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Cross Country 2015-2016

Chingford League relays, Wanstead Flats - Saturday 5th March 2016

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Ciaran Canavan13.4918th18th
Thomas Grimes11.0810th10th
Patrick Brown11.528th8th
Thomas Grimes11.116th6th
Team came 6th from 36 teams.

Chingford League - Victoria Park - Saturday 20th February 2016

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Paul Quinton26.495th4th22pts
Thomas Grimes27.2711th9th 17pts
Patrick Brown28.1323rd20th6pts
Dan Gritton28.1926th23rd3pts/4pts
James Creed31.0251st42nd
Paul Thompson32.3270th58th
Emmet Fitzgibbon34.3099th77th
Rebecca Young34.34100th14th
184 finishers.
Men's team was 3rd at Victoria Park and 4th place overall.
Ladies were 7th and 6th overall.
Thomas Grimes finished 3rd Senior Man, Patrick 10th and Paul Quinton 14th.
Jenny Ansell finished 6th Senior Woman. Dan Gritton was 5th Vet man.

Sunday XC League - Royston, Baldock - Final Event - Sunday 14th February 2016

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes35.172nd2nd
Russell Price38.4024th24th
Fiona Critchley51.20192nd45th
Maud Hodson54.08220th64th
Doug Mansell56.44254th177th
Thanks to those who made the long journey and competed for their club today. Thanks also to those running in one or more of the other Sunday League races. Special mention to Maud, Russell, Thomas and Doug who ran in all five. Great to see Thomas come in 2nd and WIN championship. Proud to be an East London Runner!
Royston 324 finishers. 202 men, 122 ladies.
Team results Royston - Both 15th of 20.
Overall Men 10th of 20, Ladies 12th of 20.

Congratulations to Thomas Grimes who won the Sunday League trophy for 1st Senior Male, after finishing 2nd at Royston XC today!

Southern XC Championships, Hampstead Heath - Saturday 30th January 2016

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Jennifer Ansell38.53176th176th
Eleanor Wilkinson44.05323rd323rd
Maud Hodson45.08351st351st
Helen Harris45.52370th370th
Celia Payaneeandee46.22377th377th
Fiona Day48.48415th415th
Lucy Barron48.58418th418th
Rebecca Young49.06424th424th
Alexandra Brown50.17437th437th
Bernadett Kalmar52.05450th450th
Gemma Foxall52.06451st451st
Gina Radford53.50462nd462nd
Sandra Corbyn53.57464th464th
Caroline Moore55.45480th480th
Emma Hobbs58.59489th489th
Thomas Grimes1.00.59265th256th
Patrick Brown1.02.35311th311th
Antonio Martin Romero1.04.55410th410th
Jon Brombley1.05.40446th446th
Dan Gritton1.07.10502nd502nd
Daniel Slipper1.10.17630th630th
Aaron Browne1.16.28826th826th
Carlton D'Souza1.16.51834th834th
Spencer Evans1.17.18844th844th
Iain Mackie1.19.23883rd*883rd*
Grant Conway1.21.11906th906th
Ramesh Pala1.23.52938th938th
Peter Hatley1.23.59942nd942nd
Dominic Dragonetti1.26.55969th969th
Ladies 8,000m , Men 15,000m.
Both team's came 39th. The Ladies team from 53 teams, the men from 70 teams. Finisher's : Ladies 501, Men 1027.

Orion's Mercury 10 mile XC - Saturday 23rd January 2016

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes1.06.363rd
Mark Boulton1.08.295th
Paul Quinton1.11.1010th
Patrick Brown1.11.3311th
Dan Gritton1.17.5224th
Aaron Williams1.21.4231st
Spencer Evans1.23.3239th
Paul Thompson1.26.4943rd
Grant Conway1.28.3946th
Ramesh Pala1.36.1162nd

Sunday League - Event 4 - Cassiobury Park ,Watford XC - Sunday 17th January 2016

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes35.456th6th
Russell Price39.0139th39th
Regis Martin40.3961st60th
Salvatore Passerini42.0988th81st
Alexandra Brown51.00226th46th
Doug Mansell52.12240th187th
Maud Hodson52.36244th56th
A hardy Team from East London Runners took on the snow, mud and hills in Cassiobury Park in wanstead this morning in the 4th Race of the Sunday Cross Country League.

