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parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 18th August 2018

Euan Brown16.31* (Age Cat record)1st - 78.10% Pontypool
Patrick Brown18.09 (debut)2nd - 71.90% Pontypool
Alex Day18.31 (debut)3rd - 71.20% Pontypool
Ava Lee18.53* (Age Cat record)10th - 82.08% Victoria Dock
Daniel Lee19.27 (debut)13th - 75.24% Victoria Dock
Kasia Stachowiak23.30* (1st lady & debut)12th - 63.62% South Oxhey
Caroline Moore27.45 (debut)37th - 65.23% Thurrock,Orsett
Scott McMillan19.13* (debut)12th - 72.68% Dalby Forest
Catriona Hoult31.15 (debut)99th - 49.97% Bedgebury Pinetum
Sarah Burns23.56 (150th parkrun)54th - 64.76% Bideford
Peter Craik20.18* (debut)7th - 71.51% Newborough Forest
Maud Hodson27.44* (debut)63rd - 57.81% Newborough Forest
Thomas Burrard-Lucas18.46 (debut)17th - 69.27% Dulwich
Andrew Howard23.09 (debut)33rd - 67.53% Bognor Regis
Angela Morley27.0591st - 62.25% Chester
Stephen Swan24.24 (debut)68th - 53.28% Bury St Edmunds
Lucy Barron24.51* (debut) 64th - 59.56% Upton House
Jason Levy30.40* (debut)53rd - 46.96% Thornbury
Louis Le Roux19.49 (debut)9th - 66.95% Medina IOW
Michael Bamford21.5524th - 68.37% Medina IOW
Jonathan Wooldridge23.4557th - 60.63% Medina IOW
Stuart Barton25.28 (debut)80th - 57.00% Medina IOW
Rachel Le Roux25.47 (debut)85th - 58.18% Medina IOW
Diana Rexhepaj28.55 (debut)138th - 57.29% Medina IOW
Shaun DeSena31.07 (debut)219th - 41.67% Aberdeen
John Henry19.2414th - 69.33% Finsbury
Shahib Miah Ali21.0056th - 61.90% Mile End
Thomas Grimes19.112nd - 70.11% Clarisford
Steven Bywater25.2337th - 58.29% Walthamstow
John Booth17.31* (course pb)2nd - 76.78% Southwark
Martin Quinlan25.18 (250th parkrun)131st - 56.46% Southwark
Robert Rayworth19.0117th - 72.83% Hackney
Clive Mehew21.4656th - 65.62% Hackney
Stuart Kelly17.48 (debut & 1st)1st - 73.69% Barking
Spencer Evans17.53 (course pb)3rd - 72.32% Barking
Shailesh Patel21.13 (course pb)13th - 70.62% Barking
Katherine Harris22.24 (1st lady)18th - 67.56% Barking
Lauren Aston23.49 (debut)32nd - 62.14% Barking
Andy Kumar18.11 (course pb & 1st)1st - 71.77% Roding Valley
Richard Potter22.2622nd - 58.77% Roding Valley
Liam Dempsey24.09 (course pb)31st - 53.69% Roding Valley
Kathryn Hertzberg24.11 (course pb)32nd - 61.47% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy59.30 (tailrunner)126th - 31.71% Roding Valley
Simon Thomas18.20 (course pb)2nd - 71.55% Valentines
Aaron Browne18.393rd - 69.17% Valentines
Craig Livermore19.16 (course pb)5th - 66.96% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.199th - 71.45% Valentines
Karen Levison22.0119th - 77.06% Valentines
Ramesh Pala22.38 (course pb)26th - 69.07% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.0894th - 74.69% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar34.17 (course pb)183rd - 42.34% Valentines
Andrew Baxter19.458th - 74.09% Wanstead
Lawrence Foster22.4932nd - 67.35% Wanstead
Gareth Davies23.5147th - 61.36% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench24.1749th - 71.72% Wanstead
Alex Jameson25.5560th - 56.01% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.1870th - 62.23% Wanstead
Tim Aylett26,56 (99th parkrun)81st - 50.68% Wanstead
Catherine Brett27.1196th - 63.29% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell39.18186th - 41.65% Wanstead
Mark Moir21.5522nd - 58.86% Sunderland
James Nichols19.38* (course pb)4th - 66.81% Harrow Lodge
Marc Akers39.35157th - 35.83% Gunpowder
63 parkruns at 29 venues, 5 first finishers,
23 debuts and 11 course pbs, 250th parkrun for Martin Quinlan.
First finishers for Euan at Pontypool, Kasia at South Oxhey,
Andy Kumar at Roding Valley and Stuart & Katherine at Barking.
20 parkruns under 20 minutes.
Age Category Records for Ava at Victoria Docks and Euan at Pontypool.
ELR Course Records for:
Euan at Pontypool,
Ava at Victoria Dock,
Kasia at South Oxley,
Scott at Dalby Forest,
Peter & Maud at Newborough Forest,
Lucy at Upton House,
Jason levy at Thornbury,
John Booth at Southwark and
James Nichols at Harrow Lodge.

London Aquathlon, London Aquatic Centre - Saturday 18th August 2018

Daniel Slipper31.0527th
Terry Lewsey31.2430th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera37.3387th
Joanna Wood41.46117th
400m swim / t1 / 5k run
Dan 8.45 / 2.33 / 19.46
Terry 7.56 / 2.10 / 21.17
Alexandra 7.59 / 1.29 / 28.02
Joanna 8.14 / 1.38 / 31.38

Terry Lewsey Another amazing start to the day the London aquathlon this morning
was pretty epic swimming in the 50m pool that they used for the Olympic was amazing defo
learned a lot from todays race as its the first one Ive done with a transition, time
was 31:24 which is 25th overall but I finished 2nd in my age catagory which Im happy with,
next time I know I can be a lot faster just need to get a tri suit and spend less time
drying my hair lol …

Joanna Wood: London Aquathlon Sprint 400m swim 5km run.
First time for a dual sport event for me and thoroughly enjoyed it.
6th in my category even with a plodding run and almost falling over during transition-
boy was I dizzy getting out of the pool!!!
A fantastically well organised event which I would highly recommend and made all the
more enjoyable with my support crew: Mum, Alastair & Charlie

Alexandra:Wanted to try an Aquathlon for a while but dates never worked so when
Terry told me about that one in Stratford , it was ideal. Even more, as he was picking
me up with his super fancy car. I was a lot more stressed than usual this morning …
i was mostly afraid to mess up the change of lines every 2 laps!
But having Terry and Joanna ( who is more experienced) with me was calming !
I realised that even if i swim regularly and kept some technique from my youth, i hadnt
swam a 400m swim race in over 22 years and i completely messed up my breathing in the
first 100m! Got out of the water super dizzy and ran as fast as i could which meant
2 mins 30 secs more than 5 days ago but quite chuffed i finished 4th in my age category!
I still enjoyed the experience a lot , especially the cool medals at the end and having
the possibility to see Terry and Joanna swim and run as well !
( I was not the only one dizzy at transition).

Hercules Wimbledon 5000m Festival Night - Wednesday 15th August 2018

Mark Boulton16.07.644th, Race 3

Chase The Sun 5km, Hyde Park - Wednesday 15th August 2018

Chris Green19.008th

Sri Chimnoy 5km, Battersea Park (Hasty Hare) - Monday 13th August 2018

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera25.26216th
251 finishers.

Enigma Marathon - Sunday 12th August 2018

Jimmy Dale3.54.173rd

St Albans 10km - Sunday 12th August 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Marc Akers51.42180th
Stuart Barton53.26211th
478 finishers.
After 3 1/2 hours sleep the alarm goes off and I head off to pick up Marc Akers for the
drive to St Albans for the 10k. I only entered on Wednesday after Marc talked about it
at club. We arrived early parked up and grabbed our race numbers, Its a nice friendly
run with the first 3k on a old railway line followed by paths. Not the best time I have
done but on limited sleep I am happy with it, Also bumped into an old work mate who I
had not seen in 17 years,Then the best part a table for two and a Sunday roast. Stuart

London Summer 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 12th August 2018

John Booth36.592nd

ETU Sprint Triathlon Championships, Glasgow - Saturday 11th August 2018

Ava Lee1.19.0115th of 34
14.02, 2.29, 39.52, 2.03, 20.37 = 1.19.01
15th AG Female 40-44.

Another chance to wear the Team GB kit! 15th out of 35 in age group, in 1hr 19.
Great course, a bit challenging on the bike, and a big support crew of friends
and family which was lovely.

Thames Meander Half Marathon (trail) - Saturday 11th August 2018

Samuel Browne1.18.504th
Colin Dryland1.49.11128th

Run Through Hyde Park 10km - Saturday 11th August 2018

Jamie Xavier44.2728th

Stour Valley Path 100km Ultra Run - Saturday 11th August 2018

Maud Hodson13.16.0549th, 10th woman
SVP 100K - Race Report - the not-so-concise version. I recommend a cup of tea or a stiff gin
This was a race with some emotional baggage. After my rather torrid time in my first 100k (the Canalathon in Yorkshire), I entered last years SVP hoping to do better. But life got in the way. I was emotionally hung out and dried after my elder son, Gregor, battled anxiety during his GCSE year. And I hadnt got the miles I wanted in training - I had bailed out of my last training run. So I had started the race on a wing and a prayer - neither mind nor body in the right place. And in last years race the were two separate starts - after much dithering, I went at with the faster runners, and quickly found myself right at the back with the sweeper. I called it a day at CP2, around 23 miles. Well within the cut-off time, but Id had enough. Quitting doesnt sit easily with me, so as soon as entries opened for this years race I signed up.
My preparation was better on all counts, including my first ever race wins. I had managed 82 miles at the Last One Standing, although with the breaks after every lap it is a different sort of challenge. I had completed the Essex 50 with a bit still left in the tank. And although Gregor is still struggling in many ways, with it not being an exam year for him the pressure was off. And I have become more used to dealing with it. And going for very long runs is one of my coping mechanisms - a large, guaranteed slice of me time.
I travelled up to Newmarket by train the night before. Deja-vu started to kick in as I walked to my B&B - not the same place as last year, but only a couple of streets away. I settled into my little room - an top floor garret room in a Georgian townhouse, and watched Dina Asher-Smith in the 200m semi-finals. Absolutely brilliant, and also more deja-vu - last year I had been watching her at the World Champs. Then out to dinner at Pizza Express. I really like eating alone - its one of the things I miss. I used to have my lunch alone nearly every day, but with G having been off sick from school for the best part of a year it is now a treat to be relished. I had polenta chips to start followed by penne pollo e pesto, washed down with a glass of NZ Sauvignon Blanc. I could almost see Race HQ from my table, and when Id finished I walk past that way before going back to my B&B and watching the rest of the athletics in bed. I must be getting old, as lights out at 9pm felt like a decadent indulgence.
The race started at 7am - this year everyone starting together - and my alarm was on for 5.20. Staying in an en-suite room is definitely the most efficient way of getting ready for an early start - I was getting my breakfast ready and getting dressed in parallel. And mostly succeeding in not bumping my head on the sloping ceiling. I do get anxious before this sort of race about having all the right kit, but was out and away shortly after 6am for the 10 minute walk down to the Memorial Hall on Newmarket High Street. Its a funny little town - in most places equestrian statues have a bloke on top, here its just the horse.
Race HQ was much busier this year, with all 150 of us starting together. The runners on the inaugural SVP50 would join us at half way. The required kit list was very modest for a race of this length (head torch, foil blanket, cup, phone), but they did check that we all had it. Went for my pre-race wee - theres nothing like seeing the blokes queuing out of the door while we walk straight in. The only other places Ive had that pleasure are beer festivals and cricket matches. [Only about 20% of us on the 100k were female, compared to just over half of the 50k runners]. My mother came along to see me off with her Dalmatian, Zaffa - she has always been morning person.
Race briefing at 6.45, then we made our way to the start line a little way down the High Street. What a difference a year makes - I had not a single doubt in my mind that I would finish this race. As is my way, I was careful not to get carried away at the start, and allowed myself to drift towards the back of the pack. After a brief section by the road we were onto the Devils Dyke, where it is single-file most of the way, and quite tricky terrain in places. I was happy. There was no hurry, noodling along in the line. 12 miles to CP1, Great Thurlow, in the cool of the early morning. No real need to think about navigation at this point, as there were always other runners in sight. And for the most part it was pretty easy anyway, as the organisers had supplemented the waymarkers with tape and spray-paint on the ground (I loved the arrow sprayed on a cowpat). And so much better to be in the middle of the race rather than out on my own at the back with the tail-runner.
The nice thing about ultra running is that the few hours feel pretty easy. It was a lovely day, and much of the countryside we ran through was really attractive. I felt grateful that I have the mental and physical health to do this sort of thing.
Last year my race had ended when I handed my number to the marshal at CP2, Clare Castle. This time, I grabbed a few drinks and snacks, popped some jelly babies in a pocket for later, and went on my way, feeling way better than last year. But it was not question of getting past CP2 - it was about finishing the race, and there were still 40 miles left to go. It was getting quite warm by now, and a lot of the route was out in the full sun. I was glad Id had a slightly perfunctory go with the sun cream before I set off, but still ended up with watch marks on both arms, and shorts marks that look like my shorts have one leg longer than the other.
The stretch from CP2 to CP3 was lovely - Cavendish & Long Melford are picture-postcard pretty Suffolk villages, with the imposing stately homes of Kentwell Hall & Melford Hall thrown in. CP3 (Long Melford Cricket Club) was familiar to me, as the sweeper bus had called there last year, and I had spent some time watching runners being cheered in, wishing in many ways that I was one of them. I stopped a little longer here as I needed to refill my water - there was a cricket match taking place, which made for a lovely, terribly English little scene. More than half way now - the checkpoints become gradually closer together.
Bits of the next section went on a bit - the Valley Trail felt more suited to cycling than running. A was beginning to feel tired but still plodding along. The bit by the river in Sudbury was lovely, and here I met Jana, a Slovak born Swiss woman who I ran with for some time. After that there were a few hills - I had under-estimated the amount of climbing on this course - over 3000 feet. The short sharp ones are a no-brainer - everyone walks - but the longer drags were a dilemma - risk burning too much energy trying to keep running, or lose a load of time walking? And stiles. Theyre not a problem in the early stages, but later on, when your legs no longer bend much, they are little sods. I never want to see another stile.
CP4 at Lamarsh was the best one in terms of snacks available - home-made Victoria sponge followed by a chunk of fresh pineapple did it for me. 42 miles down, 21 to go (the course is a little over 100k at 63 miles). This stage started flat, a hilly bit in the middle, then flat again. Definitely tired now, but still moving OK - my pace on the flat bits not too bad. On the climbs it is what it is. Now were overtaking the slower runners on the 50k, which was a bonus as the 100kers were pretty spread out by this point, and runners on the shorter route generally showed due respect to those of us who had been on the road since 7am (they had started at 1pm).
Coming into Nayland, just before CP5, took me back to my childhood - my grandparents lived in Stoke-by-Nayland, and my mother, sister & I had lived with them there for a year after she left my father. Where we crossed the A134 was familiar as that was the way we used to drive when going to visit. I had been to Nayland many times - we would go to the shops there - but I had never been on the path by the river, which was a delightful spot. And it also hosted CP5, where the volunteers had set up stall with a Hawaiian theme - grass skirts and all that. The next stretch was going to be a tough one for running, 8.5 miles ish with plenty of hills, but rich in memories for me.
Leaving Nayland, alone at this point, on a narrow lane that kicked up steeply, I imagined the ghosts of my grandparents driving around these roads. My grandmother (everyone called her Catto, I dont know why) in her beautiful dark green Morris Minor with mushroom grey leather seats - it was called Alexander Nevsky after its number plate, 40 NEV, and my grandfather (Fuzzy, again I know not why) in his rather less lovely white Austin Maxi with blue vinyl seats. Coming into Stoke, where they had lived, we had a glorious view over the hills to St Marys church. Neither believed in god (although Catto would always say that she believed in the Holy Ghost), but the church was at the centre of village life, and she sang in the choir and Fuzzy was a bell-ringer. Their memorials are in the churchyard - Catto has a bench and Fuzzy a marble headstone, which I could see from the path. Fuzzy was head of the BBC World Service during WW2, and the inscription on his headstone is the BBC motto - Nation shall speak peace unto nation. I thought how pertinent that is today, and how Fuzzys ashes would be whirling around the incinerator at the thought of Brexit etc. Sorry, Fuzzy, our generation have royally f*%@ed up on that one. I hope we can start to sort it out before my ashes are whirling round with yours. I shed a tear. I also thought of Catto, and our shared love of music. Before she died, she gave me her violin. It is a very ordinary little fiddle, but it is a lovely thing to have a living reminder of her.
Back to the race. Coming out of Stoke I caught up with Mike, who was to be my companion, on and off, for the rest of the run. About the first thing we did was to get lost. There was a piece of tape on a gate, so we went through it, which it turned out we shouldnt have done. Using my GPX file, we steered ourselves back on to the course (we hadnt gone far), but were now the wrong side of a barbed wire fence. We could either go back to the gate (uphill) or over the fence. Mike was braver than me and reckoned we could climb the fence. This wasnt easy with 50 miles in our legs, but we helped each other over, and there was only a small amount of blood, on my knee and his elbow. After that we ploughed on together, and having company was really helpful in the final stages. We were both very tired, but kept each other going, not talking much.
CP6, Stratford St Mary. Less than 5 miles to go. And flat, they said. Which actually sounded like a mixed blessing, as it meant we should really run it all. It wasnt so much my legs - they were OK, but my whole body was aching now. I took on the role of slave driver, and told Mike when he was allowed to walk (not much), and we hauled ourselves towards the finish, overtaking a few more 50kers on the way. This section of the route had some of the best scenery - Dedham Vale, Flatford Mill etc., but its hard to appreciate it when youre so exhausted.
The finish is Brantham Leisure Centre in Cattawade, approaching from the bottom of the playing field, and I found one last burst of energy to sprint up the hill towards the line (sorry, Mike…). Last year Id arrived here in the sweepers bus, and now I had done it on my own two feet. There was to be no fairytale podium finish (I was 10th woman), and my time of 13.16 wasnt even a 100k PB. Just a long, tough run. It wasnt a brilliant performance, but not a bad one either. It is a much tougher course than the Canalathon, both in terms of gradient and terrain (did I mention the stiles?), and my although I was a little slower here it was a better run. And I think I am recovering more quickly - I can already walk down stairs without holding on. A monkey off my back.

