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Pleshey & Essex Half Marathon - Sunday 19th September 2021

James Nichols1.32.0452nd

Chester Half Marathon - Sunday 19th September 2021

John Atkinson2.29.162045th, 1st MV75 of 5
Karen Atkinson2.34.382145th

Chingford League: Event 1 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Saturday 18th September 2021

Caroline Frith21.1317th - 1st
Becky Evans22.4728th - 3rd
Kasia Stachowiak23.3332nd - 5th
Sarah Burns23.4133rd - 6th
Sandra Preston25.4946th - 9th
Katrina Betteridge26.2953rd - 11th
Tina Bennett27.2556th - 14th
Caroline Moore27.3158th - 16th
Carolyn Edwards28.0263rd - 17th
Kathy Morrissey28.5471st - 21st
Fiona Day29.0572nd - 22nd
Victoria Charlesworth30.0777th - 24th
Morag Campbell30.2379th - 26th
Diana Rexhepaj30.5481st - 27th
Sallyann Eyles32.5585th - 31st
Maya Goodwin33.1486th - 32nd
Alex Pickering18.5032nd - 29th
Mark Moir20.2450th - 44th
Nathaniel Dye20.3556th - 50th
Jacob Stevens22.2474th - 61st
Finbar Sheahan22.3878th - 64th
Ciaran Canavan22.3979th - 65th
Ian Mackie 23.5594th - 76th
Mark Durrant24.4797th - 77th
Michael Wilson25.14101st - 79th
Jason Levy25.26103rd - 81st
Martin Quinlan28.08119th - 87th
George Georgiou29.44126th - 90th
Imran Mustak30.56128th - 91st
Team Results
Men A Team: 6th of 8 Div 1
B Team : 5th of 16
Vets : 6th of 16.
Ladies A Team: 1st place Div 2
Vets team : 4th of 16.

Serpentine Swim, 2 miles - Saturday 18th September 2021

Andrew Ward56.48
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera1.01.45
Ava Lee1.05.31
Jonathan Wooldridge1.16.00
Geoff Bench1.17.39.
Katherine Harris1.18.15
Daniel Lee1.20.28
Shaun DeSena1.26.39
Daniel Peters1.29.32
Andrea Waller1.35.40
Suzanne Bench1.54.30

Pride 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 18th September 2021

Jamie Xavier43.0149th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 18th September 2021

James Nichols20.41* debut8th - 64.54% Wormwood Scrubs
Stuart Barton24.06* debut72nd - 61.69% Keswick
Grace Turner25.03* (course pb)9th - 59.08% Blyth Links
Andrew Howard27.34* debut35th - 59.05% Uckfield
Tom Howourth17.49 (1st man)1st - 72.78% Plymvalley
Thomas Grimes18.25 (1st man)1st - 74.66% Sunny Hill
Catriona Hoult25.23 (course pb)95th - 63.16% Northampton
Jakub Czeczotka34.48 debut121st - 38.94% Margate
Richard Guest22.12 debut32nd - 65.39% Victoria Dock
Martin Quinlan26.19176th - 55.60% Southwark
Iuliia Vuika29.07 debut232nd - 55.07% Southwark
Fabrizio Stefanoni19.13 (course pb)3rd - 75.54% Walthamstow
Alex Pickering19.517th - 70.36% Walthamstow
Betty Bohane21.32 (1st lady)15th - 69.04% Walthamstow
David Hallybone26.55 debut71st - 53.07% Walthamstow
Shanavaz Malayodu26.03133rd - 52.40% Hackney
Catherine Brett31.3987th - 57.19% Melton Mowbray
Clive Stephenson23.1427th - 69.66% Harrow Lodge
Diana Rexhepaj29.4234th - 57.86% Beckton
Billy Rayner18.593rd - 69.89% Valentines
Daniel ODonoghue19.20 (course pb)5th - 67.84% Valentines
Hamza Adan20.29 (course pb)12th - 66.88% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan21.3114th - 66.92% Valentines
Lance Fuller23.26 (course pb)31st - 67.85% Valentines
Darminder Bhamra24.1542nd - 63.92% Valentines
Matthew Powell25.4662nd - 54.20% Valentines
Naimah Riaz25.54 (course pb)66th - 60.75% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.3672nd - 58.71% Valentines
John OBrien27.00 (course pb)76th - 56.42% Valentines
Jimmy Dale27.1982nd - 48.26% Valentines
Sarah Pascal33.03144th - 51.99% Valentines
John Henry17.47 (course pb)2nd - 77.32% Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw21.4221st - 66.36% Wanstead
Nick Hoult24.1464th - 59.42% Wanstead
Ian Mackie 24.2668th - 69.92% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak27.30103rd - 55.03% Wanstead
Claire Drakeford28.17 (course pb)115th - 58.57% Wanstead
Claire Emery30.33138th - 55.54% Wanstead
Scott McMillan35.16185th - 40.50% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell38.41193rd - 43.86% Wanstead
John Booth18.5310th - 72.82% Mile End
Mark Moir19.4724th - 65.37% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali20.2328th - 64.68% Mile End
Samia Choudhury46.18272nd - 32.00% Mile End
Arthur Diaz55.03278th - 27.22% Chester
Scott Hemmens21.086th - 65.54% South Oxhey
Cathal Lynch50.35 (tailrunner)102nd - 25.50% Roding

St Neots Standard Aquabike - Sunday 12th September 2021

Sarah Burns1.51.261st
Maya Goodwin2.33.5713th
1500m swim, ti , 45km cycle
SB 29.25, 1.12 , 1.20.48
MG 37.22 , 3.22 , 1.53.12

Maya reports: Aqua bike, it's not an event where you ride a stationary bike in a pool. It's a duathalon where you swim 1500m and then ride 40km. Basically a triathlon with all the fun because there's no run.
My first mass swim start, because Sarah said it would be good practice, and I always do what she tells me to do. Into the water which was waist height, and I wriggled and shuffled to the back of the crowd. Now, I hate crowds. When I went to V festival I made Pete stand so far from the stage that he moaned and said we could have saved the £180 and watched it on telly. Today I was practically eating a strangers foot, and had no end of strangers slap my bum with flailing arms. It was awful and scary, and I drank lots of river, but it was also brilliant and exciting and fun. After the sprint people finished their lap it was slightly less chaotic and I got into a rhythm.
At the end of the swim there was a lovely man helping haul people up the slippery ramp. I fell in love with him a bit.
After a transition in a very messy bit of grass (this is what happens when you rack next to Sarah Speedy Burns) I got to the mount line. And my chain was weird. I needed to spin my pedals but I was in such a fluster that I couldn't get them spinning. And this was when I forgot the hauling man, and fell in love with the man that leapt to spin my wheels for me. I'm soooo fickle.
And onto the bike. Two laps, flat fast and 48k, 8k further than advertised. More value for money? Hmmm. But the sun was out, and the roads were quiet, I sang show tunes loudly and out of tune and pedalled and grinned, and felt like a true athlete I even overtook a couple of riders, which was VERY exciting. But then as I was at my zoomiest, doing 20mph, I was overtaken by two men, chatting as they flew past. I wouldn’t mind, but they weren’t even in the race.
And then back to transition. But this transition meant putting on dry clothes and queuing for coffee and cans of pop. Far preferable to running 10k!
Sarah came first in the aquabike, I was last. But I did my fastest ever 40k, and I'm delighted with my swim too. And there were TWO flavours of Wagon Wheel for every finisher. Perfect.

Twin Lakes 10, Milton Keynes - Sunday 12th September 2021

Chloe Millan1.21.454th lady

Brighton Marathon - Sunday 12th September 2021

Daniel ODonoghue3.14.12193rd
Jacob Stevens3.49.51974th
Jacob reports: I entered the Brighton Marathon 2020 two years ago, and after 2 (or was it 3?) postponements it finally took place. It was my first time doing Brighton, and I had lots of plans to train properly and beat my Manchester 2019 time. It didn't quite work out like that, due to work commitments, a minor injury and general laziness, so I decided to just enjoy the day with no pressure to get a particular time.
Joanna and I travelled there yesterday by train - strongly recommended, much less hassle than driving. After a pleasant 1.5-mile morning walk to Preston Park, we got to the extremely well-organised start: loads of space, plenty of toilets, and a slick wave start process. It was a refreshing change running to feel without time pressure, being able to soak up the atmosphere without constantly checking my pace. I've heard mixed reviews of the course, but I thought it was great - taking you through the city centre, out to Rottingdean in the east (great views), then back along the seafront, a loop through Hove (lots of great support from residents there), another loop through an industrial estate (not nearly as bad as I'd feared), and then a long slog back along the promenade to the finish by the pier. A few small hills, but nothing to worry about. I'd recommend it.
I really enjoyed the race - well at least until 22 miles when I began asking myself "are marathons usually this hard?". But I think that's normal! Not at all bothered by my time being 25 minutes slower than PB. And my lovely supporter Joanna looked after me very well, especially at the end.
I'm going to focus now on cross-country to get my speed back, and then train properly for a spring marathon. I need to do one next year for the Grand Prix!

Richmond Run Fest Marathon - Sunday 12th September 2021

Martin Quinlan5.15.33468th

Twin Lakes 20, Milton Keynes - Sunday 12th September 2021

Billy Rayner2.16.21 pb11th
Katherine Harris3.43.18276th
Morag Campbell3.45.13288th
Anna Dingle3.47.17292nd
10m splits
Billy 1.08.22 & 1.07.59
Kat 1.37.21 & 2.05.57
Morag 1.52.21 & 1.52.52
Anna 1.48.01 & 1.59.16

Anna reports Twin Lakes 20 race report - a perfectly placed and distanced race for any marathon entrant looking for their last long run before London or Manchester. It's a stunning course taking in 2 lakes and the canals of Milton Keynes. It's all off road either on cycle ways or the canal tow path alongside the Grand Union Canal. It was billed as fairly flat but don't be fooled as it’s undulating, twisting and turning and up and over bridges.
Katherine Harris, Alice Barrett, Morag Campbell and I had all decided to take it on as our last long run before London. An early start (4:30am) wake up call was needed to pick everyone up and get up to Milton Keynes to pick up our numbers as the race started at 8am. I was very glad it did start then as as it turned out summer decided to arrive in mid September and the morning soon heated up.
We all set off with a spring in our step although I think we all realised that may be short lived as I definitely was feeling the last few weeks of long marathon training runs. The early morning chill had lifted, the scenery was beautiful and the miles drifted past. Everyone was really friendly and lots of people were also using the race as their last marathon long run before the big day.
Personally, I was happy with my race until around 15 miles when the temperature just inched up and things started to get harder. I took a tumble on the tow path at mile 17 and that massively knocked my confidence. I decided to take a walk/run strategy for the last 3 miles to get to the finish line safely. No major injuries - just a cut to the hand and dented pride.
Once again it was great to have follow ELR members there to support each other through the hard work that is marathon training. It was also nice to chat to other runners going through the same experiences. It also did make me laugh as during the day more than one runner said to me 'you ELR lot get about!' My response was 'yes we do - there really is no better club!'

Havering Mind Half Marathon - Sunday 12th September 2021

Calvin Bobin1.37.1436th, 2nd MV60
Becky Evans1.40.38 pb50th, 1st FV50

Takeley 10km - Sunday 12th September 2021

Sandra Preston52.29 pb118th, 1st VF55
Joe Preston1.05.26277th

Keswick Terrex 25km Trail Race, Mountain Festival - Saturday 11th September 2021

Joseph Gunn 2.16.0317th of 459

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 11th September 2021

Betty Bohane23.5068th - 62.38% Bath Skyline
Tom Howourth17.45* (course pb & 1st man)1st - 73.05% Plym Valley
John Henry17.01* (course pb &1st man)1st - 80.80% Finsbury
Stuart Barton25.41 debut107th - 57.88% Milton Keynes
Katherine Harris25.44* debut109th - 59.78% Milton Keynes
Fiona Critchley28.18* debut & 200th9th - 63.13% Chateau Pierre Bresse
Kathy Morrissey35.52* debut201st - 46.75% Chevin Forest
Rachel Le Roux30.26 (course pb)46th - 49.95% Thurrock, Orsett
Michael Wilson25.12 debut54th - 63.62% Raphael
Alex Jameson26.41 debut50th - 55.72% Littleport
Andrew Howard25.25 debut33rd - 63.08% Sandhurst Memorial
Matthew Powell24.32 debut105th - 56.93% Hove Promenade
Alexandra Wilkinson48.43 debut238th - 34.83% Chalkwell Beach
Victoria Charlesworth29.08 debut178th - 56.86% Jersey
Martin Quinlan32.56113th - 44.43% Roundshaw Downs
Alex Pickering19.002nd - 73.51% Walthamstow
Caroline Frith21.5420th - 71.84% Walthamstow
Phoebe Bowman25.2156th - 58.97% Walthamstow
Daniel ODonoghue26.3874th - 49.25% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.4689th - 55.82% Walthamstow
Stephen Swan21.5932nd - 59.97% Kesgrave
Clive Stephenson23.4719th - 68.04% Harrow Lodge
Nick Hoult22.4278th - 63.44% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu23.52100th - 57.19% Hackney
Catriona Hoult25.59150th - 61.71% Hackney
Sandra Preston26.3459th - 69.07% Roding
Grace Turner43.18137th - 34.18% Roding
John Booth19.0712th - 71.93% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali25.32116th - 51.63% Mile End
Karan Gadhia19.508th - 65.04% Valentines
Amit Marks21.4117th - 64.87% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan21.5619th - 65.65% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi22.4024th - 60.22% Valentines
Lance Fuller23.33 (course pb)33rd - 67.52% Valentines
Alexander Ward25.3555th - 50.81% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.2170th - 59.27% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.2171st - 59.71% Valentines
David Taylor26.3272nd - 61.49% Valentines
Katrina Betteridge26.4776th - 56.00% Valentines
John OBrien27.18 (course pb)81st - 55.80% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.0790th - 75.46% Valentines
Mary Connolly28.0891st - 67.06% Valentines
George Georgiou28.2496th - 52.76% Valentines
Imran Mustak29.38106th - 45.39% Valentines
Scott McMillan18.273rd - 77.43% Wanstead
Jonathan Shaw22.1724th - 64.62% Wanstead
Sarah Burns23.08 (1st lady)35th - 68.66% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.3043rd - 64.40% Wanstead
Ramesh Pala24.1658th - 66.07% Wanstead
Samir Younsi24.2659th - 58.94% Wanstead
John Healy28.09110th - 51.15% Wanstead
Claire Drakeford29.01 (course pb)121st - 57.09% Wanstead
Fiona Day29.53136th - 67.82% Wanstead
Caroline Moore30.30145th - 61.86% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.27167th - 50.44% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera32.42171st - 47.76% Wanstead
Morag Campbell33.00 (99th parkrun)173rd - 50.81% Wanstead
Mark Moir20.035th - 64.51% Silksworth

Essex XC Series, Weald Country Park - Saturday 11th September 2021

James Nichols46.0029th

Chase The Sun 10km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 8th September 2021

Jamie Xavier43.4745th
Amit Marks44.3750th
Jayne Browne59.51158th
Claire Emery1.03.32171st

Chase The Sun 5km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 8th September 2021

Ross Lucas22.5934th
John OBrien27.33 pb67th

South Coast Challenge 100km : Eastbourne to Arundel - Sunday 5th September 2021

Debbie Shearing15.00.00
I forgot to add this to the Race Entries but I tackled my first Ultra this weekend
- the South Coast Challenge. 100km along the South Downs from Eastbourne to Arundel.
I didn't even know if I'd manage to complete it as it was a big step up in
distance, but I did it and I was so chuffed to have completed it in 15 hours total.
57k yesterday (8.5 hours) and 43k today (6.5 hours). Lots of hills and amazing views.
Really tough but also such a great experience to be out running on the beautiful
South Downs with no time goal, just to finish. I also met some really lovely people
on the way.
I think I may have caught the Ultra bug….

