALY 00:23:43
Southwark parkrun 32
356 229 Martin QUINLAN 00:30:02
Great Notley parkrun
61 12 Fiona CRITCHLEY 26.54
140 92 David TAYLOR 36.07
Malling parkrun
117 89 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:28:08
Porch Field parkrun
38 11 Bernadett KALMAR 00:30:15
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
13 13 Lance FULLER 00:27:55
Walthamstow parkrun
78 12 Janet BYWATER 00:28:11

Crystal Palace Half Marathon - Sunday 28th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Martin Quinlan2.27.21313th217th
355 finishers

Finsbury Park 10km - Sunday 28th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier43.1527th
315 finishers

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 27th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali19.10* debut6th - 69.65% Silksworth6th
Stephen Swan20.46* debut18th - 64.29% Sixfields Upton
Caroline Frith27.27* debut105th - 58.41% Catford
Katherine Harris29.39* debut36th - 52.67% Chilton Fields
Janet Bywater29.25* debut3rd - 64.14% Billdalsparken1st
Steven Bywater31.24 debut8th - 50.64% Billdalparken6th
Jakub Czeczotka28.00 debut56th - 49.46% Lloyd, Croydon
Ryan Friel17.35 1st man1st - 75.45% Wanstead1st
Joshua Rees Davies17.23 1st man1st - 75.84% Pymmes1st
Andrew Baxter21.45 debut4th - 70.65% Westmill4th
John Henry18.10 debut15th - 77.43% Southwark
John Booth19.06 course pb2nd - 73.12% Charlton2nd
Katrina Betteridge27.51 debut198th - 54.34% Sth Manchester
Stuart Barton27.19 debut105th - 55.77% Harrow
Clare Stevens30.37 debut159th - 49.65% Harrow
Morag Campbell34.53 debut217th - 49.26% Harrow
Sarah Lockley31.23 debut31.23 - 56.93%Highbury Flds
Sarah Burns24.17117th - Hackney7th
Sandra Preston27.3844th - 68.28% Roding Valley8th
Daniel ODonoghue19.3510th - 67.745 Valentines10th
Cindy Koon22.3933rd - 74.03% Valentines4th
Kasia Stachowiak24.2867th - 62.87% Wanstead8th
Betty Bohane21.5318th - 68.32% Barking2nd
Terry Lewsey22.476th - 62.69% Harleston6th
Veronica Carrasco32.2025 parkruns
Viktor Szabadi26.41350 parkruns
David Taylor27.16199 parkruns
Silksworth parkrun
20 19 Mark MOIR 00:21:51
Town Moor parkrun
152 134 Peter HATLEY 00:23:57
Roding Valley parkrun
59 14 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 29:59
71 23 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:32:15
76 28 Caroline MOORE 00:33:19
Valentines parkrun
51 41 Matthew POWELL 00:23:57
62 50 Michael WILSON 00:24:38
67 55 Imran MUSTAK 00:24:53
91 17 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:03
103 78 George GEORGIOU 00:26:39
123 89 Jason LEVY 00:27:45
Wanstead Flats parkrun
28 24 Paul WATKINS 00:22:24
31 26 Ian MACKIE 00:22:28
45 39 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:23:10
49 43 Jonny SHAW 00:23:24
107 86 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:21
162 116 Andrew HOWARD 00:29:23
Raphael parkrun
240 60 Natasha HOWARD 00:30:17
Mile End parkrun
105 88 Jimmy DALE 00:23:11
128 109 Simon NASH 00:23:44
267 64 Catriona HOULT 00:27:44
326 211 David WYATT 00:30:04
337 214 Liam DEMPSEY 00:30:35
Hilly Fields parkrun
178 113 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:53
Barking parkrun
74 13 Tina BENNETT 00:27:24
Delamere parkrun
324 204 Arthur DIAZ 33:33
Walthamstow parkrun
137 74 Alex PICKERING 53:08
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
113 74 Frank BROWNLIE 00:31:57
Great Notley parkrun
78 63 David TAYLOR 00:27:16
Harlow parkrun
196 65 Veronica CARRASCO 00:32:20
Morecambe Prom parkrun
30 30 Paul MARSHALL 21:02
Porch Field parkrun
27 19 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:41
36 14 Bernadett KALMAR 00:27:33
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
21 14 Ciarán CANAVAN 00:28:47
24 15 Lance FULLER 00:29:24
Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun
24 19 James NICHOLS 00:21:11

