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Run Through Chase The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 19th July 2017

John Booth38.1511th
337 finishers.

Sri Chinmoy Races. 5km, Silver Starlings 5km, Battersea Park - Monday 17th July 2017

James Nichols18.32 pb53rd, - 70.86%
Emily Clarke19.54 pb85th, 5th lady - 74.29%
Eleanor Wilkinson20.4592nd, 7th lady
Lucy Barron23.54 pb140th - 61.79%
Joanna Wood28.02167th - 54.76%
Also Russell Price 34th, 17.43

Wycombe 10km - Sunday 16th July 2017

Thomas Grimes37.531st
Ran a 10k in Wycombe today, really tough course so hilly, mainly up as far as I remember!

Just about managed a 1st place, toughest 10k I've done though!

St George's 10 mile , Newport Isle of Wight - Sunday 16th July 2017

Michael Bamford1.22.3540th, 3rd V50
148 finishers.
Michael Bamford:- One of the toughest races I have ever done, mostly up hill in the heat and sun, no energy left in the legs half way around, second wind with two miles to go but I didnt enjoy it for a second.

Spitfire Scramble, Hornchurch Country Park - Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Jason Levy23.33.1925 laps - average 56.32
Katherine Harris23.33.1925 laps - average 56.32
John Healy23.33.1925 laps - average 56.32
Julie Creffield24.07.167 laps - 3.26.46 average
Katherine Harris:- My report of the Spitfire Scramble. What an amazing experience! I loved it, it far exceeded all my expectations. The atmosphere in camp was so chilled and fun with lots of familiar faces from ELVIS and parkrun. I had such a blast. I was part of a fantastic team and with Jason coordinating us and retiming our handovers when we were running an hour and 40 minutes ahead of schedule ensured we all knew roughly what times we were up and kept things running smoothly.
Stuart and Dave/Pixie set up camp with us and were a very welcome addition to the team (particularly Dave, sorry Stuart but she is just so cute!). So lovely to see Jo and Jonathan as well when they came to visit and support us. ELR really is the best.
Thank you to Jonathan for dragging me around my fifth lap and whilst I do blame you for me finally breaking down on my final lap it was great to have your company on this lap (although the fly you swallowed probably wouldn't agree).
24 hour food, massages and support on site. A really well organised event.
If anyone has doubts and is unsure about trying this event, I say do it. A fun but challenging weekend. I will most definitely be back.

Results:- ELR/Drax 6th of the Mixed 3-5 teams. 25 laps
Julie Creffield 7 laps.
6 25 23:33:19 ELR-DRAX
311 Jason Levy 1 01:00:36 312 Katherine Harris 2 00:52:21 315 John Healy 3 00:44:24
314 Daniel Cogan 4 00:43:20 313 Tara Wilkinson 5 01:03:33 311 Jason Levy 6 00:57:14
312 Katherine Harris 7 00:50:00 315 John Healy 8 00:45:40 314 Daniel Cogan 9 00:47:31 313
Tara Wilkinson 10 01:11:15 311 Jason Levy 11 01:03:27 312 Katherine Harris 12 00:53:36
315 John Healy 13 00:49:07 314 Daniel Cogan 14 00:51:34 313 Tara Wilkinson 15 01:19:15 311
Jason Levy 16 01:07:03 312 Katherine Harris 17 00:55:23 315 John Healy 18 00:52:12 314
Daniel Cogan 19 00:52:41 313 Tara Wilkinson 20 01:21:08 311 Jason Levy 21 01:06:11
312 Katherine Harris 22 00:46:45 315 John Healy 23 00:50:18 314
Daniel Cogan 24 00:55:55 312 Katherine Harris 25 00:52:50
12 7 24:07:16 Julie Creffield
143 Julie Creffield 1 01:28:27 143 Julie Creffield 2 01:42:23 143 Julie Creffield 3 02:07:27
143 Julie Creffield 4 04:36:04 143 Julie Creffield 5 02:33:29 143 Julie Creffield 6 08:24:44
143 Julie Creffield 7 03:14:42