Thames Meander Marathon (trail) - Saturday 11th August 2018

Dan Gritton3.14.498th

Elvis 6 - Orion Harriers Forest Five Series - Race 3 - Saturday 11th August 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Paul Quinton29.235th scorer
Jose Rodriguez29.307th scorer
Spencer Evans31.12 (32.25)18th scorer
Simon Thomas32.0223rd - 22nd
Jennifer Ansell32.1125th - 2nd scorer
James Nichols32.13 (32.30)26th - 24th
John Henry32.2029th - 27th
Nathan Jones32.4738th - 36th
Robert Rayworth33.13 (33.43)45th - 42nd scorer
Mark Wyatt33.2548th - 45th
Dan Senior33.3249th - 46th scorer
Andrew Baxter33.3550th - 47th scorer
Peter Craik33.5657th - 53rd
Calvin Bobin34.3564th - 60th
Ashley Faria34.43 (36.08)67th - 63rd
Neil Gage34.5470th - 66th
Carlton DSouza35.4881st - 74th
Emmet Fitzgibbon36.0182nd - 75th
Amit Marks36.1084th - 77th
Terry Lewsey36.1385th - 78th
Eleanor Wilkinson36.25 (36.52)86th - 8th scorer
Nick Clarke36.2587th - 79th
Gareth Davies36.5994th - 86th
Richard Guest37.2399th - 89th
Shailesh Patel37.32 (41.32)103rd - 93rd
Ramesh Pala38.23 (40.19)117th - 104th
Richard Potter38.26118th - 105th
Jonathan Wooldridge38.40125th - 110th
Kathryn Hertzberg41.13155th - 27th
David Hallybone42.17162nd - 130th
John Healy42.28168th - 135th
Emma Haddock44.40 (elvis debut)181st - 42nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera44.40 (48.03)182nd - 43rd scorer
Steven Bywater44.47183rd - 140th
Catherine Brett46.23201st - 56th scorer
Sheila Kennedy47.20212th - 62nd
Fiona Day47.59219th - 68th
Diana Rexhepaj48.31226th - 73rd
Catriona Hoult48.51229th - 76th
Caroline Moore48.56231st - 77th
Jayne Browne49.19232nd - 78th
Elizabeth ODonnell62.39274th - 106th
Don Bennett62.47275th - 169th
Susan Bushnell64.42 (elvis debut)278th - 109th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 11th August 2018

Stuart Barton27.28* debut128th - 52.85% Eastleigh
Jakub Czeczotka20.57* debut25th - 63.33% Durham
Euan Brown16.02* debut1st - 80.46% Burnley
Alex Jameson25.57 debut38th - 55.94% Haverford West
Andrew Howard23.18 debut38th - 67.10% Chichester
Scott McMillan19.15* (course pb)2nd - 72.85% Horton Park
Tim Aylett25.4949th - 52.87% Sittingbourne
Martin Quinlan25.48 debut65th - 55.36% Victoria Dock
Stephen Swan24.15 debut24th - 53.47% Great Dunmow
Marc Akers41.52172nd - 33.88% Gunpowder
Kasia Stachowiak22.02 (course pb)81st - 67.85% Hackney
Kat Maskell25.20149th - 59.74% Hackney
Julie Creffield37.16268th - 41.06% Hackney
Mark Wiltshire24.4225th - 53.10% Roding Valley
Karen Levison20.28 (1st lady)6th - 82.90% Valentines
Katherine Harris22.5427th - 66.08% Valentines
Jason Levy26.4082nd - 54.00% Valentines
Gowri Sukumar32.12 (course pb)149th - 48.50% Valentines
Mary OBrien28.0435th - 72.21% Barking
Shahib Miah Ali21.2716th - 60.61% Wanstead
Liam Dempsey24.3035th - 52.93% Wanstead
Samir Younsi26.13 (course pb)46th - 53.66% Wanstead
Sarah Burns26.4757th - 57.87% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor29.0689th - 56.24% Wanstead
Shaun DeSena33.4180th - 38.50% Amager Faelled
Patrick Brown17.55 (200th parkrun)1st - 72.84% Walthamstow
Thomas Burrard-Lucas19.39 debut3rd - 66.16% Walthamstow
Arthur Diaz27.54 debut170th - 50.06% Mile End
28 parkruns at 18 venues, 3 first finishers,
9 debuts and 4 course pbs,
Three first finishes for Patrick at Walthamstow,
Karen at Valentines and Euan at Burnley.
Highest age grades for Euan 80.46% and Karen 82.90%
ELR Records for:
Stuart at Eastleigh,
Jakub at Durham,
Euan at Burnley,
Scott at Horton Park