The Essex Way Relay - Epping to Harwich - Sunday 5th September 2021

Jose Rodriguez47.2828.1 - 2nd
Cathal Lynch28.2 - 28th
Caroline Frith1.13.0028.3 - 15th
Jacob Stevens28.4 - 16th
Paul Thompson28.5 - 16th
Catriona Hoult57.0128.6 - 33rd
Janet Bywater28.7 - 32nd
Caroline Moore1.50.0028.8 - 45th
Kathy Morrissey28.9 - 42nd
Becky Evans28.10 - 14th
Nathaniel Dye29.1 - 20th
Janet Bywater29.1 - 29th
Catriona Hoult1.33.0029.3 - 43rd
Patrick Brown1.10.1329.4 - 4th
Steven Bywater1.31.0029.5 - 33rd
Sandra Preston29.6 - 23rd
Ramesh Pala29.7 - 33rd
Michael Bamford59.5429.8 - 11th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera52.2729.9 - 40th
Jose Rodriguez29.10 - 4th
STAGE 4 LITTLE LEIGHS - CRESSING 10.1 miles 11.30am
STAGE 5 CRESSING - GREAT TEY 9.4 miles 12.45pm
STAGE 7 WEST BERGHOLT - DEDHAM 11.2 miles 2.40pm
STAGE 8 DEDHAM - BRADFIELD 8.0 miles 4.15pm
STAGE 9 BRADFIELD - RAMSAY 5.3 miles 5.15pm
Finish Approximately 6.45pm, total distance - 82 miles (approximately)

Caroline Frith: A super fun day running the Essex Way Relay -
which goes from Epping to Harwich - with the best bunch of
running friends a girl could wish for. My leg was leg 3 -
9.5 miles cross country from Good Easter to Little Leigh,
which was tough but very pretty. The day included 2 pub
stops, an ice cream stop and fish and chips at the end.

Alexandra: I bloody love this bunch of runners!
Positive, kind, supportive, strong and fun!
Another Essex Way relay starting at the end of the Central
line and ending with Fish and Chips in Harwich!
82 miles and 12 hours of fun!The leg I ran (Leg 9) was
absolutely gorgeous and made me smile all the way!
Thanks, running buddy Kathy Morrissey.

London Duathlon - Sunday 5th September 2021

Ford Cadiogan3.35.431026th
Graham Peacock3.35.521028th
Ford : 10k run : 55.12, 5.57 , 44k cycle: 1.48.20 ,6.28 5k run: 39.45.
Graham: 10k run 1.00.08 , 4.01 44k 1.52.34, 3.16, 5k run 35.51.

Anglesey Half Marathon - Sunday 5th September 2021

Peter Hatley1.39.4852nd
Carlton DSouza1.40.3857th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.43.0673rd
Grant Conway1.54.29136th
Arthur Diaz2.01.17193rd

Anglesey 10km - Sunday 5th September 2021

John Healy57.51129th

Plymouth Half Marathon - Sunday 5th September 2021

Tom Howourth1.21.22 pb15th

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park ON Half Marathon - Sunday 5th September 2021

Shahib Miah Ali1.35.56154th
Katherine Harris1.49.49515th
Andrea Waller2.02.43813th
Jess Trayler-Moore2.06.25884th
Anna Dingle2.20.221105th
Imran Mustak2.35.361216th

Maidenhead Half Marathon - Sunday 5th September 2021

Shanavaz Malayodu1.49.30 pb157th

London Summer Run 10km - Sunday 5th September 2021

John OBrien59.151948th

Bedford Run Fest 20 miles - Sunday 5th September 2021

Alice Barrett4.09.54292nd

Orion Forest Five Series - Event 3, Chingford Plains. - Saturday 4th September 2021

Patrick Brown30.454th
Calvin Bobin35.2320th, M60 series winner
Ciaran Canavan36.1624th
James Creed39.2132nd
Lance Fuller41.0640th
Fiona Day49.2374th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera51.5883rd
89 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 4th September 2021

Stuart Barton23.45* debut104th - 62.60% Storeys Field
Fiona Critchley29.11* debut234th - 61.22% Storeys Field
James Nichols21.07* debut8th - 63.22% Henstridge Airfield
John Henry17.41* (course pb)5th - 77.76% Fountains Abbey
Maya Goodwin33.31 debut334th - 50.02% Finsbury
Shaun DeSena36.54 debut176th - 35.55% Forest Rec
Louis Le Roux21.20 debut10th - 63.52% Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Rachel Le Roux32.11 debut67th - 47.23% Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Thomas Grimes18.01 (1st man)1st - 76.32% Sunny Hill
Richard Guest22.5854th - 63.21% Highbury Fields
Marc Akers28.34149th - 50.82% Rutland Water
Stephen Swan22.3833rd - 58.25% Kesgrave
Martin Quinlan26.24165th - 55.43% Southwark
Bernard Mansell28.43 (course pb)118th - 33.32% Witney
Morag Campbell34.19268th - 48.28% Hackney
Caroline Frith21.2311th - 73.03% Roding
Kasia Stachowiak24.15 (course pb)38th - 62.41% Roding
Sandra Preston25.33 (course pb)58th - 71.82% Roding
Joseph Osakue18.37 (course pb & 1st man)1st - 77.98% Valentines
Stuart Kelly21.1310th - 62.92% Valentines
Matthew Powell25.0540th - 55.68% Valentines
Jimmy Dale26.2155th - 50.03% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.2357th - 59.19% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.3158th - 59.33% Valentines
Katrina Betteridge27.0063rd - 55.56% Valentines
Mark Durrant27.0264th - 57.34% Valentines
David Hallybone27.0865th - 52.64% Valentines
George Georgiou27.4370th - 54.06% Valentines
Lauren Kelly29.1599th - 50.83% Valentines
Imran Mustak29.20101st - 45.85% Valentines
Amit Marks21.2621st - 65.63% Wanstead
William ODonoghue22.5934th - 56.56% Wanstead
Ged Browne24.2656th - 65.62% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult25.34 (100th parkrun)71st - 62.71% Wanstead
Samir Younsi25.5173rd - 55.71% Wanstead
Tim Aylett27.58110th - 49.94% Wanstead
Anna Dingle30.53145th - 51.92% Wanstead
Scott McMillan34.17182nd - 41.66% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards34.40187th - 47.21% Wanstead
Jane Scott35.56201st - 50.37% Wanstead
Angela Daniel35.56202nd - 42.58% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell37.12206th - 45.61% Wanstead
Natasha Howard31.27155th - 49.28% Raphael
Claire Emery29.3574th - 57.35% Gunpowder
Diana Rexhepaj29.0965th - 58.95% Beckton
Daniel ODonoghue18.38 debut12th - 70.39% Mile End
Karan Gadhia19.02 (course pb)18th - 67.78% Mile End
John Booth19.1522nd - 71.43% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali19.4124th - 66.98% Mile End
Mark Moir19.5029th - 65.21% Mile End
Liam Dempsey24.10 (course pb)117th - 54.28% Mile End
Ross Lucas22.1612th - 66.24% Barking
Patrick Brown18.18 (1st man)1st - 72.50% Walthamstow
Tom Howourth19.153rd - 67.36% Walthamstow
Alex Pickering19.439th - 70.84% Walthamstow
Phoebe Bowman24.0942nd - 61.90% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater25.2960th - 71.03% Walthamstow
Isabella Allan27.48 (course pb)83rd - 53.24% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard27.58 (course pb)85th - 57.33% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey29.00 (course pb)99th - 57.82% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater30.27106th - 50.90% Walthamstow
Barbara Duffy29.40130th - 59.44% Wanstead
Kamol Saha31.15232nd - 45.71% Hackney
Cathal Lynch26.1678th - 49.11% Wanstead
Betty Bohane22.08 (1st lady)9th - 67.17% Pymmes

Elvis 6: Barking Road Runners Phipps 5km, Barking Park - Sunday 29th August 2021

John Henry16.30 pb6th scorer
Scott McMillan17.09 pb11th scorer
Joseph Gunn 17.3714th scorer
Joseph Osakue18.0520th scorer
Billy Rayner18.0821st scorer
James Nichols18.3426th scorer
Karan Gadhia18.53 pb31st
Shahib Miah Ali19.3939th - 36th
Mark Moir19.4240th - 37th
Jimmy Dale19.5943rd - 39th
Amit Marks20.1248th - 44th
Caroline Frith20.2951st - 6th scorer
Calvin Bobin20.4858th - 51st
Becky Evans21.12 pb63rd - 9th scorer
Nathaniel Dye21.2473rd - 62nd
Jacob Stevens21.2474th - 63rd
Chloe Millan21.38 pb76th - 13th scorer
Vinesh Sampath Kumar21.4980th - 66th
Clive Stephenson22.1185th - 69th
Ross Lucas22.1786th - 70th
James Creed22.2689th - 72nd
Michael Wilson22.3491st - 74th
Kasia Stachowiak22.3692nd - 18th scorer
Katherine Harris22.3893rd - 19th scorer
Grant Conway23.00101st - 79th
Jason Levy23.34112th - 85th
Andrew Howard23.58120th - 92nd
Catriona Hoult24.02121st - 29th scorer
Samir Younsi24.11123rd - 94th
Katrina Betteridge24.13 pb124th - 30th
Sandra Preston24.25 pb134th - 38th
Kathryn Hertzberg24.50139th - 40th
Debbie Shearing25.18 pb154th - 46th
Caroline Moore26.44165th - 52nd
Mary Connolly26.50168th - 54th
Kathy Morrissey27.19 pb177th - 58th
Morag Campbell27.39 pb180th - 61st
Susannah McLaren28.33195th - 72nd
Diana Rexhepaj28.55202nd - 77th
Imran Mustak29.08204th - 126th
Helen McGuinness29.29206th - 80th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.54209th - 82nd
Frank Brownlie30.21212th - 128th
Joe Preston30.38214th - 129th
Peter Stevens31.07 elr debut217th - 132nd
Vivienne Eka32.39 elr debut224th - 91st
Joanna Qiu35.21230th - 96th
Elizabeth ODonnell36.07232nd - 98th

Run Through Velopark 10 mile - Saturday 28th August 2021

Alice Barrett2.06.4045th

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 28th August 2021

Katherine Harris2.15.1379th
Anna Dingle2.19.2385th,

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 28th August 2021

Jonathan Wooldridge22.23* debut30th - 65.90% Maidstone
Tom Howourth17.46* (course pb & 1st man)1st - 72.98% Plymvalley
Caroline Frith21.24* debut23rd - 72.98% Blickling
Scott Hemmens20.28* debut11th - 67.67% Cwmbran
Shanavaz Malayodu24.20* debut28th - 56.10% Dean Castle
Maya Goodwin32.17 debut112th - 51.94% Rothay Park
Andrew Howard24.19 debut21st - 65.94% Chalkwell Beach
Thomas Grimes18.18 (1st man)1st - 75.14% Sunny Hill
Ross Lucas22.15 debut19th - 66.29% Barking
Jakub Czeczotka28.31 debut144th - 47.52% Ally Pally
Stuart Barton1.00.11(tailwalker)120th - 24.70% Westmill
Shaun DeSena36.41 debut267th - 35.85% Greenwich
Roselin Boramakot33.25 debut925th - 44.49% Bushy
Danny Wong33.25 debut926th - 40.25% Bushy
Martin Quinlan28.2178th - 51.62% Roundshaw Downs
Billy Rayner19.3636th - 67.69% Hackney
Paula Bedford21.4881st - 74.31% Hackney
Sarah Burns22.47105th - 69.71% Hackney
Kasia Stachowiak23.46133rd - 63.67% Hackney
Ciaran Canavan23.55136th - 60.21% Hackney
Samir Younsi24.58157th - 57.68% Hackney
Claire Emery29.52257th - 56.81% Hackney
Morag Campbell31.44 (course pb)281st - 52.21% Hackney
Katherine Harris31.48285th - 48.38% Hackney
Ian Mackie 23.22 debut37th - 73.11% Roding
Sandra Preston25.4362nd - 71.35% Roding
Elizabeth ODonnell38.14 debut147th - 44.38% Roding
Scott McMillan19.19 debut5th - 73.94% Valentines
Karan Gadhia19.206th - 66.72% Valentines
Amit Marks20.4913th - 67.57% Valentines
James Nichols21.1315th - 62.92% Valentines
Calvin Bobin21.2216th - 79.25% Valentines
Katrina Betteridge25.05 (course pb)48th - 59.80% Valentines
Catriona Hoult25.39 (99 parkruns)54th - 62.51% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.1862nd - 59.38% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.3365th - 59.26% Valentines
John Healy28.0383rd - 51.34% Valentines
Grant Conway28.0785th - 53.76% Valentines
John OBrien28.34 (course pb)90th - 53.33% Valentines
Frank Brownlie30.27121st - 57.91% Valentines
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.28122nd - 51.26% Valentines
Denys Vuika30.29123rd - 44.45% Valentines
Angela Daniel34.25 debut155th - 44.46% Valentines
Jane Scott34.32157th - 52.41% Valentines
Mark Durrant43.21204th - 35.76% Valentines
Lucy Barron26.34371st - 55.77% Poole
John Henry18.15 (course pb & 1st man)1st - 75.34% Walthamstow
Alex Pickering18.533rd - 73.96% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.3462nd - 58.34% Walthamstow
Peter Hatley31.31100th - 45.69% Walthamstow
Patrick Brown17.533rd - 74.18% Thetford
Fiona Day30.0188th - 67.52% Thetford
Don Bennett38.14142nd - 42.68% Thetford
Shahib Miah Ali20.0727th - 65.53% Mile End
Stuart Norris22.21 (course pb)66th - 57.72% Mile End
Marc Akers29.02174th - 50.00% Rutland Water
Mark Moir20.104th - 64.13% Herrington Country
Stephen Swan22.1948th - 59.07% Kesgrave
Clive Stephenson23.1534th - 69.61% Harrow Lodge
Cathal Lynch48.12 (tailwalker)158th - 26.76% Roding
Kamol Saha33.33304th - 42.57% Hackney

Last Friday of the Month 5km, Hyde Park - Friday 27th August 2021

John Henry16.39 pb4th - 82.9%
Mark Moir19.5540th - 65.4%
Michael Wilson23.3666th - 67.7%

Llangollen Fell Race (17 miles) 3,000ft climb - Sunday 22nd August 2021

Arthur Diaz3.59.09133rd
145 finishers

Brought home a nice slate coaster memorabilia today. Survived and completed my first Fell Race at Llangollen in North Wales, covering 17 miles with nearly 3,000 feet of elevation. The experience was exhausting, friendly and awesome all at the same time. I might even come back next year once I've gained my legs, knees and confidence in running fells

Vitality Big Half 2021 Volunteers - Sunday 22nd August 2021

Michael Bamford
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
Sandra Preston
Susannah McLaren
Diana Rexhepaj
Ciaran Canavan
Carlton DSouza
Stuart Barton
Kasia Stachowiak
Samir Younsi
Calvin Bobin
Ramesh Pala
Mark Moir
Juliet Lopez-Real
Naimah Riaz

Vitality Big Half 2021 - Sunday 22nd August 2021

Joseph Gunn 1.20.28311th1
Billy Rayner1.27.13727th
Karan Gadhia1.27.25 pb738th
Jimmy Dale1.29.13 pb900th
James Nichols1.30.571060th
Shahib Miah Ali1.37.211658th
Chloe Millan1.44.202544th
Mark Durrant2.01.365240th
Martin Quinlan2.05.485785th
Gail Edwards2.12.226581st
Anne-Marie Kennedy2.18.397280th

Thorpe & Egham Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd August 2021

John Henry1.16.02 pb11th

Clacton Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd August 2021

Katherine Harris1.58.13140th
Morag Campbell2.27.17247th
Alice Barrett2.27.18246th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 21st August 2021

