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Cross Country 2017-2018

Chingford League Relays at Wanstead Flats - Saturday 10th March 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Alex Day13.00A1
Patrick Brown11.39A2
Euan Brown11.45A3
Thomas Grimes11.16A4
Nick Hoult13.32B1
Paul Marshall14.29B2
Karen Levison14.08B3
Diana Rexhepaj15.03B4
James Creed14.02C1
Emmet Fitzgibbon14.37C2
James Creed14.12C3
Peter Hatley20.12C4
ELR A Team = 5th 47.38
ELR B Team - 19th 57.12
ELR C Team = 26th 63.03
41 Teams

Saucony English National Cross Country Championship, Hampstead Heath - Saturday 24th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Eleanor Wilkinson39.54453rd8km
Chloe Millan44.52763rd8km
Diana Rexhepaj53.501033rd8km
Thomas Grimes50.50677th12km
Billy Rayner51.56794th12km
Mark Moir58.551492nd12km
Paul Marshall1.04.561934th12km
Stuart Norris1.11.282166th12km
Ladies 1100 finishers, Men 2328 finishers.

Sunday XC League, Race 5 - Royston. - Sunday 18th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes35.285th5th
Judith Vonberg53.22238th57th
Maud Hodson54.12252nd67th
Katie Whitton55.50272nd79th
Doug Mansell59.03304th205th
Michael Wilson61.58319th209th
Alex Jameson68.07337th216th
Sunday Cross Country League - Fixture 5 - Therfield Heath, Royston
Sunday 18th February 2018.
"Shout to the Top"
This was the second race of a weekend double header, coming a day after the Chingford League fixture at Victoria Park. Compared to the weather in previous years, it felt that summer had almost arrived on Therfield Heath with the early morning frost and mist clearing to leave a mild and sunny day. The 5.5 mile course over two laps, was mainly hard and bumpy with continuous hills and valleys to contend with. Thankfully there was only a small breeze on this occasion! The mighty Thomas Grimes was first man home for the club in 5th position, leaving him in contention for an overall top 3 finish. Doug Mansell was second man to finish - a little way behind Thomas. Mike Wilson (damage limitation after a tough weekend!) and Alex Jameson (muscle strain), completed the men's team. Judith Vonberg was first for ELR ladies in 57th position, followed by super Maud Hodson - having also completed a weekend double ('I feel fine and will be at the track on Monday'), with Katie Whitton just behind. This was the last fixture of the season and the most challenging. I am pleased that our overall number of runners were up from last year. Thanks to Maud and Doug for the lift today and everyone who made an appearance in at least one of the races over the series.
Ladies A Team 14th of 20, Vets 17th of 20.
Mens A Team 18th of 20, Vets 19th of 20.
Ladies Overall A Team 16th of 20,
Vets Overall 19th of 20.
Mens Overall A Team 14th 0f 20
Vets Overall 19th of 20.

Chingford League - Event 5 - Victoria Park - Saturday 17th February 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes27.4414th14th12pts
Paul Marshall33.17 pb83rd73rd
Karen Levison33.3887th12th5/10pts
James Creed33.4789th77th
Jimmy Dale35.19106th88th
Michael Wilson35.45117th93rd
Maud Hodson37.54 pb136th31st
Stuart Norris38.50143rd104th
Zuzana Urbanova39.07 pb148th37th
Tim Aylett39.25155th112th
Kat Maskell40.27161st42nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera43.11 pb184th54th
Claire Emery44.16190th58th
Sheila Kennedy45.35202nd65th
Helen McGuinness46.48209th70th
Saturday 17th February 2017 - Chingford League Fixture 5
Victoria Park 5 Mile Race Report.
"A Hazy Shade of Winter".
The sun shone down through the trees in Victoria Park this afternoon, for the 5th Chingford League fixture of the season. The course consisted of two figure of eight laps on the park's Tarmac paths, which were accurately measured to five miles by The hosts, Victoria Park Harriers. Thomas Grimes and Karen Levison were first to finish from the men's and ladies teams, after a total of 16 East London Runners' started the race. Mixed fortunes for our two newcomers today: Mark Wiltshire ran 5.4 miles and missed the finish line, but was still happy with his run (a PB at the 5 Miles point) whilst Jimmy Dale finished with a respectable 35 Minutes. Well done to Maud and Alexandra who recorded PB's for the distance. (Please advise of any other PB's). Thanks to our photographers/supporters, Frank Brownlie, Don Bennett and Dave Levison, also the Marshals and race organisers. The league continues to offer athletes of all abilities a good mix of races on a variety of surfaces and conditions. This has been a good campaign from the club with an increase in numbers from 2016/17. Well done to everyone who has run and supported the team. The final fixture of the season is the Chingford League Relays on Saturday 10th March at Wanstead Flats - hosted by East London Runners.
Men A Team 7th, 6th overall.
Men B Team 6th, 5th overall.
Men Vets 10th, 6th overall.
Ladies A Team 6th, 4th overall.
Ladies Vets 6th, 5th overall.