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 15th July 2017

Thomas Grimes17.462nd - 75.14% Grovelands
Eleanor Wilkinson20.35 (course pb)40th - 71.90% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi23.1593rd - 56.42% Hackney
Lucy Barron24.10 (course pb)105th - 61.24% Hackney
Nick Hoult21.11 debut17th - 65.93% Colwick
James Nichols20.49 (course pb)19th - 62.69% Hampstead Heath
Jonathan Wooldridge21.36 debut29th - 66.13% Hampstead Heath
Ruel Ordonio22.38 debut45th - 61.19% Hampstead Heath
Dan Gritton18.454th - 75.02% Roding Valley
Andy Kumar19.02 (course pb)5th - 68.30% Roding Valley
Gareth Davies22.17 debut24th - 65.15% Roding Valley
Kathryn Hertzberg25.3144th - 58.13% Roding Valley
Caroline McGirr28.22 (course pb)70th - 52.70% Roding Valley
Tim Le Rasle19.473rd - 70.60% Valentines
Karen Levison20.10 (1st lady)4th - 83.14% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.5921st - 64.68% Valentines
Craig Livermore25.3047th - 50.59% Valentines
Joanna Wood29.0296th - 53.20% Valentines
Stuart Barton25.39 debut71st - 56.14% Oak Hill
Andrew Howard22.1727th - 69.56% South Norwood
Patrick Brown17.071st - 75.95% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.123rd - 76.10% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan19.047th - 73.25% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth19.4914th - 69.39% Wanstead
Mark Moir21.1018th - 60.94% Wanstead
Louis Le Roux21.1721st - 61.94% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas21.34 (1st lady)23rd - 68.62% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.1037th - 66.33% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone23.3742nd - 58.65% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi24.3349th - 61.03% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar24.4051st - 65.00% Wanstead
Paul Marshall24.4152nd - 52.87% Wanstead
Fiona Day25.0559th - 76.28% Wanstead
Ellen Jones25.1662nd - 58.64% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.4769th - 61.60% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.1672nd - 54.82% Wanstead
Mike Brett28.2797th - 53.13% Wanstead
Catherine Brett28.27 (100th parkrun)98th - 59.64% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.05108th - 61.43% Wanstead
Don Bennett33.49140th - 46.62% Wanstead
Jennifer Ansell18.53 2nd lady & debut3rd - 78.38% Billericay
Claire Emery27.56 debut68th - 58.00% Gunpowder
Diana Rexhepaj27.4632nd - 58.34% Beckton
Liam Dempsey24.0327th - 53.78% Brentwood
John Booth18.046th - 73.89% Exeter Riverside
Stuart Kelly19.05 debut7th - 68.38% Great Cornard
46 parkruns at 15 venues, 3 first finishers, 5 course pbs and 7 debuts.
A 100th parkrun for Catherine Brett.
First finishes for Patrick and Felicity at Wanstead and Karen at Valentines.
Course pbs for Ellie & Lucy at Hackney, James Nichols at Hampstead, Andy and Caroline at Roding. Debuts at Colwick, Hampstead, Roding, Oak Hill, Billericay, Great Cornard and Gunpowder.
12 Age grade bests:- Ellie, Lucy, Nick, Ruel, Caroline, Tim, Ciaran, Felicity, Viktor, Alex, Mike and Jenny.
ELR parkrun records for Nick at Colwick, Andrew at South Norwood and Jenny at Billericay. Also Stuart Kelly at Great Cornard.

Essex 10,000m Championships, Billericay - Wednesday 12th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Paul Quinton34.41.47th
Patrick Brown36.40.914th
Mens Team Results
Colchester Harriers A 66.51.1
Springfield Striders 69.38.2
Colchester Harriers B 70.31.5
4th East London Runners 71.22.3
Southend 72.10.6

