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Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon - Sunday 18th February 2018

Stuart Kelly1.25.5043rd
1,636 finishers.

Wokingham Half Marathon - Sunday 18th February 2018

Caroline McGirr2.12.27 pb1632nd
1,864 finishers.

St Lukes Hospice Test Track 10m - Sunday 18th February 2018

Paul Quinton58.363rd
Diana Rexhepaj1.36.15261st
388 finishers.

Sunday XC League, Race 5 - Royston. - Sunday 18th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes35.285th
Judith Vonberg53.22238th
Maud Hodson54.12252nd
Katie Whitton55.50272nd
Doug Mansell59.03304th
Michael Wilson61.58319th
Alex Jameson68.07337th
Sunday Cross Country League - Fixture 5 - Therfield Heath, Royston
Sunday 18th February 2018.
"Shout to the Top"
This was the second race of a weekend double header, coming a day after the Chingford League fixture at Victoria Park. Compared to the weather in previous years, it felt that summer had almost arrived on Therfield Heath with the early morning frost and mist clearing to leave a mild and sunny day. The 5.5 mile course over two laps, was mainly hard and bumpy with continuous hills and valleys to contend with. Thankfully there was only a small breeze on this occasion! The mighty Thomas Grimes was first man home for the club in 5th position, leaving him in contention for an overall top 3 finish. Doug Mansell was second man to finish - a little way behind Thomas. Mike Wilson (damage limitation after a tough weekend!) and Alex Jameson (muscle strain), completed the men's team. Judith Vonberg was first for ELR ladies in 57th position, followed by super Maud Hodson - having also completed a weekend double ('I feel fine and will be at the track on Monday'), with Katie Whitton just behind. This was the last fixture of the season and the most challenging. I am pleased that our overall number of runners were up from last year. Thanks to Maud and Doug for the lift today and everyone who made an appearance in at least one of the races over the series.
Ladies A Team 14th of 20, Vets 17th of 20.
Mens A Team 18th of 20, Vets 19th of 20.
Ladies Overall A Team 16th of 20,
Vets Overall 19th of 20.
Mens Overall A Team 14th 0f 20
Vets Overall 19th of 20.

Hampton Court Half Marathon - Sunday 18th February 2018

Dan Gritton1.21.4457th
Roselin Boramakot2.03.52 pb2746th
Caitlin Diniz2.05.222999th
Faye McCarthy2.05.223000th

Ashridge Duathlon Series - Race 2 - Sunday 18th February 2018

Michael Bamford1.18.3316th/48, 3rd M50-54
5km run 20.13
22km cycle
2.5 run 10.38

Chingford League - Event 5 - Victoria Park - Saturday 17th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes27.4414th
Paul Marshall33.24 pb83rd
Karen Levison33.4287th
James Creed33.4989th
Jimmy Dale35.22106th
Michael Wilson35.47117th
Maud Hodson37.56 pb136th
Stuart Norris38.52143rd
Zuzana Urbanova39.05 pbtbc
Tim Aylett39.25154th
Kat Maskell40.27160th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera43.11 pb183rd
Claire Emery44.16189th
Sheila Kennedy45.35201st
Helen McGuinness46.48208th
Saturday 17th February 2017 - Chingford League Fixture 5
Victoria Park 5 Mile Race Report.
"A Hazy Shade of Winter".
The sun shone down through the trees in Victoria Park this afternoon, for the 5th Chingford League fixture of the season. The course consisted of two figure of eight laps on the park's Tarmac paths, which were accurately measured to five miles by The hosts, Victoria Park Harriers. Thomas Grimes and Karen Levison were first to finish from the men's and ladies teams, after a total of 16 East London Runners' started the race. Mixed fortunes for our two newcomers today: Mark Wiltshire ran 5.4 miles and missed the finish line, but was still happy with his run (a PB at the 5 Miles point) whilst Jimmy Dale finished with a respectable 35 Minutes. Well done to Maud and Alexandra who recorded PB's for the distance. (Please advise of any other PB's). Thanks to our photographers/supporters, Frank Brownlie, Don Bennett and Dave Levison, also the Marshals and race organisers. The league continues to offer athletes of all abilities a good mix of races on a variety of surfaces and conditions. This has been a good campaign from the club with an increase in numbers from 2016/17. Well done to everyone who has run and supported the team. The final fixture of the season is the Chingford League Relays on Saturday 10th March at Wanstead Flats - hosted by East London Runners.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 17th February 2018

John Henry19.229th - 69.45% Finsbury
Mark Boulton16.42 (course pb)3rd - 78.54% Hackney
Ciaran Canavan18.1118th - 77.36% Hackney
Robert Rayworth19.5340th - 69.66% Hackney
Lucy Barron23.44 (course pb)142nd - 62.36% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot42.43307th - 34.65% Hackney
Shaun DeSena32.33 debut287th - 39.73% Ipswich
James Nichols19.21 debut15th - 67.79% Brockwell
Simon Thomas18.303rd - 70.90% Valentines
Craig Livermore19.26 (course pb)8th - 66.38% Valentines
Colin Dryland21.4232nd - 66.36% Valentines
Shailesh Patel21.4533rd - 68.35% Valentines
Caroline Frith21.5736th - 69.70% Valentines
Tim Aylett25.0376th - 54.09% Valentines
Nick Hoult25.38 debut87th - 54.88% Valentines
Catriona Hoult30.156 debut164th - 51.60% Valentines
Andrew Howard22.53 debut58th - 67.73% Bedford
Shahib Miah Ali26.32 (buggy & 2 mins late)188th - 48.87% Mile End
Sarah Burns29.07237th - 53.23% Mile End
Samia Choudhury50.21321st - 29.39% Mile End
Patrick Brown18.311st - 70.21% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater25.5331st - 67.29% Walthamstow
Ford Cadiogan27.33 (course pb)43rd - 50.70% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater28.4857th - 52.49% Walthamstow
Chris Green52.49 (tailwalker)99th - 25.65% Walthamstow
John Booth17.43 (course pb)3rd - 75.35% Southwark
Liam Dempsey27.3036th - 47.15% Brentwood
Stephen Swan25.59 debut50th - 49.90% Hockley Woods
Stuart Barton27.28 debut74th - 52.85% Hockley Woods
James Wilson19.212nd - 71.06% Wanstead
Robert Spread21.2011th - 62.58% Wanstead
Katie Whitton24.39 (course pb)50th - 60.04% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.1264th - 62.47% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.3167th - 61.09% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.08101st - 62.13% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.57112th - 50.47% Wanstead
Maud Hodson30.59125th - 51.26% Wanstead
Fiona Day30.59126th - 62.61% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.02127th - 51.18% Wanstead
Alex Jameson32.32142nd - 44.26% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin35.13156th - 46.00% Wanstead
Morag Campbell40.02175th - 40.05% Wanstead
Mark Moir19.559th - 64.77% Sunderland
Mary OBrien28.0658th - 71.06% Johnstown,Wexford
Calvin Bobin21.09 debut5th - 77.15% Coburg, AUS
Fiona Critchley25.43 debut57th - 65.98% Queens Domain,Tasmania


46 parkruns at 16 venues.
5 course pbs and 9 debuts.
1 first finisher, Patrick at Walthamstow for the 40th time.
ELR parkrun records for:
Andrew at Bedford,
John Booth at Southwark,
Calvin at Coburg, Australia and
Fiona at Queens Domain, Tasmania.

Run Through Chase The Moon 5km, QEOP - Wednesday 14th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Katherine Harris25.2860th, 2nd V35
Rachel Le Roux26.4180th
Diana Rexhepaj27.5091st
Joanna Wood29.21136th
206 finishers.
Runthrough Chase the Moon, Olympic Park. by Jo Wood
A cold, wet, horrible night at my 2nd home. Route was changed from previous races due to building work
and I really liked it but having registered for 10k bailed at 5k as just could not get a good pace,
having been freezing cold from the start and by now soaking wet - feet were like ice blocks going
through so many puddles
Was kicking myself a little...but not for long as suddenly Diana, Rachel & Kat pounced out of nowhere
and declared they'd done the same. Nice bling and post race goodies N.B. there was the obligatory
flapjack included, it just didnt last long enough to be included in the pic.
Lovely catch up with the girls and was even nicer that Diana & John let me be their Valentines
gooseberry at the pub after for a post race drink.
Not a great race but came home with a smile on my face thanks to the ELR girls (and of course John).

Run Through Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 14th February 2018

Sarah Burns52.23157th
361 finishers

Muscle Acre OCR, Guildford, Surrey - Sunday 11th February 2018

Joshua Stephens48.135th (approx 6km)
5th place at Muscle Acre today, 6km in 48.13 (very muddy)! Thanks to Grant Conway
for his track sessions teaching me sprinting technique, sprint finish stole 5th
and hopefully has qualified me for the Euro Championships in Denmark!

