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Club Runner of the Month

Club Runner of the Month


November 2021 - Alex Pickering
October 2021 - Alice Barrett
September 2021 - Becky Evans
August 2021 - John Henry
July 2021 - Nathaniel Dye
June 2021 - Morag Campbell
May 2021 - Jose Rodriguez
April 2021 - Paul Woodmansey

Held in abeyance during Coronavirus restrictions - January to March 2021


Held in abeyance during Coronavirus restrictions - November and December 2020

October 2020 - Paul Quinton

Held in abeyance during Coronavirus restrictions - April to September 2020

March 2020 - Stuart Kelly
February 2020 - Antonio Martin Romero
January 2020 - Jose Rodriguez

December 2019 - Chloe Millan
November 2019 - Paul Thompson
October 2019 - John Henry
September 2019 - Catriona and Nick Hoult
August 2019 - Peter Craik
July 2019 - Nathaniel Dye
June 2019 - Euan Brown and Jose Rodriguez
May 2019 - Samia Choudhury
April 2019 - Antonio Martin Romero
March 2019 - Arthur Diaz
February 2019 - Scott McMillan
January 2019 - Becky Evans

December 2018 - Terry Lewsey
November 2018 - Peter Hatley
October 2018 - Rachel Le Roux and Karan Gadhia
September 2018 - Antonio Martin Romero
August 2018 - Zoila Gilham-Fernandez
July 2018 - Caroline Frith
June 2018 - Louis Le Roux
May 2018 - Jimmy Dale
April 2018 - Ciaran Canavan and Jo Wood
March 2108 - Mark Moir
February 2018 - Ellie Wilkinson
January 2018 - Diana Rexhepaj

December 2017 - Karen Levison
November 2017 - Roselin Boramakot and Kat Maskell
October 2017 - Michael Bamford
September 2017 - Andy Bolderstone and Stuart Norris
August 2017 - Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
July 2017 - Jason Levy
June 2017 - Jennifer Ansell
May 2017 - Lucy Barron
April 2017 - Thomas Grimes and Antonio Martin Romero
March 2017 - Suzanne Bench
February 2017 - Emily Clarke and James Nichols
January 2017 - Maud Hodson

January 2016 - Grant Conway
February 2016 - Aaron Browne
March 2016 - Judith Anna Vonberg
April 2016 - Bernadett Kalmar and Spencer Evans
May 2016 - Billy Rayner
June 2016 - Sandra Hiller and Robert Rayworth
July 2016 - Dan Slipper
August 2016 - Karen Levison
September 2016 - Ava Lee
October 2016 - Scott McMillan
November 2016 - Fiona Critchley and John Paul Healy
December 2016 - Paul Marshall

January 2015 - Phillippa Walker
February 2015 - Roberto Bruni
March 2015 - The Brown Brothers (Euan Brown, Alex Day and Patrick Brown)
April 2015 - Russell Price
May 2015 - Maya Goodwin and Bozena Myslinska
June 2015 - Thomas Grimes
July 2015 - Trish Kelly
August 2015 - Jennifer Ansell
September 2015 - Sarah Burns
October 2015 - Maud Hodson
November 2015 - Carlton D'Souza
December 2015 - Jonathan Wooldridge

Club Runner of the Month - November 2021 - Alex Pickering

Congratulations to Alex Pickering - ELR Club Runner of the Month for November 2021.

Alex has made a big impact since joining the club in April, towards the end of lockdown. Earlier this month he was first ELR finisher in 11th position overall, at the Inter Vets cross country race held at Loughton AC. A couple of weeks later he recorded a time of 2 hours and 35 seconds for the Orion 15 cross country race in Epping Forest. Alex has been a regular and a scorer for the club at the Summer ELVIS series and also in the Winter League races. He has been first finisher for ELR in each of the four Chingford League races to date. The latest race being at blustery Trent Park on the afternoon of 27th November, after he had finished first overall at Walthamstow Parkrun early that morning, in a time of 20.32.

Men’s ELVIS captain Scott McMillan commented;“this is Alex's time of the year, being someone who comes into his own when the terrain gets properly tough. Strava's King of The Charter Road soars up the steepest of hills, and is one of the first names you'd want on your team sheet for the Hilly 5 or the Orion 15. A great club member and a very worthy Club Runner of the Month!"

Club Runner of the Month - October 2021 - Alice Barrett

Congratulations to Alice Barrett - ELR Club Runner of the Month for October 2021.

A very successful month for Alice, with two marathons completed in two weeks during October. She trained hard throughout the Summer and competed in a number of races, including some half marathons and the Bedford 20 Mile Running Festival, in preparation for the London Marathon. On the day despite carrying an injury, Alice battled bravely to the finish line and achieved her goal of completing the London Marathon. Determined to improve her time, two weeks later Alice took part in the Bedford Autodrome Marathon, where she succeeded in her mission and set a new PB by 30 minutes, to finish in 5.25.34. With her positive outlook when flying the flag for ELR, she has earned the respect of everyone and her rewards are fully deserved. The final words are from Alice who says, 'two marathons in two weeks was not my best idea, but I finished smiling!'

