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Virgin London Marathon 2011 - Reports and photos

With 9 runners dropping out through injury in the weeks and months leading up to this year's Marathon a total of 34 East London Runners stood on the start line on Sunday. As you can read below all 34 crossed the finish line with each one completing a remarkable personal achievement.

Also on the Marathon course were a large number of their fellow Club members, who together with family and friends, helped on manning the ELR ELite 25k Special Drinks Station and with the London Fire Brigade the 20 mile Water Feed Station.

ELR members at the 20 mile Water Station.

A special thanks to Pam and Don Bennett for organising and arranging the food and drink for all the helpers and marshalls in the Church Hall and to Peter Cowup and the Fire Brigade helpers on the 20 mile station.

Clive Jackson, Roger Dixon, John Atkinson and Doug Mansell who with Derek Wright organised and manned the Elite Runners 25k Feed Station on West Ferry Road for the Club.

Congratulations to Jim Bird in completing his 26th London Marathon

Manjit Bedi - This was a PB for me by 18 minutes from the Halstead marathon last year. Since gaining my place in August all my training was focused for this race to get a sub 3 hour time, so I am very pleased. I thought the conditions were quite tough in terms of the heat and on top of that I have never been as nervous about a race as this one, glad it's all over till next year.

Clare Fitzpatrick - Well done everyone, nearly killed me, can't believe we did it, what am I going to talk about now...xxx

Sarah Burns at the Water Station - You guys are amazing well done I can't wait to run it next year. I've managed to lose my voice shouting at people from the water station but it was real priviledge to see you guys looking so good at 20 miles.

Kirsty Weston - Didn't quite sub 4 hrs, heat got the better of me, have to make do with 4.01.38....thanks for everyones support on the day and all the texts, emails and facebook posts...so far I've made over £1,100 for my charity!

A Proud Kirsty with her marathon medal shortly after finishing.

Tricia O'Neill, Frank, Roberto Bruni and Dave. In front Priya Patel and Trish Kelly. Enjoying a drink outside the Ship and Shovell, Dave Knight's favourite post marathon watering hole where he recommends a pint or two of Tangle Foot, purely for recovery purposes of course!

To read more reports please click here

London Marathon & Coach : Good Luck to all our runners. Still room!!!

This year we have booked a 33 seater coach for the London Marathon runners. Meeting at Wanstead Leisure Centre at 7.30am and an additional pick up at ONeills,Green Man roundabout at 7.45am. The coach will drop off at Island Gardens DLR to either use the foot tunnel to Cutty Sark or the DLR (FREE to all competitors). Its usually a great way for the 1st timers who might be a little nervous to go with the regular runners and get to there starting points. Cost will be £5.00 for members. Currently have 28 places already booked , first come first served if you want a place.Already booked and the charities they are running for are:
Links to there charities are further down the page
Meeting at the Centre:
Frances Branch - Ability Bow
Kelly King - United Response
Clare Waugh- Bacchus - Ability Bow
Carinee Jay - Clic Sargent
Jayne Browne - Clic Sargent
Tricia Oneill
Tara Syed - Teenager Cancer Trust
Katrina Dixon
Sarah Rowling
Susannah McLaren - Richard House Childrens Hospice
Laura Thrower
Victoria Elliot
Priya Patel - Mental Health Foundation
Grant Conway - National Autistic Society
Jim Bird - VICTA Visually Impaired Children Taking Action
Abdirahman Adan
Manjit Bedi
Daniel Levicki - Drugsline
Paul Charters
Mark Boulton - MIND
Thomas Swanson (Mark's freind)
Michael Wilson (Coach Captain) - Great Ormond Street Hospital
At ONeills,Green Man roundabout
Kirsty Weston - British Retina Pigmentosa Society
Juliet Perry
Rachel Coombs - National Autistic Society
Dave Knight - Dale Jacobs Memorial Trophy
Tom Lawrence
Thomas Whitney - Amnesty International

Places are still available please contact the Webmaster or Don on Facebook. Michael Wilson will be in charge of the coach on the morning, so when you arrive please check in and board so the coach can proceed to the Green Man.

