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Lanzarote 10km - Saturday 2nd December 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stuart Barton59.56212th/ 55921/43 age category

Essex XC Vets, Men 40+, Chelmsford - Saturday 2nd December 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Healy37.2455th

Essex Vets XC Vets, Women 40+, Chelmsford - Saturday 2nd December 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Becky Evans34.0527th2nd V50 - 59
Rahana Islam35.0433rd (2nd claim)
Alexandra Wilkinson38.2760th
Mary Connolly40.0375th4th V60 - 64
Ann Dunne42.4688th6th V60 - 64

Essex XC Vets - M50+, Chelmsford - Saturday 2nd December 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Mackie33.4782nd3rd M 60-69
Calvin Bobin35.4296th
Clive Stephenson37.59111th
John OBrien39.15117th
Michael Wilson40.46119th

Victoria Park half marathon - Saturday 2nd December 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tasnia Choudhury2.19.40887th300th

Victoria Park 10km - Saturday 2nd December 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.3250th
Samia Choudhury1.00.44390th157th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 2nd December 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry18.08* debut5th - 77.57% Newbury5th
Morag Campbell38.07* debut72nd - 45.08% Sharpham Estate
Stuart Norris33,34 debut25th - 38.43% Loch Neaton
Andrew Baxter21.11 debut43rd - 72.54% Holyrood
Jonathan Wooldridge24.00 debut13th - 62.43% Puarenga, NZ
Lance Fuller25.19 course pb22nd - 63.92% Puarenga
Ciaran Canavan49.05 249th parkrun113th - Puarenga, NZ
Joshua Rees Davies16.48 1st man1st - 78.47% Pymmes1st
Ryan Friel17.22 1st man1st - 76.39% Wanstead1st
Joseph Osakue19.455th - 75.27% Wanstead5th
Rachel Bailey20.48 1st lady11th - 72.76% Wanstead1st
Finbar Sheahan21.23 course pb17th - 65.32% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak26.0078th - Wanstead8th
Daniel ODonoghue19.546th - 66.67% Valentines6th
Paul Watkins20.37 debut8th - 65.72% Valentines8th
Katrina Betteridge25.5463rd - Valentines8th
Kathryn Hertzberg26.0556th - Valentines10th
Clare Stevens29.34 debut108th - 51.41% Valentines
Martin Quinlan28.47 450th parkrun74th - Roundshaw Downs
Alex Pickering21.415th - 65.87% Walthamstow5th
Fiona Critchley25.2441st - 72.24% Grt Notley8th
Catherine Perry24.1612th - 64.84% St Marys2nd
Sandra Preston26.1525th - 71.87% Roding Valley4th
Caroline Frith28.5739th - Roding Valley9th
Bernard Mansell29.52109th - Witney
Roding Valley parkrun
56 16 Caroline MOORE 00:33:22
Wanstead Flats parkrun
13 12 Fernando ESPADA 00:20:55
26 25 Jonny SHAW 00:22:31
67 59 Ian BURROWS 00:25:16
101 18 Kate BRETT 00:28:01
117 87 Scott MCMILLAN 00:28:30
151 44 Rebecca KHAN 00:30:38
157 48 Annette CLARK 00:30:56
158 49 Andrea WALLER 00:30:57
171 57 Suzanne BENCH 00:31:56
189 114 Andrew HOWARD 00:34:17
Mile End parkrun
20 19 Shahib ALI 00:19:37
296 177 Mark MOIR 00:44:10
Walthamstow parkrun
68 48 Steve BYWATER 00:30:37
89 35 Maya GOODWIN 00:34:58
107 58 Mark DURRANT 00:55:41
Ford parkrun
12 11 Paul MARSHALL 00:22:49
Valentines parkrun
12 12 Ashley FARIA 00:20:59
29 25 Jimmy DALE 00:23:17
36 30 Matthew POWELL 00:23:49
82 14 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:22
101 80 Jason LEVY 00:29:00
119 28 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:30:26
Pymmes parkrun
72 57 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:28:39
Raphael parkrun
160 39 Natasha HOWARD 00:31:33
Hillsborough parkrun
236 56 Fiona DAY 00:30:14
Porch Field parkrun
33 20 Viktor F SZABADI 00:29:10

39th Firenze Marathon - Sunday 26th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rohan Allen3.43.20 pb

Chingford League - Event 4 - Trent Park inc Fraternity trophy.(7.5km) - Saturday 25th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Pickering31.484832
Karan Gadhia32.175737
Paul Watkins34.127247
Fernando Espada34.257650
Amit Marks34.327852
Jacob Stevens36.1510769
Calvin Bobin37.5012379
Ian Mackie38.0812680
Abdirahman Adan40.1213886
Grant Conway41.0314890
John Healy41.4015294
Clive Stephenson42.1815797
John OBrien42.2615998
Imran Mustak45.09179108
Joseph Phelan45.26181109
195 finishers.
Team results: A Team 6th, B Team 6th, Vets 7th.

Chingford League - Event 4 - Trent Park inc Sorority trophy.(7.5km) - Saturday 25th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Becky Evans37.383625
Cindy Koon40.115231
Kathryn Hertzberg44.398951
Sandra Preston44.599354
Katrina Betteridge45.029455
Catriona Hoult46.0410057
Ann Dunne46.1010259
Veronica Carrasco46.5110360
Victoria Charlesworth48.1710762
Kathy Morrissey50.0710964
Clare Stevens50.2911266
124 finishers.
Team results: ELR 6th, B Team 7th, Vets 8th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 25th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.20* 1st & course pb1st - 80.71% Pymmes1st
Paul Marshall22.17* debut6th - 60.81% Millom5th
John Henry19.13* debut3rd - 73.20% Volksgarten, Germ3rd
Catherine Perry25.13* debut23rd - 62.39% Itchen Valley6th
Betty Bohane23.54* debut13th - 62.55% Penryn Campus3rd
Viktor Szabadi32.17* debut61st - 53.95% Haga, Sweden
Bernadett Kalmar32.17 debut60th - 48.84% Haga, Sweden
Matthew Powell23.36 debut137th - 60.52% Finsbury
Clare Stevens29.54 debut131st - 50.84% Grovelands
Morag Campbell36.20 debut165th - 47.29% Grovelands
Grace Turner30.35 debut49th - 48.39% Sunny Hill9th
Shahib Miah Ali22.04 debut93rd - 60.50% Chelmsford Cntrl
Claire Emery29.53 debut165th - 58.28% Sutcliffe
Daniel ODonoghue28.02 debut91st - 47.32% Bracknell
Ian Burrows23.27 debut135th - 61.90% Highbury Flds
Fiona Critchley24.5339th - Great Notley6th
David Taylor26.19 course pb50th - 63.14% Great Notley
Lance Fuller25.169th - Whakatane8th
Ryan Friel17.29 1st man1st - 75.88% Wanstead1st
Joseph Osakue19.315th - 76.17% Wanstead5th
Rachel Bailey20.56 1st lady11th - 72.29% Wanstead1st
Kasia Stachowiak24.0350th - Wanstead7th
Suzanne Bench25.4572nd - Wanstead9th
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
61 54 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:13
Roding Valley parkrun
34 30 Jimmy DALE 00:26:13
72 18 Caroline MOORE 00:33:08
78 23 Caroline FRITH 00:36:40
Valentines parkrun
14 12 Ashley FARIA 00:20:59
35 32 Mounir DAHBI 00:22:52
54 45 Imran MUSTAK 00:24:20
95 18 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:29
145 102 Jason LEVY 00:29:12
198 133 Mark DURRANT 00:32:51
217 64 May HAU 00:34:03
260 88 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:39:11
Wanstead Flats parkrun
19 17 Jonny SHAW 00:21:40
40 36 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:23:34
81 71 Samir YOUNSI 00:26:25
96 78 Scott MCMILLAN 00:27:15
162 48 Fiona DAY 00:31:58
167 53 Katherine HARRIS 00:33:03
Pymmes parkrun
54 43 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:27:44
Gunpowder parkrun
12 12 Alex PICKERING 00:19:30
Gadebridge parkrun
117 30 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:35:40
Walthamstow parkrun
82 12 Janet BYWATER 00:28:21
128 84 Steve BYWATER 00:53:12
Hillsborough parkrun
259 188 Andrew HOWARD 00:28:40
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
100 57 Frank BROWNLIE 00:30:51
Castle Park parkrun
73 62 James CREED 00:24:46
Victoria Dock parkrun
117 90 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:26:52
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
37 17 Ciarán CANAVAN 00:49:14
Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun
21 16 James NICHOLS 00:20:19
Great Notley parkrun
62 48 Stuart BARTON 00:27:34

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 24th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel15.53 pb5th - 84%5th
Ben Palairet19.3194th - 68.8%91st
Ian Mackie22.14160th - 77.7%139th

Conwy Half Marathon - Sunday 19th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz2.05.29 1323rd (2nd claim)1055th

Gosport Half Marathon - Sunday 19th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel ODonoghue1.21.52 pb57th57th
1254 finishers.

Coastbuster 10 mile, Ramsgate - Sunday 19th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clare Stevens1.41.47 pb122nd / 17137th / 69

Run Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 19th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.2610th9th
Imran Mustak49.43 pb26th18th
87 finishers

Run Through Hampton Court Palace 10km - Sunday 19th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest54.12388th278th
1892 finishers

Run Through Battersea Park half marathon - Saturday 18th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.26.54 pb151st132nd
Tasnia Choudhury2.35.451117th
Samia Choudhury2.40.361127th

London XC Championships, Parliament Hill - Men (approx 10.7km) - Saturday 18th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel44.44103rd
Karan Gadhia48.12194th
Amit Marks54.37332nd
John OBrien1.09.02435th
George Georgiou1.19.43444th
Team result: 29th of 36.

East London Runners at the SEAA London Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill Fields.
The London Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill is one of the big spectacles of the cross country season, with hundreds of runners stampeding up the big hill at the start. The weather turned out to be perfect for cross country running, mild and dry with only a slight breeze. The heavy rain in the weeks leading up to the event, made the going very muddy underfoot and I was thankful that I was supporting this year instead of running.
In the women's race, Jane Burton edged past Cath Perry to be the first ELR woman home. They finished in 130th and 134th position respectively. Then came Cindy Koon in 150th and Victoria Charlesworth in 248th. Cindy out sprinted Rahana Islam (151st) - wearing her first claim Dagenham vest, - for the finish line.
Ryan Friel led our men's team home in 103rd position, despite taking a fall near some bushes and he was followed by Karan Gadhia in 194th. Amit Marks was 332nd and then came John O'Brien (435th), just days after racing to a 10K PB. George Georgiou finishing in 444th position, completed our men’s lineup.
Well done to everyone who competed for the club in these championships. Everything worked out well and it was particularly enjoyable from a spectator point of view, to witness a great quality field of athletes.

London XC Championships, Parliament Hill - Women (approx 8km) - Saturday 18th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jane Burton31.25130th
Catherine Perry31.43134th
Cindy Koon32.09150th
Rahana Islam32.10151st
Victoria Charlesworth42.13248th
Team results: 27th of 31.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 18th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies17.58* debut1st - 73.38% Stockley Country1st
Rachel Bailey21.08* debut16th - 71.61% Crystal Palace1st
Jakub Czeczotka30.39 debut117th - 45.19% Beckenham Place
Claire Emery31.16 debut103rd - 55.70% Grovelands
Morag Campbell35.21 debut125th - 48.61% Victoria Dock
Clare Stevens28.28 debut59th - 53.40% Pegwell Bay
Kate Brett36.52 debut75th - 50.45% Brentwood
Joanna Neville24.08 course pb50th - 64.71% Greenpoint6th
Stephen Swan21.28 course pb18th - 62.19% Valentines
Jimmy Dale22.02 100th parkrun24th - Valentines
Ciaran Canavan23.395th - Whakatane5th
Lance Fuller26.2512th - Whakatane8th
John Henry17.455th - Burgess5th
Alex Pickering20.454th - Walthamstow4th
James Nichols20.098th - Valentines8th
Daniel ODonoghue20.329th - Valentines9th
Kasia Stachowiak24.2634th - Wanstead4th
Sarah Burns25.2839th - Wanstead5th
Fiona Critchley25.4935th - Great Knotley8th
Valentines parkrun
12 11 Ashley FARIA 00:20:47
38 33 Imran MUSTAK 00:23:41
70 14 Sandra PRESTON 00:26:01
72 16 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:26:24
80 19 Ann DUNNE 00:26:52
84 22 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:11
94 66 Stuart BARTON 00:27:59
124 35 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:30:03
144 44 Sarah LOCKLEY 00:31:56
Wanstead Flats parkrun
17 16 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:22:21
28 25 Ian MACKIE 00:23:50
91 69 Scott MCMILLAN 00:29:51
99 74 Andrew HOWARD 00:30:30
135 41 Caroline MOORE 00:35:22
Chester parkrun
184 137 Arthur DIAZ 00:31:35
Mile End parkrun
75 65 Mark MOIR 00:22:30
Gadebridge parkrun
73 23 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:36:25
Barking parkrun
119 41 Caroline FRITH 00:46:11
Walthamstow parkrun
74 15 Janet BYWATER 00:32:04
87 65 Steve BYWATER 00:35:01
Malling parkrun
44 40 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:24:50
Rutland Water parkrun
148 95 Marc AKERS 00:37:25
Felixstowe parkrun
89 16 Katherine HARRIS 00:29:43
Morecambe Prom parkrun
23 21 Paul MARSHALL 00:22:14
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
82 63 Martin QUINLAN 00:34:49
Hackney Marshes parkrun
28 27 Jonny SHAW 00:21:33
Highbury Fields parkrun
80 74 Richard GUEST 00:23:40
159 37 Catriona HOULT 00:27:11
Porch Field parkrun
24 12 Viktor F SZABADI 00:27:27

Run In The Dark 10km, Battersea Park - Wednesday 15th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien49.00 pb188th166th / 385
628 finishers

Sri Chimnoy Golden Leaf 10km, Battersea Park - Saturday 11th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Betty Bohane44.53123rd / 19520th age cat

Saturn - We Will Remember 2023 Timed Event (17.5 miles) - Saturday 11th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Victoria Charlesworth3.11.2958th - 17.5 miles11th age cat
152 finishers

Loughton AC George Richardson Inter Vets XC - Saturday 11th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Pickering35.388th
Andrew Baxter36.1210th
Becky Evans40.1924th2nd
Ian Mackie40.2325th
Calvin Bobin41.5031st
Catherine Perry42.4933rd7th
Darminder Bhamra43.3135th
Cindy Koon44.3039th10th
John Healy45.2941st
Grant Conway45.3542nd
John OBrien48.1850th
Mary Connolly48.3351st16th
Ann Dunne48.4855th18th
Team results:
Men 3rd
Women 2nd
Overall teams:
Men 4th ELR A team
Men 8th ELR B team
Overall team:
Women 2nd ELR

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 11th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak24.08* debut55th - 63.74% Quaker Walk10th
Ciaran Canavan25.06* debut57th - 58.76% Northern Pathway
Joshua Rees Davies17.35* debut & 1st1st - 74.98% Bethlem Royal Hosp1st
Joseph Gunn18.51* 1st & course pb1st - 69.94% Forest Rec1st
Shahib Miah Ali19.55* debut2nd - 67.03% Cyclopark2nd
Andy Bolderstone31.48* debut13th - 46.02% Zamek w Malborku
Clare Stevens31.22* debut37th - 48.46% Trelai Park5th
Ian Burrows23.41* debut21st - 61.29% Potternewton
Stuart Barton27.09* debut123rd - 56,11% Quaker Walk
Lance Fuller27.05 debut81st - 59.75% Northern Pathway
Fiona Critchley25.33 debut84th - 71.82% Quaker Walk
Catriona Hoult26.48 debut114th - 61.82% Quaker Walk
Morag Campbell33.12 debut243rd - 33.12% Quaker Walk
David Taylor27.36 debut34th - 60.21% Llyn Llech Owain
Alex Pickering20.24 debut9th - 70.02% Harlow9th
Claire Emery33.37 debut69th - 51.81% Barclay
Jimmy Dale26.51 99th parkrun37th - Roding Valley
Darminder Bhamra27.55 debut43rd - 56.48% Roding Valley
Marc Akers37.36 debut543rd - 39.54% Milton Keynes
Jason Levy28.55 300th parkrun140th - Valentines
Rachel Bailey20.48 1st lady 9th - 72.76% Wanstead1st
Joseph Osakue18.32 debut8th - 80.22% Mile End8th
Caroline Frith28.15 debut287th - 56.76% Mile End
John Henry17.39 course pb6th - 79.70% Burgess5th
Imran Mustak23.01 course pb37th - 59.30% Valentines
Tina Bennett26.5457th - Barking10th
Bernadett Kalmar26.3734th - Porch Field10th
James Nichols19.414th - 69.35% Pymmes4th
Stuart Barton: So alphabet 2 is complete.
Along with a few other ELR and Louise Taylor from EM we traveled at silly o'clock to Quakers walk in Devizes Wilts, a massive thanks to all at ELR who put up with constant babbling about parkrun and even join me on some of these trips. Kasia Stachowiak came along and did her 250th. We was met on site by Shaun DeSena who left ELR when he moved to Brighton but along with myself and Fiona Critchly completed our second alphabet together just as we did our first. Also Morag Campbell and Catriona Davies who came and collect the hard to get Q,
More trips planned.

Maidstone parkrun
59 54 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:23:58
Lister Park parkrun, Bradford
131 25 Janet BYWATER 00:28:08
Valentines parkrun
19 18 Ashley FARIA 00:21:11
20 19 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:41
34 32 Matthew POWELL 00:22:59
112 21 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:09
171 124 Mark DURRANT 00:30:34
227 71 May HAU 00:34:38
Wanstead Flats parkrun
59 51 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:25:29
90 14 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:27:54
93 75 Scott MCMILLAN 00:27:58
147 36 Rebecca KHAN 00:31:38
173 51 Catherine MCMILLAN 00:34:32
176 118 Andrew HOWARD 00:34:45
Chester parkrun
192 156 Arthur DIAZ 00:30:20
Pymmes parkrun
32 29 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:24:40
Mile End parkrun
252 176 Matthew GIBBS 00:27:17
Gadebridge parkrun
91 22 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:33:46
Hilly Fields parkrun
155 111 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:02
Walthamstow parkrun
97 69 Steve BYWATER 00:31:35
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
95 60 Frank BROWNLIE 00:31:47
Kesgrave parkrun
190 61 Katherine HARRIS 00:35:00
Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge
17 15 Paul MARSHALL 00:23:16
Grovelands parkrun, Enfield
132 98 George GEORGIOU 00:28:25
Roding Valley parkrun
66 21 Caroline MOORE 00:33:22
Porch Field parkrun
37 25 Viktor F SZABADI 00:27:10

Chingford League - Event 3: Redbridge Cycle Circuit 5km - Mens Race - Tuesday 7th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.506th5
Karan Gadhia19.3977th60
Alex Pickering19.5581st62
Tommy Ho20.0985th66
James Nichols20.1586th67
Fernando Espada20.2895th75
Eren Ozkan20.51108th84
Jacob Stevens21.07113th87
Paul Watkins21.37126th97
Clive Stephenson23.17160th115
Ian Mackie23.26162nd116
Abdirahman Adan23.51168th119
Calvin Bobin23.56171st121
Grant Conway24.25182nd129
Imran Mustak24.47188th135
Mark Durrant24.56191st138
Darminder Bhamra25.27197th142
Michael Wilson25.30199th143
John OBrien25.47202nd146
Martin Quinlan30.31231st163
238 finishers.
Team scores: A Team 6th, B 6th, Vets 10th/21.
Overall: A 6th, B 6th of 21, Vets 6th of 21.

Chingford League - Event 3: Redbridge Cycle Circuit 5km - Womens Race - Tuesday 7th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Bailey20.5014th12
Becky Evans22.3636th29
Cindy Koon23.2750th38
Catherine Perry24.0753rd40
Sarah Burns24.5271st50
Catriona Hoult25.3783rd59
Katrina Betteridge25.4688th64
Sandra Preston25.5489th65
Selina Vernal26.4799th71
Nicola Wyndham27.24105th75
Suzanne Taylor27.33109th77
Ann Dunne27.43114th80
Kathryn Hertzberg27.55115th81
Tina Bennett29.01125th90
Victoria Charlesworth29.05128th93
Clare Stevens29.58136th97
Tasnia Choudhury30.07139th100
Kathy Morrissey31.09148th105
Maya Goodwin32.15159th111
Morag Campbell34.02167th116
Samia Choudhury34.17168th117
173 finishers.
Team results: A Team came 6th, B Team 5th, Vets 4th.
Overall (3 events) A 6th, B 4th of 21, Vets 5th of 21.