Elvis 4 - The Newman Hilly 5 - Wednesday 12th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes27.282nd scorer
Antonio Martin Romero28.12 (course pb)5th scorer
Mark Boulton29.017th scorer
Alex Bee30.0711th
James Wilson31.0014th scorer
Joseph Browne31.0015th
Daniel Lee31.13 (31.13)18th scorer
Scott McMillan31.17 pb (32.26)19th scorer
Stuart Kelly31.4321st
Ciaran Canavan32.04 (33.16)25th
Spencer Evans32.09 course pb (32.31)26th
Jennifer Ansell32.15 (44.35)28th, 1st lady scorer
James Nichols32.31 pb (36.40)32nd - 31st
Aaron Williams33.06 (33.01)34th - 33rd
Simon Thomas33.0835th - 34th
Ava Lee33.17 (34.14)36th, 2nd lady scorer
Daniel Slipper33.1737th - 35th
Mark Moir34.3541st - 38th
Emily Clarke34.42 43rd, 4th scorer
Robert Rayworth34.44 (34.49)44th - 40th
Shahib Miah Ali34.52 (38.08)46th - 42nd
Paul Thompson35.1350th - 46th
Michael Bamford35.52 (35.58)59th - 55th
Manjit Singh35.5860th - 56th
Paula Bedford36.02 (course pb)61st,5th, 1st V35 scorer
James Creed36.0862nd - 57th
Grant Conway36.14 (course pb) (38.22)65th - 59th
Louis Le Roux36.3870th - 64th
Eleanor Wilkinson36.41 (course pb)(37.52)71st-7th
Nick Hoult37.09 pb76th - 69th
Richard Guest37.1477th - 70th
Jonathan Shaw37.22 (37.33)78th - 71st
Gareth Davies37.3382nd - 74th
Andrew Howard37.5086th - 76th
Nathaniel Dye37.5287th - 77th
Craig Livermore38.3396th - 81st
John Healy38.3897th - 82nd
Stuart Norris39.00101st - 86th
Ramesh Pala39.01102nd - 87th
Andy Bolderstone39.23 (course pb)108th - 91st
Lauren Aston40.12121st - 22nd
Angus Nicholls40.39124th - 102nd
David Hallybone40.48125th - 103rd
Shailesh Patel40.49126th - 104th
Suzanne Bench41.17133rd - 24th
Kieran Brown41.40136th - 111th
Lucy Barron42.09 (44.35)140th - 29th
Rotimi Oyegunle42.21143rd - 113th
Katherine Harris43.01147th - 31st
Julie Campbell43.15150th - 32nd
Maud Hodson43.22152nd - 34th
Sarah Burns43.41159th - 38th
Mary Connolly43.52162nd - 40th
Fiona Day43.57 (44.08)164th - 42nd
Marc Akers44.00 (course pb)165th - 123rd
Janet Bywater44.12168th - 44th
George Georgiou44.14 (45.53)169th - 125th
Jason Levy44.27 (45.01)171st - 127th
Rachel Le Roux44.50175th - 46th
Simone Fonseca44.51176th - 47th
Frank Brownlie45.06180th - 132nd
Alex Jameson46.04191st - 139th
Robyn Turtle46.10194th - 54th
Stuart Barton46.44 (course pb)201st - 145th
Diana Rexhepaj47.36207th - 60th
Caroline Moore47.44208th - 61st
Geoff Bench48.16 (48.41)214th - 150th
Kirk Johnson48.33217th - 152nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera48.36218th - 66th
Katie Whitton48.38219th - 67th
John Atkinson49.21231st - 157th
Jayne Browne49.28232nd - 75th
Roselin Boramakot50.54240th - 81st
Shaun DeSena51.36241st - 160th
Helen McGuinness52.28247th - 85th
Sandra Hiller54.26 (54.25)255th - 91st
Sarah Pascal54.50258th - 94th
Maya Goodwin55.57264th - 98th
( ) Last years time in brackets.
2nd man - Thomas Grimes
Men's team 1st Thomas, Antonio & Mark
1st lady - Jenny Ansell
2nd lady - Ava Lee
1st V35 - Paula Bedford
Ladies team 1st Jenny, Ava & Emily.
Elvis team Men - 1st ELR Thomas, Antonio, Mark, James, Danny & Scott 67pts.
Elvis team Ladies - 1st ELR Jenny, Ava, Emily & Paula 12pts.

Ware 10km - Sunday 9th July 2017

Tom Timson47.5430th
258 finishers.

