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Elvis Grand Prix 2010

Team Standings after Sixth and Final Race on 26th September 2010

Womens Team Series (best 5 of 6 Results)
Ilford - 173points
East London Runners - 223 points
Dagenham 88 - 306 points
Havering 90 - 713 points
Orion Harriers - 728
Barking Road Runners - 864 points
Eton Manor - 962 points

Mens Team Series
Ilford AC - 429 points
East London Runners - 971 points
Barking Road Runners - 1158 points
Dagenham 88 - 1480 points
Orion Harriers - 1509 points
Havering 90 - 2118 points
Eton Manor - 2138 points

Valentines Park 5k - Sunday 26th September 2010 - 10.30am - ELVIS Race 6.

148 Finishers

Sunday 26th September Saw East London Runners co-host with Ilford Athletic the last of the ELVIS races for 2010. On a cool and breezy morning, the scene was set in Valentines Park for what was undoubtedly going to be a fantastic finish to the series. East London Runners had a amazing turn out once again, fielding 16 runners, as well as supporting the organisation of the event with the help of about 15 members to take registration, marshal and time keep.

This was a 2 lap course, fairly flat, with a number of twists and turns to keep runners on their toes. Lap one was led by Manjit and Derek for the men, and Karen for the ladies. Lap 2 saw Ciaran come home first for ELR, in 23rd position overall, and Karen first lady for ELR, 3rd lady overall. Conditions were obviously good for Derek Wright, Grant Conway, Ramesh Pala, Caroline Meaby, Natalie Dale and Jennifer Garven who all scored Personal Bests. Congratulations to you all, and to everyone who took part.

Prize giving was held shortly after the finish, with our delectable chairman Frank Brownlie assigned the responsibility of awarding the prizes for this race, and for the overall winners throughout the Elvis series. With series prizes going to Karen, Kirsty and Mary, East London men were left only to marvel at the success of the fairer sex. Our inaugural year as a full participating ELVIS club has undoubtedly been a success, with East London Runners coming second in both the Mens and Ladies team competitions, but the series trophies were awarded to the Ilford athletic Mens and Ladies teams who successfully retained the top prize in the team competitions. Congratulations to Ilford from your opponents, co-hosts and friends at East London Runners.

Close to the finish line, with Karen leading members in the ELR ‘Haka’, we demonstrated not only how proud we were to take part, but also our determination to come back bigger and stronger in 2011, determined to make a challenge for the top spot then.

The final huge word of thanks goes to ELR members who offered their time to assist in the marshalling and running of the race. Rachel, Jim, Dave, Jamie, Don to name just a few, and to all the marshals. Without all your support and assistance on the day, the event would not have been the success that it was! Thank you!

Full Results for Valentine's Park 5k Race 2010

Full results from the race are available courtesy of Ilford Athletic Club here

Team Standings after Race 5 on Sunday 19th September 2010

ELVIS is the East London 5 Interclub Series.
LADIES Teams - Low score is best.
1st - 203 points - Ilford AC
2nd - 255 points - East London Runners
3rd - 334 points - Dagenham
4th - 766 points - Havering
5th - 728 points - Orion Harriers
6th - 893 points - Barking
7th - 1085 points - Eton Ma nor

MENS Teams - Low score is best.
1st - 483 points - Ilford AC
2nd - 990 points - East London Runners
3rd - 1563 points - Dagenham
4th - 1574 points - Orion
5th - 1631 points - Barking
6th - 2118 points - Havering
7th - 23814 points - Eton Manor

Race Report - Dagenham 88 - 5 mile'sh - Sunday 19th September 2010 - ELVIS 5 of 6

88 Finishers. Another good turnout from East London Runners on a cool
blustery morning for this 5.1 mile off road run comprising of one small and two
large loops. Congratulations to Karen Levison for being first female
finisher resulting in Karen being the overall ELVIS Champion Lady Runner of

Welcome to Anne Gombert running for ELR for the first time.

Well done to all our other Runners with a personal best for Paul Thompson
whose times, along with many other runners, have improved greatly since joining
the Club.

Good to see Derek's wife Svetlana at the race with 13 day old daughter
Annushka. Jaime Towns was also in attendance and both Svetlana and he took
many photographs a selection of which are now on this website, Photo Gallery

Race Report - Barking 5k - Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 2010 - Elvis 4 of 6

170 finishers

Another good turnout from ELR club members in the fourth race of the Elvis
series. The location this year was Mayesbrook Park. The course started with
half a lap of the track followed by two laps of the park and finished with a
full lap of the track again, crossing the line in front of the grandstand. At
the sharp end of the race, Aaron distinguished himself in a league of his own,
while Ciaran equalled his PB set the previous Friday, and Andrew and Karen
came home in well under 20 mins, the former with a PB by a long margin, the
latter the leading vet once again. ELR members thrived on the short, fast
course doubtless due to the recent sprint session on a Wednesday
or triathlon cross-training.

After the race, runners relaxed with soft drinks, jaffa cakes and swiss rolls
courtesy of Barking Road Runners. Runners also perfomed the ritual of press
ups and plank, the ELR equivalent of the haka, designed to "psych
out" rival clubs. The "All Reds" will be back in Dagenham on 19th September
for race number five!

