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Marathon Day Marathon - Wednesday 26th February 2020

Maud Hodson4.07.1025th
Marathon Day Marathon - race report
As many of you know, I plan to run a marathon every month in 2020. When my scheduled February event fell victim to Storm Dennis I had a bit of a panic, as everything for the rest of Feb seemed to be sold out. And then I happened on this midweek event - who knew that Marathon Day (26/2) was a thing? It's in Deal, Kent, and given the 8.30am start I treated myself to a simple room above a pub a few miles from the start.
It was a bitterly cold morning according to my car 2 degrees as I drove to the start, but bright and breezy. The nice thing about running frequent marathons is being able to have a much more relaxed approach than when it's a big target race. So I collected my number, took a few pics, chatted to a couple of other runners. Then suddenly it was time for the race briefing and I realised I wouldn't have time to go to the loo before the start. Oops. I hate stopping for a wee during races - wondered if i could tough it out.
The course was five out-and-back laps along the seafront from one end of Deal to the other, starting near Walmer Castle, passing Deal Castle in the middle and turning round at Sandown Castle. They're not really castles, but artillery forts built for Henry VIII - Deal & Walmer are pretty much intact while Sandown is a ruin. Deal is a handsome, rather genteel seaside town, with many attractive old buildings, including a lovely old lifeboat station, to help the miles pass. And the constantly changing light on the sea and the cliffs in the distance was lovely. The only downside of running by the sea is obviously the wind, which was mostly in our faces on the outward half of the lap - the turnaround was always a welcome sight. And as always with an out-an-back course, lots of camaraderie between runners, especially on the last lap. Also lots and lots of dogs, including about half a dozen sausage dogs.
I wasn't going for a time in this one - would have been happy enough with anything under 4.30 - so very happy to come home in 4.07, which is actually my third best marathon time, and my best outside of a standard road race. Nice medal, and a goody bag which I will have to hide from Stuart - chocolate and crisps and not a chia seed to be seen.
By the way, in case any of you think I'm nuts. I ran a bit with a guy who had done 50 marathons in 50 weeks, and was on his way to 100 in 100. (I asked him if he had a family - no, he was single).

Baldock Beast Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd February 2020

Steven Bywater1.55.18157th

Grand Brighton Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd February 2020

Nena Rushworth-White2.16.144769th of 7697

Wokingham Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd February 2020

David Jordan1.12.15 pb15th

Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd February 2020

Roselin Boramakot2.28.292629th
Danny Wong2.28.302630th

Seville Marathon - Sunday 23rd February 2020

Antonio Martin Romero2.25.24 pb (club record)74th , (3.26kms)
Antonio Martin Romero: Thanks everyone. It was a bit windy. Had to take the risk and leave the group after 10k as it was slowing down. Had to stay positive and be strong with the headwind. Next target 2h24. Hope to run with the club soon when I am back in London

5km 17.10 - 10k 34.18 - 15k 51.36 - 20k 1.08.37 - half 1.12.18
25k 1.25.41 - 30k 1.42.45 - 35k 2.00.13 - 40k 2.17.50 - Fin 2.25.24

Antonio's report: (translation by facebook)
First of all I would like to thank the a. D marathon jerez., for all your encouragement and support for so many years, to tetrasod, for supporting amateur athletes and helping me a lot with the recovery of training, and my London Club, East London runners, for having followed my career From the distance.

A few months ago, in Berlin, I had to make a difficult decision, punish my body finishing the marathon making a while that I was not in line with workouts, or stand up to the 21 kms where my father was, meaning we had gone to Berlin to do a half and make us eat. I did what I thought was better for me, and I stopped. If I came to finish it, 100 % I wouldn't run yesterday. A marathon takes a long time to recover. That day I said I took a break from marathons, the next day, just woke up, I sent an email to my coach and I told him that if I was aiming for the Seville Marathon, I think it didn't take long to change my mind haha.

The preparation could not go better, all training taken with note, without injuries, without colds, with very good career, but with many dawn. If something I liked about London, I was going out to run at 5 in the morning and it was day, yes, with a cold fuck! The race of ecija and the half marathon of Seville gave me confidence to try to make a good mark, and the workouts were reflecting it. Only once I ran 32 kms, the other long filming were between 20 and 30 kms, one hour and something, no palizones. Better quality than quantity.

As for the day of the race, I woke up three hours before to have breakfast forever. I tell my father I have the perfect legs, so as long as I don't belittle the marathon, I should take a personal brand. I look at the weather forecast, and it looks like it's going to do some wind and about 13-16 degrees. Warm up a little and go to the drawer 15 minutes before to take a good position and try to move as much as possible not to cold. Kick-off and start with controlled rhythm and trying to find a group that was at my pace. There I was until km 10, but when I saw the rhythm went down, I got to throw myself. The group accelerated a little and let me get caught to get in the middle and not eat the wind. Before km 12, as it looks in the video, I look at the clock and I see that the rhythm is slow, so i decide to risk despite the wind, get out and start running I alone, and so it was until I arrived To the finish. As soon as I passed the triana bridge and turn to the left, I start to notice the wind against, in calle tournament the thing gets worse, without any group to protect me, I was just taking bodies. In fact, one of the slowest kilometers of the carrear is 14, 15. As we make another turn to the right, the thing gets worse, when the wind of the east comes, but I try not to leave A lot of miles, so i spend some strength trying to keep up. With a group would have been perfect, but there was a world between a front group and the back of mine, so we had to fight without help. The wind gives me a truce by changing sense, and having been pushing against him, he came with the inertia caught and I do 2 kms to 3:20, 20 and 21, but I control and return At the target pace. Arrived at km 22, I keep taking dead bodies and back to fight the wind for two kms, which although it is not strong, pushes enough to encourage you. Every time it changed sense to the north or east, we had to make greater effort. I start to remember the Edinburgh marathon, which were 30 kms against a wind of almost 40 mph, this however, they are small gusts, so i decide to do the same tactic, run with a comfortable feeling and try to keep A good posture running to be as efficient as possible, after all, those who were really suffering were the bodies I was taking. Thought of myself, on the worst stage, finishing this race, you take a personal brand home. I stopped looking at the clock, I just dedicated myself to running efficiently and for sensations. Here I start visualizing workouts, 20 kms left, like that training you did, 18 kms left, like that other you made to rhythm faster. The people of the public and friends who were on the circuit took me with energy, drank in almost 100 % of the refreshments and wet my head. I arrived in plaza de España, indescribable, you have to live it, people screaming give me all the confidence I need, come on Martin that you are already there, and it was true, only 10 kms left, I keep hunting athletes, walking, standing, psychologically It doesn't help, people start to cheer me up: come on! What a rhythm! I get to km 38 and I receive the best news in the world, it tells me a volunteer, let's go it's all downhill!! Thank you pisha, but the downhill didn't last long, but it was appreciated I'm still very focused thinking that I have it done, I look with strength and I think that when I get to 41 change of rhythm, and so I do, supported by the whole public I do the last 1.195 kms to 3:19. I enter Goal with a net time of 2 H25' 24 ", happy, knowing that the brand had been winning it week after week, that's why I was so confident, the marathon was the icing on the cake. Just before leaving the runners of the runners, the speaker starts to announce the first andalusians, and for my surprise, I hear my name, third andalusian. In the marathon of Seville with more level of history I didn't even pass through my head, and to round it, the 17 Spanish. I have no doubts, I did the right thing in Berlin, if not, I would never have lived yesterday. With Seville has been a love at first sight, I'll be back in 2021, but running faster, that's clear. Thank you for all the hundreds of messages you sent me, your support means a lot.

Dorney Lake 10km - Sunday 23rd February 2020

Grace Turner57.5663rd

Run London Victoria Park Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd February 2020