Lee Valley Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 27th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Diana Rexhepaj2.15.1585th16th (1st V50)

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5K - Friday 26th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.103rd3rd
Ford Cadiogan25.23199th

Chase the Moon Battersea Park 10K - Wednesday 24th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson48.40173rd2nd MV60

Benfleet 15 - Sunday 21st January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez1.39.18 pb7th2nd MV40
Rachel Bailey1.54.01 pb55th6th woman overall, 5th SW
Eren Ozkan2.02.28125th112th
Fernando Espada2.05.28154th
Andrew Baxter2.06.25157th
Jacob Stevens2.10.29201st
Simon Nash2.10.39204th
Jimmy Dale2.12.07221st
Calvin Bobin2.16.39260th8th MV60
Jane Burton2.17.00261st39th
Becky Evans2.21.13317th50th, 7th FV50
Cindy Koon2.23.15334th57th
Abdirahman Adan2.23.27 pb336th
Darminder Bhamra2.28.16 pb387th
Peter Hatley2.29.37417th
Catherine Perry2.32.09438th85th
John Healy2.42.27520th
Grant Conway2.46.08548th
Katrina Betteridge2.46.14551st
Catriona Hoult2.47.51561st
John OBrien2.53.40 pb614th
Clare Stevens3.10.25699th

Chingford League - Event 5 - Epping Forest - Saturday 20 January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Nicola Barberis Negra36.3960th
Alex Pickering36.5065th
Paul Watkins40.17107th
Tommy Ho41.16120th
Ian Mackie43.48151st
Catherine McMillan49.01226th
Clive Stephenson50.23243rd
Michael Wilson51.53262nd
Mark Durrant52.13264th
Mary Connolly52.29267th
Catriona Hoult52.47270th
Rebecca Khan53.22278th
Kathryn Hertzberg53.45282nd
George Georgiou54.12286th
Veronica Carrasco54.55293rd
John OBrien57.18307th
Ann Dunne59.39321st
Imran Mustak59.59323rd
Victoria Charlesworth1.02.17331st
Kathy Morrissey1.06.54334th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 20th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali19.57* debut4th - 66.92% Shorne Woods4th
Bernadett Kalmar32.12* debut14th - 54.09% Tokoinranta
Viktor Szabadi32.12* debut15th - 48.96% Tokoinranta
Joshua Rees Davies18.22* 1st man1st - 71.78% South Oxhey
Diana Rexhepaj31.45 course pb99th - 55.54% Gadebridge
Elizabeth ODonnell38.58 199th parkrun259th - Wanstead
Clare Stevens30.22 debut627th - 50.05% Cannon Hill
Morag Campbell39.23 debut888th - 43.63% Cannon Hill
Ryan Friel17.42 1st man1st - 74.95% Wanstead1st
Stuart Barton28.12 debut42nd - 54.02% Bethlem Royal
Katherine Harris26.53 course pb99th - 58.09% Kesgrave
Jonathan Wooldridge23.51 debut43rd - 62.82% Folkstone
Nick Hoult23.23 course pb27th - 63.08% Pymes
James Nichols19.306th - Pymmes5th
Daniel ODonoghue19.355th - 67.74% Valentines4th
Kasia Stachowiak24.3952nd - Wanstead8th
Fiona Critchley24.4635th - 74.09% Great Notley5th
Betty Bohane21.1730th - 70.24% Lordship3rd
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
82 65 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:36
Hackney Marshes parkrun
326 96 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:29:39
Roding Valley parkrun
62 22 Caroline MOORE 00:33:39
Highbury Fields parkrun
122 110 Ford CADIOGAN 00:22:46
Valentines parkrun
13 12 Ashley FARIA 00:21:09
34 30 Jimmy DALE 00:23:03
36 31 Mounir DAHBI 00:23:23
64 10 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:15
69 54 Matthew POWELL 00:26:32
99 18 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:27:58
130 94 Jason LEVY 00:29:30
Wanstead Flats parkrun
98 75 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:09
169 109 Scott MCMILLAN 00:30:20
220 80 Fiona DAY 00:32:44
Pymmes parkrun
13 12 Paul MARSHALL 00:21:31
19 17 Mark MOIR 00:22:26
79 60 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:28:22
Mile End parkrun
16 15 Mark WYATT 00:19:21
131 112 Ian BURROWS 00:24:15
368 224 David WYATT 00:31:35
Delamere parkrun
408 276 Arthur DIAZ 00:35:12
Walthamstow parkrun
18 17 Andrew BAXTER 00:22:30
21 19 Alex PICKERING 00:23:09
27 24 Simon NASH 00:23:50
138 86 Steve BYWATER 00:51:59
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
169 103 Frank BROWNLIE 00:34:31
Kesgrave parkrun
20 20 Steve SWAN 00:21:12
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
16 15 Ciarán CANAVAN 00:24:49
26 20 Lance FULLER 00:29:05
Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun
116 83 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:26:25