TCS New York City Marathon - Sunday 5th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale3.52.4711,688/51295 - 53.51%8,734/28425
Simon Nash4.03.3415,671/51295 - 56.09%11,234/28425
Ford Cadiogan5.13.2337,856/51295 - 43.59%22,794/28425
halfway point: Jimmy 1.45.44 / Simon 1.45.46 / Ford 2.26.24

Hertfordshire Half Marathon - Sunday 5th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Victoria Charlesworth2.12.50977th241st

Sunday XC League: Event 3- Trent Park - Sunday 5th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez29.1319th19
Karan Gadhia31.5058th56
Rachel Bailey33.0076th6
Alex Pickering33.0580th74
Tommy Ho33.4994th84
Amit Marks34.29109th98
Fernando Espada34.59119th106
Becky Evans36.56168th27
James Nichols38.14202nd162
Ian Mackie38.38219th170
Catherine Perry38.42222nd50
Calvin Bobin38.53225th174
Cindy Koon39.27242nd56
Abdirahman Adan39.49247th189
Rahana Islam39.49248th59
Clive Stephenson40.31267th198
John OBrien42.41308th220
Sandra Preston43.02314th90
Adrian Frost43.02315th225
Ramesh Pala44.03338th235
Katrina Betteridge44.30346th109
Kathryn Hertzberg45.14362nd121
Catriona Hoult45.21365th124
Michael Wilson48.36408th260
Clare Stevens49.00411th151
Kathy Morrissey50.37430th163
Helen McGuinness51.57435th168
Team results:
Women: A Team 6th (10th overall), B Team 7th (7th), Masters 4th (4th)
Men : A Team 9th (8th overall), B Team 4th (5th), Masters 7th (6th).

Mike Reports.
The third Sunday League race of the season took place on a dry, sunny morning amongst the autumnal colours of Trent Park. This popular venue saw a huge field of approx 450 runners, line up at the start to run a course of approx 4.7 miles. The heavy, persistent rain of the previous few days had made the surface sticky and muddy underfoot, in the top field (close to the start/finish area) in particular, but the feeling was that it could have been a lot worse! Great commitment from the cross country team again in a busy Winter League schedule, with 27 runners from ELR making the short trip to Cockfosters, coming just a week after the previous race outing at Watford. Jose Rodriguez happened to be passing by and stormed to a 19th place finish (plenty of time to take photos after - thanks Nacho!) and James Nichols incorporated the race into the middle of a 20 mile training run! Our ace cake baker and runner, Karan Gadhia was in 58th position, whilst Rachel Bailey had a lightning 76th place finish. Cath Perry and Fernando Espada were the two Sunday League debutantes and Calvin Bobin made a successful return following a long absence due to injury. Rahana Islam, having left her cross country shoes at home, managed to borrow more suitable footwear from PB Queen Cindy Koon, albeit three sizes too large! Everyone was outstanding today, thank you for running and to Karan for bringing his delicious chocolate brownies for us to devour afterwards. A few weeks off now until the next Sunday League fixture on 17th December at Fairlands Valley Park, Stevenage.

Rahana Islam : Wow Trent Park was fun wasn't?
I was so impressed with myself having ran an XC yesterday I managed to get my race bag sorted fine this morning
Had towel, wipes, snack, massive coat & layers incase weather turned.
Was offering use of my big XC bag for anyone else to put stuff in as there was so much space in it.
Hmm it's so light I must be stonger than I thought bad feels like nothing on my shoulder
Any guesses why it felt so light..?!?
Massive thanks Cindy for salvaging my run When you're a size 3 and borrow size 6 spare pair trails and extra pair of socks to help fit. Unfortunately without claws I had no chance moving across the boggy bits.
I was left for dust but once in the woods I thought phew I can move now, started picking people off, then we're out of woods back on boggy bit before starting next loop and I decided to make life harder by stacking it in an epic fashion . My ankle is sore as turned it and I've got 3k to go. Hobble along, try to keep moving I want to finish this,back in woods yayyy, I think I can start running again on sore foot. Next were coming back out again, we turn off towards that last hill. I like hills, this is fine, oh no it isn't I'm sliding backwards I can't get any grip.
Wow, getting over taking left right centre, I need a rope to pull me up. Felt like an eternity before I got to top seeing Rachel & Jose cheering at the top did put a smile on my face
Finally the last stretch (and of course more boggy slippy sliding-ness) didn't want to sprint finish anyway!
Job done. Yummy treats from Karan (thank youuuu!) took sting out of it.
Apologies guys for my stupidness will attempt to prep better for next one.
Welldone everyone. Despite slight hiccup loved that especially run through the woods. You were right Adrian, it was a treat.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 4th November 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Janet Bywater29.16* debut62nd - 63.55% Halifax
Sarah Burns24.46 debut64th - 65.41% Gunpowder9th
Clare Stevens30.49 debut47th - 49.32% Harrow Lodge
Morag Campbell35.30 debut79th - 48.40% Harrow Lodge
Grace Turner26.23 debut176th - 56.10% Southwark
Steven Bywater30.12 debut76th - 52.21% Panshanger
Shahib Miah Ali21.31 debut14th - 62.04% Harlow
Stuart Barton28.23 debut105th - 53.67% Malling
Paul Marshall23.49 debut30th - 56.89% Lytham Hall
Claire Emery30.52 debut88th - 56.43% Victoria Dock
Victoria Charlesworth31.14 debut414th - 55.02% Clapham Common
Alex Jameson28.11 150th parkrun44th - Littleport+
Ciaran Canavan23.5110th Whakatane8th
Betty Bohane22.0435th - 67.75% Lordship RG4th
Jakub Czeczotka24.26 debut58th - 56.68% Lordship RG
Fiona Critchley25.5546th - Great Notley7th
Joseph Osakue19.08 1st man1st - 77.70% Barking1st
Tina Bennett27.3352nd - Barking8th
John Henry17.466th - 79.17% Burgess6th
Joshua Rees Davies17.46 1st man1st - 74.20% Pymmes1st
Alex Pickering20.14 150th parkrun7th - 70.59% Pymmes7th
Ashley Faria20.589th - 72.10% Valentines9th
Ryan Friel17.552nd - 74.05% Wanstead2nd
Finbar Sheahan22.2012th - Wanstead10th
Kasia Stachowiak24.36 249th parkrun29th - Wanstead4th
Rebecca Khan28.2865th - Wanstead9th
Gunpowder parkrun
109 29 Maya GOODWIN 00:31:15
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
86 63 Martin QUINLAN 00:32:48
Hackney Marshes parkrun
29 26 Jonny SHAW 00:21:29
37 34 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:57
Roding Valley parkrun
34 33 John HEALY 00:26:47
78 28 Caroline MOORE 00:35:05
88 38 Caroline FRITH 00:49:35
Valentines parkrun
33 29 Matthew POWELL 00:23:51
41 37 Imran MUSTAK 00:24:31
69 56 John O'BRIEN 00:26:14
94 16 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:42
100 19 Catriona HOULT 00:28:05
Wanstead Flats parkrun
19 16 Ian MACKIE 00:23:05
90 64 Kieran BROWN 00:30:11
92 66 Scott MCMILLAN 00:30:19
121 41 Fiona DAY 00:32:14
147 84 Andrew HOWARD 00:38:04
Raphael parkrun
16 16 Amit MARKS 00:21:55
Ferry Meadows parkrun
412 262 Marc AKERS 00:37:32
Kesgrave parkrun
24 21 Steve SWAN 00:22:02
143 36 Katherine HARRIS 00:34:16
Malling parkrun
59 54 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:25:29
Harleston Magpies parkrun
46 28 Don BENNETT 00:40:55
Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun
19 18 James NICHOLS 00:20:44

Dublin Marathon - Sunday 29th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali3.35.463722nd / 163163275th / 11295

Sunday XC League: Event 2 - Watford, Cassiobury Park - Sunday 29th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes39.5836th36th
Karan Gadhia42.0256th52nd
Alex Pickering42.4163rd57th
James Nichols43.2070th64th
Rachel Bailey44.4087th10th
Paul Watkins45.2599th86th
Jacob Stevens46.01108th94th
Mark Moir46.53123rd109th
Rahana Islam49.00161st24th
Ian Mackie49.41171st144th
Becky Evans50.00175th29th
Grant Conway51.50205th161st
Cindy Koon52.06210th46th
Clive Stephenson53.01223rd172nd
Abdirahman Adan53.15228th174th
Sandra Preston56.11285th74th
John OBrien58.14306th220th
Catriona Hoult1.00.49334th104th
Victoria Charlesworth1.04.13359th121st
Clare Stevens1.06.17373rd131st
Diana Rexhepaj1.08.50380th135th
Kirk Johnson1.09.04383rd244th
Kathy Morrissey1.09.46385th138th
Helen McGuinness1.10.09386th140th
Team results
A Team 5th (11th overall) B Team 7th (7th), Masters 3rd (5th)
A Team 8th (9th overall) B Team 5th (5th), Masters 8th (7th)
Combined 8th of 21

Mike reports. Well done to all the ELRs who came out in force despite the downfall of rain. It was a great turnout, with 24 members from the club running today. An excellent course of Approx 6 miles around the delights of Cassiobury Park, starting off in the parkland then two laps of the woodlands. It started to rain heavily shortly after the start of the race and this made the course more challenging than usual.

Rachel Bailey had a great run again (following her 6th place finish at Chesthunt) and was first back for a strong womens team, in 87th position overall. Next was Rahana Islam, making her Sunday League debut and finishing in 161st, followed by Becky Evans in 175th. Cindy Koon (210th) and Sandra Preston (285th), completed the scoring for the womens A team.

Thomas Grimes was our first male finisher in 36th position, followed by Karan Gadhia (56th) and Alex Pickering (63rd). James Nichols was 70th and then came Paul Watkins (99th), also making his Sunday League debut. Jacob Stevens, Mark Moir and Ian Mackie also scored for the mens A team.

This was a very enjoyable day out, with great camaraderie and banter all round! We are looking forward to the third race in the series, which is at Trent Park, Cockfosters, next Sunday 5th November.

Snowdonia Eryri Marathon - Saturday 28th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz5.17.021617th / 22281145th / 1430

Maverick Adidas Suffolk (9km) (short course) - Saturday 28th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Healy51.5621st / 10517th / 46

Chasing Pumpkins 10km, Epping Forest (Haven's House) - Saturday 28th October 2023

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 28th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.29* debut2nd - 79.98% Severn Bridge2nd
Ryan Friel16.59* debut2nd - 78.12% Peel2nd
Joseph Gunn17.52* course pb & 1st man1st - 73..79% Rushcliffe1st
Shahib Miah Ali21.33* debut5th - 61.95% Fairview, ROI4th
Fiona Critchley24.49* debut58th - 73.94% Yarborough LC
Stuart Barton26.14* debut79th - 58.07% Yarborough LC
Claire Emery31.58* debut87th - 54.48% Barry Island
Clare Stevens33.08* debut49th - 45.88% East Grinstead12th
Morag Campbell36.33 debut63rd - 47.01% East Grinstead17th
Caroline Frith52.32* debut67th - 30.52% Perrigo, USA
Daniel ODonoghue17.53 course pb3rd - 74.18% Gunpowder3rd
Thomas Grimes18.51 1st man1st - 74.09% Sunny Hill1st
John Henry17.42 course pb10th - 79.47% Burgess10th
Juliet Lopez-Real32.52 debut292nd - 50.41% Hackney
Catriona Hoult29.45 debut246th - 55.69% Brockwell
Fiona Day32.34 debut282nd - 64.18% Brockwell
Maya Goodwin34.38 debut313th - 49.62% Brockwell
Matthew Powell24.14 debut34th - 58.94% Sale Water
David Taylor27.31 course pb57th - 60.39% Grt Notley
Nicola Barberis Negra18.48 course pb2nd - 74.29% Wanstead2nd
Rachel Bailey20.4810th - 72.76% Wanstead2nd
Sarah Burns24.0543rd - 67.27% Wanstead6th
Kasia Stachowiak24.4853rd - 62.03% Wanstead10th
Betty Bohane21.4429th - 68.79% Lordship RG3rd
Ashley Faria20.4312th - 72.97% Valentines10th
Mark Moir21.327th - 60.37% Barking6th
Bernadett Kalmar28.1824th - 61.54% Porch Field7th
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
67 53 Martin QUINLAN 00:30:37
Roding Valley parkrun
50 39 Tim AYLETT 00:28:12
76 21 Caroline MOORE 00:32:45
Valentines parkrun
51 42 Jimmy DALE 00:23:42
99 83 John O'BRIEN 00:25:52
109 85 George GEORGIOU 00:26:14
118 24 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:39
136 31 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:27:29
156 36 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:28:30
218 141 Imran MUSTAK 00:32:36
249 88 May HAU 00:35:10
308 127 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:48:44
Wanstead Flats parkrun
16 14 Jonny SHAW 00:21:30
20 17 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:22:33
25 21 Ian MACKIE 00:23:01
92 68 Paul WATKINS 00:27:32
118 81 Scott MCMILLAN 00:28:56
140 44 Kara GALLEAR 00:30:17
185 65 Catherine MCMILLAN 00:35:01
Pymmes parkrun
103 67 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:30:51
Mile End parkrun
244 173 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:26:34
Gadebridge parkrun
96 30 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:34:05
Walthamstow parkrun
40 33 Andrew BAXTER 00:25:02
152 79 Alex PICKERING 00:55:09
Kesgrave parkrun
22 21 Steve SWAN 00:21:47
151 35 Katherine HARRIS 00:31:01
Porch Field parkrun
21 16 Viktor F SZABADI 00:27:41
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
38 16 Lance FULLER 01:01:06

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 27th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter20.1082nd - 75.4%74th

Battersea Park Marathon - Sunday 22nd October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Martin Quinlan5.27.04371st /385297th / 306

Fleet 10km - Sunday 22nd October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel34.06 pb6th

Cheshire 10 mile - Sunday 22nd October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz1.29.19 (2nd claim) pb122nd91st

Battersea Park Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols1.25.39 pb59th / 91655th

Valencia Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ken Agnew1.46.19 pb7944th91 age gp
Kasia Stachowiak1.53.3910,841st253rd age gp

Chingford League: Event 2 - Eastbrookend Park (7.4km / 4.6 miles approx) - Saturday 21st October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Karan Gadhia30.3658th
Alex Pickering30.3759th
Tommy Ho30.4461st
Amit Marks31.2775th
Andrew Baxter31.5881st
Paul Watkins32.2788th
Fernando Espada32.3389th
Jacob Stevens33.33105th
Becky Evans35.41140th
Catherine Perry36.01144th
Grant Conway36.48157th
Abdirahman Adan37.06162nd
Cindy Koon37.48169th
John Healy37.59173rd
John OBrien39.08188th
Sandra Preston39.11189th
Ramesh Pala39.24197th
Kathryn Hertzberg39.24198th
Selina Vernal40.07206th
Mary Connolly40.17206th
Katrina Betteridge40.24213th
Catriona Hoult40.24214th
Ann Dunne42.20133rd
Imran Mustak42.51238th
Natasha Howard45.19261st
Kathy Morrissey48.43273rd

Beachy Head Ultra (52.6km) - Saturday 21st October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rahana Islam5.49.3654th6th, 2nd age cat
Jason Levy9.37.24208th146th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 21st October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
John Henry18.11* debut7th - 77.36% Woodhouse Moor5th
Jakub Czeczotka24.11* debut17th - 57.27% Mokotowski, POL
Ian Burrows26.25* debut24th - 54.95% West Coast Park, Sing
Caroline Frith49.13* debut13th - 32.58% Winthrop Trailhead, USA7th
Shahib Miah Ali19.57 debut4th - 66.92% Wickford Memorial4th
Stuart Barton29.02 course pb28th - 52.47% Rendlesham Fst
Katherine Harris32.19 debut37th - 48.32% Rendlesham Fst
Morag Campbell35.01 debut40th - 49.07% Rendlesham Fst
Richard Cravitz28.52 debut237th - 47.63% Moors Valley
Claire Emery31.50 debut121st - 54.71% Harlow
Clare Stevens31.07 debut32nd - 48.85% South Oxhey
Annette Clark27.01 course pb118th - 63.60% Morecambe Prom
Mark Moir22.00 debut39th - 59.09% Bromley
Joshua Rees Davies17.19 1st man1st - 76.13% Pymmes1st
Betty Bohane22.26 1st lady14th - 66.64% Pymmes1st
Alex Pickering20.192nd - 70.30% Valentines2nd
Ashley Faria21.219th - 70.80% Valentines9th
Kasia Stachowiak24.2431st - Wanstead4th
Lance Fuller26.1311th - Whakatane10th
Fiona Critchley26.2032nd Grt Notley6th
Highbury Fields parkrun
86 71 Richard GUEST 00:23:15
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
74 58 Martin QUINLAN 00:34:48
Roding Valley parkrun
75 19 Caroline MOORE 00:31:55
Moors Valley parkrun
237 178 Richard CRAVITZ 00:28:52
Valentines parkrun
24 23 Matthew POWELL 00:23:00
27 25 Jimmy DALE 00:23:23
68 52 George GEORGIOU 00:26:42
80 20 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:15
Wanstead Flats parkrun
17 15 Redmond SHANNON 00:22:23
81 61 Andrew HOWARD 00:28:10
93 65 Scott MCMILLAN 00:29:19
155 54 Fiona DAY 00:34:40
157 56 Rebecca KHAN 00:34:50
Gadebridge parkrun
93 25 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:36:04
Chelmsford Central parkrun
31 28 James NICHOLS 00:20:29
Delamere parkrun
232 165 Arthur DIAZ 00:32:55
Walthamstow parkrun
57 12 Sarah BURNS 00:26:46
81 21 Janet BYWATER 00:28:51
95 66 Steve BYWATER 00:30:02
127 50 Maya GOODWIN 00:35:40
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
76 55 Frank BROWNLIE 00:30:32
Great Notley parkrun
46 32 David TAYLOR 00:28:32
Hockley Woods parkrun
62 12 Alexandra WILKINSON 00:30:34
Porch Field parkrun
27 20 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:59

Chelmsford Marathon - Sunday 15th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darminder Bhamra4.00.43 pb200th / 403169th/ 296, 10th V55/ 25
Chelmsford Marathon race report: Two years ago I ran my first marathon at Richmond Park. It was an unsatisfactory affair. The majority of the course was hard gravel paths which made painful running and at 21 miles I was hit by cramps and ended up run/walking to the finish line and a time of 4h48m. So I had some unfinished business. Amsterdam had sold out but Chelmsford was open and I signed up. Training had gone to plan until week 12, just as I started tapering, a blister on my little toe meant cutting back on long runs, it didn't worsen and fortunately healed by race day. Because of this, in the final week I had serious doubts about a 4hr finish and considered running a slower pace. The night before the race I decided to stick with the 4hr Pacer for as long as I could and then hope for the best to the finish. Race day and a chilly NW breeze and 5deg, gloves, hat and a trail running jacket stuffed full of gels, funsize Milky Way bars, salt tabs and I was ready to go and meeting JP, Jamie and Tommo gave me a boost. Race start and amongst 400 marathoners, I spotted the 4hr pacer and at 9.10am, away we went. The first three 3 miles were easy enough but very congested due to narrow paths, very scenic through Central Park, Admirals Park and Writtle University Campus. Out into the country lanes and we stretched our legs but felt the chilly NW breeze, not much protection here. There were about a dozen of us with the pacer and sprits were high anticipating the challenge ahead. The course was mostly flat with the odd shallow incline now and again, nothing major and water stations every 3 miles. Very well organised and a big thank you to the marshals, some of whom must have been out there for 7 hours in the cold. 10 miles in and the first indications of tiredness in the legs, runners had thinned out a bit except for my group. After 13 miles I began to struggle a bit on some short inclines and at 15M marker there was a short loop leading back to the 13M marker, not what I wanted to see. Worse, slowing down to grab water at the water stations I found myself having to make up the gap back to the pacer, but all was still going to plan. At 18 miles, there were about 7-8 of us with the pacer, legs were definitely feeling it but I was confident to finish in a reasonable time. Around 21 miles and 10k to go, I started to drift of the pace but kept the pacer within 50m, only 3-4 runners still with him. Ankles, knees and hips were aching, I was down to my last gel. 23miles and 3.2 miles to go I realised I'd lost sight of the pacer, so I pushed a little more hoping to catch up. 24 miles and retracing the route through the University Campus, my legs were now screaming at me to just stop and walk but I knew if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to get going again and I was determined to get as close to 4hrs as possible. Last 2 miles through Admirals park and Central Park felt the longest, It was relatively quiet, a few people were out for a stroll or walking the dog or cycling but all offered encouraging support, "well done", "your nearly there" as I ran past, it really helped me to keep going and not give up. With a 100m to go I could hear cheering and clapping ahead and rounding a bend, there were the spectators and the finish line. I summoned all the energy I had left and pushed for the line. From somewhere I could hear someone shouting my name. It was JP! I managed a wave in the general direction trying not lose my balance or stumble at the same time. Meters from the line I was hit by cramps but it didn't matter. I couldn't believe I had just run a marathon in 4hrs and 43sec, I could hardly walk but I was chuffed and seeing JP, Jamie and Peter at the finish just made it a whole lot better. I didn't think I would be able to keep a 9min/mile pace for 26.2 miles, but I did! It's amazing what the human body is capable of. My Body Pump instructor was fond of saying, "what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger!" You just need to push outside your comfort zone, keep pushing until you can't.
“On a given day, a given circumstance, you think you have a limit. And you then go for this limit and you touch this limit, and you think, 'Okay, this is the limit'. And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further" - Ayrton Senna.