Debbie Shearing1.57.5848th

Birmingham Running Festival Half Marathon - Saturday 22nd February 2020

Eleanor Wilkinson1.40.3145th, 3rd place lady

Birmingham Running Festival 10km - Saturday 22nd February 2020

Nick Clarke46.13 pb14th

Run Through Hyde Park 10km - Saturday 22nd February 2020

Jamie Xavier43.3555th
Ross Lucas49.22129th

National Cross Country Championships, Nottingham - Saturday 22nd February 2020

Joseph Gunn 57.17661st of 1710

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 22nd February 2020

John Henry18.483rd - 72.61% - Wanstead
Neil Gage22.0814th - 63.10% - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.15 (1st woman)38th - 62.06% - Wanstead
Sharon Springfield25.4058th - 62.47% - Wanstead
Cathal Lynch26.4065th - 48.38% - Wanstead
Andrew Howard27.0272nd - 58.32% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.0586th - 54.72% - Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.35116th - 50.30% - Wanstead
Catherine Brett31.26124th - 56.10% - Wanstead
Richard Cravitz 31.48 (course pb)131st - 42.30% - Wanstead
Fiona Day31.55132nd - 62.56% - Wanstead
Che Hector32.37141st - 40.21% - Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles32.38142nd - 50.15% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore33.11155th - 56.05% - Wanstead
Arthur Diaz34.25170th - 42.86% - Wanstead
Angela May36.52195th - 41.05% - Wanstead
Vicky Allen36.54196th - 44.90% - Wanstead
Morag Campbell40.15214th - 40.66% - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell41.52219th - 40.05% - Wanstead
Thomas Grimes18.01* (debut &1st man)1st - 75.21% Hampstead Heath
James Nichols19.20* debut8th - 68.62% Gunnersbury
Michael Wilson26.28* debut64th - 60.08% Chippenham
Alex Jameson23.49* debut110th - 61.44% Bakewell
Anna Dingle29.45* (course pb)135th - 52.89% Bognor Regis
Tim Le Rasle21.04* debut4th - 67.80% Lancing Beach Green
Paul Marshall21.44 debut40th - 60.66% South Manchester
Stuart Norris24.06 debut163rd - 53.53% Finsbury
Grace Turner29.10 debut435th - 50.74% Clapham Common
Joanna Neville26.58 debut210th - 56.37% Greenpoint, SA
Chris Green31.05 (course pb)441st - 44.24% Fulham Palace
Richard Guest22.46 debut38th - 63.25% Grovelands
Suzanne Taylor26.11 debut139th - 64.04% Worthing
Steven Bywater26.49 debut123rd - 57.30% Castle Park
Katherine Harris24.2680th - 62.21% Victoria Dock
Laura Kemp24.0357th - 61.61% Fletcher Moss
Peter Hatley23.1425th - 61.05% Cleethorpes
Stephen Swan22.2631st - 58.17% Kesgrave
Mark Moir19.594th - 64.55% Silksworth
Richard Potter27.4341st - 48.17% Roding Valley
Marc Akers46.38243rd - 30.88% Gunpowder
Jocelyn Summers32.06411th - 54.26% Mile End
Siobhan OShea31.39292nd - 51.18% Leamington
Shanavaz Malayodu23.45119th - 56.63% Hackney
Catriona Hoult26.18174th - 60.39% Hackney
Selina Vernal23.37 debut156th - 64.36% Southwark
Martin Quinlan26.08260th - 55.10% Southwark
Fiona Critchley26.0620th - 66.73% Great Dunmow
Stuart Barton28.3229th - 51.69% Great Dunmow
Jonathan Wooldridge28.50 debut31st - 50.35% Great Dunmow
Tom Howourth19.04 debut3rd - 67.83% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali20.005th - 65.25% Barking
Scott McMillan20.439th - 67.90% Barking
Samir Younsi24.21 debut40th - 58.25% Barking
Maud Hodson25.2653rd - 63.70% Barking
Mary OBrien28.5194th - 71.35% Barking
Daniel ODonoghue19.43 (course pb)4th - 65.93% - Valentines
Med Dahbi19.526th - 74.83% - Valentines
Ashley Faria21.2019th - 68.59% - Valentines
Lawrence Foster21.2920th - 72.15% - Valentines
Mounir Dahbi22.1726th - 60.81% - Valentines
Alexander Ward22.4833rd - 56.73% - Valentines
Ciaran Canavan23.0436th - 61.92% - Valentines
Matthew Powell24.1251st - 57.23% - Valentines
Janet Bywater25.07 (course pb)72nd - 71.13% - Valentines
Jason Levy25.2478th - 57.15% - Valentines
Lance Fuller25.5089th - 60.52% - Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.5792nd - 59.73% - Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu26.48104th - 55.47% - Valentines
Veronica Carrasco27.23122nd - 54.05% - Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.25124th - 56.96% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel28.01137th - 54.37% - Valentines
Denys Vuika28.48159th - 46.35% - Valentines
Iuliia Vuika29.07170th - 54.04% - Valentines
Bianca Damoc29.15175th - 50.60% - Valentines
Joanna Qiu43.50332nd - 38.71% - Valentines

Harrow on the Hill 10km - Sunday 16th February 2020

Thomas Grimes37.241st

Run The Vines #14 10km, Ayama, South Africa - Saturday 15th February 2020

Paul Quinton42.551st

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 15th February 2020

Nick Hoult27.42* debut19th - 51.56% Blue Lagoon, SA
John Henry18.54* (course pb)2nd - 72.22% Harrogate
Andy Bolderstone28.1791st - 50.15% Pymmes
Amit Marks36.01352nd - 38.78% Raphael
James Nichols22.4724th - 58.23% Billericay
Marc Akers58.03234th - 24.81% Gunpowder
Paul Marshall24.1145th - 54.51% Morecambe Prom
Siobhan OShea30.24180th - 53.29% Leamington
Alexandra Wilkinson44.52168th - 36.92% Hockley Woods
Martin Quinlan26.42240th - 53.93% Southwark
Jakub Czeczotka26.44 (99th parkrun)270th - 50.31% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.29334th - 61.18% Mile End
Patrick Brown19.26 (1st man)1st - Walthamstow
Peter Hatley25.5325th - Walthamstow
Anne-Marie Kennedy28.0549th - Walthamstow
Janet Bywater24.10 debut72nd - 73.93% Victoria Dock
Steven Bywater24.22 (course pb)75th - 63.06% Victoria Dock
Katherine Harris24.2577th - 62.25% Victoria Dock
John Booth19.266th - 69.73% Barking
Mark Moir19.288th - 66.27% Barking
Scott McMillan19.39 debut9th - 71.59% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali23.21 (with buggy)25th - 55.89% Barking
Samia Choudhury45.01128th - 32.88% Barking
Joseph Gunn 18.354th - 69.78% Valentines
Alexander Ward19.027th - 67.95% Valentines
Scott Hemmens19.55 (course pb)12th - 68.54% Valentines
Med Dahbi20.2918th - 72.58% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.2327th - 68.43% Valentines
Michael Bamford22.1836th - 67.79% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi22.3945th - 58.57% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.1660th - 63.90% Valentines
Matthew Powell23.2463rd - 59.19% Valentines
Mark Durrant24.02 pb78th - 63.94% Valentines
Catriona Hoult24.27 (course pb)91st - 64.96% Valentines
Flora Stewart-Sandeman25.06103rd - 58.96% Valentines
Sandra Preston25.18104th - 70.62% Valentines
Jason Levy25.47117th - 56.30% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.00121st - 59.62% Valentines
Catherine Brett26.50 (course pb)144th - 65.71% Valentines
Denys Vuika27.23156th - 48.75% Valentines
Naimah Riaz28.02177th - 55.71% Valentines
Shailesh Patel28.13184th - 53.57% Valentines
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera29.21215th - 52.41% Valentines
Richard Cravitz 30.17232nd - 44.41% Valentines
Jane Clapton32.45288th - 49.97% Valentines
Joanna Qiu32.53 pb292nd - 51.60% Valentines
Maya Goodwin37.52357th - 43.75% Valentines
William ODonoghue20.55 pb6th - 61.83% Wanstead
Neil Gage21.5113th - 63.92% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak24.3441st - 61.26% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch26.3266th - 48.62% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.4970th - 54.57% Wanstead
Maud Hodson26.5574th - 60.19% Wanstead
Sarah Burns28.2199th - 55.50% Wanstead
Andrew Howard28.49105th - 54.71% Wanstead
Claire Emery30.15129th - 54.77% Wanstead
Fiona Day30.55140th - 64.58% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi31.24149th - 48.94% Wanstead
Anna Dingle32.11157th - 48.89% Wanstead
Stuart Barton32.12158th - 45.81% Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles32.20161st - 50.62% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards32.26162nd - 49.95% Wanstead
Caroline Moore34.11188th - 54.41% Wanstead
Vicky Allen36.22204th - 45.55% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz36.39207th - 40.25% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell41.21229th - 40.55% Wanstead
Don Bennett41.35230th - 38.92% Wanstead

Run Through Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 12th February 2020

Maran Raju46.57162nd
Grace Turner57.59397th
Sallyann Eyles59.49 pb452nd

Run Through Chase The Moon 5km, QEOP - Wednesday 12th February 2020

Ross Lucas22.25 pb28th
Samir Younsi23.4740th

VI Carrera Don Bosco 8km, Jerez - Sunday 9th February 2020

Antonio Martin Romero24.51 pb1st, (3.06 km)

Start Fitness Metropolitan League, Trent Park XC - Saturday 8th February 2020

Maud Hodson42.43153rd (wg&el)
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera49.39200th (wg&el)

Orion Mercury 10 - Saturday 8th February 2020

Thomas Grimes1.08.025th
John Henry1.13.3914th
Thomas Burrard-Lucas1.15.1717th
Andrew Baxter1.20.4331st
Calvin Bobin1.27.4748th
Regis Martin1.28.1350th
Alex Jameson1.41.16 71st
Catriona Hoult1.41.54 72nd
Gareth Davies1.42.06 74th
Ramesh Pala1.47.1483rd
Arthur Diaz2.14.4998th
Arthur Diaz Love running this one for the first time. Great club and runners as well

Catriona Hoult I loved it too. Hills, mud, more hills, more mud, blue skies, beautiful views and I didn't get lost (thanks Alex). What's not to love?

Run Through Victoria Park Half Marathon - Saturday 8th February 2020

Paul Quinton1.17.596th
Tom Howourth1.25.23 pb29th
George Pite1.56.13376th

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Saturday 8th February 2020

Stuart Kelly35.20 pb6th
Gemma Catlin50.51235th
James Eggleton50.52236th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 8th February 2020

