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Club Person of the Year 2015

Club Person of the Year 2015 - Maya Goodwin

The Curtis Shield for the Club Person of the Year (voted for by the Club Membership) was awarded to Maya Goodwin

Maya is pictured with the Shield and trophy!

Maya joined East London Runners on 21st July 2014. She very quickly embraced the ethos of the Club and joined the Committee in March 2015. Although a "novice" runner herself she very enthusiastically encourages both members and non members in taking an active part in running and improving their health and fitness.

Maya was instrumental in setting up and leading the East London Runners weekly Beginner runs. The inaugural night was held on Wednesday 6th May 2015 and ran through to the end of September 2015. Maya's enthusiasm resonates to all the Club Members not just the beginners.

Maya has also run in many races/events over the past 15 months including parkrun, ELVIS, Chingford League and Sunday Cross Country races in addition to her marathon training.

Maya has also attended many Monday Night Track sessions at Ashton Playing Fields and after passing the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness Course she has also led some of these sessions.

Maya is an active committee member since 2015. Did you know she also ran the London Marathon in 2015? She doesn't like to talk about it though.

The Curtis Shield - Club Person of the Year - Awarded to the Club Member who the members consider has contributed most to the Club throughout the past year.

Apart from 1984, when the Shield was first presented for the best performance by an East London Runner, when it was won by Lee Richardson, the Curtis Shield has always been awarded to the Club Person of the past year. In 1985 the award went to Trevor Cornell the Club's then Chairman. In 1986 it was awarded to Dick Pleasance for help that he gave to others, especially new members. In 1987 it was awarded to Steve Knott, who at the time was Club President. In 1988 it went to Mike Matcham who was responsible for getting the Social side of ELR going. In 1989 Peter Cowup who was also Social Secretary won the award. The award went to Trevor Jason in 1990 for his work as Coach at Walthamstow Track. Trevor was the first to also win the Most Improved Runner award.In 1991 John White won the Shield for his work as Editor of the Club Magazine Runaround. John was Editor for abour 8 years.In 1992 Peter Cowup became the first person to win the Curtis Shield twice, this time as Club President. The award went to Simon Morgan in 1993, the Club's Chairman and youngest winner of the award at that time.

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