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London Marathon 2010

Virgin London Maraathon 2010

Ciaran Canavan 3.05.38. Having missed 4 weeks training in March due to injury, I decided that I was simply going to enjoy the day, and to give it my best shot depending on how I felt. When the race started, I managed to find my pace and stick to it, crossing the halfway marker in 1:30:27. I knew though that it was going to be difficult to keep this pace up as my legs were already telling me that they were tired. Another 13.1 miles to go, how could I cope? By Mile 16, the demons in my head were telling me I needed to walk, but I pushed on and continued to run. Seeing the ELR guys at the Mile 20 Water Station was an incredible boost, giving me a surge of energy as I raced through! From there I knew it was only 10K to go. I was homeward bound, but this would be the hardest 10K of my life. I didn’t beat last year’s time, but came incredibly close on 3:05:38. Having now discovered that my time qualifies me for ‘Good for age’ Entry in 2011, I’ve been on cloud nine ever since!"

Suzanne Bench 3.51.14. "There were significantly more runners than previous years and it was difficult to run the first few miles due to the sheer number of people. I was anxious to achieve my desired finish time! On the plus side, the crowd were fantastic and seemed to line the whole route and provided really enthu siastic support. The first half flew by and I really enjoyed it. Getting to the 20 mile mark where the club and my family were at the water station was a high point and kept me going as things were getting tough. Passing the 23 mile mark which runs parallel to the 13 mile mark was another significant point, reminding me of how much I had achieved when most people now passing that way were walking. Crossing the finish in 3h.51mins (6 minutes quicker than my previous time) felt brilliant and I was rewarded with a bottle of champagne and my husbands' ambulance car to drive me home!!

20 mile Water Feed Station
Thanks to all those Members and their Friends and Families who helped in running the East London Runners/London Fire Brigade Water Feed Station at 20 miles and especially to Don Bennett for organising the East London Runners part. Also for organising the minibus for Runners and together with his wife Pam for the food and drink in the local Church for all the Helpers.On the day a fantastic atmosphere was generated on the sound system by Peter Cowup,Senior Fire Brigade Manager and Life Member of East London Runners and the main organiser of the Water Station.

Many thanks to Tom and Jean Atkinson, Club Life Members for once again manning a special drinks station at the Marathon.

Virgin London Marathon - Sunday 17th April 2011 - Drink Station Briefing - East London Runners

I am sending you this letter either because you have already offered to help staff the Drinks Station at Poplar High St, London E14 or you have helped out in previous years.

The Drinks Station is jointly organised by East London Runners and the London Fire Brigade. You are welcome to bring family and friends along with you, but please note (given the safety issues below) that this event is not suitable for children under 10 years old.

For the seventh year we will be located adjacent to Tower Hamlets College(see enclosed map). This is the 20 mile point on the course and will means that we will finish about 2.30pm. Geoff Clennell will once again be providing a sound system to add to he local atmosphere. And Peter Cowup will add the "scintillating" commentary.

Parking is limited, try the roads to the north of Poplar High St, but you may get blocked in by the closed roads. Please use Docklands Light Railway and get off at Poplar. Come down the stairs or lifts and pass between the College and Sports Centre.

Please try to arrive by 9.00am so that you can help set up. We have 40,000 bottles of water to distribute and set out ready for the expected 34,000 runners.

Safety - please read: Although the roads are closed there will be some traffic official or local moving through the station. Please be alert and keep the road clear at all times. Competitors will follow the blue line on the road showing the shortest route. Please be careful with the sharp knives provided to cut open the packaging and do not overload the tables as they may collapse (2 layers only).

Setting up: we will have between 150-200 people helping out, divided between 12 tables. Each table will have an experienced table captain to co-ordinate things. The water station will be set up on both sides of the road, over a distance of 150m.

Clothing: We always hope for good weather, but bring waterproofs in case. All ELR helpers will receive Nestle shirts and hats as usual. Please wear them.

Refreshments/toilets: These are provided in St Mathias Church hall, where we will provide a buffet (which is free for all helpers), tea and coffee and access to toilets.

Security: We have had a problem in the past with theft of water,but the fencing has addressed this. If you experience any problems let the stage area know immediately, so that appropriate response or police can be involved. If you have any valuables please take care. Do not hide them under tables, they will get wet. And once the tables run out of water, the tables will be folded up and cleared. Some valuables can be kept at the hall and locked up there.

Clearing up: We try our best to clear up at the end, many hands make light work and your help will mean this unpopular job can be completed in the shortest time possible. Bags, bins, brooms and shovels available.

Fire Brigade: This is the 11th year the Brigade has been involved at the feed station, their help is appreciated and they use the chance to promote alarms and fire safety messages to the local community in the borough of Tower Hamlets.

Many thanks for your help and have a good day.
Don Bennett

Club Members running this year.

Below is a list of the members running this year and the charities they are raising funds for -

Suzanne Bench

Running for the British Liver Trust. See www.justgiving.com/SuzanneBench

Jim Bird

Jim aged 71 is running his 25th London Marathon and is raising money for Help The Heroes. Donate at www.justgiving.com/Jim-Bird-25

Emily Brookes

Emily is running for the Adam Cole Foundation who raise funds for disadvantaged children through sport.

Roberto Bruni

Due to run London 4 weeks after the Jurassic Coast Challenge -3 Marathons in 3 days - 78.6 miles only!

Ciaran Canavan

Ciaran is running his 2nd Marathon following his last years London debut when he ran 3.03.54. This year he wants to break 3 hrs. Ciaran is running for the Royal Institute for the Blind. Donate at www.justgiving.com/CiaranCanavan

Jamee Gould

Jamee is running her 1st London Marathon and raising money for MIND. Donate at www.Virginmoneygiving.com/JameeGould

Patrick Farren

David Foster

Dave's 17th London Marathon.

Carinne Jay

Running for CLIC Sargent.

Steve Jay

Miguel Martinez

Miguel's 4th London Marathon.

Caroline Meaby

Caroline is running for Afghanaid. Donations can be made at www.virginmoneygiving.com/carolinemeaby

Simon Morgan

Simon is once again running for Marie Curie Cancer Care in memory of his wife Malvina. Simon is a life member of East London Runners. He raised £2,700 last year,with his new club Tiptree donating a further £1,000 from there race profits. Simon hopes to raise £1,300 this year to take his total to £5,000.Simon wants to do under 3hrs 15 to do a good for age time and then retire from marathons. Where have I heard that before.Donations can be made on www.justgiving.com/simonmorgan1

Andrea Waller

Raising money for the Prostate Cancer Chatity. Donations can be made at www.justgiving.com/AndreaGreen

Lucy Williams

This is Lucy's 1st Marathon and the furthest she has previously run was the Reading Half Marathon 3 years ago. Lucy works for the National Childrens Bureau for whom she is raising funds for. Donations please at www.virginmoneygiving.com/LucyWilliamsNCB

Michael Wilson

This is Michael's 14th London. He is raising money for Voice. Voice are the voice for the child in care.