Robert Spread19.07* debut1st - 70.88% Meadowvale
Liesbeth Allart29.03* debut243rd - 52.09% Bushy, Dublin
Nick Hoult24.41* debut56th - 57.87% North Beach, SA
Sachin Vanmari24.4157th - 53.14% North Beach, SA
Shaun DeSena36.18 debut48th - 35.81% Foots Cray Meadows
Chris Green32.34 debut296th - 42.22% Northala Fields
Jason Levy25.41 debut122nd - 56.52% Southend
Andy Bolderstone27.17 (100th parkrun)79th - 51.99% Pymmes
Scott McMillan19.58 debut36th - 70.45% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers27.54275th - 62.43% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali20.4283rd - 63.04% Bushy
Mark Moir19.303rd - 66.15% Silksworth
Sandra Preston27.5347th - 64.08% Roding Valley
Amit Marks41.10362nd - 33.93% Raphael
Diana Rexhepaj30.4640th - 54.50% Beckton
John Henry18.4215th - 72.99% Finsbury
James Nichols21.3776th - 61.37% Finsbury
Samir Younsi25.0120th 56.70% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.5135th - 57.23% Walthamstow
Patrick Brown17.195th - 75.75% Sheffield Hallam
Paul Marshall26.0990th - 50.41% Morecambe Prom
Martin Quinlan25.19179th - 56.88% Southwark
Richard Guest22.17 debut38th - 64.62% Osterley
Joanna Neville28.08165th - 54.03% Osterley
Rakesh Sandhu28.09 debut166th - 52.40% Osterley
Stephen Taylor21.42 (course pb)81st - 67.43% Hackney
Ross Lucas22.36 (course pb) 114th - 64.75% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu25.40228th - 52.40% Hackney
Tina Bennett26.02242nd - 59.99% Hackney
Terry Lewsey22.0312th - 62.81% Barking
Caroline Frith22.41 debut20th - 68.33% Barking
Mary Connolly27.4471st - 67.07% Barking
Mary OBrien27.4572nd - 74.17% Barking
Susan Bushnell36.43141st - 54.38% Barking
Tom Marshall19.482nd - 67.42% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth21.3010th - 65.43% Wanstead
William ODonoghue21.3911th - 59.74% Wanstead
Daniel ODonoghue23.2639th - 55.48% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.5049th - 63.15% Wanstead
Stuart Norris24.4265th - 52.23% Wanstead
Che Hector27.29112th - 47.73% Wanstead
Alex Jameson28.07122nd - 52.05% Wanstead
Tim Aylett28.24130th - 48.42% Wanstead
Grace Turner28.28132nd - 51.99% Wanstead
Kathryn Hertzberg28.29133rd - 52.31% Wanstead
Andrew Howard28.48136th - 54.75% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.59144th - 53.02% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards30.04165th - 53.88% Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles30.48 (course pb)173rd - 53.14% Wanstead
Flora Stewart-Sandeman31.10182nd - 47.49% Wanstead
Caroline Moore31.12184th - 59.62% Wanstead
Richard Cravitz 32.49 (course pb)210th - 40.99% Wanstead
Don Bennett40.17278th - 40.17% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell41.17279th - 40.61% Wanstead
Vicky Allen49.53 (tailwalker)296th - 33.21% Wanstead
Angela May49.54 (tailwalker)297th - 30.33% Wanstead
Billy Rayner18.27 (1st man)1st - 70.09% Valentines
Joseph Gunn 18.31 (course pb)2nd - 70.03% Valentines
Alexander Ward19.323rd - 66.21% Valentines
Med Dahbi20.116th - 73.66% Valentines
Warren Ibrahim20.4211th - 70.69% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.5012th - 70.24% Valentines
Stuart Barton22.21 (course pb)23rd - 66.00% Valentines
Stephen Swan22.48 debut28th - 57.24% Valentines
Matthew Powell23.2733rd - 59.06% Valentines
David Hallybone23.33 (course pb)34th - 59.73% Valentines
Fiona Critchley24.24 (course pb)43rd - 71.38% Valentines
Damon Lerner24.43 51st - 57.79% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.5570th - 59.81% Valentines
Michael Bamford26.0571st - 57.96% Valentines
Suzanne Taylor26.1474th - 63.91% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.4382nd - 58.45% Valentines
Peter Hatley26.4884th - 52.92% Valentines
Mark Durrant27.2094th - 56.22% Valentines
Iuliia Vuika28.05110th - 56.02% Valentines
Denys Vuika28.06111th - 47.51% Valentines
Suzanne Bench28.20115th - 62.24% Valentines
John Healy28.22116th - 50.00% Valentines
Katherine Harris29.01133rd - 52.38% Valentines
Andrea Waller29.01 debut134th - 53.82% Valentines
Marc Akers29.22 (100th parkrun)143rd - 49.04% Valentines
Alice Barrett29.22 (course pb)144th - 50.40% Valentines
Shailesh Patel29.28146th - 51.30% Valentines
Jane Clapton29.47152nd - 54.95% Valentines
Arthur Diaz37.14256th - 39.62% Valentines

Mornington Chasers Regents Park 10km - Sunday 2nd February 2020

Steven Bywater50.58181st
410 finishers

Dash For The Splash 10km - Sunday 2nd February 2020

Thomas Grimes41.006th
The Dash for the Splash is an all-terrain race over the best of Wimbledon Common -
mud, hills and did we say a splash?
The varied course will take runners through all the Common has to offer, from the trying hills of the Toast Rack and the Alps, past the Windmill, on to the muddy delights of the the Butts, and finishing with a bracing wade through Beverley Brook watersplash!

We guarantee you'll have a great morning out, you'll get to parts of the Common you never knew, and you'll be smiling all afternoon.

Watford Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd February 2020

David Jordan1.13.206th
Amit Marks1.42.17428th
Veronica Carrasco2.01.02 pb901st

Great Bentley Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd February 2020

Andrew Baxter1.29.47102nd
Peter Hatley1.36.00155th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.51.53827th

QEOP 10km - Saturday 1st February 2020

Gail Edwards53.25 pb190th

Chingford League - Event 6 - Victoria Park 5m - Saturday 1st February 2020

Patrick Brown28.1922nd - 4pts
John Henry29.38 pb34th - 33rd
Euan Brown30.1041st - 39th
Billy Rayner30.4353rd - 49th
Mark Moir31.08 pb63rd - 58th
Tom Howourth31.55 pb & cl debut73rd - 66th
Jacob Stevens33.00 pb94th - 84th
Neil Gage33.16 pb98th - 85th
William ODonoghue33.56 cl debut115th - 100th
Louis Le Roux34.03118th - 102nd
Michael Bamford34.25 pb126th - 108th
Caroline Frith35.25149th - 25th - 2pts
Amit Marks35.36152nd - 123rd
Becky Evans35.46 pb156th - 27th - 8pts
Stuart Hodson36.23 debut165th - 127th - 9th
Chloe Millan36.32 pb166th - 35th
Vinesh Kumar36.49171st - 132nd
Jonathan Wooldridge37.36183rd - 142nd
Kasia Stachowiak37.57 pb188th - 40th
Ged Browne37.59190th - 145th
Michael Wilson38.00192nd - 147th
Samir Younsi39.02 pb204th - 154th
Maud Hodson39.32211th -- 51st
Catriona Hoult40.21 pb218th - 54th
Mark Durrant40.30221st - 162nd
Carolyn Edwards40.51 pb227th - 58th
Brian Crowther40.53 cl debut229th - 166th
Alex Jameson41.16235th - 168th
Anne-Marie Kennedy42.16244th -- 68th
Catherine Brett43.03 pb253rd - 74th
Tina Bennett43.05 pb254th - 75th
Debbie Shearing43.36260th - 80th
Martin Quinlan43.37 pb261st - 173rd
Fiona Day45.32279th - 91st - 5pts
Claire Emery45.59281st - 92nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera47.40289th - 98th
Grace Turner47.40290th - 99th
Isabella Allan47.45 pb & cl debut291st - 100th
Rachel Le Roux47.55293rd - 101st
186 men & 111 ladies,
Team Results:
Men A Team : 4th, 3rd overall
Men B Team : 4th, 3rd overall
Men Vets: 4th, 4th overall
Ladies A Team: 4th, 4th overall
Ladies Vets: 4th, 4th overall

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 1st February 2020

Stephen Swan20.55* (course pb)14th - 62.39% Kesgrave
Nick Hoult22.07* debut22nd - 64.58% Paarl, SA
Fiona Critchley25.51* debut82nd - 67.38% GreenWay, AUS
Stuart Barton23.26* debut14th - 62.94% Mura di Lucca, ITA
Paul Marshall21.30* (course pb)32nd - 61.32% Preston
Shaun DeSena35.24 debut76th - 36.72% South Woodham Ferrers
Thomas Grimes18.23 (1st man)1st - 73.71% Sunny Hill
Flora Stewart-Sandeman24.12 debut84th - 61.16% Raphael
John Booth20.18 (1st man)1st - 66.75% Beckton
Siobhan OShea30.51271st - 52.51% Leamington
Richard Guest30.09159th - 47.76% Bracknell
Stephen Taylor22.5628th - 63.81% Gunpowder
John Henry18.492nd - 72.54% Pymmes
Natasha Howard28.36434th - 53.50% Chelmsford Central
Martin Quinlan26.20228th - 54.68% Southwark
Richard Potter24.4423rd - 53.98% Roding Valley
Katherine Harris24.0087th - 63.33% Victoria Dock
Terry Lewsey24.1613th - 57.07% Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Susan Bushnell39:54124th - 50.04% Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Mark Moir18.57 (course pb)14th - 68.07% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali19.4921st - 65.85% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.45364th - 60.58% Mile End
Samir Younsi28.2440th - 49.94% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater28.3641st - 62.47% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey34.0186th - 48.11% Walthamstow
Scott McMillan18.0615th - 77.72% Hackney
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.4127th - 69.85% Hackney
Tom Howourth18.50 (course pb)29th - 68.67% Hackney
Isabella Allan26.51 (course pb)267th - 55.12% Hackney
Alexander Ward18.482nd - 68.79% Valentines
Med Dahbi20.249th - 72.88% Valentines
Michael Bamford21.0414th - 71.76% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.0616th - 69.35% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.1440th - 63.49% Valentines
Peter Hatley23.1642nd - 60.96% Valentines
Matthew Powell23:21 pb43rd - 59.31% Valentines
George Georgiou24.5965th - 59.04% Valentines
Jason Levy25.2680th - 57.08% Valentines
Denys Vuika25.49 (course pb)87th - 51.71% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.0892nd - 59.31% Valentines
Annette Clark26.1295th - 62.47% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.49106th - 58.23% Valentines
Iuliia Vuika27.55 (course pb)126th - 56.36% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.16137th - 72.82% Valentines
Mark Durrant29.02152nd - 52.93% Valentines
Jane Clapton31.00185th - 52.80% Valentines
Frank Brownlie31.27191st - 54.85% Valentines
Marc Akers31.38 (99th parkrun)193rd - 45.52% Valentines
Alice Barrett31.40194th - 46.74% Valentines
Shailesh Patel34.50248th - 43.40% Valentines
Tom Marshall19.142nd - 69.41% Wanstead
Robert Spread20.595th - 64.58% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth21.3615th - 65.12% Wanstead
Cathal Lynch25.2355th - 50.82% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield25.3758th - 62.59% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench25.3860th - 68.79% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.4381st - 54.77% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak26.4482nd - 56.30% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi28.43116th - 53.51% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards30.44151st - 52.17% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz31.49175th - 46.36% Wanstead
Andrew Howard33.31200th - 47.04% Wanstead
Geoff Bench33.50204th - 45.02% Wanstead
Richard Cravitz 34.22214th - 39.14% Wanstead
Vicky Allen35.27230th - 46.73% Wanstead
Morag Campbell36.32241st - 44.80% Wanstead
Angela May36.42244th - 41.24% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone27.19 (99th parkrun)64th - 51.92% Pymmes
Che Hector27.1090th - 48.28% Wanstead
Stuart: My second parkrun in Italy, this one was Mura di Lucca,
the whole run is on the old city wall. A one lap all on tarmac and almost
pizza flat. The weather was a little wet but perfect for running.
After the run coffee and cake in a local cafe.
We spent the afternoon walking around Lucca then eating pizza in the
walled city centre square.