Also running are:
Frank Brownlie
David Foster - Prostate Cancer Charity
Jamie Xavier - Spinal Research
Andrew Rich
Aime Bagshaw
Julie Onwekugu
Louisa Tock
Mandip Ranu

a couple of ex members who moved away:
Katherine Franklin - Water Aid
John May - Dyslexia Action

And a special mention for Rob Heppell running on Monday in Boston.
Links to all these charities are below.
Good Luck to all our marathon runners this weekend

Well done to our marathon runner's last weekend

Andrew Baxter at Brighton 3.17.27
Katherine Jones at Brighton suffered with heat and dehydration and failed to finish.
Caroline Meaby at Brighton in a pb 4.16.15 despite the heat.
Patrick Farren in Paris in 4.03.27.
Tom Woods in Paris in 5.36.03.
And finally an amazing time from John Atkinson in Milan in 4.36.25 after minimal training.
Well done to you all.
For full results and reports see our results page.

Post Marathon reunions at The Ship & Shovell

After the race you may be meeting family or going to some post race party for some food or a massage if you're running for a charity. East London Runners have a regular meet at The Ship & Shovell,1 - 3 Craven Passage,Charing Cross,London WC2N 5PH near the Embankment Arches. Some members from the Feed Station make the journey also. For location see this link www.mapmeter.com/en/running?route_1116113.html and more details here www.fancyapint.com/pubs1088.php

Virgin London Marathon - Sunday 17th April 2011 - Drink Station Briefing - East London Runners

From Don Bennett - I am sending you this letter either because you have already offered to help staff the Drinks Station at Poplar High St, London E14 or you have helped out in previous years.

The Drinks Station is jointly organised by East London Runners and the London Fire Brigade. You are welcome to bring family and friends along with you, but please note (given the safety issues below) that this event is not suitable for children under 10 years old.

For the seventh year we will be located adjacent to Tower Hamlets College(see enclosed map). This is the 20 mile point on the course and will means that we will finish about 2.30pm. Geoff Clennell will once again be providing a sound system to add to he local atmosphere. And Peter Cowup will add the "scintillating" commentary.

Parking is limited, try the roads to the north of Poplar High St, but you may get blocked in by the closed roads. Please use Docklands Light Railway and get off at Poplar. Come down the stairs or lifts and pass between the College and Sports Centre. See location on this map. - www.mapometer.com/en/running/route_1118415.html

Please try to arrive by 9.00am so that you can help set up. We have 40,000 bottles of water to distribute and set out ready for the expected 34,000 runners.

Safety - please read: Although the roads are closed there will be some traffic official or local moving through the station. Please be alert and keep the road clear at all times. Competitors will follow the blue line on the road showing the shortest route. Please be careful with the sharp knives provided to cut open the packaging and do not overload the tables as they may collapse (2 layers only).

Setting up: we will have between 150-200 people helping out, divided between 12 tables. Each table will have an experienced table captain to co-ordinate things. The water station will be set up on both sides of the road, over a distance of 150m.

Clothing: We always hope for good weather, but bring waterproofs in case. All ELR helpers will receive Nestle shirts and hats as usual. Please wear them.

Refreshments/toilets: These are provided in St Mathias Church hall, where we will provide a buffet (which is free for all helpers), tea and coffee and access to toilets.

Security: We have had a problem in the past with theft of water,but the fencing has addressed this. If you experience any problems let the stage area know immediately, so that appropriate response or police can be involved. If you have any valuables please take care. Do not hide them under tables, they will get wet. And once the tables run out of water, the tables will be folded up and cleared. Some valuables can be kept at the hall and locked up there.

Clearing up: We try our best to clear up at the end, many hands make light work and your help will mean this unpopular job can be completed in the shortest time possible. Bags, bins, brooms and shovels available.

Fire Brigade: This is the 11th year the Brigade has been involved at the feed station, their help is appreciated and they use the chance to promote alarms and fire safety messages to the local community in the borough of Tower Hamlets.

Many thanks for your help and have a good day.
Don Bennett

List of club members running marathons this year.

This year we have over 50 members running the Marathon distance. Here they all are with most ,39 members running London. We also have runners in Rome 20/3, Brighton, Milan and Paris 10/4 , London 17/4, Boston 18/4 , Shakespeare 8/5, Edinburgh 22/5 and Stockholm 28/5. Good Luck to all of them . Several of them have links to the charities they are supporting. Please feel free to support them .

