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Chingford League

Saturday 24th October 2020 - Chingford League Race 1 - Chingford Plain, London E4 7JQ

The race starts and finishes on Chingford Plain, London E4 7JQ. (Next to main car park in Bury Road).

Start Times: Senior Men - 9.00am. Senior Women - 10.15am.
There will be separate start and finish areas for each race.

The Chingford League are intending to go ahead with the first race of the season, subject to the granting of the relevant licences.

The COVID secure race will take place on a 5.2 mile, 2 lap multi-terrain course in Epping Forest, on good paths. Good trail shoes recommended.

PRE-ENTRY in advance only, for all members of East London Runners. NO GUESTS, TRANSFERS, LATE ENTRIES, OR ENTRIES ON THE DAY WILL BE ALLOWED.

There will be the usual 5 team categories and 8 individual age categories. If race limits are reached due to COVID secure measures, then we will be advised in advance.

Starting from this season there will be two Divisions for the Men's and Women's teams. There are now 17 league clubs competing, with relegation to and promotion from each league. East London Runners is in Division 1 for both Men's and Women's teams.

Please send an e-mail to: info@eastlondonrunners.org.uk - if you wish to be entered, by closing date of Friday 16th October. (Members of East London runners only).

Hopefully we will receive the confirmation that we can go ahead with the race.
Further information and final race instructions to follow.

Parking is available in the main car park off Bury Road, Chingford Plain. (Next to the golf club) and is accessible via either Station Road or Rangers Road.

Mike Wilson and Jacob Stevens
Winter League Captains

Chingford League 2019-20 Final Results

Well done to all members who ran in this winter's Chingford League.

The club finished in excellent league positions in all categories:
- Men overall: 3rd, B team: 3rd, vets: 4th
- Women overall: 4th, vets: 4th
Out of 16 clubs.

- Men overall: 2nd/16, vets: 4th/9
- Women overall: 7th/16, vets: 4th/6

The following members finished in the top 10 of the individual categories:
- Euan Brown: 1st SM
- Calvin Bobin: 2nd VM60
- Becky Evans: 2nd VW50
- Stuart Hodson: 2nd U20M
- Fiona Day: 3rd VW60
- Patrick Brown: 7th SM
- Caroline Frith: 10th VW40

See you all again at Hog Hill in October 2020!

Michael Wilson and Jacob Stevens
Winter League Captains

Races to look forward to this Winter

A regularly updated calendar including the Chingford league and additional winter races can be found on line here

All the races are free to enter as they are included in your membership fees except for the one in Loughton AC. You will be informed when they are open on our Facebook group and website.

For Championship events, please advise your Winter League captains Michael Wilson and Jacob Stevens in advance that you are willing to run, so that you can be entered for those races. You do not need to pre-enter the Chingford League and Sunday XC League races, as you can turn up on the day to run.

For more information, contact your XC captains or your ELR race secretary Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera directly or by e-mail:


Have a great winter filled with running!

Chingford League Fixtures 2019/20

Race 1 - Tuesday 1st October 2019
Redbridge Cycle Centre, Hog Hill, Hainault - 5k on Tarmac (Ladies 7.30pm Men 8.00pm)

Race 2 - Tuesday 5th November 2019
Redbridge Cycle Centre, Hog Hill, Hainault - 5k on Tarmac (Ladies 7.30pm Men 8.00pm)

Race 3 - Saturday 23rd November 2019
Trent Park, Cockfosters (Hosted by Barnet AC) 2.30pm - 5 miles XC, hosted by Barnet in conjunction with Fraternity and Sorority Cups.

Race 4 - Wednesday 11th December 2019
Time 19:30, Olympic Velopark Track, Stratford. 5k tarmac

Race 5 Saturday 18th January 2020
Hackney Marshes 5m XC - NOTE 11.30am start!

Race 6 - Saturday 1st February 2020
Victoria Park, Hackney (Hosted by VPH) - 5 Miles on Tarmac - NOTE 11am!

Race 7 - Saturday 7th March 2020
2m XC Relays and presentations at Wanstead Flats - (Hosted by ELR) - Time 11am FOR ALL AGES

Chingford League 2019/20 - Link to Facebook Page

FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/groups/913546882044405/

WEBSITE - www.chingfordleague.co.uk/

Chingford League 2019/20

Chingford League - Since 1955

A winter athletics league for N & E London: A mix of cross country and tarmac surfaces, over 5 miles or 5k. The league offers both a serious competition for fast athletes and a friendly welcome to all runners plus it combines with an inclusive ethos to encourage newer runners to "give it a go".

The mix of challenges is also perfect for parkrunners who are improving, but want to vary distances and terrain to boost their performance and progress towards goals like 10k, half marathons and beyond. If you want to take part, join one of our 16 member clubs - then it's free to enter.

Member Clubs:

Barnet & District AC
Barking Road Runners
Dagenham 88
East End Road Runners
East London Runners
East London Triathletes
Edmonton Running Club
Eton Manor
Harold Wood RC
London City Runners
Loughton Athletic Club
Mornington Crescent Chasers
Orion Harriers
Trent Park
Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC
Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies

Edmonton Running Club, Mornington Crescent Chasers and London City Runners have joined us for Season 2019/20!

Some recent changes to the Chingford League.

Some things to note for the coming Chingford League season:

Age categories equalised for m/f runners at V40, V50 etc.

In the individual awards, the best 5 out of 6 performances (apart from the relays) will count .

Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.
6 new award categories: U11, U20 and V60 (m & f)

East London Runners - Winter Leagues Captain ( inc Chingford League 2019/20)

Mike Wilson

Chingford League - How does it work?

This is how the format works:

It is Race Series, competing with local and some London Clubs. Some races are on tarmac and others are pure Cross Country. Held in the Autumn/Winter months from early October to early March.

This "Winter season" League usually consists of 3 road surface races, 3 cross country races and a cross country relay race.

The Event in March is the Cross Country Relay Race for teams of 4 (usually) and is now held on Wanstead Flats (Harrow Road) and hosted by East London Runners.

The races are free to all ELR club members. (ELR has paid an Annual fee to the League).

It is not necessary to complete any entry forms.
No pre-race registration required.

Just turn up on the evening/on the day and take a race number from the ELR folder at race HQ. You keep this number for the whole series!

There are 5 team categories, each with 6 to score. Trophies are also awarded to the individuals, in 8 age categories, who have scored most points in the races during the season.
Senior Women: Vet Women (40), Supervet Women (50), Supervet Women (60), Senior Men Vet Men (40), Supervet Men (50), Supervet Men (60)

Ask if you are unsure! You can then use that number for the remainder of the series. It is that straight forward.