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Cross Country 2008-2009

Cross Country - Watford - Sunday 8th February 2009

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Ian Horritt42.0945
Derek Wright43.1656
Mick Wilson46.1782
Jan Soegarrd Hansen47.4295
Edward Barnard50.16116
Jimmy Hartwell52.52131
Dave Knight53.30134
John Atkinson54.01137
Don Bennett1.01.59150
The last meeting of the season and a very picturesque course as there was
plenty of snow on the ground, having made its way up to Watford a week later
than London. There was a sheet of ice on the small bridge crossing the river,
making this part of the course particularly hazardous, although there were St
John's Ambulance in attendant in case of a nasty accident. After the race it
was a short drive to the local pub and the now traditional end of season meal
to cap a fine season. As for the race, regulars Ian and Derek finished 1 and 2
for ELR while Jan moved up the field to register his best run for the club so

Cross Country - Essex Seniors - Basildon - Saturday 19th January 2009

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Aaron Williams57.0891
Simon Morgan57.22 (running for Tiptree Road Runners)92
Ian Horritt60.16113
Ths is a very difficult three lap course run in Gloucester Park, Basildon over
7.5 miles. The conditions were below zero and these were three very good times
in the Essex cross country championships, where the standard is very high.
Simon Morgan was running for Tiptree Road Runners.

Cross Country - Therfield Heath, Royston - Sunday 4th January 2009

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Aaron Williams37.174644
Ian Horritt39.187570
John Dawson39.417973
Derek Wright39.428074
Mick Wilson42.1610693
Josh Beveridge44.09126107
Frank Brownlie45.44150122
John Atkinson51.21215159
266 finishers in the combined race, 176 finishers in the individual race

Cross Country - Ilford AC 10 miles - Hainault Forest - Saturday 20th December 2008

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Manjit Singh1.17.2338
Jamie Coombs1.25.5358

Cross Country - Grovelands Park, Southgate - Sunday 14th December 2009

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Ian Horritt32.156863213pts
Derek Wright33.329585253pts
Mick Wilson34.1310995290pts
Edward Barnard35.18128111326pts
Jan Soegaard Hansen37.09148123380pts
John Atkinson40.59183143440pts
Clive Jackson42.33192147
Don Bennett43.02193148474pts
Ann Rayfield48.2621459
Carol Plaskowski51.2621963
Men: 220 finishers in the combined race, 157 finishers in the individual

Women: 220 finishers in the combined race, 63 finishers in the
individual race.

Grovelands Park was a muddy affair following plenty of
rain the day before. The course was changed slightly from last year to prevent
any lapping in the enclosed forest section, so consisting of 2 small laps in
the open park and 1 lap in the forest. The men fielded a complete team with a
few people missing meaning that even the backmarkers were needed to score. The
finishing order stayed pretty much the same as previous races with Clive taking
part in his 1st fixture this year helping us to a full team. The ladies were
again short of a full team but Ann making her debut on the cross country scene
for us and Carol both struggled through the quagmire to finish. The next race
will be on January 4th at the hills of Royston right after the new year. More
details to follow shortly.

Cross Country - Essex Vets - Claybury - 6th December 2008

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Karen Levison14
Well done to Karen for being the only East London Runner to compete in the
Essex Vets at Claybury and finishing in an excellent 14th position.

Cross Country - Tewin/Digswell - Sunday 16th November 2008

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Ian Horritt41.209386150pts
Alex Mortimer42.1810193
Derek Wright42.2810395168pts
Mick Wilson44.17128112195pts
Edward Barnard44.59139121215pts
Steve Ward45.00140122
Kirsty Weston45.191492443pts
Jan Soegaard-Hansen47.42179145257pts
Dave Knight49.48205159
John Atkinson51.44217165297pts
Don Bennett53.57234173326pts
267 finishers in the combined race, 181 finishers in the individual

Men: Team 11th of 15.

Masters 13th of 15

Women: 86

The Chairman failed to return, so you can ignore the blurb
above. A new start for Digswell as work on the field where the race usually
starts meant the race was started nearer Tewin. The rain came down, not heavy
but a steady drizzle making it muddy underfoot and of course there was
always "Heartbreak Hill" to contend with. But we had a good team out as 10 men
battled to be the 8 scorers and Kirsty was there as the only lady present.
Great runs from Ian & Derek again and first time runs from Alex & Steve on
their first league outings.

Cross Country - Broxbourne Pk, Cheshunt - Sunday 26th October 2008

NameTimeCombined PosIndiv PosAggregate
Ian Horritt37.506764
Derek Wright39.047873
Mick Wilson39.528883
Edward Barnard41.2410494
Kirsty Weston43.1812919
Jan Soegaard-Hansen43.48133112
Jimmy Hartwell46.06160125
Kirk Johnson50.55200147
John Atkinson47.30174132
Don Bennett52.51217153
Claire Barrand58.3322975
Carol Plaskowski58.4223076
Men: 232 finishers in combined race, 154 finishers in individual

Team 10th of 15, 6pts finishers

Masters 12th of 15, 4pts

Female: Team 13th of 15, 3pts

The first race of the
season got off to a very good start. The men fielded a team of 9 and at the
same time it was great to see the women club members starting to put a team
together. This being thanks to Kirsty volunteering to captain for the womens
team. So ladies, no excuses of not having a captain this year!! The day started
with rain which persisted to the start of the race, during and after. The
conditions underfoot were good despite the rain, apart from the last lap when
some areas were starting to get a little bit muddy. Hope to see you at the next