Jim Bird

Running his 26th London.Raising funds for VICTA. Visually Impaired Children Taking Action.

Mark Boulton

Running London. Has previously ran Dublin in 2007 in 4.42 and hoping for a PB. Mark is running for MIND raising funds in memory of his cousin Michael who suffered with mental illness before his death.Aiming to raise £1,600.Sponsorship would be most grateful.

Frances Branch

1st Marathon for Frances running London with her sisters,twin's Kelly & Clare. Ability Bow provides inclusive fitness facilities and expert help from their friendly and highly qualified Instructors. Ability Bow strive to attract people to the finess facility who have never used a gym before, or who would not normally take part in exercise. Ability Bow particularly focus on people who have disabilities or those who would not be able to afford to use a gym. Frances has decided to run for Ability Bow as it is such a small local charity who are not greatly recognised and need all the help and support it can get.All donations welcome.

Kelly King

1st London for Kelly. Running with her 2 sister's Frances and Clare. Kelly is running for United Response , which is a charity that looks after people with Special Educational Needs. United Response is a UK charity that supports people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and physical disabilities to live in the community, across England and Wales. Sponsors welcome.

Clare Waugh- Bacchus

Running her 1st Marathon with her 2 sisters Frances & Kelly. Clare also is running for Ability Bow a local charity based in the East End of London. Ability Bow helps people with disabilities or long-term health conditions to take part in exercise.They aim to help people become stronger, more independent and self-confident. Disabled people and people with one or more health conditions face significant barriers to exercise. Ability Bow provides one-to-one support, raising self confidence and motivation, and encourages each individual to make healthy lifestyle changes. In these uncertain financial times the smaller LOCAL charities are the ones who need the most support.I appreciate any contributions.

Patrick Brown

Running the Shakespeare Marathon in Stratford Upon Avon on 8th May 2011.Patrick has previously run in Berlin, Edinburgh and Cork with a best time of 3.42. Hoping for a PB.Raising money for Whipps Cross Stroke Services.

Jayne Browne

1st Marathon for Jayne running for CLIC Sargent the childrens cancer charity. Jayne has already raised £900 through a quiz night and other sponsorship with £900 to be matched by her employer.

Sarah Burns - Withdrawn injured.

Sarah's 1st London but aiming to improve on her debut marathon time of 4hrs 22mins in Brighton last year.Sarah is also doing an Ironman 70.3 and is raising funds for the British Heart Foundation.All sponsors welcome.

Grant Conway

Grant's 1st Marathon is raising funds for The National Autistic Society.You can sponsor Grant.

Rachel Coombs

Rachel's debut marathon was in London 2007 in 4.28.06. Rachel is running for The National Autistic Society.Any donations welcome.

David Foster

David is completing his 25th Marathon this year in London. Previously he has completed 2 Liverpool,3 Snowdonia,a St Albans,a Pennine and 17 London's. David started walking/jogging over short distances 23 years ago as an aid to give up smoking.David has been a member since 1993. His best time is 4hrs 11mins, his worst 5hrs 21mins.This year hoping around 5 hours.Running number 1267. David is seeking sponsorship for the Prostate Cancer Charity and hoping to raise £2,000.He is doing well so far with well over half promised.Any more donations welcome.

Katherine Harris - withdrawn injured

Katherine has decided to defer her entry to next year but is still hoping to do Edinburgh in May. Katherine has previously run Brighton and Dublin with a 4.49.38 PB at last year's Dublin. Hoping for a PB this year.

Katherine Jones

Brighton is Katherine's 3rd Marathon on the 10th April following last year's race in a PB of 4.07.02.Running for Dan's Fund for Burns with a target of £1,000.Sponsors welcome.Katherine failed to finish due to the intense heat and dehydration.But is hoping to do Dublin later in the year.

Dave Knight

Dave's 9th London following his knee op last year. Dave is running this year for the Dale Jacobs Memorial Trophy which is a trust fund raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support and St Marks Hospital.Dale Jacobs was a young Leyton Orient fan who sadly succumbed to cancer at the young age of 26 in 2008.
Dave will be looking forward to a well deserved pint of Badger in The Ship And Shovell close by after the race. Look out for him in his Orient kit.