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 9th July 2017

Andy Bolderstone2.05.35883rd
Marc Akers2.07.19926th
Catriona Hoult2.13.121122nd
Caroline McGirr2.23.451393rd
Joanna Wood2.34.151580th
1'825 finishers.
Andy B reports:- Southend Half

This was my second time doing this race. I wanted a half as part of my prep for Berlin in September. It's a cheap, well organised race so an obvious choice.

All week I have been melting in this heat. I seriously dont do well in heat, but the forecast was cloudy and 21 degrees. The forecast was wrong.

Catriona Davies and I got to the start as the second wave just started ( the queues into the car park are long and slow). We saw Marc Akers and Joanna Wood , said our hellos and off we went. By the time we got to the seafront the sun was out in full effect. The majority of the race is 2 laps along the seafront so you get to see people as you double back. Marc was looking strong and pasted me about 6 1/2 miles in. It was getting too hot for me and I needed lots of speed walk breaks to keep at it and drink water that was provided in cups. I walked for 0.2 miles then run for at least another. The organisers had loads of sponges available which is a great touch and one I which I wish more would do. At 11 miles you leave the seafront and take a detour through a nature reserve, where I saw Marc again, turn a corner and you're finished. They name check everyone on the p.a as you approach!

The support and organisation along the way is very good (although cups of water !!). I finished drenched from continually trying to cool myself down. My time was my worst since joining ELR but I am not too worried as the weather was brutal and oppressive. I do need to find a way to deal with the heat though. Looking forward to the shade of the Hilly 5 on Wednesday.

Joanna reports:- - Southend half marathon race report - HOT.
Having spent the week demoralised about my Newham 10k last week and all the work Marc & Jason had put in with me I tried to take a different approach to todays race. I still felt pressure leading up to it (only from myself and no one else), so much so that I told my family I didnt want them to come along as I knew I wouldnt do a good time and felt I'd be letting them down going all that way for what I felt would be a bad performance. They were sad I felt like that but promised a celebratory pint once back home - regardless of my time I'm a champ to them!!
So at the start line I was with Marc (my chauffeur for today) and just managed to say Hi to Andy and Cat before we were off. Already it was heating up.
First half went well and only 1 min away from my 10k PB which I was pleased with but then the heat kicked in and I started to wilt - Marc was passing me in the opposite direction on part of the 2 lap course and I could just about muster "I'm stuffed!". So I decided to slow down and try to enjoy the people and scenery. I was able to chat to a few runners as we kept catching each other up and then slowing down - and that's an achievement in itself as anyone who's run with me knows I can't run, breath AND talk!! I'm very mono-sylabic when running and not much fun!
The sun just didnt let up (my Rudolph nose is testament to that) but with so many water stations and fantastic marshals sponging us down it certainly helped.
The last 3miles seemed to take an eternity - did i say it was hot??? But I made it. Marc was a welcomed sight on the finish line and Andy & Cat who had finished much earlier were also there which was really nice!!
Group pic and obligatory grumbles about the heat exchanged!!
My time? Hmmm a hot 2.33 hrs not a PB but it WAS a course PB as it was over 10mins faster than last year - AND HOTTER!!
I think I might have actually enjoyed a race for once and to be honest for someone who did a Race for Life a couple of years ago and never intended to run again I've got to think of the positives. Attached is a pic I've not shared before - I wasn't at my biggest (as I used to avoid photo opportunities at ALL costs) but to see the difference between then and now, regardless of times, I think I'm doing ok.
Anyway the month is not over and efforts are still underway for me to try and achieve a PB so watch this space....

Virgin Sport British 10km, Westminister - Sunday 9th July 2017

Jamie Xavier43.21237th
Robert Rayworth44.32
Jakub Czeczotka45.37402nd
Diana Rexhepaj57.592212th
Jayne Browne59.413096th

Essex Cross Country Series - Thornton Park - Saturday 8th July 2017

Julie Campbell56.3584th, 17th lady 1st V55
161 finishers.
2nd race for me in this series. On trail paths, some quite rough with large stones. Fairly undulating, 479 feet of climbing, with one steepish hill that outwitted me, so I walked.... twice. Warm conditions, but thankfully shady in many places. Will do this again to improve my time. Bit slow... but I was the fastest woman in my age category! In fact I'm so old, I was the only woman in my category. Lol. Anyway, I'm not going to beat myself up too much, because I would have had the 3rd best time if I was in the 45-54 year olds. Plus it was a hilly run. Last 2 miles were getting faster as it was mostly downhill. The sting in the tail is that the finishing straight was uphill. If you enjoy cross country, this is definitely one to look out for next year.

