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Coronavirus COVID-19 and ELR Club activities (updated 17.05.2020)

Over the past 2 months as a Club, ELR has had to adapt to these surreal times.

What has become increasingly clear is that we are all going to be dealing with the Covid-19 fallout for some significant time to come. Under the initial lockdown it was clearly understood that our group activities had to stop! It shall not be quite so clear cut as we respond and begin to initiate club activities again under the Government's Coronavirus alert system.

As such, I have been nominated as ELR's Covid-19 Response Champion and shall be your first point of call for reviewing club activities in response to the adapting situation. That said, we are guided by our governing body, English Athletics so ELR shall continue to be led and guided by their Coronavirus response.

As we adapt to the changing situation, there will be many questions like "When can we run as a group, have a social run or organise a group long training run?" or even "Can I meet a Coach and can we now run at track?"

Last week the Government released their Coronavirus Alert System, announcing that we are beginning the transition from Alert 4 (Social distancing continues) to Alert 3 (Gradual relaxation of restrictions). So what has changed for us as a group? On the face of it, not very much as social distancing is still the main driver of the current response. Though we remain at alert level 4 we can begin to increase our bubble and we can now exercise more than once a day; however keeping socially distant remains key and non household groups are still banned.

In light of the published alert system, England Athletics have reviewed and revised their guidelines for runners, coaches and for venues. Their guidelines can be viewed here.

Under the Coronavirus alert level 4, there has been a very gentle lifting of the restrictions in that a runner and coach can now come together from separate households, but they must maintain and respect social distancing at all times. To be clear, this is for a single runner and a single coach, and there are a lot of guidelines for the use and cleaning of equipment and the likes.

For ELR it remains that all group activities are still currently suspended. As such all members are reminded to continue to keep chatter clear of invitations to gather together in physical groups, but please do continue to come together to interact and run virtually as you have been. I love the spirit of ELR, and I have been proud of our Club, it's members and our spirit throughout this crisis so far.

As the alert level changes and as government advice changes, ELR will maintain our duty of care for all of our members and we will respond appropriately. As the door begins to open ever so slightly, and as we want to return to our previous normality, please note that any group activity that can be construed as a "club activity" should first be cleared by the Club Committee.

These can be brought directly to me as your Covid-19 Response Champion. In the meantime please be rest assured that the Club and Committee are working tirelessly behind the scenes, reviewing everything and anything we can do to support you all in response to the Coronavirus situation. #TEAMELR

Ciaran Canavan
Vice Chair & Covid-19 Response Champion

****CORONAVIRUS - COVID19****** MARCH 2020 - UPDATED 29/04/20

Update 29 April 2020
In accordance with Government advice surrounding the coronavirus COVID-19, the instructions to avoid non-essential travel and contact with others we have made a decision on 16 March to immediately cease all club activities until further notice.

On 29 April England Athletics, our governing body has made a statement on the Suspension of athletics competition extended to 30 June 2020. "We have collectively taken the decision to extend the suspension of licensed competition activity due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and in recognition that event organisers, clubs, athletes, officials and coaches at all levels of the sport need clarity, advanced notice and time to plan."

Our primary concern is always the health and safety of members and their families, so of course will following these guidelines until lifted. Please take care and look after yourselves and loved ones. We look forward to running and racing together real soon. Until then we'll be maintaining contact through our website, newsletter and social media as best we can. Please keep in touch.

Please cascade through your networks.

Best wishes
ELR committee

2018/19/20- New East London Runners Monthly Newsletter - First Issue January 2018 on the Mail Chimp Platform

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Club History - Founded May 1982 - An overview to May 2020

In the late 70s and early 80s there was a noted local race-walker called Roger Mills, who was a member of Ilford AC. He raced in the Tokyo Olympics where he finished in 10th place. He was a regular member of the UK squad. He won a Bronze medal in European Championships in Rome in 1974.

1974 European Championships Rome, Italy 3rd 20 km
1980 Olympic Games Moscow, Soviet Union 10th 20 km
1983 World Championships Helsinki, Finland 37th 20 km

About this time a "jogging" boom was turning into a "running" boom. Starting in the USA it quickly spread to the UK. The New York marathon was imitated by the London Marathon which started in 1981. In May 1982 Roger opened a running/sports shop in Wanstead High Street called....Athletic East. There was a well-known chain of shops in the USA called Athletic West, so we guess that this was East London's/the UK's answer. Roger's first shop was a tiny, narrow shop in the little parade just by the George Public house. It was from this shop, in 1982, that a group would meet on a Wednesday evening to go for a run and East London Runners was born, organised by Roger. The popularity grew so much that we moved to Wanstead Leisure Centre in about 1983/4, where we have been ever since.

The early to mid 1990's saw the Club at it's peak in terms of numbers with over 200 active members and 104 runners one Wednesday evening when the pre run meeting had to take place in the Centre's Gymnasium.

Today the membership is around 32/330 active members with an average of 50/70 running each Wednesday.

September 1st 2010 saw 65 runners at the Club night with 49 then attending the Curry Night at a local Indian restaurant at 9pm following the Club run.

Wednesday 5th January 2011 increased this number to 72 with 10 of this number trying out the Club for the first time. Numbers have continued to remain high with a total membership exceeding 180 as at 31st March 2012. Similar numbers have been experienced with an increase to circa 200 to 31st March 2013 and 2014 and March 2015.

On 5th May 2015 we introduced a Beginners Group run of up to 5k each Wednesday in conjunction with the main Club run. Most weeks we had 3 distances of 5k, 5 miles and in excess of 6 miles. This continued through until 30th September 2015. With darkness falling earlier each week we discontinued the 5k run but continued with the other two.We also restarted Beginner Groups in May 2016 and 2017

As at the close of our financial year 31st March 2016 membership numbers had increased to 262. Renewals commenced from 1st April 2016 and including new members this figure has been exceeded.

In 2016/17 membership numbers continued to increase and as at the end of our financial year, 31st March 2017, stood at 299.

From 1st April 2017 renewals fell due. ELR and England Athletics allow a grace period of 3 months to renew. After that time we at ELR tidy up our membership database, after numerous renewal reminders to members, on 1st July each year. Those members choosing not to renew, some may have moved from the area, have long term injuries or their personal circumstances have changed are no longer part of the database and will lose all of their ELR and EA benefits. They can however rejoin when their circumstances change.

We completed our your end 31st March 2018 with over 300 members and 2019 with 329, at end of March 2020 we reached 350 despite the coronavirus.

Dave Knight RIP 12/07/55 - 24/08/2019

Saturday 24th August 2019
Today we learned that our great friend and fellow runner Dave Knight had lost his battle with cancer. We offer condolences to his wife Ann, Daughter Ellie, Son Joe and all of his extended family and friends.

Dave joined East London Runners over 20 years ago, after being encouraged to join by John White.He quickly fitted in and began competing for the Club in the Sunday Cross Country League, a tradition he maintained until earlier this year.

Dave also competed for the Club in the ELVIS Races and was a regular in the Benfleet 15, Essex Way Relay and completed the London and other Marathons more than 15 times.

After a London Marathon at the Ship & Shovell drinking pints of Badger, Dave with the late Roger Dixon, Carlton D'Souza and Richard Guest

He introduced many new runners to our Club and was always helpful to all on the Wednesday night Club runs. He often organised and attended the Sunday Social runs, being a great believer in encouraging all abilities to take part. Almost always he was accompanied by his dog Juno and before that his previous dog Jelly.

Dave was delighted to be honoured as a Life Member of ELR at the Annual General Meeting in February 2019.

Dave's funeral will take place at the City of London Cemetery & Cremetorium, Aldersbrook Road, London, E12 5DQ at 3.30pm on Monday 16th September 2019.

Dave's wife Ann and family wishes to thank everyone for their tributes and messages of condolence.

Ann has also asked that those attending should feel free to wear their running tops, Orient Shirts or band t shirts etc.

Post funeral arrangements to be advised.

Many ELR Members have already added tributes on our Group Facebook page and I add a few here, with more on our website, Club History Page.

Frank Brownlie Dave had many passions in life. We were lucky that one of these was running. We were even luckier when he chose to join East London Runners over 20 years ago. I had the great privilige of training for many spring marathons with Dave and other Club Members. We also enjoyed his company, together with his dogs Jelly and Juno on hundreds of Sunday Social runs. In March this year when Dave was attending Barts for his chemotherapy sessions he took time out to visit me in the cardiac recovery ward following my bypass operation. He very kindly gave me two football magazines to read. He always had time for others, enjoyed a pint on our many social functions and we shall miss him greatly.

John White - Such a lovely guy. My running mate for 23+ years. I would feel privileged to be part of any celebration the club organised, of his contribution to the club, and life. No more Sunday and Monday runs....Bye, mate.

Andrea Waller - A true gent. Lucky enough to have run with him for more than 10 years. RIP Dave. X

Grant Conway - RIP my dear friend Dave. At least you won't be suffering any more.

James Nichols - Such sad news. It was Dave who encouraged me to join ELR having known him at Leyton Orient when I was getting into running. He remained a friend and source of encouragement ever since. I will raise a drink or two in his memory this evening. RIP

Anna Dingle - I am sad to hear this. Dave was such a lovely man. I will always remember him for encouraging me round on my first Roding Half. I wasn't part of ELR then, but he ran with me most of the way and made me laugh lots and made me run that bit faster to get me to run my half marathon PB. I am so glad that I was able to thank him for that on social runs.
A true gentleman with a big heart. He will be greatly missed.

Jonathan Wooldridge - RIP Dave. Your support and encouragement were inspirational to me and so many others inside and outside the club. You leave us all so sad, but with such rich and very fond memories.

Monday 16th September 2019 - 3.30 pm - Dave Knight's funeral

Dave's funeral took place at the City of London Cemetery & Cremetorium, Aldersbrook Road, London, E12 5DQ at 3.30pm on Monday 16th September 2019.

Dave's wife Anne and family wishes to thank everyone for their tributes and messages of condolence.

Anne had also asked that those attending should feel free to wear their running tops, Orient Shirts or band t shirts etc.

Details of the Charity chosen by Dave's Family - To remember Dave Knight we are fundraising for Dogs Trust because Dave loved his dogs and supported this charity.

John White, Caroline and 16 others met at the Lakeside Diner around 2pm, and had tea and a bacon roll there in Dave Knight's honour (veggie options were available). They then left around 2:20pm'sh to walk approx 2.5 miles to the City of London Cemetary & Crematorium, Aldersbrook Road, Manor Park, E12 5DQ.

There was a massive attendance of Dave's Family and Friends at the Funeral Service, including around 50 from East London Runners.

Post funeral many of the mourners attended the Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel, 147 Whipps Cross Rd, Leytonstone, London E11 1NP

Tribute to Dave Knight read by Frank Brownlie, Chair, East London Runners

Dave had many passions in life. We were lucky that one of these was running. We were even luckier when he chose to join East London Runners over 20 years ago.

He quickly fitted in and began competing for the Club in the Sunday Cross Country League.

He introduced many new runners to our Club and helped and took great interest in everyone.

Dave often organised the Sunday Social runs, being a great believer in encouraging all abilities to take part. Almost always he was accompanied by his dog Juno and before that Jelly.

On many Sunday mornings the group would meet at The Lakeside Diner on Whipps Cross road, a few minutes drive from Dave's house. Invariably he was the last to arrive, always wearing an Orient top. It was difficult to ascertain who was most excited to be out running 10 miles or more in Epping Forest, Dave or Juno.

We had the great privilege of training for many spring marathons with Dave and his dogs.

Dave completed 14 London Marathons and a Brighton Marathon, raising money for many Charities.

We would often run 18/23 miles to Hyde Park via the canal towpaths. After coffee and cake, we would return by tube with Dave carrying Juno down the escalators. I recall the first occasion when he admitted to me that Juno had never been on the tube before. Other than a few whines Juno was fine and as always had a great number of admirers on board.

A few years ago, we had finished our 10 mile run in Hainault Forest, stopping at the Park Café for the inevitable tea/coffee and bacon and egg roll. Afterwards, setting off to jog the last mile back to our cars, we were about 100 yards down the path when Dave suddenly realised that he had left Juno behind, tied to the picnic table. She was quickly retrieved.

Dave was delighted to be honoured as a Life Member of East London Runners at the Annual General Meeting this year.

He always had time for others, enjoyed a pint and a chat on our many social functions. We will never forget Dave and we shall miss him greatly.

Sunday 8th December 2019 - Dave Knight Commeroration Plaque - 10am at Lakeside Diner

Anne Knight and Frank Brownlie unveiling the Dave Knight Memorial Plaque at the Lakeside Diner. His friends from the Club and family attended to remember our friend who passed this year. In tribute, like every Sunday, club members ran through the forest on our Sunday Social run.

The Roger Dixon Shield

Roger Dixon 1948 - 2017

Following Roger's death in September 2017 the Committee of East London Runners agreed that a new Award would be made to the Club Person of the Year for 2017 and for future years.

This award was to be named the Roger Dixon Shield and the winner would be voted by the members of the Club each year.

2017 - Sonia Cheadle

2018 - Joanna Wood

2019 - Frank Brownlie

Club Runner of the Month

March 2020 - Stuart Kelly
February 2020 - Antonio Martin Romero
January 2020 - Jose Rodriguez

December 2019 - Chloe Millan
November 2019 - Paul Thompson
October 2019 - John Henry
September 2019 - Catriona and Nick Hoult
August 2019 - Peter Craik
July 2019 - Nathaniel Dye
June 2019 - Euan Brown and Jose Rodriguez
May 2019 - Samia Choudhury
April 2019 - Antonio Martin Romero
March 2019 - Arthur Diaz
February 2019 - Scott McMillan
January 2019 - Becky Evans

December 2018 - Terry Lewsey
November 2018 - Peter Hatley
October 2018 - Rachel Le Roux and Karan Gadhia
September 2018 - Antonio Martin Romero
August 2018 - Zoila Gilham-Fernandez
July - Caroline Frith
June - Louis Le Roux
May 2018 - Jimmy Dale
April 2018 - Ciaran Canavan and Jo Wood
March 2108 - Mark Moir
February 2018 - Ellie Wilkinson
January 2018 - Diana Rexhepaj

December 2017 - Karen Levison
November 2017 - Roselin Boramakot and Kat Maskell
October 2017 - Michael Bamford
September 2017 - Andy Balderstone and Stuart Norris
August 2017 - Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
July 2017 - Jason Levy
June 2017 - Jennifer Ansell
May 2017 - Lucy Barron
April 2017 - Thomas Grimes and Antonio Martin Romero
March 2017 - Suzanne Bench
February 2017 - Emily Clarke and James Nichols
January 2017 - Maud Hodson

January 2016 - Grant Conway
February 2016 - Aaron Browne
March 2016 - Judith Anna Vonberg
April 2016 - Bernadett Kalmar and Spencer Evans
May 2016 - Billy Rayner
June 2016 - Sandra Hiller and Robert Rayworth
July 2016 - Dan Slipper
August 2016 - Karen Levison
September 2016 - Ava Lee
October 2016 - Scott McMillan
November 2016 - Fiona Critchley and John Paul Healy
December 2016 - Paul Marshall

January 2015 - Phillippa Walker
February 2015 - Roberto Bruni
March 2015 - The Brown Brothers (Euan Brown, Alex Day and Patrick Brown)
April 2015 - Russell Price
May 2015 - Maya Goodwin and Bozena Myslinska
June 2015 - Thomas Grimes
July 2015 - Trish Kelly
August 2015 - Jennifer Ansell
September 2015 - Sarah Burns
October 2015 - Maud Hodson
November 2015 - Carlton D'Souza
December 2015 - Jonathan Wooldridge

The Curtis Shield

Apart from 1984, when the Shield was first presented for the best performance by an East London Runner, when it was won by Lee Richardson, the Curtis Shield has always been awarded to the Club Person of the past year. In 1985 the award went to Trevor Cornell the Club's then Chairman. In 1986 it was awarded to Dick Pleasance for help that he gave to others, especially new members. In 1987 it was awarded to Steve Knott, who at the time was Club President. In 1988 it went to Mike Matcham who was responsible for getting the Social side of ELR going. In 1989 Peter Cowup who was also Social Secretary won the award. The award went to Trevor Jason in 1990 for his work as Coach at Walthamstow Track. Trevor was the first to also win the Most Improved Runner award.In 1991 John White won the Shield for his work as Editor of the Club Magazine Runaround. John was Editor for abour 8 years.In 1992 Peter Cowup became the first person to win the Curtis Shield twice, this time as Club President. The award went to Simon Morgan in 1993, the Club's Chairman and youngest winner of the award at that time.

The CURTIS SHIELD was Retired in October 2017.