The ELR Team are ready for today's race!

222 men and 123 ladies.
Men's team 11th of 20, Vets 12th.
Ladies team 14th of 20, Vets 16th.

Essex XC Championships, Claybury - Saturday 9th January 2016

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes44.4536th
Jon Brombley48.0070th
Dan Gritton48.2391st
Spencer Evans51.0396th
Aaron Browne52.33109th
Andrew Baxter53.17113th
Ciaran Canavan53.33116th
James Nichols54.48128th
Carlton D'Souza55.24133rd
Paul Thompson55.33135th
Iain Mackie57.02143rd
John Healy57.17145th
Dominic Dragonetti58.03147th
Grant Conway58.39153rd
Peter Hatley61.37161st
Christian Turnbull68.40178th
Jason Levy72.38182nd
Jennifer Ansell36.5426th
Eleanor Wilkinson41.0051st
Rebecca Young41.2653rd
Sarah Burns42.1158th
Sheetal Dandgey44.4071st
Maud Hodson45.2777th
Lucy Barron45.4879th
Gemma Foxall46.0681st
Celia Payaneeandee46.3585th
Gina Radford47.2788th
Fiona Day48.0690th
Caroline Moore51.54100th
Also life member Simon Morgan 136th (55.38) running for Colchester Harriers.

ELR men's team 12th and men's 'B' team 18th out of 19. (184 finished).
ELR women's team 9th and women's 'B' team 15th out of 18. (104 finished).

Ilford AC 10 mile XC - Race for Kev - Monday 28th December 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Mark Boulton65.165th
Sheetal Dandgey
Regis Martin74.4422nd
Scott McMillan75.5225th
Ciaran Canavan76.4926th
James Nichols77.3228th
James Creed78.1130th
Paul Thompson81.2037th
Spencer Evans82.5242nd
John Healy84.2652nd
Grant Conway84.4553rd
Dominic Dragonetti86.3860th
Ashley Faria88.1663rd
Tom Woods88.2464th
Sarah Burns89.1770th
Ramesh Pala90.4077th
Natasha Tweedie94.0482nd
Maud Hodson95.0084th
Tricia O'Neill98.2587th
Fiona Day102.4797th
Caroline Moore108.39109th
Ninette Fernandes112.17116th
Maya Goodwin125.08126th
Maya Goodwin
"This is the maddest thing I've ever done!"

I said that to a lot of people this morning. Most people in fact. I mean, I knew what was coming. I knew about the mud and the hills, from when I did The Old Lady Race last year. But I'd also forgotten about the mud and the hills. The total madness of them both.

It was an out and back race, with a loop at each end. Three laps. Which meant there was just LOADS of opportunity to see everyone. And everyone was just so cheerful. Even Scott, who's mantra I won't put in print here as I've been warned by Frank before about my language, but it had perfect pace and rhythm and made me laugh as he lapped me on the hill.

Maud, after we yelled at each other, a Dagenham 88 runner overtook me saying 'you East London Runners are the loudest!' He's not wrong.

Louise, your Eaton Manor cheer squad at the top of the first hill made me laugh. I honestly, genuinely thought they meant me. 'G'WON THE MANOR!' It really sounds like 'G'WON the MAYA!' I told them as I passed, and they were ace and cheered me every time I passed them. More reasons to laugh.

The horses. Did you all see the horses? Bet we all REALLY annoyed them! Slow people coming from behind, speedy muddy men racing towards them at full pelt. Bet they don't normally have such drama on their Sunday morning hack.

