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Cross Country 2013-2014

Ilford AC Club & Open 10 mile XC - Hainault Forest - Saturday 1st March 2014

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Grant Conway1.22.074th - 1st V404th

Chingford League - Race 6 - Victoria Park - 5 miles - Saturday 15th February 2014

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown27.027th
Lee Wollaston32.0073rd
Peter Hatley33.1295th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea33.39 pb103rd
Emmet Fitzgibbon33.52108th
Kieran Brown35.10123rd
Grant Conway35.31131st
Celia Payaneeandee35.31132nd
James Creed36.56153rd
Lee Neville38.13163rd
Fiona Day38.14164th
Sheila Kennedy39.47175th
Diana Rexhepaj46.44208th

SEAA Main XC Championships, Parliament Hill - Saturday 25th January 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown58.49118th118th15000m
Mark Boulton64.18286th286th15000m
Paul Quinton69.30501st of 986.501st15000m
Celia Payaneeandee43.27279th of 466.279th 8000m

Patrick, Mark, Paul and Celia in action at a muddy Parliament Hill Fields.

Chingford League Event 5 - Hackney Marshes - Saturday 18th January 2014

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown31.188th8th
Euan Brown31.4411th11th
Thomas Grimes34.1928th28th
Michael Wilson42.22137th116th
Celia Payaneeandee42.25138th21st
Kieran Brown43.44151st123rd
Sarah Burns47.10169th36th
204 runners finished. (146 Men and 56 Women and 2 guests). Men's and Women's team both 7th out of 11.
After 5 races Men's team are 6th and Women's team 5th.
Patrick and Euan Brown are 5th and 8th respectively overall.

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 4 - Therfield Heath, Royston - Sunday 12th January 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Thomas Grimes36.3422nd22nd
Andrew Baxter38.3741st41st
Russell Price39.3753rd52nd
David Baldwin40.2063rd61st
Paul Thompson41.1478th74th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea42.2596th87th
Michael Wilson43.17109th96th
Lee Wollaston44.08125th109th
Celia Payaneeandee48.08172nd33rd
Phoebe Bowman50.22204th49th
Maud Hodson52.46226th62nd
Don Bennett62.07286th187th
Diana Rexhepaj63.18293rd104th

Mike. Another new year and back up the M11 to Royston and the rolling hills of Therfield Heath; one of the highlights of the cross country calendar! (Known as the Royston Roaster). Not quite the freezing icy conditions of last year, but still a bright sunny morning with a frost on the ground which made the course slippery in places.Thomas, who admitted to starting off too fast up the first hill, finished in an impressive 22nd position, followed by local running star Andrew in 41st and Russell in 53rd. Outstanding runs also from David who had sorted his shoes out since Ally Pally and finished way up the field in 63rd, Paul (78th) and Mohammed (96th) both putting in speedy laps. The men's team was completed by Mike, oh so close to that top 100! (109th), Lee, only three hills behind in (125th) and 'there's only one' Don Bennett (286th).

For the ladies, Celia sprinted to the finish in style in 172nd, closely followed by Phoebe (204th), Maud (226th) and debutant Diana (293rd).
The cakes in the refreshment tent were well received by all at the end; thanks to Royston Runners.
Men finished 7th of 18 and the Ladies 11th of 18.
Maud. 'Blasted' hills aside, I thought it was a lovely race - the Marshal's were brilliant!

Essex County XC Championships, Colchester - Saturday 4th January 2014

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown46.0145th45th
Russell Price51.4693rd93rd
Paul Thompson52.40107th107th
Lee Wollaston56.18134th134th
Alexandra Wilkinson41.3467th67th
Celia Payaneeandee42.2376th76th
Fiona Day43.1985th85th

Chingford League Event 4 - Alexandra Palace - Saturday 28th December 2013

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Euan Brown32:414th4
Patrick Brown33:579th9
Andrew Baxter38:2143rd
Russell Price38:4349th
Michael Wilson42:3685th
David Baldwin42:5289th
Lee Wollaston42:5490th
Grant Conway44:09101st
Shahib Miah Ali47:34121st
Kieran Brown47:37123rd
Sarah Burns47:42124th
Maud Hodson48:24128th
Fiona Day50:47138th
Celia Payaneeandee52:29143rd

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 3 - Trent Park. - Sunday 8th December 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Russell Price 32.0949th48th49th
David Baldwin33.5482nd77th82nd
Lee Wollaston35.42121st107th121st
Michael Wilson37.25159th133rd159th
Maud Hodson41.37237th61st237th
Don Bennett51.38332nd219th332nd
Men's team 11th out of 18. Women's team 13th out of 18, thanks to Maud finishing 61st out of 133 in the women's field. 356 finished in total.