East London Triathletes Winter Warmer, Velopark. - Sunday 11th February 2018

Louis Le Roux52.1118th
Michael Bamford53.1219th, 2nd V50
Sarah Burns55.3124th, 1st lady
Graham Peacock57.5032nd
Jason Levy1.05.0551st
69 COMPETITORS.2 mile run, 10 mile cycle, 1 mile run.
Louis - 6.35,7.11/13.46/3.06,3.00,3.06,2.57,2.54,2.53,2.59,2.58,2.56,4.00/30.49/7.36 = 52.11
Michael - 6.35,7.06/13.41/3.12,3.13,3.06,3.04,3.00,2.57,3.09,3.17,3.17,4.10/32.25/7.06 = 53.12
Sarah - 7.42,8.32/16.14/2.57,2.58,3.11,2.58,2.59,3.03,3.04,2.59,3.04,4.07/31.20/7.57 = 55.31
Graham - 7.07,8.16/15.23/3.33,3.24,3.24,3.20,3.07,3.25,3.38,3.24,3.21,4.26/35.02/7.25 = 57.50
Jason - 8.17,9.14/17.31/3.43,3.46,3.46,3.44,3.55,3.55,3.43,3.52,3.53,4.50/39.07/8.27 = 1.05.05

Victoria Park 10km Winter Series - Sunday 11th February 2018

Jamie Xavier44.5465th
319 finishers.

Mad Dash 20km - Saturday 10th February 2018

Kat Maskell1.53.3448th of 70

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 10th February 2018

Calvin Bobin21.146th - 76.84% - Ballina Coast
John Henry19.2615th - 69.21% - Finsbury
Jon Brombley17.427th - 74.48% - Hackney
Laura Woodhouse22.5290th - 64.72% - Hackney
Lucy Barron24.26135th - 60.57% - Hackney
Robyn Turtle25.05 (course PB)153rd - 59.07% - Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie27.03187th - 56.56% - Hackney
Roselin Boramakot30.54238th - 47.90% - Hackney
Caroline Frith21.27 (1st woman)10th - 71.33% - Roding Valley
Richard Potter22.4619th - 57.91% - Roding Valley
Lauren Aston24.0622nd - 61.41% - Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy28.4048th - 64.88% - Roding Valley
Robert Rayworth20.2119th - 68.06% - Northampton
Shahib Miah Ali19.584th - 64.94% - Valentines
Ashley Faria20.245th - 70.59% - Valentines
Colin Dryland21.3411th - 66.77% - Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.0317th - 61.00% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.1522nd - 66.82% - Valentines
Saheb Yousefi23.2831st - 55.89% - Valentines
Zuzana Urbanova25.21 (1st parkrun)53rd - 59.37% - Valentines
Marc Akers27.5190th - 50.93% - Valentines
Jason Levy30.07133rd - 47.43% - Valentines
Shaun DeSena33.44 (course debut)172nd - 38.34% - Oak Hill
Eleanor Wilkinson21.51 (course debut)86th - 67.73% - Norwich
Stephen Swan26.00 (course debut)119th - 49.87% - Colchester Castle
Stuart Barton26.41 (course debut)133rd - 54.40% - Colchester Castle
Patrick Brown18.061st - 71.82% - Wanstead
Robert Spread21.2815th - 62.19% - Wanstead
Andrew Howard22.3823rd - 68.48% - Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.2649th - 62.89% - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench24.5651st - 68.92% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.3261st - 62.21% - Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.0163rd - 56.89% - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.3080th - 56.82% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi27.5184th - 54.84% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.1690th - 64.11% - Wanstead
Claire Emery31.05138th - 52.31% - Wanstead
Fiona Day31.54140th - 62.01% - Wanstead
Alex Jameson33.04145th - 43.86% - Wanstead
John Booth17.30 (course PB)4th - 76.29% - Mile End
Ciaran Canavan18.32 (course PB)13th - 75.90% - Mile End
Mark Moir19.2425th - 66.49% - Mile End
Samia Choudhury41.49215th - 35.39% - Crane Park
Janet Bywater28.0651st - 61.98% - Walthamstow
Steven Bywater29.5464th - 50.56% - Walthamstow
Liam Dempsey27.4840th - 46.64% - Brentwood
Clive Mehew21.59 (course debut & 50th parkrun)25th - 64.97% - Hastings
Fiona Critchley27.26 (course debut)14th - 61.85% - Windsor Precinct (Aus)
Diana Rexhepaj28.5734th - 56.53% Beckton
Dan Gritton22.30 (course debut)13th - 63.04% Gunpowder
Tim Aylett24.3929th - 54.97% Gunpowder
Sarah Burns25.08 (course debut)7th - 61.67% Vandeleur
James Nichols19.02 ( course debut)21st - 68.91% Tooting Common
53 parkruns at 20 venues, 2 first finishers.
50th parkrun for Clive Mehew,
9 debuts and 3 course pbs,
ELR parkrun records for:
Ellie at Norwich,
Sarah at Vandeleur, Co Clare, ROI and
Fiona at Windsor Precinct, Tasmania

Essex County and Eastern AA Championships, Lee Valley - Day 2 - Sunday 4th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes41.931st, 300m heats
Thomas Grimes41.28 pb3rd, 300m final
Maud Hodson61.30 sb3rd final
Maud Hodson6.35.91 (indoor pb)1st, 1500m W35

Torremolinos Half Marathon, Spain. - Sunday 4th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Andrew Baxter1.28.27118th
Peter Hatley1.36.36297th
Paul Thompson1.39.37383rd
Grant Conway1.42.02443rd
Richard Guest1.43.12480th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.45.29545th
Carlton DSouza2.00.55912th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.06.01123rd
Helen McGuinness2.21.37
Hi. A shortish race report for the Torremolinos HM which 10 ELR’s ran on Sunday.
A number of us made our way out to Spain on Friday, with the men staying in Torremolinos and
our lady participants staying in Alexandras house a 90 minute drive away. The flight is
around 2.5 hours and only cost us £50 approximately. The transfer from the airport is only
10 minutes to Torremolinos. The weather was as expected. Mixed. Cold at night with a bit of
rain and cloud but also some nice sunny warm weather for us to enjoy. It was quite cool on
the morning of the run which was ideal.
The resort was quiet as it was out of season but we made our own entertainment and we all enjoyed
a fabulous meal together after the race. Speaking for myself it was a great weekend and I hope to
do another similar trip in the near future.
Overall I would recommend doing this event. The course is by no means flat and there are a number
of uphill sections in the latter part of the race which makes it tough when you are tired. However,
it was a nice course and was excellent value for money at €15 with a medal, tech shirt, fleece,
towel, chicken stock cube , goody bag all included. One bug bear is that from what I can understand
the chip timing was only for male runners. Inexplicable and bang out of order.
It would be ideal to include in a marathon training programme as you get a few hills in the legs in
your 13 miles.
Unfortunately George was not feeling up to finishing but everyone still did really well. Sometimes its
not all about the race times but the whole experience and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. I even got
to put the dance moves I was practicing at Lea Valley on Monday into practice whilst we were away. I
also made a new friend in the process! Photo below.
Ratings (out of 10)
Value for money 10
Course 8
Crowd support 7
Weather 6
Resort 5
Total trip cost and value for money 8

Helen McGuinness:- A few people have asked how my race in Torremolinos went so I thought I need to write a report! It is probably a good time to visit Torremolinos out of season coz in the summer it would be packed with people and far too much. It was quiet for the race with just a nice amount of people supporting the race. I ran about 2 thirds with a couple of old guys who were good runners. I pushed on a bit with them in the flat bit along the sea front keeping my speed up. The first part was downhill which I suppose was nice but I had the nerves. Then the last 4 miles was uphill which was hard work when you are near the end of the half marathon! I ran it the whole way. I enjoyed the oranges and water stops and the whole race was very well organised, marshals and we got a very nice t-shirt and a fleece, towel, more fruit and some chicken soup! I believe the race is subsidised by the local council which is why it only cost 15 euros. My time was 2hrs 21 which is good for me though not quite a pb but I enjoyed it so thats important. It bad that the ladies chip time was not given in the results but the mens were. Also there were many less women running. With it being the 100th anniversary of some women getting the vote you would think we would have equality. But in Spain they dont know about that.

Great Bentley Half Marathon - Sunday 4th February 2018

Mark Boulton1.14.25 pb5th
Jimmy Dale1.42.31 pb231st
Caroline McGirr2.13.03 pb538th
646 finishers.

Watford Half Marathon - Sunday 4th February 2018

Ged Browne1.53.241053rd
Kat Maskell2.01.051318th
Roselin Boramakot2.08.001524th
1883 finishers.

