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London Marathon 2013

Virgin London Marathon 2013 - Report

East London Runners have 22 competing at London Marathon with four finishing in the top 500!

Thomas Grimes 2.40.57 pb 204th
Ciaran Canavan 2.43.20 pb
Manjit Bedi 2.48.20 pb
Patrick Brown 2.48.59 pb
Danny Lee 2.53.14 pb
James Wilson 3.08.37 pb
Andrew Baxter 3.10.03 pb
Ava Lee 3.13.25 pb
Mark Boulton 3.19.05
Allan Todd 3.22.23 debut
Richard Guest 3.37.07 pb
Michael Wilson 3.42.11
Robert Heppell 3.46.07
Richard Potter 3.56.33 pb
Lucy Leddy 3.58.26 debut
Jamie Xavier 4.06.25
Tom Woods 4.10.03
Dave Knight 4.12.23
Sheila Kennedy 4.14.33 pb
Tom Edworthy 4.49.41 debut
Harsh Pershad 5.29.58 pb
Jim Bird 7.46.41

As can be seen above there were many other personal bests recorded as well as fine debuts in what was an excellent day for East London Runners and its endurance athletes.

The morning dawned bright but cold as the ELR competitors met early to travel together to the start in Greenwich Park.

At Greenwich park on the way to the Marathon start.

Similarly Pam and Don were up early and away to St Mathias Church Hall, close by the 20 mile Water Feed Station, with the food and beverage for the Marshalls and Volunteers at the Water Station.

Ciaran Canavan,Thomas Grimes, Manjit Bedi, Patrick Brown, Mark Boulton and Danny Lee at Greenwich Park before the start.

There was a chill in the air despite the cloudless conditions leading to a warmer afternoon. The benefits of this were felt by the faster runners and ELR did not disappoint, with the first 5 home breaking the 3 hour time barrier (15 went under 4 hours) and all with personal bests. Championship times were recorded by Thomas and Ciaran and similarly by our first Lady finisher Ava. Manjit Bedi excelled with an Age Related figure of 81.4% in finishing in 2;48:20 pb.

Manjit in full flow.

East London Runners volunteers at the 20 Mile Water Station prior to the race.

Those who helped on the water station and the Church Hall had a great day too and it was good to see so many members, families and friends enjoying both the occasion and the fine weather.

Patrick, Danny, Thomas and Ciaran celebrate after the race in the Ship and Shovell.

VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON - Sunday 21st April 2013 Help required at the Water Feed Station.

20 mile Water Feed Station. The Drinks Station is jointly organised by East London Runners and the London Fire Brigade. You are welcome to bring family and friends along with you, but please note that this event is not really suitable for children under 10 years old.

We also require some members for a few hours on the Saturday between 9.30am and 12 noon approx to help in setting up the scaffolding and other items required for the station. Please advise Frank if you can attend.

For the 9th year we will be located adjacent to Tower Hamlets College, Poplar High Street, London E14 0EF.

Parking is limited, try the roads to the north of Poplar High St, but you may get blocked in by the closed roads. Please use Docklands Light Railway and get off at Poplar. Come down the stairs or lifts and pass between the College and Sports Centre. See location on this map. - www.mapometer.com/en/running/route_1118415.html

Most helpers arrive around 9am but we also require some to be there at 7.30/7.45am so that they can help set up, although any help at anytime would be appreciated. We have 40,000 bottles of water to distribute and set out ready for the expected 34,000 runners.

Although the roads are closed there will be some traffic official or local moving through the station. Please be alert and keep the road clear at all times. Competitors will follow the blue line on the road showing the shortest route. Please be careful with the sharp knives provided to cut open the packaging and do not overload the tables as they may collapse (2 layers only).

Setting up: we will have between 150-200 people helping out, divided between 12 tables. Each table will have an experienced table captain to co-ordinate things. The water station will be set up on both sides of the road, over a distance of 150m.

Clothing: We always hope for good weather, but bring waterproofs in case. All ELR helpers will receive Nestle shirts and hats as usual. Please wear them.

Refreshments/toilets: These are provided in the nearby St Mathias Church Hall, where we will provide a buffet (which is free for all helpers), tea and coffee and access to toilets.

Clearing up: We try our best to clear up at the end, many hands make light work and your help will mean this unpopular job can be completed in the shortest time possible. Bags, bins, brooms and shovels available.

Running or Helping? - Afterwards you have to make your own way home. However, if you have the energy you can meet some of the Club Members/Marathon Runners for a post race drink at the Ship and Shovel Pub, 1-3, Craven Passage, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 5PH.1-3 , Craven Passage, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 5PH. For location see this link www.fancyapint.com/pubs1088.php

Minibuses for London Marathon

Don has arranged an 8 & 16 seater minibuses to pick-up runners from Wanstead Leisure Centre at 7.15am and an additional pick-up at the Green Man roundabout at 7.30am and drop off at Manchester Rd/Island Gardens DLR to use the foottunnel to Greenwich Park and the nearby walk to Blackheath.
Places are strictly limited to 24, but I will keep a reserve list in case anyone drops out through injuries. Cost will be £5.00 on a first come , first served basis. Contact the webmaster or see the list on the Facebook page if interested.
Please add your name to the list in the Race Entries page if you're not already on it. On board Andrew Baxter, Manjit Bedi, Jim Bird, Mark Boulton, Patrick Brown, Ciaran Canavan , Thomas Grimes, Richard Guest, Sheila & Lorcan Kennedy, Lucy Leddy + 1, Ava & Danny Lee, Harsh Pershad ,Richard Potter, Michael Rose, Tara Syed, Allan Todd, James Wilson, Michael Wilson, Tom Woods and Dave Knight.
I need a coach captain at Wanstead Leisure Centre to take charge that morning and need payments and pick-up points soon.