Mike. A smaller team of runners today, but all credit to everyone who turned up to race for East London Runners in this Sunday League fixture. The course was run over two laps of the scenic Trent Park, mainly in the bone dry leafy woods and it's demanding hills. Russell Price was first home for ELR, breaking into the top fifty of a large field in 49th position. He was followed by David Baldwin in a very good 82nd place, then Lee Wollaston (121st), Michael Wilson (159th), Maud Hodson (237th) who was the sole member of the ladies team and Don Bennett (332nd). A lovely early winters day albeit with a cold breeze, but an enjoyable morning of running. Confirmation of times to follow.

Essex Vets XC Championship, Claybury - Saturday 30th November 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Sarah Burns39.3929th29th
Maud Hodson42.2848th48th
Fiona Day43.5059th59th
Sheila Kennedy46.5276th76th
Michael Wilson37.05 V5052nd52nd
Ramesh Pala38.34 V5062nd62nd
Tom Woods42.04 V6082nd82nd
Frank Brownlie42.36 V6084th84th
Manjit Bedi32.0330th30th
Andrew Baxter32.1333rd33rd
Daniel Lee32.3135th35th
Ciaran Canavan32.3836th36th
Paul Thompson34.3052nd52nd
Grant Conway37.2467th67th
Ladies Team 11th of 16.Men's MV50 14th of 17. Men's MV40 7th of 13.

Running conditions were good for this years race. A cool but still morning with a bit of give in the ground but very little mud to speak of. The 4.8 mile three lap course, within Claybury Park, with it's shortish sharp hills and undulations was challenging nonetheless.

The first race which included the Ladies Vets and the Mens over 50's had a very large field. Mike Wilson was first home for ELR followed by Ramesh, Tom and Frank. The ladies Team was led home by Sarah Burns with Maud, Fiona and Sheila following.

The second race was for Male Vets over 40 had 6 ELR competitors with the first 4 home counting in the team points scoring. All had good runs with Manjit Bedi leading for ELR closely followed by Andrew, Danny and Ciaran running as a Vet for the first time and in what was his first cross country race. Paul Thompson and Grant also ran well in what was a good turnout by ELR.

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 2 - Grovelands Park, Southgate. - Sunday 24th November 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Mark Boulton30.1025th25th
Mark Wyatt31.0139th39th
Russell Price31.2344th44th
Andrew Baxter31.4559th59th
Michael Wilson34.57119th111th
Lee Wollaston35.04123rd115th
Helen Real36.12160th20th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea36.30 debut xc167th147th
Ramesh Pala37.35187th162nd
Phoebe Bowman37.56200th30th
Alexandra Wilkinson38.45222nd38th
Celia Payaneeandee39.01227th41st
Tanbir Jasimuddin39.53245th197th
Maud Hodson41.07272nd62nd
Dan Spinks41.47285th216th
William Davies42.51305th226th
Doug Mansell43.45319th234th
Don Bennett49.14377th251st
The Sunday League record set at Cheshunt of 387 didn't last long with 409 at this fixture. Both teams fielded a full team with the men coming in 10th of 18 and the Ladies 8th of 18.

London Cross Country Championships, Hampstead Heath - Saturday 16h November 2013

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Alexandra Wilkinson28.469090
Celia Payaneeandee28.499191
Patrick Brown35.173636
Euan Brown35.594242
Mark Wyatt37.307777
Mark Boulton38.36100100
Russell Price40.31152152
William Pearce42.20188188
Paul Thompson42.54197197
Lee Wollaston44.00215215
Emmet Fitzgibbon44.42231231
Dan Spinks56.15286286
135 Ladies and 289 Men finished.
Men's team 11 out of 25. (P Brown, E Brown, M Wyatt, M Boulton).