Team Standings after Fourth Race on 30th August 2010

Ilford - 178
East London Runners - 223
Dagenham - 296
Orion - 622
Havering - 671
Barking - 824
Eton Manor - 979

Ilford - 393
East London Runners- 878
Orion - 1307
Dagenham - 1315
Barking - 1535
Havering - 1814
Eton Manor 2027

Orion 5 - Elvis 3 of 6

198 finishers. A good turnout from East London Runners for this ELVIS Series
race. It was also the 3rd and final race of the Orion Summer Series. Frank
Brownlie being the only one from ELR completing all 3.Conditions were dull and
overcast at the start but soon warmed up. Personal bests from Ciaran and
Andrea and a debut run by Sharon were the highlights.Also well done to Russell Price and Richard Potter who have been improving their race times in the relatively short time that they have been with us.

Team Standings after Orion 5 - ELVIS 3 of 6 on 7th August 2010

ELVIS is the East London 5 Interclub Series.
LADIES Teams - Low score is best.
1st - 135 points - Ilford AC
2nd - 172 points - East London Runners
3rd - 243 points - Dagenham
4th - 404 points - Orion Harriers
5th - 466 points - Havering
6th - 610 points - Barking
7th - 761 points - Eton Manor

MENS Teams - Low score is best.
1st - 282 points - Ilford AC
2nd - 617 points - East London Runners
3rd - 812 points - Barking
4th - 839 points - Orion
5th - 950 points - Dagenham
6th - 1207 points - Havering
7th - 1613 points - Eton Manor

Newman Hilly 5 - ELVIS Race 2 of 6

193 Finishers. A great turnout by East London Runners including the only Elvis
in the field. Well done Edward.Congratulations to everyone who ran including
Karen Levison and Mary O'Brien our prizewinners. Thanks to Don Bennett for his
organising skills and in getting so many East London Runners to the starting
line on time!


LADIES Teams Low score is best.
1st - 90 points - Ilford AC
2nd - 92 points - East London Runners
3rd - 98 points - Dagenham
4th - 189 points - Havering
5th - 349 points - Barking
6th - 362 points - Orion Harriers
7th - 480 points - Eton Manor

MENS Teams
1st - 173 points - Ilford AC
2nd - 377 points - East London Runners
3rd - 415 points - Barking
4th - 571 points -Dagenham
5th - 673 points - Havering
5th - 753 points - Orion Harriers
6th - 1,004 points - Eton Manor

Runners Comments on Havering 90 race.

"I was proud to be running on a straight stretch and to see four ELR shirts (including my own) at regular intervals"

"Pleased to get the first race of the series under my belt. Grateful for some early cloud cover although very hot at the finish. Great club turnout with real team atmosphere - bring on the Hilly 5!"

"This day almost topped the Hilly 5 last year with such a great turnout from ELR runners.I went off too fast (as usual) but reasonably happy with my time.More important a great team result to start off the series ,go ELR!"

"Only mild sunburn... Managed to finish in front of ELVIS. Expecting to
take on the mantle of 'The King' for the next race - it'll be the only
thing I have a chance of winning!"

"Quite honestly I can say that Sunday's race was hot and hellish! Thought I was going to expire round about mile 3 and that feeling continued for the next two miles, I am praying for rain for next weeks race!


1st - Ilford AC
2nd - East London Runners
3rd - Barking
4th - Dagenham 88
5th - Havering 90
6th - Orion Harriers
7th - Eton Manor

1st - East London Runners
2nd - Dagenham 88
3rd - Ilford AC
4th - Havering 90
5th - Barking
6th - Orion Harriers
7th - Eton Manor

ELVIS Grand Prix Race Series 2010

East London Runners are now a Full Partner in the ELVIS Grand Prix. The other Clubs are Ilford AC, Orion Harriers, Barking Road Runners, Dagenham 88 and Havering 90.Eton Manor have also joined.

The full itinerary for the ELVIS (East London 5 Interclub series)2010 is now as follows:-

Sun 11th July - Havering 5 miles (20th anniversary) - Raphaels Park - www.h90j.org.uk

Weds 21st July - Ilford's Newman Hilly 5 (miles) - Chigwell Row - www.ilfordathleticclub.org.uk

Saturday 7th August - Orion Forest 5, (miles), Chingford - www.orionharriers.org.uk

Mon 30th August (Bank Hol) - Barking's Mayesbrook 5k - Mayesbrook Park (change of venue due to work going on in Barking Park this year) - www.barkingroadrunners.org.uk

Sun 19th Sep - Dagenham Off Road 5(miles)'ish - Eastbrook End Country Park - www.dagenham88runners.com
Download entry form here

Sun 26th Sept - Valentines Park 5k - EAST LONDON RUNNERS and Ilford - www.eastlondonrunners.org.uk Download entry form here


With the addition of East London Runners to the series there will now be 6 races. Best 5 out of 6 will count towards final results at both team and individual level i.e both a team and an individual can drop their worst score. Individuals must compete and finish in at least 5 out of 6 of the races to score.

Men's team points will still be calculated on 1st 6 home and must include 3 vets aged 40 plus. However women's team points will now be calculated on 1st 4 home and must include 2 vets.

In the event of a team not closing according to this criteria points will be allocated based on the position of the last finisher in the age group plus 1 and incrementing thereafter by 1 for each unclosed position.

Otherwise rules are of last year as stated on www.ilfordathleticclub.org.uk/Elvis NB 2nd claimers are not eligible in the team competition

Individual Men - 1st 2nd 3rd overall, 1st mv40, mv50, mv60
Individual Women - 1st 2nd 3rd overall, 1st fv35,fv45,fv55
Team - Men winners shield, Women's winners shield

Best Elvis Impersonator - must finish at least one race. Awarded at discretion of Organisers

Likely to be from the following - Runnersworld (Chadwell Heath), Tri and Run - Chigwell Row, Jailhouse Rock – Hornchurch