Serpentine Last Friday 5km, Hyde Park - Friday 31st January 2020

John Henry17.4132nd, 77.5%
Sallyann Eyles30.17272nd, 53.4%

Go Tri Duathlon 84, Velopark - Sunday 26th January 2020

Michael Bamford59.223rd
2m run/10 m bike/2m run
13.54 / 31.01 / 14.27 = 59.22

also Simon Morgan 17th 1.06.01
16.01 / 35.14 / 14.45

Phoenix Running - Hercules Labour One - Marathon - Sunday 26th January 2020

Nathaniel Dye4.15.289th
Maud Hodson4.19.3910th - 1st woman
Maud reports: Phoenix Running - Hercules Labour One (six hour timed event, marathon & HM) - mini race report
My main running goal this year is to run a marathon every month - taking a leaf out of Jimmy’s book. Having looked at all my XC and other commitments, today was the only day I could fit one in. So I was very pleased to find this event in Sawbridgeworth, only half an hour’s drive away.
It’s a lapped, trail event, on both sides of the river Stort. Each lap is 5.3k, so eight laps is a marathon. At the end of each lap you collect a wristband to show how many you’ve done, and you ring a bell when you finish. There was also a PB gong, but I was never going to be needing that. This was my sixth race of the month (plus three parkruns), so I had to be realistic. Decent selection of snacks including vegan stuff to keep Nathaniel happy.
It was a really friendly, relaxed event on an attractive route, with not much climbing but muddy in places. Anyway, I got round my 8 laps - lost a bit of pace in the second half but nothing dramatic. And the medal - it is ridiculously large - easily the biggest I’ve ever got (until July…).
It’s not the sort of event that has winners’ trophies, but it was a nice little bonus to see that I was the first female finisher for the marathon distance. Now for a nice long break from racing until, er, Chingford League on Saturday.

Royal Parks Winter Series 10km, QEOP - Sunday 26th January 2020

Patrick Brown35.214th

Run Through Brixton 10km - Sunday 26th January 2020

Jamie Xavier44.3155th
Richard Guest46.0780th

Khon Kaen Marathon - Sunday 26th January 2020

Tom Woods4.07.54537th / 3654
Crossing the finish line at the Khon Kaen International Marathon (4:24:50 on the video) ,
should have got under 4 hours , but suffered a stitch at around 37km and that put paid to
that target , as I couldn't get my pace back up after having to stop. However not too
disgruntled, as I still got my Qualifier for the Comrades Marathon later this year.

25th EDP Medio Maraton De Sevilla 2020 - Sunday 26th January 2020

Antonio Martin Romero1.09.30 pb

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 25th January 2020

Clive Stephenson1.48.2379th
Katherine Harris1.55.29114th
Alice Barrett2.25.38 pb11th, (early half)
Marc Akers2.25.3512th, (early half)

Run Through Velopark 10m - Saturday 25th January 2020

George Pite1.26.1837th

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 25th January 2020

Alexander Ward39.534th

Southern Cross Country Champs, Parliament Hill (15kms) - Saturday 25th January 2020

Thomas Grimes58.12258th
Billy Rayner1.04.41577th
Mark Moir1.09.08774th
Andrew Jackson1.11.29848th
Jacob Stevens1.14.18932nd
Regis Martin1.18.301016th
Peter Hatley1.25.591135th
Mike Reports.
This prestigious event produces a grand spectacle at the start, with the sight of hundreds of competitors running to the top of a very long, steep hill, before disappearing out of view. Chloe Millan 414th (out of 694) and Janet Bywater (541st) competed for the Women, who were two runners short of a full team. Thomas Grimes 258th (out of 1172), Billy Rayner (577th), Mark Moir (774th), Andrew Jackson (848th), Jacob Stevens (932nd), Regis Martin (1016th) and Peter Hatley (1135th) competed for the Men, with the first six scoring for the club.

Southern Cross Country Champs, Parliament Hill (8km) - Saturday 25th January 2020

Chloe Millan43.07414th
Janet Bywater47.11541st

Maverick West Sussex Trail (23kms) - Saturday 25th January 2020

Joseph Gunn 1.40.458th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 25th January 2020

Fiona Critchley24.33* debut28th - 70.94% Kingston Park, TAS
Nick Hoult23.04* debut5th - 61.92% Atholl, SA
Stephen Swan20.59* pb27th - 62.19% Kesgrave
Saheb Yousefi22.14* debut9th - 54.67% Clonakilty
Samir Younsi21.48 pb51st - 57.23% Pymmes
Matthew Powell24.22 (course pb)243rd - 56.84% Cannon Hill, Birmingham
Thomas Grimes19.32 (1st man)1st - 69.37% Sunny Hill
Mark Moir18.39 (course pb)9th - 69.17% Victoria Dock
James Nichols18.55 debut13th - 70.13% Victoria Dock
Shahib Miah Ali36.43 (1st lap with son)117th - 35.54% Barking
Martin Quinlan26.18268th - 54.75% Southwark
Stephen Taylor27.0294th - 54.13% Gunpowder
Paul Marshall21.1024th - 62.28% Morecambe Prom
Lawrence Foster21.2918th - 72.15% Bognor Regis
Richard Guest22.1472nd - 64.77% Highbury Fields
John Booth19.412nd - 68.84% Beckton
Terry Lewsey23.0916th - 59.83% Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Susan Bushnell40.02139th - 49.88% Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Amit Marks22.4672nd - 61.35% Raphael
Natasha Howard27.43223rd - 55.20% Raphael
Neil Gage22.0710th -- 63.15% Roding Valley
Caroline Frith23.4919th - 65.08% Roding Valley
Richard Potter24.4424th - 53.98% Roding Valley
Sandra Preston27.1945th - 65.41% Roding Valley
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.5621st - 68.93% Hackney
Tom Howourth18.58 (course pb)22nd - 68.19% Hackney
Ross Lucas23.01 (course pb)127th - 63.58% Hackney
Tina Bennett25.33217th - 61.12% Hackney
Patrick Brown19.41 (1st man)1st - 66.64% Walthamstow
Michael Bamford22.19 (course pb)6th - 67.74% Walthamstow
Jakub Czeczotka26.2637th - 50.88% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.3151st - 55.84% Walthamstow
Isabella Allan31.3996th - 46.76% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey33.29111th - 48.88% Walthamstow
Ashley Faria21.259th - 68.33% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.4228th - 62.24% Valentines
Stuart Norris23.4529th - 54.32% Valentines
Peter Hatley24.2741st - 58.01% Valentines
Lance Fuller25.5664th - 60.28% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.5965th - 59.65% Valentines
John Healy26.0466th - 54.41% Valentines
David Taylor26.5876th - 59.46% Valentines
Katrina Betteridge27.1182nd - 54.81% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.2592nd - 56.96% Valentines
Mark Durrant29.46 (100th parkruns)145th - 51.62% Valentines
Frank Brownlie30.19154th - 56.90% Valentines
Maya Goodwin34.39227th - 47.81% Valentines
Iuliia Vuika41.52285th - 37.58% Valentines
Shailesh Patel47.35303rd - 31.77% Valentines
John Henry18.22 (1st man)1st - 74.32% Wanstead
Scott McMillan19.314th - 72.08% Wanstead
Robert Spread19.588th - 67.86% Wanstead
Daniel ODonoghue20.23 (course pb)12th - 63.78% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth21.1620th - 66.14% Wanstead
William ODonoghue22.0229th - 58.70% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.5755th - 62.84% Wanstead
Fiona Day28.16130th - 69.63% Wanstead
Claire Emery30.05155th - 55.07% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi30.55174th - 49.70% Wanstead
Maud Hodson31.00178th - 52.26% Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles31.10187th - 52.51% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz34.13231st - 43.11% Wanstead
Angela May34.19232nd - 44.10% Wanstead
Caroline Moore34.58239th - 53.19% Wanstead
Vicky Allen35.28247th - 46.71% Wanstead
Jane Scott36.33265th - 48.24% Wanstead
Morag Campbell36.48269th - 44.47% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell41.15296th - 40.65% Wanstead
Andrew Howard49.58303rd - 31.55% Wanstead
Che Hector27.32112th - 47.64% Wanstead

Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 19th January 2020

Lawrence Foster44.43 pb79th
322 finishers

Benfleet 15m - Sunday 19th January 2020

Thomas Grimes1.37.506th
Patrick Brown1.42.1312th
Jose Rodriguez1.43.15 pb19th
Joseph Gunn 1.44.0720th
Jennifer Ansell1.49.3445th, 3rd lady
James Nichols1.56.2194th
Jacob Stevens2.00.53 pb109th
Jimmy Dale2.02.04 pb121st
Paul Thompson2.02.24122nd
Peter Craik2.02.11125th
Manjit Bedi2.02.57130th
Regis Martin2.05.11141st
Calvin Bobin2.08.22164th, 5th V60
Caroline Frith2.08.21165th, 6th FV40
Carlton DSouza2.11.12185th
Karan Gadhia2.12.50 pb204th
James Creed2.13.09210th
Eleanor Wilkinson2.13.13224th
Gemma Foxall2.13.40228th
Nathaniel Dye2.16.34274th
Emily Clarke2.18.50295th
Jonathan Wooldridge2.20.24301st
Peter Hatley2.20.41309th
Paula Bedford2.31.49323rd
Kasia Stachowiak2.22.24359th
Ged Browne2.24.39373rd
Maud Hodson2.26.40384th
Kathryn Hertzberg2.24.51397th
Alexandra Brown2.31.17437th
Alex Jameson2.32.56445th
Janet Bywater2.33.15453rd
Stuart Hodson2.39.27499th
John Healy2.40.19509th
Ramesh Pala2.49.03625th
Fiona Day2.58.55684th, 2nd FV60
Helen McGuinness3.01.23704th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera3.01.42708th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera: Nothing better for the mind before
a work trip that a 15 miles XC !
Yesterday was my 3rd Benfleet 15 and probably the one I enjoyed the most
having no expectation for a time ( nevermind running in the mud in socks
as I was trying to pull my shoes from it and getting caught in barbewire
300 meters later.