Cancer Research UK Winter Run 10km - Sunday 4th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
John Booth35.55 pb26th
Robert Rayworth40.22227th
Chris Green41.12309th
Katie Whitton50.06 pb2495th
Katherine Harris51.373085th
Marc Akers52.333498th
Kate Frost52.363528th
Stuart Barton53.163896th
Annette Clark55.535296th
Catriona Hoult56.16
Anna Dingle56.17
Joanna Wood1.01.10
Katy Taylor1.12.27
Elizabeth ODonnell1.19.07
Julie Creffield1.26.19
Stuart Barton: Yesterday a few ELR met up at Leytonstone station to head up town for the Winter 10k,
It was a cold one to say the least, It is always nice to travel up with others, Bag drop was really easy,
we headed the start line with extra jumpers still on to keep warm, all apart from Marc Akers who was in
shorts and a vest. As we approached the start the extra layers were discarded and we were at the start,
I must admit I loved the route I had done most of it before as it's a mixture of the Vitality 10k the
Westminster mile and the city mile, At 5k I grabbed a bottle water from Mark Moir always nice to see a ELR.
The last 5k was nice with a couple of down hills. A nice wave from Julie Creffield and then to the finish,
slightly off a PB but it was cold. Then off to Lea Valley to see a couple of members winning medals. all in
all a good day

Run Through Olympic Park 10km - Sunday 4th February 2018

Caroline Frith43.2450th, 1st V40
Graham Peacock45.03 pb95th
Chloe Millan45.57 pb115th
Alex Jameson50.00 pb183rd
Susannah McLaren56.40333rd
Maya Goodwin1.07.22500th

Greenwich Park Winter Series 10km - Sunday 4th February 2018

Ford Cadiogan57.0176th
113 finishers.

Essex County and Eastern AA Championships, Lee Valley - Day 1 - Saturday 3rd February 2018

Marc Akers8.974th, 60m heats
Marc Akers8.82 pb6th, 60m Masters Final

Thames Trot 50mile Ultra - Saturday 3rd February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Maud Hodson9.57.24123rd, 24th lady, 3rd W45
Maud Hodson: My race(s) report from the weekend. Sorry its a bit long...
Its no secret that I had been both dreading and looking forward to this weekend in more or less equal measure. A 50 miler followed by two track races the following day. Pretty idiotic, even by my standards.
I set off for Oxford on the Friday afternoon - Race HQ was a hotel in Iffley, a suburb of Oxford, and I’d booked myself a room there. I had dinner on my own in the hotel restaurant (its alright Nat, I have forgiven you), with Chrissie Wellingtons autobiography for company. No pasta on the menu, so I ordered grilled chicken with chips, and a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc, because nothing new on race day. I was nervous about the race, as it was further than Id run for a couple of years, and my last big ultra (I guess I mean out on my own in the middle of nowhere) had resulted in my first ever DNF. I had to finish this time - Chrissie had wished me luck over on Twitter, and no way could I fess up to her that I had bailed. Keep smiling, she said.
I never sleep very well before a race. But staying actually at Race HQ takes away one source of anxiety. When I opened my curtains in the morning there was the baggage van outside my window. I went down for breakfast and looked at my phone - 20% battery. Some fruitcake had put it on the charger overnight on not switched the socket on. I need my phone for these events - the GPX files is my belt and braces for navigation. Whizzed back up to my room and put it on to charge, then sat eating breakfast fretting at whether I had this time switched it on.
I stayed in my room as long as possible after breakfast, waiting on the charger. They are like kettles. Got it up to 85%. I do also carry a back-up charger for races, but it's better not to need it. I did a bit of a double-take when I picked up my running number - 211. I had been staying in room 211. Maybe I would finish in 211th place.
And then we were off. A cool, drizzly morning, but OK. I quickly found myself almost at the back of the field, but I have learned not to mind that. I try to stick to my rules - I will not run faster than 10.30 per mile, unless its downhill. Or the last mile, in which case good luck to me.
Very soon we hit the mud. Maybe I was a bit naive, or just hadnt done my homework, but while I was expecting some mud I was totally unprepared for the sheer amount of the stuff. Proper over-the-top-of-your-shoe stuff. Bambi on ice. I had gone for my Hoka Speedgoats, which are a very comfortable pair of trail shoes which I know I can run for hours in.I was pining for my Mud Claws, but could I run 50 miles in them? Is it possible that I need yet another pair of running shoes?
One of my favourite things about ultras is the laid back, supportive atmosphere. Everyone is your friend. Sometimes you find yourself running together with someone for hours and making lasting friendships. This time my companions came and went, but I had company for much of the time.
At Checkpoint 2 I reminded myself that this was the stage where I had dropped out at the SVP 100, physically and mentally broken. Well, I wasnt broken this time, and my feet did not even hurt yet. The timing guy said I was the smiliest runner he had seen - Chrissie would have been proud of me. And it wasnt muddy all the way. There were stretches where I could get my head down and knock out a pace, and see the miles go past much more quickly. Id been told by runners who had done it before that it was actually only about 47-48 miles, which makes a surprising amount of difference in the mind. And it gave me two sets of sums to do - I distract myself by working out fractions and percentages completed, and used the official 50 and the unofficial 48 kept me a bit busier.
The river Thames was a serene presence, widening noticeably as we plodded along - I even managed briefly to replace a rather inane ear-worm with Smetanas Vltava. The weather was not nearly as bad as had been forecast a few days earlier - the rain was never heavy, and not as cold as Benfleet.
The light was fading fast when I got to Checkpoint 5 - the last one before the finish. We were instructed to get our head torches on and pair up for safety. I set of with a guy I had been running with for the last couple of miles. The previous section had been one of the least muddy, and the miles had passed easily. It was now just six miles to the finish. Nearly there. But shortly after the checkpoint we were right back in the mud. The really slippy sort. My companion had grippier shoes than me so I told him not to wait for me. Running in the now pitch darkness through the mud with a torch is not something I am in any hurry to do again. Quite demoralising to be that close to the finish and to be going so slowly. I just wanted to run. Finally, I emerged on to a bit of tarmac, and fell in with a group of about half a dozen guys. There was a bit of navigation needed here, so I got my phone out and we ran together for a bit. Then one last bit of mud. I think I may have sworn. One by one my companions went past me. There was about half a mile to go when we hit terra firma for the last time. I put my foot down and steamed past the guys who’d overtaken me in the mud. A marshal earlier on had told me to switch my head torch at the finish so as not to ruin the finishers photo. I remembered to do that, but gave it too much of a nudge, so my photo will have the torch sitting on my nose.
I wasnt 211th - 123rd out of 200 finishers, with 51 DNFs. Just under 10 hours, which given the amount of slooshing around I was happy enough with. And some demons banished. A competent if unspectacular piece of ultra running. I was about to head to the station when I looked down at my feet - no, Hodson, you’re not getting on the train like that. Managed to peel off my shoes and socks in the ladies - we all felt sorry for the cleaners - it was not a pretty sight in there. So cold at Henley station waiting for the train - you really feel it when you stop.
Changing trains at Twyford, I began to worry about the next days races. I could barely walk across the platform. Something really hurt. I have never been good at all the stretching and recovery side of things, so this was going to be a challenge. When I got on the Central Line at Ealing Broadway I was very glad that I had changed out of my disgusting shoes - I found myself amongst a load of young things dressed up for their Saturday night out. Finally got home at about 9.30, 13 hours after I had set off from Iffley.
Slept badly again. Every time I woke I tried to do a little stretch, just in case it helped. I was able to walk reasonably well in the morning, but running still seemed like a big ask. But whatever had been hurting last night was OK now, so it was game on. A guaranteed gold & bronze medal was too much to resist.
Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre is a world away from the mud and drizzle of Oxfordshire. I was so happy to see Jo, Marc & Stuart when I arrived - chatting with them rating than sitting on my own and fretting was infinitely better.
300m first up - three women in the race, but it turned out the the other two were not Essex qualified, so gold would be mine. Just got to run it. A PW, and last by a distance, but job done. Eight women lined up for the 1500m, but as we were spread over four different age categories all eight would get a medal. And mine would be gold, again just got to get round. That race was always going to be pretty grim, and so it was. But I paced it OK, only got lapped twice by the leaders and managed to speed up a little on the last lap. Amazing this was not in fact a PW, but technically an indoor PB. And I was a double county champion. Surreal, really. Mightily relieved to have got through the weekend and made all three finish lines. Treated myself to a G & T in the bath.