South of England AA XC Championships, Stanmer Park, Brighton - Saturday 27th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Rachel Le Roux51.17328th328th
Diana Rexhepaj52.07332nd332nd
Thomas Grimes1.01.17181st181st
Spencer Evans1.13.03517th517th
Paul Marshall1.16.46597th597th
Mark Moir1.24.16686th686th
Ladies 8km and Men 15km.

Sunday XC League, Race 4 - Cassiobury Park, Watford - Sunday 14th January 2018

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes35.134th4th
Antonio Martin Romero35.5711th11th
Billy Rayner37.1120th20th
James Nichols41.0178th74th
Mark Moir42.18100th91st
Michael Wilson47.42193rd156th
Chloe Millan51.13252nd71st
Judith Vonberg51.35264th79th
Kathryn Hertzberg53.17288th91st
Maud Hodson54.15302nd96th
Doug Mansell55.06319th212th
Katie Whitton55.25324th110th
Alex Jameson55.35327th216th
Sunday Cross Country Race 4 - Cassiobury Park, Watford.
14th January 2018.
A mild, dry morning with little mud at leafy Cassiobury Park, made the conditions ideal for the 4th Cross Country League fixture of the season. The scenic 6 mile course started with a run down to the hilly woods, then two laps before returning back up to the finish. An enjoyable morning and it was great running this course again on a personal note, after being a spectator for the previous two years due to injury. Great support from the marshals as well. Well done to all who ran today. ELR fielded full Men's and Ladies teams, with Thomas Grimes (4th) and Chloe Millan (252nd overall) first back for the club. Judith Anna Vonberg, Kathryn Hertzberg and Katie Whitton all made their Sunday league debuts. Thanks to Alex and Maud for driving from Wanstead LC.
We look forward to seeing everyone for the final race of the season at Royston on 18th February 2018. Michael Wilson
234 men, 178 ladies.
Mens team 9th of 20,13th overall.
Men Vets 17th of 20,18th 0f 20.
Ladies team 14th of 20, 17th of 20.
Ladies vet 18th of 20, 18th of 20.

Essex Senior Cross Country, Great Notley Country Park - Saturday 6th January 2018

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Dan Gritton51.0777th77th
Spencer Evans51.2583rd83rd
James Nichols52.2898th98th
Paul Thompson56.40140th140th
Race report - Essex XC Senior Championships by Paul Thompson.
This year's race was held at the Great Notley Country Park and hosted by Witham runners and for a change I only had a 15 minute journey to get to the venue from home. Fortunately I arrived in good time as due to a full car park I had to park in a Tesco's about a mile away & then a jog back to the venue !
I met up with Dan Gritton & Spencer Evans in the park café and we were able to keep warm ahead of the race start. James Nichols was waiting for us at the start & had to rapidly put his number on with about a minute to spare, sorry for keeping you waiting Jim !
Conditions were cold but sunny and the race involved 3 laps of the park of around 2.5 miles each. A very flat course with one hill to negotiate that although steep was only about 75m long, it was also very well marshalled with no chance of wrong turns. Underfoot was very wet with heavy, slippery mud in parts with either studs or spikes absolutely essential. For once, I decided to start a little slower & build up my pace which seemed to work and I was soon into a great rhythm and each mile around 7:30. I ended with a sprint finish to hold off another runner. I could have finished a few places higher, but I made an error by getting boxed in behind 2 slower runners towards the end and probably should have pushed my way through rather than being quite so polite !
Times still tbc, but I was the last ELR man home with Dan leading the way followed by Spencer & Jim. Well done guys, a very enjoyable race !