Mens Health Survival of the Fittest OCR, Wembley - Saturday 8th July 2017

Joshua Stephens54.05tbc
Survival Of The Fittest 10km OCR around Wembley Stadium today. Unsure of position, but 54.05 for the 10km.
Last race in my league season so hopefully pushed up the table to finish strong!
Now 8 weeks to rest my battered ankle before 20+ miles up and down Snowdon...

Run Through Regents Park 5km - Saturday 8th July 2017

Jon Brombley17.391st

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 8th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
John Healy22.32 (50th parkrun)54th - 61.98% Brockwell
Dan Gritton19.415th - 71.46% Roding Valley
Tim Le Rasle19.582nd - 69.95% Valentines
Eleanor Wilkinson21.25 debut10th - 69.11% Valentines
Katherine Harris21.5614th - 68.39% Valentines
Lucy Barron24.51 debut40th - 59.56% Valentines
Jason Levy25.1146th - 56.72% Valentines
Robyn Turtle27.2877th - 53.88% Valentines
Diana Rexhepaj27.34 debut78th - 58.77% Valentines
Steven Bywater26.20 debut84th - 56.90% South Norwood
Andrew Howard22.53 debut30th - 67.73% Harcourt Hill
Liam Dempsey23.5514th - 54.08% Brentwood
Patrick Brown17.451st - 73.24% Walthamstow
Shailesh Patel22.195th - 66.62% Barking
Dominic Dragonetti22.44 debut64th - 60.04% Hilly Fields
James Wilson17.423rd - 77.12% Wanstead
John Booth17.59 debut4th - 74.24% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.055th - 76.59% Wanstead
Andy Kumar18.23 (course pb)7th - 70.72% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan19.1712th - 72.43% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas21.39 (1st lady)31st - 68.36% Wanstead
Stuart Norris23.28 (course pb)46th - 54.97% Wanstead
Tricia ONeill24.0854th - 67.13% Wanstead
Lance Fuller25.1965th - 60.70% Wanstead
Catherine Brett25.2770th - 66.67% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.3774th - 62.59% Wanstead
Ellen Jones25.4676th - 57.50% Wanstead
Annette Clark25.48 (course pb)77th - 61.56% Wanstead
Fiona Day26.2184th - 72.61% Wanstead
Maud Hodson27.2295th - 58.04% Wanstead
Sarah Burns27.3296th - 55.87% Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.06 (50th parkrun)104th - 63.58% Wanstead
Helen McGuinness28.54 (course pb)112th - 54.04% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards35.04151st - 44.87% Wanstead
Mark Moir48.40 (tailwalker)178th - 26.51% Wanstead
Jonathan Wooldridge20.46 debut3rd - 68.78% Fontainbleau
Fiona Critchley23.59 debut +1st lady9th - 70.74% Fontainbleau
Stuart Barton25.59 debut13th - 55.42% Fontainbleau
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.10 debut15th - 53.96% Fontainbleau
also Stuart Norris 46th 23.28 54.97% Course pb.
39 parkruns at 11 venues, 3 first finishers, 11 debuts and 3 course pbs,
2 50th parkruns.