Chingford League Event 3 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 5th November 2013

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Euan Brown17.2614th14th12pts
Thomas Grimes17.4417th17th9pts
Patrick Brown17.5219th19th7pts
William Pearce19.4063rd59th
Russell Price19.5366th62nd
David Baldwin20.4794th84th
Lee Wollaston21.03103rd89th
Michael Wilson21.18 course pb110th96th
Grant Conway21.45 pb127th108th
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.50128th109th
Claire Parker22.32144th19th
Phoebe Bowman22.33145th20th
Jamie Xavier22.55160th126th
James Creed23.32176th134th
Kieran Brown23.33177th135th
Shahib Miah Ali23.34178th136th
Jamee Gould24.02184th32nd
Celia Payaneeandee24.03185th33rd
Lauren Aston24.24192nd36th
Sarah Burns24.29198th42nd
William Davies25.20205th146th
Maud Hodson25.20206th46th
Fiona Day25.48213th50th
Sheila Kennedy26.54224th56th
Team results Men 5th of 11, vets 7th of 11. Ladies 4th of 11, vets 5th of 11.

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 1 - Cheshunt - Sunday 27th October 2013

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown30.148th8th
Andrew Baxter32.2436th36th
Russell Price34.4983rd79th
Lee Wollaston36.12115th103rd
David Baldwin36.40125th112th
Emmet Fitzgibbon36.52129th115th
Shailesh Patel37.04135th120th
Michael Wilson37.30147th128th
Ramesh Pala40.07202nd170th
Phoebe Bowman40.34213th33rd
Celia Payaneeandee40.53221st36th
Maud Hodson43.50279th64th
Doug Mansell47.51342nd233rd
387 finishers which is aleague record. 250 men, 134 ladies , 3 guests. Men's team 10 of 18, vets 8 of 18. Ladies team were 14th of 18.
A very good turn out for the men's team of which the first eight score.The ladies were two runners short of a full team of five, but their scores still count. A mild, sunny day with a fairly strong breeze - the course consisting of three laps which were not too demanding in the way of hills! Celia, Maud, David, Shailesh, Lee, and Emmet were all making their Sunday league debuts. Let's see this turnout continue over the remaining four fixtures and hope also that the ladies can field a full team. An outstanding run from Patrick who finished in 8th position, only a week after running the Amsterdam Marathon and also Andrew in 36th position. It was good to see Doug return after a long lay off due to injury.

Chingford League Event 2 - Loughton AC XC - Saturday 12th October 2013

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Patrick Brown27.0010th 16pts10th
Andrew Baxter29.4256th52nd
Lee Wollaston33.12104th91st
Peter Hatley33.49118th103rd
Emmet Fitzgibbon34.02122nd107th
Grant Conway35.01138th117th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea36.32159th133rd
Michael Wilson36.46163rd136th
Celia Payaneeandee36.47164th21st
James Creed36.51165th137th
Sheila Kennedy41.31197th35th
Alexandra Wilkinson41.32198th36th
Don Bennett47.21219th160th
Patrick is currently 6th in the senior's with Euan at 10th place after 2 events. Men's team finished 8th of 11 and Ladies 6th of 11.

Chingford League Event 1 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 1st October 2013

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Euan Brown17.188th8th18pts
Patrick Brown17.2512th 12th14pts
Alexandra Wilkinson24.32168th33rd
David Baldwin21.0487th78th
Lee Wollaston21.0989th79th
Michael Wilson21.31107th91st
Grant Conway22.04118th103rd
Sarah McCrea22.20123rd13th
Jonathan Wooldridge22.54134th110th
Phoebe Bowman23.00137th19th
Claire Parker23.00138th20th
Jamie Xavier23.43150th120th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea23.52156th124th
William Davies24.15164th128th
Chloe Longstaff24.22165th31st
Celia Payaneeandee24.32169th34th
Kieran Brown24.36171st130th
Sheila Kennedy26.40199th50th
Men 6th of 11 - 6 Team points
Ladies 4th of 11 - 8 Team points
Vets teams both 6 of 11.