Chingford League - Event 4 - Alexandra Palace - Saturday 30th December 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Billy Rayner31.5425th24th2pts
Dan Senior33.0333rd31st
Stuart Kelly33.1936th34th
Neil Gage37.2971st60th
Louis Le Roux37.3673rd61st
Paul Marshall37.5976th64th
Karen Levison38.1278th12th5/9pts
Peter Hatley39.3289th73rd
Michael Wilson40.5198th78th
Chloe Millan44.09114th28th
Maud Hodson44.25116th30th2pts
Lauren Aston44.49120th32nd
Doug Mansell46.49125th87th
Claire Emery49.20129th38th
Rachel Le Roux50.27132nd40th
142 finishers.91 men, 49 ladies.
Mens A Team 5th, 5th overall.
Mens B Team 5th, 5th overall
Mens Vets - 6th, 5th overall.
Ladies A Team 5th, 4th overall.
Ladies Vets - 5th, 4th overall.

Ilford AC 10 mile XC - Race for Kev - Saturday 30th December 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
James Nichols1.12.276th6th
Andrew Baxter1.12.297th7th
Calvin Bobin1.18.4013th12th
Nathaniel Dye1.22.5721st19th
Grant Conway1.23.3623rd20th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.25.3428th24th
Sarah Burns1.36.3341st8th
Frank Brownlie1.39.1545th36th
Diana Rexhepaj1.46.3557th16th
Caroline Moore1.52.2963rd19th
Jayne Browne1.52.2964th20th
68 finishers.
Calvin was 1st MV60, Andrew 1st MV40, Sarah 1st FV35.
Also Sam Browne (now Clapham Chasers) 2nd in 1.04.33

Sunday XC League, Race 3 - Willian - Sunday 18th December 2017

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Antonio Martin Romero27.353rd3rd
James Nichols31.2670th66th
Gareth Davies35.25166th148th
Michael Wilson39.21259th199th
Doug Mansell42.25310th226th
402 finishers, 251 men.
Team : A Team 16th of 20.
Masters 18th of 20
Overall 14th of 20
Overall Masters 18th of 20.
Ladies Overall 18th of 20
Ladies Vets Overall 18th of 20.

Michael Wilson:-
Freezing conditions this morning with ice still on the course. At least we finished before the rain set in! Well done to the five ELR men who braved the journey and the weather. Antonio Martín Romero was the star of the show today, finishing in third place. A remarkable run! Next race is at Cassiobury Park, Watford on Sunday 14th January 2018.

Essex County Vet Championships, Writtle, nr Chelmsford - Saturday 2nd December 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Fiona Critchley41.3755th
Maud Hodson42.3460th
Diana Rexhepaj49.24111th
Andrew Baxter33.1842nd

SEAA London Cross Country Champs - Saturday 18th November 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Chloe Millan29.16185th
Fiona Critchley29.51200th
Maud Hodson29.55202nd
Catherine Brett31.06220th
Catriona Hoult33.06242nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera33.29248th
Sarah Burns34.56258th
Maya Goodwin39.48272nd
Antonio Martin Romero39.1287th
Spencer Evans43.16231st
Ciaran Canavan43.25238th
Paul Marshall47.47372nd
Paul Thompson48.23390th
Calvin Bobin49.00404th
Stuart Norris50.42428th
James Creed50.50429th
Gareth Davies50.51430th
Peter Hatley52.09446th
John Healy54.43468th
Lance Fuller55.56475th
Maya reports: Parliament Hill XC.
Its a no messin kind of a race. Lots of skinny leggy women looking like they will be very speedy. And its always freezing cold. Often drizzling. And it starts at the bottom of a hill. You are excitedly anxious and the cow bells at the start remind you of a downhill slalom, except... we are going uphill. Fast. Right from the gun. BANG!!