December 2016 - Jonathan Wooldridge
December 2015 - Maya Goodwin
December 2014 - Don Bennett
March 2014 - Patrick Brown
2013 - Grant Conway
2012 - Ciaran Canavan
2011 - Derek Wright
2010 - Frank Brownlie
2009 - Mike Wilson
2008 - John Atkinson
2007 - Jim Bird
2006 - Kirk Johnson
2005 -
2004 -
2003 - Mike Wilson
2002 - Don Bennett
2001 - Don Bennett
2000 -
1999 - Clive Jackson
1998 - John McCarthy
1997 - Lesley Morgan
1996 - Don Bennett
1995 - Jim Bird
1994 - Doug Mansell
1993 - Simon Morgan
1992 - Peter Cowup
1991 - John White
1990 - Trevor Jason
1989 - Peter Cowup
1988 - Mike Matcham
1987 - Steve Knott
1986 - Dick Pleasance
1985 - Trevor Cornell
1984 - Lee Richardson

The Early Years - 1982 to 1985

Early Club records show that a special Meeting was called for Wednesday 20th February 1985. The purpose of the meeting was to determine the future of East London Runners.

Since the beginning in May 1982 the Club has been "run" by Roger. However, a number of Club members have expressed a wish to take a greater role in Club affairs.This has come at a time when Roger is anxious to make the most of what is left of his career as an International Athlete. Whilst Roger wishes to remain greatly involved with the Club, increased training and competition will make their own demands. Various topics have been pencilled in for discussion and you are welcome to make suggestions on the night.

1. Aims of the Club.
2. Money - What we do with existing Club funds etc.
3. Do we become affiliated to the A.A.A? - for and against.
4. Positions within the Club.
5. Any other business.

This meeting notice was published together with the January 1985 edition of the East London Runners Newsletter. Included in the Newsletter were the following additional topics.
1. Discussion on cost of Coach hire to races.
2. London Marathon - Rejected runners. ELR issued a special limited edition T-Shirt through Roger. Grey shirt with special London Marathon logo and a big red "REJECT" stamp, all for only £4.75.
3. Race reports - Bedford Boxing Day 10 - Epsom Motorway 10 - New York Marathon - Chelmsford Half Marathon.
4. Club colours discussion - looking to agree on a specific colour for future use.
5. Donations to Charity including £200 to Bone Marrow Hospital, £300 to London Hospital Body Scanner Appeal, £950 to the Deaf. All donations totalled £1,943.

The Minutes of the Meeting in June 1985 show those present as Alan Shaw, Alan Smith, Frank Bontoft, Dina Andronicus, Trevor Cornell, Hilda Mills, June Davey, Steve Knott and Gwegs Rumney.

FUNCTION OF THE COMMITTEE: It was recognised that there is a need to clarify the status of the Committee etc

ROGER Mills LEAVING: confusion among members as to reason for leaving. Decided not to replace Chairman at present time.

Club. What should it represent. Agreement after discussion that the aims and objectives should be the same as ever, particularly to encourage new runners to the sport, and greater care should be shown to newcomers when they join the Club, whether beginners or experienced runners. Suggestion of maps to be drawn up of Club runs.
Affiliation: Steve Knott presented draft paper weighing up pros and cons. There were mixed feelings on this subject and eventually the decision was taken NOT to affiliate at the present time but to discuss further at the AGM so that all members could consider.

Club Colours: Dave Curtis is still producing a red t shirt to be used for training runs and not seen as Club Colours. The meeting decided to to produce to the membership a visual display of four sets of olours – Orange, Red, Blue and Yellow. Members to vote for favourite colour. A Club badge is to be designed.

Membership: Subs to be set at £5 for the year. June Davey agreed to take over as Membership Secretary next year.
Treasurer: Alan Shaw moving from the area. Gwegs to ask Graham if he would take over.
Secretary: It was agreed that Comm Members would take it I turn to do the Club Minutes.
London Marathon: Committee to take over liaison with John Disley re the entry places and Water Station. Steve Knott accepted responsibility. Only paid up members to be included in our draw.

Committee Meeting 26th July 1985, Extracts
Social: Planned events,Barbecue in August,Mystery Tour and Picnic in September. Club Disco at Christmas including fund raising raffle. A training weekend in June 1986
Membership Renewal and Validation
London Marathon Draw: It was agreed that no entrant who had been a participant in 1985/85 and who was not a paid up member would be eligible for the draw notwithstanding their paying for the year 1985/86. As in all things the Committee would judge each case on its merits but that their decision would be final. It being felt that the question of selection for the “free” places was so contentious that scrupulous fairness must exist.
Club Races: Sub-Committee of Ken, Trevor and Steve Knott had been considering this. Looking at possibility of a 2,4,or 6 mile race on Hackney Marshes. Possible events at Eton Manor Sports Club, Oakfields at Fairlop, Ilford WanderersRugby Club. Frank has also joined the Sub Comm.

Life Membership for Roger Mills and Hilda was Unanimously agreed.
Headed Paper, to be investigated
ELR Banner: Agreed to obtain quote
Attendance Requirement for Committee Meetings. It was unanimously agreed that to remain on the Committee no member should miss four consecutive meetings.
Post of Secretary, June has assumed that Role.
Sports Centre,Use of, discussion and contact with Centre re costs and use of same by members.

5th and 9th August 1985, 3rrd September 1985. Correspondence from Steve Knott on file re Sports Centre and London Marathon Draw.

Committee Meeting 30th August 1985
Present, Gwerfyl Rumney, June Davey, Frank Bontoft, Graham Rumney, Ken Wharmsby, Alan Smith, Steve Knott.
Apologies, Alan Shaw, Dina Andronicos, Trevor Cornell, Bob Munday
Barbecue, Fun Run
Sports Centre, Fee agreed post meeting at £250
Membership Cards, All paid up members to receive a card.
Club Colours, Following two recounts Red won with 27 votes, Yellow a close second with 26, Blue 9 and Orange 3 not proving to be popular.
Headed Notepaper, Agreed to order 500 sheets

23rd September 2017, Letter from Steve Knott to Trevor resigning from Committee and Club Newsletter Producer for work related reasons.

ELR Newssheet, September 1985
Editors, News , Steve Knott , Race Reports, Frank Bontoft
Members need to carry the new Membership Card and to sign it at Reception to gain access to Wanstead Leisure Centre.
Club Colours Following the recent vote by members the red vest with the white lettering emerged as the winner. Supplies of the vest are now being obtained. A range ogf Club t-shirts will be available for future years and will vary in colour. They will be sold as will the Red Club vest at a reasonable price with a small profit for the Club.
Fun Run Decided not to hold one this year and not at Victoria Park. Held over until March 1986.
At a recent Committee Meeting, it was unanimously agreed that Roger and Hilda Mills become Honorary Life Members. For the benefit of new members, Roger and Hilda founded the Club and worked solidly to give us the base from which we are now building and extending.

London Marathon Draw Results, David Morgan, Ken Wharmsby, Jon Trevor, Barry Wyles, Neil Baker and Phil Gaskell were successful.

London Marathon Feeding Station. We have every reason to believetaht we will once again be allocated a feeding station on the 1986 Marathon course. Unfortunately, the Organisers do not give details until the last minute. Although we may be informed “in principle” that we have a station, the specific location is often not confirmed until the final briefing. Details will be made as and when they are known.

Other topics were , Membership Renewal, Distribution of Newsletter and Race Reports (held over to the next issue)
Forthcoming Fixture List
Oct 6th Windsor Gt Park Half Marathon
Oct 13th Babysafe Half Marathon, local
Oct 20th Brady Maccabi, Hendon Stadium 10 mile
Oct 27th Twickenham 25k organised by LRCC

Committee Meeting, 4th Oct 1985
Present, Gwerfyl and George Rumney, Dina Andronicas, Frank Bontoft, Trevor Cornell, Ken Wharmsby, Alan Smith, June Davey
Apologies, Bob Munday

Social, £211.04 profit from barbecue. Christmas disco arranged for 15th Dec. Christmas Raffle draw. £100 will be spent on travel voucher, tickets £1. Social Committee given guidelines of £500 profit per year.
Fun run, date still to be set. Trevor, Frank and Ken to meet 15th Oct to discuss.
Membership Cards, Cards printed thanks to Frank, cost was £50 for 250.
Curtis Shield. The Shield was haded out to Lee Richardson in January. Votes for next person to be haded out to Club Members.
Club Vests, Atletic East have quoted £4.95 plus £1.65 silk screening.
Club Badge, would be white on red.
Newsletter. Due to Steve Knotts resignation from the Committee a vacancy has arisen. A slip of paper will be handed out with membership cards for people to apply.

Next Meeting, to be held at June Daveys house.

Item to be inserted in Newsletter
The recent resignation of Roger as Chairman is to be regarded only as an admin problem in the structure of a newly formed Committee. It reflects only a difference of opinion in the running of the Club. All concerned are working for the common good.

We fully recognise the contribution made by Roger in the past without which there would not be a Club today. Given time, we hope to continue the good work that he has started. We look forward to his continued help and support as an ordinary member whilst hopefully relieving him of the day to day problems of administering 120 people from different walks of life with different opinions and attitudes but with one common aim.
Despite wildly exaggerated rumours, there is no major split in this Club.

Photo of members.
East London Runners was formed in 1982 when less than twenty novices began running around Wanstead. By 1985 one hundred and twenty had graduated in running the London, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Birmingham Marathons, the Hyde Park Fun Run, the Gt North Run and many more. They still run around Wanstead and meet twice a week at the Wanstead Leisure Centre, Redbridge Lane West on Wednesdays at 6.15pm and Sundays at 10am.

Committee Meeting Monday 2nd Dec 1985
Present, Gwegs and Graham, Rumney, Alan Smith, Ken Wharmsby, Bob Mundy, Paul Davy, Dina Andronicus, Trevor Cornell and Frank Bontoft.

Membership Cards, mot members have now been issued with cards, approx. 104 members. Wanstead Sports Centre not too particular whether they are produced or not but they are useful for sports shop discounts and cheap seats on race coaches reserved by Club.
Disco, booked for Woodys on Dunday 15th Dec. Tickets £5 (£3 for buffet and £2 club profit).
Curtis Shield, All members to vote. Distribution date 1st Jan 1986, last collection and count Wed 29th Jan, Award at AGM Wed 12th Feb 1986.
Newsletter John White has offered his services as Editor. Issue due 6th Jan 1986. Bob has offered to run off newsletter and address envelopes to members.
Fun Run Ken raised point that not enough time i.e. till March to organise the race. New date of 8th or 15th June agreed.
Club Vest, now seen by Committee and agreed suitable quality and colour. Cost £4.95 plus £1.56 for silk screening. Two styles, all mesh for men and mesh/nylon with Ladies cut for women.
Frank to order 50 asap with max price £8.
Coaches Deposit of £1 to be requested from all interested parties before race and forfeited by drop outs bas coach cancellation fee is £10. Agreed.
Spare Money £13.25 collected from races is to be used by Ken to buy and have engraved as many medals as poss to encourage enthusiastic runners, who have, so far, received no recognition for their efforts.

AGM Wed 12th Feb 1986 agreed in Sports Hall

Chairman Graham, agreed
i) Report on past year, Finances, race committee, social comm etc
ii) Election of Officers, treasurer, secretary, race events organisor, social secy, editor, publicity secy, annual race secretary. Need for a Charman.
iii) AOB

Last Committee Meeting, only two members turned up. Majority did not phone to apologise for absence. In future a nominated Comm Member to phone around one week before the meeting to check numbers.

Next Meeting, Mon 13th Jan 1985 at Mansfield Road.


January 1986 News Sheet Editor John White

Thank you Steve Knott
Standing down as Editor of the Newssheet.
Rummours circulating that he has been poached by Running Magazine and tempted by International Literary fame since his account of his heroic run in the 1984 New York Magazine was published in "Running" have been strenously denied! He also denies reports of secret training sessions with Andy Etchells, "Runnings" Editor and our current President.
However personal commitments no longer afford him the time to be our Editor.

Curtis Shield Voting by 29th January.
Fun Run not before June.
Special Award Medals - The first medal was awarded to Sylvia after the Buntingford 10.
AGM 5th February in the hall at the Sports Centre.
Social Events In early December 25 members approx had a meal in the Carvery at the Castle, Woodford Green. 25 was the max the Castle would agree.
Sunday 15th December - The Club's Xmas buffet, Disco and Grand Draw at Woody's Snakes Lane East.
Thanks to Dinah, Gwegs and June foe organising the event. Surplus of £216.00.
Way back in September 1985 we had a barbecue again orgainised by the three above, over 100 attended on a chilly afternoon. 3 legged and egg and spoon races were held organised by Roger and H. Profit about £200.00.

Marathons Several members made the Trip to New York in October. The astonishing humidity and heat meant the times were much slower than expected. Frank 3:03. Paul declined to give his time.Newman around 4hrs, Peter House 3:15'sh, Thomas John 3:30'sh and Lee was unable to run owing to injury.

The same day Harlow hosted a marathon in much more favourable weather conditiond for running. Those running were Dick Pleasance, Mike Walters and Derek.

Del(4:14) and Mike 94:18) made it to the St albans marathon on 1st december and were joined by John White (3:03).

Results are a bit sketchy but we will try and get a more complete record of events results for the next newsletter.









Edited by Yvonne Shushoua

One of the comments made in the recent survey of Club Members was that we should continue to have a Newsletter. Unfortunately for me I was the one that made the comment and was volunteered to edit it! No, seriously, I enjoyed reading Runaround and would like to see it continue and develop further.

Many Members of the Club are unable to meet at Wanstead on Wednesday evenings and one function of the Newsletter is to keep us all in touch. Runaround is also the place for our comments and suggestions about ELR, and for race reports, results, training tips, cartoons, jokes etc.

Comments about the format of the Newsletter would also be appreciated. Any articles, typed or handwritten can be handed to me at the Wednesday night meeting, or put into the ELR folder behind the desk at Wanstead Leisure Centre or posted c/o Wanstead LC.

Finally, many thanks to John White for all his hard work in producing Runaround in the past. I hope that he will have more time to enjoy writing a few articles for it.

Happy reading!


Christmas Message from the Chairman - Simon Morgan
Thanked Yvonne for taking on the task of organising the Newsletter after somewhat of an absence.
The Members Questionnaire was a huge success. See separate article.
I hope that the AGM will be better attended than the last one as several votes need to be taken. Not least the question of whether the Club remains in the Summer League. A number of members are unhappy with the League.

Also the Committee is down to 8 members. This is likely to reduced still further to 5 or 6 committed Members by the end of February.
The Club's Annual Dinner and Dance is in doubt unless more ticket deposits are received.
The Club's Sports Day is also at risk.

Survey Results - Peter Cowup, Club President
Edited Summary - We received over 50 replies. The Yes/No sections will be relatively easy to process statistically but the opinions and comments will take longer to assess. Simon, Peter and Derek will be collating these.

I would like to assure members that EVERY opinion expressed is appreciated and that where common themes are found, any necessary changes will be made. Part of the reason we decided to members opinions, was to remind people that to stay "vibrant", the Club needs to react to its members needs.

We also wanted to remind members that ELR cannot be taken for granted. To survive and prosper the Club needs it's membership to fully participate in the broad range of events that ELR organise throughout the year. Several events have been poorly attended - we needed to determine whether this was a result of dissatisfaction, too high costs involved or simply apathy!

I think one of the good things to come out of the survey is an appreciation of these facts by a wider circle of members.

Chingford 8 - Sunday 17th October 1993 - Some words of thanks - Peter Cowup
This race was again organised by ELR, special thanks to Wendy McLellan, Lesley Morgan, Jean and Tom Atkinson and Phyl and Peter Cowup for all their hard work.

As ever, the Club acquitted itself with true style and organised a race that all members could be proud of. I continue to think it is important that ELR, as a Running Club, organises a few races/runs every year which benefit runners in general. I think that the Chingford 8, together with the recce run in the spring, our involvement in the London Marathon through the Feed Station and the odd league fixture fulfil this role.

Letter received from the British Association of Road Races enclosing post race report from Dick Meredith of BARR.

Further Race Reports
- Ringwold 10 - by Peter Sadler

- Stortford 10 - 21st November 1993 – -by Yvonne Shashoua

- Cross Country League - Trent Park, 14th November 1993
Cold wet and windy. 10 Women and 26 Men from ELR finished.
Women 4th of 13
Vet Women 6th of 13
Men 7th 0f 12
Vet Men 8th of 12

6th Women - Sue Donahue 23:09
9th Man - Brian McCarthy 36:40

- ELR Woodford & Waltham Forest Grand Prix
- ELR Mens Div 7 - Track & Field Team Records
- South of England - 6 Stage Relay - Aldershot, 25th September 1993

Guaranteed Places for the London Marathon 1994
12 places available. Eligibility Rules listed. Draw on Wednesday 22nd December 1993


Letter from Dick Pleasance - Good to see the Magazine in production again.
Pleased to see an effort is being made to find safer routes for the Wednesday night run.
Going back a few years we all used to have a warm up session 10/15 minutes before the run. Maybe we could revive this.
The idea of running in defined pace groups and the mystery forest treks led by John White make a change and help newer members to mix.
Don't moan or groan as I have heard several members doing: join in or think of something better.

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 23rd Feb 1994 at 7.45pm in Wanstead LC Theatre.
Vacancies - Social Secretary to replace Mike Matcham, plus a Publicity Officer and a Minutes Secretary.
Nominations - Chairman, President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, XCountry Secretary or Summer League Secretary.
Proposals - Any?