Janet Bywater25.58* debut21st - 69.70% Bowling Park
Steven Bywater27.50* debut25th - 55.69% Bowling Park
Nick Hoult23.47* debut46th - 60.55% Skipton
Catriona Hoult26.18* debut78th - 60.96% Skipton
Caroline Frith25.10* debut83rd - 62.05% Holkham
Grace Turner25.59* debut59th - 56.96% Carlisle Park
Stephen Swan22.16* debut10th - 59.21% Chilton Fields
Stuart Barton24.42 debut19th - 60.19% Chilton Fields
Robert Rayworth23.07* (course pb)38th - 61.36% Daventry
Mark Moir20.35 debut58th - 62.83% Southhampton
Scott Hemmens21.08 (course pb)5th - 65.54% South Ox1ey
Andrew Howard25.00 debut40th - 64.13% Wickford Memorial
Shaun DeSena35.54 debut295th - 36.54% Rickmansworth
Shahib Miah Ali22.4966th - 57.78% Mile End
James Nichols22.3566th - 59.11% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu23.0378th - 59.22% Hackney
Lucy Barron28.48181st - 51.45% Hackney
David Taylor25.0143rd - 65.22% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.2364th - 59.19% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.3365th - 59.26% Valentines
Amit Marks22.0726th - 63.60% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.2343rd - 64.72% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.27138th - 55.57% Wanstead
Angela Daniel33.32172nd - 45.63% Wanstead
Tom Howourth18.02 (course pb)4th - 71.90% Walthamstow
Alex Pickering19.296th - 71.69% Walthamstow
Jakub Czeczotka28.3186th - 47.52% Walthamstow
Katherine Harris22.5740th - 67.03% Victoria Dock
Natasha Howard32.40128th - 47.45% Raphael
Claire Emery33.39236th - 50.42% Bramhall
Don Bennett39.22140th - 41.45% Thetford
Martin Quinlan29.26211th - 49.72% Southwark
Isabella Allan26.30 debut58th - 55.85% Gunpowder
Alexandra Wilkinson43.06155th - 39.37% Hockley Woods
Bernard Mansell29.06136th - 51.09% Witney
Cathal Lynch49.58 (tailwalker)108th - 25.82% Roding

Elvis 5: Orion Forest Five Series - Event 2, Chingford Plains. - Saturday 21st August 2021

Tom Howourth29.08 pb3rd scorer
Scott McMillan29.224th scorer
John Henry29.565th scorer
Robert Dixon31.0511th - 10th scorer
Patrick Brown31.0812th - 11th scorer
Robert Spread32.1818th - 17th scorer
Daniel Lee34.5131st - 30th
Calvin Bobin35.3436th - 34th
Andrew Baxter36.2742nd - 39th
Becky Evans37.1850th - 6th scorer
Ciaran Canavan37.5257th - 49th
Jacob Stevens38.0762nd - 52nd
Ava Lee38.4165th - 12th scorer
Sarah Burns39.4973rd - 13th scorer
Clive Stephenson39.5875th - 61st
Ian Mackie 40.2579th - 63rd
Richard Guest40.2680th - 64th
Albert Ng41.0985th - 66th
Lance Fuller41.11 pb86th - 67th
Ramesh Pala41.5796th - 75th
Kathryn Hertzberg42.3799th - 23rd scorer
Asif Hussain 43.38108th - 80th
Sandra Preston44.00117th - 36th scorer
Katrina Betteridge44.59126th - 41st scorer
Samir Younsi45.20128th - 86th
Morag Campbell49.05147th - 51st
Caroline Moore49.35150th - 53rd
George Georgiou50.06152nd - 98th
Kathy Morrissey50.17153rd - 55th
Fiona Day51.15159th - 60th
Diana Rexhepaj51.21160th - 61st
Anna Dingle52.11165th - 64th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera52.35168th - 66th
Imran Mustak55.44176th - 107th
Maya Goodwin58.04178th - 71st

Isle of Wight Half Marathon - Sunday 15th August 2021

Jonathan Wooldridge1.48.1254th

Run Through Clapham Common 5km - Sunday 15th August 2021

John OBrien29.5516th

Burnham Beeches Half Marathon - Sunday 15th August 2021

Sandra Preston2.01.10264th

Kimbolton Castle Half Marathon - Sunday 15th August 2021

Katherine Harris1.55.36139th
Morag Campbell2.16.16 pb (25 mins)258th
Alice Barrett2.24.29288th
Stuart Barton2.24.31289th

Lee Valley Run Fest Half Marathon - Sunday 15th August 2021

Paul Woodmansey1.18.582nd
Catriona Hoult1.57.03 pb103rd
Anna Dingle2.12.54 pb171st

Lee Valley Run Fest 10km - Sunday 15th August 2021

Anne-Marie Kennedy57.2465th
Sallyann Eyles1.09.2499th

Essex 10km XC Series - Hadleigh Country Park - Saturday 14th August 2021

James Nichols45.1522nd

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 14th August 2021

Scott McMillan17.44* debut3rd - 80.55% Market Harbourough
Stuart Norris24.18* debut58th - 53.09% Trelissick
Joseph Gunn 20.18* debut3rd - 64.04% Hunstanton Promenade
Marc Akers27.39* debut131st - 52.50% Rutland Water
Shaun DeSena35.43 debut182nd - 36.72% Osterley
Jonathan Wooldridge35.23 debut124th - 41.69% Hockley Woods
Alexandra Wilkinson35.24125th - 47.93% Hockley Woods
Jakub Czeczotka32.09 debut33rd - 42.15% Bevendean Down
Stuart Barton25.53 debut42nd - 57.44% Thetford
Fiona Critchley26.55 debut62nd - 66.38% Thetford
John Henry18.10 debut3rd - 75.69% Gladstone
Shahib Miah Ali20.3026th - 64.31% Mile End
Liam Dempsey30.16 debut169th - 43.34% Mile End
Patrick Brown18.32 (1st man)1st - 71.58% Walthamstow
Alex Pickering19.376th - 71.20% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater25.4256th - 70.43% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.3768th - 58.23% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey30.21103rd - 55.24% Walthamstow
Karan Gadhia19.14 (course pb)2nd - 67.07% Valentines
Stuart Kelly19.153rd - 69.35% Valentines
Billy Rayner19.254th - 68.33% Valentines
Amit Marks20.42 (course pb)12th - 73.05% Valentines
Caroline Frith21.2718th - 72.80% Valentines
Jacob Stevens22.0021st - 64.47% Valentines
Mounir Dahbi22.2023rd - 61.12% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan22.3428th - 63.81% Valentines
Chloe Millan22.4733rd - 65.03% Valentines
Michael Wilson23.3345th - 68.08% Valentines
Jimmy Dale23.4847th - 55.39% Valentines
Lance Fuller24.06 (course pb)51st - 65.98% Valentines
David Taylor25.5170th - 63.12% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.2275th - 59.23% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.4879th - 58.71% Valentines
John OBrien28.39 (course pb)100th - 53.17% Valentines
Denys Vuika28.40 (50th parkrun)101st - 47.27% Valentines
Imran Mustak29.41117th - 45.31% Valentines
Lauren Kelly33.08150th - 44.87% Valentines
Joanna Qiu41.47189th - 41.12% Valentines
Tom Marshall20.4411th - 65.35% Wanstead
Ian Mackie 23.5549th - 71.43% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.1254th - 62.53% Wanstead
Ramesh Pala24.5260th - 64.48% Wanstead
Andrew Howard25.0566th - 63.92% Wanstead
Derek Wright26.4692nd - 55.11% Wanstead
Alex Jameson28.54124th - 51.44% Wanstead
Fiona Day30.36141st - 66.23% Wanstead
Claire Emery32.21151st - 52.45% Wanstead
Katherine Harris32.24153rd - 47.48% Wanstead
Caroline Moore32.52159th - 57.40% Wanstead
Jane Scott33.52177th - 53.44% Wanstead
Angela Daniel35.31191st - 43.08% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards40.33207th - 40.36% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell40.34208th - 41.82% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz32.04271st - 46.73% Chester
Clive Stephenson22.3942nd - 71.45% Raphael
Diana Rexhepaj29.3937th - 57.95% Beckton
Martin Quinlan30.37212th - 47.80% Southwark
Stephen Swan22.2131st - 58.69% Kesgrave
Scott Hemmens21.376th - 64.07% South Oxhey
Mark Moir21.1521st - 60.86% Victoria Dock
Shanavaz Malayodu22.5978th - 59.39% Hackney
Sarah Burns23.4398th - 66.97% Hackney
Anna Dingle28.16 (course pb)180th - 56.72% Hackney
Maya Goodwin32.08234th - 52.18% Hackney
Calvin Bobin21.038th - 80.44% Roding
Cathal Lynch26.27 debut86th - 48.77% Mole Valley

Chase The Sun 5km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 11th August 2021

Alice Barrett28.53 pb63rd of 134.

London Triathlon , Excel (Olympic Distance) - Sunday 8th August 2021

Daniel Lee2.38.39296th
Ava Lee2.44.38324th
Katherine Harris3.11.271703rd
Maya Goodwin3.24.091899th
1500m swim, t1, 40k cycle, t2, 10k run
Danny: 36.31, 5.46, 1.09.30, 3.43, 43.12.
Ava : 30.25, 5.02, 1.18.44, 3.14, 47.16.
Kat : 34.57, 5.27, 1.35.04, 3.51, 52.10
Maya: 36.19, 6.38, 1.27.12, 4.14, 1.09.39.

Maya reports: Gareth Southgate talks about visualising. So on the way to rack my bike yesterday I visualised all the things that could go wrong and planned what I would do if they happened. Anna and Sarah said this was negative thinking. So on the way home I visualised everything going right.
And it worked! What a race. I thought I'd be four hours, but desperately hoped for 3.45.
I was in the slow women only wave, which turned out to be such a gift. Everyone was lovely. Nervous and excited we all chatted to each other in the swim pen. There was a goggle dunk bucket to get them acclimatised, but no Maya dunk bucket for me. A rolling start we were in and away. It was hard to sight on the way out to the first buoy, the sun was glistening and bright on the water but there were swimmers all around me, and I just stayed in a pack. And then, as if the sun heard me, it ducked away, and the rain started. Rain when you swim is weird, I always feel a bit like I'm drowning as you come up to breathe.
Out of the water. It went well, no one swam over me, and I was quietly in awe of my own time, I was faster than I was expecting. I ran to my bike. But no no running on the slippery floor. The marshals were very strict about that. 'WALK HERE PLEASE!' I didn't try bombing or heavy petting, but I think they were also against the rules.)
After a struggle with my shoes (stupid bungee laces) I'm running with my bike. Down the scary slippery slope out of excel and onto the road. And the wind. The wind was bananas, so strong. I chattered to myself to keep focussed, and soon I was going under the lime house link. Anna said it was fun, I'm not inclined to agree, I just don't like tunnels, and the light at the end of this one never seemed to come! Along the embankment and back. It was awesome to be able to pedal and pedal snd not stop for traffic and traffic lights. Time for a gel. So here's a thing. Out of date gels are truly disgusting. Check your dates and throw them out. Yuk.
It was raining so hard I couldn't see my watch, but I thought I was doing well. I was delighted, but didn't dare think too much about it. My last small lap of the bike was punctuated by me mainly saying 'don't f**k up, don't f**k up' on repeat.
And then to the run. The least fun of the three, but the one I was also least worried about. 'It's just running Maya' Three laps. The first seemed to take ages and was hard, but on the second one I ran with a lovely lovely lady, we chatted and ran, and the second lap was over in a blink. The third one I ran/walked. I wanted to walk more, but I knew I'd done ok in the swim and bike, and it would be such a waste to slow down now. I got to the end with a sprint finish.
3.24.11. I'm utterly delighted. And utterly hooked. I thought the Olympic distance would be too much, but actually it's more fun than the sprint, it gives you the time to really get into each discipline.
Thank you so much to Sarah, Anna, Jonathan, Stuart and Alice for coming to cheer. It really lifted me so much. I grinned every time I saw you.
And thank you Peter Goodwin, for cheering in the rain. And all the times you came home early so I could race off to the pool or track.
And thank you for cooking a roast dinner for me to come home to. My heart is full of love and joy and I’m finally sitting down

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 7th August 2021

Catriona Hoult26.03* debut140th - 61.55% Lydiard
Patrick Brown19.38* debut3rd - 65.57% Queen Elizabeth
Alex Jameson31.20* debut100th - 47.45% Parke
Victoria Charlesworth30.15* debut99th - 54.77% Rothay Park
Stephen Swan27.35* debut6th - 47.55% Grt Yarmouth North
Stuart Barton36.21 debut35th - 40.90% Grt Yarmouth North
Shaun DeSena36.56 debut303rd - 35.51% Nonsuch
Jakub Czeczotka33.08 debut74th - 40.90% Lancing Beach Green
James Nichols20.14 debut12th - 65.98% Forest Rec
Nick Hoult24.00 debut48th - 60.00% Forest Rec
Richard Guest23.32 debut18th - 61.69% Beckton
Stuart Norris23.53 debut44th - 54.01% Mile End
Isabella Allan30.27 debut75th - 48.60% Ally Pally
Katrina Betteridge25.14 (course pb)64th - 59.45% Raphael
Matthew Powell27.25 debut82nd - 50.94% Royal Tunbridge
Anna Dingle29.07 debut161st - 55.07% Whitstable
Caroline Frith21.52 (1st lady)12th - 71.42% Roding
Sandra Preston26.4549th - 68.60% Roding
John Healy29.2963rd - 48.84% Roding
Alex Pickering19.42 (1st man)1st - 70.90% Walthamstow
Phoebe Bowman25.1222nd - 59.33% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater30.3747th - 59.12% Walthamstow
Anne-Marie Kennedy32.5753rd - 46.69% Walthamstow
Joseph Osakue18.492nd - 77.15% Valentines
Ross Lucas22.43 (course pb)10th - 64.93% Valentines
Calvin Bobin24.0022nd - 70.56% Valentines
Michael Wilson24.1626th - 66.07% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.3644th - 58.71% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.4245th - 58.93% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu32.3883rd - 45.91% Valentines
David Taylor40.49114th - 39.98% Valentines
Joseph Gunn 18.59 (course pb)3rd - 68.48% Wanstead
Amit Marks22.1811th - 63.08% Wanstead
Craig Simpson22.3214th - 63.39% Wanstead
William ODonoghue23.2017th - 55.71% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan24.1227th - 59.50% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.5535th - 60.74% Wanstead
David Hallybone26.2541st 53.69% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch27.3951st - 46.65% Wanstead
Derek Wright28.3960th - 51.48% Wanstead
Morag Campbell30.06 (course pb)66th - 55.04% Wanstead
Fiona Day31.1370th - 64.92% Wanstead
Andrew Howard31.3571st - 50.77% Wanstead
Caroline Moore33.0477th - 57.06% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera33.1280th - 47.04% Wanstead
Katherine Harris35.0884th - 43.79% Wanstead
Scott McMillan35.1286th - 40.58% Wanstead
Juliet Lopez-Real35.4788th - 45.27% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell38.3298th - 44.03% Wanstead
Clive Stephenson23.1018th - 69.86% Harrow Lodge
John Henry17.566th - 76.67% Burgess
Mary OBrien28.2437th - 74.71% Barking
Mary Connolly28.2538th - 66.39% Barking
John Booth19.2614th - 70.75% Exmouth
Shahib Miah Ali20.0537th - 65.64% Bushy
Mark Moir20.2917th - 63.14% Silksworth
Martin Quinlan27.17131st - 53.63% Southwark
Arthur Diaz34.44298th - 43.14% Chester
Fiona Critchley26.5360th - 66.46% Great Notley
Alexandra Wilkinson43.34125th - 38.94% Hockley Woods
Liam Dempsey35.5074th - 36.60% Brentwood

Box End Triathlon (Olympic ) - Sunday 1st August 2021

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera3.51.12
1500m swim, t1, 40.1k bike, t2, 10km run
31.27, 2.42, 2.02.20, 0.53, 1.13.48 = 3.51.12

London Landmarks Half Marathon - Sunday 1st August 2021

Jamie Xavier1.36.52429th
Selina Vernal1.57.501450th
Gail Edwards2.03.17 pb2706th
Anne-Marie Kennedy2.14.533800th
Alice Barrett2.26.306450th
11,005 finishers.