Anyway, like I said, no messin. I messed. I could not find my trail shoes. I could not find my trail socks. Oh! Found them, everyone stop looking! Oh. Turns out I have not washed them since the Dursley Dozen. Dried mud showers the kitchen floor. Get dressed quickly. Walk to the station in trail shoes in an effort to bend out the dried mud and wear them in. Get sore feet by the time I am at the station.

Anyway. BANG. Run round, sore though. Must need a new sports bra. But get a PB by three minutes! Hurray!

Get home. Realise I had not switched bras. Did not run in my sports bra. Classy. And then realise the course was 0.3 miles shorter than last time. So not really a PB.

But I finished a no messin race, despite all the messin. So the pint in the pub was well deserved.

Sunday XC League, Race 2 - Trent Park. - Sunday 12th November 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes28.143rd3rd
Antonio Martin Romero28.467th7th
James Nichols33.1395th89th
Mark Moir35.00147th137th
Michael Bamford35.31161st147th
Calvin Bobin36.12181st162nd
Stuart Norris37.03205th178th
Gareth Davies37.51231st198th
Michael Wilson38.18245th206th
Tim Aylett40.34311th245th
Maud Hodson43.09376th106th
Doug Mansell44.01390th282nd
Alex Jameson45.52428th302nd
Dave Knight47.14449th307th
Kat Maskell47.20451st144th
Geoff Bench47.59467th315th
Roselin Boramakot49.03482nd163rd
534 finishers, 326 men and 208 ladies.
Men A team 12th of 20, 14th overall.
Men Vets 16th of 20, 18th overall.
Ladies A team 18th of 20, 17th overall.
Ladies Vets 16th of 20, 16th overall.

Michael Wilson reports:-
Sunday Cross Country League Race 2 Results - Trent Park.
A record attendance for the second meeting in a row; over 530 runners turned up to race, including 17 from East London Runners. The field gathered at the start for a minute silence at 10.30am and then the race commenced.
The event was held over a two lap course taking in parts of the leafy forest and adjacent fields. The whole setting was very picturesque, however it was a cold morning with a biting wind and fallen leaves scattering everywhere. Heavy rain in the days leading up to the race, softened up the ground and made parts of the course slightly muddy. There were many good performances.
Stuart back running after a recent injury. Kat did well to catch up after arriving slightly late, having cycled around most of Trent Part looking for the pineapple area at the start! Stuart, Gareth, Michael, Mark, Geoff and Roselin all made their Sunday League debuts. First back for ELR were Thomas Grimes in 3rd position, Antonio Martin Romero (7th) and James Nichols (95th) overall. Maud returned for the ladies, finishing in 376th overall.
Thanks to everyone who turned up today. Don for the photo's and Mariana spectating. Also Alex for the tea at the end and Maud for driving. There was a lot of good banter on the way home! The next fixture is on Sunday 17th December at Willian.