Oxford Half Marathon - Sunday 15th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rohan Allen1.35.37 pb1131st / 9147955th / 5136
Joseph Gunn1.19.51 pb113th / 9147109th / 5136

TCS Amsterdam Marathon - Sunday 15th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Eren Ozkan3.08.182038th / 160141882nd / 11459
Rahana Islam3.36.11 pb4521st / 16014439th / 3988
Cindy Koon3.53.35 debut7086th/ 16104919th / 3988
My first crazy marathon at Amsterdam. A massive thank you to happy runner Rahana Islam I would never have entered a marathon if it wasn't for her encouragement, advice and support all the way through. Congratulations to her who ran a PB and an Ultra the weekend after.Thank's to everyone at the club for their words of support and encouragement before and after the marathon and those that have helped me with my Sunday and Wednesday long runs. Ramesh making sure I didnt get injured on my last Wednesday run in the dark .Imran MustakJohn O'BrienKaty BetteridgeKathryn Hertzberg your constant support and advice throughout have played such an enormous part. Wow never thought a marathon could be that tough and it definitely was physically and mentally.
My painful knee stopped my training 6 weeks before my marathon, guess this is what everyone talks about injury during training. Only managed shorter and slower runs from this point, not even sure I will be able get to the start line. I was so scared now how am I going to run 26miles only managed 17miles. 3 weeks before the marathon my knee felt a lot better and I finally managed to run 20miles and that was it time to taper!! This was when I felt a bit more confident and started to book hotel and flights. People were asking my expected time I was hoping for 4:30, but looking at things I was lucky to get to the finish line. More bad news came a day before I was due to fly, got a message my return flight was cancelled so had to spend the day arranging another return flight.
Arrived in Amsterdam on Friday evening weather wasn't the best windy and pouring with rain. On Saturday morning thanks to Rahana went to run Bos park run to get the legs moving. Got a great T-shirt that said Amsterdam park run marathon edition and it was a lovely run with 508 runners. Well done to Ryder who broke the course record for his age category. Went to Expo to get my bib and there was a massive standstill queue skipped that went to City for a bit of sightseeing instead. Went back to Expo couple of hours later and there was no queue. Wasn’t disappointed there were a lot to see and buy. Even managed to say hi to Eren.
Sunday race day started with pouring rain and hailstones, luckily stopped when we got to start line. Excitement started to takeover nerves. Seeing Rahana locked in the pen in front of me made me laugh so that eased the nerves. Then it was time to go. Started with a comfortable pace and somehow kept to it. Still felt comfortable at mile 17 then at mile18 felt this weird feeling in my right leg. Thought oh no the dreaded injury/cramp, not sure what to do so slowed it down. Then runners started to stop to stretch and some started to walk. All sorts was going through my mind now. Just thought carry on running. Then hailstones and rain started to pour down. Head down and carry on running. The crowd support was amazing calling out my name. Mile 22 appeared now still had energy and stamina but not sure if my legs will be able to carry me through. Where is that finish line? To get me through I was recalling what someone said to me you have got enough fuel to get to the finish line don’t worry about not having enough training. Finally approaching the Olympic stadium, what an amazing and ecstatic feeling crossing that line and knowing my kids were watching me. Looked at my time couldn’t believe it 3:53!!
Took a flight back to London later that evening. You can spot the marathon runners walking like zombies at the airport but no regrets post marathon pain is all worth it.

Chelmsford Half Marathon - Sunday 15th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Thompson1.33.4658th2nd MV55
Jamie Xavier1.33.5360th
Peter Hatley1.48.32240th
John Healy1.57.03351st
Natasha Howard2.11.36557th150th
Jamie X: Chelmsford Half Marathon aka The 2023 Legends Cup.
Despite a reduced field there was still a talented bunch of runners
competing for the trophy. Last year's winner and two runners who only
last Sunday completed the Royal Parks Half Marathon. With 200 metres
to go I was overtaken by the defending champion.
I came home in 1.33.54 which I am more than happy with on a tough out
and back course with quite a few short hills.

Sunday XC League: Event 1 - Cheshunt - Sunday 15th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes28.5614th14th, 3rd V40
Alex Pickering31.2644th42nd, 5th V45
Karan Gadhia32.1657th53rd
Amit Marks33.1070th65th
Rachel Bailey33.44 (35.14ly)79th6th, 2nd FV35
Jacob Stevens35.37 (36.54ly)112th100th
Grant Conway37.29142nd121st
Clive Stephenson39.13190th151st
Abdirahman Adan40.20 (40.48ly)213th169th
Ramesh Pala41.50 (43.48ly)236th182nd
Borislav Petkov42.10244th185th
Kathryn Hertzberg42.26249th62nd
Sandra Preston42.28250th63rd, 5th FV55
Adrian Frost43.03258th190th
Catriona Hoult43.16262nd70th
Michael Wilson44.22278th199th
John OBrien44.31280th200th
Veronica Carrasco46.24300th91st
Clare Stevens49.41333rd113th
Kathy Morrissey50.46339th117th
Kirk Johnson52.22343rd223rd
Helen McGuinness52.53344th121st
Joanna Qiu1.04.24357th132nd
225 men and 134 women.= 359 finishers.
Team Results
Men A Team 4th, Masters 4th.
Women A Team 4th, B Team 1st, Masters 4th.
Combined Team 4th.

A bright sunny morning in Cheshunt Park, saw 23 ELR's take to the field for the first Sunday League race of the season. This was a three lap course of Approx 4.75 miles on grass and trail. The conditions were near perfect underfoot and there was a chill in the air following the overnight drop in temperature - ideal for cross country running. Thomas Grimes was first back for the men in 14th position overall, with Alex Pickering (44th) next and then Karan Gadhia (57th). They were followed by Amit Marks, Jacob Stevens, Grant Conway, Clive Stephenson and Abdi Adan, who made up the scoring for the 'A' team.
Rachel Bailey in 79th position overall, was first to finish for the women; followed by Kathryn Hertzberg, Sandra Preston, Catriona Hoult and Veronica Carrasco, to complete the scoring for the women's 'A' team. Well done to everyone who run today - there were a lot of excellent performances - and a special mention to Kathy Morrissey, Helen McGuinness and Joanna Qiu, who all made their Sunday cross country league debuts.
This was an enjoyable start to the Sunday League season, rounded off with a coffee in the club house, before the journey home. The fixtures now come fast and furious, starting with Cassiobury Park, Watford in a fortnight time (29th October) and Trent Park, Cockfosters the following week (5th November). Further information to follow shortly. In the meantime please add your names to race entries on the website.
ELR Overall Positions - The first 8 men and first 5 women score for their respective 'A, teams. The next 5 men and 3 women will score for the 'B' teams.

London Aquathon, Aquatics Centre & Olympic Pk - Saturday 14th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Slipper30.4548th / 28037th
Steven Bywater40.35196th / 280113th
400m swim, t1, 5k run
Dan - 9.23, 1.43, 19.39 = 30.45
Steve-9.58, 2.50, 27.45 = 40.35

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 14th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Bailey20.3010th - 73.82% Wanstead2nd
Ian Burrows24.37* debut12th- 58.97% Bishan, Sing
Janet Bywater26.27* debut69th - 70.32% Brighouse
Joshua Rees Davies16.25* 1st man1st - 80.30% Valentines1st
Jakub Czeczotka20.21* debut11th - 68.06% Krakow
Fiona Critchley24.41* debut29th - 74.34% Uppsala, Swed6th
Stuart Barton26.25* debut37th - 57.67% Uppsala, Swed
Cindy Koon29.17* debut287th - 56.57% Amsterdamse, Holl
Terry Lewsey22.36* course pb8th - 63.20% Harleston8th
Ryan Friel17.20 1st man1st - 76.54% Bramshall Road1st
Betty Bohane22.05 100th parkrun 20th - 67.70% Lordship RC3rd
John Henry17.44 course pb8th - 79.32% Burgess8th
Claire Emery32.35 debut222nd - 53.26% Castle Park
Clare Stevens30.53 debut99th - 49.22% Irchester Country
Morag Campbell34.09 debut124th - 50.32% Irchester Country
Matthew Powell23.56 course pb18th - 59.68% Beckton
Shahib Miah Ali21.07 debut3rd - 63.22% Wormwood Scrubs3rd
Simon Nash21.01 debut7th - 69.07% Pymmes7th
James Nichols20.3812th - Wanstead8th
Alex Pickering20.046th - Walthamstow6th
Kasia Stachowiak24.1119th - Las Aniolowski2nd
Bernadett Kalmar27.3317th - Porch Field7th
Ciaran Canavan21.522nd - 66.92% Whakatane2nd
Rebecca Khan31.54181st - 50.78% Wanstead
Roding Valley parkrun
42 37 John HEALY East London Runners 00:25:59
93 36 Caroline MOORE East London Runners 00:32:40
118 53 Caroline FRITH East London Runners 00:47:47
Valentines parkrun
15 15 Ashley FARIA 00:21:06
17 16 Jimmy DALE 00:21:14
72 61 Imran MUSTAK 00:24:17
126 21 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:09
152 30 Naimah RIAZ 00:28:36
192 48 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:30:44
255 80 May HAU 00:35:31
Wanstead Flats parkrun
23 16 Jonny SHAW 00:21:27
34 24 Mark MOIR 00:23:06
71 47 Scott MCMILLAN 00:25:57
102 18 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:27:33
105 62 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:41
215 70 Catherine MCMILLAN 00:34:24
230 80 Vivienne EKA 00:35:38
Chester parkrun
179 134 Arthur DIAZ 00:30:01
Raphael parkrun
12 11 Amit MARKS 00:20:44
Mile End parkrun
243 54 Catriona HOULT 00:27:44
Southwark parkrun
281 191 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:03
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
83 52 Frank BROWNLIE 00:30:35
Great Notley parkrun
60 41 David TAYLOR 00:29:22
Felixstowe parkrun
258 89 Katherine HARRIS 00:34:08
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
21 11 Lance FULLER 00:35:28
Thornham Walks parkrun
89 51 Don BENNETT 00:44:42
Gunpowder parkrun
121 36 Maya GOODWIN 00:31:03
Porch Field parkrun
18 11 Viktor F SZABADI 00:27:34

CSAA XC Championships, Parliament Hill (approx 5 m / 8km) - Wednesday 11th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols35.3419th / 55
Andrew Baxter36.2823rd / 55

Bank of America Chicago Marathon - Sunday 8th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak3.46.45 pb15,585th4472nd
halfway 1.49.17.

Eindhoven Marathon - Sunday 8th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson4.52.412697th2153 / 2254
This is my sixth time staying at The Crown inn Hotel, for the ASML Marathon Eindhoven. This year I did very little training, but decided run the marathon nonetheless. I started very slowly, hoping it would preserve energy for later in the race, however by half way my legs were aleady feeling very tired. After the half way point, the sign at every kilometre counts down the distance left, with a different motivational message each KM. This way I managed to count down 21KM's to the finish line! The crowd are great as well, calling out runners names and giving encouragement. I was not amused though by one lady who called out 'come on Michael', followed by 'Senior!' In the last 2KM you enter the town centre precinct and the packed crowd are incredible with their name shouting! I finished in 4.52.41 which is my personal worst for a road marathon. I don't mind, I was happy for this 'senior' to complete it and under 5 hours as well!

Run Through Guildford 10km - Sunday 8th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest47.44172nd144th
825 finishers

Royal Parks Half Marathon - Sunday 8th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee1.21.5778th
Ava Lee1.30.30450th
Jakub Czeczotka1.33.32 pb620th
Peter Hatley1.40.271417th
Mark Moir1.43.211814th
Imran Mustak1.57.074,900th
John Healy1.57.355,011th
Kathryn Hertzberg1.59.005,445th
Jess Trayler-Moore2.20.2310,303rd
Sarah Lockley2.59.28 ?

Camino Eco Trail 25km, Epping Forest - Saturday 7th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Watkins2.05.4511th / 148
Sarah Burns2.38.2154th / 148
Sarah B: I thought it was a half marathon then I got a bit
lost so it turned out being quite a long way.
Furthest run by 6 miles for over 5 years.

Galway Bay Marathon - Saturday 7th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien4.54.21 pb347th / 419
John O'Brien: I decided to do another marathon not long after completing London this yr. When & where was the question that needed to be answered, apparently Colworth marathon weekend does not count so the search continued. I looked at Lisbon, Amsterdam amongst others & was tempted to visit Eindhoven again as last year I completed the half marathon there but then I had a brainwave surely there must be a marathon in Galway, my mum & sister live there so I could kill two birds with one stone so I booked it up a number of months ago & then the dreaded training started. It was more or less the same training that I had done preparing for London. Thanks to Imran & Cindy aswell as others who joined me for some of the runs. Race weekend had arrived as I flew to Ireland yesterday, they call Chicago the windy city but really that title belongs to Galway but I was pleasantly surprised this morning as it was such a mild day when starting out to the start line. I did read that they limit the entries to 400 & close then so I was a bit surprised as there seemed to be more than that on the start line. They also have a half marathon & 10k on the day but they do start later than 8.30am which is when the main event started. The course was 2 short laps followed by 4 longer ones, they have cones in the middle of the road & cars drive right pass the runners, even one car decided they wanted the road to themselves & the rest of the laps were along the sea front so it was good that the wind stayed away. It was enjoyable for about 18 miles or so then the reality set in that I still had more than one lap to go & then I said to myself "why didn't I enter the half marathon", it was too late so I had to crack on. Lap 4 arrived & I was pretty much dead on my feet but compared to London I was a lot more comfortable in finishing which I just about managed to do under 5 hours which was my aim. The weather stayed perfect throughout & I must say that it was a really enjoyable run, official time not out yet but strava says 4:54:15 so was delighted to get a PB by about 17 mins. Now where's that search engine?

Run Through Greenwich 10km - Saturday 7th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amit Marks43.3516th15th
296 finishers.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 7th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak22.59* debut30th-66.93% Cornerstone Lakes, Chic,US3rd
Ciaran Canavan24.07* debut50th - 60.68% Western Springs
Lance Fuller29.18 debut114th - 55.23% Western Springs
Mark Moir23.33* debut10th - 55.20% Windy Nook9th
Betty Bohane25.03* debut55th - 59.68% Mole Valley
Clare Stevens30.00* debut35th - 50.67% Foots Cray Meadows
Morag Campbell35.41 debut50th - 48.16% Foots Cray Meadows
Stuart Barton29.59* debut40th - 50.42% Cliffe Castle
Daniel ODonoghue21.51* debut23rd - 60.72% T Great Field
Grace Turner27.55* debut43rd - 53.01% Ashington Comm Wood
Shahib Miah Ali19.43 debut6th - 67.71% Thames Path6th
Nick Hoult23.47 debut49th - 61.53% Thames Path
Catriona Hoult26.45* debut95th - 61.18% Thames Path
Jonathan Wooldridge24.57 debut55th - 60.05% Ashford
Ian Burrows24.21 debut38th - 59.62% Roding
Sandra Preston25.5455th - 72.84% Roding8th
Simon Nash21.20 course pb18th - 68.05% Gunpowder
Peter Hatley23.55 debut35th - 61.18% Gunpowder
Katy Taylor40.31 debut142nd - 40.89% Gunpowder
Nicola Barberis Negra20.45 debut5th - 67.31% Walthamstow4th - 2nd claim
Andrew Howard27.33 course pb96th - 59.23% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater25.07 debut42nd - 74.05% Pegwell Bay10th
Steven Bywater26.39 debut63rd - 59.16% Pegwell Bay
Ryan Friel16.36 1st man1st - 79.92% Wanstead1st
Rachel Bailey20.3515th - 73.52% Wanstead2nd
John Henry18.269th - 76.31% Fountains Abbey9th
Bernadett Kalmar27.1622nd - 63.02% Porch Field3rd
Terry Lewsey22.477th - 62.69% Harleston7th
Rebecca Khan32.21228th - 50.08% Wanstead
Richmond parkrun
429 149 Roselin BORAMAKOT 00:38:55
432 258 Danny WONG 00:39:05
Roding Valley parkrun
98 31 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:29:14
124 46 Caroline MOORE 00:32:34
Valentines parkrun
12 12 Ashley FARIA 00:20:41
30 30 Jimmy DALE 00:22:46
65 58 Darminder BHAMRA 00:24:52
108 16 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:04
118 19 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:27:33
136 105 Matthew POWELL 00:28:23
139 25 Naimah RIAZ 00:28:30
151 115 Jason LEVY 00:29:16
178 131 George GEORGIOU 00:30:48
Wanstead Flats parkrun
19 17 Fernando ESPADA 00:20:47
26 23 Ian MACKIE 00:21:32
29 26 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:21:53
82 65 Samir YOUNSI 00:25:17
143 97 Kieran BROWN 00:28:11
149 100 Scott MCMILLAN 00:28:29
165 48 Kara GALLEAR 00:28:59
221 130 David WYATT 00:31:38
223 80 Fiona DAY 00:31:53
280 118 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:41:43
Billericay parkrun
14 12 James NICHOLS 00:21:54
Gunpowder parkrun
105 29 Maya GOODWIN 00:31:51
Gadebridge parkrun
140 36 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:33:35
Walthamstow parkrun
26 23 Alex PICKERING 00:23:20
Southwark parkrun
343 224 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:31
Felixstowe parkrun
152 29 Katherine HARRIS 00:27:12
Porch Field parkrun
23 20 Viktor F SZABADI 00:27:17
Stretford parkrun
439 123 Clare EMERY 00:30:17

Chingford League - Event 1 - Men's Velopark 5km - Wednesday 4th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.0764th
Jose Rodriguez16.3396th
Daniel ODonoghue17.424531st
Shahib Miah Ali18.498255th
Alex Pickering19.169565th
Karan Gadhia19.179666th
James Nichols19.219969th
Tommy Ho19.3110574th
Eren Ozkan20.0312787th
Fernando Espada20.0713391st
Amit Marks20.49159105th
Jimmy Dale21.04162107th
Jacob Stevens21.06163108th
Paul Watkins21.11166111th
Daniel Slipper21.14170115th
Jonathan Shaw21.17173117th
Finbar Sheahan21.38182124th
Simon Nash21.40183125th
Ian Mackie21.56191129th
Clive Stephenson22.02194132nd
Peter Hatley22.48222148th
Nick Hoult23.13227151st
Abdirahman Adan23.21 pb229152nd
Grant Conway23.23231154th
Darminder Bhamra23.28235156th
Imran Mustak23.37237157th
Ian Burrows23.46243160th
Michael Wilson24.28258167th
John OBrien25.05265172nd
Mark Durrant25.25266173rd
John Healy25.32268174th
Andrew Howard27.44287th184th
1st column shows position in main men's race.
2nd column shows position after sorted into Division 1 & 2.
Men's team finished 4th

Chingford League - Event 1 - Women's Velopark 5km - Wednesday 4th October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rachel Bailey20.281914th
Betty Bohane22.073525th
Jane Burton22.14 pb3726th
Becky Evans23.025033rd
Cindy Koon23.315638th
Sarah Burns23.325840th
Catherine Perry24.096746th
Nicola Wyndham25.339867th
Catriona Hoult25.349968th
Sandra Preston25.3610069th
Selina Vernal26.1010875th
Ann Dunne27.0212184th
Suzanne Taylor27.0612386th
Kara Gallear27.3012991st
Janet Bywater27.4013294th
Tasnia Choudhury28.14 pb146105th
Clare Stevens28.59158111th
Kathy Morrissey30.19169116th
Maya Goodwin31.06178121st
Morag Campbell33.18187124th
1st column shows position in main women's race.
2nd column shows position after sorted into Division 1 & 2.
Women's ELR team finished 6th OF 8

Cardiff University Half Marathon - Sunday 1st October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kasia Stachowiak1.43.52 pb2592nd324th
Ken Agnew1.51.55 pb4898th3630th
Tasnia Choudhury2.17.42 pb12,260th3661st
Samia Choudhury2.28.59 pb14,266th5058th

Southend & Essex Champs 10km - Sunday 1st October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darminder Bhamra45.35 pb282nd231st, 14th/68
Becky Evans45.54283rd, 1st Essex52nd, 3rd Category
Cindy Koon49.01374th81st, 15th/89
John OBrien53.25556th,420th, 34th/68

Chichester 10 mile - Sunday 1st October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clare Stevens1.52.29 pb28th of 55 - 44.78%8th of 28.

Thruxton Mass Attack Duathlon - Standard distance - Sunday 1st October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee2.08.2986th78th, 11th 50-54
Ava Lee2.16.56133rd4th age cat
11.4k run, t1, 38k bike, t2, 3.8k run.
Danny 42.15, 1.06, 1.09.22, 1.03, 15.00 = 2.08.29
Ava 46.28, 1,06, 1.12.30, 1.04, 15.46 = 2.16.56

Ava Lee: We're getting so close to the end of our Summer of Multisport and delighted to raise almost £5000 for Maggies. Thank you so much for the donations. I updated the fundraising page with our recent events, in case anyone wants to see the craziness that we've been up to. The past few weeks since Finland have been lots of fun. There was the 5km swim at Dock2Dock, then the next day a wine tasting half marathon in Surrey. Last week Danny completed the Hever Castle Olympic triathlon. I had a bit of a sniffle and decided sensibly to sit that one out. Yesterday, it was a bit more serious at Thruxton Duathlon. This was an Age Group Team GB qualifier race and the athletes taking part mean business! Fast, fast, fast!! . A 11.4km run, 38km bike ride then a 3.8km run to finish. We loved whizzing round the autodrome, and both had a very successful race. It's not 100% confirmed yet, but I think I qualified for the Age Group Team GB European Championships in 2024. Very pleased with myself
Only one more event to go - Royal Parks Half marathon next weekend!