Run Through Wimbledon Common Half Marathon - Sunday 1st August 2021

Daniel ODonoghue1.31.4922nd

Twilight Ultra Marathon - Redbridge Cycle Centre - Saturday 31st July 2021

Kirk Johnson6.44.3910th

Twilight Half Marathon, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Saturday 31st July 2021

Clive Stephenson1.58.175th
Anna Dingle2.25.0915th
Anna Dingle reports: I ran in the Twilight half marathon at Redbridge Cycle Centre this afternoon. It's an event run by Nice Works. It was such a lovely friendly event and the organisation was brilliant. Three distances were on offer today - the half, a full marathon and ultra distance.
I just wanted to give them a shout out and recommend the event to people for next year especially as it's a tough event with plenty of elevation! The organisers more than make up for it with the feed station and goody bag at the end. Lots of friendly support cheering you on every lap and for me it was 11 times up the back hill - think of chingford league but the lap in reverse, so the long downhill was a long uphill! Over 1000 ft of elevation on the half distance. I was very pleased with my finish time of 2hr 25mins. Thanks for the place Alice Barrett!

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 31st July 2021

Joseph Gunn 17.52 (course pb & 1st man)1st - 72.76% Valentines
Stuart Kelly18.363rd - 71.77% Valentines
Billy Rayner18.594th - 69.89% Valentines
Amit Marks20.45 debut13th - 67.79% Valentines
Chloe Millan22.4324th - 65.22% Valentines
Michael Wilson24.1841st - 65.98% Valentines
Lance Fuller24.3342nd - 64.77% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan24.3543rd - 58.58% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.0755th - 59.80% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.2856th - 59.45% Valentines
Jimmy Dale27.1063rd - 48.53% Valentines
Denys Vuika27.1766th - 49.66% Valentines
Matthew Powell27.3470th - 50.67% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth29.4990th - 55.56% Valentines
Mary OBrien30.2899th - 69.04% Valentines
Scott McMillan17.592nd - 79.43% Wanstead
Daniel Lee20.4810th - 72.04% Wanstead
Ian Mackie 23.18 (course pb)34th - 73.32% Wanstead
Ava Lee23.4339th - 66.97% Wanstead
Andrew Howard25.1961st - 63.33% Wanstead
Richard Cravitz 25.35 (course pb)71st - 52.96% Wanstead
Fiona Day30.22137th - 66.74% Wanstead
Caroline Moore33.12152nd - 56.83% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards33.25157th - 48.98% Wanstead
Angela Daniel36.08175th - 42.34% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera36.08176th - 43.22% Wanstead
Alex Pickering19.223rd - 72.12% Walthamstow
Patrick Brown19.414th - 67.40% Walthamstow
James Nichols21.0813th - 63.17% Walthamstow
Andrew Baxter21.4417th - 68.94% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater25.4649th - 70.25% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.5658th - 57.55% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey29.4174th - 56.49% Walthamstow
Joseph Osakue18.34 (1st man)1st - 78.19% Barking
Karan Gadhia19.32 (course pb)3rd - 66.04% Barking
Mark Moir20.045th - 64.45% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali20.216th - 64.78% Barking
Sarah Burns25.17132nd - 62.82% Hackney
Maya Goodwin33.21255th - 50.27% Hackney
Caroline Frith21.3418th - 72.41% Roding
Peter Hatley22.31111th - 63.95% Roding
John Henry18.50 (1st man)1st - 73.01% Pymmes
Andy Bolderstone30.1760th - 47.17% Pymmes
Grace Turner24.50 debut51st - 59.60% Raphael
Katrina Betteridge27.16 (course pb)89th - 55.01% Raphael
Natasha Howard30.53166th - 50.19% Raphael
Nick Hoult26.15 debut15th - 54.86% Bevendean Down
Catriona Hoult28.22* debut23rd - 56.52% Bevendean Down
Phoebe Bowman24.46* debut59th - 60.36% Maidstone
Elizabeth ODonnell38.02* (course pb)272nd - 44.61% Seaton
Marc Akers28.04* debut70th - 51.72% Old Showfield
Stephen Swan22.45 debut22nd - 57.66% Wickford Memorial
Stuart Barton25.07 debut38th - 59.19% Wickford Memorial
Fiona Critchley26.24 *debut49th - 67.68% Wickford Memorial
John Booth20.023rd - 68.64% Beckton
Diana Rexhepaj30.4951st - 55.76% Beckton
Katherine Harris23.3038th - 65.46% Victoria Dock
Isabella Allan25.51 debut55th - 57.25% Victoria Dock
Arthur Diaz30.50 debut218th - 48.59% Chester
Shaun DeSena36.26 debut254th - 36.0% Market Harborough
Alexandra Wilkinson35.31141st - 47.77% Hockley Woods
Don Bennett40.18160th - 40.49% Thetford
Joanna Neville27.26186th - 55.77% Gunnersbury
Martin Quinlan27.11203rd - 53.83% Southwark
Robert Rayworth24.03 (course pb)34th - 58.97% Daventry

Chase The Sun 10km, Victoria Park - Wednesday 28th July 2021

Stuart Norris47.1090th

Chase The Sun 5km, Victoria Park - Wednesday 28th July 2021

Ross Lucas22.2821st

Elvis 4: Ilford AC Newman Hilly 5 - Wednesday 28th July 2021

Paul Quinton30.284th, 1st MV40 - scorer
Joseph Gunn 31.388th - scorer
Joseph Osakue31.5110th - scorer
Scott McMillan31.5411th - scorer
Alex Pickering32.1812th - scorer
Robert Dixon33.1018th - scorer
Karan Gadhia34.2222nd
Aaron Williams35.3629th
Caroline Frith35.4132nd, 1st Lady scorer
James Nichols35.4233rd - 32nd
Calvin Bobin35.4434th - 33rd
Shahib Miah Ali35.4535th - 34th
Nicholas Copas36.2440th - 38th
Michael Bamford36.2941st - 39th
Mark Moir36.3642nd - 40th
Jimmy Dale37.1349th - 46th
Amit Marks38.0460th - 56th
Becky Evans38.2762nd, - 6th, 1st FV50 - scorer
Vinesh Sampath Kumar38.5169th - 61st
Clive Stephenson39.3880th - 71st
Grant Conway40.2185th - 74th
James Creed40.4791st - 80th
Phoebe Bowman41.30100th - 15th scorer
Richard Guest42.00108th - 88th
Ciaran Canavan42.03109th - 89th
Ramesh Pala42.44110th - 90th
Shanavaz Malayodu42.47116th - 93rd
Jason Levy43.05120th - 96th
Lance Fuller43.33123rd - 98th
Andrew Howard43.39126th - 99th
David Taylor44.01129th - 101st
Nathaniel Dye44.08131st - 103rd
Catriona Hoult44.19134th - 30th scorer
Kathryn Hertzberg44.28135th - 31st scorer
Asif Hussain 45.16141st - 109th
Sandra Preston45.29145th - 34th scorer
Grace Turner45.49150th - 39th
Samir Younsi45.50151st - 112th
Amy Martin46.51162nd - 45th
Emily Clarke48.11169th - 51st
Carolyn Edwards48.25174th - 54th
Anna Dingle49.22182nd - 59th
Caroline Moore49.38184th - 60th
John Healy50.18185th - 125th
George Georgiou51.00190th - 129th
Helen McGuinness51.44193rd - 62nd
Morag Campbell51.53195th - 63rd
Mary Connolly52.11196th - 64th
Mary OBrien52.12197th - 65th
Kathy Morrissey54.03204th - 69th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera54.04205th - 70th
Rajeshwari Parthasarathy58.55216th - 77th
Maya Goodwin59.03218th - 79th
224 finishers with 56 ELR.


Photos from the Newman Hilly 5 (large collection, 745 items)

I used three spots: start line, end of the first loop (near the finish turn) and the finish line. Was making as many shots as possible to get a better rate of successful ones. My favourite set is the finish line as it shows emotions uncovered.
All photos are originals, 14.2MP, 4608×3072, Nikon D3100, pretty good quality compared to smartphones. Absolutely no filters besides automatic light correction (did today manually to every photo); you download what you like and apply the filters as you please.
That was the first time I tried to shoot so many moving targets in red t-shirts, so please don't get upset if some of the photos are blurry or having different runner in focus. Will have my lessons learned and hope to get even better shots next time.
Please share the link with those ELR runners that are not on Facebook but still want to get their photos.

Beacons Way Ultra 100 - Sunday 25th July 2021

Nathaniel Dye34 hrs.45.2512th of 64
start 6.00am
cp1 7 miles 1.33.25 at 7.33.25am
cp2 13 miles 2.59.16 at 8.59.16am
cp3 26 miles 5.52.40 at 11.52.40am
cp4 36 miles 9.40.24 at 15.40.24
cp5 45 miles 11.51.38 at 17.51.38
cp6 52 miles 14.05.33 at 20.05.33
cp7 59 miles 16.34.51 at 22.34.51
cp8 78 miles 24.09.13 at 6.09.13am
cp9 87 miles 29.06.22 at 11.06.22
FIN 100 miles 34.45.25 at 16.45.25pm

Beacons Way 100 Report
Well, running 100 miles is tough, but this was on another scale. The Beacons Way is a National Trail that (as the name suggests) traverses the Brecon Beacons mountain range. That means that, in order to finish, you have to run up and down mountains - a lot of mountains!
I thought I was well prepared for this. I've had a very solid training year with consistent high mileage and PBs at every major distance up to 50k. I ran 50 miles around a boring 2k loop. I took running on holiday to the Isle of Wight, completing consecutive days of 15, 45, 75 and 21k. I thought I'd better get used to the mountains, so went to Scotland and spent 5 days in the highlands, with over 6,000m of elevation. I even got used to the heat and tapered sensibly, feeling really fresh on race day. But nothing could prepare me for this!
The run started in pretty benign fashion on roads and through a golf course, before the mountains started getting serious. Running felt easy - really easy. So easy that I felt completely within myself running with the eventual second place finisher for 20 miles. He told me he'd recce'd the whole course twice, and given the course is hard to navigate, I stuck with him until he skipped down a steep descent and left me tripping over almost everything!
And this is when it became very clear that mountain skills are different to even standard trail running skills. I kind of knew this (hence the trip to Scotland) but terrain is a huge factor and makes mountain running into a completely different sport. Gruelling ascents alternated with tricky descents and the flat bits were often unrunnable. And that was without negotiating a path that that was rarely obvious, often overgrown and in many places didn't exist at all.
The first real off piste adventure occurred running with a bloke who was used to this kind of thing, having completed the dragon's back (an infamous 5 day stage race across all the hard bits of Wales) after just 2 years of running. We got lost in some bracken and had a very inefficient 10 minutes or so clambering back to the path, wishing we were armed with machetes to have a chance against the undergrowth. There would be a few other such occasions.
And so the effort continued and as the day wore on, I elected to run fewer and fewer of the runnable bits, and I spent much of the rest of the race analysing why. Did I set off too fast? Did the trip and fall at about 10 miles cause some damage? Did running out of water a couple of times have an effect? Did I push my quads too hard on the downhills? Probably all of these but I kept going anyway. Into the afternoon, I fell in step with about four others, including the eventual first female runner. She would finish over 3 hours ahead of me, with obvious differences being extraordinary skill at descending and a no nonsense attitude to stopping at check points. As I was just about getting round to filling water bottles, she was out the door and going again.
It felt like a significant milestone to reach the half way point of Pen Y Fan (the highest peak in South Wales) before dark and after the small matter of coming down that mountain, it was time for the night shift to begin. I happened to be walking with Nick and Nigel, who were about the same speed as it was time to switch on the head torches and we made a tacit agreement to trudge through the night together.
By this point, running wasn't really an option, what with the heavy legs, difficult terrain and near darkness, so overnight the run became a march. The weather had been remarkably kind to us (given the forecast) but as the mist descended on the mountains and the wind got up, the forces of nature played a greater part and at one point, I had to be helped into a jacket, not being able to move my freezing fingers.
Due to covid concerns, one checkpoint wasn't in operation, so from about 60-80 miles, there wasn't a place to get food or fill water bottles. This meant a very heavy backpack that was (now hilariously) augmented by some very kind campers who offered us supplies at about 2am. Nigel enthusiastically accepted, with the one problem that we now needed to carry a load of biscuits and juice cartons. Sometimes the British are too polite! However, this was just one example of being offered food and water throughout the race and the locals were amazingly kind and friendly.
As dawn broke, we were down to two as Nick needed to get warmer, so started running. Then, at about 6am, I entered a strange zombie-like state where I was walking, but my eyes were struggling to stay open, like sleep was about to take hold. So, naturally, I started to run in order to wake up a bit. By 7am on Sunday, I arrived at the c.75 mile checkpoint for a lovely morning coffee, washed down with red bull and crisps.
From here on, the terrain became more polarised. Much of the hard mountain business was done, but stretches of road alternated with almost impassable bogs and rock fields and by the final checkpoint at 87 miles, I'd resolved to write a strongly worded letter to whoever funds, maintains and signposts national trails.
One thing I'm certain I did well on this race was nutrition. I pretty constantly ate a 100 calorie snack every half hour and, amazingly, didn't have any really rough patches or feel depleted, or have any stomach trouble. This is a minor miracle. What bordered on being a major miracle was the second wind at around 88 miles when running seemed much more possible and I really powered through, even as the heat became a factor. I leapfrogged Nick and Nigel as I pushed on, then went off track a couple times, but felt great. The feeling lasted until my knees started to really hurt about 5 miles from the finish, when Nick, who'd better timed his second wind, eased past me. I plodded through until about the last 500 metres where I saw someone else behind me and went for a bit of a sprint in a strange and uncharacteristic fit of competitiveness. So that gave me 12th place and just under 35 hours of time on my feet.
The beacons way was without doubt the hardest race I've ever run, but despite the pain, massive blisters, sleep deprivation and never again wanting to set eyes on another mini malt loaf, I'll always remember the achievement. Now to find something even harder.