The Curtis Shield
This years vote
Simon Morgan 18
Colin Waterworth 7
Derek Darnell 5
Peter Cowup 5
Bernard Mansell 2
Sue Donohue, Yvonne Shashoua, Dick Pleasance, Jim Bird, Carol Orpin and Stephanie Mc Carthy, all 1

Race Reports
Dublin Marathon Oct 1993 by Brad Woodgate and Sue Donahue
Ilford 10 – New Years Day by Doug Mansell
Cross Country - Ruislip Woods 19th Dec 1993
Cross Country Chingford 16th Jan 1994
The Southerns and the Tough Guy in one weekend - Trevor Jayson

Future Events - Gilwell Park Cross Country League Race Hosted by ELR - Details including volunteers required.

London Marathon 1984 Club Guaranteed Entries
1. Jeff Lack
2. Davis Hubble
3. Jeremy Burgess
4. Mary O'Brien
5. Tanya Watkins
6. David Foster
7. Ron Martin
8. Bernard Mansell
9. Simon Fyffe
10. Trevor Jason
Richard McHale
Steve Davis
Jim Bird

London Marathon Recce Run organised by ELR - Sunday morning 27th March 1994

London Marathon Coach -Travel details

Club Kit
- by Derek Darnell

Race Reports

Standlake 10k by Doug Mansell
Benfleet 15 6th Feb 1994 by Simon Fyffe 1Hr 51 min
Wokingham Half Marathon by Simon Fyffe in 1:26:31
The Sidcup 10 by Brad Woodgate in 64:50
City - Pier - City Loop by Doug Mansell

Race Results
XC League Victor Ludorum after 5 Events
Roding Half Marathon
Paul Collier 1:20:39
J Fowler 1:24:04
J Redfern 1:25:39
Brad Woodgate 1:26:29
Simon Fyffe 1:28:04
I Scott 1:29:22
George Whiter 1:33:45
K Ward 1:36:55
J Lack 1:39:26
D Thomas 1:41:00
John White 1:41:17
Roger Dixon 1:42:10
S Fearn 1:57:16
G Surridge 2:00:14

Yvonne Shashoua 1:29:44 2nd Lady
Sue Donohue 1:36:57
K White 1:41:16
H Spence 1:41:40
Karen Levison 1:42:08
Mary O'Brien 1:49:28
B Connolly 1:52:08
Mary Connolly 1:52:08
S White 1:59:19
P Coates 2:00:18
S Hiller 2:14:51

Essex Champs - ELR 2nd Female Team Prizewinners.

Essex 20
Trevor Jason 1:57:43 10th in Essex

Witham Half
Paul Collier 1:19 7th Man and 1st Vetr

Newham 10k
Sue Donohue 1st Lady
Karen 3rtd Lady and 1st Vet
Steph 4th.
ELR Ladies Team 1st

ELR Mens Division 7 - Track & Field Team Records

London Marathon Drinks Station - Poplar High Street - Sunday 17th April 1994
Thanks to all the volunteers and ELR Organisers! By Peter Cowup

London Marathon Results 1994
Trevor Jason 2:39 ****Club Record****

Jeremy Burgess 2:57pb
John White 3:01
Yvonne Shashoua 3:07pb
Roger Dixon 3:15
John Cushion 3:17
George Whiter 3:18
Brad Woodgate 3:26
Karen White 3:30
Bernard Mansell 3:30
Ron Martin 3:52
Richard McHale 4:09
Tanya Watkins 4:25
Jim Bird 6:07

Advert for ELR Annual Riverboat Disco - Sat 28th May 1984 - £12

Editorial by Yvonne S
Letter from your Chairman Simon Morgan - mention of the Relay that Peter Cowup organised. Looking forward to a Fun Day in Hainault Forest.

Riverboat Disco was cancelled as we would have suffered a huge loss if gone ahead. In the past this would have been blamed on the recession or apathy. The plain truth is that the running boom is over, something we knew for a long time. The club had around 230 members in its peak in 1988/89. Currently we have around 160 members. Anyway whatever the cause we are not alone, the story is the same at all other Running Clubs big and small alike, but for Peter it means a smaller pool of members in which to gather enough interest to organise an event.

Race Reports
ELR relay Race ion Clayhall Park by Peter Cowup
Presidents Challenge Relay Race Results June and July
Summer League Race Harrow 19th June (9 ELR Entrants)
Grand Union Canal Relay Race, London to Milton Keynes (Sunday 12th June) by Brad Woodgate (7 ELR Entrants and 5 support)
Wimbledon Windmilers 10k by Doug Mansell
The Goodwin Sands Golden Mile 23rd June by Pete Sadler
Jubilee Lodge Fun Run 2nd May by Simon Fyffe

The Tour of Epping 19th to 22nd June 1994 by Simon Fyffe
The Tour consists of 5 races on 4 consecutive days. A 10k, a 7+ hill race, an 8 mile cross country and 2x1 mile sprints up and down the same slope.
Tour of Epping Results for ELR
John McCarthy, 29th in 2:35:15
Brad Woodgate 3th 2:35:27
Simon Fyffe 35th 2:37:02
Ken Douse 46th 2:43:13
Howard Cripps 53rd 2:48:28
Kirk Johnson 56th 2:49:20
R Thomas 74th 2:57:21
Eamonn McDonnell 101st 3:42:07
Lynn Butler 103rd 3:42:43

Race Results
Congratulations to Jim Redfern 7th place in the 100k British Championships at Greenwich on 8th May 1994.

Congratulations also to Trevor Cornell 3rd in his first 12v hour race recently.

Details of planned ELR Family Fun Day and Summer Disco on Sunday 212st Aiugust at Hainault Forest/Wadham Lodge Sports Ground

ELR Chingford 8 planned for Sunday 11th Sept 1994 at 10.30am at Gilwell Park, Bury Road, Chingford

RUNAROUND NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 1994 Edited by Yvonne Shashoua

ELR Membership Statistics 1994 produced by Simon Morgan
Male 76.4%
Female 23.6%

Under 30, 13.8%
30 to 34, 21.4%
35 to 39, 24.5%
40 to 44, 15.7%
45 to 49, 13.2%
Over 50, 11.3%

Report - The First ELR Parlauf and Disco - Sunday 21sty August 1994, Report by Brad Woodgate

Parlauf – 9 teams, 4 in each team, over 30 laps of a 450m course. Minimum number iof laps each team members could do was 6, max 10. The winning team consisted of Jan Clennell, Jeff Lack, Eamon McDonnell and Ian Scott with the second team made up by Brad Woodgate, Don Bennett, Peter Cowup and Mark Dutton.

Picnic afterwards in the warm sunshine. The followed a game of rounders with the Wrinklies v the Non Wrinklies.

In the evening was the disco at Wadham Lodge with the prize presentation and a buffet

Race Report - The Three Forests Way (60 miles of mud)
Bill Perry
Ray Saville
Jim Bird
Tom and Jean Atkinson
Peter and Phyl Cowup
Trevor Cornell
Wendy McLellan

Joe Nygate Handicap Run 1994
Lord Mayors Challenge Sat 12th November 1994 Report and Results by Steve Kerns
5.8k over 2 laps of the St Pauls area of the City. Event organiser was Dave Bedford. Eamon Martin won the race!

Report and Results Epping Tough 10k by Doug Mansell “it was tough!”

Results Orion 10 x 1 Mile Relay2nd August

Essex XC Vets Champs at Chingford on 12th November 1994
FV35 Mary O’Brien 16th in 41:24
MV40 Paul Collier 22nd 30:41
MV40 Trevor Cornell 27th 31:05
MV40 Ken Douse 34:29
MV40 Doug Mansell 36:15
MV40 Bryan Honey 38:08

MV40 Team 10th overall

MV50 John McCarthy 34:49

London Marathon 1995 - Guaranteed Entries
9 plus 2 from B.A.F


Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 15th February 1995

Committee Meetings held
Wednesday 18th January
Wednesday 22nd March
Tuesday 18th April
Wednesday 17th May
Wednesday 26th July
Tuesday 22nd August
Wednesday 21st September
Wednesday 25th October
Wednesday 5th December

Annual General Meeting highlights
Chair Simon Morgan, Minute Carol Orpin

Meeting started with 18 members in attendance

Notable events during past year
Ron Martin’s 100th Marathon
Trevor Cornell’s success in a 12 hour race
The Success of the anal Relay Team, led by John McCarthy
Yvonne Shashoua’s most recent County vest

Membership fell to 150 during past year.

Treasurers Report
John White presented the Annual Accounts and announced a deficit of £1,154.10
Club events were not supported through general apathy.

Also discussed was the Replacement for the now defunct Chingford 8 race.

The Committee
Lesley, John White, Colin and Derek stood down.
The remaining Members were elected and Steve Davis was elected.

Any other Business
Rumour Wanstead Leisure Centre was to close. Jim Bird advised that plans to do this had been shelved for at least the next couple of years.

Question re Social events, drive to get new members.

Committee Meetings throughout the Year (dates as above) edited highlights
Members attending one or more meetings, Simon Morgan Chair, Carol Orpin Minutes, Peter Cowup President, Don Bennett Treasurer, Doug Mansell, Brad Woodgate, Steve Davis

Dinner dance details
Marathon recce run organised by ELR
Chingford 8 replacement
Cross Country League
Summer League 1995
London Marathon Water Station
London Marathon Guaranteed entries
Membership fee increase?
Bank Account Mandate
John White elected Life Member
Parlauf in Hainault Forest
Club Mugs and other merchandise
Memberships fees and cards
New Members evening
Steve Davis became General Secretary in July
Chairman’s relay
Peter Cowop granted time off from his Committee duties August 95
Coach travel to XC at Cheshunt and Royston
Running Awards, Jeff Lack retains Most Improved with Mick Wilson and Linda as Runners up.

RUNAROUND Newsletter – Spring 1995
Editorial by Yvonne Shashoua
AGM Highlights, as above

Club Events
Cross Country Relay Race – held over a 2.5 mile course in Hainault Forest. Six teams of 4 runners competed over a muddy and undulating course.

Winning Team
Colin Waterworth 15:17
Karen Levison 16:54
Wendy McLellan 17:19
Patrick Dalyzell 14:00

Best time - Steve Kerns 13:54

Marshals and Officials -Tom and Jean Atkinson, Phyl Cowup, Simon Morgan, Brian Skelton, Paul Needham and Dick’s brother.

London Marathon Results 1995
Paul Collier 2:43 pb
Geoff Fowler 2:59
Mark Dean 3:07 pb
Yvonne Shashoua 3:09
Brad Woodgate 3:15 pb
Simon Fyffe 3:18 pb
Peter Kerruish 3:22
George Whiter 3:25
Bernard Mansell 3:25
Patrick Dalyzell 3:27
John Cushion 3:28
Dave Thomas 3:29 pb
Roger Dixon 3:32
Dave Willemson 3:35
Jeff Lack 3:42 pb
Mary Connolly 3:53
Mary Obrien 3:53 pb
Ron Martin 3:53
Perry Crimmins 3:3:56
Jonathon Lees 4:11
Dave Foster 4:12
Richard McHale 4:33
Dave Leader 5:13
Jim Bird tba

Drinks Station in Poplar at 16 miles

Track and Field Results for ELR Mens Div 7

Racing Diary – Race dates throughout the year

Article by Yvonne following her stay at Mike Gratton Sporting Tours/Runners World Training week pre marathon in mid March.

CURTIS SHIELD voting Results
Doug Mansell 7
Peter Cowup 6
Derek Darnell 5
Colin Waterworth 3
Carol Orpin 3
Lesley Morgan 2
Brad Woodgate 2
Jean Atkinson 2
Dick Pleasance 2
Simon Morgan 1
Yvonne Shashoua 1
Geoff Clennell 1
Ropn Martin 1
Mary Obrien 1
Void 1


Letter from Dick Pleasance – It seem that we have heard so much regarding the running boom being over. Maybe that is correct, but I think that it has just settled down to the way it used to be. Most Wednesday evenings we seem to get around 45+ runners except in August. This is the pattern common in most Clubs. With renewals no due it will be interesting to see the size of the membership.

It is always a struggle for any Committee at times like this, when members are a bit thin on the ground, to organise activities. A poor response is rather disheartening and involves a lot of hard work for any organiser who is doing her or her best.

We must not forget that we have the cheapest membership of any other Club in the area, generally good facilities and, in my opinion, a good group of runners. However we still fall down on making new members welcome, and on “giving up a run” to accompany a new, and often, slower runner.

Annual Dinner and Dance advert to be held on Friday 26th January 1996 at the Manor Hall, Chigwell. Tickets £25.00

Racing Around
Ten go to Southend 10k Report and results by Yvonne
Springfield Striders 10m Report and Results by Yvonne
Harpenden Relay report by Yvonne
Harpers 1995 Relay Results
Chairman’s Relay Results
Racing Diary October 95 to March 96



Editorial by Yvonne Shashoua
The London Marathon was a success for both runners and for those who organised and ran the Drinks Station in Poplar High Street.

At the Club AGM the need for new incentives to maintain and increase our membership figures was discussed.

Jean Atkinson is doing a fine job of ELR’s success at racing by contributing results to the Ilford Recorder on a regular basis.

NEW MEMBERS - On Wednesday 8th May we held a new members night. Unfortunately due to a hiccup on the advertising front only one new person joined us.

A few words from the new Chair, Peter Cowup
As this is the first Newsletter since the Club's AGM, I thought that it was appropriate to take a few moments to reflect on where the Club is and, perhaps more importantly, where we are going.

It is unlikely that the past year or so will be recorded as the most illustrious in ELR’s history! A tale of less that deep joy associated with declining membership and dwindling support for Club events is well known to most reading this, and I do not propose to continue the extensive discussion and reasoning for this here.............

........... There are reasons to be optimistic. Accepting the days of organising large, relatively complex events, have past (at least for the foreseeable future), I see a definite future focussed on the Wednesday night Club run and a mix of smaller activities organised for the direct benefit of members.

In the meantime, a smaller more informal group (Don Bennett, Treasurer, Steve Davies, Secretary, Mike Wilson, Membership Secretary, Jean Atkinson, Publicity and myself, Chair will keep things ticking over.

To conclude, I would take this opportunity to thank Simon Morgan for his considerable efforts as outgoing Chairman. Simon has made a very significant contribution to East London Runners over the years, some of which have not always been either apparent or recognised.

FLORA LONDON MARATHON 1996 - Sunday 21st April by Yvonne Shashoua
On a very warm day I lined up with the Elite Women having time qualified with a time under 3:15 in an approved marathon in the previous two years.
For me Miles 1 to 6 were too fast. At Mile 12 the wheelchair competitors caught up with us with the leading pack of many passing just after 14 miles.

The next point of note was, of course, the ELR Drinks Station at 16 miles. It was great to see so many familiar faces and to hear Pete Cowup’s lively patter. The ELR Station is always the best on route and is in sharp contrast to the Dockland Doldrums ahead......

......Congratulations to all members of the Club who completed the event and many thanks to those who helped our drinks station a success.

From the Ilford Recorder 2ns May 1996 - London Marathon Results
Bernard Mansell 2:54 pb
Paul Collier 2:55
Yvonne Shashoua 3:19
Brad Woodgate 3:29
Geopff Lack 3:29
Roger Dixon 3:34
George Whiter 3:45
Dave Thomas 3:50
Ron Martin 3:59
Karen White 4:06
Dave Tyrell 4:40
Richard McHale 5:30
Jim Bird time unknown

Article by Dick Pleasance - Our Man in Malaysia
Running in the Pan Asia Hash with 1,050 others. A three day event involving Hash Groups from 15 countries.

Race Results
Corbetts Tay 5k - 28th April
Trevor Jayson 2nd in 16 mins
Doug Mansell and Mike Wilson 19 mins and Paul Needham 21 mins

Compton (Newbury) 40 Miles - Ron Martin in 7:42

Sunday XC League Alexandra Park 3rd March
Victor Ludorum XC League after 5 events

Inter Counties 20 miles at Gloucester, 17th representing Essex, Yvonne of ELR in 2 hrs 26 mins despite at one stage being forced to change her footwear.

Fixture card for June 1996

ELR Summer Relay Race in Clayhall Park
7pm Wed 26h June In place of the usual Club Runn. Free to all ELR Members.

The ELR Celebration Meal took place on Saturday 12th April at the La Ruga Restaurant. Good company, tasty food and a great atmosphere.


Committee Meetings were held on
March 5th
April 16th
May 21st
June 25th
July 16th
November 26th

Present at the November Meeting were Simon Morgan, Don, Bennett, Karen White, Mike Wilson, Doug Mansell and Lesley Morgan (Minutes)

1997 Committee Meetings - Highlights

Peter Cowup no longer a Committee Member and awarded Honorary Membership with his wife Phyllis. It was also agreed to present Peter with an engraved decanter in recognition of his service to the Club.

Redbridge Sports Centre - Letter receive from RSC regarding use of their facilities for an alternative Tuesday night run. Doug will reply by advising we do not back this idea. Redbridge replied that it respected our decision to stay at Wanstead.

London Marathon - Coach to start arranged by Don. Drinks Station again a great success.
A cheque for £200 received from London Marathon for our servicers at the water station. It was agreed to pass a similar amount to Geoff Clennell for his disco services. Marathon Meal –held at Asta La Pasta in Snaresbrook as the venue and date is 13th April at 8pm.