100th Kosice Peace Marathon, Slovakia - Sunday 1st October 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Osakue3.09.19284th, GFA & PB
Kosice Marathon established in 1924 is the oldest marathon , 100 years in Europe and the sixth-oldest in the World.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 30th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies16.21* new1st - 80.63% Pymmes
Shahib Miah Ali18.30* pb & debut13th - 72.16% Cardiff
John Henry19.17* debut3rd - 72.43% Thorp Perrow2nd
Andrew Baxter20.18* debut6th - 75.04% Soham Village Coll6th
Ciaran Canavan22.16* debut3rd - 65.72% Flaxmere2nd
Frank Brownlie31.31* course pb107th - 57.38% Drumpelier Country
Fiona Critchley25.27* debut43rd - 72.10% Squerryes Winery9th
Stuart Barton27.54 debut76th - 54.18% Squerryes Winery
Sandra Preston25.35* debut59th - 73.75% Cirencester
Jakub Czeczotka30.58 debut248th - 44.73% Kingston
Morag Campbell33.05 debut279th - 51.94% Kingston
Mark Moir21.30 course pb15th - 60.47% Gladstone
Stephen Swan22.35 debut9th - 59.11% Sheringham8th
Catriona Hoult27.15 debut81st - 60.06% Upton Court
Steven Bywater28.22 debut95th - 55.58% Upton Court
Janet Bywater32.03 debut130th - 58.03% Upton Court
Andrew Howard27.36 course pb89th - 59.12% Walthamstow
Clare Stevens29.03 debut128th - 52.32% Bognor Regis
David Taylor27.35 debut61st - 60.24% Grt Notley
Alberto Gatta22.32 debut107th - 58.88% Mile End
Grace Turner27.41 course pb103rd - 53.46% Jersey Farm
Thomas Grimes20.182nd - 68.80% Sunny Hill2nd
Joseph Gunn18.053rd - 72.53% Rushcliffe3rd
Rachel Bailey20.4724th - 72.81% Wanstead3rd
Kasia Stachowiak23.0624th - 66.59% Valentines5th
Rebecca Khan33.47276th - 48.95% Wanstead
Finsbury parkrun
49 44 James NICHOLS 00:20:53
Hackney Marshes parkrun
420 144 Caroline FRITH 00:42:47
Roding Valley parkrun
125 48 Caroline MOORE 00:34:33
Valentines parkrun
15 14 Ashley FARIA 00:20:28
30 29 Jimmy DALE 00:22:37
49 42 Mounir DAHBI 00:23:24
79 68 John HEALY 00:24:55
87 73 George GEORGIOU 00:25:16
121 20 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:03
132 99 Matthew POWELL 00:27:19
137 27 Mary Frances O'Brien 00:27:31
158 33 Naimah RIAZ 00:28:54
204 146 Richard CRAVITZ 00:31:13
Wanstead Flats parkrun
12 12 Tom MARSHALL 00:19:43
19 18 Amit MARKS 00:20:24
38 31 Ian MACKIE 00:22:04
95 76 Scott MCMILLAN 00:24:34
98 79 Mike BRETT 00:24:35
102 82 Samir YOUNSI 00:24:59
129 28 Kate BRETT 00:26:30
137 32 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:26:59
254 92 Fiona DAY 00:32:19
318 137 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:42:41
Gadebridge parkrun
101 23 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:33:19
Walthamstow parkrun
38 32 Jonathan WOOLDRIDGE 00:23:42
44 38 Alex PICKERING 00:23:57
137 39 Maya GOODWIN 00:32:07
176 67 Anne-Marie KENNEDY 00:45:59
Southwark parkrun
320 203 Martin QUINLAN 00:28:28
Kesgrave parkrun
124 23 Katherine HARRIS 00:28:48
Morecambe Prom parkrun
37 34 Paul MARSHALL 00:21:01
Chalkwell Beach parkrun
125 91 Jason LEVY 00:26:52
Porch Field parkrun
37 18 Viktor F SZABADI 00:40:44

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 29th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Mackie21.36128th - 80%115th, 4th V65

Hever Castle Olympic Distance Triathlon - Sunday 24th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee2.57.4881st/ 44568th, 9th V50
1500M SWIM,T1, 40K CYCLE,T2,10K RUN
39.32, 4.48,1.23.05, 2.33, 47.48

ELVIS 8: East London Runners Valentines Park 5K - Volunteers - Sunday 24th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alexandra Rutishauser-PereraRace director, First aid
Jacob StevensAssistant race director, Registration
Catriona HoultVolunteer coordinator
Elizabeth ODonnellFirst aid
Rachel BaileyRegistration
Catherine PerryRegistration
Cindy KoonStart/finish set-up
Simon NashStart/finish set-up
John OBrienStart/finish set-up
Sandra PrestonStart/finish set-up, Children's race marshal
Stuart BartonCourse set-up leader, Marshal
Becky EvansCourse set-up
Bernadett KalmarCourse set-up
Caroline MooreCourse set-up
Peter HatleyLead bike
Carlton DSouzaMarshal leader
Janet BywaterMarshal, First aid
Steven BywaterMarshal
Victoria CharlesworthMarshal
Tasnia ChoudhuryMarshal
Fiona DayMarshal
Anna DingleMarshal
Susan EdwardsMarshal
Vivienne EkaMarshal
Susannah HouseMarshal
Andrew HowardMarshal
Joe PrestonMarshal
Frances RidoutMarshal
Katy TaylorMarshal
Annette ClarkTail walker
Grant ConwayCourse close down
Clare StevensCourse close down
Caroline FrithWater table
Tricia ONeillCake stall organiser
Morag CampbellCake stall
Suzanne TaylorCake stall
Katrina BetteridgeCake stall
Ian BurrowsCake stall
Jose RodriguezChildren's race organiser
Karan GadhiaChildren's race marshal
Alex PickeringChildren's race marshal
Kathryn HertzbergChildren's race marshal
Calvin BobinChildren's race marshal
Non-member volunteers:

Fiona Campbell - Marshal
Nick Clarke - Marshal
Eric Frith - Marshal
Ian Frith - Marshal
Matilda Frith - Water table

Ealing Half Marathon - Sunday 24th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fernando Espada1.35.14296th - 69.05%
Martin Quinlan2.12.261645th - 47.62%

ELVIS 8: East London Runners Valentines Park 5K - Sunday 24th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.122nd - 81.06% - scorer2nd (1st Sen)
Jose Rodriguez00.16.50 pb4th - 82.11% - scorer4th (2nd V40)
Daniel ODonoghue17.429th - 74.01% - scorer9th
Scott McMillan18.4919th - 76.19% - scorer18th
Alex Pickering19.2028th - 73.15% - scorer26th
Karan Gadhia19.2129th - 66.24% - scorer27th
Tommy Ho19.22 pb30th - 68.64%28th
Amit Marks20.0639th - 70.08%34th
Rachel Bailey20.3145th - 72.86%8th - scorer
Paul Watkins20.5655th45th
Jonathan Shaw21.0361st51st
Ian Mackie21.243rd V60 - 80.30%56th
Simon Nash21.3172nd58th
Finbar Sheahan21.3273rd59th
John Cahillane21.3675th61st
Betty Bohane22.1083rd - 66.68%16th - scorer
Clive Stephenson22.1185th - 73.08%68th
Darminder Bhamra22.1888th - 69.59%70th
Becky Evans23.12104th,- 75.03% - 2nd V5024th - scorer
Karen Levison23.19106th, - 76.29% - 3rd V5026th - scorer
Catherine Perry23.21 pb107th - 66.39%27th - scorer
Cindy Koon23.26111th - 69.29%30th - scorer
Sarah Burns23.35113th - 67.50%31st
Katrina Betteridge23.40 pb114th32nd
John OBrien24.05118th84th
Michael Wilson24.18120th - 66.83%86th
Ian Burrows24.19121st87th
Maran Raju24.36127th91st
Kathryn Hertzberg24.43130th38th
Sandra Preston24.46131st - 73.56%39th
John Healy25.07140th97th
Nicola Wyndham25.11141st44th
Ramesh Pala25.10145th100th
George Georgiou25.13146th101st
Catriona Hoult25.27147th46th
Ann Dunne26.17154th - 70.86%50th
Grant Conway26.17155th105th
Kate Brett26.35 pb158th52nd
Bernadett Kalmar27.56168th57th
Clare Stevens28.49178th64th
Caroline Moore30.47192nd74th
Joanna Qiu37.01207th84th
Final 6 of 8 standings:

Betty Bohane 5th - 65pts
Rahana Islam 8th* - 89pts - 4th V40
Becky Evans 9th - 99pts - 2nd V50
Cindy Koon 14th - 133pts - 5th V40
Katrina Betteridge 17th - 214 pts
Sandra Preston 18th - 232pts - 5th V50
Nicola Wyndham 21st - 250pts - 7th V50
Mary Connolly 25th - 322 pts - 5th V60
Caroline Moore 31st - 420pts - 5th V60
Clare Stevens 32nd - 423pts
Maya Goodwin 36th - 492pts - 9th V50
Ryan Friel 1st - 16pts - 1st overall
Daniel ODonoghue 6th - 71pts
Joseph Osakue 9th - 124pts - 2nd V50
Karan Gadhia 10th - 131pts
Alex Pickering 14th - 153pts - 5th V40
James Nichols 15th - 173pts
Shahib Ali 20th - 225pts
Ian Mackie 33rd - 378pts - 2nd V60
Simon Nash 36th - 397pts - 10th V40
Clive Stephenson 39th - 474pts - 5th V60
Darminder Bhamra 41st - 480pts - 9th V50
Michael Wilson 42nd - 565pts - 6th V60
John OBrien 46th - 610pts - 10th V50
George Georgiou 48th - 640pts - 11th V50

Vitality London 10K - Sunday 24th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies33.00 pb41st6th ac
Joseph Osakue37.31 pb273rd7th ac
John Booth38.30350th (V40 debut)35th ac
Daniel Slipper40.4460458th ac
Jamie Xavier40.4861961st ac
Jakub Czeczotka41.32 (PB) pb71089th ac
Rahana Islam46.0422619th ac
Jane Burton46.29 pb250137 ac
Kasia Stachowiak47.4033945th ac
Terry Lewsey48.131984231 ac
Richard Guest48.462110171 ac
Mark Durrant49.312330108 ac
Ken Agnew49.39 pb236959th ac
Matthew Powell50.062488288 ac
Imran Mustak50.20 (PB) pb2558333 ac
Manjit Singh56.164061473 ac
Stuart Norris56.5040841486 ac
Jamie Xavier: My favourite race on the calendar, great course and fantastic support. Coming up Birdcage Walk with the finish around the corner reminds of the London Marathon with huge crowds willing you on.With 800 metres to go the timer was just under 38 minutes and hoped to sneak under 40 minutes but legs were just totally frazzled, stopped the clock at 40 minutes 51 seconds.

John Booth: Vitality 10000, 38.30 (V40 PB)
Easy to run a V40 PB when you've never raced as a V40! Was very nervous in the run up as literally no idea where I was fitness wise. No sub-19 5ks logged this year and low mileage with but lots of spin and so thought sub-40 may be a pipedream. So when I looked at my watch for the first time with 1 km to go I was amazed to see that I was on for sub-39. After the injury s*** I have been through over the last few years (knee surgery, stress fracture, umpteen niggles in each come back) I never thought I would run this sort of time again, so I am genuinely delighted.

Terry Lewsey: Feeling grateful To have made it to the start line to Race The vitality 10k today, It's certainly been a journey getting to the point where I'm in any sort of shape to race a 10k again, Covid restrictions, moving to another country, work, my weight and injuries made things difficult on many levels over the last few years, so as my first medal race for a long long time I gave it everything I had today, I'm not gonna lie 8kms in my legs were finished, but I'm not one to quit so I left a piece of my soul out their today to get to the finish line and get that medal.

BMW Berlin Marathon - Sunday 24th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali3.28.598009th
Ford Cadiogan4.57.3624466th
Shahib Ali 1st half - 1.42.08 , 2nd half - 1.46.51.
Ford Cadiogan 1st - 2.25.58, 2nd - 2.31.39.

Shahib Ali: BMW Berlin Marathon 2023 - 03:28:59. Fastest Major Marathon time, course PB, second fastest marathon time. 19th marathon, 15th Major Marathon. Really enjoyed this marathon today. Great to have my wife Samia Choudhury and sister in law Tasnia Choudhury tracking me from back home, really helps to break the race into 5km sections, effectively a parkrun, which was the distance between each tracking point. Lots of international runners seen, the Mexicans with their vociferous support was a stand out, perhaps that can be a destination for a running holiday in the future.

Robin Hood Half Marathon - Sunday 24th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn1.20.3431st / 543131st / 3366

Vitality Westminster Mile - Saturday 23rd September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jakub Czeczotka5.27 pb39th
John OBrien6.46 pb

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 23rd September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Claire Emery31.09 debut512th - 55.91% Cardiff
Mark Moir20.456th - Silksworth6th
Amit Marks20.21 debut19th - 70.19% Highbury Flds
Rachel Bailey21.09 1st lady17th - 71.55% Wanstead
Kasia Stachowiak23.4458th - Wanstead6th
Joshua Rees Davies18.12 1st man1st - Pymmes1st
Joseph Osakue18.382nd - 79.16% Barking2nd
Stuart Barton26.08 debut78th - 57.84% Osterley
Clare Stevens29.13 debut122nd - 52.03% Osterley
Morag Campbell32.58 debut178th - 52.12% Osterley
Elizabeth ODonnell39.26* debut52nd - 44.17% Tokoinranta
Richard Guest23.27* debut40th - 62.90% Broadwater
Jonathan Wooldridge23.19* debut48th - 64.26% The Great Field
Ciaran Canavan22.22 1st man1st - 65.42% Whakatane
Lance Fuller33.4016th - Whakatane6th
Fiona Critchley26.1045th - Great Notley6th
John Henry20.266th - Walthamstow6th
Alex Pickering20.467th - Walthamstow7th
Andrew Baxter21.078th - Walthamstow8th
Natasha Howard28.13 debut92nd - 55.76% Pegwell Bay
Caroline Frith41.27 debut339th - 38.68% Rushmoor
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
73 59 Martin QUINLAN 00:28:49
Hadleigh parkrun, Essex
12 12 Steve SWAN 00:24:20
Grovelands parkrun, Enfield
103 77 George GEORGIOU 00:27:36
Roding Valley parkrun
56 12 Sandra PRESTON 00:27:53
103 38 Caroline MOORE 00:33:44
Highbury Fields parkrun
19 19 Amit MARKS 00:20:21 debut 70.19%
Valentines parkrun
15 15 Ashley FARIA 00:20:48
16 16 Scott HEMMENS 00:20:53
39 36 Matthew POWELL 00:22:58
122 95 Ryan FRIEL 00:26:46
126 20 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:57
158 27 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:28:14
162 124 Mark DURRANT 00:28:24
177 34 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:23
189 139 Jason LEVY 00:29:51
Wanstead Flats parkrun
24 20 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:21:32
26 21 Jonny SHAW 00:21:40
85 69 Samir YOUNSI 00:25:39
89 73 Scott MCMILLAN 00:25:47
115 19 Kate BRETT 00:27:40
125 96 Andrew HOWARD 00:28:22
141 32 Bernadett KALMAR 00:29:13
184 54 Sophie EDWARDS 00:31:36
189 124 Kieran BROWN 00:32:00
205 67 Fiona DAY 00:32:57
Mile End parkrun
200 35 Catriona HOULT 00:26:54
Gadebridge parkrun
113 25 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:32:48
Walthamstow parkrun
24 23 Michael BAMFORD 00:23:01
73 15 Janet BYWATER 00:27:33
96 71 Steve BYWATER 00:29:04
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
93 61 Frank BROWNLIE 00:30:53
Sligo parkrun
27 11 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:28:14
Porch Field parkrun
19 15 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:46
Harleston Magpies parkrun
13 11 Terry LEWSEY 00:24:28

Rat Race Hebrides Tip to Toe - Friday 15th to Sunday 17th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Anna Dingle23.01.08
175km (109 miles)- bike, 14k (9 miles) - foot and 24 kms (15 miles) by kayak.
A multisport crossing of the entire island chain of the Outer Hebrides
on bike, foot and boat from North to South.

