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ELR running London 2021

A list of known East London Runners who have a number for this years London Marathon. Doesn't mean they will all actually be starting the run.
More may be added , some numbers still need confirmation.
Is anyone running it virtually?.

Alice Barrett 35128
Paula Bedford 24330
Betty Bohane 450
Ged Browne 49865
Dukaw Cadiogan 13113
Morag Campbell 7090
Jimmy Dale 7814
Anna Dingle 2356
Sallyann Eyles 8266
Thomas Grimes 1070
Katherine Harris 10384
Peter Hatley 49281
John Henry 22293
Kathryn Hertzberg 14037
Nick Hoult 49241
David Jordan 1466
Shanavaz Malaydou 40929
Scott McMillan 24995
Chloe Millan 19088
Jo Neville 22165
James Nichols 49014
Joseph Osakue 12120
Billy Rayner 25934
George Relf 10374
Pippa Sherrin 34591
Robert Spread 24560
Pippa Sherrin 34591
Suzanne Taylor 49909
Selina Vernal 24781
Andrew Ward 3107
Jonathan Wooldridge 49753

Katherine Harris is running London for Cats Protection.


Yes I'm running another marathon, this time it really is the last (I'm like 99.8% sure). I finally got a ballot place for the London Marathon, which is like winning the lottery (a very bad lottery where I don't become a millionaire and I have to run 26.2 miles).

I have decided to try and raise some money for my local Waltham Forest/Redbridge Cats Protection branch whose volunteers work tirelessly rescuing cats and ensuring they get the care that they need. They have so many cats right now in need of help, so anything you can spare (no matter how small) really will make a big difference.

Cats Protection is the UK's leading feline welfare charity. Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs. Cats Protection has simple and clear objectives to help cats:

Homing - Finding good homes for cats in need

Neutering - Supporting and encouraging the neutering of cats

Information - Improving people's understanding of cats and their care

Achieving this vision is only made possible due to kind cat lovers who support our work. Visit www.cats.org.uk for more information.

Thomas Grimes is running London for Young Minds


This past year has been very difficult for everyone, particularly the young. I have chosen the charity 'YoungMinds' as the youth of today are facing a whole variety of challenges.

YoungMinds sets out their aims as:

Our vision is clear: we want to see a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health.

To achieve this, that wait for support has to end. If all young people can get the mental health support they need, when they need it, we can stop an emerging mental health need becoming a crisis. This is our purpose – and we are absolutely clear about we can make it happen.


Shanavaz Malayodu is running London for Prostate Cancer UK


Thanks for taking time to visit my page.

I have created this page to fund raise for Prostate Cancer UK charity by taking part in 2021 London Marathon. I am doing this in memory of my beloved brother-in-law who sadly passed away earlier this year at the age of 56, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer a year ago. Unfortunately, his diagnosis was done at Stage 4. Had it been diagnosed earlier, it would have been a completely manageable and treatable disease. To this day, I wish we had known to recognise his symptoms and proactively reached out for help, but sadly not to be ... least I could do now is to share the sorrow and help others to look after themselves and their loved ones!

I have decided to do this marathon after his death and will be my first London Marathon. I am taking part to create awareness among middle aged and older men as I feel it is important to have the conversation about their well being and help them and us to look out for symptoms.

Anna Dingle is running London for St Wilfred's Hospice and Young Minds.


Hi, thanks for visiting my page. On Sunday 3 October I will be running the London Marathon. I have chosen 2 charities to support and fundraise for. The first is St Wilfrid's Hospice in Chichester. As many of you know they cared for my mum and they do a fantastic job with supporting families with relatives with life limiting illness. The second charity I have chosen is Young Minds. This is a fantastic charity which supports young people by providing mental health services and education. Their services are needed now more than ever after the pandemic to support kids, teens and young adults with their mental health. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations. Anna xx

Pippa Sherrin is running London for Get Kids Going.


Get Kids Going! is a national charity which gives disabled children and young people, up to the age of 26 years, the wonderful opportunity of participating in sport. We provide them with specially built sports wheelchairs so they can do: athletics, marathons, tennis, skiing, curling, rugby, sailing, boccia, basketball, snowboarding, table tennis, fencing, shooting, archery, powerlifting and many more sports.

Suzanne Taylor is running London for Breast Cancer Now.