Pride Run 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 11th August 2018

Andy Kumar37.4834th
Michael Bamford44.07164th
Ruel Ordonio55.44561st

Chase The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 8th August 2018

Aaron Browne38.0916th
Amit Marks43.0765th
Nick Hoult44.2083rd

5km Age Grade Chart for 2018 so far.... - Tuesday 7th August 2018

1Euan Brown - 15.26 - 84.06% - Fast Friday
2Karen Levison - 20.28 - 82.90% - Valentines
3Thomas Grimes - 16.21 - 82.06% - Parliament Hill
4Paul Quinton - 16.32 - 81.35% - Hackney
5Dan Gritton - 17.29 - 81.12% - Victoria Dock
6Calvin Bobin - 20.22 - 80.85% - Roding Valley
7Mark Boulton - 16.18 - 79.59% - Fast Friday
8Ciaran Canavan - 17.50 - 78.88% - Hackney
9John Booth - 17.06 - 78.07% - Victoria Dock
10Ava Lee - 19.46 - 77.82% - Hackney
Andrew Baxter - 18.53 - 77.49% - Wanstead
12Billy Rayner - 16.58 - 76.92% - Hackney
Jose Rodriguez - 17.26 - 76.24% - Elvis 3
Jennifer Ansell - 18.53 - 76.23% - Elvis 3
15Dan Senior - 18.18 - 75.68% - Valentines
Suzanne Bench - 23.07 - 75.34% - Wanstead
Paula Bedford - 20.46 - 75.25% - Elvis 3
Mary OBrien - 27.02 - 74.97% - Valentines
Caroline Frith - 20.25 - 74.94% - Roding Valley
20Patrick Brown - 17.29 - 74.64% - Kingsbury Water
Scott McMillan - 18.43 - 74.62% - Oldham
Michael Bamford - 17.42 - 74.48% - Hackney
Stuart Kelly - 17.32 - 74.43% - Hackney
Danny Lee - 19.22 - 74.42% - Elvis 5
James Wilson - 18.31 - 74.26% - Wanstead
Ellie Wilkinson - 20.00 - 74.00% - Hackney
Emily Clarke - 20.06 - 73.96% - Hackney
Peter Craik - 19.40 - 73.81% - Wanstead
Sam Browne - 17.30 - 73.71% - Fulham Palace
30Patrick Brown - 17.46 - 73.45% - Wanstead
Ashley Faria - 19.50 - 73.19% - Valentines
Spencer Evans - 17.45 - 73.08% - Fast Friday
Julie Campbell - 23.59 - 72.85% - Elvis 3
Ged Browne - 21.11 - 72.74% - Elvis 3
Robert Rayworth - 19.04 - 72.64% - Hackney
Fiona Day - 26.45 - 72.52% - Wanstead
John Henry - 18.30 - 72.35% - Elvis 3
Sharon Springfield - 22.00 - 72.20% - Wanstead
Alex Day - 18.21 - 71.84% - Valentines
40Andrew Howard - 21.46 - 71.82% - Victoria Dock
Carlton DSouza - 21.10 - 71.51% - Elvis 3
Becky Evans - 23.29 - 71.40% - Wanstead
Chris Green - 19.02 - 71.19% - Lincoln
Simon Thomas - 18.30 - 70.90% - Valentines
Tim LeRasle - 19.53 - 70.75% - Valentines
Fiona Critchley - 24.23 - 70.47% - Victoria Dock
Janet Bywater - 24.50 - 70.13% - Cannon Hill
Shailesh Patel - 21.23 - 70.07% - Barking
Louis LeRoux - 18.57 - 69.79% - Elvis 3
50Paul Thompson - 20.42 - 69.62% - Elvis 3
Andy Kumar - 18.45 - 69.60% - Roding Valley
James Nichols - 18.41 - 69.56% - Elvis 3
Aaron Williams - 20.10 - 69.26% - Wanstead
Thomas Burrard-Lucas - 18.49 - 69.09% - South Manchester
Grant Conway - 21.11 - 69.08% - Hackney
Colin Dryland - 20.58 - 68.68% - Valentines
Nick Clarke - 19.33 - 68.49% - Norwich
Maran Raju - 21.47 - 68.34% - Elvis 3
Sheila Kennedy - 26.27 - 68.17% - Elvis 3
60Regis Martin - 20.51 - 68.03% - Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak - 22.02 - 67.85% - Hackney
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez - 21.16 - 67.68% - Elvis 5
Neil Gage - 20.04 - 67.65% - Elvis 3
Tom Woods - 24.35 - 67.59% - Jamaica Pond, USA
Terry Lewsey - 20.22 - 67.51% - Thurrock
Anna Johnson - 22.16 - 67.37% - Hackney
Mark Moir - 19.13 - 67.36% - Hackney
Roisin Archer - 22.21 - 67.34% - Walthamstow
Nick Hoult - 20.55 - 67.25% - Wanstead
70John Atkinson - 28.00 - 67.14% - Elvis 3
Shahib Ali - 19.18 - 67.13% - Barking
Lawrence Foster - 22.43 - 67.06% - Wanstead
Sarah Lenton - 22.57 - 66.95% - Elvis 3
Gareth Davies - 21.52 - 66.92% - Wanstead
Nathan Jones - 19.17 - 66.90% - Valentines
Tom Howourth - 19.53 - 66.85% - Elvis 3
Jonny Shaw - 20.46 - 66.81% - Elvis 3
Robert Spread - 20.10 - 66.69% - Wanstead
Laura Woodhouse - 22.15 - 66.52% - Hackney
80Jacob Stevens - 20.51 - 66.43% - Valentines
Caroline Moore - 26.19 - 66.39% - Elvis 3
Craig Livermore - 19.26 - 66.38% - Valentines
Aaron Browne - 19.28 - 66.27% - Valentines
Mark Wyatt - 19.30 - 66.24% - Wanstead
James Creed - 20.21 - 66.09% - Castle Park
Katherine Harris - 22.54 - 66.08% - Valentines
Clive Mehew - 21.40 - 65.92% - Hackney
Lance Fuller - 23.22 - 65.76% - Hackney
Annette Clark - 24.24 - 65.71% - Valentines
90Mary Connolly - 27.33 - 65.70% - Barking
Nathaniel Dye - 19.49 - 65.60% - Barking
Maud Hodson - 24.29 - 65.49% - Valentines
Kate Brett - 26.22 - 65.17% - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor - 25.07 - 65.16% - Valentines
Craig Simpson - 21.28 - 65.06% - Wanstead
Frank Brownlie - 26.19 - 64.91% - Valentines
Alexandra Wilkinson - 25.01 - 64.76% - Hockley Woods
Chloe Millan - 22.52 - 64.72% - Roding Valley
Peter Hatley - 21.31 - 64.48% - Elvis 3
100Katie Whitton - 23.00 - 64.35% - Victoria Dock
Emmett Fitzgibbon - 20.50 - 64.25% - Elvis 3
Bernadett Kalmar - 25.14 - 64.20% - Wanstead
Jakub Czeczotka - 20.45 - 63.94% - Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey - 23.15 - 63.73% - Hackney
Jonathan Wooldridge - 22.25 - 63.72% - Kesgrave
Lucy Barron - 23.14 - 63.70% - Hackney
Manjit Singh - 21.49 - 63.60% - Elvis 3
Tricia ONeill - 25.45 - 63.56% - Valentines
Richard Guest - 22.00 - 63.53% - Elvis 3
110Sarah Burns - 24.20 - 63.39% - Elvis 3
Selina Vernal - 23.46 - 63.32% - Wanstead
Paul Marshall - 20.46 - 63.16% - Hackney
Alex Jameson - 23.01 - 63.07% - Victoria Dock
Andy Bolderstone - 22.11 - 62.96% - Wanstead
Kathryn Maskell - 24.01 - 62.66% - Hackney
Doug Mansell - 26.35 - 62.61% - Elvis 5
Jamie Xavier - 21.52 - 62.53% - Elvis 3
Alexandra Brown - 23.03 - 62.45% - Elvis 3
Jayne Browne - 27.33 - 62.15% - Elvis 3
120Lauren Aston/Kelly - 23.51 - 62.05% - Roding Valley
Claire Emery - 26.09 - 61.95% - Hackney
Maran Raju - 24.30 - 61.70% - Valentines
Steve Bywater - 24.33 - 61.58% - Victoria Dock
Saheb Yousefi - 21.26 - 61.20% - Valentines
Ijeoma Anozie - 25.15 - 60.92% - Hackney
Richard Potter - 21.41 - 60.80% - Roding Valley
Georgie Hooper - 24.20 - 60.48% - Wanstead
Alexandra Wilkinson - 26.52 - 60.30% - Hockley Woods
David Hallybone - 23.03 - 60.09% - Hackney
130Sarah Dale - 24.40 - 60.00% - Wanstead
Alexandra Rutis Perera - 25.21 - 59.96% - Barking
Susannah McLaren - 28.37 - 59.84% - Elvis 3
Jimmy Dale - 21.42 - 59.75% - Wanstead
Tina Bennett - 25.36 - 59.52% - Elvis 3
Kathryn Hertzberg - 24.59 - 59.51% - Wanstead
Gemma Foxall - 24.12 - 59.48% - Elvis 3
Zuzana Urbanova - 25.21 - 59.37% - Valentines
Robyn Turtle - 25.05 - 59.07% - Hackney
Diana Rexhepaj - 27.36 - 58.64 - Elvis 3
140Jason Levy - 24.37 - 58.50% - Valentines
Catriona Hoult - 26.46 - 58.34% - Wanstead
Natasha Howard - 26.04 - 58.31% - Chelmsford Central
James Creed - 23.08 - 58.14% - Castle Park
Judith Vonburg - 25.32 - 57.96% - Wanstead
Martin Quinlan - 24.42 - 57.83% - Southwark
Marc Akers - 24.11 - 57.80% - Elvis 3
Tom Timson - 22.23 - 57.71% - Bromley
Stuart Barton - 25.10 - 57.68% - Victoria Dock
Claire Drakeford - 27.36 - 57.61% - Elvis 3
150Stuart Norris - 22.31 - 57.29% - Rother Valley
Rachel LeRoux - 26.13 - 57.22% - Woodhouse Moor
John Healy - 24.36 - 57.18% - Roding Valley
Andrea Waller - 26.43 - 57.03% - Elvis 3
Tim Aylett - 23.51 - 56.81% - Hackney
Helen McGuinness - 27.33 - 56.72% - Elvis 3
Sophie Edwards - 28.02 - 56.66% - Wanstead
Stephen Swan - 22.55 - 56.58% - Victoria Dock
Katherine Jones - 26.46 - 56.04% - Valentines
Anna Dingle - 27.43 - 55.90% - Elvis 3
160Kate Frost - 26.46 - 55.54% - Wanstead
Sandra Hiller - 31.47 - 55.54% - Elvis 5
Hayley Collins - 27.27 - 55.51% - Elvis 3
Viktor Szabadi - 27.34 - 54.84% - Wanstead
Ruel Ordonio - 25.43 - 54.31% - Mile End
Karan Gadhia - 23.52 - 54.05% - Valentines
Samir Younsi - 26.13 - 53.66% - Wanstead
Jane Clapton - 29.54 - 53.62% - Wanstead
Roselin Boramakot - 27.42 - 53.43% - Hackney
Chris Kehoe - 28.53 - 53.35% - Elvis 3
170Mark Wiltshire - 24.42 - 53.10% - Roding Valley
Liam Dempsey - 24.30 - 52.93% - Wanstead
Joanna Wood - 29.21 - 52.70% - QEOP 5km
Lucy Lee - 28.11 - 52.63% - Hackney 5km
Narelle McClorey - 28.49 - 52.44% - Elvis 3
Jessica Trayler Moore - 29.04 - 52.29% - Wanstead
George Georgiou - 27.51 - 52.12% - Valentines
Ford Cadiogan - 27.02 - 52.03% - Walthamstow
Saima Zeb - 28.50 - 51.33% - Barking
Caroline McGirr - 29.27 - 50.93% - Roding Valley
180Arthur Diaz - 27.54 - 50.06% - Mile End
Maya Goodwin - 32.35 - 49.72% - Hackney
Victoria Want - 29.49 - 49.69% - Wanstead
Saheed Shabbir - 26.55 - 48.98% - Valentines
Gowri Sukumar - 32.12 - 48.50% - Valentines
Vikki Harler - 31.47 - 47.94% - Elvis 5
Jigna Patel - 32.17 - 47.39% - Roding Valley
Don Bennett - 34.32 - 46.04% - Hackney
Prab Sukumar - 34.08 - 45.75% - Valentines
Michael Keefe - 30.37 - 45.62% - Conwy
190Katy Taylor - 34.23 - 45.45% - Elvis 3
Liz ODonnell - 36.09 - 45.27% - Wanstead
Morag Campbell - 35.45 - 44.85% - Wanstead
Shaun DeSena - 30.44 - 42.08 - Clifton
Jan Webb - 43.24 - 41.71% - Mile End
Julie Creffield - 37.16 - 41.06% - Hackney
Chris Sohail - 32.26 - 40.90% - Valentines
Alice Barrett - 36.28 - 39.47% - Elvis 5
Ravinder Bassi - 42.05 - 37.39% - Valentines
199Samia Choudrey - 40.00 - 37.00% - Harrow Lodge

Regents Park Summer Series 10km - Sunday 5th August 2018

Michael Bamford45.5993rd, 2nd V50

Peak Skyline (half) - 14.5 miles - Sunday 5th August 2018

Joshua Stephens3.23.2923rd,
Peak Skyline (half) done!
I am rubbish at hills, and have hardly any endurance. My brain thought that it would be fun to sign up for 30miles and 2000m of ascent. Luckily I was able to drop to the half distance and only run 14.5miles in the end...
I've been to track twice recently. I ran 1.7km in the forest last week. I used to live in Buckhurst Hill (that sort of counts as training)
Elite nutrition
Night before - too tired to find dinner, so had a jumbo packs of crisps, a sausage roll and a beer. Your classic carb load.
Morning - 2 xPain au chocolat and a Starbucks espresso
During - one Caffeine Bullet, Mountain Fuel blackberry, jelly beans
Race - running uphill sucks. I am not good at it. I like downhill! I overtook people on the downhill. Then they ran passed me while I cried onto the upwards slopes. Why is it so hot? Beautiful scenary, friendly staff. Well marked course. My legs are now dead. And I am so sunburnt that I will soon be able to get work as a David Dickenson lookalike.
Results - 14.5 miles in 3.23.29
2nd under 40 male (out of 4 :D)
23rd overall (out of 44...)

Old Downs Estate 10km, Bristol - Sunday 5th August 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Caroline Frith53.3019th, 3rd lady, 1st VF40
Aspire Runnings Old Down Estate 10k
Running this race seemed like a good idea when I entered 10 days ago. We were going to be at my dads in Wiltshire for a few days, so I was looking for a race within 1 hrs drive and this fitted the bill. To add to the appeal there was a 1km kids race, plus the entry fee meant we could stay at the Old Downs Estate all day complete with trampolines and adventure playground to keep the kids amused whats not to like?
The race blurb didnt make it sound too difficult.
As always, we will be strongly advising trail/off road footwear as you cannot possibly run this race safely in road shoes (No matter what the weather conditions are on the day) There are minimal areas of tarmac, so please take care when switching terrains and exercise caution throughout.
10k route: An amazingly diverse off road, multi terrain route. The 5k is a single loop, the 10k a two-loop course which will incorporate trails, woodland, stony tracks and open countryside.
The kids race was first and I had an extremely proud mummy moment watching my 10 yr old daughter come 2nd overall and 1st girl, and my 6 yr old son come within the top 10.
Our race didnt start till 10.30 5k and 10k started together to complete either 1 or 2 laps of the course.
Theres only one word to describe this race . nuts. Or maybe insane. I think my splits indicate just how tough the course was: 6.49, 8.17, 9.45, 7.07, 8.52, 9.33, 8.54 with the overall distance measuring 6.42 miles and my average pace 8.20.
The first part was straight downhill on grass tracks around fields, before it quickly narrowed to single track on very stony paths. Before long we were under the trees which provided much needed shade, but the the crazy hills began this was last Wednesdays ELVIS race on steroids, but thankfully I had Michael Bamfords voice in my head ATTACK THOSE HILLS which of course made them feel effortless. The paths were well marked but extremely winding and narrow, with the ever present tree root trip hazards. People were stumbling all over the place, and it didnt help that at several pinch points there were people coming from other directions who were at different points in the race. Having broken my foot 2 years ago running in Claybury woods I am always pretty wary of woodland running.
One of the hills was so steep to almost require scrambling, and at one point there was a gully to cross which we crossed 4 times in total twice in each direction.
At 4 miles I had second lady in my sights and even overtook her with only a mile to go, but she powered past me again and I couldnt catch her.
Very happy with 3rd lady and 1st V40 given Im far more used to pounding the relatively flat pavements of east London, where the most common hazard to avoid is dog poo!
I think that was my first Aspire running race and I would definitely recommend them smooth organisation, whilst being pretty laid back, plenty of friendly marshals, masses of post race treats (sweets, fruit, flapjacks, brownies) and the kids got medals, mini trophies and goodie bags.
All in all a good day, and proud to wear my ELR vest.

AJ Bell London Triathlon 2018 - Olympic Westminister - Sunday 5th August 2018

Ava Lee2.27.2196th, 3rd lady
Daniel Lee2.32.18175th man, 9th M45-49
Jason Levy4.15.161836th
1500m swim, t1, 40k cycle, t2, 10km run
Ava 27.50, 3.14, 1.05.35, 2.15, 48.30 = 2.27.21
Danny 33.40, 3.24, 1.04.04, 2.20, 48.52 = 2.32.18
Jason 51.29, 7.23, 1.26.43, 3.11, 1.46.32 = 4.15.16

Run Through Wimbledon Half Marathon - Sunday 5th August 2018

Aaron Browne1.28.4427th
Roisin Archer1.47.55136th
Arthur Diaz2.12.53489th

Run Norwich 10km - Sunday 5th August 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Eleanor Wilkinson43.45265th
Amit Marks46.13697th
Nick Clarke46.36455th

AJ Bell London Triathlon 2018 - Olympic Leamouth route. - Saturday 4th August 2018

Gemma Foxall3.11.00503rd /1147
1.5k swim/ t1/ 40k cycle/ t2/ 10k run = Olympic
36.09 /4.47 / 1.24.44 /2.40 /1.02.42 = 3.11.00
503rd/ 1147, Women 49th/272, W25-29 29th

AJ Bell London Triathlon 2018 - Sprint - Saturday 4th August 2018

Robert Spread1.24.4657th/ 1044
750m swim/t1 / 20k cycle/ t2/ 5k run = sprint.
13.59/ 3.36/ 39.10/ 2.01/ 26.01 = 1.24.46.
57th 0f 1044, Men 49/ 662, M35-39 10/112.