Daniel Levicki

Daniel is running London 2011. He is raising sponsorship for Drugsline.

Susannah McLaren

Running her 1st London.And as she says "probably my last judging by how my legs feel" is running for Richard House Children's Hospice. All donations kindly received.

Priya Patel

1st Marathon for Priya. Running for Mental Health Foundation and aiming to raise £1,000. All donations welcome.

Helen Ringham

Running Stockholm Marathon on the 28th May.

Darren Speedy

Running Stockholm Marathon on the 28th May.

Tara Syed

Running her 2nd London Marathon and then Edinburgh on the 22nd May.Ran London & Dublin last year in 5.00.15. Tara is raising money for the Teenager Cancer Trust. All donations welcome.

Kirsty Weston

After over 10 years of running in many races, Kirsty is at last running her 1st London Marathon.Kirsty is running in aid of Retinitis Pigmentosa which is a hereditary eye problem which has affected many members of Kirsty's family.

Thomas Whitney

The Thomas Odyssey Pt 7 is the final race of a 7 race series raising funds for Amnesty International. Amnesty International is celebrating 50 years this year and there cause is as important today as its ever been. The series is London 2005, Melbourne 2006, Dublin 2007, Berlin 2008, New York 2009, Paris 2010 and finally back to London 2011.

Michael Wilson

15th London for our Club Secretary.Michael has previously run 14 London's and 1 Dublin Marathon. His PB is 3.06 and this year he is running for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Tom Woods

4 Marathon's lined up so far with Khon Kaen,Thailand ran on 23rd January in 4.41.01. Followed by Rome 5.07.36 on Mar 20th and Paris 5.36.03 on 10th April.Next is Edinburgh on the 22nd May.

Jamie Xavier

London is Jamie's 2nd Marathon following his debut in London 2010 in 4.08.This year he is running for Spinal Research with a target of £1,700. See his page on virginmoneygiving if you want to make a donation.

Ex members doing London 2011

A couple of ex members running this year

Katherine Franklin

Ex Member Katherine moved back to Ruislip last year and is running her 1st London this year for Water Aid.Looking for a target of £500 you can sponsor Katherine on www.justgiving.com/Katherine-Franklin

John May

Ex Member John May moved to Oxfordshire and is running for Dyslexia Action to raise £1,000. www.justgiving.com/johncmay

London Marathon Training Logs - January 2011

Grant, Karen and Frank about to start a recent Club run!

Grant Conway
Grant joined the Club in November 2008 and has greatly improved his running distances and times since then. VLM 2011 will be his first Marathon and he is raising funds for The National Autistic Society through
A typical January 2011 training week was to Sunday 16th January 2011 - 91 days to go. Had a good week total of 43 miles.
Sunday - 10 miles tempo run.
Monday - 6 miles speed run
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - 14 miles (inc ELR run), include 7 miles speed work.
Thursday/Friday - Rest, would normally do track session on Friday night with ELR.
Saturday - 13 miles in Hainault Forest with Stuart and Karen, tough hills.
You can follow Grant's running blog at http://grantlondonmarathon2011.blogspot.com/

Karen Levison
Karen is a long standing member of the Club having joined in 1989. She has been the leading female runner for many years now and while this is her third marathon the last one was in Dublin in 2001 when she ran her best time of 3hrs 38min. She is prodigious trainer and cross trains weekly.
A typical weekly schedule for Karen is as follows.
Sunday - Alternate either easy forest 5 miles or road run up to 12 miles plus Body Pump and Spin class!
Monday - Evening - Body Pump class, 5-6 mile tempo run and a 45 minute Spinning class.
Tuesday - Body Pump Class or rest.
Wednesday - Morning, Spinning Class and 3-5 mile easy run. Evening - Club run plus extra 6 or 7 miles added on before/after.
Thursday - Spinning Class.
Friday - Track session or rest day.
Saturday - Alternate between 7.5m - 12.5 mile hilly forest run and steady 6 mile road run.
One rest day per week, alternating either Tuesday or Friday.