Asics London 10km - Sunday 25th July 2021

Vinesh Sampath Kumar48.241330th
Selina Vernal50.251773rd
Ford Cadiogan54.07 pb2672nd
Amy Martin55.172986th
Samir Younsi55.333058th

Bedford Grand Prix, Motor Circuit (16 miles) - Sunday 25th July 2021

Katherine Harris2.24.1319th, 2nd lady
Morag Campbell2.58.5534th, 2nd V45
Alice Barrett3.08.3135th

Bedford Grand Prix, Motor Circuit Half Marathon - Sunday 25th July 2021

Becky Evans1.46.29 pb74th, 2nd V50
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.21.35163rd

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 24th July 2021

James Nichols20.5212th - 63.98% Wanstead
Stephen Swan21.29 (course pb)15th - 61.06% Wanstead
Craig Simpson23.0428th - 61.92% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan24.1042nd - 59.59% Wanstead
Ian Mackie 24.20 (1st parkrun)44th - 70.21% Wanstead
Lance Fuller22.1249th - 64.68% Wanstead
Nick Hoult25.1855th - 56.92% Wanstead
Ramesh Pala25.2356th - 63.16% Wanstead
Stuart Barton25.3560th - 58.11% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult25.5264th - 61.98% Wanstead
Derek Wright26.2473rd - 55.87% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone26.5581st - 53.07% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor28.0386th - 60.49% Wanstead
Selina Vernal28.3993rd - 53.40% Wanstead
Andrew Howard29.10102nd - 54.97% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj30.19110th - 56.68% Wanstead
Morag Campbell30.44 (course & parkrun pb)111th - 53.90% Wanstead
Fiona Day31.20113th - 64.68% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.21115th - 60.18% Wanstead
Susannah McLaren32.44129th - 56.06% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera32.45130th - 47.68% Wanstead
David Wyatt33.20135th - 51.25% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards33.49138th - 48.40% Wanstead
Scott McMillan38.23157th - 37.21% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell38.41158th - 43.86% Wanstead
Stuart Kelly18.43 (1st man)1st - 71.33% Valentines
Billy Rayner19.302nd - 68.03% Valentines
Chloe Millan22.39 (1st lady)13th - 65.42% Valentines
Ross Lucas22.46 (course pb)14th - 64.79% Valentines
Jacob Stevens22.5015th - 62.12% Valentines
Michael Wilson24.2227th - 65.80% Valentines
Matthew Powell24.2730th - 57.12% Valentines
Isabella Allan25.45 pb36th - 57.48% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.4646th - 58.78% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.5447th - 58.05% Valentines
Mary Connolly29.0859th - 64.76% Valentines
Mary OBrien29.0960th - 72.78% Valentines
David Taylor32.4386th - 49.87% Valentines
Lauren Stevenson34.11 (1st parkrun)91st - 43.30% Valentines
Mark Durrant38.51105th - 39.90% Valentines
Caroline Frith22.0317th - 70.82% Roding
Jimmy Dale22.50 (course pb)22nd - 57.74% Roding
Sandra Preston27.2765th - 66.85% Roding
Joe Preston29.59 (course & parkrun pb)80th - 53.47% Roding
Alex Pickering18.355th - 71.08% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater25.2631st - 71.17% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.4844th - 57.84% Walthamstow
Juliet Lopez-Real34.0194th - 47.62% Walthamstow
Kasia Stachowiak23.54 (1st lady)11th - 63.32% Las Aniolowski
John Henry17.15 *(course pb & parkrun pb)3rd - 79.71% Finsbury
Joseph Gunn 17.53 *(course & =parkrun pb)3rd - 72.69% Rushcliffe
Patrick Brown19.51 *(debut)3rd - 66.83% Brentwood
Mark Moir21.20 *(debut)17th - 60.63% Stamford Park
Katrina Betteridge25.33 *(debut)62nd - 58.71% Teignmouth Prom
Peter Hatley23.40 *(debut)42nd - 60.85% Tamar Lakes
Liam Dempsey26.20 (debut)141st - 49.81% Southwark
Shaun DeSena37.40 (debut)58th - 34.82% Aldenham
Fiona Critchley27.2980th - 65.01% Great Notley
Alexandra Wilkinson36.26151st - 46.57% Hockley Woods
Ford Cadiogan25.1271st - 57.14% Highbury Fields
Shahib Miah Ali20.366th - 64% Barking
Clive Stephenson23.1814th - 69.46% Harrow Lodge
Don Bennett40.45160th - 40.04% Thetford
Robert Rayworth24.33 debut44th - 57.77% Daventry
* best time by an ELR on that course male & female.

Elvis 3 - Havering 90 Joggers Midweek 5, Raphaels Park - Tuesday 20th July 2021

Paul Quinton27.44 pb1st - scorer
John Henry28.31 pb3rd - scorer
Scott McMillan29.04 pb5th - scorer
Paul Woodmansey29.126th - scorer
Robert Spread29.249th - scorer
Joseph Gunn 30.01 pb13th - scorer
Fabrizio Stefanoni30.1615th
Daniel ODonoghue31.1421st
Billy Rayner31.2823rd
James Nichols31.2924th
Alex Pickering31.3025th
Karan Gadhia32.0733rd
Daniel Lee32.2636th
Mark Wyatt33.1441st - 40th
Nicholas Copas34.1949th - 48th
Mark Moir34.3652nd - 50th
Jimmy Dale34.42 pb53rd - 51st
Caroline Frith34.4854th - 4th scorer
Calvin Bobin34.4955th - 52nd
Michael Bamford35.0456th - 53rd
Jonathan Shaw35.2758th - 55th
Jacob Stevens36.5069th - 61st
Becky Evans37.4583rd - 11th scorer
Peter Hatley37.3885th - 75th
Ava Lee38.0486th - 12th scorer
Vinesh Sampath Kumar38.0687th - 76th
Chloe Millan38.4898th - 16th scorer
Grant Conway39.01104th - 87th
Ciaran Canavan39.13106th - 88th
Ramesh Pala40.26117th - 95th
David Taylor40.59120th - 97th
Phoebe Bowman41.11123rd - 26th scorer
Andrew Howard41.10124th - 101st
Lance Fuller41.30126th - 99th
Janet Bywater41.57128th - 27th scorer
David Hallybone42.14130th - 103rd
Katrina Betteridge42.39138th - 34th
Sandra Preston42.45139th - 35th
Catriona Hoult42.47140th - 36th
Grace Turner44.06 pb148th - 40th
Amy Martin43.55149th - 41st
Debbie Shearing44.28153rd - 43rd
Denys Vuika44.42155th - 112th
Steven Bywater44.40156th - 113th
Mark Durrant45.47164th - 117th
Caroline Moore46.32171st - 51st
Mary Connolly47.44181st - 57th
Helen McGuinness48.47189th - 60th
Morag Campbell49.11193rd - 63rd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera50.11199th - 66th
Mens team finished 1st with 37 pts and 1st overall after 3 events.
Ladies team finished 3rd with 96 pts and 2nd overall after 3 events.
Elvis points were based on the gun time while the recorded times in the results were chip times

Dorney Triathlon : Sprint - Sunday 18th July 2021

Joseph Gunn 1.10.4312th
750m swim, t1, 20km bike, t2, 5k run
15.39, 2.01, 33.58, 1.43, 17.20 = 1.10.43
133 finishers.

Lundy Island Race 2020 (13.4 miles) - Sunday 18th July 2021

Andrew Baxter2.30.2514th
Fiona Critchley3.11.5958th
Jonathan Wooldridge3.12.0059th
Stuart Barton3.34.0080th
108 finishers and 12 dnf's.

Fiona Critchley: Lundy Race Report.
Hot, very very beautiful, hot. The uphill start from the village on the central track, hot (& dusty). After a packed start, the small field began to spread out and within a couple of miles was just about single file. The first water station marked the turn onto the east coast cliff return. A narrow technical goat track with boulder sections & a steep drop into the sea. Exposed, hot & no wind, the few trees were a welcome but too brief respite. Steep steps up to the flag pole (why???) & back down before the climb up the road to the second water station. Hell, it was hot. Water both to drink & pour over my head, briefly cool.
Next was the undulating west coast, hot. Mainly grassy paths & slabs of granite, great views! Finally reaching the north end & the devastating discovery that they had not removed the section down to the lighthouse. The reward, a cup of warm cola and a steep climb back up, very very hot.
More water at the top and then the easy 4 miles or so back along the central path & a grassy path loop around the southern lighthouse to include the uphill finish.
This is a fantastic run (not race) on an absolutely beautiful island. But did I mention that it was too hot!

Stuart Barton: Race report from Lundy.
A special place in my heart has been taken up by Lundy island, stunningly beautiful landscape and picture perfect cottages. Three of us ELR arrived on the ferry Saturday morning and one more got the rave boat on the Sunday. From the dock is a steep walk up to the village (one shop one pub), we sat on the grass and ordered a beer as our accommodation was not ready and also why not. The house had amazing views over the sea back to the mainland and was just perfect. The race did not start until 12:30 Sunday and we could already feel the heat at breakfast registration opened at 11am for people staying on the island so we walked up, the word up may appear lots in this race report BTW.
Back to the house to stay in the shade for a while and to wait for the race boat with the final ELR on board.
A few photos and we're ready to get to the start line, a 2 minute walk up the hill from our cottage to the start where the sun was blistering on my back, I had decided to run with a small backpack containing sun cream some water and a foil blanket as this was part the rules.
The first 3 miles are undulating up the centre of the island to a very well needed water station, a quick refill of my bottle and some water over my head and I was off for the technical part of the race as it wax described, I now know the this means trying to run along a very narrow path with a 300 foot drop to your left covered in bracken and rocks for 3 miles, as this part finishes just for laugh you have to run up about 50 steps to a flag pole, how I laughed at this point.
Zig zag down from the flag pole for the second lap of the island, this is up the west side with stunning views over the ocean, a little cooler but not by much. Back at the north end before heading back and a left turn and down about 150 steps to the lighthouse. A warm flat coke is what you get for doing this ,thanks.
Back up a few rude words might of been said by me at this stage, the water station at the top is such a great sight and very much needed, I filled my bottle up with what I thought was water and poured it over my head, only then realising it was lemon squash. Poured loads of water over my head and soaked my hat to wash off. Just the centre path back now ish,
Just before you get to village you're sent off on a little loop to make up the distance this is slight up hill all the way I think or at least it felt like it. My watch I'm hit 13.1 miles and the finish line was not in sight, as you get towards the village your met by the other runners and spectators clapping and shouting but more importantly holding beers, I crossed the line picked up my medal and then got a pint.
I think I might be in love with Lundy, if you get a chance to go I suggest you take it. If you get a chance to run here well that my friend is up to you.
A special thanks to the support crew Margot and Bernard, and my three ELR team mates Jonathan Fiona and Andrew.
Now to rest my legs.

Run Through Dorney Lake Half Marathon - Sunday 18th July 2021

Manjit Bedi1.39.0920th
Maran Raju1.55.5860th
210 finishers

Explorer Run: World's Biggest Medal Half Marathon - Sunday 18th July 2021

Nathaniel Dye2.27.307th of 56

Orion Forest Five Series - Event 1, Chingford Plains. - Saturday 17th July 2021

Thomas Grimes29.553rd
Mark Boulton30.496th
Patrick Brown30.567th
John Henry31.099th
Calvin Bobin35.4631st
Ciaran Canavan42.3364th
Ramesh Pala44.4883rd
Lance Fuller45.2287th
Fiona Day54.46115th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera55.03117th

Chase The Sun 5km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 14th July 2021

Ross Lucas22.4631st

Chase The Sun 10km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 14th July 2021

Jamie Xavier43.4734th
Richard Guest48.5973rd
Clive Stephenson49.0375th
George Relf54.30140th
Anna Dingle1.01.32195th
Maya Goodwin1.13.56242nd

Pan Celtic Ride : 1,242 miles - Tuesday 13th July 2021

Sarah Burns5d, 6.53.3740th
Total time 9 days, 1 hr, 58m & 42sec / Total moving time 5 days, 6 hrs, 53 mins& 37 secs.
Day 1 109.7 miles ; Day 2 147.2 miles; Day 3 121.3 miles; Day 4 155.2 miles
Day 5 134.5; Day 6 163.5; Day 7 131.8; Day 8 84.23(football); Day 9 127; Day 10 49.2 miles.

Vitalty Westminister Mile, Hatfield House - Sunday 11th July 2021

Marc Akers10.17with family

Vitality 10,000m, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire - Sunday 11th July 2021

Jimmy Dale43.20115th
Shahib Miah Ali44.19136th
Ken Agnew49.45304th
Mark Durrant50.16320th
1,428 finishers.
Mark reports: Finally managed to run this race after it was re-arranged a few times and the organisers decided to hold it in Hatfield Park (not London). Getting there was fine and we started off in different time blocks (social distance). The start was a long path that felt like it took about 2 mins before it began to thin out as you were trying to pass people ahead of you. It was all run on undulating paths with a few small hills thrown in for good measure, to keep you on your toes. I was pretty happy with my time, I ran with Ken who stayed ahead of me all the way. I was glad it was over as it was a very warm day and some of the small hills do take it out of your legs. So it can only be on wards and upwards from here (I think).

Chiltern Ridge Half Marathon - Sunday 11th July 2021

Caroline Frith1.56.3014th, 2nd female.
Race Report for the Chiltern Ridge Half Marathon
Little did I know when I was splashing and bog snorkelling my way through the various XC courses over the winter, silently (and not so silently) cursing Jacob, Alexandra and Grant, that they would actually be really good practice for my first ever trail half marathon.
When a friend sent me the info for Chiltern Ridge Trail Half in April, I jumped at the chance - after all, a trail race in July couldn't possibly be muddy.
It only had 125 places, was really low key so I entered, looking forward to a race with zero pressure.
The course had nearly 1800ft of ascent so for the past few months I've really focussed on finding plenty of hills to run up - both locally in Epping forest and on the SW coast path when we were on holiday in May. My friend and I recceed it 10 days beforehand and not only was there plenty of mud, some of the hills were not runnable as they were so steep. We also went wrong a few times and did a whole section in the wrong direction - this was going to be tougher than I had originally thought.
My aim was sub 2 hrs which I thought was just about doable if things went well on the day.
The race started and finished in Wendover in Buckinghamshire. We had a 45 minute starting window, so we registered at the pub down the rd from the start, then wandered over, lined up and we were off. They set us off one by one at intervals, each one of us with a wrist band that we had to scan on the starter’s phone to activate. The first mile is straight up Coombe Hill then along the ridgeway before dropping down into the prime minister's country estate at Chequers. Lots of gates and security cameras to navigate, no time to see if Boris was home. A lot of the route was in woods and thankfully in the shade as it was sunny and warm out in the open. There was one water station that you passed in both directions, and straight after that at about 4 miles was the first killer hill that I power walked up, bent double with my hands on my knees. As a nice touch the photographer was at the top to catch our grimaces.
There was then a figure of 8 loop of white leaf nature reserve, which included more hills and mud, and a long section straight across a field of waist high broad beans!
Eventually we came back to the water station and from there it was 3 miles, mostly up hill, to the finish at the top of Coombe Hill. I had 30 mins to do the 3 miles if I was to make my sub 2 hr goal, but I still had to walk a couple of the hills because by then running up them would have been futile.
Lots of walkers out, I tripped over one dog who was chasing all the runners, plenty of gates to open and close, a few stiles to clamber over.
Thankfully with about a mile to go I knew I was going to make my target time. I had no idea I was coming second lady as well - I had passed 2 ladies in the first 3 miles then not seen any others for the whole race. I ran chunks of it on my own but could usually see someone up ahead, and parts of it ran with one or two others as we leap frogged each other up and down the hills - me over taking on the ups and being over taken on the downs.
The finish was by Coombe Hill Monument over looking the picturesque Aylesbury Vale and I was very glad to stop running! A nice chunky medal was given to me as I scanned my wristband on the phone again to finish.
The race required a bit of self sufficiency- the water station didn't provide cups or bottles so you had to provide your own. I ran with a camelbak for the first time which was fine. You were also required to have the route on your phone in case of navigation errors but actually the course was really well marked - it was fun spotting the arrows and orange ribbons tied to the trees.
The organisers were Runaway Adventures who I had never heard of but I highly recommend them now. I definitely plan on doing it again next year - would be fun to be joined by some more ELRs.
My final time was 1.56.30, just over a minute behind the leading lady and as it turned out we were the only 2 female finishers to come in under 2 hrs. Caroline

Royal Parks Series - Regents Park 5km - Saturday 10th July 2021

John Henry17.054th, 1st V40
John OBrien29.1638th

Essex XC Series, Thorndon Country Park - Saturday 10th July 2021

James Nichols45.1929th
Juliet Lopez-Real1.20.20256th

Orion's Fast Friday 10,000m at Walthamstow track. - Friday 9th July 2021

Patrick Brown35.58.245th

Essex 5000m Senior Championship, Chelmsford AC - Wednesday 7th July 2021

Paul Quinton16.56.85th, B Race
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez19.42 pb4th, Ladies race
Zoila reports: My mini Race report from the Essex 5000m track race.
It had been a long long time since I raced track and it was always the shorter races - 200m, 400m as a cadet. Luckily back then for the county and national cadet races they loaned us track spikes. So I took the plunge and wore mine.
I had taken half a day off work so I could go home to grab my kit before taking the long journey from North West London to Chelmsford.
I walked the mile and a half from the station to chelmsford athletics centre as a nice warm up.
The whole journey I kept an eye on my sugar levels which were dropping nicely. So I reduced my insulin rate so they wouldn't drop during the race.
Pre race my sugars were 15.3mmol/L so I did a correction dose of insulin.
I put on my spikes and ran up and down a bit on the side of the track for a quick reminder of how they feel.
The gun went off and off we went. I was running 4th quite close behind Kathryn. I eventually thought to myself I can handle a little more effort to run past her and ended up running 3rd for a while. I kept looking at my watch seeing my sugars were climbing up and up to 18.7mmol/L which at about half way meant I had the most horriffic all body stitch. One of the Colchester ladies ended up running past me with 2 or 3 laps left to run.
I was glad to hear the bell for the final lap and tried my best for a sprint finish but I did not feel great at all.
I finished 4th lady with a time of 19:42 (16 seconds knocked off my 5km PB) and incredibly high sugars levels.