Calvin Bobin: I started to fade 2/3s of the way round, and I admit
to walking up the last hill, so I'm heartened to see it described on the
B15 FB page as "the most challenging ground conditions in the Benfleet 15's
30 year history"

Alexandra Brown: Great day for Miss Jennifer Ansell hen do run ..
she casually said there's a hill at the end but flat otherwise. I think we
have different ideas of flat.

James Nichols: Completed the mud, puddles and hills of the Benfleet
15 this morning for the 5th time in 1 hour 56 minutes.

Nacho Aguirre Rodríguez: Benfleet 15!. 15 miles of hills and pure mud.
Felt great considering the Ultra last weekend. I could have done with not
loosing my shoes in the mud, get lost and having to run the last 2 miles in
my socks..

Gloucester Marathon - Sunday 19th January 2020

Ford Cadiogan4.45.54258th

Chingford League - Event 5 - Hackney Marshes - Saturday 18th January 2020

Euan Brown27.312nd - 19pts
Billy Rayner31.2832nd
John Henry31.3833rd - 2pts
Mark Moir32.5747th - 46th
Joseph Gunn 34.1061st - 55th
Karan Gadhia35.4483rd - 75th
Warren Ibrahim35.4988th - 76th
Amit Marks36.1997th - 84th
Neil Gage36.42100th - 87th
Louis Le Roux36.47101st - 88th
Ciaran Canavan36.57103rd - 90th
Jacob Stevens37.36112th - 96th
Becky Evans38.22124th - 20th - 8pts
Paula Bedford38.29127th - 22nd - 4pts
Vinesh Kumar38.50129th - 107th
Chloe Millan39.58149th - 33rd - 5pts
Michael Wilson40.55157th - 121st
Maud Hodson41.10160th - 37th
Kasia Stachowiak41.38165th - 41st
Edward Barnard41.59169th - 126th
Samir Younsi42.38172nd - 128th
Alex Jameson43.11179th - 131st
Carolyn Edwards43.34183rd - 48th
Sandra Preston44.22192nd - 54th
Catriona Hoult44.25194th - 56th
Tina Bennett45.12200th - 60th
Mark Durrant46.30212th - 142nd
Fiona Day46.33213th - 69th - 9pts
Lydia Merrett47.32220th - 73rd
Grace Turner48.54224th - 76th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera50.11229th - 80th
Anne-Marie Kennedy50.11230th - 81st
Sallyann Eyles52.52233rd - 83rd
239 finishers
Mens A Team : 4th, 3rd overall
Mens B Team : 4th, 3rd overall
Mens Vets: 4th, 5th overall
Ladies A Team: 4th, 4th overall
Ladies Vets: 4th, 4th overall.

Mike Reports.
The bright sunny morning of Saturday 18th January, saw the Chingford League return to Hackney Marshes for the first time since 2014, for the fifth fixture of the season. Although the course of just under five miles did not contain any hills, it was nonetheless very wet and muddy. The race was one small lap of the field, followed by two large laps which included a muddy trail alongside the River Lee.
ELR fielded 33 runners for this event, which saw the winter league debut of Anne-Marie Kennedy and the return of Edward Barnard for his first race in a few years. The first three ELR finishers were, Euan Brown who was second overall, followed by Billy Rayner (32nd) and very closely behind, John Henry (33rd). Becky Evans had a great run for the Women to finish in 20th place, a few seconds behind her was Paula Bedford (22nd), followed by Chloe Millan (33rd). There were 150 Men and 87 Women finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 18th January 2020

Nick Hoult22.01* debut25th - 64.88% PE Hobie Beach, SA
Fiona Critchley25.09* debut10th - 69.25% Geeveston
Stuart Barton23.26* debut24th - 62.94% Hunstanton Promenade
Andrew Howard32.21* debut117th - 48.74% Fulbourn Hospital
Joanna Neville25.21 (course pb)102nd - 59.96% Osterley
Shaun DeSena35.56 debut119th - 36.18% Pontypool
James Nichols22.26 debut9th - 59.14% Barclay
Chris Green34.21 debut505th - 40.03% Wimbledon Common
Thomas Grimes18.26 (1st man)1st - 73.51% Canons Park
Stephen Swan23.30 debut31st - 55.53% Plymvalley
Caroline Frith23.41 debut69th - 65.45% Greenwich
Daniel ODonoghue21.50 (course pb)112th - 59.54% Finsbury
Spencer Evans17.57 (orion)2nd - 72.42% Barking
Morag Campbell36.40466th - 44.54% Rother Valley
Martin Quinlan25.55288th - 55.56% Southwark
Diana Rexhepaj29.5936th - 55.92% Beckton
Katherine Harris23.2774th - 64.82% Victoria Dock
Siobhan OShea30.48267th - 52.06% Leamington
Mark Moir19.03 (course pb)16th - 67.72% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.34357th - 60.97% Mile End
John Henry18.24 (1st man)1st - 74.18% Pymmes
Andy Bolderstone28.0874th - 50.41% Pymmes
Adam Stanley26.3236th - 51.07% Roding Valley
Katrina Betteridge28.08 (course pb)73rd - 49.92% Roding Valley
Patrick Brown19.56 (1st man)1st - 65.80% Walthamstow
Andrew Baxter21.274th - 69.31% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater27.5441st - 64.04% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater28.0746th - 54.18% Walthamstow
Scott McMillan18.1517th - 77.08% Hackney
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.2920th - 70.60% Hackney
Ross Lucas23.52 debut176th - 61.31% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu24.48211th - 54.23% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi24.49212th - 53.46% Hackney
Maya Goodwin36.03627th - 45.95% Hackney
Tom Marshall20.367th - 64.81% Wanstead
William ODonoghue22.0416th - 58.61% Wanstead
Selina Vernal22.43 (1st lady& 50th parkrun)21st - 66.91% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak26.2376th 57.04% Wanstead
Catherine Brett27.33103rd - 64.00% Wanstead
Jakub Czeczotka28.15112th - 47.61% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi30.03146th - 50.69% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar31.34172nd - 52.48% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz33.14202nd - 44.38% Wanstead
Caroline Moore33.27203rd - 55.61% Wanstead
Vicky Allen33.55217th - 48.85% Wanstead
Angela May34.31224th - 43.84% Wanstead
Don Bennett40.49291st - 39.65% Wanstead
Alexander Ward18.45 pb6th - 68.98% Valentines
Tom Howourth19.43 debut11th - 65.60% Valentines
Scott Hemmens20.18 pb14th - 67.24% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan23.0032nd - 62.10% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.3137th - 62.72% Valentines
Matthew Powell23.32 pb38th - 58.85% Valentines
George Georgiou24.1745th - 60.74% Valentines
Peter Hatley24.3849th - 57.58% Valentines
Lance Fuller25.4364th - 60.79% Valentines
David Taylor25.4465th - 62.31% Valentines
Grant Conway25.4868th - 57.62% Valentines
Mark Durrant26.0473rd - 58.95% Valentines
Bilkis Achha26.2481st - 58.71% Valentines
Jason Levy26.3486th - 54.64% Valentines
Naimah Riaz27.15106th - 57.31% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.51149th - 71.35% Valentines
Iuliia Vuika29.22164th - 53.58% Valentines
Juliet Lopez-Real30.59186th - 51.26% Valentines
Frank Brownlie31.10190th - 55.35% Valentines
Marc Akers33.22221st - 43.16% Valentines
Alice Barrett33.27222nd - 44.25% Valentines
Jane Clapton33.32225th - 48.81% Valentines
Katy Taylor39.55292nd - 39.79% Valentines
Cathal Lynch24.2546th - 52.83% Wanstead
Che Hector27.31101st - 47.67% Wanstead

XXVIII Carlos III - Ciudad Del Sol (26kms) - Sunday 12th January 2020

Antonio Martin Romero1.26.185th
Today was time to compete in Ecija, Seville, in a 26k race with very competitive
runners. I felt very good increasing the pace as the kilometres passed.
The first 13K in 44:00 and the last 13K in 42:18 at 3:15/km pace finishing 5th
overall after some guys with 2:12-2:14 in a marathon. Great weekend with friends
and good recovery with quality food after the race

Walt Disney World Half Marathon - Sunday 12th January 2020

Alice Barrett2.40.107420th

Run Through Finsbury Park 10km - Sunday 12th January 2020

Isabella Allan1.02.25181st

Sunday XC League - Event 4 - Watford - Sunday 12th January 2020

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes37.2213th
John Henry38.1423rd
Billy Rayner40.4158th
Mark Moir42.3289th 85th
Peter Craik42.3590th 86th
James Nichols43.17109th 103rd
Karan Gadhia44.03116th 109th
Jacob Stevens44.37131st 121st
Vinesh Kumar47.30179th 156th
Kasia Stachowiak50.44228th 36th
Chloe Millan51.25243rd 41st
Alex Jameson51.33246th 204th
Michael Wilson52.34269th 221st
Maud Hodson53.21284th 55th
Lauren Kelly54.22299th 66th
Ramesh Pala55.27319th 243rd
Catriona Hoult55.28320th 77th
Cathal Lynch56.17331st 249th
Kathryn Hertzberg56.51341st 89th
Veronica Carrasco57.14346th 91st
Carolyn Edwards57.46355th 99th
Lauren Stevenson1.02.25404th 133rd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera1.06.09426th 148th
Kirk Johnson1.22.52469th 292nd
472 runners, 179 ladies & 293 men.
Team results:
Combined teams 9th of 19,
Ladies A Team 10th, 11th overall,
Ladies Vets: 11th, 11th overall,
Men A Team: 7th, 7th overall,
Men B Team: 8th, 8th overall,
Men Vets: 10th, 8th overall.

Mike Reports.
We had a large turnout of 24 runners for the fourth Sunday League fixture, held at Cassiobury Park, Watford on 12th January. The six mile course comprised of a run down to the woodlands, where two laps were completed before returning back up to the finish area. The woods in particular were very hilly and one part involved running up some steep leafy ridged steps! Thomas Grimes was first Man to finish for ELR in 13th place, followed by John Henry (23rd) and Billy Rayner (58th). For the Women, Kasia Stachowiak ran well to finish in 36th place, with Chloe Millan not far behind (41st), followed by Maud Hodson (55th).

