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Cross Country 2017-2018

Essex Cross Country Relays (approx 4.3km) - Saturday 7th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Dan Senior16.3814th 0f 80Mixed
Karen Levison17.4123rd of 80Mixed
Eleanor Wilkinson18.5134th 0f 80Mixed
Ciaran Canavan18.1827th of 80Mixed
Fiona Critchley22.0171st of 84WomEn A
Alexandra Brown19.3341st of 84Women A
Rachel Le Rouxno timeWomen A
Tricia ONeill21.4265th of 84Women B
Sarah Burns21.1159th of 84Women B
Maud Hodsonno timeWomen B
Spencer Evans16.2960th of 162Men A
Paul Thompson18.05111th of 162Men A
Jonathan Wooldridge18.46128th of 162Men A
Mark Moir18.28123rd of 162Men A
Jonathan Shaw19.02136th of 162Men B
Lance Fuller21.10154th of 162Men B
Paul Marshallno timeMen B
Stuart Norrisno timeMen B
Shahib Miah Ali18.05110th of 162Men C
John Healy20.23147th of 162Men C
Louis Le Rouxno timeMen C
Shaun DeSenano timeMen C
Mixed team 5th place - 1.11.28

Women's teams 24th place
26th place

Men's teams 28th - 1.11.48
37th - 1.17.52
41st - 1.21.45

Chingford League - Event 1 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Karen Levison20.0712th3rd8/10/10
Eleanor Wilkinson21.1121st9th2 pts
Emily Clarke21.1522nd10th1 pts
Paula Bedford21.4326th12th8 pts
Sheetal Dandgey23.2645th26th
Alexandra Turnbull23.3548th29th
Laura Woodhouse23.4551st32nd
Lauren Aston24.0356th37th
Chloe Millan24.0957th38th
Maud Hodson25.2469th46th
Kat Maskell25.4774th49th
Tricia ONeill25.5775th50th
Katie Whitton25.5976th51st
Zuzana Urbanova26.0577th52nd
Catherine Brett27.1484th58th
Claire Emery27.3386th60th
Caroline Moore27.4887th61st
Catriona Hoult28.2692nd66th
Caroline McGirr28.2793rd67th
Anna Dingle29.1697th71st
Sheila Kennedy29.50101st75th
Helen McGuinness30.04102nd76th
Sinead Ryan30.13103rd77th
Sarah Pascal30.55106th80th
Maya Goodwin32.16108th82nd
Thomas Grimes16.294th4th22pts
Euan Brown16.355th5th21pts
Patrick Brown17.1515th14th12pts
Billy Rayner17.5425th24th2pts
Alex Bee18.0131st30th
Stuart Kelly18.5447th46th
Dan Senior19.0349th48th
Simon Thomas19.1457th55th
Spencer Evans19.2061st59th
Aaron Williams19.5370th68th
Mark Moir20.1477th75th
Paul Marshall20.4087th84th
Neil Gage20.4892nd89th
Michael Bamford21.0095th92nd
Grant Conway21.1197th94th
James Creed21.28102nd98th
Peter Hatley21.41105th101st
Regis Martin21.42106th102nd
Craig Livermore21.58110th106th
Calvin Bobin22.37120th115th
Stuart Norris23.03128th123rd
Michael Wilson23.17131st126th
John Healy24.23141st136th
Maran Raju24.52145th140th
Alex Jameson24.54146th141st
Gareth Davies25.27150th147th
Tim Aylett25.39156th148th
Jason Levy26.09160th152nd
Shaun DeSena29.24168th159th
Men's A Team 3rd 8pts
B Team 4th 7pts
Vets 5th 6pts
Ladies Team 2nd 9th
Ladies Vets 3rd 8th

Mike Reports.ELR turned up in force for the first race in the Chingford League calendar, with a record 54 Runners taking part. The formidable Karen Levison was first for ELR in the ladies race with a time of 20.07 to take 3rd place. Ellie Wilkinson and Emily Clarke (9th and 10th place respectively) and Paula Bedford (12th) also impressed.
Thomas Grimes looked to have taken 3rd position in the men's race in very close finish, but was ultimately placed 4th with both athletes given the same time of 16.29. Not far behind was Euan Brown in 4th place, whilst his brother Patrick was 15th and Billy Rayner 25th.
There were many debuts and fine performances - too many to mention. Thanks to all our Runners, also our marshalls and spectators who turned up on the night.