QEOP 10km Winter Series - Saturday 3rd February 2018

Paul Quinton34.291st
329 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 3rd February 2018

Mark Moir19.18 (course pb)10th - 66.84% Sunderland
Stuart Barton25.53 debut147th - 56.08% Finsbury
Stuart Kelly17.32 (course pb)8th - 74.43% Hackney
Clive Mehew21.40 (course pb)62nd - 65.92% Hackney
Paula Bedford27.01188th - 57.80% Hackney
Sarah Burns27.02189th - 57.34% Hackney
Claire Emery32.13 debut258th - 50.28% Hackney
Maya Goodwin32.35261st - 49.72% Hackney
Julie Creffield39.02280th - 38.94% Hackney
Tim Aylett26.4442nd - 50.69% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy29.4257th - 62.63% Roding Valley
Simon Thomas18.341st - 70.65% Valentines
Dan Senior18.522nd - 73.41% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.107th - 71.40% Valentines
Craig Livermore21.3114th - 59.95% Valentines
Colin Dryland21.4417th - 66.26% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.01(course pb)19th - 61.09% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.2128th - 66.52% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi23.3441st - 55.66% Valentines
Robyn Turtle25.14 (course pb)69th - 58.72% Valentines
Jason Levy25.4376th - 55.54% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.41111th - 69.61% Valentines
Ravinder Bassi42.19236th - 37.18% Valentines
Andrew Howard22.2325th - 69.25% Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.3844th - 62.38% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.1062nd - 62.55% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.0472nd - 59.85% Wanstead
Katie Whitton27.4384th - 53.40% Wanstead
Alex Jameson27.4485th - 51.92% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.2894th - 53.10% Wanstead
Nick Hoult29.15106th - 48.09% Wanstead
Fiona Day32.19148th - 60.03% Wanstead
Morag Campbell41.29190th - 38.65% Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.20 debut156th - 63.88% Raphael
Ciaran Canavan19.1017th - 73.39% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali19.33 (course pb)21st - 66.33% Mile End
Sally Faulkner34.39261st - 43.67% Mile End
Samia Choudhury44.56278th - 32.94% Mile End
Patrick Brown18.341st - 70.02% Walthamstow
Chris Green21.41 (course pb)8th - 62.49% Walthamstow
Ford Cadiogan29.00 (course pb)68th - 48.16% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater32.2985th - 46.54% Walthamstow
Dan Gritton17.46 (course pb)11th - 79.83% Southwark
Calvin Bobin21.08 debut4th - 77.21% Ballina Coast, AUS
John Henry19.297th - 69.03% Fountains Abbey
Janet Bywater25.08 debut18th - 69.30% Beckton
James Nichols20.259th - 64.24% Hockley Woods

5km Age Grade Chart for January 2018. - Wednesday 31st January 2018

111 ELR's ran a parkrun in January, so here's how it stands.
January Age Grade Chart 5km - 2018

1 Paul Quinton 16.32 27/01 81.35% Hackney
Calvin Bobin 20.37 13/01 79.14% Wanstead
Ava Lee 19.46 20/01 77.82% Hackney
Mark Boulton 17.19 27/01 75.75% Gunpowder
5 John Booth 17.38 06/01 75.71% Mile End
Dan Gritton 18.46 27/01 75.58% Burgess
Andrew Baxter 19.24 27/01 75.43% Gunpowder
8 Thomas Grimes 17.51 13/01 74.79% Gladstone
Jose Rodriquez 17.58 06/01 74.30% Hackney
10 Ciaran Canavan 19.12 20/01 73.26% Hackney
Dan Senior 19.02 01/01 72.77% Valentines
12 Stuart Kelly 17.57 06/01 72.70% Hackney
Alex Day 18.21 01/01 71.84% Valentines
Ashley Faria 20.10. 13/01 71.40% Valentines
15 James Wilson 19.22 01/01 71.00% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth 19.34 20/01 70.78% Hackney
Mary OBrien 28.20. 20/01 70.47% Valentines
18 Simon Thomas 18.44 06/01 70.02% Valentines
Patrick Brown 8.35 27/01 69.96% Walthamstow
20 John Henry 19.21 27/01 69.51% Finsbury
Michael Bamford 21.25 06/01 69.42% Valentines
Caroline Frith 22.13 20/01 68.87% Valentines
James Nichols 19.07 27/01 68.61% Pymmes
Thomas Burrard-Lucas 18.57 13/01 68.43% Hackney
25 Andrew Howard 22.46 01/01 68.08% Whitstable
Fiona Day 28.09 01/01 67.97% Wanstead
Janet Bywater 25.39 01/01 67.90% Valentines
Scott McMillan 20.29 06/01 67.62% Wanstead
Shailesh Patel 22.10. 13/01 67.07% Valentines
30 Grant Conway 21.50. 27/01 67.02% Valentines
Mark Moir 19.17 13/01 66.90% Mile End
Sharon Springfield 23.35 27/01 66.71% Wanstead
Aaron Browne 19.28 13/01 66.27% Valentines
Nathan Jones 19.30. 06/01 66.15% Valentines
35 Lance Fuller 23.22 27/01 65.76% Hackney
Annette Clark 24.24 27/01 65.71% Valentines
Louis le Roux 20.12 01/01 65.68% Valentines
Suzanne Taylor 25.07 27/01 65.16% Valentines
Laura Woodhouse 22.53 06/01 64.68% Hackney
40 Peter Craik 22.17 01/01 64.62% Valentines
Kate Brett 26.36 13/01 64.60% Wanstead
Clive Mehew 22.13 06/01 64.29% Hackney
Shahib Miah Ali 20.13 27/01 64.14% Valentines
Nick Hoult 21.57 27/01 64.09% Torrens AU
45 Frank Brownlie 26.31 01/01 63.86% Valentines
Sheetal Dandgey 23.15 13/01 63.73% Hackney
Jonathan Wooldridge 22.28 20/01 63.58% Valentines
Selina Vernal 23.46 13/01 63.32% Wanstead
Robert Spread 21.08 06/01 63.17% Wanstead
50 Paul Marshall 20.51 06/01 62.59% Mile End
Craig Livermore 20.40. 13/01 62.42% Valentines
Maud Hodson 25.27 01/01 62.41% Wanstead
Caroline Moore 28.38 01/01 62.40% Valentines
Lucy Barron 23.47 20/01 62.23% Hackney
55 Nathaniel Dye 20.54 01/01 62.20% Valentines
Kat Maskell 24.20. 27/01 61.85% Hackney
Chloe Millan 23.57 27/01 61.80% Wanstead
Jamie Xavier 22.36 06/01 61.28% Walthamstow
Emmett Fitzgibbon 22.04 27/01 60.95% Valentines
60 Fiona Critchley 27.54 27/01 60.81% Walthamstow
Katherine Harris 24.48 01/01 60.69% Valentines
Peter Hatley 23.01 01/01 60.68% Valentines
Georgie Hooper 24.20. 27/01 60.48% Wanstead
Alexandra Wilkinson 26.52 06/01 60.30% Hockley wds
65 Jakub Czeczotka 22.05 06/06 60.08% Hackney
Katie Whitton 24.45 27/01 59.80% Wanstead
Sheila Kennedy 31.18 27/01 59.42% Walthamstow
Jayne Browne 29.42 01/01 59.37% Valentines
Sarah Burns 26.12 01/01 58.72% Wanstead
70 Saheb Yousefi 22.22 13/01 58.64% Valentines
Paul Drury-Bradey 22.45 06/01 58.32% Wanstead
Judith Vonburg 25.32 01/01 57.96% Wanstead
Kathryn Hertzberg 25.44 13/01 57.64% Roding Valley
Robyn Turtle 25.43 20/01 57.62% Hackney
75 Catriona Hoult 27.13 20/01 57.38% Hackney
Stuart Norris 22.31 27/01 57.29% Rother Valley
James Creed 23.31 27/01 57.19% Castle Park
Bernadett Kalmar 28.29 06/01 56.88% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj 29.00. 13/01 56.44% Beckton
80 Clare Emery 28.51 06/01 56.15% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser 27.36 01/01 55.07% Valentines
Stuart barton 26.25 01/01 54.95% Castle Park
Stephen Swan 23.43 27/01 54.67% Kesgrave
Jason Levy 26.09 20/01 54.62% Valentines
85 Billy Rayner 23.57 27/01 54.28% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi 27.38 01/01 54.22% Valentines
Alex Jameson 26.34 13/01 54.20% Wanstead
Rachel Le Roux 27.41 01/01 54.16% Valentines
Marc Akers 26.24 27/01 53.72% Gunpowder
90 Tim Aylett 25.19 01/01 53.52% Gunpowder
Jenny Ansell 28.18 13/01 52.30% Billericay
Jessica Trayler-Moore 29.04 13/01 52.29% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards 30.06 06/01 52.27% Wanstead
George Georgiou 27.51 27/01 52.12% Valentines
95 Ijeoma Anozie 29.25 06/01 52.01% Hackney
Alexandra Brown 28.31 27/01 51.90% Haigh Woodland
Anna Dingle 30.06 27/01 51.50% Walthamstow
Helen McGuiness 30.52 13/01 50.97% Wanstead
Victoria Want 29.49 20/01 49.69% Wanstead
100 Maya Goodwin 32.40. 13/01 49.59% Hackney
Ford Cadiogan 28.12 27/01 49.53% Highbury Fields
Saheed Shabbir 26.55 13/01 48.98% Valentines
Liz ODonnell 36.35 01/01 44.33% Valentines
Sally Faulkner 34.51 27/01 43.42% Mile End
105 Don Bennett 36.27 01/01 43.26% Wanstead
Heather Corrigan 34.35 20/01 42.30% Wanstead
Shaun DeSena 31.08 27/01 41.54% Kingsbury Water
Julie Creffield 37.23 06/01 40.66% Barking
Katy Taylor 39.03 27/01 39.99% Walthamstow
110 Samia Choudrey 41.06 13/01 36.01% Mile End
111 Steve Bywater (tail) 42.46 20/01 35.04% Walthamstow