QEOP Summer Series 10km - Saturday 4th August 2018

Spencer Evans38.5914th
Terry Lewsey42.52 pb25th, 2nd V40
Race Report for Olympic Park Summer Series 10K
This is my first race report so apologies for not doing one before, but most of my races are shorter distances 5k and park runs So there isnt normally a lot to report. Hopefully ive made up for it though, as this one goes on a bit, as it partly covers a previous race.
About 2 weeks ago I decided to book another 10k race to try and get over my last bad one which was the Felstead 10k back in July, that race seriously knocked my confidence after running PBs at 5k, 5miles, and 10k whilst running the 1 hour city run, it was all going so well until that run, which was on the hottest day of the year with a late start, but with a few hills thrown in. To cut a long story short basically it was such an effort I almost gave up at every km after the 2nd km and I felt so crap I almost thought about giving up running after. which I didnt think was possible. Only a week before every race felt like a PBs was coming so maybe I expected to much from myself on this one
Following the race the training runs that followed all felt pretty bad with no energy and half way round that sinking feeling of wanted to stop and having a mental battle just to get home all added to a knock in confidence and questioning my own sanity as to why I even doing this
To get over this bad spot I decided to book some time away to my house in Greece which involved me dropping out of the Elvis 4 race, and just try to figure out a way forward, plan was to do nothing but eat good food, sleep well, and run for 7 days up and down the mountain range by my house, in whatever heat there was to better prepare myself for any conditions I might next encounter next time, After a week of that and pushing hard and running in some insane temperatures the hottest being 37 Degrees in the midday sun, I felt like I was ready to go again mind was strong, body was doing what the mind told it too again. So with some confidence restored a few weeks ago I booked my next 10k race the Olympic Park Summer series 10K, as I needed get back on the horse and to put this demon to rest
The next few weeks flew by due to being busy with work, and on Saturday I got up at 6:30 am to get myself ready for a 9:30 am start at Olympic Park I always give myself lots of time before races as I get super anxious, and nervous and today was no different, in fact it was worse a lot was riding on today, if I had another bad race maybe that would be it, the end of running ,I sure hoped not, after getting my bag and kit together I headed out to the car, it was a nice sunny day and it was going to defo be a hot one, so I dropped the roof, put the sunglasses on and cranked up the music to enjoy the drive down to Olympic Park. On my way down to develop a positive mindset I decided no matter what, sun ,heat, rain, hills or whatever I would be running a PB time, at least sub 45 mins, which I have really struggled to get below, as I seemed to pace things to slowly when it comes to the 10K, after parking the car in Westfields I started the longish walk to the ArcelorMittal Orbit section of Olympic park where the race starts from, to take my mind off things I engaged in some usual witty banter on a call from Stephen Taylor, who pretty much told me my 10k time was crap, which I agreed with, and he pretty much laid down the gauntlet to beat his time, This meant my focus now shifted from beating my own PB to racing hard to Beat his
I arrived at check in and everything was seriously organised, I had my race number in a matter of minutes, I sorted my bag ready for the bag drop which was upstairs then headed off to locate the toilets for my first of many visits, thankfully there was a very small queue for the nicely equipment inside loos but the temperature inside meant that after just 2-3 mins inside I was already sweating like I had just finished a 10k.
On my way over to warm up I bumped into another ELR runner Spencer we said hello then I headed off to get warmed up, I did a good solid warm up for around 20 mins with various strides dynamic stretches, everything felt good but my hamstrings were tight, I put that to the back of my mind as today wasnt about excuses, id run on far worse so I would make the best I could of things, the nerves started kicking in now so a few more visits to the loo which now felt like a sauna and I was ready,
I lined up around 9:25 beside Spencer Evans and we briefly chatted again, and I just focused those 5 mins on clearing my mind of any negative thoughts, I had a game plan, I had done some training in heat and hills now, so I was ready for today, so with that mindset I decided to go out at fast 5k pace and decided to hold it as long as I could , the course. was a 3 lap course with some hills bridges all on concrete so I had a good opportunity to hold the 5k pace first lap and then have the race clock to reference it from.to see how I was doing This race wasnt about checking my watch or running with music ,this race was all about straight out running by feel no rhythm to slow my down, or a watch to tell me im running to fast or slow, I went through first 3.33km in 14:02 mins, which put me on target for a 42 mins 10k time surely I couldnt keep this up the second lap I still felt good, so I pushed and pushed and knew I was onto something special after going through the second lap 28:45 on the clock, last lap things got a little harder but I kept it going and even finished up sprint finishing at 3:21 km pace for last 400m section, as I approached the finish line the clock was still showing 42mins and in the 50s so I pushed even harder and cross the line just in time, I got my PB I not only run sub 45 min, but also sub 44, and sub 43 with a time of 42:52 I went to get my time print out and was over the moon that I had got an almost 3min PB, oh and before I forget I also beat Stephen Taylor time which now takes our running banter to a whole new level,
So medal round my neck sipping water on the way up to bag drop I bumped into a few runners who I had passed, who commented that I looked solid and powerful the whole way round, and that I kept good pace, they seems really pleased I got a PB and congratulated me on a good run, this felt good, I was buzzing again, I needed this run to get my mojo back, I sat with Mark another runner who I think I have convinced to join ELR, and we sat enjoying this lovely day and the contents of our goodies bags taking some pictures of our medals stadium in the background, I then looked again at my slip not even believing it ..then noticed my Category position V40 1st surely I hasnt just come first in my age group, I went downstairs to get this verified as I know sometimes results alter and change, and it had, I finished up in 2nd place In V40 category 25th overall which Im still over the moon about, I also got myself a medal and made some new running friends, days like these make me so pleased I decided to change my life around and decided to get fit and embrace running, its only been a short journey for me 8 months running so far but im loving every minute of it now, and having a club like ELR to run for has given it all some meaning and direction, so thanks for having me!,

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 4th August 2018

Paul Marshall22.46* (course pb)23rd - 57.61% Trelissick
Scott McMillan18.43* debut3rd - 74.62% Oldham
Andrew Howard22.58* debut29th - 68.07% Ditton Pastures
Jakub Czeczotka23.48* debut25th - 55.74% Wormwood Scrubs
Martin Quinlan25.35* debut43rd - 55.83% Foots Cray Meadows
Patrick Brown17.29* (1st man)1st - 74.64% Kingsbury Water
Fiona Critchley25.09* debut26th - 68.32% Clare Castle
Shaun DeSena32.50 (100th parkrun)66th - 39.49% Clare Castle
Andrew Baxter20.17* debut5th - 72.14% Haverford West
Chris Green31.25 debut72nd - 43.13% Brentwood
Stuart Barton26.28 debut184th - 54.85% Catton
James Nichols19.19* debut 8th - 67.90% Chichester
Alexandra Brown25.2783rd - 58.15% Haigh Woodland
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera26.5942nd - 56.70% Barking
Marc Akers42.28156th - 33.40% Gunpowder
Shahib Miah Ali22.2864th - 57.86% Mile End
Saheb Yousefi22.38 (50th parkrun)69th - 58.25% Mile End
John Henry19.473rd - 67.99% Walthamstow
Calvin Bobin21.00 debut11th - 78.41% Walthamstow
Emily Clarke21.48 (1st lady)16th - 68.35% Walthamstow
Billy Rayner16.58 (1st man & pb)1st - 76.92% Hackney
Robert Rayworth19.0930th - 72.32% Hackney
Clive Mehew22.58101st - 62.19% Hackney
Lucy Barron23.14 (course pb)108th - 63.70% Hackney
Ruel Ordonio27.00171st - 51.73% Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie58.43 (tailrunner)259th - 26.20% Hackney
Dan Gritton18.212nd - 77.29% Roding Valley
Andy Kumar18.45 (course pb)3rd - 69.60% Roding Valley
John Healy24.36 debut26th - 57.18% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy28.5347th - 65.32% Roding Valley
Catriona Hoult31.11 debut67th - 50.08% Roding Valley
Mark Wyatt19.303rd - 66.24% Wanstead
Lawrence Foster23.2433rd - 65.10% Wanstead
Becky Evans23.29 debut35th - 71.40% Wanstead
Katherine Harris23.5036th - 63.50% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone23.5438th - 58.86% Wanstead
Liam Dempsey24.4343rd - 52.46% Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.5646th - 62.17% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.3956th - 62.51% Wanstead
Tim Aylett27.2679th - 49.76% Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.30102nd - 63.51% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz31.55 (course pb)137th - 43.76% Wanstead
Don Bennett36.42166th - 43.32% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell43.32173rd - 37.60% Wanstead
Nathan Jones19.253rd - 66.44% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.248th - 71.16% Valentines
Craig Livermore22.1013th - 58.20% Valentines
Jonathan Wooldridge24.1233rd - 59.50% Valentines
Shailesh Patel25.2250th - 59.07% Valentines
Karen Levison25.4258th - 66.02% Valentines
Tricia ONeill25.45 debut61st - 63.56% Valentines
Frank Brownlie26.3171st - 64.42% Valentines
Mary OBrien27.2984th - 72.74% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar34.21 (course pb)157th - 42.26% Valentines
Fiona Day29.2784th - 65.87% Clair
John Booth17.35 (course pb)3rd - 76.49% Beckton
Diana Rexhepaj29.4150th - 55.81% Beckton
Still some final results from Valentines to come.
Three first finishers - Patrick at Kingsbury Water,
Emily at Walthamstow and Billy at Hackney.
50th parkrun for Shaun DeSena and 100th for Saheb Yousefi.
ELR records for
Paul Marshall at Trelissick,
Scott at Oldham,
Andrew at Ditton Pastures,
Jakub at Wormwood Scrubs,
Martin at Foots Cray Meadows,
Patrick at Kingsbury Water,
Fiona at Clare Castle
Andrew Baxter at Haverford West and
James Nichols at Chichester.

Twilight Ipswich 10km - Friday 3rd August 2018

Stephen Swan52.05439th

Alpe d Huez Triathlon (Long Distance) - Thursday 2nd August 2018

Sarah Burns10.08.10558th, 11th Vet.
2.2km swim/ 118km cycle / 20km run
47.38 / 6.30.00 / 1.35.18

Course description
It is unique because the swimming event takes place in the crystal waters of the Lac du Verney, accessible to swimmers only during the Triathlon. Exceptionally, thanks to the authorisation of EDF, a partner in the competition, competitors will have the privilege of swimming in clear waters, at an altitude of 700 m, in a setting of greenery provided by the luxuriantly wooded peaks that surround this body of water. Sheer delight, which will soon make you forget the rather chilly temperature of the water, at some 15-16°C at the height of summer.

It is unique because the course of the bike race is quite simply legendary, with 3 mountain passes on the programme the Alpe du Grand Serre (1375 m) and the Col d'Ornon (1371 m) as well as the climb of the 21 switching bends of the climb to Alpe d'Huez, which has earned its well-deserved fame in the Tour de France, which includes it almost every year.

Patience and courage are the mottos for this major altitude change course, which is unique, finally, because once you've set down your bike, the run course event takes place within the majestic setting of the resort of Alpe d'Huez. The course is a mixture of asphalted roads and mountain paths, and consists of three 7.3 km loops.
One last altitude effort that confirms that the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon is indeed a summit of the international world of triathlon.