Mince Pies Revenge Duathlon, Velopark - Sunday 12th January 2020

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Dan Senior50.0717th 12.49, 30.50, 6.28
Thomas Burrard-Lucas51.5720th 13.23, 32.03, 6.31
Michael Bamford52.5927th 13.57, 31.54, 7.08
Louis Le Roux53.5530th 13.57, 32.33 ,7.25
Sarah Burns55.4948th 17.19, 30.24, 8.06
Terry Lewsey59.22 debut60th, 17.00, 34.35, 7.47
Andrew Howard1.01.0565th, 16.41, 36.19, 8.05
Stuart Barton1.04.4373rd 15.43, 39.48, 9.12
Anna Dingle1.05.1776th 19.14, 36.14, 9.49
Suzanne Bench1.05.2377th 16.37, 40.50, 7.56
Jason Levy1.06.4980th 19.02, 38.39, 9.08
Marc Akers1.06.52 debut82nd 18.34, 39.26, 8.52
Rachel Le Roux1.08.0886th 19.29, 38.43, 9.56
Andrea Waller1.09.26 debut89th 18.18, 42.48, 8.20
Jayne Browne1.11.1891st 18.37, 43.43, 8.58
Splits above are for the 2 mile run, 10 mile cycle and 1 mile run.

Met League Race 3 - Ally Pally - Saturday 11th January 2020

Maud Hodson45.01171st
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera55.15226th

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 11th January 2020

Liviu Ionita16.05* (1st man& cpb)1st - 80.31% Darlington South
Stephen Swan21.17* pb25th - 61.32% Kesgrave
Shaun DeSena36.48* debut222nd - 35.33% Jesmond Dene
Steven Bywater25.43 debut186th - 59.24% - Highbury Fields
John Henry17.55 (course pb)9th - 76.19% Burgess
Iuliia Vuika44.10 debut112th - 35.62% Pymmes
Catriona Hoult26.03 debut127th - 60.97% Colchester Castle
Mark Moir18.57 pb3rd - 68.07% Barking
Jakub Czeczotka28.59 debut169th - 46.41% - Grovelands
Joanna Neville34.54 debut303rd - 43.55% Osterley
Flora Stewart-Sandeman24.19 debut45th - 60.86% Felixstowe
Stuart Barton26.27 debut51st - 55.77% Barclay
Siobhan OShea32.59 debut187th - 48.61% Harlow
Richard Guest22.01 debut34th - 65.40% Northala Fields
Thomas Grimes18.202nd - 73.91% Sunny Hill
Lawrence Foster21.3118th - 72.04% Bognor Regis
Jocelyn Summers28.16335th - 61.62% Mile End
Martin Quinlan27.36321st - 52.17% Southwark
Paul Marshall25.3245th - 51.63% Morecambe Prom
Natasha Howard28.29234th - 53.72% Raphaels
Don Bennett38.07 debut447th - 42.46% Raphaels
Katherine Harris23.2961st - 64.73% Victoria Dock
Jonathan Wooldridge30.53155th - 47.00% Victoria Dock
Anne-Marie Kennedy25.5383rd - 59.11% Gunpowder
Marc Akers35.27255th - 40.62% Gunpowder
Caroline Frith24.1218th - 64.05% Roding Valley
Richard Potter24.5125th - 53.72% Roding Valley
Matthew Powell25.5139th - 53.58% Roding Valley
Sandra Preston28.4169th - 62.29% Roding Valley
Andrew Baxter21.236th - 69.52% Walthamstow
Samir Younsi24.5224th - 57.04% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater26.3540th - 67.21% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard28.02 (course pb)64th - 56.24% Walthamstow
Kathy Morrissey34.01116th - 48.11% Walthamstow
Joseph Gunn 18.23 pb17th - 70.53% Hackney
Tom Howourth19.2434th - 66.67% Hackney
Nick Hoult21.3286th - 66.33% Hackney
James Nichols21.3387th - 61.56% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi24.37194th - 53.89% Hackney
Tina Bennett25.23233rd - 61.52% Hackney
Shailesh Patel46.32614th - 32.49% Hackney
Tom Marshall19.172nd Wanstead
Robert Rayworth21.2929th Wanstead
Shahib Miah Ali21.5636th Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.4265th Wanstead
Michael Bamford23.4266th Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.42125th Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi27.43141st Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.47176th Wanstead
Angela May30.35225th Wanstead
Victoria Charlesworth31.23 debut250th Wanstead
Caroline Moore32.29270th Wanstead
Richard Cravitz 33.31 (1st parkrun)284th Wanstead
Vicky Allen35.12311th Wanstead
Morag Campbell37.42343rd Wanstead
Scott McMillan39.30357th Wanstead
Billy Rayner18.59 (1st man)1st - 69.10% Valentines
Warren Ibrahim20.16 (course pb)6th - 72.20% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.428th - 70.69% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan21.2210th - 66.85% Valentines
Carlton DSouza21.5413th - 65.22% Valentines
Chloe Millan22.24 pb & 1st lady16th - 66.07% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.0323rd - 63.99% Valentines
Lauren Kelly23.5632nd - 61.91% Valentines
Peter Hatley24.34 (100th parkrun)41st - 57.73% Valentines
George Georgiou24.3945th - 59.84% Valentines
Lydia Merrett24.5047th - 59.60% Valentines
John Healy24.5749th - 56.85% Valentines
Lance Fuller25.3457th - 61.15% Valentines
Annette Clark26.5175th - 60.96% Valentines
Veronica Carrasco27.2088th - 54.15% Valentines
Mark Durrant27.58105th - 54.95% Valentines
Jason Levy30.27156th - 47.67% Valentines
Frank Brownlie31.21179th - 55.05% Valentines
Jane Clapton31.27181st - 52.18% Valentines
Arthur Diaz32.11192nd Valentines
Katy Taylor39.33282nd - 40.38% Valentines
Cathal Lynch24.06 debut270th - 53.53% Burgess
Che Hector28.30165th - 46.02% Wanstead

Run Through QEOP 10km - Saturday 11th January 2020

Jamie Xavier43.1134th

Country to Capital Ultra 43 miles (69.2 km) - Saturday 11th January 2020

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Jose Rodriguez5.30.453rd
Paula Bedford8.02.25195th, 27th, 10th W40
I finally got time to sit down and write the report. Sorry, very long...but also was the race.
First, I want to explain why and how I enter the race. I've been just over 2 years in the club and I never ever have thought about running an Ultra...when you join a club like ELR you quickly get inspired by others. I could see the amazing achievements that people like Maud, Nath, Karen were doing...and I really admired their craziness. I started thinking about running an ultra, but it wasn't until a read a book a friend of mine gave me (The rise of the ultra runners ,from Adharanan Finn) that I made the decision. Months went buy and the idea of an Ultra was still in my head. I had a couple of problems: my husband will kill me and...which one?you need lots of preparation and I didn't want to plan anything close to spring marathons (already Boston and London. 6 days apart seemed crazy enough ). It was mid November and I found Country to Capital, was in January and we were going away in hot Australia 3 weeks during Christmas. I thought... perfect!, I have no time to prepare it properly so my husband can not complain I'm doing too much running...and to make sure he did not complain I simply mentioned "a race" and forgot the word ultra.. He finally found out just before Christmas...and we are still together..
I was still feeling quiet fit since Chicago Marathon and I had just done PB in 10k. My plan was to increase a bit the mileage but don't get too crazy as I didn't have much time and didn't want to get injured.
I started doubling some long runs on Wednesday and increasing a bit the long run on Sunday. The rest no much changes apart for few sessions at the gym for strength.
Australia was very hot indeed, but even like that I manage to do some good training. I had a warning with my R Achilles tendon and R metatarsals for around a week but manage to solve it relatively quick and I just stopped running for 3-4 days. The metatarsals still hurting a bit until race day but didn't seem serious enough.
Race day approaching anf I'm getting really nervous. Reminded me to when I run my first marathon. I was worried to get lost, I couldn't download the map to my watch so I finally manage to do it in an running app 2 days before. On Friday night I took a train to Wendover. I manage to find an Airbnb to spend the night...5km away. Arrived to the station and decided to walk to the place, a nice way to relax a bit your legs before the race...I thought... obviously not thinking straight. I arrive to the Airbnb around 22:45, had a shower, prepared everything and went to sleep. I was tired and slept like a baby until 6am. I had bough lots of bars, gels, gummies, dry fruit.. like I was going to war...I had to do a big selection and carry just few things with me.
In the morning I took my heavy bag and walk another 5 km to the Start. Yes!, I just walk 5km before an ultra...i should probably add it on Strava . lesson learned: next time book things earlier so I can be close to the start.
I arrived to the Shoulder of Mouton, a lovely pub that was getting full already with runners. Grab my BIB number, my Geo tracker and had to go back as they had put female. When I told them they had already changed it. Good to know I don't look like a woman ;).
Had a coffee and went to the porta loos they put at the carpark. In the queue I notice the woman in front of me placing a kind of tracker on her wrist...I asked her what was that. She looked at me a bit surprised and said that was the tracker and I that I needed one. I though with the Geotracker was enough tracking!, But not!, I needed that one on my wrist to tap (like an oyster card) at each aid station. I thank her and we had a lovely chat while in the queue. I felt lost and very inexperienced but she reassured me and gave me few tips and wished me luck.
Race starts from the pub and follows the high street downhill until you find a gate and everyone has to stop and queue to get through. I started around the middle of the 385 runners and got a bit stuck at the gate there but not for long. Gradually I started passing runners. I wasn't counting, I was trying to find my pace and kept passing groups until we arrive to a hill. I was with a group of 8-10 runners and other groups not far behind. At the top of the hill I couldn't see anyone in front so I asked one of the runners how many people they were in front and how far...he said we are the lead.that was Sage who won the race. I got a bit panicky thinking that maybe I should have gone much slower, but I was feeling great at that pace. We were chatting a bit and it was less caos than at the back, also these guys knew the course as they had run it before. Carla Molinaro was the only female in our group. She mentioned she also knew the trails part of the course because she had been there preparing the race few weeks before.
The first half of the race is mostly trails, part of the Ridgeway, Britain's oldest road. Lots of gates that slow you down a bit (not a bad thing), as we were a small group we didn't have to wait more than a few seconds. I struggle to open few so after that I step back and let the others do it to don't slow us down. Why there are so many different types?... navigation was harder than I thought and I felt so lucky to have those really experience people around me. Plan: stuck with them until the Canal where navigation is easy.
Suddenly 1st aid station. There is a big group of people waiting. Tap the tracker on the monitor. Lots of clapping, quick drink and I have a mixture of feelings. On one hand excitement for being in the leading group and in the other I feel I don't belong there. What the hell I'm doing?. But I erase that from my head. Let's stick to the plan. I'm feeling good, love the pace we are running at, and I just need to stick with them until the Canal. Jon, James, Sage,me and Marocain guy that join us before the 2nd aid station (casually mentioned he had done the Marathon du Sable...), Amazing views, lots and lots of mud. Happy I had my new trail shoes and they behave brilliantly until my shoe laces came undone. Had to stop and sort it out. The group took around 200 meters advantage, but that's the good thing about this races... there's time to chase them down. It took me around 15 Min to rejoin the group. Maybe due to that extra effort my quads started complaining a bit like cramps were on their way...that worried me a bit. We arrive to a little town and after crossing another trail section we finally arrive to the M25. After confirming, Jon shouts, you are in London!that's was exciting!!:):)but it will still take us a while to get to the Canal. At the beginning of the canal Sage and James push a little bit more and take some advantage overJon and I that stick together. I know if I try to increase the pace I will start having cramps and there is still a long way to go. 5km into the canal is the next aid station. We've done a marathon and from here I'm an Ultra-runner...I think for myself yeayyy. Jon quickly grabed something to drink and carry on. I spend a bit longer as I need to fuel properly if I wanna make it to the end. He takes few hundred meters. Now I'm on my own. The canal is very very very long. I had been eating little and often, same with drinking and taking my salt capsules every 10k aprox. Somewhere halfway between station 3 and 4 I nearly tripped while looking for the signs to Paddington(only place in the canal where you can really get lost)and my leg started cramping. Stop for stretching and seemed to ease eventually. I need to be careful if I wanna make it to Little Venice. From here I got into a trance...my legs seemed better and my pace is not bad at all. I pass James that is struggling with some cramps. I feel his suffering and I'm glad I did not follow them. I'm 3rd now!! I can see shadows, runners giving me chase but when I look properly no one is there...my mind playing tricks...Aid station 4. I can't believe I'm still going and still on 3rd position!.
I ran out of water and I ask the volunteers to help me fill up the bag I've got in my back. In the meantime I eat, drink...I'm exhausted, broken, my legs feel like 2 pieces of hard wood. Suddenly in the distance I can see Carla coming strong. I've been taking too much time in the last 2 stations, I need to harry up if I don't wanna loose the podium. The volunteer says 4 miles until next station and then 6 to the end.
I just keep going, putting one foot after another. This part of the race is very monotonous, the little bridges are very hard on the legs at this stage. I get to the aid station 5 and I'm still 3rd. Carla still chasing me not far behind...I can't see how far so it seems I took more advantage. To help me keep going I promise myself some walking in the last 2-3 km if I don't stop until then.
The final 2 km they are 2 of the slowest as after looking back and making sure no one was following close enough I treat myself with a bit of walking. A bit more running an before I expect it, the finish line was there!..I nearly miss it as I was running on the parallel path to avoid people.
I was given my medal, trophy and some vouchers. Sage and Jon were already relaxing. I congratulate them and thank them for the navigation skills. I couldn't believe I had finished 3rd, it seemed a bit surreal. At the finish line they have a tent with more snacks, bars, hot drinks...I had a coffee that was heaven and sat and got change. Funny enough I didn't wanted to be seating. I needed to walk!! Why?..not sure but my legs needed to keep moving to easy the pain.
After a walk and a hot chocolate we went home were I had a 2 hours hot bath with salts+ some nexflix. :)Since then I've been recovering much quicker than expected, but still hurts.
Will I run another one??...probably yes but not for a while...