Chingford League - Event 3 : Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 7th November 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Karen Levison20.2412th7th4/9/10
Sheetal Dandgey23.2736th25th
Alexandra Brown23.3740th29th
Chloe Millan23.4341st30th
Maud Hodson24.3251st37th4pts
Katherine Harris25.0858th42nd2pts
Annette Clark25.3763rd45th
Katie Whitton25.5467th49th
Zuzana Urbanova26.0468th50th
Rachel Le Roux27.0974th54th
Caroline Moore27.4780th59th
Claire Emery28.1382nd61st
Anna Dingle28.4087th65th
Roselin Boramakot29.1090th68th
Diana Rexhepaj30.1395th73rd
Euan Brown16.131st1st25pts
Thomas Grimes16.455th5th21pts
Patrick Brown16.588th8th18pts
Dan Senior19.0235th35th2pts
Thomas Burrard-Lucas20.0959th59th
Mark Moir20.4068th68th
Paul Marshall20.4469th69th
Neil Gage20.5879th79th
Gareth Davies21.5291st91st
Calvin Bobin21.5893rd93rd
Peter Hatley22.51105th105th
Michael Wilson23.02107th107th
Tim Aylett25.07123rd123rd
George Georgiou25.40128th128th
Men A 5th, 5th Overall
Men B 5th, 5th Overall.
Men Vets 5th, 5th Overall.
Women 4th, 3rd Overall.
Women Vets 4th, 4th Overall.

Loughton Vets Inter Club 5 mile Cross Country - Saturday 4th November 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Dan Senior31.013rd
Paul Thompson34.5215th
Calvin Bobin35.2217th
Nick Hoult36.1524th
Grant Conway36.3025th
John Healy39.4840th
Sarah Burns41.1146th12th
David Hallybone41.4748th
Katherine Harris42.1750th14th
Zuzana Urbanova42.5151st15th
Doug Mansell43.3552nd
Andy Bolderstone44.0954th
Tina Bennett45.5059th19th
Caroline Moore46.4763rd22nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera48.0867th26th
Diana Rexhepaj48.1668th27th
Sheila Kennedy48.1969th28th
Maya Goodwin55.5075th33rd
78 finishers, Men's team 3rd 59pts, Women's team 4th 60pts.
Well done to all our fabulous vets who ran for ELR this morning in the cross country vets cup at Loughton AC.
Fortunately, the heavy rain held off and conditions were good for the 5 mile run. I will post up when our hosts forward the results but as usual the event was well organised, marshalled and hosted by Loughton AC. The course was slightly different to usual owing to cattle taking over part of the course! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Maya Goodwin reports:- I was fairly indifferent to todays XC.
I wanted to do it, but I wasnt keen on Roding parkrun, and I knew it was in the same area. Added to the fact that I knew Id be really near the back, possibly even last in such a small race. But, you know, these things have to be tried....

And off we went. It was a bit speedy at the start, even at the back, it was faster than my 5k pace, I hoped it would settle down or I would feel totally demoralised. I was VERY grateful to see people walking over the bridge. And I settled in my pace, going round the fields for the first time. I liked how you never went very far before another turn. Round we went and finally we were back at the start, ready for the second lap. Except... OH. I dont remember this road bit... sigh. So its not even one lap done yet! But at least it was down. Two more turns, and NOW theres the bridge hurray! But you know what this means Maya, they will be lapping you now, no sneaky walk breaks.

And round they came, all the speedsters, galloping past me. Some seemed to glide over the ground. Some were less graceful. Some were very loud, panting and groaning. Some told me they had seen that walk break Maya!.

Third lap. They are weird, the races when you stop being lapped, it gets quite lonely at the back. I couldnt see anyone in front or behind for lots of the time, and it stops feeling like a race and feels like a training run. Except for the marshals who were lovely. My favourite was a lady who said not long now, and theres that hill in a minute, you get a little walk break, its what I always do.

I felt sorry for all the race numbers I saw on the course, all abandoned as they slowly got soggy and escaped their pins. I pulled mine off and held it, to be sure.

And then the finish line was in sight. It was a bit exposed. I know the Red Sea always waits for me and so theres no chance of walking, so I like to try and sneak in a quick walk just before the last push. No such luck. 800m of legging it. But I did get a grinning Tommo alongside me for the last 500m and Alex for the last 200m.

Checked my watch, ducked for the line and I hope I just made 56m dead. And Sarah had even saved me cake. That cake was lush. Ginger and pear. She would get my bake off vote every time.

And I am going to give Roding parkrun another go, I think I judged it to hastily.