Growing up, I remember watching the London Marathon on BBC2 and being in complete wonder that the runners would still be running while I had been off and done other things for several hours. Fast forward to 2019 and I was very lucky to win a ballot place via my running club, East London Runners, for a place in the 2020 London Marathon. I had got up to a long run of 19 miles in my 2020 training before the marathon was cancelled, and so here I am again, pounding the streets and parks of East London, 4 times a week for 17 weeks :)

As many of you know, my immediate family have been affected directly by breast cancer, with 2 members currently waiting for surgery. A dear member of my running club, a kindly neighbour, and my online Scrabble (nemesis!) opponent are all also recovering from this horrid disease. I would like to use my good fortune of winning a ballot place as an opportunity to raise awareness and some funds for Breast Cancer Now charity, https://breastcancernow.org.

If you would like to donate to the Breast Cancer Now charity (...while also helping to give my tiring menopausal bones a boost on marathon day, October the 3rd..) then a huge and sincere thank you from me :)

And if you do watch this year's marathon event live on the BBC ...I'll be the one trailing behind the rhino, Elvis, and the Houses of Parliament! xx

Alice Barrett is running London for Guide Dogs for the Blind.


I have always wanted to run the London Marathon but never believed I would be able to. Just over a year ago I started running to lose weight for my brother's wedding. At the time I couldn't run for more than 5 minutes without stopping. I persevered and a year later I have run 2 half marathons.
The Guide Dogs For the Blind is a charity very close to my heart. I have looked after 5 guide dogs whilst they have been in training and how they help those that need it is amazing.. Working so closely with the trainers and dogs I can see how valuable all contributions are. One gentleman I met hadn't been able to go to a coffee shop by himself until the age of 40. He was given his first dog, the dog gave him the companionship and guidance he needed.
I am aiming to raise £2000 for this huge personal challenge. Every sponsorship will not only support the puppies but will also provide the encouragement for the training ahead.

London Marathon Sunday 3rd October 2021 - Club Rules/Criteria for Guaranteed Places

Virgin Money London Marathon Sunday 3 October 2021

The ballot of the club place for the Virgin Money London Marathon October 2021 will take place on Monday 17th May 2021. As with all clubs, ELR has been allocated fewer places this year than usual, due to the cancellation of the 2020 marathon: we have received one place for 2021 and two places for 2022. Due to the reduced number of places, the committee has decided to postpone the introduction of the additional ELR volunteer ballot.

ELR Ballot Rules:

1. The ballot will be open to Members where East London Runners is their First Claim Club.

The date of First Claim will be when a new member joins the club and can be freely registered by us with England Athletics (EA). Where a new member is already registered with EA with another Club or organisation then the date of First Claim will be the date when EA confirms to us that they have transferred their registration to ELR.

The following criteria apply to the Club Ballot:

2. Fully paid up First Claim member by 1st April 2019, paid/renewed their Membership for 2020/21 on or before 30th June 2020, and paid/renewed their Membership for 2021/22 prior to the ballot.

3. Applied in the public ballot and was rejected by LM for October 2021.

4. Can provide proof to the Club of being rejected by LM 2021. Proof by way of rejection slip/letter or email from LM 2021. Please forward your rejection email to info@eastlondonrunners.org.uk. Rejection letters can be handed to Mike, Jacob or Alexandra at the Club. Note a rejection magazine or copy of same is insufficient proof.

5. Members who have been successful and have not passed the place back to the Club through injury or other reason or who have subsequently received a place as a Reserve in the previous year Club Ballot will not be eligible for entry in the following yearly ballot.

In the unlikely situation where not all places are taken up by other eligible Club Members any spare places could then be balloted among the previous year successful members if they meet all the other rules/criteria. This rule is to apply to those successful in the ballot for LM2019 and for future London Marathons.

6. Member to advise Mike Wilson, Jacob Stevens or Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera that they wish to be in the ballot and provide proof of rejection on or before 23:59 on Sunday 16th May 2021.

7. Members who qualify for Good for Age and Championship places in the London Marathon are ineligible for our Ballot as they must apply under these categories.

8. The draw will take place on Monday 17th May at 6.30pm at Ashton Playing Fields, prior to the track session. Two names will be drawn: the first member will be allocated the place in the 2021 London Marathon; the second will be a reserve in case the first member withdraws.

RESULTS of the Club Ballot of Guaranteed Places for 2020 (Now deferred to 2021, 2022 or 2023)

Guaranteed Places

1. John Henry (Reserve for Bernadette Kalmar)
2. Ashley Faria
3. Joanna Neville
4. James Nicholls
5. Edward Barnard
6. Jonathan Wooldridge (Reserve for Manjit Singh)
7. Peter Hatley
8. Ged Browne
9. Jay Sangha
10. Suzanne Taylor
11. Neil Gage