Ashridge Duathlon Series - Sunday 28th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Burrard-Lucas1.20.2916th, 4th m30-34
Emily Clarke1.37.1151st, 3rd w30-34
Robyn Turtle1.40.5367th, 5th w30-34
Sheetal Dandgey1.46.2378th, 6th w30-34
Michael Bamford2.48.3822nd, 2nd M50-54.
Louis Le Roux2.48.3823rd
Dan Senior2.55.4530th
Paula Bedford2.41.331st relay team
Sarah Burns2.41.331st relay team
SPRINT Duathlon - 5k run,22k cycle, 2.5k run
Thomas 19.46, 1.56, 48.00, 1.01, 9.45 = 1.20.29
Emily 21.06, 2.02, 1.02.09, 1.04, 10.43 = 1.37.11
Robyn 25.43, 2.10, 57.58, 1.33, 13.27 = 1.40.53
Sheetal 24.34, 1.43, 1.03.42, 1.00, 13.01 = 1.46.23

STANDARD Duathlon - 10k run, 44k cycle, 5k run
Michael 42.21, 1.10, 1.40.41, 0.58, 23.26 = 2.48.38.
Louis 42.11, 0.46, 1.40.01, 1.00, 24.38 = 2.48.38
Dan 41.03, 1.10, 1.51.55, 1.04, 20.31 = 2.55.45

Paula/Sarah 2.41.33

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 27th January 2018

Daniel Slipper1.26.397th
Craig Livermore1.33.5930th
Craig Livermore:- First race of the year, and what a way to kick 2018 off. My last race was the Sikhs
in the City Half Marathon, in mid December 2017. The time I posted back then was a 1:42, but at 13.6 miles
long, it was longer than it should've been, so when I looked at my watch for the 13.1, I was at 1:39:35. Now
my time's fallen down by 5 mins 30 secs to 1:33:59.
It was a challenging, technical and undulating course, taking part on the cycle track. Smooth surfacing and
no bumps, what a pleasure to run on it was. My game plan went out of the window, so I just raced it how I
would approach any course like this, fast on the ups and steadying off on the flats and downs.
The headwind mid race was a tad annoying, and was taking the breath out of me. Alas I was having a good battle
with a women alongside me. She was flying on the downs and flats, but on the ups was suffering a tad, and her
heavy breathing wasn't helping matters either. She took far too much energy out of herself, and unfortunately
fell back with 4 laps left, and when that happened I knew she wasn't going to claw it back. A shame, as I was
really enjoying that fight, and I love a good game of whits.
Still seeing Jamie and Dan racing as well was a lovely touch. I think Dan gave me a second wind, as I felt I was
flagging at certain points. And to my trusty brother in arms, Aaron for being there to cheer me and the rest of
us on, it was well and truly appreciated.
On a whole, I'm now wondering what Roding will bring. To be honest god knows, but just the thought of it is leaving
me with shivers.
Good luck too all in their respective races, I hope you all do well. And enjoy your long runs tomorrow!!

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 27th January 2018

Jamie Xavier45.3023rd
145 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 27th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Katherine Harris27.40 (course debut)76th - 54.40% - Roundshaw Downs
John Henry19.2111th - 69.51% - Finsbury
Paul Quinton16.32 (course PB)2nd - 81.35% - Hackney
Ciaran Canavan19.5541st - 70.63% - Hackney
Lance Fuller23.22111th - 65.76% - Hackney
Kat Maskell24.20140th - 61.85% - Hackney
Tim Aylett26.2746th - 51.23% - Roding Valley
Ford Cadiogan28.12242nd - 49.53% - Highbury Fields
Ashley Faria20.125th - 71.29% - Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali20.137th - 64.14% - Valentines
Grant Conway21.5018th - 67.02% - Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.04 (course PB)19th - 60.95% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.48 (150th parkrun)42nd - 62.46% - Valentines
Annette Clark24.24 (course PB)52nd - 65.71% - Valentines
Suzanne Taylor25.07 (course debut)65th - 65.16% - Valentines
George Georgiou27.51109th - 52.12% - Valentines
Jason Levy29.44130th - 48.04% - Valentines
Samia Choudhury49.46263rd - 29.74% - Valentines
Sharon Springfield23.3537th - 66.71% - Wanstead
Chloe Millan23.5742nd - 61.80% - Wanstead
Billy Rayner23.5743rd - 54.28% - Wanstead
Katie Whitton24.4553rd - 59.80% - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards34.06161st - 46.14% - Wanstead
James Nichols19.07 (course PB & 100th parkrun)5th - 68.61% - Pymmes
Mark Boulton17.191st - 75.75% - Gunpowder
Andrew Baxter19.24 (course PB)10th - 75.43% - Gunpowder
Marc Akers26.24 (course debut)58th - 53.72% - Gunpowder
John Booth17.54 9th - 74.58% - Mile End
Sally Faulkner34.51333rd - 43.42% - Mile End
Dan Gritton18.4618th - 75.58% - Burgess
Mark Moir19.54 (course PB)7th - 64.82% - Barking
Nick Hoult21.57 (course debut)16th - 64.09% - Torrens (Aus)
Patrick Brown18.351st - 69.96% - Walthamstow
Peter Hatley24.5933rd - 55.90% - Walthamstow
Stuart Barton27.01 (course PB)58th - 53.73% - Walthamstow
Alex Jameson27.15 (course debut)60th - 52.84% - Walthamstow
Maud Hodson27.16 (course debut)61st - 58.25% - Walthamstow
Fiona Critchley27.54 (course debut)69th - 60.81% - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater27.5770th - 62.31% - Walthamstow
Sarah Burns28.1474th - 54.90% - Walthamstow
Caroline Moore29.5788th - 60.43% - Walthamstow
Bernadett Kalmar30.04 (course debut)91st - 53.88% - Walthamstow
Anna Dingle30.06 (course debut)92nd - 51.50% - Walthamstow
Sheila Kennedy31.18 (course debut)101st - 59.42% - Walthamstow
Viktor Szabadi31.40 (course debut)107th - 47.74% - Walthamstow
Catriona Hoult34.01 (course debut)127th - 45.91% - Walthamstow
Maya Goodwin36.19149th - 44.61% - Walthamstow
Katy Taylor39.03 (course PB)172nd - 39.99% - Walthamstow
Stuart Norris22.31 (course debut)41st - 57.29% - Rother Valley
Shaun DeSena31.08 (course debut)247th - 41.54% - Kingsbury Water
Andrew Howard23.06 (course debut)69th - 67.10% - Hove Promenade
Alexandra Brown28.3197th - 51.90% - Haigh Woodland
Jakub Czeczotka22.50 (course debut)10th - 58.10% - Puarenga (NZ)
Calvin Bobin21.59 (course debut)19th - 74.22% - Willoughby (Aus)
James Creed23.31 (debut & buggy)41st - 57.19% - Castle Park
Stephen Swan23.4391st - 54.67% Kesgrave
Georgie Hooper24.30 (course pb)60.48% Wanstead Flats
56 parkruns at 22 venues, 2 first finishers,8 pbs and 18 debuts.
100th parkrun for James Nichols, 150 for Shailesh Patel.
First finishes for Patrick Brown at Walthamstow's 5th Birthday,
a record attendance of 207 from the previous 128.
Also Mark Boulton at Gunpowder.
Best Age Grade was Paul Quinton at Hackney with 81.35%.
Three runs from Australia & New Zealand.
Nick Hoult at Torrens, Adelaide.
Calvin Bobin at Willoughby, Sydney
and Jakub Czeczotka at Puarenga, New Zealand.

South of England AA XC Championships, Stanmer Park, Brighton - Saturday 27th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Rachel Le Roux51.17328th
Diana Rexhepaj52.07332nd
Thomas Grimes1.01.17181st
Spencer Evans1.13.03517th
Paul Marshall1.16.46597th
Mark Moir1.24.16686th
Ladies 8km and Men 15km.

