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Chingford League

Wednesday 11th December 2019 - Chingford League Race 4 - Olympic Velopark, Stratford, E20 3AB - Start Times: Women 7.30pm, Men 8.00pm.


Women and all juniors start at 7.30pm - Senior men at 8.00pm.
5K on tarmac - just over three laps of the undulating cycle track.

The race is free to all ELR club members and it is not necessary to complete any entry forms. No pre-race registration required. Take a race number from the ELR folder on arrival. If you have not run in the league this year, please use a new number.

Please don't come by car if at all possible. The small amount of parking available will be for clubs coming from further afield.
Nearby stations: Leyton (Central Line) Stratford Int (DLR) Hackney Wick (O'ground) Pudding Mill Lane (DLR) Stratford (just about every line)

Arrive in good time. Please arrive 45 minutes before the start if possible, to allow sufficient time to pick up your number, go for a warm-up and be back in time for the team photo! The cafe will stay op

Stewards will be on hand, at the gate of the Velodrome and inside, to direct you to the lockers, to the trackside meeting rooms where you get your numbers and to the start line.

U11/13s (pink numbers) do 2k, starting opposite the meeting rooms.

U15/17s (blue numbers), senior women and senior men do 5k (3 x 1 mile laps plus 217m), starting from lamppost TVC016(!!!)

If you're likely to finish in 26 minutes or above, expect to be lapped, so on your second lap please run on the far right hand side in single file so fast finishers can get past.

NO GUEST RUNNERS. CLUB KIT MUST BE WORN (Anyone not in club kit will be politely told that they'll get a time in the provisional results, but that it won't count towards team or individual comps, nor will it go on runbritain.)

Women finishing in over 30 minutes need to go to the far left (outside) of the track on their 3rd lap to steer clear of the men's race. The senior men waiting to start their race are always suitably respectful and encouraging to the slower women finishers at Hog Hill.

Senior women - It might be dangerous to warm up on the course, as there may still be some bikes on the course until 7.30pm from when we've booked the circuit. If in doubt, stay safe and use the grass verge. A better bet, and a MUST for junior athletes is to warm up on the path on the inside of the circuit (it forms the access to the BMX tracks). You can also warm up in the QEOP outside the velodrome. Once we've people have got numbers they can do this. Ours stewards on the front gate will be expecting runners with C/L numbers to come in and out.

We're also asking senior men to keep off the course during the women's race until just before the men's race is about to start - so again the best warm up opportunity is outside the Velodrome in the rest of the park.

The staff at the centre have promised to keep the cafe inside the Velodrome open until 9.00pm for our benefit (it normally closes at 5pm) So please go inside and use it!

Hoping to see a big turnout - there will be no club run next week, so come to this race instead! If you have any questions, please ask your team Captains - myself or Jacob Stevens.

Mike Wilson

Races to look forward to this Winter

A regularly updated calendar including the Chingford league and additional winter races can be found on line here

All the races are free to enter as they are included in your membership fees except for the one in Loughton AC. You will be informed when they are open on our Facebook group and website.

For Championship events, please advise your Winter League captains Michael Wilson and Jacob Stevens in advance that you are willing to run, so that you can be entered for those races. You do not need to pre-enter the Chingford League and Sunday XC League races, as you can turn up on the day to run.

For more information, contact your XC captains or your ELR race secretary Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera directly or by e-mail:


Have a great winter filled with running!

Chingford League Fixtures 2019/20

Race 1 - Tuesday 1st October 2019
Redbridge Cycle Centre, Hog Hill, Hainault - 5k on Tarmac (Ladies 7.30pm Men 8.00pm)

Race 2 - Tuesday 5th November 2019
Redbridge Cycle Centre, Hog Hill, Hainault - 5k on Tarmac (Ladies 7.30pm Men 8.00pm)

Race 3 - Saturday 23rd November 2019
Trent Park, Cockfosters (Hosted by Barnet AC) 2.30pm - 5 miles XC, hosted by Barnet in conjunction with Fraternity and Sorority Cups.

Race 4 - Wednesday 11th December 2019
Time 19:30, Olympic Velopark Track, Stratford. 5k tarmac

Race 5 Saturday 18th January 2020
Hackney Marshes 5m XC - NOTE 11am start!

Race 6 - Saturday 1st February 2020
Victoria Park, Hackney (Hosted by VPH) - 5 Miles on Tarmac - NOTE 11am!