Club Runner of the Month - September 2021 - Becky Evans

Congratulations to Becky Evans - ELR Club Runner of the Month for September 2021.

Becky has had an outstanding month and she has established herself as one of the fastest female runners in our club. She completed the Havering Mind Half Marathon in a personal best time of 1.40.38 (50th of 456) and was the first FV50 finisher. She is a regular scorer for ELR in both the Chingford League and ELVIS races and helped the women's team get off to a good start at the Hog Hill 5k (Chingford League Race 1), finishing in a time of 22.47. Becky achieved a PB of 21.12 at Barking Road Runners Phipps 5k (ELVIS 6) and completed the ELR Valentines Park 5k (ELVIS 7) in 21.32 - picking up the first FV50 prize in both races. She was also a member of our Essex Way relay team earlier in the month, running in the final leg from Ramsay to Harwich, finishing with fish and chips at the end. Becky trains very hard week in week out at the club's track sessions and her continued improvement and success is well deserved.

Club Runner of the Month - August 2021 - John Henry

Congratulations to John Henry - ELR Club Runner of the Month for August 2021.

John has continued to improve his race performances with a number of personal bests. On 21st August he was 5th at the Orion Harriers Forest 5 Miles (ELVIS 5) on Chingford Plain, finishing in a time of 29.56. The following morning he achieved a PB competing in the Thorpe and Egham Half Marathon, lowering his time for this distance by over a minute to finish in 1.16.02. (11th place). At the Serpentine RC Last Friday of the Month 5k, he set a new PB of 16.39 (4th) and John beat his 5k time again two days later, at the Barking Road Runners Phipps 5k (ELVIS 6) to take 6th place in 16.30. His 5 mile PB of 28.31 was set at last month’s Havering 90 Joggers Midweek 5 (ELVIS 3), which saw him take the prize for 3rd place. I would like to say that John is an outstanding athlete and his times are very impressive! He competes at ELVIS, Winter League, Parkrun and other events, where he is a great ambassador for ELR.

Club Runner of the Month - July 2021 - Nathaniel Dye

Congratulations to Nathaniel Dye - ELR Club Runner of the Month for July 2021.

On 25th July, Nathaniel completed the Beacons Way Ultra 100; a National trail race that traverses the Brecon Beacons mountain range. After some 'easy' running for the first 20 miles, he encountered many difficult ascents and descents including some paths that were unrunnable. Despite getting lost a number of times, he navigated the course through each checkpoint and finished in a time of 34hrs, 45mins, 25 secs, for 12th place out of 64 finishers. Preparation was key to this race and his training included 5 days of running in the Highlands of Scotland; the Sikhs in the City Dawn to Dusk Ultra, where he ran more than 50 miles in 7.44.06 to finish in 1st place and also the Explorer Run Half Marathon (7th out of 56). Only three days after his achievement and sporting a very large blister, he competed for ELR in the Ilford AC Newman Hilly 5 (ELVIS 4). Nathaniel said 'The Beacons Way was without doubt the hardest race I've ever run. Thanks to those who followed and commented - that was quite an adventure'.

Club Runner of the Month - June 2021 - Morag Campbell

Congratulations to Morag Campbell - ELR Club Runner of the Month for June 2021.

A great few weeks for Morag as she achieved personal bests at 5k, 5 Miles and 10k distances. She ran a time of 27.50 at East End Road Runners Midsummer 5k (ELVIS 2) on 23rd June, beating her previous best by nearly 4 minutes. Morag preceded this with a PB of 6 mins 30 secs at Dagenham 88 Runners 5 (ELVIS 1) on 2nd June, to finish in 47.41. Her other PB was set at last month's Chase The Moon 10k, where she completed the course in 1.01.19. Vice-Chair, Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera said of the accomplishment; "Morag's training has been very consistent during lockdown; motivated by a place at the London marathon she continued training hard at ELR track sessions once it reopened, which contributed to the big improvement in her race performances".

Club Runner of the Month - May 2021 - Jose Rodriguez

Congratulations to Jose Rodriguez - ELR Club Runner of the Month for May 2021.