Yateley 10km - Wednesday 7th July 2021

Richard Guest48.54137th
446 finishers.

Festival of Endurance, Hever Castle (The Aquathon) - Sunday 4th July 2021

Ava Lee1.51.19
1.9k swim 40.53
t1 5.54
10.5k run 59.05

Festival of Endurance, Hever Castle (The Gauntlet) middle distance tri - Sunday 4th July 2021

Daniel Lee6.38.35
1.9k swim 48.51
t1 7.35
90k bike 3.47.05
t2 3.43
half m 1.51.19

Regents Park 10km Summer Series - Sunday 4th July 2021

Shahib Miah Ali41.5813th

Run Harrogate 10km (multi terrain) - Sunday 4th July 2021

John Henry39.3015th

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 3rd July 2021

Morag Campbell1.00.23 pb106th
Katherine Harris1.09.40131st
Alice Barrett1.10.26136th

Chase The Sun 10km, Victoria Park - Wednesday 30th June 2021

Betty Bohane42.0426th, 3rd lady

Chase The Sun 5km, Victoria Park - Wednesday 30th June 2021

Ross Lucas22.2314th

Sikhs in the City Dawn to Dusk 10km - Sunday 27th June 2021

Karan Gadhia41.023rd
Manjit Singh53.22

Sikhs in the City Dawn to Dusk Ultra - Sunday 27th June 2021

Nathaniel Dye7.44.0682.57kms, 1st place
Nat reports; Dawn til Dusk Ultra Race Report
Well that was unexpected! After almost eight hours of running and eating, I seem to have picked up my first ever race win!
I certainly didn't go into this with at all lofty ambitions. After two weeks of abandoned long runs due to niggles and a throat infection that's still there, I was simply hoping to turn up and get in some useful training miles without having to carry all my own food. But upon starting, it appeared I was in good enough shape to move around at something like my easy pace of around 8 minute miles.
I was immediately hit with the realisation that the training this year must be paying off as what used to be a walking hill was, today, most definitely a running one. I'm sure I don't need to describe the route - 2km of unremarkable pavement on and around the back of Woodford Avenue. That said, the availability of food and water more than makes up for the lack of scenery as far as I'm concerned!
And so the miles ticked by with a familiarity that became strangely, almost transcendentally comforting. The occasional visits from ELRs taking photos and waving were a great boost too of course! I sacrificed the weight of a running vest for the ability to run without stopping too much and gain some momentum, which continued through marathon distance, then to 50k (4:17-PB!).
By this point, I started asking myself how long I should keep running, given I've got a 100 miler in a month's time, and resolved to aim for 50 miles, but take my foot off the gas a little. It was also around this time that I started noticing that no one seemed to be overtaking me and that I might be doing quite well. To my utter disbelief (I had a rather strange conversation with the timing person where I had to be told this about 5 times) it turned out I was leading the race by about 10k. This gave me enough motivation to keep going and grind out an unassailable lead.
With about 3 hours of the 8 to go, I was pretty much the only person still running and not walking up hill, but I still couldn't quite believe I was on track for the win. Someone even called me the Duracell bunny! I just focussed on the 50 miles and, despite slowing to 9 minute miles at best by the end, hit that milestone with just over half an hour to go. I walked/ran one more lap before my legs started to complain enough for me to call it a day 15 minutes early, not wishing to push my luck!
I was then presented with a small (but weighty) trophy and, more importantly, a plate of delicious hot samosas. Hoping to see a load of ELRs next time - it's still a really fun and friendly race!

Centurion Legionnaires Sprint Tri, Welwyn Garden - Sunday 27th June 2021

Maya Goodwin1.54.0322nd
750m swim 19.55 3.30
20.3k bike 53.39 1.51
5k run 35.06

Maya: I have finally forgiven Talulah the Trek for throwing me off in January.
Today she helped me whiz round a triathlon nearly six minutes faster than last year,
which I am delighted with. I am also delighted with my finishers cap.
''Incremental gains' is my new favourite phrase.

MK Marathon - Sunday 27th June 2021

Mark Durrant4.27.05 pb596th
Mark: Glad this race started at 07:30 for me and the bad weather held off.
This course was great with only a few slight undulations which got to me with about
4 miles left to go. Other than that, quite enjoyed it as I ran it quicker than last
year and finishing inside the MK Football stadium.

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 26th June 2021

Katherine Harris2.02.4016th, 1st FV40

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 26th June 2021

Richard Cravitz 57.20

Orion Harriers, John Clarke Memorial Fell Race - Friday 25th June 2021

Patrick Brown24.125th
Thomas Grimes24.549th
John Henry26.1515th
Alex Pickering27.3428th
Caroline Frith32.2159th
Jacob Stevens32.5360th
Catriona Hoult36.5284th
Stuart Barton43.11105th
Fiona Critchley42.19110th
Caroline Moore46.31120th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera47.45128th
Claire Emery55.25134th
Maya Goodwin1.11.42136th tailmarkers
Katherine Harris1.11.48137th tailmarkers

Elvis 2: East End Road Runners Midsummer 5km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 23rd June 2021

David Jordan15.482nd scorer
Paul Quinton16.434th , 1st MV40 scorer
Tom Howourth16.577th scorer
John Henry16.578th scorer
Fabrizio Stefanoni17.09 pb10th scorer
Scott McMillan17.11 pb11th scorer
Robert Spread17.23 pb15th
Paul Woodmansey17.4519th
Robert Dixon18.1025th
Joseph Gunn 18.1726th
Billy Rayner18.2127th
Alex Pickering18.2928th
Daniel ODonoghue18.30 pb29th
James Nichols19.0541st
Alexander Ward19.0642nd
Karan Gadhia19.1043rd
Nathaniel Dye19.11 pb44th
Mark Wyatt19.20 course pb45th
Daniel Lee19.2850th 48th
Sandeep Mashiana19.2952nd 50th
Shahib Miah Ali19.5158th 55th
Mark Moir19.5259th 56th
Nicholas Copas20.04 elr debut65th 62nd
Scott Hemmens20.0767th 64th
Jacob Stevens20.3781st 76th
Calvin Bobin20.4283rd 78th
Jonathan Shaw20.5089th 83rd
Michael Bamford21.0295th 88th
Caroline Frith21.0696th, 8th ,1st FV40 scorer
Becky Evans21.23 pb103rd, 10th scorer
Ava Lee21.30105th, 11th scorer
Stuart Norris21.37108th 97th
Vinesh Sampath Kumar21.40 pb111th 100th
Paula Bedford21.44113th, 12th scorer
Chloe Millan22.01119th, 14th scorer
Kasia Stachowiak22.03124th, 16th scorer
George Relf22.28 elr debut129th 111th
Grant Conway22.28131st 113th
Clive Stephenson22.34135th 117th
Selina Vernal22.57147th 23rd
James Creed23.11153rd 128th
Albert Ng23.12 pb elr debut156th 129th
Katherine Harris23.18158th 28th
Peter Hatley23.20160th 132nd
Jason Levy23.26162nd 133rd
Catriona Hoult23.44 pb174th 37th
Andrea Waller23.52 course pb179th 40th
Richard Guest24.00186th 143rd
Catherine Perry24.00187th 44th
Andrew Howard24.02189th 144th
Joanna Neville24.03 pb190th 46th
Kathryn Hertzberg24.05191st 47th
Gail Edwards24.18 pb199th 51st
Mark Durrant24.33206th 150th
Iftikhar Ahmed24.38 pb207th 151st
Samir Younsi24.38208th 152nd
Suzanne Bench24.38209th 57th
David Hallybone24.40210th 153rd
Grace Turner24.46 pb213th 60th
Janet Bywater24.49214th 61st
Ciaran Canavan24.51216th 154th
Sandra Preston24.52 pb217th 63rd
Tina Bennett25.04 course pb227th 69th
Katrina Betteridge25.06 pb229th 70th
Steven Bywater25.09232nd 160th
Michael Wilson25.23240th 167th
Debbie Shearing25.31 pb247th 76th
Amy Martin25.31 pb elvis debut249th 78th
Suzanne Taylor26.06259th 85th
Denys Vuika26.18263rd 177th
Carolyn Edwards26.29269th 89th
Caroline Moore27.12278th 96th
Morag Campbell27.50 pb290th 103rd
Jayne Browne28.03298th 108th
Kathy Morrissey28.10 pb302nd 110th
Helen McGuinness28.20303rd 111th
Anna Dingle28.35308th 114th
Fiona Day28.37309th 115th
Catherine Brett28.58312th 117th
Victoria Charlesworth29.11319th 123rd
Frank Brownlie29.15321st 198th
Iuliia Vuika29.18323rd 125th
Diana Rexhepaj29.20324th 126th
Stuart Barton29.24325th 199th
Alice Barrett29.25326th 127th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.56341st 138th
Maya Goodwin34.55364th 158th
Joanna Qiu35.31367th 160th
Samia Choudhury37.09372nd 163rd
Elizabeth ODonnell37.12373rd 164th
Katy Taylor37.30375th 166th
In case you haven't seen the provisional results from ELVIS 2, they are here, and what a set of results they are for the red army! As well as PBs and great times all over the places, we had some prize winners: David Jordan second man, Paul Quinton first VM40, and Caroline Frith first VW40. For the second successive race, the men's team (David, Paul, Tom Howourth, John Henry, Fabrizio Stefanoni and me) were comprehensive winners, and after coming a very narrow second in Dagenham, it looks like the women's team (Caroline, Becky Evans, Ava Lee, Paula Bedford, Chloe Millan and Kasia Stachowiak) were wait for it JOINT FIRST (hang on, shouldn't it go to penalties or something?).
As I said, these are provisional results, so please check that your result is included! We've already spotted an issue with Danny Lee's result and EERR are onto it, but let us know if there are any other omissions that need correction before the results are finalised.
What a great night - well done everyone, from a very proud team captain! Scott

Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 20th June 2021

Scott McMillan36.359th
Karan Gadhia40.27 pb24th
Mark Moir41.1528th
Shahib Miah Ali42.0835th

Dartford Midnight Half Marathon - Saturday 19th June 2021

Diana Rexhepaj2.20.5537th, 2nd FSV

Dartford Midnight Marathon - Saturday 19th June 2021

Michael Bamford4.15.3737th

Camino Ultra 50km, Lea Valley - Saturday 19th June 2021

Jose Rodriguez3.40.3912th
Calvin Bobin4.49.5565th

The Wall 2021: 70m Carlisle to Newcastle - Friday 18th June 2021

Peter Hatley18.06.44Grade: Expert

5000m Fest, Track, Lee Valley - Wednesday 16th June 2021

Patrick Brown17.31.55th, Sen Men 5000
Robert Spread18.54.67th, Men Vets 5000

Chase The Sun 5km, Clapham Common - Wednesday 16th June 2021

Ross Lucas23.5338th , 1st V50

Woodford Green Open 800m - Tuesday 15th June 2021

Fabrizio Stefanoni2.16.5210th

Saxon Shore Half Marathon - Sunday 13th June 2021

Debbie Shearing2.13.05284th
758 finishers, Women 81st of 364.

Debbie was in action in the 4th Saxon Shore Half Marathon held over the scenic seafronts of Whitstable and Herne Bay on an out and back course with a notorious hill into Beltinge and finishing up a final hill to the castle. It wasn't an easy course and the effect was not helped by the sunshine and there being no shade or cooling breeze. Plenty of reports thanking the marshals but a water station at only halfway, then nothing for the rest of the race or at the finish due to covid restrictions.

Debbie comments: Thanks for the mention. It was tough in the heat, so I realised a couple of miles in I was not going to get anywhere near a PB. And at least 1 minute of my time was taken up by me pouring water over myself at the 1 water station!! But the whole time, I kept looking forward to a swim in the sea at the end and it made it all worth it!

Dorney Lake 5km - Saturday 12th June 2021

John OBrien30.1036th

Conquer Crystal Palace Half Marathon - Saturday 12th June 2021

Alice Barrett2.37.5896th

Essex XC Trail Series, Belhus Woods Country Park - Saturday 12th June 2021

James Nichols43.4031st

Norfolk Arms fell race, Peak District - Friday 11th June 2021

Patrick Brown42.225th
Also Euan Brown 1st 41.25 & Alex Day 6th 42.48. 50 finishers.

Chase The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 9th June 2021

Paul Quinton37.377th, 1st V40
Jamie Xavier44.4159th
Clive Stephenson48.4591st, 1st V60
Richard Guest49.37102nd,

Stour Valley Trail Half Marathon - Sunday 6th June 2021

Kathy Morrissey2.53.3940th
96 finishers.

Conquer24, Exeter - Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th June 2021

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera4 x 5m
Jacob Stevens6 x 5m
1st place in the Mixed Large Team was Smells Like Team Spirit
33 laps in 24.16.29, fastest lap 36.03, average of 44.08.
Lap distance: approx 5 miles trail. Team size: 7

Alexandra reports: What a weekend! In 2019, a group of people decided to enter a 24 hours trail relay race in Devon: Conquer 24 and a few lockdowns later, it finally happened with a great addition as our chairman joined our team of 7 (2 ELRs, 3 Ilford AC and 2 D88 runners) a few months ago. Jacob and I were particularly happy it was going ahead as two relay races we had entered this year had been cancelled: The Spitfire Scramble and The Ragnar White Cliffs.
The drive was long but we had a good night of sleep on Friday night in Exeter before Jacob, Diarmuid and I drove to the castle where the rest of the team had spent the night and we started to strategize. We knew we would have to adapt on the way but we didn't know how much more serious our planned 'laid-back/we are here to enjoy ourselves and just participate' attitude would have to switch.
We started with our 3 faster runners: Diarmuid,
Craig then
Aaron with me as the meat of the sandwich then Jacob, Nils and Lee (with a broken toe) would finish the rota. We were warned about some hills but I couldn't see any so didn't really worry about them (foolish me!) and the guys went so fast that I had just around 5 hours in between my laps. I might have commented a bit (very gently, I am sure!) about the fact that they should slow down. Then, came the night and we started to realize that we were leading the Large mixed team category! What ? That was not the plan at all !!! So, suddenly my 'well, guys, I will try to do 3 laps but really can't do 4' became then a 'Not only I'll do a 4th one but I'll give it my greatest efforts' So, I was still a slug but at least I was a consistent slug with about 57 mins for each 5 miles lap, there was no way I could run those 5 hills! Many highlights but my favourite was hearing the midnight church bells as I was passing the castle during my night run! Some have given extra efforts as Diarmuid ran 7 laps (included 2 doubles), Jacob: 6 including the last one and
Nils ran his last lap with a twisted ankle. We ran a total of 33 laps and realised our main competition was actually running in another category only when they gave them their trophy. That was a second amazing surprise and we were ecstatic!
It was a really well organised event by a super humble race director who is clearly an experienced runner (he ran the African Continent from West to East !) and they thought of everything : large carpark, great well marked course with beautiful lights at night, showers on site, toilets regularly cleaned, unlimited drinking water, free sports massages from sports students, food trucks and even a funny commentator who couldn't pronounce my name!
Jacob and I were quite tired on the way back to drive so happy we were sharing it but there is a big chance we might go back next year … With more ELRs this time, maybe ?

Run Through Hertfordshire Half Marathon, Knebworth - Sunday 6th June 2021

Selina Vernal1.50.35328th
Andrew Baxter1.54.45417th
Andrew: Today's lesson, don't try to run a half marathon 3 days after your 2nd covid jab.

South Cambridge Half Marathon - Saturday 5th June 2021

James Creed2.02.2888th
163 finishers

Run To The Sea Brighton 50km - Saturday 5th June 2021

Nathaniel Dye4.37.4814th
276 finishers.