Patrick 1st at Walthamstow, Fiona at Fontainbleau and Felicity at Wanstead.
Debuts for Ellie, Lucy and Diana at Valentines. Steve Bywater at the first South Norwood parkrun. Andrew at Harcourt Hill, Domonic at Hilly Fields and John Booth at Wanstead.Debuts also for our tourists, Jonathan, Fiona, Stuart and Alexandra at Fontainbleau.
Course pbs for Andy, Annette and Helen at Wanstead.
50th parkruns for Caroline at Wanstead and John Healy at Brockwell.
8 age grade bests for 2017 from Tim, Ellie and Katherine at Valentines, Scott, Andy, Felicity, Catherine and Annette at Wanstead.
ELR parkrun records for Steve at South Norwood and Andrew at Harcourt
Finally the ELR list at Wanstead reaches 200 runners, with 46 with 50 shirts, 21 with 100 shirts and 2 with 250 plus.
Still awaiting results for Fountainbleau in France.

Wimbledon Trail Series - Event 3 - 8 miles/ 12.9km - Wednesday 5th July 2017

Thomas Grimes46.022nd - 80.58%
also 9th Sam Browne 49.03 73.50%

Woodford Green & Essex Ladies Open Graded Meeting , 3000m - Tuesday 4th July 2017

Antonio Martin Romero9.31.35 pb2nd, 3000m

Bassingbourn Braintrust Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd July 2017

Victoria Charlesworth2.07.35196th
303 finishers.

Simply Health Great Newham 10km - Sunday 2nd July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes34.23 (17.12)3rd
Alex Bee37.47 (18.46)43rd
Ciaran Canavan38.42 (19.37)62nd
Stuart Kelly40.28 (20.07)113th
Aaron Williams41.25 (20.42)150th
Mark Moir41.31 (20.37)154th
Robert Rayworth42.33 (20.32)215th
Shahib Miah Ali42.43 (21.29)224th
Jamie Xavier43.02 (20.58)247th
Nathaniel Dye43.51 (21.55)307th
Andrew Howard44.24 (22.09)361st
Nick Hoult44.24 (21.58)363rd
Louis Le Roux45.28 (22.16)465th
Katherine Harris45.38 (22.51)488th
Dominic Dragonetti46.13 (22.47)556th
Paul Marshall46.26 (22.34)584th
Jakub Czeczotka47.06 pb (23.48)678th
David Taylor49.11 (24.32)965th
David Hallybone51.55 (24.59)1394th
Lauren Aston52.00 (25.24)1409th
Lance Fuller52.47 (24.18)1551st
Kathryn Hertzberg52.51 (26.14)1565th
Jason Levy53.19 (25.40)1650th
Rachel Le Roux54.47 (27.02)1938th
Stuart Barton55.00 (26.29)1980th
Faye McCarthy55.14 (26.56)2027th
Caitlin Diniz55.14 (26.35)2029th
Alex Jameson57.35 (28.16)2498th
Diana Rexhepaj57.43 (28.39)2527th
Michael Keefe57.43 (28.45)2530th
Robyn Turtle57.57 (28.28)2584th
Simone Fonseca1.00.27 (28.57)3138th
Joanna Wood1.03.14 (29.54)3633rd
Tina Bennett1.04.20 (28.29)3815th
Sandra Hiller1.04.27 (31.04)3850th
David Wyatt1.07.15 (31.56)4258th
Don Bennett1.12.05 (35.19)4904th
Maya Goodwin1.12.07 (35.33)4908th
Sonia Cheadle1.13.51 (36.51)5064th
Jan Webb1.18.43 (36.26)5442nd
Samia Choudhury1.18.56 (40.18)5457th
Julie Creffield1.23.53 (40.55)5695th
6,116 finishers. ( ) 5k splits.
Maya reports:- Yesterday I ran a 5 mile race in the dappled shade of Epping Forest. There were hills. I ran up most of them. I had control over my cough and I had determination.

Today I ran 6.22 miles in shadow of the Olympic Stadium. There wasnt any shade though. And I walked the hills. My wheezing was so loud a stranger offered me his water with a worried look at 3k... I blame that Louis Le Roux. Id spotted him running his wave as we crossed the bridge to our start and I used the last of my dying vocal cords to shout out his name. (He heard me. I have standards, dying voice or not)

Seeing Julie was ace - you looked strong coming up that hill Julie! And I spotted the lovely Cara Walls at the velodrome, your first ever 10k Cara, and in a really good time too - you are going to rock the GNR. Maddie West spotted me as she passed looking Daisy Fresh at 3.5k - it was ace to see you Madge - next time we need prosecco and heels please, not sweat and trainers.