Frank Brownlie
Joined ELR in 2003 to train for London Marathon. Completed 4 London's since then, older but faster each time! Best time was 2009 - 4hrs 4mins 59secs. Hoping to break 4 hours this year if he can keep injury free. Has stepped up his training this month.
Sunday 16th Jan - 8.5 mile hilly forest run
Monday - 6.2 mile Club run.
Tuesday - 11 mile hilly forest run.
Wednesday - Spinning class am. Club run 6.7 mile tempo.
Thursday - Rest day.
Friday - Track session, short relay session, 3 miles.
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - Benfleet 15

Also competing in the Virgin London Marathon 2011 will be Jim Bird.
This will be Jim's 26th London and we wish him well in both his training and on the day. Jim is running on behalf of the Children's Charity VICTA,visually impaired children taking action. www.victa.org.uk
You can also sponsor Jim at

Are you running in a Marathon in 2011? Are you running for Charity? Do you have a story to tell? Would you like your story published in the next Newsletter and/or local paper? Contact the Webmaster as below?

VLM 2011 - Club ballot for places.

The Club ballot for places in the VLM 2011 took place at 7pm on Wednesday 1st December 2010 at Wanstead Leisure Centre.

We are expecting to receive a total of 9 places for the Marathon.

There were 16 members who were eligible and entered in the ballot.

The following members were picked from the "hat". Places will be allocated in the following order as we receive them.

1. Sarah Merrick
2. Mike Wilson
3. Tara Syed
4. Natalie Dale
5. Karen Levison
6. Frank Brownlie
7. Andrea Middleton
8. Tom Lawrence
9. Julie Onwukegu


10. Andrew Rich
11. Katherine Harris
12. Dave Knight

Other members who were in the draw and were unsuccessful:
13. Jaime Towns
14. Jim Bird
15. Manjit Singh
16. Grant Conway

Virgin London Marathon - 17th April 2011

At the Club Annual General Meeting on 3rd March 2010 the following was decided in respect of the Club ballot for places to run in the VLM 2011.

1. Open to members where East London Runners is their first claim club.
2. Fully paid up member by 1st July the year prior to the year the marathon is being held. i.e. 1/07/10 for April 2011 Marathon.
3. Applied in the public ballot and was rejected by VLM for 2011.
4. Can provide proof to the Club of being rejected by VLM 2011. Proof by
way of rejection slip/letter or e.mail from VLM 2011.
5. Member to advise that they wish to be in the ballot by 30/11/2010.
6. The draw will take place on Wednesday 1st December 2010.

East London Runners

Virgin London Marathon - 17th April 2011

2011 Virgin London Marathon UK & Overseas ballot systems close in record time.
The ballot opened on 4th May 2010.
The UK ballot system closed in a record 1 day, 2 days quicker than last year, when it reached 125,000 applicants. The Overseas ballot system also closed in record time having reached 5,500.

Applicants will be notified whether they have been successful or not in securing a place in the 2011 Virgin London Marathon in early October 2010.


For many years the London Marathon’s Public Ballot System has included an opportunity to claim a guaranteed place to those runners who have entered the ballot on five consecutive occasions and been rejected each time.

Due to a significant increase in applications since the ballot entry system went online (125,000 in 2010), we are unable to continue to offer this opportunity in future years and will phase out the offer of a guaranteed place over the next five years.

However, all runners who entered the ballot in 2009 and 2010, and were rejected both times, will be given an opportunity to pre-enter the ballot for the 2011 Virgin London Marathon via an email link that will be sent to them in the week commencing April 19th 2010. The opportunity to pre-enter will remain open until April 30th.

These runners will continue to be offered a guaranteed entry if they are rejected from the ballot on five consecutive occasions. Once they are successful in gaining a place this benefit will cease.

If you have received an email from us about priority registration please follow the links and use the username and password provided to access the ballot entry system and complete your application now.

Access to the ballot entry system between 19-30th April 2010 is restricted to those people in receipt of a priority registration invitation. If you have not received an invitation you can still enter via the public ballot system.

The public ballot system for the 2011 Virgin London Marathon will open to all other applicants on Tuesday May 4th 2010.

The ballot system will close when 125,000 applications have been received.

The overseas ballot system will also open on Tuesday May 4th 2010.