1998 - Pete Cowup has volunteered once again to take charge of the London Marathon for ELR with Doug as his assistant.

Kit- Fair amount held in Club stock. To re-assess price of kit to reduce levels.

Curtis Shield - Jim Bird has purchased a new Shield as the engraving space on the existing one has run out. Jim agreed to accept a cheque for £25 payable to St Francis Hospice.

New Members Welcome Letter - Not in existing at present. It was agreed that each new member would be issued with one going forward.

Newsletter - Rather than a full-blown magazine that we have enjoyed ion the past Doug suggested that it was an important life blood of the Club to have a newssheet to keep members abre4ast of what is going on. May 97 it was agreed that 4 Newsletters would be issued per annum. Lesley agreed to typeset and print but would need someone to collate the articles .

Noticeboard and Publicity - Ron informed us that Mary O'Brien was willing to fulfil the publicity function for the time being.

ELR Handicap Race took place on Wednesday 28th May. Only 18 members took part.

Membership - 100 approx in May 1997. Annual renewals will be distributed on 23rd July at the Club. Those not in attendance will be posted. It was agreed that a membership card should be issued to those renewing.

New Members night- Agreed for 30th July.

Social - 10 people attend a Bowling night in October. Dinner Dance planned for Friday December 5th at Il Toscano in Walthamstow to celebrate the Club's 15th Anniversary at £16 per head.


The Chairman's Blurb by Doug Mansell
The Club looks in reasonable shape and I am optimistic for the future.
We are trying to re-establish some Social events and the numbers attending the Wednesday Club runs are fairly consistent.
We are offering Social Membership to lapsed members

ELR Women Rule!
Our Women continue to go from strength to strength. They retained the Team Prize at the Woodbridge 10k(Pauline Cahill, Mary Connolly, Mary O'Brien).
Sue Donohue 1st Lady at Stanstead 10k
Karen Levison 1st Lady Woodford 10k and 2nd Lady Raphael Park 5 miles.
Karen White 1st Lady Vet Raphael Park 5 miles.
Lesley Morgan 3rd Lady Thurrock 5k

Track & Field Report


Yvonne's Amsterdam Experience - Article by Yvonne Shashaou

Amsterdam Marathon held on Sunday November 2nd 1997.
Started at midday, temp 5c. Two identical laps, very flat course. Paced myself slower than usual and reached halfway in 1:28 feeling strong. I was missing the support of the London Marathon crowds. After 2 hours my legs were feeling weary. I had a strong finish though into the Olympic Stadium and crossed the line as 7th woman in a time of 3:04:05 a PB by 3 minutes. Two weeks later I heard officially that I was the first British woman to finish and second woman over 35 attracting a prize of £140.

Pete and Phyl Honoured
Congratulations to Pete and Phyl Cowup on being awarded Lifetime Membership of ELR in commemoration of their service over many years. They were presented with a crystal decanter at the Dinner and Dance by the Club President Simon Morgan, as a mark of gratitude for their previous efforts.

Annual General Meeting will be held at Wanstead Leisure Centre on either 11th or 18th February 1998.

ELR Mens Track & Field Records

Chairman's Epistle by Doug Mansell, thanking everyone who attended the Dinner & Dance and also those who have participated in the various Club activities over the previous year.

Essex Vets XC Championships
FV35 Yvonne Shashoua - 2nd in 35:51

Sunday XC League at Gilwell Park, a good turnout from ELR with 7 Women and 12 Men running with others marshalling. Unfortunately, there was a poor turnout at the following event at Alexandra Palace and we didn’t manage to field enough runners for either team.


Committee Meetings
7th January 1998
18th March 1998
8th April 1998
3rd June 1998
1st July 1998
2nd September 1998
14th October 1998
9th December 1998

ELR Spring and Summer Newssheets (double sided single page)

Simon Morgan, President, advised ELR at the October 1998 meeting that he had applied to Woodford Green AC as 1st Claim and that he would be stepping down as Club President at the next AGM.
Doug Mansell, Chairman
Don Bennett, Treasurer
Mike Wilson, Memberships, Mike Wilson advised standing down as Membership Secretary at next AGM
Brad Woodgate, Kit
Clive Jackson, Fixtures

AGM Scheduled for 11th February 1998

Wanstead Leisure Centre - School Governors had proposed to Redbridge Council that the School take full control of the Centre. ELR are to write to the Council opposing this as it will have adverse implications for us. ELR are to ask individual Club Members to also write to Council objecting.

ELR Grand Prix 10k Race Series - Doug suggested the Club use existing b10k road racers already popular with members, e.g. Hatfield Broad Oak. At the end of the series the aggregate time of the best 4 races out of sat 6 would decide the final positions for both male and female. To be put to the Club Members at the upcoming AGM. RESULT - Disappointing only 3 members completed 4 out of 7 races in the series. They were Karen Levison, Doug Mansell and Kirk Johnson. Karen and Kirk to receive a ££5 Boots voucher each!

Most Improved Runner 1997 - To be awarded to Tam McNamara, with other awards to Hasina Zaman, Sue Hughes and Bal Sidhu.

Most Improved Runner 1998 - Hassena to receive overall prize. Paula Barteneus, Karen Levison, Martin Griffiths and Colin Waterworth to receive runners up trophies.

Guaranteed London Marathon Places - June 98, Doug has produced a set of rules for the admin of the allocated Club place. Will be published in the July Newsletter.

Drink Station at 15 miles- Peter Cowup is organising this with Doug. This went well. Peter willing to carry on in 1999 as well. A donation of £50 was agreed for the Rathbone Institute instead of the £200 suggested by PC. October 1998 Peter and Doug will organise The Rathbone Institute, Abbery Scaffolding and Geoff Clennell's Disco again for 1999.

Jim Bird's 60th Birthday Bash - It was agreed that a surprise would be arranged for mid-August and the Club would spend up to £60. Subsequently £50 was spent on food and drink. The evening was well received by Jim.

Post Marathon Meal - May try Pepes Pizza of Leytonstone. Subsequently took place with 21 people attending.

Marathon Coach - Don to arrange. Confirmed.

Track- Simon to stand down as Track Manager at the end of the season.

Kit- Brad is to order sample shorts plus a new stock of vests and long sleeve t's. At December Meeting Brad advised Kit has arrived at a cost of £600 approx.

Membership - It was highlighted that the database needed to be updated (June 98). Lesley Morgan has advised changing status to second Claim with ELR. September, about 40 fees had now been received. Mike to chase non-payers.

Athletics UK Vote - ELR to vote in favour of the proposed structure for British Athletrics

Annual Dinner and Dance - Doug suggested Casa Verde in Buckhurst Hill, proposed date is Friday 15th January 1999. Confirmed at £16.50 pp.

ELR Newsheet Spring 98
Chairman's Blurb by Doug
Mention about the lack of support from members in providing articles for the Newsheet hence only a single page and next one will be published in July.

Yvonne has had more success recently in winning the Essex County Champs 20 miles and the Brentford half marathon.

Race details for the ELR Summer 10k Grand Prix Series published plus the Track and Field League Fixtures.

Newsheet Summer 1998
Chairman Doug thanked all who helped at the London Marathon Drinks Station and also published rules for the ELR London Marathon Draw for Guaranteed Club places.

London Marathon 1998

Bernard Mansell 3:06
Mike Wilson 3:28
Pauline Cahill 3:37
Ron Martin 4:05
Bal Sidhu 4:12
Dave Foster 4:42
Des Mullaney 4:53


Annual General Meeting 24th February
New Committee Elected
Chairman, Clive Jackson
President, Lesley Morgan (March 1999)
Treasurer, Don Bennett
Membership, Brian Marshall
Kit, Brian Marshall (March 199)
Doug Mansell
Without Portfolio, Denise Lewis, Mary O'Brien and Mike Wilson

Treasurers Report, Don Bennett
Don went through the accounts. Explained why Club opened a high Interest Rate Girobank Account for Excess funds. Old Nat West Ac was closed. Query from member re high stock of Kit held. Plus, could a list of kit prices be published as the one on the Notice Board was out of date.

Summer 10k Series, Doug advised would not continue owing to lack of support from members for last year’s event.

Curtis Shield was presented to John McCarthy for his efforts in coaching the Ladies team to many victories in the past year.

AOB, question from John White as to how we are going to enthuse members

New Members, it was decided that a list be made of those willing to run with new members. A list of 20 names was drawn up and these will be collated so that 2 members will be allocated to each week.

Committee Meetings
20th January
23rd June
26th July

Annual Dinner, it was agreed that this was a successful venue albeit there was no dance area.

Kit, Denise advised the women were unhappy with the vests as they were cut wrongly under the arms and also that the long sleeve t shirts were non user friendly. Brian to look at future kit from a new supplier.

London Marathon
Minibus, Don arranging
Post Race Meal, Doug has spoken to Asta La Pasta and it was agreed to proceed subject to advance uptake by members. Cut of date 14th April 1999.
Drinks Station, Doug and Don will attend Marathon Meeting on 7th April. The pre race briefing that Peter holds the week before the race is still set to go ahead.

Wednesday Night runs, Clive advised he would like, once a month, to organise a longer run of 9 to 10 miles in addition to the 5 to 7 mile run. Denise suggested finishing at a pub. Clive also suggested that we have 3 groups to run a s a social group club run once in a while.

New Buddy List, it was decided to draw this up. Lesley agreed to start this on 17th March, whereby two different members each week would be allocated this task.

Essex Way Relay
Denise suggested we hire a minibus to cover the whole event. Little interest was subsequently shown by Club Members.

Clayhall Park Relay
Clive will be arranging this as a Wednesday night run. Teams of 5 to 6 people to be picked to be as even as possible.

ELR NEWSHEET Spring 1999
Chairman Clive wrote thanking outgoing Committee Members Doug, Simon and Brad for all the hard work that they have done over the years. While retiring as Chair, Doug has agreed to stay on as General Club Secretary. Clive welcomed Denise, Mary and Brian to the Committee.

Clive, on his first Wednesday night as Chair was pleased to hand out Essex Championship Silver medals for the Roding Half Marathon to Karen, Trish and Denise. Another great result for the ELR Ladies.

Race Report and Results
Las Vegas 5k, Half and full Marathon, by Lesley Morgan

Brad and Lee ran in the half and Dawn and Lesley in the 5k.
Lee Richardson 1:29:55
Brad Woodgate 1:52
Lesley Morgan 27:54
Dawn Adams 43:01

ELR NEWSHEET Summer 1999
Chairman’s Blurb
Essex Way Relay info
Sunday XC Dates and venues
Clayhall Park Relay Race details

Race Report, Grand Union Canal Relay Race
Little Venice to Milton Keynes, 66 miles approx.
ELR finished 6th and 8th in 8:13:19 and 8:51:56

Race Results, Ilford Hilly 5
Lee Richardson 31:02
Dave Gates 31:05
Paul Collier 32:41
Karen Levison 33:02
John McCarthy 34:03
John White 34:42
Doug Mansell 35:06
Brian Marshall 35:51
Andy Rands 36:45
Karen White 36:50
Mary Connolly 36:56
Bal Sidhu 37:39
Brad Woodgate 38:06
Sunil Datta 38:32
Vanessa Chatterley 38:52
Clive Jackson 38:59
Des Mullany 39:23
Dick Pleasance 39:58
Tricia O’Neill 40:342
George Whiter 40:34
John Grantham 41:36
Lesley Morgan 46:06

News from Abroad by Yvonne Shashoua Large report by Yvonne, edited here.

I can't believe that I have been here in Denmark for 6 months already.......been training with KIF (Copenhagen Athletics Club).

To date I have raced 9 times in Denmark and 3 times in Sweden.......the Club Coach entered me in some indoor events. I found out that I had a qualifying time for the European Vets Indoor Championships which I had recorded for Newham and Essex Beagles, guesting in the Summer past. At the Danish Championships I ran 10:41 and won the Danish Gold Medal and a pb of 11 seconds! Two weeks later I was in Malmo for the Vets Champs. I was third, winning bronze in a time of 10.40 another pb, just beaten by Lynne Parr of GB.


Annual General Meeting 1st March 2000, Summary by Clive Jackson, Chair, published in the Spring 2000 ELR Newsletter

Chairman's Address: Membership is at its lowest ever but there are still enough members for the Club to be viable, there still seems to be a fair amount of enthusiasm in the Club. Our Ladies have had an extremely successful year. For the next year we will try to promote events where we compete as a Club, the Essex Way and Canal Relays. We will probably have to stage a cross country race.

Finances: Bank balances stand at £3,043.38, with overall £300 added to the capital balance. The income from membership at £755 is the lowest in the Club History. Annual sub to Wanstead Leisure Centre is £150.

Membership: We currently have 63 Annual members and a number of Life Members.
Resolutions: The Club Balance was discussed; it was resolved that we should not reduce the capital for the sake of it. It was decided to make a one of Charitable donation.

Most Improved Runners, Winner was Dave Gates, Runners Up, Denise Lewis and Guy McPartlin.

The Curtis Shield was presented to Clive Jackson.

Committee, for the coming year will remain unchanged.

Committee Meetings were held on
!7th May 2000
21st June 2000
12th July 2000
9th August 2000
20th September 2000
1st November 2000
5th December 2000

Victoria Park Race - Organised by the London Chest Hospital. ELR to use as a Club Race and make a charitable donation. Club will pay a nominal entry fee for our members who enter. Don will try and obtain a large presentation cheque. Club also to use the race as an ELR Club Team Championship race. Clive subsequently contacted the Ilford Recorder about covering the event. Don obtained a large cheque.
We had a good turnout for this race, 19 runners plus some families supporting. Nothing from Ilford Recorder though.

Membership Renewals, 38 by 20th September 2000. We are looking to increase from the 60 from last year.

Annual Meal, likely to be at Elephant Royale, Gants Hill, post Christmas. Arranged for Friday 26th January 2001 Cost £20 pp approximately.

Cross Country, authorised Denise to buy a ground sheet for Club.

London Marathon 2001, we have received 2 Club places through England Athletics and are expecting a further 11 for the drink station. We will give 2 entries to Rathbone again for them to raffle or get people to run for them. Subsequently only one place was given to Rathbone.
The drink station will be promoted as a joint ELR/Fire Brigade effort. Club draw will be in December.

ELR NEWSLETTER Spring 2000, 12 pages
Chairman's Blurb by Clive.
Off road training by Steve/Mary/Denise/Lee
Race Reports, Welwyn GC X Country, Benfleet 15, Royston XC
Photos from Annual Dinner at Jailhouse Rock, South Woodford
AGM Highlights
Sunday League Results, 5 Race Series
The Perfect Run by Anon.

ELR NEWSLETTER June 2000, 24 pages!
Spotlight on Front Page on George Whiter, inc photo
Chairman's Blurb
London Marathon Results
Paul Collier 3:10
Mike Wilson 3:15pb
Steven Jay 3:36
Richard Mainwaring 3:39
Denise Lewis 3:46pb
Carinne Jay 3:58
Brian Marshall 3:59pb
Ron Martin 4:02
George Whiter 4:05
Dave Foster 4:40
Christina White 4:45 debut
Jim Bird 6:02

Article on Drinks Station
The Way we were by Steve Kerns
From the Archives
Fun Run in the Sun, article on the Victoria Park Charity Race.
Des and Bals Quiz Night
8th Grand Union Canal Relay, report and Photos
Seven Sisters Walk, suggested by Karen Levison, a weekend of walking at the Burling Gap Hotel, Near Eastbourne. Thirteen or so members had a great weekend away. Article by Steve Kerns
Puzzle Corner and Spot the Difference.
Nutrition, put it to the test.
East London Dog Runners, by Purdey the (New))Hound
Race and Run reports for Hainault 10k, Hatfield Broad Oak 10k, City of London Road Race, Grand Union Canal relay, Springfield Striders 5 mile.
Know your feet and Choosing the right shoe articles
The Back Page



Roundup Magazine Issue 9: 20 Year Anniversary Issue Winter 2002: Ed Clive Jackson

Committee Notes
President - Lesley Richardson
Secretary - Doug Mansell
Treasurer - Don Bennett
Membership Secretary - Bal Sidhu
Committee Members - Andy Rands and Lee Richardson

The first thing to note that there is no Chairman this year. There was much discussion at the AGM on what this exactly meant to the Club. The Chairman, has in the past given announcements and set the run on a Wednesday night. This isn't seen as a problem that we do not have a Chairman. Most people know most runs and a decision can be made on which one to go on.

The main job of the Chairman is to drive the Club in a direction over the year. This Club is not a one person affair but it has been the Chairman that has really taken things forward from the "why don't we " stage to the actual doing stage.

Since the Club is now less active in races this may not be such a problem.

The one theme that came out very strong was that the Club is not dead, while there are people wanting to continue to run there will always be a place for the Club. On behalf of the Committee I would ask that everyone plays a part in the running of the Club for the coming year.

Treasurer. Club funds increased from £2,222 at the start of the year to £2,698. We have few overheads. The Centre costs £150 and we have a few affiliation fees and not nuch else.