I did find the last lap tough. I've never done more than 5 miles in proper cross country before. I totally underestimated how tired your legs get. And my core. Grant, you'll be delighted to know I could hear you 'I told you so'ing from about mile 6! I just felt dog tired, even running the downs felt difficult. But it was so pretty, I couldn't stay despondent, and then I caught the homeward bound marshals! They were lovely. Bouncy and cheerful and full of grins. Thank you marshals. And best of all, I made it home before they did. Phew.

One slice of cake left, and a medal from one of my virtual running group -

Chingford League - Event 4 of 6 - Jubilee Park hosted by Eton Manor - Saturday 19th December 2015

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Russell Price32.0117th17th9pts
Spencer Evans34.2738th36th
Ciaran Canavan34.5845th39th
Grant Conway39.0584th67th
Dominic Dragonetti39.1887th68th
Christopher Sohail42.08111th80th
Iain Mackie43.46119th83rd
Sarah Burns44.02121st35th
Fiona Day44.23124th36th2pts
Alexandra Brown45.39132nd41st
Christian Turnbull46.46137th89th
Caroline Moore48.38143rd47th
152 runners, 96 men and 52 ladies.
Men's team were 5th and 4th overall.
Ladies team were

Sunday XC League - Event 3 - Willian, Herts. (5.4miles aprox) - Sunday 6th December 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes28.265th5th
Jon Brombley30.2121st21st
Russell Price30.3525th25th
Peter Craik33.5596th93rd
Iain Mackie37.28177th160th
Tricia O'Neill41.18276th58th
Helen Harris41.21278th60th
Maud Hodson42.18292nd68th
Frank Brownlie 42.48298th226th
Doug Mansell42.56302nd228th
Daisy Cross43.32311th81st
Sandra Corbyn45.01339th97th
Emma Hobbs54.15393rd134th

Sunday XC League - Event 2 - Trent Park - Sunday 22nd November 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Jennifer Ansell32.1276th - 2nd2nd
Claire Parker37.12192nd - 23rd23rd
Tricia O'Neill42.00340th - 77th77th
Maud Hodson42.14344th - 79th79th
Sandra Corbyn43.41381st 100th100th
Emma Hobbs55.24484th 168th168th
Maya Goodwin55.31486th 170th170th
Thomas Grimes28.459th9th
Antonio Martin Romero29.5925th25th
Jon Brombley31.0645th45th
Dan Gritton31.3054th - 53rd53rd
Russell Price31.3458th - 56th56th
Paul Thompson35.30150th 138th138th
Jonathan Wooldridge37.55220th 186th186th
Dominic Dragonetti38.02224th 189th189th
Iain Mackie38.44245th 205th205th
Stuart Barton42.57364th 274th274th
Doug Mansell43.28374th 278th278th
Peter Craik44.13 x lap390th 285th285th
Frank Brownlie 44.32397th 288th288th
495 finishers, 176 ladies and 319 men.

London Cross Country Championships, Hampstead Heath - Saturday 14th November 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Jennifer Ansell25.2520th20th
Eleanor Wilkinson29.23113th113th
Celia Payaneeandee30.06130th130th
Rebecca Young31.07144th144th
Sheetal Dandgey32.59160th160th
Gemma Foxall33.16163rd163rd
Lucy Barron33.43170th170th
Sandra Corbyn33.55173rd173rd
Gina Radford36.07186th186th
Caroline Moore37.41194th194th
Emma Hobbs43.17201st201st
Maya Goodwin43.26202nd202nd
Thomas Grimes36.3931st31st
Patrick Brown38.0156th56th
Mark Boulton39.2991st91st
Russell Price39.3092nd92nd
Antonio Martin Romero40.08107th107th
James Nichols42.50191st191st
Aaron Browne44.05214th214th
Spencer Evans44.49231st231st
Ciaran Canavan46.03257th257th
Peter Hatley48.39295th295th
Grant Conway49.28302nd302nd
Craig Livermore50.34313th313th
Ramesh Pala50.34
Christian Turnbull59.34349th349th
Dan Spinks45.43 (2nd claim)255th255th
Maya's report:- Today was the first time I ever had to come to terms with the possibility of coming last in a race. Actually dead last. Parliament Hill. I did it last year. It was tough then. Muddy, hilly, chilly. I was about 4 from the back. Never in last place.
This year it was muddy, hilly, rainy, chilly, scratch that, freezing. Bloody freezing. And icy cold rain that steadily got worse. But, you know, 6k. How hard can it be?