Mercury 10 - Saturday 13th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Bailey1.18.0035th3rd
Alex Pickering1.20.2344th
Ian Mackie1.31.3988th
Calvin Bobin1.33.5196th
Abdirahman Adan1.37.19111st
Becky Evans1.37.23112th
Cindy Koon1.38.36121st
Clive Stephenson1.38.37122nd
Darminder Bhamra1.39.16125th
Joshua Rees Davies1.39.51126th
Catherine McMillan1.42.32130th
Katrina Betteridge1.49.47141st
Camilla Adelle1.56.18149th
Mark Durrant2.00.20153rd
Imran Mustak2.05.10159th
Victoria Charlesworth2.21.48171st
Kathy Morrissey2.23.36172nd

Run Through QE Olympic Park 10K - Saturday 13th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.313rd V45

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 13th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies17.58* debut1st - 73.38% Basildon1st
Shahib Miah Ali20.06* debut19th - 66.52% Brroklands
Stephen Swan21.00* debut10th - 63.57% Market Rasen9th
Paul Marshall22.32* debut10th - 60.13% Worden10th
Claire Emery31.27 debut& 299th parkrun197th - 55.38% Oak Hill
Kathryn Hertzberg31.01 50th parkrun176th - Wanstead
James Nichols22.07 299th parkrun21st - Gunpowder
Alex Jameson28.16 debut176th - 53.48% Kings Lynn
Nicola Barberis Negra20.12 debut3rd - 69.14% Barking3rd
Stuart Barton29.56 debut31st - 50.89% South Oxhey
Clare Stevens29.52 debut139th - 50.89% Charlton
Morag Campbell34.15 debut167th - 50.17% Charlrton
John Henry17.20 course pb4th - 81.15% Burgess4th
Ryan Friel17.08 1st man1st - 77.43% Wanstead1st
Catherine Perry24.2953rd - Wanstead3rd
Kasia Stachowiak25.1362nd - Wanstead5th
Joseph Gunn18.418th - 70.56% Mile End8th
John Booth18.5510th - 73.83% Mile End10th
Tom Howourth19.192nd - 67.90% Killerton2nd
Fiona Critchley25.4657th Great Notley10th
Alex Pickering22.058th - Walthastow8th
Diana Rexhepaj29.4530th - Beckton7th
Daniel ODonoghue18.553rd - 70.13% Valentines3rd
Sandra Preston30.4840th - Roding Valley9th
Hackney Marshes parkrun
99 82 Jonny SHAW 00:22:58
Roding Valley parkrun
58 24 Caroline MOORE 00:33:59
Valentines parkrun
55 45 Jimmy DALE 00:24:24
63 53 John HEALY 00:25:07
86 11 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:02
96 81 George GEORGIOU 00:26:33
119 22 Ann DUNNE 00:28:02
140 104 Mark DURRANT 00:29:05
142 106 Jason LEVY 00:29:06
184 48 Sarah LOCKLEY 00:31:56
224 71 May HAU 00:34:31
Wanstead Flats parkrun
15 15 Andrew BAXTER 00:21:03
46 43 Simon NASH 00:23:50
79 69 Samir YOUNSI 00:26:14
114 92 Scott MCMILLAN 00:27:55
146 103 Andrew HOWARD 00:29:31
274 118 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:40:45
Pymmes parkrun
96 72 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:28:41
Raphael parkrun
18 15 Amit MARKS 00:20:40
Mile End parkrun
365 235 Liam DEMPSEY 00:29:41
Hilly Fields parkrun
193 122 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:38
Barking parkrun
23 18 Matthew POWELL 00:22:59
25 20 Mark MOIR 00:23:23
Walthamstow parkrun
79 18 Janet BYWATER 00:29:04
Malling parkrun
66 59 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:24:42
Clapham Common parkrun
1011 349 Fiona DAY 00:33:45
Porch Field parkrun
37 22 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:50