London Marathon.
Some questions were asked about Marathon monies. We receive all the money from the Drinks Station. We also pay for the sound and food. We neither gain nor lose from the marathon, this is not affected by having a joint ELR/LFB station.

The Club has 61 full and honorary members, pretty much the same as last year.

Thoughts from a Retiring Chairman - Clive Jackson
it may not seem it but I was Chairman for three years. I Joined the Club only in 1995 so I never knew it in its real hayday of 200+ members when the running scene was booming and everyone was wearing really short shorts.

Even in just the last six years the Club has changed, and I'm sure for those that knew the Club in the 1980's it's changed beyond all recognition.

The Club has always had a reputation for being friendly, less interested in pure results and more interested in making sure that you had a good time in getting the results. Many of the current members are in their prime. Some people at the Club are still achieving pb's but to be honest most of us just being able to run, do the odd race and not get too embarrassed is enough. I always tried to maintain the "fun" element in the Club.

Probably the main highlight for me was in the Summer of 2000 with the Victoria Park races where we donated a large amount of money from the Club to the London Chest Hospital. This event epitomised the spirit of the Club, we had a good turnout, we actually won a number of trophies, but at the end of the day everyone really just turned up to have a good day out.

Personally I think that it is good to have a change of "ownership" in the Club. It's very difficult to think of new things to do, it ends up that maybe for the first year you can do things differently, but after that you are just following the patterns of the previous year. I think that a change in the running of the Club stops it from becoming stale and encourages members to more participation in events.

The Club is officially 20 years old this year, the membership has shrunk since the the 10 year anniversary but there is still a hard core of runners going out in all weathers and I certainly hope that we will be clebrating 30 years of East London running.

Although it has meant putting in quite a lot of effort into the Club, the last three years have been enjoyable, thank you for having me as Chairman.

- Discussion re "Buddy lists".

ELR Ladies won the Gold Medal at the Essex Vets Cross Country Championships at Claybury in Dec 2001.
Our Winning Squad was:
Sue Donahue
Karen White
Maggie O'Connor
Virginia McKenzie
Karen Levison
Mary O'Brien

- Article re Wanstead Park by Clive
- Marathon Drink Station
- Rodings Rally 2001 by Peter Cowup
- Selection of races in March 2002
- Strengthen your feet
- East London Drinker's at the Jailhouse Rock - Also was Mary Connolly's birthday.
- Race Report Essex Senior XC Champs - Gloucester Park, Basildon
- Government backtracks on Voluntary Sports Club Tax
- Promoting Sport in the Community - A Public Consultation from HM Treasury
- Cross Country the lat three - Stevenage, Digswell and Royston, race reports
- Race and Run reports - Buntingford 10, Benfleet 15,

ELR Annual Awards
Curtis Shield - Don Bennett

Runners of the Year - Amanda Lovegrove, Andy Rands and Mick Wilson

Most Improved - Amanda Lovegrove

Runners completing four or more XC Races
Amnda Lovegrove
Karen White
Paul Collier
Clive Jackson
Andy Rands
John White

Roundup Magazine Issue 10 : Spring 2002 : Editor Clive Jackson
- Paula Radcliffe - Wow. Fantastic run 2:18:56 effort - in a women-only race!
- Sheffield Marathon - Well done to Bal Sidhu - 4:20.
- Orion 15 Race report by Clive Jackson
Run on the Old Course via Copped Hall Estate in very muddy conditions.
81st - John White - 2:08:57
110 - Paul Collier - 2:14:10
125 - Karen White - 2:18:05
128 - Dave Knight - 2:18:31
140 - Doug Mansell - 2:20:35
151 - Steve Harbut - 2:23:17
157 - Bal Sidhu - 2:25:30
159 - Maggie O'Connor - 2:26:11
162 - Clive Jackson - 2:26:30
181 - Phyl Cowup - 2:38:30

- Victoria Park Race to be held on Sunday 14th July 2002 - 6 miles.

- The Dragonslayer Duathlon is held on the Sunday after St Georges day - 3 mile run, 20 mile cycle, 5 mile run.
Clive Jackson - 2:10

- The 2002 Flora London Marathon by Clive Jackson
Perfect weather. We had ELR runners competing plus we manned the Poplar High Street Drinks Station at 15 miles (old course).

Once again Carole Hurry and Graham Cole from the Rathbone Centre provided a base for the Drinks Station and excellent refreshments. Terry from TJ Scaffolding again erected the scaffolding for DJ Pete to wake up the street.

Since I arrived on my bike I decided to ride the length of Poplar High Street in the morning. It's a brilliant sight, banners and balloons going up, lorries unloading water and bins, it completely transforms the road.There is a real carnival atmosphere around.

The set up of the Station went remarkably smoothly, the water lorries arrived at a good time, there were no cars to be moved by the police, so we started loading the tables by 8am. There were loads of people helping, both old and current ELR Members and many people from LFB, all of the tables were hives of activity. Just for good measure we had a 20 foot mock smoke alarm suspended from a crane just outside of the Centre.

With Geoff and Jan supplying music from Villa Audio we were all set up for another London Marathon..............

Once again this was a very successful London Marathon for everyone from the Club and LFB.
Mick Wilson 3:42:29
Dave Knight 3:48:09
Phyllis Cowup 3:53:40
Chris Stephens 3:50
George Whiter 4:19:20

- Race and Run Reports
Do-Tri, Novice Triathlon, Arborfield
Jubilee Lodge 5 mile race on 6th May
Gt Baddow 10 mile - 19th May

Hatfield Broad Oak 10k 2002
We had 8 runners turn out for this popular race.
ELR Women - Karen Levison, Maggie O'Connor, Lesley Richardson and Linda Jackson
Men - Doug Mansell, Richard Mainwaring, Don Bennett and Clive Jackson

Karen finished in 39:15 pb.

Roundup Magazine: Issue 11: Summer 2002
East London Runners Clean Up at Victoria Park. The weather was warm and the racing was hot!
Ladies 6 Mile
1st Karen Levison - 37:30
2nd Karen White - 41:27
1st FV35 - Maggie O'Connor - 43:55
1st FV45 - Mary O'Brien - 46:44

Male 6 Mile
1st MV40 - Doug Mansell - 39:49
1st MV50 - Paul Collier - 38:17

Cross Country Season is soon to be upon us plus the Tiptree Ten is on Sunday 20th October.

Article by Steve Kerns - Flying Finns, Never heard of them!
Article by Clive Jackson - Walking in the Brecon Becons
Article by Clive Jackson re Rberta Louise (Bobbi) Gibb the first woman to run the Boston Marathon (1966)
Article by Steve Kerns - The Best ever Commonwealth Games - Manchester
Article by Steve Kerns - When Silver is better than Gold.

ELR Subscriptions of £12 now due. The Sports Centre is getting more strict about allowing people in without paying if they don't have a Club Membership card on them!

Wednesday Evening's Runs article

Race and Run Reports
Ongar Tri Again - 8th September - finished Mary O'Brien (1:30:02), Jon Trevor (1:12:08) and Clive Jackson (1:09:04. A 300m swim, cycle 10.5k, run 4k.

Brighton Triathlon Saturday 30th August 750m,20k, 5k. Clive Jackson 1:27:19.

Roundup Magazine: Issue 12 : Autumn 2002: Editor Clive Jackson
- The Marathon draw
- Selection of Races over December 2002 and January/February 2003
- Wednesday Night routes/maps
- Cambridge by Air by Clive Jackson
- Boxing Day Run details
- Have you ever thought of doing an Adventure Race?
- Ode to Cross Country by Clive jackson
- You know you're living in the 2002's when....by Clive Jackson
- Ask ELR by Clive Jackson
- Spot the words in the puzzle
- Conclusion of A-Z of running disorders (O-Z)
- Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge, Chingford by Clive Jackson
- Race and Run reports - Sunday League XC Cheshunt (Winner if the ladies was ELR's Linda Jackson) and Watford.
- Athletic gear at M&S
- Congratulations to Sue Donoghue on the birth of son Reece on 9th November.



ROUNDUP Magazine Issue 18 Summer 2004 - Editor Clive Jackson

Report on the Hatfield Broad Oak 10k 30th May 2004 plus results
Mary Connolly - 46:54
Clive Jackson - 47:30
Mary O'Brien - 48:24
Don Bennett - 52:25

London Marathon
Mick Wilson - 3:35:20
Amanda Lovegrove - 3:44:08
Tricia O'Neill - 3:56:13
Siraj Patel - 4:05:24
Mike Cook - 4:06:28
Emma Hanson - 4:32:39
Kirk Johnson - 4:32:50
Frank Brownlie - 4:39:40
George Whiter - 5:04:06
Dave Foster - 4:48:05
Jim Bird - 6:03:30
Carole Husted - 6:28:39

Article by Jim Bird on his marathon experience.
Dazed and Confused? Large (6 page) article by Dave Knight on the London Marathon.

Article by Clive?- Older Runners are Different.

ROUNDUP Magazine Issue 19 Autumn 2004 - Editor Clive Jackson
Numbers on Wednesday nights have been dwindling a bit.

Article by Steve Kerns - The Olympic Long Jump
The Benefits of REd wine by Clive
Wanstread Flats by Clive
Why Protein is Important to the distance runner
Sunday XC League
The Varsity Bike Ride by Clive

Club Kit Nights by Clive
Chatting with John White after one of the Wednesday Runs, he suggested that we should try to make our name a bit more prominent and came up with the idea of choosing a night in the month and wearing Club Kit and do this on a regular basis. We could choose the first Wednesday of every month and make it into a Club Night - so wear ELR vest or shirt. It might also help sell some of our kit stock!

Also run in a couple of groups? It wouldn't be fair to ask everyone to stay together as there is too big a difference in abilities but depending on numbers we could run in a couple of groups wearing Club Kit which would give a bigger impact to the general public.

Race report - Southgate Grosvenor Park - 24th October 2004
First race of the XC Season. The start was a combined Ladies and gents race of 250/300 runners. ELR had 6 Ladies and 14 Men competing.
Jamal Mohammed - 4th overall

ROUNDUP Magazine Issue 20 Winter 2004 - Editor Clive Jackson

AGM to be held on Wednesday 23rd February 2005 at 7pm. We are particularly in need of a Chairman for the Club. Don has been unofficially acting in the position for the past two years, as well as continuing to be Treasurer. This is a key role to the continued existence of the Club.

Stevenage Marathon Report by Kirk Johnson in 4:04:32
Club Sweatshirts for Sale at £10 - see Jim Bird

First Wednesday of the Month - Club Shirts/Vest Run is now in place

Are you racing?

Cross Country enthusiasts or sad old gits?

Essex Senior XC Basildon on 15th Jan 2005.

London Martahon 2005
The Club had a draw for the Guaranteed London Marathon places this year, the first time for a number of years. We had 7 places and 8 qualifying members in our ballot.




From RoundUP Magazine Issue 30 April 2007 - Editor, Clive jackson.

The Club's 25th Anniversary Celebration will be held on Saturday 28th April 2007

Congratulations to our Award Winners:-
Most Improved Runner - Louise Jones
Runner of the Year - Ian Horritt
Club Person of the Year and winner of the Curtis Shield - Jim Bird

Benfleet 15 Results
Ian Horritt - 1:53:49
John White - 1:56:02
Mike Wilson - 2:01:10
Richard Mainwaring - 2:07:11
Jayne Pope - 2:08:49
Karen White - 2:08:49
Dave Knight - 2:14:30
Frank Brownlie - 2:15:54
Kirk Johnson - 2:29:55

Report from Membership Secretary - Clive Jackson
Thanks to Don Bennett for his help recently in my absence, between us we have the membership under control.For the second year running we have seen a big turnover in the Club. Last year we finished with 65 members, so far we have 68 this year with around 20-25 being runners new to the Club.

Annual General Meeting - 28th February 2007
Kirk introduced the AGM, it's been a strong year for the Club setting out to have a membership of 70 we currently have 68 excluding life members.
The Essex Way was a success fielding a full team. The Cross Country League hasn't been well supported but a few new faces ran for ELR.

The Website is going strong, not a brilliant format, but it is being updated regularly which is the main thing.

Don gave a run down of the Club Finances. A surplus of £480 aminly due to sales of kit held in stock.We also haven't been charged by the Leisure Centre because of chages that Management are making to the Centre. Once work is completed we should be advised.

Jim led a talk on the Leisure Centre, the ownership has changed from the School to the Council and it is being extensively redeveloped. Our meeting room and most of the Upper Floor will be replaced by a Gym, we will lose our room. We are unsure as yet where we will meet.The Centre has committed to us that they want us to stay, we will continue to have access to the showers. Further discussion took place with some concern that if we agree a formal contract we may end up losing the Centre as a venue. We will keep everyone updated on our website. Fortunately we will hopefully get some better weather soon, so the problem of not having a room will not be critical, but must be resolved.

An update was given by Jim on the plans for the 25th Anniversaery Party.

Kirk and Don led an interesting discussion of membership of Athletics Associations. The face of English Athletics is changing with governance being moved to EA. Rules and costs will also change. A rival has been created ARC, The Association of Running Clubs.

We will explore the benefits of both organisation to the Club and its members and we will look to have a club Ballot possibly in September.

THe Election of Officers was held with Jim Bird advising that he will be standing down after the 25th Anniversary Party. A plea was made for more female members to join the Committee as Kirsty Weston is the only female on the Committee, with nearly half of the membership female.

Results - Roding Valley Half Marathon
Miguel Angel Martinez - 1:36:43
Paul Charters - 1:40:09
Ben Danquah - 1:41:08
Karen White - 1:41:59
Mike Wilson - 1:46:00
Frank Brownlie - 1:48:24
Rachel Coombs - 1:50:30
Ruth Mercer - 1:51:05
Ken Wilson - 1:51:13
Dave Knight - 1:51:38
Greg Bonser - 1:54:44
Edward Barnard - 1:56:02
Helen Witt - !:56:36
Dave Foster - 2:06:19
Sara Pearson - 2:10:00

ELR 25th Birthday Bash
The ELR Committee cordially invites all currentand ex-members of the Club to the Waltham Forest Social Club to celebrate 25 years of running.
A night of drinking dancing and eating!
Saturday 28th april 2007
7.30pm - Midnight
Cost £15 per person
Dress Code: Go on, put the glad rags on!

RoundUP Magazine Issue 31 May 2007 Marathon Special - Editor Clive Jackson

Congratulations and well done to all Marathon runners, we had members completing their first and their 22nd Londons, 13 at London, 2 at Paris and 3 in Edinburgh.

Miguel Angel Martinez - 3:39:44
Mick Wilson - 3:53:13
Dave Knight - 3:57:22
Helen Witt - 4:00:11
Trish O'Neill - 4:02:25
Ruth Mercer - 4:04:27
Frank Brownlie - 4:12:45
Rachel Coombs - $:28:06
Dave Foster - 4:20:07
Sara Pearson - 4:58:47
Kenny Wilson - 5:05:37
Louise Jones - 5:46:01
Jim Bird - 7:10:53

Jody Burnett - 3:38:49
Jayne Pope - 3:55:06

Rita Kingdon - 4:01:02
Holly Chabowski - 4:08:06
Richie Feder - 4:28:09

A brief update on the Leisure Centre
The last few Wednesday's have been difficult.Withnthe extensive work being undertaken we have been using and oaying for the Eton manor Rugby Club pavillion. We are targetting getting back to the Leisure Centre on Wednesday 1st July 20017.

We are still in negotiation with the Centre and the Council re a meeting room, costs etc.

Other notes
John and Karen White are leading the Sunday runs at 9.50am, mainly in the forests, up to 10 miles. The "ten to Ten Club"!
Membership renewal £12 will be due at end of July.
We have ordered a new range of kit which will be breathable and a ladies fit will be available. Kirsty is looking after orders.
The first Wednesday of the month is Club Kit night. Please wear your Club kit!

RoundUP Magazine Issue 32 October 2007 - Editor Clive Jackson
Articles on Essex Way and Wednesday Night Club Runs(Room and Fees. How to choose winter kit.Negative splits and positive splits.Warm up and cool down.Do the Elvis Wiggle.Running with an ipod. Recovery.

Re Wednesday Nights - The good news is that we have the use of a room at wanstead Leisure Centre/High School again. It's one of the school rooms at the side of the building. It's great to have a roof over our heads again.The bad news is they want to charge us £30 per week. Because we are an affiliated Club this would be reduced to £24.75 per weeek or £1,300 per annum.
We used to pay about 3150 per annum so we could be looking at a substantial increase in subs. Without increasing memberships our reserve funds would run out in two to three years.This is a serious concern for the Club. To be honest although we do have a room it is not very good.

John White has been putting in a tremendous amount of work in trying to contact the School/Centre and Council to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion for all involved.

We have been in existence for over 25 years based at Wanstead Leisure Centre and have always been a non-elitist Club. We certainly haven't finished with discussions, but might need to escalate.


From the Roundup Magazine Issue 33, February 2008 - Editor Clive Jackson.

Results from Royston XC, Benfleet 15 and Watford XC with Ian Horritt beimng home first for ELR in all 3!

Around 25 members attended the ELR post Christmas meal at Uffizi's in Leytonstone.

Thanks to John Atkinson who has been running with a lot of newer members recently. Wednesday nights are seeing around 30-35 with most people running in pairs.