Benfleet 15m - Sunday 21st January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Antonio Martin Romero1.35.176th
Jennifer Ansell1.48.1544th, 3rd lady
Joseph Browne1.51.4260th
James Nichols1.52.2268th
Paul Thompson1.59.38 PB 123rd
Regis Martin2.00.16129th
Paul Marshall2.04.26168th
Calvin Bobin2.06.28 182nd, (5th V60)
Nathaniel Dye2.06.52187h
Peter Hatley2.08.38203rd
Jonathan Wooldridge2.12.43234th
Grant Conway2.15.46266th
Shahib Miah Ali2.15.47267th
Andy Bolderstone2.19.14297th
Kathryn Hertzberg2.19.43304th
Maud Hodson2.23.24345th (9th V45)
Kat Maskell2.31.38404th
Sarah Burns2.34.52434th
Catherine Brett2.40.11476th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.40.50478th
Diana Rexhepaj2.43.08493rd
Roselin Boramakot2.47.21520th
Helen McGuinness3.04.13593rd
Jayne Browne3.04.10594th
Andrea Waller3.04.10595th
650 finishers.

Antonio Martín Romero Lost 25 seconds after 1 mile because of my shoe. Had to sprint and run on my own 15 miles..not fun

Paul Thompson Well done to all our runners today. I was delighted to go under 2 hours, did not let that last hill beat me ! Course pb !!!

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera Was tough but so proud i did it ! That indescriptible feeling when you run a 15 muddy miles ,the snow hits your face so violently that you lose your contact lens, your feet are completely wet, your legs hurt , you are freezing cold but you feel you can go on and feel invicible !!!
That one was a toughy but i'll do it again tomorrow !!!

Roselin Boramakot I deleted the run on my watch my accident 😭 off to run it again now...

Calvin Bobin My first Benfleet 15 today. When I entered several months back I assumed it was just a normal road race - how wrong I was. Congrats to all who completed it.

Sarah Burns I can finally feel my right arm although I think Im snow blind. Well done everyone.

Andrea Waller That feeling when you run 15 miles of hills mud and snow. But your chip doesnt register at the end. Bloody hard but great run. Well done Jayne Browne and all my other East London runners mates. Special thanks to Sarah Burns for hot chocolate & Guinness and chocolate cake. You are a legend! #benfleet15

Maud Hodson Team ELR ready to go at the Benfleet 15. It wasnt snowing yet. I mean, what sort of a twit (censored)goes out running in the snow wearing shorts? Ouch.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 20th January 2018

Ciaran Canavan19.1216th - 73.26% Hackney
Robert Rayworth19.3420th - 70.78% Hackney
Ava Lee19.4626th - 77.82% Hackney
Lucy Barron23.47 (course pb)100th - 62.23% Hackney
Lance Fuller24.33110th - 62.59% Hackney
Robyn Turtle25.43 (course pb)136th - 57.62% Hackney
Catriona Hoult27.13167th - 57.38% Hackney
Julie Creffield37.28239th - 40.57% Hackney
Peter Hatley24.2724th - 57.12% Roding Valley
Tim Aylett25.2028th - 53.49% Roding Valley
Ashley Faria20.327th - 70.13% Valentines
Caroline Frith22.13 (1st lady)13th - 68.87% Valentines
Jonathan Wooldridge22.2814th - 63.58% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali22.29 15th - 57.67% Valentines
Clive Mehew22.3416th - 63.29% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.54 (course pb)19th - 58.73% Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.3926th - 62.86% Valentines
Jason Levy26.0958th - 54.62% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.2076th - 70.47% Valentines
Andrew Howard22.5541st - 67.64% Wanstead
Katherine Harris26.3173rd - 56.76% Wanstead
Stephen Swan26.54 debut75th - 48.20% Wanstead
Stuart Barton26.5978th - 53.80% Wanstead
Catherine Brett29.08108th - 58.98% Wanstead
Alex Jameson29.20110th - 49.09% Wanstead
Maud Hodson29.23111th - 54.06% Wanstead
Katie Whitton29.38114th - 49.94% Wanstead
Victoria Want29.49117th - 49.69% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar29.49119th - 54.33% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.55122nd - 60.50% Wanstead
Fiona Day29.55123rd - 63.96% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi31.09135th - 48.10% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor32.04142nd - 51.04% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards36.53175th - 42.66% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin37.33178th - 43.14% Wanstead
Katy Taylor37.37181st - 41.52% Wanstead
Don Bennett37.43182nd - 42.16% Wanstead
Andrew Baxter19.46 debut5th - 74.03% Gunpowder
Sally Faulkner36.50266th - 41.09% Mile End
Mark Moir20.2525th - 63.18% South Shields
Patrick Brown18.58 (1st man)1st - 68.54% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater26.0126th - 66.94% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater42.46 (tailwalker)81st - 35.04% Walthamstow
Shaun DeSena33.51 debut136th - 38.21% Ellenbrook Fields
Selina Vernal23.5148th - 63.10% Wanstead
Heather Corrigan34.35 debut160th - 42.30% Wanstead

Haven House Chasing Elves 10km, Hainault Forest - Sunday 14th January 2018

Stuart Kelly41.391st
Lauren Aston55.2410th, 3rd lady
Diana Rexhepaj1.03.3723rd
Roselin Boramakot1.09.2929th of 44.

Sunday XC League, Race 4 - Cassiobury Park, Watford - Sunday 14th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes35.134th
Antonio Martin Romero35.5711th
Billy Rayner37.1120th
James Nichols41.0178th
Mark Moir42.18100th
Michael Wilson47.42193rd
Chloe Millan51.13252nd
Judith Vonberg51.35264th
Kathryn Hertzberg53.17288th
Maud Hodson54.15302nd
Doug Mansell55.06319th
Katie Whitton55.25324th
Alex Jameson55.35327th
Sunday Cross Country Race 4 - Cassiobury Park, Watford.
14th January 2018.
A mild, dry morning with little mud at leafy Cassiobury Park, made the conditions ideal for the 4th Cross Country League fixture of the season. The scenic 6 mile course started with a run down to the hilly woods, then two laps before returning back up to the finish. An enjoyable morning and it was great running this course again on a personal note, after being a spectator for the previous two years due to injury. Great support from the marshals as well. Well done to all who ran today. ELR fielded full Men's and Ladies teams, with Thomas Grimes (4th) and Chloe Millan (252nd overall) first back for the club. Judith Anna Vonberg, Kathryn Hertzberg and Katie Whitton all made their Sunday league debuts. Thanks to Alex and Maud for driving from Wanstead LC.
We look forward to seeing everyone for the final race of the season at Royston on 18th February 2018. Michael Wilson
234 men, 178 ladies.
Mens team 9th of 20,13th overall.
Men Vets 17th of 20,18th 0f 20.
Ladies team 14th of 20, 17th of 20.
Ladies vet 18th of 20, 18th of 20.

Country To Capital 45 miles. - Saturday 13th January 2018

Dan Gritton6.48.3338th of 300.

Run Through Victoria Park Half Marathon - Saturday 13th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Paula Bedford1.39.25 pb138th
Katherine Harris1.51.08307th
Sarah Burns1.55.32360th
Roselin Boramakot2.07.37465th
Jayne Browne2.08.30474th
Andrea Waller2.11.07491st

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Saturday 13th January 2018

Paul Quinton34.041st
Spencer Evans38.049th
Emily Clarke41.2624th, 3rd lady
Lucy Barron50.06150th
Caitlin Diniz54.02230th
Robyn Turtle54.30243rd