Sunday XC League, Race 1 - Cheshunt., Broxbourne Park - Sunday 29th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes28.354th4th
James Nichols32.2470th70th
James Creed36.22173rd161st
Calvin Bobin37.21202nd185th
Michael Wilson39.03250th209th
Tim Aylett41.15306th233rd
Kat Maskell43.01348th99th
Alex Jameson43.53364th259th
Zuzana Urbanova43.58369th107th
Doug Mansell45.17395th272nd
Catriona Hoult47.40426th144th
491 finishers, 293 men and 198 ladies.
Combined team 15th of 20.
Ladies team 16th of 20.
Vet ladies 15th of 20.
Men's team 15th of 20.

Chingford League - Event 2 - Jubilee Lodge (Eton Manor) - Saturday 21st October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown29.447th7th19th
Thomas Grimes29.5510th10th16th
Ciaran Canavan35.1170th66th
Regis Martin36.0178th71st
Karen Levison36.2279th8th3.8.10pts
Michael Bamford37.4499th84th1pt
Emily Clarke37.57101st16th
Nick Hoult38.11104th87th
Calvin Bobin38.36113th90th
Jonathan Wooldridge39.55129th99th
Louis Le Roux40.30135th102nd
Michael Wilson40.32136th103rd
Laura Woodhouse40.33137th31st
Tim Aylett42.02154th112th
Sheetal Dandgey42.16157th42nd
Chloe Millan42.18160th44th
Lance Fuller42.50166th117th
George Georgiou43.51174th122nd
Kat Maskell43.56175th50th
Lucy Barron43.59176th51st
Maud Hodson44.03177th52nd
Kathryn Hertzberg44.22178th53rd
Sarah Burns44.41181st54th
Fiona Critchley45.29185th57th
Alex Jameson46.30192nd127th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera47.55201st68th
Caroline Moore48.03202nd69th
Anna Dingle49.15204th71st
Claire Emery50.20211th78th
Sheila Kennedy51.31215th81st
Sarah Pascal54.12221st85th
Roselin Boramakot54.41222nd86th
Helen McGuinness54.41223rd87th
Michael Wilson reports:-
Chingford League Report 2. Saturday 21st October 2017 - Jubilee Lodge, Leyton.

Although it was a bright and mild day, the heavy wind conditions kept most of the Runners firmly inside the sports pavilion until minutes before the start of the race. The course consisted of laps around the field, onto paths and then larger circuits with a steep grass bank to climb or crawl up! Running into the wind was a challenge and penalised those who had set off too fast!

In a close race for the top positions, Patrick Brown was first back for ELR in 7th place, just in front of his team mate Thomas Grimes in 10th. Karen Levison was First Lady to finish for ELR, followed by Emily Clarke. There was slight confusion close to the end with some Runners entering the finish funnel before completing the extra laps to complete the 5.2 mile course. Overall this was an enjoyable albeit windswept race.

Thanks to Eton Manor for hosting, all the marshals, including our own vociferous Jan Webb and Morag Campbell, (stopping us from colliding with Runners in the opposite direction)! and our supporters Billy Rayner and Dave Levison. Last but not least, the 30+ from East London Runners, who turned up and raced for the club on the day. Regis, Jonathan and Mike stayed behind after for a well earned coffee/tea/cake in Eton Manor's cafe. (Thanks Regis).

The next fixture in this series is on Tuesday 7th November 2017, back at Redbridge Cycle Circuit, Hog Hill, Hainault. See you there,

Mens team 6th, 4th overall.
Men's B team 5th, 5th overall.
Men's vets 5th, 5th overall.
Womens team 4th, 3rd overall.
Womens vets 4th, 3rd overall.