Sarah's Report:
At 7am I threw my rucksack on my back and began the 13-mile cycle (mainly down mountain) to the
start at Lac du Verney. Thinking to myself that this was already slightly crazy.
Arriving at the lake I dropped my running bag off (these would be taken to T2 at the top of Alpe
dHuez), found my spot in T1 and set up my bike and kit. It wasnt long before I wriggled in to my
wetsuit and joined the other 1000 competitors by the edge of the lake for the briefing, where they
confirmed the water temp was 18 degrees (a pleasant surprise from the 15 degree we’d told
previously). 10 mins before the start we entered the water. The start line was approx 200m from the
shore, so I swam to the far side of the start line near the other side of the lake and beached myself
on the rocks with a load of others. I had no desire to spend 10mins treading water. Before long the
horn sounded, and the swim was underway. As the day was about survival, rather than racing, I let
the other swimmers go off then steadily picked my way through the pack. The turns at the buoys
were scrappy but I kept my cool and ploughed on. On completing the first 1.1km loop I found there
were fewer people around me and managed to settle in to a steadier rhythm. As I turned past the
final buoy I could see the blue carpeted exit ramp in the distance and headed straight towards it.
And before long I was clambering up it on all fours. Bloody hell it was steep. Swim done.
In T2 I changed in to my cycle bib, jersey and arm warmers (today was also about comfort), threw all
my kit in my numbered black bag and headed out on the bike course with the advice given to us at
the briefing The race doesnt really start until you are at the foot of Alpe dHuez at the front of my
mind. The first 14 miles were relatively flat in to a slight headwind. I got myself comfy on my tribars,
settled in to a stead rhythm and took on some food and water. The man in the bike shop had told be
to ride smart so I resisted the temptation to push too hard. Before long I reached the foot of the
fist climb, the Col de le Morte! I was only a couple of minutes in to the climb when I realised I was in
the lowest gear and started to worry, on looking around so was everyone else (panic over). Helpfully
on the climbs there are markers at each KM counting down to the summit. These markers also
helpfully gave the average gradient of that section of the climb. I chose to not to look at these. Id
know Id reached the summit when Id got there, and Id know how hard the gradient was when I
encountered it. My plan for the climbs was to keep a steady cadence and keep my heartrate under
140bpm. The shade on the climb of the Col de la Morte was welcome as the temperature was
beginning to climb. Everyone seemed in good spirits and we chatted as passed each other and
congratulated each other when we reached the top. I topped up my water and refuelled before
beginning the decent. One down, two to go.
As we dropped down in the valley the heat became stifling, the air was dry and the heat coming of
the road was intense. The decent wasnt too technical so i took on more food and water and had a
bit of rest. At the next feed station, I grabbed some more water and chucked a fair bit over my head
as the heat of the day pushed on in the mid-thirties and turned my thoughts to tackling the next
climb. The Col DOrnon started quite gently but the road was exposed to the sun and there was dry
head wind. I think reality set in on this climb that this was going to be a long hot day and the chatter
of the previous climb was replaced with a determined silence. The balls of my feet had started to
burn because my socks had become crumpled in my bike shoes, so I stopped and took them off, oh
the relief. As the last few km of the climb ramped up the heat was ridiculous, but I tried not to think
about what was to come. Again, at the summit I refuelled and got a hose down by one of the
volunteers, bliss. The decent from the Col DOrnon was quite technical and a bit stressful so I waited
until I reached the bottom to take on refreshments. I was now 63 miles in to the ride and the race
hadnt even started.
The route to the foot of Alpe dHuez took us through the town of Bourg dOisans where Id stayed
the previous year. As I rode through the town I focused my mind on how I would tackle the 21
infamous switch backs of the Alpe dHuez. Knowing that the first 6 bends were horrific I decided to
break it down in to 3 lots of 7 bends (I could only do simple maths at this stage). As soon as we left
Bourg dOisans we hit a wall of asphalt as the road ramped up steeply to bend 21. It was hot, so hot.
The heat was coming off the road, off the rock face of the mountain, from my own body heat. The
air was hot. The water in my bottles was hot and my gels had been heating up nicely in my back
pocket. The heat was cruel. The temperature on my garmin recorded 39 degrees as I reached bend
19. I gritted my teeth and kept on peddling using the momentary relief afforded by the switch backs
to sip on my water. I soft focused as I passed the numbered signs on the bends until I finally reach
bend 14. Time to reset for another 7 bends.
Passing the feed station I managed to grab some water bottles and get a hose down (there was no
way I was getting off my bike). Reluctantly I threw a warm gel down my neck and cracked on. Now it
was horrific. People were walking, people were sat at the side of the road, oh god. I chose not to
look, instead riding a la Froome with my head down, reading the names of the Tour rider that had
been written on the tarmac. Who should I be? Froome, Dumoulin, Bardet, Geraint? I decided Id be
Contador (I know hes retired but hes my favourite) look at the way he attacks the climb, dancing
on the pedals my dancing was more like stomping but pretending to be Contador passed the time
until I reached bend 7.
This had now become a war of attrition that I wasnt entirely sure I would win. There was great
support on the later bends of the climbs. Kids hung out the window of the cars shouting Allez, Allez
Sarah! Locals poured water over your head and willed you on. It was only when I reach bend 1 that
I knew i would make it to T2. One final push and I arrived in transition. Thank f***!
Relieved to find my run bag had made it safely up the mountain I parked my bike did a quick change
under a towel in to my running short, fought to get my toe socks on, laced up my trainers, threw on
my cap and headed out of transition. Why was it still so hot? I ran through the sun lotion station,
grabbed some coke and head off on the first lap of the run. The run was 3 laps. I had decided that I
would march up the hills (Mr Motivator style) and run down them taking on coke and water at each
feed station. The run route went through the town and then headed up towards one of the ski
stations, it was exposed, hot and windy. When I finished the first lap I looked at my watch and it read
50mins. I tried not to despair, there wasnt anything to be done. My lungs were tired, my stomach in
bits and my core temperature was similar to that of a nuclear reactor. I tried to look at the positives,
Id hauled my arse up 3 mountains and I was a third of the way through the run. Same again for the
second lap. Most people were walking up the hills, so I kept my head up and marched on. Another
50mins passed and I was back in transition at the start of the final lap. Please make this stop. Even
running down hill had become almost impossible. I dug deep and ran the final downhill, back in to
transition and round and up to the finish funnel. The finish was lined with so many people and I was
met with a wall on noise. The kids were hanging over the barrier with hands out stretched so I got
my sprint on and high fived my way down the finish funnel. It was so much fun. As I ran through the
finish line I finally let myself believe that I could do it, picked up my medal and then sat in an ice bath
with 5 French men (it had all been worth it).
It is probably one of the toughest things Ive ever done, and I certainly underestimated the race and
was woefully under prepared. But you do what you can and hope that on the day your body and
mind see you through and luckily, they did. There were 201 poor souls on the DNF list, almost 1/5 of
the field, so I count my blessing that I made it to the finish line.

Elvis 5 - Harold Wood 5km, Harold Wood Park - Wednesday 1st August 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Mark Boulton17.091st - scorer
Paul Quinton17.163rd - scorer 74.63%
Billy Rayner17.235th - scorer
Thomas Grimes17.557th
Spencer Evans18.5416th
Scott McMillan18.5418th - scorer
Dan Senior19.1021st - scorer
James Nichols19.1322nd
John Henry19.1723rd
Jennifer Ansell19.1924th - 1st scorer
Daniel Lee19.2225th - 24th scorer 74.42%
Louis Le Roux19.3729th - 27th
Ava Lee20.0633rd - 3rd scorer
Tom Howourth20.2637th - 34th
Peter Craik20.3138th - 35th
Mark Wyatt20.2940th - 37th 63.33%
Terry Lewsey20.5244th - 40th
Neil Gage21.0445th - 41st
Calvin Bobin21.1549th - 45th, 1st V60
Michael Bamford21.1450th - 46th
Paul Marshall21.1351st - 47th
Caroline Frith21.1953rd - 5th scorer
Craig Livermore21.1854th - 49th
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez21.16 (Elvis debut)55th - 6th scorer 67.68%
Paul Thompson21.4461st - 55th
Carlton DSouza21.5667th - 61st
Emily Clarke22.1071st - 7th
Grant Conway22.1172nd - 65th
Shahib Miah Ali22.1775th - 68th
Shailesh Patel22.2076th - 69th
Peter Hatley22.3179th - 72nd
Jonathan Wooldridge23.2592nd - 81st
Andrew Howard23.4398th - 87th
Maud Hodson25.01129th - 24th
Chloe Millan25.10132nd - 25th
Tim Aylett25.10134th - 109th
David Hallybone25.23138th - 113th
Kathryn Hertzberg25.21139th - 28th
Karan Gadhia25.26140th - 114th
John Healy25.45142nd - 116th
Marc Akers26.23148th - 117th
Bernadett Kalmar26.23151st
Rachel Le Roux26.30153rd - 33rd
Doug Mansell26.35161st 62.61%
Andrea Waller26.49167th - 40th
Hayley Collins26.52171st - 42nd
Stuart Barton27.22179th - 132nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.30181st - 49th
Katherine Harris28.00186th - 52nd
Caroline Moore28.04189th - 55th
Helen McGuinness28.55196th - 59th
Jayne Browne29.07200th - 62nd
Diana Rexhepaj29.14202nd - 64th
Sheila Kennedy30.18214th - 74th
Sandra Hiller31.47227th - 83rd 55.54%
Vikki Harler31.47229th - 85th 47.94%
Maya Goodwin34.39243rd - 96th
Alice Barrett36.28253rd - 103rd 39.47%
Don Bennett36.57255th - 151st
1st overall lady Jennifer Ansell
3rd lady Ava Lee
1st overall man Mark Boulton
3rd man Paul Quinton
Vet 60 Calvin Bobin

Go Tri Duathlon 71, QEOP Velopark - Tuesday 31st July 2018

Jimmy Dale1.01.4116th/27
2 mile run/ 10 mile cycle/ 2 mile run
14.48 / 30.52 / 16.00 = 1.01.41

Sri Chimnoy Battersea Park Relays (3 x 1 mile) - Monday 30th July 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Samuel Browne5.00
James Nichols5.24
Robert Rayworth5.37
Nick Clarke5.40
Amit Marks5.54
Eleanor Wilkinson5.59
Emily Clarke6.09
Alexandra Brown6.32
Lucy Barron6.47pb
Marc Akers6.53
Jason Levy7.00
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera7.35pb
Joanna Wood8.50
175 teams finished.

38th - ELR 16.01
James Nichols, Sam Browne and Robert Rayworth

89th - PHE Penguins 17.33
Nick Clarke, Ellie Wilkinson and Amit Marks.

103rd - Action Against Hunger (Mixed) 18.09
featured Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera.

130th - Pina Colada 19.28
Lucy Barron, Alexandra Brown and Emily Clarke.

176th - Mothers Pride 22.43
Joanna Wood, Jason Levy and Marc Akers.

City to Summit - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July 2018

Nathaniel Dye20.22.00
After a 4am start for a 15 mile road race (2.20) through Edinburgh,Nat
completed a 115 mile bike ride (8.45) despite relentless rain for most
of it.
A 12 mile trail run (3.00) was then followed by another 13 mile run up
Ben Nevis, which took around seven hours, before Nat had to navigate
his way back down.

Nat said "By this time my legs were shot and every step was pain. At the
finish 22 minutes over the official finish time of midnight. I was
presented with the most thoroughly earned medal in my collection."

Marlow Fugitive Sprint Duathlon - Sunday 29th July 2018

Michael Bamford1.34.354th, 1st age category
Sprint Duathlon - 5k run/24k cycle/ 5k run.

Ride 100 - Sunday 29th July 2018

Ava Lee5.35.21
Louis Le Roux6.03.32
Peter Craik6.11.07
Jimmy Dale6.32.24
Rachel Le Roux6.40.04
Graham Peacock7.48.22
Rachel:- 100 mile bike ride on a beautiful Sunday morning.....not!
Really pleased with my time though was aiming for 7 hours but got 6:40.
- Thanks East London Runners for my ballot place.

Ride 46 - Sunday 29th July 2018

Anna Dingle2.42.23
Jayne Browne2.59.28
Stuart Barton2.59.31
Jakub Czeczotka3.28.32
Stephen Swan3.36.28
Thomas Burrard-Lucas4.03.03
Sheetal Dandgey4.03.06
also Dave Chapman 2.59.26 and his report.
Well done Geriant Thomas. I see you chose to compete in the Tour de France
rather than having me kick your arse in the Ride London 46 this year!
See you next year sucker.

Anna Dingle:- Despite the conditions, I had a great time on the Ride 46 today.
It was lovely to be at the start with some great people - it made the cold more bearable
so thank you. Ride 46 you were cold, wet and windy but still a lot of fun. Great to be
with everyone from East London Runners at the start too. It made it all the more bearable
standing waiting getting cold. My bike rode like a dream today and finally feel like I am
getting back to my best.

Stuart: Ride London 46 you were hard you were wet, But ELR can take it #ELRstrong

Lee Valley 10km - Sunday 29th July 2018

Andy Bolderstone49.03 pb46th

Lee Valley 10 miles - Sunday 29th July 2018

Antonio Martin Romero56.242nd
2nd overall in the Lee Valley 10-mile race with a time of 56'38". I felt I didnt
empty the tank completely, so that means the marathon training is going well.
Twisted course with some sections off-road. The UK weather is definitely back

Twilight 50k Ultra, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Saturday 28th July 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Michael Wilson5.24.536th, 2nd V55
Kirk Johnson9.12.3017th, 2nd V50

Dock 2 Dock swim - Saturday 28th July 2018

Joanna Wood36.3738th of 68, 1500m
Ava Lee1.43.3935th of 142, 5km
Daniel Lee2.23.17115th of 142, 5km

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 28th July 2018

Zoila Gilham-Fernandez1.40.2238th, 5th lady
Nick Hoult1.42.5645th, 4th V40
Arthur Diaz2.15.45131st

Run Through Velopark 5km - Saturday 28th July 2018

Samir Younsi25.4229th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 28th July 2018

Jonathan Wooldridge25.58 debut82nd - 55.46% Hilly Fields
Dan Gritton17.495th - 79.61% Burgess
Shahib Miah Ali21.06 debut6th - 61.61% Harrow Lodge
Samia Choudhury40.00 debut127th - 37.00% Harrow Lodge
Martin Quinlan25.52149th - 55.22% Southwark
Stuart Barton26.16 debut164th - 55.27% Southwark
Shaun DeSena31.55* debut73rd - 40.63% Cross Flatts
Caroline Frith20.43 debut43rd - 73.85% Victoria, Glasgow
Ashley Faria20.43* debut28th - 70.07% Fells Foot, Newby Bridge
Kat Maskell27.57 debut49th - 54.14% Harlow
Calvin Bobin20.30* debut21st - 80.33% Penrose
Terry Lewsey20.22* (course pb)5th - 67.51% Thurrock
Stephen Swan23.12 debut53rd - 55.89% Castle Park
Andrew Howard23.54* debut30th - 65.41% Prospect
Fiona Critchley24.4024th - 69.66% Great Dunmow
Liam Dempsey26.5238th - 48.26% Brentwood
John Henry19.2420th - 69.33% Finsbury
Marc Akers39.19159th - 36.07% Gunpowder
James Nichols18.599th - 69.10% Chelmsford Central
Roselin Boramakot43.07229th - 34.33% Hackney
Andy Kumar19.395th - 66.41% Roding Valley
Richard Potter23.0620th - 57.07% Roding Valley
Shailesh Patel21.23 debut18th - 70.07% Barking
Saheb Yousefi24.48 debut36th - 53.16% Barking
Nathan Jones20.055th - 64.23% Valentines
Karen Levison22.00 (1st lady)11th - 77.12% Valentines
Colin Dryland23.2126th - 61.67% Valentines
Simon Thomas26.0050th - 50.45% Valentines
Gowri Sukumar32.47 (course pb)136th - 47.64% Valentines
Euan Brown16.231st - 78.74% Wanstead
Patrick Brown18.323rd - 70.41% Wanstead
Scott McMillan19.185th - 72.37% Wanstead
Thomas Burrard-Lucas20.008th - 65.00% Wanstead
Mark Moir21.3615th - 59.72% Wanstead
Katherine Harris25.0142nd - 60.49% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.1045th - 63.71% Wanstead
Sarah Burns26.0155th - 59.58% Wanstead
Tim Aylett27.1475th - 50.12% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor27.1976th - 59.91% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.4785th - 58.31% Wanstead
Tina Bennett28.0588th - 54.78% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.2795th - 55.83% Wanstead
Claire Emery28.32100th - 57.36% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult28.42107th - 54.41% Wanstead
Paul Marshall31.09 (100th parkrun)129th - 42.11% Wanstead
Morag Campbell35.45 (50th parkrun)151st - 44.85% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell41.42167th - 39.25% Wanstead
47 parkruns at 22 venues, 2 first finishers.
13 debuts and 2 course pbs, a 50th & 100th parkrun.
First finishes for Euan at Wanstead & Karen at Valentines.
50th parkrun for Morag and 100th for Paul Marshall, both at Wanstead.
ELR Course records for:
Shaun DeSena at Cross Flatts,
Ashley Faria at Fells Foot,
Calvin Bobin at Penrose,
Terry Lewsey at Thurrock and
Andrew Howard at Prospect.
Debuts at 7 other venues.
Best age grade for Calvin 80.33%.