Harsh Pershad - London - Leonard Cheshire Disability


Sheila & Lorcan - London 2013 - St Clare's Hospice

Sheila & Lorcan are running for St Clare's Hospice (Hastingwood)


Manjit Bedi - London 2013 - Brain & spine.

Manjit is running as part of the Daily Telegraph Brain & Spine campaign. Sponsors welcome at www.justgiving.com/brainandspine/donate

Jim Bird - London 2013 - MACS

www.virginmoney giving.com/JimBird Jim Bird is running for MACS (Micro and Anophthalmic Children's Society.

Richard Guest - London 2013 - MacMillan Cancer Support

Richard is running for MacMillan Cancer Support and can be sponsored at www.justgiving.com/richardguest73

Katherine Harris - Brighton 2013 - Hill House Nursing Home

Katherine is running for her nan's nursing home, Hill House Nursing Home. Contact the webmaster or Katherine on facebook to pledge any donations or pay to Don on any Wednesday evening.

Will Pearce - Brighton 2013 - DKH Legacy Trust.

Will is running Brighton and raising funds for The Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust. Find him at www.virginmoneygiving.com/willpearce81

Allan Todd - London 2013 - Childrens Society

http://www.justgiving.com/Allan-Todd1 Allan is running for The Childrens Society.

Mark Wyatt - Brighton 2013 - Breast Cancer Care


Jamie Xavier - London 2013 - Spinal Research

http://www.justgiving.com/overandout Jamie is running his 4th and final marathon.

22 mile London Marathon Reccy Run - 9am Sunday March 31st 2013.

From our Friends at East End Road Runners! - Sunday 31st March 2013.
East End Road Runners 22 mile London Marathon Reccy Run.
Inaugural Pilot Event
When: 9am Sunday March 31st 2013.

Where: The first 22 miles of the Virgin London Marathon Course.
[Greenwich to Shadwell]

Who: For anyone that would like a 'taster' run on the London Marathon course.
[event is also open to Half marathon runners who can stop at 12-14 miles and 10K runners stopping at 6.5 miles]

Cost: £3 suggested contribution towards water and energy bars.

Information: The run will be led by experienced run leaders in several different pace groups for those aiming at breaking certain times for their Marathon. [3:30 - 8 min pace / 3:45 - 8:35 min pace / 4:00 - 9.10 min pace / 4:30 - 10.20 min pace / 5:00 - 11.27 pace]

The meeting location is outside the Cutty Sark DLR station at 9am. Runners in their groups will then move over to Greenwich Park for a warm up and briefing. The run will start from the same place as the mass marathon start at the top of the hill by the Royal Observatory at the same time as the event start - 9.45am.

There will be water stops at 6.5 miles / 11.5 miles / 14 miles / 16.5 miles / 19 miles / 22 miles. The run goes past numerous LUL / DLR / overground stations. All participants will receive a map with safety instructions and emergency contact details. Runners are free to leave at any station on letting the group leader know they are stopping.

For more details and to register interest please contact vlm@eerr.org.uk

Results of Club Marathon ballot for places

The Club is anticipating having 10 places in next years Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 21st April 2013. There were 22 Club members who were eligible for the ballot which was drawn on Wednesday 7th November 2013 at 6.50pm prior to the club run.

The names were drawn out in the following order.

Top Ten
1. Mike Wilson
2. Richard Guest
3. Steven Bywater
4. Frank Brownlie
5. Tom Woods
6. Sheila Kennedy
7. Michael Rose
8. Tara Syed
9. Rob Heppell
10. Richard Potter

Reserve List
11. Ramesh Pala
12. Caroline Meaby
13. Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea
14. Shahib Ali
15. Mark Wyatt
16. Matt Dean
17. Peter Hatley
18. David Wyatt
19. Jim Bird
20. Dan Spinks
21. George Georgiou
22. Carlton D'Souza

Virgin London Marathon 21st April 2013

The public ballot entry system for the 2013 Virgin London Marathon opened and closed within 24 hours. Ballot results were issued on Friday 27th September 2012 .
Should you have been unsuccessful you can apply through a Charity for a place although you will have to commit to raising a significant sum of money. You may also qualify as good for age. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE GOOD FOR AGE QUALIFICATIONS!

As members of England Athletics/UKA East London Runners receive a small number of places in addition to those we receive for co-hosting the 20 mile Water Feed Station with London Fire Brigade.

The Club draw for places in the Virgin London Marathon 2013 will take place on Wednesday evening 7th November 2012 at 6.50pm. Only those members who fulfil the following rules will be entered in the ballot.

1. Open to members where East London Runners is their first claim club.
2. Fully paid up Club member by 1st July 2012.
3. Applied in the public ballot and was rejected by VLM for 2013.
4. Can provide proof to the Club of being rejected by VLM 2013. Proof by
way of rejection slip/letter or e.mail from VLM 2013. Word of mouth is unacceptable. Providing the rejection magazine is also unacceptable.

5. Member to advise that they wish to be in the ballot and provide proof, as 4. above, by 6/11/2012.
6. The draw for the Club places will take place on Wednesday 7th November 2012 at 6.50pm prior to the Club run.