Jose won the Ultra X 125 Scotland Multi-Day Trail Running Series, held over the weekend of Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May. His finishing times were 7.54.27 on Day One (75km) and 5.10.11 on Day Two (50km), to give him 1st position overall in 13.04.38. This was only Jose's third ultra-marathon and first multi-stage event. The race was held in the Highlands of Scotland around Loch Ness, with 3,363m of climbing and harsh terrain consisting of mud, snow, rocks, rivers and fences with barbed wire; although Jose admits 'it was kind of fun!' He says 'the plan was to try and stay with Carla (Molinaro - the GB international ultra runner and record breaker), but surprisingly I found myself leading and I was feeling comfortable'. Jose ended up winning with an overall margin of 4 minutes from Carla Molinaro and 1 hour 23 minutes ahead of the 2nd male runner. This was a breathtaking achievement by Jose, summed up by club treasurer Cavin Bobin: 'Incredible feat of speed and endurance. I think you've just become an ELR legend!

Club Runner of the Month - April 2021 - Paul Woodmansey

Congratulations to Paul Woodmansey - ELR Club Runner of the Month for April 2021

Paul has been quick to make an impression since joining East London Runners last month, by breaking two personal bests that had stood for around 12 years. On 25th April he completed the Run Through Goodwood Motor Circuit Marathon in 2.47.37, improving on his best Marathon time by two minutes. In tough windy conditions, he fulfilled his aim of a good for age qualifying time at next year's London Marathon. Only 7 days prior to this, he had tested himself at the Dorney Lake Half Marathon and beat his PB by nearly 3 minutes to finish in a time of 1.18.45. Paul commented; "if there's been one benefit to lockdown, it's that I've been able to train consistently and it seems to be paying dividend". Club Secretary Michael Wilson said, "this is a great achievement and a reward for Paul's dedication to training; we wish him continued success at ELR".

Club Runner of the Month - October 2020 - Paul Quinton

Congratulations to Paul Quinton - ELR Club Runner of the Month for October 2020.

Paul has been rewarded for his hard work in training, with a number of magnificent runs in recent weeks. He finished 5th overall and 1st V40, at the Run Through Olympic Park 10k on 10th October, with a personal best time of 33.30. He was also 1st V40 at the Chase The Moon 5k at the Olympic Park a few days later, in a time of 16.33. Paul has been improving his 5k times since the return to competition after the lockdown, with consecutive personal bests at the Milton Keynes 5k (16.16), Run Through Battersea Park 5k, (16.05) and again at the Milton Keynes 5k on 27th September (16.04). Paul competes to a very high standard at all distances up to the Marathon and is currently attempting to break 16 minutes for the 5k. It surely will not be very long before he achieves this accomplishment.

Club Runner of the Month - March 2020 - Stuart Kelly

Congratulations to Stuart Kelly - ELR Club Runner of the Month for March 2020.

This month Stuart set two personal best times, bringing his total to three in 2020. At the Vitality 'Big Half' he improved on his previous best by under a minute to finish in a time of 1.17.32. The following weekend Stuart ran in the Hillingdon 20 mile race and completed the undulating 4 lap course in 2.06.55. This accomplishment saw him beat his time from 2019 by almost 5 minutes and placed him in 17th position out of 367 finishers. His other PB was at last month's Run Through Victoria Park 10k, where he recorded a time of 35.20. Stuart is an athlete of outstanding quality and continues to improve his race performances from 5k up to Marathon distance.

Club Runner of the Month - February 2020 - Antonio Martin Romero

Congratulations to Antonio Martin Romero - ELR Club Runner of the Month for February 2020.

Antonio returned to his Spanish homeland to run the Seville Marathon on 23rd February and beat the old club record he had set the previous year at Manchester. With split times of 1:12:20 and 1:13:04 he overcame breezy conditions to finish in 2:25:24 and smash the record by more that 2 minutes. At 10k into the race and finding that his pacing group was slowing down, Antonio decided to break away and run alone into the headwind to the end. His outstanding time earned him a very impressive 74th place in the race overall. Antonio says 'I would like to thank my London club, East London Runners for having followed my career and hope to run with the club soon when I am back in London.

This completed a record breaking double and great start to the year for Antonio.
He also competed in the Seville Half Marathon at the end of January and succeeded in beating his PB and old club record by over a minute, to finish in a time of 1:09:30.

Club Runner of the Month - January 2020 - Jose Rodriguez

Congratulations to Jose Rodriguez - ELR Club Runner of the Month for January 2020.

A tale of two stunning race performances from Jose as he completed his first Ultra and then the Benfleet 15, on consecutive weeks in January. Taking inspiration from other club members, he decided to enter the Country to Capital Ultra 43 Miles. Starting in Buckinghamshire and finishing in Little Venice, he quickly found himself amongst the leading group. Putting his navigation skills to test, he battled on through varied terrain including Britains oldest road - The Ridgeway and finally along a 20 mile stretch of the Grand Union Canal, to complete the race in a time of 5.30.45 and a podium 3rd place finish.
The following week at the Benfleet 15; despite losing his shoes in the mud, getting lost and having to run the last two miles in his socks, he still achieved a remarkable time of 1.43.15 (PB), to finish in 19th place. Jose has proved to be an outstanding athlete at all race distances and a true inspiration to all at East London Runners.