I shared a shower with Don Bennett, not many can boast that, and I crossed the finish line with him and the Ever Smiling Sonia.
That race beats me every time. Its hot, its relentless and its hard work. But I keep going back. Because its the Olympic Park, and its local, and the atmosphere so fantastic. And one day, Ill kick its arse.

Jan Webb:- Ill definitely do this one again but the heat was phenomenal. If only we had had yesterdays weather I wouldnt have felt quite so light-headed at the end. Thanks to Sandra & Sonia who stretched and strolled with me afterwards. Lovely to be an Angel with Maya for Don (Mrs Dons chocolate brownies are to die for) and to yack with Stuart, Joanna (your Ma & Pa are terrific) Ciarán and Lance. X

Samia:- Luckily Im slow and Shahib is fast, so he could run and I take care of baby with enough time to swap and start running myself with my twin!
Completed the Great Newham Run with my best friend by my side and husband cheering me!

Brentwood/Essex 10km - Sunday 2nd July 2017

Patrick Brown34.3110th
James Nichols40.3867th
310 finishers.

The Great Swim, Excel Centre - Saturday 1st July 2017

James Nichols36.42215th - 1 mile
Dominic Dragonetti1.07.302 miles

Orion Forest Five Series - Race 2. - Saturday 1st July 2017

Thomas Grimes28.033rd
Ciaran Canavan31.3313th
Jennifer Ansell32.09 (1st lady)15th
Daniel Slipper32.5018th
Jonathan Wooldridge35.1734th
Eleanor Wilkinson36.5147th
Gareth Davies36.5548th
Andy Bolderstone40.1767th
Ramesh Pala40.5473rd
Fiona Critchley41.1676th
Sarah Burns41.3578th
Ruel Ordonio46.31110th
Maya Goodwin56.19137th
Karen Levison56.20138th
Frank Brownlie56.21139th
141 finishers.
Maya's report:- Cough cough. Oh I'm so annoying.
But the cough won't go and so I'll make it come with me instead. I signed up for the Forest Five this week, fresh with Colworth glow.

The 2014 ELVIS Forest 5 was my first race in a club vest. I do love this race, it's so pretty. But I'm idle. A respectable 51:19 my first year, and then 57:07 and 60:13. A hill gives me an excuse to walk. Hmmm.

Anyway. I knew this would be a tougher field as it's not an ELVIS, so more chance of being last. On Wednesday night, the mighty Karen Levison offered to run with me. An injured Achilles meant she needed to take it easy. 'But no walking Maya, ok? I mean it.' Cor blimey. Well it's not often you get the chance to run a race with one of the greats. I was terrified and delighted in equal measure. And then this morning, Frank Brownlie said he'd be running with us too. So we are at the start. I take up my normal position, lingering at the back. I figure I always end up there anyway, at least this way I'm not underfoot. Karen looks agitated. 'Really Maya? Right at the back? Come on. Let's get up there with the others at least!' And so we wriggle in. And we're off.

No where to hide Maya. Stop coughing, no one cares. Just focus on your breathing and keep going. And don't even consider stopping - you just can't. Frank and Karen chatted to each other. I listened. No talking. I was concentrating too hard on not letting my breathing get panicked. If that happened I was sunk. Breathe in, breathe out, don't cough.

The first hill wasn't as long as I remembered, I didn't walk! I was dead proud of myself. The second hill was steeper than I remembered. I did walk a few meters. But I kept my strides long and kept up a running pace. We'd caught up some Dagenham 88ers going up the hill, I was pleased. But then they sped away on the flat. Karen and Frank kept telling each other how much they loved this last mile, how pretty it was and how it was a down incline. They weren't wrong - it was pretty - and it was down. But I couldn't enjoy it, cos I KNEW what was at the end, and I was broken.

Anyway. We finally got to that last uphill. I knew it was nearly the end, but I just couldn't find the energy to run up it. I walked a bit, and lovely Karen tapped me on the back. 'Come on Maya, it's just twice round the track now. Visualise it' I tried. But all I could see was uphill. And then the down, and then the last stretch, and I'm finished. Frank and Karen graciously get me come in before them, and I stole all their cheers too 😄 56:18. My second fastest time, and something to aim for for ELVIS. I'm dead chuffed.

