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Elvis Grand Prix

ELVIS 2024 - Race 1 - Eastbrook End Country Park, Dagenham

The first of this year's ELVIS series will take place in Dagenham on Wednesday 22 May 2024 at 7.30pm. Entries are now open and your club needs you no matter your speed or how long you've been with ELR. Entries in advance only.


Elvis Race 2: Havering 90 Joggers Midweek 5m - Raphael Park,Romford

Entries are now open for Elvis 2 at Raphael Park on Tuesday 4th June at 7.30pm.


ELVIS 2024 - Race 3 - Olympic Park 5K

Entries are now open to the third race in the ELVIS series - a 5K at the Olympic Park on Tuesday 18 June at 7.30pm. Early bird entry rate available until 7 May 2024.


ELVIS 2024 - Race 4 - Newman Hilly Five - Hainault Forest

The fourth race in the ELVIS series will be held on Wednesday 10 July 2024. The race is back to the 2021 start and finish by the lake and cafe, so there is plenty of parking (IG7 4QN) and toilets available at the start. Entries now open via Entry Central:


Elvis 5: Harold Wood 5km, Wednesday 31st July at Harold Wood Park at 7.30pm

5th in the ELVIS 2024 series.
The race will be run on a 1 lap multi-terrain course of 5k in and around Harold Wood Park and Pages Wood, Harold Wood.
Race HQ is located at the Harold Wood Park, Harold View, Harold Wood, RM3 0LX and will be open from 6pm. Changing facilities, toilets and bar will be available.
Bags can be left near the finish area at the owners’ own risk.
£10.00 for UKA affiliated athletes, £12.00 otherwise.
Entries in advance. No entries on the day. Online Registration Closes on 29 July 2024.


ELVIS 2024 - Race 6 - Forest Five

Entries are now open to the sixth race in the ELVIS series - a 5 mile run in Epping Forest - if you enter the series of three races of which the ELVIS is the third one. The ELVIS race is on Saturday 3 August at 10.00am, with the other two taking place on Saturday 1 June at 10.00am and Saturday 6 July at 10.00am. A reduced rate is offered for the 3 race series.


ELVIS 2024

Wednesday 22 May 2024 - Eastbrookend Park, Dagenham - ELVIS 1 (5 miles)
Tuesday 4 June 2024 - Raphael Park, Romford - ELVIS 2 (5 miles)
Tuesday 18 June 2024 - Olympic Park 5K - ELVIS 3 (5KM)
Wednesday 10 July 2024 - Hainault Forest Country Park - ELVIS 4 - Hilly 5 (miles)
Wednesday 31 July 2024 - Harold Wood Country Park - ELVIS 5 (5K)
Saturday 3 August 2024 - Forest Five (Chingford Plain - ELVIS 6 (5 miles)
BH Monday 26 August 2024 - Barking Park 5K - ELVIS 7 (5K)
Sunday 22 September 2024 - Valentine's Park 5K - ELVIS 8 (5K)

There will be no Wednesday night club run on 10 or 31 July 2024 - run ELVIS instead!

What's ELVIS?

ELVIS is the East London Five Interclub Series - a set of 8 races, each of which is hosted by one of the participating clubs. The team competition is between the Elvis clubs on the basis of 6 men and 6 women including a minimum of 3 vets to score. Most races are accessible by public transport, but there will be car share opportunities too. We need fast runners for the scoring, but we also love to intimidate the opposition on the start line with a sea of red shirts. If this is your first summer with the club, we can guarantee you a fun race series regardless of how fast you run. If you're an old hand, we need you too. The more the merrier, and although there might be the old hill there won't be any mud so road shoes are all that you need and a club shirt (ok, maybe a pair of shorts too!).