Soar Mile, QEOP Track - Friday 27th July 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Maud Hodson6.40.50 pb6th
Scott McMillan5.25.879th
Patrick Brown4.47.217th
Mark Boulton4.50.158th
Billy Rayner4.45.206th
Euan Brown4.21.12 pb9th

The Owler Half Triathlon - Sunday 22nd July 2018

Sarah Burns5.27.3633rd, 5th lady, 1st in age cat.
1.9k swim/ 90km cycle / 21km run.

Caterham Rotary Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd July 2018

Chris Green1.28.1529th
275 finishers.

Run Through Finsbury Park 10km - Sunday 22nd July 2018

Julie Creffield1.24.42177th
Took part in the RunThrough Finsbury Park 10k this morning. What a great little race set up.
4 laps, including a long gradual hill on each lap. Wonderful volunteers who really encouraged
you with advice and well wishes, and this cute medal.
Waiting for official time, my watch said 1.24
Happy that my final lap was pretty much as strong as my first lap, I haven’t run this strong in
a long time....and it was proper humid.
I will be doing some more of these events for sure.

Jurassic Coast Challenge - Saturday 21st July 2018

Suzanne Bench9.08.15 (58km)10th overall, 2nd lady (1st half)
Geoff Bench7.02.23 (44km)9th overall, 6th man (2nd half)
Suzanne's Race report- Jurassic coast ultra
Booked this way back in October after Geoff did Beachy head marathon- sounded like a lovely coastal run and a good post London follow up run. Although it was quite pricey we decided to make a weekend of it- I would do first half-Poole to Weymouth( 58k) and Geoff second half -Weymouth to Bridport (42k)
Last week I wasn't feeling so excited about it- the heat and a lack of time to put in any training (except Colworth) meant I was not in the best shape but decided to just go and enjoy the weekend. Geoff also had sustained (another!!) calf injury and was struggling to walk let alone run!
So, on the starting line in 28 degrees heat at 9am I had few expectations. I hadn't checked the route map and had thought I'd finish in about 6-7 hours-I had no idea what was coming-HILLS, HILLS, HILLS, some almost vertical and struggled even to walk up them and vertical steps down the other side!! Also had to run over sand and pebbles, which was tough and through the nudist beach which was busy and interesting!!!
BUT... the scenery was beautiful (apart from the nudists!- all I could think was that I hoped they had plenty of sun cream on!). I was lucky enough to find two amazing running partners Graham and Tanya (First Lady) who kept me going and made the whole experience great. Once I had shifted my mindset to running an ultra (as Tanya kept telling me I had to) and telling myself it was ok to walk up those hills I really enjoyed it. Rest stops were well catered although one was 18k and that felt like forever. Good meal and a glass of prosecco at end of just over 9 hours (37 miles on watch) plus a medal and t shirt (cotton though) and finding out I was second lady made the cost worthwhile.
Geoff did amazing completing his marathon part in 6.5 hours on watch despite being in a lot of pain! We finished the day sat in a beach hut opposite our lovely B&B with wine and chocolate and listening to the waves- all in all a great experience although struggling to walk now!
Hope to get to club Wednesday if I can run by then!

Geoff's short race report - Jurassic coast challenge 2nd half.
After dropping Suzanne of at 8.00 am ready for her 9.00am start, I headed back to Weymouth for the start of the marathon at Mid-day.
After sustaining an injury a couple of weeks agenda no training ,a visit to A&E on Thursday to rule out a DVT , I decided to give it a go.
So at 12.00 in 28 degrees heat and with some very serious looking runners we started. I managed to get to 3 miles before I got lost leaving Weymouth!
By mile 10 my injury was starting to hurt but the scenery was making it worth it.
I stopped at every rest stop to refill water and take snacks on board.
At the 16 mile rest stop I decided to have a massage to help with the last remaining miles.
At mile 20 we had to run/walk for 3 km on a pebble beach(everyone said how tough it was at the finish). By this stage I was cursing very loudly but as I was running alone I did not upset anybody.
I managed to run/walk the remaining miles and finished in a watch time of 6.35 and chip time of 7.02 which considering everything I was really pleased with.
I would just like to add how proud I am of Suzanne with her ultra and the time she completed it in (second lady home !! ). After seeing the profile of her run it was a supreme effort.
Would I do it again? Probably!
Great evening and day afterwards in stunning scenery and weather!

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 21st July 2018

Georgie Hooper26.10* (course pb)113th - 56.69% Stevenage
Stephen Swan26.17 debut246th - 49.33% Chelmsford Central
Shahib Miah Ali20.42* debut5th - 62.80% Osterley
Samia Choudhury41.33 debut178th - 35.62% Osterley
James Nichols20.568th - 62.66% Brentwood
John Henry18.52* (course pb)9th - 71.29% Fountains Abbey
Peter Hatley22.06* debut11th - 63.65% Aldenham
Stuart Barton26.15* debut95th - 55.30% Holkham
Tim Aylett27.4569th - 48.83% Sittingbourne
John Booth17.33 4th - 76.64% Exmouth
Mark Boulton17.48 (course pb)1st - 73.69% Walthamstow
Jamie Xavier22.26 (49th parkrun)17th - 61.74% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater26.5952nd - 56.02% Walthamstow
Maya Goodwin34.25104th - 47.07% Walthamstow
Mark Moir21.197th - 60.52% Barking
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.0844th - 54.38% Barking
Lucy Barron23.2085th - 63.43% Hackney
Kat Maskell25.02118th - 60.45% Hackney
Ruel Ordonio27.30164th - 50.79% Hackney
Andy Kumar18.46 (course pb)7th - 69.54% Roding Valley
Calvin Bobin20.22 (course pb)13th - 80.85% Roding Valley
Caroline Frith20.25 (cpb/age cat record)14th - 74.94% Roding Valley
Paul Marshall22.30 (99th parkrun)25th - 58.30% Roding Valley
Lawrence Foster22.5430th - 66.52% Roding Valley
Simon Thomas19.133rd - 68.26% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.4710th - 69.85% Valentines
Katherine Harris23.3931st - 63.99% Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.3932nd - 63.35% Valentines
Jason Levy28.0395th - 51.34% Valentines
Mary OBrien29.20117th - 69.09% Valentines
Prabhakaran Sukumar37.25206th - 38.80% Valentines
Euan Brown16.431st - 77.17% Wanstead
Patrick Brown17.463rd - 73.45% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.515th - 74.09% Wanstead
Andrew Baxter20.2112th - 71.91% Wanstead
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.2221st - 63.42% Wanstead
Nick Hoult21.37 (50th parkrun)26th - 65.07% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield22.5138th - 69.51% Wanstead
Andrew Howard23.1244th - 67.39% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.3662nd - 63.28% Wanstead
Maud Hodson26.0469th - 61.51% Wanstead
Samir Younsi27.02 (course pb)79th - 52.03% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult28.44111th - 54.35% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.55142nd - 49.77% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz32.44 (course pb)151st - 42.67% Wanstead
Jonathan Wooldridge25.5170th - 55.71% Medina IOW
Fiona Critchley25.09* debut82nd - 68.32% Castle Park
Shaun DeSena35.22 debut261st - 35.22% Castle Park
Ciaran Canavan19.54* debut4th - 70.69% Fritton Lake
Martin Quinlan27.10109th - 52.58% Roundshaw Downs
50 parkruns at 20 venues, 2 first finishers.
8 debuts and 8 course pbs.
First's for Euan at Wanstead & Mark at Walthamstow.
50th parkrun for Nick Hoult, 49th for Jamie X and 99th for Paul Marshall.
Best age grade of the day 80.85% for Calvin Bobin.
Best age grade for Caroline , also at Roding 74.94% an (VW40-44 record).
Course pbs also for Andy Kumar, Mark Boulton, Samir & Arthur at Wanstead, Georgie at Stevenage,
and John Henry at Fountains Abbey.
ELR Records for the following:
Georgie Hooper at Stevenage,
Shahib Ali at Osterley,
John Henry at Fountains Abbey,
Peter Hatley at Aldenham,
Stuart Barton at Holkham,
Ciaran at Fritton Lake,
and Fiona Critchley at Castle Park.

Golden Stag Mile, Finsbury Park - Friday 20th July 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Maud Hodson6.43.265th, race 5 (106th overall)
Jakub Czeczotka5.55.956th, race 7 (72nd overall)
Dan Spinks6.36.2511th, race 8 (102nd overall)
Euan Brown4.23.555th, race 13 (5th overall)
135 runners.

Maud Hodson I would thoroughly recommend this event to anyone wanting to have a go at track racing. It was very well organised (needs to be with 13 mile races in an evening), but also laid back and friendly. A bit like Fast Friday, in that you can stand on the track and cheer other races, and theres a bar & catering, but this ones open to runners of all abilities. The races are graded, with the slowest runners in the first race, and Euan & co at the end of the evening, so you run with others of a similar pace. I really enjoyed that in all the other track races Ive done Ive been last by a distance, but here I finished 5th out of 14 in my race, so I was actually racing. And theres commentary on the PA for each race, so it was a bit like playing at being a proper athlete like you see on the telly.
And only £2 for a generous glass of Pimms - what's not to like?

Elvis 4 - Ilford AC Newman Hilly 5 - debut new course. - Wednesday 18th July 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Paul Quinton29.192nd - scorer
Billy Rayner29.403rd - scorer
Ciaran Canavan31.1211th - scorer
Daniel Lee31.4513th - scorer
Jennifer Ansell31.5914th - 1st - scorer
Scott McMillan32.1617th - 16th - scorer
Louis Le Roux32.2519th - 18th - scorer
James Nichols32.2720th - 19th
Simon Thomas32.3924th - 23rd
Nathan Jones33.3534th - 32nd
Ava Lee33.3735th - 3rd - scorer
Tom Howourth34.2841st - 38th
Peter Craik34.3142nd - 39th
Mark Moir34.3343rd - 40th
Caroline Frith34.4944th - 4th - scorer
Neil Gage34.5045th - 41st
Calvin Bobin35.3249th - 45th
Ashley Faria35.3450th - 46th
Paul Marshall35.3751st - 47th
Jacob Stevens35.44 (elvis debut)52nd - 48th
Robert Rayworth35.5554th - 50th
Emily Clarke36.0155th - 5th scorer
Craig Livermore36.3262nd - 57th
Shahib Miah Ali36.3363rd - 58th
Eleanor Wilkinson36.3464th - 6th
Emmet Fitzgibbon36.4465th - 59th
Michael Bamford36.4866th - 60th
Michael Wilson37.1773rd - 67th
Gareth Davies37.3781st - 73rd
Carlton DSouza38.4190th - 81st
Paul Thompson38.4191st - 82nd
Shailesh Patel39.0296th - 86th
Ramesh Pala39.0498th - 88th
Jimmy Dale39.11101st - 91st
Sarah Lenton39.27104th - 11th
Kimberley Burnett41.14 (elvis debut)120th - 19th
Lance Fuller41.17121st - 102nd
Tim Aylett42.00131st - 109th
Ford Cadiogan42.34140th - 116th
John Healy42.54145th - 120th
Katherine Harris42.59147th - 26th
Janet Bywater43.04148th - 27th
Julie Campbell43.28153rd - 30th
David Hallybone43.37155th - 125th
Steven Bywater44.07159th - 127th
Maud Hodson44.25161st - 33rd
Marc Akers44.41163rd - 130th
Karan Gadhia44.48 (elvis debut)165th - 131st
Bernadett Kalmar45.26170th - 38th
Georgie Hooper45.41174th - 41st
Andrea Waller46.39181st - 45th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera46.39183rd - 46th
Caroline Moore46.57186th - 49th
Roselin Boramakot47.13190th - 52nd
Sheila Kennedy47.39194th - 54th
Anna Dingle48.42205th - 63rd
Catriona Hoult48.47206th - 64th
Helen McGuinness48.58208th - 66th
Diana Rexhepaj49.09209th - 67th
Jayne Browne49.17210th - 68th
Jason Levy50.25220th - 151st
John Atkinson51.58229th - 157th
Kirk Johnson56.03244th - 162nd
1st Lady - Jennifer Ansell
3rd Lady - Ava Lee
1st FV35 - Caroline Frith
Ladies Team Winners - Hilly 5
Jennifer, Ava and Caroline
2nd Male - Paul Quinton
3rd Male - Billy Rayner
1st MV60 - Calvin Bobin
Elvis team - Ladies team 1st - Jenny, Ava, Caroline & Emily.
Elvis team - Men 2nd - Paul, Billy, Ciaran, Danny Lee, Scott & Louis.