Chingford League - Event 2 - Jubilee Park (Eton Manor) - Saturday 21st October 2017

Essex Cross Country Relays (approx 4.3km) - Saturday 7th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Dan Senior16.3814th 0f 80Mixed
Karen Levison17.4123rd of 80Mixed
Eleanor Wilkinson18.5134th 0f 80Mixed
Ciaran Canavan18.1827th of 80Mixed
Fiona Critchley22.0171st of 84WomEn A
Alexandra Brown19.3341st of 84Women A
Rachel Le Rouxno timeWomen A
Tricia ONeill21.4265th of 84Women B
Sarah Burns21.1159th of 84Women B
Maud Hodsonno timeWomen B
Spencer Evans16.2960th of 162Men A
Paul Thompson18.05111th of 162Men A
Jonathan Wooldridge18.46128th of 162Men A
Mark Moir18.28123rd of 162Men A
Jonathan Shaw19.02136th of 162Men B
Lance Fuller21.10154th of 162Men B
Paul Marshallno timeMen B
Stuart Norrisno timeMen B
Shahib Miah Ali18.05110th of 162Men C
John Healy20.23147th of 162Men C
Louis Le Rouxno timeMen C
Shaun DeSenano timeMen C
Mixed team 5th place - 1.11.28

Women's teams 24th place
26th place

Men's teams 28th - 1.11.48
37th - 1.17.52
41st - 1.21.45

Chingford League - Event 1 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Karen Levison20.0712th3rd8/10/10
Eleanor Wilkinson21.1121st9th2 pts
Emily Clarke21.1522nd10th1 pts
Paula Bedford21.4326th12th8 pts
Sheetal Dandgey23.2645th26th
Alexandra Brown23.3548th29th
Laura Woodhouse23.4551st32nd
Lauren Aston24.0356th37th
Chloe Millan24.0957th38th
Maud Hodson25.2469th46th
Kat Maskell25.4774th49th
Tricia ONeill25.5775th50th
Katie Whitton25.5976th51st
Zuzana Urbanova26.0577th52nd
Catherine Brett27.1484th58th
Claire Emery27.3386th60th
Caroline Moore27.4887th61st
Catriona Hoult28.2692nd66th
Caroline McGirr28.2793rd67th
Anna Dingle29.1697th71st
Sheila Kennedy29.50101st75th
Helen McGuinness30.04102nd76th
Sinead Ryan30.13103rd77th
Sarah Pascal30.55106th80th
Maya Goodwin32.16108th82nd
Thomas Grimes16.294th4th22pts
Euan Brown16.355th5th21pts
Patrick Brown17.1515th14th12pts
Billy Rayner17.5425th24th2pts
Alex Bee18.0131st30th
Stuart Kelly18.5447th46th
Dan Senior19.0349th48th
Simon Thomas19.1457th55th
Spencer Evans19.2061st59th
Aaron Williams19.5370th68th
Mark Moir20.1477th75th
Paul Marshall20.4087th84th
Neil Gage20.4892nd89th
Michael Bamford21.0095th92nd
Grant Conway21.1197th94th
James Creed21.28102nd98th
Peter Hatley21.41105th101st
Regis Martin21.42106th102nd
Craig Livermore21.58110th106th
Calvin Bobin22.37120th115th
Stuart Norris23.03128th123rd
Michael Wilson23.17131st126th
John Healy24.23141st136th
Maran Raju24.52145th140th
Alex Jameson24.54146th141st
Gareth Davies25.27150th147th
Tim Aylett25.39156th148th
Jason Levy26.09160th152nd
Shaun DeSena29.24168th159th
Men's A Team 3rd 8pts
B Team 4th 7pts
Vets 5th 6pts
Ladies Team 2nd 9th
Ladies Vets 3rd 8th

Mike Reports.ELR turned up in force for the first race in the Chingford League calendar, with a record 54 Runners taking part. The formidable Karen Levison was first for ELR in the ladies race with a time of 20.07 to take 3rd place. Ellie Wilkinson and Emily Clarke (9th and 10th place respectively) and Paula Bedford (12th) also impressed.
Thomas Grimes looked to have taken 3rd position in the men's race in very close finish, but was ultimately placed 4th with both athletes given the same time of 16.29. Not far behind was Euan Brown in 4th place, whilst his brother Patrick was 15th and Billy Rayner 25th.
There were many debuts and fine performances - too many to mention. Thanks to all our Runners, also our marshalls and spectators who turned up on the night.