When we start the Wednesday run we appoint a "leader" for the first mile or so to keep the pace down and keep everyone together. Please respect this.

An article by Clive on Run Longer- Run Faster which covered Lactate Training, Cross Training, Eat Properly, Drink, Go Long, Taper the Running, Avoid Injury and Rest.

The ELR AGM is going to be on Wednesday 12th March 2008 at 7.15pm.

An article by Clive on the Do's and Dont's for the London Marathon.

Wanstead Leisure Centre
We've trying for a couple of months to re-negotiate our contract with the Leisure Centre and Redbridge Sports Council. They want £30 per week. These fees would not be sustainable for the Club (of our size), with current membership fees having to quadruple to cover this increase. We have been unable to get to sit down with those in authority to discuss this matter.

Our stance is that we're refusing to pay until we can have a meaningful discussion where we can present our case.

Article by Clive on Wanstead Park.

Issue 34 of RoundUp April 2008 Editor Clive Jackson.

London Marathon Results
Edward Barnard - 3:23;03
Miguel Angel Martinez - 3:39:30
Mick Wilson - 3:41:11
Carinne Jay - 3;42:18
Stephen Jay - 3:47:20
Suzanne Bench - 3:57:40
Dave Knight - 3:57:56
Paul Charters - 3:58:03
Pat Charlambous - 4:11:48
John Atkinson - 4:18:25
Prab Bajwa - 4:23:43
Caroline Moore - 4:25:35
Aaron Williams - 4:27:53
Dave Foster - 4:44:35
Ian Wheeler - 4:56:23
Andrea Green - 5:00:25
Jim Bird - 7:20:49

AGM 12th March 2008 - Highlights

Attended by all Committee Members. There was also a good percentage of Club Members present, much better than in previous years.

Mike Wilson gave the Chairman's report in the absence of Kirk. The report included mention of races over the apst 12 months plus an excellent 25th Anniversary night.

Don's Treasurer's report include details of a surplus of £300 in the past year although we haven't paid any Centre fees as yet.

Awards - John Atkinson was Runner of the Year and also won the Curtis Shield. Edward Barnard was the most Improved Runner of the Year.

A full discussion of membership fees took place. The motion was to increase from £12 to £18 per year. The Committee felt that this was necessary because of the pending increase in the Leisure Centre fees. John Whiet gave a precis on negotiations so far and the challenges faced.The motion was carried by a majority decision with fees rising to £18 from July 2008.

Election of Officers was the last item on the Agenda. All present Committee Members were re-elected with no one new offering to join.

London Marathon - Thanks!
The Marathon is now a distant memory But thanks to Pete and Phyl Cowup - we simply wouldn't have the Drinks Station without you. Geoff and Jan Clenell for the music.

To Don and Pam Bennett for arranging the food and drink for the helpers in the Community Hall. To Sister Christine for the use of the Hall. Also to the London Fire Brigade. To the "old" members, such as the Lack family, Dick Pleasance and Trevor Eley's Eighteen Plus Club. To all the Volunteers from ELR and LFB and their friends and family.

Sports Centre Update
Following an extremely productive meeting between Iain Varah and Bob Littlewood from Redbridge Sports and Culture Council and John White and Clive Jackson of ELR the cost was agreed at £600 per year with an increase to £700 next year.

RoundUP Magazine Issue 35 - September 2008 Editor, Clive Jackson

Big Article(s) about the Essex Way.

Results from the Newman Hilly 5
Aaron Williams - 33:40
Karen Levison - 34:36

AAron and Karen were first home ftom ELR (21 runners).

Also results from:-
Dagenham 88 5 miles
Barking Park 5k
Harlow 10
Havering 90 Midweek 5m
Springfield Striders Friday night 5 mile
Hatfield Broad Oak 10k

Reminder re ELR Subs of £18 now overdue PLUS if you wish to race an extra £5 for England Athletics registration.


From the ELR Roundup magazine Issue 36 March 2009 - Editor Clive Jackson.
We've just had the AGM of the Club, one of the best attended in recent years.

Some brilliant race results including 26 members running in the Roding Valey Half Marathon.

"The Club is going from strength with 30-40 regular Wednesday nighters."

RVHM results
Aaron Williams - 1:25:45
Ian Horritt - 1:30:18
Manjit Singh - 1:30:39
Dave Pereira - 1:31:44
Roberto Bruni 1:33:48
Mick Wilson - 1:33:45
Derek Wright - 1:34:25
Miguel Martinez - 1:34:55
Alan Lee - 1:36:55
Carinne Jay - 137:34
Jamie Coombs - 1:40:13
Frank Brownlie - 1:43:32
Patrick Farren - 1:46:47
Steve Jay - 1:48:51
Pat Charalambous - 1:54:57
Dave Knight - 1:55:24
Bernie Hill = 1:57:56
Grant Conway - 1:58:13
Ruth Kerr - 2:03:06
Don Bennett - 2:06:09
Andrea Middleton - 2:06:50
Katrina Dixon - 2:07:33
Baldev Singh - 2:13:19
M Gill - 2:13:19
Dave Foster - 2:21:18
Akram Choudhury - 2:22:50

Marathon Tips Article

Kirk Johnston, Chairman
We had a good Men's XC Season but need to sort out a Women's Team for next season.We also had a number of Social Events includinga night at Walthamstow Dog Track and a pre and post Christmas meal.

We have 74 Members plus a few Life Members, this is about the same as last year 2008. The goal is to break 80 members by the end of the cutrrent membership year(July). Jean and Tom Atkinson are to be elected Life Members to thank them for their hard work every year with the special Drinks Station at the London Marathon and for everything that they have done for the Club over the years.

Treasurers Report
Given by Don Bennett, Treasurer.
Overall loss of £343.65 but we paid £300 to Leisure Centre for last year and we have a fair amount of unsold kit in stock.

Motions for debate
Mick Wilson, secretary proposed that we change the membership yrear from July to April to match England Athletics. The motion was carried unanimously with £12 to be collected from members for the interim period July to April then in April 2010 we will start collecting a combined membership and EAA fee (For those wishing to join EAA)

In separate discussions we concluded that the £18 membership fees do not have to change as Club finances are good and balanced.

The Curtis Shield
Was awarded to Mike Wilson.

Everyone is staying with the exception of Clive Jackson who is standing down. Frank Brownlie and Jim Bird were elected to the Committee. Jamie Coombs will go through thre format of the Club Magazine with a view to taking on it's production.

Any other Business
New Noticeboard at the Leisure Centre soon.
Derek Wright will look at the Website to make it more professional and will add some photos too.
We would like to start the Wednesday night run earlier, starting 5 mins earlier each week until we grt announcements starting at 7pm prompt.

All are encouraged to wear Club Kit and we will publicise the montly Club Kit run more often.
Ian suggested (and it was generally agreed)that we try to push some Club races.

Race Results
Benfleet 15
Simon Morgan - 1:47:38
Ian Horritt - 1:50:29
Mike Wilson - 1:55:29
Roberto Bruni - 1:58:11
Jimmy Hartwell - 2:11:33
Frank Brownlie - 2:12:43
Dave Knight - 2:22:12
John Atkinson - 2:22:34
Patrick Farren - 2:28:05

Dartford 10 mile
Ciaran Canavan - 1:09:10 PB

Bedford Half
Ciaran Canavan - 1:31:24

Lisbon Marathon
David Pereira - 3:12 PB

On a Wednesday night we will always appoint a leader for the first mile or so. If you are one of the fater runners please stay behind the leader until the designated point where you can speed off.

Also please be aware of runners at the back. We had an instance recently where one of our members was on their own at the back. Please don't assume there is someone at the back as a sweeper - make sure and if you have to hang back please do. We need to look out for evveryone - Thanks.

The Back Page by Clive Jackson
At the AGM on 4th March I stood down as a Committee member and as Editor of the Club Magazine RoundUp.


April 2010 - London Marathon
Ciaran Canavan 3.05.38. Having missed 4 weeks training in March due to injury, I decided that I was simply going to enjoy the day, and to give it my best shot depending on how I felt. When the race started, I managed to find my pace and stick to it, crossing the halfway marker in 1:30:27. I knew though that it was going to be difficult to keep this pace up as my legs were already telling me that they were tired. Another 13.1 miles to go, how could I cope? By Mile 16, the demons in my head were telling me I needed to walk, but I pushed on and continued to run. Seeing the ELR guys at the Mile 20 Water Station was an incredible boost, giving me a surge of energy as I raced through! From there I knew it was only 10K to go. I was homeward bound, but this would be the hardest 10K of my life. I didn’t beat last year’s time, but came incredibly close on 3:05:38. Having now discovered that my time qualifies me for ‘Good for age’ Entry in 2011, I’ve been on cloud nine ever since!"

Suzanne Bench 3.51.14. "There were significantly more runners than previous years and it was difficult to run the first few miles due to the sheer number of people. I was anxious to achieve my desired finish time! On the plus side, the crowd were fantastic and seemed to line the whole route and provided really enthu siastic support. The first half flew by and I really enjoyed it. Getting to the 20 mile mark where the club and my family were at the water station was a high point and kept me going as things were getting tough. Passing the 23 mile mark which runs parallel to the 13 mile mark was another significant point, reminding me of how much I had achieved when most people now passing that way were walking. Crossing the finish in 3h.51mins (6 minutes quicker than my previous time) felt brilliant and I was rewarded with a bottle of champagne and my husbands' ambulance car to drive me home!!

20 mile Water Feed Station
Thanks to all those Members and their Friends and Families who helped in running the East London Runners/London Fire Brigade Water Feed Station at 20 miles and especially to Don Bennett for organising the East London Runners part. Also for organising the minibus for Runners and together with his wife Pam for the food and drink in the local Church for all the Helpers.On the day a fantastic atmosphere was generated on the sound system by Peter Cowup,Senior Fire Brigade Manager and Life Member of East London Runners and the main organiser of the Water Station.

Many thanks to Tom and Jean Atkinson, Club Life Members for once again manning a special drinks station at the Marathon.

ELVIS 2010 including Valentines Park 5k Charity Race
Full results from the race are available courtesy of Ilford Athletic Club

Womens Team Series (best 5 of 6 Results)
Ilford - 173points
East London Runners - 223 points
Dagenham 88 - 306 points
Havering 90 - 713 points
Orion Harriers - 728
Barking Road Runners - 864 points
Eton Manor - 962 points

Mens Team Series
Ilford AC - 429 points
East London Runners - 971 points
Barking Road Runners - 1158 points
Dagenham 88 - 1480 points
Orion Harriers - 1509 points
Havering 90 - 2118 points
Eton Manor - 2138 points

Valentines Park 5k - Sunday 26th september 2010
148 Finishers

Sunday 26th September Saw East London Runners co-host with Ilford Athletic the last of the ELVIS races for 2010. On a cool and breezy morning, the scene was set in Valentines Park for what was undoubtedly going to be a fantastic finish to the series. East London Runners had a amazing turn out once again, fielding 16 runners, as well as supporting the organisation of the event with the help of about 15 members to take registration, marshal and time keep.

This was a 2 lap course, fairly flat, with a number of twists and turns to keep runners on their toes. Lap one was led by Manjit and Derek for the men, and Karen for the ladies. Lap 2 saw Ciaran come home first for ELR, in 23rd position overall, and Karen first lady for ELR, 3rd lady overall. Conditions were obviously good for Derek Wright, Grant Conway, Ramesh Pala, Caroline Meaby, Natalie Dale and Jennifer Garven who all scored Personal Bests. Congratulations to you all, and to everyone who took part.

Prize giving was held shortly after the finish, with our delectable chairman Frank Brownlie assigned the responsibility of awarding the prizes for this race, and for the overall winners throughout the Elvis series. With series prizes going to Karen, Kirsty and Mary, East London men were left only to marvel at the success of the fairer sex. Our inaugural year as a full participating ELVIS club has undoubtedly been a success, with East London Runners coming second in both the Mens and Ladies team competitions, but the series trophies were awarded to the Ilford athletic Mens and Ladies teams who successfully retained the top prize in the team competitions. Congratulations to Ilford from your opponents, co-hosts and friends at East London Runners.

Close to the finish line, with Karen leading members in the ELR ‘Haka’, we demonstrated not only how proud we were to take part, but also our determination to come back bigger and stronger in 2011, determined to make a challenge for the top spot then.

The final huge word of thanks goes to ELR members who offered their time to assist in the marshalling and running of the race. Rachel, Jim, Dave, Jamie, Don to name just a few, and to all the marshals. Without all your support and assistance on the day, the event would not have been the success that it was! Thank you!

Club Newsletters 2010.


January 2010 - First Edition
-Short History of East London Runners
- Annual General Meeting (AGM, Wednesday 3rd March 2010 at 7.15pm
- Benfleet 15 Results

February 2010
- History of East London Runners, Founded 1982 - to date.
- Roding Valley Half Marathon, Sunday 28th February 2010 - 9am.
- February 2010 Fixtures.
- Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM), Wednesday 3rd March 2010 at 7.15pm.
- Benfleet 15, Results.

March 2010
-Membership Renewals, For Year 1 st April 2010 to 31st March 2011
-Virgin London Marathon - Sunday 25th April 2010, Minibus for Runners - Water Station (20 mile Feed Station) helpers needed!
-Social Nights, An informal get together after the Club Run on the first Wednesday of each month Starting April 2010.
-Publicity, Potential Press Releases.
-ELVIS GRAND PRIX SERIES 2010, East London Runners now a Full Partner in the East London 5 Interclub Series.
-Valentines Park 5k, Provisional date - Sunday 26th September 2010.
-Virgin London Marathon 2011, Online entries and East London Rules for Club places.
-Jurassic Coast Challenge - 27th/28th and 29th March 2010 - 78.6 miles in 3 days, Good luck to East London Runner Roberto Bruni in his big challenge!
-Runners Shorts! By Long Legs.

April 2010
-Virgin London Marathon - Sunday 25th April 2010. Water Station (20 mile Feed Station - Helpers required!
-Virgin London Marathon Exhibition 2010, Excel - 21st to 24th April 2010
-CHANGES TO THE 2011 VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON PUBLIC BALLOT SYSTEM, Virgin London Marathon - Sunday April 17th 2011.
-Virgin London Marathon 2011, Rules for Club places.
-Social Nights, An informal get together after the Club Run on the first Wednesday of each month Starting April 2010.
-Flickr, East London Runners join Flickr!
-Jurassic Coast Challenge - 27th/28th and 29th March 2010 - 78.6 miles in 3 days. Well done Roberto in completing this Challenge!
-Runners Shorts! By Long Legs

May 2010
-Virgin London Marathon - Sunday 25th April 2010, East London Runners - Results!
-Target Races - Summer 2010. A selection of East London Runners favourites!
-Club Social Nights. An informal get together after the Club Run on the first Wednesday of each month Starting April 2010
-Runners Shorts!by Long Legs.