Run Through Victoria Park 10km - Wednesday 18th July 2018

Spencer Evans37.09 pb9th

SCB Great City Run 5km - Tuesday 17th July 2018

Jayne Browne28.15

Spitfire Scramble 24 hour race, Hornchurch Country Park. - Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th July 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Spitfire Scramble Race Report
Running is stupid
Running in hot weather is stupid
Running for 24 hours is stupid
Camping out in a field with no shade is stupid
loved it all I must be stupid,
Thanks ELR #Amazing Stuart Barton

Joanna Wood:- Spitfire Scramble - a weekend of blood, sweat and tears in our camp with 30 degree heat, clouds of insect repellent and a bit more sweat thrown in for good measure! And all thoroughly worth it. A total of just over 20 miles for me over 3 1/2 laps over 24hrs as 1 of our team of 8 ELR runners. The heat was brutal and terrain hard going in places but a little hands-on therapy from Gordon of The Flying Physios team helped to sooth the aches and pains - all the ladies can testify to that I think( Katherine Harris!!!).
The Spitfire fly past was great to see and it was a great weekend for friends to hang out.
Now for an obligatory celebratory drink.
Well done ELR - a thoroughly good job done by all !!

Craig Livermore:- Spitfire Scramble Report time, and its going to be brief, as I still havent got the energy to go full length with this.
This was by far one of the most surreal experiences Ive ever been through. One being up since 05:30 on Saturday, to 15:00 the next day has had some repercussions, let alone the conditions and the course. Searing heat combined with the pace I was going at led to me retiring after the fourth stint, near 7am. I really wanted to go on for a 5th, but couldnt muster the strength to do so. As it was I was in tears at the end, the only other run to have ever broken me down that much can be traced back to early 2016, but arguably that was worse.
I couldnt be more proud of my team, when I couldnt muster any more strength Catriona, Katherine, and Anthony Leckerman of Barking Road Runners put in the extra. Everyone well done, and the same goes to the other two ELR teams. Ill come back again for another round next year, as I have unfinished business.
But for now, more sleep is required!!

27 24:14:19 East London Runners - Team Malta 551 Paul Thompson 1 00:45:39 548 Carlton D'Souza 2 00:42:53 552 Richard Guest 3 00:52:48 550 Jonathan Wooldridge 4 00:48:27 549 Grant Conway 5 00:48:13 551 Paul Thompson 6 00:48:12 548 Carlton D'Souza 7 00:44:37 552 Richard Guest 8 00:54:23 550 Jonathan Wooldridge 9 00:49:51 551 Paul Thompson 10 00:52:31 548 Carlton D'Souza 11 00:43:50 552 Richard Guest 12 00:50:46 550 Jonathan Wooldridge 13 00:53:21 551 Paul Thompson 14 00:54:55 548 Carlton D'Souza 15 00:48:22 552 Richard Guest 16 00:57:33 550 Jonathan Wooldridge 17 00:54:23 551 Paul Thompson 18 00:55:20 548 Carlton D'Souza 19 00:50:46 552 Richard Guest 20 00:56:59 550 Jonathan Wooldridge 21 01:04:06 551 Paul Thompson 22 00:57:18 548 Carlton D'Souza 23 01:01:51 552 Richard Guest 24 01:09:58 550 Jonathan Wooldridge 25 01:10:39 549 Grant Conway 26 00:58:28 549 Grant Conway 27 00:58:10

20 25 23:39:01 ELR 2018 718 Jason Levy 1 01:04:54 719 Antony Leckerman 2 00:46:58 720 Katherine Harris 3 00:58:05 722 John Healy 4 00:48:56 723 Craig Livermore 5 00:42:07 721 Catriona Hoult 6 00:59:03 718 Jason Levy 7 01:03:16 720 Katherine Harris 8 00:57:10 722 John Healy 9 00:49:18 723 Craig Livermore 10 00:42:41 721 Catriona Hoult 11 01:00:03 718 Jason Levy 12 01:02:41 720 Katherine Harris 13 00:58:04 722 John Healy 14 00:50:48 723 Craig Livermore 15 00:50:09 721 Catriona Hoult 16 01:01:54 718 Jason Levy 17 01:07:42 720 Katherine Harris 18 01:03:02 722 John Healy 19 01:16:21 723 Craig Livermore 20 00:44:28 721 Catriona Hoult 21 01:03:17 719 Antony Leckerman 22 00:46:48 720 Katherine Harris 23 00:59:18 719 Antony Leckerman 24 00:49:39 721 Catriona Hoult 25 01:12:19

32 24 24:47:42 ELR Spitters 730 Stuart Barton 1 01:03:17 724 Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 2 00:57:22 726 Jayne Browne 3 01:01:12 727 Joanna Wood 4 01:05:05 725 Diana Rexhepaj 5 00:59:51 728 Marc Akers 6 00:54:51 730 Stuart Barton 7 01:08:42 724 Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 8 00:56:07 726 Jayne Browne 9 00:58:09 727 Joanna Wood 10 01:05:38 725 Diana Rexhepaj 11 00:56:26 728 Marc Akers 12 00:56:48 730 Stuart Barton 13 01:05:36 724 Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 14 00:59:00 726 Jayne Browne 15 01:04:33 731 Stuart Farrell 16 00:59:20 729 Stephen Swan 17 00:53:32 731 Stuart Farrell 18 01:01:50 729 Stephen Swan 19 01:04:11 727 Joanna Wood 20 01:13:17 725 Diana Rexhepaj 21 01:01:27 724 Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 22 01:01:19 731 Stuart Farrell 23 01:09:22 728 Marc Akers 24 01:10:47

Virgin Sport British 10km, Westminister - Sunday 15th July 2018

Jacob Stevens42.15298th
Jakub Czeczotka44.48555th
Jamie Xavier45.54722nd
Roisin Archer46.11763rd, 5th f35-39

Thorpe Park Triathlon - Standard Distance - Sunday 15th July 2018

Gemma Foxall2.56.03275th
Robyn Turtle3.00.41286th
Standard Distance - 1500m swim, t1, 40k cyce, t2, 10k run.
Gemma 35.18, 2.45, 1.20.43, 1.31, 55.57 = 2.56.03
Robyn 36.39, 2.59, 1.18.47, 1.14, 1.01.16 = 3.00.41

Essex 50 mile, Felsted - Saturday 14th July 2018

Maud Hodson9.48.011st
Essex 50 Mile race report:
If you think Ive been a bit quiet about this race, well thats because I only entered it on Thursday. I had been planning to do a 50 mile training run this week, and I saw a FB post about this one, organised by Challenge Running, who put on the Last One Standing. I had now plans for Saturday so I signed up. It is primarily a 100 mile event, with 50 and 30 mile options, leaving me in the slightly unusual position of taking on a 50 mile race and feeling like a bit of a lightweight.
I felt much more relaxed than usual on race day, I think largely due to lack of build-up, and reckoned on treating at like a training run with a medal at the end. The course is an out-and-back lap, 4.3 miles each way, which means that the 50 miler as actually 51.6 miles - 6 laps. Most of it was along the Flitch Way, a disused railway line, which was lovely as it pretty flat and with plenty of shade, even in the middle of the day. Which made a big difference as it was a very hot day. The remainder was on road, which was less flat and less shady. There were two feed stations, one at each end of the course, It was a small race, with 20 entered on the 100, 11 in the 50 & 20 in the 30. You could tell which race people were in from their numbers, and due it being an out-and-back route we saw a lot of each other. Ultra-runners a great bunch of people, and greeting each other as we passed was a real pleasure.
Anyway, my race was pleasingly uneventful. I started steadily, quickly finding myself second-to-last, with just the 69-year-old race-walker behind me. This was ultra-running as I like to do it start steady, keep plodding along, no drama. At no point did I lose the will to live, which is always a bonus. I was in second place amongst the 50 mile women for most of the day, far enough behind that there was little chance of catching the leader, which suited me fine as it kept the pressure off.
And then on lap 5, when I passed her at the far end of the course, her lead had got much smaller. I wasnt too pleased, as I was in no mood for racing. There was still half a marathon to go. And then I passed her on the return stretch, shed stopped, feeling unwell. Which meant the trophy was in effect mine to lose. But ultra-runners don't give up without a fight, and she made it back to base camp just as I was setting out on my final lap. I was still feeling fine, so I kept my pace as quick as I could I was going to make myself difficult to beat. I made my far end pit-stop as brief as I could, and headed for home, wondering how far behind she was. I saw my new friend Andy about a mile into the return leg, and he told me she hadnt started the final lap. In fact she had, but I passed her after about a mile and a half, which meant I was 3 miles ahead with less than three left to run. Barring disaster, I was home. And the was no disaster - in fact mile 50 was my quickest of the day, and I managed a cheeky little sprint finish (a couple of the other runners egged me on). 9.48.01 my finish time.
So five weeks after my win at the LOS, I had a second one. And this time I beat the guys as well (one guy did finish ahead of me, but he had dropped down from the 100, and therefore was not eligible for placings). My trophy will be engraved with my name and sent out to me.
A very good day in the office for me. Preparation for the SVP100 wrapped up, confidence restored. Bring it on.

Run Through Battersea Park 10km - Saturday 14th July 2018

Spencer Evans37.3712th

Orions Forest Five Series - Race 2 - Saturday 14th July 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Euan Brown27.401st
Antonio Martin Romero29.016th
Jose Rodriguez30.2113th
Andrew Baxter34.1232nd
Caroline Frith36.0540th
Emmet Fitzgibbon36.2041st
Richard Potter36.5344th
Gareth Davies38.0649th
Ramesh Pala39.3357th
Mark Wiltshire43.1176th
Lance Fuller43.1677th
Fiona Critchley44.0383rd

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 14th July 2018

Frank Brownlie26.57* debut141st - 63.39% Penrith
Sophie Edwards30.36128th - 51.91% Hastings
Andrew Howard22.35* debut20th - 69.23% Dartford Heath
James Creed22.0331st - 65.33% Castle Park
John Henry19.1511th - 69.87% Finsbury
Laura Woodhouse23.0972nd - 63.93% Hackney
Lucy Barron24.3198th - 60.37% Hackney
Ashley Faria20.418th - 70.19% Valentines
Shailesh Patel24.0336th - 62.30% Valentines
Marc Akers41.17143rd - 34.36% Gunpowder
Patrick Brown18.021st - 72.37% Walthamstow
James Nichols19.25 (course pb)2nd - 67.55% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater25.2536th - 68.52%Walthamstow
Steven Bywater25.5044th - 58.52% Walthamstow
Andy Kumar19.075th - 68.27% Roding Valley
Dan Gritton19.567th - 71.15% Roding Valley
Calvin Bobin21.0114th - 78.35% Roding Valley
Jakub Czeczotka22.30 (course pb)25th - 58.96% Roding Valley
Paul Marshall22.4126th - 57.83% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy46.21 (tailwalker)108th - 40.70% Roding Valley
Scott McMillan19.274th - 71.81% Wanstead
Mark Moir19.46 (course pb)8th - 65.26% Wanstead
Shahib Miah Ali20.4320th - 62.75% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield22.0021st - 72.20% Wanstead
Lauren Aston24.0651st - 61.41% Wanstead
Chloe Millan24.2154th - 60.78% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone24.2455th - 57.24% Wanstead
Sarah Burns27.1291st - 56.99% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.36114th - 63.29% Wanstead
Anna Dingle28.44 (course pb)116th - 54.35% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin34.12170th - 47.37% Wanstead
Samuel Browne29.00 (50th parkrun)211th - 44.48% Fulham Palace
Becky Evans23.54 debut27th - 70.20% Great Cornard

Phoenix Running Sharkrun Hammerhead Marathon - Friday 13th July 2018

Jimmy Dale4.02.422nd
Race report for Phoenix Running Sharkrun Hammerhead Marathon
So having pulled out of the Hever Marathon 2 weekends ago due to injury (opting for the Long Aquabike instead) I had signed up for the Phoenix Running Sharkrun Hammerhead Marathon in Essex as a replacement.
It was 8 laps so I had the option to drop out every 3.25 miles and was never too far from the base.
It was a relatively small race with 39 people entering. Id set myself the target of around 4hrs with sub 4 being the dream. However the race is organised by the same people who do the 12 marathons in 12 months challenge and they started by awarding various tshirts, including one guy who had run 100 marathons in 12 monthes! Thats 2 a week, for a whole year!A
Keen not to come last I set off at a decent pace but the sun came out and very quickly, running in 30 degrees started to take its toll. This resulted in quite a few people resorting to walking. By lap 3 I was beginning to lap people which gave me a weird mental advantage, trying to stay ahead of those behind me while picking off those I was lapping.
At mile 17 I started feeling the impact of a full on ironman training schedule and my pace slowed. A bit of maths meant I hit mile 23 and having a maths blank, thought Id missed the 4hr mark by about 10 mins and slowed to a walk deciding it wasnt worth killing myself. However, then realised Id made an error and could still make 4 hours and so tried picking up the pace. By this stage I was lapping people for the 3rd time and no one had overtaken me so had a sudden thought I wonder what position Im in? I picked up the pace and finished in 4:02 only to be told Id finished 2nd! The guy who finished first had finished 1 min ahead of me and admitted he had seen me coming and thought I was chasing him down.
All in all it was a great race, well organised, great bling and needless to say I was ecstatic to have finished 2nd, something I dont think will ever happen again!

Woodford Green AC Open Graded Meeting - Tuesday 10th July 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Marc Akers14.502nd
Maud Hodson1.22.048th, race 1
Robert Rayworth1.08.356th, race 2
Paul Quinton9.53.683rd

Hever Castle Aquabike (long) - Sunday 8th July 2018

Jimmy Dale8.09.3823rd, 1st M30-34
3.8K swim, 120K cycle with an optional 4 run afterwards.