Race 7 - Saturday 7th March 2020
2m XC Relays and presentations at Wanstead Flats - (Hosted by ELR) - Time 11am FOR ALL AGES

Chingford League 2019/20 - Link to Facebook Page

FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/groups/913546882044405/

WEBSITE - www.chingfordleague.co.uk/

Chingford League 2019/20

Chingford League - Since 1955

A winter athletics league for N & E London: A mix of cross country and tarmac surfaces, over 5 miles or 5k. The league offers both a serious competition for fast athletes and a friendly welcome to all runners plus it combines with an inclusive ethos to encourage newer runners to "give it a go".

The mix of challenges is also perfect for parkrunners who are improving, but want to vary distances and terrain to boost their performance and progress towards goals like 10k, half marathons and beyond. If you want to take part, join one of our 16 member clubs - then it's free to enter.

Member Clubs:

Barnet & District AC
Barking Road Runners
Dagenham 88
East End Road Runners
East London Runners
East London Triathletes
Edmonton Running Club
Eton Manor
Harold Wood RC
London City Runners
Loughton Athletic Club
Mornington Crescent Chasers
Orion Harriers
Trent Park
Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC
Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies

Edmonton Running Club, Mornington Crescent Chasers and London City Runners have joined us for Season 2019/20!

Relays and Presentations - 11am on Saturday 7th March 2020- Wanstead Flats, Harrow Road. E11 3QD

*******Note -The Relays are hosted by our Club, EAST LONDON RUNNERS. In addition to runners we require volunteers on the day to help set up the course(from 8.30am) and Marshals from 10.30am to 1pm approx. Your help will be much appreciated.*******

There will be ONE race FOR ALL RUNNERS STARTING at 11am, which will include the Under 13 race and which and will comprise one lap of about 1 mile per leg, the rest of the runners will run a circuit of approximately 2 miles per leg. The courses will be largely grass with the occasional bit of forest track, but runners are advised to bring both spikes/studs and flats depending on conditions on the day.

Each team to have 4 runners and, with the exception of the top couple of teams in each category, composite teams made up of athletes from different clubs (or even of different sexes) will be allowed so that everybody can have a run, provided that the name of the composite team is clearly stated on the registration sheet.

There is no need to have a specific vets team as these scores will be computed from the sum of the times of the first four vets in both the men's and women's categories, whichever team those vets happen to be running for.

Whilst all of the individual placings have been already determined, any team awards in the event of a tie will be decided by the accumulated team points from the preceding 5 races.

Refreshments will be available from 10.30am onwards in the Sports Pavilion where there are toilet and excellent changing facilities. The prize-giving will take place as soon as the results are in. There is parking adjacent to the sports complex. We would appreciate that if you are staying for the presentations, which we hope that you are, of you could park legally on the adjacents streets as the footballers are likely be arriving before we finish.

Some recent changes to the Chingford League.

Some things to note for the coming Chingford League season:

Age categories equalised for m/f runners at V40, V50 etc.

In the individual awards, the best 5 out of 6 performances (apart from the relays) will count .

Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.
6 new award categories: U11, U20 and V60 (m & f)

East London Runners - Winter Leagues Captain ( inc Chingford League 2019/20)

Mike Wilson

Chingford League - How does it work?

This is how the format works:

It is Race Series, competing with local and some London Clubs. Some races are on tarmac and others are pure Cross Country. Held in the Autumn/Winter months from early October to early March.

This "Winter season" League usually consists of 3 road surface races, 3 cross country races and a cross country relay race.

The Event in March is the Cross Country Relay Race for teams of 4 (usually) and is now held on Wanstead Flats (Harrow Road) and hosted by East London Runners.

The races are free to all ELR club members. (ELR has paid an Annual fee to the League).

It is not necessary to complete any entry forms.
No pre-race registration required.

Just turn up on the evening/on the day and take a race number from the ELR folder at race HQ. You keep this number for the whole series!

There are 5 team categories, each with 6 to score. Trophies are also awarded to the individuals, in 8 age categories, who have scored most points in the races during the season.
Senior Women: Vet Women (40), Supervet Women (50), Supervet Women (60), Senior Men Vet Men (40), Supervet Men (50), Supervet Men (60)

Ask if you are unsure! You can then use that number for the remainder of the series. It is that straight forward.