June 2010
-ELVIS GRAND PRIX SERIES 2010, East London Runners now a Full Partner in the East London 5 Interclub Series.
-ELVIS Races - Summer 2010, East London 5 Interclub Series.
-Newman Hilly Off Road 5 Miles Race - Wednesday 21st July 2010 - 7.30pm. Replaces the Wednesday night Club run!
-Race Reports, Comments by East London Runners members after completing a recent race.
-Club Social Nights. An informal get together after the Club Run on the first Wednesday of each month Starting April 2010
-Summer Training Sessions, The Glade Hills.
-Tip of the Month. How can I prevent blisters?
-Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

July 2010
-East London Runners get married in their running shoes! Congratulations to Magda Socha and Rob Heppell on their marriage.
-Newman Hilly 5 Results - Wednesday 21st July 2010. Second leg of the ELVIS Grand Prix Series.
-Havering 90 Results - 5 mile race - Sunday 11th July 2010. First leg of the ELVIS Grand Prix Series.
-ELVIS Team Standings after race 2 on 21st July 2010.East London Ladies and Mens Teams are both in 2nd place after two races!
-Remaining ELVIS Races - Summer 2010
-Essex Way Relay Race - Sunday 5th September 2010.East London Runners competing and supporting again in 2010.
-Valentines Park 5k. Sunday 26th September 2010 - 10.30am.
-Race Reports. Orion Fell race.
-Tip of the Month. Can you drink too much? Not related to the Great British Beer Festival outing!
-Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

August 2010
-Triathlon Results - Olympic Distances - August 2010. East London Runners had 7 members compete in Triathlons in recent weeks.
-Triathlon Results - Sprint Distances - August 2010. Swim 750m, Bike 20k, Run 5k!
-From the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian - Friday 13th August 2010
East London Runner Tom Lawrence is running for Charity in the Great North Run.
-Orion Forest 5 - ELVIS Race 3 of 6 - Saturday 7th August 2010. Individual results for East London Runners.
-ELVIS Team Standings after race 3 on 7th August 2010. East London Ladies and Mens Teams are both in 2nd place after three races, unofficial results!
-Remaining ELVIS Races - Summer 2010.
-Club Social Nights.
-Valentines Park 5k - Volunteers Required! Sunday 26th September 2010 - 10.30am.
-Essex Way Relay Race - Sunday 5th September 2010.
-Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

September 2010
-ELR SPOTLIGHT ...........on Jimmy Hartwell. The trials and tribulations of a long distance runner!
-Dagenham 88 - 5 mile'sh - ELVIS race 5 of 6 - Sunday 19th September 2010.
Results from the above race.
-Barking 5k - ELVIS Race 4 of 6 - Monday 30th August 2010. Individual results for East London Runners.
-ELVIS Team Standings after race 5 of 6 on Sunday 19th September 2010. East London Ladies and Mens Teams both remain in 2nd place after five races.
-Sikh Marathon Relay - Redbridge, Sunday 29th August 2010.
-Essex Way Relay Race Results - Sunday 5th September 2010.
-Cross Country Season 2010/11. East London Runners are competing again in t he Cross Country League.
-Virgin London Marathon 2011. East London Runners - Rules for Club places.
-Tip of the Month. Improving with Age.
-Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

October 2010
-ELVIS Has Left The Building! Final ELVIS Results for 2010.
-Cross Country. The Cross Country season is upon us!
-Essex Vets Cross Country 4th December 2010. Closing Date for Entries - Saturday 6th November.
-Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon, Sunday 10th 10th 2010. Results and report.
-Improving with Age. Run Britain Rankings - Handicaps Launched.
-Tip of the Month. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
-Christmas Dinner Wednesday 15th December 2010, Venue: Upstairs at the George.
-Virgin London Marathon 2011. Club Ballot Early December - Rules for Club places.
-Runners Shorts! by Short Legs

November 2010
-Spotlight on.........Ian Horritt. Ian heads West to new running trails!
-Race Results - Cross Country League Fixtures. Results from Cheshunt and Chicksands.
-Target Races - Winter 2010/Spring 2011. Some favourite races in which members of East London Runners compete.
-Virgin London Marathon 2011. Club Ballot 1st December - Rules for Club places.
-Christmas Dinner Wednesday 15th December 2010. Venue: Upstairs at the George.
-Tip of the Month. Cross Country Footwear.
-Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

December 2010
-Season's Greetings! Merry Chris tmas and a Happy New Year.
-Target Races - Winter 2010/Spring 2011. Some favourite races in which members of East London Runners compete.
-Sunday Cross Country League - Race 3 Digswell - 12th December 2010
Results from the latest Cross Country race.
-Results - Essex Vets Cross Country Championships. Hainault Forest, Chigwell Row on Saturday 4th December 2010.
-Weekend runs - January 2011. Proposed runs for the New Year.
-Race reports - Bedford Half Marathon - Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Half Marathon.
-Tip of the Month. Running in cold weather.
-Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

ELR scorers for teams at Elvis - 2010

Havering Men: Ciaran Canavan, Andrew Baxter, Derek Wright, Russell Price, Mike Wilson & Grant Conway.
Women: Karen Levison, Kirsty Weston, Karen White & Mary Connolly.
Hilly 5 Men: Aaron Williams, Ciaran, Andrew, Russell, Mike & Rob Heppell.
Women: Karen L, Kirsty, Karen W & Magdalena Socha.
Orion Men: Aaron, Ciaran, Andrew, Russell, Mike & Frank Brownlie.
Women: Karen L, Sharon Springfield, Mary Connolly and Angela Bowen.
Barking Men: Aaron, Ciaran, Andrew, Derek, Mike & Robert Moye.
Women: Karen L, Sharon, Kirsty & Caroline Meaby.
Dagenham Men: Andrew, Rob, Derek, Russell, Mike & Grant.
Women: Karen L, Kirsty, Sharon & Anne Gombert.
Valentines Men: Ciaran, Derek, Russell, Grant, Ramesh Pala & Edward Barnard.


January 2011.
YELLOW PAGES - EAST LONDON - Just released the new edition of the Yellow Pages East London edition featuring 26 great ways to get the most from your area. At No 20 East London Runners feature and the Wanstead Park group photo.

April 2011 - London Marathon
With 9 runners dropping out through injury in the weeks and months leading up to this year's Marathon a total of 34 East London Runners stood on the start line on Sunday. As you can read below all 34 crossed the finish line with each one completing a remarkable personal achievement.

Also on the Marathon course were a large number of their fellow Club members, who together with family and friends, helped on manning the ELR ELite 25k Special Drinks Station and with the London Fire Brigade the 20 mile Water Feed Station.

A special thanks to Pam and Don Bennett for organising and arranging the food and drink for all the helpers and marshalls in the Church Hall and to Peter Cowup and the Fire Brigade helpers on the 20 mile station.

Clive Jackson, Roger Dixon, John Atkinson and Doug Mansell who with Derek Wright organised and manned the Elite Runners 25k Feed Station on West Ferry Road for the Club.

Manjit Bedi - This was a PB for me by 18 minutes from the Halstead marathon last year. Since gaining my place in August all my training was focused for this race to get a sub 3 hour time, so I am very pleased. I thought the conditions were quite tough in terms of the heat and on top of that I have never been as nervous about a race as this one, glad it's all over till next year.

Clare Fitzpatrick - Well done everyone, nearly killed me, can't believe we did it, what am I going to talk about now...xxx

Sarah Burns at the Water Station - You guys are amazing well done I can't wait to run it next year. I've managed to lose my voice shouting at people from the water station but it was real priviledge to see you guys looking so good at 20 miles.

Kirsty Weston - Didn't quite sub 4 hrs, heat got the better of me, have to make do with 4.01.38....thanks for everyones support on the day and all the texts, emails and facebook posts...so far I've made over £1,100 for my charity!

May 2011.
Clubwatch - Running Fitness Magazine. Out on Friday 6th May is the June issue of Running Fitness magazine, priced £4.30. Page 17 is the Clubwatch features East London Runners in an article written by Katherine Jones and featuring 3 photo's.
Photo 1 Eight of our ladies at the end of the Roding Valley.
Photo 2 John Atkinson at the Benfleet mud.
Photo 3 Four of our men at the Orion 15.
Available at WH Smith's

June 2011.
The ELR Committee recently discussed, researched and agreed to buy two Blade Feathers/Wind Sails. Ciaran Canavan took this project on board and took delivery, on behalf of the Club, of the Blades recently.

Their first use was at the ELVIS Race 1 in Raphael Park, Romford where Ciaran put them together and they became a focal meeting point for the club members running that evening.

Tricia O'Neill and Jimmy Hartwell with the new blade feathers

ELVIS 2011
Ladies Event
1st East London Runners 5 - 113
2nd Dagenham 12 - 231
3rd Eton Manor 14 - 329
4th Ilford 16 - 382
5th Havering 23 - 583
6th Orion 28 - 770
7th Barking 28 - 949

Mens Event
1st East London Runners 5 - 423
2nd Barking 12 - 815
3rd Ilford 15 - 918
4th Orion 19 - 1014
5th Dagenham 20 - 1116
6th Eton Manor 22 - 1332
7th Havering 29 - 1612

December 2011.
NEW TO OUR WEBSITE - Runners' Profiles was suggested by Grant Conway and made possible by our Webmaster, Derek Wright. The Profiles show the Race Results, including Times, Places and Locations, for all of our current membership over distances ranging from 5k to Marathon plus Cross Country, Ultras, Duathlon, Triathlon and other related events over the past 6 years or so.

You can have a short biography added to your page with or without a photograph by sending the information to the Webmaster via the usual e.mail address. Publication may be subject to editorial amendment/ agreement!

Club Newsletters 2011.


January 2011
- Benfleet 15, Sunday 23rd January 2011, Results, pictures and report.
- VLM April 2011 - Training Logs of Karen, Grant and Frank.
- Ilford AC 10 mile Cross Country - Sunday 2nd January 2011 - Results,pictures and report.
- London Borough of Redbridge - Launch of a parkrun series of 5k weekly races.
- Cross Country League fixture Watford, Sunday 16th January 2011, Results, pictures and report.
- Tip of the Month! Common running injury - Achilles Tendonitis.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

February 2011
- Cross Country League - Royston - Sunday 13th February 2011. Results, pictures and report.
- Annual General Meeting - 7.30pm - Monday 28th February 2011
Formal Notice of Meeting was sent to all Members by e.mail on 7th February 2011.
- Running a Marathon in 2011? Marathon Questionnaire.
- Race Report Coastal Trail Series - South Devon - Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k.
- Virgin London Marathon 2011, Latest news from East London Runners.
- Training and Challenge Holidays - Embrace Sports, by new ELR member Lucy Jarvis.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.
- Tip of the Month! Dealing with running blisters.

March 2011
- ORION 15 - Saturday 19th March 2011, Results, pictures and reports.
- Virgin London Marathon 2011, Coach transfer.
- Virgin London Marathon 2011, Volunteers required to man the 20 mile Water Feed Station.
- Post Marathon Curry Night - Wednesday 20th April 2011.
- Roding Valley Half Marathon - Sunday 27th February 2011, Results, pictures and reports.
- East London Runners Membership Renewal 2011/12, Annual Club membership fee of £18 due from 1st April 2011.
- ELVIS GRAND PRIX SERIES - Summer 2011, Rules, Prizes and races.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

April 2011
- elrNEWSLETTER - April 2011 - Marathon Special.
- Virgin London Marathon 2011 - Sunday 17th April 2011, Results, pictures and reports from Club Members.
- Marathon results from around the Globe. Results, pictures and reports from Brighton, Paris, Milan and Boston Marathons.
- Virgin London Marathon 2012 - Sunday 22nd April 2012. Public ballot entries open on Tuesday 26th April 2011.
- East London Runners Membership Renewal 2011/12. Annual Club membership fee of £18 due from 1st April 2011.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.
- ELVIS GRAND PRIX SERIES - Summer 2011. East London 5's Interclub Series - Race Dates!

May 2011
- Race Results. Some recent race results for East London Runners. Prague Marathon, Halstead and Essex Marathon, Shakespeare Marathon and the Orpington Half and Full Marathon.
- ELVIS GRAND PRIX SERIES - Summer 2011. East London 5's Interclub Series - Race Dates!
- Ultra Running update, Jimmy Hartwell heads for the Highlands! Result, pictures and report from the 53 mile Highland Fling.
- Running - Top 10 Films, As recommended and reviewed by ELR's Rob Heppell.
- Media and Public Relations. ELR Committee members Katherine Jones and Sarah Burns.
- England Athletics - New Coaching and Leadership Courses. Interested in coaching your fellow runners?
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

June 2011
- ELVIS Race 1 - Havering 90 Midweek 5 Miles. East London Runners win individual and Team prizes - Tuesday 21st June 2011. Reults, photos and reports.
East London 5's Interclub Series - Remaining Race Dates! Message to all East London Runners from ELR Elvis Captains Karen Levison and Grant Conway!
- Blade Feathers. East London Runners purchase two Blade Feathers.
- Chingford League and Sunday Cross Country League. East London Runners has joined the Chingford League!
- Running - Top 10 Books. As reviewed and recommended by ELR's Rob Heppell.
- OnTrack Sports Therapy - South Woodford. DISCOUNTED sports massage, injury assessment and treatment.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

July 2011
- ELVIS Race 3 - Newman Hilly 5 - Wednesday 20th July 2011. East London Runners remain top of both Ladies and Mens League. Results, photos and report.
- ELVIS Race 2 - Eton Manor 5k - Sunday July 10th 2011. East London Runners win both Ladies and Mens Team Events! Results, photos and reports.
- ELVIS GRAND PRIX SERIES - Summer 2011. East London 5's Interclub Series - Remaining Race Dates!
- Ultra Running update - South Downs Way - 103 miles. Jimmy Hartwell's latest venture! Result, photos and report.
- Essex Way Relay Race 2011 - Epping to Harwich 82 miles - Sunday September 4th 2011. Can you run a leg for one of the East London Runner Teams?
- Redbridge 10k - Sunday 24th July 2011. ELR runners compete in inaugural local event! Results, photos and reports.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

August 2011

September 2011
- Elvis Winners 2011
- Elvis 7 - Valentines Park 5k - Report and results
- Elvis 6 - Dagenham 88 5 mile'sh - Report and results
- Elvis 5- Barking 5k - Report and results
- VLM 2012 - Club ballot rules
- Chingford League and Sunday Cross Country League
- Sikh Relay Marathon - Report and Results
- Essex Way Teram Relay - Report
- Runners Shorts by Long Legs

October 2011
- Sunday Cross Country League - Race 1 Cheshunt - 23rd October 2011.
- Social Events, 10 Pin Bowling in November and Xmas Dinner in December.
- Virgin London Marathon - April 22nd 2012, The public ballot results are now known!
- Essex Vets Cross Country Championship Races - Chigwell Row - Saturday 3rd December 2011.
- Fast Girls! New Feature Film about running!
- Chingford League, remaining fixtures.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

November 2011
- Sunday Cross Country League - Race 2 - Trent Park, Cockfosters, 20th November 2011
- FAST GIRLS - The Movie - Mystery ELR member plays leading supporting role in new movie!
- Dublin Marathon - Monday 31st October 2010
Sub 3 hour Marathon time for East London Runner, Ciaran Canavan!
- Chingford League and Sunday Cross Country League - Remaining Fixtures for 2011/12
- Virgin London Marathon - April 22nd 2012 - Club draw on 30th November 2011
- Target Races - Winter 2011/Spring 2012 = Some favourite races in which members of East London Runners compete.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs

Christmas 2011
- Season's Greetings, Best wishes for Olympic Year 2012!
- Farewell to Maz! Amanda Mazza Lovegrove is emigrating to Australia!
- Recent Cross Country Results, Sunday League at Watford and Essex Vets at Hainault Forest
- VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON - April 22nd 2012. Results of Club Ballot
- Bedford Half Marathon - Sunday 11th December 2011. ELR well represented in this popular race.
- ELR 2011 Marathon results by Age Grading. From Worldwide Marathon races - Congratulations to all!
- parkrun and Running Clubs. From the parkrun weekly newsletter 15th December 2011‏...by Paul of parkrun
- Chingford League and Sunday Cross Country League. Remaining Fixtures for 2011/12
- East London Triathletes - Dragonslayer Duathlon - Sunday 29th April 2012!
Looking for both Competitors and Marshalls at Hainault Cycle Centre!
- Target Races - Winter 2011/Spring 2012
Some favourite races for Marathon Training in which members of East London Runners compete.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs

East London Runners Annual General Meeting Monday February 28th 2011


Committee Meetings . We held 6 meetings during the year with Frank , Don, Derek and Jim at all 6. Mike, John (part) and Ciaran 5, Kirsty and Jaime 4, Julie 3 and Sarah 2 as a guest and Katherine and Miguel 1. Kirk none.

I would like to propose a vote of thanks to all committee members for their efforts on behalf of the membership throughout the year. I will return to comment on individual efforts further in this report.

Membership. This was a very successful year in terms of increasing numbers and participation. Numbers rose from 90 at 31/3/10 to 161 as at 28/02/11. From renewal on 1st April 2010 to 19/5 was 85. Then 96 at 14/7 to 112 at 22/9 and 130 on 8/12 to 150 on 2nd February 2011. Don Bennett and Frank Brownlie now look after the membership records with Don updating the database and Frank issuing welcome e/mails to new members.
The paper/excel versions of the membership were converted by webmaster Derek Wright to a hidden website database. Derek also set up the IT framework for the whole of the website and for the monthly e.Newsletter from March 2010 with Frank providing most of the content with Ciaran’s help on occasions! Derek continues to assist with all IT matters at no cost to the Club and is doing an invaluable job. A vote of thanks to Derek on behalf of the membership was proposed and seconded and approved unanimously.

VLM 2010 - Don and Pam continued to do sterling work providing food and drink for not only all the feed station helpers but in addition numerous other helpers/marshals etc. Don also organised the minibus to Island Gardens. We received 8 places for our ballot in 2010. 6 from LFB for feed station/special drinks and 2 from UK Athletics. For VLM2011 we received a total of 10, 7 from LFB and 3 from UKA.

Social - The monthly social at the George didn’t take off except for the post marathon one. A successful curry night with 50 attendees was held in early September 2010 and was very well organised by Jaime Towns in the main. Mike Wilson also helped as did John Atkinson on the night. Don again organised a successful Xmas dinner at the George in mid December. Other smaller events were the post marathon drink at the George after the Wednesday Club run and the visit by 16 members to the Great British Beer Festival.

Media and PR - Thanks to Katherine Jones and Sarah Burns fort their efforts. Jim Bird's marathon story was in the local paper and website as was Tom Lawrence's Gt North run story. Yellow Pages are also to feature the Club in their introduction at no cost.

Jim Bird looks after Club Kit with Kirsty Weston assisting in orders. Jim has also attended every Wednesday Club night and committee Meeting and also various races throughout the year in support of club runners.

Wednesday night club runs - Chosen and announced by Doug Mansell or Mike Wilson with Doug throwing in varied sessions throughout the year. Thanks also to Don for his ever present attendance and organisational skills and back marking. Also to all other club members who assist and look after newer runners each week. We were surprised that we were not given any notice or warning by the School/Sports Centre of the works,carried out over the Summer of 2010, affecting access to our usual meeting room. We tried various different rooms within the building and have found one large and reasonably suitable enough to accommodate us now. The Centre has also been flexible with space for the additional runs that we have been having recently, mainly on Tuesday nights.