Anna Dingle: I entered the Tip to Toe Hebrides Rat Race about 18 months ago. Since they started running it, it had been something I had looked at and thought I would love to do that as it sounded like good fun and a great way to see the outer Hebridean Islands. It certainly didn't disappoint and did everything on the tin and more.
I left London last Wednesday to travel up by train to Berwick upon Tweed to meet with my best friend, Jo, who I was doing the challenge with. After much discussion between us about kit, bike tyres and all the mandatory kit that we needed, I had managed to get all my kit in 2 bags (we had to have an overnight bag and day bag). Trevor dropped me off at Kings Cross and I was soon on my way for the first part of the journey. It takes a long time to get to Outer Hebrides, so we had decided that I was going to stay over with Jo in Kelso in the Scottish Borders where she lives.
Thursday - it was an early start from Kelso to travel to Tyndrum by car (just above Glasgow) where we would meet the rest of the Rat Racers. We had to rendezvous by 11am. We had no idea how many people would be doing it and as it turned out it was a small group of 20 people from all over the world - the Netherlands, Germany, the US and the U.K. We loaded our bikes onto the big trailer that was also carrying the kayaks and after a briefing about the journey ahead, we bundled into 2 mini buses to start making our way to Ullapool to catch a ferry across to Stornoway. The journey to Ullapool from Tyndrum is 4 hrs so we had plenty of time to start to get to know our fellow racers. We also caught up on sleep as we were going to need as much as we could snatch on this whole trip. We reached Ullapool with plenty of time to catch the ferry but due to high winds our crossing was delayed by several hours across to Stornoway. We were due to cross at 6pm and didn't leave until 8:30pm which meant that we finally arrived at our hotel jn Stornoway at 11:30pm. We were quickly briefed and told we had a 5am start. Jo and I sorted out kit for the next day which was going to be mostly cycling with a trek/run. And then it was heads down to get as much sleep as we could.
Friday - 88 miles cycle/6 mile trek/run.
When I signed up for this challenge, I was under no illusion that it was going to be challenging not just from a physical effort point of view but also from a weather perspective. I am a bit of a "Wincy Willis" and like to check the forecast when going out on the bike but I took the view on this trip that I had to be prepared for all weathers and decided not to check the forecast while we were there as it's so changeable in the Outer Hebrides. We started at sunrise from the Butt of Lewis which is at the very top of the Isle of Lewis and known to be one of the most windy places in the world. The day we were there was the calmest day that they have had this century! The air was crisp, chilly and refreshing as we prepared to set off on our adventure. With a few whoops and cheers we were off. And it was journey that didn't disappoint. We were soon winding our way through the undulations of the Isle of Lewis. The Dutch guys were soon out in front in their matching orange jerseys with their names on. They were soon to be known as the Dutch train! Jo and I had decided to start together but weren't wedded to sticking together. She is a double Ironman Kona world champs qualifier and is way faster than me so we went at our own paces. This turned out to be great for both of us as we got to know all of the group so well by the end of the weekend.
The Isle of Lewis is apparently the most religious part of the islands. I lost count of the number of churches we went past. We also went past lots of kids waiting outside their houses waiting to be picked up by the school bus. It was obvious that the top of the island is a harsh environment to live in. It’s fairly barren and it’s only once you drop down nearer to Harris that the scenery becomes more interesting and pretty. The first part of the cycle was an undulating 100km which took us past an old iron fort and the Callandish stones which we stopped at along the way. It finished with us crossing into the Isle of Harris and climbing a 15% gradient for about 15 mins to the top of the island to our transition point and lunch. I was delighted when I got to the top to discover one of the "Dutch train" had got off and pushed to get to the top. I had given myself a good talking to about half way up and just kept grinding it out and made it without stopping. It was then a quick change, stuff down a sandwich, a much needed Diet Coke and onto the trek which took us down to Harris to the distillery. It was boggy, it was raining, but I had great company with 2 other racers. We had decided to walk it and save our legs for the 2nd part of the cycle. We stuck together for the rest of the day and had a real laugh. We became the "lantern rouge" but this trip wasn't about being fast. It was all about the journey. The walk was stunning. Scotland never disappoints with views
There was no time for a quick dram of whiskey in the distillery at Harris but there was time for me to hand out Colin the Caterpillar sweets to everyone before we got back on the bikes. They were much appreciated. It was then about another 30km to the finish in Leverburgh at the Sound of Harris. And boy was this part of the ride even more stunning. As we came over the hill and saw the white sandy beaches, it was absolutely breathtaking. The late afternoon sunshine showed the turquoise sea and white sand off to its best. I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear at the beauty of it it all. It was one of the many reasons that I had come here. Inspired by the views we powered on to the finish and were rewarded with a beer at the end of a long day. It was a fantastic first day.
Saturday - 6 mile kayak, 62 mile bike.
All I can say about this day is we woke up to the most perfect weather for a 6 mile kayak across the Sound of Harris to the Isle of North Uist. Another early start (5am) after a night in a damp dorm of a hostel. It was cold and clear and the sunrise was beautiful. We had a briefing about the kayaks and then we were onboard in pairs to make the crossing. It was mostly like a mill pond all the way across. We had seals popping up and following us. We saw osprey's, gannets, razor bills and lots of other wildlife. And we landed at the most beautiful white sandy beach. My only wish was that I had had my swimmers with me to take a quick dip before we were off on our bikes for the rest of the journey to the Isle of South Uist.
On the bike I decided to stick with one of the other women on the trip, Sarah. She had had a difficult first day and hadn't completed the first day. She was new to adventure races and had just found it overwhelming. I wanted to support her and help show her that one bad day on the bike doesn't mean the next day will be the same. We had a fantastic day together and joined up with another pair from the group who were doing it as father and daughter.
If you want to see causeways, the Isle of Uist is definitely the island for that. The weather showed it off in all its glory - we had sunshine all day - and it is mostly causeway after causeway with water all around you. The highlight of this part of this day is the 6 mile ride along a white sandy beach at the end of the ride. It was one of the most surreal but brilliant experiences I have ever had. The 4 of us had so much fun together even when Sarah got a puncture on the beach and we had to carry our bikes up the dunes to get back on track. I took the view that rather than help her repair it, I was going to pump it up and see how long it lasted as we were only 6 miles from the end of the day. It turned out to be a good call as we made it with only one more stop to pump it up and meant that we weren't far behind the rest of the group. Honestly, if we were ever going to have the most perfect day in a kayak and on a bike in the Outer Hebrides, it was this day. It was breathtaking.
In the evening we stayed in another hostel and had a group meal at the local pub. There were 2 birthdays in the group that day too. We were really gelling as a group and just having a real laugh and enjoying each others company. We were going to need that for the last day as it turned out to be an absolute humdinger of a day weather wise. The kayak guys did the briefing that evening for what we were expecting the next day. The wind had turned to a south easterly with a Beaufort scale of 4-5 which isn't massive but in a sea kayak is a whole different ball game. The only thing they could do was make the call on the morning as to whether we would make the crossing from Uist to the Isle of Barra.
Sunday - 7 mile kayak, 15 mile bike, 3 mile trek, 6 mile bike, 1.5 mile trek.
We were all nervous about the weather and the kayak. We got down to the harbour with a view to launch at 8:15am. The kayak guys walked out along the harbour wall and made the call that we were going and if they felt it was going to be too tough, they would turn us back. We were all happy with that but had to get going quickly as the weather was coming in. We worked as a team and we were soon out on the water. I was glad I had taken my sea sickness tablets as the instructors decided to go for it and we made the crossing. It was hard work and scary at points. Sometimes you couldn't see each other as there was quite a swell. One of the guys that was in a single kayak capsized. The instructors were brilliant with him and helped him back in in the middle of the sea. I think it if had been us, I would have cried! However, we all made it across to Barra. There were lots of whoops and cheers from the Dutch train - it had become the theme of the trip! We were out on the water for 3 hrs and the kayak team were brilliant. I never felt unsafe even though I was way out of my comfort zone. Our landing point had to change as the weather had come in whilst we were out in the Sound of Barra. As we landed, the Rat Race team were barking orders at us to carry the kayaks up the ramp and then get into dry clothes and shelter as quick as possible. This is where for me winter swimming changing technique came in handy. I changed in the minibus to keep warm and threw on several layers and waterproofs for the next bike leg.
The bike leg was meant to be 15 miles but we had landed at a different point so it was only 3 miles in the end. We soon transitioned into our walking stuff. For me and most others, it meant just changing my shoes. At this point the wind was blowing hard and it was driving rain. I had taken the view it was pointless changing and just to get on and do this. We were going to be climbing 300m (and as it turned out, this was very steep) up and over the highest point in Barra. It was really hard and the cloud had come in so visibility was very poor. Sarah and I stuck together and we caught up with a few others in front of us too and all stuck together. The Rat Race crew later told us that they had been on the verge of not letting us all up but they thought we had all handled the kayak so well and we were a group that all worked together, that we would be able to handle it. As it turned out we smashed it. There was a lot of bum sliding on the descent down as it was the easiest way to get down. They had also sent up our very handsome medic who was a mountain rescue expert to help guide us down , that made things easier too, for multiple reasons . We were soon down, grabbed lunch, and set off on the last bike leg.
Sadly, one of the guys fell off on the last bike leg. He slide on a cattle grid but we were all with him and it showed what a team we had become over the 3 days together. Everyone did something to help and there were 4 members of the group who were police officers who just went into incident response mode to clear him from the road and make him and everyone safe. I moved everyone’s bikes and then got the rest of the group moving as we didn't all need to stay as the medics were on their way.
We were all really careful in the last few miles of the bike. We jumped off for the last transition to put our shoes on for the last 1.5 mile trek to the beautiful Vatersay beach. What a finish point. Even in bad weather the sea is still turquoise and the sand is white. Jo and I walked with Paul who had come off his bike. He had cut his face and hurt his ribs but he wanted to finish as he had come so far - he was also the guy who capsized in the sea! Like all of us he was determined to get to the end and he and we did. To the final whoops and cheers of the Dutch train, we ran on to the beach and across the finish line. We had done it it - travelled from the very Tip of the outer Hebrides to the Toe. It was utterly brilliant and I got to do it with a group of excellent like minded people. There had been laughter, tears, a lot of comments of ‘this is bullshit’ when it was really hard but none of us gave up and it was team work and determination that got us to the end.
This trip was also special for me as I had decided to take my mum ashes with me and spread them at the end of each part of the island chain that we reached at the end of each day. She liked Scotland but never made it to the Outer Hebrides, until now. I walked into the water at Vatersay beach to let the final part of her go. She travelled all the way with me and I was ready to let her go. She always loved me doing things like this and I had felt that was the best way for me and her to be at peace.
So there it is, my story of Tip to Toe Hebrides. It was completely epic and brilliant. This was my second race with Rat Race. They are an excellent organisation. Everything works so well and on this trip there is a lot of logistics for them to deal with but it was seamless.
And if anyone is thinking of doing one of these adventure races, just go and do it. You will really learn about yourself and what you are capable of. You really can do anything when you put your mind to it.

Regents Park (The One In The Park)10km - Sunday 17th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols39.202nd - 70.30%2nd
140 finishers

Essex XC Relays, 3 X 6km's - Women's Teams - Saturday 16th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Cindy Koon35.23105A
Veronica Carrasco38.27105B
Katrina Betteridge37.52105C
Susannah House39.35161A
Ann Dunne38.16161B
Sandra Preston34.55161C
Team 105 finished 40th of 47 = 1.50.42
Team 161 finished 41st of 47 = 1.52.43

Pride 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 16th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Hallybone58.32451st
635 finishers

Essex XC Relays, 4 X 6km's - Men's Team - Sunday 16th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ramesh Pala35.11A1 - 35.11
Fernando Espada28.11A2 - 1.03.22
Scott McMillan26.21A3 - 1.29.43
Eren Ozkan27.37A4 - 1.57.37
East London Runners: - Team 21st of 25 = 1.57.37

Battersea Half Marathon - Saturday 16th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Nash1.39.49 pb149th / 884128th / 551

Serpentine 2 Mile Swim / London Classics - Saturday 16th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ford Cadiogan52.3161st / 305345th / 1688(6th age cat 507)
Jimmy Dale1.11.301042nd710th
Maya Goodwin1.11.391051st338th (38th/ 469) age cat
Caroline Frith1.19.32 1607th / 3053 568th / 1357
Mark Durrant1.36.0124431448 / 1688
Alice Barrett1.38.55 25451046
Shanavaz Malayodu1.39.4925791506
Marc Akers2.07.2429471652
Caroline Frith: Very relieved to have ticked the Swim Serpentine box and joined the London Classics Hall of Fame, which represents thousands of miles and many hours of blood, sweat, tears and chafing.
When I entered Ride London 2 years ago I was just Caroline. I didn't have cancer and had no idea how much my life was going to be turned upside down. When I entered Swim Serpentine in February of last year I knew I probably had cancer again, but had no idea the extent of it or what lay ahead. By the time Ride London came around in May I knew it was stage 4 and I had just started chemotherapy. I had trained for months, all winter long and there was no way I wasn't going to do it, so do it I did, chemo or no chemo.
I had already run the London Marathon twice and at that stage had no intention of doing it again, so all that remained was Swim Serpentine which I, along with many others, trained long and hard for before it was cancelled at the last minute due to the death of Her Majesty the Queen. This time last year I didn't know if I would be in any way able to still be doing things like this in 12 months time, but I deferred my place and hoped for the best.
Meanwhile I decided to run the London Marathon again.
Once the weather warmed up swimming began in earnest, but chemo started again in July leaving me tired and nauseous. However finally today everything came together - no monarchs died, the blue green algae abated, the sun shone, and I did it!
Definitely not a solo effort - thanks to the many friends who swam with me, cycled with me and ferried me places, plus my awesome running club East London Runners, my long suffering husband Ian and my no one support crew Matilda and Eric.

Mark Durrant: Today I completed the London Swim Serpentine 2 mile event and received a Classics medal. Last year I was fortunate to be interviewed by an Australian organisation to do with swimming https://www.swimpeople.com.au/living-stories/mark-durrant
and what it means to me. I'm not a natural swimmer but I've worked hard at it over the last 2yrs or so. I'll like to say a big thanks to Dermott Hayes and his Be Endurance Open Water Swimming team for teaching me OWS and to Susan Cheshire for the special technical lessons that I have had www.susancheshire.co.uk
. Swimming is way outside my comfort zone and had to have lessons (even at my age). I was grateful for the 'Mental Mile Challenge' and my team, as this finally proved to me that I could swim further than 1 mile (albeit with slight cramps).
So guys, as you go to bed tonight with your Ovaltine, Milo or Hot Chocolate and ladies with your Merlot, Pinot Grigio or your Gin & Tonics, I hope you enjoy the read as you all will get to know a little but more about me - Stay Blessed.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 16th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Stephen Swan27.17* debut11th - 48.93% Woolacombe Dunes10th
Stuart Barton33.38 debut 7 200th venue41st - 44.95% Woolacombe Dunes
James Nichols20.45* debut14th - 65.30% Huntingdon
Rachel Bailey21.07* debut1st - 71.67% Salento, ITA1st
Janet Bywater31.09* debut73rd - 59.71% Bramley
Joshua Rees Davies18.23* debut1st - 71.71% Foots Cray Mead1st
Grace Turner27.17* debut77th - 54.25% Charlton
Stuart Norris26.20 debut186th - 48.99% Hackney
Catriona Hoult27.08 debut245th - 60.32% Coventry
Nick Hoult23.26 course pb28th - 62.45% Pymmes
Shahib Miah Ali20.175th - 65.82% Billericay5th
Paul Watkins21.24 debut22nd - 63.32% Stevenage
Claire Emery31.47 debut66th - 54.80% Beckton
John Healy24.29 course pb65th - 59.77% Keswick
Clare Stevens29.47 debut133rd - 51.04% Panshanger
Morag Campbell33.25 debut172nd - 51.42% Panshanger
Matthew Powell24.28 debut42nd - 57.97% Harlow
Michael Wilson25.11 debut97th - 64.79% Edenbrook Country
Ciaran Canavan21.25 1st man1st - 68.33% Whatakane1st
Lance Fuller25.456th - Whatakane5th
Ryan Friel17.313rd - 75.74% Wanstead3rd
Kasia Stachowiak23.3353rd - 64.97%6th
Mark Moir20.053rd - 64.73% Barking3rd
Fiona Critchley26.2463rd - Great Notley8th
Bernadett Kalmar27.0622nd - Porch Field6th
Daniel ODonoghue19.054th - 69.52% Walthamstow4th
John Henry19.276th - 71.81% Walthamstow6th
Alex Pickering20.1010th - Walthamstow10th
Wimbledon Common parkrun
517 211 Roselin BORAMAKOT 00:42:10
519 275 Danny WONG 00:42:18
Hackney Marshes parkrun
45 43 Amit MARKS 00:20:50
180 140 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:26:14
Roding Valley parkrun
124 40 Caroline MOORE 00:34:07
Highbury Fields parkrun
114 97 Richard GUEST 00:23:27
Valentines parkrun
44 43 Alan ARUL 00:23:04
59 56 Imran MUSTAK 00:23:57
80 71 Jimmy DALE 00:25:09
90 77 George GEORGIOU 00:25:41
98 12 Mary CONNOLLY 00:26:05
124 21 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:39
147 26 Naimah RIAZ 00:28:58
287 87 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:40:45
Wanstead Flats parkrun
27 25 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:22:00
30 27 Ian MACKIE 00:22:06
36 32 Jonny SHAW 00:22:35
105 87 Scott MCMILLAN 00:25:46
150 36 Kara GALLEAR 00:28:53
164 115 Kieran BROWN 00:29:38
169 119 Andrew HOWARD 00:29:50
221 75 Fiona DAY 00:33:11
Chester parkrun
212 152 Arthur DIAZ 00:31:10
Pymmes parkrun
93 66 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:31:44
Beckton parkrun
67 20 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:32:21
Walthamstow parkrun
35 31 Michael BAMFORD 00:23:09
118 90 Steve BYWATER 00:29:22
Southwark parkrun
370 262 Martin QUINLAN 00:28:22
Wexford Racecourse parkrun
60 16 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:28:51
Morecambe Prom parkrun
26 24 Paul MARSHALL 00:21:16
Porch Field parkrun
18 14 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:42
Harleston Magpies parkrun
38 22 Don BENNETT 00:39:40

10k City vs Wharf Corporate Run, Victoria Park - Thursday 14th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien54.4168th / 104

5km City vs Wharf Corporate Run, Victoria Park - Thursday 14th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.272nd / 302

St Neots Triathlon - Aquabike - Sunday 10th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1.43.3955th
Maya Goodwin2.12.12146th
Sarah swim 31.33, t1 - 1.37, bike - 1.10.28 = 1.43.39
Maya swim 36.29, t1 - 1.33, bike - 1.34.09 = 2.12.12

Chiang Mai Half Marathon (22km), Thailand - Sunday 10th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods2.37.12142nd/301121st/214, 6th/14 M60
Sunday 10th September 2023 - Chiang Mai @ Doi Suthep - 22km. Run on Srivichai Road up - down Doi Suthep The slope is 640 meters, the altitude is 1,046 meters above sea level. Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province.

Tom Woods: This was a brutal brutal race , the hill was unrelenting for 11km , I was hoping for some rain , as it is now the rainy season , but not a drop fell , when I finished I had absolutely nothing left , calves roasted on the up run , quads roasted on the down , would I do it again? Definitely!

Richmond Run Fest Marathon - Sunday 10th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Dale4.27.58527th / 1044409th / 716
Thanks all. Was the 4.15 pacer but out of 12 pacers only 2 finished at all.
Fine till mile 22 but the heat and lack of drinks stations at the end made
slowing up the wise call. Jimmy Dale

Bacchus Wine Half Marathon, Denbies Vineyard - Sunday 10th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee2.27.4611640
Daniel Lee2.27.4611777
Betty Bohane2.46.2025990
Sonia Cheadle3.39.32875418
Susannah House3.39.33876419
Victoria Charlesworth3.39.33877420
1326 finishers

Ava Lee: I think we may have found one of the best
ever running event at Bacchus half marathon today. Beautiful
vineyard scenery, lots of fancy dress, 6 wine tastings,
cheese, fruit, onion bhajis, chocolate eclairs and a hog
roast at the end. Oh yes, and excellent company too!
Who knew that cheese and wine and running are a match made in heaven!

Pleshey & Essex Half Marathon - Sunday 10th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Nichols1.37.2271st, 57th essex59th
Becky Evans1.51.39136th, 25th essex27th, 4th 50-59/ 1st 55-59
Sandra Preston2.01.36175th, 39th essex45th, 11th 50-59/ 6th 55-59
Catriona Hoult2.09.31197th, 43rd essex50th

A J Bell Great North Run Half Marathon 2023 - Sunday 10th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien2.07.4713,787th
Clare Stevens2.22.5321,787th
Grace Turner2.31.2925,303rd

Dock2dock Swim, Royal Docks - Saturday 9th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Hatley47.26, 1.5km84th, wetsuit25th, 4th 46-50
Ava Lee1.57.09, 5km90th, skins31st, 4th 46-50
Daniel Lee2.21.11, 5km159th, wetsuit88th
Carlton DSouza2.33.14, 5km191st, wetsuit99th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 9th September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali19.30* debut3rd - 68.46% Leavesden Ctry3rd
James Nichols20.55 debut8th - 64.78% Leavesden Ctry8th
Mark Moir21.19 debut9th - 60.99% Leavesden Ctry9th
Jimmy Dale24.37 debut30th - 54.23% Leavesden Ctry
Fiona Critchley27.01* debut44th - 67.92% Leavesden Ctry5th
Stuart Barton27.22 debut49th - 55.24% Leavesden CtryVES
Morag Campbell34.56 debut78th - 49.19% Leavesden Ctry
Clare Stevens29.47 debut148th - 51.04% Leazes
Ciaran Canavan20.31* course pb1st - 71.32% Whatakane1st
Richard Guest23.50* debut68th - 61.89% Edenbrook
David Taylor28.46 debut51st - 57.76% Grt Notley
Paul Watkins21.50* debut23rd - 62.06% Walmer & Deal
Natasha Howard32.11 49th parkrun191st - Raphael
Betty Bohane22.5423rd - 65.28% Gunpowder
John Healy25.37 course pb45th - 57.12% Gunpowder
Tommy Ho20.12 debut83rd - 66.58% Bushy
Ryan Friel16.58 1st man1st - 78.19% Hackney1st
Elizabeth ODonnell40.42 debut516th - 42.79% Cannon Hill, Birm
Joshua Rees Davies16.49 1st man1st - 78.39% Pymmes1st
Jason Levy34.55 debut150th - 42.91% Sheringham
Kathy Morrissey32.46* debut192nd - 52.44% Upton House
Jakub Czeczotka26.26 debut57th - 52.02% Old Deer Park
John Henry18.084th - Fountains Abbey3rd
Matthew Powell24.157th - Grt Dunmow7th
Terry Lewsey23.1110th - Harleston Mags10th
Kasia Stachowiak23.3820th - 64.74% las Aniolowski3rd
Ashley Faria21.029th - 71.87% Valentines9th
Cindy Koon24.3049th - 67.62% Valentines8th
Alex Pickering20.425th - 68.52% Walthamstow5th
Janet Bywater27.2064th - 68.05% Walthamstow7th
Wimbledon Common parkun
532 215 Roselin Boramakot 00:48:01
Roding Valley parkrun
83 22 Caroline FRITH 00:31:00
84 23 Sarah BURNS 00:31:00
87 25 Caroline MOORE 00:31:38
Valentines parkrun
72 54 Michael WILSON 00:25:53
83 62 George GEORGIOU 00:26:27
86 17 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:26:32
96 20 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:23
130 31 Naimah RIAZ 00:30:14
188 57 May HAU East 00:34:57
Wanstead Flats parkrun
22 19 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:26
23 20 Jonny SHAW 00:21:27
69 61 Scott MCMILLAN 00:25:11
113 88 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:57
Raphael parkrun
13 13 Amit MARKS 00:20:36
191 43 Natasha HOWARD 00:32:11
Mile End parkrun
167 138 Ian BURROWS 00:26:16
301 187 Liam DEMPSEY 00:31:49
Gadebridge parkrun
152 52 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:36:37
Hilly Fields parkrun
167 109 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:11
Walthamstow parkrun
83 12 Claire EMERY 00:29:18
97 77 Steve BYWATER 00:30:55
136 46 Juliet LOPEZ-REAL 00:40:16
Corby parkrun
108 77 Marc AKERS 00:37:57
Shanganagh parkrun
30 23 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:22:38
Morecambe Prom parkrun
28 27 Paul MARSHALL 00:21:23
Porch Field parkrun
21 15 Viktor F SZABADI 00:25:42
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
51 12 Lance FULLER 01:01:39

The Essex Way Relay - Epping to Harwich - Sunday 3rd September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier32.1 - 32nd
Andrew Baxter32.2 - 19th
Grant Conway32.3 - 56th
Jonathan Wooldridge32.4 - 32nd
Paul Thompson32.5 - 22nd
Ann Dunne32.6 - 55th
Becky Evans32.7 - 41st
John Healy32.8 - 49th
Fiona Critchley32.10 - 38th
Aaron Williams33.1 - 23rd
Victoria Charlesworth33.2 - 67th
Jacob Stevens33.3 - 23rd
Catriona Hoult33.4 - 52nd
Cindy Koon33.5 - 52nd
Susannah House33.6 - 56th
Rachel Bailey33.7 - 21st
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera33.8 - 59th
Stuart Barton33.9 - 50th
Kathy Morrissey33.10 - 46th
John OBrien34.1 - 54th
Clive Stephenson34.2 - 52nd
Borislav Petkov34.3 - 42nd
James Nichols34.4 - 19th
Darminder Bhamra34.5 - 29th
Veronica Carrasco34.6 - 57th
Alex Pickering34.7 - 17th
Sandra Preston34.8 - 50th
Caroline Moore34.9 - 65th
Janet Bywater34.10 - 40th
Sonia Cheadle35.1 - 71st
Veronica Carrasco35.2 - 62nd
Ramesh Pala35.3 - 57th
John OBrien35.4 - 65th
Jacob Stevens35.5 - 30th
Grant Conway35.6 - 53rd
James Nichols35.7 - 31st
Paul Thompson35.8 - 36th
Clare Stevens35.9 - 59th
Catherine Perry35.10 - 34th
STAGE 4 LITTLE LEIGHS - CRESSING 10.1 miles 11.30am
STAGE 5 CRESSING - GREAT TEY 9.4 miles 12.45pm
STAGE 7 WEST BERGHOLT - DEDHAM 11.2 miles 2.40pm
STAGE 8 DEDHAM - BRADFIELD 8.0 miles 4.15pm
STAGE 9 BRADFIELD - RAMSAY 5.3 miles 5.15pm

Team 32 - 372 pts, 25th of 59 open category teams, 31st of 76 teams.
Team 33 - 449 pts, 34th of 59, 45th of 76 teams.
Team 34 - 425 pts, 31st of 59, 40th of 76 teams.
Team 35 - 498 pts, 43rd of 59, 57th of 76 teams.