East Hanningfield Trail Marathon - Sunday 5th January 2020

Jennifer Ansell4.08.364th, 2nd lady
Organiser's Description
The East Hanningfield Trail Marathon is a narrative trail race (there are no marshals or arrows, you follow written instructions) following a circular route around the village of Danbury. The route is 95% off road on a wide variety of terrain. The race starts and finishes at The East Hanningfield Village Hall. There will be 3 well stocked checkpoints at approximately every 6.5miles. When you reach the finish you will receive a well earned medal and hot food.

Run Through Battersea Park 10km - Sunday 5th January 2020

Katherine Harris50.22172nd

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 4th January 2020

Mark Boulton34.393rd

Essex Cross Country Championships, Basildon (Men) - Saturday 4th January 2020

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes39.1364th
Peter Craik42.22116th
James Nichols42.34119th
Andrew Baxter43.26135th
Karan Gadhia43.55139th
Calvin Bobin47.06172nd
Mounir Dahbi48.30188th
Michael Wilson53.43201st
Team scores: 226 men
19th ELR A Team 745 pts
Mike Reports.
This prestigious event produces a grand spectacle at the start, with the sight of hundreds of competitors running to the top of a very long, steep hill, before disappearing out of view. Chloe Millan 414th (out of 694) and Janet Bywater (541st) competed for the Women, who were two runners short of a full team. Thomas Grimes 258th (out of 1172), Billy Rayner (577th), Mark Moir (774th), Andrew Jackson (848th), Jacob Stevens (932nd), Regis Martin (1016th) and Peter Hatley (1135th) competed for the Men, with the first six scoring for the club.

Essex Cross Country Championships, Basildon (Ladies) - Saturday 4th January 2020

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Jennifer Ansell41.1615th
Caroline Frith47.3548th
Becky Evans49.0357th
Kasia Stachowiak51.4666th
Maud Hodson51.5968th
Catriona Hoult56.3591st
Veronica Carrasco57.4994th
Sandra Preston57.5495th
Catherine Brett58.0997th
Fiona Day61.04106th
Lauren Stevenson62.36111th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera62.43113th
Teams positions: 129 runners
9th ELR A Team
19th ELR B Team
24th ELR C Team

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 4th January 2020

Cathal Lynch38.55* debut59th - 33.15% Listavel
Scott McMillan18.50* (course pb)14th - 74.69% Aberdeen
Andrew Howard30.46* debut123rd - 50.97% Millennium Country
Paul Marshall22.58* (course pb)19th - 57.40% Lancaster
Katrina Betteridge29.32* debut84th - 50.45% Cirencester
Jakub Czeczotka23.47* debut12th - 56.55% East Brighton
Kasia Stachowiak24.49 debut31st - 60.64% Basildon
Stuart Barton25.33 debut42nd - 57.73% Old Deer Park
Shaun DeSena34.53 debut132nd - 37.27% Old Deer Park
Daniel ODonoghue22.05 (course pb)102nd - 58.87% Finsbury
Richard Guest22.15 debut95th - 64.19% Brockwell, Herne Hill
Thomas Grimes18.22 (1st man)1st - 73.77% Sunny Hill
Chris Green29.42 debut577th - 46.30% Burgess
Lawrence Foster21.259th - 72.37% Barking
Terry Lewsey24.3623rd - 56.30% Thurrock, Orsett Heath
Mark Moir20.094th - 64.02% Herrington Country
Laura Kemp23.2457th - 63.25% Fletcher Moss
Mary OBrien27.5341st - 73.82% Sligo, ROI
Natasha Howard30.09550th 50.75% Chelmsford Central
Stephen Swan21.4633rd - 59.95% Kesgrave
Martin Quinlan26.27235th - 54.44% Southwark
James Nichols21.474th - 60.90% Hadleigh, Essex
Amit Marks20.4616th - 67.26% Raphael
Diana Rexhepaj31.2140th 53.48% Beckton
Don Bennett37.2052nd 42.95% Beckton
Anne-Marie Kennedy26.1579th - 58.29% Gunpowder
Marc Akers37.04202nd - 38.85% Gunpowder
Jonathan Wooldridge23.24132nd - 62.04% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali23.25133rd - 55.73% Mile End
Jocelyn Summers28.38295th - 60.83% Mile End
Dan Gritton18.008th - 80.00% Victoria Dock
Samir Younsi22.22 pb63rd - 63.41% Victoria Dock
Katherine Harris24.21102nd - 62.42% Victoria Dock
Michael Bamford22.52 debut8th - 66.11% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater27.2248th - 65.29% Walthamstow
Isabella Allan31.4879th - 46.14% Walthamstow
Neil Gage21.5511th - 63.73% Roding Valley
Jimmy Dale23.2420th - 53.77% Roding Valley
Richard Potter25.2433rd - 52.56% Roding Valley
Caroline Moore31.5298th - 57.58% Roding Valley
Tom Howourth19.1935th - 66.95% Hackney
Nick Hoult20.43 (course pb)77th - 68.95% Hackney
Shanavaz Malayodu23.27173rd - 57.36% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi24.43213th - 53.67% Hackney
Jess Trayler-Moore27.26 pb315th - 56.08% Hackney
Claire Emery28.00350th - 59.17% Hackney
Tina Bennett30.07416th - 51.85% Hackney
Patrick Brown18.25 (1st man)1st - 71.22% Wanstead
Tom Marshall19.545th - 67.09% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth21.5815th - 64.04% Wanstead
William ODonoghue23.0029th - 56.23% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi27.43114th - 54.96% Wanstead
Liesbeth Allart29.47156th - 50.81% Wanstead
Angela May31.25181st - 48.17% Wanstead
Sallyann Eyles33.52215th - 48.33% Wanstead
Jane Scott34.33226th - 51.04% Wanstead
Vicky Allen34.34227th - 47.73% Wanstead
Katie Whitton34.36229th - 42.77% Wanstead
John Henry18.342nd - 73.52% Valentines
Joseph Gunn 18.463rd - 69.09% Valentines
Jacob Stevens20.4711th - 67.68% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan21.4117th - 65.87% Valentines
Vinesh Kumar22.14 pb22nd - 61.84% Valentines
Carlton DSouza22.1924th - 64.00% Valentines
Rakesh Sandhu23.4539th - 62.11% Valentines
Matthew Powell23.48 pb40th - 58.19% Valentines
Lance Fuller24.5560th - 62.74% Valentines
John Healy25.0062nd - 56.73% Valentines
Bilkis Achha25.2070th - 61.18% Valentines
Peter Hatley25.37 (99th parkrun)76th - 55.37% Valentines
George Georgiou26.1390th - 56.26% Valentines
Annette Clark26.2095th - 62.15% Valentines
Mark Durrant26.4198th - 57.59% Valentines
Naimah Riaz26.45100th - 58.38% Valentines
Grant Conway27.51122nd - 53.38% Valentines
Denys Vuika28.23142nd - 47.03% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth29.28162nd - 55.54% Valentines
Kathy Morrissey30.22179th - 53.90% Valentines
Jason Levy30.29184th - 47.62% Valentines
Frank Brownlie31.21200th - 55.02% Valentines
Susan Bushnell37.32276th - 53.20% Valentines