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 13th January 2018

Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.57 (course pb)15th - 68.43% Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey23.15107th - 63.73% Hackney
Maya Goodwin32.40293rd - 49.59% Hackney
Andrew Howard23.26 debut44th - 66.15% Ashford
Caroline Frith22.45 (1st lady)18th - 67.25% Roding Valley
Peter Hatley25.0746th - 55.61% Roding Valley
Kathryn Hertzberg25.4450th - 57.64% Roding Valley
Tim Aylett27.4372nd - 48.89% Roding Valley
Katy Taylor39.19154th - 39.72% Roding Valley
Nathaniel Dye22.15 debut50th - 58.43% Colchester Castle
Maud Hodson27.12 debut188th - 58.39% Colchester Castle
Aaron Browne19.28 (1st man)2nd - 66.27% Valentines
Simon Thomas19.293rd - 67.32% Valentines
Stuart Kelly19.534th - 65.63% Valentines
Nathan Jones19.545th - 64.82% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.106th - 71.40% Valentines
Craig Livermore20.407th - 62.42% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.1019th - 67.07% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi22.2220th - 58.64% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon24.4947th - 54.20% Valentines
Jason Levy26.2074th - 54.24% Valentines
Saheed Shabbir26.5582nd - 48.98% Valentines
Mary OBrien29.09113th - 68.50% Valentines
Jennifer Ansell28.1892nd - 52.30% Billericay
Mark Boulton17.27 (1st man)1st - 75.17% Gunpowder
John Booth17.435th - 75.35% Mile End
Mark Moir19.17 (course pb)19th - 66.90% Mile End
Samia Choudhury41.06364th - 36.01% Mile End
Stuart Barton27.00 debut28th - 53.77% Fritton Lake
Thomas Grimes17.51 (1st man)1st - 74.79% Gladstone
Andrew Baxter20.575th - 69.85% Walthamstow
Jamie Xavier23.4218th - 58.44% Walthamstow
Jakub Czeczotka26.24 (course pb)40th - 50.25% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater27.4849th - 62.25% Walthamstow
Shaun DeSena32.44 debut115th - 39.51% Thetford
Nick Hoult23.20 debut18th - 60.29% Studley,AU
Calvin Bobin20.37 (course pb)6th - 79.14% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan21.1716th - 66.09% Wanstead
Paul Marshall21.5523rd - 59.54% Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.39 50th - 62.34% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.0971st - 62.59% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.3475th - 54.20% Wanstead
Catherine Brett26.3676th - 64.60% Wanstead
Fiona Day28.1099th - 67.93% Wanstead
Jess Trayler-Moore29.04 (course pb)122nd - 52.29% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.06124th - 52.23% Wanstead
Katie Whitton29.18132nd - 50.51% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.36143rd - 50.62% Wanstead
Helen McGuinness30.52164th - 50.97% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult32.24185th - 48.20% Wanstead
Julie Creffield39.42236th - 38.29% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj29.0051st - 56.44% Beckton
Selina Vernal23.4646th - 63.32% Wanstead
52 parkruns at 15 venues, 4 first finishers,
5 course pbs and 6 debuts
ELR parkrun records for:
Stuart at Fritton Lake
Nick at Studley, Australia
Andrew at Ashford.

Run Through Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 10th January 2018

Paula Bedford43.29 pb38th, 3rd lady,1st vet
Caitlin Diniz56.11225th
330 finishers.

Trent Park Mince Pies Revenge, Velopark - Sunday 7th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes51.42 debut21st
Thomas Burrard-Lucas55.0832nd
Louis Le Roux55.3433rd
Sarah Burns56.4637th, 1st Vet
Michael Bamford57.3441st, 1st Supervet
Paula Bedford58.2943rd, 2nd Vet
Eleanor Wilkinson59.3948th
Graham Peacock59.4550th
Jimmy Dale1.03.1358th
Emily Clarke1.05.16 debut67th
Jason Levy1.05.1768th
Rachel Le Roux1.05.4069th
Kat Maskell1.05.57 debut72nd
Robyn Turtle1.07.4474th
Stuart Barton1.08.23 debut76th
Andrew Howard1.09.10 debut77th, 3rd Supervet
Sheetal Dandgey1.11.0079th
Jayne Browne1.14.4381st, 3rd Supervet Lady
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera1.15.19 debut82nd
Fiona Day1.15.38 debut83rd
Thomas Grimes - 5.25,6.07/11.32/3.20,3.23,3.19,3.22,3.20, 3.22,3.17,3.19,3.22,4.04/34.12/5.58/=51.42.
Thomas Burrard-Lucas - 6.15,7.35/13.51/3.23,3.21,3.25,3.22, 3.25,3.25,3.17,3.18,3.12,4.28/34.41/6.36/=55.08.
Louis LeRoux - 6.13,8.24/14.38/3.13,3.13,3.12,3.22,3.10, 3.10,3.12,3.09,3.11,4.45/33.41/7.14/= 55.34.
Sarah Burns - 7.48,8.41/16.30/3.08,3.06,3.03,3.03,3.03, 2.56,3.02,3.10,3.10,4.22/32.08/8.08=56.46.
Michael Bamford - 6.36,7.20/13.57/3.10,3.15,3.17,3.08, 3.11,3.13,3.06,3.11,3.11,3.15,4.20/36.21/7.16=57.34.inc extra lap.
Paula Bedford - 6.43,7.37/14.21/3.26,4.05,3.23,3.32,3.28, 3.32,3.36,3.36,3.37,4.41/36.59/7.09=58.29.
Ellie Wilkinson - 6.35,7.58/14.34/3.50,3.41,3.42,3.38, 3.41,3.36,3.39,3.40,3.47,4.47/38.05/7.00=59.39.
Graham Peacock - 7.49,9.10/17.00/3.18,3.21,3.14,3.21,3.22, 3.13,3.13,3.19,3.20,5.03/34.47/7.58=59.45.
Jimmy Dale - 7.22,8.45/16.07/3.38,3.47,3.35,3.49,3.50,3.50, 3.52,3.51,3.44,5.10/39.11/7.54=1.03.13.
Emily Clarke - 6.41,7.20/14.02/3.51,3.59,3.54,3.56,3.58,3.52, 3.55,3.55,3.54,4.01,4.49/44.08/7.06=1.05.16.inc extra lap.
Jason Levy - 8.18,9.12/17.32/3.41,3.49,3.50,3.46,3.47,3.55, 3.48,3.49,3.50,4.55/39.14/8.31=1.05.17.
Rachel LeRoux - 8.06,9.21/17.28/3.49,3.53,3.45,3.48,3.49, 3.46,3.51,3.49,3.46,5.00/39.21/8.51=1.05.40.
Kat Maskell - 8.16,9.03/17.19/4.01,3.59,3.50,3.51,3.46, 3.50,3.53,4.02,3.54,4.49/39.59/8.38=1.05.57.
Robyn Turtle - 8.05,9.47/17.53/3.50,3.49,3.48,3.52,3.49, 3.59,3.54,3.50,3.59,5.32/40.26/9.25=1.07.44.
Stuart Barton - 7.57,8.47/16.45/3.59,4.08,4.10,4.12,4.06, 4.05,4.21,4.14,4.11,5.05/42.37/9.01=1.08.23.
Andrew Howard - 7.40,8.22/16.02/3.50,3.38,3.51,3.43,3.36, 3.39,3.37,3.43,3.40,4.54,7.52/46.07/7.00=1.09.10 inc 2 extra laps.
Sheetal Dandgey - 7.35,9.40/17.15/4.30,4.22,4.20,4.27,4.33, 4.25,4.25,4.30,4.32,5.18/45.26/8.19=1.11.00.
Jayne Browne - 9.07,11.05/20.13/4.32,4.22,4.25,4.12,4.28, 4.22,4.23,4.36,4.40,5.22/45.27/9.02=1.14.43.
Alexandra Rutishauser - 8.39,9.37/18.18/4.38,4.46,4.42,4.38, 4.39,4.49,4.42,4.45,4.47,5.36/48.06/8.55=1.15.19.
Fiona Day - 8.58,9.54/18.53/4.37,4.41,4.37,4.32,4.40,4.46, 4.29,4.33,4.48,5.52/47.38/9.06=1.15.38.

Report by Stuart Barton
My first Duathlon today, Mince pies revenge at the Olympic park 2 mile run 10 mile cycle then a 1 mile run,
However the course is hilly and the wind was icy, A great turn out by team ELR. I put on as many layers as
I could but it was still very cold. The 2 mile run was good I was enjoying it then onto the bike,only 10
laps but with the wind and the hills it seemed a lot more, I was getting overtaken my loads but was kinda
enjoying it, The hill in front of the velodrome was the worst I was so pleased to get it over with on lap 10.
I parked my bike and tried to run the last mile, my legs felt so strange it was very hard to run after getting
off the bike, I am sure I will do more of these but maybe when it's a bit warmer. Sarah Burn makes great cake BTW.

Greenwich Park Winter Series 10km - Sunday 7th January 2018

Mark Moir42.062nd of 106.

Run Through Brixton 10km - Sunday 7th January 2018

John Healy50.32199th of 538.

XXXVIII Maraton Del Pavo,(Turkey Marathon) Spain 9.6km - Saturday 6th January 2018

Antonio Martin Romero34.204th
82 finishers.
Yesterday I went to take part in the turkey marathon, a course of many break leg slopes, of which I like.

We had to leave conservative and see if the leg's would hold. Gradually I was making progress until I reached
the third and fourth classified climb I made the last 5 kms. The legs held up very well and when I reached
the last two miles which is just climb I stayed with the local Athlete who won by a few seconds.
In the end, the fourth and first senior. Glad, since the level was pretty high and I wasn't there for any more.