Welwyn Half Marathon - Sunday 7th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Calvin Bobin1.44.4055th47th
243 finishers

Victoria Park Half Marathon - Sunday 7th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samia Choudhury2.22.25 pb318th100th
Martin Quinlan2.24.19332nd223rd
Tasnia Choudhury2.31.40354th116th
375 finishers

Essex XC Championships, Basildon - Saturday 6th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Watkins1.00.41155th
John OBrien1.20.41220th

Battersea Park Half Marathon - Saturday 6th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.28.3190th86th
Rohan Allen1.45.11313th280th
958 finishers

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 6th January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel17.02 1st man1st - 77.89% Wanstead1st
Robert Spread19.509th - 70.42% Wanstead9th
Rachel Bailey20.51 1st lady12th - 72.58% Wanstead1st
Catherine Perry24.2645th - Wanstead4th
Kasia Stachowiak25.1760th - Wanstead6th
Sarah Burns27.2187th - Wanstead8th
Daniel ODonoghue19.265th - 68.27% Valentines5th
Cindy Koon22.3640th - 73.30% Valentines5th
John Healy24.00 course pb68th - 60.97% Valentines
Matthew Powell24.10 debut117th - 59.10% Princes, Liverpool
Richard Power-Guest24.56 debut83rd - 59.16% Basingstoke
Claire Emery31.08 debut166th - 55.94% Greenwich
Grace Turner29.18 debut294th - 50.51% Whitley Bay
Joshua Rees Davies18.02 1st man1st - 73.11% Pymmes1st
Alex Pickering19.168th - 74.13% Pymmes7th
John Henry19.526th - 70.81% Ally Pally6th
John Booth18.483rd - 74.29% Barking3rd
Jonathan Wooldridge24.25 debut24th - 61.37% Shorne Woods
Veronica Carrasco31.38 debut218th - 47.00% Harlow
Katrina Betteridge24.50 debut75th - 60.94% Victoria Dock
Clare Stevens29.30 debut103rd - 51.53% Cyclopark
Morag Campbell34.24 debut149th - 49.95% Cyclopark
Fiona Critchley27.31 debut23rd - 66.69% Penryn Campus7th
Betty Bohane21.5032nd - 68.47% Lordship RG5th
Joseph Osakue18.39 best age grade 79.71%14th - Mile End
Wanstead Flats parkrun
18 17 Amit MARKS 00:21:40
34 32 Ian MACKIE 00:23:39
35 33 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:23:46
64 56 Ged BROWNE 00:25:29
114 97 Andrew HOWARD 00:28:40
117 15 Janet BYWATER 00:28:48
127 106 Scott MCMILLAN 00:29:08
170 127 Steve BYWATER 00:31:29
196 51 Fiona DAY 00:33:15
232 76 Caroline MOORE 00:36:10
Valentines parkrun
34 29 Simon NASH 00:21:54
61 53 Nick HOULT 00:23:42
120 15 Sandra PRESTON 00:26:34
121 16 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:37
132 111 Mark DURRANT 00:27:03
136 20 Catriona HOULT 00:27:13
143 119 Stuart BARTON 00:27:34
163 32 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:28:07
172 136 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:28:32
202 159 Jason LEVY 00:29:34
215 45 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:30:02
217 165 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:30:05
284 78 May HAU 00:34:17
356 126 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:42:15
Felixstowe parkrun
124 17 Katherine HARRIS 00:25:46
Porch Field parkrun
28 17 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:51
Silksworth parkrun
52 47 Mark MOIR 00:26:02
Finsbury parkrun
65 57 James NICHOLS 00:20:56
Raphael parkrun
76 67 Mounir DAHBI 00:23:48
Gadebridge parkrun
87 14 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:34:03
Hilly Fields parkrun
213 143 Martin QUINLAN 00:30:28
Delamere parkrun
384 241 Arthur DIAZ 00:35:52
Great Notley parkrun
105 76 David TAYLOR 00:28:54
Sligo parkrun
43 14 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:28:19
Morecambe Prom parkrun
30 30 Paul MARSHALL 00:21:09
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
15 13 Ciarán CANAVAN 00:24:41
28 22 Lance FULLER 00:27:35