Very. From the off I was at the very back. Just a few steps behind the lovely Emma 'Murphy' Hobbs but at the back nonetheless. About halfway round the first lap I wanted to walk. I also wanted to cry. I'm used to being at the back, but I'm never actually LAST. I thought of Julie's blog about being last and how it's ok. But it didn't feel it. It felt rubbish. And I felt defeated. The gap between me and Emma was growing.
After about 2.5k (so only about 20 mins, but it felt like about an hour) I realised I was gaining on Emma slightly. That cheered me up a bit. Then I clocked Emma overtake a girl in black. I hadn't seen her before. I thought she must be a casual runner, not a racer. And then there was Grant! Now I know this is silly, but I was sort of embarrassed. He'd waited to cheer us all through, and there was me. Last. Sigh. But then his grin really cheered me. 'Come on Maya, you're a legend you know!' Those words lifted my spirits like you wouldn't believe. And then he caught my eye, cocked his head to the girl in black, who was closer now, and mouthed 'go on'. So she was racing too!

I overtook her. And then... NOT LAST!
The next lap wasn't easy at all. But I felt so much more spirited. Emma and I ran it together and we got to the end. Hurray. And thank you Alexandra Brown for stopping me from walking in the last 100m, how lame would that have been!

Anyway. I'm not sure where I'm really going with this. It feels wrong to be so pleased to beat the girl in black and leaving my 'I hate being last' demons with her. But what I did decide was that in that cold and rain, only the most hardcore would be brave enough. Which makes me hardcore. Me and the girl in black too. And that'll do just fine.

Men's Team 11th out of 24.
Womens Team 17th out of 20.
353 Men and 203 Women finished.

Loughton AC Vets Inter Club Race 5 miles - Saturday 7th November 2015

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Paul Thompson34.074th4th
John Healy35.467th7th
Ramesh Pala37.3010th10th
Grant Conway38.2614th14th
Team came 2nd place.

Chingford League - Event 3 of 6 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 3rd November 2015

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes16.473rd3rd23pts
Paul Quinton17.4017th9pts
Antonio Martin Romero17.4318th8pts
Alex Bee17.4820th6pts
Russell Price18.0127th
Dan Gritton18.2134th5pts
Ciaran Canavan19.3156th
Spencer Evans19.5363rd
Aaron Browne20.3775th
Aaron Williams20.4677th
James Clarke21.1283rd
Craig Livermore21.2184th
Peter Hatley21.2385th
Jason Levy25.15118th
Christopher Sohail27.03126th
Maud Hodson24.4759th40th
Sandra Corbyn26.5672nd49nd
Caroline Moore31.2991st63rd
Maya Goodwin33.04 (course PB)96th68th
Men's team 4th (4th overall)
B Team 4th (3rd overall)
Vets team 5th (4th overall)
Women's team 8th (5th overall)
Women Vets 7th (5th overall)

Sunday Cross Country League - Event 1 - Cheshunt - Sunday 18th October 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes27.583rd3rd
Alex Day29.3619th19th
Antonio Martin Romero30.1928th28th
Russell Price31.0444th44th
Dan Gritton31.1747th47th
Samuel Browne32.0570th69th
Jennifer Ansell32.3275th (2nd)2nd
Peter Craik33.57111th107th
Rebecca Young38.48229th (33rd)33rd
Tricia O'Neill40.54289th (64th)64th
Maud Hodson41.14301st (70th)70th
Doug Mansell41.58324th239th
Bernadett Kalmar42.13331st (90th)90th
Stuart Barton44.36366th254th
Sandra Corbyn45.14376th (118th)118th
Dave Knight45.32383rd263rd
Susannah McLaren46.55399th (131st)131st
Don Bennett50.43433rd281st
Maya Goodwin55.10447th (163rd)163rd
The men's team was 6th and Women's team 9th out of 20 teams. Men's Masters 15th and Women's Masters 12th out of 20. Women's 'B' 12 out of 13.
452 runners finished. (286 Men and 166 Women).