Felsted 10km - Sunday 8th July 2018

Emmet Fitzgibbon44.2156th
Terry Lewsey45.3578th
412 finishers.

So today i did the felsted 10k Race in essex, was quite a late start time of 10:30am, so the sun
was seriously beating down as we set off making it incredibly hot to run in i managed to finish
with a time of around 45:40 (waiting for official time ) which given the conditions im ok with,
im. not going to lie it was a battle to finish, and i questioned my sanity at pretty much every
km after the 2nd km, was nice to meet up with emmet another east london runner, so at least i
wasnt alone running it, on the plus side i got another medal for my collection. and i got to put
my feet up at starbucks after the race and enjoy a nice hot chocolate and a Cinnimon Swirl,


Simplyhealth Great North 10km, Gateshead - Sunday 8th July 2018

Mark Moir41.0582nd

Hever Castle Aquathon - Sunday 8th July 2018

James Nichols1.49.1120th
1.9k swim and a 10.5k run.
Best way to cool down in this heat? Go for the longest swim you've ever done (1.9k)
and maybe don't do a 10.5k run after it. Aquathlon done

The Lundy Island Race (14 (ish) miles) - Sunday 8th July 2018

Andrew Baxter2.14.4834th
231 finishers.

Andrew Baxter: Slightly longer than planned...Lundy Island Race Report

What can I say about this one.the most unique and stunningly beautiful and, possibly, most brilliant event Ive ever done, but one where I had an absolute stinker of a run.
Was just way too hot, some mention of it hitting 30 degrees even though we were on an island 12 miles off the Devon coast!
I went off at what I thought was a steady pace in the heat but by mile 2 I knew things werent right. Eased it back a bit as we headed up the rough granite trail at the centre of the Island, thinking Id soon settle into my stride but it never happened. By 4 miles, as we had turned back south along the west coast on relatively easy grass trail, I made the decision to walk even the slightest of inclines and just try to take in the sheer beauty of the island hoping to get to first checkpoint (back near the start) where I could drop out.
That checkpoint was at about 6.5 miles, where a long stop in the shade of the gazebo (there was no shade whatsoever at all on the trails all race), plus water, melon, salted crisps and some general TLC from the brilliant crew were enough to get me going again and on to the east coast of the island.
This was tough, really technical trail clinging to the side of the cliff, but finally I started to feel ok having literally and mentally gone past the point of no turning back and amazingly, I dropped the small group that Id left the checkpoint with and slowly, but surely, one at a time, I started to close on and even pass a few people that had overtaken me on earlier walking breaks.
This section dipped up and down the cliff side and included long stretches in dense, ankle high gorse scrub where the path was, at best, only one foots width across (and I literally mean the width of my foot rather than the imperial measurement!). Eventually we got to the top tip of the Island and checkpoint two, by the northern lighthouse, at the bottom of a seriously, steep set of steps. Slightly shorter stop here and then grit my teeth for the killer climb back up the steps before dragging myself along the final 3 miles, back down the spine of the Island, to the finish and a total distance almost bang on 14 miles.
Finishing time of 2.14.48 for 34th place (231 finishers) but none of that mattered, was glad just to have got round!
Will be back next year as it really was amazing the organisation, the atmosphere, the breath-taking scenery, the ice cold post-race beer in the Marisco Tavern (the Islands pub) and possibly best of allthe small pod of dolphins that accompanied us, playing in the bow wave, during the 2 hour boat journey to and from the Island. Entries open on 27th of July, I suspect it will sell out in a matter of hours.

Hever Castle Half Marathon - Sunday 8th July 2018

Nick Hoult1.51.5234th
Andy Bolderstone2.14.51140th
Roselin Boramakot2.33.17220th
Nick Hoult:- ugh. that was a bit grim. cross country without the mud but blazing sun instead.
very pretty course though and a really good event.

Andy Bolderstone: Hever Castle Half Marathon Report
If you have been to Hever you will know how beautiful it is especially on a hot and sunny summers day as it was on Sunday. However it was pretty brutal conditions to do a half marathon in.
It had all seemed such a good idea when last Black Friday I paid the reduced £12 entry- bargain! I knew it would never be a race where a good time would be possible but the recent hot weather was going to make this really tough. It was part of the Festival of Endurance where a half marathon became the equivalent of a fun run in comparison to other events taking place. The route was 2 laps of constant undulatio n through beautiful countryside and the National Trust village of Chiddingstone. Mercifully there were parts that had shade and if the weather had been more agreeable I would have really enjoyed this one. I still enjoyed it but it was hard work. It was odd having runners doing different races around you (full marathon, gauntlet, triathlon etc etc), you were never sure who you were racing. The competitors were a different crowd to purely running events and there was a real feeling of support and respect with people wishing you well and praising you as you passed them.
A well ran event ( although I clocked 13 miles so slightly short possibly) in a stunning location. If they could guarantee a moderate temperature next year I wouldn't hesitate to sign up. If one cold day near Xmas I see a similar deal I might forget the heat and sun and enter again. My worst half in terms of time but definitely the most beautiful.

Ware 10's - Sunday 8th July 2018

Diana Rexhepaj1.48.28217th
Caroline McGirr1.49.49223rd
284 finishers.

Velothon Wales 2018 - Sunday 8th July 2018

Louis Le Roux5.34.05140km
Rachel Le Roux5.19.17125km

Fyn ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon, World Championship, Denmark - Sunday 8th July 2018

Congratulations to Sarah Burns for finishing 13th in the F40 - 44 category in 1.14.54.
Sarah was 5th in Team GB 24.31 5K run, t1 2.02, 34.18 20k bike, t2 2.45 and a 11.18 2.5k run.

Shere 42k - Saturday 7th July 2018

Dan Gritton4.28.348th
106 finishers.

QEOP 10km Summer Series - Saturday 7th July 2018

Spencer Evans40.069th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 7th July 2018

Stuart Barton26.53 debut60th - 54.00% Colney Lane
Shaun DeSena37.20 debut15th - 34.64% Etna
Tom Howourth20.35 (course pb)10th - 62.67% Plym Valley
James Nichols20.28 (course pb)15th - 64.09% Crystal Palace
Andrew Howard23.00 debut12th - 67.97% Great Dunmow
Fiona Critchley24.35 (course pb)19th - 69.90% Great Dunmow
Jakub Czeczotka27.45 debut52nd - 47.81% Harlow
Martin Quinlan28.16 debut69th - 50.33% Brentwood
John Booth17.504th - 75.42% Southwark
Steven Bywater26.26 debut44th - 57.19% Harrow Lodge
Mark Moir20.0723rd - 64.13% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali20.2226th - 63.83% Mile End
Patrick Brown17.55 (1st man)1st - 72.84% Walthamstow
John Henry20.395th - 65.13% Walthamstow
Aaron Browne20.456th - 62.17% Walthamstow
Roisin Archer22.22 (1st lady)15th - 67.29% Walthamstow
Chris Green32.2797th - 41.76% Walthamstow
Andy Kumar19.113rd - 68.03% Roding Valley
Richard Potter21.4819th - 60.47% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy27.4356th - 68.07% Roding Valley
Robert Rayworth19.0717th - 72.45% Hackney
Clive Mehew22.0167th - 64.88% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot28.04198th - 52.73% Hackney
Don Bennett34.32261st - 46.04% Hackney
Ashley Faria20.498th - 69.74% Valentines
Jacob Stevens21.4111th - 63.87% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.3416th - 66.40% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi25.0037th - 52.73% Valentines
Frank Brownlie27.2976th - 62.16% Valentines
Jason Levy27.4778th - 51.83% Valentines
Ciaran Canavan20.036th - 70.16% Wanstead
Nick Hoult22.3825th - 62.15% Wanstead
Scott McMillan22.5128th - 61.12% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield23.3235th - 67.49% Wanstead
Lance Fuller24.1744th - 63.83% Wanstead
Mark Wiltshire24.51 (course pb)49th - 52.78% Wanstead
Colin Dryland25.0950th - 57.26% Wanstead
Katherine Harris25.3259th - 58.94% Wanstead
Maud Hodson26.0164th - 61.63% Wanstead
Tim Aylett26.0665th - 51.92% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.1066th - 61.91% Wanstead
Claire Emery28.2097th - 57.18% Wanstead
Samir Younsi29.20112th - 47.95% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult33.30160th - 46.62% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi33.30161st - 45.12% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards33.31162nd - 47.395 Wanstead
Maya Goodwin38.42203rd - 41.06% Wanstead
Caroline Moore47.21 (tailrunner)216th - 38.23% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz32.57 (course pb)154th - 42.03% Wanstead
Samuel Browne28.46 (with Veronica)262nd - 44.84% Fulham Palace
Mark Wyatt21.5159.04% Wanstead (30/06)
49 parkruns at 15 venues, 2 first finishers.
6 debuts and 4 course pbs.
First finishes for Patrick & Roisin at Walthamstow.
Best age grade for John Booth at Southwark.
150th parkrun for Ciaran & 49th for Nick at Wanstead.
ELR course records for:
Shaun at Etna,
Tom at Plym Valley,
James at Crystal Palace,
and Andrew & Fiona at Great Dunmow.

Fyn ITU Standard Distance Duathlon, World Championship, Denmark - Friday 6th July 2018

Ava Lee2.02.475th F40-44
Daniel Lee2.00.0727th,M45-49
Standard - 9.1k run, t1, 33k bike, t2, 5.2k run
Ava 35.40 / 1.54 / 1.01.01 / 2.29 / 21.43 = 2.02.47
Danny 34.39 / 2.04 / 1.00.23 / 2.25 / 20.36 = 2.00.07

Danny Lee and I waving the flag for Team GB at the ITU World Duathlon Championship
in Fyn, Denmark today. I came 5th in my age group, which I'm delighted with. Danny
got to wear Team GB kit for the first time - along with his shiny new, pointy helmet
- and came 27th. Watch out for Sarah on Sunday!

Chase The Sun 10km, Clapham Common - Wednesday 4th July 2018

Alex Jameson49.00 pb106th
Katie Whitton54.30169th
Kathryn Hertzberg55.34190th

Go Tri Duathlon 70, QEOP Velopark - Monday 2nd July 2018

Louis Le Roux58.0013th
Michael Bamford1.00.0718th
Sarah Burns1.00.4819th
Roger Stubbs1.02.1524th
Jimmy Dale1.05.3335th
Jason Levy1.12.1342nd
Kat Maskell1.14.0643rd
Rachel Le Roux45.063rd, 1st lady
Sprint 2 mile run, 10 mile cycle, 2 mile run
Louis 13.26/20.41/13.52
Michael 14.04/31.36/14.26
Sarah 15.49/29.24/15.33
Roger 15.16/ 31.49/15.09
Jimmy 15.56/33.38/15.59
Jason 18.55/34.35/18.42
Kat 17.13/39.31/17.21

Supersprint 1 mile, 5 mile, 1 mile
Rachel 8.28/ 28.00/8.38

Garmin Triathlon de Paris - Sunday 1st July 2018

Julie Creffield4.10.01
Paris Triathlon DONE. I am actually quite emotional. I only had 6 weeks to train,
have only just learned how to swim front crawl and I still dont know how to use
the gears properly on my bike. It has literally been the hottest day ever so no
mean feat. Full blog to come tomorrow but for now we are celebrating with a picnic
under the Eiffel Tower before getting the Eurostar back.

1500m swim 56.18, t1 4.12, 40k cycle 1.37.57, t2 6.09, 10k run 1.25.23 = 4.10.01

Bewl 15 mile - Sunday 1st July 2018

Jose Rodriguez1.49.0524th
Maud Hodson2.34.01355th
Roselin Boramakot3.10.01619th
Maud reports:- Brief (ish) race report from the Bewl 15.
After working a few 7 day weeks I got to the end of both jobs this week, and was looking forward to my weekend off. So I entered a race as a little reward. Not really thinking that I had rehearsals Friday evening & Saturday afternoon followed by a concert. With the inevitable post-show drinks.
So after a rather rubbish nights sleep I drove down to Wadhurst, a pretty little town in Sussex. The race started at 10.30, and it was already baking hot when I got there. I met up with Roselin shortly after I arrived, and walked down to the start area, which was a field just outside the town. Nacho rushed in a few minutes before the start, just in time for a team pic.
A bagpiper serenaded us as we set off - wasnt expecting that in the south of England. The first bit was like running in the desert (but with bagpipes) - the track was so dusty that it was quite hard to see. But it was downhill (note to self - this stretch is also the end of the route, when it will no longer be downhill). I was still kidding myself at this point that I might be able to run at a decent pace. But after a couple of miles the tiredness and the heat hit me and I switched to survival mode. The route is very pretty - most of the time we were close to Bewl Water, looking rather enviously at the sailing boats and pleasure cruisers. But jeez it was hot. One of the hottest races I have ever done. And while there was some shade, there were long stretches of relentless sun. I pitied the bagpiper, who re-appeared half way round the course, looking like he was ready to melt in his kilt and jacket.
The middle bit of the race is flat (ish), but from about 11 miles it was hilly. Which I didnt really mind as it meant I could walk with a clear conscience. Everyone was walking - even Jose said he had. And even though I knew what was in store in the last mile, it was definitely steeper than it had been on the way out.
So, brutal and attritional beyond what you would expect for a race of only 15 miles. But on the plus side, very well organised. Plenty of water stations, a couple also with Lucozade, plus jelly beans and slices of orange. And wet sponges. And a nice medal & T shirt, and decent goody bag.
After the race there was free beer (not very cold, but colder than the water), cake & massage. And a brass band playing. Relaxing on the grass with Jose and his husband & son while we waited for Roz to finish was definitely the best bit.
Would I do it again? Yes, I think so. Its a lovely part of the country, and the odds are the weather would be better, so a course PB should be on. And it was good value for money at £27.50 including the booking fee, given how well supported it was.

Nayland 10km - Sunday 1st July 2018

Graham Peacock57.12115th
465 finishers.