Nat reports: Run to the Sea 50k Race Report
Being the first running of this event, people might like to know the deal for next Year, so here's what it was like:
I took the option of a bus from the finish in Hove, to the start at a very posh school in Horsham. The organisers made a huge effort to be covid compliant, with half full busses and a start staggered over two hours to allow for distancing. As well as finish line bags, they had the option of leaving snacks etc at two of the checkpoints, which might be useful for some. I didn't use this option as there was loads of food and water at the four checkpoints anyway.
The first 14 miles were really flat and along a shady path - the South Downs link. I probably didn't need trail shoes, even with the rain yesterday and the paths were good and runnable throughout. You don't often get this luxury on ultras and I pushed on whilst the going was good before hitting the Downs. This bit was the polar opposite - lots of steep climbs and with no cover from the sun. Then again, the scenery was beautiful. After some undulation, the descent to the Brighton seafront seemed well earned and I kept going without losing too much pace, which must be a benefit of all the recent miles in training.
For anyone looking for a first point to point ultra and glorious day out, I'd really recommend it. Definitely easier than Beachy Head!

Elvis 1: Dagenham 88 Runners 5 ish, Dagenham Park - Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Patrick Brown29.287th - 7th scorer
Fabrizio Stefanoni29.31 pb8th,- 8th 1st MV40 - scorer
Paul Woodmansey29.379th - 9th scorer
Robert Spread30.0112th - 12th scorer
Scott McMillan30.03 pb13th - 13th scorer
John Henry30.2517th - 17th scorer
Alex Pickering31.1720th - 20th
Billy Rayner31.2222nd - 22nd
Daniel ODonoghue31.2623rd - 23rd
Joseph Gunn 31.3124th - 24th
Karan Gadhia32.05 pb29th - 29th
Mark Wyatt32.2332nd - 32nd
Sandeep Mashiana32.4536th - 36th
James Nichols33.2643rd - 43rd
Mark Moir33.2944th - 44th
Daniel Lee33.5450th - 49th
Calvin Bobin34.3856th - 54th
Shahib Miah Ali35.0063rd - 60th
Jacob Stevens35.5173rd - 69th
Becky Evans36.0375th,- 5th 1st FV50 scorer
Louis Le Roux36.1677th - 72nd
Jimmy Dale36.1978th - 73rd
Kasia Stachowiak37.11 pb87th - 7th scorer
Clive Stephenson37.1388th - 81st
Chloe Millan37.2391st - 8th scorer
Vinesh Sampath Kumar37.4497th - 88th
Ava Lee38.02103rd,- 12th 1st FV40 scorer
Selina Vernal39.17115th - 16th scorer
James Creed39.20117th - 100th
Grant Conway39.27122nd - 105th
Michael Wilson39.31124th - 106th
Emily Clarke39.35126th - 19th scorer
Jason Levy39.35 pb127th - 108th
Richard Guest40.35137th - 112th
Liam Dempsey41.20 pb145th - 116th
Sandra Preston41.41 pb148th - 30th
Cathal Lynch42.29155th - 122nd
Steven Bywater42.59163rd - 128th
Andrew Howard43.04164th - 129th
Catriona Hoult43.26168th - 37th
David Hallybone43.57172nd - 134th
Janet Bywater44.02174th - 39th
Denys Vuika44.04176th - 137th
John Healy44.28180th - 141st
Debbie Shearing45.13187th - 44th
Bernadett Kalmar45.39192nd - 47th
Caroline Moore46.04195th - 49th
Morag Campbell47.41 pb209th - 59th
Kathy Morrissey47.50 pb213th - 63rd
Viktor Szabadi47.53214th - 151st
Helen McGuinness48.56224th - 70th
Isabella Allan50.40232nd - 74th
Alice Barrett50.50 pb233rd - 75th
Frank Brownlie50.59234th - 159th
Veronica Carrasco51.04235th - 76th
Iuliia Vuika51.18236th - 77th
Diana Rexhepaj51.28236th - 78th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera52.41242nd - 84th
Victoria Charlesworth53.29243rd - 85th
Maya Goodwin1.03.52256th - 92nd
Katy Taylor1.03.53257th - 93rd
Team Results
Men 1st 66pts, Ilford AC 2nd 99pts
Ladies 2nd 67pts, Ilford 1st 65pts

Boston Marathon (UK) - Monday 31st May 2021

John Henry2.53.11 pb76th
Robert Dixon2.57.59 pb106th

Angles Way Ultra 50km - Sunday 30th May 2021

Nick Hoult5.49.5717th
Catriona Hoult6.05.5425th
Nick: Wahey! We're ultra marathon runners! Survived the Angles Way 50km. Expected it to be tough, but it exceeded all expectations. It started hurting less than half way round and didn't get easier. Maud Hodson's advice was to start slow. I managed that, but then just got even slower! Plenty of walk breaks for even the slightest hint of a hill. Very beautiful route through the Norfolk Broads and perfect weather - blue skies but enough of a breeze to keep cool (a lot cooler than London I think).
The final straw for me was getting back to the hotel desperate for a shower to find it broken, so ended up trying to wash of sweat in the basin.

Catriona: Nick Hoult and I are finally home and gradually recovering from the Angles Way 50km, our first ultra. It was even tougher but also more lovely than I expected. They took us by bus to the start and then we followed a long distance footpath through the Norfolk Broads back to Great Yarmouth. Very scenic, very flat (although I still took walk break at the slightest hint of a hill) and almost perfect weather. But boy - 50km felt like a loooong way. I'd naively thought that it was 'only' 5 miles more than a marathon, but that's not how it felt. I felt like I'd already done a marathon by about 13 miles in and from then on my smiley optimism turned to swearing and groaning all the way.
The field became so spread out that at times I didn't see another soul for miles and it felt like you were the only person in the world. I was quite surprised to see the results and discover that we both finished comfortably in the top half.
We stayed a second night in Great Yarmouth before coming back today and managed a portion of chips in the hotel bar AFTER our dinner. It's not often you can get away with that.
We're raising money for Place2Be which offers mental health support in schools. Lots of people have been very generous and we've raised very nearly £1000.

Folkstone Coastal 10km - Sunday 30th May 2021

Ross Lucas49.27176th

London To Brighton 100km - Saturday 29th May 2021

Paula Bedford12.52.5827th, 5th lady
Old Deer Park Start
Green Lane Rec - 11.8k - 1.13.22 - 150th
Oak Park - 24.6k - 2.38.15 - 132nd
New Henshaw Farm - 41.4k - 4.44.13 - 108th
Tulleys Farm - 56.1k - 6.49.03 - 82nd
Ardingly College 67.8k - 8.27.11 - 59th
Wivelsfield 80.2k - 10.21.37 - 42nd
Plumpton Coll 88.2k - 11.18.56 - 34th
Brighton Races 100k - 12.52.58 - 27th

Kempton Park Marathon - Saturday 29th May 2021

Ford Cadiogan4.56.53270th of 299.

Run Through Velopark Series Half Marathon - Saturday 29th May 2021

Katherine Harris2.11.512nd V40

Be Fit Today Track Academy, Jim Peters Stadium, Dagenham (800m) - Saturday 29th May 2021

Fabrizio Stefanoni2.14.739th

Big East Triathlon, - Sunday 23rd May 2021

Caroline Frith1.03.3828th
Michael Bamford1.15.3860th
Sarah Burns1.22.45
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera1.26.1070th
Maya Goodwin25.58 swim only
Anna Dingle
Results: Swim leg was reduced to 500m due to water temperature, cycle leg was cancelled due to road obstruction. Results were compiled using swim and run only. Some chose not to the run leg but he Aquabike which should have been swim and bike.

Caroline Today was the Big East Triathlon , which I entered when I assumed the weather would be warm by now!! The swim was touch and go but they finally decided to go ahead with a shorter 500m distance as the water temp was only 12c - for me it was an exercise in not drowning as it was in a tidal estuary with a strong current. The 27 mile bike was reduced to 10 because a 20 tonne digger overturned, closing the road(!) but the run was the full 10k and I loved it and we got to go to the pub.

Maya ; An Aquabike event is a triathlon without the running. So the best bits of a triathlon really I think.
Today's event was a 500m swim and a 25k bike. After a delayed start we were in the marina to swim. It was choppy and bouncy and tasted so salty, and the buoys kept drifting as we swam round them. And on the final stretch the tide pulled you away from the finish if you stopped swimming. I was VERY pleased to reach solid ground.
After spending most of transition muttering to myself about how I was never going in the sea again, I gingerly got on my bike. 'Let that go now Maya. The swim is done, it was horrid, but it's done. Now just ride.’
I set off, and after about a mile I was finding my pedal legs and starting to feel comfortable. And then, competitors were riding back. What? My swim wasn't THAT slow surely? And they started to shout as they passed me: "The road is closed, turn round!"
And eventually I did. Back to transition, and we were told the cycle was cancelled. The run was still on though if we fancied it? We didn't. We walked instead, and had a lovely time, and then had a pub lunch.
Quite a lot of faff, money, time and travel for a 500m swim and 5 mile cycle. But you know what? It was worth it. I learnt a lot about sea swimming: breathe on the side away from the waves, don't give up trying, don't swallow it. And I was proud of how I managed to put my swim stress away so I could ride.
And our 5k walk was lovely. As was the pub lunch.

Alexandra; Great outdoor day at the Big East Triathlon today with Maya Goodwin, Sarah Burns, Anna Dingle, Caroline Frith and Michael Bamford!
A bit of an atypical one, because of the water temperature, we only got the sea swim confirmed (and shortened to my despair) one hour before the delayed start. Then, an accident on the road meant a road block and having the route rerouted (for those patient enough to wait for it) or shorten (to my delight!).
And the run, oh gosh, was tough ! Grassy, windy seawall field for the second part.
But it was all forgotten when we all had lunch together, where I noticed that triathletes were a lot less social than runners, they all went home directly after the event! Unbelievable, that's the best part!!!!

Run Through Olympic Park 5km - Saturday 22nd May 2021

Ross Lucas22.3423rd, 1st V50

Woodford Green Invite Meeting, Ashton Playing Fields - Saturday 22nd May 2021

Fabrizio Stefanoni1500m

Hurdles & Middle Distance events, Bromley - Saturday 22nd May 2021

Patrick Brown16.42.338th , 5000m

Lake Dorney Half Marathon - Saturday 22nd May 2021

Paul Quinton1.13.59 pb3rd, 1st V40
Ford Cadiogan2.01.20 pb273rd
340 finishers

Run Through Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 22nd May 2021

Jamie Xavier44.1560th male
Katherine Harris48.0310th lady, 2nd FV40
Debbie Shearing54.1338th lady
Arthur Diaz58.43173rd man

Shires and Spires Ultra 35m (55.5k) - Sunday 16th May 2021

Ford Cadiogan9.13.43214th / 223.

Colchester Stampede Volunteers - Sunday 16th May 2021

Michael Bamford
Caroline Frith
Michael and I volunteered at the Colchester Stampede 10k this morning-
we had an excellent vantage point next to the elephants which provided
great amusement amongst the runners, with many of the more leisurely
ones stopping for selfies on the way past. Only one torrential downpour
and we got to have a mooch around the zoo afterwards. It seemed friendly
and well organised, I have no idea what the course was like but I’ve
heard rumours of hills.

Run Through Colchester Stampede 10km - Sunday 16th May 2021

Andy Bolderstone50.33307th
Gail Edwards51.27 pb347th
Amy Martin53.47 pb448th
Alice Barrett1.04.19945th
It was brutal but sweet after all. I got leg cramps at mile 14 so I have to JogWalk
the remaining distance. Yes, I finished the race & seems they had been considering
the time limits. Unfortunately medals from the supplier did not arrive on time so
it will be mailed soon.

Kew Air 10km, Kew Gardens - Saturday 15th May 2021

Robert Spread35.57 pb12th
Suzanne Bench50.14367th, 4th (age group)
Andrea Waller52.26470th
Robert Spread
Great race, very bendy! Pretty busy at the start but cleared out and was lovely scenery.

Andrea Waller
Was really good, felt very safe and well organised. Free places for us too as NHS. Happy days. And cake afterwards obvs!

Reunion 5km, Kempton Park - Saturday 15th May 2021

John Henry17.5631st, halfway 8.40
Karan Gadhia19.03 pb72nd, halfway 9.23
Joanna Neville24.12 pb419th, 12.03.
1089 finishers, B Race ( 785 A Race)
Karan Gadhia
It was a good race though and we both really enjoyed it. Race B had a mass wave start which was brilliant to be part of again after so long. Nice flat route round the race course and surrounding area with a lake. Really well organised - it all felt very normal and safe. Hopefully we'll all be doing 5k on Saturday morning in 3 weeks time

Chase The Sun 5km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 12th May 2021

Ross Lucas22.27

Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 12th May 2021

Paul Quinton36.3314th
Clive Stephenson46.42112th
Morag Campbell1.01.19 pb271st

Ultra X 125 Scotland : Day Two (50km) - Sunday 9th May 2021

Jose Rodriguez5.10.112nd, 1st overall.13.04.38
Day 2 : 50 km in 5.10.11 (6.12 per km) . Averaging for 125 km : 6.16 per km or 10.06 per mile.
Day 2 began with Jose gaining another 5 minutes between the start and checkpoint 2,
but Carla then pushed ahead approaching CP3, then 4 and the finish.
Jose finished 2nd in 5.10.11, with a total time of 13.04.38.
He had won overall as Carla's time was 13.09.13.

Thank you everyone! It's been very hard today but manage to keep the first place.
Over the moon here! Can't wait to have a nice bath..

Report: Pt 2 - Sunday, I had breakfast and tried to stretch my poor legs. Overall I wasn't feeling that bad ( the long runs back to back seemed to have an effect)but my quads were still like rocks. We started at 8 am. I was first , follow every few seconds by the rest. The 2nd male, Paulius a sky runner from Latvia started very strong pushing in front of me..that made me slightly nervous...I had 1 hour cushion from the day before but I wonder if he just got lost and here he was full of energy ready to reduce that gap...I decided to don't let him go, even if a fast start wasn't what I had planned. I took the lead after 1st Check point and managed to keep it until 12-13 km to the end where Carla passed me looking much fresher than me My quads were very painful and not responding well so the downhills were very dangerous ( I had fallen previously in similar situations)and I tried to go slow and don't risk falling...I was controlling the gap with Carla and managed to win overall with around 4 min gap and 1h and 23 min ahead of 2nd male.
The organisation was spectacular. Everyone was so nice and friendly and marking was the only reason I'm still not lost in the mountains. The pizza and beer at the end was also amazing.
Overall I surprised myself with the result as living in London there are not many hilly places to train and I wasn't expecting to do so well up in the mountains. Training wise I just added the back to back long runs, nothing super-crazy...and I started using kettle bells for strength. By far, the most difficult/ stressful thing of the whole experience it was, without any doubt, trying to get ready the mandatory kit and all the essential kit and pack it in a 6kg bag..of course just as I was living the hotel on Saturday morning, my bag bursted open and I had to use a bin bag as a holdall bag the rest of the weekend. Not the most glamorous runner.
It was great to see all the support messages and see how much fun some of you had tracking me. You are all so supportive and amazing human beings.

Start-CP 1 Jose 43.41, Carla 44.20,
CP 1-2 : 55.22 , 59.49,
CP 2-3 : 1.29.45, 1.26.47,
CP 3-4 : 1.01.19, 56.48,
CP 4-Fin: 1.00.04, 49.22.

Ultra X 125 Scotland : Day One (75km) - Saturday 8th May 2021

Jose Rodriguez7.54.271st
125 km's in two days, 75 km on day 1 and 50 km on day 2 with 3,363 metres of climbing.
Day 1 finished in 1st place in 7.54.27 (6.19 per km), 2nd place was Carla Molinaro the
LEJOG World Record holder from 2020 in 8.10.38, giving him a 16 min cushion for Day 2.

Thanks guys!! You are so amazingly supportive!! ELR representative at ultraX Scotland!!
I just hope I can recover enough for tomorrow.