Chingford League - Event 2 of 6 - Loughton XC (approx 5 miles) - Saturday 17th October 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes27.417th7th19pts
Patrick Brown28.0610th10th16pts
Antonio Martin Romero29.2619th19th7pts
Russell Price29.4222nd22nd4pts
Dan Gritton30.3633rd33rd
Aaron Williams31.2046th46th
Aaron Browne31.5456th56th
Spencer Evans31.5757th57th
Ciaran Canavan32.0460th60th
Andrew Baxter32.1464th64th
Emmet Fitzgibbon33.5879th79th
Ramesh Pala35.36100th100th
Rebecca Young36.18109th16th
Sarah Burns36.37113th19th
Maud Hodson38.53128th29th
Alexandra Brown39.09131st31st
Fiona Day39.35134th33rd5pts
Christian Turnbull41.37146th146th
Caroline Moore42.55155th43rd
Sheila Kennedy45.54166th52nd
Caroline Moore;- This was great fun, pretty course, really rural vibe despite being half a mile from Loughton station and near the M11 with hay bales and kissing gates - Maya Goodwin you would have loved those, and it was in daylight with no mud. Apparently they had to change the course because there were cows in the way. And Sarah Burns brought cake!

Chingford League - Event 1 of 6 - Hog's Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit. - Wednesday 7th October 2015

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Jennifer Ansell18.5029th 1st Lady1st10pts
Karen Levison20.1059th 3rd Lady3rd8/10/10
Eleanor Wilkinson22.42123rd20th
Sheetal Dandgey23.27135th26th
Rebecca Young23.28136th27th
Alexandra Brown24.29153rd37th
Helen Cook25.06159th39th
Fiona Day25.09160th40th
Caroline Moore27.44178th51st
Lucy Barron27.51181st53rd
Sandra Corbyn28.33185th55th
Sarah Burns33.54193rd60th
Maya Goodwin33.56194th61st
Thomas Grimes16.401st1st25pts
Patrick Brown17.167th6th20pts
Alex Day17.4715th14th12pts
Antonio Martin Romero18.2424th23rd3pts
Dan Gritton18.5230th28th7pts
Spencer Evans19.5147th47th
Aaron Williams20.0150th50th
Aaron Browne20.0457th53rd
James Clarke20.1161st56th
Ciaran Canavan20.3769th63rd
Craig Livermore21.2480th72nd
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.2582nd73rd
Alex Haward21.3785th76th
Grant Conway21.4993rd81st
Angus Nicholls22.19105th86th
Iain Mackie22.20 pb106th87th
Daniel Levicki22.23110th89th
Ramesh Pala22.29113th91st2pts
Kieran Brown22.31118th94th
Christopher Sohail26.43173rd113th
Men's A Team came 2nd with 119 pts with Orion 1st with 39pts.
B Team came 3rd, with Vets team 4th. Ladies came 4th with the Vets team 5th place.
Craig's report:- Well, what can I say, last night's Chingford League race was absolutely awesome, I've not felt so electric before a race in such a long time.

I was planning on walking down, but since I was a tad late setting off, I thought I'd break into a jog and see how far it took me. Needless to say I was nearly at the Cycle Centre by this point, so I slowed down into a walk, before deciding to break into a stride up the hill, just to flex the legs a little.

When I got in I was just admiring the scenery...well, for the most part when I wasn't running I was anyway...entered the hall for registration and got my number and safety pins. Had a nice little chat with Alexandra before the ladies race started, and wished her and the rest of the ladies all the best before they headed off into the darkness.
Before I knew it the race had already started, and everyone was already rocking up the initial hill. All I was doing was my best to cheer our runners on, can't really say much about the race, you'd have to get