The Big Half 2023 - Sunday 3rd September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Osakue1.24.07 pb618th579th, 20th M50-54
Tommy Ho1.29.041122nd1043rd
Shahib Miah Ali1.29.071132nd1050th
Daniel Slipper1.31.121398th1285th, 102nd
Scott Hemmens1.33.461667th1521st
Ian Mackie1.38.00 pb2266th2019th, 3rd M65-69
Jimmy Dale1.38.102295th2045th
Paul Watkins1.39.352567th2267th
Rahana Islam1.45.553815th545th
Jane Burton1.47.31 pb4186th646th
Jonathan Shaw1.48.044290th3611th
Kasia Stachowiak1.48.484473rd717th
Christopher Burn1.48.534494th3766th
Anne-Marie Kennedy1.54.50 pb5925th1139th
Kathryn Hertzberg1.56.436460th1328th
Mark Durrant1.57.126587th5205th
Imran Mustak1.59.367259th5639th
Katrina Betteridge2.01.047591st1731st
Martin Quinlan2.18.5811220th7737th
Tasnia Choudhury2.33.43 pb13141st4545th
Selina Vernal2.44.4214045th5087th
Sarah Monk2.48.5214321st5239th
Vivienne Eka2.53.0414542nd5394th

Santander 12 hour Race, - Saturday 2nd September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez143, 533, 901st
Jose Rodriquez: Last minute decision (even if it has been on my mind for the last few months) entry to the 24 h of Santander. I signed up for the 12h as generally there are some of the best Runners in the country for that discipline. I wanted to see how close I could be from these guys as some of my last years results could indicate I wasn't too far behind. It's difficult to compare ultra marathons and the only way was to sign to this flat, officially measure races...even if they are not the most scenic. Results exceeded my expectations enormously. 1st position in front of some best that have been international with the Spanish selecciones several times. Course record and 3rd best time in Spain in 2023 and a result that in theory could give me, or put me close , to the 24h world championships in Taipei. Unfortunately team selection is already made and I guess I'll never know... but maybe that could be a goal for 2024??

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 2nd September 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Arthur Diaz28.53 100th parkrun & cpb181st - 52.74% Chester
Ian Burrows25.45* debut176th - 56.38% Eastville
Claire Emery32.21 debut108th - 53.84% Pymmes
Katherine Harris28.20 course pb135th - 55.12% Kesgrave
Sandra Preston25.35 debut154th - 73.75% Hackney
Joe Preston30.16 debut275th - 53.91% Hackney
Grace Turner28.11 debut105th - 52.51% Harlow
Clare Stevens29.24 debut373rd - 51.70% Tooting Common
Morag Campbell34.28 debut552nd - 49.23% Tooting Common
Thomas Grimes19.56 1st man1st - 70.07% Sunny Hill1st
Joseph Gunn18.15 1st man1st - 71.87% Rushcliffe1st
John Henry18.47 1st man1st - 74.36% Valentines1st
Ashley Faria20.497th - 72.62% Valentines7th
Ryan Friel17.19 1st man1st - 76.61% Wanstead1st
Rachel Bailey21.23 1st lady15th - 70.77% Wanstead1st
Kasia Stachowiak23.1834th - 65.67% Wanstead3rd
Betty Bohane21.4019th - 69.00% Lordship2nd
Bernadett Kalmar27.09 20th - Porch Field5th
James Nichols21.256th - 63.27% Brentwood6th
Alex Pickering20.197th - 69.81% Walthamstow7th
Terry Lewsey23.0211th - Harleston9th
Wimbledon Common parkrun
537 201 Roselin BORAMAKOT 00:39:22
540 303 Danny WONG 00:39:30
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
97 78 Martin QUINLAN 00:30:11
Silksworth parkrun
15 11 Mark MOIR 00:21:29
Finsbury parkrun
447 267 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:33:10
Grovelands parkrun, Enfield
78 65 George GEORGIOU 00:26:54
Hackney Marshes parkrun
237 153 Mark DURRANT 00:28:57
Roding Valley parkrun
111 39 Caroline MOORE 00:34:04
133 51 Caroline FRITH 00:49:29
Wanstead Flats parkrun
12 11 Andrew BAXTER 00:21:04
19 16 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:43
90 74 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:17
103 80 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:23
111 85 Stuart BARTON 00:27:41
116 26 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:27:49
145 41 Alexandra RUTISHAUSER-PERERA 00:29:34
154 101 Richard CRAVITZ 00:29:41
193 117 David WYATT 00:32:53
196 119 Kieran BROWN 00:32:57
229 89 Fiona DAY 00:36:37
243 97 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:40:03
Mile End parkrun
58 50 Shahib ALI 00:21:54
Gadebridge parkrun
127 28 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:33:14
Walthamstow parkrun
31 27 Nick HOULT 00:23:58
50 38 Michael WILSON 00:25:44
75 17 Catriona HOULT 00:27:19
113 75 Steve BYWATER 00:30:16
147 49 Janet BYWATER 00:36:33
Brentwood parkrun
6 6 James NICHOLS 00:21:25
Kesgrave parkrun
37 34 Steve SWAN 00:22:16
Hockley Woods parkrun
124 31 Alexandra WILKINSON 00:52:39
Lancaster parkrun
30 29 Paul MARSHALL 00:23:28
Porch Field parkrun
26 19 Viktor F SZABADI 00:28:29
Harleston Magpies parkrun
66 39 Don BENNETT 00:39:01
Valentines parkrun
19 19 Alan ARUL 00:22:42
21 21 Matthew POWELL 00:22:43
33 31 Jimmy DALE 00:23:47
58 48 Darminder BHAMRA 00:25:04
92 18 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:01
120 87 David HALLYBONE 00:28:39
131 30 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:29:31
138 32 Naimah RIAZ 00:30:10
207 61 May HAU 00:35:34
Castle Park parkrun
109 95 Tom TIMSON 00:23.44

Elvis 7: Barking Road Runners Phipps 5km, Barking Park - Monday 28th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel16.15 / 16.146th - scorer - 79.20%
Joshua Rees Davies16.267th - scorer - 78.38%
Daniel ODonoghue17.50 / 17.4720th - scorer - 72.72%
James Nichols18.4528th - 70.62%
Alex Pickering18.49 / 18.4729th - scorer - 73.67%
Dylan Campbell19.03 / 18.59 pb34th - 67.71%
Karan Gadhia19.36 / 19.3544th
Robert Dixon19.51 / 19.4746th
Fernando Espada20.00 / 19.1552nd - scorer
Mark Moir20.11 / 20.1756th
Ashley Faria20.16 / 20.1258th - scorer
Simon Nash20.41 / 20.40 pb69th65th
Ian Mackie21.20 / 21.15 pb76th - 79.89%68th
Jacob Stevens21.27 / 21.1980th70th
Darminder Bhamra21.58 / 21.54 pb95th - 70.14%80th
Becky Evans22.04 / 21.5698th - scorer - 80.90%17th
Clive Stephenson22.07 / 21.5998th - 72.83%83rd
Kasia Stachowiak22.29 / 22.25109th - scorer23rd
Matthew Powell22.32 / 22.24110th87th
Cindy Koon23.00 / 22.52126th - scorer28th
Mark Durrant23.15 / 23.30134th103rd
Imran Mustak23.19 / 23.09 pb136th - 57.25%105th
Ian Burrows23.35 / 23.24142nd109th
John OBrien23.45 / 23.41150th115th
Katrina Betteridge24.20 / 24.10159th - scorer40th
Sarah Burns24.25 / 24.17161st - scorer42nd
Kathryn Hertzberg24.29 / 24.18162nd - scorer43rd
Catherine McMillan24.32 / 24.21163rd44th
Nicola Wyndham24.37 / 24.26 pb166th45th
Sandra Preston24.53 / 24.42171st - 75.88%49th
Michael Wilson25.27 / 25.20183rd130th
Catriona Hoult25.49 / 25.38187th57th
Mary Connolly25.54 / 25.42189th - 75.07%58th
Veronica Carrasco26.53 / 26.44205th66th
Bernadett Kalmar27.38 / 27.20215th74th
Viktor Szabadi27.39 / 27.20216th142nd
Kara Gallear27.40 / 27.29 pb217th - 52.35%75th
Victoria Charlesworth27.44 / 27.33219th76th
Caroline Moore28.29 / 28.13232nd80th
Natasha Howard28.30 / 28.17233rd81st
Kathy Morrissey28.38 / 28.27234th82nd
Clare Stevens29.13 / 29.01 pb245th - 50.97%88th
Joe Preston30.51 / 30.33261st162nd
Morag Campbell32.33 / 32.21273rd108th
Maya Goodwin33.10 / 32.53276th110th
Vivienne Eka35.28 / 35.12283rd116th

Vinfast Ironman 70.3, World Championships, Lahti, Finland - Sunday 27th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee5.32.272791st / 3322
Swim 51.12, t1 - 5.57, cycle 2.52.01, t2 - 6.32, run 1.36.46 = 5.32.27

Vinfast Ironman 70.3, World Championships, Lahti, Finland - Saturday 26th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ava Lee5.25.42817th/ 200183rd / 256 age group
Swim 37.14, t1 4.16, cycle 2.58.58, t2 5.28, run 1.39.48

Ava Lee: This has been one of the best days in a very long time because today was the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Lahti, Finland and I had the privilege to take part in this amazing event, with over 2000 women from all around the globe.
And guess what I sneaked into the top third in my age category. I didn't think that was possible, and I'm extremely chuffed with myself.
It's less than 9 months since I completed nearly 2 years of cancer treatment, and this is my way of moving on and feeling strong and healthy.
Danny was there as my amazing support crew as ever. I can't wait to watch him in the men's race tomorrow!
And thank you to Dermott Hayes for giving me back my confidence.
We've raised a lot of money for Maggies - thank you all so much.

Run Through Velopark 10 miles - Saturday 26th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clare Stevens1.44.4836th15th
Vivienne Eka2.06.2746th21st

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 26th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.1310th9th
Simon Nash46.4317th

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 26th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Paul Marshall24.57* debut 25th - 54.31% Amager Strandpark
Diana Rexhepaj33.07* debut118th - 53.25% Gadebridge
Jonathan Wooldridge23.51* debut55th - 62.82% Seaton
Frank Brownlie30.31* course pb92nd - 59.26% Springburn
Katherine Harris31.29* debut75th - 49.60% Chipping Norton
Terry Lewsey22.42* course pb4th - 73.69% Harleston Magpies
Ryan Friel18.24* debut1st - 72.10% Belvoir Castle1st
Janet Bywater28.24* debut67th - 65.49% Nant y Pandy
Steven Bywater30.54 debut91st - 51.02% Nant y Pandy
Kasia Stachowiak25.16 debut156th - 60.55% Finsbury
Sandra Preston25.5355th Roding Valley8th
Ashley Faria20.278th Valentines8th
Rachel Bailey21.1620th - 71.16% Wanstead2nd
Finbar Sheahan21.27 course pb23rd - 65.11% Wanstead
Arthur Diaz29.05 99th parkrun192nd - Chester
Stuart Barton26.51 debut173rd - 56.30% Tonbridge
Joshua Rees Davies16.47 1st man1st - 78.55% Walthamstow1st
John Henry18.544th - 73.90% Walthamstow4th
Daniel ODonoghue19.31 course pb9th - 67.98% Walthamstow9th
Tom Howourth19.329th - 66.81% Exeter Riverside8th
Scott Hemmens20.294th - 68.67% Cwmbran4th
Joseph Gunn17.484th - 73.69% Watermead CP4th
Fiona Critchley26.2556th - 69.46% Markshall Est 3rd
James Nichols20.138th - 67.02% Lordship RG8th
Hackney Marshes parkrun
46 44 Jonny SHAW 00:21:23
Coventry parkrun
77 68 Mark MOIR 00:22:35
Roding Valley parkrun
44 35 John HEALY 00:25:08
74 52 Tim AYLETT 00:27:13
87 24 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:29:05
92 26 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:29:24
106 34 Caroline MOORE 00:31:50
137 52 Caroline FRITH 00:53:19
Valentines parkrun
27 24 Matthew POWELL 00:22:37
30 27 Jimmy DALE 00:22:56
46 43 Imran MUSTAK 00:23:51
100 77 David TAYLOR 00:26:58
102 19 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:04
112 83 Darminder BHAMRA 00:27:58
116 25 Naimah RIAZ 00:28:12
141 35 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:30:09
143 100 Richard CRAVITZ 00:30:11
144 101 David HALLYBONE 00:30:12
Wanstead Flats parkrun
25 22 Ian MACKIE 00:21:46
36 31 Paul WATKINS 00:22:23
41 34 Amit MARKS 00:22:43
102 74 Viktor F SZABADI 00:26:59
116 32 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:28:19
119 81 Andrew HOWARD 00:28:32
121 35 Bernadett KALMAR 00:28:40
125 38 Sarah BURNS 00:29:09
200 118 Kieran BROWN 00:34:12
203 78 Fiona DAY 00:34:30
Chester parkrun
192 142 Arthur DIAZ 00:29:05
Raphael parkrun
210 55 Natasha HOWARD 00:31:14
Mile End parkrun
196 147 Scott MCMILLAN 00:26:59
283 181 Liam DEMPSEY 00:31:23
Walthamstow parkrun
15 15 Alex PICKERING 00:21:00
43 42 Nick HOULT 00:23:56
92 17 Catriona HOULT 00:28:22

Mount Manganui Half Marathon, New Zealand - Saturday 26th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.37.39140th
Lance Fuller1.54.26404th
Ciaran Canavan: My 1st race report in what feels like forever!
Mount Maunganui 1/2 Marathon

It's been 23 months (exactly) since Lance and I last managed to take on the 1/2 marathon distance at the Hackney Half. I love a big event and I love a half to boot, but niggles and injuries have prevented me (or us) from even making the start line of the runs we'd entered since September 2021. Today was a long time coming.
About 2 months ago I decided to add a daily 1/2 shot of protein to my diet. Something I've never supplemented before. Be it 50:50 mentality and physical, but I’m convinced it helped me reach todays start line at the Mount Maunganui 1/2 marathon.
We came up the night before and parked nearby in our van and collected our runners bibs for today. Then we settled in with pasta for dinner over the chase and the repair shop. (UK TV is the best tv in NZ). Then an early night. I had a horrible sleep. Disturbed by eerie dreams and countless 50 carriage logging trains passing in the night. (Note to self, don't park up by the railway again when hoping for a good sleep!).
A 5.30 alarm call was set so we could give Jinx a super walk before our 8.30 1/2 marathon start. Once we were all fed and Jinx was settled we headed to the athlete zone about 7.30. Loo stop, bag check and really it was time to go.
The start was congested, and funnelled onto the course through a very narrow gap. I had to walk because it was impossible to run at this point. Then I found some 1/2 marathon walkers had positioned themselves in front again! How frustrating. A lot of the 1st km was spent (along with many others) ducking outside of the cones, dodging the oncoming traffic in order to make space and to pick up pace.
My target pace for today was 4:50/km, so I was shocked to clock 4:41 for my first, given all the adversity. I tried to slow dow and yet km 2 clocked as 4:37. It took me another 4-5 kms to settle into a stable, adjusted pace at around 4:40-4:45 per km.
we headed out for 7.5 Kim's along the east cape of the Mount Maunganui peninsula, before returning back the same to 15km. Next we circumvented the southern side of the actual mount, then headed south on a short loop on the west cape of the Mount Maunganui peninsula. So far so good, as flat as I was told. Then the loop round the mount from 17.5km to the finish began. These 3.5km were stunningly beautiful, now hugging the base of the mount, but undulating and on gravel track! The shock by the change of terrain and elevation equated to a temporary reduction in pace, but I did pick up again somewhat for the 20th and 21st Kim's. Down a ramp with a final dash across the beach before entering the finishing funnel made me feel like a triathlete even without swimming.
I'd counted those in front of me before the 1st turn at 7.5km, and I was 190th at there. I knew I'd past a lot in the second half, Finishing in position 140th, I felt stronger than I'd anticipated and I'm delighted with todays result!

Isle of Wight Half Marathon - Sunday 20th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jonathan Wooldridge1.56.1894th of 19882nd

Tewinbury Trails 10km - Sunday 20th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alistair Baillie1.04.2375th
109 finishers

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 19th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Caroline Moore32.20 250th parkrun93rd - Roding Valley
Fiona Critchley25.27* debut & 1st1st - 72.10% Our Park, Tasmania1st
Ciaran Canavan21.12* course pb3rd - 72.10% Whatakane, NZ2nd
Joshua Rees Davies16.51* debut1st - 78.24% Hilly Fields1st
Ryan Friel17.25* debut1st - 76.17% Dundalk, N Ireland1st
James Nichols20.32* debut & 99th venue3rd - 65.99% Mersea Island3rd
Juliet Lopez-Real33.49* debut88th - 48.99% Kralingse Bos, Holland
Ian Burrows27.16* debut56th - 53.24% Gedling
Stephen Swan23.49* course pb14th - 56.05% Highwoods
Frank Brownlie30.52* course pb85th - 58.59% Springburn
Claire Emery33.35 debut98th - 51.86% Barking
Kasia Stachowiak26.14 debut64th - 58.32% Ally Pally6th
Paul Marshall22.54 debut49th - 59.17% Fell Foot
Thomas Grimes18.04 1st man1st - 77.31% Lees Road1st
Albert Ng25.41 debut24th - 54.77% Stamford Park
Clare Stevens30.58 debut276th - 49.09% Colchester Castle
Katherine Harris31.42 debut44th - 49.26% Highwoods10th
Rachel Bailey21.4434th - 69.63% Millhouses2nd
John Henry19.26 1st man1st - 71.87% Walthamstow1st
Alex Pickering19.533rd - 71.33% Walthamstow3rd
Andrew Baxter21.029th - 72.42% Walthamstow9th
Clive Stephenson24.12 249th parkrun26th - Harrow Lodge
Shahib Miah Ali21.016th - 63.52% Crane Park6th
Lance Fuller26.568th - 60.09% Whatakane5th
Mark Moir22.0710th - Silksworth10th
Caroline Frith23.2029th - Roding Valley3rd
Cindy Koon23.4645th - 69.71% Valentines5th
Caroline Moore: Today I completed my 250th Parkrun, a great milestone and so good
to celebrate with my friends from East London Runners, and others at Roding Valley, where
I’ve been a regular since late 2021. And with my dog Ziggy. My first parkrun was way back
in December 2014, though I was an occasional parkrunner until around 2016. Most of my
parkruns have been at Roding Valley and Wanstead, with a bit of tourism to Gdańsk,
Fontainebleau, and, more recently, Coventry.

Wimbledon Common parkrun
427 148 Roselin BORAMAKOT 00:34:57
428 245 Danny WONG 00:35:01
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
79 65 Martin QUINLAN 00:30:14
Hackney Marshes parkrun
52 46 Amit MARKS 00:21:28
Roding Valley parkrun
41 36 Mounir DAHBI 00:24:47
53 44 John HEALY 00:25:53
59 11 Sandra PRESTON 00:26:35
67 51 Tim AYLETT 00:27:15
84 26 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:30:10
85 27 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:30:19
Valentines parkrun
43 40 Jimmy DALE 00:23:27
52 47 Matthew POWELL 00:24:08
59 53 George GEORGIOU 00:24:20
80 11 Kathryn HERTZBERG 00:25:08
103 15 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:09
121 93 David TAYLOR 00:28:10
139 104 Richard CRAVITZ 00:29:21
151 32 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:59
244 74 May HAU 00:36:06
265 162 Imran MUSTAK 00:38:35
271 92 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:39:36
Wanstead Flats parkrun
37 33 Ian MACKIE 00:22:48
89 74 Scott MCMILLAN 00:27:06
99 80 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:45
135 31 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:29:53
Raphael parkrun
193 49 Natasha HOWARD 00:30:54
Gunpowder parkrun
25 22 Simon NASH 00:22:11
Beckton parkrun
48 15 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:32:10
Walthamstow parkrun
55 13 Janet BYWATER 00:27:59
79 52 Steve BYWATER 00:31:10
Hockley Woods parkrun
182 53 Alexandra WILKINSON 00:33:08
Castle Park parkrun
137 115 Tom TIMSON 00:27:45
Littleport parkrun
50 42 Alex JAMESON 00:27:40
Highwoods parkrun
43 34 Stuart BARTON 00:31:38

London Summer 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 13th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.4314th
188 Finishers.