Report :Pt 1 - As promised here is the race report:
During the last couple of years I've increasingly got more bored of running on roads so I usually found myself running in the beautiful Epping forest. I started considering ultra and a friend of mine let me the book "The rise of the ultra runners by Adharaman Finn. I think as soon as I finished the book I signed up for my first ultra. I did the Country to Capital in January 2020 where I made the podium in 3rd position ( just in front of Carla Molinaro again). Last year has been really hard for training due to health issues and the cancellation of most races...and I did really struggled to put my shoes on and go for a run and virtual races did not motivate me neither...In September I signed up for an ultra( Chiltern wonderland 50 miles)I was still suffering from health issues and halfway I started suffering from cramps and for injured with my IT band even after that I manage to finish 7th...so I was very pleased and happy to being able to race.
Ultra X Scotland was my 3rd ultra marathon and my first multi-stage. The race was in the Highlands in Scotland, 125 km and 3.363 m around the mythical Loch Ness. Saturday we started in Inverness at 7 am and finished in Fort Augustus. I had never run in the mountains before so I wasn't sure what to expect and how my legs will respond in that type of terrain. The plan was to try and stay with Carla ( I knew we run to a similar pace and she is super-experience, but surprisingly I found myself leading and I was feeling comfortable. I decided to do my own race thinking they'll catch me soon. I was shock at the wilderness of the terrain ( jumping fences with barded wire), mud, snow, rocks, crossing rivers...but I have to admit that it was kind of fun. Around the last check point, I spoke to my husband who was tracking us. I didn't want to push unnecessarily as we had another 50 km to do the following morning but I wanted to keep some cushion time from Carla as I knew she will probably will recover much better than me. I finish first with 16 min cushion from the overall second ( Carla) and 1 hour with the second male...I was worried that I might have pushed too much on day 1 and I'll not be able to move on day 2 but I manage to keep this negative thoughts at bay. We slept in a tent in fort Augustus, it was cold and body was aching so no much sleep at all...the only luxury that we had it was hot water for the food. I made sure at ate right from the beginning ( dehydrated food is not that bad:), had some herbal tea and instant coffee to keep warm. It was a nice atmosphere, everyone was very friendly and congratulate me on my 1st day victory. I felt a bit out of place with the all attention if I'm honest... From there... keep warm, eat, drink and stretch...The camp was absolutely beautiful but it was absolutely cover by sheep excrements...not like you care too much to step on them at the time

London Spring 10km, Regents Park - Saturday 8th May 2021

Tom Howourth36.286th
Ross Lucas50.1747th

Essex XC 10km series: Event 1 - Hylands Park - Saturday 8th May 2021

James Nichols44.1039th

Essex Cycle Sportive (42 miles), Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Sunday 2nd May 2021

Anna Dingle3.40.11
Caroline Frith3.44.01
Susannah McLaren3.49.36 Bronze
Maya Goodwin4.00.39
Katherine Harris4.18.50
Stuart Barton4.18.50
Marc Akers4.42.13
Alice Barrett4.42.14
Maya Goodwin reports: Tour Essex Sportive. The short route.

I nearly stopped at 0.25 mikes, every bit of gravel and every dent in the road looked like it had bone breaking potential. I was terrified and 'I can't do it' was on repeat in my head. Not a great mantra to carry me along for the next four hours! Hmmm. Sarah Burns said that she uses a one syllable word on repeat for the bad times. So the next 10 miles were covered by me mainly saying 'jam' on repeat.
Miles 10-20 were covered by me mainly singing show tunes.
Miles 20-27 were covered by me mainly counting down the miles to the food station
Miles 27- 42 were covered by me mainly grumbling to myself.
And then I finished. I've just managed to get the dead fly out of my eye that flew in at 30 miles. So that was nice.
And now I'm mainly not getting off the sofa.

Country to Capital Ultra : 43 miles - Saturday 1st May 2021

Regis Martin6.55.4871st of 202
CP 1 7.5 miles 1.07.54
CP 2 17 miles 1.39.22 = 2.47.16
CP 3 26.2 miles 1.30.49 = 4.18.05
CP 4 32.9 miles 1.04.20 = 5.22.25
CP 5 37.1 miles 0.39.00 = 6.01.25
Fin 43 miles 0.54.23 = 6.55.48

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 1st May 2021

Mark Boulton35.166th
Patrick Brown36.5416th
Ross Lucas49.35132nd
270 finishers.

Sherry Media Maraton , Jerez (20.9kms) - Sunday 25th April 2021

Antonio Martin Romero1.20.451st
Nice birthday present. Glad to run back on my land and see many friends,
even though I missed several minutes in the fastest part of the circuit
for a poorly placed beacon and down jumping enfangled vines to the
desperate and other things. The end time doesn't reflect how well I've
run, but I'm stuck with that I'm fit. 22.50 km for my Garmin.
(Translation on facebook)

Lee Valley Open track meet, 800m - Sunday 25th April 2021

Fabrizio Stefanoni2.16.012nd place, heat 2 800m

Run Through Goodwood Motor Circuit Marathon - Sunday 25th April 2021

Robert Spread2.46.41 pb16th, 5th V40
Paul Woodmansey2.47.37 pb17th, 6th V40
215 finishers.
Paul reports: A pb for me but it was hard work.
A PB that's stood for about 12 years but found it pretty tough!
Windy conditions and wouldn't do a lapped course again out of
choice. But got a decent GFA time for London next year which was
the aim so am pretty thrilled. The biggest shame was to have no
family/friends there to celebrate with - racing is pretty sterile
right now.

End Of The Year 10m, Staplehurst - Sunday 25th April 2021

Alice Barrett1.54.16190th
200 finishers.
Alice reports: Today I completed my first long race in over a year (10 miles).
I had to start marathon training with time on my feet so I thought this would be perfect.
The first 6 miles were lovely, there were ponies, llamas and rabbits and I was running
at a quicker pace than planned...and hadn't complained once! I then turned the corner
and saw hill after hill so had to have a cheeky little walk.
The last 2 miles felt tough and the scenery looked like the Essex 20 and due to only
running 6 miles in training it felt like I had run the Essex 20. I was aiming for 2 hours
so was pleased with my time, without the hills it would have been lovely.

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 24th April 2021

Jamie Xavier45.1245th
Ross Lucas52.5181st

Essex Marathon, Debden Airfield - Sunday 18th April 2021

Calvin Bobin3.42.5092nd
Michael Wilson4.23.03117th
Kirk Johnson5.02.34 pb124th
Michael Wilson: 37th Marathon and a new one for me.
6 laps (26.2 miles) of a measured course on a disused airfield around RAF Debden,
Carver Barracks, Near Saffron Walden, Essex. The shape of one lap of the course
is meant to resemble the figure of an aeroplane! Completely in the open, there
was no shelter from the early cold breeze and the sun later on. A great day out
and good to be able to run a marathon again.
Finishing Time: 4.23.03.

Run Through Leicestershire Half Marathon - Sunday 18th April 2021

John Henry1.17.21 pb22nd
Previous best was 1.20.17.

Loseley Park 10km - Sunday 18th April 2021

Andrew Baxter46.5920th
Andrew Baxter
Tough race on hard rutted trails in glorious countryside around Loseley Hall
down near Guilford. Couple of very tough climbs but rewarded with amazing
views and a mainly downhill finish. Just over 150m of elevation gain - which
have to admit was a bit of a shock to system and big steep descent was almost
as bad as the climb!

Dorney Lake Half Marathon - Sunday 18th April 2021

Paul Woodmansey1.18.45 pb 13th / 279
Paul Woodmansey
Thanks. A PB for me, knocking nearly 3 mins off my best time set
12 years ago as a sprightly 28 yr old. If there's been one benefit
to lockdown, it's that I've been able to train consistently and
it seems to be paying dividends!

Chingford League Relays, Dagenham Park (2 miles) - Saturday 17th April 2021

James Nichols13.12A1
Mark Moir13.05A2
Mark Wyatt12.26A3
Fabrizio Stefanoni11.53A4
Karan Gadhia13.17B1
Clive Stephenson14.42B2
Jonathan Wooldridge15.27B3
Jacob Stevens13.49B4
Becky Evans14.12C1
Kasia Stachowiak14.48C2
Catriona Hoult17.03C3
Caroline Frith14.04C4
Sandra Preston16.24D1
Anne-Marie Kennedy17.35D2
Susannah McLaren17.52D3
Katrina Betteridge16.08D4
Alice Barrett20.43E1
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera20.18E2
Lauren Stevenson18.55E3
Kathy Morrissey19.09E4
A = 50.36 11th
B = 59.18 29th, 24th men's teams.
C = 61.07 34th, 8th ladies teams.
D = 70.59 48th, 17th ladies teams.
E = 83.05 56th, 21st ladies teams.
58 teams. 36 men & 22 ladies.

Chase The Sun 10km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 14th April 2021

John Henry33.33 pb14th, 2nd V40

Chase The Sun 5km, Olympic Park - Wednesday 14th April 2021

Ross Lucas22.10 pb73rd, 2nd V50

PodPlus Kent Spring Marathon - Sunday 11th April 2021

Clive Stephenson4.35.35 debut87th

The 98th Orion Mercury 10 - Saturday 10th April 2021

Thomas Grimes1.03.502nd
Patrick Brown1.06.076th
John Henry1.07.057th
Catriona Hoult1.41.2565th

Chingford League - Event 3 - Hog Hill 5k (Redbridge Cycle Circuit) - Monday 5th April 2021

Fabrizio Stefanoni17.437th - 31st
Patrick Brown17.459th - 34th
Scott McMillan17.5510th - 37th
Robert Spread17.58 pb12th - 38th
Billy Rayner19.0022nd - 62nd
Alexander Ward19.3927th - 81st
Thomas Burrard-Lucas19.4529th - 84th
Mark Wyatt19.5031st - 88th
Louis Le Roux20.0633rd - 95th
Mark Moir20.1835th - 97th
Andrew Baxter20.4339th - 102nd
Shahib Miah Ali20.4840th - 104th
Manjit Bedi20.4941st - 105th
James Nichols20.5742nd 108th
Karan Gadhia21.1045th - 113th
Jacob Stevens21.3648th - 125th
Calvin Bobin21.5153rd - 133rd
Neil Gage22.1654th - 143rd
Chloe Millan22.2355th - 20th
Clive Stephenson22.4960th - 143rd
Stuart Norris22.5262nd - 157th
Emily Clarke22.5263rd - 32nd
Michael Wilson22.5264th - 158th
Becky Evans22.5466th - 34th
Jonathan Shaw23.0168th - 160th
Grant Conway23.2870th - 169th
Kasia Stachowiak23.5272nd - 45th
Selina Vernal23.5373rd - 146th
Andy Bolderstone24.1274th - 178th
Daniel Peters24.1775th - 180th
Catherine Perry24.51 (elr debut)77th - 58th
Catriona Hoult24.5478th - 60th
Samir Younsi25.1380th - 187th
Katrina Betteridge25.32 pb (elr debut)83rd - 72nd
Richard Cravitz 25.32 pb84th - 191st
Kathryn Hertzberg25.3586th - 75th
Sandra Preston25.3587th - 76th
Ford Cadiogan26.4694th - 202nd
Anne-Marie Kennedy26.5496th - 89th
Denys Vuika27.0397th - 97th
Alex Jameson27.2598th - 98th
Martin Quinlan27.3699th - 204th
Nathaniel Dye27.42100th - 210th
Susannah McLaren27.44101st - 94th
Lucy Barron27.57102nd - 97th
Isabella Allan28.01104th - 99th
Regis Martin28.41105th - 216th
Anna Dingle28.49106th - 106th
Kathy Morrissey29.12107th - 113th
Catherine Brett29.20108th - 113th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.52115th - 126th
Lauren Stevenson31.07116th - 127th
Diana Rexhepaj31.23117th - 128th
Sallyann Eyles32.47118th - 130th
Imran Mustak33.40120th - 229th
Samia Choudhury36.39121st - 138th
Total 232 men & 139 ladies. Positions above indicate position for
Race 3 men & women together, then position overall for men & women
in individual races.

Dorney Lake Marathon - Saturday 3rd April 2021

Tom Howourth2.43.40 pb45th

Kempton Racecourse Half Marathon - Saturday 3rd April 2021

Paul Quinton1.15.377th, 2nd V40

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 3rd April 2021

Mark Boulton36.0719th
Jamie Xavier43.2988th
Grace Turner51.13 pb171st
Stuart Barton53.05186th
Isabella Allan58.51 pb235th
Alice Barrett1.08.02265th
Stuart reports: A really well organised event at the Olympic park today,
cold and windy with a couple of hills thrown in as well. 4 laps with a staggered
start for Covid compliance. My time was 53:05 and I must say I’m very happy with
that as not run any races in a year. A nice bit of bling always puts a smile on my
face, great to see a few fellow ELR.

Mark Boulton: 1st race for 15 months, in 36.07. Hopefully enough to qualify
for Orion's Fast Friday.

ELR Virtual XC Race 5 - Pole Hill 5.2mi - Unofficial - March 2021

Caroline Frith43.281st
Chloe Millan48.062nd
Catriona Hoult49.013rd
Sandra Preston50.574th
Catherine Perry52.155th
Susannah McLaren57.186th
Anna Dingle60.137th
Sallyann Eyles64.188th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera67.369th
Karen Atkinson70.0710th
Fiona Day72.1111th
Robert Spread34.301st
Fabrizio Stefanoni35.102nd
John Henry35.123rd
Patrick Brown35.134th
Robert Dixon35.155th
Billy Rayner37.306th
Alexander Ward39.457th
Gareth Davies42.578th
Jacob Stevens44.559th
Calvin Bobin45.3310th
David Hallybone52.3911th
Peter Hatley53.4312th
Shahib Miah Ali54.0613th
Mark Moir54.0614th
Jonathan Wooldridge54.1415th
James Nichols54.4516th
Richard Cravitz 55.4117th
Michael Wilson56.1718th
Kirk Johnson59.2519th
Frank Brownlie66.2520th
John Atkinson69.4321st

ELR Virtual XC Race 4 - Claybury Park 5mi - Unofficial - February 2021

Caroline Frith40.521st
Chloe Millan45.092nd
Catherine Perry48.023rd
Sandra Preston48.534th
Catriona Hoult50.065th
Susannah McLaren53.356th
Fiona Day66.327th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera67.318th
Karen Atkinson68.579th
Robert Spread33.131st
Fabrizio Stefanoni33.202nd
Joseph Gunn 33.483rd
Patrick Brown34.024th
Tom Howourth34.225th
Robert Dixon34.556th
Billy Rayner35.117th
John Henry35.358th
Alexander Ward37.549th
Gareth Davies39.2610th
Calvin Bobin40.3611th
James Nichols40.5712th
Mark Moir43.0213th
Jacob Stevens44.1614th
Shahib Miah Ali46.5515th
Vinesh Sampath Kumar46.5616th
Michael Wilson47.5517th
Grant Conway47.5718th
David Hallybone48.5419th
Richard Cravitz 55.3020th
Jonathan Wooldridge57.1921st
Peter Hatley57.2022nd
Frank Brownlie58.0823rd
John White58.3024th
Nathaniel Dye59.4325th
Kirk Johnson59.5126th
John Atkinson68.5727th

ELR Virtual XC Race 3 - Oak Hill 4.7mi - Unofficial - January 2021

Caroline Frith38.191st
Catherine Perry42.012nd
Sandra Preston49.213rd
Catriona Hoult49.264th
Susannah McLaren52.095th
Anna Dingle53.536th
Fiona Day57.477th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera58.008th
Karen Atkinson60.199th
Robert Spread31.401st
Joseph Gunn 32.062nd
Tom Howourth33.203rd
Patrick Brown33.224th
Robert Dixon33.285th
John Henry33.296th
Billy Rayner33.387th
Fabrizio Stefanoni33.468th
Gareth Davies38.029th
Jacob Stevens40.3510th
Calvin Bobin40.4411th
James Nichols40.5012th
Shahib Miah Ali42.1713th
Grant Conway43.0114th
Peter Hatley43.1915th
Michael Wilson44.3216th
Jonathan Wooldridge44.5117th
Alexander Ward45.2718th
David Hallybone45.3119th
Mark Moir49.1020th
Richard Cravitz 53.1421st
Frank Brownlie56.4522nd
Kirk Johnson56.5423rd
John Atkinson61.5324th

Results for 2021 -