Serpentine New Year 10km - Wednesday 1st January 2020

John Henry37.4250th

parkrun - all venues (except Wanstead & Valentines) - Wednesday 1st January 2020

Stephen Swan22.26 debut52nd 58.17% Greenwich
Fiona Critchley25.43 debut142nd 67.73% Greenwich
Stuart Barton26.45 debut177th 55.14% Greenwich
Marc Akers26.56 debut183rd 53.47% Greenwich
Stephen Swan23.17 debut80th 56.05% Bexley
Stuart Barton27.31 debut245th 53.60% Bexley
Fiona Critchley27.37 debut249th 63.07% Bexley
Marc Akers29.10 debut308th 49.37% Bexley
James Nichols19.52 (course pb)26th 66.78% Oak Hill
Shahib Miah Ali20.1532nd 64.44% Oak Hill
Jocelyn Summers30.09346th 57.77% Oak Hill
Juliet Lopez-Real33.02 debut429th 48.08% Oak Hill
James Nichols19.58 debut24th 66.44% Grovelands
Shahib Miah Ali20.18 (course pb)27th 64.29% Grovelands
Jocelyn Summers29.20 (course pb)289th 59.38% Grovelands
Juliet Lopez-Real32.13343rd 49.30% Grovelands
Richard Guest21.50 debut128th 65.42% Southwark
Steven Bywater27.08 debut373rd 56.14% Southwark
Janet Bywater27.19 debut380th 65.41% Southwark
Steven Bywater25.08 debut204th 60.61% Burgess
Janet Bywater25.51 debut234th 69.12% Burgess
Martin Quinlan28.01361st 51.40% Peckham Rye
Jakub Czeczotka24.24 debut143rd 55.12% Raphaels
Jakub Czeczotka24.45 debut79th 54.34% Harrow Lodge
Chris Green32.00 debut384th 42.97% Crane Park
Chris Green50.43 debut735th 27.11% Osterley
Mark Moir19.4919th 65.10% Herrington Country
Mark Moir19.2724th 66.32% Riverside
Nick Hoult22.00 (course pb)134th 64.92% York
Catriona Hoult25.14 (course pb)279th 62.95% York
Nick Hoult23.51* debut177th 59.89% Heslington
Catriona Hoult25.38* debut261st 61.96% Heslington
Thomas Grimes18.51* debut7th 71.88% Harrow
Thomas Grimes18.213rd 73.84% Canons Park
Cathal Lynch29.29 (100th parkrun)150th 43.75% Faelledparken DEN
Cathal Lynch26.15 debut85th 49.14% Amager Faelled DEN
Paul Marshall23.3454th 55.94% Lancaster
Alex Jameson26.26 (course pb)108th 55.36% Lancaster
Paul Marshall21.2965th 61.37% Morecambe Prom
Alex Jameson24.37 (course pb)135th 59.44% Morecambe Prom
Scott McMillan19.05* (course pb)21st 73.71% Aberdeen
Peter Craik20.20* debut12th 71.97% Loch Leven
Claire Emery33.01409th 50.18% Wilmslow
Anne-Marie Kennedy25.50 pb52nd 59.23% Gunpowder
Caroline Frith21.56* debut34th 70.67% Southwick Country
Richard Potter24.2533rd 54.68% Roding Valley
Shanavaz Malayodu26.16 debut50th 51.21% Roding Valley
Caroline Moore32.03104th 57.25% Roding Valley
Kirk Johnson41.16 (1st parkrun)145th 37.24% Roding Valley
A further 20 ELR's did a double run, (so 56 in total).
Cathal Lynch did his 99th & 100th in Denmark as part
of his Tralee tourists. Peter Craik was one of the 101
runners to do 20.20 in 2020 on New Years Day.

parkrun - Valentines - Wednesday 1st January 2020

Euan Brown17.161st - 74.81%
Stuart Kelly17.512nd - 73.86%
Mark Boulton18.233rd - 72.17%
Patrick Brown18.525th - 69.52%
Calvin Bobin20.3224th - 80.93%
Jacob Stevens20.3425th - 68.40%
Michael Bamford21.03 (course pb)34th - 71.81%
Louis Le Roux21.1037th - 63.54%
Mounir Dahbi21.27 (course pb)42nd - 62.70%
Jimmy Dale21.4744th - 59.91%
Robert Rayworth22.0550th - 63.70%
Ciaran Canavan22.0751st - 64.58%
Selina Vernal22.42 (49th parkrun&course pb)57th - 66.96%
Michael Wilson22.52 (course pb)61st - 69.53%
Mike Brett22.54 debut63rd - 67.10%
Becky Evans23.2475th - 73.43%
Lauren Kelly23.4783rd - 62.30%
Kasia Stachowiak24.0891st - 62.36%
Stuart Norris24.1594th - 53.20%
Imran Mustak24.22 (1st parkrun) pb97th - 54.45%
Kathryn Hertzberg24.53 debut119th - 59.88%
Bilkis Achha24.55 (course pb)122nd - 62.21%
Sarah Burns25.02 (course pb)127th - 62.38%
Sandra Preston25.10 pb129th - 70.99%
Andrew Howard25.12130th - 62.57%
George Georgiou25.20134th - 58.22%
Lance Fuller25.21136th - 61.67%
Ramesh Pala25.22137th - 62.16%
Carlton DSouza25.25139th - 56.20%
William ODonoghue25.45 debut150th - 50.23%
Rakesh Sandhu25.46151st - 57.24%
Andrew Ward25.47 (1st parkrun)152nd - 60.12%
John Healy25.59162nd - 54.59%
Naimah Riaz26.01 pb163rd - 60.03%
Katrina Betteridge26.33 pb176th - 56.12%
Jonathan Wooldridge26.36178th - 54.57%
Maud Hodson26.40182nd - 60.75%
Matthew Powell26.41183rd - 51.91%
Annette Clark26.55190th - 60.80%
Tim Aylett27.17197th - 50.40%
Catherine Brett27.59 debut213th - 63.01%
Denys Vuika28.11222nd - 47.37%
Jayne Browne28.29 (100th parkrun& course pb)232nd - 63.55%
Viktor Szabadi28.31235th - 53.42%
Fiona Day28.51247th - 68.23%
Jason Levy29.09256th - 49.80%
Rachel Le Roux29.42269th - 50.95%
Liesbeth Allart29.44271st - 50.90%
Susannah McLaren29.56 debut272nd - 59.69%
Mark Durrant29.59273rd - 51.25%
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.19285th - 50.74%
Frank Brownlie30.47291st - 56.04%
Bernadett Kalmar31.47320th - 52.12%
Katherine Harris34.19354th - 44.29%
A record 444 ran at Valentines, many including 36 ELR coming from
Wanstead Flats. Selina & Jayne did there 50th & 100th runs both
also setting Course pbs. 54 ELR's in total ran.

parkrun - Wanstead Flats - Wednesday 1st January 2020

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Euan Brown16.421st - 77.35%
Patrick Brown18.444th - 70.02%
Tom Marshall20.0914th - 66.25%
Louis Le Roux21.0727th - 63.69%
Jacob Stevens21.5838th - 64.04%
William ODonoghue22.0440th - 58.61%
Jimmy Dale22.0641st - 59.05%
Robert Rayworth22.3047th - 62.52%
Michael Bamford22.4550th - 66.45%
Warren Ibrahim22.5252nd - 63.99%
Selina Vernal22.57 56th - 66.23%
Mike Brett23.3267th - 65.30%
Ciaran Canavan23.4774th - 60.06%
Becky Evans23.5075th - 72.10%
Kasia Stachowiak24.1884th - 61.93%
Lance Fuller24.3291st - 63.72%
Andrew Howard25.31122nd - 61.79%
Maud Hodson25.47129th - 62.83%
Jonathan Wooldridge26.26143rd - 54.92%
Sarah Burns26.33148th - 58.82%
Rakesh Sandhu26.41153rd - 55.28%
Matthew Powell27.17 debut165th - 50.76%
Ramesh Pala27.34173rd - 57.19%
Sandra Preston28.19 debut185th - 63.10%
Fiona Day28.23187th - 69.35%
Viktor Szabadi28.51195th - 52.80%
Mark Durrant29.02 (course pb)199th - 52.93%
Andrea Waller29.38210th - 52.70%
Liesbeth Allart29.46214th - 50.84%
Susannah McLaren30.06224th - 59.36%
Catherine Brett30.13227th - 58.36%
Katherine Harris30.32232nd - 49.78%
Rachel Le Roux30.33233rd - 49.54%
Jayne Browne30.36 (99th parkrun)234th - 59.15%
Bernadett Kalmar30.43235th - 53.93%
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.43236th - 50.08%
John Healy30.58243rd - 45.80%
Carlton DSouza30.58244th - 46.12%
Sophie Edwards32.03247th - 47.49%
Caroline Moore32.59263rd - 55.63%
Jane Clapton33.09265th - 49.37%
Denys Vuika34.28 debut277th - 38.73%
Vicky Allen51.34310th - 32.13%
Wanstead Flats parkrun had 312 runners, down on the 350+ we had the year before.
43 ELR ran with 36 going onto Valentines and just Caroline Moore going to
Roding Valley. Selina did her 49th run and Jayne did her 99th both moving
to Valentines to complete the milestone runs.