Nice Work Regents Park Summer 10k completed in 41.43. Been a long time since
I did a race here and almost forgot about the many inclines in this park!
That said managed to finish 14th out of 188 runners with the winning time
a stonking 35.27 which shows there were some class runners at this event today.

Run Through Battersea Park 5km - Saturday 12th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Richard Guest23.0466th 1st V5051st

Run Through Battersea Park 10km - Saturday 12th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel ODonoghue37.1328th
Betty Bohane43.52129th21st
619 finishers.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 12th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Critchley26.14* debut4th - 69.95% Tynwald Park, Tasmania1st
Alex Pickering19.20* debut9th - 73.36% Thames Path9th
Marc Akers42.37* debut252nd - 34.61% Lanhydrock
Molly Pinkus28.36* debut83rd - 57.93% Lancing Beach
Ashley Faria21.44* debut20th - 69.56% Sheringham
James Creed23.57* debut36th - 58.73% Sandringham
Ciaran Canavan23.53* debut10th - 61.27% Gordon Spratt Res10th
Lance Fuller26.53 debut20th - 60.20% Gordon Spratt Res
Nicola Barberis Negra19.04* debut1st - 72.64% Kastanienallee, Germany1st (2nd claim)
Clare Stevens31.57 debut82nd - 47.57% Ross On Wye
Kasia Stachowiak29.40 debut116th - 51.57% Lordship Rec
Jakub Czeczotka25.48 debut22nd - 53.29% Stockley Country
Stuart Barton28.01 debut107th - 53.96% Great Lines,Medway
Jimmy Dale24.52 debut24th - 53.69% Harrow Lodge
Cindy Koon23.21 1st lady40th - 70.95% Valentines1st
Ryan Friel17.45 1st man1st - 74.74% Wanstead1st
Joshua Rees Davies16.34 1st man1st - 79.58% Pymmes1st
Daniel Lee18.1813th - 78.25% Victoria Dck
Ava Lee19.1324th - 79.48% Victoria Dck2nd
Grace Turner25.06 debut126th - 56.35% Victoria Dck
Mark Durrant26.41 debut150th - 56.61% Victoria Dck
James Nichols20.345th - Roding Valley5th
Sandra Preston26.3653rd - Roding Valley7th
Caroline Moore30.0185th - Roding Valley (249th parkrun)
Thomas Grimes18.382nd - 74.96% Illaunmanagh2nd
John Henry20.323rd - 68.02% Walthamstow3rd
Shahib Miah Ali20.544th - Crane Park4th
Roding Valley parkrun
60 49 Tim AYLETT 00:27:23
90 20 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:30:51
128 40 Victoria CHARLESWORTH 00:36:14
Thornbury parkrun
45 40 Jason LEVY 00:27:12
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
70 53 Martin QUINLAN 00:28:53
Grovelands parkrun, Enfield
55 48 George GEORGIOU 00:25:57
Hackney Marshes parkrun
148 115 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:24:17
Valentines parkrun
31 30 Alan ARUL 00:22:58
38 36 Matthew POWELL 00:23:14
78 66 Darminder BHAMRA 00:25:35
87 11 Kathryn HERTZBERG 00:26:07
103 13 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:53
114 92 David TAYLOR 00:27:37
134 22 Naimah RIAZ 00:28:52
204 48 Mary Frances O'BRIEN 00:32:55
251 171 Imran MUSTAK 00:36:23
275 81 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:39:05
Wanstead Flats parkrun
31 31 Ian MACKIE 00:22:36
112 87 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:39
128 96 Scott MCMILLAN 00:28:36
227 75 Fiona DAY 00:40:26
Chester parkrun
236 173 Arthur DIAZ 00:31:54
Pymmes parkrun
81 58 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:30:22
Raphael parkrun
68 58 Amit MARKS 00:25:14
Gunpowder parkrun
25 21 Simon NASH 00:22:10
Hockley Woods parkrun
100 23 Alexandra WILKINSON 00:34:16
Evesham parkrun
34 30 Albert NG 00:24:36
Stretford parkrun
389 102 Claire EMERY 00:29:30
Lancaster parkrun
37 29 Paul MARSHALL 00:24:06
Victoria Dock parkrun
41 33 Mark MOIR 00:20:23
Littleport parkrun
42 35 Alex JAMESON 00:27:30
Lancing Beach Green parkrun
25 23 Tim LE RASLE 00:22:56

ATW Colchester Friday Races inc Essex 5K Champs - Friday 11th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Clive Stephenson22.07261st - 73.78%196th
Cindy Koon22.49 pb271st - 71.23%70th
418 finishers

North Cape 4000 - Monday 22nd July - 9th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns18 days, 13hrs,58mind, 45 seconds4,632 kms cycled.
22/7 depart Turin, 23/7 Lausanne, 25/7 Paris,
01/08 Oslo, 06/08 Lapland, 09/08 North Cape.

KAT 100 UTMB - 50km Marathon Trail, Austria - Sunday 6th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joseph Gunn6.34.3158th of 32550th
A slight section was taken out due to adverse weather conditions, so distance was 48.1 kms with an elevation of 3,285m.

Challenge London Triathlon, Excel - Sprint Distance - Sunday 6th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Maya Goodwin1.56.05644th / 953F 50-54 = 5th / 9

Challenge London Triathlon, Excel - Olympic Distance - Sunday 6th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jakub Czeczotka3.02.33524th / 727
Suzanne Bench3.14.061157th / 1553W55-59 3rd of 10
Andrea Waller3.29.15
Jason Levy3.34.40676th/ 727
Susannah House3.36.481396th / 1553 W55-59 8th of 10
Distance - 1.5k swim, t1 , 40k bike, t2 , 10k run
Jakub Czeczotka 44.18, 7.49, 1.18.09, 4.13, 48.05 = 3.02.33
Suzanne 40.59, 9.24, 1.24.39, 4.48, 54.18 = 3.14.06
Andrea 40.25, 10.00, 1.31.33, 4.43, 1.02.36 = 3.29.15
Jason 48.53, 7.50, 1.27.44, 4.05, 1.06.11 = 3.34.40
Susannah 48.08, 1.33.52, 5.36, 1.09.13 = 3.36.48

Richmond Summer 10km - Sunday 6th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darminder Bhamra51.3327th / 9219th / 48

Elvis 6: Orion Forest Five - Event 3, Chingford Plains - Saturday 5th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Friel29.21 - 1st man1st - scorer
Daniel ODonoghue32.3616th - scorer
Joseph Osakue34.1436th - scorer
James Nichols34.4940th - scorer
Andrew Baxter35.5247th - scorer
Shahib Miah Ali36.0449th
John Cahillane36.0951st
Paul Watkins36.2253rd
Simon Nash37.1370th - scorer
Rachel Bailey37.4074th - 7th - scorer
Ian Mackie38.0780th
Betty Bohane38.1582nd9th - scorer
Michael Bamford39.1289th
Darminder Bhamra39.2292nd
Cindy Koon40.12100th19th - scorer
Clive Stephenson40.47104th
John OBrien41.56124th
Catherine Perry42.35130th31st - scorer
Sandra Preston43.02136th36th - scorer
George Georgiou44.22146th
Ramesh Pala45.11155th
Michael Wilson46.15167th
Imran Mustak46.23170th
Mary Connolly46.33173rd53rd - scorer
Ann Dunne48.12191st
Kara Gallear49.10198th
Clare Stevens51.57206th
Diana Rexhepaj52.33213th
Caroline Moore52.41214th
Maya Goodwin54.04222nd

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 5th August 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Critchley25.59* debut47th - 70.62% Jells, Austr8th
Kathy Morrissey28.38* debut149th - 60.01% Perth
Joshua Rees Davies16.50* debut1st - 73.57% Aberdare1st
Mark Durrant39.52* debut29th - 39.55% Bower Park
Stuart Barton30.31 debut64th - 49.54% Bedgbury Pinetum
Thomas Grimes18.59 1st man1st - 73.57% Illaumanagh1st - 2nd claim
Terry Lewsey23.26 course pb9th - 60.95% Harleston8th
Jakub Czeczotka27.10 debut104th - 50.61% Thames Pth
Joseph Osakue18.46 debut5th - 78.60% Gunpowder
Betty Bohane21.02 course pb16th - 71.08% Gunpowder1st
Katherine Harris34.49 debut153rd - 44.85% Ipswich
Lance Fuller27.188th - Whakatane7th
Mark Moir21.35 300 parkruns9th - Silksworth8th
Bilkis Achha26.4491st - Valentines10th
Kasia Stachowiak23.1336th - 65.90% Wanstead2nd
Janet Bywater27.3845th - Walthamstow10th
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
118 87 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:25
Milton Keynes parkrun
218 46 Sophie EDWARDS 00:31:27
Valentines parkrun
15 15 Ashley FARIA 00:20:36
16 16 Scott HEMMENS 00:20:39
112 20 Molly PINKUS 00:28:01
132 28 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:16
Wanstead Flats parkrun
45 40 William O'DONOGHUE 00:24:22
81 65 Andrew HOWARD 00:26:49
177 56 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:40:00
181 60 Fiona DAY 00:43:26
182 112 Kieran BROWN 00:43:29
Chester parkrun
114 80 Arthur DIAZ 00:31:03
Mile End parkrun
199 149 Liam DEMPSEY 00:28:39
Walthamstow parkrun
74 42 Steve BYWATER 00:32:48
92 50 Alex PICKERING 00:52:04
Fountains Abbey parkrun
45 41 John HENRY 00:21:31
Kesgrave parkrun
34 32 Steve SWAN 00:22:32
Stretford parkrun
267 66 Claire EMERY 00:31:36
Lancaster parkrun
20 19 Paul MARSHALL 00:23:27

A J Bell 2023 World Triathlon Champs, Sunderland - Olympic Distance - Sunday 30th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee2.42.2748th of 194M50-54 = 3rd of 14.
Ava Lee2.43.58359th of 514F45-49 = 23rd of 30
1.5k swim, t1, 36.8k bike, t2, 10k run.
Danny - 37.22, 5.22, 1.16.38, 2.05, 41.02 = 2.42.27
Ava - 32.36, 3.41, 1.19.42, 2.16, 45.46 = 2.43.58

ATW Lee Valley Sundowner Half Marathon - Saturday 29th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson2.00.1044th - 60.36%
Mike Reports: Lee Valley Sundowners Half Marathon -29th July 2023.

I entered this half marathon at the last minute, because it was quite local and I also needed the training for my Autumn marathon. This is a low key event organised by Active Training World, held at the Lee Valley White Water Centre in Waltham Cross. On arrival, I was pleased to see some club mates from East London Runners, who were all there to run the 10k race. The course consisted of two laps for the half marathon and one lap for the 10k. Both races had the unusual start time of 5.30pm, however it was a sunny evening and the temperature a warm 22c at the start. The race was very hard work and I was slightly disappointed with my finish time of 10 seconds outside two hours, however it served the purpose of adding some much needed longer distance training into my legs.

ATW Lee Valley Sundowner 10km - Saturday 29th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.405th - 69.38% 1st V40
Becky Evans46.1515th - 76.77% 1st Woman1st
Grant Conway51.0027th - 60.52%
Imran Mustak52.1635th - 52.16%
John Healy54.3942nd - 53.59%
Ann Dunne1.00.1061st - 63.58%15th

Run Through Battersea Park Half Marathon - Saturday 29th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.27.58 pb45th42nd
652 finishers.

Shahib Ali: RunThrough Battersea Park Half Marathon - 01:27:58 - *PB*
- beating the previous half marathon PB of 01:28:50 set at the Roding Valley Half Marathon on 26/02/2012.

July 2023 - what an epic, unforgettable month of running, long-term targets at 5K, 10K and HM all met in one calendar month. Without question the confidence for all of this came from the club's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (QEOP) Elvis race last month. It needed something of this magnitude to miss a parkrun for. Will now relax and enjoy the lead up to the Berlin Marathon.
Sub-19 5K
Sub-40 10K
Sub-90 HM

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 29th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ian Mackie22.09 50th parkrun29th - Wanstead
Fiona Critchley25.43* debut73rd - 71.35% Kelvin Grove, AUSTR
Paul Marshall23.18* debut38th - 58.15% Elgin
Alex Pickering20.52* debut 6th - 67.97% Hyndburn5th
Joshua Rees Davies18.03* debut & 1st1st - 73.04% Nant y Pandy1st
Jakub Czeczotka22.19* debut37th - 61.61% Teignmouth Prom
James Nichols19.39* debut5th - 68.96% Southall5th
Stuart Barton29.10* debut70th - 51.83% Thornham Walks
Katherine Harris32.17* debut96th - 48.37% Thornham Walks
Grace Turner26.43 debut76th - 55.40% Grovelands
Simon Nash22.06 debut67th - 65.69% Hackney
Ryan Friel17.19 debut2nd - 76.61% Bury St Edmunds2nd
Clive Stephenson26.07 debut51st - 63.05% Clair
Marc Akers32.39 debut167th - 45.18% Great Denham
Clare Stevens31.25 debut598th - 48.38% Clapham Common
Morag Campbell33.12 debut671st - 51.10% Clapham Common
Jonathan Wooldridge24.08 debut70th - 62.09% Thames Path
Maya Goodwin32.31 debut215th - 52.84% Thames Path
Ashley Faria20.378th - 68.89% Valentines7th
Cindy Koon22.53 course pb27th - 72.40% Valentines3rd
Tom Howourth19.159th - 67.79% Exeter Riverside9th
Betty Bohane21.1729th - 70.24% Lordship5th
Amit Marks20.448th - 68.89% Wanstead8th
Kasia Stachowiak23.1343rd - 65.90% Wanstead2nd
Hackney Marshes parkrun
52 48 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:13
67 62 Simon NASH 00:22:06
Roding Valley parkrun
36 32 Mounir DAHBI 00:24:07
84 19 Sandra PRESTON 00:27:30
85 62 Tim AYLETT 00:27:34
101 25 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:29:52
118 33 Caroline MOORE 00:33:08
135 42 Caroline FRITH 00:50:51
Valentines parkrun
52 42 Darminder BHAMRA 00:24:00
78 60 George GEORGIOU 00:25:23
92 73 David TAYLOR 00:26:23
96 14 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:26:34
119 19 Bilkis ACHHA 00:28:01
126 23 Naimah RIAZ 00:28:17
195 47 May HAU 00:33:18
Wanstead Flats parkrun
54 50 William O'DONOGHUE 00:24:03
99 85 Andrew HOWARD 00:26:34
194 51 Claire EMERY 00:31:56
227 74 Jane SCOTT 00:34:36
259 92 Fiona DAY 00:45:03
260 160 Kieran BROWN 00:45:04
Chester parkrun
206 140 Arthur DIAZ 00:31:58
Beckton parkrun
59 15 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:31:47
Walthamstow parkrun
21 21 Andrew BAXTER 00:23:01
35 33 John HENRY 00:24:07
37 35 Richard GUEST 00:24:10
116 30 Janet BYWATER 00:32:56
118 83 Steve BYWATER 00:33:53
Shanganagh parkrun
14 14 Finbar SHEAHAN East London Runners 00:21:44
Harleston Magpies parkrun
16 16 Terry LEWSEY 00:24:04
55 32 Don BENNETT 00:39:34
Whakatane Gardens parkrun
32 17 Lance FULLER 00:55:14
Wimbledon Common parkrun
387 136 Roselin BORAMAKOT 00:34:29
393 233 Danny WONG 00:34:47

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 28th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amit Marks19.48 pb45th - 72.3%
Ian Mackie21.4182nd - 79.7%
168 finishers

Elvis 5: Harold Wood 5km, Harold Wood Park - Wednesday 26th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel ODonoghue18.49 / 18.469th - 68.87%
Daniel Lee19.15 / 19.1311th - 77.39%
Joseph Osakue19.2814th - 74.05%
Alex Pickering19.34 / 19.3215th - 70.82%
James Nichols19.40 / 19.3916th - 67.36%
Shahib Miah Ali19.43 / 19.4017th - 66.23%
Karan Gadhia20.22 / 20.2028th - 61.92%
Amit Marks21.05 / 20.5837th - 66.28%
Fernando Espada21.12 / 21.0843rd - 69.12%
Ava Lee21.21 / 21.1847th - 3rd Lady - 75.39%3rd
Jacob Stevens21.44 / 21.3856th - 64.78%
Finbar Sheahan22.01 / 21.5559th - 61.98%
Paul Watkins22.25 / 22.2065th
Rachel Bailey22.38 / 22.3269th - 65.36%9th
Simon Nash22.56 / 22.5074th - 61.86%
Becky Evans23.06 / 23.0079th - 1st FV50 - 77.26%11th
Ian Mackie23.19 / 23.1684th - 73.08%
Betty Bohane23.22 / 23.1887th - 62.36%13th
Peter Hatley23.48 / 23.4194th - 60.11%
Kasia Stachowiak23.48 / 23.3795th - 63.01%18th
Grant Conway24.11 / 24.0299th - 62.12%
Darminder Bhamra24.17 / 24.11101st - 63.45%
Clive Stephenson24.18 / 24.12102nd - 66.28%
Cindy Koon24.47 / 24.37111th - 66.54%24th
Michael Wilson24.51 / 24.43113th - 64.22%
Terry Lewsey25.01 / 24.56117th
Mark Durrant25.35 / 25.22124th - 60.26%
Catherine McMillan25.40 / 25.29125th26th
Imran Mustak25.48 / 25.43126th
Ian Burrows25.56 / 25.39128th
John OBrien26.07 / 25.56133rd
George Georgiou26.10 / 25.55135th
Kathryn Hertzberg26.35 / 26.20148th
Katrina Betteridge26.48 / 26.36152nd
Nicola Wyndham27.00 / 26.48154th - 62.68%
Sandra Preston27.17 / 27.06157th - 69.20%
Alistair Baillie27.53 / 27.33176th
Grace Turner28.20 / 28.08182nd
Ann Dunne29.26 / 29.15198th - 66.06%
Kara Gallear29.28 / 29.16199th
Veronica Carrasco29.32 / 29.17200th
Susannah House29.36 / 29.18201st - 63.78%
Caroline Moore31.33 / 31.12212th - 61.63%
Clare Stevens31.36 / 31.16214th
Maya Goodwin31.37 / 31.19215th
Tasnia Choudhury31.51 / 31.34219th
Kathy Morrissey32.32 / 32.12226th
Morag Campbell34.10 / 33.49230th
May Hau36.15 / 35.58236th
Vivienne Eka37.33 / 37.09243rd

The Kirstie 5 Memorial Race - Sunday 23rd July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alexandra Wilkinson57.05124th/171
Mini race report.... The Kirstie 5. I did this 5 mile race on Sunday
with a heavy cold so I decided to make it a fun race. It's a nice, well
organised event and raising money for breast cancer. This year was the 10th
anniversary since Kirstie's death and it was a good turn out.
Well worth popping down for this lovely trail race (Hockley woods/Grove woods
/Rayleigh and surrounding trail area) and then you could spend the rest of
the day down at Chalkwell beach seafront eating ice cream. See you next year!