Essex Senior Cross Country, Great Notley Country Park - Saturday 6th January 2018

Dan Gritton51.0777th
Spencer Evans51.2583rd
James Nichols52.2898th
Paul Thompson56.40140th
Race report - Essex XC Senior Championships by Paul Thompson.
This year's race was held at the Great Notley Country Park and hosted by Witham runners and for a change I only had a 15 minute journey to get to the venue from home. Fortunately I arrived in good time as due to a full car park I had to park in a Tesco's about a mile away & then a jog back to the venue !
I met up with Dan Gritton & Spencer Evans in the park café and we were able to keep warm ahead of the race start. James Nichols was waiting for us at the start & had to rapidly put his number on with about a minute to spare, sorry for keeping you waiting Jim !
Conditions were cold but sunny and the race involved 3 laps of the park of around 2.5 miles each. A very flat course with one hill to negotiate that although steep was only about 75m long, it was also very well marshalled with no chance of wrong turns. Underfoot was very wet with heavy, slippery mud in parts with either studs or spikes absolutely essential. For once, I decided to start a little slower & build up my pace which seemed to work and I was soon into a great rhythm and each mile around 7:30. I ended with a sprint finish to hold off another runner. I could have finished a few places higher, but I made an error by getting boxed in behind 2 slower runners towards the end and probably should have pushed my way through rather than being quite so polite !
Times still tbc, but I was the last ELR man home with Dan leading the way followed by Spencer & Jim. Well done guys, a very enjoyable race !

QEOP 10km Winter Series - Saturday 6th January 2018

Mark Boulton34.21 pb1st Winner
Daniel Slipper39.2415th
Lucy Barron50.17 pb131st
Caitlin Diniz56.26199th
284 finishers.

Run Through Battersea Park 10km - Saturday 6th January 2018

Kat Maskell52.12199th of 404

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 6th January 2018

John Henry19.3014th - 68.97% Finsbury
Nick Hoult22.27 debut52nd - 62.66% St Peters, Sydney AU
Stephen Swan28.15209th - 45.90% Ipswich
Andrew Howard23.40 debut20th - 65.49% Billericay
Stuart Barton28.46 debut162nd - 50.46% Ally Pally
Thomas Grimes18.264th - 72.42% Gladstone
Julie Creffield37.23 (course pb)106th - 40.66% Barking
Jamie Xavier22.3610th - 61.28% Walthamstow.
Janet Bywater25.5234th - 67.33% Walthamstow
Alexandra Wilkinson26.5278th - 60.30% Hockley Woods.
Mark Moir20.43 debut5th - 62.27% Beckton
John Booth17.386th - 75.71% Mile End
Paul Marshall20.51 (course pb)44th - 62.59% Mile End
Sally Faulkner36.51338th - 41.07% Mile End
Stuart Kelly17.576th - 72.70% Hackney
Jose Rodriguez17.587th - 74.30% Hackney
Thomas Burrard-Lucas19.01 (course pb)23rd - 68.19% Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka22.05 (50th parkrun)88th - 60.08% Hackney
Clive Mehew22.1392nd - 64.29% Hackney
Laura Woodhouse22.53113th - 64.68% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie29.25304th - 52.01% Hackney
Simon Thomas18.442nd - 70.02% Valentines
Nathan Jones19.305th - 66.15% Valentines
Michael Bamford21.2511th - 69.42% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.0323rd - 66.27% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali23.52 (with buggy?)39th - 54.33% Valentines
Katherine Harris24.4848th - 60.69% Valentines
Jason Levy31.01130th - 46.05% Valentines
Samia Choudhury44.19225th - 33.40% Valentines
Scott McMillan20.297th - 67.62% Wanstead
Calvin Bobin20.38 (course pb)12th - 79.08% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth20.5416th - 66.27% Wanstead
Robert Spread21.0818th - 63.17% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan22.3232nd - 62.43% Wanstead
Paul Drury-Bradey22.4535th - 58.32% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.2767th - 62.41% Wanstead
Katie Whitton25.3268th - 57.96% Wanstead
Peter Hatley25.3670th - 54.56% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.59102nd - 55.81% Wanstead
Fiona Day28.09104th - 67.97% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar28.29107th - 56.88% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.46112th - 52.09% Wanstead
Claire Emery28.51116th - 56.15% Wanstead
Jess Trayler-Moore29.07 (course pb)121st - 52.20% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards30.06142nd - 52.27% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor31.01 (50th parkrun)153rd - 52.77% Wanstead
Chris Green30.2878th - 44.47% Walthamstow
Selina Vernal24.1449th - 62.10% Wanstead

NYD Flitch Way Marathon, Great Notley - Monday 1st January 2018

Roger Stubbs4.16.2122nd of 50.

New Years Day 10km, Hyde Park - Monday 1st January 2018

John Booth36.07 pb21st of 488.

New Years Day parkrun - Others. - Monday 1st January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Mark Moir20.2912th - 62.98% Sunderland
Mark Moir19.30 debut17th - 66.15% Darlington South
Andrew Howard25.42 debut53rd - 60.31% Canterbury
Andrew Howard22.46 debut40th - 68.08% Whitstable
Tim Aylett25.1941st - 53.52% Gunpwder
Tim Aylett30.46 debut71st - 44.04% Brentwood
Katherine Harris26.13 debut194th - 57.41% Dulwich
Katherine Harris26.13 debut176th - 57.41% Peckham Rye
Stuart Barton26.25 debut48th - 54.95% Castle Park
Stuart Barton27.59 debut302nd - 51.88% Chelmsford Central
Shahib Miah Ali20.3914th - 62.79% Oak Hill
Caroline Frith23.31 debut42nd - 65.06% Chippenham
12 more parkruns around the country.
9 debuts and 1 course pb,
Katherine Harris ran at Dulwich & Peckham Rye in exactly the same time, 26.13.
ELR parkrun records were set by:
Andrew at Canterbury & Whitstable,
Mark at Darlington South,
Caroline at Chippenham and
Katherine at Peckham Rye.

New Years Day parkrun - Valentines Park - Monday 1st January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Alex Day18.21* (course pb)3rd - 71.84%
Dan Senior19.024th - 72.77%
James Nichols19.09 (course pb)5th - 68.49%
Ciaran Canavan19.25*10th - 72.45%
Louis Le Roux20.12* debut14th - 65.68%
Robert Rayworth20.32*20th - 67.45%
Nathaniel Dye20.54* debut30th - 62.20%
Michael Bamford21.28*39th - 69.25%
Peter Craik22.17 debut55th - 64.62%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.33*62nd - 63.34%
Paul Marshall22.34*63rd - 57.83%
Peter Hatley23.01*72nd - 60.68%
Jakub Czeczotka23.13* (course pb)74th - 57.14%
Grant Conway24.53*99th - 58.81%
Janet Bywater25.39* (course pb)117th - 67.90%
Judith Vonberg26.01*129th - 56.89%
Sarah Burns26.12* debut133rd - 58.72%
Kat Maskell26.13* debut134th - 57.41%
Shailesh Patel26.16136th - 56.60%
Frank Brownlie26.31*141st - 63.86%
Maud Hodson26.50* debut150th - 59.19%
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.36* (course pb)166th - 55.07%
Viktor Szabadi27.38* debut167th - 54.22%
Rachel Le Roux28.02* debut170th - 53.51%
Caroline Moore28.38* debut188th - 62.40%
Jayne Browne29.42* debut 207th - 59.37%
Bernadett Kalmar29.49* debut209th - 54.33%
Elizabeth ODonnell36.55 debut304th - 44.33%
Selina Vernal25.16111th - 59.56%
A record turnout at Valentines parkrun with over 50 more attending over the old record.
29 ELR's with 23 coming up from Wanstead.
12 debuts and 5 course pbs.

New Years Day parkrun - Wanstead Flats - Monday 1st January 2018

Alex Day18.461st - 70.25%
James Wilson19.223rd - 71.00%
Ciaran Canavan20.379th - 68.23%
Robert Rayworth20.4611th - 66.69%
Louis Le Roux21.0313th - 63.02%
Michael Bamford21.3220th - 69.04%
Nathaniel Dye22.42 debut40th - 57.27%
Jonathan Wooldridge24.4068th - 57.91%
Peter Hatley24.4571st - 56.43%
Lance Fuller25.1777th - 60.78%
Judith Vonberg25.3282nd - 57.96%
Grant Conway25.33 (course pb)83rd - 57.27%
Kat Maskell26.06 debut98th - 57.66%
Maud Hodson26.20106th - 60.32%
Jakub Czeczotka26.27109th - 50.16%
Katie Whitton26.31112th - 55.81%
Frank Brownlie27.22129th - 61.88%
Sarah Burns27.28131st - 56.01%
Rachel Le Roux27.41136th - 54.16%
Janet Bywater28.07146th - 61.94%
Fiona Day28.09147th - 67.97%
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.31154th - 53.30%
Bernadett Kalmar29.30166th - 54.92%
Viktor Szabadi29.39168th - 50.53%
Jayne Browne30.12179th - 58.39%
Caroline Moore30.53191st - 57.85%
Claire Emery31.02195th - 52.20%
Sophie Edwards31.49206th - 49.45%
Paul Marshall32.56216th - 39.63%
Don Bennett36.27235th - 43.26%
Selina Vernal24.3765th - 61.14%
30 ELR's at Wanstead Flats,
2 first timers and 1 course pb from Grant.
Conditions were very muddy underfoot.
Quite a few left to go to Valentines for a double parkrun.