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Elvis Grand Prix

2018 Race Dates

ELVIS 1 - Wednesday 30th May 2018 - 7.30pm -Dagenham 88 5 miler

ELVIS 2 - Tuesday 12th June 2018 - 7.30pm - Havering 90 Midweek 5m

ELVIS 3 - Thursday 21st June 2018 - 7.30pm - East End Road Runners, Olympic Park 5k

ELVIS 4 - Wednesday 18th July 2018 - 7.30pm - The Ilford Hilly 5m

ELVIS 5 - Wednesday 1st August 2018 - 7.30pm - Harold Wood 5k in Harold wood Park (Hilly and tough)

ELVIS 6 - Saturday 11th August 2018 - 10am - Orion Forest 5m

ELVIS 7 - Bank Holiday Monday 27th August 2018 - 10.30am - Barking 5k

ELVIS 8 - Sunday 30th September 2018 - 10.30am - East London Runners Valentines Park Charity 5k

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ELVIS Facebook Page -www.facebook.com/groups/1468792830007166/

Elvis Grand Prix 2018 - Rules

New for 2018

1. HAROLD WOOD RUNNING CLUB has joined ELVIS and will host their own ELVIS Race on Wednesday 1st August 2018 at 7.30pm in Harold Wood Park. It's 5k on a tough, hilly course I'm told!

2. Scoring now based on 6 races from 8. Before it was 5 from 7.

The Grand Prix will be an Open competition for competitors of all Clubs. In addition there will be an Interclub Team competition between the 8 organising clubs only - Barking Road Runners, Dagenham88, Havering 90, Orion Harriers, Eton Manor, East London Runners, East End Road Runners, Ilford AC and Harold Wood RC.

Open Competition:

Rules: Individual competitors can compete in any 6 of the 8 races to qualify for the Grand Prix. If more than 6 races are completed the best 6 positions will be used in the scoring/ Finishing positions in each race will be used to calculate the Grand Prix position .

Prizes: 1st,2nd 3rd men overall, 1st 2nd 3rd women overall, 1st only in usual vet categories, MV40, MV50, MV60,Mv70, FV35, FV45,FV55, FV65. Only 1 prize per competitor based on highest value principle. Prizegiving will take place immediately after the last race - The Valentines Park Charity 5k.

Interclub Competition:

Rules: Competitors must be 1st claim members or eligible 2nd Claim members of the 9 competing clubs.

There will 2 separate team competitions, one for men and another for women. Men's team points will still be calculated on 1st 6 home and must include 3 vets aged 40 plus. Women's team points will be calculated on 1st 4 home and must include 2 vets aged 35 plus. The scoring will be done on overall position in the race i.e including taking into account other runners from the non 8 competing teams. In the event of a team not closing, points will be allocated based on the position of the last finisher plus 1 and incrementing thereafter by 1 for each unclosed position.

The individual scores will be accumulated to decide the team position for each race and the winners will receive 1 point, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 3 points and so on. In the event of a team not closing the number of scorers finishing will also be taken into consideration so that a team with less finishing scorers than another will always finish the lower.

Each team will have its best 6 scores out of the 8 races taken to decide the final team positions. The team with the lowest accumulated score over its best 5 races will be declared the winners. In the event of a tie between 2 teams the team with the lowest accumulated individual scores over the best 6 races will be declared as superior.

Prizes: There will be two Interclub Shields (men and women) to be kept by the winning teams for one year which will then be returned.

Results: Individual race results will be recorded on an excel spreadsheet to facilitate Grand Prix scoring which will be the job of Martin Clarke of Ilford AC. Results should be sent to Martin Clarke asap. Results together with the latest Grand Prix positions will be posted on this site with a link from the Group Page on Facebook -
Presentation: Trophies will be awarded at a special presentation evening usually in October.