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 22nd July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Cindy Koon23.00 100th parkrun34th Valentines5th
Simon Nash22.17 50th parkrun17th - Gunpowder
Joseph Osakue18.40* debut 4th - 79.02% Woking3rd
Mark Moir22.57* debut24th - 56.64% Cross Flatts
Paul Watkins21.39* debut55th - 62.59% Victoria, Glasgow
Jacob Stevens21.50* debut20th - 65.95% Futakotamagawa, Japan
Joseph Gunn17.46* debut5th - 73.83% Watermead Ctry Pk4th
Ben Palairet27.01* debut11th - 68.30% Grt Yarmouth Nrth
Ciaran Canavan23.03* debut8th - 63.49% East End, New Plymouth NZ7th
Lance Fuller27.11 debut20th - 59.53% East End, New Plymouth, NZ
Janet Bywater27.14* course pb130th - 68.30% Roberts Park
Steven Bywater32.56* debut 247th - 47.87% Roberts Park
Terry Lewsey23.44 course pb11th - 60.18% Harleston Magpies
Ryan Friel16.32 course pb2nd - 80.24% Kesgrave2nd
Grant Conway24.44 debut91st - 62.13% Richmond
Jakub Czeczotka24.30 debut20th - 56.12% Bedfont Lakes
Peter Hatley23.03 course pb96th - 63.49% Finsbury
Clare Stevens30.38 debut166th - 49.62% Greenwich
Stuart Barton26.13 debut150th - 57.66% debut
Andy Bolderstone28.46 debut67th - 50.46% Cinder Track,Whitby
Richard Guest23.39 debut46th - 62.37% Thames Path, Woolwich
Grace Turner26.51 debut146th - 55.12% Castle Park
Michael Wilson24.45 course pb80th - 65.93% Wanstead
Joshua Rees Davies18.24 1st man1st - 71.29% Pymmes1st
Ian Mackie22.12 49th parkrun36th - Wanstead
Alex Pickering20.017th - 70.86% Walthamstow7th
Daniel ODonoghue20.108th - 65.79% Walthamstow8th
Thomas Grimes19.44 2nd claim2nd - 70.78% Sunny Hill2nd
Kasia Stachowiak23.3714th - 64.78% Las Aniolowski3rd
Caroline Frith25.1650th - Roding Valley7th
Ashley Faria20.308th - 73.74% Valentines8th
Wimbledon Common parkrun
538 330 Danny WONG 00:35:37
548 189 Roselin BORAMAKOT 00:36:08
Lancaster parkrun
53 43 Paul MARSHALL 00:26:58
Richmond parkrun
91 74 Grant CONWAY 00:24:44
Finsbury parkrun
416 129 Maya GOODWIN 00:31:29
Hackney Marshes parkrun
69 61 Redmond SHANNON 00:21:22
Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill
181 137 John HEALY 00:26:46
Roding Valley parkrun
61 11 Sandra PRESTON 00:26:00
105 34 Caroline MOORE 00:31:19
Valentines parkrun
47 40 Jimmy DALE 00:23:39
48 41 John O'BRIEN 00:23:41
51 43 Mounir DAHBI 00:23:53
53 45 Imran MUSTAK 00:23:59
69 11 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:24:57
80 13 Kathryn HERTZBERG 00:25:46
86 69 David TAYLOR 00:25:57
87 70 Jason LEVY 00:25:58
96 76 Liam DEMPSEY 00:26:21
141 34 Naimah RIAZ 00:29:06
218 65 Sarah LOCKLEY 00:33:52
245 78 May HAU 00:35:46
Wanstead Flats parkrun
15 14 Tom MARSHALL 00:20:10
27 26 Finbar SHEAHAN 00:21:41
128 23 Catriona HOULT 00:27:34
132 102 Scott MCMILLAN 00:27:52
135 104 Andrew HOWARD 00:27:59
148 32 Bernadett KALMAR 00:28:54
149 33 Alexandra RUTISHAUSER-PERERA 00:28:56
179 132 Viktor F SZABADI 00:30:23
210 55 Morag CAMPBELL 00:33:41
236 74 Sophie EDWARDS 00:35:06
250 82 Jane SCOTT 00:38:24
253 84 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:38:46
266 94 Vivienne EKA 00:50:07
Chester parkrun
133 93 Arthur DIAZ 00:32:45
Raphael parkrun
16 15 Amit MARKS 00:20:35
Walthamstow parkrun
14 14 James NICHOLS 00:21:05
61 51 Ford CADIOGAN 00:26:31
Roberts Park parkrun
130 30 Janet BYWATER 00:27:14
247 147 Steve BYWATER 00:32:56
Harleston Magpies parkrun
56 33 Don BENNETT 00:39:30
Grovelands parkrun, Enfield
147 99 George GEORGIOU 00:31:21
149 41 Diana REXHEPAJ 00:31:28
Harrow Lodge parkrun
12 11 Shahib ALI 00:21:26
Lyme Park parkrun
82 20 Clare Emery 00:42:38

Run Through Chase The Sun, Olympic Park 10km - Wednesday 19th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies33.52 pb1st1st
Scott Hemmens43.1747th44th
342 finishers.

Dunstable Downs Trail Half - Sunday 16th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alistair Baillie2.35.4393rd
123 finishers.

The One In The Park - Regents Park 10km - Sunday 16th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
John OBrien51.0651st of 130MV50 7th/14

Dorney Lake Standard Tri - Olympic Distance - Sunday 16th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Catriona Hoult3.20.16265th of 283
3.20.16 (swim 32.53, T1. 5.38, cycle 1.45.46, T2. 1.30, run 54.27) Overall 265/283.

First Olympic distance triathlon survived. I didn't drown, I didn't fall off my bike
and I was a bit quicker than my (very low) expectations on all three parts. I count
that as a win.
Though I did spill my very expensive coffee afterwards before I'd taken a single sip
because I put it on the roof of the car, opened the boot of the car and knocked it off.
Not a win!

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 15th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali18.50 course & parkrun pb27th - 70.88% Bushy
Jacob Stevens22.10* debut 13th - 64.96% Tsurumi Ryokuchi, Japan11th
Joshua Rees Davies17.07* debut2nd - 76.63% Cheltenham2nd
Daniel ODonoghue17.41* debut & 1st pb1st - 75.02% Pegwell Bay1st
Mark Moir21.56* debut10th - 59.27% Bramley9th
Imran Mustak29.20* debut40th - 46.53% Witton
Fiona Critchley25.25* debut68th - 72.20% Karkarook, Austr
Caroline Frith55.56* debut307th - 28.40% Blaise Castle
Grace Turner26.02 debut190th - 56.85% Finsbury
Jakub Czeczotka24.30 debut68th - 56.12% Crystal Palace
Simon Nash21.32 course pb19th - 67.41% Gunpowder
Betty Bohane22.29 debut29th - 66.49% Gunpowder2nd
Clare Stevens31.11 debut36th - 48.74% Beckton5th
Victoria Charlesworth29.44 debut85th - 57.06% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater28.10 debut84th - 66.04% Skipton
Kasia Stachowiak23.57 1st lady15th - 63.88% Las Aniolowski1st
Ciaran Canavan1.03.42 tailwalkert51st - Whakatane
Thomas Grimes20.135th - 69.08% Gladstone5th
Rachel Bailey26.1136th - 57.80% Woolacombe Dunes2nd
Viktor Szabadi27.008th - 58.40% Porchfield7th
Nick Hoult23.42 150th parkrun88th - Hackney
Katrina Betteridge24.2952nd - 61.81% Valentines4th
Robert Spread19.427th - 70.90% Wanstead7th
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
84 65 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:24
Hackney Marshes parkrun
194 49 Catriona HOULT 00:27:32
220 150 Grant CONWAY 00:28:49
Roding Valley parkrun
23 22 Jimmy DALE 00:22:42
87 22 Caroline MOORE 00:31:30
Valentines parkrun
14 13 Ashley FARIA 00:20:42
27 24 Calvin BOBIN 00:22:11
38 34 Darminder BHAMRA 00:23:14
73 62 Liam DEMPSEY 00:26:04
77 66 George GEORGIOU 00:26:12
86 11 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:31
93 76 Jason LEVY 00:26:50
138 22 Naimah RIAZ 00:30:23
213 53 May HAU 00:36:52
Wanstead Flats parkrun
13 12 Fernando ESPADA 00:21:11
100 21 Bernadett KALMAR 00:27:49
122 94 Scott MCMILLAN 00:29:17
125 96 Andrew HOWARD 00:29:26
166 55 Fiona DAY 00:33:02
Chester parkrun
245 176 Arthur DIAZ 00:33:48
Raphael parkrun
21 21 Amit MARKS 00:20:27
54 48 Clive STEPHENSON 00:22:57
Mile End parkrun
148 125 Ian BURROWS 00:24:41
Walthamstow parkrun
15 14 Alex PICKERING 00:20:50
20 19 Andrew BAXTER 00:21:27
93 22 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:30:11
122 78 Steve BYWATER 00:36:58
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
112 73 Frank BROWNLIE 00:34:22
Kesgrave parkrun
186 51 Katherine HARRIS 00:36:21
Victoria Dock parkrun
49 40 Peter HATLEY 00:22:30
88 68 John HEALY 00:25:48

Golden Stag Mile - Friday 14th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jakub Czeczotka5.53.321 mile

Asics London 10km - Sunday 9th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali39.14 pb440th417th
Jamie Xavier41.14730th676th
Paul Watkins45.191683rd1478th
Selina Vernal53.454741st1055th
Stuart Barton55.335552nd4157th
Samia Choudhury1.09.35 pb10,816th4335th
Tasnia Choudhury1.10.44 pb11,102nd4524th
13,420 finishers

Shahib Ali: ASICS London 10K - 39:14. I don't usually post about running topics unless it's marathon related but this feels like a real personal milestone. Absolutely thrilled to have recorded my first 10K time of less than 40 minutes in 12 years, yes, since July 2011, before wedding/kids, a lifetime away, I've been looking to reach this level for quite a while and finally it's happened again, didn't intend to get a time like this today, set off at a comfortable pace but splits of 3:39 and 3:31 for the 6th and 7th km instilled belief in me that today was the day and it felt smooth out there, negative split, sub-19 minutes for the last 5km, which is actually a 5K PB for me. I've been lucky to do lots of marathons but this sense of achievement is on a par with the marathons, need to try and kick on this time.

High Easter 10km - Sunday 9th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Michael Wilson48.36110th91st/152
Kirk Johnson1.02.54259th
306 finishers

Mike Reports.
I managed to persuade Kirk to accompany me to this race, and we are now off to Chipping Ongar for lunch.
A lovely route along narrow country roads, mainly flat with only a short hill in the last mile.
I predicted 48 mins and Kirk predicted 58. My time was just over a minute slower than my previous time at the Felsted 10k last July, which I am happy with.
I gave it everything but felt very achy on the day.
A very friendly race, good value for money and well organised by Nice Work. A good quality tee shirt instead of a medal at the end and a very enjoyable race overall.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 8th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Joshua Rees Davies17.07* debut & 1st1st - 76.63% Old Deer Park1st
Morag Campbell35.18* debut293rd - 48.06% Upton House
Ciaran Canavan22.58* debut32nd - 63.72% Lower Hutt
Lance Fuller26.10 debut63rd - 61.85% Lower Hutt
Ian Burrows24.09 debut112th - 60.11% Hackney
Amit Marks22.18 debut47th - 64.05% Hampstead Hth
Betty Bohane21.36 1st lady15th - 69.21% Thornbury1st
Grace Turner27.13 debut25th - 54.38% Beckton2nd
Matthew Powell22.59 debut104th - 61.71% Chelmsford Central
Joseph Gunn18.02 course pb6th - 72.74% Victoria Dock6th
Jakub Czeczotka19.59 course pb24th - 68.81% Victoria Dock
Ryan Friel16.42 debut & 1st1st - 79.44% Beacon1st
Clare Stevens30.38 debut49.62% Hereford
Andrew Howard27.03 debut100th - 60.32% Thames Path
Stuart Barton27.55 debut121st - 54.15% Thames Path
Caroline Frith22.09 1st lady18th - 71.71% Roding1st
Tim Aylett27.30 150th parkrun61st Roding Valley
Ashley Faria21.009th - 71.98% Valentines7th
Joseph Osakue18.40 course pb1st - 79.02% Wanstead1st
Kasia Stachowiak23.15 35th - 65.81% Wanstead2nd
James Nichols19.143rd - 70.45% Pymmes3rd
Fiona Critchley26.3841st - 68.90% Grt Notley8th
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
63 57 Martin QUINLAN 00:28:15
Hackney Marshes parkrun
43 33 Jonny SHAW 00:21:05
138 104 Samir YOUNSI 00:25:05
341 109 Sarah BURNS 00:33:41
342 110 Maya GOODWIN 00:33:42
Roding Valley parkrun
55 46 Jimmy DALE 00:26:24
97 24 Caroline MOORE 00:33:16
Valentines parkrun
47 38 Darminder BHAMRA 00:24:09
61 50 George GEORGIOU 00:25:23
80 14 Mary CONNOLLY 00:26:06
97 19 Bilkis ACHHA 00:27:03
103 22 Bernadett KALMAR 00:27:28
104 78 Imran MUSTAK 00:27:30
118 24 Molly PINKUS 00:28:12
123 92 Grant CONWAY 00:28:34
153 33 Natasha HOWARD 00:30:16
170 41 Naimah RIAZ 00:30:49
229 62 Sarah PASCAL 00:34:50
234 63 May HAU 00:35:08
271 168 Mark DURRANT 00:39:47
Wanstead Flats parkrun
100 15 Catriona HOULT 00:27:56
110 22 Kate BRETT 00:28:09
149 101 Scott MCMILLAN 00:29:55
153 42 Suzanne TAYLOR 00:30:04
172 114 Kieran BROWN 00:30:34
186 56 Fiona DAY 00:31:18
280 116 Sophie EDWARDS 00:45:44
281 117 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:45:45
Chester parkrun
238 174 Arthur DIAZ 00:34:15
Upton House parkrun
293 88 Morag CAMPBELL 00:35:18
Thornbury parkrun
15 1 Betty BOHANE 00:21:36
Mile End parkrun
22 21 Karan GADHIA 00:20:02
93 89 Shahib ALI 00:23:38
192 150 Liam DEMPSEY 00:27:48
357 125 Tasnia CHOUDHURY 00:36:45
Walthamstow parkrun
12 11 Alex PICKERING 00:20:36
35 29 Michael BAMFORD 00:23:55
106 21 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:31:06
112 25 Janet BYWATER 00:31:14
Springburn parkrun, Glasgow
77 51 Frank BROWNLIE 00:31:22
Lancaster parkrun
29 26 Paul MARSHALL 00:24:49
Victoria Dock parkrun
24 20 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:19:59
32 28 Mark MOIR 00:20:52
Felixstowe parkrun
111 17 Katherine HARRIS 00:26:09
Porch Field parkrun
19 12 Viktor F SZABADI 00:28:57
Pymmes parkrun
94 70 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:31:09
Harrow Lodge parkrun
19 18 Clive Stephenson 00:24:23
Castle Park parkrun
65 58 Neil Gage 00:25:24

Elvis 4: Ilford AC Newman Hilly 5, Chigwell Row - Wednesday 5th July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jose Rodriguez29.492nd - scorer
Ryan Friel30.443rd - scorer
Daniel ODonoghue32.308th - scorer
Paul Woodmansey32.3510th - scorer
Joseph Osakue33.0712th - scorer
Daniel Lee34.1917th - scorer
Karan Gadhia34.2618th
Alex Pickering34.3820th
James Nichols35.1827th
Amit Marks36.5942nd
Shahib Miah Ali37.0243rd
Jonathan Shaw37.1347th
Fernando Espada37.5353rd
Ava Lee38.0354th3rd - scorer
Ashley Faria38.4059th
Caroline Frith38.4961st5th - scorer
Mark Moir38.5162nd
Aaron Williams39.3269th
Jacob Stevens39.3770th
Jimmy Dale40.1179th
Betty Bohane40.1980th12th - scorer
Simon Nash40.3382nd
Calvin Bobin41.1086th
Becky Evans41.2389th15th - scorer
Peter Hatley41.2891st
Darminder Bhamra41.3293rd
Clive Stephenson42.2699th
Michael Wilson43.22106th
Cindy Koon43.27107th20th - scorer
Abdirahman Adan43.38109th
Samir Younsi43.50112th
Nathaniel Dye44.06118th
Catherine McMillan44.11119th23rd - scorer
Grant Conway44.52123rd
Catherine Perry45.28129th
John OBrien45.43132nd
Mark Durrant45.49134th
Ramesh Pala46.46142nd
Alistair Baillie46.56143rd
John Healy47.19147th
Katrina Betteridge47.53152nd
George Georgiou48.10157th
Mary Connolly48.14160th
Veronica Carrasco48.57168th
Catriona Hoult49.20169th
Grace Turner50.5650.56
Kasia Stachowiak50.04178th
Tim Aylett50.21180th
Kirk Johnson54.09201st
Fiona Day54.56204th
Caroline Moore55.02206th
Diana Rexhepaj55.44211th
Clare Stevens55.46212th
Ann Dunne56.43215th
Maya Goodwin56.57216th
Samia Choudhury1.03.48232nd

Chiltern Ridge Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Dixon1.53.5022nd
Sonia Cheadle3.23.18179th
182 finishers.

ATW Box End Aquabikus - Sunday 2nd July 2023

2.5k swim, t1, 77k cycle
1.00.32, 1.06, 3.21.52 = 4.23.31

Maya reports: Box End Aquabike. Part of the Centurion Triathlon, and so it was actually an 'AQUABIKUS' 2.5k swim, 77k bike.
The swim was lovely. The water was clear and the sky was sunny and bright. So sunny that I missed the GIANT inflatable triangle and had to swim back round it. So did the three people who were following me. Oops. (Never sight using another swimmer )
Out into transition - it wasn't speedy. I have a new bike computer and I thought I'd worked out how to start it. I forgot. So that wasted 30s.
Also. The man who came in after the swim was chatting to me. He was French. I know how many children he has, their ages, their bilingual abilities and that his he ages of his wife was at home while he raced.
On reflection, the level of information I have about this man would imply that I possibly wasn't at my speediest putting on my shoes and socks.
And then the bike. A lovely course, undulating though villages, I knew I was near the back, but I was being zen. Then at 30 miles a man overtook me. And then at 35 miles I realised I was being followed by the sweeper motorbike. Which made me less zen and more glum until I decided to pretend he was a media bike filming me because I was the race leader. I yelled at myself into the wind to 'COME ON MAYA' and raced the last 10 miles home. I was still last, but by less than a minute.
And the photo opportunities at the finish with centurion helmets were just awesome.

Alan Brown Kesgrave 10km - Sunday 2nd July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris55.59176th
291 finishers.

Banana Triathlon, Dorney Lake - Saturday 1st July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee2.47.1858th / 19255th / 98
1.5k swim 37.08, t1 3.26, 42.4k cycle 1.22.23, t2 2.07, 10k run 42.06 = 2.47.18

Orion Forest Five Series - Event 2, Chingford Plains. - Saturday 1st July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter35.0920th
Ramesh Pala45.3674th
Victoria Charlesworth50.4191st
107 finishers.

selected parkrun results - all venues - Saturday 1st July 2023

NameTimePositionGender Position
Fiona Critchley26.01* debut39th - 70.53% Corby6th
Stuart Barton26.28* debut43rd - 57.12% Corby
Richard Guest25.11* debut33rd - 58.57% Guernsey
Jonathan Wooldridge23.35* debut31st - 63.53% Cyclopark
Frank Brownlie34.07* debut68th - 53.00% Palacerigg Country
Marc Akers35.20* debut159th - 41.43% Abbey Park
Jimmy Dale23.31 debut111th - 56.77% Hackney
Becky Evans25.44 debut128th - 69.43% Rickmansworth
Catriona Hoult29.12 debut220th - 56.05% Rickmanworth
Terry Lewsey25.32 course pb53rd - 55,94% Rosliston
Shahib Miah Ali20.07 debut39th - 66.36% Fulham Palace
Mark Moir20.43 debut50th - 62.75% Fulham Palace
Katherine Harris30.47 debut33rd - 50.35% Alton Water5th
Andrew Howard27.01 debut61st - 60.39% Henlow Lakes
Arthur Diaz31.52 debut205th - 47.44% Fletcher Moss
Thomas Grimes19.55 1st man1st - 70.13% Sunny Hill
Peter Hatley22.54 debut21st - 63.90% Thetford
Ian Burrows22.31 course pb84th - 64.47% Mile End
Grace Turner28.29 debut169th - 51.96% Ally Pally
Joshua Rees Davies16.31 1st man1st - 79.41% Pymmes1st
Clare Stevens31.24 debut250th - 48.41% Maldon Prom
Matthew Powell26.00 debut16th - 54.55% Henley on Thames
Daniel ODonoghue19.35 course pb5th - 67.74% Walthamstow4th
Stuart Kelly19.006th - 71.32% Valentines6th
Cindy Koon23.05 99th parkrun36th - 71.77% Valentines3rd
John OBrien23.35 course pb44th - 65.16% Valentines
Ryan Friel17.222nd - 76.39% Wanstead2nd
Joseph Osakue18.597th - 77.70% Wanstead6th
Caroline Frith22.12 1st lady30th - 71.55% Wanstead1st
Fiona Day58.14 tailwalker288th - Wanstead
Tom Howourth19.288th - 67.04% Exeter Riverside5th
Diana Rexhepaj31.2937th - Beckton9th
Betty Bohane21.2739th - Lordship RG9th
Lance Fuller26.4014th Whatakane10th
Ciaran Canavan56.40 tailwalker42nd - Whatakane18th
Valentines parkrun
33 30 Tim LE RASLE 00:22:50
44 40 John O'BRIEN 00:23:35
51 46 Darminder BHAMRA 00:23:59
80 68 George GEORGIOU 00:25:53
92 11 Bilkis ACHHA 00:26:40
94 78 John HEALY 00:26:49
106 17 Katrina BETTERIDGE 00:27:44
109 86 Mark DURRANT 00:27:48
199 41 May HAU 00:33:15
Wanstead Flats parkrun
16 15 Amit MARKS 00:20:39
17 16 Mark WYATT 00:20:53
146 101 Scott MCMILLAN 00:28:59
151 42 Kasia STACHOWIAK 00:29:07
208 126 David WYATT 00:32:39
278 120 Sophie EDWARDS 00:42:31
279 121 Elizabeth O'DONNELL 00:43:02
Roundshaw Downs parkrun
80 64 Martin QUINLAN 00:29:03
Hackney Marshes parkrun
93 78 Shanavaz MALAYODU 00:22:51
272 82 Julie CAMPBELL 00:29:17
Highbury Fields parkrun
278 209 Jakub CZECZÓTKA 00:26:36
California Country parkrun
124 45 Kathy MORRISSEY 00:31:37
Pymmes parkrun
103 80 Andy BOLDERSTONE 00:31:13
Mile End parkrun
84 70 Ian BURROWS 00:22:31
Walthamstow parkrun
13 12 Alex PICKERING 00:20:39
14 13 James NICHOLS 00:21:07
94 17 Janet BYWATER 00:27:29
Thetford parkrun
21 18 Peter HATLEY 00:22:54
Lancaster parkrun
54 48 Paul MARSHALL 00:24:47
Harleston Magpies parkrun
62 32 Don BENNETT 00:40:24
Porchfield parkrun
20 15 Victor Szabadi 00:26:52
Roding Valley parkrun
67 54 Tim AYLETT 00:28:22
87 21 Caroline MOORE 00:32:29