In retrospect, I think I let that hill beat me before I'd even got to it. I worried about how I'd get up it so much I didn't enjoy that last half mile through the forest. And it also just goes to show, though, I can do much more than I think. I would have let myself walk so many times, but knew I couldn't because Frank and Karen were there. I just need to work out how to ring them as a hologram to flank me at every ELVIS now!
Thank you both so much xx

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 1st July 2017

Richard Potter21.30 (course pb)11th - 61.01% Roding Valley
Lucy Barron25.06 debut33rd - 58.96% Roding Valley
Robyn Turtle27.05 debut48th - 54.65% Roding Valley
Simon Thomas18.51 (49th parkrun)2nd - 69.23% Valentines
Tim Le Rasle20.117th - 69.20% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi22.2814th - 58.38% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.2915th - 66.12% Valentines
Marc Akers24.1831st - 57.89% Valentines
Molly Pinkus24.5740th - 62.76% Valentines
Jason Levy25.4744th - 55.40% Valentines
Mary O'Brien27.1650th - 73.23% Valentines
James Wilson18.163rd - 74.73% Wanstead
Mark Moir20.3213th - 62.82% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas21.5725th - 67.43% Wanstead
Rotimi Oyegunle23.0032nd - 59.78% Wanstead
Paul Marshall23.1133rd - 56.29% Wanstead
Louise Thompson23.48 (1st parkrun)45th - 62.18% Wanstead
Tricia ONeill23.5746th - 67.64% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.3054th - 63.53% Wanstead
Helen McGuinness29.20 debut96th - 53.24% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards34.06138th - 46.14% Wanstead
Morag Campbell36.09143rd - 43.94% Wanstead
Claire Emery37.12147th - 43.10% Wanstead
Patrick Brown18.171st - 71.10% Walthamstow
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.15 (course pb)36th - 55.78% Barking
James Nichols19.43 debut4th - 66.19% Beckton
Diana Rexhepaj28.0243rd - 57.79% Beckton
John Booth17.37 (course pb)4th - 75.78% Mile End
Jakub Czeczotka25.16114th - 52.18% Mile End
Andrew Howard22.30 debut30th - 68.89% Barnsley
Stuart Barton25.28 debut62nd - 56.54% Ellebrook Fields
Bernadett Kalmar24.06 debut51st - 66.53% Northala Fields
Viktor Szabadi25.54 debut92nd - 57.85% Northala Fields
Fiona Day27.04 debut86th - 70.69% Keswick
Steven Bywater25.48 debut45th - 58.07% Melton Mowbray
Caroline Moore29.24 debut (49th parkrun)15th - 60.77% Fountainbleau
Michael Bamford22.3230th - 65.98% Medina IOW
36 parkruns at 14 venues, 1 first finisher, 3 course pbs, 12 debuts.
First finish for Patrick 18.17 at Walthamstow, Course pbs for Richard Potter at Roding, John Booth at Mile End and Alexandra at Barking.
First parkrun for Louise Thompson at Wanstead and 49th parkruns for Simon Thomas and Caroline Moore. Debuts for Lucy & Robyn at Roding, Helen at Wanstead and James at Beckton.
8 Age Grade Bests for the year so far:- John Booth, Alexandra, Morag, Louise Thompson, Molly Pinkus, Tim leRasle, Robyn Turtle and Richard Potter.
ELR parkrun records Andrew Howard at Barnsley, Stuart at Ellenbrook Fields, Bernadett at Northala Fields, Fiona Day at Keswick, Caroline Moore at Fountainbleau France and Steve Bywater takes Shaun deSena's record at Melton Mowbray.

QEOP 10km Series - Saturday 1st July 2017

Dan Senior39.3911th, 2nd V40
Susana Da Costa E Silva1.07.46230th

Run Through Olympic Park Velo Half Marathon - Saturday 1st July 2017

Sarah Pascal2.21.51112th