Races- Many members competed at all distances including Triathlons and in various locations around the world. It was good that they were keen to have both their results and race reports published on our website and/or Newsletter.

ELVIS - To Don, Mike and Rachel for attending the meetings and helping publicise the ELVIS series within the Club. For helping on the day together with Jaime Towns and all other members who marshalled at Val Park 5k on the day. To Don for organising the discounted entries for the Hilly 5. Congratulations to Karen Levison who in addition to winning most of the races she entered was also leading lady overall. Both the Ladies and Men's Teams were 2nd overall in the team competition with the ladies not being that far behind winners Ilford.

Essex Way - to Edward Barnard and Don Bennett for organising before and on the day what is a very successful event.

Cross Country - To Derek Wright, cross country captain for his enthusiasm and attendance at each of the 5 league and the additional ad hoc races throughout the winter. Regrettably the numbers diminished somewhat through the series. Disappointing that we only had 3 ladies running in the league although there was greater representation in the local ones.

Finally, to anyone that I have left out apologies. To all members who attended Club nights, races, social nights, meetings and any other occasions, thank you.

The focus throughout the year, has been in communicating quickly and electronically in a friendly manner through the Website, Facebook , Newsletter, e.mail and then face to face at Club Nights. Races and Meetings.

The Club is in rude health and with everyone's positive attitude and help it will continue to be so.

I therefore propose a vote of thanks to all the Committee members for their work throughout the year and to all members for what they have done also.

ELR scorers for teams at Elvis - 2011

Havering -Men :Brendan OGrady, Ciaran Canavan, Manjit Bedi, Patrick Brown, Danny Lee & Andrew Baxter.
Women: Karen Levison, Ava Lee, Helen Ringham & Rachel Coombs.
Eton Manor - Men: Brendan, Ciaran, Andrew, Patrick, Rob Heppell & Derek Wright.
Women - Karen, Sharon Springfield, Helen & Lucy Jarvis.
Hilly 5 - Men: Ciaran, Patrick, Andrew, M Bedi, Manjit Singh & Danny Lee.
Women: Ava, Holly Chabowski, Helen & Patricia ONeill.
Orion - Men: M Bedi, Patrick, Mark Boulton, M Singh, Danny & Derek.
Women: Ava, Joanna OSullivan, Helen & Andrea Waller.
Barking - Men: Brendan, Ciaran, Mark, M Bedi, Andrew & Danny.
Women: Karen, Ava, Joanna & Helen.
Dagenham - Men: Brendan, Ciaran, Mark, M Bedi, Danny & Carlton DSouza.
Women: Karen, Ava, Andrea & Mary OBrien.
Valentines - Men: Brendan, Ciaran, Mark, Andrew, Danny & M Singh.
Women: Karen, Ava, Joanna & Andrea.


March 2012.

1st March 2012 - Ilford Recorder.

Check out today's Ilford Recorder, page 45, Sports Section. Report and pictures from both the Roding Valley HM and the Hotelympia 10k. Headline - Ciaran picks himself up, dusts himself off to take the silver. Photo of Ciaran with Steve Cram plus one of Thomas Grimes. Manjit Bedi and Patrick Brown with their medals. Name check for all ELR's who finished the Roding plus Grant! Thanks to Jim Bird for going that extra mile to get this article and photos in the paper!

Ciaran received his prizes from GB 400m Athlete Nigel Levine and
legendary GB Olympian Steve Cram.

National Lottery Olympic Park and Stadium run - 2pm Sat 31st March 2012 - 5 miles.
5707 finishers.

The East London Runners Marshal Team!

A cool and cloudy day welcomed over 5,000 Runners, 10,000 Spectators and numerous Marshalls and other Organisers to the Olympic Park on Saturday. East
London Runners were well represented by 20 participants, 40 Spectators and 9
Marshalls all of whom enjoyed their day in history!

After passing through the Security checks it was easy to proceed to the Olympic
Stadium and it's surroundings including the pens for the race start. A cold wind
welcomed the runners who were glad and excited when the first wave of runners
was set off by Princess Beatrice at 2pm, who then joined the race at the start of the second wave some 12 minutes later. A further two waves subsequently followed.

A stylish Mark Boulton sprints home!
The 5 mile course passed by all of the iconic Olympic stadia including the
Veledrome, Basketball and other buildings. Twisting and turning throughout the
course ended at the main Olympic Stadium with the final 300 metres on the
running track with the finish line at the end of the 100 metre straight. For most runners this was the most thrilling part, entering the stadium to the strains of Chariots of Fire belting out of the loudspeakers and the roars of the crowd cheering you to the finish.

East London Runners Thomas Grimes had a fantastic time and finished in 10th
place overall with Mark Boulton joining him in the top 100. However for Tom and
Mark and the rest of us following in their wake it was the thrill and joy of
taking part and finishing in the Stadium which was the most important aspect of
the whole day. Picking up our Goody Bags which included a quality race medal was
an added bonus.

ELR' Don Bennett in party mood!

It was also great to see the many smiles on everyone's faces whether they were
Runners, Marshall or Spectators.

Julie Creffieldsaid - "ELR marshals did a fab job today, as did the
runners...the club got a great mention just before the pink group went off. An
amazing event!!!" I've written a post about the race on my blog.

22nd April 2012 - London Marathon
Congratulations to all 26 East London Runners who started and finished the Marathon on Sunday, many with personal bests. All with great memories of the day Full results and reports can be found on both our Results page and London Marathon page. Photographs in the Photo Gallery.

Well done also and a big thank you to all Members, Family and Friends who helped set up and hand out water on the East London Runners/London Fire Brigade Water Feed Station at the 20 mile mark on Poplar High Street. Not forgetting Pam and Don Bennett who arranged over the previous weeks and prepared the food and drink for the Marshalls and Water Station Helpers on Sunday.

A selection of ELR helpers at the ELR/LFB 20 mile feed station.

To Peter Cowup, former ELR Chairman and all his London Fire Brigade colleagues family and friends for all the work they did on Saturday and Sunday with many of them there from 7.30am on Sunday till late in the afternoon. Peter again gave an excellent commentary on the PA system and to those who supplied the music and performed on the day, very well done.

Peter encouraging the runners at the 20 mile feed station.

August 2012.
East London Runners has been recognised as an approved Running Club by Virgin London Marathon, with a link to our Club details and Logo on their website.

Only a limited number of Clubs have become partners. Aimed at helping first time marathon runners of whom ELR have many running in the marathon each year. Sometimes Clubs are overlooked because of their perceived reputation of being only interested in fast runners. Many first time marathon runners will train by themselves not knowing that help is close at hand.

East London Runners will continue to man a Special Drinks Station at the Virgin London Marathon plus together with the London Fire Brigade will also man the 20 mile Water Station in Polar High Street.


Jimmy Hartwell completes the Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc 2012 - 103k Race in the French Alps!
Jimmy's report.

Jimmy in full race togs!

A bit of déjà vu again this year for the UTMB, a day before flying out to the
Alps, the race organisers were already sending out texts about heavy snow and
wind chill of -10 at 2000m. Further texts said the weather was deteriorating and
that competitors had to start the race with a minimum of four layers.

On race day, there were reports of 60 km per hour winds and heavy snow at high
altitude mountain passes to Italy and Switzerland which could constitute serious
risk to the competitors. Fortunately the race wasn't cancelled ( like the 2010 edition) or a nearly cancelled like the previous year which started off five hours late and had major last minute route changes and deviations as high altitude sections became impassable as the race progressed.

This year the classic 170km loop around Mont Blanc was shortened to a 103km
course restricted to the French Alps with climbs only approaching 2000m. The
race organiser Catherine Poletti still gleefully informed everybody that the
race would be very difficult with the usual insane upward & downward climbs and a total upward ascent of 6850m.

On Friday the 31st August 2012, at roughly 7:10pm the race eventually kicked off from Chamonix centre to the deafening sound of Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis.
I let the rest of the team to speed off to the front. I wasn't race fit; the
last few months I had been plagued with injuries, so my sole intention was to
plod slowly around the course and just complete it. (It just meant I would only have time to stop off at checkpoints for a max of 15 or 20 minutes.)

After 7 hours of continual rain and fog, it was now sleeting sideways as I
gingerly plodded through the 1800 metre snow capped mountain trail of the La
Balme. Previous descents had turned into a total mud fest and once again I had twisted my ankle (it hadn’t fully recovered from the South Downs Ultra earlier in the year).

Weather conditions were tough higher up in the mountains! Training in Epping Forest in the summer was of little help!

Saturday 9:15pm caked in mud and with very sore feet I jogged into the finish at
Chamonix where this madness had started 26 hours earlier to be greeted by loopy
French people ringing cow bells, my partner, the rest of the team and friends.

All in all a very well organised race bearing in mind the changes that had to be made at short notice because of the extreme weather. Ok it was an abridged version of the race however I was happy to come in 2117 place and now possess the coveted race finishers fleece gilet.


Jimmy with the rest of his running team in Chamonix!

ELVIS 2012
Men - Final placings
Joint 1st place East London Runners & Ilford AC 8 - 481pts each. 3rd Orion Harriers 9 - 443pts, 4th Eton Manor 25 - 1316pts, 5th Havering 90 joggers 25 - 1553pts, 6th Dagenham 26 - 1164pts , 7th Barking Road Runners 28 - 1408pts, 8th East End Road Runners 30 - 1519pts.
Ladies - Final placings
1st Eton Manor 6 - 153pts , 2nd ilford AC 8 - 215pts, 3rd East London Runners 14 - 301pts, 4th East End Road Runners 17 - 343pts, 5th Dagenham 20 - 435pts, 6th Orion Harriers 29 - 716pts, 7th Havering 29 - 729pts, 8th Barking Road Runners 33 - 755pts.

October 2012.
East London Runners is pleased to announce that Clive Jackson and Doug Mansell have recently (Oct 2012) been appointed as Life Members for their loyalty and services to the Club.

Annual Christmas Dinner 2012

Around 70 Members and guests attended the Annual Christmas Dinner.

Big thanks to Treasurer Don Bennett for organising this event both before and during this evening

Club Chairman Frank Brownlie made the following awards -

Flower display to Pam Bennett for her hard work for ELR especially at VLM time when she organises the food in the Church Hall for all the Marshalls and water Station helpers at the ELR/London Fire Brigade 20 mile point.

Jimmy Hartwell was the Ultra runner of the Year. Having qualified for the ULtra Tour De Mont Blanc, Jimmy completed this race in August.

Marathon performance of the year was won by John Atkinson, aged 70 who completed the Berlin Marathon in 4 hrs 07 mins in a good for age time.

Most improved female Runner of the Year was Katherine Harris for her personal best performances over many distances during the year.

Most improved male Runner of the Year was Dan Spinks for his personal best performances over many distances and the number of races completed.

Female Runner of the Year was Ninette Fernandes both for her pb results, representing the Club at many races including the ELVIS Series, her enthusiasm and her attendance at Club run nights.

Male Runner of the Year was Patrick Brown both for his pb results, representing the Club at many races including the ELVIS Series, Cross Country and Chingford League and his enthusiasm and attendance at Club run nights.
Club Chairman Frank Brownlie presents the award to Patrick Brown.

Lifetime Achievement award to Jim Bird for his Committee work, his attendance at all Wednesday night runs, organising the Club kit, his achievement of completing the London Marathon 26 times. He also represented the Club as a Marshall when attending the Olympic Park Run in March and at the Great London Swim. He was also an Olympic Games Maker at the Paralympic Games.

Special awards to Grant Conway and Mike Wilson for all the work they carry out on behalf of the Club throughout the year.

Club Newsletters 2012.


January 2012
- Benfleet 15 - Sunday 22nd January 2012. Results and report from this tough 15 mile race.
- VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON - April 22nd 2012. Training updates from successful ELR Club ballot winners.
- Essex Cross Country Championships - Gloucester Park, Basildon - Saturday 7th January 2012 - Results and report!
- The 2,012 in 2012 Challenge!
Join in with other ELR Members in this tough challenge for Olympic Year 2012.
- Charity Entries for Future Races - Includes Marathons, Half Marathons and 10k's!
- East London Triathletes - Dragonslayer Duathlon - Sunday 29th April 2012!
Looking for both Competitors and Marshalls at Hainault Cycle Centre!
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

February 2012
- Roding Valley Half Marathon - 27/2/12 - Results and reports.
- Annual General Meeting - New Committee and Subscription change.
- National Lottery Olympic Park Run - Volunteer Marshals - Saturday 31st March 2012 - Can you volunteer on behalf of the Club?
- VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON - April 22nd 2012 - Travel and help required at the Water Feed Station.
- Hotelympia 10k - Docklands - Great run by Ciaran on Sunday 27th February 2012.
- The 2,012 in 2012 Challenge! Join in with other ELR Members in this tough challenge for Olympic Year 2012.
- ELVIS GRAND PRIX SERIES - Summer 2012. ELVIS (East London 5m/5k Interclub Series) - Race Dates and Rules.
- East London Triathletes - Dragonslayer Duathlon - Sunday 29th April 2012!
Looking for both Competitors and Marshalls at Hainault Cycle Centre!
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

March 2012
- Orion races - Mercury 10 and Orion 15 - Reports and results and photos.
- National Lottery Olympic Park Run - Saturday 31st March 2012
At 2pm a 5 mile race through the Olympic Park finishing in the Olympic Stadium.
East London Runners will be participating in the above event in three capacities.
- VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON - April 22nd 2012
Travel and help required at the Water Feed Station.
- Home Run London
Home Run is a series of guided group runs home from Central London…they even carry your bag!
- East London Runners Membership Renewal 2012/13
Annual Club membership fee of £20 due from 1st April 2012
- Runners Shorts!
by Long Legs

Marathon Special - May 2012
- Virgin London Marathon -Sunday 22nd April 2012 - Race Results and Reports and photos.
- Milton Keynes Marathon - Sunday 29th April 2012 - Results and reports from ELR participants.
- ELVIS is Coming. ELVIS GRAND PRIX SERIES 2012 - Race dates and Your Club needs you!
- Sweatshop - Olympic Offer to East London Runners - Week commencing Monday 14th May 2012.
- Kirsty Weston, Thank you and Good Luck!
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs

August 2012
- 70th Birthday Club run for ELR John Atkinson - Wednesday 22nd August 2012
Both runners and non runners are welcome!
- ELVIS UPDATE, Full turnout required from ELR in the two remaining races!
- Sikh Marathon Relay - Redbridge - Sunday 26th August 2012. Runners required to form ELR Team.
- Essex Way Relay Team Event 2012- Epping to Harwich 82 miles - Sunday September 2nd 2012. Can you run a leg for one of t he East London Runner Teams?
- ELVIS 7 - Valentines Park 5k - Volunteers Required!! Sunday 30th September 2012 - 10.00am.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

September 2012
- ELVIS 7 - Valentines Park 5k - Volunteers (and runners) Required!!
Sunday 30th September 2012 - 10.00am.
- ELVIS Presentation Night 2012
Friday 5th October 2012 at 7.30/8pm.
- Virgin London Marat hon - Sunday April 21st 2013
Club draw will take place on Wednesday 7th November 2012 at 6.50pm.
- Chingford League 2012/13 and Sunday Cross Country League - Provisional Fixtures. Race entry in both Leagues is FREE to all ELR Club Members.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

Christmas 2012- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Seasons greetings from East London Runners.
- Club Runs during the Festive Period. Runs at Christmas and New Year.
- Training for a Spring Marathon in 2013. Suggested races and training runs.
- FREE Marathon Seminar/Workshop - Monday 21st January 2013, 6.00-7.30pm. Held by and at Runnersworld, Riverside House 2 Chadwell Heath Lane Romford, Essex RM6 4LS.
- Sunday Cross Country League and Chingford League. Remaining Fixtures 2012/13.
- Runners Shorts! by Long Legs.

ELR scorers for teams at Elvis - 2012

Eton Manor Men: Thomas Grimes, Ciaran, Patrick, M Bedi, Derek & Paul Thompson.
Women: Rocio Navarro, Jamee Gould, Patricia ONeill & Mary Connolly.
Havering Men: Thomas, Brendan Oneill, M Boulton, M Bedi, Danny & Andrew B.
Women: Ava, Lisa Mullen, Tricia & Sarah Burns.
Dagenham Men: Thomas, Ciaran, Mark, M Bedi, Danny & Andrew.
Women: Joanne OSullivan, Rocio Navarro, Tricia & Sarah.
Hilly 5 Men: Thomas, Ciaran, Mark, M Bedi, Andrew & Derek.
Women: Ava, Joanne, Suzanne Bench, Emily Hart.
Orion Men: Patrick, Mark B, M Bedi, James Wilson, Paul Thompson & Derek.
Women: Kate Mercer, Chloe Longstaff, Tricia & Sarah.
Barking Men: Thomas, Mark, James, Andrew, Tommo & Derek.
Women: Sarah McCrea, Katherine Harris, Sarah & Mary Connolly
Valentines Men: Thomas, Brendan, Patrick, Andrew, Derek & Grant Conway.
Women: Phoebe Kallin, Katherine , Sharon Springfield & Mary OBrien.