Serpentine New Years Day 10km - Monday 1st January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry35.4523rd
Fiona Day1.02.05485th
605 finishers

selected parkrun results - New Years Day - all venues - Monday 1st January 2024

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sandra Preston26.14* debut27th - 71.92% Amager Fælled6th
Joshua Rees Davies16.25* debut1st - 80.30% Thames Path1st
James Nichols21.21* debut6th - 63.93% Clare Castle5th
Paul Marshall26.56* debut39th - 50.31% Whinlater Forest
Katrina Betteridge27.02 100th parkrun123rd - Valentines
Imran Mustak39.23 50th parkrun337th - Valentines
Ryan Friel16.50 course pb1st - 78.81% Bramshall Rd1st
Kasia Stachowiak25.14 1st lady11th - 60.96% Las Aniolowski1st
Catherine McMillan29.18 course pb82nd - 53.30% Wanstead
Ian Burrows22.00 debut pb36th - 65.98% Valentines
Nicola Wyndham27.06 course pb126th - 62.61% Valentines
Tasnia Choudhury28.29 course pb154th - 52.19% Valentines
Clare Stevens32.07 debut159th - 47.33% Bexley
Morag Campbell36.20 debut203rd - 47.29% Bexley
Catriona Hoult26.59 course pb52nd - 61.43% Pymmes7th
Juliet Lopez-Real32.38 debut165th - 50.77% Raphael
Grace Turner33.23 debut251st - 44.33% Tooting Common
Bernadett Kalmar29.19 300th parkrun46th - Porch Field9th
Fiona Critchley26.24 300th parkrun48th - Great Notley
Nicola Barberis Negra19.083rd - 73.00% Billericay3rd
Caroline Frith28.1920th - 56.62% Roding Valley3rd
Cindy Koon22.4310th - 72.93% Valentines6th
Alex Pickering19.3213th - 73.12% Valentines10th
Martin Quinlan32.36 456th parkrun with 45.60%
Wanstead Flats parkrun
63 49 Andrew HOWARD 00:28:00
104 75 Scott MCMILLAN 00:31:14
134 44 Rebecca KHAN 00:33:41
135 45 Caroline MOORE 00:33:51
161 63 Vivienne EKA 00:38:00
Valentines parkrun
20 16 Shahib ALI 00:20:26
34 27 Jimmy DALE 00:21:52
48 39 Clive STEPHENSON 00:22:44
68 53 Matthew POWELL 00:23:56
82 64 Michael WILSON 00:24:40
91 71 Tim LE RASLE 00:25:07
110 84 George GEORGIOU 00:26:23
138 104 Mark DURRANT 00:27:28
140 32 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:30
142 107 Darminder BHAMRA 00:27:34
205 135 Steve BYWATER 00:30:07
208 136 Alexander WARD 00:30:20
310 120 Janet BYWATER 00:36:18
Gunnersbury parkrun
150 20 Joanna NEVILLE 00:28:04
Chester parkrun
218 145 Arthur DIAZ 00:31:38
Pymmes parkrun
26 24 Nick HOULT 00:23:47
Tauranga parkrun
28 26 Ciarán CANAVAN 00:23:49
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
107 69 Frank BROWNLIE 00:32:11
Great Notley parkrun
77 54 Stuart BARTON 00:29:06
Kesgrave parkrun
26 24 Steve SWAN 00:23:09
Rutland Water parkrun
390 213 Marc AKERS 00:37:09
Castle Park parkrun
55 43 James CREED 00:26:32
Felixstowe parkrun
174 44 Katherine HARRIS 00:27:42
Porch Field parkrun
48 38 Viktor F SZABADI 00:29:23
Herrington Country parkrun
128 89 Mark Moir 00:29:29